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Will Copeland, Dip Mar Sur (YS), Assoc IIMS, Accred YDSA, BSc Independent, Qualified Yacht and Marine Surveyor Based near Mylor and Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

yacht surveyors cornwall

Will Copeland - Qualified Yacht & Marine Surveyor

yacht surveyors cornwall

I survey sailing and motor boats of all types, mainly in Cornwall, Devon & Brittany and throughout the rest of Europe , for condition, pre-purchase , insurance , damage assessment , MCA small commercial vessel (SCV) coding , tonnage measurement or valuation purposes.

  • GRP , FRP , Fibreglass or Composite

My surveys:

  • give you peace of mind that the boat you are buying is safe
  • show what work is required to make the boat insurable in an easy to use list
  • help you decide whether the boat is value for money
  • are all carried out by Will Copeland - no outsourcing and no sub-contracting
  • are backed up by my membership of the UK's top surveying associations (YDSA and IIMS), my surveying qualifications and my years of surveying and boating experience.

I also consult on refurbishment projects, osmosis treatments and repairs .

My services are covered by professional indemnity & public liability insurances.

I am professionaly trained , an Associate Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors ( IIMS ), an Accredited  Member of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA) , elected 2008, and hold a Diploma of Marine Surveying (Yacht and Small Craft) ; one of the world's leading Marine Surveying Qualifications.

Contact me for a quote on a survey tailored to your needs by email or phone on 07979 707100.

Thank you for your quick delivery of the survey on "yacht", your professional and personable manner has made it a pleasure to do business with you. Mr J.R. (Devon) Westerly Konsort
Thanks for getting the survey to me so quickly, it is very detailed, to the extent that I didn't really feel I needed to speak to you on Friday. It also enabled me to re-negotiate the price sufficiently to cover the cost of the essential repairs. Mr M.G. (Cornwall) Beneteau Oceanis 351
Thank you very much for the written report, received yesterday. Thank you too for all your help and advice, it has been invaluable. Mr T.L. (Cornwall) Westerly Griffon
Thank you for your quick response and kind attitude. Mr V.L. (Russia) Ebbtide 33
Well spotted Will. I was able to get double your survey fee off the price of the yacht. Mr D.H. (Brittany) - Rustler 36 and Contessa 32
Your work and excellent communications skills with us before, during and since the survey are very much appreciated. The Survey Report is comprehensive, clear and authoritative. Mr R.W. (Warwickshire) Hardy Mariner 26
It was great that you could speak such good French as we found out a lot more about the boat. Mr A.G. (Falmouth) Olympic Adventure 47
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Nick Healey Marine Surveyor Cornwall

Nick Healey Marine Surveyor

Yacht and boat surveys in cornwall, devon, dorset and europe.

We specialise in pre-purchase, insurance and damage surveys for GRP, steel, timber and composite yachts or other marine craft.

Based in Falmouth, Cornwall, Nick Healey Marine Surveyors are conveniently located for marinas and boatyards throughout the coastal waters of the south west including; Mylor, Flushing, Penryn, Falmouth, St Mawes, Penzance, Fowey and Plymouth harbours. Surveys are also regularly conducted in other ports throughout Europe; please contact us for further information.

Read More About Us

Cornwall Marine Services include:

Pre-purchase survey.

Used to determine the condition of the vessel in full detail (often required by financial institutions to satisfy lending criteria)

Insurance Survey

To determine the seaworthiness of a vessel and satisfy the requirements of your insurance company


Nick Healey is available for consultancy work; often required during refit projects, repairs and new builds

‘I have engaged the services of Nick on many occasions because I know I can rely on his fast and efficient service. His reports have always been delivered promptly, easy to understand and clearly satisfied the requisites of both insurance companies and trade craftsmen carrying out any work. I cannot recommend Nick highly enough.’ Mr Jeff Allen – Expedition Paddler Ltd

About Nick Healey

All surveys are conducted by Nick Healey. Nick has surveyed more than 3000 yachts during his 20 year career as a marine surveyor. Nick Healey lives in the Port of Falmouth but can survey yachts in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and throughout Europe.

Read more about Nick…

Nick Healey Yacht Surveys Freemans Wharf, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 8AD.

07881 507865

[email protected]

Seaworthy Services

+44 7773 435 393

About Seaworthy Services

Marine and Yacht Surveyors UK

Marine Surveyors Cornwall and Devon

All types of surveys are completed on vessels in all marine sectors.

Surveying of yachts is not the only service that we can offer. One of our more popular contracts is refit management!

We have a pool of skilled, qualified contacts and professionals in several different countries that are able to be called in for bigger projects as and when needed. Thus making Seaworthy Services able to adapt to every need of the client without unnecessary wasting of time and money.

The company is managed by Principal Surveyor Tom Hustler.  Tom is a native of New Zealand and now resides in England.  He has over 17 years of professional experience working on and with vessels and super yachts of varying sizes and descriptions.

Tom has been studying and practicing marine surveying since 2010 and now holds a Masters Degree in Marine Surveying, specialising in small craft, the ISM Code and super yachts.  The degree was completed at Middlesex University in London.

Tom has Full membership with the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS), Accredited membership with the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA), where he is also a Member of the large Yacht Group, and Associate membership with the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA).  He also holds all relevant insurance to levels that enable him to work in shipyards around the globe.

Tom is not only an experienced and qualified surveyor, but also an experienced and qualified mariner.  He holds a master 200t commercial license, as well as a Chief Mate 3000t yacht license.  He has sailed across many oceans racking up some 150,000nm on a wide variety of yachts and waterborne craft.  Tom can regularly be found in the local yacht racing scene in Falmouth, along the south coast and at select European regattas.

Seaworthy Services, helping you to make good decisions about boats.

Request a call

Please leave your name and number & we will get back to you ASAP

Marine Surveyors in Cornwall

Marine surveyors in Falmouth, Penzance, Fowey & Padstow Marine Techniques is run by dedicated Marine Surveyors and specialists who understand the requirements of boat owners and the pitfalls that can be encountered when purchasing any boat and those that occur during ownership.

We provide the highest quality marine surveys and a first class personal service wherever the location.

All our surveyors qualifications are internationally recognized within the marine industry relating to boat construction, design, marine engineering and management. All are members of the I.I.M.S. or Y.D.S.A. We have many years experience in the industry and have been appointed by various institutions including insurance companies, finance houses, M.C.A, M.E.C.A.L, Y.D.S.A and the R.Y.A.

Types of Survey: We offer several types of survey, ranging from the full pre-purchase survey through to insurance and damage surveys.

In addition we also carry out full engine examinations plus our tailored three boat package.

Should you be considering buying a yacht, a small leisure craft or a commercial vessel we are here to help and will always take the time to discuss your specific requirements. Please click the link above on the left for more details about our marine surveying services.

Areas covered in Cornwall include:- Padstow, Newlyn, Penzance, Helford, Falmouth, Mylor, Truro, St. Mawes, Hayle & Fowey.

Olsen Marine Surveying


yacht surveyors cornwall

Tuition & Coaching

yacht surveyors cornwall

Case Studies

Yacht and powerboat surveys.

Yacht and Powerboat Surveys in Devon, Cornwall, Europewide. Pre-purchase, Insurance. Specialising in Fibreglass, Wood and Steel, including ultrasonic testing.

For more specific detail of each type of Survey, and the possible scope, scroll through our menu pages above, but below is a brief summary.

Pre-purchase structural & condition

which can include all of the following:

  • Hull and structure
  • Electronic and ancillary equipment
  • Safety recommendations
  • Costing for modification, conversion, repair,maintenance, and identification of the most suitable yard to undertake the work
  • Design service

Insurance update Surveys

Insurance companies require that that their owners have their boats surveyed for insurance purposes, in some cases as soon as 5 years after launch and commissioning. Similarly, after major refit or rebuild, there will be a valuation required to ensure the vessel has the correct level of cover. If your boat is based in Devon or Cornwall, Olsen Marine will ensure that Insurance company requirements are met. However this type of Survey, rather than being perceived by Owners as an onerous financial cost, is often used to advantage by Owners. By liasing and working with the Surveyor, owners can gain a deeper insight into their boat, which can often lead to a safer, more efficient system or method of operation- the result being a more rewarding time afloat. See menu above for more detail.

Sailing Boat Surveys

Damage Surveys & Claim Advice

If your boat is damaged by a third party, or for some reason you have been responsible for causing damage, first notify your insurance company and then contact Olsen Marine. We can handle everything on your behalf, from initial survey of damage, right through to final acceptance of repairs. Where quite clearly the damage caused is not your fault, there is a good chance that the whole claim, including our fees, can be recovered from a third party, thus preventing you from losing any excess or no claims bonus to which you are entitled.

Refit Supervision

Boat Restoration Work Interior

Contact us for more details on how we can help you with your boat refit.

Yacht Search

Yacht Search Services

Fees are totally flexible in this area, and can be discussed case by case.

Yacht Delivery

Having agreed to purchase after your Survey, delivery of your new boat can be arranged – whether locally or internationally, by sea or by road. Call us for details.

Yacht and Powerboat Surveys- Services to Trade Clients

Pre-delivery Factory check

Elan350 001

Part Exchange Survey

If, in closing that new boat deal, you need to take in a PX, which is a growing trend, Olsen Marine surveying can offer a trade service in carrying out any form of survey, from a basic structure, to a full pre-purchase, prior to your purchase. B oats within Devon or Cornwall can be easily and economically inspected, but if further afield, this can of course be arranged.  

If you require a possible PX, or brokerage boat boat moved around the UK, or Europe, Olsen Marine can offer you a totally professional, competitive and reliable service.

A good practice..

A very professional way of sheathing a potentially exposed cooling water hose- preventing a possible problem, usually unseen by owners. Hose sheathed, and cable tied as it passes over and through bulkheads, and engine mounts. G

What’s involved in a boat survey?

The purpose of obtaining a pre-purchase survey is to discover the overall condition of a boat before you buy it. To accomplish this goal a good surveyor will spend hours observing the structure, sails and rig, machinery, and testing all major systems, electronics, galley equipment, and other items important to the function and fit of your future boat.

The two most important tools that a surveyor possesses do not consist of a box of fancy digital instruments, but his experience and his skills in observation. Using those, in conjunction with selected instruments, careful interpretation of all those findings can be converted to a pragmatic overview of the vessel.

Privacy Overview

KERRIDGE yacht surveys

What to expect from your yacht survey, your yacht survey report gives you all the information you need to make confident decisions and can form part of the negotiation during the purchase of a yacht..

Most surveys generally take about a day, after which I will contact you either by phone or email to discuss and summarise the condition of the yacht. The next stage is to prepare a detailed survey report. My reports are fully indexed and technical terms are always clearly explained. Photographs of problems or defects with the yacht are included in the report to add further clarity.

The survey report will explain the construction and condition of the yacht, including its systems and will highlight defects or areas for improvement. My opinion is given on the cause of the problem, what the resultant effect will be and how it should be resolved, including a recommended timescale.

I use priority codes to grade the recommendations and these range from P1 – requiring immediate attention before the yacht is next used to P4 – cosmetic improvements and winter maintenance.

The report is prepared within four days of the inspection and a copy will be sent to you at the first opportunity via email, in a PDF format, with a bound copy sent by first class post. If after reading the yacht survey report you have any questions or would like to discuss the boat further I am always happy to help.

To summarise the contents of the yacht survey report

  • vessel identification
  • location and size of defects
  • probable cause of damage
  • prioritised recommendations
  • outline repair specifications
  • short term / long term solutions
  • recommendations for upgrades, improvements
  • reports accepted by all insurers
  • includes formal valuation
  • includes photos as relevant
  • recommendations for professional services
  • summary opinion of overall condition


Anodes & corrosion.

Our services include a basic underwater corrosion survey, testing the yacht's bonding system and the adequacy of the anodes. The survey will determine if the anodes are the correct size, if the bonding system is in good order and identify stray currents from the yacht's systems.

Shorepower Analysis

Using specialist electronic testing equipment we carry out various tests to determine if the 240v A.C. system is in good order. We can identify loose conductors, connections, inadequate cable sizing, corrosion and test breaker functions.

Battery Testing

Battery voltage, starting power and battery condition can be assessed during the battery test. I can also check the condition of the engine alternator by measuring the regulator voltage and the ripple of the alternator voltage.



full condition surveys

Yacht surveys for customers buying a boat or taking on a project, when you need to be confident and have a clear understanding of the yacht.


Surveys for insurance

If you have been asked to provide a survey report by your marine insurers then I can fulfil this, complete with a valuation, at a competitive cost.


part 1 British registry

As a nominated surveyor for the YDSA, I undertake tonnage measurements to register yachts on Part 1 of the British Registry.


damage assessment & repair

Usually instructed by insurers or boatyards, I prepare damage assessments, investigations and repair specifications to ensure a fair outcome.


marine consultancy

If it's not a survey you require but professional advice, project management or a marine industry professional then there are several ways I can help.


partial surveys

This type of survey is of a reduced scope to suit your requirements. This might be for osmosis in the hull or the feasibility of a bow thruster installation.

services list

  • Full condition surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Marine insurance surveys
  • Partial, limited scope inspections
  • Marine consultancy
  • Tonnage surveys / Measurements

useful information

Do you want to be present at the survey.

I have many customers who come along to the survey inspection and this can be very beneficial for both parties. I wouldn't recommend coming for the whole duration, as it isn't exciting to watch, but if you would like to come towards the end it is a good opportunity to discuss any points which may have arisen.

If you prefer not to attend or it would not be practical, I can provide you with a file of photos (often 200+) taken during the inspection and a summary of my findings over the phone, before receiving the report.

I am happy to arrange the logistics of the survey directly with the owner or yacht broker and can arrange the haulout with a suitable marina or boatyard. The underwater section of the hull has to be surveyed for the report to be of any real value and is always a must for gaining insurance.

Cornwall Marine Network

01326 211382

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T +44 (0)7854 976 836

E [email protected]

Services : Falmouth Marine Surveys

Types of survey and services offered.


Pre-purchase or “Full” survey

A comprehensive survey commissioned by a potential buyer prior to purchase. The report may also be used by a finance house if one is involved and the client’s insurance company when they come to insure the vessel after purchase. Primarily we will be looking for faults that could potentially make the vessel unsafe and costly to repair which can affect the negotiation of a sale. A full report will describe the vessel in a categorised way covering all aspects of its structure, function and systems, any issues found will be summarized up front and also highlighted in the body of the text.


Insurance Survey

Commissioned by the owner of a vessel when their insurer has requested a survey prior to renewing an existing policy. Typically, these are required when the vessel is twenty years old though some can request them within as little as five years from build, most renewal intervals vary between five and seven years thereafter depending on the broker. The body of the survey is on the potential risk a vessel presents to an insurer, this being focused on the structural safety and suitability of the craft.


Damage Survey

Usually commissioned by the marine insurance company when a vessel they cover has suffered loss or damage. Criteria required by the broker will vary case to case but there will usually be an additional investigative element, estimates of repair are often required and I can offer my advice when these need to be agreed.


Tonnage Survey

This is an exercise of measuring and a calculation based on a set formula, it is required for part1 registration with the U. K’s shipping register for commercial ships and pleasure vessels and a part3 registry is for the registry of the unique name and proof of the vessels existence only. Fees are charged against a set scale, this service can be requested through a YDSA application. This service can also be included as part of another survey.


Marine Consultancy and Project Management

Repairing or refitting any vessel can be a costly affair, this is where I can help save money and guide where it can be best spent on a project, preliminary tests and careful dismantlement can be a good way to make those tricky decisions during the early stages of an undertaking, when budget and time frame are the most pressing factors. With subcontracted undertakings, I can aid in choosing the most sensible approach to a project having been in business for over 10 years.


Osmosis Treatment

Assessing the extent of moisture ingress the FRP laminates has sustained efficiently, advising the best method of drying and returning the substrate to a strong, fair water resistant state is the aim. This can be a labour intensive undertaking and with a multitude of conditions there is no single method of treatment that will cover all osmatic forms. We can offer a service where an initial recording of moisture levels, followed by monitoring the drying process prior to advising on an appropriate application of new coatings.


Wooden Yacht Surveys

Before contracting a full survey it may be sensible to carry out an initial check over of the structure, the focus will be upon material deterioration from. A visual inspection will be carried out to reveal any evidence of movement in the planking and fastenings, hammer sounding will be used to detect areas of decay. It is important that a thorough examination as possible by getting good access to the hull and frames is conducted. The costs of repairs with wooden vessels can often be higher than the market value of the boat, so it is vital for you to get a clear idea of what you are assessing from the outset.


Sea trials are undertaken to establish the working condition of the vessels systems. This involves testing all through hull fittings, rigging, steering gear, instruments and engines. For performance power cruisers or large sailboats this involves bringing the engines up to operating temperature and run for a period under full load. All instrumentation, systems and installations will be examined.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more information about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us or

© Falmouth Marine Surveys 2016

Anchor Marine Yacht Surveys

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Insurance surveys, new boat surveys, other services.

  • Rig Testing
  • Boat LPG Gas Installation Guide
  • Osmosis Blistering Guide
  • Boat Term Glossary
  • Testimonials

Welcome to Anchor Marine Surveys

Reliable Professional Yacht and Motor Boat Surveyor based on the South Coast and covering the UK and all of Europe.

We’re Local and Mobile

We are based near to the South Coast in the Solent area and cover with no travel charges any location where we can drive to and carry out a comprehensive survey and return home within the same day.

We are happy to travel to any other areas of the UK and Europe with travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed at cost.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

More Information

Insurance Surveys


Other Services

Online Quote

Online Quote

Pre-Purchase and Insurance boat Surveys

Anchor Marine Surveys offer a range of yacht and motor boat surveys. We are based near to the Solent on the South Coast and travel throughout the UK and Europe to conduct marine surveys.

We typically survey boats from 7m to 25m in both the leisure and commercial sector for corporate or private clients.

A boat is probably one of the most valuable possessions you will ever own, and may be a capital investment second only to your home. It is therefore a careful and sensible measure to have the boat inspected by a competent and experienced boat or yacht surveyor.

Our boat surveys are specifically tailored to the purpose for which a survey is required. For example: Pre-purchase surveys, Insurance surveys and accident damage survey.

Services Offered

  • Pre-purchase survey
  • Craft Insurance survey
  • NDT standing rigging terminal testing
  • Damage Assessment Survey
  • MCA Coding to Category level  2
  • New build pre-delivery survey
  • Overseeing osmosis treatment
  • General advice on boat ownership
  • General advice on craft maintenance

What to expect from a Pre-Purchase Survey

Our aim is offer you a personal and professional service to guide a purchaser through the whole buying process of a used boat. We not only provided you with a clear, concise and informative survey, which is based on factual evidence and testing but also offer assistance with pre and post survey advise into the entire buying process.

yacht surveyors cornwall

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River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat

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River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat

Equipped with ice-breaking technology, these huge fancy yachts are the only river cruisers running all year around. The round trip journey takes two and a half hours and floats past all the big sights like the White House, Novodevichy monastery and the Kremlin. There’s a large open air observation deck up top, while the main body of the ship houses a restaurant with a dance floor for a romantic post dinner dance. For a particularly romantic experience take one of the evening boats and admire the bright lights of the city skyline at night.

The most relaxing and picturesque tour that Moscow can offer: a great way to see the city center and its main attractions. This is a perfect alternative to exploring the city by car, if you only have time to do sightseeing during weekday rush hours.

Your English-speaking guide is eager to share every bit of their knowledge about the surrounding landscape, the architecture and historical details.

We conduct Moscow river tour on Radisson Flotilla boats all year around!  It’s warm inside during winter months, while there’s air conditioning during hot summer days. You may also treat yourself to drinks, lunch or dinner on board (drinks and food are not included in tour price).

The cost of an excursion with a personal guide for 1 person

Quay at Radisson Collection Hotel

Government Headquarters ("the White House")

Kievsky Railway Central

Novodevichy Convent

Luzhniki Stadium

Academy of Sciences

Monument to Peter I

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Moscow Kremlin

St.Basil's Cathedral

Novospassky Monastery

U-turn and back to Quay at Radisson Royal Hotel

Choose your dates

Who's going.

  • Excursion River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat
  • Date and time:
  • Who's going:

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  1. Will Copeland

    Will Copeland - Qualified Yacht & Marine Surveyor. I survey sailing and motor boats of all types, mainly in Cornwall, Devon & Brittany and throughout the rest of Europe, for condition, pre-purchase, insurance, damage assessment, MCA small commercial vessel (SCV) coding, tonnage measurement or valuation purposes. GRP, FRP, Fibreglass or Composite.

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    Chris Olsen, proprietor of Olsen Marine, has been professionally conducting yacht and powerboat surveys throughout Devon, Cornwall, the South Coast and around Europe since 1998. He is a full member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), having joined in 2000. The IIMS not only demands the highest professional standards, but ...

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    Marine & Yacht Surveyors of Distinction. Seaworthy Services is a small, independent marine surveying and consultancy company based in Falmouth, Cornwall in the South West of England. Seaworthy Services operates throughout the UK, Europe and the borders of the Atlantic Ocean. Marine Leisure. Providing full surveying services and consultancy to ...

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    Yacht Surveying Credentials and Accreditations . Over the past two decades Nick Healey has completed over 3000 yacht & boat surveys as a professional yacht surveyor. He is a full member of the 'International Institute of Marine Surveying' and an Associate Member of the 'Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors Association'.

  6. Yacht Surveys Falmouth, Cornwall : Nick Healey Marine Surveys

    All yacht surveys are conducted by Nick Healey. Nick has been surveying yachts for more than twenty years, completing over 3000 surveys, and is a full member of the 'International Institute of Marine Surveyors and an associate member of the 'Yacht Brokers, Designers and Surveyors Association'. Nick Healey is available for consultancy work ...

  7. Yacht Surveys : Nick Healey Marine Surveyors, Falmouth, Cornwall

    Nick Healey Yacht Surveys Freemans Wharf, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 8AD. 07881 507865. Pre-purchase, insurance and damage surveys for GRP, steel, timber or composite yachts and small craft. Based in Falmouth, Cornwall, Nick Healey Marine Surveyors are conveniently located for marinas and boatyards throughout the south west including Mylor ...

  8. Yacht Surveyor Falmouth|Paul Kerridge Surveys Ltd

    YDSA Yacht Surveyor Falmouth, covering Cornwall, Devon. Pre-purchase, Insurance, Valuation and Damage Surveys of sailing / motor yachts of GRP, Timber and Steel ... Paul Kerridge Marine Surveyors & Consultants Ltd. was started in 2008 and is continuing to develop an excellent reputation for thorough, professional yacht surveys. ...

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    Yacht Surveyor Paul Kerridge covering Cornwall & Devon providing Pre-Purchase, Insurance, Damage & Valuation yacht surveys. Marine surveys cover sailing & motor boats of GRP & composite construction. Paul Kerridge Marine Surveyors & Consultants ltd 07977 269284 (Mobile) 01326 316271(Phone)

  10. About

    Based in Falmouth, Cornwall but can provide services further afield. MSA / YDSA Member. Falmouth Marine Surveys is a member of the Marine Surveys Associates (formerly the British Marine Surveyors Europe - BMSE) and is an accredited member of the Yacht Designs & Surveyors Association (YDSA). A growing network of professionally trained Yacht and ...

  11. Copeland Yacht Surveys

    Qualified Marine Surveyor: Will Copeland, Associate of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS), Accredited Member of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA). Sailing and motor craft surveys Pre-purchase, insurance, finance, damage, valuation and repair surveys Project management Osmosis projects

  12. About Seaworthy Services

    Marine Surveyors Cornwall and Devon Seaworthy Services is an independent company highly focused on yacht and boat surveying and marine consultancy. Based in the South West of England, Seaworthy Services actively operates throughout UK, Europe and USA.

  13. Marine Surveyors in Cornwall

    Areas covered in Cornwall include:- Padstow, Newlyn, Penzance, Helford, Falmouth, Mylor, Truro, St. Mawes, Hayle & Fowey. Recognised members of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association and the International Institute of Marine Surveyors.

  14. Yacht and Powerboat Surveys

    Yacht and Powerboat Surveys. Yacht and Powerboat Surveys in Devon, Cornwall, Europewide. Pre-purchase, Insurance. Specialising in Fibreglass, Wood and Steel, including ultrasonic testing. For more specific detail of each type of Survey, and the possible scope, scroll through our menu pages above, but below is a brief summary.

  15. Yacht Surveys for all yachts / boats, private and commercial

    Yacht Surveyor of all types of boats in Cornwall / Devon. Pre-purchase and insurance surveys to partial yacht surveys for boat owners, buyers and proffesionals. KERRIDGE yacht surveys. Home; Contact; About ... Marine Services Building, Mylor Yacht Harbour, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5UF ...

  16. Surveyors

    The Cornwall Marine Network are specialists in marine business support. Click here to find out more about our Member Listings services. ... Qualified Marine Surveyor: Will Copeland, Associate of the International Institute of Marine Surv... Falmouth Divers Ltd. Subsea Surveyors. Penryn TR10 8AL, UK. 01326 374736 01326 374736.

  17. Falmouth Marine Surveys

    Based in Falmouth, Cornwall but can provide services further afield. MSA / YDSA Member. Falmouth Marine Surveys is a member of the Marine Surveys Associates (formerly the British Marine Surveyors Europe - BMSE) and is an accredited member of the Yacht Designs & Surveyors Association (YDSA). A growing network of professionally trained Yacht and ...

  18. Seaworthy Services

    Seaworthy Services - International Marine Surveyors & Consultants, Falmouth, Cornwall. 445 likes · 1 talking about this. International Marine Surveyors. Specialising in large yachts and pleasure craft.

  19. Anchor Marine Surveys, Yacht and Motorboat Surveyor UK

    Anchor Marine Surveys offer a range of yacht and motor boat surveys. We are based near to the Solent on the South Coast and travel throughout the UK and Europe to conduct marine surveys. We typically survey boats from 7m to 25m in both the leisure and commercial sector for corporate or private clients. A boat is probably one of the most ...

  20. River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat

    Moscow City: View Moscow Beneath Your Feet. $96. Details. River Cruise on Luxurios Radisson Ship with a guided excursion: time to relax and soak in the gorgeous Moscow landscape. Our guide will accompany you and reveal the details behind the structures on the river banks around you.

  21. Radisson cruises along the Moscow river

    Radisson cruise from Gorky park. 2,5 hours. Yacht of the Radisson Royal flotilla. Best water route in Moscow. Panoramic views of the capital from the water in winter and in summer. Restaurant with signature cuisine. Next tour: 1600 ₽. Learn more.

  22. Cruiser Aurora Museum Live HD Webcam Stream, Russia

    This live streaming shows you Cruiser Aurora (Авро́ра), a symbol of the October Revolution, currently being used as a museum ship in Saint Petersburg, Russia.This Pallada-class cruiser was built in St. Petersburg to serve in the Pacific, during the Russo-Japanese War, and nowadays it still has a crew on active duty, taking care of the ship and participating in military events.

  23. Moscow river cruises and boat tours 2024

    Buy tickets. River Cruise aboard a River Palace Yacht from City-Expocentre (International Exhibition) HIT SALES. Daily, from April 27, 2024. Departure from the berth City-Expocentre (m. Vystavochnaya), mooring place "A". Cruise duration 3 hours. We invite you on a river cruise aboard a premium class panoramic yacht starting from the main Moscow ...