The Ending Of Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Explained

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The 2011 Marvel film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance featured beloved Internet meme and actor Nicolas Cage reprising his role as the fiery biker anti-hero Johnny Blaze. Having sold his soul to the devil, Mephistopheles, to save his father from cancer, at night Blaze becomes the Ghost Rider, a vengeful spirit who feeds off of evil and consumes the souls of sinners. Complete with a fiery skull and leather motorcycle jacket, Cage embodies one of the cooler — and scarier — superheroes in the Marvel canon.

Released in 2007, the first film ended with Blaze vowing to use his powers to aid the innocent and to fight Mephistopheles. In Spirit of Vengeance however, the character is in hiding, as he struggles with the darkness of the demon inside him. The Ghost Rider soon returns, though, when an alcoholic monk named Moreau (Idris Elba) seeks his aid in protecting a mother and her son from the forces of the devil, and Blaze discovers Mephistopheles has rather big plans for the child.

Ghost Rider saves the son of the Devil

Johnny Blaze learns that the boy, Danny, is the son of Mephistopheles, as his dying mother had made a deal with him in exchange for her life. If the devil captures Danny, he'd become a direct vessel and give him extraordinary power in our world. Moreau reveals to Blaze that the Ghost Rider was originally a Spirit of Justice named Zarathos, but he was broken by being captured and tortured in Hell. The monk restores Blaze's humanity at last, only for Danny to be taken back by Mephistopheles' minions. As the forces of good fight to save the child in the climactic final scenes, Moreau is killed and Danny must give Blaze the Rider's powers again before dying himself. The Ghost Rider stops the Devil and sends him back to hell before reviving Danny and returning him to his mother. No longer the Spirit of Vengeance but the Spirit of Justice, Blaze races off, the flames on his body now blue. 

Spirit of Vengeance would mark the last cinematic outing for Cage as the Ghost Rider. After disappointing at the box office, he publicly claimed to be finished with the character (via Collider ). The flaming-skulled avenger (small A) would finally make his MCU appearance in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.  season 4, this time played by Gabriel Luna, which led to a Ghost Rider spinoff series on HULU that was ultimately canceled before airing. A different Ghost Rider could be heading our way in  Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Johnny Blaze Takes His Final Ride in New 'Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance' #1 Cover

Check out greg capullo’s variant cover for 'ghost rider: final vengeance' #1, on sale march 13..

This March, a new GHOST RIDER will set the roads of the Marvel Universe ablaze in GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE !

Continuing Benjamin Percy ’s acclaimed and thought-provoking work on the Ghost Rider mythos, the new series will see the Spirit of Vengeance fall into the wrong hands and fans won’t believe who it is! Now, Johnny Blaze must embark on an epic quest to become Ghost Rider again before the newly possessed uses its demonic power for a dark purpose. Joining Percy on his latest hell ride will be Marvel newcomer Danny Kim , known for his work on last month’s GHOST RIDER ANNUAL #1 .

Fans will have to wait to find out who the new Ghost Rider is, but in the meantime, see Johnny Blaze enjoy his last moments as the iconic Flamehead in Greg Capullo ’s cover for GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE #1. Also available as a Virgin Variant Cover, this is the superstar artist’s latest piece since his grand return to Marvel Comics earlier this year.

Who is the new Spirit of Vengeance? Johnny Blaze was bonded with the Spirit of Vengeance. Unwilling to be a monster, Johnny used this demon from Hell to do good as the Ghost Rider. But heroism isn’t what the Rider was meant for. So who will be the new Spirit of Vengeance? And what will it mean for the Marvel Universe?

Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance #1 Variant Cover by Greg Capullo


Check out Capullo’s cover now and stay tuned for the reveal of the new Ghost Rider in the coming weeks!

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him. Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him. Johnny Blaze, tortured by the Ghost Rider's curse, gets a chance of redemption through protecting the Devil's son, whose father is pursuing him.

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  • Trivia Christopher Lambert was required to wear makeup that depicted heavy tattoos covering his entire head. It took so long to take off that he decided to keep it on when he returned to his hotel each night, until his filming schedule was complete.
  • Goofs (at around 51 mins) While driving the ambulance, Carrigan's power does not decay the steering wheel, the back door or the gurney but it does work on metal as he destroyed the sword and a gun.

Johnny Blaze : [to Vasil] You will tell me or I will eat your stinking soul!

  • Connections Featured in Bad Movie Beatdown: Ghost Rider (2011)
  • Soundtracks La Marseillaise Written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle

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  • Feb 18, 2012

Proof That Nic Cage is THE National Treasure

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  • What Motorcycle does Moreau, Idris Elba's character, ride in the movie?
  • Is "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" a Sequel or a Reboot?
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Ghost Rider: 5 DC Heroes He Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose To)

Ghost Rider matches up as one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel. But how would he do against his DC counterparts?

The Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider , is ridiculously powerful. It’s not all flaming bones and motorcycles. While it’s easy for Ghost Rider to use his Penance Stare to defeat villains, with heroes it’s more complicated than that.

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Ghost Rider’s main weakness is that he can be defeated by any weapon forged in Heaven or Hell, and DC has quite a few religious artifacts that could do the trick. On the other hand, when it comes to some popular heroes, many of whom make the most powerful list , Ghost Rider is stronger. With his Hellfire-wielding ability and his immense power, the battles would be a little one-sided. Here are 5 DC heroes that Ghost Rider could beat, and 5 who would defeat him.

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10 WIN: Batman

Batman , master of vengeance and crusader of Gotham, is about as powerful a human superhero you can get… but that’s just it – he’s human. Ghost Rider has fought the Hulk to a standstill, so it’s pretty believable he could defeat Batman easily. Without even using his Penance Stare, Ghost Rider is physically superior to Batman, and in some storylines has been proclaimed close to a god.

There is the question of Batman’s Insider Suit, a suit that allows its wearer to absorb superpowers. However, the suit has one flaw – it needs to be recharged.

9 LOSE: Superman

Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The Man of Steel's god-like powers would make a formidable match for Ghost Rider, and arguably, he would leave the Spirit of Vengeance in the dust. He has also been capable of wielding the Spear of Destiny, something which would be able to damage Ghost Rider.

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Ghost Rider plays host to the demon Zarathos, who is possibly more powerful than Superman. However, Ghost Rider is a human host, therefore the immense power of Zarathos has limits. Zarathos could beat Superman, but that would be Zarathos beating him, and not Ghost Rider.

8 WIN: Aquaman

Aquaman is a powerful hero in his own right. He has superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to breathe underwater. He also has the Life Force, which allows him to communicate with sea life. While it’s pretty cool to imagine Ghost Rider fighting sharks, Aquaman isn’t a match for his powers.

One of Aquaman’s flaws is that he becomes weak after spending too much time on land. If the battle was on land, Ghost Rider would surely have the upper hand. Even if the fight took place beneath the sea, Ghost Rider can survive underwater, and his Hellfire isn’t affected by water.

7 LOSE: Wonder Woman

Even though there is no stopping Ghost Rider with a physical attack, Wonder Woman has a handful of tricks up her sleeve that would have him running for the hills. With his weakness against religious or mystical devices, Wonder Woman has the upper hand here.

Her Lasso of Truth was forged by the god of fire and blacksmiths, Hephaestus. If we’re thinking of the Wonder Woman from the 2017 film, she was capable of wielding another weapon forged by Hephaestus, the God-killer. This sword is something that could definitely inflict damage on the Spirit of Vengeance.

6 WIN: The Flash

We all know the Flash is really, really fast but would he be able to outrun Ghost Rider’s motorcycle? Ghost Rider’s Hell vehicles are immensely fast and have the ability to teleport. The Flash is said to be able to move faster than teleportation, but it’s something to consider.

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While the Flash has some healing powers, he doesn’t have the physical capability of Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider’s healing powers surpass Flash’s, as he has the ability to regenerate limbs. Even with his momentum-generated attacks, the Flash wouldn’t do much damage to Ghost Rider. The Spirit of Vengeance could wrap his Hellfire chain around Flash, meaning he’s not going anywhere.

5 LOSE: Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate has been the title of many different sorcerers in the DC universe. All of them have one thing in common: enormous powers of magic, flight, superhuman strength, immunity to attack, and telepathy.

Doctor Fate wields not one, not two, but three religious artifacts he could use against Ghost Rider. He wears the Helmet of Fate, which was forged by the Lord of Order, Nabu. He also holds the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. Even without his superior mystical powers, he has a trifecta of weapons he can use against Ghost Rider.

4 WIN: Shazam

Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam , is an immensely powerful hero. While he possesses many powers handed down to him by Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, he doesn’t wield any specific weapon that could damage Ghost Rider. Until he utters the word “Shazam”, he is in human form.

Shazam is also vulnerable when it comes to magical attacks. Imaginably, Ghost Rider’s mystical abilities, the Eldritch Powers, would render all of Shazam’s impressive powers useless.

3 LOSE: John Constantine

John Constantine , a sorcerer of the Dark Arts and expert on everything occult, would have some tools in his arsenal that could defeat Ghost Rider. It’s questionable whether Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare would work on Constantine, as he is resistant to telepathy. Even if it was something that would be effective, it’s unlikely that Ghost Rider would be able to break through his collection of religious artifacts and spells in the first place.

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Constantine would be bested easily in a hand-to-hand battle, but don’t forget, he’s sold his soul too – twice. He would be a challenging opponent for Ghost Rider, and let’s face it – it would make a great storyline.

2 WIN: Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan , the best-known Green Lantern, has powers of flight, force field generation, and hard light construction. These abilities come from his power ring, however, and it needs to be recharged.

Hal Jordan is one of the few heroes that Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare would work against. For a time, the Green Lantern became Parallax, one of DC’s most destructive villains, wreaking havoc on the universe. Hal Jordan's guilt over this would make him an easy target for Ghost Rider, who can use his Stare to make his enemies relive their worst sins over and over until their minds break.

1 LOSE: Lucifer Morningstar

This might be a bit obvious, but Lucifer is one of the characters that would utterly destroy Ghost Rider. While Ghost Rider is able to defeat the Marvel comics version of Mephisto or Satan, DC's Lucifer is a different character altogether. He is portrayed as both hero and villain, a fallen archangel who is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe.

Even with the assistance of his inner demon, Zarathos, Ghost Rider would have a hell of a time if he were to go head-to-head with Lucifer. Lucifer's intellect is matchless, and his willpower could erase Ghost Rider from existence with a split-second thought.

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Screen Rant

All 25 versions of ghost rider, ranked from weakest to most powerful.

From 'mashup' variants and Spirit of Vengeance-adjacent characters to lore-heavy mainstays, here are the 25 versions of Ghost Rider, ranked by power!

  • Ghost Rider is a unique antihero with a rich history and legacy that spans across multiple characters and storylines.
  • There are 25 versions of Ghost Rider in Marvel Comics, including mashup characters and those with similar powers.
  • While some Ghost Riders are fun and powerful, the true legacy Ghost Riders have a deeper connection to the Spirit of Vengeance and exhibit immense power.

Ghost Rider is an especially unique antihero in Marvel Comics lore, not because of his immense power or link to the supernatural, but because of the history and legacy that goes with the moniker. ‘Ghost Rider’ isn’t a person or even just simply a title, but an essence that passes through countless people, granting them power beyond their comprehension.

Overall, there are 25 Ghost Riders in Marvel Comics . Some are characters who aren’t actually Ghost Riders, but who have powers that greatly resemble the proper Spirit of Vengeance, either through another demonic entity or even technology. Some are ‘mashup’ characters scattered throughout Marvel Comics, which are basically ‘what if this hero/villain was a Ghost Rider?’. These characters are fun, and some are extremely powerful, but on principle, they don’t hold a candle to the legacy Ghost Riders, those who have a deeper connection to the wider lore surrounding the Spirit of Vengeance while also exhibiting immense power in their own right. With that established, here are all 25 versions of Ghost Rider, ranked.

25 Phantom Rider (AKA Carter Slade)

Carter Slade aka Phantom Rider (originally Ghost Rider) was technically the first version of Ghost Rider to appear in Marvel Comics who made his debut in 1966’s Ghost Rider #1 by Dick Ayers, Gary Friedrich, and Roy Thomas. However, this version of the character isn’t anything like the current Ghost Rider, which is why Marvel changed his name to Phantom Rider, effectively stripping him of his ‘Ghost Rider’ title. This character doesn’t have a link to hellfire or any other power normally associated with a Ghost Rider, but instead is simply dressed all in white, and fights 19th century crime with nothing more than his spirit revolver. A legacy character, to be sure, but one who’s been left behind by the wider Ghost Rider canon, both in terms of power and relatability to the modern character.

24 Kowalski (AKA "Deputy Kowalski")

Debuting in 2008’s Ghost Rider #21 by Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi, Deputy Kowalkski is a Ghost Rider villain who only attained a fraction of the demonic antihero’s power after he shot Ghost Rider with a mystical shotgun that was supposed to kill him. While Kowalksi used this tiny fragment of Ghost Rider’s power to become a major thorn in the Spirit of Vengeance’s side, he simply doesn’t hold up against the vast majority of the other Ghost Riders on this list.

23 Michael Badilino (AKA "Vengeance")

Also not technically a proper Ghost Rider, Vengeance aka Michael Badillino at least made a name for himself as a villain-turned-antihero who went through the same process of gaining demonic hell-powers as the classic Ghost Rider. Debuting as Vengeance in Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #9 by Howard Mackie and Adam Kubert, Michael lost his entire family after Ghost Rider (who was being controlled by Mephisto) blasted Michael’s father with hellfire, causing the man to go insane and murder his wife and children, leaving only Michael alive. This drove Michael to seek vengeance against Ghost Rider, sparking him to make a deal with Mephisto to become the demonic embodiment of Vengeance. Again, not an actual Ghost Rider, but a very cool character who’s comparable in both power and aesthetic.

22 Ghost Rider 2099 (AKA Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane)

This reimagining/revamping of the Ghost Rider comic book title is one of the coolest in Marvel Comics history, making its debut in Ghost Rider 2099 #1 by Len Kaminski and Chris Bachalo. It’s just that, Ghost Rider 2099 doesn’t have anything to do with demons, hell, or the Spirit of Vengeance. Ghost Rider 2099 is more akin to a T-X Terminator than a demonic antihero, as this version of the character is a super-advanced android with the downloaded consciousness of Zero Cochrane controlling it, and more than likely wouldn’t stand a chance against almost every other version of Ghost Rider that is powered by mysticism and hellfire.

21 Shark Rider (AKA Atlantean Vengeance)

The first proper Spirit of Vengeance on this list, Shark Rider is a version of Ghost Rider who first appeared merely in a vision in 2009’s Ghost Rider #31 by Jason Aaron, Tan Eng Huat, and Roland Boschi. This is a Ghost Rider who rides a shark. That is all. Cool visually, but readers know nothing about them other than the fact that they are a Spirit of Vengeance of the past - not a ‘phantom rider’ or a cyborg - and they may be Atlantean, due to the fact that they’re riding a shark. Though everything they’ve ever done, or any level of power they’ve ever exhibited, can only be presumed.

20 Wileaydus Autolycus (AKA Alien Vengeance)

Guardians of the Galaxy #12 by Jim Valentino introduced Whileaydus Autolycus aka Ghost Rider, an alien zealot whose people were all but wiped out by the Universal Church of Truth. This caused Autolycus to commit his life to exterminating this universal cult from the cosmos, doing so as the Ghost Rider of the 31st century. This Ghost Rider is a really cool addition to Marvel lore, but he’s just too much of a mystery to be considered more powerful than other Ghost Riders on this list - including and especially the upcoming wave of ‘mashup Ghost Riders’.

19 Speed Demon (AKA Blaze Allen)

Speed Demon aka Blaze Allen is an Amalgam Universe character who first appeared in Speed Demon #1 by Howard Mackie, James Felder, and Salvador Larroca. Speed Demon rewrote Etrigan’s story to make him a Spirit of Vengeance who possessed the Flash, turning this amalgamated DC/Marvel character into the resident ‘Ghost Rider’ of the Amalgam Universe . A Fun ‘mashup’ character, but overall, Speed Demon is simply the first in a long line of similar ‘mashups’ who really don’t add anything to the wider Ghost Rider mythos, making them hard to judge against more established Spirits of Vengeance (though incredibly entertaining to read about nonetheless).

18 Iron Ghost (AKA The Black Legion's Rider)

Appearing in Uncanny X-Force #12 by Rick Remender and Mark Brooks, Iron Ghost was little more than an aesthetically badass cameo who existed within the Age of Apocalypse universe of Earth-295. Presumably having all the same powers as a regular Ghost Rider with the added benefit of hellfire-imbued Iron Man armor, Iron Ghost is seemingly a force to be reckoned with. But, like many others on this list, he’s just too untested to be a real contender.

17 Ghost Goblin (AKA Norman Osborn)

Ghost Goblin, on the other hand, is an absolute terror who gave the Avengers a run for their money in Avengers #52 by Jason Aaron and Juan Frigeri. This Ghost Rider was from a universe where the Spirit of Vengeance latched itself onto the Green Goblin, and was actually corrupted by the insanity of the classic Spider-Man villain. This allowed Green Goblin to use his hell-powers for evil on a multiversal scale, making Ghost Goblin one of the strongest Ghost Rider ‘mashups’ on this list (not to mention the one with probably the coolest Ghost Rider vehicle).

16 Ghost Spider (AKA Peter Parker)

First appearing as Ghost Spider in Incredible Hulk Annual #1 by John Layman and Al Barrionuevo, this is a version of the Spirit of Vengeance from Earth-11638 that attached itself to Spider-Man, after Peter Parker died, went to hell, and was brought back through the multiversal technology developed by himself and his Uncle Ben. With the fusion of these power sets, Ghost Spider is quite literally both unstoppable and untouchable, with the added benefit of having technology at his disposal that grants him access to the wider multiverse.

15 Red Hulk-Venom-Ghost Rider (AKA 'The Circle of Four')

Originating as a team called the Circle of Four that debuted in Venom #13 by Rick Remender and Tony Moore, this monstrous amalgamation of Red Hulk, Venom, and Ghost Rider was created to take on Blackheart and his legion of demons. This monstrous creature’s existence in Marvel lore was tragically short-lived, but when heroes who are that strong all merge into one, their power-level certainly goes without saying, even if they haven’t been as tested as others. More of a treat for fans than an established character, this ‘Ghost Rider’ was definitely fun to see in action, and undeniably powerful.

14 Ghost Hammer (AKA T'Challa)

Another amalgam-Ghost Rider similar to the one from Circle of Four - but arguably more powerful - is Ghost Hammer, who is Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider combined. Debuting in Secret Warps: Arachknight Annual #1 by Al Ewing and Carlos Gómez, this Ghost Rider is a demon, a god, a tech genius, and a king all rolled into one. A product of Warp World, and created to be the ultimate cosmic warrior, Ghost Hammer is almost incalculably powerful. But, like most of the other ‘mashup’ Ghost Riders on this list, their existence feels cheap and unearned, which is why Ghost Hammer isn’t featured as prominently as other, more established Ghost Riders on this list.

13 Cosmic Ghost Rider (AKA Frank Castle)

The last of the ‘mashup Ghost Riders’, Frank Castle aka Cosmic Ghost Rider (who first appeared in Thanos #13 by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw) is much more fleshed-out than the previous ones, who felt more like " What If? ” gags than established characters. Cosmic Ghost Rider has a rich history in Marvel Comics lore, whose strength has been tested against the likes of Cable, Thanos, and even Galactus. This version of Frank Castle is powered by the Spirit of Vengeance and the Power Cosmic, though his insanity is a major downside, and even the addition of the Power Cosmic means little to a more committed Ghost Rider (especially those who are more skilled in magic).

12 Ghost Rider, One Milion BC (AKA The First Rider)

And now, it’s time to dig into the proper Ghost Riders of Marvel lore, beginning literally with the first ever Ghost Rider in Marvel Comics continuity (and unlike Carter Slade, this one actually gets to keep that title). Debuting in Jason Aaron’s Marvel Legacy #1, this Ghost Rider is revealed to be the first human ever imbued with the power of the Spirit of Vengeance in the year 1,000,000 BC. Not only did this Ghost Rider have a badass, primal appearance, but he also proved his mettle by killing the previously mentioned Ghost Goblin along with his multiversal partner-in-crime, Berserker Wolverine (which is just one of his many impressive accomplishments).

11 Caleb (AKA The Grim Rider)

Caleb (of Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #1 by Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain) is a former slave who purchased his and his wife’s freedom before the Civil War. Tragically, he and his family were murdered soon after they made a life for themselves. Two years later, Caleb returned from the grave as Ghost Rider, seeking vengeance upon those who wronged him, as well as those who commit atrocious acts of evil everywhere. Quiet, focused, and deadly, nothing flashy about this one, which is why he stands out as being such a great Ghost Rider, one who arguably embodies the essence of the Spirit of Vengeance better than anyone else on this list.

10 Naomi Kale (AKA Clara Blaze)

Debuting in Ghost Rider Vol. 2 #78 by J.M. DeMatteis and Bob Budiansky, Naomi Kale is the mother of Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch who became Ghost Rider for only a short time to fight Mephisto before being killed by the demon king. She was the descendant of Noble Kale and the keeper of the Medallion of Power - which is the artifact that made Danny Ketch a Ghost Rider. While not as cosmically powerful as some, or as ridiculously strong as the previous ‘mashup’ ones, Naomi’s significance in Ghost Rider lore trumps those shortcomings, and her heroic final stand against Mephisto is absolutely legendary.

9 Hellhawk (AKA Chief Hellhawk)

Chief Hellhawk of the Lakota Tribe (who first appeared in Ghost Rider #33 by Jason Aaron and Tony Moore) is one of the earliest-known Ghost Riders. His life is widely a mystery, with one of the few times he appears in Marvel Comics canon being the issue depicting his death by the hand of the Spirit of Corruption. However, the reason he sits so prominently on this list is because of his canonical rivalry with another, far more powerful Ghost Rider: Noble Kale - elevating Chief Hellhawk's standing by association.

8 Noble Kale (AKA Angel of Death)

There are few Ghost Riders who are tied more directly to both the demonic essence of Zarathos and its influence on the mortals it possesses, and to the Ghost Rider legacy as fans know it today. Noble Kale (debuting in Ghost Rider Vol. 3 #1 by Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares) is the patriarch of practically every modern Ghost Rider, as he’s the ancestor of Naomi Kale, Johnny Blaze, and Danny Ketch, and is the reason all of them were destined to become Ghost Riders to begin with. Not only that, but Noble was an incredibly powerful and ultra badass Ghost Rider in his own right. Noble killed witch hunters (as well as some real witches) during the 17th Century, and engaged in fierce battles with a rival Ghost Rider, Chief Hellhawk, and even Mephisto himself. Plus, he effectively attained immortality, as his soul wasn’t allowed to enter heaven or hell when he died, and instead passed through the firstborn child of every generation of his family. Kale beat death, spawned a family of Ghost Riders through his very essence, and proved his mettle during his own time as Ghost Rider.

7 Alejandra Jones (AKA Guardian Fantasma)

Alejandra Jones is the personal mentee of Johnny Blaze himself, and who only became a Ghost Rider in the first place after Blaze gave up the curse, leaving her to be chosen as the next Ghost Rider. After Johnny reclaimed the Spirit of Vengeance, he then trained this new Ghost Rider in how to control this power and use it for good, despite the overwhelming evil that now resides in her soul. While she met her end in Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance #1 by Ed Brisson Juan Frigeri, Ghost Riders tend to not stay dead for very long, especially ones who were mentored by arguably the most iconic Ghost Rider of all time.

6 Robbie Reyes (AKA The All-New Ghost Rider)

Another legacy Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes redefined the character in more ways than one. He not only became perhaps the most popular Ghost Rider of all time, but also one of the strongest Avengers recruits in recent memory. While not technically a Spirit of Vengeance upon his debut in All-New Ghost Rider #1 by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore (as he was possessed by the spirit of his satanic uncle), Johnny Blaze himself said that Robbie was as much a Ghost Rider as he was, only for Robbie to later become something far more.


New Ghost Rider Will Replace the Original in 2024, Marvel Announces

Posted: November 14, 2023 | Last updated: November 14, 2023

  • A new Ghost Rider is coming to Marvel Comics, marking the beginning of a fresh era for the Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Talia Warroad, a former SHIELD agent and ally of Johnny Blaze, is the likely candidate to become the next Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Ghost Rider #1 is coming March 2024, from Benjamin Percy and Danny Kim.

A new Ghost Rider is coming to Marvel Comics, as the publisher teases a fresh era for the Spirit of Vengeance. Ever since the mammoth-riding caveman hero of 1,000,000 BC, there has been a Ghost Rider in Marvel lore, and now a new hero will take up the mantle.

In a new press release, Marvel has revealed that March 2024 will see the beginning of a new Ghost Rider series from Benjamin Percy and Danny Kim. So far, very little is known, but Marvel has shared Juan Ferreyra's cover, along with the phrase "Who is the new Spirit of Vengeance?"

Currently, the Ghost Rider title is held by its most iconic and original bearer, the former stunt driver Johnny Blaze. However, as Blaze tangles with the Cult of Mephisto, things are about to change. Marvel says:

Rev your engines for a new era of GHOST RIDER from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Danny Kim coming in March 2024. Learn more in the coming weeks.

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A New Ghost Rider Takes the Mantle

Johnny blaze's fight against the cult of mephisto will have consequences.

The Spirit of Vengeance is an ancient spirit that embodies the cosmic need to punish evil deeds, and has almost limitless power to visit suffering on the deserving. However, the Spirit is so powerful and so ruthless, it requires a human host to balance its thirst for revenge with morality and compassion - otherwise, it would avenge every minor moment of misbehavior with hellfire. As Marvel's most potent demonic force, Mephisto has repeatedly meddled with the Spirit of Vengeance's path, and now it seems the Cult of Mephisto will carry on this grand tradition, with the summary for the upcoming Ghost Rider #21 speculating what stopping the cult means for the future of the Ghost Rider, and asking "Could this be the end of an era?" Jan Bazaldua's cover art shows Johnny Blaze's flaming head going out in a plume of smoke.

Talia Warroad Is the Obvious Candidate for New Ghost Rider

Johnny blaze's ally may be destined for the role.

The most obvious candidate to become the next Spirit of Vengeance is Talia Warroad . A former SHIELD agent and paranormal investigator, Talia has been working with Ghost Rider to bring down major supernatural threats, having been drawn to Blaze through a series of supernatural visions. It would make sense for these visions to have been telling Talia more than she realized, and actually predicting her future as the next host of the Spirit of Vengeance.

Strangely, if Talia does become Ghost Rider, she will be the second former SHIELD agent to replace a lethal Marvel hero in months - assassin Joe Garrison just became Marvel's new Punisher , following Frank Castle's exile to Weirdworld. Ghost Rider and Punisher have a long history of working together, and it would be cool to see Talia and Joe team-up as the deadly 'new kids' in the Marvel Universe.

Punisher and Ghost Rider have the same cosmic origin. Defenders Beyond revealed the existence of 'Of-Vengeance' - an archetypal god from an earlier version of the universe. Of-Vengeance is the mystical forerunner to Ghost Rider and Punisher, and the design of each hero comes from the skull-headed god .

Who is the new Ghost Rider, will they be a hero, and what vehicle will they choose for this new era of adventure? Marvel promises more news in the weeks to come, as a new Ghost Rider takes their place in Marvel lore.

Ghost Rider #1 is coming March 2024.

New Ghost Rider Will Replace the Original in 2024, Marvel Announces

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Aliens at a Miami mall? Police say ‘lol’

Police respond at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami on Jan. 1, 2024.

Teens running, police converging and a grey splotch that appears to be moving: Videos from an outdoor mall in Miami stoked wild claims this week on social media that aliens had landed on Earth. But the truth is far more terrestrial.

On Monday, a group of roughly 50 teenagers caused a riot at Bayside Marketplace, an outdoor mall roughly 5 miles from South Beach, according to the Miami Police Department.

The teens were setting off fireworks, which led to a panic as some assumed there was a shooting, said Miami Police Department public information officer Michael Vega. Four teens were arrested.

Police were dispatched “for crowd control due to the juveniles refusing to leave,” Vega said in an email to NBC News. “Some businesses were temporarily closed to allow us to clear the area.”

In the days after the incident, users on social media launched a speculation frenzy, homing in on what they described as “Miami Mall Aliens.” Some suggested police were responding to aliens, not teenagers. Several people reviewed video of the incident circulating online and claimed they could see an alien figure in the grainy footage. Others quickly posted memes.

While many of the responses online appeared lighthearted, the posts show just how quickly and easily misinformation can spread on social media. The response also underscores an uptick in interest in extraterrestrial activity, from hearings in Congress last summer about “unidentified aerial phenomena” or “UAPs” to Mexico’s Congress showing off what it claimed were “nonhuman” aliens. Both of those events also became prime meme fodder.

However, Vega said aliens had nothing to do with Monday’s incident.

“There were no aliens,” he wrote in the email. “No airports were closed. Nothing is being withheld from the public. LOL.”

Still, by Friday afternoon, “Miami Mall Alien” was trending on the social media site X.

“10ft Aliens/Creatures (caught on camera?) fired at inside and outside Miami Mall, media silent, cops are covering it up saying kids were fighting with fireworks, yet all these cop cars, & air traffic stopped that night except for black military choppers…and no media coverage,” claimed one post on X, which on Friday appeared to trigger a slew of conspiracy theories and memes.

One person posted what appeared to be an AI image of a generic alien holding shopping bags, and joked it was “The Miami Mall Alien.”

Another person shared an image of golfer Tiger Woods holding out his hand, as if to shake another person’s hand, with the caption: “Me to the aliens if I’d been at the Miami mall.”

Others remarked that the new year was bound to be wild if aliens had been spotted mere days into January.

“5th day into the New Year now people spotting Aliens in the Miami Mall 2024 is in for one hell of a ride,” the person wrote.

There were, of course, some who wondered: If there was an alien sighting, where’s the proof?

“Everybody have cell phones, but nobody have an up close video of the 8-10 foot alien by the Miami mall?” wrote one X user .

ghost rider last fight

Kalhan Rosenblatt is a reporter covering youth and internet culture for NBC News, based in New York.

Rumors Of 10-Foot Alien At Miami Mall Circulate Online—Here’s What Actually Happened

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Rumors and video clips of panic , massive police presence and what social media users claim to be an eight-to-10-foot alien appearing at a Miami mall cropped up online Friday, though the digital buzz around the supposed appearance seems to be sourced from footage of a new year’s day brawl at the shopping center that involved several juveniles and a police response.

Miami's Bayside Marketplace was the site of the incident. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

One low quality clip circulating on social media allegedly shows a tall alien creature walking between a dozen squad cars and an area near Miami’s Bayside Marketplace, though some users on X, formerly known at Twitter, have casted doubt on the unconvincing nature of the video.

The scenes from the supposed appearance of the alien match up with news coverage and video footage that covered a New Year’s Day brawl at the mall that involved several fights and loud fireworks that caused a resident to report an active shooter, according to NBC South Florida , provoking a large police response.

A clearer video that closely matches the alleged alien clip actually appears to be 2 to 3 people, likely police officers, walking together between the squad cars and an area near the mall.

Mixed in with alleged footage of the alien were videos of people running in panic from the area, with some users conflating the clips with locals running from the creature.

Miami Police Department confirmed on Monday it received a call of shots fired and eventually concluded the reported sounds came from the fireworks, according to a post on X .

Four males were detained during the incident and face charges including burglary, grand theft, battery and resisting an officer, NBC reported, arrests made in connection to the assault of a man who confronted a group of teens he believed threw a bottle at his car.

Crucial Quote

“There were no aliens, UFOs, or ETs. No airports were closed. No power outages,” Miami Police Department told Forbes in an email, adding that citywide officers were deployed for crowd control due to juveniles refusing to leave the area.

Key Background

Aliens have become an increasingly buzzy topic for Americans. In July, former intelligence official David Grusch said in a congressional hearing that “non-human biologics ” were at alleged crash sites and that he knew multiple colleagues injured by unidentified aerial phenomenon activity. Grusch also claimed the U.S. government ran a decades-long program designed to collect and reverse engineer crashed unidentified aerial phenomena (known as UAPs). The testimony incited discourse on social media around the existence of aliens. A few months later self-proclaimed ufologist Jamie Maussan presented two fossilized bodies he claimed were “non-human” corpses to Mexican Congress. However, Maussan’s track record regarding the discovery of extraterrestrial life hasn’t been entirely solid. He participated in a 2017 video report that showed alleged non-human remains later debunked as a mummified child’s corpse. The video was posted by, a platform that charges $99 a year for paranormal and supernatural videos and one that has been scrutinized as a conspiracy theory hub.

Further Reading

4 teens arrested after large fight caused chaos in Bayside Marketplace on New Year's Day (NBC South Florida)

Aliens In Mexico? Not So Fast—Presenters Have History Of Being Debunked (Forbes)

Antonio Pequeño IV

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