Discover Brian Babu, The man who makes Fashion Icons

Published on: May 31, 2019


“What is it that you do?” Brain Babu has heard that question one too many times before. In a society that fails to validate the creative industry as an economic sector, Brian is making his strides as a stylist. Creating identities and bring the glitz and glam to the red carpet, stylist to the stars, he is living his passion. Called the brains behind Sauti Sol’s polished and super stylish looks. Brian describes himself as a free thinker and lover of life. So ow did the financier step into the world of fashion? A favor for his sister, a favor that led his name to being attached to prestigious awards, Kenya Fashion Awards’s Stylist of the Year 2016, Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2016 East Africa Stylist of The Year, and nominee of Abrayanz Style and Fashion Awards 2017.

Be Afrika picked Brian Babu as our Mentor this month because of the lesson he teaches about being faithful to your passion. Here is what we asked him, from you the aspiring stylist to Brian Babu our mentor of the month.

How do you spend most of your time?

In between work, I love to travel and be with my family.

What do you wish you knew in your early twenties?

I wish I understood how money works, how to save and how to manage my money.

How can I work smarter?

Any aspiring stylist needs to identify what market works for you. What type of styling, is it personal styling, personality styling or is it styling for television. You need to find your niche and then improve and perfect what you do.

Is this where you thought you would end up?

I had not planned to be a stylist. It is something I had done individually for a while and then I started doing it as a profession when I was in campus. I don’t remember what I would have been before I found my passion in styling. I was school for economics and finance and I probably would have gotten an office job, probably work in a bank or a finance institute.

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t have gone to economics and finance school in the first place. I think I would have gone straight to fashion and design school.

What used to be your biggest weaknesses?

Time. As a creative at times you end up doing things last minute. Or maybe the ideas come up last minute so you are pressed for time to execute what you wanted to do.

What are you most proud of? 

The things I have been able to accomplish in the first four years. And the consistency of my work throughout that period.

 “Am I being crazy?” Have you ever asked yourself that? What was the result?

Of course I did. At some point I quit school my family also thought I had lost my mind, so I thought I was actually crazy. But you know only crazy people dream.

What were your biggest failures?

I know there are projects that I have been able to do but they didn’t take off the way they were supposed to. Probably because I wasn’t keen enough or I hadn’t grown enough as a stylist to be able to handle such big projects. I think of those as failures and I got to learn from them, and I became a better stylist through that. There are project that you’d be given to handle and then you think you have the capacity to do that project but you actually don’t.

A piece of advice.

GO HARD OR GO HOME! You can’t be half assing things, taking issues with a pinch of salt. You just have to do the most when you want to do something. Go completely out of your way to do your best.