Muthoni Drummer Queen Selected as a TED Fellow

Published on: Jan 25, 2019

Musician, creative entrepreneur and activist set to present at TED2019, joining the newest class of 20 global visionaries.

Musician and cultural maverick Muthoni Drummer Queen has been selected as a TED Fellow, joining a class of 20 change-makers from around the world to deliver a talk on the TED stage this April in Vancouver. Muthoni was selected for her work in developing the cultural landscape in East Africa through her barrier-breaking, genre bending music, as well as her game-changing music festivals Blankets & Wine and Africa Nouveau.

I am very excited to be selected as a TED fellow, and to join a global community of thought leaders and doers. After 10 years in music and culture, and based on research and data, it is clear that the creative sector is a legitimate manufacturing industry in Kenya, and indeed Africa. Being on the global TED platform will help me amplify this position, as well as the political undertones to creators, investors, industry players, leadership the general population of Kenya, and Africa at large.

My work is really about freedom, which is a deeply spiritual and political idea. By exercising my freedom to think and create for myself without too much concern for industry “norms” or “ideals” I intend to inspire my idols, peers and fans to exercise their freedom to pursue their own ideals and create their own norms. We are all fundamentally powerful, creative beings, and I desire for humanity to experience this.

“We are thrilled to announce the newest class of TED Fellows, who give voice to some of the most exciting ideas we’ve seen in the program’s 10-year history,” said TED Fellows director Shoham Arad. “This year’s class includes a police captain designing systems to support women in policing, a space environmentalist building technology to monitor space debris, and an artist exploring the ethical implications of emerging technology. The Fellows program is committed to using its resources and platform to help scale Fellows’ ideas and impact, and we are so excited to have these Fellows become an integral part of our global community.”

Founded in 2009, the TED Fellows program has 472 Fellows from 96 countries, whose talks have been viewed more than 250 million times overall. In its ten-year history, the TED Fellows program has created a powerful, far-reaching network made up of scientists, doctors, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, journalists and beyond.

As a TED Fellow, Muthoni Drummer Queen joins a community that includes Perry Chen, the artist who co-founded Kickstarter; Amanda Nguyen, the activist whose organization RISE helped write the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, which passed unanimously through US Congress; and Essam Daod, the psychiatrist who founded Humanity Crew to provide psychological aid to refugees.

The TED Fellows has also yielded a wide variety of collaborative projects, including PEEK, the social enterprise that recently raised a $1 billion fund to eradicate preventable blindness in the developing world; BRCK, the technology company that builds mobile WiFi routers that can work anywhere, even in the harshest conditions; and Fine Acts, the international collective bringing together artists and activists to instigate social change.

Applications for the 2020 TED Fellows class will be open later this year. Interested applicants should visit the TED Fellows program website for information and updates about the fellowship:

About Good Times Africa

Good Times Africa is a Nairobi based cultural – enterprise, staging music festivals and music-based events across East Africa. For 10 years now, our work has been geared at creating a nurturing and professional environment for African creators of music and arts to thrive, as well as strengthening the creative ecosystem throughout the region. Our work and expertise is in: staging our own unique festival experiences through our well-beloved brands Blankets & Wine (KE/UG/RW) Africa Nouveau (annually, Kenya) and the Africa Dance Party (concert series for African headliners) as well as creating and producing music based events/experiences such as concerts and showcases for brands and other third parties.



About the TED Fellows program

The TED Fellows program brings together young innovators from around the world and across disciplines, who display both outstanding achievement and exemplary character, to raise international awareness of their work and maximize their impact. The program offers Fellows full participation in a TED or TEDGlobal Conference, a two-day pre-conference of workshops and activities, a Fellows Retreat, ongoing professional coaching and mentoring, dedicated PR coaching and active participation in the TED community, including the global TED Fellows network.



Published on: Jan 14, 2019

Be Afrika will soon be launching a print edition, content that would be different from its online counterpart. You could say that online will be a continuation of the print edition. Finding advertising for online is not easy in Kenya, so this fueled our decision to go into print. So we started thinking about how we could sell advertising on these two different platforms, in a way that would benefit both us and the client.

We read plenty of text about the issue, but this article just hits the nail on the head. So we open 2019 with ‘Something Borrowed’ an article from Enjoy!


Print and digital advertising are better suited to reaching different demographic groups than other forms of advertising. Digital advertising helps cast a wider geographic net toward a specific kind of customer, whereas traditional print advertising is often more effective at driving business at a local level. Exploring how each form of ad reaches the reader, and how much those ads cost versus how much they return on the investment, is important in deciding what ad scheme is best for a particular company or product. However, tech savvy entrepreneurs and small businesses now have the tools to determine the results of the advertising budget, at least on the digital front.

Digital Advertising

One major advantage of digital advertising is that it is a variable cost form of advertising, meaning that an ad campaign is more easily scalable to a specific fixed budget amount compared to the flat fees associated with running an ad in print. Perhaps the most important advantage to digital advertisement is that the digital ad can be interactive. That interactivity can take the form of a simple video clip, a brief flash game or even scale all the way up to an interactive video game sponsored by and highlighting the advertiser, depending upon budget constraints. Interactive ads of any source provide a more memorable experience for the ad’s viewers than simpler printed advertisements.

When to Use Digital Ads

Companies on a budget can carefully focus on a very select digital ads target demographic in order to maximize their ad campaigns’ impact per dollar. Simply put, a digital ad has the potential to offer an advertiser greater control over who sees it, which means less money wasted on people who have no interest in the general subject of the ad. Digital advertising is also particularly helpful for generating useful marketing information, since most proprietary systems of digital advertising – such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads – offer additional information regarding user trends and successful referrals. The advanced level of customization and the added information generated by digital ads mean that when money is in short supply, digital ads are the best solution to most retail and remote service-based business needs.

Print Advertising

When it comes to print media advertising, circulation is everything. The more circulated a printed publication is, the more readers the included advertisements receive. The downside of print advertising is that even when placed in well-read publications, the ad may simply not apply to many of the readers. To counteract the sometimes lackluster readership response to a print advertisement, a company should post the ad in a topically relevant magazine. For example, an ad about a new novel would be better placed in a short fiction magazine with a similar genre, rather than the local newspaper. Offering a coupon or special discount code on retail products or services in the ad can help a company determine its effectiveness in generating new sales.

Tips for Using Print Ads

(A different article described advertising in print magazine as a way to have your ad in front of people’s faces, getting out from underneath the digital clutter.)

Even in this highly technologically focused era, print ads still have their place as effective tools to generate buzz surrounding a product or service, and even generate sales. In many cases, when a member of the community wants to find out about upcoming local entertainment events, he looks to the local newspaper because of its locally limited circulation, making it a great place to advertise a for-profit event. Print ads are also particularly effective when advertising for vacant positions in labor and skilled trades because virtually anyone can afford a newspaper, even the unemployed, whereas computers and therefore digital ads require a certain level of affluence to even access. Companies trying to make a large impact on a niche market with print advertising should consider taking out a lavish full-page color advertisement in the publication of their choice, since smaller advertisements are more easily ignored by readers in a hurry.