Ethika Underwear Review

I tried out the internet’s favorite boxers, and here’s what I think

Detail shot of a few pairs of colorful underwear on the left, and a gray long boxer brief on the right.

Updated October 9, 2023

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What is ethika.

Five pairs of Ethika underwear laid on top of one another.

Ethika has some of the most colorful and dynamic printed underwear we’ve ever seen.

Ethika currently offers a range of wardrobe basics from pants and shirts, to hoodies, socks, and accessories, but the brand is most notable for its performance underwear. The brand sports a wide range of underwear in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles, including boxer briefs, trunks, boxers, sports bras, bikinis, thongs, panties, and more.

Underwear at Ethika is priced at a premium, with most men’s styles starting at $25 and increasing in price to $42, and women’s styles ranging from $10 to $28.

What I tested from Ethika

Product image of Premium Modal – Black – The Staple

These boxer briefs are soft, comfortable, and wash well.

Product image of ANYO – The Staple

This fun and colorful boxer brief features a playful smile print.

Product image of Marble Angelo – The Mid

These super rad printed trunks were my favorite of the bunch.

Product image of SubZero Performance – Blue – The Staple

Although they do leave you feeling cooler, the SubZero style isn’t one that I’d revisit.

Product image of Empire Yellow – The Alternate

If every pair of boxers I owned were this comfortable, I’d never wear anything else.

What I like about Ethika

On the left is a close-up of the Marble Angelo print from Ethika, and on the right is a product shot of the ANYO print against a blue background.

These prints aren’t just bold, they’re legitimately comfortable.

They’re incredibly comfortable

A pair of undies is only as successful as it is comfortable. Sure enough, each of the offerings that I tested out from Ethika were supremely soft to the touch and a joy to wear. The fabric moves well with your body, remaims dry and supportive throughout the day, and best of all, it stays put.

I tend to prefer a shorter trunk style over a longer more athletic fit when it comes to boxer briefs. However, the Staple was an absolute highlight of my test. Although they’re longer than I typically gravitate toward, the Staple felt great against my skin and was hidden beneath anything I wore. The Alternate, a boxer-style pair, was my go-to model to wear to sleep, arguably when comfort matters the most.

There’s a print for everyone

The first thing you’ll notice upon scrolling through the Ethika website is just how many prints the brand offers. From trendy styles in Barbie pink to officially licensed prints from sports teams, to artistic renderings—and of course, classic solids, too—there is a print for everyone at Ethika. I relished the seemingly endless scroll when I was selecting which pairs to test out, and ultimately fell in love with the Marble Angelo print. And, wouldn’t you know it, the print looked even better in real life than it does on the website.

The colorful designs hold up well after multiple washes

I almost always choose solid-colored underwear over anything that has a colorful print. I love a fun print in an unexpected place as much as the next guy, but I also hate that feeling when those vibrant colors begin to fade after the first wash. I was nervous the first time I washed my Ethika haul because I assumed that surely all of them would get dingy before I even had the chance to wear them. However, after weeks of repeated wears and repeated washings, these prints are as vibrant and colorful as they were the day I unpacked them.

What I don’t like about Ethika

On the left is a shot of five pairs of Ethika waistbands on one top of one another, and on the right is a product shot of a black boxer briefs with blue waistband and details.

I wasn’t a big fan of the SubZero Performance Staple.

The “cooling” fabric of the SubZero Performance Staple

I was excited to try on the SubZero Performance Staple that Ethika sent me. The fabric is “Hyper Cooling,” and purports to lower the temperature of your undercarriage. And while the cooling feature was welcome in the midst of a record-breaking summer heatwave, I found the fabric of that particular style to be less than comfortable. They felt tighter and scratchier than the other pairs I tested. Each time I put on the SubZero's, I’d change out of them rather quickly, opting for comfort over coolness.

They’re pretty pricey, per pair

So, when it comes time to pay for premium underwear, I often cringe at the thought of paying $30+ for a single boxer brief. The Staple in the Premium Modal was even more egregious at $42. They’re comfortable and well-made but could be inaccessible to some shoppers.

Is Ethika worth it?

On the left is a pair of yellow boxers, and on the right is a close-up of the waistbands of five pairs of Ethika underwear.

I’d absolutely buy these comfortable undies again and again.

I love Ethika’s stylish and durable underwear. The styles aren’t just comfortable, they’re made beautifully and feel like they’ll last much longer than the discounted pairs in my beloved multipacks. I am seriously impressed by how well the colors hold up after being laundered, and am even looking forward to picking up a few extra pairs of the Alternates to add to my sleepwear arsenal. They can be pricy, but in my opinion, the expense is absolutely worth it.

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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TikTok Ghostface mask trend explained: The spicy BookTok trend meaning

1 November 2023, 09:24

ghost face ethikas

Who Bumped Who? The Viral Debate ANALYSED

By Katie Louise Smith

Facebook share

"POV: You saw that one Ghostface video and immediately text your husband."

Listen to this article

If you've seen countless videos of people asking their partners to buy Ghostface masks on your TikTok FYP recently, you can thank the spicy corner of 'BookTok' for that particular trend.

Over the past few weeks, and in the build up to Halloween, TikTokers who are part of the 'BookTok' community have been sharing their partner's reactions after texting them to bring home the iconic Scream killer mask for an unspecified reason.

As a result, the viral videos have prompted thousands to pop up in the comments asking what the hell is going on. Well, the trend, as you've probably guessed based on the videos themselves, is all to do with couples spicing up what happens in the bedroom.

Here's how the whole thing became a trend...

What does the Ghostface mask trend mean on TikTok?

Ghostface mask trend goes viral on TikTok thanks to BookTok

BookTok, in case you're not familiar, is a huge part of TikTok where users share their favourite reads with others. One particular side of BookTok features several creators who recommend erotica novels, a.k.a. spicy romance books.

The trends of "masks" and "mask kinks" have been a popular talking point with BookTok fans, with countless videos popping up of recommended books and cosplayers, and now it seems to be taking off with Ghostface at the front and centre.

One video, shared by @annaleegrace15, has had over 6.4 million views, and features the caption: "POV: You saw that one ghostface video and immediately text your husband."

The video being referred to appears to be from a user named Laura (@elitereading), who posted a video of her husband doing the infamous BookTok door frame lean while wearing the Ghostface mask.

Since then, countless other users have tried texting their own partners asking them to bring home a Ghostface mask so they can role-play and try out the trend for themselves.

Of course, the trend is not for everyone – and that's fine! Some people who have never encountered the spicy BookTok side of TikTok seem to think that the trend is a bit too TMI.

But others are clearly loving it, and love watching the responses people are getting from their partners who either have no idea what's going on, or are figuring in real time exactly what's going on.

So, if you start seeing an alarming amount of Ghostface thirst edits on your FYP this Halloween (and not just the usual Billy Loomis ones)... now you know why. BookTok strikes again!

Read more about TikTok here:

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  • How to do the AI Yearbook trend on TikTok
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  • TikTok Wrapped 2023: How to find your Wrapped for TikTok stats

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ghost face ethikas

Troye Sivan Paints A Self-Portrait While Answering Deep And Chaotic Questions

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No, the Ghostface Cult on TikTok Isn't a Real Cult — but It Can Gain You a Ton of Followers

Published on 10/26/2021 at 9:05 PM

ghost face ethikas

If you're a fan of the Scream movies (and are anxiously awaiting the new Scream in January) then hello, dear friend, have you been on TikTok? The main antagonist of Scream — Ghostface — is all over the social media app with the hashtags #Ghostface and #Ghostfacecult . While it's just a harmless social media trend and not a real cult, it's something worth considering if you're on the platform. Essentially, TikTok users are changing their profile pictures (and sometimes their usernames) to Ghostface and following others who have Ghostface profile pictures, too. The result is gaining users hundreds to thousands of new followers, and it's quite smart, actually.

This isn't the first social media cult to take over TikTok , and it certainly won't be the last. The cults are a quick burn, but dang, is the flame vibrant! If you're interested in hopping in on the trend, then we suggest you do so ASAP as it's appropriately timed for spooky season . Check out other users who are part of the Ghostface cult ahead, and give it a try for yourself to see if you gain a following.

  • Digital Life


The 'Scream' Character Ghostface Is All Over TikTok Ahead of the New Movie

The Ghostface Cult is just the latest cult to take over TikTok, but why are people changing their profile pictures to the 'Scream' character's face?

Oct. 25 2021, Published 11:34 a.m. ET

Thanks to a 25-year legacy, Ghostface , the masked killer from the Scream franchise, has proven to be an enduring character. Although the internet barely existed when the first Scream movie came out, Ghostface has now gained a cult following on TikTok . Thankfully, that cult following is a pretty harmless way to pay homage to a fictional serial killer.

What is the Ghostface Cult on TikTok?

TikTok cults are not a new thing, and all they typically involve is changing your profile picture so that it reflects whatever the latest cult is. Right now, that cult happens to be the Ghostface Cult, which involves changing your profile picture to an image of Ghostface from the Scream franchise. Once you change your profile picture, other members of the cult will seek you out and follow you. Users can gain hundreds or even thousands of followers this way.

The Ghostface Cult is well-timed, as it coincides with the celebration of Halloween in the US. Many are also changing their profile picture in the wake of the trailer for the newest installment in the series, which is simply titled Scream and is set to debut in January of 2022. The franchise has already produced four movies since the first one premiered in 1996.

Here's how you can participate in the Ghostface Cult.

Thankfully, participating in the Ghostface Cult is a relatively straightforward process. All you need to do is change your profile picture to the image of Ghostface that most people are using, and you may also want to change your username to something spookier if you're really hoping to go all out. Then, all you need to do is follow accounts that have the same profile picture as yours.

As you begin to follow more people on the platform, the idea is that you will also receive a significant number of followers in return. That's typically how these cults have worked in the past, and it's generally led to increased follower counts across TikTok. You may not want to see videos from all of your new follows, but that's a problem you can deal with another day.

@scream.cult_leader This is a revolution #pfpcult #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #ghostface #scream #funny ♬ papi - quackxyyy

This is not the first TikTok cult to dominate the platform.

Although the Ghostface Cult may seem like a totally distinct phenomenon, but it's actually just the latest iteration of a long line of cults that have dominated TikTok. In the past, those trends have focused on everything from anime characters to horchata , but each one burns brightly on the platform for a few days and then dies down as a new cult or trend rises to take its place.

Cults are somewhat separate from the trends that often dominate the actual videos that are posted on the platform. Both are trends that tend to burn bright and then burn out, though, and it seems like cults will remain a part of TikTok far into the future. Just like TikTok itself, the cults are probably part of the new internet reality.

The 'Scream' Ghostface Voice Is Now Available in TikTok's Text-to-Speech Feature

The Horchata Cult Is Just the Latest 'Cult' Sensation to Take Over TikTok

The Vegeta Cult on TikTok Features New Profile Pictures With Green Jackets

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Ghostface still making Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox ‘Scream’ in relaunch’s new trailer

Two women standing up

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Ghostface is back and ready to make his victims run, bleed and — of course — scream in the new “Scream” trailer.

Released Tuesday, the preview features Wes Craven’s iconic horror-film antagonist terrorizing people who were related to the subversive franchise’s original killers.

And while 2022’s “Scream” installment features a new cast of tech-savvy Gen Z-ers, it also hails the return of the four-film series’ original stars (at least those whose characters survived): Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, David Arquette’s lawman Dewey Riley and Courteney Cox’s journalist Gale Weathers.

ghost face ethikas

The fifth “Scream” is set 25 years after the streak of brutal murders shook up Woodsboro, and the new trailer opens with the scary-movie sequence reminiscent of the original films, which began with 1996’s “Scream.”

In it, an unsuspecting girl named Tara (Jenna Ortega) gets a landline call and corresponding text messages from the omniscient stalker — then sees her smart-phone tech turn against her as Ghostface emerges at her door to slash her belly.

But Sidney Prescott, “who’s been though this — a lot,” is on the case, bringing in her guns, wits and reluctant friends back to Woodsboro to face off with this latest slasher.

“Whatever his link is to our past, it’s pulled us all back here. And I won’t sleep until he’s in the ground,” she says, as the new killer racks up a body count in the trailer.

Horror filmmaker Wes Craven, famous for the "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream" pictures, in a photo for one of his nonhorror forays, 1999's "Music of the Heart."

Appreciation: Wes Craven was a master of genre and reinvention

Fittingly for someone so closely associated with two enduring, ongoing movies series, Wes Craven had a knack for reinvention.

Aug. 31, 2015

The person donning the white mask targets a group of teenagers “to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past,” according to Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, which will release the long-gestating film on Jan. 14, 2022.

“Scream” is co-directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and also stars Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Sonia Ammar.

Kevin Williamson, who created characters for the original four films and wrote three of them, serves as executive producer this time around. James Vanderbilt (“Zodiac,” “White House Down,” “Murder Mystery”) and Guy Busick (“Castle Rock,” “Ready or Not”) wrote the new script.

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ghost face ethikas

Nardine Saad covers breaking entertainment news, trending culture topics, celebrities and their kin for the Fast Break Desk at the Los Angeles Times. She joined The Times in 2010 as a MetPro trainee and has reported from homicide scenes, flooded canyons, red carpet premieres and award shows.

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88 Ghostface Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You In 2023!

Ghostface Tattoos

Table of Contents

Welcome to our comprehensive exploration of Ghostface Tattoo Ideas—a journey steeped in history, symbolism, and creativity. As someone who has spent years diving deep into the myriad artistic expressions within the tattoo world, I’m delighted to share my insights on this compelling subject with you.

We’ll delve into the roots of Ghostface tattoos, tracing their evolution and charting their increasing popularity in contemporary tattoo culture. This exploration will lead us to understand the significance of these designs and their placement on the body, and how they are used to express individual stories and philosophies.

Ghostface Tattoo

Expect to gain an appreciation for the intricate techniques employed by tattoo artists when creating these striking Ghostface designs. We’ll also analyze several striking Ghostface Tattoo Ideas to inspire and guide those considering this form of body art. Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast, a seasoned ink veteran, or a curious novice seeking to understand the nuances of this intriguing art form, this post will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Ultimately, the goal of this blog post is not merely to familiarize you with the aesthetics of Ghostface Tattoos but also to equip you with the understanding necessary to make informed choices regarding this deeply personal form of self-expression.

Let’s set forth on this enlightening journey together, deepening our understanding of the visual language of tattoos and, by extension, broadening our appreciation of this unique form of human creativity.

Classic Ghostface Tattoos With A Knife

Classic Ghostface Tattoos With A Knife

In the annals of horror cinema, Ghostface from the ‘Scream’ franchise stands as a chilling icon of terror. Often depicted with a knife, Ghostface embodies the visceral fear and suspense integral to the genre. For some, the thrill of this image translates to an unconventional charm when used as a tattoo design. If you resonate with this unusual allure, consider immortalizing the classic Ghostface wielding a knife in ink on your skin.

Heavily Shaded And Detailed Ghostface Tattoo Designs

Heavily Shaded And Detailed Ghostface Tattoo Designs

For those inclined towards a darker aesthetic, consider an intricate, heavily shaded Ghostface tattoo. This more intense approach to the design enhances the eerie persona of the mask, resulting in a statement piece that is both captivating and haunting. This section also encourages exploration of other edgy, pop culture-inspired tattoos, such as an Edward Scissorhands arm tattoo, adding depth to your body art portfolio.

Quirky And Funny Ghostface Tattoo Ideas For Humorous People

Quirky And Funny Ghostface Tattoo Ideas For Humorous People

Ghostface’s depiction in the ‘Scream’ franchise isn’t always shrouded in darkness and dread; for some fans, the character offers humorous relief. If you find yourself in this group, an unconventional, amusing take on the Ghostface design could be your perfect match. Imagine Ghostface depicted with warmth and wit instead of wielding a weapon, a twist that could serve as a unique conversation starter.

Wonderful Ghostface Tattoos With Floral Motif

Wonderful Ghostface Tattoos With Floral Motif

Pairing brutality with beauty results in an intriguing contrast that many find appealing. Combining the grim Ghostface image with a delicate floral motif can soften the harshness, creating a captivating and unique tattoo. The unexpected blend of themes creates a striking balance, resulting in an unconventional yet compelling piece of art.

Ghostface Tattoo Ideas For Horror Movie Lovers

Ghostface Tattoo Ideas For Horror Movie Lovers

Horror film buffs may want to consider a Ghostface tattoo that incorporates other iconic elements from the genre. Such a tattoo could include symbols like spider webs or ominous figures, embodying the true essence of horror. Incorporating Ghostface into this broader horror narrative can create a comprehensive representation of your love for this thrilling genre.

Gory And Bloody Ghostface Tattoo Ideas

Gory And Bloody Ghostface Tattoo Ideas

For the ardent horror enthusiast, a bloody Ghostface design might hit the mark. The quintessential horror scene, replete with spilt blood and menacing weaponry, could be embodied in a Ghostface design complete with a bloody knife. Such a design visually captures the heart-pounding suspense integral to the ‘Scream’ franchise.

Cute Ghostface Tattoo Designs With The Heart Symbol

Cute Ghostface Tattoo Designs With The Heart Symbol

Another approach is to tread the line between terror and tenderness. For instance, Ghostface paired with heart symbols offers a quirky yet adorable alternative. This unique perspective presents Ghostface in a more whimsical light, providing a different spin on this horror icon.

Unconventional Ghostface Tattoos For Women

Unconventional Ghostface Tattoos For Women

For those looking to challenge conventions, consider a Ghostface tattoo that explores the identity behind the mask. Such a design can illustrate the human element beneath the surface, offering a compelling narrative about identity and fear. This concept can push boundaries, making for a thought-provoking, striking piece of art.

Ghostface Tattoo Designs For Fans Of The ‘Scream’ Movies

Ghostface Tattoo Designs For Fans Of The 'Scream' Movies

For the true ‘Scream’ aficionado, a tattoo depicting Ghostface with a 90s-style flip phone, referencing the chilling phone calls in the movie, might be the ideal design. This nostalgic tribute to the ‘Scream’ movies brings a unique sense of humor to the design, while also serving as an enduring token of your love for this horror classic.

Watch A Video Of The Best 92+ Ghostface Tattoos You Need To See!

Ideas For Ghost face Tattoo That Are Easy To Place Anywhere

Ideas For Ghostface Tattoos That Are Easy To Place Anywhere

Ghostface tattoos lend themselves to a range of designs suitable for any placement on the body. Smaller designs can fit comfortably on the calves, ankles, thighs, biceps, or wrists, whereas larger designs may find a home on the shoulder, arm, or chest. These versatile tattoos allow your appreciation for Ghostface to shine, adding a touch of the classic ‘Scream’ franchise’s charm to your body art collection.

Amazing Ghostface Tattoo

Need More Inspiration

Ghostface Tattoo

What Are The Roots Of Ghostface Tattoos

Ghostface tattoos trace their roots back to the cinematic debut of Ghostface, the primary antagonist of the ‘Scream’ series, which premiered in 1996. This film franchise, created by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven, reinvigorated the horror genre, and its unique, haunting mask became a staple of pop culture iconography. This distinctive design lent itself naturally to body art, marking the birth of Ghostface tattoos.

In the early years, Ghostface tattoos were predominantly simple, direct representations of the character, mainly echoing its iconic black-and-white mask. However, as tattoo artistry evolved and diversified, so did the designs of Ghostface tattoos. Artists started experimenting with different styles, blending elements from traditional, neo-traditional, and realistic tattoo styles to create unique renditions of the iconic character.

Over time, this evolution in style and approach led to the incorporation of various elements into Ghostface designs, turning them into intricate pieces of body art. Some artists began to incorporate darker themes, such as bloody knives or other menacing elements, while others chose a more humorous or abstract approach, offering fresh interpretations of the classic character.

In recent years, we’ve seen an increased blending of themes, with Ghostface tattoos being combined with floral motifs, humorous elements, and even heart symbols, offering a fresh and sometimes softer take on the character. This evolution mirrors the broader trend in the tattoo industry of reimagining traditional symbols or characters in contemporary, creative ways.

Moreover, the increase in the popularity of horror movie-inspired tattoos has seen more individuals opting for Ghostface designs as a tribute to the ‘Scream’ series and the horror genre more broadly. As such, the Ghostface tattoo, much like the character it represents, has evolved and adapted over time, reflecting changing trends and individual artistic interpretations.

9 Key Styles When Creating A Ghostface Tattoo

  • Traditional or Old School Style : This style uses bold lines and a distinct color palette (often bright and highly contrasted). Ghostface tattoos in this style might resemble a classic sailor tattoo but would represent the iconic horror character.
  • Neo-Traditional Style : An evolution of the traditional style, this style maintains the use of bold lines and vivid colors but incorporates a broader range of themes and designs. This technique allows for more creativity in the interpretation of Ghostface.
  • Realism or Photorealistic Style : This style is used to create hyper-realistic renditions of the Ghostface mask or the character in action. It requires great precision and skill on the part of the tattoo artist.
  • Blackwork Style : This technique uses deep black ink to create striking and bold designs. A Ghostface tattoo in this style could range from a solid black silhouette to an intricate patterned design.
  • Trash Polka Style : This is a contemporary style of tattooing that combines realism with abstract elements, typically in a black and red color scheme. A Ghostface tattoo in this style might juxtapose a realistic image of the Ghostface mask with abstract shapes or smears.
  • Dotwork or Pointillism Style : This method uses dots of ink to create the design. In a Ghostface tattoo, this technique could be used to render shading or texture in the mask or background elements.
  • Illustrative Style : Combining elements of various styles, this technique brings an illustrative, often story-like quality to the design. Ghostface tattoos in this style might incorporate scenes from the ‘Scream’ movies or other related imagery.
  • Watercolor Style : This style imitates the fluid, vibrant aesthetics of watercolor painting. A Ghostface tattoo in this style could feature washes of color in the background or within the character itself for a dreamy, artistic effect.
  • New School Style : Known for its exaggerated features, vivid colors, and cartoon-like designs, this style can provide a more humorous or quirky take on the Ghostface character.

Each style has its unique attributes and may resonate differently depending on individual aesthetic preferences and the personal significance of the tattoo. An experienced and creative tattoo artist can also combine styles to create a customized Ghostface design that best suits the client’s vision.

7 Tips To Make Your Ghostface Tattoo Unique To You

Ghostface tattoos, like all forms of body art, serve as a personal canvas for self-expression. They can narrate individual stories, symbolize personal philosophies, or pay tribute to the cultural impact of the ‘Scream’ franchise. Here’s how:

  • Tribute to the Horror Genre : For many, a Ghostface tattoo is a tribute to their love of the horror genre. It may represent their appreciation for the suspense, thrill, and adrenaline rush that comes with watching horror films.
  • Nostalgia and Cultural Impact : For others, it may symbolize nostalgia for the ’90s when the ‘Scream’ franchise was at its peak. It serves as a nod to a time when horror films were reinventing themselves, with Ghostface becoming a cultural icon.
  • Facing Fears : Ghostface could also serve as a symbol of facing one’s fears. Much like the characters in the movies must confront their terror, a Ghostface tattoo could represent a person’s resilience, bravery, or their triumph over personal adversities.
  • Dual Nature : The Ghostface mask can represent the dual nature of human beings – the face we show to the world versus our true selves underneath. It could be a philosophical statement about identity, humanity, and the masks we all wear.
  • Dark Humor : Given the ‘Scream’ franchise’s blend of horror and dark humor, a Ghostface tattoo might also express a person’s appreciation for this unique mix. It could indicate a knack for finding humor even in the darkest of situations.
  • Personal Significance : Some individuals may have personal connections or experiences tied to the ‘Scream’ franchise or the Ghostface character. A Ghostface tattoo, in this case, can serve as a symbol of these personal stories or memories.
  • Artistic Expression : Finally, from an aesthetic standpoint, a Ghostface tattoo can be a canvas for expressing one’s artistic preferences. Whether it’s a particular style (traditional, neo-traditional, realism, etc.) or thematic elements (horror, gore, humor, etc.), the design can reflect the wearer’s artistic tastes and philosophies.

Ultimately, the meaning of a Ghostface tattoo, like any tattoo, is deeply personal and can vary greatly from person to person. It’s a form of expression that allows the individual to convey their unique story or perspective in an artistic and permanent way.

As we conclude our exploration of Ghostface tattoo designs, it’s crucial to remember a few key points. Tattoos are a profound form of personal expression, blending art, identity, and often, a love for specific cultural elements – in this case, the iconic Ghostface from the ‘Scream’ franchise. These designs can range from terrifyingly detailed to humorously quirky, offering a vast spectrum of possibilities to fit your aesthetic preferences and personality.

However, as with any tattoo, there are considerations and potential risks. Always ensure that your chosen tattoo artist is licensed and maintains a clean, safe environment to minimize the risk of infection. Remember, detailed or intricate designs may require longer sessions or multiple appointments, so factor in the time and financial commitment. It’s also important to consider the visibility and potential societal implications of your tattoo, particularly if it represents darker themes.

But, don’t let these considerations deter you. A well-thought-out, well-executed tattoo can serve as a lasting symbol of what you love or believe in. Tattoos often narrate our life stories, experiences, and passions, and if Ghostface happens to be part of yours, why not immortalize it in ink? Whether you’re a horror movie buff, a ‘Scream’ fan, or simply intrigued by the Ghostface concept, use this blog post as your guide to creating a tattoo that you’ll cherish. Embrace your individuality, and let your tattoo tell your unique tale.

feature image from Pinterest


Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson (BA) is a professional tattooist, blogger and passionate photographer! After graduating with a BTEC Level 4 in tattoo design he has gone on to work for both private clients in tattoo parlours across the UK, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. He is also the editor in chief at Outsons. The brains behind the brand: a veteran of the industry working for some of the biggest fashion and grooming brands in the UK. Jamie has been writing for Outsons tattoo section since the beginning of 2017, providing informed and passionate content about the fascinating world of inked body art. If you would like to know more about Jamie or further details on our editorial policy then just click the links in the footer.

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  1. Wass Up Ghost Face Mask

    ghost face ethikas

  2. Ghost Face PFP Aesthetic : 650 Pfp Ideas In 2021

    ghost face ethikas

  3. Scream’s Ghost Face Sixth Scale Figure Is Ready To Stalk Your Shelves

    ghost face ethikas

  4. All of the Ghostface mask variations currently shown on Fun World's

    ghost face ethikas

  5. Dead By Daylight’s Halloween Update Finally Added Ghostface’s Best Mask

    ghost face ethikas

  6. Ghostface Is Fully Back in New Scream: Resurrection Trailer

    ghost face ethikas




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  12. Ghostface Killah & Tekitha

    In this live performance from 1996, Ghostface Killah performs "All That I Got is You" with Tekitha. This classic song from the rapper's debut album solidifie...

  13. TikTok Ghostface mask trend explained: The spicy BookTok ...

    The trends of "masks" and "mask kinks" have been a popular talking point with BookTok fans, with countless videos popping up of recommended books and cosplayers, and now it seems to be taking off with Ghostface at the front and centre. One video, shared by @annaleegrace15, has had over 6.4 million views, and features the caption: "POV: You saw ...

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  16. What Is the Ghostface Trend on TikTok?

    The main antagonist of Scream — Ghostface — is all over the social media app with the hashtags #Ghostface and #Ghostfacecult. While it's just a harmless social media trend and not a real cult ...

  17. 45 Minutes of 7 Year Anniversary Ghostface

    Enter the Youtooz Giveaway here: out the official SpookyLoopz Youtooz plushie here:

  18. What Is the Ghostface Cult on TikTok? Why the Character ...

    Thanks to a 25-year legacy, Ghostface, the masked killer from the Scream franchise, has proven to be an enduring character. Although the internet barely existed when the first Scream movie came out, Ghostface has now gained a cult following on TikTok.Thankfully, that cult following is a pretty harmless way to pay homage to a fictional serial killer.

  19. Scream: Every Character Who Has Been Ghostface

    Proving that it's hard to keep a good slasher down, Ghostface will return in the Scream reboot. The movie's first trailer reintroduces the iconic slasher and the three mainstay characters that have survived every Scream movie to date: Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley. What differentiates Scream from most slasher franchises is the ...

  20. New 'Scream' trailer brings back Ghostface, original stars

    Oct. 12, 2021 11:53 AM PT. Ghostface is back and ready to make his victims run, bleed and — of course — scream in the new "Scream" trailer. Released Tuesday, the preview features Wes ...

  21. Scream

    Paramount Pictures 3.28M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 5.1K Share 185K views 2 years ago #Ghostface #Scream #ScreamMovie "Ghostface is back and it's scary as ever." Discover what brings the...

  22. 88 Ghostface Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You In 2023!

    Often depicted with a knife, Ghostface embodies the visceral fear and suspense integral to the genre. For some, the thrill of this image translates to an unconventional charm when used as a tattoo design. If you resonate with this unusual allure, consider immortalizing the classic Ghostface wielding a knife in ink on your skin.