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DYT operates three dedicated, semi-submersible yacht carriers ready to transport your yacht within reach of the world’s most popular cruising destinations. Our boat delivery service will bring your yacht to your next dream vacation in record time, without the wear and tear on the vessel, thus preserving its resale value. Click on one of the vessels listed below to learn more details about these incredible ships.

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Why Move Your Yacht with DYT: A Captain’s Perspective

dyt yacht transport

Any mariner will tell you that making an ocean crossing is no small feat. Apart from the risks involved, it’s also extremely hard on both man/woman and machine. Ocean crossings are also simply not feasible for many craft, perhaps because of a lack of fuel capacity, the high monetary cost of doing such a crossing, or other reasons.

However, there is a strong - and growing - global demand from superyacht owners who want to be able to use their yachts in the ever-popular seasonal yachting destinations of the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas.

That’s where DYT Yacht Transport comes in. With its fleet of two specially designed and built float-on/float-off yacht transport ships, DYT offers superyacht owners a regular yacht transport service, carrying superyachts and their tenders between the world’s most popular yachting destinations, safely, reliably and hassle-free.

Introducing Captain Alexandre Israel 

In our last two interviews with DYT , we found out all about the history of the company and how it operates, and we got the inside scoop on the hottest yachting destinations in the world. For this article, we interviewed Captain Alexandre Israel, executive officer of the 70m motor yacht Freedom, to find out why DYT is the obvious choice for ensuring that Freedom is wherever her owner needs her to be, and what that process looks like.

But first, a little background

Captain Alexandre Israel hails from Brazil and at 67 years young, he has over three decades of seafaring behind him. By this stage, it’s safe to say that he’s seen and done it all, including several very long-distance yacht voyages.

He has been at the helm of Freedom for the past six years, ever since she was launched in 2018 by the famed Italian shipyard Benetti, making her still a relatively new yacht.

Freedom’s owner has a house in Miami and enjoys using his yacht in the Bahamas and occasionally further afield into the Caribbean. Like many yacht owners, he also likes summer cruising in the Med, where Freedom spends most of her time in and around Portofino in Italy.  

DYT 1200x630 2 v3

The cost of a crossing 

In order to have Freedom available for her owner in both locations, the yacht has to cross the Atlantic.

But for Captain Alex, as he likes to be called, the overall cost of doing that ocean crossing on Freedom’s own keel is simply not viable, and he had the numbers to prove it.

“The fuel is not actually the big cost,” said Captain Alex. “The big cost is actually the time that you put on the yacht’s engines and all of its systems and hardware, such as the generators, rudders, water makers and radar communications, which all have to run continuously for twenty or more days. All of that must be included in the accounting for the trip.”

He went on to detail some of the specific propulsion cost items involved, based on having done the crossing on Freedom’s keel once already. “Our engines are Caterpillars and must be serviced every 500 hours. Therefore in a single crossing, I have to service each engine at least once, at a cost of $10,000 per engine. The generators require an oil change every 250 hours and given a crossing trip time of 700 to 800 hours, that’s four generator services at a cost of a few thousand Dollars per generator, per trip.”

The mechanical costs are not the only costs of a crossing and as Captain Alex explained, the cost of the crew and ancillary costs along the journey must also be accounted for. “On a crossing, you’d need a minimum crew on hand to care for the interior as well as a chef to feed everyone. And during a crossing, you need to stop occasionally, typically in the Azores and in Gibraltar, and every stop costs money in agent fees, port fees, and food, water and drinks for the crew. The cost is ultimately very big.”

He noted that there is also an indirect cost to the yacht. “Most of all, the boat becomes older; these crossings age the boat substantially. A round trip crossing alone is about 1,400 hours plus the mileage at the destination. It’s a lot of wear and tear on the yacht.”

“All of these costs considered,” he said, “it’s cheaper to travel with DYT!”

Leave it to the professionals

Having already crossed the Atlantic once on its own keel, all of Freedom’s twelve subsequent Atlantic crossings have been made on DYT’s fleet and according to Captain Alex, the experience using DYT has been consistently excellent.

“DYT’s crew is super professional; in fact, they are extremely professional. Loading and unloading the yacht is in principle, similar to arriving at a dock. You drive the boat in and up to a wall. As you arrive on the ship, you become DYT’s cargo, and their crew become fully responsible for your vessel. They handle everything. You simply give them your lines and they do the rest.

DYT 1200x630 v3

“They know the exact position that your yacht must be on,” he continued. “It’s all very precise and well-planned. They know exactly where they are going to put you, taking into account the correct distances from the other boats. It’s amazing how fast they do it, and they make it super easy for us.”

He added that once the boat is in the correct position, DYT’s team of expert divers goes below the yacht to weld the cradles that will hold the vessel in place on the ship’s deck.

Finally, the yacht is strapped down to the ship’s deck with a number of very large nylon straps.

Confidence and convenience

For Captain Alex, the benefits of transporting Freedom with DYT are very clear: The yacht arrives safely and on time at its destination, most of the crew get a nice vacation, and there is no wear and tear on the yacht and her systems during the crossing. “And since DYT’s ship is so big, it is able to set sail regardless of fluctuations in the weather and while it’s underway, and it doesn’t roll much except when the weather is very bad, so it’s very safe for the yacht and very comfy for the crew,” he adds. “And at the end of the day, I can say for certain that it’s cheaper than doing the crossing by yourself!”

Riding in style

When Freedom travels with DYT, two of her crew - the engineer and a deck hand - ride with her on the ship. The rest of the crew, including Captain Alex himself, get twelve days off - something that the crew look forward to and which benefits the owner in terms of lower running costs during that period.

Captain Alex also highlighted the great experience and excellent service that his crew always receives while riding Freedom in transit. “I receive regular reports from my crew during the crossing and I must say that DYT’s crew is very organised in terms of how they look after the riders. Riders receive three meals a day and in between that, they are free to enjoy the ship’s lounge, pool or gym or simply to watch TV and meet other crew. It’s very comfortable for our two men. The DYT crew are very kind and always help our team with everything they may need.”

Additionally, the ocean crossing with DYT represents a rare window of opportunity for Freedom’s two crew to carry out uninterrupted, routine maintenance on the yacht. Therefore, Captain Alex issues a list of maintenance tasks that the two crew members are expected to carry out, including washdowns, engineering tasks, and others.

The importance of relationship

Concluding, Captain Alex highlighted the importance of his relationship with DYT and how it positively affects his interaction with the company. “I’ve been dealing with Anna and her crew in Italy for over 10 years now and I know them all well, especially Bernadette. Both have been with DYT for a long time and they’re amazing people. Every time I call, they know everything I need to know. They have all of the information I need, they’re quick, and they’re precise. It’s such a pleasure working with them.”

Book your yacht transport today

DYT operates a regularly scheduled yacht transport service on board its two state-of-the-art, specially-designed yacht carriers, to all of the world’s most popular yachting destinations.

Contact DYT today for more information about their service, scheduling and rates.

dyt yacht transport

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Spliethoff Group subsidiaries Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT Yacht Transport are world leading when it comes to transporting yachts. Sevenstar is renowned for lift-on, lift-off yacht transport and has several specialised divisions.

  • Liner Services makes use of nearly 500 liner vessels that transit regular routes on fixed schedules from virtually every port in the world.
  • The Racing Yacht Logistics division specifically caters to the needs of racing teams and their equipment.
  • Sevenstar EMT specializes in specific vessels such as tugs, dredgers, barges, pontoons and even marina docks.

DYT Yacht Transport utilizes two purpose-built semi-submersible yacht carriers, which deploy the safe and convenient float-on/float-off method.



FLIBS 2023 Highlights: 149 Yachts, 8 Unforgettable Voyages, and 208,856 SQF of Luxury!


Sevenstar Yacht Transport - See 57 yacht being loaded in one minute!

dyt yacht transport

DYT takes delivery of world’s largest purpose-built yacht transport vessel

by Mariska Buitendijk | Jan 19, 2022 | News , Project cargo , Ship design , Shipbuilding , Yachts

dyt yacht transport

DYT Superyacht Transport has added the purpose-built semi-submersible yacht transport vessel Yacht Servant to its fleet. In addition to being thirty per cent larger than its sistership Yacht Express and being Tier III compliant, it only requires an operating water depth of 9 metres using a unique float-on, float-off system.

The official delivery took place on 4 January at Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard on China’s Shandong Peninsula. Three days later, the vessel embarked on its maiden voyage from Shanghai to Panama.

With a length over all of 213.70 metres, a 46-metre beam and a 4.6-metre draught, the Yacht Servant provides virtually double the capacity of its predecessors. The IMO Tier III compliant vessel is also 32 per cent more fuel efficient, while its 6380 m2 deck space facilitates the transport of more vessels per crossing.

Also read: Shipping company Spliethoff orders ten new vessels

Reduced operating water depth

It has a lower deck height, which means the ballast time (therefore port time) is significantly reduced. It also means it can carry yachts with deeper draught and enter ports with shallower waters. It is equipped with two spud poles for quick mooring, and has electricity and water facilities for onboard yachts.

Whereas the current vessels in DYT’s semi-submersible fleet require operating water depths of around 14 metres, Yacht Servant only requires an operating water depth of 9 metres using a unique float-on, float-off system. Yacht Servant’s new specialised deck located behind the bridge built to accommodate tenders, containers and small race boats offers extra flexibility.

‘We’re all hugely excited about the addition of Yacht Servant to our semi-submersible fleet,’ says Richard Klabbers, Managing Director of DYT Superyacht Transport . ‘Her sheer size and volume allow for so much more capacity, and we’re looking forward to discovering how the vessel’s additional capabilities – such as onboard cranes, reduced board draft and increased submerged draft – will further what we can deliver.’

Fleet of three yacht transport vessels

On completion of its 2022 maiden voyage, Yacht Servant will return to China to transport cargo to Colombia during the yachting off season, before arriving in the Caribbean in May to commence its sailing schedule between Florida, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

‘Last year was a challenge for the entire yacht transportation industry, with lockdowns and global uncertainties affecting travel the world over,’ adds Klabbers. ‘But our order books for 2022 are already encouragingly healthy, and with Yacht Servant now bringing our DYT fleet total to three vessels, we’ve made a hugely promising start to the new year.’

DYT was formerly known as Dockwise Yacht Transport and is a member of the Spliethoff Group. The design of the Yacht Servant was conceived in-house by the Spliethoff Group.

yacht transport vessel Yacht Servant

Pictures by DYT.

Upcoming Events

Exhibition: rescuers at sea: 200 years of knrm, 14th international harbour masters congress 2024, breakbulk europe, maritime industry, the european environmental ports conference, international marine design conference (imdc 2024), offshore day, knvts lecture: the role of dual fuel combustion technology in shipping’s transition story.

dyt yacht transport

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Dyt yacht transport.

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As the world’s premier provider of yacht transport, DYT Yacht Transport is dedicated to the mobility needs of the global yachting community and continually strives to improve the quality of service, based on frequent sailings, experience safety and reliability.

Float on/off service from Le Marin  

With unique dedicated yacht carriers that allow yachts to be safely floated on and off the transport vessels, DYT Yacht Transport will deliver your yacht within reach of the world’s most popular ports of call.

DYT Yacht Transport offers reliable, frequent schedules and experienced staff to guide you through every step of the process, with top quality service.

Their highly recommended agent in Martinique is Douglas Yacht Services.

Douglas Yacht Services – Yacht Transport 

Douglas Yacht Services (DYS) is the Caribbean agent for DYT and Sevenstar Yacht Transport, offering sailings to and from the protected bay of Le Marin, Martinique, also St. Thomas & Antigua. 

DYS adds that personal concierge touch by taking care of all your requirements prior to loading. DYS constantly receives accolades for the high quality of services offered to yacht owners, captains, and crew.

Caribbean Office:

Douglas Yacht Services  - Martinique. Bâtiment 4, RDC Port de Plaisance Le Marin. 

Contacts Tel:  +596 596 521 428 Cell: +596 696 250 856 (Marie-Eugénie)

DYT Head Office - Fort Lauderdale  1535 S.E. 17th St Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33316

Contacts Tel: +1 954 525 8707   

The Yacht Servant

The Yacht Servant is the largest specialized semi submersible yacht carrier.

214.17m in length, 46m beam with only 4.6m draft and over 6,300msq deck space, this new vessel will open up a new era in yacht transportation.


1535 S.E. 17th St, Suite 200 Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33316 United States (US)

: Head Office

: +1 954 525 8707   

: [email protected] , [email protected]

: www.yacht-transport.com

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dyt yacht transport

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The Dockwalk Guide to Yacht Transport

dyt yacht transport

Louisa Beckett is the former editor of Motor Boating, ShowBoats International, and Southern Boating magazines, and a longtime contributor to Dockwalk. Over her career, she has written about a wide variety of vessels ranging from Sea-Doos to superyachts, and has had many adventures on the water, including riding in a U.S. Coast Guard “rollover” boat in heavy surf off Cape Disappointment, Washington.

Even now, in the third year of the pandemic, we’re seeing headlines about global supply chain disruptions caused by worker shortages and other factors related to COVID-19. In particular, the maritime shipping industry has been affected, with long lines of cargo ships frequently sitting idle as they wait to be unloaded in port.

“It’s a very difficult marketplace at the moment. The freight rates are higher than they’ve been in decades. Congestion in ports is at an all-time high, all these things are affecting our ability to get ships where they need to be on time, and space on ships is at a massive premium,” says Simon Judson, CEO of global logistics firm Peters & May , which organizes passage for yachts on board a wide variety of commercial cargo ships.

  • How COVID Has Affected Crew Hiring

Right from the start, the pandemic dramatically transformed the yacht transportation industry. In early 2020, the number of bookings by the usual clients, including owners and captains wanting to move their yachts to seasonal cruising grounds and sailing yacht owners and captains following the regatta circuit, fell off dramatically. At the same time, bookings increased from yacht owners who were unable to travel to their vessels and wanted to have them shipped home instead. Then, as COVID-related lockdowns and sheltering began to fuel the demand for new and brokerage boats, yacht manufacturers, dealers, and brokers around the world began to use yacht transport companies to ship boats to clients who couldn’t get to the vessels or send crew to pick them up. “I think COVID has changed everybody’s way of doing business,” says General Manager Laura Tempest of DYT , which owns and operates semi-submersible yacht-transport ships.

Port closures and travel restrictions also made it difficult for yacht transport companies to move their loadmasters into position around the world in order to supervise loading and unloading. In addition, “We have had a shortage of loadmasters at times when they came down with COVID,” said Uta Scarlata, who handles transatlantic and Caribbean sales for Sevenstar Yacht Transport , which operates its own fleet of 120 cargo vessels.

“Everything about the logistics of shipping a yacht from A to B is ten times harder,” Judson says, but he adds, “As we moved through the pandemic, we learned a little bit about how to adapt. Today we are using what we’ve learned to be better placed. That means making sure we’ve got the right people in the right places a lot further in advance [and] thinking about relocating our cradling and lifting equipment and everything we need to load the boats a lot further in advance.”

While internal logistics such as these typically are handled by a yacht transportation company behind the scenes without affecting its clients, industry experts agree that this year, yacht captains are going to have to act earlier than usual in order to secure transportation for their yachts.

If you do need to ship a yacht overseas, there are two basic means of transport: on the deck of a commercial ship or inside a semi-submersible vessel.

“It’s kind of going back to old days when if you didn’t book well in advance, you are not going to have a space…. People are done [with sheltering]. They are going to start using their yachts whether it be in the Med or in the Caribbean,” says Tempest. “We are seeing all of our repeat customers coming back, and the ones we met in the last year and a half that we didn’t know before are coming back.”

“Every ship that we’ve put on from the middle of last year has been fully booked probably a month before it comes to port. That was never the case before. We would always have some space a week before,” says Judson, who also predicts that demand for yacht transportation will increase in 2022 as owners return to pre-pandemic levels of cruising and racing. “If there’s a reason to book early, it would be to avoid disappointment in the fact that there may not be space,” he says. “To be safe, you should be thinking at least two months out.”

Cargo Ship vs. Semi-Submersible

There are a variety of reasons why an owner or captain would want to arrange to have a yacht transported from one location to another. It might be to change cruising grounds with the seasons, or to take the yacht to an event. Some yachts are able to make the voyage on their own bottom, but others must be shipped because they may be too small or have an insufficient fuel capacity to make the trip, their owner wants to avoid wear and tear on the vessel, or the yacht is booked for a charter in the new destination and the timing is just too tight.

Booking space on a cargo ship gives you the advantage of being able to transport a yacht pretty much anywhere around the globe where that vessel is scheduled to deliver freight.

If you do need to ship a yacht overseas, there are two basic means of transport: on the deck of a commercial ship or inside a semi-submersible vessel. Which method to pick depends on a variety of considerations, including the location where you want to ship the yacht, the flexibility of your schedule, whether or not you want to use the transit time to get work done on board, and the price.

In the most common scenario, the yacht is lifted by crane onto a commercial ship and secured in a custom-built cradle on its deck, where it shares space with other cargo for the duration of the passage. Since cargo ships typically make multiple stops and can experience delays in loading and unloading cargo, it’s important to have a flexible schedule. “Shipping is not an exact science. You can’t expect to ship on a certain day and unload on a certain day. You have to give yourself flexibility,” Judson says.

On the other hand, booking space on a cargo ship gives you the advantage of being able to transport a yacht pretty much anywhere around the globe where that vessel is scheduled to deliver freight.

The other yacht-transport method, pioneered by Dockwise Yacht Transport (now DYT) in the 1980s, is “float on/float off.” DYT’s semi-submersible ships are partially submerged in the water; the yacht floats into it and is secured in a cradle on the deck by divers. Then, the water is drained from the hold. At the end of the voyage, the process is reversed and the yacht floats out.

“When the world woke up with a bang, the amount of consumer goods to be shipped outweighed the space available to ship them. That will take some time to stabilize,” he says.

DYT offers a limited number of routes designed to match typical yacht-shipping patterns, such as from the Mediterranean to Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean and back. “What I think sets us apart from anyone else is that we have a set schedule — there is no deviation; there is no change. That is why charter yachts depend on us,” Tempest says.

When clients want to ship their yachts off the beaten path, DYT will refer them to its sister company, Sevenstar Yacht Transport, for bookings on board its cargo ships.

DYT recently launched a third ship, Yacht Servant , which was built in China and is scheduled to start transporting yachts in May. For a short window in 2022, DYT will have three semi-submersible vessels in operation, which should help to meet the rising demand for yacht transportation.

Riding Along

Before the pandemic, captains typically could send one or two crewmembers along with the yacht during either type of transportation, enabling them to use the passage as a mini yard period to get a variety of jobs done on board.

While most cargo ships do not permit riders to sleep in their yachts while in transit, before the pandemic, they often would assign them cabins in the ship and let them eat in the mess hall and recreate with the ship’s crew. However, when COVID-19 hit, most ship operators suspended this courtesy in order to reduce the risk of the disease spreading on board, which could lead to serious delays if the ship was forced to quarantine before unloading in a port.

“When things calm down, we will accept riders again,” Scarlata says. On DYT, “We still allow riders as it’s such a crucial part of the service that we offer,” Tempest says. In fact, the semi-submersible ships provide power to the yachts so that riders can sleep and work on board. At the height of the pandemic, however, the company limited the riders’ interaction with the ship’s crew. “They needed to provision their yacht for the duration of the voyage. They had to stay in the yacht and on the deck of the ship; they could not go into the ship’s superstructure.”

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Health Insurance During the Pandemic

One thing that has not changed in the yacht transportation industry is the need for owners and captains to ensure their vessel is properly insured for the passage. “Some people get caught out on this. They think their hull and machinery insurance will automatically cover them. They need to take out a separate marine cargo insurance policy,” Judson says.

Both Sevenstar and DYT include an all-risk insurance policy in the rate they quote for yacht transport. “Usually, one of the questions we get is, ‘Can we leave it out?’ It’s not optional,” Tempest says. “It covers everyone on board and eliminates the need for multiple underwriters.”

Price Increases

Captains booking transport for their yachts today are finding that insurance rates have gone up. “The whole insurance market has hardened over the last couple of years,” Judson says.

As for shipping, no matter what method you choose, you are bound to see a COVID-related price increase. “DYT rates have increased over the past six months. Many factors have attributed to this but certainly a large portion is a consequence of the global pandemic,” Tempest says.

“In the last ten years, freight rates have been very low…. Now the market has flipped a little bit,” Judson says. While there are a number of reasons behind this, the main one is the reduced amount of cargo space currently available.

As for shipping, no matter what method you choose, you are bound to see a COVID-related price increase. 

In early 2022, Judson reported that his company had seen rates for shipping yachts between the U.S. and the Caribbean go up 15 to 20 percent; transatlantic shipping rates had increased a 60 to 80 percent, and rates to and from the Far East had gone up 200 to as high as 300 percent. “Coming out of Asia, every ship is full to the gunwales and if you want some space, you have to pay through the nose for it,” he says.

“There are not as many people who are prepared to pay the increased freight rates we are seeing at the moment. There are a lot of people who are holding back…,” Judson continues. “Not everyone who ships a yacht is a multi-millionaire. We’ve got lots of clients who are dealers, brokers, and manufacturers who are moving their boats where they need to be to be sold as new boats…. I think the people and companies who are shipping their boats now are the ones who have more of a commercial need.”

This feature originally ran in the April 2022 issue of Dockwalk.

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This 700-Foot Transport Vessel Can Carry 36 Superyachts at the Same Time

'yacht servant' will be able to carry superyachts by submerging its hull and letting them float right on., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
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Ever wonder how the world’s largest superyachts—and hundreds more than are not quite as large—cross back and forth between the Americas and Europe? The crossing doesn’t necessarily happen on their own hull bottoms. Rather, they often take place on a large vessel designed to carry dozens of yachts at a time. Loading and unloading can be a nail-biting process in which these multi-million-dollar yachts are lifted by crane from the water, a hundred feet into the air and then set on cradles on deck.

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  • ISA Just Unveiled a New Line of Sleek and Sinuous Superyachts

This New 394-Foot Custom Superyacht Will Be the Largest Amels Yet

DYT Yacht Transport (previously Dockwise) has the only dedicated fleet of yacht transport semi-submersible vessels in the world. Now, it’s building the King Kong of submersibles, a 699-footer called Yacht Servant , that can carry up to 36 superyachts back and forth across the ocean. It will be the largest vessel of its type.

Instead of hoisting yachts by crane, Yacht Servant takes on ballast water until the main deck is flooded. The boats can then float on and off—a process DYT calls “flo-flo.” When all yachts are loaded, divers attach temporary supports to keep the boats elevated as the ballast water is released. Yacht Servant floats up and its decks become dry. At that point, the yachts are fastened into cradles for safe transportation. The process eliminates the need for cranes or dry docking.


Submersible transport vessels actually sink into the water so that yachts can drive on, rather than using a crane to lift them out of the water.  DYT

Yacht Servant will increase the size and type of yachts that the company can transport, compared to its current largest carrier, Yacht Express . “On average, Yacht Express carries around 25 yachts with tenders on a single transatlantic voyage,” Andriy Antonenko, DYT Load Master, told Robb Report . “With Yacht Servant we can up that number to 36 yachts.”

Carrying a third more superyachts is significant. From an operational standpoint, Yacht Servant also cuts in half the two days it currently takes to load the yachts, because the time it takes to ballast and de-ballast is reduced to one hour. “That means it’s only a day to load and unload,” says Antonenko.

Last month, Yacht Servant held special keel-laying ceremony in Yantai, China. “This is not just the laying of a keel, but the start of a new era in yacht transport,” said Laura Tempest, DYT general manager. “Yacht Express will set a new benchmark in the yacht transport industry.”


Scheduled to be completed next year, “Yacht Servant” will usher in a new era in yacht transport. 

Tempest says that sailing yachts that could not be accommodated before because of their deeper drafts can now be transported. The vessel was designed by DYT’s parent company, Spliethoff Group, in Amsterdam.

“We opted for to build a new vessel because there is a lack of availability worldwide of boats that can be converted to a submersible yacht carrier,” Tempest told Robb Report . “Everything was either the same size or smaller than what we already have. A new build gave us the opportunity to increase our capacity and be more fuel efficient. We’ve really maximized the whole ship in terms of what we can do.”

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Perm weather in May (Perm Krai, Russia)

How is the weather in Perm in May? Wondering if it's the right time to visit? Browse this page for a comprehensive overview of the weather conditions for that month.

In May, Perm generally has moderate temperatures and moderate rainfall. Throughout the daytime, temperatures often hover around 17°C . However, as the sun sets and evening approaches, there's a noticeable cool-down, with temperatures gently dropping to a more temperate 6°C .

Perm in May usually receives moderate rainfall, averaging around 62 mm for the month. When we look at the climate data from the last 30 years, we can expect around 14 days of rain.

With around 277 hours of sunshine, the days are mostly sunny. It gives a pleasant and vibrant feel to the area.

Should you favor a climate that's both dry and comfortably warm June , July and August typically offer the most agreeable circumstances. On the other hand, January , February , March , April , October , November and December tend to be characterized by conditions that may not be as optimal.

For an in-depth look at the yearly conditions, visit our specialized Perm climate page with graphs .

Perm, monthly averages in May

Where to go in russia in may.

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So, what should you wear in this month?

We rated the following activities from 1 (least suitable) to 10 (best) to do in May.

Interested in more climate information?

This site provides you with all the information you need about the climate in Perm .

Our site offers climate and forecast data for every country in the world. Are you going to Russia ? On this website you can find historical weather averages for many cities in Russia . Not sure yet where to go? We now have a tool which recommends destinations that suit your ideal climate conditions. Find out where to go with our weather planner .

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Perm Krai Capital of Culture

  • Support of regional and other partners
  • Working groups
  • Policy papers
  • Newsletters
  • Main themes
  • Social and cultural integration
  • Citizenship and civil society
  • Historical heritage
  • Music and cinema

Youth policy

  • External Cooperation
  • Testimonials

Project initators: 

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“ Cultural Planning will help to ensure the Perm region will remain distinctive and unique” , Mr. Protasevich said. “It will mean planning ways to support and preserve our heritage, developing appealing opportunities for artists and musicians regardless of age, and generating education and employment. It will mean building a creative community with a buzz.”

“Some of the identified objectives of “Perm krai international:young journalists@school” project include facilitating greater communication and cooperation among young community and official organizations in Perm krai”, said the Vice-Minister of Perm krai.

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“Perm Krai International: young journalistes@school”

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The international children festival of theatre arts “Long Break”

What is the international child festival of theatre arts “Long Break”? It is a real holiday for young spectators and their parents. The international child festival of theatre arts “Long Break” will be hold from the 30th of April to the 5th of May. It will be in Perm and Lysva. It will be hold under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture, Youth Politics and Mass Communications of Perm Krai. The program of the festival is prepared by Russian and foreign experts of child theatre. There are the most interesting for children events of the world arts. The “Long Break” familiarizes children with actual artists. It is the platform where people communicate with people using the language of modern arts which is understandable for a new generation.

The festival “The White Nights in Perm”

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  • The participants of the festival of land art “Ural Myths” will create art objects using natural materials. The objects will have the same mythological idea.
  • During the festival of bears “MedveDay” the masters Teddy-makers will tell gripping stories about a symbol of the city. They will organize some exhibitions of teddy bears and they will give master classes.

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  • The exhibition “Mammoth’s track” will gather mammoths from different corners of Russia on Perm’s territory. There will be even a famous mammoth Dima.
  • And at last the international festival of street arts «Open sky» will represent the various program: carnival processions, a 5-day master class «Mask Art», street shows and performances, performances of Russian and foreign street theatres.

The IX International festival “Heavenly Fair of Ural”

From the 26th to the 3rd of July the IX International festival “Heavenly Fair of Ural” takes place in Kungur. There will be a fight for the I Privolzhski Federal Disctrict Cup for aerostatics and the VII Perm Krai Open Cup for aerostatics.This year Kungur won’t hold rating competitions which results are taking into general account of the pilots. They counted on creating entertainment activities “Air battles over Kungur”. There will be the representatives of sub-units of ultralight aviation, detachment of parachute troops and water means. All the battles will take place straight over the city. And natives will take part in the festival too.According to initial data 15 aeronauts and about 50 ultralight aviation pilots expressed willingness to take part at the festival. And a dirigible pilot confirmed his participation.Ultralight aviation pilots will take part in the “Air games” within the festival. As last year a campsite of ultralight aviation will base in an area near a village Milniki.

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Perm hotels

See the full list of destinations in Perm , browse destinations in Perm Krai , Urals , Russia , Asia or choose from the below listed cities.

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  18. Perm (Perm Krai) weather in May

    Perfect weather is subjective. On this map perfect weather has been defined with temperatures between 20-29ºC / 68-84ºF and not too much precipitation (less than 90mm / 3.5inches a month).

  19. Youth policy

    Project initators: Alexandre Protasevich is a Minister for Culture and Youth of Perm krai with 20 years institutional experience at all levels within the cultural project management. He works at the Ministry of Culture since 2008 and has worked in cultural field in the public sector for 15 years in Russia. Mr Protasevich is now…

  20. Detailed Road Map of Perm

    Detailed street map and route planner provided by Google. Find local businesses and nearby restaurants, see local traffic and road conditions. Use this map type to plan a road trip and to get driving directions in Perm. Switch to a Google Earth view for the detailed virtual globe and 3D buildings in many major cities worldwide.