1. Elegant and Entertaining 10 Person Motor Yacht for Charter in İstanbul

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  2. 130ft Mega Yacht for 10 people in Manisa

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  3. Elegant and Entertaining 10 Person Motor Yacht for Charter in İstanbul

    yacht per 10 person

  4. yacht 10 people

    yacht per 10 person


    yacht per 10 person

  6. Nauta Design and Feadship Has Revealed the Superyacht Concept Project

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  1. Why the US Gov Pays $10 Million a Year for This Yacht


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  4. Yacht Incident

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  1. Large Capacity Mega Super Yacht Charters

    Mega yacht charters are the ultimate on-the-water luxury travel experience. We offer a range of exceptional mega yachts that can accommodate 20 to 30 guests and even a few rare gems which can take up to 100 guests. Our large capacity mega yacht charters are an unrivaled option if you're looking for a luxurious, exclusive and comfortable way ...


    La Datcha 77m Damen Yachting from $740,000 p/week ♦︎. Andrea 74m CRN from $982,000 p/week ♦︎. Titania 73m Lurssen from $615,000 p/week ♦︎. Search the entire global luxury Yacht Charter Fleet (3,000+ yachts) find the best crewed superyachts & megayachts to rent for your dream private yacht vacation.

  3. Yacht Charter Cost: What Can You Expect to Pay?

    Here's a quick overview of the average cost to rent a yacht (not including extra expenses) for the most common types available: Average Weekly Sailing Charter Rates. Sailing Yacht. $10,000-$20,000. Sailing Boats Under 80ft. $20,000-$50,000. Sailing Boats Between 80ft - 120ft. $50,000-$100,000.

  4. Crewed Yacht Charters

    When an entire yacht is more than you need, our By-the-Cabin Crewed Charters are a perfect alternative, allowing you to indulge in the luxury of an all-inclusive crewed yacht charter for the price of a single cabin. Harness the wind with a sailing vacation aboard an innovative catamaran or sleek monohull in one of over 20 idyllic destinations.

  5. Superyacht Cost Calculator

    Yes, our yacht operating cost calculator can output a budget suitable for this situation. Adjust the owner use to 2 (minimum value), owner slider to 0, crew slider to 10%, Administration to 10%, Fuel and Dockage to 0, Maintenance to 10% and then Capital Repairs to 0. This will remove all of the large charges associated with owner use and vessel ...

  6. How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

    Yacht charter costs vary based on several elements: the yacht type, destination, local taxes, dates and the age of the yacht. Yacht charter prices span a broad spectrum. For instance, smaller sailing yachts and catamarans may start at around $10,000 per week, whereas more luxurious motor superyachts can exceed $100,000 per week.

  7. The Best Charter Yachts for 12 Guests and Above

    A former Soviet icebreaker, the 77m (253ft) motor yacht LEGEND metamorphosed into a powerful, rock-like explorer vessel in 2016, when she was refitted with chartering in mind. Up to 22 people can quench their thirst for epic odysseys on this ship (with capacity for 28 crew and 10 additional staff) across 13 lavishly appointed suites, each representing a sultry, sartorially different universe.

  8. Charter Yachts Carrying 12 Passengers Or More

    Length: 22 m (74' 4") Year: 2004. From €2950 to €5200. per day. Details. BOATBOOKINGS SAYS: "A fantastic catamaran, which can host up to 100 guests for just about any event you require!" 27 charter yachts found: Currently displaying 1 to 27. The best charter yachts carrying 12 passengers worldwide for parties, events, celebrations, and ...

  9. How Much is a Yacht Charter? 3 Main Costs Explained

    3. Number of Guests - $200 to $400 per day per crew. Most charters have a cap of 12 guests due to various regulations of the charter business. When charters quote you the yacht/boat fee, it typically comes with a captain and one crew member. If you are hosting up to 12 guests, then it will indicate to the charter if additional crew members are ...

  10. How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

    Using the example cited above, a Galapagos yacht charter can start at $600 per person, per day, for a simple yacht such as the 16 guest Beluga and go as high as $1,000 per person per day for the luxurious 20-guest sister ships and prestigious Relais & Châteaux members Origin, Theory & Evolve.

  11. How Much Does a Private Yacht Charter Cost?

    A private yacht charter can cost anywhere from $2,500 per person per week to $50,000 per person per week. Bottom line - it can be as affordable or as grand luxe as you choose. And as long as you let us choose the right yacht and crew for your expectations, it doesn't matter how much you spend - the results are the same.

  12. How Much to Charter a Yacht? The Complete Price Guide

    Here are some examples of popular destinations for charter excursions. Bahamas = 4%. British Virgin Islands (BVI) = $6 - $16/day depending on the flag of the boat. Florida = 6% (Broward County), 7% (Miami-Dade Country) France = VAT 20% or 10% if the trip includes International Waters. Greece = VAT 12%.

  13. How Much Does a Yacht Cost? What Can You Afford?

    That $100,000 entry-level yacht (a used one would be around 30-35 feet long) is going to incur monthly payments of nearly $1,000 after you make your $10,000 down payment. There's also another ...

  14. How Much Does a Yacht Cost?

    Often times small yachts are referred to as "day boats" or "weekenders" and typically have a starting cost of anywhere from $500,000 to $2,500,000. These boats boast a simple design, highlight open layouts, can have 1-2 staterooms, and are ideal for short trips, inshore fishing, or day cruises. Here are a few remarkable small yachts for ...

  15. Party Yachts 100-1000 Guests

    These party yachts are for groups of 150 to 1000 guests. Company parties or corporate events, a large yacht wedding or school event, these party yachts have room for dining, lounging, dancing, and DJs or bands. Legend party yachts are available fully catered with beverage service. We offer a full crew for hourly, daily, or weekly yacht rentals.

  16. What Size Yacht Requires a Crew? (For Different Lengths)

    A yacht that is 100 feet in length requires a crew of at least four to six people, including a captain, engineer, stewardess, and deckhand. Meanwhile, yachts that are under 30 feet in length can be operated by a single person. Recreational yachts are typically smaller and used for leisure activities like fishing, cruising, and water sports.

  17. Average Yacht Prices: 18 Helpful Examples (Size 40'-130')

    A 40-foot yacht can be found used for around $200,000 and new models can cost as much as a million dollars. There are always lots of used yachts for sale around 40 feet in length, which makes them more attractive to first-time buyers. Technically, a yacht begins at 23 feet. However, yachts that size will more often be referred to as boats.

  18. Yacht Charter Costs Explained

    The base charter fee in essence refers to the hire cost of the yacht itself, with all equipment in working order in addition to the cost of food and wages for the crew during the entirety of the charter. This is essentially all the base charter fee covers with additional expenses often applicable on top. The base charter fee will vary from one ...

  19. Food budgets for private and charter yachts

    Crew: 25. Budget: $156,000 (20 per day per crew member) We have a budget of just under 13,000 a month to spend on food for 20 to 25 crew members (about 20/day) that includes lunch and dinner seven days a week, with dessert and hot breakfasts offered every other day.

  20. How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Yacht?

    Sailboats Over 40': $193,000. Sailing Catamarans - All Sizes: $361,000. Power Catamarans - All Sizes: $304,247. Downeast Yachts - Over 35': $532,240. Sport Fishing Yachts - Over 40' and in Southeast: $815,500. With so many factors to determine how much it costs to buy a yacht and maintain it, it is in the best interest of boat buyers of this ...

  21. How do you provision for a crew for three weeks or more at sea?

    For a majority of crews, meat forms the backbone of the provisioning list. This is fairly easy to estimate. Sincock says: "we work on 125g of meat per person per meal.". He has 12 on board so ...

  22. How much does yacht crew cost? A lot less than you think!

    Professional yacht crew cost. Recently a former Vendee Globe skipper told me he was headhunted to do a transatlantic yacht delivery as skipper for around €500 a day. Assuming this is a 25 day passage that's €12,500, plus food at €25 a day per crew (€625) and then you need travel costs to the departure and arrival locations (€700 ...

  23. 2022 Superyacht Crew Salary Survey

    The Results of the 2022 Salary Survey. Our annual salary survey provided some unprecedented insights to what captains and crew earned in 2022. As restrictions eased and the world opened up more, owners and guests have wanted to spend more time on board, and boats are, once again, willing to fly crew in. With some crew swallowing the anchor and ...

  24. How Much It Costs to Own a Superyacht

    One of his firm's clients who does own has a 23-meter yacht valued at $5.2 million. The annual cost to staff, maintain, dock, and insure the boat is $346,297, according to documentation provided ...

  25. The Biggest Yachts Owned by Tech Billionaires From Jeff Bezos ...

    The 95-meter-long Lürssen-built boat was formerly owned by the Jacksonville Jaguar's billionaire owner Shahid Khan. Schmidt renamed her Whisper. The ship, which can fit 12 guests and a crew of 28 ...

  26. Gaza: 11 Israeli Soldiers Hospitalized After Wasp Swarm Attack

    11 Israeli soldiers hospitalized for wasp stings after their tank ran over a swarm's nest in Gaza, report says. Rebecca Rommen. May 11, 2024, 9:26 AM PDT. L: Nest with yellow jacket wasps crawling ...