1. World's largest yacht

    who has the biggest yacht in the world

  2. World's largest yacht unveiled

    who has the biggest yacht in the world

  3. Top 25 largest yachts in the world: The world's biggest yachts

    who has the biggest yacht in the world

  4. 25 Largest Yachts in the World: The World's Biggest Boats

    who has the biggest yacht in the world

  5. Dilbar

    who has the biggest yacht in the world

  6. Top 25 largest yachts in the world: The world's biggest yachts

    who has the biggest yacht in the world


  1. Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World 2023

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  6. The Most Expensive Yacht in the World


  1. The 25 Largest Yachts in the World (2024)

    The 25 Largest Yachts in the World. The list runs from Lürssen's 592-foot 'Azzam' to Fincantieri 439-foot 'Serene,' with a fascinating group of bespoke vessels in between. The new arrivals in ...

  2. The top 25 largest yachts in the world

    Read on to discover our official list of the largest, privately owned yachts in the world. 1. Azzam | 180.6m. In October 2013, Lürssen delivered the largest privately owned superyacht in the world in the form Azzam. Originally, she was designed to be 145 metres, but in the process of optimisation grew to 180 metres.

  3. Largest Yachts In The World 2023

    Al Said - 509 FT. (155M) Prince Abdul Aziz - 482 FT. (147M) El Mahrousa - 475 FT. (145M) First, let's take a look at the new king - now the largest motor yacht in the world: 1. SOMNIO- 728 FT. (222M) Somnio will be the world's first 'yacht-liner'. Image credit: Winch Design. Due for launch in mid-2024, Somnio is expected to ...

  4. 26 Largest Yachts In The World (Updated Ranking)

    The 181-m (590 ft) Azzam is the world's longest yacht in length, but the 156-m Dilbar has a much larger internal volume (measured in Gross Tons) at 15,917 GT (Gross Tons) versus 13,136 GT for Azzam. As such, Dilbar is the world's largest yacht in volume. Read our full guide to discover the largest yachts in the world.

  5. List of motor yachts by length

    This list of motor yachts by length, is a table of the world's longest active superyachts, with an overall length of at least 75 metres (246 ft) and up.. These boats are also known as "megayachts", "gigayachts" and even "terayachts", usually depending on length. It has been generally accepted by naval architects and industry executives that superyachts range from 37 m (≈120 ft) to 60 m (≈ ...

  6. Top 100 World's Largest Yachts

    The Top 100. A comprehensive and accurate list of the largest luxury yachts set to launch in 2024. A live list of the Top 100 largest superyachts in the world as it currently stands. The Top 100 luxury yachts launched in 2023 who defined the last year in large yachting. Has your yacht ever been in the Top 100? Search any yacht to view its ranking.

  7. Largest Live

    Rank06. Dilbar. Lurssen Yachts. 2016. Originally known as Project Omar, the 156 metre superyacht Dilbar was launched in 2016 after over 4 years of construction. A favourite with yachtspotters worldwide, Dilbar is considered the largest superyacht in the world by volume. LENGTH. 156.0m. TYPE.

  8. Discover the World's Largest Superyachts: Unrivaled Luxury, Engineering

    # 5 - Dilbar (156 meter / 512 ft) - cost price $ 600,000,000 Owner: - Alisher Usmanov The yacht Dilbar is actually the largest private yacht in the world, measured by displacement.This means she has the biggest interior and the highest volume.. She is also considered to be the most expensive luxury yacht. With an estimated cost price of US$ 600 million.

  9. Top 25 largest yachts in the world

    These are the world's biggest yachts by length. Even in a pandemic, the size of the global superyacht fleet keeps on growing. The top 25 largest yachts in the world now total a combined 11,849 feet, with the smallest yacht on the list, Maryah, measuring a whopping 410 feet. Built by shipyards all over the world—from the Netherlands to the ...

  10. The Register

    The Register. The Register is the definitive guide to the largest, fastest and most iconic superyachts in the world. BOAT International's list of the top 25 largest yachts in the world profiles the biggest, most innovative and most notable motor and sailing superyachts on the water today.. Find a breakdown of the 50 largest sailing yachts in the world and the 50 largest luxury yachts built ...

  11. The Top 100: Our Annual Review of the World's Largest Yachts

    Anna (No. 1007) is the largest yacht Feadship has built, topping the 333-foot (101.5-meter) Symphony in 2015. Feadship Anna is also the second-largest yacht built in the Netherlands, after the 361-foot (110-meter) Oceanco Jubilee.Naval architecture for Anna is by Feadship De Voogt, and interior and exterior styling are by Michael Leach Design. With a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, she ...

  12. 10 of the world's biggest superyachts

    Dilbar. The 156-meter long Dilbar is the largest yacht in the world by volume, with a gross tonnage of about 16,000. Klaus Jordan. Dilbar may not be the longest yacht in the world, but it's ...

  13. 19 Largest Yachts in the World 2020

    This stunning megayacht is part of the Saudi family's royal fleet of yachts. It was built in 1984 at 482 feet, making it the largest yacht built in the 20th century, and held the spot as world's largest until Dubai was launched in 2006. Its interiors took 15 months alone to craft under the direction of the one-and-only David Hicks, who designed the space to suit 64 guests and 65 crew.

  14. These Are the 5 Biggest Superyachts in the World

    So as long as the rich keep getting richer, the yachts will keep getting bigger. For now, these are the five biggest superyachts in the world. 5. Eclipse (533 ft) In 2010, as Eclipse sailed out of ...

  15. Top 49 Biggest Yachts In The World

    Measuring a length of 162m Dubai is the world's third-biggest yacht, built by Platinum Yachts. She is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - the ruler of Dubai who has a Net Worth of $5 billion. It was the biggest yacht in the world from 2006 to 2009 however it was replaced by Eclipse and Azzam.

  16. Take a rare look inside the largest yachts in the world

    Dilbar. At 15,917 tonnes, Dilbar is considered the world's largest yacht in volume. With a 30,000-kilowatt diesel-electric power plant, it's able to travel at a top speed of 22.5 knots. The Lürssen yacht was under construction for more than four years, with Espen Øeino International responsible for the exterior, which is defined by its ...

  17. Largest Sailing Yachts in the World (with Price & Owners)

    Summary. Sailing Yacht "A", built in 2015, is worth $600 million. It can accommodate 20 guests and 54 crew members. The largest sailing yacht was designed by Philippe Starck and built by the German shipyard Nobiskrug. Andrey Melnichenko is a prominent figure in the worlds of business, yachting, and philanthropy.

  18. Meet the Azzam, the world's largest superyacht

    The Azzam is the latest in a line of vessels to have held the mantle of world's largest yacht. Prior to the Eclipse, the 482-foot Prince Abdulaziz , owned by the Saudi royal family, held the ...

  19. Top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world

    The list of the top ten largest sailing yachts in the world is not easily disrupted. In fact, it had remained unchanged since the launch of the 106.7-metre Oceanco Black Pearl in 2018, which swiped the top spot from Lürssen's 93-metre Eos.For four years, Black Pearl remained the largest yacht in the world until early in 2023 when Oceanco sent a new flagship down the slipway, the mighty 127 ...

  20. A 600-Foot Yacht Is Now the World's Largest Superyacht: Photos

    Bogdan Vasilescu. The world's largest superyacht, a 600-foot vessel owned by a Norwegian billionaire, just launched in Romania. The REV Ocean was designed to carry out scientific research ...

  21. Largest Sailing Yachts In The World

    The 282-foot long yacht is one of the world's largest private sailing ketches and has a mast that is 299 feet high. (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images) A collaboration between Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco resulted in Aquijo, the world's largest high-performance ketch. The project started in 2010 but was only launched in 2016.

  22. The 10 Largest Yachts in the World

    The Biggest Motor Yacht in the World. These are the top ten biggest yachts that run under power rather than wind and sails. These largest yachts can usually handle dozens of passengers and feature things like a large swimming pool, dual helipads, a beach club, underwater observation room, and more. 10. El Mahrousa - 145 meters

  23. The largest yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix is the 624-foot-long Ritz

    This year, Evrima, part of the spectacular Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, is taking the spotlight as the most imposing luxury vessel anchored at Monaco. The luxury cruise, with 149 cabins, is docked in Monaco for the race. Guests aboard Evrima will enjoy the best of what the Mediterranean has to offer and the prime experience of being in Monaco.

  24. 9 of the largest yachts owned by tech billionaires, ranked

    One of the largest private sailing yachts in the world, the three-masted Lürssen schooner measures 305ft long. She took three years to be built before being delivered to Diller in 2006 and, since ...

  25. Top 10 Biggest Yachts in the World

    These are biggest, baddest, most extravagant superyachts ever conceived. The 30 best action movies of all time Notable People who died in 2024 The most beautiful actresses of all time Saudi Arabia ...

  26. World's largest sportfishing yacht is owned by THIS Saudi prince

    Additional attributes and services of the world's largest sportfishing yacht include a saloon, lounge area, and a large galley for 12 guests serviced by 8 crew members.

  27. The 10 Nippliest Moments In Oscars History: From 1997 To 2024

    Back in the '90s, too few stars were taking risks on the Oscars red carpet. Danes, however, paved the way. To attend the 1997 Academy Awards, the actor discarded her bra and wore a fitted baby ...

  28. The Biggest Cruise Ship: 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World

    Wonder of the Seas. Cruise line: Royal Caribbean Length: 1,188 feet Width: 215 feet Guest capacity: 7,084 A true wonder, the current biggest ship in the world delights guests every week with a ...