A Beginner’s Guide to Chartering a Yacht

By Chrissie McClatchie

Aerial view of Sa Calobra beach in Mallorca

With the pandemic driving a boom in superyacht charters , more and more people are taking to the water for their first yachting experience. But while some superyachts can cost more than a million a week to charter, you don’t need to outlay seven figures for your own yachting vacation.

Wondering what else you need to know before stepping on board for the very first time? We’ve turned to experts in the yachting industry for their insider intel on how to charter a yacht like a pro—from how much it will run you, to where to go, and well beyond. Read on.

Do I need a charter broker, and how do I find one?

It’s a charter broker’s job to match you with the right yacht and crew—and then take the lead in planning the entire experience. Professional bodies such as MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association act as a database of industry-recognized professionals. But the best source for finding a charter broker is often your own network. “Building up a relationship with a charter broker is very important,” says Jacqui Lockhart, a Monaco-based broker at Camper & Nicholsons International . “If possible, look for a recommendation from a friend.”

Once you’ve found the right broker, communication with them will be key. “Take the time to be as detailed with your preferences, such as dietary requirements, likes and dislikes, and preferred activities, as possible,” says London-based broker Charles Crane of Edmiston . “This will give us and the crew the best information to make the charter a success and tailored to perfection.”

How much should I be prepared to spend?

“The entry point is around $40,000 for a week on a yacht 82-feet upwards that can sleep six people," says Lockhart. What can take first time charterers by surprise is that this isn’t an all-inclusive figure. “The charter fee covers the hire, the crew, the insurance—everything that’s linked to the yacht,” Lockhart continues. Anything specifically for the client is extra—including food and beverages, fuel, and dockage. As a rule of thumb, budget for an extra 30 percent on top of the baseline charter figure for these extras, which goes into a fund known as the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA). At the end of the charter, it is also customary to tip the crew; between 10 and 20 percent of the charter fee is a guideline figure. There may also be Value Added Tax (VAT) to pay on the charter rate, depending on the country of embarkation.

At the smaller end of the charter fleet, more opportunity exists for single-cabin bookings rather than whole yacht charters. This year in the Caribbean , Sheila Ruffin of Soca Yacht Charters has launched a “Stranger on the Seas” package. Prices start at around $6,000 per person—all-inclusive—on catamarans between 48 and 60 feet. “This allows couples the opportunity to mix and mingle with other couples for an adventurous and social yacht charter on the Caribbean Sea,” says Ruffin.

What destinations are best suited to first-time charterers?

“For first-timers, I wouldn’t recommend a remote destination,” says Captain Kelly Gordon of Freddy , a 106-foot charter yacht based out of the Bahamas . “When it’s hard to get to, that eats up some of your valuable time and can also take some of the fun out of it.”

While yachts are heading towards unchartered waters such as Antarctica with increasing frequency, cruising grounds in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are classic destinations for a reason. “For the first-time charterer in these locations, there will be more yacht options to choose from, proven cruising grounds with known and safe anchorages, well-connected and easy access hubs to ensure smooth passage to embark and disembark the vessel as well as the ability to source most provisions that guests may want,” says Crane.

The key ingredient? The crew.

Although much of the focus is on securing the right yacht, the secret to the success of a charter is its crew. “Put simply, the crew make the difference between a good charter yacht and a bad one,” says Crane. Today’s crew are increasingly versatile. “They may also be a diving or yoga instructor, personal trainer, fisherman, or sommelier,” he continues.

The crew also knows your cruising area better than anyone else. “Be sure to pick their brain on fun things to do. They often love the opportunity to come up with fun activities and games, whether for kids or adults,” says Lotte Barker-Hahlo, a London-based charter broker at Burgess .

The level of hospitality from crew on most yachts often convert first-time charters into repeat customers. “The attention to detail from the crew is unsurpassed by any other luxury holiday,” says Barker-Hahlo. “From the unpacking of your suitcase to being offered a drink before you’ve even realized you’re thirsty, it’s 24-hour care and service.”

Gordon says that much of the feedback she receives at the end of a first-time charter is why didn’t we do this earlier? “People are always surprised at how we take the time to get to know their needs before they have even arrived. We really do study those preference sheets!”

Think carefully about who else you want on board

Another important factor to a successful yacht vacation? Your fellow travelers. This is a specific type of vacation, which should narrow your list of invitees. “Strongly consider who you vacation with when chartering a yacht,” urges Ruffin. “Unlike other vacation options, yachts are very intimate and exclusive. Choose to share your water adventure with those you like and will enjoy on the water for a week or more.” Maybe, even for veteran yachties, that's the sagest advice of all.

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Andy & Linzi Horton on Seas The Day were fantastic. The itinerary was awesome and the meals Linzi prepared were out of this world. John Townsend Tortola
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How to Plan and Book the Perfect Yacht Charter

For those who have been dreaming about sailing on a yacht, maybe it’s time to finally go for it..

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How to Plan and Book the Perfect Yacht Charter

Just you and your crew and the open sea.

Courtesy of Goolets

Shivering with excitement, I finally fulfilled a dream of mine this past October when I jumped into the Adriatic Sea off the stern of a private yacht. It just always seemed to me like such a glamorous, carefree thing to do. Although a colorful floatie awaited me in the water (I am not a great swimmer), it still felt as indulgent as it sounds. The plunge was off the coast of Croatia where the spectacularly tri-toned blue water was so clear I could see all the way down to the bottom of the sea below.

My shipmates cheered me on in our little isolated patch of Adriatic—besides the passengers and crew there was not another soul in sight. Along Croatia’s charming and remote stretches of coastline, a captain might tie a 164-foot yacht to a tree on shore for lack of a proper port.

After decades spent cruising on ships of all sizes, I finally had my first-ever private yacht experience this fall courtesy of Goolets , a Slovenian charter company that represents more than 100 ships owned by local Croat skippers. Also onboard were more than a dozen other writers from the United Kingdom and the United States, invited to explore some of Croatia’s 1,200 islands on a four-night sailing and to witness firsthand why the private yacht experience is growing in popularly.

Our itinerary took us from Split, Croatia’s second largest city, to red-roofed limestone fishing villages, historic towns, “secret” swimming holes, and past scenery that varied from lush to barren. But we didn’t rush—a key to a successful yacht sailing.

One mistake that some people make when booking a yacht is planning to cover too much ground, says Mitja Mirtič, who runs Goolets with his wife, Alenka. “It takes away from the pleasures,” he explains. “The best part is when you just stay anchored in the morning, take a swim before breakfast, you take it easy.”

Yachts became a particularly enticing travel option during the pandemic, a way to safely travel with your bubble in a stunning destination. In that sense, the experience is as luxurious as it is practical—all your accommodations, belongings, services, and crew sail around with you as you visit lesser-known ports and coastal communities.

Based on my brief but convincing introduction, yachting is not at all like what is depicted on the sensationalized Bravo show Below Deck, except for maybe the pampering and convivial service—otherwise there’s (usually) much less drama and a lot more relaxation and cultural exploration. It’s an intimate way to explore gorgeous shores, while also enjoying quiet interludes sailing along the open sea. And, of course, there are the requisite cocktails in the hot tub.

For those who have been dreaming about a yacht vacation, it may be easier to plan than you may think. Here are some tips for how to choose, plan, and book a private yacht experience.

The most popular destinations for yachting

Croatia ranks high on the wish list of many yacht fans. According to a recent Bloomberg Wealth super-yacht index , it’s sixth on the places where super-yachts were hanging out this summer. If you’re seeking some sailing inspiration, the full list of popular yachting destinations, according to the index, is:

  • United States

Croatia is among the top yachting destinations in the world.

Croatia is among the top yachting destinations in the world.

Photo by Shutterstock

How to choose your yacht

Private yachts range from basic sailing boats from under $5,000 per week to over-the-top super-yachts—basketball legend Michael Jordan cruised Croatia in August on a $1 million super-yacht with its own helipad, 10-foot waterslide, and gym, for instance.

Most yachts around the world hold up to 12 guests in six cabins. The ship I sailed on in Croatia, Freedom , is being reconfigured from a 39-passenger mini-cruise ship to a mega-yacht that will sleep up to 22 guests. After a winter redo, facilities will include two master suites, a massage room, cinema, gym, pool, and Jacuzzi. Clients will be able to charter the yacht starting from about $92,500/week, an experience that includes concierge services designed to assist big families or groups of friends in planning their private vacation.

When looking at a yacht to charter, it’s important to consider who will be joining you—if you are bringing kids, for instance, that will change the group dynamic—and how much time you plan to spend onboard as opposed to on shore, which will determine how much space you’ll actually need and use. Tight quarters are fine for some people, while others want room to spread out, but you will pay more for extra space.

How do food and drinks work on a private yacht?

When booking a yacht, you can cater the food to your preferences.

When booking a yacht, you can cater the food to your preferences.

On yacht charters you pay extra for food. The crew can stock your favorite food items; before your sailing you might be asked what you like to eat—I put fresh seafood high on my list when asked.

You may choose how many meals a day you want to eat onboard (as opposed to at restaurants on land). For full board (three meals daily), Goolets charges from about $575 per person, per week. You can also upgrade to a luxury gourmet cuisine package from about $1,390 per person, per week. I was impressed by what the two-person chef team on Freedom could create in a relatively small galley space—fresh flowers decorated beautifully presented dishes, including zucchini carpaccio with goat cheese and Croatian truffles, shrimp and black rice with squid ink, and Croatian leg of lamb.

Alcohol is typically an extra charge as well. A Goolets package with quality Croatian wines and beers and an international assortment of liquor costs $575 per adult, for a weeklong sailing.

Do private yachts come with a crew?

Freedom is staffed by a crew of about 11, including a captain, chefs, a masseuse, deckhands, bartenders, cleaners, and servers. You can also request, and pay for, additional crew—such as a dive master, fitness trainer, or a hair stylist. Most luxury yachts come with a crew of one to six, starting with the captain.

How private yacht companies help with itinerary planning

Having local experience helps in determining where to cruise, wherever you are sailing. Our captain, Ivan, who also owns Freedom , devised an activity-packed but never overloaded route from Split, where there’s a modern airport that is relatively easy to get to via international flight connections. (And where you can see the remains of Roman emperor Diocletian’s retirement home before sailing away.)

We hit Croatian hot spots such as trendy Hvar, where we dined at Gariful, a seafood restaurant that musician Jon Bon Jovi liked so much he left an autographed guitar (now proudly displayed on a wall).

We stopped by Korcula, a Venetian walled city, and quaint Bol for the famous Golden Horn beach, which looks as its name suggests. We boarded small fishing boats to view the famed Blue Cave, where the very blue sea is reflected on limestone walls.

Goolets prides itself in picking the best tour guides on shore, which was certainly the case in the former Yugoslavian army base of Vis, where we rode in jeeps to see a British-built former airfield and other remnants from World War II. On tiny Moro island, off Korcula, we stopped by a beach bar only accessible by boat, where Croatian oysters are paired with Ostreum sparkling wine, aged for more than a year under the sea.

These unique outings elevated the sailing to a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind travel experience. You will want to make sure that whatever yacht charter company you choose can assist you in doing the same.

Other handy yacht charter tips

  • The best time of year for sailing on a private yacht charter is during the off season, typically late April or early May, late September, and October.
  • Wherever you charter a yacht, make sure you understand exactly what is included . Generally, extra charges cost 30 percent above the basic charter price. For instance, in addition to food and drink, fuel can add significantly to your charter cost—in Croatia, four hours’ worth of fuel per day is typically included.
  • Gratuities add 5 to 20 percent (with lower suggested amounts in the Mediterranean and slightly higher in North America).
  • Other expenses may include private marina fees, natural park entrances, and taxes.
  • Don’t forget water toys. Your yacht may stock snorkel equipment and can add diving equipment (for an extra charge). Other toys may include paddleboards, kayaks, Jet Skis, waterslides, water trampolines, and a tender boat for thrilling inner-tube rides. Be sure to find out what is onboard in advance so that you can embrace your favorite water activities.

Top yacht charter companies

When you book a private yacht charter with Goolets, your hot tub sails with you.

When you book a private yacht charter with Goolets, your hot tub sails with you.

This 16-year-old company has a big selection of luxury boats and ships in Croatia, including wooden Turkish gulet (the company name Goolets is based on the proper pronunciation of gulet) sailing ships, motor yachts, super-yachts, and mega-yachts. Goolets also charters yachts in Turkey, Italy, Greece, and the Maldives. To book: Goolets.net

The Moorings

A well-established company, the Moorings operates its own fleet of specially designed monohull sailboats and catamarans and is best known for sailing in the Caribbean. It also sails in Croatia and more than 20 other destinations around the world. To book: Moorings.com

Northrop & Johnson

This acclaimed Fort Lauderdale, Florida–based luxury yacht specialist (which sells and charters yachts) offers sailings throughout the world. The fleet includes motor yachts, sailing yachts, and explorer yachts that are capable of sailing long distances. To book: Northropandjohnson.com

Charter World

London-based private yacht charter specialist Charter World has a huge international portfolio—more than 3,000 charter options around the world. The company reps crewed, luxury, bareboat, sail, power, and catamaran options with some of its top destinations including the western Mediterranean and the Caribbean. To book: Charterworld.com

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Low dunes and seagrass frame one of Amelia Island’s serene beaches.

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How to Plan A Perfect Charter

Lionshare jacuzzi

How to Plan and Book the Perfect Yacht Charter

A misconception about booking a luxury yacht charter is that it’s stressful. However, the opposite is true:

Planning a yacht charter is full of excitement, as you choose the details to make your luxury getaway a trip you’ll never forget. The key, however, is to work with an established charter broker.

Charter brokers specialize in booking luxury charter vacations. You tell the charter broker what type of experience you want (or get suggestions if you aren’t sure), and your broker manages all the details. They help you choose a destination, select a yacht, and manage payments and itineraries.

You might be wondering: What’s the process for booking a yacht charter? From choosing a destination, to selecting a yacht, you’ll learn everything you need to know about planning a magical, memorable luxury vacation at sea.

Step 1: Work with a Charter Broker

Charter broker working on a yacht

Booking yacht charters is easier when you have a guide through the entire process – a yacht charter broker . Yacht brokers help guests plan and enjoy luxury charters in the world’s most desirable destinations like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Greece.

You can think of a charter broker as a personal concierge. They help you plan and manage the details of a charter, including:

  • Finding the perfect yacht – The best charter brokers can help you access exclusive private yachts in every destination. From catamarans, to sailing yachts and superyachts, brokers simply booking yachts that have all the amenities you’re looking for.
  • Choosing the best destination – Brokers have traveled to and know the ins and outs of top charter destinations like Italy, Croatia, and the Bahamas. This insider knowledge helps you carefully curate your itinerary to ensure you experience all the best sights, attractions, and adventures a destination has to offer.
  • Managing costs, taxes and legalities – Charter contracts, taxes, visa requirements, and costs are cumbersome to understand. Charter brokers walk you through the contract process, and ensure you understand all your obligations.

Step 2: Select the Perfect Charter Destination

Zakynthos yacht charters

For some, the ideal yacht charter would be an adventure on the untouched beaches of Tahiti, while others dream of carousing with A Listers in Ibiza. The best charter destination, in other words, is one that matches the experience you desire.

If you’re looking for adventure, Alaska, the fjord lands of Norway, or Australia’s Great Barrier Reef all make perfect destinations to travel to. If you prefer nightlife, Ibiza in Spain, Miami, or Nassau all fit the bill.

Not sure which destination you want to travel to? Charter brokers provide in-depth knowledge of each destination and can help you book exclusive yachts in the most popular charter destinations like:

  • Mediterranean – The Mediterranean – which includes the charter grounds of the French Riviera, Monaco, Italy, and Spain – are some of the world’s most desirable spots for luxury charters. The Med offers Old World history, excellent cuisine and wine, beautiful beaches, nightlife, festivals, and incredible scenery.
  • The Bahamas – With hundreds of islands, the Bahamas offers some of the best cruising in the Caribbean. Highlights include premier golf clubs of Nassau, snorkeling and scuba, and the pink sand beaches of the Exumas.
  • Alaska – If you’re after adventure, a charter in Alaska offers the chance to kayak next to glaciers, whale watch, and hike in some of the most pristine forests in the U.S.
  • New England – There are dozens of charter hotspots in New England, from Martha’s Vineyard and Newport to the lighthouses of Nantucket. New England is known for its picturesque coastlines, summer regattas, and charming historic districts to explore.
  • Greece – The sun-soaked islands of Greece provide the perfect backdrop for a luxury charter getaway. Known for its historic ruins, beautiful beaches, and out-of-this-world cuisine, Greece is an idyll locale for some R&R.

Step 3: Decide When to Charter: Destinations by Season

Alaska charter yacht

Every destination has a “charter season.” During peak season, conditions are ideal, and more yachts may be available. The two most common seasons are winter and summer:

  • Summer destinations – Summer in the Northern Hemisphere offers prime charter conditions in locations in the U.S., including New England and Alaska. However, nothing says summer like a charter in the Mediterranean. Typically, the summer season runs from late May through August.
  • Winter destinations – Winter season runs from December through March, and popular winter charter destinations include the Caribbean (the Bahamas, Cuba, St. Vincent, St. Martin), and the Florida Keys / Miami.
  • Shoulder Season – Outside of the peak summer / winter seasons, charters are still available. During the so-called shoulder season, which includes May, September (for summer destinations), and October, November, and April (for winter destinations), you can still charter.
  • Spring / Fall Destinations – Tahiti offers charters year-round. However, between April and October, the trade winds blow, which offers a cooling respite. Therefore, spring and fall are two of the best times to charter in Tahiti.

What about off season charters? During the charter season, you’ll find the best access to amenities, attractions, and a wider variety of charter yachts for hire. However, many destinations offer year-round cruising. For example, in the Bahamas, charters are available year-round. One benefit of an off-season charter: Costs are typically lower during off-peak months.

Step 4: Choose the Right Type of Yacht

Yacht Chasing Daylight profile

One of the most important decisions when you plan a charter is the yacht. There are many different types of yachts available, each offering a different type of cruising experience. The three types of yachts you might choose include:

  • Motor Yachts – Motor yachts range from 20 feet to 200+ feet in length and have many different styles including tri-deck and flybridge. Motor yachts generally offer a comfortable cruising experience, thanks to their advanced stabilizing systems. Motor yachts are available in nearly every destination.
  • Catamarans – Catamarans are dull-hulled vessels that offer supreme stability at sea, as well as spacious decks and interior. There are two types: Motor catamarans and sailing catamarans. Catamarans are popular in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.
  • Sailing Yachts – A sailing yacht is a classic sailboat, and they offer an adventurous cruising experience. Sailing yachts tend to have a large main deck, with areas for lounging and dining al fresco, as well as comfortable cabin accommodations.

Step 5: Understanding Yacht Options: Amenities, Crews, Itineraries

Floating Dock on yacht Oculus

Choosing a yacht shouldn’t just come down to the type. You need to also consider what the yacht offers. For example, some motor yachts have scuba and snorkel gear onboard, allowing you to dive and explore reefs. They may also offer scuba certification programs to guests.

Other yachts have small crews that provide just basic services, while others have a full crew, including stewardesses, a chef, and a full deck crew. Some of the options you should consider is:

  • Water Sports – Large yachts typically include a variety of water toys. Some of the most popular include: a tender for water excursions, paddleboards, jet skis, ski bobs, and water slides.
  • Scuba and Snorkel – Some yachts are outfitted with scuba and snorkel gear. Some of these yachts may also include scuba instruction to help you get certified, if necessary. Typically, scuba is an added charge on most yachts.
  • Onboard Amenities – The most luxurious yachts offer amenities that can elevate the experience. Some of the most popular include saunas, massage rooms, hot tubs, fitness centers, steam rooms, cinemas, and beach clubs.
  • Crew – The crew makes your charter experience more memorable. From the food to the service, a great crew will ensure that you are taken care of at all times. Brokers tend to have insider’s knowledge of the best crews and the top charter chefs.
  • Itineraries – Another consideration is your itinerary. Most yachts offer 7-day itineraries that allow you to see a region’s best sights and attractions. A broker can help you plan an itinerary that’s personalized to your specific needs.

Step 6: Understand Charter Costs


Costs for a yacht charter can vary wildly, and there are many factors that can affect pricing, including the destination, the type of yacht, and provisioning requests. For more compact motor yachts in the Caribbean, a week-long charter can cost around $10,000, while the most luxurious superyachts can set you back north of $250,000 per week.

There are two main considerations when it comes to costs of a charter :

  • All-inclusive charters – With all-inclusive charters, costs like fuel, food and drinks, and water sports are included in the price. The only additional charge would be dockage fees and taxes. All-inclusive charters are common in some destinations in the Caribbean like the Virgin Islands.
  • Plus-expenses charters – Large motor yachts generally offer plus-expenses charters. This means the base price includes only the yacht. Additional expenses, including bar, fuel, dockage, taxes, etc., are not included in the price. Charter guests provide an allowance, the Advanced Provision Allowance – which is usually 35% of the base price – to cover these costs.

Charter costs can also be affected by the destination. During peak season, charter base prices generally increase and are discounted during the off-season. Charter yachts in destinations with smaller fleets, like the Galapagos Islands, tend to also have elevated base costs.

Step 7: Charter Contract FAQs


Prior to your charter, you’ll sign an agreement with the owner of the yacht. This contract includes important details about your charter and outlines your obligations prior to charter. Some of the most common questions we hear about yacht charter contracts are:

What’s Covered in the Contract?

Charter contracts cover all the details of your charter, including:

  • Dates / locations
  • Your rights as a charterer
  • Your financial obligations and payment structures
  • Insurance details / cancellation policies

What Types of Contracts Are Offered?

There are three main types of charter contracts, including:

  • Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association Terms – This is a comprehensive contract that covers plus-expenses charters in the Mediterranean. It outlines which expenses a charter guest is responsible for, what expenses are included, and payment details.
  • Caribbean Terms Inclusive – This type of contract is used for smaller vessels in the Caribbean and covers all-inclusive charters.
  • Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms – This type of contract is used for semi-all-inclusive charters in the Mediterranean. However, the contract only includes two meals per day. Fuel, berthing fees, beverages, and additional fuel costs aren’t included in the price.

Can I Include a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Many guests want to protect their privacy. As such, they can request a non-disclosure agreement to be signed by the crew and charter broker. For example, a celebrity might want to protect the details of their travel plans to prevent paparazzi from learning about where they will be.

NDAs are very common in the charter industry. If you would like one signed, ask your charter broker for more information.

What If I Have Questions about the Contract?

Often, charter contracts are multi-page documents that are full of information. That’s why working with a charter broker can be so beneficial. A charter broker will walk you through the entire document to ensure you fully understand the terms.

Step 8: Protect Yourself with Trip Insurance

In this age of travel restrictions, trip insurance is a good investment whenever you book a vacation. That’s especially true for yacht charters. Trip insurance is strongly recommended for charter guests.

However, there are a variety of trip insurance plans you might consider that can protect you if something unexpected comes up. They include:

  • Death of a travel companion or immediate family member
  • Sudden job loss
  • Severe weather
  • Military orders
  • Family emergency
  • Full cancelation insurance – Standard trip insurance plans generally only allow cancellations for reasons outlined in the policy. However, many insurers off full cancellation policies, which include cancellations for any reason. These plans typically increase the policy cost by 50%, but ensure if something comes up, your investment is protected.
  • Medical insurance – Some destinations require travelers to obtain medical insurance prior to travel. A comprehensive medical travel insurance plan will protect you and your guests from unexpected healthcare costs.

Step 9: Be Flexible

One key piece of advice: Be prepared for the unexpected. Although your crew will work hard to provide an experience that’s as close to your plans as possible, sometimes unexpected events can change

For example, weather can affect your itinerary. Rough conditions might require you to stay in a sheltered port. But the good news is that your charter crew will work to make the most of bad weather, offering shoreside excursions or entertainment, while you wait for better weather.

Step 10: Book Your Next Yacht Charter with Worldwide Boat

The best piece of advice when it comes to booking a yacht charter is this: Work with an establish brokerage. Brokers save you time, help you avoid stress, and ensure your charter is a truly incredible experience.

Worldwide Boat offers a team of dedicated brokers and charter planners that can help you enjoy a world-class experience in the world’s most desirable destinations. Contact our team today to learn more about your luxury charter options.

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Darling Escapes

How To Plan The Perfect Yacht Charter Vacation 

Are you looking for a unique and exclusive vacation on the waters of your dreams? A yacht charter is the perfect getaway for you! Imagine sailing on turquoise waters, feeling the warm breeze, and exploring stunning coastal destinations at your own pace. 

Yacht charters offer tranquil beaches, water sports, and thrilling nightlife. Planning a yacht excursion can be overwhelming, but this post is here to help.

Everything you need to know about that how to charter a yacht charter vacation, including the cabin size, how much it costs, and where to go.

Follow these eight steps to turn your sailing dreams into a reality:

  • Set Sail With Your Ideal Yacht 

The first decision you must make is choosing the ideal yacht for your journey. 

Yacht choice is essential to your experience, affecting comfort and activities. You can buy a new superyacht or rent one depending on your budget and preferences. Service providers like YACHTZOO provide a wide range of yachts, ensuring you’ll find the perfect fit for your vacation.

Consider cabins, amenities, crew size, and yacht size. Here are some common yacht types:

  • Superyachts: These luxurious vessels are over 24 meters long and can carry twelve people. Spas, gyms, and jacuzzis are typically included.
  • Megayachts: Like superyachts, megayachts are large. Over 30-40 meters long, they can carry over twelve people. Megayachts can exceed 50-60 meters. Large groups or corporations can charter these yachts.
  • Deluxe Yachts: From 25-30 to 70-80 meters long, deluxe yachts offer the best design, construction, and service. They offer luxury and prestige for an unforgettable experience.

Remember to select a yacht that suits your needs and group size. A yacht can accommodate a romantic getaway or a grand celebration with friends and family.

  • Choose Your Dream Destination 

With the yacht chosen, choosing a destination is the next decision you need to make. Picture this: You’re relaxing on a sunbed with chill air , azure heavens, and water below you. Sounds like paradise, right?   

Selecting the right destination can make this experience even more exhilarating. From secluded coves to white-sand beaches and wildlife-rich islands, each destination has something special. You can select from the Caribbean , French Riviera, and Italian Coast , depending on your budget, preferences, and activities. 

Everything you need to know about that how to charter a yacht charter vacation, including the cabin size, how much it costs, and where to go.

  • Time Your Charter Vacation Wisely 

Timing is everything when it comes to planning the perfect yacht charter vacation. Consider your destination’s high and low seasons and any local festivals or events that interest you. If you like sailing, plan your charter during a regatta or other famous sailing event. Alternatively, it’s best to avoid peak tourist seasons if you prefer a serene experience. 

Some destinations have specific weather patterns, such as hurricane seasons in the Caribbean . Prior booking, check travel advisories and weather updates. Timing your charter vacation helps maximize enjoyment in the sea. 

  • Allow Provision For Perfection 

Enhance your yacht experience by adding personal touches. Create signature cocktails and festive drinks to toast under the starry nights and sunsets.  

Enjoy tropical fruits and tiki torches for a luau or gourmet cheeses and wines for a vineyard tour treat. For an Asian-inspired getaway , consider bringing local spices and tea sets. With the proper provisions, your yacht vacation can exceed your expectations.

  • Craft An Itinerary For Added Thrill 

Creating a customized itinerary that caters to your desires is an exciting aspect of a yacht charter vacation. From breathtaking anchorages to hidden coves, the world is your oyster. Imagine waking to the stunning beauty of a sheltered bay and swimming in crystal-clear waters or exploring ancient ruins. With a tailored itinerary, you can turn your dreams into reality.  

Consider the activities and experiences you wish to enjoy when crafting your itinerary. You can plan thrilling water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet skiing . If you appreciate culture and history, include visits to local museums, landmarks, or coastal villages.  

Remember to leave room for spontaneous detours and unexpected discoveries. Great experiences often come from unexpected places. 

Everything you need to know about that how to charter a yacht charter vacation, including the cabin size, how much it costs, and where to go.

  • Pack Smart For Salty Delights 

Yacht charter vacations require careful packing to avoid overloading the boat and forgetting essentials. Due to yacht space constraints, optimizing weight and quantity is advisable. 

Remember to pack for the salty sea delights, like sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. You’ll also want to bring comfortable clothes that fit your planned activities. For the ladies, pack flowy sundresses or cover-ups for yacht nights and coastal town exploration. For men, pack casual shorts and shirts and a polo or button-up shirt for a yacht dinner. 

  • Master The Art Of Onboard Bliss 

Onboard bliss is a significant benefit of yacht charter vacations. Bask in a digital detox, swimming with dolphins, candlelit dinners under the stars, or hammock reading. Board games and puzzles are ideal for fun family nights or competitive deck tournaments.    

And after the sunset, turn the deck into an open-air cinema. For a magical Milky Way night, project films onto a sail or screen and snuggle with blankets and popcorn. With so many opportunities for fun and relaxation, a chartered yacht getaway is a wish come true! 

Everything you need to know about that how to charter a yacht charter vacation, including the cabin size, how much it costs, and where to go.

  • Savor The Culinary Journey 

Finally, the cuisine. Seasoned onboard chefs provide the freshest seasonal ingredients and local delicacies. Savor exotic fruits, fresh seafood caught that day, and delicious local wines and spirits.

For a more intimate experience, opt for themed dinners onboard. Visualize a Greek taverna night with grilled octopus and feta salad or a Caribbean barbecue with jerk chicken and rum punch. You may also enjoy an Italian feast with homemade pasta and tiramisu.   

For an unforgettable dining experience, enjoy al fresco dining with stunning sunrise or sunset views. 

Seize The Seas With Yacht Charter Euphoria

A yacht charter vacation is exclusive and remarkable, but planning is essential to ensure success. These eight steps will help you plan the perfect yacht charter vacation and make lasting memories. 

Start planning your private sailing holiday and enjoy the luxurious experience that awaits you! Bon voyage!

Marissa is a scientist, sports lover, traveler, tech executive, and baked goods enthusiast. Currently based between Toronto, NYC, and LA, she calls all three places home throughout the year. She has lived in seven countries and explored countless more as a long-term visitor. You can find her work on Darling Escapes and around the web.

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Imagine waking up each morning in a different harbor, with a new island to explore, exciting sites to see a new coral reef to snorkel or dive on, or a secluded beach to cultivate that gorgeous tan.

At night, dance on the beach to the exotic rhythms of a steel band, dine on delectable tropical cuisine or simply fall asleep to the sounds of the sea in a quiet, peaceful cove only to awaken the next morning…. and do it all over again.

If this is your idea of a dream vacation then you are not alone. Over the last 30 years, thousands of vacationers just like you have let us help them enjoy their own Dream Vacation.

The 12 steps shown below will help you achieve your Perfect Vacation. You can choose to tackle this yourself or for true peace of mind, let our experienced charter experts do it all for you… at no extra charge.

12 Steps to A Perfect Vacation

1. Determine when you want to go. Knowing when you plan to travel helps determine the cruising grounds you should be considering. Prices, availability and particularly weather, can all vary depending on the time of year and can play an important part in choosing a charter destination.

2. Determine what type of vacation. Is this a family holiday, quiet romantic getaway, a couple’s or singles trip, etc.? This will determine what type of boat and crew would be suitable, and what islands to visit or activities to plan for.

3. Determine where you want to go. Yacht charters are available around the globe with The Caribbean being the most popular. We are acknowledged to be the premier Caribbean specialists and have over 1000 yachts which we are familiar with.

4. Determine your budget. Price plays a part in most people’s vacations. Our staff will help you maximize your budget and may in fact help you get more yacht than you thought possible. When price is not an issue, we represent some of the most luxurious yachts available in the world.

5. Determine what style of charter fits your dream vacation.

  • Crewed Charter: Your yacht comes with a permanent captain and cook. Price includes all meals and often house wines and open bar. Meals are prepared to your taste (to a very high standard) from individual preferences given to the cook before the charter. You choose the day’s activities and the itinerary, on a day to day basis. Yachts tend to be more luxurious and have more ‘toys’ (kayaks, waterskis, A/C, entertainment centers, etc) than a bareboat. The cost per person can be close to or less than the cost on a crowded cruise ship. Matching your party to a suitable crew is an important part of our service.
  • Bareboat Charter: Sail the boat yourself. The principal charterer needs to have skippering experience on a yacht close to the size you are chartering. Equipment standards and reliability can vary considerably, even within a company. It is a mistake to choose a boat purely by price and the cheapest boat is not always the best value. You can also charter through a bareboat company and add a captain (and cook), although unless the aim is to bareboat the next time, a private crewed yacht can be comparably priced and can sometimes offer better value.
  • Megayacht Charter: Also known as superyachts, these sail and power yachts over 90′ are equipped with a highly professional captain and crew who will tend to your every need and coordinate the most amazing adventures exclusively for you and your guests. Typically, a plus-expenses charter, Megayachts are perfect for corporate retreats or celebrating momentous life events with family and friends.

All charters are available on motor yachts or sailboats.

Now that you’ve decided the above, the fun really begins. There are so many yachts for you to choose from. Which one is right for you? Our staff knows each and every one of them, and once we know your desires for a dream vacation, we will handle Step 6 for you…

6. Research & narrow your choices. Bareboat Charters – After emailing you a summary of all bareboats and companies in the area you are considering, a bareboat broker will make suggestions and help you narrow down your choices, based on your requirements and our personal knowledge of each boat,bareboat company and cruising ground.

Crewed Charters and Megayachts – Using your comments and answers to questions 1 – 5, a crewed broker will personally select 5 to 10 yachts from our database of more than several hundred yachts and send you this initial selection by email complete with brochures (or links) and our own candid descriptions of both boat and crew, written by our staff from personal inspections and interviews. After discussing what you like in this selection, the broker will send you more examples of similar boats and help you narrow down your choices.

7. Interview the prospective crews and recent charterers. For a crewed charter, we feel the selection of the crew is actually more important than the boat. A good crew can make up for a mediocre boat but the opposite is not true. We maintain relationships with all yachts and closely monitor feedback from our recent charterers, so we are in an excellent position to find the perfect match for you and your guests.

For bareboat charters, the condition of the boat and the backup services provided by the company are the most important.

8. Once you’ve decided, inspect the current condition of the yacht. Any boat and /or crew can look good in a brochure or website. Some are immaculate and some are maintenance nightmares. 3 years of bareboat chartering can cause the same wear as 10-15 years of private use, but with a crewed yacht, maintenance is more important than age. In most cases, we will have seen the boat you are chartering and can describe its current condition.

9. Book your yacht but be careful. It is important to know who is holding your money. For a crewed charter, ensure your deposit is held in a true escrow account until just before departure (we use a trust account for maximum security). We caution against sending money directly to a boat. This does not imply that boats are dishonest, but even with the best of intentions, things can go wrong and it is often very difficult to get your money back after the fact, particularly if the boat is outside the US. Our staff, if you choose, will handle all of this for you, again at no charge to you.

10. Assist with the other details. You’ll need hotel reservations, provisioning options, customs and passport requirements, itineraries, airline tickets, etc… We can make recommendations for all these items based on our experience and feedback from previous charterers.

11. Be sure to have a safety net. Let’s face it, stuff happens. If something does go wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner? We literally book thousands of charters and because of this volume, we can normally reach a satisfactory solution more easily than you can as an individual. While we hope you won’t need it, this additional security can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

12. And finally… step onboard. Put on your sunglasses, take off your sandals, relax, unwind and enjoy….

You’ll be remembering this vacation for a lifetime. For real peace of mind, let us do it for you.

From the initial boat selection, presentation of all paperwork and cost summary before confirmation and payments, to detailed discussions of the menu, beverages and activity preferences for each guest, as well as hotel and flight recommendations – we make the booking process simple and personal. Our services are always free, yet our unbiased, independent advice and over 50 years of combined charter industry experience can make all the difference to your vacation. We look forward to working with you.

The best part about memories…is making them

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PLAN A Yacht for Charter

2007 / 2016

Overview | Exterior | Interior | Accommodation | Photos | Layout | Price



Windward Islands


Enquire about plan a.

Contact our charter brokers about chartering this yacht. 

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20m | Azimut | 2022

HAPPY ME Yacht Charter

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Yacht Chartering 101: What You Need to Know Before Your First Voyage

plan a yacht charter

Embark on a nautical adventure and set sail into the realm of yacht chartering. Navigate through the vast sea of options, carefully selecting your vessel for the ultimate experience. From planning the perfect itinerary to packing essentials, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the world of yacht chartering. Discover the ins and outs of crewed yacht charters, ensuring a seamless voyage. Join us as we uncover the safety protocols and etiquette for a truly innovative and unforgettable journey.

Types of Yachts: Exploring Your Options

What are the different types of yachts available for charter and what factors should you consider when choosing the right one for your voyage? When it comes to yacht chartering, there is a wide range of options to consider. Yachts come in various sizes, from small to large, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. Motor yachts, for example, provide the convenience of speed and power, allowing you to easily explore different destinations . However, they can be more expensive to operate and maintain. On the other hand, sailing yachts offer the allure of wind-powered voyages, providing a more authentic and eco-friendly experience. They may require more skill to operate, but can offer a sense of serenity and connection to nature. Luxury yachts, as the name suggests, offer extravagant amenities and unparalleled comfort. From jacuzzis and helipads to gourmet kitchens and spacious lounges, these yachts are designed to provide the ultimate in indulgence. Lastly, when choosing a yacht design, you must consider whether to opt for a catamaran or a monohull . Catamarans offer stability and spaciousness, while monohulls provide better performance and a traditional sailing experience. Ultimately, the right yacht for your voyage depends on your personal preferences, budget, and desired experience.

Planning Your Itinerary: Destinations and Routes

When planning your yacht charter itinerary, it is essential to carefully consider the destinations and routes you wish to explore. Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise or an adventurous sail, there are endless options to discover hidden gems around the world.

Time management is crucial when planning your itinerary. Research the distance between destinations and factor in travel time to ensure a well-paced journey. It is also important to allocate enough time at each stop to fully experience the local culture and attractions.

Budgeting is another key aspect to consider. Some destinations may have higher docking fees or require additional permits, so it is important to plan accordingly. Keep in mind that some areas offer more affordable options for provisioning and fueling, which can help manage costs.

One of the highlights of yacht chartering is indulging in local cuisine. Explore restaurants, markets, and street food vendors along your chosen route to savor the flavors of the region. Immerse yourself in the local culture by trying traditional dishes and experiencing the vibrant dining scene.

Please call or email Doug (our seasoned yacht travel specialist) today at (781) 679-1162 or email at [email protected] .

Respecting the Yacht and Its Facilities

Adhering to proper etiquette is essential when it comes to respecting the yacht and its facilities during your charter experience. Whether you’re a first-time charterer or a seasoned sailor, it’s important to be mindful of the maintenance expectations set by the yacht’s crew. This includes keeping the yacht clean and tidy, and reporting any damages or issues promptly.

When it comes to watersports etiquette, it’s crucial to be respectful of other guests and the marine environment. Avoid excessive noise and be mindful of speed limits and no-wake zones. Additionally, follow eco-friendly practices by not throwing any trash or waste overboard and using designated areas for fueling and waste disposal.

Proper use of onboard amenities is also important. Treat the yacht’s facilities with care and respect. Follow any guidelines provided by the crew for using the swimming pool, hot tub, or gym equipment. Take care not to damage or misuse any equipment or appliances.

Lastly, handling personal belongings is crucial to maintaining a seamless charter experience. Keep personal items organized and avoid leaving them in common areas. Use designated storage spaces and be mindful of others’ personal space.

Following Safety Protocols and Guidelines

  • Ensure compliance with safety protocols and guidelines to maintain a secure and well-organized yacht charter experience. Safety is paramount when it comes to enjoying a yacht charter. To ensure a seamless experience, it is essential to follow all safety protocols and guidelines. Here are some key areas to focus on:
  • Emergency procedures: Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures onboard the yacht. Know the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. In the event of an emergency, remain calm and follow the instructions of the crew.
  • Evacuation protocols: Understand the evacuation protocols and know where the life rafts are located. Familiarize yourself with the procedures for launching and boarding the life rafts, should the need arise.
  • Life jacket usage: Wear a life jacket whenever you are on the deck or participating in water activities . Ensure that the life jacket fits properly and is fastened securely.
  • Fire safety measures: Follow all fire safety measures and guidelines provided by the crew. This includes not smoking in restricted areas and being cautious when using electrical equipment.
  • Navigation rules: Observe the navigation rules and guidelines to maintain a safe environment for everyone on board. This includes respecting other vessels’ right of way, maintaining a safe distance, and adhering to speed limits.

Being Mindful of Noise Levels and Privacy

When it comes to yacht charter etiquette, it is important to be mindful of noise levels and respect the privacy of others on board. Cabin decorum plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious environment for everyone. Noise restrictions are often in place to ensure a peaceful experience for all passengers. It is essential to adhere to these guidelines and keep noise levels to a minimum, especially during quiet hours.

Respecting privacy boundaries is equally important. Remember that even though you may be sharing a yacht with others, everyone deserves their personal space. Avoid intruding on others’ cabins without permission, and be mindful of their need for solitude. If you need to discuss something important or have a gathering, consider using common areas instead of disturbing others in their private quarters.

To enhance privacy and minimize noise disruption, yacht charters often invest in soundproofing measures. These can include insulated walls and doors to minimize sound transmission between cabins. By being conscious of noise levels and respecting privacy boundaries, you contribute to a more enjoyable and seamless experience for all on board.

Proper Dining and Table Manners

To ensure a seamless yacht charter experience, it is crucial to practice proper dining and table manners, maintaining the same level of mindfulness and respect as demonstrated in previous subtopics. Dining on a yacht requires a certain level of etiquette to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all guests. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Seating arrangements: Follow the guidance of the crew when it comes to seating arrangements. Wait for the host or hostess to indicate where you should sit, and avoid switching seats without permission.
  • Utensil usage: Start with the outermost utensils and work your way in as each course is served. Use the appropriate utensils for each dish, and remember to hold them properly.
  • Napkin etiquette: Place your napkin on your lap as soon as you are seated. Use it to wipe your mouth and hands discreetly, and remember to place it neatly on the table when you leave.
  • Proper use of glassware: Familiarize yourself with the different types of glassware and their purposes. Use the appropriate glass for each beverage, and hold it by the stem to avoid smudging the glass.
  • Polite conversation topics: Engage in pleasant and light-hearted conversation. Avoid controversial or sensitive topics to maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

Tipping and Showing Appreciation to the Crew

Showing appreciation to the crew on a yacht charter is best done by generously tipping for their exceptional service. When it comes to gratuity expectations, it is customary to tip between 10-20% of the total charter cost. However, if the crew has gone above and beyond to ensure your comfort and enjoyment, it is perfectly acceptable to tip more.

In addition to monetary gratuity, there are other crew appreciation gestures that can show your gratitude. For example, taking the time to write a thank-you note or providing glowing feedback to the charter company can go a long way in recognizing their hard work.

Handling special requests is another area where the crew’s dedication and professionalism shine. Whether it’s arranging a surprise celebration, accommodating dietary restrictions, or organizing a special excursion, the crew’s ability to fulfill these requests with a smile is truly commendable.

Open and clear communication with the crew is crucial for a seamless experience. From discussing your preferences before the charter to addressing any concerns or needs during the trip, maintaining a respectful and friendly rapport with the crew ensures that they can provide you with the best possible service.

Lastly, recognizing exceptional service is important. If a crew member has gone above and beyond their duties, expressing your appreciation directly to them can make their day. It could be a simple compliment, a small gift, or even a handwritten note to show your gratitude for their outstanding efforts.

In the realm of yacht charters, adhering to proper etiquette is crucial for a seamless and enjoyable experience. By respecting the crew, following safety protocols, and understanding the importance of privacy, guests can create a harmonious environment onboard. Additionally, dressing appropriately, observing table manners, and showing appreciation through tipping are all essential aspects of yacht charter etiquette. By embracing these guidelines, guests can ensure a memorable and refined journey on the open seas.

Get a Quote

Are you ready to let us show you what we can do for you? We can’t wait! This is as exciting for us as it is for you. We began this business because we love putting the perfect yacht charter together for our clients and getting the best of the best at the right price point thanks to our contacts and experience. 

Use our quick contact form to give us the basics about what you’re looking for and we’ll send you ideas and pricing. Don’t worry if it’s not grand enough or should be scaled back; we’ll take care of that too. When you love the plan, we put it into action. All you have to do is show up and enjoy.

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plan a yacht charter

How to Plan a Yacht Charter

Yacht Chartering

Dec 21, 2023

By Ian Pedersen

The yacht charter vacation product was pioneered in modern times by companies like The Moorings over 50 years ago, and for decades remained a best-kept secret of the boating industry. Back then, traditional sailboats comprised the majority of yachts available for many years, which required extensive sailing knowledge on the part of the customer in order to entertain the idea of enjoying a vacation like this.

In recent years, larger more comfortable yachts have been developed which cater to a wider boating audience, as well as different products like power catamarans and a wider array of Crewed yachts now make charter vacations available to a much wider market than ever before.

If you’re considering a yacht charter for your next vacation, here is a step-by-step guide of everything to consider before confirming your home on the water.

Step 1: What Type of Boater are You?

The most important thing to consider when booking a yacht charter vacation is exactly what type of charter you want to experience. There are 3 main terms to know: “Bareboat”, “Skippered”, or “Crewed”. A Bareboat charter is one in which you are the captain of your own yacht. This is the most popular type of yacht charter vacation and requires varying levels of either boating or sailing experience, or official certification depending on the country in which you choose to set sail.

A Skippered charter is one in which you choose to hire a Captain to sail the yacht for you. It is still your vacation, on your own private yacht, but the Captain, in the case of The Moorings, is often an employee of the company who is experienced with the type of yacht and will assume all responsibilities of navigating and handling the yacht for the duration of your trip.

Finally, a Crewed yacht refers to a charter managed by a full crew. At a minimum, this is a Captain and Chef team, but depending on the size of the yacht it may require additional crew to assist. The crew will then assume all responsibilities for the yacht – not just the navigation and handling, but the cooking and housekeeping duties as well.

Your first task on this journey is to decide which style of charter is right for you.

plan a yacht charter

Step 2: Who Will You Be Traveling With?

Once you have decided what type of charter you are looking for, the next step is to decide who is going to enjoy this adventure with you! Is this a family vacation? A milestone birthday? Retirement celebration? Are there multiple couples traveling together? This is an important moment because these are your crewmates who will be aboard with you on this adventure every step of the way. In this author’s experience, who you bring along with you on a yacht charter vacation is the single biggest factor in whether the vacation is a success… or not. Look for family and friends who are game – people who are eager to explore that next snorkeling spot, or dance the night away at some remote beachside bar, or someone you can enjoy a meaningful late-night conversation with under the stars. Above all,  a yacht charter vacation is what you make of it , so invite people who can make their own fun and get the most out of the trip, as opposed to people who wait for experiences to come to them.

plan a yacht charter

Step 3: Choose Your Destination

The next few steps can come in any order, but my personal recommendation is to first establish where in the world your charter adventure will take place. With The Moorings, the entire world is open to you, from the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean to the historic seaside towns of the Mediterranean and the impossibly blue waters of the Indian Ocean, South Pacific, and beyond.

From the Virgin Islands to the Greek Isles or French Polynesia, each destination offers its own unique benefits and experiences. Are you looking for a laid-back beach adventure? Consider the remote cays of Belize, home to the second-largest barrier reef system in the world. Looking for a more lively experience? Consider a charter in St. Martin, just a short sail away from the world-famous, celebrity-packed beaches of St. Barth. Looking for an immersive cultural experience? Consider a charter in Croatia or Italy and sail through centuries of history around each bend. You’ve decided who you’re chartering with, now just pick where you want to go!

Step 4: Choose Your Dates

This is an obvious step, but an important one nonetheless. The dates you choose can have a big impact on not only yacht availability, but also price, and the type of experience you have while on charter. Are you looking to charter in peak season? If so, prices will be higher, and you should consider booking your trip farther in advance to ensure you can reserve the yacht you want. Are you looking for an off-season charter? Here, you can usually find some savings on the cost of the yacht itself, but take into consideration things like the weather at that time of year, as well as whether many of the local venues are open. Peak season in the Mediterranean, for example, runs through the summer months from June-September. Conversely, the Summer months are the slower period in the Caribbean as hurricane season approaches. All of these things need to be taken into consideration and are where a dedicated Vacation Planning Specialist can help guide you in the right direction.

plan a yacht charter

Step 5: Choose Your Yacht.

Some may choose to start with this step, but in this case, this is the last step once you’ve ironed out all the other details. By now, you know whether you are planning to captain the yacht yourself or hire a skipper to do the work for you. You know who in your group will be onboard with you, and how many total people there are. You know where in the world you plan to set sail and you have a window of dates to work with.

Now, you need to select your perfect yacht to act as your home away from home. This can be a traditional sailing monohull, ideal for experienced sailors looking for a more thrilling, hands-on sailing experience; a sailing catamaran, perfect for sailors who still want to get their hands on the lines but enjoy the added space and stability of a catamaran; or even a power catamaran – ideal for experienced boaters who may not have specific sailing experience, or just for those looking for a bit more maneuverability and speed. Either way, one important factor to consider is the number of cabins on board, and ensuring there is sleeping accommodation for everyone in your party. Keep in mind, if you have a crew or a skipper, they will be on board with you for the duration of the charter and will need a place to sleep as well!

Step 6: How to Get There

Now that you have everything else in order, the last order of business is to confirm your travel to your chosen destination. It is strongly recommended that you confirm your flight and travel arrangements before confirming your yacht.

Step 7: Other things to Consider

Once you have determined everything above, you are ready to book your trip. Generally, a deposit is required, with the balance due as you get closer to your trip. In the intervening time, now is your chance to round out your vacation with charter “extras”, such as fun water toys like paddleboards, or kayaks, available electronics rentals, and organize your food and beverages. The Moorings offers an online provisioning site, allowing you to order all of your food and beverages, including alcohol, in advance, and everything is paid for and waiting for you on your yacht when you arrive!

Be sure to review all mandatory documentation, as each charter destination may have unique paperwork requirements that are required before you arrive.

We’ll see you on the water!

plan a yacht charter

Ian Pedersen is the Senior Marketing Manager for The Moorings & Sunsail headquartered in Clearwater, FL, and has worked in the yacht charter industry for the past 12 years. He has experience chartering all over the world, from the Virgin Islands and St. Martin to Croatia and Thailand. Ian is passionate about encouraging others to enjoy these on-the-water experiences for themselves.

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Ask Andrew: The great bilge oil discharge conundrum

Ask Andrew: The great bilge oil discharge conundrum

I’ve always thought that where safety is concerned aboard, it should be the same whether the boat is a commercial, passenger-carrying vessel or a privately owned sail or power boat.

Downwind Starts for the Long Distance Fleet

Downwind Starts for the Long Distance Fleet

Many articles speak to the challenges and strategies involved in achieving a good upwind start, however, they often begin with sheets eased or with spinnakers ready to hoist, so let’s dig into some of the considerations that come into play with these types of starts.

Bareboat chartering for first timers (Part 2)

Bareboat chartering for first timers (Part 2)

If chartering is something you’ve been dreaming about, this three-part article is really for you and I hope will encourage you to give it a try… BUT be forewarned…it can be addictive!

Water Ways TV “The Odyssey” Continues: Montreal’s Lachine Canal

Water Ways TV “The Odyssey” Continues: Montreal’s Lachine Canal

This Saturday on Global TV, Steve continues the epic journey on the “pocket cruiser” from Toronto to New York via Montreal.  But first, a detour to Oka to install a Canadian-made stern thruster and – with the help of a Quebec-based company – has a custom-made swim platform extension installed before tackling the historic Lachine…

Ask Andrew: Fall means haul-out and boat storage; I get a lot of questions about best-practices.

Ask Andrew: Fall means haul-out and boat storage; I get a lot of questions about best-practices.

Boaters tend to be hands-on and active. Many (most?) like to launch and trailer our boats on our own. We are hands on during launch and haul-out… But boat yards and launch ramps also tend to contain a collection of ‘this is what I do’, and not always ‘this is ideal, and I do it for this reason’.

Test Drive: The Savvy Navvy App

Test Drive: The Savvy Navvy App

Nov 9, 2023 by Marc Robic When our editor asked if I would look and use the Savvy Navvy (v2) navigation app and share my impressions, I was curious enough to do a little background research before accepting. From the onset, the reviews I read were not that great with many negative comments. But being…

Video Gallery

Wallywhy 150

Wallywhy 150

Jeanneau DB 43 OB

Jeanneau DB 43 OB

Hatteras Hull Highlights

Hatteras Hull Highlights

De Antiono Yachts D50 Coupe

De Antiono Yachts D50 Coupe

Sea Ray SPX 210 Sterndrive

Sea Ray SPX 210 Sterndrive

Sea Ray SPX 210 OB

Sea Ray SPX 210 OB

Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO

Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO

Aquila Molokai 47

Aquila Molokai 47

Beneteau Flyer 8

Beneteau Flyer 8

New boats: beneteau oceanis 34.1 – a sleek, good -looking delight to sail.

plan a yacht charter

By Katherine Stone

There is nothing more that I enjoy than being with friends and messing about in boats. Messing about in brand-new boats on a champagne sailing day on Lake Ontario at the beginning of the summer doesn’t get any better. To have the new owner, Helmuth Strobel and Anchor Yachts dealer Pancho Jimenez aboard made it even more special, as they can also speak to what they truly enjoy about the boat. We keep our own boat in a harbour that has a long waiting list for boats over 35 feet, so this little gem would definitely fit the bill and feels like a much bigger boat. True to the spirit of the 7 th  generation Oceanis line, the 34.1 is built in Poland and replaces the 35.1. It is 1,000 lbs lighter, 14 cm narrower and has 29% more sail area.


Sint Maarten, Heineken Regatta, 2023, Race Day 1, Thursday

Serious Fun at the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

Mida Creek

Cruising: Nautical Safari to Tanzania, 2022

French Polynesia

NEVER THOUGHT – 10 Days in French Polynesia

PYC Boating

Destinations: Peachland Yacht Club on Okanagan Lake


Sponsored: Consider Victoria

CCs on the Rideau 900

Top 10 Canal-side Patios on the Rideau Canal

Peter island resort in the british virgin islands has reopened.

plan a yacht charter

Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands has opened its rebuilt and re-envisioned luxury private island in 2024 after the property closures from the Virgin Islands’ 2017 hurricane season. Peter Island Resort has been undergoing its transformation for over six years. Its evolution includes brand new and upgraded accommodations and new state-of-the-art facilities and five stellar beaches amid hundreds of acres of unspoiled tropical island.

Peter Island Yacht Club

The new Yacht Club will be a must on the itineraries of sailors, boaters and yachtsmen with a marina that can accommodate a range of vessels from power boats, sailboats and catamarans, to super yachts of up to 200 feet. Located in Sprat Bay harbor, the Yacht Club will be its own destination with a dedicated swimming pool for Yacht Club guests, Drunken Pelican restaurant and bar, a commissary, Sea Chest Boutique and a sports recreation area with pickleball, basketball and bocce ball courts and a lawn-games area. To protect the coral reef and marine life surrounding the island, moorings will be located in White Bay, Sprat Bay, Deadman’s Bay…

plan a yacht charter

The Kids Are Alright (on Boats)

plan a yacht charter

Advice: The Great Loop

The Big Orange Box

Crossing the Line: The annual CTL most meaningful gift list

plan a yacht charter

Boaters try Fractional Yachting for the Season

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line: Highlights of Summer ‘23

plan a yacht charter

The very off season

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plan a yacht charter

Navigating Paradise: The Ultimate Guide to Greece Yacht Charters for Sophisticated Travelers

Reasons for greece yacht charters among discerning travelers.

W ith its charming scenery, azure waters, and many islands, Greece offers a yachting experience that can only be rivaled by none. A holiday in Greece on a chartered yacht is more than just another trip – it allows you to enter the world of sea luxury, tremendous history, and astonishing natural wonders. Danielis Yachting is an experienced provider of luxury yachts in Greece and one of the top organizers in this exclusive niche. Each charter is not a tour but a customized path through Eden because Danielis Yachting has an up-to-scratch fleet of yachts and a crew that knows what top hospitality means.

Choose Your Ideal Yacht

Choosing the right yacht is your primary decision in your Greek sea journey. Whether you prefer a swift motor yacht, grand sailing boat, or luxurious catamaran, the experience you will enjoy will be distinct. Motor yachts provide the fullness of incredible velocity and motionlessness accordingly, while catamarans allow maximum space for your comfort. As for the grand traditional sailing boats, it is about the experience. Such unique options as danielisyachting.com propose an extensive list of yachts for all four to choose their best. The following passages will consider every type of yacht. Besides, it will provide tips on how to decide the most suitable one. Comfort, efficiency, and elegance will be highlighted.

Planning Your Itinerary

A yacht charter in Greece offers the freedom to explore secluded bays, vibrant ports, and ancient ruins at your own pace. Planning your itinerary with Danielis Yachting allows you to customize your journey to include iconic islands such as Santorini and Mykonos and hidden gems like the tranquil Ionian islands or the mystical Sporades. This section will guide you through crafting the perfect itinerary that balances adventure with relaxation and cultural exploration with leisure. We'll provide insights into the must-visit destinations, optimal travel routes, and seasonal considerations to help you maximize your Greece yacht charter.

Capturing Local Culture and Flavors

Finally, Greek cuisine and culture should be at the core of the experience. While it would be impossible to encompass each island's history and local cuisines in the manuscript, highlighting the cultural treasures accessible to guests is highly recommended. Since the crew is recruited and guided by professionals from Danielis Yachting, there is always at least one native Greek per voyage. Hence, providing an overview of common aspects, such as getaways to local restaurants and festival participation, should create a sufficient foundation for this preliminary research on local attractions on each island.

What to Pack for Your Yacht Adventure

Packing for a yacht charter differs significantly from packing for a typical vacation. This section will provide sophisticated travelers with practical tips on what to bring for a yacht journey in Greece. From the essentials like swimwear and sun protection to bright casual outfits for evening outings, we'll cover everything you need to pack. Additionally, we'll include advice on gadgets and gear that can enhance your yachting experience, ensuring you're well-prepared for whatever adventures lie ahead.

Making the Most of Your Yacht Charter with Danielis Yachting

To truly make the most of your Greece yacht charter, partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced provider like Danielis Yachting can make all the difference. This section will highlight the exclusive services and amenities that Danielis Yachting offers, from personalized customer service to additional offerings like jet skis, diving equipment, and bespoke event planning aboard. We'll explore how these services enhance your journey, turning a simple holiday into an unforgettable experience and ensuring that every trip detail is meticulously catered to your satisfaction.

Reasons for Greece yacht charters among discerning travelers With its charming scenery, azure waters, and many islands,

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Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia’s capital

plan a yacht charter

There’s hardly a better way to absorb Moscow’s atmosphere than on a ship sailing up and down the Moskva River. While complicated ticketing, loud music and chilling winds might dampen the anticipated fun, this checklist will help you to enjoy the scenic views and not fall into common tourist traps.

How to find the right boat?

There are plenty of boats and selecting the right one might be challenging. The size of the boat should be your main criteria.

Plenty of small boats cruise the Moskva River, and the most vivid one is this yellow Lay’s-branded boat. Everyone who has ever visited Moscow probably has seen it.

plan a yacht charter

This option might leave a passenger disembarking partially deaf as the merciless Russian pop music blasts onboard. A free spirit, however, will find partying on such a vessel to be an unforgettable and authentic experience that’s almost a metaphor for life in modern Russia: too loud, and sometimes too welcoming. Tickets start at $13 (800 rubles) per person.

Bigger boats offer smoother sailing and tend to attract foreign visitors because of their distinct Soviet aura. Indeed, many of the older vessels must have seen better days. They are still afloat, however, and getting aboard is a unique ‘cultural’ experience. Sometimes the crew might offer lunch or dinner to passengers, but this option must be purchased with the ticket. Here is one such  option  offering dinner for $24 (1,490 rubles).

plan a yacht charter

If you want to travel in style, consider Flotilla Radisson. These large, modern vessels are quite posh, with a cozy restaurant and an attentive crew at your service. Even though the selection of wines and food is modest, these vessels are still much better than other boats.

plan a yacht charter

Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

How to buy tickets?

Women holding photos of ships promise huge discounts to “the young and beautiful,” and give personal invitations for river tours. They sound and look nice, but there’s a small catch: their ticket prices are usually more than those purchased online.

“We bought tickets from street hawkers for 900 rubles each, only to later discover that the other passengers bought their tickets twice as cheap!”  wrote  (in Russian) a disappointed Rostislav on a travel company website.

Nevertheless, buying from street hawkers has one considerable advantage: they personally escort you to the vessel so that you don’t waste time looking for the boat on your own.

plan a yacht charter

Prices start at $13 (800 rubles) for one ride, and for an additional $6.5 (400 rubles) you can purchase an unlimited number of tours on the same boat on any given day.

Flotilla Radisson has official ticket offices at Gorky Park and Hotel Ukraine, but they’re often sold out.

Buying online is an option that might save some cash. Websites such as  this   offer considerable discounts for tickets sold online. On a busy Friday night an online purchase might be the only chance to get a ticket on a Flotilla Radisson boat.

This  website  (in Russian) offers multiple options for short river cruises in and around the city center, including offbeat options such as ‘disco cruises’ and ‘children cruises.’ This other  website  sells tickets online, but doesn’t have an English version. The interface is intuitive, however.

Buying tickets online has its bad points, however. The most common is confusing which pier you should go to and missing your river tour.

plan a yacht charter

“I once bought tickets online to save with the discount that the website offered,” said Igor Shvarkin from Moscow. “The pier was initially marked as ‘Park Kultury,’ but when I arrived it wasn’t easy to find my boat because there were too many there. My guests had to walk a considerable distance before I finally found the vessel that accepted my tickets purchased online,” said the man.

There are two main boarding piers in the city center:  Hotel Ukraine  and  Park Kultury . Always take note of your particular berth when buying tickets online.

Where to sit onboard?

Even on a warm day, the headwind might be chilly for passengers on deck. Make sure you have warm clothes, or that the crew has blankets ready upon request.

The glass-encased hold makes the tour much more comfortable, but not at the expense of having an enjoyable experience.

plan a yacht charter

Getting off the boat requires preparation as well. Ideally, you should be able to disembark on any pier along the way. In reality, passengers never know where the boat’s captain will make the next stop. Street hawkers often tell passengers in advance where they’ll be able to disembark. If you buy tickets online then you’ll have to research it yourself.

There’s a chance that the captain won’t make any stops at all and will take you back to where the tour began, which is the case with Flotilla Radisson. The safest option is to automatically expect that you’ll return to the pier where you started.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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plan a yacht charter

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Flotilla Radisson Royal

plan a yacht charter

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plan a yacht charter

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Detailed Reviews: Reviews ordered by recency and descriptiveness of user-identified themes such as wait time, length of visit, general tips, and location information.

Aleksandar Pančevski

Flotilla Radisson Royal - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

Yacht Charters in Greece Report Unusually High Number of Bookings

Summer 2024 is busier than usual in the Mediterranean, especially with the limited offer of crewed yacht charters. First-choice motor yachts report a 65% booking rate, while catamarans are up to 73% booked. The remaining dates are being snapped up fast.

United States - April 12, 2024 —

plan a yacht charter

The team at MyGreekCharter is raising an alarm—if planning to wait until the last minute to book a charter, it might be too late.

“Unlike vacation rentals, the supply is virtually unlimited, and yachts are limited by available docking space in marinas. Having a yacht in a summer hotspot with docking space and charter rights is becoming increasingly more difficult,” says Daniel Asmus, owner of DMA Yachting.

For those yearning for a lavish summer getaway, the advice is to plan without delay, as the prime booking window is swiftly closing.

Key Market Trends for the 2024 Greek Yacht Charter Market

  • The development of new marinas is progressing slowly, restricting the overall yacht capacity.
  • Summer season kicks off almost 3 weeks earlier and ends 3 weeks later (April-October)
  • Luxury tourism has grown 87% since Covid.
  • The charter season is extending, starting in April this year, marking an earlier onset than in previous years.

Winter 2024/25 is filling up as well in the Caribbean

6 months earlier than in previous years, Caribbean charters are reporting 40% complete. The Caribbean, particularly the British Virgin Islands (BVI), is witnessing an uptrend similar to Greece. Mo Pristas from CharterGuru has reported unusually high bookings in the BVI, while Bahamas Motor Yachts reports a noticeably prolonged 2024 summer charter season.

The Average Value of Crewed Charters Has Been Growing

Motor yachts are at the forefront of this growth, with this yacht category experiencing a 30% increase in the average expenditure per charter since 2021. This increase reflects a robust demand and a shift in consumer preferences towards more luxurious and extended yacht charters.

An additional factor to the increase of the charter amount is simply the increased size and value of the available yachts, which have grown from a 70’ average to a 98’ average since 2021.

The Increasing Number of New Yachts Entering the Market Is Causing Concern About Industry Overload

The rate at which new yachts are being introduced into the market is accelerating. While older yachts aren’t being replaced but refurbished to extend service life, the overall number of yachts is rapidly increasing. This growth puts pressure on an already strained infrastructure, sparking debate among industry experts about the potential for overcrowding and its limits.

The available docking space nevertheless limits this increase in supply. Greece is reporting huge issues with marina availability as new developments are being delayed.

Charterers Are Looking for Less Crowded Charter Areas

The iconic Cyclades Islands continue attracting visitors for their historical and aesthetic appeal, but the hype has consequences, and tourists are looking to less crowded alternatives. Lesser-known destinations like Antiparos , Anafi , Ikaria , Kythira , and Nisiros are gaining traction as travelers seek quieter, more unique experiences away from mainstream tourist hotspots. Greece's diverse coastline, sailing conditions, and enormous charter fleet offer many charter options. A little research goes a long way, with an opportunity to explore more authentic and unspoiled destinations in Greece.

Contact Info: Name: Mo Pristas Email: Send Email Organization: myGreekCharter operated by DMA Yachting Address: Palma de Mallorca, Spain Website: https://mygreekcharter.com

Release ID: 89126851

If there are any errors, inconsistencies, or queries arising from the content contained within this press release that require attention or if you need assistance with a press release takedown, we kindly request that you inform us immediately by contacting [email protected]. Our reliable team will be available to promptly respond within 8 hours, taking proactive measures to rectify any identified issues or providing guidance on the removal process. Ensuring accurate and dependable information is our top priority.

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Palm Beach council OKs mooring plan to help millionaire keep yacht from being 'destroyed'

Millionaire Peter May has a problem: Wake from passing boats on the Intracoastal Waterway causes his 72-foot yacht to bang into the recently completed dock that extends from one of his Palm Beach properties.

His yacht captain has a solution: Add mooring piles around the boat to secure the vessel and stop the damage.

The Town Council at its Development Review Committee meeting on April 10 voted unanimously to approve two variances to allow May's team to complete the work west of his waterfront property on Dunbar Road. He owns all three properties on the south side of Dunbar’s 300 block, between the Intracoastal and North Lake Way, property records show.

May also keeps a smaller boat on the dock, town records show.

May is a longtime Palm Beach resident, investor and businessman. He is president and founding partner of Trian Partners, a hedge-fund management firm known for its holdings in major companies such as Wendy's and The Walt Disney Co.

The first variance will permit May to install a series of marine mooring piles farther than 150 feet from land, the maximum allowed by the town. The second will allow for one of those piles to be within the 25-foot setback from the north riparian line, which is essentially the line that extends into the water from the property line.

Attorney Maura Ziska, representing May, said the work is necessary and needs to be completed to protect his yacht.

“The boat is getting tossed up against the dock and getting destroyed,” she said.

The mooring piles suggested by the captain should solve that problem, Ziska said.

Mayor Danielle Moore asked for insight into the possible unintended consequences of approving the variances.

The answer from staff and Ziska: There would not be any.

“The Intracoastal is very wide at this part of the island,” Ziska said. “It’s not going to impede boat traffic. No one is going to run into the mooring piles.”

The dock that was approved by the town last year extends as far into the Intracoastal as it does because the depth of water is needed for the boat’s size, she said.

“It’s just logical that to moor it safely, we need the mooring piles on the west side of it,” Ziska said.

Councilwoman Bridget Moran, in her first Development Review Committee meeting after being sworn into office the previous day, said she was concerned that a boat of that size, and that far into the Intracoastal, would disrupt the view of residents who enjoy sitting on the bench at the west end of Dunbar Road.

“You’re literally looking at the broad side of a boat,” Moran said, adding that she feels the boat is too big for the property, while also acknowledging May’s right to have the boat there.

“Just saying,” she said, “moving forward, there is the possibility that at the end of all these beautiful streets, we’re going to be looking at just narrow portions of vista.”

Kristina Webb is a reporter for Palm Beach Daily News, part of the USA TODAY Florida Network. You can reach her at  [email protected] .  Subscribe today  to support our journalism.

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Daily News: Palm Beacher Peter May gets OK for plan to protect yacht from wake

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Cities: skylines 2's embarrassed developers are giving away beachfront property for free.

Cities: Skylines 2 developer Colossal Order is unlisting and refunding purchases of its controversial Beach Properties asset pack less than a month after its release.

How to play Pokémon and other Game Boy games on your iPhone

Apple finally updated its App Store guidelines to allow global developers to host retro game emulators on iOS. Now, you don't need to jailbreak your iPhone or download any sketchy software -- you can get a sophisticated emulator right in the palm of your hand for free on the App Store. No one is more vindicated by this shift in Apple's policy than Riley Testut, the developer who made GBA4iOS about decade ago when he was in high school (when he released GBA4iOS, I showed half of my AP Statistics class how to play Pokémon on their phones during class -- sorry, Mr. Cinelli).

Get up close and personal with the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Jon Bon Jovi: New docs show fans a new side of their favorite artists

From in-depth interviews to never-before-seen footage, these documentaries go beyond the music.

Razer's Kishi Ultra gaming controller works with damn near everything, including some foldables

Razer just released the Kishi Ultra mobile gaming controller. It works with some foldable phones, in addition to Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

Nordstrom Rack just marked down a ton of flattering flowy dresses for spring — starting at just $30

These throw-on-and-go styles deserve a spot in your warm-weather closet.

Netflix will stop tossing coins to The Witcher after season five

Netflix has renewed The Witcher for a fifth season, but that will be the show's last. Liam Hemsworth is taking over as Geralt of Rivia for the final two seasons.

Washington Mystics announce June game vs. Caitlin Clark, Indiana Fever moved to Capital One Arena

The venue will provide a bigger capacity than their current 4,200-seat home.

2024 Shelby Super Snake upgrades the Mustang with insane power and plenty of carbon fiber

Shelby's new Super Snake is a super-limited, one-year-only build that takes the Mustang to a whole new level of performance.

Meta adds its AI chatbot, powered by Llama 3, to the search bar across its apps

Meta's making several big moves today to promote its AI services across its platform. The company has upgraded its AI chatbot with its newest Large Language Model, Llama 3, and it is now running it in the search bar of its four major apps, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp across multiple countries. This confirms and extends a test that TechCrunch reported on last week, when we spotted that the company had started testing Meta AI on Instagram's search bar.

'My skin is tighter and softer': Grab this popular anti-aging retinol cream for $14 — that's 40% off

Raved a 65-year-old fan: 'I tried this lotion on one arm and did a comparison. OMG! The difference was astounding and immediate.'

J.Crew sale items are an extra 60% off — grab flattering closet essentials under $50 while you can

You'll find summery white jeans for $18, an adorable swim dress for $44 and so much more.

These are the best Hoka shoes for walking in 2024

Looking for a little extra cushioning while you get your steps in? You've come to the right place.

LSU transfer Hailey Van Lith reportedly headed to TCU

Hailey Van Lith is transferring to TCU after an uneven year at LSU.

Sonos refurbished speakers and soundbars are up to $170 off right now

You can grab a refurbished Sonos Arc SL for $170 less than the usual price as part of a larger sale on refurbished Sonos gear.

Meta releases Llama 3, claims it's among the best open models available

Meta has released the latest entry in its Llama series of open source generative AI models: Llama 3. Or, more accurately, the company has open sourced two models in its new Llama 3 family, with the rest to come at an unspecified future date. Meta describes the new models -- Llama 3 8B, which contains 8 billion parameters, and Llama 3 70B, which contains 70 billion parameters -- as a "major leap" compared to the previous-gen Llama models, Llama 2 8B and Llama 2 70B, performance-wise.

I’m a chronic over-packer, and this lightweight duffel completely changed how I travel

The Calpak Luka duffel is my own personal Mary Poppins bag — but a lot chicer.

Patriots 'open to anything,' not committed to taking quarterback with No. 3 pick during NFL Draft

The Patriots traded quarterback Mac Jones to the Jaguars in March.

The Fantasy Baseball Numbers Do Lie: Is the best yet to come from Shohei Ohtani?

With over two weeks of fantasy baseball data available to us, Dalton Del Don exposes the statistics we should be wary of.

Netflix stock has been on massive run — that makes for 'tricky' earnings set up

Netflix will report first quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday. Here's what to expect.

Report: The Toyota Highlander is going all-electric

Recent reports point to a new Highlander EV and plug-in versions of Toyota's trucks.

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67.5m  /  221'5   icon yachts   2010 / 2020.

  • Previous Yacht

Cabin Configuration

  • 1 Double/Twin

Special Features:

  • Spacious retractable beach club
  • Infinity pool
  • Spacious split-level Master Suite, with separate living room and office
  • Premium wellness facilities, including Hammam sauna, gym and spa pool
  • Generous deck space
Charter yacht LOON has been luxuriously fitted out and upgraded to offer the ultimate in comfort and amenities.

The 68m/223'1" 'Loon' (ex. Icon) motor yacht built by the Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts is available for charter for up to 12 guests in 7 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Studio Linse.

Offering an abundance of social and dining options, as well as a highly attentive crew, luxury charters aboard motor yacht Loon are set to be truly magical whatever the destination. Her features include underwater lights, beach club and gym.

Guest Accommodation

Built in 2010, Loon offers guest accommodation for up to 12 guests in 7 suites comprising a master suite, one VIP cabin, two double cabins, two twin cabins and one cabin that can operate as twin or double. The master suite incorporates its own study and dressing room. There are 8 beds in total, including 1 king, 3 queen and 4 singles. A crew of nineteen, who specialize in creating exceptional charters, are on hand to provide guests with a yacht charter vacation to remember.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

You and your guests can enjoy a variety of experiences on Loon such as a sauna to help you detox and regenerate. The swimming pool is perfect for exercising or admiring a romantic sunrise. Head to the beach club and take advantage of indoor-outdoor living and entertaining and in addition a gym with all the latest equipment is available for a good work out. Soak up the bubbles in style in the deck jacuzzi.

Whatever your activities on your charter, you'll find some impressive features are seamlessly integrated to help you such as the underwater lights, adding spectacle and style after dark. With Wi-Fi connectivity you don't have to lose contact with the outside world, unless you want to and in addition you can stay comfortable on board whatever the weather, with air conditioning during your charter.

Performance & Range

Loon is built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Powered by twin MTU engines, she comfortably cruises at 13 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots with a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles from her 193,200 litre fuel tanks at cruising speed. An advanced stabilisation system on board reduces the side-to-side roll of the yacht and promises guests exceptional comfort levels at anchor or when underway.

Loon has aboard a plentiful range of water toys and accessories ready to entertain you and your guests whilst on charter. Take to the sea on the Jet Skis offering you power and control on the water. In addition there are two waterskis that are hugely entertaining whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Additionally, there are two SEABOBs, that allow you to skim along the surface or steer under the crystal water and see a variety of aquatic sea life. If that isn't enough Loon also features wakeboards, kayaks, fishing equipment, scuba diving equipment, beach games and much more. When it comes to Tenders, Loon has you covered - with three tenders, including a 7.2m/23'7" Nautique Ski Boat.

Loon and her crew are available for charter this winter for cruising within the Caribbean. She is already accepting bookings this summer for cruising in the Mediterranean.

Luxury motor yacht Loon is one of a kind, offering world-class onboard amenities coupled with an overflowing toy box full of the latest water sports gear for unforgettable yacht charters wherever you are.


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Stand Out Features

Retractable beach club on Loon

Retractable beach club

A fold down beach club is directly beneath a large infinity pool and multiple sunloungers

Premium wellness area on Loon

Premium wellness area

Relax in the sauna and hammam facilities for an indulgent afternoon of pampering

Impressive infinity pool on Loon

Impressive infinity pool

Watch over the waves from the impressive infinity pool on the aft deck with comfortable sunloungers for drying off

Loon Photos

Loon Yacht 11

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment Loon has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

Loon is reported to be available to Charter with the following recreation facilities:

  • 1 x 7.2m  /  23'7 Nautique Super Air Ski Boat
  • 1 x 7.5m  /  24'7 X-Craft Beachlander Tender
  • 1 x MOB Beach drop off Tender 25 HP engine

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

  • + shortlist

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

'Loon' Charter Rates & Destinations

Mediterranean Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

€540,000 p/week + expenses Approx $577,000

High Season

€600,000 p/week + expenses Approx $641,000

Cruising Regions

Mediterranean Croatia, France, Italy, Monaco, Montenegro

HOT SPOTS:   Amalfi Coast, Corsica, French Riviera, Sardinia

Caribbean Winter Cruising Region

Winter Season

October - April

$540,000 p/week + expenses

$600,000 p/week + expenses

Caribbean Antigua, Bahamas, Saint Martin, St Barts

HOT SPOTS:   Virgin Islands

This yacht is available for Corporate Yacht Charter and Events

Charter Loon

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

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NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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Broward Public Schools will pay debt with charter schools. But state will still monitor

The Broward County School Board approved a payment plan to settle a debt estimated at about $80 million with local charter schools on Tuesday. But that wasn’t enough to get state officials’ watchful eyes away from them on Wednesday.

After meeting in private for about an hour on Tuesday, the School Board publicly endorsed a three-year payment plan that will start this summer.

The school district will pay one third of the debt plus interest on July 10, 2024, then one half of the remaining balance plus interest on July 10, 2025, and the full balance remaining with interest on July 10, 2026. All charter schools in the county will benefit.

The local board OK’ed the schedule a day before they needed to show the State Board of Education proof of their progress on Wednesday.

The state board was pleased with the agreement, but is not letting the issue go just yet. Following the advice from the state’s counsel, the board plans to ask the school district for another update in July.

“I would recommend tabling this item until the July meeting,” said Andrew King, the Florida Department of Education’s general counsel, after sharing the details of the payment plan. “We’ll give Broward County time to determine what the final amount is and to make that first payment.”

Where did the debt with Broward charter schools come from?

The debacle stems from funds that the Broward school district collected through a voter-approved referendum.

In 2018, Broward County voters agreed to raise their property taxes over the next four years to increase compensation for teachers and other employees, improve school safety and other initiatives.

At the time, instead of sharing the total $453.6 million generated with all of the charter schools in Broward, the school district decided to only split the funds with charter schools with an enrollment of at least 900 students.

The district only shared about $4.6 million among 21 charter schools from that referendum, according to a school district spokesperson.

Last fall, some of the charter schools sued the district over the money, arguing a 2019 state law mandated the district to share the money with all charter schools, which are schools financed by taxpayers but managed by private entities.

In late March, the State Board of Education caught wind of the case and met to discuss it. King, the state’s lawyer, said at the time that the Broward school district failed to correctly distribute money collected and now owed about $80 million; the board agreed.

On Wednesday, King said the school district was still calculating the exact amount.

‘Excellent news’ but monitoring will continue

The state board determined in March that it could sanction the district if the district failed to correct its actions by its next meeting this week, which the local board ended up doing.

“That’s obviously excellent news,” said Ben Gibson, the state board’s chair, on Wednesday.

“I am very happy that the charter schools and the school district have come to a tentative agreement,” Board Chair Ben Gibson said. “It certainly is what we had hoped for, and it certainly beats litigating this issue for years without our students in all of our schools getting the money they are entitled to.”

Still, Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. assured the department will be closely monitoring the district to ensure it complies with the agreement.

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Jimena Tavel

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All Florida K-12 students to learn about ‘atrocities’ of communism

All Florida K-12 students to learn about ‘atrocities’ of communism

UM cost of attendance climbs $5,000, students to pay $93,000 next year

UM cost of attendance climbs $5,000, students to pay $93,000 next year

How will Broward’s new superintendent deal with school closures, financial crisis?

How will Broward’s new superintendent deal with school closures, financial crisis?

After chaotic meeting, Broward schools still no closer to plan on school closings

After chaotic meeting, Broward schools still no closer to plan on school closings

Five things to know about Broward County Public Schools’ new superintendent

Five things to know about Broward County Public Schools’ new superintendent

After 10 months, Broward Schools superintendent to retire. Board replaces him immediately

After 10 months, Broward Schools superintendent to retire. Board replaces him immediately

2018 Primetime Emmy & James Beard Award Winner

In Transit: Notes from the Underground

Jun 06 2018.

Spend some time in one of Moscow’s finest museums.

Subterranean commuting might not be anyone’s idea of a good time, but even in a city packing the war-games treasures and priceless bejeweled eggs of the Kremlin Armoury and the colossal Soviet pavilions of the VDNKh , the Metro holds up as one of Moscow’s finest museums. Just avoid rush hour.

The Metro is stunning and provides an unrivaled insight into the city’s psyche, past and present, but it also happens to be the best way to get around. Moscow has Uber, and the Russian version called Yandex Taxi , but also some nasty traffic. Metro trains come around every 90 seconds or so, at a more than 99 percent on-time rate. It’s also reasonably priced, with a single ride at 55 cents (and cheaper in bulk). From history to tickets to rules — official and not — here’s what you need to know to get started.

A Brief Introduction Buying Tickets Know Before You Go (Down) Rules An Easy Tour

A Brief Introduction

Moscow’s Metro was a long time coming. Plans for rapid transit to relieve the city’s beleaguered tram system date back to the Imperial era, but a couple of wars and a revolution held up its development. Stalin revived it as part of his grand plan to modernize the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 30s. The first lines and tunnels were constructed with help from engineers from the London Underground, although Stalin’s secret police decided that they had learned too much about Moscow’s layout and had them arrested on espionage charges and deported.

The beauty of its stations (if not its trains) is well-documented, and certainly no accident. In its illustrious first phases and particularly after the Second World War, the greatest architects of Soviet era were recruited to create gleaming temples celebrating the Revolution, the USSR, and the war triumph. No two stations are exactly alike, and each of the classic showpieces has a theme. There are world-famous shrines to Futurist architecture, a celebration of electricity, tributes to individuals and regions of the former Soviet Union. Each marble slab, mosaic tile, or light fixture was placed with intent, all in service to a station’s aesthetic; each element, f rom the smallest brass ear of corn to a large blood-spattered sword on a World War II mural, is an essential part of the whole.

plan a yacht charter

The Metro is a monument to the Soviet propaganda project it was intended to be when it opened in 1935 with the slogan “Building a Palace for the People”. It brought the grand interiors of Imperial Russia to ordinary Muscovites, celebrated the Soviet Union’s past achievements while promising its citizens a bright Soviet future, and of course, it was a show-piece for the world to witness the might and sophistication of life in the Soviet Union.

It may be a museum, but it’s no relic. U p to nine million people use it daily, more than the London Underground and New York Subway combined. (Along with, at one time, about 20 stray dogs that learned to commute on the Metro.)

In its 80+ year history, the Metro has expanded in phases and fits and starts, in step with the fortunes of Moscow and Russia. Now, partly in preparation for the World Cup 2018, it’s also modernizing. New trains allow passengers to walk the entire length of the train without having to change carriages. The system is becoming more visitor-friendly. (There are helpful stickers on the floor marking out the best selfie spots .) But there’s a price to modernity: it’s phasing out one of its beloved institutions, the escalator attendants. Often they are middle-aged or elderly women—“ escalator grandmas ” in news accounts—who have held the post for decades, sitting in their tiny kiosks, scolding commuters for bad escalator etiquette or even bad posture, or telling jokes . They are slated to be replaced, when at all, by members of the escalator maintenance staff.

For all its achievements, the Metro lags behind Moscow’s above-ground growth, as Russia’s capital sprawls ever outwards, generating some of the world’s worst traffic jams . But since 2011, the Metro has been in the middle of an ambitious and long-overdue enlargement; 60 new stations are opening by 2020. If all goes to plan, the 2011-2020 period will have brought 125 miles of new tracks and over 100 new stations — a 40 percent increase — the fastest and largest expansion phase in any period in the Metro’s history.

Facts: 14 lines Opening hours: 5 a.m-1 a.m. Rush hour(s): 8-10 a.m, 4-8 p.m. Single ride: 55₽ (about 85 cents) Wi-Fi network-wide

plan a yacht charter

Buying Tickets

  • Ticket machines have a button to switch to English.
  • You can buy specific numbers of rides: 1, 2, 5, 11, 20, or 60. Hold up fingers to show how many rides you want to buy.
  • There is also a 90-minute ticket , which gets you 1 trip on the metro plus an unlimited number of transfers on other transport (bus, tram, etc) within 90 minutes.
  • Or, you can buy day tickets with unlimited rides: one day (218₽/ US$4), three days (415₽/US$7) or seven days (830₽/US$15). Check the rates here to stay up-to-date.
  • If you’re going to be using the Metro regularly over a few days, it’s worth getting a Troika card , a contactless, refillable card you can use on all public transport. Using the Metro is cheaper with one of these: a single ride is 36₽, not 55₽. Buy them and refill them in the Metro stations, and they’re valid for 5 years, so you can keep it for next time. Or, if you have a lot of cash left on it when you leave, you can get it refunded at the Metro Service Centers at Ulitsa 1905 Goda, 25 or at Staraya Basmannaya 20, Building 1.
  • You can also buy silicone bracelets and keychains with built-in transport chips that you can use as a Troika card. (A Moscow Metro Fitbit!) So far, you can only get these at the Pushkinskaya metro station Live Helpdesk and souvenir shops in the Mayakovskaya and Trubnaya metro stations. The fare is the same as for the Troika card.
  • You can also use Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Rules, spoken and unspoken

No smoking, no drinking, no filming, no littering. Photography is allowed, although it used to be banned.

Stand to the right on the escalator. Break this rule and you risk the wrath of the legendary escalator attendants. (No shenanigans on the escalators in general.)

Get out of the way. Find an empty corner to hide in when you get off a train and need to stare at your phone. Watch out getting out of the train in general; when your train doors open, people tend to appear from nowhere or from behind ornate marble columns, walking full-speed.

Always offer your seat to elderly ladies (what are you, a monster?).

An Easy Tour

This is no Metro Marathon ( 199 stations in 20 hours ). It’s an easy tour, taking in most—though not all—of the notable stations, the bulk of it going clockwise along the Circle line, with a couple of short detours. These stations are within minutes of one another, and the whole tour should take about 1-2 hours.

Start at Mayakovskaya Metro station , at the corner of Tverskaya and Garden Ring,  Triumfalnaya Square, Moskva, Russia, 125047.

1. Mayakovskaya.  Named for Russian Futurist Movement poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and an attempt to bring to life the future he imagined in his poems. (The Futurist Movement, natch, was all about a rejecting the past and celebrating all things speed, industry, modern machines, youth, modernity.) The result: an Art Deco masterpiece that won the National Grand Prix for architecture at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. It’s all smooth, rounded shine and light, and gentle arches supported by columns of dark pink marble and stainless aircraft steel. Each of its 34 ceiling niches has a mosaic. During World War II, the station was used as an air-raid shelter and, at one point, a bunker for Stalin. He gave a subdued but rousing speech here in Nov. 6, 1941 as the Nazis bombed the city above.

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Take the 3/Green line one station to:

2. Belorusskaya. Opened in 1952, named after the connected Belarussky Rail Terminal, which runs trains between Moscow and Belarus. This is a light marble affair with a white, cake-like ceiling, lined with Belorussian patterns and 12 Florentine ceiling mosaics depicting life in Belarussia when it was built.

plan a yacht charter

Transfer onto the 1/Brown line. Then, one stop (clockwise) t o:

3. Novoslobodskaya.  This station was designed around the stained-glass panels, which were made in Latvia, because Alexey Dushkin, the Soviet starchitect who dreamed it up (and also designed Mayakovskaya station) couldn’t find the glass and craft locally. The stained glass is the same used for Riga’s Cathedral, and the panels feature plants, flowers, members of the Soviet intelligentsia (musician, artist, architect) and geometric shapes.

plan a yacht charter

Go two stops east on the 1/Circle line to:

4. Komsomolskaya. Named after the Komsomol, or the Young Communist League, this might just be peak Stalin Metro style. Underneath the hub for three regional railways, it was intended to be a grand gateway to Moscow and is today its busiest station. It has chandeliers; a yellow ceiling with Baroque embellishments; and in the main hall, a colossal red star overlaid on golden, shimmering tiles. Designer Alexey Shchusev designed it as an homage to the speech Stalin gave at Red Square on Nov. 7, 1941, in which he invoked Russia’s illustrious military leaders as a pep talk to Soviet soldiers through the first catastrophic year of the war.   The station’s eight large mosaics are of the leaders referenced in the speech, such as Alexander Nevsky, a 13th-century prince and military commander who bested German and Swedish invading armies.

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One more stop clockwise to Kurskaya station,  and change onto the 3/Blue  line, and go one stop to:

5. Baumanskaya.   Opened in 1944. Named for the Bolshevik Revolutionary Nikolai Bauman , whose monument and namesake district are aboveground here. Though he seemed like a nasty piece of work (he apparently once publicly mocked a woman he had impregnated, who later hung herself), he became a Revolutionary martyr when he was killed in 1905 in a skirmish with a monarchist, who hit him on the head with part of a steel pipe. The station is in Art Deco style with atmospherically dim lighting, and a series of bronze sculptures of soldiers and homefront heroes during the War. At one end, there is a large mosaic portrait of Lenin.

plan a yacht charter

Stay on that train direction one more east to:

6. Elektrozavodskaya. As you may have guessed from the name, this station is the Metro’s tribute to all thing electrical, built in 1944 and named after a nearby lightbulb factory. It has marble bas-relief sculptures of important figures in electrical engineering, and others illustrating the Soviet Union’s war-time struggles at home. The ceiling’s recurring rows of circular lamps give the station’s main tunnel a comforting glow, and a pleasing visual effect.

plan a yacht charter

Double back two stops to Kurskaya station , and change back to the 1/Circle line. Sit tight for six stations to:

7. Kiyevskaya. This was the last station on the Circle line to be built, in 1954, completed under Nikita Khrushchev’ s guidance, as a tribute to his homeland, Ukraine. Its three large station halls feature images celebrating Ukraine’s contributions to the Soviet Union and Russo-Ukrainian unity, depicting musicians, textile-working, soldiers, farmers. (One hall has frescoes, one mosaics, and the third murals.) Shortly after it was completed, Khrushchev condemned the architectural excesses and unnecessary luxury of the Stalin era, which ushered in an epoch of more austere Metro stations. According to the legend at least, he timed the policy in part to ensure no Metro station built after could outshine Kiyevskaya.

plan a yacht charter

Change to the 3/Blue line and go one stop west.

8. Park Pobedy. This is the deepest station on the Metro, with one of the world’s longest escalators, at 413 feet. If you stand still, the escalator ride to the surface takes about three minutes .) Opened in 2003 at Victory Park, the station celebrates two of Russia’s great military victories. Each end has a mural by Georgian artist Zurab Tsereteli, who also designed the “ Good Defeats Evil ” statue at the UN headquarters in New York. One mural depicts the Russian generals’ victory over the French in 1812 and the other, the German surrender of 1945. The latter is particularly striking; equal parts dramatic, triumphant, and gruesome. To the side, Red Army soldiers trample Nazi flags, and if you look closely there’s some blood spatter among the detail. Still, the biggest impressions here are the marble shine of the chessboard floor pattern and the pleasingly geometric effect if you view from one end to the other.

plan a yacht charter

Keep going one more stop west to:

9. Slavyansky Bulvar.  One of the Metro’s youngest stations, it opened in 2008. With far higher ceilings than many other stations—which tend to have covered central tunnels on the platforms—it has an “open-air” feel (or as close to it as you can get, one hundred feet under). It’s an homage to French architect Hector Guimard, he of the Art Nouveau entrances for the Paris M é tro, and that’s precisely what this looks like: A Moscow homage to the Paris M é tro, with an additional forest theme. A Cyrillic twist on Guimard’s Metro-style lettering over the benches, furnished with t rees and branch motifs, including creeping vines as towering lamp-posts.

plan a yacht charter

Stay on the 3/Blue line and double back four stations to:

10. Arbatskaya. Its first iteration, Arbatskaya-Smolenskaya station, was damaged by German bombs in 1941. It was rebuilt in 1953, and designed to double as a bomb shelter in the event of nuclear war, although unusually for stations built in the post-war phase, this one doesn’t have a war theme. It may also be one of the system’s most elegant: Baroque, but toned down a little, with red marble floors and white ceilings with gilded bronze c handeliers.

plan a yacht charter

Jump back on the 3/Blue line  in the same direction and take it one more stop:

11. Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Revolution Square). Opened in 1938, and serving Red Square and the Kremlin . Its renowned central hall has marble columns flanked by 76 bronze statues of Soviet heroes: soldiers, students, farmers, athletes, writers, parents. Some of these statues’ appendages have a yellow sheen from decades of Moscow’s commuters rubbing them for good luck. Among the most popular for a superstitious walk-by rub: the snout of a frontier guard’s dog, a soldier’s gun (where the touch of millions of human hands have tapered the gun barrel into a fine, pointy blade), a baby’s foot, and a woman’s knee. (A brass rooster also sports the telltale gold sheen, though I am told that rubbing the rooster is thought to bring bad luck. )

Now take the escalator up, and get some fresh air.

plan a yacht charter

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    The 39.62m/130′ motor yacht 'Plan A' by American shipyard Westport Yachts accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 cabins and features interior design by American designer Westport Yachts. Motor yacht Plan A is the ideal luxury charter yacht for friends and family, boasting an array of sumptuous living areas laid out invitingly to create a warm ...

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    Emergency procedures: Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures onboard the yacht. Know the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. In the event of an emergency, remain calm and follow the instructions of the crew. Evacuation protocols: Understand the evacuation protocols and know where the life rafts are ...

  17. How to Plan a Yacht Charter

    The yacht charter vacation product was pioneered in modern times by companies like The Moorings over 50 years ago, and for decades remained a best-kept secret of the boating industry. ... You know where in the world you plan to set sail and you have a window of dates to work with. Now, you need to select your perfect yacht to act as your home ...

  18. Navigating Paradise: The Ultimate Guide to Greece Yacht Charters ...

    A yacht charter in Greece offers the freedom to explore secluded bays, vibrant ports, and ancient ruins at your own pace. Planning your itinerary with Danielis Yachting allows you to customize ...

  19. Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia's

    Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

  20. PLAN A Yacht Charter Price

    The 39.65m/130'1" 'Plan A' open yacht built by the Italian shipyard Overmarine is available for charter for up to 12 guests in 5 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Italian designer Overmarine. Sporting a sleek design, impressive speed and wealth of fabulous convivial spaces, luxury yacht charters aboard Plan A promise to be nothing short of spectacular.

  21. THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Rides & Cruises (Updated 2024)

    Explore the scenic and historic attractions of Moscow from the water with the best boat tours and cruises. Enjoy the views of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the Sparrow Hills on a relaxing or informative boat ride. Or, spice up your trip with some water sports and activities in Moscow. Find out more on Tripadvisor.

  22. 2024 MYBA Charter Show: number of superyachts on display doubles since

    The MYBA Charter Show is back, and in for an exciting year. After five years in Barcelona, the renowned trade event is returning to Genoa next week (22-25 April) with more than double the number of superyachts on display.

  23. All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

    Flotilla "Radisson Royal" has 10 perfectly equipped yachts designed for year-round entertaining excursion cruises on the Moscow River with restaurant service aboard. Our company organizes cruises 365 days a year. Flotilla "Radisson Royal, Moscow" combines picturesque views of Moscow sights with excellent catering service.

  24. Yacht Charters in Greece Report Unusually High Number of Bookings

    For those yearning for a lavish summer getaway, the advice is to plan without delay, as the prime booking window is swiftly closing. Key Market Trends for the 2024 Greek Yacht Charter Market

  25. Palm Beach council OKs mooring plan to help millionaire keep yacht from

    Longtime Palm Beach resident Peter May received approval from the Town Council on April 10 to install mooring piles past the typical area, to help protect his yacht from wake caused by passing boats.

  26. LOON Yacht Charter Price (ex. Icon)

    The 68m/223'1" 'Loon' (ex. Icon) motor yacht built by the Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts is available for charter for up to 12 guests in 7 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Studio Linse. Built in 2010, Loon boasts a multitude of decks ideal for relaxation and entertainment indoors or outdoors, ensuring guests will live la dolce vita ...

  27. Broward Public Schools will pay debt with charter schools. But state

    The Broward County School Board approved a payment plan to settle a debt estimated at about $80 million with local charter schools on Tuesday. But that wasn't enough to get state officials ...

  28. How to get around Moscow using the underground metro

    But since 2011, the Metro has been in the middle of an ambitious and long-overdue enlargement; 60 new stations are opening by 2020. If all goes to plan, the 2011-2020 period will have brought 125 miles of new tracks and over 100 new stations — a 40 percent increase — the fastest and largest expansion phase in any period in the Metro's ...