" Ghost Team " is the sixteenth mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II single-player campaign. You will go after Graves during this mission and help the Vaqueros regain their headquarters. 

This Ghost Team walkthrough explains all the tasks you need to complete this mission.

  • Completion Reward:  Hutch as an Operator

Ghost Team Walkthrough

You will be in the tunnels that lead to the facility where Grave is. This place is filled with traps, so you need to use a smoke bomb to spot them and deactivate them before being able to keep moving forward. Stay away from the green lasers coming out of the traps and deactivate them by interacting with the big red squares on the walls.


You will need to repeat this process through the tunnels until you reach a couple of guards, take them down, and keep moving forward. Wait until your team opens the door and keep moving through the tunnels. Remember to use smoke bombs to see the traps. 

Keep moving forward and deactivating traps until you reach a ladder. Use it to go up. 

Hijacking the Apache Helicopter

Once outside, kill the Shadows guarding the helicopter so the team can hijack it.

Move forward and enter Hangar 01 through the door. 

Your PoV will change now to Ghost's team. Grab the Spotter Scope and the Armor Plates inside the vehicle and mark the gate using the Spotter Scope outside so the chopper can take it down. 


Get off the vehicle and clear the area. Remember, you can mark any spot with the Spotter Scope if you need assistance. 

Getting to the Tower

Move forward towards the Tower. Enemies will come out from a nearby building. Clear the area however you see fit. 

There are a couple of tanker trucks below the Tower. You can use the Spotter on them to create a big explosion that will kill many enemies.

Tanker tucks ghost team.png

Move forward into the main Housing. If you use the Spotter on this building, the antenna will crash on top of it. You can use it to get inside the Housing building from above.


Clear the Headquarters

Once the housing building is clear, you must move to the main headquarters. A tank will block the entrance, but you can use the Spotter to blow it up.


Next, clear the outside area of the HQ and get close to the door to end this mission segment.

Rescuing Valeria

You will switch PoV again to get back to the team that was about to get inside Hangar 1.

Clear the hangar and get to the other there, wait until Alejandro opens it and head outside.

Hangar 1.png

Your objective here will be to cross the area to get to Hangar 03. You can use military tanks and trucks to hide from enemies and get to the other side without being detected.

Hangar 3.jpg

Get to Hangar 03 and input the code Alejandro gives you to get inside. Clear the area and then investigate the blue container to rescue Valeria. 

Get to Graves

Your PoV will change again, right where you left Ghost and his team, breaching the headquarters' main door.

Get inside and clear the first and second floor, you want to act quick, or Graves might get away.

Once the area is safe, head to the control room and use the exit on the right. 

Control room.jpg

Head outside and follow Rodolfo to the training area. There Graves will be inside a tank, waiting for you.

You will need to explode four C4 charges on the tank to destroy the tank. First, look for orange crates lying in the area and open them to find the C4. Then stick the explosives to the tank and detonate it.

Orange crate.jpg

While trying to destroy the tank, you must also watch for any Shadow roaming the training area. We recommend first getting rid of the mercenaries and then focusing on sticking the C4 to the tank. 

After four C4 blasts, the tank will be destroyed, Graves killed, and the mission over.

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Ghost Team Mission Walkthrough

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ghost team modern warfare 2 walkthrough

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Ghost Team Overview

Mission information, starting weapon loadout, ghost team walkthrough, ghost team realism difficulty video playthrough.

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How to Beat Ghost Team in Realism Difficulty

Prioritize stealth when playing as gaz.

Gaz's starting loadout consists of suppressed weapons . Stick to using these throughout his sequences to more easily handle firefights. Remain crouched as you sneak through areas and take out isolated enemies first. Since it'll only be you and Alejandro together, stealth will be the best strategy against being outnumbered.

Use Armor Plates

equip armor plates

When playing as Soap, you'll have access to Armor Plates that increase your health . Make sure you equip these to give yourself more protection. If you run out, you can find a crate containing a set of them in each building you enter. Remember to equip these after picking them up since it's not automatic.

Use the Spotter Scope to Clear Out Infantry

While you need to use the Spotter Scope to take out buildings and important targets, you can also mark infantry to easily clear them out . This makes it safer to move to your next objectives.

Head Into Buildings to Get a Good Vantage Point

vantage point

You'll be fighting lots of enemies that will be coming from several directions. Instead of staying out in the open or using small pieces of cover, move into buildings to maximize your survivability . Make sure the building's clear before fighting enemies outside. Buildings will provide vantage points to easily attack from.

Use Flashbangs Before Entering Rooms

When moving from room to room, make it a habit to throw a flashbang in before entering . This makes it safer for you to go in blind since enemies will be stunned. This is particularly important in Realism since you can die in just a few hits if enemies have a clear sight on you.

Throw C4 from Rooftops

When fighting Graves, you'll have a difficult time throwing C4 at him from the ground level since you'll be barraged with tank gunfire as well as enemy infantry in the area. Upon picking up C4, head to the rooftop of a building and toss it down to the tank.

This is a safer method since you can just back away to the stairwell if the tank starts aiming at you. Remember, the C4 does not have to stick to the tank to deal damage .

Use the RPG to Deal Extra Damage to Graves

You can find an RPG-7 at the very back of the training area , inside a small concrete tunnel. Use this to get an easy hit on Graves. You'll only have one rocket so make it count.

Ghost Team Achievements

Practice makes perfect achievement.

practice makes perfect

To obtain Practice Makes Perfect, you'll need to shoot out all the targets in the Training Area . The Training Area is where you fight Graves while he's in a tank. The targets are metal boards with a design of an enemy holding a gun.

The mission will end once you destroy the tank so you'll need to take all of them out beforehand. It can be difficult to find them while avoiding gunfire so prioritize clearing targets that are indoors before going for the ones outside. Move from house to house to make sure you don't miss any. How to Get Practice Makes Perfect!

Weapons Found in Ghost Team

All weapons in the level, call of duty: modern warfare 2 (mw2) related guides.

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Campaign Story Walkthrough

  • All Campaign Missions

call of duty mw2 ghost team walkthrough

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Games Atlas

Ghost Team is a Campaign Story Mission featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), involving protagonist Gaz .

It's the 16 ° Modern Warfare 2 story mission in chronological order, and it takes place in Las Almas, Mexico .

Ghost Team Mission Info

  • Mission Number 16
  • Location Las Almas, Mexico
  • Date November 03, 2022

call of duty mw2 ghost team walkthrough

  • Available After Mission Prison Break
  • Rewards Base Operator: Hutch

Ghost Team Mission Objectives

Here are the mission objectives for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story mission Ghost Team :

  • Navigate the tunnels
  • Disable the explosive
  • Takedown the guards
  • Proceed through the tunnels
  • climb the ladder and exit the tunnels
  • Kill shadows guarding the Apache helicopter
  • Enter Hangar 01
  • Use the spotter scope on the enemy gate
  • Fight to the tower
  • Fight to the Command Center
  • Sweep and clear Hangar 01
  • Sneak into Hangar 03
  • Secure Valeria container
  • Find Commander Graves
  • Destroy the tank

Ghost Team Mission Walkthrough

These are the step-by-step instructions on how to complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story mission Ghost Team :

How to Complete Ghost Team Mission in Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

Ghost Team mission starts in the corridor with lots of pipes around. Follow Alejandro Vargas. GHOST TEAM ASSEMBLE! Watch out for the traps, you can see the green lasers after Vargas throws a smoke grenade. You can disarm it by pressing the button on the wall in front of you.

READ NOW:  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) – All Maps List

Ghost Team

Repeat that process a couple of more times. Make sure to crouch under the lasers not to get killed. The third lasers are a bit more tricky since they are moving so you will need to time your movement right.

Wait for the opening and go through the lasers to the right, crouch and disarm these lasers. Go forward and silently eliminate the guards. Approach the green door with Alejandro Vargas and Captain Price. go through the door and watch out for even more traps.

Here you will need to be prone to avoid the lasers, there will also be an enemy out of nowhere in front of you with a shotgun. Crawl to the left and disarm the lasers.

Ghost Team

Follow Alejandro Vargas into the center of the base and climb the ladder after him. You can do so by pressing circle on PlayStation or b on Xbox. Go outside to the light of day at the airport. Take down enemies around the helicopter and approach the warehouse.

Now back to the other time inside the truck. Take Armored Plate from the back of the car as well as the Spotter Scope . You can do the recon by pressing r1 and mark targets by pressing r3 on the PlayStation controller.

Ride with your team and enter the compound in the search for Graves. Kill all the enemies you can see! It is a real Modern Warfare out there.

You need to fight your way to the tower. You can press the Touchpad on PlayStation to see the exact direction and your current objective. After getting rid of all enemies go towards the Cuartel General and enter the building through the green door.

Ghost Team

Back to our first squad, you need to clear the entire warehouse from the enemy forces. After doing so approach the big door with Alejandro and wait for him to open it. Now try to sneak into Hangar 03 avoiding enemies around you. Use cars to your advantage and hide behind them.

When you reach Hangar 03 you will need to enter the code to open the door. The code is 627. Enter the warehouse and clear it from all the enemies once again.

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Ghost Team

After all the enemies are dead approach the blue container with the red light and Knock on the door. This will trigger a cutscene and we are back to our second squad.

Brach the door and enter the Cuartel General, and take down all guards and soldiers inside. Head to the second floor and to the left side of the building. There will be a control room there, exit the building and go down the stairs.

Go towards the green gate and interact with Rudy next to the door. Boos Over by pressing square on the PlayStation controller or x on Xbox. He will help you go up, but Ghost will split to go help Captain Price.

New area, new enemies, and a tank. Look around for a C4 to destroy the tank that is driving around the building. There will be C4 explosives in the orange boxes around the Training Area.

Ghost Team

Use it and throw it onto the tank and detonate it by double tapping the square button on PlayStation or x on Xbox.

Ghost Team

This is basically a boss fight so you need to run around the arena avoiding the tank and what he shoots at you. Look for these orange boxes that are scattered around the training area, pick up the C4, and throw it at the tank by pressing r1 on the PlayStation. Repeat the process until you destroy the tank and end the penultimate mission named Ghost Team of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022).

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call of duty mw2 ghost team walkthrough

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How to Complete the Ghost Team Mission in CoD Modern Warfare 2

Davi Braid

The Ghost from the old Modern Warfare games finally appears during the Ghost Team mission, even if it’s just a nod.

In this mission, the boys come together to reference the old Simon, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and to put an end to Phillip Graves.

If you want to know how to complete the Ghost Team Mission in CoD Modern Warfare 2, you have come to the right place.

How to Deal With The Lasers


Here, you will have to use smoke bombs to detect the lasers. Walk slowly and try to notice the weird noise coming from them.

The detection system is questionable since the lasers move around for no apparent reason, which helps you go through them.

Alejandro will show you how to handle the situation and what to look for when disabling the lasers.

Once you hear the noise, throw your smoke bomb forward and wait. It should reveal the lasers that you have to avoid.

Find the button that turns the off and wait for the crew to advance. Once they get near, do it again and keep moving.

Once you are deep enough, you will find Hassan’s soldiers. They won’t notice you, so make sure to hit one in the head and move to the next quickly. The other soldiers will help you take them down.

There will be a few more lasers for you to deactivate until you finally get to a ladder. Climb it and slowly check your surroundings.

You will see to guards that you are meant to take down. Make sure to hit one in the head so one of the soldiers can take down the other.

Now, interact with the panel next to the Hangar door. After that, you will see a short cutscene, and we’ll move to the next part of this mission.

How to Fight the Tower

Tower Down

This is when things become much crazier. You will have to fight the tower, which means that you will have to position yourself in a way that you can call an aerial strike.

Fight your way to the building in front of you. Once you get inside, use your lethal to call an aerial strike.

This is more about shooting everyone you see and moving forward than anything else. This is well Call of Duty quits its alternative swimming and stealth missions to be very CoD-like.

Once moving towards the tower, you will see a bunch of enemies on a building. There will be a few enemies bringing an RPG-7 with them.

Take down a few of those to make sure that they will drop their weapon. You can use it later.

Once that is done, you just have to keep pushing. Fight your way to the command center. The one thing that helped me a lot was the riot shield — or tactical bulletproof shield.

I managed to finish this section doing nothing but holding it up and using melee attacks. However, it might be harder to do that if you are already carrying the RPG-7.

Once you get to the command center, it’s time to check what Alejandro is up to.

This part is pretty simple. You must clear and sweep Hangar 1, then move to Hangar 3. Basically, Shoot everyone in sight and take all you can.

Keep checking your objectives to see where to go, but it’s pretty straightforward. Some  armored enemies  will be waiting for you, but you should know how to deal with them at this point.

Once that part is done, we go back to the other team and basically shoot our way to Alejandro’s location. No need to explain much about this area either.

It’s basically a corridor shooter. Just follow Rofoldo and keep checking your objectives to know where to go.

Something Stronger

Once you get there, you will finally get to the boss fight. Use the C4s to damage the tank. Check our guide on  How to defeat Phillip Graves  to have an easier fight during this boss fight, and make sure that you keep the RPG-7 if you want to make this easier.

Once you finish this one, it’s time to finally stop the missile during the Countdown Mission.

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