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Meaning of haunt in English

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haunt verb [T] ( REPEATEDLY TROUBLE )

  • Memories of the semifinal defeat haunted him for the rest of his career .
  • His experiences in the prison camp continued to haunt him.
  • She was haunted by memories of her unhappy childhood .
  • The novel tells the story of a soldier haunted by the events of the war .
  • The experience of failure continues to haunt him.
  • heartbreaker
  • heartbreakingly
  • hit/touch a (raw) nerve idiom
  • hurt someone's feelings idiom
  • sensitivity
  • shake someone up
  • shake/rock something to its foundations idiom
  • shatteringly

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haunt verb [T] ( SPIRIT )

  • astral plane
  • astral projection
  • incorporeal
  • necromancer
  • Ouija board
  • reincarnation
  • beard the lion (in his/her den) idiom
  • call (in) on someone
  • happen along/by (somewhere)
  • have access to someone/something
  • on your rounds idiom
  • state visit
  • stomping ground
  • stop by (somewhere)

haunt | Intermediate English

Haunt verb [t] ( appear ), haunt verb [t] ( worry ), haunt noun [c] ( place ), examples of haunt, translations of haunt.

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