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Boat & Catamaran charter in Guadeloupe  - Yacht Rental

Boat & Catamaran charter in Guadeloupe - Yacht Rental

Guadeloupe yacht rental.

Welcome to Yachting.Rent, your premier choice for yacht rental services in the beautiful archipelago of Guadeloupe. We offer a comprehensive fleet of top-tier yachts, designed to meet every sailor’s desires and cater to all types of oceanic adventures.

From luxury mega-yachts for the ultimate cruising indulgence to sporty sailing yachts for thrilling nautical journeys, our assortment is sure to meet every sailing enthusiast’s needs. All our yachts are meticulously maintained and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring you a worry-free journey as you explore the sparkling waters and lush islands of Guadeloupe.

For the experienced sailor, our bareboat charter allows you the freedom to plot your course and take command of your adventure, at your own pace. If you prefer to sit back, relax, and drink in the tropical beauty of Guadeloupe, our crewed charter option provides a professional crew who will expertly handle all sailing duties. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the experiences that this Caribbean gem offers, from its rich Creole culture to its diverse marine life.

At Yachting.Rent, we believe that every sailing trip should be a unique and memorable experience. This is why we work closely with you to understand your needs, helping to tailor your itinerary and choose the yacht that best suits your preferences. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, ensuring your Guadeloupe sailing vacation is perfect from start to finish.

Embark on your dream sailing journey with Yachting.Rent. Cruise the clear, turquoise waters of Guadeloupe and discover the archipelago’s hidden treasures – stunning coral reefs, secluded beaches, and vibrant local markets. With Yachting.Rent, your Guadeloupe yacht adventure promises to be unforgettable. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Daniel Goldman

CEO of Yachting.Rent

Boat & Catamaran charter in Guadeloupe

Bali 4.4 - 3 + 1 cab. - Apollo - 2022

Bali 4.5 – 4 + 2 cab. – Adria Chicha – 2017

Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab. - Shiva - 2018

Lagoon 450 F – 4 + 2 cab. – Shiva – 2018

Lagoon 42 - 4 + 2 cab. - Eleni - 2023.

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 2 cab. – Hanselli – 2024

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 1 cab. – pirelli – 2024.

Saxdor 320 GTO - Kali - 2022

Saxdor 320 GTC – Olivia – 2022

Saxdor 320 gto – kali – 2022.

yacht rentals guadeloupe

Why Choose Us

Yacht charter in Guadeloupe

Welcome to Yachting.Rent – where your dream Guadeloupean sailing adventure becomes a reality! We are proud to offer a diverse fleet of top-quality yachts for charter in the magnificent waters of Guadeloupe, the jewel of the Caribbean.

Our aim at Yachting.Rent is to provide a yacht charter experience that exceeds your expectations. Our extensive range of sailing vessels and catamarans, all equipped with modern amenities, offers you the chance to tailor your charter experience to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil getaway or a thrilling ocean adventure, our team of experts will assist you in selecting the perfect yacht for your journey.

In addition to our diverse fleet, we offer two types of charter options to cater to your preferences. For seasoned sailors, our bareboat charter grants you full command of the yacht, allowing you to navigate through the beautiful Guadeloupe archipelago at your own pace. Alternatively, our crewed charter option offers a relaxing and hassle-free sailing experience with a dedicated crew to ensure your journey is smooth and enjoyable.

The islands of Guadeloupe present a myriad of unique experiences to explore. From the vibrant and unique marine life that fills the surrounding waters to the stunning landscapes that dot the islands, Guadeloupe is a sailing paradise waiting to be discovered. Our expert team at Yachting.Rent will provide comprehensive assistance in creating an itinerary that perfectly captures the essence of this idyllic location.

At Yachting.Rent, we commit to ensuring our clients experience an unforgettable sailing adventure in Guadeloupe. With our top-tier yachts, personalized service, and the beauty of Guadeloupe, we guarantee a yacht charter experience like no other. Start your journey with Yachting.Rent today and discover the allure of Guadeloupe from a whole new perspective.

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yacht rentals guadeloupe

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About Guadeloupe

Why is Guadeloupe a good sailing destination?

At Yachting.Rent, we see Guadeloupe as a premier sailing destination, offering an unmatched blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and excellent sailing conditions. As an archipelago consisting of two main islands – Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, surrounded by smaller islets, Guadeloupe is often referred to as the “Butterfly Island” due to its distinctive shape. The mesmerizing landscapes and diverse marine life make sailing around Guadeloupe an unforgettable experience.

The waters surrounding Guadeloupe offer a perfect combination of calm seas and steady winds, making it an ideal sailing destination for both novices and seasoned sailors. Here, you can enjoy the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea, explore the vibrant coral reefs and marine life, and drop anchor at secluded beaches. The islands are known for their crystal-clear waters and pristine white-sand beaches that make for picture-perfect stops along your sailing adventure.

Moreover, Guadeloupe’s rich cultural heritage is a joy to explore. The unique blend of French and Creole traditions are evident in the local cuisine, music, and architecture. As you sail around the islands, take time to enjoy local delicacies, soak in the vibrant music scenes, and learn about the area’s historical significance. With Yachting.Rent, your journey around Guadeloupe will be an extraordinary blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. Sail with us to experience the best of Guadeloupe’s nautical charm.

yacht rentals guadeloupe


yacht rentals guadeloupe

What Choose

Sailing boat or Catamaran, what to sail in Guadeloupe

Sailing in Guadeloupe presents an array of choices for any seafarer. At Yachting.Rent, we understand that the perfect sailing experience hinges on making the right choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran. Both offer unique advantages, making them better suited to different kinds of trips and sailor’s preferences.

If you yearn for a traditional sailing experience, you might opt for one of our sailing boats. They provide an intimate connection with the sea and the wind, making every voyage a thrilling dance with nature. Our sailing boats are ideal for navigating around Guadeloupe’s many secluded coves and bays, and their sleek design enables them to make the most of the steady Caribbean breezes.

On the other hand, our catamarans offer stability and spaciousness. With their dual-hull design, catamarans are particularly steady on the water, which can be beneficial for those prone to seasickness or families with young children. The broad deck and large cabins offer ample space for relaxation and enjoyment. A catamaran is perfect for those planning to spend several days or weeks exploring the islands of Guadeloupe, as it offers the comfort of a floating apartment.

Whichever you choose, Yachting.Rent assures you a memorable voyage around the picturesque islands of Guadeloupe. All our vessels are maintained to the highest standards to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your journey. Let our expert team guide you in choosing the best vessel for your Guadeloupe sailing adventure.

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Odyssea Yachting

Available Yachts

Guadeloupe Yacht Charters

Experience the ultimate luxury sailing vacation on a Guadeloupe yacht charter and explore the breathtaking turquoise waters of the Caribbean . With our luxury yacht charter, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the seven islands in the archipelago, including The Saints, Marie Galante, and Petite Terre.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life of the Cousteau Marine Reserve, established in this wonderful basin, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. With trade winds in your favor, you’ll enjoy a first-class sailing experience while exploring one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Guadeloupe is home to one of Earth’s most active volcanoes. Also known as the “Butterfly Island”, with its many different landscapes offering visitors an experience unlike any other. From beaches lined with white sand and lagoons to deep rainforests full of exotic plants and animals. This island will, without a doubt, enchant you.

Our yachts are available all year round. So, no matter what season it is, you’ll be able to experience one of our special charters. There’s always something new waiting for you at every turn; start the journey to your dream destination!

Book your luxury yacht charter now and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Please note that weather patterns can vary, and it’s always a good idea to check the local forecast before planning your yacht charter.  The temperatures shown are average temperatures.

Dry season, relatively cool and pleasant with low humidity.

Similar to January, dry with comfortable temperatures.

Slightly warmer, still part of the dry season.

Transition to the wet season, occasional showers.

Beginning of the wet season, increased humidity and rainfall.

Warmer, frequent short-lived showers.

Warm, humid, with regular showers.

Peak of the wet season, hot and humid.

Hot and humid, high rainfall.

Decrease in rainfall, still warm.

Transition back to the dry season, less humidity.

Beginning of the dry season, pleasant and mild.

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter Attractions

Visit Les Saints in Guadeloupe

Les Saintes

Is a mind-blowing, dainty archipelago which is home to some of the most beautiful bays in the world. If you are seeking an epic experience here in Les Saintes, hiking up to Fort Josephine would be an excellent first choice. At the summit, you will enjoy a 360 ̊ view over this small group of islands. On clear days you can even see Dominica, Basse-Terre and Marie Galante in the distance. This ancient fort provides spectacular sea views, with cannons facing outwards as if still protecting against invaders from centuries ago. Within the walls of the fort, a wealth of history at the museum. Other highlights of this hike include baby goats and iguanas scampering around enjoying their freedom.

Discover Basse Terre

Basse Terre

Sailing across the Canal des Saintes, past Vieux Fort Lighthouse, gives a great perspective of “La Souffrière”, Basse-Terre’s active volcano; witness clouds slowly disperse to reveal an enticing view of the volcano. Snorkelling with turtles in Japanese Garden in Malendure (Reserve Cousteau) also offers a lifelong memory and experience.

To see inland Guadeloupe, the Basse Terre rainforest and coffee tour is a must and you will, without a doubt, learn about local plants, trees and producers. The waterfalls are endless and with their beautiful bounty of flowers, the island is capable of producing large amount of spices and natural homeopathic remedies!


Les Bains Thomas

Les Bains Thomas is a hot spring area along the coast of Basse-Terre. It’s an excellent place to mix with locals and enjoy natural volcanic minerals, as well as fantastic sunsets on the ocean side of Basse Terre. Watch out for green flashes at sunset. While sipping your sunset cocktails, it’s not uncommon at all to see whales and dolphins not far offshore in large numbers. In fact, it has become quite a common occurrence to be greeted by their majestic beauty. You may also have the privilege of hearing their calls and songs as you snorkel or scuba dive.

Enjoy Marie Galante in Guadeloupe at sunset

Marie Galante

We offer another land excursion in Marie Galante: Visit the “Père Labat” distillery (Still using old machinery) and the “Maison Murat”, which is now a Museum dedicated to the slavery period. Dropping anchor at Grande Anse, allows you to enjoy the very large, desolate, quaint bay, as you blissfully stroll in search of sand dollars or conch shells.

Have fun Kite Surfng

Water Sports

For the more active, have fun water-tubing and wakeboarding over stunning turquoise waters, leading up to white sand beaches surrounded by white cliffs. Anse Canot has it all, including breath-taking views and great fishing!

Example Itinerary for Your Guadeloupe Yacht Charter

Experience the ultimate luxury on a custom yacht charter tailored just for you! Contact us now to plan your dream itinerary.

This is a sample itinerary that might be altered by the captain depending on weather factors or guests’ requests.

Check in, drop off your luggage during the day and explore the local marina area before boarding. Upon arrival, enjoy a refreshing welcome cocktail onboard as we depart for our first anchorage, Bane Rose, in the protected Bay of Pointe à Pitre before sunset.

Petit Havre

Following breakfast, the adventure starts. Our first stop will be the small natural harbor of "Petit Havre," where it's time to jump in for some snorkeling before lunch. Afterward, we'll head up to the pretty town of "Sainte Anne," famous for its white sand beach and spectacular handicraft village and spices market. You will enjoy these Caribbean flavors! Then, back on your yacht to enjoy the sunset over "Basse-Terre" while sipping a cocktail.


We head out after breakfast in search of dolphins and whales as we make our way to the island of Marie-Galante, named after one of Christopher Columbus' ships. We'll be moored in the stunning bay of "Anse Canot": Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and beachcombing are on the program. Marie-Galante has remained rural and lives in rhythm with sugar cane cultivation. The countryside is covered with ruffled sugar canes with splashes of white. You can frequently come across carts on the roads during harvest time, full of canes pulled along by oxen, on their way to one of the three distilleries: Bielle, Bellevue, or Poisson. We strongly recommend the tour of the distilleries. After you visit the distillery, your boat will be waiting for you with, once again, cocktails & sunset waiting for you onboard...

After a morning swim, we set sail to "Les Saintes". Discovered by Christopher Columbus on "All Saints" Day, this archipelago was the stake of many battles between the French and the English: a strategic site qualified as the "Gibraltar of Guadeloupe". Anchored in this beautiful bay, we can go ashore and discover the little French fishing village of Bourg des Saintes, an adorable seaside town that is sparkling clean and picturesque. Flowers grow in abundance, and no one is in a hurry. A few things to do: Fort Napoleon, Pompiere Beach, and shopping!!

Ilêts Pigeon

Set sail after breakfast towards Ilêts Pigeon, and visit the world-famous "Réserve Cousteau", a diving and snorkeling paradise. On our way, stop in one of the many gorgeous bays for lunch: Anse à la Barque, Les "3 Tortues" or "Anse Bouillante". Once at Ilêts Pigeon, snorkelers and divers prepare for one of the best sites in the Caribbean. Evening on board allows us to review all the fish species encountered during the day...

After breakfast, we sail back to Les Saintes, where we'll moor the yacht for a special day of swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving at 'Pain a Sucre', a 200-foot mini-piton. Here, you will find an exquisite beach with a picturesque abundance of palm trees. The underwater life is bright and colorful. The bay also provides a perfect place to use as a base for those who want to do some land-based exploring. A track leads up to the main road and a nice hike up to "Le Chameau", to the old lookout tower at the top. A small secluded beach is in the other direction, past "Le Bois Joli". If further hikes sound appealing, bring along good shoes and your camera, for the grand views are numerous, breathtaking and well worth recording.

On Departure Day, after a last tasty breakfast on board, it is time to gather your belongings and say goodbye to the crew before arranging transport to the airport. We hope you leave with incredible memories of your week in Guadeloupe.

Available Yachts in Guadeloupe

yacht rentals guadeloupe

S/V Purpose

Purpose is our very elegant Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 catamaran navigating the Caribbean waters. This very spacious luxury yacht captures, through its design, much of the natural light allowing it to flow through the salon, galley and cabins. The minute you step aboard, you will be amazed at the space allocated to relaxation and enjoyment. The open plan of the salon and cockpit area will give a definite feeling of conviviality when sharing special moments with friends or family. The sliding window next to the sink means meals can be passed directly from the galley to the cockpit, which is ideal as most of the dining aboard Purpose takes place al fresco.

Stepping up to the flybridge, you will get a panoramic, breezy, bird’s eye view of the seascape and with an open-air lounge area located next to the helm, you can also be wonderfully entertained by adventurous stories from your captain when under sail. When at anchor, the sunbathing lounge on the foredeck offers a great, shady, comfortable spot to spend relaxing moments.

Purpose is the Quintet version of the Saba 50 and offers three guest cabins in the port hull and two to starboard. The sixth cabin, a middle starboard cabin, is reserved for the crew. All cabins are en-suite.

A wide glass door separates the outside from the inside, but the two are on the same level so it’s easy to move from the exterior to the interior. Natural light floods through overhead hatches and large windows that you can see out of even when seated.

yacht rentals guadeloupe

S/V La Gatta

If you’re looking for a well designed yacht, perfect for families and friends in search of creating an unforgettable experience, the Lagoon Seventy7 La Gatta is ideal for you. Each cabin has a different name which stays in line with the feline theme of the vessel – gatta = cat. This fine super-yacht can accommodate up to 8 guests in the 4 guest cabins, one being an owner’s suite, 2 VIP cabins and 1 twin cabin.

With a professional crew of 4 offering a 5 star service, your charter experience will be nothing short of  mind-blowing. Also, with an existing hydraulic balcony in the Owner’s Suite, a beach platform at the stern and an array of water-toys, there’s never a dull moment on La Gatta

yacht rentals guadeloupe

S/V Fantastic Too

Fantastic Too is an 80′ catamaran built by Sunreef in 2020 and is brand new to the market. This fully carbon-constructed super-yacht catches your eye in an instant with its sleek and sporty look designed to achieve maximum comfort when under sail. This 80 ft catamaran is very spacious and caters to 11 guests and up to 4 crew. Equipped with all the amenities and ocean toys that will make your sailing vacation an absolute pleasure. Let’s take you on a tour.

As you venture on board this elegant yet modern vessel, you will notice the open plan of the cockpit area. Again simple in its design, with breathless views off the stern, it is part of the heart and soul of the yacht where many great meals, stories, and experiences will be shared making your holiday memorable. For the easy-going guest, you will be happy to also find sun-beds and sofas located at the stern, and for the active groups, it’s a perfect spot from which to film the watersports action happening off the transom. A highlight of Fantastic Too’s stern is the amazing submersible bathing platform. This added feature facilitates entries and exits from the water especially for those with mobility challenges.

Leaving the cockpit area and heading into the interior, you could have a sneak peek into what’s on the menu that day as your first-mate Jennie busies herself in the galley located on starboard. You will also find, on this main deck, the saloon, and entertainment area, harmoniously designed to integrate the exterior and interior living spaces. Whether hiding from the sun, enjoying a movie, or getting to know your crew, you will enjoy this inviting yet cozy space.

Moving down to the cabins on the lower deck, you will find 5 roomy cabins each with ensuite bathrooms and ocean-level views through uniquely designed vertical portholes. After fun-filled days of sailing, activities, and gourmet meals, the gentle rock of your yacht at anchor, will surely have you asleep in no time.

Like most newly built catamarans, Fantastic Too comes equipped with a fly-bridge from where you can enjoy the panoramic seascapes or a little chit-chat with your Captain, Paul, while at the helm. Fitted with a grill and barbecue, you can even turn this space into a very elegant dining area, especially in the evenings under a star-lit night.

Towards the bow of Fantastic Too , you will find quite unique lounging area located next to the twin trampolines. Ideal for relaxation or for the monitoring of the kids during playful afternoon jumping on the trampolines or diving off the bow, the foredeck is quite a versatile part of the yacht.

All in all, this beautiful catamaran, Fantastic Too , along with its crew Paul and Jennie, certainly has what it takes to ensure your sailing vacation is a memorable, magical one.

yacht rentals guadeloupe

S/V Mamy Wata

Mamy Wata means Mother of the Ocean and onboard, you will certainly feel cared  for. As you  step on to the aft deck upon arrival, you will find  yourself in a  spacious area used for relaxing,  sunbathing and outdoor dining. A C-shaped sofa and elevated table are positioned on the port side, while a second sofa for extra guests are located on starboard. There’s a small fridge for drinks, and a bimini canopy that can be lowered to give all-day shade. On the foredeck, there is a lovely space for sunbathing. The aft half contains a deck shower and a swim platform.

The salon is accessed via a central stairway. There you will find a couch/daybed on starboard, a widescreen TV on the aft wall, and a corner sofa with a fold-out table on port side. The galley is located directly behind the dining room and has direct access to it, while the crew quarters are located at the aft of  the vessel.

The lovely light-filled interiors with its gentle colour tones of cream mingled with the natural light wood panelling accentuates the space within. Skylights in the main salon and cabins provide plenty of natural light throughout the day.

yacht rentals guadeloupe

S/V Deep Blue

This expertly designed catamaran is a member of the Leopard flagship line and is so stunning, it will seduce you into booking a luxury charter. As you step onboard this unique vessel, you will notice instantly that the aft cockpit is an open space balcony which allows wide-open views to the marine surroundings. There are no integrated benches, sun loungers or seats, so the space has a very personalised ambiance with contemporary furniture that your family or friends would appreciate as you create wonderful memories around scrumptious meals or fun activities off the stern.

As you venture to the interior of this luxury catamaran, you will be charmed by its simple elegance due to the European-style interior with light coloured or white laminates. Due to its soothing decor, Deep Blue’s cabins offers guests such an effortless comfort that relaxation comes naturally.

When at sea, Deep Blue’s flydeck offers the perfect space to occupy. Time slips gently by as Deep Blue is underway and with the hardtop bimini above the flybridge, sailing time remains enjoyable as guests are protected not only from the direct rays of the sun but also the Caribbean heat. Enjoy starry nights, lazy afternoons or even festive evenings in this additional space designed to be a sailors’ lounge bar equipped with an outdoor galley, with hob, sink and fridge. Many memorable moments are just waiting to be made with your loved ones.

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Wild rumpus, vive l'amour, frequently asked questions, what do i need to know about chartering a yacht in guadeloupe.

Chartering a yacht in Guadeloupe offers a unique way to explore the Caribbean . You can choose from a variety of yachts, including luxury yachts, catamarans, and sailboats. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak season.

How can I rent a boat in Guadeloupe?

Renting a boat in Guadeloupe is straightforward. Speak to our Vacation Consultant .

What is special about chartering in Pointe-à-Pitre?

Pointe-à-Pitre is a popular starting point for yacht charters in Guadeloupe. It offers easy access to both the leeward and windward sides of the island, making it an ideal location for embarking on your sailing adventure.

Are there any visa requirements for Guadeloupe yacht charter?

Visa requirements for Guadeloupe depend on your nationality. As a region of France, European Union citizens do not need a visa. Visitors from other countries should check with their local French embassy or consulate for specific visa requirements, or take a look at Visa HQ for Guadeloupe .

Can beginners charter a yacht in Guadeloupe?

Yes, beginners can charter a yacht, but it’s recommended to hire a skipper or choose a crewed yacht charter. This ensures safety and allows you to learn from experienced sailors while enjoying your trip.

What are the best times to charter a yacht in Guadeloupe?

The best time to charter a yacht in Guadeloupe is from mid-December to April when the weather is most favorable. However, yachts are available year-round, with off-peak seasons offering more competitive pricing.

Are there any specific regulations or sailing areas to be aware of?

When sailing in Guadeloupe, be aware of protected marine areas where anchoring may be restricted. It’s also important to respect local navigation rules and environmental regulations.

What amenities are included in a yacht charter in Guadeloupe?

Amenities vary depending on the type of yacht and charter package. Standard amenities usually include cabins, bathrooms, a kitchen, and navigation equipment. Luxury yachts may offer additional amenities like air conditioning, entertainment systems, and water sports equipment. Ask our Vacation Consultant for more details.

Is it possible to customize my itinerary when chartering a yacht in Guadeloupe?

Yes, you can choose your preferred destinations and activities, making your yacht charter a truly personalized experience. Speak to our Vacation Consultant about your preferences.

What are the main airports in Guadeloupe for international travelers?

The primary airport in Guadeloupe is Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport (PTP), also known as Le Raizet. It serves as the main gateway for international flights to and from Guadeloupe. There are direct flights to Guadeloupe from several major cities in the United States and Europe. Airlines often adjust their routes seasonally, so it’s recommended to check with airlines for the most current flight schedules.

Are there any health or vaccination requirements for entering Guadeloupe?

There are no mandatory vaccination requirements for entering Guadeloupe. However, travelers are advised to be up to date with routine vaccinations. Always check the latest health advice before traveling.

What languages are spoken in Guadeloupe? Will language be a barrier?

The official language of Guadeloupe is French, but many locals also speak Creole. English is widely understood in tourist areas, reducing language barriers for most travelers.

What currency is used in Guadeloupe? Do I need to exchange money before arriving?

The currency used in Guadeloupe is the Euro (EUR). It’s advisable to have some local currency, but credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs are available for currency exchange.

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Worth a visit.

Weather was fantastic for snorkeling so we stopped on the island for a walk through the gardens. It was beautiful. Well worth a visit.

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Speak to our Charter Consultant to book a charter in Guadeloupe

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We had a fantastic trip with Cyril. He brought us to a really nice snorkeling spot and then to a small island for more snorkeling, swimming, relaxing. We had a group of 10 including 4 kids as young as 5. Everyone had an excellent time. We added food and drinks to our rental and were super happy that we did. Cyril’s daughter made delicious food from appetizers to entree to dessert. Rum was super. We got some good wind on our way back so sailed the whole way. Cyril was a great captain!! Thank you so much! Until next time!

Everything went very well ! The boat and equipment were in good condition, and the outing was very pleasant. THANKS !

The community's advice on the destination

Rent a boat with or without skipper in guadeloupe.

with SamBoat. Choose from a wide selection of sailboats, motorboats, RIBs, catamarans, yachts and canal boats. We offer a huge range of boats to hire from 50€/day. With the best offers, SamBoat helps you to find the ideal yacht charter in the Caribbean  for the perfect vacation.

Boat Rental in Guadeloupe 

Guadeloupe is an idyllic destination in the French West Indies. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, this island is an ideal destination for those wanting to rent a motorboat, catamaran or sailboat. What makes this area so appealing to sailors and those wanting to have a diverse vacation is that the distance between the different islands are short. For example, between Basse Terre, Grande Terre, Marie Galante, and Les Saintes, there is less than 20 miles for each route. The region is well known for its common wild animal sightings like turtles, whales, dolphins, and plenty of colourful and interesting fish.

The sailing conditions are very pleasant with a constant wind. Yacht charter in Guadeloupe is an ideal option for beginners because it does not present any dangers and the area lends itself to peaceful sailing. Another perk are the numerous activities offered including diving, snorkeling and kitesurfing.

The many different areas of the Guadeloupe archipelago make it a dream destination for renting a boat. Another amazing boating destination is in Saint Barthelemy, while the more adventurous will navigate to Dominica, an island well known for the shooting of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Guadeloupe?

A boat hire in Guadeloupe is dictated by the sailing season. In that region, the season goes from December to May, so expect to find the highest prices then. If you are planning to charter a yacht in Guadeloupe expect to pay from around 150€/day for a sailboat and around 200€/day for a catamaran.

When you are planning to rent a motor boat in the region, there is a much wider selection of boats in a wider price range available for you. Plan ahead your desired activities to determine the size and type of boat that will be perfect for you.

Do I need a license to charter a yacht in Guadeloupe? 

Before you rent a boat in Guadeloupe, it is important to check the local regulations that determine the need for a boating license. It is highly recommended to have enough experience to rent a boat. If you don’t feel comfortable driving a boat, there is an option to rent with a local skipper. In that case, they will navigate the boat and show you stunning hidden places that tourists normally wouldn’t see. Either way, you'll discover the region in all tranquility, while taking in its beautiful lagoons. 

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  • Boat Charter Guadeloupe

Boat Rental in Guadeloupe

Christina Too by Sunreef Yachts - Top rates for a Rental of a private Power Catamaran in Guadeloupe

Boat Rental IN Guadeloupe

Find a boat rental at the most popular yachting destinations

  • Boat Rental in Pointe a Pitre
  • Boat Rental in Saint Francois
  • Boat Rental in Le Gosier
  • Boat Rental in Basse Terre
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  • Superyacht Rental in Guadeloupe
  • Motor Yacht Rental in Guadeloupe
  • Motor Sailer Rental in Guadeloupe
  • Luxury Catamaran Rental in Guadeloupe
  • Sailing Catamaran Rental in Guadeloupe
  • Power Catamaran Rental in Guadeloupe
  • Yacht Charter in Guadeloupe



  • Bowthruster
  • Furling mainsail
  • Fully battened mainsail
  • Electric toilet

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Guadeloupe sailboat CHARTERS

12 Knots offers crewed and bareboat sailboat charters in Guadeloupe. You may choose the right boat for you from 11 yachts listed on the web site. Click on the one you like and make an easy reservation for your unforgettable sailing vacation in Guadeloupe. Rates start from €1,109 per week.

Rent a Boat in Guadeloupe: 11 Available

Dufour 412 gl sailboat charter (2018).


Rent a boat Dufour 390 GL (2019) in Guadeloupe

MIRO - 0

Sailboat Dufour 460 GL (2018) for rent in Guadeloupe


Dufour 460 GL sailboat charter (2018)


Rent a boat Dufour 430 GL (2023) in Guadeloupe


Sailboat Dufour 500 GL - 5 cab. (2015) for rent in Guadeloupe


Sun Loft 47 - 6 + 1 cab. sailboat charter (2020)


Rent a boat Sun Loft 47 - 6 + 1 cab. (2020) in Guadeloupe


Sailboat Dufour 470 - 5 + 1 cab. (2023) for rent in Guadeloupe


Dufour 500 GL - 5 cab. sailboat charter (2016)


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yacht rentals guadeloupe

Yacht Charter Guadeloupe

Borrow A Boat is the leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace worldwide with over 45,000 boat listings across 65 + countries worldwide, with boats of all types available for rental and including peer-to-peer boat listings.

columbia - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Summer: USA - New England, USA - Florida East Coast, USA - Great Lakes, Northern Europe, Antarctica, Arctic, USA - South East, USA - North East | Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Bahamas, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, USA - Florida East Coast, Central America, Cuba 2

  • Build year : 2014
  • Guests : 12
  • Berths : 12
  • Length : 141 ft
  • Boat type : Sailing Yacht

ELVIS MAGIC - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2


  • Build year : 2003
  • Length : 66 ft

FLOR DE LUNA - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2


  • Build year : 2023
  • Length : 53 ft
  • Boat type : Catamaran

NO INHERITANCE - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2


  • Guests : 10
  • Berths : 10
  • Length : 54 ft

ECLIPSE 114 - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2


  • Build year : 2005
  • Length : 114 ft
  • Boat type : Motorboat

ELLEN - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in W. Med -Naples/Sicily, W. Med -Riviera/Cors/Sard., Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, Turkey, W. Med - Spain/Balearics, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards 2

  • Build year : 2001
  • Length : 132 ft

Rocket One - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in W. Med -Naples/Sicily, Greece, W. Med -Riviera/Cors/Sard., Turkey, Croatia | Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards 2

  • Build year : 2022
  • Length : 121 ft

Can't find what you're looking for?

GALAXY - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in W. Med -Naples/Sicily, Greece, W. Med -Riviera/Cors/Sard., Turkey, Croatia | Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards 2

  • Length : 183 ft

TOP SHELF - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2

  • Build year : 2007
  • Length : 80 ft

RISE - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2

  • Build year : 2020
  • Length : 42 ft

Lady Marigot - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2

Lady Marigot

  • Build year : 2004
  • Length : 58 ft

OMAKASE - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Bahamas & Caribbean 2

  • Length : 68 ft
  • Boat type : Power Catamaran

Avel Vaez - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Greece, Caribbean 2

  • Length : 57 ft

SUN DAZE 5.4 - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2


  • Length : 55 ft

LEGASEA - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Caribbean 2

  • Build year : 2024

Valinor  - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Greece, Caribbean 2

  • Build year : 2019
  • Guests : 14
  • Berths : 14
  • Length : 52 ft
  • Mainsail : Full battened
  • Genoa type : Self tacking

SEMPER FIDELIS - Yacht Charter Guadeloupe & Boat hire in Bahamas & Caribbean 2


At Borrow A Boat we're on a mission to make boating more accessible and to make it easier for you to get on the water. We believe boating should be available to everyone, and we can help the boating industry, boat owners, marinas, and everyone who wants to go boating by providing a 21st-century boating marketplace. Borrow A Boat is the best place to find and rent boats of all sorts, from a canal and riverboat across Europe to a sailing boat, motorboat, catamaran across North America, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and further afield, along with some of the world's most impressive superyachts and luxury yacht charters.

Boats or Yachts Available For Rent Or Charter In Guadeloupe

Where it comes to chartering or renting boats in Guadeloupe below is a list of the typical types of boats that you can hire on Borrow A Boat with a description of the boat type. If you can't find the individual boat charter you are looking for when you do a search in [location name] it's worthwhile searching nearby locations as your chosen boat type might be available nearby.

When searching a geographical area on Borrow A Boat you can filter by the below boat types. There is also the option to further filter your searches by price, the number of guests, cabins or bathrooms, what year the boat or sailing yacht was launched, the boat length and the boat manufacturer.

Sailboat: From €120/£100/$135 a day up to whatever you can afford, monohull sailing yachts are fun to sail at all points of the wind and an affordable way to get around if your island hopping or finding your own secluded coves or sandy beaches along with longer cruises. Sizes range from those for a couple or small family to a full sized luxury charter yacht.

Catamaran: Luxury catamarans are stable and spacious, with quick sailing performance, and have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Better for larger groups, they have lots of room for water toys, and are big enough for a little privacy. A catamaran charter is easy and comfortable for novices not used to heeling and are loved by families due to their extra space when compared to a monohull. Typically far more luxurious than a sailboat the larger catamarans have en suite toilets and showers in the staterooms as well as ample entertaining space in the saloon and on deck.

Power Catamaran: These types of boats are relatively new but have also been gaining in popularity as the two hulls keep the boat more stable when compared to a monohull. The wider beam also means more deck space and as they don't have sails or a mast, they have a lot more space on deck than a sailing catamaran rental or monohull. For a luxury catamaran charter, consider taking a crewed catamaran charter sailing vacation with an experienced skipper.

Luxury Yacht: Luxury yacht charters are available for either a sailing yacht (sailboat), catamaran or motorboat and will have a crew and host/hostess on hand to cater for whatever your needs are along with a skipper who will have a detailed knowledge of your cruising area. On a crewed yacht charter of this kind you get to create your own personal itinerary and will have far greater range than on other boats which allows for lots of variety in how you travel and what you do.

Superyacht: A superyacht or sometimes called mega yacht are boats which are least 24 metres (79 feet) in length up to 180 metres (590 feet) and can either be sailing yachts (sailboats) or motorboats. These types of boats are most frequently found in the Med of Caribbean and due to their size they will have a large chartering area and can typically pick you up from whatever location you require rather than you being required to get to a set marina to start your charter. They are fully crewed with professional staff who will cater for your every need along with a skipper who will have extensive knowledge of your chosen cruising areas.

Motorboat: This covers a wide variety of boats from a motor yacht with cabins to a private boat trip for a fishing trip but all of the these are comfortable seagoing boats with a kick of speed should you want to cover a bigger distance on the day.​

RIB: Very much day boats for fishing and day cruising, RIBs are a lot of fun for a day afloat. They can be very quick and are great should you be in a town on holiday and fancy seeing the coast or finding secluded sandy beaches to get away from it all.

Captained Yacht Charter or Bareboat

When it comes to boat rental or yacht charter in Guadeloupe you typically have two choices - bareboat yacht rental or captained yacht charter.

When using Borrow A Boat you can filter all boat searches to be with or without a captain depending on what you are looking for and below we cover some of the main points to consider for your boat rental.

Captained Charter: A captained yacht charter gives you the advantage of being able to get afloat without having to invest in getting sailing qualifications before hand. For a monohull sailing yacht you will pay €120/£100/$135 plus a day extra for the captain, as well as their food and a tip at the end.

When you get to a luxury yacht or superyacht charter with crew these prices will increase and costs also depend on where you plan to sail to along with the size and type of boat rental on your sailing holiday.

In some cases captains will also be the yacht or boat owners (typically day trips) which means they will know all the best secluded beaches to show you the best that the area has to offer with their local knowledge.

For day trips you will often be able to use a captain as well and prices will vary depending on the type of boat.

Bareboat Yacht Charter: For skilled sailors, a bareboat charter is cheaper and gives more privacy for you and your charter guests. Many sailors prefer to be helming the boat while choosing their own course, and provided you have the knowledge and relevant qualifications you can captain these boats (typically up to 54 feet/16.5 metres in length) yourself.

Do You Need A Licence To Charter A Yacht In Guadeloupe

If you are on a gulet or captained yacht charter you do not need a license to sail a yacht out of Guadeloupe. This is also the case where you are renting a small motorboat without a cabin for a day trip around the local islands or beaches.

You do need a license if you are on a bareboat yacht charter, here are some examples of sailing qualifications:

International Certificate of Competence: This is issued on request by your European sailing authority and you should automatically qualify with certain national sailing qualifications.

RYA Qualifications: If you have the following qualifications you will be able to take a bareboat charter out of Guadeloupe, these include Day Skipper (sail or motor endorsement), Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster.

American Sailing Association (ASA): The ASA 104 Bareboat certificate is commonly accepted.

US Sailing: The International Proficiency Certificate is widely accepted and The Bareboat Cruising Certificate is also accepted in many cases.

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

​You will typically pay 50% up front on booking the yacht hire and the balance on arrival. You will either pay a security deposit with your credit card on departure or can get insurance covering damage in advance. In some cases (such as the recent Covid situation) charter companies may be more flexible but this depends on the individual charter companies themselves.

If you are at sea and in danger, call MAYDAY on VHF Ch16 or ring the coast guard on your phone if you have reception. If you have a mechanical fault and can make it to or are on a mooring you will be able to phone a help line number given by the boat charter company.

You should consider do you have the experience to handle the yacht charter or boat rental before you book and where do you want to go along with what the weather will be like. Bring warm weather and cool weather clothing if it looks like the weather can be cool as well as warm and remember at sea it can be cool on most evenings.

If you want to sail without a captain then you will need relevant qualifications like RYA Day Skipper/International Certificate of Competence (ICC)/ASA 104 Bareboat certificate or the US Sailing Certificate. For small 'day boats' or if you choose to have a skippered on board your yacht charter you typically don't require licences.

We are confident that our prices are the most competitive and transparent in the market.

We won't charge any booking fees when you make a booking with us.

We have the highest number of verified and vetted boats available on the market.

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yacht rentals guadeloupe

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Yacht charter Guadeloupe

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Capital : Basse-Terre Spoken language : French and Creole Currency : Euros (€)

yacht rentals guadeloupe

yacht search

Destinations, suggestions, type of boat.

yacht rentals guadeloupe

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  • Rent a boat in Guadeloupe
  • Yacht charter

Charter Motorboat B2 Marine CAP FERRET 672 OPEN Guadeloupe

Motorboat B2 Marine CAP FERRET 672 OPEN 150hp  (2017)

From €290 per day.

Charter Motorboat Catamaran Catamaran 15m Guadeloupe

Motorboat Catamaran Catamaran 15m  (2020)

From €1,110 per day.

Charter Catamaran Sunreef 50 Sailing "Libertà" Guadeloupe

Catamaran Sunreef 50 Sailing "Libertà" 15.20m  (2021)

From €1,971 per day.

Charter Catamaran Outremer 55 Light Guadeloupe

Catamaran Outremer 55 Light 16.30m  (2020)

From €1,286 per day.

Charter Sailboat Amateur RM 980 Guadeloupe

Sailboat Amateur RM 980 10.00m  (2012)

From €300 per day.

Charter Sailboat Puma Yachts Cubic 70 Guadeloupe

Sailboat Puma Yachts Cubic 70 22.00m  (2002)

Charter Boat without licence  Whaly Whaly 400 Guadeloupe

Boat without licence Whaly Whaly 400 6hp  (2022)

From €150 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  Whaly Whaly 400 Guadeloupe

boat rental without a license Ste rose Guadeloupe  (2022)

Charter Jet ski Yamaha FX HO CRUISER Guadeloupe

Jet ski Yamaha FX HO CRUISER 180hp  (2019)

From €270 per day.

Charter RIB Highfield patrol 700 Saint-Francois

RIB Highfield patrol 700 200hp  (2022)

From €350 per day.

Charter Motorboat Cigarette Cigarette 38 Guadeloupe

Motorboat Cigarette Cigarette 38 600hp  (2020)

Charter Motorboat Pacific Craft 700 Sun Cruiser Guadeloupe

Motorboat Pacific Craft 700 Sun Cruiser 200hp  (2023)

From €230 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon 380 Guadeloupe

Catamaran Lagoon 380 12.00m  (2008)

From €429 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon 51 Guadeloupe

Catamaran Lagoon 51 15.35m  (2024)

From €2,000 per day.

Charter Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 343 Pointe-a-Pitre

Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 343 10.50m  (2004)

From €217 per day.

Charter Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 41 Saint-Francois

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 41 11.97m  (2013)

From €500 per day.

Charter Motorboat SAS PINEAU ACHAM 22L Guadeloupe

Motorboat SAS PINEAU ACHAM 22L 280hp  (2023)

From €450 per day.

Charter Motorboat Contender Contender 12m Guadeloupe

Motorboat Contender Contender 12m 900hp  (2020)

Boat rental in guadeloupe with click&boat.

This island, located in the West Indies 6,200 kilometres from the metropolis, is a dream destination for a boat hire with family or friends. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea, this group of paradisiacal islands and islets is perfectly situated to invite travellers from all over the globe yet. To discover its countless beauties, to go diving, kitesurfing or simply to enjoy good times with family and friends, we recommend that you rent a boat from a private or a professional boat owner via Click&Boat - the global leading yacht charter platform.

Guadeloupe, composed of two islands (Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre), has many ports, a total of 9 ports and 4 marinas: the Bas-du-Fort Marina, Port de Saint-François, the Rivière Sens Marina and the Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes, where you can easily rent a boat.

If Guadeloupe has caught your attention, don't hesitate to take a look at the following destinations:

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Rent a boat in Caribbean

Rent a boat in Florida

Rent a boat in Cuba

Three highlights of sailing in Guadeloupe:

  • A cruise in the sun at any time of the year
  • A trip that can be customised as you wish: from a grand tour to a day trip.
  • An invitation to indulge in the highly palatable cuisine of the West Indies

How much does it cost to charter a boat in Guadeloupe?

The price of boat rentals in Guadeloupe can vary depending on the type of boat, the model chosen, the duration of the cruise and whether you opt for a skippered or bareboat charter, among other factors.

For a one-week cruise on a sailing yacht, you can expect to pay between €1,200 and €5,000.

A week-long catamaran charter will cost between €2,500 and €11,000 on average. 

For a day trip on a dinghy or RIB, you will have to reckon with an average of €300 to €600. 

Where to sail in Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe offers a diversity of landscapes as beautiful as they are breathtaking.  The Basse-Terre, the mountainous part of the island is invaded by a tropical forest and has many rivers and waterfalls. In Guadeloupe, it is preferable to charter a boat with a captain rather than explore on your own. Also volcanic in character, Basse-Terre has a still active 1,467-metre-high volcano (La Soufrière) which offers this land beautiful black and red sand beaches, just like the neighbouring volcanic islands (St Lucia, Dominica and Martinique). On board your boat, you will have access to an exceptional panorama of this part of the island. However, beware of the venturi effects (wind corridors) which can create real wind accelerations in certain places between the islands.

La Grande-Terre brings together the major resorts of Guadeloupe because it offers flatter reliefs. It consists mainly of plains, arid plateaus and rocky coasts. There are white sandy beaches protected by coral reefs on this island, such as Sainte-Anne, one of the best-known towns on Grande-Terre. The Grande Anse at Deshaies (to the north) is also one of these beaches that is a candidate for being the most beautiful on the Creole island.

Joining Grande-Terre with Basse-Terre, you'll also find the famous town of Pointe-à-Pitre, in the centre of Guadeloupe. When the weather is good, head inland and enjoy a good session of water sports in Morne-à-l'Eau. Impossible to leave the coast of the tropics? Sainte-Rose is well worth a visit. Everywhere in Guadeloupe you will find a sugar cane plantation or a very good distillery - you will master the ti-punch better than anyone else!

The most beautiful anchorages of Guadeloupe:

Terre-de-Bas: in Petite Terre, in Terre-de-Bas, the mountain forges the character of this atypical site. You will also find there the magnificent Deshaies garden, a real jewel of Guadeloupe.

Anse Canot: sail east to the south of Pointe-à-Pitre and you will find yourself surrounded by palm trees, incredible beaches with turquoise water? A real paradise!

Pain de Sucre: volcanic on the surface and magnetic underwater with its colourful seabed, Pain de Sucre is an exceptional anchorage.

Îlets Pigeon: this 5-star dive site will delight lovers of underwater fauna and flora, as well as the surrounding Pigeon National Park (formerly known as the Cousteau Marine Reserve).

When to sail in Guadeloupe?

The best time to sail in Guadeloupe is between December and April. The average outside temperature is 30°C and the water temperature varies between 27 and 32°C: a real on-board experience awaits you. This is also the time of year when the wind is most favourable and the sea is fairly calm.

Rent a skippered boat in Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe archipelago is an ideal sailing area for family cruises. To enjoy even more pleasant moments on the boat and breathtaking panoramas, you also have the possibility to rent a skippered boat in Guadeloupe.

In addition to taking care of the manoeuvres, the skipper will know how to be the ideal crew member. He will be able to pass on his passion for sailing and help you prepare your itinerary around the island of butterflies. You can also let the skipper take care of the navigation and enjoy the view.

Which boat to charter in Guadeloupe?

Cruising the turquoise waters of Guadeloupe is a great idea, but what kind of boat? Finding the ideal boat for your cruise is not always easy. Here are a few tips to help you find the ideal boat for your sailing project. 

Ideal for day trips or water sports, chartering a dinghy or semi-rigid boat, also known as a RIB, is a safe bet for thrill seekers. This type of boat will allow you to easily access small hidden coves inaccessible by sailboat or catamaran.

The sailboat is the best ally of sailors in search of exploration and sensations. We recommend renting a sailboat to explore the unknown corners of Guadeloupe. Are you going to stay on land?

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about guadeloupe, how much does it cost to rent a boat in guadeloupe for a day.

The average cost of renting a boat in Guadeloupe is around €381 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €64 and €6,150 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Guadeloupe?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Guadeloupe, you can expect to pay an average of €261 per day for a skipper.

Can you rent a boat in Guadeloupe without a license?

In Guadeloupe there are 124 boats that you can rent without a license. You can also rent many boats with a skipper.

How many cabins does a boat have in Guadeloupe?

Boats in Guadeloupe have an average of 2 cabins. If you travel with a large group, you can book boats with up to 8 cabins.

Is fuel included in the cost of a boat charter in Guadeloupe?

For most boats, fuel is not included in the rental cost. In Guadeloupe fuel is included in the price for 17 boats.

Charter a boat near Guadeloupe

In Guadeloupe, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

Charter another yacht type in Guadeloupe

Are you interested in other yachts besides boat in Guadeloupe? Look up at other yachts to charter on our website

THE 10 BEST Guadeloupe Boat Rentals

Boat rentals in guadeloupe.

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yacht rentals guadeloupe

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2. Authentique Excursion


3. Bleu Blanc Vert


4. Gwadaboat


5. Le Flibustier


6. Caraibe Evasion


7. Donuts BBQ Boat


8. Seaspirit Excursions

yacht rentals guadeloupe

9. Lagoon Location

yacht rentals guadeloupe

10. Talamanca


11. Les Balades de Keila


12. Easy Boat


13. Fish'on Day Charter

yacht rentals guadeloupe

14. Nemo’s Grill Boat

yacht rentals guadeloupe

15. Vincent Excursions


16. Gwada Marine


17. Caraibes Gliss

yacht rentals guadeloupe

18. Calypso Voile

yacht rentals guadeloupe

19. Vagabond Voile

yacht rentals guadeloupe

20. La Billetterie Saintoise


21. Sea Boat Caraïbes

yacht rentals guadeloupe

22. E-Surf Belles Eaux

yacht rentals guadeloupe

23. Cap 248




25. BBQ Boat

yacht rentals guadeloupe


yacht rentals guadeloupe


yacht rentals guadeloupe

28. Cap 248 Location de Voilier en Guadeloupe

yacht rentals guadeloupe

29. VPM Bestsail

30. caribbean sea lounge, what travelers are saying.

Stefano P

  • Bareboat Charter
  • Skippered Charters
  • Crewed Yacht Rentals

Sailing Yacht Charter Guadeloupe Sailboat Charters & Rentals

Top-rated yacht charters in guadeloupe - preselected yacht rentals:.

Sailing yacht Dufour 460 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

Sailing yacht Dufour 460 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

  • Dufour 460 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Cockpit cushion
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Charter tax
  • VAT or sales tax
  • Charter certificate
  • Cruising tax
  • Administration fee
  • Fuel (for dinghy engine)
  • Charter package (Final cleaning, Bed linen, Towels, Kitchen gas, Dinghy with engine, Starter package, Damage Waiver)

Sailing yacht Sun Loft 47 for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Sailing yacht Sun Loft 47 for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Sun Loft 47 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Barbeque Grill

Sailing boat Dufour 460 Grand Large for rent in Marina Bas du Fort

Sailing boat Dufour 460 Grand Large for rent in Marina Bas du Fort

Sailing yacht Dufour 390 Grand Large for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

Sailing yacht Dufour 390 Grand Large for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

  • Dufour 390 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Yacht Sun Loft 47 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Sun Loft 47 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Dufour 430 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

Yacht Dufour 430 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

  • Dufour 430 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Sailing yacht Dufour 412 Grand Large for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Sailing yacht Dufour 412 Grand Large for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Dufour 412 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Yacht Sun Odyssey 42i for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Sun Odyssey 42i for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Sun Odyssey 42i [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Final cleaning
  • Boat delivery
  • Kitchen gas, Batteries

Yacht Dufour 520 Grand Large available for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Dufour 520 Grand Large available for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Dufour 520 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Yacht Dufour 470 available for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Dufour 470 available for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Dufour 470 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Sailing yacht Dufour 500 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

Sailing yacht Dufour 500 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

  • Dufour 500 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Yacht Dufour 500 Grand Large for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Dufour 500 Grand Large for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Pogo 36 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Yacht Pogo 36 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

  • Pogo 36 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Charter package (Kitchen gas, Full water tank, Fuel for outboarder)

Sailing yacht RM 11.80 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Sailing yacht RM 11.80 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

  • RM 11.80 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Sailboat Pogo 12.50 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

Sailboat Pogo 12.50 for rent in Pointe a Pitre

  • Pogo 12.50 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Pointe a Pitre (15)
  • Grande Bay (15)

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yacht rentals guadeloupe

  • Rent a boat in Guadeloupe

Rental Motorboat B2 Marine CAP FERRET 672 OPEN Guadeloupe

B2 Marine - CAP FERRET 672 OPEN | 9 people  (2017)

From $325 per day.

Rental Motorboat SAS PINEAU ACHAM 22L Guadeloupe

SAS PINEAU - ACHAM 22L | 9 people  (2023)

From $505 per day.

Rental Catamaran Lagoon 380 Guadeloupe

Lagoon - 380 | 6 people  (2008)

From $481 per day.

Rental Catamaran Sunreef 50 Sailing "Libertà" Guadeloupe

Sunreef - 50 Sailing "Libertà" | 10 people  (2021)

From $2,212 per day.

Rental Sailboat Amateur RM 980 Guadeloupe

Amateur - RM 980 | 6 people  (2012)

From $337 per day.

Rental Sailboat Puma Yachts Cubic 70 Guadeloupe

Puma Yachts - Cubic 70 | 12 people  (2002)

From $1,443 per day.

Rental Boat without license  Whaly Whaly 400 Guadeloupe

Whaly - Whaly 400 | 5 people  (2022)

From $168 per day.

Rental Boat without license  Whaly Whaly 400 Guadeloupe

Yamaha - FX HO CRUISER | 2 people  (2019)

From $303 per day.

Rental RIB Highfield patrol 700 Saint-Francois

Highfield - patrol 700 | 14 people  (2022)

From $393 per day.

Rental Motorboat Catamaran Catamaran 15m Guadeloupe

Catamaran - Catamaran 15m | 12 people  (2020)

From $1,246 per day.

Rental Motorboat Contender Contender 12m Guadeloupe

Contender - Contender 12m | 12 people  (2020)

Rental Catamaran Lagoon 51 Guadeloupe

Lagoon - 51 | 14 people  (2024)

From $2,244 per day.

Rental Catamaran Bali - Catana 4.6 openspace Pointe-a-Pitre

Bali - Catana - 4.6 openspace | 6 people  (2021)

From $1,604 per day.

Rental Sailboat Bavaria Bavaria 40 Cruiser Pointe-a-Pitre

Bavaria - Bavaria 40 Cruiser | 6 people  (2010)

From $369 per day.

Rental Motorboat Pacific Craft 700 Sun Cruiser Guadeloupe

Pacific Craft - 700 Sun Cruiser | 7 people  (2023)

From $258 per day.

Rental Motorboat Cigarette Cigarette 38 Guadeloupe

Cigarette - Cigarette 38 | 12 people  (2020)

Rental Catamaran Outremer 55 Light Guadeloupe

Outremer - 55 Light | 15 people  (2020)

Boat rentals in guadeloupe.

The best way to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this resplendent region is by boat, unveiling its secluded beaches, bays and coves. Consisting of a mainland comprised of two large islands perfect for circumnavigating in and of themselves, boat charters for a week also offer unique opportunities to explore tiny offshore islands and islets containing some of the Caribbean's most beautiful sights . Guadeloupe, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, is an overseas department of France. With sparkling waters, clad in fields of sugar cane and tropical jungles, explore the most voluptuous of the islands in the French West Indies by boat.

How much does it cost to hire a boat in Guadeloupe?

Is it possible to find a bareboat charter in guadeloupe, what are the weather and sailing conditions like in guadeloupe, when is the best time to go to guadeloupe for a boat charter, what are the most popular ports/sailing areas in guadeloupe.

This area is at the northern end of Basse-Terre island and is actually a small fishing village.  Fast becoming a popular waterfront dining destination, Deshaies also offers great snorkeling opportunities .  On the southern side of the bay, there is even a coral reef where you can swim with turtles, sea snakes and tropical fish.

  • Malendure, Reserve Cousteau

If this name sounds familiar, that’s because it is named after Jacques Cousteau, a pioneer of scuba diving and underwater exploration!  This area is a marine reserve park next to Ilet Pigeon , a completely uninhabited island, which has lots of restaurants and bars on the beach.  If you like scuba diving, there are even some shipwrecks in this area for you to explore.

  • Pointe-à-Pitre

Pointe-à-Pitre is the largest marina on the island and is the perfect place to stock up on supplies , having a local market nearby, as well as most of the amenities you could ever need.  There is also an interesting museum not far from Pointe-à-Pitre, where you can learn about the history of the island.  There aren’t any mooring buoys here but there is almost always space in the marina.

Le Gosier is a tourist beach town with many places to eat if you fancy going ashore, as well as a long, sandy beach which is ideal for relaxing and working on your tan.  There is plenty of space to anchor here, but generally you should do so to the west of the beach where it’s calmer.

  • Bourg Des Saintes

Bourg Des Saintes is located about 10km south of the main island of Guadeloupe and consists of two main islands (Terre-de-haut and Terre-de-Basse), as well as several smaller islands.  There are around 3000 inhabitants between the two main islands.

Pain De Sucre , on Terre-de-Haut, is a fantastic place to take your boat charter if you like snorkeling or diving.  Pain de Sucre rock at this island has been named one of the best places to snorkel or dive in the Caribbean .

Ilet A Cabrit is another great place in Bourg Des Saintes for swimming and snorkeling as it is well protected from the swell.  If you don’t mind a bit of a trek, there is an old building at the highest peak on the island which is well worth a visit.  This building has been many things over the years, including a fort, a jail, and a discotheque and is now a great place to have some wine and snacks.

Pointe A Negre on Terre-De-Basse, is another fantastic swimming and snorkeling location, and has even been dubbed Turtle Bay because of the opportunities to swim with the bay’s resident turtles .  This is another small fishing village, but there are fewer people here than on Terre-De-Haut and the locals are very friendly.

Other anchorages and ports on and around the island include:

  • Saint Francois
  • Sainte Rose
  • Marie-Galante
  • Grande Terre
  • La Desirade

What to do when you rent a boat in Guadeloupe?

The region also offers tranquil lagoons and snorkelling with dolphins and turtles from many of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, including Grande Anse , Sainte Anne , and Souffleur beach .  While in Guadeloupe, you should definitely visit the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve , which offers you the opportunity to see the underwater world at its finest, with many different species of fish, underwater statues and much more. If you fancy spending a little time on land, you also have many magnificent options.  Maybe you want to visit the Guadeloupe National Park , where there are plenty of hiking trails to suit your desires.  You can trek up La Soufriere Volcano or even visit Carbet falls , Guadeloupe’s very own waterfall.  Alternatively, you can feed the rainbow lorikeets and admire a large number of colourful plants and birds at the Jardin Botanique de Deshaies , or take in the brilliant views at La Pointe des Chateaux . One thing’s for sure, you won’t get bored sailing in Guadeloupe!

How to get to Guadeloupe

Good to know, charter a boat near guadeloupe.

In Guadeloupe, privately owned boats are available for charter. See other boats located in the area.

contact us at +590 (0)690 47 86 94  or via our  Online form

location bateau avec permis Guadeloupe

Motor boat rental

Sainte-Rose - Guadeloupe


0690 47 86 94




Boat rental with license in Guadeloupe at Sainte Rose

You live in Guadeloupe or you plan to make it your next destination for your holidays in the Antilles .

Travel light, to discover the Ile aux Belles Eaux and enjoy nautical activities in a natural and protected environment.

Indeed, at Gwadaboat , with your boat license, you can rent one of our shallow draft motor boats , with or without a skipper, to discover magnificent sites accessible only by sea. More info

We also offer the rental of fishing equipment . More informations

For thrill seekers you can rent a Kneeboard   or a Wakeboard board    More informations

And for those who want to capture beautiful images of Guadeloupe and their nautical outings, we will offer them the rental of a Go Pro camera .

NEW, the Catering Service : For gourmets and gourmands, order your lunch at sea 24 hours in advance   at our partner Caraïbes Lunch .  

NEW, Privatization of Boat    : To discover the beauties of the lagoon   WITH or WITHOUT license

Who is Gwadaboat your specialist in boat rental with license in Guadeloupe?

Lovers of the sea and of Guadeloupe , we   offer shallow draft boats so that you can discover the Grand Cul-de-sac Marin lagoon at your own pace.

Our support

We will accompany you from A to Z for your rental.

On your arrival, we will do a complete check-up of the boat and will communicate to you all the instructions and special regulations.

We will guide you in your maneuvers of departure but also of return.  

No fuel to return ....... we manage it for you.

We will let you know all the places to discover during your sailing day.  

By renting your boat from GWADABOAT, you will be guaranteed a high quality service, and a more than unique discovery of the lagoon.

So get your bathing suits, towels, glasses and let's go see you soon at gwadaboat..


Consult the opinions of our customers on Trip Advisor

How  rent your boat or your  leisure equipment in Guadeloupe?

Renting has never been easier than with Gwadaboat:  

Book online Where

Call us on 0690 47 86 94,   we will answer you   during opening hours every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or leave us a message.  

Contact us 24/24 7/7 via WhatsApp  

Meet us at our Cabane, Bvd du Port in Sainte-Rose. See the route  

Use the contact form

Rent a boat with license and set off to explore the Grand Cul-de-sac marin.

You wish to discover the bay of   Grand cul-de-sac marin in Guadeloupe ? Gwadaboat offers you to rent a boat to explore this emblematic place of the Island of beautiful waters. Leisure equipment is also available for hire to ensure a successful sea trip rich in thrills!  

Why rent a boat with license at Gwadaboat?

Because the best way to visit the Grand Cul-de-sac marin is by renting a boat .

You will be able to approach the mangrove and its mangrove trees with their characteristic stilt roots.

Then dive into the turquoise waters to admire a coral reef rich in flora and fauna.

Extend the pleasure by exploring two wrecks accessible to divers of all levels.

Fifteen islets dot the lagoon of the Grand Cul-de-sac marin. A stopover is therefore essential at the mythical îlet Caret, a real postcard setting typical of Guadeloupe.

- The islet of La Biche which is surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand. -   The islet of birds which is home to many species of birds easy to observe such as frigates or cattle egrets. -   Take the opportunity to discover Îlet Blanc, a very fragile islet, which emerged from the waters in 1989 following the passage of Hurricane Hugo.

To enhance your sea trip, Gwadaboat also rents leisure equipment.

Experience the kneeboard and glide through the water, kneeling on a board, while the boat tows you.

Wakeboards and towed buoys are also available for the more adventurous who would like to try a few tricks.

If you prefer to rent fishing equipment , we provide you with all the necessary equipment. Trolling or line fishing, we advise you and direct you to the areas to frequent so as not to return empty-handed. To immortalize your day, we rent GoPro HERO7 waterproof cameras and we offer you the memory card!

For your outing at sea, we offer four models of boat with licence.

  you can rent blue turtle , a cap camarat 5.5 cc2 and sail with 6   people    in all   security   . equipped with a 115 hp mercury seapro engine, it has a   front living room with its table, a   very large awning for sun protection, a bathing ladder   rigid,   a jbl speaker, a ski mat, a large central storage box for     your belongings and a cooler..

Mesi-ki is a   Cuda 21, approved for up to 6 people . Equipped with a 115 HP Mercury engine, it has a small sundeck at the front, a Bimini   sun protection, a rigid bathing ladder,   a JBL speaker, a   berth   fresh water and a cooler.

Our JAK-I boat is a Pacific Craft 650 WA, it   can board up to 7 people . Fitted with a 140 hp Suzuki engine, it has a large rear saloon with its table, a   very   large forward sundeck, a large protective awning, a shower   deck, a radio   bluetooth   and a 2-seater cabin in the hold.

  Thanks to our Pacific   Craft   670" White   Pearl"   equipped with its front saloon and its table that can be transformed into a sunbathing area, its fresh water shower, its sun protection awning,   navigation will never have seemed so pleasant to you. The boat is motorized with a YAMAHA 200 CV 4T.

      its approval is   for 10 people but to guarantee you space and conviviality we       offer it for 8 people on board .

All our boats are equipped with a GPS / depth sounder embedding all the routes and a tracker to locate you and intervene in the event of a problem.

Where is GwadaBoat your boat rental company located in Guadeloupe?

Gwadaboat is located in sainte-rose in guadeloupe..

Contact us or book online , we will accompany you to spend an unforgettable moment in this idyllic place that is the Grand Cul-de-sac marin .

Our animal friends are not accepted on board the boats

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Charter 38' Harmony in Bas du Fort, Guadeloupe

boating guide

In addition to the best offers we have for boat and yacht charters in Guadeloupe, see also options available for rent in these nearby locations:

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Guadeloupe could be the ideal yachting playground for you

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    The price of boat rentals in Guadeloupe can vary depending on the type of boat, the model chosen, the duration of the cruise and whether you opt for a skippered or bareboat charter, among other factors. For a one-week cruise on a sailing yacht, you can expect to pay between €1,200 and €5,000.

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