Check out Nancy Walton Laurie's $300 million superyacht that features a helipad, swimming pool, and aquarium

  • Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie owns a multi-award-winning $300 million superyacht.
  • "Kaos" was built by Oceanco, the same company that built Jeff Bezos' $500 million megayacht.
  • The 361-foot yacht was recently spotted by a TikToker in Miami, Florida.

Insider Today

A superyacht owned by Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie attracted attention recently after being spotted in Miami, Florida.

A TikToker posted a video of "Kaos," Walton Laurie's 361-foot luxury yacht, as it was moored outside her "front door."

"Oh wow, this thing is huge," Bridget Brick says in the video, adding that the yacht "looks like a small city."

@bridgetbrix Never a dull day in Miami, as another, mega yacht pulls up outside my front door. Did you know it’s easy to look up any information about a yacht? I learned this while in Portofino, and from this little search, you can tell who owns yachts & who rents them. 🙊 # #miami # #miamilife # #yacht # #yachts ♬ original sound - Bridget Brick

Walton Laurie, worth $7.5 billion according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index , is the youngest daughter of Walmart co-founder James "Bud" Walton. She inherited her father's stake in the company when he died in 1995.

According to Bloomberg , she has a stake of less than 5% in Walmart, with the rest of the family's holding controlled by her sister, Ann Walton Kroenke. 

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Walton Laurie is the founder of a New York-based dance group called the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. She also owns a dance studio located in Columbia, Missouri called the Columbia Performing Arts Centre.

According to Yacht Bible , Kaos has four decks and room for 31 guests as well as 45 crew, with the largest deck boasting a swimming pool and even an aquarium. 

It also has a large cinema, sauna, and full spa facilities, the site says.

Photos shared by the Superyacht Times appear to show other features such as a helipad, a jacuzzi, and storage space for a smaller boat. 

"Kaos" was built in the Netherlands by Oceanco, a custom yacht builder which also constructed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' $500 million megayacht .

"Kaos" was previously named "Al Menwar" by the House of Thani, the Qatari royal family, per the Yacht Bible.

The yacht was fully refitted in 2020 by Luerssen in Hamburg, Germany, per the Yacht Bible, while the interior was redesigned with help from Reymond Langton Design.

Walton Laurie reportedly also owns another lavish superyacht called "Secret," according to Robb Report .

kaos yacht images

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kaos yacht 1

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KAOS Yacht – Extravagant $300M Superyacht

KAOS yacht (formerly JUBILEE and AL MENWAR) is an award-winning superyacht that was recently refitted with a completely redesigned interior.

At 110 metres (361ft) and 4,523 tons, she was the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands at the time of her launch in 2017.

The vessel was recently spotted off the coast of southern Spain before dropping anchor in the beach town of Marbella.


Kaos yacht interior

The interior of the motor yacht was originally designed by Sam Sorgiovanni who is originally from Australia and aims to unite practicality with beauty through his unique designs.

The vessel was made completely wheelchair accessible including elevators and barrier-free access to all decks. 

The process took a year and with the help of the British designer Reymond Langton, the interior was transformed.

KAOS has room for 31 guests in 16 cabins. This includes a lavish owner’s suite which consists of two separate bedrooms.

There are also four VIP suites and ten standard suites with ensuite bathrooms. All guest cabins are located on the upper deck. 

45 staff distributed across 24 cabins find space on the lower levels of the vessel. Only the cabins for the captain and first officer are located on the bridge deck.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 44734385-1024x683.jpg

The KAOS yacht was designed with maximum comfort in mind. Her interior includes lavish facilities such as a spacious elevator, a steam room, a full gym, as well as an indoor beach club.

Originally she was constructed with Middle Eastern design in mind which includes features such as a large majelis, which is a dedicated seating and entertainment area meant for hosting guests.

The KAOS yacht also has a large cinema, a sauna, and full spa facilities. Below the deck, there is a separate crew gym and a small hospital in case of medical emergencies.

The interior design can be described as lavish and luxurious. White and blue carpeted floors with intricate designs compliment the exterior of the vessel and its signature aqua color.

Golden accents and cream upholstery go well with the wooden elements such as the teak flooring.

Opulent furnishing with many indirect lighting accents creates a feeling of coziness and luxury. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 60699750-1-1024x683.jpg


At the time of her launch in 2017, the KAOS yacht was the largest yacht ever built by the custom yacht builder Oceano as well as the largest yacht built in the Netherlands.

At a length of 110 meters (361ft), a beam of 16.4 meters (53 ft), and a maximum draft of 4.4 meters (14.5 ft), she is currently ranked as the 39th largest motor yacht in the world, together with motor yachts ANNA, RADIANT and AL RAYA who measure the same length.

She displaces 4,523 tons and is known for her unusual design, which is very sleek and minimalist.

KAOS can reach speeds of up to 19 knots with an average speed of 15 knots which is not the fastest in her weight category but still impressive for her large size.

As expected from Oceano, she was constructed primarily from aluminum and steel and has a fuel capacity of 391,000 liters as well as a 230,000-litre freshwater tank. She is powered by impressive MTU engines fuelling two propellers.

The KAOS yacht can host 31 guests in 16 cabins as well as 45 crew in 24 cabins. Her maximum range is estimated to be somewhere around 5,000 nautical miles.


The KAOS yacht is an exceptionally beautiful yacht that was built prioritizing modern and minimalist design.

Lobanov Design is responsible for her eye-catching exterior, which focuses on futuristic elements combined with optical illusions. 

Established in 2007, this design studio is known to be young, offering unique perspectives and modern approaches.

She was built with curved lines in mind incorporating elements of glass and metal in a nautical context.

Her all-around glass fronts create an optical illusion letting the yacht appear to have several more decks than she actually has. 

The so-called trompe l’oeil effect lets KAOS appear sleek and elongated, setting her apart from traditional yacht design. Her designer Lobanov describes the modeling process for KAOS.

“The 3D modeling was quite a challenging task, which pleased my mathematical part of the brain. Each of the layers meets and splits under certain rules, which can be noticed from different angles.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 99681110-1024x683.jpg

Her exterior is white with light blue accents, which are contrasted by the many darkly tinted windows.

She has four decks, the largest of which is the aft which has a sizable swimming pool with a built-in aquarium and seating areas.

Several smaller decks are located on higher levels, although most of them are hidden in shaded areas. 

Close to the top of the superstructure, a small jacuzzi is situated, allowing guests to enjoy incredible views while relaxing.

At the bow, a helipad is located, including refueling facilities for small to medium-sized helicopter aircraft. Below the helipad, the mooring deck is cleverly concealed for aesthetic purposes. 

At the stern of the vessel, the KAOS yacht has an extendable swimming platform that can be closed completely when the yacht is underway.

This platform leads directly to a lounge area inside the yacht, complete with a state-of-the-art entertainment system, TV, and storage space.

On the starboard side of the aft, there is a separate platform for docking tenders and releasing water toys.

KAOS also possesses a modern underwater lighting system and state-of-the-art stabilizers for the comfort of guests when the vessel is underway or at anchor.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 95906127-1024x683.jpg

Toys and equipment

The KAOS yacht carries at least two tenders, one of which almost looks like a miniature version of the main vessel with the same blue and white design and tinted windows.

They were built by Pascoe International , a renowned company specializing in tenders for superyachts. 

She carries a wide array of water toys, including several jet skis, water bobs, and paddleboards.


Previous names

Originally the KAOS yacht was built in the Netherlands by Oceano under the name SECRET III. Upon her launch, she was officially named JUBILEE and then renamed AL MENWAR by the royal family of Qatar, the House of Thani. 

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  • Igor Lobanov
  • Nancy Walton Laurie
  • Sam Sorgiovanni

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kaos yacht images

What if bigger works better?

kaos yacht images

Exterior design

kaos yacht images

Interior design

kaos yacht images


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kaos yacht images

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kaos yacht images

Motor Yacht

Kaos is a custom motor yacht launched in 2017 by Oceanco in Alblasserdam, Netherlands and most recently refitted in 2020.

Oceanco specialises in building large custom yachts up to 160m in length.

Kaos measures 110.00 metres in length and has a beam of 16.4 feet. She has a gross tonnage of 4,200 tonnes.

Kaos has a steel hull with an aluminium superstructure.

Established in 2007, Lobanov Design is a studio for the future. With roots in everything from transport design and fine art to interiors and architecture, this young studio's diverse background gives it a fresh and dynamic approach to yacht design.

Her interior design is by Sorgiovanni Designs.

Kaos also features naval architecture by Oceanco and Azure Naval Architects and Lateral Naval Architects.

Performance and Capabilities

Kaos has a top speed of 18.50 knots and a cruising speed of 14.00 knots. She is powered by a twin screw propulsion system.

She also has a range of 5,000 nautical miles.


Kaos accommodates up to 30 guests in 15 cabins. She also houses room for up to 39 crew members.

Other Specifications

Kaos has a hull NB of Y714.

  • Yacht Builder Oceanco View profile
  • Exterior Designer Lobanov Design View profile
  • Interior Designer Sorgiovanni Designs View profile

Yacht Specs

Other oceanco yachts, related news.


Please welcome a new addition to the family - Kaos , a 1994 Symbol 55 pilot house! She became part of the family in early January, and I've been spending all of my time aboard getting to know her.

Quick Specs

Here are some quick specifications on Kaos:

LOA: 56' 6" Beam: 16' 9" Draft: 4' Bridge Clearance: 21' Maximum Speed: 21 Knots Cruise Speed: 9.5 Knots

Fuel Tank: 756 Gallons Fresh Water: 220 Gallons Holding Tank: 95 Gallons

kaos yacht images

She's listed at 32 tons, which is roughly 64,000 pounds, but I've also seen higher numbers on other paperwork. I suspect with full tanks and fully loaded with all of my junk, she'll be between 60,000 and 70,000 pounds. The yard that put us in for the survey (she was stored on the hard) was one of the least amenable group of folks I've worked with, and while we did get in the water, weren't able to give me any weights.

Favorite Features

Here are a few things I loved when I first saw Kaos, and have liked even more in the first few weeks of ownership.

This wasn't one of my hard requirements back when I wrote Sailing towards Power while searching for Rendezvous, but it was in the back of my mind. So many boats in the Pacific Northwest have pilot houses to allow for year round comfortable piloting. I wanted a flybridge at the time, and for that to be the primary driving location because of visibility. I did look at a number of boats then with a pilothouse, but in the 40-45 foot range, that really took away from the interior living space.

kaos yacht images

Kaos has a fantastic pilothouse with plenty of space to drive from, a good layout of instruments, fantastic visibility forwards, and even a nice settee for guests to relax on while underway.

kaos yacht images

There's a nice sliding door on one side to allow for quick access to the deck, and all of the business of running the boat lives up here - electrical, generator controls, etc. - out of the living areas.

kaos yacht images

Visibility both standing and sitting is very good.

Stand up engine room

This was one of the things that drew me into looking at the boat, and on my first visit, really sold me on her. Almost all of the engine room has enough space for me to stand which is an amazing luxury on a boat this size.

kaos yacht images

Not only that, but the access around everything is excellent. Being able to get to both sides of the engines pretty much unrestricted is something I've never had on any boat. There's also a ton of space to add things with clear paths for wiring, piping, and other needs. Unlike other boats I've had or seen, there's also room for expansion, and plenty of space where things are already installed to move stuff around. No more decisions that end up having a compromise because something is already in one spot, or because of sheer lack of space.

I would probably say this is my favorite room on the boat!

One of the things I set out find was a boat that was more stable at anchor and underway. My initial focus was on more traditional full-displacement trawlers, similar to one I had many years ago, and also similar in stability to all of the sailboats I've had. My favorite boat for a long time has been the DeFever 49, and that matched what I was looking for.

But getting stabilization underway required more systems, usually fin stabilizers. Finding a full displacement trawler with those features put me right in the market that is hardest to find a boat.

kaos yacht images

Kaos so far has really impressed me. While not a full displacement trawler, general design makes her sit at anchor and at the dock far more comfortably than Rendezvous ever did.

kaos yacht images

Underway Kaos has a Wesmar stabilization system using hydraulic pressure off of the port engine. This is the type of system I had been searching for, and I am very pleased with how it operates in crappy weather.

Mechanical systems

kaos yacht images

All of the mechanical systems on Kaos are in fantastic shape, and there are a lot of them, all sized and setup the way I would have done it. These include things like:

  • 2x CAT 3208TA main engines with 2400 hours, hydraulic controls, and in excellent condition
  • 800 gallon per day Dolphin watermaker
  • 13Kw Koehler generator with sound shield and quiet overboard exhaust
  • Webasto hydronic heat system with well designed loops, 5 zones, and hot water tank
  • MarineAir AC systems in pilot house, salon, and master berth
  • Reverso oil change system
  • Hydraulic engine controls and steering
  • Wesmar bow thruster and stabilizers

Plus lots of other smaller systems. All are in excellent condition, professionally installed, and from the looks of it, very well maintained.

General Layout

This is the thing that guests have commented on the most - the excellent proportions and sight lines in the layout, and it is one of the things I love about Kaos too.

kaos yacht images

Being able to see from the pilothouse back through the flybridge stairs, through the salon, and out to the stern is very helpful when in close quarters maneuvering.

But the best part of the layout is that each space is sized to feel like it is bigger than what you should find on a 57' boat. Many boats I looked at had huge salons, but tiny galleys, or the galley shared space with the pilothouse.

kaos yacht images

However they did it, all of the spaces on Kaos seem more than just adequate - they seem big, and they did that to all areas, but none seem enormous.  That results in every space being bigger than you would expect, and it makes everything work together since no one single space is too small to make room for space somewhere else. I'm not doing a great job explaining this, but it was definitely something that I found hard to find on other boats - there was always a couple of spaces that were borderline usable because they stole space from that area to give it to another.

There are a number of projects that I have on my list, some of which are more upgrades than brand new features, but here are some of the highlights:

48 volt power system

This is one of the top priorities, if not the top one. The boat currently has two main battery banks, one for the inverter, and one for house loads. Within a few days of owning Kaos, it was clear the 2014 flooded batteries for the house bank were shot. I replaced them for now with for-like flooded batteries, which was all that was available on short notice.

kaos yacht images

48 volt power systems are not common on boats of this vintage, and require thought around existing voltage systems and devices. I won't be replacing the 12 or 24 volt items I have on board, but rather providing conversion from 48 volt to them to allow me to continue using them as-is. Eventually I might convert some things to 48 volt, but this allows me to start with the big item in house and inverter loads.

Why convert to 48 volt at all? Efficiency and capacity are the primary reasons.  400 amp hours of 48 volt batteries, which is equivalent to 1600 amp hours of 12 volts, can be fit into a fairly small space - about the same space that my 900 amp hour flooded batteries (450 usable amp hours at 50%!) are taking up. That's almost 4x the capacity in the same space.

From the efficiency perspective, inverters are 96% effective with 48 volts, and only about 91% efficient at 12 volts. You can use much, much smaller cabling from a 48 volt inverter to a battery bank as well, which is one of the primary reasons I'm considering this design. I was reaching the theoretical maximum for cable size with some of the 12 volt installations I'd considered.

I will be writing a lot more about this power system very soon.

No MFD Navigation Setup

Kaos came with a bunch of Garmin equipment including GPSMAP 52xx series chart plotters, GMI10 instruments, GPS antenna, and a few other things. These are already in the process of being removed and replaced with Furuno components.

The high level details of the system are a Furuno SCX-20 satellite compass, Furuno DRS4DNXT radar, and TimeZero Professional running on multiple PCs. This combined with a fairly new Simrad AP48 / NAC-3 autopilot system should allow excellent navigation, planning, and radar overlay all via PC.

kaos yacht images

I've been using a hybrid of this for the last 2 years on Rendezvous, along with TZT2 series MFDs, and have loved it. I've grown to not even use the TZTs, and I don't see the reason to spend 2-3x (or more) on MFDs that have less capabilities and speed. I can do everything I need to within TimeZero Pro, and it's easier to do so using a PC from the planning perspective. If you've never used the route planner in TZ, it's worth the investment just for that part of the software.

I'll also have access to all of the other NMEA 2000 data and I intend on installing cameras as well so I can monitor the engine room and docking, as I've done on the last couple of boats. These will be usable in TimeZero as well.

Electronics & Monitoring

kaos yacht images

I'll be installing my usual amount of sensors throughout the boat and connecting everything I can think of to monitoring and different busses. I already have SignalK running connecting some systems together, and Grafana and Influx capturing and graphing data. Maretron's N2KView is also up and running already providing real-time information.

I intend on having even more sensors than before for all sorts of things. I've already started planning that I may need a separate NMEA 2000 bus just for sensors that is separate from the navigation bus just to ensure I don't go over the maximum amp draw for a single NMEA 2000 bus. Plus, I am looking forward to using non-NMEA 2000 sensors for various things and feeding that data into the network via SignalK.

Engine digitization

The gauges for the engines need some help overall. The RPM gauges tend to bounce around a bit at particular RPMs, or when using the synchronizer. The gauges on the flybridge are quite a bit off on RPMs, which was noted in the survey.

kaos yacht images

I've used the Actisense EMU-1 on both Rendezvous and Grace to convert analog gauges and senders into NMEA 2000 data, and I am looking to do something similar on Kaos. I have the Actisense EMU-1, NoLand RS11, and AlbaCombi plus an interesting combination product that might do the same thing, only slightly better.

kaos yacht images

I like lots of gauges, especially older ones, and big knobs and switches, but I think this particular layout can be optimized. The current plan is to digitize all of the circular analog gauges you see above, update all of the switches below, and move them around to match functions, and remove a few things that can go full NMEA 2000 like tank level gauges and such.

Ideally, all of this would move over to one of the wings, the engine stuff would be on a monitor/PC screen, switches would be NMEA 2000 and a physical backup for most things. Then this entire center area could be a wider monitor showing navigation data. The wing monitors would flip back and forth depending on the "mode" the boat is in and show engine data while underway, and other data while at anchor or the dock.

The first step is to digitize the engine gauges so I can get more reliable readings. In true iterative style, I likely won't move to the full glass helm for a while until I am happy with the engine data being as reliable as possible.

Head upgrades

The boat came with VacuFlush heads which I am not a fan of. Rendezvous came with these as well, and right before a big trip one of them started showing issues that would have required a lot of work. I replaced those heads, and the ones on my previous boat Grace, with Raritan Marine Elegance electric heads. I love those heads, but the control panels have always been a difficult thing for guests to use, even with a big dot on the button to push. I also want both heads to have bidets - having had those for 2+ years on Rendezvous, I would never go back. Far less toilet paper usage, and much better cleanliness. Raritan makes a bidet, but it is special order and took quite a while to get the last time. It wasn't as friendly user-wise as I would have liked.

kaos yacht images

So I am looking at the Dometic Masterflush 8100 series and adding a BioBidet seat on top of it. The Dometic is rated just as high as the Raritan, and has simpler controls. I have a number of friends who have one that love them just as much as you can love a toilet, which is a lot on a boat!

These are just a few of the big projects I'm considering, but as all new boat owners know, I have a massive list of other things that aren't as fun or exciting as the items above that need to be done as well. I am actually looking forwards to all of this, as having projects is a way of life for me, and keeps me sane and grounded.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures of Kaos - you can check out more detailed specifications and more photos at the main Kaos page - and look forward to being back on the water and seeing you out there as well!

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

Rendezvous initial networks

Rendezvous initial networks

Grace's integrated 5 part network

Grace's integrated 5 part network

Rendezvous Internet Setup for 2020

Rendezvous Internet Setup for 2020

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KAOS Interior & Exterior Photos

25.91m  /  85'   princess   2019.

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Kaos photo 1

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Nancy Walton Laurie's superyacht Kaos captured in fresh images in River Thames showing just how ridiculously big Walmart heiress's boat is

The £240m yacht is currently moored on Butler's Wharf and is as long as St Paul's Cathedral is tall

  • 16:35, 27 MAY 2023

The superyacht moored on the River Thames

A ridiculously big superyacht worth £240million is currently docked in the River Thames and pictures show the sheer scale of it. Kaos is 110-metres long - that's about the same as the height of St Paul's Cathedral - and weighs 4,523 tonnes.

It docked in London from Miami on May 25 and is currently moored at Butler’s Wharf. At the time of its launch in 2017, Kaos was the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands .

Nancy Walton Laurie is the owner and she acquired it in 2018 for $275million. She is the heiress to the American chain Walmart and is ranked at number 268 on the Forbes list of billionaires.

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Kaos was built by the same company as Jeff Bezos' boat and has 16 cabins, with room for 45 crew members and 31 guests. According to YachtBible , it can travel at a speed of 19 knots and has an enviably lavish interior.

There are four VIP suites, and ten standard suites with ensuites. Kaos boasts a steam room, full gym, indoor beach club, and an elevator between floors. On top of that, there is a cinema, a sauna and a spa.

Across four decks, there are a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool, aquarium, and a helipad. Below deck, staff also have gym facilities and there is a hospital in case of emergency.

According to marine tracker Marine Traffic , Kaos is currently on the River Thames at Butler's Wharf but was previously moored in Horta, Portugal. Nancy Walton Laurie, 72, frequently takes the yacht around Europe with her husband and daughter.

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kaos yacht images

Originally it was built under the name Secret III then officially named Jubilee. The yacht was renamed Kaos by Nancy Walton Laurie.

kaos yacht images

The superyacht is ridiculously big and can be spotted on the River Thames.

kaos yacht images

Kaos flies the flag of Jamaica.

kaos yacht images

The yacht has jet skis and smaller speedboats onboard.

kaos yacht images

This massive boat has been in London since May 25.

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kaos yacht images

KAOS Oceanco

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Kaos Ex Jubilee Leaving Shipyard Post Refit

Mega yacht Kaos returns to her Owners ...

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111m Mega Yacht Getting Ready For Delivery

111m FULL CUSTOM MEGA YACHT | From EUR€ 2,200,000/wk

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If you have any questions about the KAOS information page below please contact us .

Upon her launch in February 2017, motor yacht KAOS (ex. SECRET III, JUBILEE) had become the largest superyacht ever built in the Netherlands. Designed by bespoke Lobanov Design and built by Oceanco, KAOS measures 110m/360.10ft and has a beam of 16.4m/53.8ft. Well-known Azure Naval Architects took care of naval architecture of this imposing vessel. The interior planning and decor were originally created by Sam Sorgiovanni, and the 2019-2020 refitted interiors were the work of Reymond Langton Design. Accommodation is offered for a total of 30 guests in 15 opulent cabins, with the Owner's Master suite located on the dedicated Owner's deck. The large crew of 43 will ensure that everything runs efficiently aboard this beautiful mega yacht.

NOTABLE FEATURES OF KAOS: ~Refitted in 2020 ~ Swimming pool ~ Helideck ~ Beach Club ~ Underwater lights ~ Sauna ~ Hamman ~ Cinema ~ Jacuzzi ~ Stabilisers ~ Air-conditioning ~ Wi-fi ~ Elevator

The outstanding exterior profile of this superyacht, developed by Igor Lobanov, has a double-deck visual effect, which visually enlarges the yacht. KAOS features a helicopter operating deck with a concealed mooring deck below. Her enormous deck pool with built-in aquarium and a massive beach club below deck are some of the outstanding features.

KAOS Specifications

Details on the yacht's interior have been kept secretive.

With two MTU (20V 4000 M73L) 4,828hp diesel engines, she can reach a top speed of 18.5 knots and cruises at 15 knots.

Yacht Accommodation

Fifteen lavish staterooms provide accommodation for 30 guests. The crew quarters allow up to 46 staff members.

Amenities and Extras

We do have available further amenity, owner and price information for the 110.00m (360' 10") yacht KAOS, so please enquire for more information.

KAOS Disclaimer:

The luxury yacht KAOS displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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"A shipyard sells a yacht and after the warranty period has concluded, often the client and yacht are forgotten. If you look at Oceanco, we see the client as a client for a lifetime. We take care of all of them, even if he has a 25 year old Oceanco." - Dr Mohammed Al Barwani, Oceanco Chairman, a world-class builder of custom superyachts in the 80–140 meters range: "We pride ourselves in integrating fine old world dutch craftmanship with sophisticated new world know-how and TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY. To our craftsmen, PERFECTION is a point of principle. We encourage a philosophy whereby each individual feels personally responsible for the quality of the entire yacht."

Mega Yacht Kaos Ex Jubilee -

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Sea Dream | From EUR€ 325,000/wk

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Breaking news, climate activists blast paint on walmart heiress’ $300 million yacht in ibiza.

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A group of climate change activists trashed a $300 million superyacht owned by billionaire Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie on the Spanish island of Ibiza by blasting it with paint.

The Futuro Vegetal group, which translates to Future Vegetable, said on Twitter that two members used fire extinguishers filled with red and black paint to deface the “Kaos” superyacht Sunday morning.

Futuro Vegetal also uploaded pictures of two members standing in front of the luxury yacht with signs that read “You Consume Others Suffer.”

“The only reason we continue to maintain an economic system that leads us to eco-social collapse is to sustain the privileges of this small privileged class,” the group said in a statement about the vandalism. “The mega-rich live off the suffering of others.”

The Spanish Civil Guard said two people were arrested at the docks this morning over the incident, local Periodico de Ibiza reports.

Members of the Futuro Vegetal group were seen posing with a sign in front of the vandalized boat belonging to Walmart billionaire heiress Nancy Walton Laurie.

Sources told the Spanish newspaper that the yacht was actually scheduled to leave Ibiza on Sunday, with the spraypainting taking place just as the crew was preparing to depart.

The Futuro Vegetal group said they specifically targeted Laurie’s yacht as she is one of the wealthiest women in the world, with Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index pinging her net worth at $7.77 billion.

kaos yacht images

Laurie’s yacht made headlines in May with a series of features about the impressive 361-foot ship, which sports its own swimming pool, aquarium and helipad.

The superyacht also holds its own cinema, spa facilities, gym and even a small hospital for medical emergencies at sea.

The vandalism came following a call from the Extinction Rebellion Ibiza group, an activist organization demanding the ban of private jets and luxury yachts over emission concerns .

The yacht was targeted as part of a campaign targeting luxury ships and jets in Ibiza.

The group called on a campaign to specifically target such jets and yachts in Ibiza, with a private jet spray painted in a similar fashion by activists last week at Ibiza’s airport.

Futuro Vegetal said they were proud to have joined the campaign in Ibiza in order to raise awareness for their cause. The group touts itself as a civil disobedience and direct action group fighting against climate change .

The $300 million superyacht has its own swimming pool, aquarium, cinema and spa.

Representatives for Laurie did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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Members of the Futuro Vegetal group were seen posing with a sign in front of the vandalized boat belonging to Walmart billionaire heiress Nancy Walton Laurie.


Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in Moscow

Poor transparency around ownership of assets can cause challenges, experts say.

kaos yacht images

Social Sharing

With sanctions levied and financial assets seized, Russian oligarchs have been scrambling to get their super yachts out of Western ports in search of safer harbours. 

One yacht, said to belong to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, abruptly left port in Hamburg, Germany, just weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted wide-reaching sanctions. Others were not so quick to leave European ports. 

Authorities in La Ciotat, on France's Mediterranean coast, seized a yacht they say is linked to sanctioned Russian oligarch Igor Sechin, the CEO of state oil company Rosneft. He was Russia's deputy prime minister from 2008 to 2012.

  • Canada slaps sanctions on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich
  • Analysis With Russia pressing on and Ukraine digging in, how will Putin's war actually end?

Industry watchers say oligarchs everywhere are trying to keep their yachts from being taken.

​​"There's a few yachts that we are watching at the moment in the Atlantic," said Sam Tucker, head of super yachts at the firm VesselsValue, which tracks and estimates the value of these giant luxury yachts. 

"I'm expecting some of them to start doing U-turns in the middle of the ocean," he told CBC Radio's Day 6 .

kaos yacht images

Western countries have imposed a punishing package of sanctions and export control restrictions on Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Russia's biggest banks were hit, as was the country's central bank. Major state-owned companies and some of the country's wealthiest individuals have seen overseas assets frozen.

The investment bank JP Morgan Chase believes Russia's economy will shrink 35 per cent in the second quarter of 2022 and seven per cent for the entire year.

kaos yacht images

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki says the suite of sanctions is meant to make every aspect of life difficult on Putin and the oligarchs who protect him.

"What we're talking about here is seizing their assets, seizing their yachts and making it harder for them to send their children to go to colleges and universities in the West," Psaki said in a briefing this week. "These are significant steps that will impact the people who are closely around President Putin."

<a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Putin</a>´s Yacht "The Gracefull" inbound Kaliningrad from Hamburg in anticipation of future sanctions due to the conflict in <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Ukraine</a>. <a href=""></a> &mdash; @GDarkconrad

Symbolic target

The yachts themselves are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but experts in Russian sanctions say this isn't just about the dollar value.

"They don't have much value compared to the total net worth of an oligarch," said Bill Browder, a long-time advocate for stiff sanctions against Russian oligarchs, in an email to CBC Radio. 

But they are "a highly symbolic attack on something coveted by the oligarchs."

These ultra-luxurious ships became a status symbol for the oligarchs as they amassed fortunes in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"There is a bit of oneupmanship," Tucker told Day 6 . He says the biggest and most expensive ships are cloaked in secrecy. They have extreme privacy and security features, including bulletproof glass, and some require crew to sign non-disclosure agreements.

kaos yacht images

But Tucker says the biggest security and privacy feature of all is the opaque ownership structure of the yachts. He says precious little information about who actually owns these ships is available.

"[Only] basic information is disclosed — for example, the registered owner — which is often a shell company or a 'special interest vehicle' registered in Monaco, Malta, [or the] Cayman Islands," he said.

Untying those knots is a notorious problem, but one usually confined to taxation issues.

kaos yacht images

"One thing that I think may come out of this whole situation is the increased call for transparency and transparent ownership," said Tucker.

Yachts on the move

So far, only four super yachts have been seized, including a 213-foot yacht owned by Alexei Mordashov in Imperia, Italy.

While authorities sift through the byzantine paper trail of ownership, other oligarchs have scrambled their crews to get the yachts to somewhere safe.

"One of the things I've been trying to figure out is, where do they go [next]?" asked Alex Finley, a former CIA officer living in Barcelona, in an interview with  As It Happens host Gillian Findlay .

This week, Finley tweeted photos tracking a ship said to be owned by Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who owns the Chelsea Football Club.

  • Anxious Russians flee by the hundreds each day into neighbouring Finland

"A lot of these yachts that we've been looking at are heading towards the Maldives or the Seychelles. A few are in Montenegro, but they look like they're probably going to be on the move," Finley said in the interview .

Here you can see the sterns of both Aurora and Valerie, and in the other pic, the empty slip where Solaris used to be (which is the size of the empty hole in my heart). 7/ <a href=""></a> &mdash; @alexzfinley

Neither the Maldives nor the Seychelles signed onto the sanctions, so the ships are probably safe from seizure there. Another major hub is Dubai.

"I think we're going to see Dubai as a big hotspot for these yachts," said Tucker. "It has hot weather all year round and … Russians can fly to Dubai without going through the EU airspace."

Tucker agrees that targeting the yachts is a symbolic move.

"It's really sending the message that they aren't untouchable. We've closed the skies on both sides of the Atlantic so their private jets can't operate, and now we're going after their super yachts," he said.

"I'd be feeling quite vulnerable if I was an oligarch right now."


kaos yacht images

Senior Business reporter for CBC News. A former host of On the Money and World Report on CBC Radio, Peter Armstrong has been a foreign correspondent and parliamentary reporter for CBC. Subscribe to Peter's newsletter here: Twitter: @armstrongcbc

Interview with Sam Tucker produced by Rachel Levy-Mclaughlin

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Russian disinformation sites linked to former Florida deputy sheriff, research finds

A selfie of John Mark Dougan at the beach with the ocean in the background

More than 150 fake local news websites pushing Russian propaganda to U.S. audiences are connected to John Mark Dougan, an American former law enforcement officer living in Moscow, according to a research report published Wednesday by NewsGuard, a firm that monitors misinformation.

The websites, with names like DC Weekly, New York News Daily and Boston Times, look similar to those of legitimate local news outlets and have already succeeded in spreading a number of false stories surrounding the war in Ukraine. Experts warn they could be used to launder disinformation about the 2024 election. 

In an interview over WhatsApp, Dougan denied involvement with the websites. “Never heard of them,” he said. 

Dougan, a former Marine and police officer, fled his home in Florida in 2016 to evade criminal charges related to a massive doxxing campaign he was accused of launching against public officials and was given asylum by the Russian government. Most recently, Dougan has posed as a journalist in Ukraine’s Donbas region, testifying at Russian public hearings and making frequent appearances on Russian state TV . 

He’s now part of a small club of Western expats who have become purveyors of English-language propaganda for Russia. Researchers and cybersecurity companies had previously linked Dougan to the sites. The NewsGuard report published Wednesday is the latest to implicate him in the fake news ring. 

Academic research from Clemson University linked Dougan to the network of fake news websites last year after one of them was found to share an IP address with other sites he ran, including his personal website.

In an interview, Darren Linvill, co-director of the Watt Family Innovation Center Media Forensics Hub at Clemson, called Dougan “a tool of the broader Russian disinformation machine” whose websites “are just one of several mechanisms by which these narratives are distributed.”

Linvill noted the fake news websites had lately veered away from the narrow focus of undermining support for Ukraine. Recent fake articles include the false claims that the FBI wiretapped former President Donald Trump’s office at Mar-a-Lago, his estate in Florida, and that the CIA backed a Ukrainian plot to rig the election against Trump.  

“There is no question we are beginning to see a shift in focus toward the U.S. election,” Linvill said. 

Posing as local news, the sites host articles about crime, politics and sports, most of which seem to have been generated with artificial intelligence tools and are attributed to journalists who do not exist . Interspersed within the general news are articles that disparage the U.S., exalt Russia and spread disinformation about topics from the wars in Ukraine and Gaza to Covid vaccines.

Researchers say sites attributed to Dougan are marred with telltale signs of his signature, including early website registration records, IP addresses, similar image headers and layouts, being built with WordPress software, seemingly AI-generated prompts mistakenly left in copy and error messages at the ends of articles.

The reach of the campaigns varies. Some of the sites remained active for just weeks with little to no pickup in the wider media. But some fake news stories have gained traction, including several recent posts using forged documents that falsely claimed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was improperly using foreign aid to enrich himself. Last month, a story on the fake news site The London Crier said Zelenskyy had spent 20 million pounds on a mansion previously owned by King Charles III. 

It followed a story posted to DC Weekly in November that falsely claimed Zelenskyy had used American aid money to buy two yachts. 

Both rumors relied, as the network often does, on videos posted to YouTube by newly created accounts. A site like DC Weekly will publish fake news stories using videos of seemingly AI-generated “leaks” or examples of whistleblowing, and Russian influencers and bot networks will then spread those articles, according to the Clemson researchers. Ultimately, the fake articles are reported as fact by pro-Kremlin media outlets and, in some of the most successful cases, by Western politicos and pundits. 

The rumor about Zelenskyy’s buying yachts was later promoted by Republican members of Congress , including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Sen. JD Vance of Ohio. 

The author of the new report, McKenzie Sadeghi, NewsGuard’s editor, pointed to the network’s sophisticated use of AI to produce content and make narratives seem credible. 

“In the wrong hands, this technology can be used to spread disinformation at scale,” Sadeghi said. “With this network, we’re seeing that play out exactly.”

What specific support Dougan receives from Russia is unclear. In May, the cybersecurity company Recorded Future reported a “realistic possibility” that the network receives strategic guidance, support or oversight from the Russian government. In March, The New York Times reported that the fake local news ring “appears to involve remnants” of the Internet Research Agency, the troll factory created by the late Putin associate Yevgeny Prigozhin to influence the 2016 presidential election. Previous reporting on Dougan and his more dubious claims — including that he was in possession of leaked documents from murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich and secret tapes belonging to Jeffrey Epstein — suggests Dougan may be pursuing wealth, clout or operating from some other motive in addition to a state-sanctioned political agenda.

Dougan was an early creator of fake websites. After he resigned from his job as a sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County, Florida, and was fired months later from a subsequent one in Windham, Maine, over sexual harassment claims , he built a network of websites that focused on what he claimed was widespread corruption in Windham, naming local police and town officials in articles. He also reportedly launched a campaign doxxing thousands of federal agents, judges and law enforcement officers, posting their home addresses and salacious allegations online. By 2015 he was operating several websites with official-sounding names like and, which hosted made-up articles. In 2016, he fled to Russia following an FBI raid of his home to evade charges linked to his doxxing efforts. 

YouTube banned Dougan last year. On Telegram, he attributed the ban to videos he uploaded alleging a Russian mission to destroy U.S.-run bioweapons labs in Ukraine, a false narrative that would take hold as a justification for Russia’s invasion. Dougan’s ban came on the heels of a report from NewsGuard that highlighted the pro-Russian propaganda on his channel. 

According to co-CEO Steven Brill, NewsGuard’s earlier report and Dougan’s subsequent ban led to a harassment campaign against him. Brill says in a coming book that Dougan impersonated an FBI officer in phone calls to him, left threatening messages and posted YouTube videos showing aerial shots of Brill’s home.

Over WhatsApp, Dougan defended his videos about Brill, citing NewsGuard’s “partnership with the US government” to have his content removed. 

There is no evidence NewsGuard acted in concert with or on behalf of the U.S. government when it investigated Dougan. Asked for proof of such a partnership, Dougan sent a link to his own video, a 31-minute monologue laden with conspiracy theories. He’d reposted it to YouTube.

kaos yacht images

Brandy Zadrozny is a senior reporter for NBC News. She covers misinformation, extremism and the internet.


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Optimistic About the War in Ukraine, Putin Unleashes a Purge at Home

Despite years of criticism, President Vladimir V. Putin has only now changed his defense minister and allowed high-level corruption arrests.

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Russian soldiers marching in formation in Moscow.

By Paul Sonne and Anatoly Kurmanaev

Reporting from Berlin

Periodic outcries over incompetence and corruption at the top of the Russian military have dogged President Vladimir V. Putin’s war effort since the start of his invasion of Ukraine in early 2022.

When his forces faltered around the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, the need for change was laid bare. When they were routed months later outside the city of Kharkiv, expectations of a shake-up grew. And after the mercenary leader Yevgeny V. Prigozhin marched his men toward Moscow, complaining of deep rot and ineptitude at the top of the Russian force, Mr. Putin seemed obliged to respond.

But, at each turn, the Russian president avoided any major public moves that could have been seen as validating the criticism, keeping his defense minister and top general in place through the firestorm while shuffling battlefield commanders and making other moves lower on the chain.

Now, with the battlefield crises seemingly behind him and Mr. Prigozhin dead, the Russian leader has decided to act, changing defense ministers for the first time in more than a decade and allowing a number of corruption arrests among top ministry officials.

The moves have ushered in the biggest overhaul at the Russian Defense Ministry since the invasion began and have confirmed Mr. Putin’s preference for avoiding big, responsive changes in the heat of a crisis and instead acting at a less conspicuous time of his own choosing.

“We have to understand that Putin is a person who is stubborn and not very flexible,” said Abbas Gallyamov, a former Putin speechwriter who now lives outside Russia. “He believes that reacting too quickly and rapidly to a changing situation is a sign of weakness.”

The timing of Mr. Putin’s recent moves is most likely a sign that he has greater confidence about his battlefield prospects in Ukraine and his hold on political power as he begins his fifth term as president, experts say.

Russian forces are making gains in Ukraine , taking territory around Kharkiv and in the Donbas region, as Ukraine struggles with aid delays from the United States and strained reserves of ammunition and personnel . Top officials in the Kremlin are feeling optimistic.

“They likely judge the situation within the force as stable enough to punish some in the military leadership for its prior failures,” said Michael Kofman, an expert on the Russian military and a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Demand for change at the top of the Russian military has been pent up since the invasion’s earliest days, when stories circulated about Russian soldiers going to war without proper food and equipment and losing their lives while answering to feckless military leaders.

The anger crested with an aborted uprising led last year by Mr. Prigozhin , who died in a subsequent plane crash that U.S. officials have said was most likely a state-sanctioned assassination .

Mr. Prigozhin , a caterer turned warlord who grew rich on state contracts, was an unlikely messenger. But he put high-level corruption on the minds of Russia’s rank and file and the public more broadly, releasing profanity-laced tirades against Sergei K. Shoigu, then the defense minister, and Russia’s top uniformed officer, Gen. Valery V. Gerasimov. At one point, Mr. Prigozhin filmed himself in front of a pile of dead Russian fighters and denounced top officials for “rolling in fat” in their wood-paneled offices.

His subsequent failed mutiny showed that the problems festering in the Defense Ministry under Mr. Shoigu for over a decade had boiled over and that the populace craved renewal, said a person close to the ministry who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive topics.

The Russian leader now appears to be moving against the very officials that Mr. Prigozhin had been attacking.

The first harbinger of change arose last month with the arrest of Timur Ivanov , a protégé of Mr. Shoigu and the deputy defense minister in charge of military construction projects whom the Russian authorities have accused of taking a large bribe. He has denied wrongdoing. Mr. Ivanov previously attracted the attention of Aleksei A. Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation for his and his wife’s conspicuously lavish lifestyle, including yacht rentals on the French Riviera.

Then, this month, days after Mr. Putin began his new term as president, the Kremlin announced that he had replaced Mr. Shoigu and chosen Andrei R. Belousov, one of his longtime economic advisers, as the new defense minister. Mr. Shoigu was moved to run the Russian Security Council, where he would still have access to the president but would have little direct control over money.

Mr. Belousov has no military experience . But he boasts a relatively clean image and a long government career untainted by large corruption scandals.

“If you want to win a war, corruption at a larger scale impacting the results on the battlefield is, in theory at least, not something you want,” said Maria Engqvist, the deputy head of Russia and Eurasia studies at the Swedish Defense Research Agency.

Still, Ms. Engqvist called high-level corruption in Russia “a feature, not a bug.”

“Corruption is a tool to gain influence, but it can also be used against you at any given time, depending on whether you say the wrong thing at the wrong time or make the wrong decision at the wrong time,” she said. “So you can be ousted with a reasonable explanation that the public can accept.”

Ms. Engqvist said the changes also raised questions about how long General Gerasimov would stay in his position as chief of the general staff and top battlefield commander in Ukraine.

The arrests at the Defense Ministry have gathered pace this month, with four more top generals and defense officials detained on corruption charges. Dmitri S. Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, denied on Thursday that the arrests represented a “campaign.”

The corruption charges against top Defense Ministry officials have come alongside promises of greater financial and social benefits for the rank-and-file soldiers, an apparent attempt to improve morale and mollify populist critics.

Mr. Belousov used his first remarks after his nomination as defense minister to describe his plans to cut bureaucracy and improve access to health care and other social services for veterans of the war. And on Thursday, the speaker of Russia’s lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav V. Volodin, and Finance Minister Anton G. Siluanov expressed support for exempting fighters in Ukraine from proposed income-tax increases.

The high-level arrests are unlikely to root out vast corruption in the Russian military establishment, but they could make top officials think twice before stealing at a particularly large scale, at least for a period, said Dara Massicot, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“It will introduce a chill into the system and make everyone pause as they try to figure out the new code of accepted behavior,” Ms. Massicot said.

Beyond sending an anticorruption message, at least one of the arrests seemed to be aimed at settling a political score.

Maj. Gen. Ivan Popov, a top Russian commander who led forces holding off Ukraine’s counteroffensive, chided the Russian military leadership in a widely seen recording last year after he was removed from his post. He was apprehended on Tuesday on fraud charges, according to the state news agency TASS. He denied wrongdoing, his lawyer said.

“The bottom line is that the war exposed a lot of different problems — corruption, incompetence and openness to public expressions of insubordination — that the leadership feels a need to address,” said Samuel Charap, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation. “Now is a good time to do this, precisely because there isn’t a short-term acute risk on the battlefield.”

Paul Sonne is an international correspondent, focusing on Russia and the varied impacts of President Vladimir V. Putin’s domestic and foreign policies, with a focus on the war against Ukraine. More about Paul Sonne

Anatoly Kurmanaev covers Russia and its transformation following the invasion of Ukraine. More about Anatoly Kurmanaev

Our Coverage of the War in Ukraine

News and Analysis

President Biden, under pressure from his top national security aides and European allies, has authorized Ukraine to conduct limited strikes inside Russia with U.S.-made weapons .

In recent days, Ukraine has conducted a series of drone attacks inside Russia  that target radar stations used as early nuclear warning systems by Moscow.

Top Ukrainian military officials have warned that Russia is building up troops near northeastern Ukraine , raising fears that a new offensive push could be imminent.

Zelensky Interview: In an interview with the New York Times, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine challenged the West  over its reluctance to take bolder action.

Russia’s RT Network : RT, which the U.S. State Department describes as a key player in the Kremlin’s propaganda apparatus, has been blocked in Europe since Russia invaded Ukraine. Its content is still spreading .

Striking a Chord: A play based on a classic 19th-century novel, “The Witch of Konotop,” is a smash hit among Ukrainians who see cultural and historical echoes  in the story of what they face after two years of war.

How We Verify Our Reporting

Our team of visual journalists analyzes satellite images, photographs , videos and radio transmissions  to independently confirm troop movements and other details.

We monitor and authenticate reports on social media, corroborating these with eyewitness accounts and interviews. Read more about our reporting efforts .


  1. KAOS Yacht • Nancy Walton Laurie $300M Superyacht

    kaos yacht images

  2. KAOS Yacht • Nancy Walton Laurie $300M Superyacht

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  3. News: 110m Oceanco yacht Kaos delivered after refit at Lürssen

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  4. 110m KAOS (ex JUBILEE) completes refit

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  5. 110m KAOS (ex JUBILEE) completes refit

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  6. KAOS Yacht Photos (ex. Jubilee)

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  1. KAOS Yacht • Nancy Walton Laurie $300M Superyacht

    The magnificent KAOS Yacht was initially built as Jubilee for the late Emir of Qatar. As the largest yacht ever built in The Netherlands, this 110-meter (361 ft) motor yacht was constructed by renowned shipbuilder Oceanco. KAOS boasts an eye-catching exterior designed by Igor Lobanov and a luxurious interior crafted by Sam Sorgiovanni. Interior

  2. Take a Look Around Nancy Walton Laurie's $300 Million Superyacht

    May 1, 2023, 8:00 AM PDT. Nancy Walton Laurie owns a stake in Walmart. Steve Eichner/Getty Images. Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie owns a multi-award-winning $300 million superyacht. "Kaos ...

  3. $300 Million Walmart Heiress Megayacht KAOS by Oceanco

    When listed for sale by the Royal Family of Qatar, the original asking price was $310 million. Later, Nancy Walton Laurie reportedly paid an estimated $300 million for the vessel. Her annual cost of ownership and maintenance is around $30 million, as there is generally a 10% ownership cost associated with most yachts of this size.

  4. KAOS Yacht (ex. Jubilee)

    KAOS is a 110m luxury motor mega yacht built in 2017, refitted in 2020 by Oceanco. View similar yachts for Charter around the world. ... Kaos Photos View Photo Gallery. Kaos Awards & Nominations. World Yachts Trophies 2017 Yacht of the Year Winner; Boat International Design & Innovation Awards 2018 ...

  5. KAOS Yacht

    December 27, 2022. KAOS Yacht - The Incredible $300 million superyacht. Watch on. KAOS yacht (formerly JUBILEE and AL MENWAR) is an award-winning superyacht that was recently refitted with a completely redesigned interior. At 110 metres (361ft) and 4,523 tons, she was the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands at the time of her launch in ...

  6. Kaos Yacht Photos

    Kaos Yacht Photos. Kaos is a motor yacht with a length of 110.1 m.The yacht's builder is Oceanco from The Netherlands who delivered superyacht Kaos in 2017. The superyacht has a beam of 16.4 m, a draft of 4.4 m and a volume of 4523 GT. Loading... All the Kaos yacht photos, built in 2017 by Oceanco. Kaos is a motor yacht with a length of 110m.

  7. KAOS

    The largest superyacht built in The Netherlands at the time of her delivery, Kaos has cleverly positioned 'fake decks' in her superstructure as a visual trick to mask an above-average deck height, thereby creating a better overall sense of proportion. 1 3. Previous.

  8. 110.0m Kaos Superyacht

    15 images 1 videos Fleet Search Length 110.0m Year 2017. Kaos. 2017 | Motor Yacht. Kaos is a custom motor yacht launched in 2017 by Oceanco in Alblasserdam, Netherlands and most recently refitted in 2020. Oceanco specialises in building large custom yachts up to 160m in length. Design. Kaos measures 110.00 metres in length and has a beam of 16. ...

  9. KAOS yacht (Oceanco, 110m, 2017)

    Oceanco. KAOS is a 110.0 m Motor Yacht, built in Netherlands by Oceanco and delivered in 2017. Her top speed is 18.5 kn and she boasts a maximum range of 5000.0 nm when navigating at cruising speed, with power coming from two MTU diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 32 guests in 15 staterooms, with 39 crew members.

  10. KAOS Yacht • Nancy Walton Laurie's $300M Superyacht

    Amazing photo collection of Nancy Walton's yacht KAOS.The superyacht was built at Oceanco for the Emir of Qatar.

  11. KAOS Yacht Photos (ex. Jubilee)

    from $1,518,000 p/week ♦︎. Interior & exterior photos of KAOS, the 110m Oceanco mega yacht, designed by Lobanov Design with an interior by Sam Sorgiovanni Designs & Reymond Langton Design.

  12. Meet Kaos!

    Meet Kaos! Kaos is a 1994 Symbol pilothouse yacht that became part of our family in January 2022. Steve Mitchell Jan 17, 2022 11 min read. Please welcome a new addition to the family - Kaos, a 1994 Symbol 55 pilot house! She became part of the family in early January, and I've been spending all of my time aboard getting to know her.

  13. KAOS Yacht Photos

    We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website. Interior & exterior photos of KAOS, the 26m Princess Yachts super yacht, designed by Pininfarina & Bernard Olesinski.

  14. Nancy Walton Laurie's superyacht Kaos captured in fresh images in River

    A ridiculously big superyacht worth £240million is currently docked in the River Thames and pictures show the sheer scale of it. Kaos is 110-metres long - that's about the same as the height of St Paul's Cathedral - and weighs 4,523 tonnes. ... Kaos was the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands. Nancy Walton Laurie is the owner and she ...

  15. KAOS Yacht Charter Details, Princess Y85

    View latest images, news, price & specials of KAOS. Luxury yacht KAOS is a 25.91m (85') Princess Y85 built in 2019 and available for charter for groups of up to eight guests. KAOS Princess Y85 | From US$ 40,000/wk Fabulous flybridge with jacuzzi, huge foredeck and luxury interior.

  16. Yacht KAOS, Oceanco

    Upon her launch in February 2017, motor yacht KAOS (ex. SECRET III, JUBILEE) had become the largest superyacht ever built in the Netherlands. Designed by bespoke Lobanov Design and built by Oceanco, KAOS measures 110m/360.10ft and has a beam of 16.4m/53.8ft. Well-known Azure Naval Architects took care of naval architecture of this imposing vessel.

  17. Climate activists vandalize Nancy Walton Laurie's $300 million yacht

    A group of climate change activists trashed a $300 million superyacht owned by billionaire Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie on the Spanish island of Ibiza by blasting it with paint. The Futuro ...

  18. Yacht docked in US port symbolizes struggle to convert seizures into

    Yacht docked in US port symbolizes struggle to convert seizures into cash for Ukraine. May 22, 2024 3:38 PM. By Matthew Kupfer. Oleksii Kovalenko. Natasha Mozgovaya. FILE - The superyacht Amadea ...

  19. Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in

    Roman Abramovich's super yacht Solaris is seen at Barcelona Port on March 3, 2022. (Albert Gea/Reuters) With sanctions levied and financial assets seized, Russian oligarchs have been scrambling to ...

  20. They Bought Premium Housing Outside Moscow. They Still Can't Escape

    On May 18, sewage effluents still lingered beneath the Mayak's high-rise tower, just steps away from the Moscow Canal and the yacht club, as seen by The Moscow Times' reporter. Sewage ...

  21. Luxury yachts and other myths: How Republican lawmakers echo Russian

    One Russia-based propaganda site, DC Weekly, published a story last November that included photos of two luxury yachts, called Lucky Me and My Legacy, which it alleged were bought for $75 million.

  22. Over 150 Russian fake news sites linked to former Florida deputy

    May 29, 2024, 7:00 AM PDT. By Brandy Zadrozny. More than 150 fake local news websites pushing Russian propaganda to U.S. audiences are connected to John Mark Dougan, an American former law ...

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    May 26, 2024. Periodic outcries over incompetence and corruption at the top of the Russian military have dogged President Vladimir V. Putin's war effort since the start of his invasion of ...