flying ghost zipline


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flying ghost zipline

This ghost zipline is the perfect way to make trick-or-treating spooky and safe this Halloween

This ghost zipline is the perfect way to make trick-or-treating spooky and safe this Halloween

Lovers of all things spooky have been coming up with ways to keep Halloween safe, and happening, this year during the coronavirus pandemic, and one woodworker in Michigan thinks he has the solution.

Matt Thompson, of Garden City, Mich., has created a Halloween zipline so trick-or-treaters can safely score some candy -- and their parents can score a beer -- while still social distancing.

Thompson's zipline, which he created using fishing equipment, runs from his porch to the sidewalk and features an attached ghoul decoration because would it be a Halloween zipline without one?

The ghost ferries candy, as well as a beer cart Thompson also made, down to the trick-or-treaters. After that, Thompson reels it back up and reloads, reports 25 Boston News.

Honestly, this might be more fun than traditional trick-or-treating. I mean, what would you rather do? Reach into a nondescript bowl hoisted in the doorway of stranger's house for candy or have an eerie ghoul deliver it to you by zooming through the air? Yeah, we'd definitely pick that second option too.

To find out more, visit 25 Boston News.

12 things to do in Coastal Mississippi in 2024 – one for each month

it's always a great time to visit Coastal Mississippi!

This story is sponsored by Visit Coastal Mississippi.

It’s no secret we love Coastal Mississippi. The area is beautiful, the vibes are good, and there is always something going on, no matter what time of the year it is.

To prove that it’s always a good time to visit Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, we put together this list of 12 things to do in Coastal Mississippi this year – one for each month of the year. The hardest thing about making this list? Narrowing it down!

Now, let’s get to it.

January – Enjoy the great outdoors.

Tired of the frigid weather? Take a trip to the Mississippi Coast to get away from the chill. January on the coast is very mild – the average temperature for the area is 61 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s the perfect time to get outside. Take a hike on the Tuxachanie Hiking Trail in Saucier – it’s a 13.8-mile trail that’ll expose you to all sorts of terrain, including swampland. If cycling is your thing, visit the Live Oaks Bicycle Route in Ocean Springs for a beautiful 15.5-mile trip. And don’t forget to stop at Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve to explore and take beautiful nature photos!

February – Enjoy Mardi Gras!

OK, you have not lived until you’ve experienced Mardi Gras, and Coastal Mississippi goes all out. There are more than 20 parades across the area, so you’ll find plenty of fun. And while you’re there, you have to check out the Coastal Mississippi Mardi Gras Museum in Biloxi to find out more about the history and magic of Carnival season – and see some pretty cool costumes, as well.

March – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

There’s no better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than the Mississippi Coast! Biloxi hosts an amazing St. Patrick’s Day Parade , and after the parade Irish Malarkey will begin. The event has green beer, plenty of dancing and live music. Just remember to pack your green clothes! And if you want to get something “healthy” in before all those green brews, you can partake in a 5K that morning.

April – Catch some live music and eat well.

It’s always a great time to listen to some live music in Coastal Mississippi, but we’re partial to the Crawfish Music Festival . It has a little bit of everything, including piping hot crawfish, potatoes, and corn; there are festival rides; there’s amazing music; and it’s all held outside with the beautiful April Gulf Breeze on your face. Paradise, right? The event will be held right outside the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center on April 19-21, and tickets start at $25. Find out more here.

May – Celebrate pirate-style.

Ahoy, mateys. Our favorite thing about Coastal Mississippi? You never know what unique events you are going to find there. Pirate Day in the Bay in Bay St. Louis is a fun one, y’all. In previous years, they’ve had a little buccaneers’ parade, costume competition, play zones, pub crawls and cardboard boat races. There’s also been live music and fireworks. This year’s event will be May 17-18.

June – Check out the area’s wonderful museums.

Sometimes when you say the word “museum” people think “boring.” Not in South Mississippi. The area has some of the best museums we’ve seen, and they’re the perfect places to escape the summer heat. The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs and Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi are worth the getaway alone. The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art was designed by Frank O. Gehry and has a variety of contemporary and historic exhibitions for guests to browse. (And let us just say that the museum is a work of art.) The Walter Anderson Museum immerses you in the works of master painter Walter Inglis Anderson and his siblings, ceramist James McConnell Anderson and master potter Peter Anderson. The cozy vibes will calm you on even the most humid days.

July – Celebrate the Fourth on the beach.

Is there any better place to celebrate the Fourth than beautiful Coastal Mississippi? Many of the towns – Diamondhead, Long Beach and Gulfport, for starters – host July Fourth festivals and fireworks shows. If you want a truly unique experience, make a reservation to sail on a Biloxi Schooner to view a fireworks show from the water. It is truly amazing.

August – Watch college football.

I know what you’re thinking – why do I need to have a getaway to watch college football? Just stay with us for a second, OK? Travel down to Coastal Mississippi and place some bets on your favorite team. Silver Slipper in Bay St. Louis, Scarlet Pearl in D’Iberville and Harrah’s in Biloxi are among some of the places you can find sportsbooks. (Find a full list here. ) Watch the games in the casinos and cross your fingers that you win big!

September – It’s seafood time.

We all love to eat seafood, and luckily for us, Biloxi Seafood Fest is spectacular. The annual event has all the seafood you could ever eat, live music and plenty of arts and crafts. (Bonus: It starts cooling down this time of the year as well.) This year’s event is Sept. 14; kids 12 and under get in free.

October – Get ready to see some classic cars.

Since 1996, Coastal Mississippi has been the site of Cruisin’ the Coast – aka “America’s Largest Block Party” – and it just keeps getting better every year. Here’s what happens: Thousands of car enthusiasts flock to the area to show off their vehicles, cruise the miles of beach-side highway, and have fun. There are designated stops throughout the route that are set up as mini-festivals with live music, food and more. It’s been selected as the best car show in the U.S. several times. Tens of thousands attend the event every year. This year it will be Oct. 6-13.

November – Attend the Peter Anderson Arts Festival.

Just one month later is another significant event: The Peter Anderson Arts Festival. It’s one of the largest art fests across the state and the South, and people love it. There will be lots of art available to buy, of course, but it’s much more than that. There will be live music, artist demonstrations, hands-on marine education and even an art area for kids. This year’s festival will be Nov. 2 and 3 – it’s the perfect time to get an early start on holiday shopping.

December – Get in the holiday spirit.

How are we already at the end of the year? Well, here we are. And it’s a lovely time to be in Coastal Mississippi. If you’re a Grinch, that’ll change after watching the Christmas boat parade (with fireworks) in Biloxi on Dec. 7. Check out the Annual Snowflake and Sugar Plums Festival in downtown Bay St. Louis if you want to encounter a winter wonderland – there’s a train, pictures with Santa, a bounce house and more. And definitely finish your holiday shopping while you’re there. No matter who is on your list, there are plenty of options!

Fast food breakfasts, ranked

A delicious stack of chicken biscuits from Hardee's

Nothing beats grabbing a hot cup of coffee and a delicious sausage biscuit on your way to work in the morning. Especially if it's as quick and easy as it is delicious.

Of course, there are many different breakfast preferences and establishments where you can satisfy those cravings. With that in mind, we asked The Potluck, our membership program , to rank which fast food restaurant has the best breakfast.

Strap in because the results will make you hungry!

Think they got it wrong? You can join The Potluck here and take part in future member-exclusive rankings!

#9) Arby's

The Toidi/Shutterstock

Collecting last place is Arby's . This is understandable because not all Arby's locations serve breakfast, so it's sometimes forgotten about. But if you haven't tried their breakfast offerings, Arby's breakfast sandwiches are legit, with a lot of passionate people claiming that the sourdough, ham, egg, and Swiss cheese hits on a whole other level and saying that Arby's breakfast is severely underrated. If only more people got to experience Arby's excellent morning fare.

#8) Wendy's

Another overlooked fast food breakfast! Wendy's launched its breakfast menu back in 2020, and it has expanded in the past few years. They recently introduced their own English Muffin Sandwiches (watch out, McDonald's ), and in addition to all of the sandwiches, you'll also find plenty of sides like Seasoned Potatoes, Homestyle French Toast Sticks, Apple Bites, and an Oatmeal Bar that tastes just like a cookie.

#7) Whataburger

The Texan fast food chain has a cult-like following for its beloved menu items and most locations are open 24 hours a day to serve up an array of delicious items including a bevy of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and shakes. Between the hours of 11 pm-11 am, Whataburger's breakfast menu is packed full of delicious favorites, perfect for a late night snack or to start your workday.

#6) Krystals

Slotting into the middle section is Krystal ! Known for it's tiny square burgers, Krystal is certainly an overlooked fast food restaurant when it comes to breakfast offerings. Isn’t breakfast always better in a bowl? Grits, eggs, cheese, bacon or sausage in one container – a perfect fit in your car’s cupholder.

Read more: An Ode to Krystal

#5) Bojangles

Bojangles breakfasts have a very special place in my heart. In my humble opinion, their sausage biscuit is unmatched and their fries (ok, not a "traditional" breakfast item) can't be beat! And I can get those items at any time of day? Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours, Bojangles.

#4) Burger King

Today, Burger King has an extensive list of breakfast items — and many of them are fairly new. Although they stick mostly to what they do best (making sandwiches), the array of options might surprise you if you haven't ventured to a BK in the morning for a handful of years.

#3) Hardee's

Large basket of Hardee's biscuits with a coffee to-go.

Breakfast is home to some of the popular menu items sold by Hardee's . That's mostly due to the "Made from Scratch" biscuits, which are supposedly freshly made by hand daily, at each location of Hardee's. The breakfast items containing biscuits do tend to be of a higher quality. But those aren't the only morning meals worth buying.

#2) McDonald's

McDonald's Egg McMuffin and crispy hashbrown

Coming in at second place, whether you’re hungry, had a long night or simply craving something to get through the day, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to hit the spot. And that’s a McDonald’s breakfast. Crunchy hash browns, nostalgia-inducing hotcakes, and McGriddles injected with sickly sweet syrup. Breakfast burritos. Oatmeal. Biscuits with bacon and cheese.

#1) Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-A's heart-shaped box of Chick'n Minis is best Valentine's gift since the invention of chocolate.

Is anyone surprised? Of course not! With an overwhelming amount of the highest votes, y'alls favorite fast food breakfast comes from none other than, Chick-fil-a . If you want to start your day on the right foot, heading to CFA for breakfast first thing in the morning is a great idea. You're sure to be able to find something that you'll thoroughly enjoy. But you know that already, don't you!

Southern videos about cold weather

When the weather gets cold in the South, we all kinda lose our minds a little bit. You see, we're used to humidity and our thighs sticking to the leather in our vehicle's seats, but we're not used to having to wear a heavy jacket. (Most of us don't even own really heavy jackets.)

If you want to understand Southern winters -- or if it's cold outside and you just need something to watch -- check out these videos:

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If you're convinced Southern meteorologists may own shares in the bread and milk industries, here you go. (Adam's co-star in this one is Alabama meteorologist James Spann.):

For all of you who are winter grumps and need reassurance that that is ok, here is the video for you:, if you ever need to explain southern weather to transplants ..., here's what we think about we get our power bill:, if you want to remember the first cold day of the season (it was just a couple weeks ago, probably):, and if you get tired of the cold, let me remind you of what's next: pollen season, why southerners really hate cold weather.

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flying ghost zipline

DIY Flying Axworthy Ghost for Halloween

On October 10, 2017

In Halloween

flying ghost zipline

DIY Flying Axworthy Ghost for Halloween-Video

I’ve always wanted a ghost that would fly throughout my haunts, and last year I finally got my wish!!

The Axworthy ghost is basically a suspended pulley track above the ground that you can fly a ghost from.  I built mine out of old bike wheels attached to conduit that was pounded into the ground.

All of the guests at my haunted Halloween party were awestruck as they watched this ghostly spirit silently float throughout the quiet graves.  Then, without a sound, would return to the party, hovering high above their heads…it was a hit to say the least!

flying ghost zipline

DIY Flying Axworthy Ghost for Halloween Tutorial

Want to print out this tutorial without the ads?

Click here to download my  DIY Flying Axworthy Ghost PDF Printable Tutorial  for only $5! 

Putting the Motor Together

We used an old hand drill (bought at goodwill) that we attached to a simple homemade platform (made from 2in wide flat strap welded together) to run the whole pulley system

flying ghost zipline

Here’s a closer look at the motor in action:

  • Approx. 6ft of 2in wide flat strap
  • One old hand drill (this will be the motor)
  • One adult sized bike wheel (Smaller bike wheels work, but they tend the whip the ghost around the turn faster than a larger wheel does)
  • One Variable speed controller  (to control the speed of the motor)
  • Bondo resin (You’ll also need hardener drops to mix with the resin to harden.  This usually comes with the resin when you buy it)
  • Welder (any kind)
  • Chop saw with a metal cutting blade
  • Grinder to grind off sharp edges of metal after cutting
  • Hand drill or drill press with metal drilling bits (to drill holes into mounting arms and motor plate)

These are the approximate measurements of the homemade motor platform we welded together (the whole platform is actually upside down in the pic)

flying ghost zipline

It’s pretty simple…screw the mounting arms onto something stable that will hold the weight of the whole contraption (like the edge of a roof or an awning).  Then mount the old hand drill (the motor) onto the motor plate at the other end

flying ghost zipline

We attached the drill to the motor plate with a large U-bolt

flying ghost zipline

One more note…make sure the shaft is long enough so that your ghost won’t hit the wall when turning.  You want your motor to overhang far enough away from any walls so that you won’t have this problem

flying ghost zipline

I had to build a makeshift awning out of a couple of 2x4s so that the ghost wouldn’t hit the wall when turning on the wheel.  I think if I were to build another motor platform, I would make the shaft at least another foot or foot and a half longer so the motor would overhang out further from the wall, preventing the ghost from hitting the wall while turning

flying ghost zipline

Attaching the wheel (or pulley) to the motor was a cinch…I simply inserted the axle of the wheel into the drill where you would normally insert drill bits, and then tightened.

flying ghost zipline

After hanging the motor and wheel, you’ll need to pour some Bondo resin into the axle insides of the wheel to cease the wheel from spinning independently from the drill (which will cause the whole thing to not work properly.  (I’ve used both liquid nails and also JB Weld and neither of them worked as good as the resin).

flying ghost zipline

This is how I mix the resin all up:

flying ghost zipline

Pour the resin into a disposable cup (you’ll only need about 1/4 cup of resin)

flying ghost zipline

Add the hardener.  Basically, just follow the directions on the can of resin of how many drops you’ll need for.  Honestly, I just added about 20 drops (which is probably a little more than it needed, but I’m impatient) and it worked just fine.  (FYI-The more drops you add, the faster it hardens)

flying ghost zipline

Stir it all up with a disposable spoon

flying ghost zipline

I just drizzled the resin into the axle insides with the spoon, not worrying if I got a little on the wheel here and there.  After adding the resin, I let it harden completely, before moving onto the next step.

Plug in the Variable speed controller  to the motor to control how fast your motor will spin

flying ghost zipline

Here is a close look on how the variable speed controller works: (you’ll notice that the wheel and motor platform are a little different as it was one of the first ones that we made)

Making the Pulleys

flying ghost zipline

  • Bike wheels (Decide on how many bike wheels you’ll need…for every turn your ghost makes, you will need a wheel.  At first I used a couple of kid-sized bike wheels and I found that the smaller the wheel, the faster the ghost will flip around the turn)  I like my ghost to turn slow and graceful, which is why I prefer adult-sized bike wheels.  Also, make sure all of the axles on the wheels spin freely.  If they’re rusted and seized, they won’t work!)
  • Wing nut on each axle for each wheel (Make sure all of your wheels have a wing nut that will screw onto the axle (with the exception of the wheel that attaches to the motor which you won’t need the wing nut)
  • 3/4in diameter conduit pipe in 5ft lengths (you will be pounding these into the ground) You’ll need as many of these as you have bike wheels
  • 1/2in diameter conduit pipe (cut your lengths the height that you want your ghost to suspend in the air)  You’ll need as many of these as you have bike wheels
  • Eyebolt and nut (you will need as many as you have wheels)
  • Pieces of scrap metal (approx. 1in x 2in) Doesn’t need to be fancy as this will be welded to the bottom of each 3/4in conduit pole to prevent the poles from spinning and twisting when they are pounded into the ground
  • Black spray paint-I painted all of my poles and wheels to help hide them in the dark.
  • Chop saw or grinder with metal cutting blade
  • Hand drill or drill press with metal cutting bits

Unscrew the wing nut from the axle of the wheel

flying ghost zipline

Weld the wing nut into the end of one of your 1/2inch round conduit pipes.

flying ghost zipline

We used a screwdriver to hold the wing nut in place while welding

flying ghost zipline

The wider part of the wing nut should be facing out

flying ghost zipline

Now screw the wing nut back onto the axle (sorry for the blurry pic!)

flying ghost zipline

The wheel is now attached to the 1/2inches round conduit and should spin freely

flying ghost zipline

With the 3/4inches round conduit pipe, drill a hole slightly larger than the shaft of the eye bolt (but not larger than the nut) The hole should be about 8 or 10 inches from the end of the conduit

flying ghost zipline

With the nut screwed onto the eye bolt, place the shaft of the eye bolt into the hole (the eye bolt should just slide right in since the hole is a little larger)

flying ghost zipline

Weld the nut onto the conduit, making sure NOT to weld the eye bolt also…  The eye bolt should be able to unscrew from the nut after the nut is welded

flying ghost zipline

At the other end of the 3/4in round conduit pipe (the bottom part that will be pounded into the ground), we made a ‘T’ by welding on a rectangular piece of metal to keep the poles from spinning while in the ground (something we were having an issue with until we figured this out)

flying ghost zipline

Now pound the 3/4in round conduit about 1 or 2ft into the ground (far enough in so that it’s sturdy)

flying ghost zipline

To avoid chewing up the ends of the conduit while hammering, we used a homemade metal sleeve that fit over the conduit, but a tee-post driver would work just as well

flying ghost zipline

Slide the 1/2in round conduit pipe (with the wheel attached) into the 3/4in conduit pipe that is already pounded into the ground.  Find the height that you want the wheel and then tighten the eye bolt

flying ghost zipline

I spray painted all of my wheels and pipes black to keep it all hidden at night

Making the Ghost

Since I wanted something with a little more flare I put more work into my ghost, but you can make a really easy light-weight ghost by simply draping some cheesecloth over a round ball of Styrofoam and hanging it with a piece of strong fishing line.

I can’t stress enough that the ghost needs to be as lightweight as possible, and after LOTS of trial and error, this is what I came up with:

flying ghost zipline

Tools & Supplies:

  • Acetone-free fingernail polish remover and cotton ball (to remove the date that is stamped on the milk jug)
  • Sharpie marker
  • Hot Glue gun (used when it’s time to hang ghost high above onto the main pulley line)
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Milk carton
  • Heavy grade fishing line (I used 50 pound grade)
  • Black paint and applicater for blacking out eyes
  • Cheesecloth (you will need two pieces at 3ft x 8ft in length )
  • Small sewing button
  • Green glow bracelet -(A regular sized glow stick is too heavy)
  • Life-sized skull for molding the milk jug to (it must withstands high heat from the heat gun) You can use a ceramic skull or do what I did and use a Bucky skull

flying ghost zipline

With the sharpie, draw around the handle and top as so…

flying ghost zipline

Cut along line with scissors or knife

flying ghost zipline

In order to fit the milk jug onto the skull, make two more lines (about 2 or 3in in length) on the top sides and then cut along lines

flying ghost zipline

Draw and cut one more line at the bottom (about 2-3inches in length)

flying ghost zipline

Set up your skull that you’ll be molding the milk jug to.  (I used a piece of PVC pipe and an umbrella stand to keep it propped up)

flying ghost zipline

See my video on how to mold a milk jug skull with a heat gun…

After you’ve made your milk jug skull, punch two small holes in the back (see red dots) and tie together with a piece of fishing line.  Let about 2ft of line dangle from the back.  (I also blacked out the eye sockets with my black paint)

flying ghost zipline

Tie another piece of fishing line (2ft in length) to your small button.

flying ghost zipline

Punch a small hole in the top of the skull and poke the end of the fishing line through.  The button will stop at the hole which will allow the skull to hang.

flying ghost zipline

You now should have two pieces of fishing line sticking out from the skull (one from the top, and one from the back).

flying ghost zipline

I used some fingernail polish remover and a cotton ball to remove the stamped date that was on the milk jug

flying ghost zipline

Gather both sheets of cheesecloth and starch and iron it

flying ghost zipline

Drape each piece of cheesecloth over the milk jug skull

flying ghost zipline

Pull the two pieces of fishing line up through the cheesecloth.  The line on the top is the main hanging line that will support the weight of the ghost.  The line in the back basically stabilizes the ghost so it wont twist and turn while flying.  Tie a ball bearing fishing swivel to the ends of both the lines,  leaving the main hanging line about 6in long and the stabilizing line about 8-10 inches long

flying ghost zipline

Here’s what one of the the ball-bearing fishing swivels looks like tied to one of the ends of the fishing line. (Sorry for the fuzzy pic!)

flying ghost zipline

Here is a look at how the ball bearing swivels will hang onto the actual pulley line that will allow the ghost to fly.

flying ghost zipline

I trimmed the cheesecloth to get rid of some weight.  In the pick the cheesecloth is really long, but I found out later that it was just too heavy and I had to trim it down as much as possible.

flying ghost zipline

I cut large triangles up into the fabric, which also gave it a more tattered look.

flying ghost zipline

To make the ghost head glow, I used a glow bracelet wrapped up in a clear plastic bag. I simply lifted up the ghosts’ skirts and stuffed the bag up inside the hollow head of the ghost

flying ghost zipline

The bag stays put stuffed into the head, and I didn’t even have to glue it in.  This makes it simple to remove and replace the glowing bracelet for the next night

flying ghost zipline

…and here he is with all the lights turned out!

Putting it all together

It’s time to hang the pulley line.  (It’s easiest to get a helper for this part)

Have your helper hold one end of the fishing line (keeping tension on the line), and string it all up going from one pulley to the next.  You’ll need a ladder for this!  After it’s all strung up you’ll end up back where you started and will have to make a strong knot in both ends of the fishing line (I went on YouTube to see how to correctly tie fishing line so that it won’t slip out of the knot)

flying ghost zipline

Hang your ghost onto the line with the swivel hooks.  I use a few pea-sized blobs of hot glue on the pulley line to work as stoppers for the swivel hooks. When you turn the motor on, the pulley line will move.  The stoppers basically ‘grab’ the swivels, taking your ghost with them.  If you don’t have these stoppers, the pulley line will start to slip through the swivels, causing the ghost not to move.

flying ghost zipline

I actually use two stoppers for each swivel hook.  The arrows show how the swivel can move freely in-between each stopper.  I leave about 4-6inches in-between the stoppers.  The lone middle stopper you see in the pic is just an extra one I added if I wanted to adjust anything.

flying ghost zipline


flying ghost zipline

  • Line isn’t tight enough

flying ghost zipline

  • Line is too tight and is bending the conduit so that the pulleys are not angled correctly with the fishing line
  • Motor is running too fast and ghost whips off the track
  • Ghost is hitting or snagging something

flying ghost zipline

  • Hot glue stoppers are too big causing the line to jump off.  Make sure they are no larger than about the size of a pea
  • Hot glue stoppers on pulley line are too small and are slipping right through the swivel hooks.

flying ghost zipline

Wishing you all a Happy Haunted Halloween!!!

Click here to download my  DIY Flying Axworthy Ghost PDF Printable Tutorial for only $5! 

Ultimate DIY Rustic Jewelry Cabinet

I got hitched.

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flying ghost zipline

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Scary Flying Ghost - Flies on a Long Cable (Included).

Scary Flying Ghost - Flies on a Long Cable (Included).

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flying ghost zipline

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flying ghost zipline

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Cheap Motorized Halloween Flying Ghost


Introduction: Cheap Motorized Halloween Flying Ghost

Cheap Motorized Halloween Flying Ghost

Hi everybody,

So Halloween is coming and you wan't to decorate your home to scare the trick or treaters without braking the bank and still have an amazing effect? Well this instructable is the one you need! In this instructable I will show you how to make a flying ghost for under 10 dollars whorth of electronics and a few dollars for the wood, I just used some scrap wood I've had laying around so I was free for me. Normally this kind of prop is made with and expensive whiper motor, wich can cost up to 30 dollars, I made mine basiccaly for for free because the motor and power supply where salvaged from and old disco ball.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Gather the Materials

Here's what you need to make this project

A 1 meter long piece of wood that's at least 8 centimeters deep and 1 centimeter high

A 12vac synchronous motor, you can salvage one from a rotating disco ball or buy one from amazon:

A 12vac power supply capable of at least dellivering 1amp you will probably have one laying around but if you don't already have one you can buy one for 15 dollars here:

A white sheet to make your ghost with.

Optional: a blacklight, this will make your ghost light up blue without lighting other things that aren't white.

Step 2: How It Works

How It Works

I made this very simple drawing to explain how it works, when the crank rotates the distances between the crank shaft and the eye-hooks will get bigger and smaller. In the drawing I only show 2 strings to keep it simple but we will use 3 one to attach to the "head" of our ghost and one for each "arm".

Step 3: Starting the Build

Starting the Build

So first take your at least one meter long piece of wood and mark the center of the wood

Step 4: Mounting the Motor

Mounting the Motor

Draw a circle around the base of the motor and drill out the hole.

Now insert the motor in the hole and screw it in place.

Step 5: Mounting the Eye-hooks

Mounting the Eye-hooks

Saw of 3 pieces of a 5*5 cm bar of wood each 5 cm high, now mark 2 points 50 cm's away from the motor's center, one to the left and one to the right.

Step 6: Drilling the Holes

Drilling the Holes

Now you can drill three holes around the marks that are 50cm's away from the motor, the distance should be something like one cm, it doesn't have to be very precise.

Step 7: Mounting the Blocks of Wood on the Bar

Mounting the Blocks of Wood on the Bar

Place the bar on top of the wooden blocks with the blocks under the 3 holes and insert a screw in each hole.

Step 8: Inserting the Eye Hooks

Inserting the Eye Hooks

Find a drill bit that is a little bit smaller then the threads on the eye-hook then drill a hole in each block as shown in the picture the hole has to be one cm away from the side of the block that's facing towards the motor. When you have drilled both holes you can insert the eye-hook just by screwing it in with your hand, the holes have to face to the center.

Step 9: Attaching the Second Arm

Attaching the Second Arm

Take a 40cm long piece of wood and drill 3 holes about 1.5cm apart on both sides, at this point you can take the thirth block of wood you made earlier and screw it to one of the sides with 3 screws through the holes you drilled.

Next we are going to attach the second arm to the bar, place it right next to the motor in a way that the eye-hook is straight in front of the motor.

Step 10: Insert the Eye-hook

Insert the Eye-hook

Again, just screw it in by hand so the hole faces towards the motor.

Step 11: Connecting the Electronics

Connecting the Electronics

Strip the wires of the power supply and the whires from the motor, and twist them together(the polarity doesn't matter because we're working with ac. When you twisted the wires together put electrical tape over the connections.

Step 12: Making the Crank

Making the Crank

I found a 1cm*1cm*20cm bar that was perfect for this job, you have to drill a hole in it a little bit bigger then the motor's shaft then drill a sideways hole trough the other hole on a 90degrees angle. Don't drill the hole like shown in the second picture, you don't wan't to poke a hole in your hand.

Step 13: Drill Your Hole Like This

Drill Your Hole Like This

Step 14: Mounting the Washer on the Crank

Mounting the Washer on the Crank

Measure a 20 cm long disance from the hole you drilled earlier (in this hole we will insert the shaft of the motor) mark that spot, here you can drill a hole about 2mm's in diameter. Now we can fabricate the washer, clamp it down on a wooden surface and drill 3 holes in it in a triangular shape. Screw the washer in place in the hole 20cm away from the hole where the motor's shaft goes. Now insert the motor shaft in the first hole with the 90degrees hole facing to the hole in the shaft( pic.2 ). And put a nail trough the sideways hole, this will also go trough the hole in the motor shaft and prevent any kind of slip.

Step 15: Add the Strings and Your Ghost

Add the Strings and Your Ghost

Now that the mechanical build is done, you can finally add the three strings each attached to a hole in the washer and through an eye-hook as shown in the drawing, attach the head of your ghost on the middle string and the arms each to one of the remaining strings. I haven't been very creative with my ghost yet but it was just to test the concept.

Step 16: Done!


Congratulions if you've made it till here, now the only thing you have to do is hang it somewhere where it's dark shine a light on it, and scare some people!

Happy Halloween! :-)

Halloween Decor Contest 2016

Participated in the Halloween Decor Contest 2016

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Scary Flying Ghost

Scary Flying Ghost

Scary Flying Ghost

Product Overview

  • Model Number: 56102
  • 31.5"L x 6.02"W x 10"H
  • Material: Fabric, plastic
  • Requires 3 - Heavy Duty "AA" batteries, (not included)
  • End use location: Indoor
  • Includes flying ghost and travel cable
  • Activated by sound, the ghost makes creepy sounds as he flies above
  • Perfect for Halloween decorating in the living room or dining room
  • Assembly required: Yes

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Flying Ghost DIY Halloween Prop using an Oscillating Fan

Long ago, I created a Reaching hands prop on Instructables .  It consisted of an oscillating fan and a couple fake hands .  The fan was mounted to my patio roof and covered with black tarp.  It gave the illusion of a hands reaching down from the ceiling.

Here’s the old prop in motion.  The only problem was, you needed a way to mount the fan to the ceiling in a weird way.  I usually used a rope to tie it so it’s facing down.  So, I decided to try making a new prop with the fan.

Using a little fishing line, and a pulley system using eyehooks, I was able to use the fan to animate a ghost.  The ghost was made with parts found at home depot.  All you need is a fan that oscillates, some eyehooks, cheesecloth, fishing line, and skeleton parts.

Shopping List:

Oscillating Fan


Fishing Line

Cheese Cloth

Skull & Skeleton Hands

Check out the video at the top to see how easy it is to build this project.

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