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With 30 years in the business, our crew at Bruneko Yacht Charter is your ultimate gateway to an idyllic vacation. Surround yourself with pristine white sand beaches, secluded bays and turquoise seas today.

Yacht Charter in Zadar

Explore the Adriatic's beauty from our central spot at Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar. Just a short drive from the main bus station and Zadar Airport – your yachting adventure begins in the heart of Zadar.

Top Quality Customer Support

Bruneko Yacht Charter is not just another charter company. It’s a benchmark for quality. We aim to exceed all your expectations by always going above and beyond. Let us make your dream vacation a reality.

Discover the diversity of Bruneko Yacht Charter fleet. Find the perfect vessel to tailor your ultimate maritime experience. Plan your adventure today.

Sailing Yachts

Sailing Yachts


Motor Boats

Special yacht charter offers.

Bali 4.2 Stairway To Heaven

Bali 4.2 Stairway To Heaven

Marina Zadar (ex. Tankerkomerc), Croatia

  • 4 + 1 Cabins
  • 8 + 1 + 1 Persons
  • 4 + 1 WC/Shower
  • 42 ft Length

Oceanis 40.1 Dream Weaver

Oceanis 40.1 Dream Weaver

  • 8 + 2 Persons
  • 2 WC/Shower

Swift Trawler 42 Skitnica

Swift Trawler 42 Skitnica

  • 4 + 2 Persons
  • 44 ft Length

Elan Impression 45.1 Escape

Elan Impression 45.1 Escape

Antares 9 OB Queen Korina

Antares 9 OB Queen Korina

  • 4 + 1 Persons
  • 1 WC/Shower
  • 30 ft Length

Elan Impression 40 Fortiss

Elan Impression 40 Fortiss

  • 6 + 2 Persons
  • 39 ft Length

Elan Impression 40 Stardust

Elan Impression 40 Stardust

Elan Impression 40 Aqua Jana

Elan Impression 40 Aqua Jana

Charter step-by-step guide.

Explore our concise guide on selecting the perfect vessel for your sailing holiday in Croatia with Bruneko Yacht Charter Zadar.

Select Destination

Select Destination

Begin your yacht charter journey by selecting a destination in Croatia. Explore the beautiful coastline to find the ideal setting for your nautical adventure, where every moment promises to be a memorable experience on the azure waters of the Adriatic.

Your Requirements

Your Requirements

Define your yacht charter requirements considering trip duration, desired activities, onboard amenities, and budget to tailor the charter to your needs. Clarifying your preferences will ensure a customized and unforgettable maritime journey.

Find Your Perfect Vessel

Find Your Perfect Vessel

Explore our range of boat options to find the vessel that best suits your preferences and group size. Whether you prefer a luxurious sailing yacht, a spacious catamaran, or a traditional motor boat, there's a perfect vessel waiting to fulfill your dreams.

Book Your Charter

Book Your Charter

Our experts can help you finalize the details of your trip, including dates, itinerary, and any additional services or amenities you may require for your unforgettable sailing adventure.

Explore Destinations in Demand

Croatia, with over 1,200 islands, is a beach lover’s paradise, boasting pebble and sand beaches embraced by sapphire and turquoise seas. Here are our favourites.

Up to -40%

Whether planning a last-minute trip or securing your dream vacation in advance, take advantage of these discounts before they sail away.

Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru


Holiday Destinations

Charter services we offer.

Whether you prefer the freedom of bareboat, the guidance of a skippered experience, or the camaraderie of a flotilla, we tailor your sailing holiday to perfection.

Bareboat Yacht Charter

Bareboat Yacht Charter

Sail the Adriatic Sea independently with our bareboat charter, embracing the freedom to navigate the seas at your own pace.

Skippered Yacht Charter

Skippered Yacht Charter

Enjoy a stress-free voyage with our skippered charter, where a seasoned captain ensures a smooth and delightful sailing experience.

Flotilla Yacht Charter

Flotilla Yacht Charter

Flotilla yacht charters offer a unique blend of independence and support, making them an ideal choice for those who want to sail their own yacht while still enjoying the guidance and assistance of a lead crew.

Team Building

Team Building

Team building on a yacht in Croatia presents an exceptional opportunity to foster camaraderie, elevate morale, and enhance communication among team members, colleagues, and staff.

Insurance Coverage for Sailors

Sailors should assess their insurance needs based on their activities and travel plans to ensure they have adequate coverage.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

View Insurance

Skippers Liability Insurance

Deposit insurance, travel health insurance, personal accident insurance, explore sailing routes.

When you book a yacht, the route is entirely flexible. It all depends on your desires and the current weather conditions.

North Route - 7 Days

North Route - 7 Days

Let Bruneko Yacht Charter guide you through an unforgettable seven-day journey along Dalmatia's captivating North Route. From the historic wonders of Zadar's Old Town to the pristine shores of islands like Premuda and Silba, immerse yourself in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Embark on a maritime odyssey filled with stunning landscapes, secluded bays, and vibrant coastal towns. Discover hidden gems, indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, and create memories to last a lifetime with Bruneko Yacht Charter as your trusted companion.

South Route - 7 Days

South Route - 7 Days

Experience the charm of Croatia's South Route with Bruneko Yacht Charter as your expert navigator. From the bustling streets of Zadar's Old Town to the tranquil anchorages of Ždrelac and beyond, let each day unfold with new adventures and breathtaking vistas. Navigate through picturesque islands, explore historic towns like Šibenik, and unwind amidst the natural beauty of Krka National Park. With Bruneko Yacht Charter, your seven-day journey promises unforgettable moments and unparalleled relaxation on the Adriatic Sea.

Zadar Classic - 7 Days

Zadar Classic - 7 Days

Embark on a week-long adventure with Bruneko's Zadar Classic itinerary, beginning with a captivating exploration of Zadar's historic Old Town. Delight in Mediterranean cuisine and marvel at iconic landmarks like The Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun. Navigate through picturesque bays, experience the natural wonders of Telašćica and Krka National Parks, and create cherished memories along the way. With Bruneko Yacht Charter, every moment of your seven-day journey promises excitement and relaxation on the Adriatic Sea.

North Route - 14 Days

North Route - 14 Days

Set sail on an extraordinary 14-day voyage along Bruneko's North Route, where every day promises new adventures and breathtaking vistas. Dive into the captivating beauty of the Kornati archipelago, navigating through picturesque bays and pristine waters. Explore charming towns like Sali and Mali Lošinj, where delectable seafood and cultural delights await. Let Bruneko Yacht Charter be your trusted companion as you traverse Croatia's magnificent North Route, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Latest News

Elan 40 Impression review: Why it’s the Sailor’s Choice in Croatia

Elan 40 Impression review: Why it’s the Sailor’s Choice in Croatia

The Elan 40 Impression stands out as a top choice for sailors in Croatia, blending design, performance, and comfort ideal for both beginners and experienced seafarers looking for a memorable sailing vacation on the Adriatic Sea. Its superior handling, stability, and spacious, luxurious accommodations with modern amenities ensure a pleasant voyage and living experience, making it not just a yacht but a floating retreat perfect for exploring Croatia's coast. Positive customer feedback underscores the Elan 40 Impression's appeal, highlighting exceptional service from charter companies and the yacht's dependability and comfort as key factors for an unparalleled sailing adventure in Croatia.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Zadar Yacht Charter for Your Next Vacation

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Zadar Yacht Charter for Your Next Vacation

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Boat for Your Ultimate Sailing Vacation in Croatia

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Boat for Your Ultimate Sailing Vacation in Croatia

Catamaran vs. Sailing Yacht; What to Book for Your Zadar Yacht Charter?

Catamaran vs. Sailing Yacht; What to Book for Your Zadar Yacht Charter?

What We Love Most About Sailing at Bruneko Yacht Charter

What We Love Most About Sailing at Bruneko Yacht Charter

Customer reviews.

Have you sailed with us? Review your sailing experience with us on our Google page . Your feedback matters!

This Charter is way beyond Croatia Charters standards. Very pro-client attitude in communication same as services. Modern equipment of boats same as overall technical condition. We had Elan E4 which I can absolutely recommend.

Klub Zeglarski UW

Yachts were new and clean, staff was helpful and always one call away, provided weather forecasts. Fast and easy check-in and check-out, yachts were available even upon our late-night arrival. Property left onboard was shipped to us for free. We highly recommend the collaboration with Bruneko Charter. Sailing Club of University of Warsaw, Poland

It's not just about sailing. Not even in an environment like the Dalmatian islands, abundant in nature and historical heritage. It's about feeling good, safe, and accompanied at every moment. This has been the defining difference for me when evaluating my experience. This is the third time (the best one yet) we've conducted Team Building experiences for businesses, families, or groups of friends in the Adriatic in recent years, and I can only express my deepest gratitude to the entire Bruneko team. For us at Sail&Grow, having quality boats in all the sailing zones we operate in is essential. But it's even more vital that the yacht charter company aligns closely with our way of doing things. Good folks and folks who do good. This is Bruneko.

Christian G.

Thanks to the Bruneko Yacht Charter team for a perfect charter experience with the Elan Impression 40 “Fortiss”. The team is very professional, highly organized, and very helpful. It has been the best charter company I have chartered with so far (always bareboat). The crew and I were very positively surprised by the boat as a whole, but especially by the equipment and cleanliness. Gladly again!

Thank you for the entire process! Excellent service, staff friendly and helpful. There was always someone available by phone who could immediately give me the information I needed. Would happily book again at any time! :)

This was my 5th charter with Bruneko over many years and if starting from Zadar again I will surely do the 6th one :) Well maintained boats, moderate prices and a very friendly staff is a visit card of Bruneko. They are focused on customers, and you may be sure to be treated well and fair. The base is perfectly located in Tankenkomerc marina, just 10 minutes’ walk from Zadar old town. See you again Vedran and Bruneko team!

We chartered Bruneko's Linea Uno (Elan Impression 45.1) yacht for one week in August. Check-In was the best I ever had as a skipper. Base employees weren't pushy for a quick check-in, left time to check the boat alone and then explained every feature on this a brand new yacht (AC, grill, electric toilets,...). The boat was serviced very well with a full tank, really high quality bed linen and a small welcome present. Even small things like hand-soap, sanitizer, tea towels and clothespins were thought of! Check-Out was really smooth and uncomplicated as well. I recommend Bruneko Charter to the fullest!

A highly recommended charter company from start to finish. We were warmly greeted and felt welcome.The boat corresponded to the description and the handover was problem-free. We had a lovely time and will happily charter a boat from Bruneko again. Special thanks to the two ladies at reception and to Edi!

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Invest in the extraordinary with yacht ownership in Croatia – renowned as one of the world’s best sailing destinations. Are you seeking the ultimate flexibility to personalize your yachting experience while maximizing your investment potential? Look no further than our ownership model, where you hold the reins of your yachting journey from start to finish.

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yacht mieten zadar


Yacht charter in zadar.

December 15, 2021

30 minute read

Enjoy a unique yachting experience in the heart of central Dalmatia. Moor your yacht right next to the Old Town promenade and explore the 3000-year-old streets, where ancient times meet the modern era.

Discover a picturesque city with a unique atmosphere and a long history, just a few steps from your superyacht. Find out why yachtsmen all over the world have been drawn to Zadar throughout history and enjoy a memorable yacht charter in Zadar.

Grab the best seats on your yacht sun deck and watch the majestic sunset in the middle of the Zadar Channel, which is famous for its majestic beauty. During your yacht charter in Zadar, you will explore the rugged coastline with over 300 islands, full of unspoiled nature. Enjoy cruising around countless secluded bays and find out why it is known as a nautical paradise.

You will certainly enjoy the scenery full of extraordinary views and untouched nature. The SuperYachts Croatia team will assist in exploring all the best spots, that are only familiar to local experts. This way, your charter holiday will be a highly-curated and private experience, far away from the brimming city crowds and prying eyes. You will also get a chance to explore 89 uninhabited, mostly private islands with countless mesmerizing bays and enjoy all the best summer activities from the comfort of your yacht charter.

Make sure to visit the otherworldly Kornati Islands, just an hour of cruising from Zadar, where you can spend most of your charter holiday and enjoy all the perks of the yachting lifestyle. Do not miss out on nearby islands such as Dugi Otok, Ugljan or “The island of olives” and the ancient Pašman, full of unique natural features and magnificent locations fit for a perfect yacht charter holiday.


You will have the best berth in the world! Explore the 3000-year-old city centre and moor your yacht charter in Zadar, right next to the Old Town peninsula. Relax on your yacht deck and listen to the majestic symphony of nature on the “Sea Organ” ,and discover why this unique engineering masterpiece is worth visiting. Enjoy the world-famous solar installation “Greeting to the Sun” and witness a spectacle of light you can only experience in Zadar.

Discover why Florida sunsets cannot match those in Zadar. Secure the best spot and anchor your yacht in the middle of the Zadar channel. Grab a glass of champagne and enjoy the vibrant burst of vivid colours on the horizon, so you can witness a breathtaking sunset so bright, even Hitchcock mentioned its beauty in his memoirs.

Zadar has the best position to start your charter vacation. Except for the town’s extraordinary beauty and remarkable architecture, the location of the city alone is very practical, meaning that it will save lots of time, which you can then spend cruising around the stunning archipelago instead of travelling to far-away destinations. Zadar is a city of exceptional historical and natural beauty, surrounded by the sea, the majestic Velebit mountain range, 4 National parks and 2 Parks of nature.

The city even has its own airport just 20 minutes from the town center, connected to Zadar by a highway. The SuperYachts Croatia Team will gladly organise a VIP transfer for you and your charter guests from the airport to your superyacht. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the city and a short stop in one of the most beautiful places in town, perfect for a toast before the start of your charter in Zadar.

Zadar can provide even more reasons for a yacht charter holiday in Croatia! Anchor your floating castle near Europe’s only sphinx and enjoy the peaceful Maestral Bay. You can also moor your yacht in the Zadar Marina, which is fully equipped to meet all your needs and located only 100 meters from the city centre. When strolling through Zadar`s old core, soak up the lively atmosphere of historical streets and enjoy a unique place, where ancient mixes with the modern.

Enjoy the unparalleled local gastronomy in exquisite restaurants with native cuisine that leaves every guest asking for seconds. Taste the quality of wines and liquors in charming bars hidden between narrow cobbled streets. Get ready to mingle and have a night out at the exciting open-air clubs in the middle of the historic 5 Wells Square!

Yacht Charter in Zadar Old Town and Marina Zadar


The charter season in Zadar begins in April and lasts until November. The sailing conditions are exquisite, and the weather is excellent all year round. We recommend booking your yacht charter in Zadar at the end of June and first 2 weeks of July, so you can enjoy ideal weather conditions.

The most popular time for a yacht charter in Zadar region is during the summer months i.e. between June and September. Summer in this region means that you will be blessed with 13 hours of sunshine per day and temperatures between 25 and 30 C ° (77-86 Fahrenheit).

The Mediterranean climate promises a dry and warm summer with winds of no more than 10-20 knots. The peak season for sailors is July and August, with an insanely high number of sunny days and a great number of yachts on the water, while June, September, and October offer equally satisfying sailing conditions but fewer crowds.

For a truly tranquil yacht charter in Zadar, April, May, and November are ideal for exploring the 300+ islands, islets, and reefs. Thanks to the low boat traffic, the underwater world is at its peak during these months. You will have the opportunity to explore the region in all its glory, without the summer crowds. Imagine waking up on your yacht in a peaceful, pristine bay and seeing curious dolphins jumping around your boat.

The winds are particularly reliable during the yachting season when local yacht lovers claim they can set their watch by relying on their frequency. The mistral wind blows during the day, peaking between 9 am and 12 pm, then taking a break for a couple of hours before returning at 3 pm (“after lunch”) for a few more hours until dusk, when the winds die down to a light breeze.

Yacht Charter in Zadar air temperature graph

Zadar has mild winters and warm summers, but the temperatures are never too extreme. In the yacht charter season from May to September, conditions are practically perfect – the temperature is somewhere between 20 and 25 C °   (68-77 Fahrenheit) which means swimsuits, light clothes and bare feet are the order of the day.

The Adriatic is very well protected and enclosed, so temperatures never drop below 15 degrees, and the sea is swimmable all year round. By the end of May, swimming in the sea becomes pleasant and refreshing at around 20 degrees, and by the end of August, at 25 degrees, it feels like you are swimming in a pool.

Yacht Charter in Zadar promenade


Zadar is a picturesque historical town in southwestern Croatia, considered to be located in the “Heart of Dalmatia”, with its roots dating back to the time of ancient Roman emperors. The city is separated from the islands of Ugljan and Pašman by the Zadar  Sea Channel, meaning that this town is the ideal base for your yacht charter holiday, because it has a natural deep-sea harbor protected from harsh weather by the dotted islands and the Velebit mountain range. You can reach Zadar very easily, by air, sea, and land.

Zadar airport is located in Zemunik Donji, 9 km southeast of the city. The airport is well connected with the whole of Europe and other international destinations. You can easily find a direct flight to Zadar from any major European city, especially during the summer months. Once you land, the SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a VIP transfer for you and your charter guests.

Zadar is also excellently connected via highway to all major cities in Croatia. You can reach Zadar by driving on the A1 or enjoy the scenic route along with the Velebit Mountain range by way of the famous Jadranska Magistrala (D8).

If you are arriving by sea, your yacht charter in Zadar will be awaiting your transfer! Yachts can moor on the peninsula next to Old Town, giving guests the possibility to enjoy all the amenities of the attractive Old Town, as well as transfer quickly between vessles.

Yacht Charter in Zadar alalaya yacht


Island hopping around nearby islands.

Enjoy island-hopping adventures by sailing between nearby islands in the greater Zadar region. Discover unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, and secluded bays, only 2.5 km from the city centre! Along the way, stop at the smallest inhabited island in the country – Galevac. On your next stop, take a moment to soak in the view of the lush scenery on the “Island of Olives” – Ugljan. Visit the ancient island of Pašman and discover the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak. Also, do not miss “The Island of Diversity” – Dugi Otok.

Visit the “Island of Olives” – Ugljan

On Ugljan island, you will discover rich vegetation and more than 200,000 olive trees. While cruising along the coastline, explore the 7 “Island jewels” of Ugljan; seven authentic and traditional villages surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. On Ugljan, you can also escape from the crowds and enjoy complete solitude in charming fishing villages.

This majestic island is also perfect for nature lovers, as well as various outdoor activities. You will enjoy peaceful walks in unspoiled nature, hikes under the shade of pine trees and relaxing bike rides along its 24km long coastline.

Moor in one of the countless natural lagoons around Ugljan island and immerse yourself in various water sports around pristine bays. If you are looking for wonderful coves with a hint of privacy and excitement around Ugljan – try Mulina bay, which offers suitable moorings for yachts and a secluded corner for naturists.

Yacht Charter in Zadar agram Ugljan island

Cruising around a nautical paradise – Kornati Islands

Escape to Kornati Islands and explore countless private islands, with an interesting history. These 90-or-so islands were originally owned by ancient aristocratic families in Zadar, which used the islands to pay their workers for hard labour. Today, those same barren and once considered worthless, islands are priceless and deemed to be a nautical paradise.

Kornati islands will impress you with their crystal-clear sea and beautiful seascape. Cruise around a true oasis for yachts, full of unique experiences and turquoise bays. Witness spectacular views from high ocean cliffs or swim and snorkel in pristine waters, surrounded by wild fish.

Cruise around the limestone island Taljurić, famous for its flat surface that reminds of a plate, standing only 3m above the sea surface. This islet is not easily accessible by larger boats, but if you wish to take a few spectacular photos, hop on your tender and take a closer look.

Drop your anchor in a private bay on Mana island, and just a short hike away, you will discover scattered stone ruins on top of the island, which were part of a movie set from the 1950s movie named “As the Sea Rages” with old school Hollywood stars Maria Schell, Cliff Robertson, and Cameron Mitchell.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Kornati islands national park

Discover Pašman, an Ancient Roman Island

Explore the `Island without frontiers` – Pašman , where you will discover the wonders of a 60 km long island filled with countless private coves, ideal for spending a night at anchor or having fun with water toys in the afternoon. Soak up the sun on your yacht deck, cruise around the island and explore the 7 breathtaking sandy lagoons of this island paradise.

Since Pašman was populated from ancient Roman times , it has a rich heritage and many traditions. Enjoy a unique atmosphere, while visiting ancient ruins and 2 historical monasteries around the island. – the Franciscan Monastery of St. Dujm in Kraj, or the Benedictine Monastery of Saints Kuzma and Damjan, near Tkon. Besides the monasteries, you can also explore a few old churches, including the Church of Our Lady of Loreto on the hill of Mali Bokolj.

Yacht charter in Zadar island pašman yacht africa

Enjoy the romance on the heart-shaped island – Galešnjak

You can enjoy a romantic date, an anniversary dinner or a proposal on Galešnjak, also known as the “Island of Love”. With the help of the SuperYachts Croatia team, your romantic plans on this unique, heart-shaped islet will go smoothly. Prepare for an exquisite fine dining experience for you and your beloved, with impeccable service and top-notch cuisine, right on Galešnjak island.

Yacht Charter in Zadar, island of love Galešnjak

Explore the Island of diversity – Dugi Otok

Known as ‘The Island of Diversity’, Dugi Otok has a lot to offer, like exploring shipwrecks filled with fish and coral. Located near Veli Rat, Michelle is an Italian merchant ship that sank in 1984; today, she is a very attractive spot for divers or snorkelers.

The wreck is partially above the surface, so it is easily accessible and visible.  There are 2 more shipwrecks to explore in the nearby Muline bay -. Cargo ship Etna and a military ship named  Muline. Both ships are located in pair, near a peaceful and secluded cove. Grab your snorkeling gear and get ready for a unique underwater adventure.

The north side of Dugi Otok hides another kind of experience;  relax under the shade of pine trees, near the 800m long sandy beach – Sakarun. Swim in the crystal clear sea of Veli Žal or moor your yacht in one of the turquoise bays of your choice.

You can visit the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic- Punta Bianca, or cruise around to the southern side of Dugi Otok to enjoy the remarkable Nature Park Telaščica, home to an infinite number of secluded coves, majestic cliffs and awe-inspiring nature. Embark on an adventure in the Telaščicaa Nature Park and reconnect with your natural self. This island park is a popular destination for yachtsmen, as well as nature lovers.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Golubinka Sea Cave

Visit the “Island of Captains” and snorkel next to sarcophagi on Silba

If you plan on staying longer on your yacht charter in the Zadar region, be sure to also visit Silba or the “Island of Captains”. This island is a lush, tranquil oasis without cars and the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. On Silba, you will learn about the love story behind the Torretta tower, built by the legendary captain Marinić.

Climb to the top of this enchanted tower and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the island Silba. Except for being known as the `Island of  Captains`, Silba is also recognized for great cuisine and fresh seafood dishes. Enjoy delicious local food near the stone wells in restaurant Leggero, relax under the shade of the olive trees and watch the food being prepared in front of you on an open grill.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Silba Sotorišće Bay

Cruise around Olib island, the Adriatic king of sandy beaches

Enjoy exploring countless sandy beaches around the island of Olib. This isle is full of lush vegetation, untouched nature and awe-inspiring sandy lagoons, where you can enjoy complete seclusion in this Adriatic paradise on your yacht charter holiday. Olib has only one settlement, famous for producing pillows made entirely out of seagrass. Purchase a unique souvenir that will always remind of that perfect charter vacation in Croatia.

Bask in the sun, alongside music from the Sea Organ

Dock your yacht charter in Zadar, on the peninsula next to the Old Town promenade and experience a unique symphony of the sea combined with a solar-powered light show. Zadar is home to a one-of-a-kind installation which you can find only on the city promenade.

The Sea Organ is an experimental musical instrument built by local architect Nikola Bašić, and inspired by the deep voices of Dalmatian traditional a-capella singers. Take a stroll on the seafront and sit on majestic marble steps, so you could listen to the song of the wind and sea.

This sound is made by using pipes of different sizes and diameters, built under a series of huge cascade steps. This wonderful technical masterpiece is the place where all locals and tourists gather to enjoy spectacular sunsets while listening to “Nature`s orchestra”.

If you prefer listening to this spectacular melody in more private surroundings, you can listen to it from your yacht deck or hop on your tender and enjoy the concert from the sea, with a view on Zadar and the spectacular Velebit mountain range.

Yacht charter in Zadar sea organ

Witness the world’s most extraordinary sunset experience

Experience an awe-inspiring, out-of-this-world moment on your next charter holiday right here. Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, at least that’s what Alfred Hitchcock claimed . Whether it’s true or not, it is up to you to decide.

Imagine the sun’s rays breaking over the horizon and gently setting into the Adriatic Sea, while warm orange tones paint a vivid picture in the sky, together with clouds that change colours right in front of your eyes. You can enjoy this spectacular vista on your main deck aft alfresco area, with a glass of the finest champagne, right in the middle of the Zadar Channel.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Zadar sunset in Old Town

Enjoy a shopping spree on your yacht charter in Zadar

Enjoy a tour of the old Roman streets and shop during your sightseeing walkabout in Zadar. As you stroll around the ancient marble walkways, you will discover many charming boutiques around Old Town. Make sure to stop by the green market or the fisherman’s market, where you can find traditional, locally grown produce from the Zadar region, as well as freshly caught fish. , There are also dozens of little souvenir and craft shops, right next to the Old Town promenade.

Zadar has 2 large shopping malls with dozens of shops. The City Galleria shopping centre is within walking distance from Old Town, while the Supernova shopping centre is slightly outside city limits.

This is the largest shopping centre in the region and has all the stores you need in one place. Supernova offers dozens of shops, stores, and many other services. This shopping centre has a large number of parking spaces, so you can park right in front of the mall.

Visit these must-see sightseeing spots

Roman Forum and the city Landmarks – Only a few steps away from your yacht charter, you will discover the largest preserved Roman Forum in Dalmatia. During ancient times, the forum was the centre of city life.

Since Zadar was destroyed and rebuilt 4 times throughout history, you will be able to see numerous remains,  including the famous pillar of shame and the majestic Church of St. Donatus , a must-see landmark of the city. Near the St. Donatus church, you will discover a majestic bell tower, which is open for visitors.

Climb up to the top, and witness a spectacular 360 panorama of the entire town and archipelago. Near the cathedral, you can find the best Gelato in the region in the Donat Ice cream shop.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Catheedral Zadar(1)

Nearby, you will also be able to see the Monastery of St. Mary, where you can visit the famous exhibit inside the church -the  “Gold and Silver of Zadar”. From this location, you can take a stroll along Kalelarga – the main street which will lead you to the main square.

The People’s Square – Everything that has ever mattered in Zadar, happened on this square. The People’s Square is the centre of urban life, a place where locals enjoy their macchiatos and a place that draws visitors in with a unique atmosphere. Here you will find the first lamp ever put in town, as well as City hall and main street Via Magna, also known as Kalelarga. If you keep walking straight, you will find St. Simon’s church and the 5 wells square.

The Five Wells Square – This unique system of cisterns with 5 wells from 1574 once saved the city from an Ottoman siege, providing it with water from Lake Vrana. Today, this square is a popular clubbing destination with 2 clubs surrounding it. Svarog bar near the 26m tall Captain’s Tower and Ledana Lounge bar on the left in the park of Queen Jelena Madijevka. These clubs provide a unique blend of experiences, mixing ancient with the modern, alongside great music.

The Foša harbour and the Land Gate – This charming little harbour hides three spectacular things. First, the Venetian Landgates, followed by a fine-dining restaurant also named Foša, and lastly, a UNESCO heritage site i.e. the fortifications of Zadar. These mighty walls were considered impenetrable, and they defended the city from all conquerors for centuries.

The Sea Organ & Greeting to the Sun installations – Just a step or two from your moored yacht, you can stumble upon 2 unique installations. “Greeting to the Sun” is a solar-powered installation, made by the famous architect Nikola Bašić. It represents our solar system while performing a spectacular light show after sunset. On the same spot, you will find the magnificent Sea Organs, which will let you listen to the symphony of the sea.

Yacht Charter in Zadar greeting to the sun

The Footbridge & the Rowing Boatmen – the Zadar peninsula is connected to the mainland part of the city with the Footbridge, which is within a 10-minute walking distance from the Zadar marina. You can enjoy a tranquil stroll around the marina and cross the footbridge to get into the Old Town, but there is a faster way.

The Rowing boatmen will take you from the Marina Zadar pier to  Oldtown in no time. Venice has gondoliers, and Zadar has boatmen! For centuries now, from dawn until dusk, the hardworking boatmen row in their orange wooden boats transporting people across the channel. Moor your yacht in Marina Zadar, and try out a traditional rowing boat ride across the blackwater, for a much faster route to the city centre.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Rowing Boatsmen Barkajol


The culinary scene in Zadar is fantastic, with choices ranging from Dalmatian cuisine to Italian and international flavours. However, if you do not know what to pick, always opt for seafood, the true speciality of Zadar, caught in the Adriatic Sea and brought straight to your plate.

Meat lovers will get the opportunity to try mouth-watering steaks, marinated with first-class spices and prepared with great expertise. For vegetarians and vegans, there is a wide selection of dishes made from organic vegetables grown in the Zadar region. Exceptional dishes are not the only thing Zadar has to offer, you can try a wide selection of award-winning local wines, gins, liqueurs, and much more.

Harbour Cookhouse and Club – Enjoy a unique dining experience right on the seafront, while you soak up the spectacular view of Old Town and its famous footbridge. This place will amaze you with its one-of-a-kind decor made completely out of wooden ship parts. You can observe a real-life wooden deck in the middle of this cookhouse, which certainly gives this place a special atmosphere, perfect for savouring exquisite cuisine, impeccable service and a stunning fine-dining vibe. We also recommend trying the award-winning local wines from Degarra winery or Kraljevski vinogradi vinery.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Harbour Cookhouse and club fine dining

Restaurant Foša – The best and most famous seafood restaurant in Zadar will amaze with its open-air terrace, overlooking the mighty Zadar walls and the majestic Land Gate adorned with the Venetian winged lion. Enjoy first-class dining, an astonishing sea view, a delightful atmosphere, great service and freshly caught seafood.

Restaurant Bruschetta – Discover Bruschetta, a charming restaurant located on the promenade, only a short walk away from your yacht.  Sit down and enjoy dining in privacy, with attentive service and extraordinary food.

Ravni Žakan – Accessible only by your yacht, this inhabited islet has one of the most famous island restaurants for yacht enthusiasts, and it is a must-see spot of surreal beauty. This island is a luxury destination and is recommended for people who appreciate the beauty of nature, combined with outstanding food and atmosphere and complemented by top-notch service. All this makes Konoba Ravni Žakan a unique fine-dining spot in an unbelievable surrounding, far away from prying eyes.

Šporka Mare – visit the oldest restaurant around the Kornati islands archipelago. This historic place is located on the south shore of the islet Katina, near the Proversa Vela channel (the north gate of Kornati National Park) and is owned by a family which kept it running for 4 generations.

They received the bare island Katina in the 19th century from Zadar’s noblemen and that’s where the story begins. The old family stone house on the shore was a storm shelter for fishermen, but also a place for unloading fishing nets.

Slowly, this shelter for fishermen and sailors became the first restaurant on the Kornati islands, and over time it got an outstanding reputation among yacht lovers, fishermen and sailors, who named it after its owner – grandma Mare. Today this restaurant is a must-visit spot for yacht charters in Zadar, famous for its extraordinary seafood dishes and fine impeccable service. Enjoy top-notch seafood made from Mare’s cookbook and served in traditional hand-made pottery.

Konoba Opat – Discover an eco-friendly paradise in Opat bay in the heart of the marvellous Kornati Islands. This extraordinary restaurant will welcome you with warm hospitality, professional service and a stone house restaurant made of eco-friendly materials.

You will enjoy fresh seafood on the open-air terrace by the sea in Konoba Opat and witness the stunning vistas while you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. Relax in a unique Dalmatian atmosphere, extraordinary views and a 1st class fine-dining restaurant incorporated into the natural environment.

Restaurant Core & Lounge bar is a modern, impeccably designed venue in Vrulje bay. Enjoy homemade food and a great selection of wine and fantastic view of the Kornati archipelago. All the dishes in Core have a traditional base implemented with innovative culinary methods and chic ingredients.

Except for mouth-watering gourmet food, this place will offer a stunning lounge bar, with a glamping resort nearby. Moor your yacht on the restaurant dock and try out colourful cocktails at the bar while the skilful chef prepares your meal, or simply enjoy swimming in the Vrulje bay with backdrop vistas of the splendid Kornati Islands.


Explore countless secluded bays and discover beautiful private bays, as well as unspoiled nature and rich heritage, all in one place. Moreover, because Zadar has a unique atmosphere, it is a great place to start your yacht charter holiday. Keep reading for our suggested seven-day yacht charter in Zadar.

Yacht Charter in Zadar SuperYachts Croatia map

Day 1: Zadar – Ugljan – Pašman

Start your yacht charter in Zadar by visiting the nearby islands of Ugljan and Pašman. Located only 2.5 nautical miles from Zadar, Ugljan will take your breath away with its lush landscapes.

This green island is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the summer crowds. On your way from Zadar to Ugljan, make sure to visit the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic – Galevac.

There you can explore the Franciscan monastery in the heart of the islet. Afterwards, drop your anchor in Mala Lamjana bay, one of the largest and most beautiful coves on Ugljan island. Here, you can find diverse underwater life with plenty of fish and shellfish, skittering on the sandy sea bottom.

Sail from Ugljan to the nearby island of Pašman and experience the true meaning of the Adriatic spirit. Ask your charter crew to anchor your yacht charter in a private bay and sunbathe in complete privacy, under the shade of pine trees, while your diligent crew serve refreshing cocktails and terrific finger food.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Preko Ugljan Školjic

Day 2: Pašman – Galešnjak

Pašman is connected to Ugljan island via the bridge, so you can take a bike ride along Ugljan and Pašman or hop on your Vespa and enjoy breathtaking views while you ride. Because of its unique character, this place overwhelms your soul and enters the pores of your innermost being.

We suggest dropping anchor in Kobiljak cove, a secluded bay adorned with exceptional beauty. This bay is exposed to the scirocco wind, and it has a 4-10 m deep sandy bottom. Another lovely cove, where you can enjoy the surreal beauty of Pašman island is St. Ante Bay.

This bay is located on the SW coast of the island, and it is one of the favourite anchorages for yachts on Pašman island. This bay was named after the nearby church of St. Ante, which you can visit with your tender. The SuperYacht Croatia Team will gladly procure a Vespa, a motorcycle, an e-bike, a quad or a scooter, so you can enjoy exploring 2 islands of remarkable beauty.

Nearby, in the Pašman Channel, you will find the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak – a world-famous “Island of love”. It is so popular that even the world-famous singer Beyonce celebrated her 39th birthday here . The island has an area of 0.132 square meters, and although it is small in size, it has a grand effect on people. Even Forbes recognized that! Galesnjak was on the Forbes list of the most romantic Valentine’s destinations.

Day 3: Kornati Islands

This labyrinth of remarkable beauty, according to the legend, was created from the rocks that God had left after creating the world. He tossed them into the sea and decided the Kornati were so perfect that nothing else needed to be changed.

On your cruising adventures around the stunning Kornati islands , notice the incredible landscape of the Kornati crowns (cliffs) which were shaped by the sea. These magnificent cliffs will make your cruise worthwhile and impress you over and over.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced scuba diver, you can enjoy snorkeling around Kornati or diving with your private diving instructor to explore the Kornati underwater crowns, which are full of colourful marine life. We suggest the spots around Piškera and Rašip islands.

Kornati Islands are also recognized as famous gastronomical heaven for yachts. Moor right in front of numerous restaurants and enjoy exquisite fine dining, as well as various seafood and unmatched service. The SuperYachts Croatia team will make sure you have the best seats in the 1st class restaurant of your choice.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Kornati Islands

Day 4: Telašćica Nature Park

Embark on a wild adventure in the Telašćica Nature Park and reconnect with unspoiled nature on the southern side of Dugi Otok. This island park is a popular destination for yachts and nature lovers. Apart from pristine bays, you will get to discover majestic white cliffs, roaring 200m above sea level, mighty and unmovable.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the salty lake “Mir” ( translated to “peace” in Croatian) and soak in its waters, which are known to possess healing properties. You can also discover countless private coves around its 13 surrounding islands; witness this lush Eden of the Adriatic, also home to more than 500 different plant species.

Imagine starting your day snorkeling with numerous colourful marine animals, sponges and corals that have found their home in this exceptional park.

Yacht Charter in Zadar_novela_yacht_telascica_nature_park

Day 5: Dugi Otok

Drop your anchor at Sakarun , the best wild beach in Croatia, famous for its white sand and crystal clear sea. There are a few beach bars that offer cocktails, lounging areas and light snacks. Enjoy the fine white sand and Caribbean colours, which are truly a unique phenomenon in the Adriatic.

This 800-meter-long lagoon offers enough space for a perfect beach escape under a lush pine forest. Since Sakarun bay slopes very gently, kids can splash around in the sea and play in the sand as they please.

For your next spot on Dugi Otok, we suggest exploring the majestic Golubinka sea cave. Here, you can dive straight into the ‘underground world’ and discover a beautiful pebbly cave beach. Outside the cave, you can try cliff jumping, if you are up for the challenge, or just relax and enjoy the shallow turquoise Brbišćica

Drop your anchor in stunning Pantera Bay, one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for yachtsmen, located on the northwestern side of the island. From here you can take a relaxing walk through the pine forest and explore the Punta Bianca at Veli Cape,  overlooking the majestic bays of Dugi Otok .

Besides the extraordinary nature, Dugi Otok is also home to the remains of a 70 meters long military tunnel. used for sheltering submarines. Explore this fantastic army hideout and find out more about submarine warfare in the Adriatic from your knowledgeable crew.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Dugi Otok Dragos Eye

Day 6: Silba – Olib

On Silba island, experience a unique snorkeling adventure and discover hidden treasures beneath the surface of the sea, better known as the sunken sarcophagi near Pocukmarak bay. On the other hand, you could also enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear sea near the sandy Sotorišće Bay or just take a nice and relaxing walk through an island without any cars or traffic.

Visit the Open Air Art gallery and admire the unique sculptures made by the Croatian sculptress Marija Ujević- Galetović. Cruise with your yacht charter to the nearby island Olib and moor your yacht near Slatina bay on Olib island, which will charm you with its stunning seabed.

Refresh yourself with an afternoon dip in St. Nikola bay, full of untouched nature. Feel the sand beneath your feet as you relax with a refreshing drink or a cocktail in the shallow sandy lagoon and soak up the surroundings. Enjoy exploring the countless secluded coves, dive with exciting fish species or just relax in your yacht pool, far away from the crowd with a spectacular view.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Silba and Olib islands

Day 7: Olib – Pag – Velebit – Zadar

On your last day of yacht charter in the Zadar area, you can observe the majestic landscape or Croatia`s biggest mountain chain, by cruising through the Velebit Channel and enjoying the view of the islands and the Velebit mountain range. Be sure to visit the island of Pag, which is full of culinary surprises.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Pag Island

Try Paški cheese and Paška lamb and enjoy the magnificent views of the bare and unreal surface of Pag. This unique island got its nickname “the Moon Island” because its bare landscape reminds people of the surface of the moon, especially in the evening when the moon shines over the calm sea with a silvery haze.

The truth is, Pag is bare due to strong Bura winds from the north, although its moonlike appearance made Pag a perfect filming location for multiple TV shows like ‘The Terror’ , ‘Winnetou’, ‘Top Gear’ and many commercials for famous brands like Bugatti, Rimac and Audi.

Apart from UNESCO heritage treasures like Paška lace , Pag conceals another gem – the impressive Zrće beach , also known as the “Croatian Ibiza”, where you can moor your yacht at Club Noa and enjoy the beats from your yacht deck.

Zrće beach is one of the best spots for electronic music in Europe and every year it hosts numerous big names from the electronic scene (Guetta, Tiesto, Garrix, Carl Cox, Hardwell, Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike..) with world-known celebrities.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Zrće beach Noa club yacht party


You will find two top-class marinas for your yacht charter in Zadar – Marina Zadar Tankerkomerc and Marina Borik. The Zadar region has the largest concentration of marinas in Croatia, with several marinas on the central Dalmatian coast between Zadar and Šibenik.

In the Zadar archipelago, there are numerous berths with a good mix of marina berths and free-swinging anchorages. Further south lays the marina Dalmacija in Sukošan – the largest marina in Croatia (located 7 km south of the historical town of Zadar) and the beautiful marina Biograd.

Marina Zadar (Tankerkomerc) – You can get to this marina quite easily from the airport, by taxi or a VIP transfer, arranged by the SuperYachts Croatia team. The journey from the airport to the marina takes less than 15 minutes, and there’s no real effort, except to sit back and enjoy a scenic ride through Zadar.

Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar has a total capacity of 300 wet berths and 200 dry berths, all of which are equipped with water, electricity and other amenities. It can accommodate yachts up to 45 m in length. Sea depth in the marina ranges from 8 to 12 m, and at the breakwater between 12 and 15 m.

Marina Zadar is located right in the city centre, which means that it is a very atmospheric place to stay, with many bars and restaurants nearby. The nearest supermarket is Konzum on the main road leading from the marina towards the bridge to the old town and should have everything you need.

Yacht Charter in Zadar marina Zadar Tankerkomerc

Marina Borik (D-Marin) – The premier boutique marina D-Marin Borik is a fantastic gateway to the dotted Adriatic coast. Marina Borik has 177 berths with a maximum draft of 3.5m and a maximum boat length of up to 40m, and it has sufficient facilities to accommodate up to 185 vessels in the sea.

This marina offers six floating pontoons with depths up to 6m and is equipped with a side finger pier mooring system. This marina is also equipped with freshwater outlets and a 220 V power bollard.

D-Marin Borik is located near the famous Sailing club Uskok, where you will find many sailors and professional skippers. Here you can also witness some regattas, such as the traditional regatta Zadarska Koka in October which is a delightful sight. Near the marina, you can enjoy the sandy beach Borik or the pebble beach Uskok.

D-Marin Dalmacija – the largest and most luxurious marina on the Croatian coast, located near the city of Zadar, with first-class facilities and top-notch gastro and hospitality services. This marina has a berthing capacity of 200 wet berths and 300 dry docks, and a capacity for superyachts up to 70m.

The marina is only 12 km from Zadar Airport, which has a direct connection to London, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, and many other European cities. This marina is open all year round, and it is located south of Zadar near Sukošan. There are enough berths to accommodate 1200 boats.

The marina has many facilities, including a reception, water and electricity connections, telephone connections, a small shop, a hotel, a casino, a yacht club, an indoor Olympic swimming pool, laundry, and dry-cleaning services, sports fields, medical services, and a charter fleet. The marina has a lift and is equipped for repairs as well as the many amenities and services you might need.

Telašćica Bay – anchor your superyacht in the extraordinary Telašćica bay, known as the largest, safest, and most beautiful Croatian harbour full of unspoiled nature. This paradise is located in the SE part of Dugi Otok and it offers protection from all winds. Due to its extreme beauty, it was declared a nature park in 1988.

Telašćica is popular amongst the yachts lovers for its calm emerald bays and pristine nature. This stunning bay is one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic, filled with lush vegetation and majestic white cliffs.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Africa yacht and jet ski in Kornati

Sakarun Bay – Anchor your yacht charter on one of the most famous beaches in Croatia – the 800m long Sakrun bay, widely recognized for its white sand. You will enjoy a hint of the tropical atmosphere and feel the Caribbean flare while you swim in the turquoise lagoons that is Sakarun bay.

Levrnaka Island – cruise with your yacht to the island Levrnaka, a place of truly remarkable beauty. This small island offers two anchorages – one on the north side and the other on the SW side. They offer good protection from north and south winds. The bay on the N side is deep and suitable for larger boats.

The bay on the Southwestern side has a sandy bottom and offers mooring buoys. Here you will find the only sandy lagoon in the Kornati archipelago – Lojena.


yacht charter in zadar, things you didn't know about zadar


SuperYachts Croatia will make sure you have experienced a fully-tailored yacht charter experience, suited to your needs and preferences. We will make sure that everything corresponds to the highest levels of superyacht hospitality.

Trust in our local know-how, relax and enjoy your yacht charter in Zadar. Let us make all your dreams come true because nothing is impossible for your SuperYacht brokerage team.

yacht mieten zadar

SuperYachts Croatia

Is a yacht connoisseur, agent, broker, local tour operator, destination manager, organizer ... a wholehearted company that will provide you with a list of luxury yachts available for charter in Croatia. Find all relevant information about your yacht charter & get in touch with us in order to book your dream superyacht.

Yacht Charter Experience

Towable water toys on yachts

Inflatable water toys aboard yachts in Croatia

Electric Surfboards on a Yacht Charter in Croatia

SeaBob on a yacht charter in Croatia

Charter Yachts

We present to you the best selling yachts for charter in 2021. Slide through these different yachts, ranging from 20 to 80 meters in length, and choose the best option for you. If you have any questions regarding yacht charter, destinations & yacht support, contact us.

from 105.000 € p/w

31m | 11 guests

from 210.000 € p/w

43m | 12 guests

from 160.000 € p/w

47m | 12 guests

from 76.875 € p/w

25m | 8 guests

from 775.000 € p/w

80m | 12 guests

from 72.000 € p/w

30m | 8 guests

from 30.000 € p/w

24m | 8 guests

from 280.000 € p/w

55m | 12 guests

from 99.800 € p/w

39m | 12 guests

from 64.000 € p/w

31m | 10 guests

from 218.000 € p/w

45m | 10 guests

from 54.000 € p/w

26m | 8 guests

Spice of Life II

from 18.000 € p/w

20m | 6 guests

from 100.000 € p/w

29m | 8 guests

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We at Marilla create the greates memories on the sea and beyond!

Marilla charter offers a wide array of boat excursions. whether you decide to visit the beautiful kornati islands, or fairytale-like skradin, marilla organises trips and boat excursions of your choice and adapts them to your wishes., hall & dry dock.

In addition to our offer of boats for rent, we want to highlight the novelty in our offer. Dry dock and  hall Marilla is located in the industrial zone Gaženica in Zadar, at the address Gaženička cesta 3.

The total land area of ​​our dry marina is 2.500 m², the hall itself has 1.400 m².


Rent a boat in Zadar

and make the best of your summer vacation

Are you ready to explore?

Crystal blue sea  |  Hidden beaches  |  Beautiful sunsets

Boat transfers & excursions

Organised boat excursions to the most beautiful beaches in the Zadar region

Let's check the weather first yr.no (Zadar) It is necessary for a nice boat ride

Zadar has a temperate continental climate, with mild winters and warm summers . Starting in May, temperatures rise to over 20 °C and peak in July and August at an average of 28 °C. Such a mild climate is an ideal environment for boat rentals and trips .

During the summer months, mornings are usually the best time to navigate towards desired locations. As a rule, in the afternoon there is a west and northwest wind, so it is good practice to plan routes that return from the west or northwest .

You can check the weather here:   YR.no (Zadar)

weather icon

Rent a boat

If you have a valid international licence to operate a boat, rent our boats and take your family & friends to the best beaches around Zadar.

Boat excursions

You would like to take a private boat excursion away from the local crowds in Zadar but don't have a boating licence. We offer a licensed skipper to take you and your friends to any desired destination.

Boat transfers

If you ever need a ride to the local islands or other locations in Zadar area that can be reached by the sea, we can arrange that too. Our boats are an excellent solution for fast transportation for you and your friends to the exact location needed.

Frequently asked questions | F.A.Q.

Basic knowledgebase

1. What documents do I need to rent a boat?

You must have a valid international powerboat licence to rent our boats. It must be an original document, not a copy or an image on your smartphone... also car driving licence is not enough.

2. What about the security deposit?

Security deposit for the boats vary from 200€ - 400€ . Together we will examine the boat condition and equipment. If everything is in order upon your return, the deposit is returned immediately .

3. Where can I find the boats?

The boats are located in the Old Town of Zadar, Jazine harbor . There is a convenient parking lot right next to the docks. If you request another pick up location, within range 10-15km it can also be arranged.

4. I don't have a licence... is there a skipper option available?

We have qualified skippers available for an additional 100€ . With our experienced skippers you can truly relax and enjoy your boat trip .  

5. What about the insurance?

All the boats have full coverage insurance . The crew is insured up to the maximum number of passengers allowed on the boat .  

6. How to make a reservation?

Making a reservation is a simple process - we just need a valid contact info and photo of skipper's license for a boat rental. In case of bad weather the reservation can be canceled without additional fees .

Boat excursions | Boat transfers Quicksilver 675 Sundeck Felicity

Mercury Verado 200 | 8 people Cruising speed 20 knots | 24 lit/h

0 € *for daily rent with skipper on board

Period: dd.mm - dd.mm.

Quicksilver 675SD

Rent a boat Quicksilver 675 Open Chase

Mercury Verado 150 | 8 people Cruising speed 20 knots | 22 lit/h

0 € *for daily rent

Quicksilver 675 Open

Rent a boat Cobra 499F Bliss

Honda BF75 | 4 people Cruising speed 20 knots | 18 lit/h

Cobra 499F

Our local partners

Dalma zadar taxi transfers logo


Yacht Rental Zadar

In the splendid embrace of the Croatian coastline lies a city that has captured the imagination of travelers, sailors, and explorers for centuries. Zadar, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, beckons to those yearning for a nautical adventure unlike any other. Here, the sea is not merely a body of water, but a living entity that sings the songs of ancient mariners and dances to the rhythm of the wind. To rent a yacht in Zadar is to embark on a journey into the heart of the Adriatic, to explore a world where the boundaries between man and nature blur into a harmonious dance. In this exploration, we shall delve into the reasons why one might choose Zadar as a sailing destination, the considerations that must be borne in mind, and the vessels that might become trusted companions on this unforgettable voyage.

Why Rent a Yacht in Zadar

Yacht Rental Zadar

In the heart of the Adriatic Sea lies an ancient coastal city that whispers the tales of its rich history. An embrace of serenity, Zadar, Croatia, offers a mesmerizing canvas of crystalline waters that yearn to be explored. It is here that one may delve into a nautical journey, punctuated by islands and inlets that seem to have been painted by Nature's gentle brush.

❑ A Landscape of Unparalleled Beauty

Beneath the warmth of the Croatian sun, the waters around Zadar are filled with a life of their own. The turquoise sea dances with the wind, reflecting the sky in a play of shadows and light. To set sail on these waters is to become a part of an ever-evolving painting, a dance of elements that is everchanging, yet eternal.

Each island possesses a unique charm, a secret history etched in rocky shores and hidden coves. The echoes of the past still linger in the olive groves and ancient ruins, while the fresh breeze carries the scent of Adriatic flora, teeming with endemic species.

❑ A Symphony of Culture and Tradition

Zadar is not merely a gateway to the sea; it is a living museum of culture and heritage. The maritime tradition here is not just a means to an end but a way of life that has flourished for centuries. To rent a yacht in Zadar is to immerse oneself in a world where the ocean meets human innovation, where old-world charm mingles with modern luxury.

Exploring Zadar's Nautical Treasures: Specific Places to Visit with a Yacht

The allure of Zadar's coastline is not confined to the city's ancient walls or its sun-kissed shores. Beyond the horizon lies a world of islands, bays, and hidden coves, each a unique jewel waiting to be discovered. Renting a yacht in Zadar is akin to unlocking a treasure chest, offering access to some of the most breathtaking destinations in the Adriatic. Here are specific places that call out to the sailor's heart, promising enchantment, adventure, and a glimpse into the timeless beauty of the Croatian seascape.

🚢 Kornati National Park

An archipelago of over 140 islands, Kornati National Park is a paradise for sailors and nature enthusiasts alike. The stark contrast of rocky cliffs and crystal-clear waters offers a landscape that is both rugged and ethereal. Exploring the Kornati islands by yacht allows one to find secluded beaches, dive into underwater caves, and witness the vibrant marine life that thrives in these protected waters.

🚢 Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok, or "Long Island," is a destination that captures the essence of the Adriatic's tranquil beauty. The island is home to the stunning Telascica Nature Park, where pristine bays meet dense pine forests. Sailing to Dugi Otok's Sakarun Beach, one can indulge in the soft, white sands and turquoise waters, often compared to those of the Caribbean.

🚢 Ugljan Island

Known as the "green island," Ugljan is covered in olive groves, fig trees, and Mediterranean vegetation. A yacht excursion to Ugljan offers opportunities to explore charming villages, hike along scenic trails, and enjoy local gastronomy infused with the flavors of the sea.

🚢 Pag Island

The island of Pag is a world of contrasts, where barren landscapes meet rich cultural traditions. Famous for its lace-making, cheese, and unique moon-like terrain, Pag invites exploration both on land and sea. With a yacht, one can discover hidden coves and private beaches, each a silent witness to the island's centuries-old history.

🚢 Sestrunj Island

For those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature, Sestrunj Island offers an escape from the modern world. With only a handful of inhabitants, the island retains an untouched beauty. Sailing to Sestrunj allows one to immerse in the tranquil waters, hike through wild landscapes, and gaze at the stars, unspoiled by artificial light.

🚢 Pasman Island

Located near Ugljan Island, Pasman is known for its dynamic currents and ever-changing sea colors. Its numerous pebble beaches and charming fishing villages create an ideal destination for a relaxed yachting adventure. A must-visit is the Franciscan monastery on Ćokovac hill, a historical site offering panoramic views of the surrounding archipelago.

🚢 Molat Island

Molat, with its serene bays and lush landscapes, offers an escape into tranquility. It is a place where time seems to slow down, where the melodies of nature take precedence over the noise of civilization. Exploring Molat by yacht provides a peaceful respite, an opportunity to connect with the elemental beauty of the Adriatic.

🚢 Silba Island

Known as the "pedestrian island," Silba is a car-free oasis that invites exploration on foot. Yachting to Silba provides access to untouched beaches and crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The island's relaxed pace and artistic atmosphere make it a perfect destination for those seeking inspiration and renewal.

🚢 Vrgada Island

Vrgada is a small island characterized by sandy beaches and dense pine forests. It is a secluded paradise, ideal for those seeking privacy and communion with nature. Anchoring a yacht in one of Vrgada's sheltered coves allows one to enjoy sunsets and sunrises in perfect solitude, a romantic escape in the heart of the Adriatic.

🚢 Olib Island

A sparsely populated island, Olib is rich in history and natural beauty. The island is home to ancient olive groves, historic churches, and sandy beaches like Slatinica. Yachting to Olib offers a glimpse into a world untouched by mass tourism, a place where the echoes of the past still resonate in the wind and waves.

Though not an island, the town of Skradin is a unique destination accessible by yacht. It serves as the gateway to Krka National Park, home to stunning waterfalls and diverse wildlife. A journey to Skradin reveals the richness of Croatia's inland wonders, a blend of natural and cultural heritage.

The shores of Zadar are like the pages of an unending book, each destination a story waiting to be explored, each island a world unto itself. To rent a yacht in Zadar is to embark on an odyssey that transcends the ordinary, a voyage that delves into the heart of a landscape that has captivated sailors, poets, and dreamers for generations. In this dance of sea and land, one finds not just beauty, but a profound understanding of what it means to be a part of this extraordinary world.

What Should I Consider Before Renting a Yacht in Zadar

Yacht Rental Zadar

Renting a yacht is no small undertaking, especially in a place where the sea is a complex tapestry of currents, tides, and weather patterns.

⛵ Knowledge of the Waters

The waters of Zadar are both gentle and wild, calm and tempestuous. It is a landscape that demands respect and understanding. A potential mariner must be aware of the local maritime regulations, as well as the unique challenges posed by the Adriatic's tides and currents.

⛵ Type and Size of the Vessel

The decision to embark on this journey is not one to be taken lightly. The vessel chosen must be a harmonious match with the sailor's skills, the nature of the voyage, and the capricious personality of the sea itself. One must consider the size, the amenities, the strength, and the very soul of the yacht.

⛵ Environmental Responsibility

Zadar's sea is a living entity, filled with creatures that call it home. Renting a yacht in Zadar is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. Care must be taken to preserve the pristine beauty of the environment, to tread lightly, and leave no trace behind.

Which is the Best Yacht for Zadar Waters

There is no simple answer to this query, for the best yacht is a reflection of the sailor's own desires, needs, and understanding of the sea.

⛵ For the Adventurous Spirit

For those seeking the thrill of the open sea, a vessel that is both robust and agile is the key. Perhaps a sporty sailing yacht that can dance with the wind and weather the storm, offering an intimate connection with the ocean's many moods.

⛵ For the Seekers of Luxury and Comfort

Should one desire a voyage of leisure and indulgence, a motor yacht equipped with the finest amenities and luxuries might be the vessel of choice. The gentle hum of the engine, the spacious decks, the gourmet cuisine—all of these create a symphony of pleasure on the serene Adriatic waves.

⛵ For the Environmental Steward

In an age where the preservation of Nature's treasures is of paramount importance, an eco-friendly yacht might be the vessel for the conscious traveler. Advanced technologies that minimize pollution and promote sustainable navigation practices allow one to explore Zadar's waters with a clear conscience.

In the end, the best yacht for Zadar waters is the one that resonates with the sailor's heart, the one that becomes a faithful companion in an extraordinary voyage across time, culture, and the ever-mesmerizing dance of the sea. Whether for adventure, luxury, or conscious travel, Zadar's shores await, promising a journey that is as profound and enriching as the ancient city itself.

Frequently Asked Questions: Unraveling the Mysteries of Zadar's Nautical Journey

In our explorations of the coastal city of Zadar and its surrounding waters, we have embarked on a journey filled with wonder, discovery, and profound connections with nature's eternal dance. Yet, as with any voyage into the unknown, questions and curiosities may arise. It is with great pleasure that we address some of the frequently asked questions that fellow travelers might ponder as they contemplate setting sail from Zadar's historic shores. We hope that these insights will illuminate the path for those who seek to become part of this remarkable maritime adventure.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Rent a Yacht in Zadar?

The Adriatic Sea is generous in its embrace, offering different experiences throughout the year. The summer months, particularly from May to September, provide warm temperatures and gentle breezes, ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The shoulder seasons of late spring and early autumn are equally delightful, with fewer crowds and a mild climate that still allows for exploration.

Are There Special Licenses or Permits Required to Sail in Zadar?

Sailing in Croatian waters requires an appropriate license that corresponds to the vessel's type and size. Additionally, a VHF Radio Certificate may be necessary. It is advisable to consult with the yacht rental agency regarding specific requirements, as they are well-versed in the local regulations.

Can I Charter a Yacht with a Crew in Zadar?

Indeed, chartering a yacht with a crew is a popular choice for those who wish to immerse in the luxury and comfort of a guided voyage. Skilled captains and attentive staff can tailor the journey to your desires, allowing you to explore Zadar's waters with ease and elegance.

Is It Possible to Visit National Parks and Protected Areas with a Yacht?

Many of Zadar's islands and coastal areas are part of national parks and protected zones. While these places are accessible by yacht, specific rules and regulations must be followed to preserve their natural beauty. It is wise to plan ahead and obtain the necessary permits, ensuring a responsible and enriching experience.

What Safety Measures Should I Consider While Yachting in Zadar?

The sea, while captivating, demands respect and caution. Ensuring the vessel's proper maintenance, adhering to weather forecasts, wearing appropriate safety gear, and following local maritime laws are paramount to a safe and enjoyable journey.

How Can I Ensure an Eco-Friendly Yachting Experience in Zadar?

Zadar's waters are a delicate ecosystem that thrives on mindful interaction. Choosing eco-friendly yachts, adhering to waste disposal regulations, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, and respecting marine life are vital steps in preserving the environment for generations to come.

We invite you to ponder these answers as you contemplate your own journey into the Adriatic's embrace. May your voyage be filled with wonder, wisdom, and the profound joy that comes from connecting with the world in a way that transcends the ordinary. The sea awaits, whispering its ancient songs, calling you to become part of Zadar's timeless dance.

yacht mieten zadar

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Home Nautical Destinations Zadar region Zadar

ZADAR - located in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic, in the most indented part of its archipelago, for centuries the capital of Dalmatia, is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations. This archipelago consists of 24 bigger and 300 small islands and islets, 3 nature parks - Telaščica, North Velebit and Vrana and 5 national parks - Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka and Velebit are just some of the reasons to visit Zadar.

ZADAR - located in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic, in the most indented part of its archipelago, for centuries the capital of Dalmatia, is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations. This archipelago consists of 24 bigger and 300 small islands and islets, 3 nature parks - Telaščica, North Velebit and Vrana and 5 national parks - Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka and Velebit are just some of the reasons to visit Zadar.

Zadar and the surrounding tourist regions are located in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic, in the most indented part of the Adriatic coast. For centuries the capital of Dalmatia and today the centre of its northern part, Zadar is a city with rich cultural heritage which is evident at every step: the Roman Forum, St. Donat, Romanesque church of St. Marie And St. Grisogono, Cathedral St. Anastasia, the People's Square and many other sights are just some of the reasons for coming.

Visit one of numerous restaurants and taverns of Zadar, taste the local specialties and famous maraschino liqueur. This unique drink was popular in European courts (London, Vienna, Moscow), produced in Zadar since 1821.

During your stay in Zadar, do not miss the sunset. Famous Alfred Hitchcock said: "It must be the most beautiful sunset in the world!" To complete the experience, the largest sea organ in the world was built here together with Greeting to the Sun installation, consisting of three hundred multi-layered glass panels through which the colours of the lights exchange in the rhythm of the waves with the comforting sounds of the sea organ. Summer fun in Zadar is guaranteed because of numerous interesting events such as: Zadar of your dreams - international festival of contemporary theatre, Garden Festival, Zadar Theatre summer, Mitra Zonata - festival of the sea organ, Musical Evenings in St. Donat, the famous Full Moon Nights, when many boats on the waterfront converted to floating stalls that offer the best tuna, sardines, cheese, brandy and other delicacies.

Marinas and Nautical harbours of Zadar

  • Marina Borik
  • Marina Tankerkomerc Zadar

Nearby nautical centres are

  • Sukošan
  • Šibenik

We suggest you visit

  • Roman Forum
  • St. Marie Church
  • St. Krševan Church
  • Cathedral of St Anastasia
  • Greeting the sun

Arriving in Zadar

By plane: airport Zadar (14 km)

  • Zagreb 270 km
  • Trieste 300 km
  • Graz 520 km
  • Vienna 705 km
  • Milan 700 km

Boat: Throughout the year Zadar is connected with the weekly car ferry to Ancona, while in the summer, ferries and hydrofoil catamaran operate on a daily basis.

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Marinas and Nautical harbors

Explore marinas in Zadar

Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

The marina is open year round. It is located on the eastern shore of the old city harbor in Vrulje bay.

Phone: +385 23 20 48 50

Olive Island Marina, Sutomiscica (Ugljan)

Olive Island Marina, a modern and well-equipped, family owned marina located on the picturesque island of Ugljan in the Zadar archipelago, offers a safe and comfortable base for sailing enthusiasts looking to explore nearby islands like Dugi Otok, Pasman, and Kornati National Park. The marina is open year round.

Phone: +385 23 33 58 08

ACI Marina Šimuni

The marina is open year round. It is located on the north-western shore of the Simuni bay in the Maunski canal. The cove and the village of Simuni are located on the western shore of the island Pag.

Phone: +385 23 69 74 57

The marina is open from April through November. It is located in the southern part of the island Ist, in the cove Široka.

Phone: +385 23 37 26 38

Vitrenjak Sports Harbor

The marina is open year round. It is located northwest from the harbour of Zadar, and is generally utilized by local residents.

Phone: +385 23 33 10 76

Zadar Town Port

Marina preko.

The marina is open year round and is located in Preko, the biggest town of the island Ugljan, just across the city of Zadar. 

Phone: +385 23 28 62 30

Kukljica, Ugljan

D - marin borik zadar.

The marina is open year round. It is located in Fratara Cove to the east of the beautiful lighthouse on Ostri rat.

Phone: +385 23 33 10 36

Luka Povljana

Offers in zadar.

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Hanse 455 | Skyfall

Web Discount: -5%"> -41%

Hanse 455 | Skyfall

Marina Kornati, Biograd, Croatia

Berths 8 + 2

Length 13.95 m

Engine x 1 55 hp

06 Jul - 13 Jul 2024

€ 4.650 € 2.739

Hanse 455 | Seaway

Web Discount: -5%"> -43%

Hanse 455 | Seaway

13 Jul - 20 Jul 2024

€ 4.690 € 2.673

Oceanis 38 | Marica

Web Discount: -5%"> -32%

Oceanis 38 | Marica

Berths 6 + 2

Length 11.50 m

Engine x 1 29 hp

28 Sep - 05 Oct 2024

€ 1.690 € 1.156

Hanse 385 | Manamana

Hanse 385 | Manamana

Length 11.40 m

Engine x 1 30 hp

€ 3.550 € 2.024

Hanse 455 | Jenny

Hanse 455 | Jenny

€ 4.790 € 2.730

Bali 4.3 | Summer loft

Web Discount: -5%"> -34%

Bali 4.3 | Summer Loft

Berths 8 + 2 + 2

Cabins 4 + 2

Length 13.20 m

Engine x 2 55 hp

12 Oct - 19 Oct 2024

€ 2.850 € 1.895

Hanse 415 | Natali

Hanse 415 | Natali

Length 12.40 m

Engine x 1 40 hp

€ 3.650 € 2.150

Hanse 415 | Pretty woman

Web Discount: -5%"> -36%

Hanse 415 | Pretty Woman

20 Jul - 27 Jul 2024

€ 3.990 € 2.540

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Miete Motorboot ATLANTIC 750 OPEN Zadar

ATLANTIC - 750 OPEN | 12 Personen  (2021)

Ab 400 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot EOLO 650 DAY Zadar

EOLO - 650 DAY | 6 Personen  (2015)

Ab 270 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot ELAN Impression 35 Zadar

ELAN - Impression 35 | 8 Personen  (2018)

Ab 271 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 Ds Zadar

Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 54 Ds | 11 Personen  (2006)

Ab 600 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Lipari 41 Zadar

Lipari - 41 | 10 Personen  (2014)

Ab 679 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Jeanneau Cap Camarat 715 Wa Zadar

Jeanneau - Cap Camarat 715 Wa | 8 Personen  (2008)

Ab 290 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Barracuda Barracuda 5.95 sw Zadar

Barracuda - Barracuda 5.95 sw | 7 Personen  (2023)

Ab 250 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot Bavaria Bavaria Cruiser 41 Zadar

Bavaria - Bavaria Cruiser 41 | 7 Personen  (2014)

Ab 283 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot BAVARIA 41 CRUISER Zadar

BAVARIA - 41 CRUISER | 7 Personen  (2017)

Ab 327 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Jeanneau Cap Camarat 755wa Zadar

Jeanneau - Cap Camarat 755wa | 6 Personen  (2006)

Ab 350 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Shipyard Betina Pasara, Škaf Zadar

Shipyard Betina - Pasara, Škaf | 12 Personen  (1972)

Ab 690 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot Custom San Luca Magno Zadar

Custom - San Luca Magno | 12 Personen  (1968)

Ab 143 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Karnic 7.8 Sundeck Zadar

Karnic - 7.8 Sundeck | 8 Personen  (2022)

Ab 430 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Atlantic Marine 670 Open Zadar

Atlantic Marine - 670 Open | 9 Personen  (2018)

Ab 300 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Karnic SL 651 Zadar

Karnic - SL 651 | 8 Personen  (2023)

Miete Motorboot Oki Boats Barracuda 545 Zadar

Oki Boats - Barracuda 545 | 7 Personen  (2023)

Ab 280 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Beneteau ANTARES 8S Zadar

Beneteau - ANTARES 8S | 7 Personen  (2011)

Miete Motorboot Beneteau Antares 8 Zadar

Beneteau - Antares 8 | 8 Personen  (2019)

Ab 319 € pro tag, lohnt es sich ein boot in zadar zu mieten.

Entdecken Sie die idyllische Hafenstadt Zadar, die Perle Norddalmatiens, und erleben Sie die perfekte Kombination aus Sightseeing, Kultur und Erholung. Verbringen Sie einen wahren Traumurlaub an der kroatischen Küste und lassen Sie sich vom Charme der Adria verführen. Mieten Sie ein Boot in Zadar und erkunden Sie die beeindruckende Umgebung vom Meer aus, während Ihnen stets eine angenehme Meeresbrise durch die Haare weht. Entdecken Sie die atemberaubenden Inseln im Nationalpark Kornati und baden Sie an den vielen kleinen und großen Stränden.  Um Norddalmatien von einer seinen schönsten Seiten kennenzulernen, ist es eine gute Idee, ein Boot zu mieten in Zadar. Ein herrliches Stadtbild und viele traumhafte Ziele in der näheren Umgebung, wie das malerische Städtchen Petrcane, machen Zadar zu einem sehr beliebten Ausgangspunkt für kurzweilige Bootsausflüge entlang der vorgelagerten Küste. Aufgrund der großen Auswahl an verschiedenen Booten in Zadar, ist es nicht wichtig, für wie viele Personen Sie ein Boot benötigen, wenn Sie von Zadar aus eine Bootsfahrt machen. Die Zeit auf einem Boot vor Zadar ist ein Erlebnis, welches einen guten Urlaub zu einem perfekten macht. Malerische Häfen , idyllische Inseln wie Pasman und imposante Küsten sorgen dafür, dass Sie auf einem Boot rund um Zadar viel Spaß haben werden.

Welche Häfen und Sehenswürdigkeiten gibt es in Zadar?

Der Hafen von Zadar bietet einen herrlichen Blick auf die Stadt und ihre imposanten Bauwerke, so dass schon das Auslaufen aus Zadar ein wahres Vergnügen ist. Wenn Sie ein Boot in Zadar leihen, können Sie viele verschiedene Ziele ansteuern. Entweder fahren Sie ganz entspannt die Küste entlang und genießen fantastische Landschaften aus der Nähe oder es zieht Sie in die Inselwelt der Gegend, in der Sie viel entdecken können. 

Die kroatische Hafenstadt Zadar liegt in der Mitte Kroatiens in Norddalmatien auf einer schmalen Landzunge am Adriatischen Meer und zählt etwa 75.000 Einwohner. Vom Festland durch einen Wassergraben getrennt, ist Zadar durch den venezianischen Baustil geprägt. Der lebhafte Altstadtkomplex ist Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Ortes und stellt ein Highlight der Stadt dar. Hier können Sie die verschiedenen Epochen der spannenden 3000-jährigen Geschichte durch Überreste römischer Bauwerke, alte Stadtmauern aus dem Mittelalter und moderne Sehenswürdigkeiten erleben. Zadar ist das ideale Gesamtpaket für einen abwechslungsreichen und wundervollen Urlaub auf einem Boot.  

Nicht zu vergessen sind die ausgezeichneten Badestrände Borik und Kolovare inklusive vielseitiger gastronomischer Angebote mit der typischen Dalmatinischen Küche. Hier finden Sie ein vielfältiges kulinarisches Angebot von der leichten mediterranen Küche mit Fisch und Meeresfrüchten bis hin zu herzhaften Gerichten wie dem Dalmatinischen Rinderbraten. Legen Sie mit Ihrem Katamaran im Hafen von Zadar an und genießen Sie das einzigartige Flair.

Bemerkenswerte Bauwerke sind hier unter anderem das römische Forum , der erzbischöfliche Palast sowie die “fünf Brunnen” , die die Stadt bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts mit Wasser versorgten. Darüber hinaus liegen fünf Nationalparks in direkter Umbebung:  Krka, Paklenica, Nördlicher Velebit, Kornaten und Plitvicer Seen , eine der bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten von ganz Kroatien. Hissen Sie die Segel und steuern Sie mit Ihrem Segelboot ab Zadar einige dieser Naturparadiese an. Denn hier kommen vor allem Naturfreunde auf Ihre Kosten, die Ruhe und Entspannung in grünen Landschaften suchen.

Weitere Highlights in Zadar sind die Kunstobjekte des Architekten Nikola Basic . Zum einen die 2005 geschaffene Meeresorgel, die durch Wellenbewegungen Musik erzeugt, indem Luft durch die Orgelpfeifen gepresst wird. Auch der in 2008 installierte “Gruß an die Sonne” ist eine bemerkenswerte Kunstvorrichtung, die aus 300 mehrschichtigen, begehbaren und kreisförmig angeordneten Glasplatten besteht. Hierbei wird durch das eingefangene Sonnenlicht ein Lichtspiel in Form eines Amphitheaters geschaffen.

Während Ihres Urlaubs vor Zadar können Sie zum Beispiel folgende Ziele in der Nähe von Zadar anlaufen:

Vir Pag Biograd Ugljan

Gibt es noch weitere gebiete in kroatien, wo man ein boot mieten kann, novalja kuklijca petrčane sukosan, wie sind die klima- und windverhältnisse in zadar.

Das milde, mediterrane Klima mit seinen vielen Sonnentagen bietet hervorragende Bedingungen für einen Segelurlaub in Zadar . Auch die Wassertemperatur, die im Sommer durchschnittlich bei 25 Grad liegt, trägt zu diesen hervorragenden Bedingungen bei. Die Windverhältnisse und Wassertiefen sind im Sommer für Segelanfänger ideal , jedoch nicht zu unterschätzen, je weiter man aufs Meer hinausfährt. Der Südwind “Yugo” und der Nordostwind “Bora” können Windgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 75 Knoten verursachen und unerwartete Richtungswechsel beinhalten.

Ein Urlaub auf einem Boot vor Zadar ist ein entspannendes Erlebnis, an das Sie sich noch lange erinnern werden. Wenn Sie in Zadar ein Boot chartern, erwartet Sie ein Urlaub voller Abenteuer und Spannung. Da es in Zadar viele große Boote gibt, die Sie mieten können, spielt es keine Rolle, mit wie vielen Personen Sie auf Ihrem Bootsausflug unterwegs sein wollen.

Zadar ist ca. 750km von München entfernt und somit mit dem Auto gut zu erreichen. Viele Leute aus dem Süden Deutschlands und aus Österreich nutzen das Auto und können so mehr Gepäck und sogar ihren Hund auf den Segeltörn mitnehmen. Der internationale Flughafen Zadar bietet Direktflüge ab Düsseldorf, München, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, und vielen anderen deutschen Städten. Er besitzt eine gute Anbindung an das kroatische Straßennetz, sodass auch weitere Küstenstädte wie Rijeka, Split und Sibenik bequem per Auto erreicht werden können. Darüber hinaus bietet der Fährhafen in Zadar Verbindungen zu vorgelagerten Inseln und auch nach Italien an.

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Yachtcharter Zadar

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Die Hafenstadt und frühere Festung Zadar liegt im Zentrum der kroatischen Adria in Norddalmatien . In dieser Region ist die Adriaküste durch eine Vielzahl malerischer Inseln gegliedert. Zadar befindet sich auf einer Landzunge, die vom Festland durch einen Wassergraben getrennt ist. Sie besticht sowohl durch historische Stätten und einer Altstadt im venezianischen Baustil als auch durch moderne Einkaufszentren.

In der Umgebung liegen mehrere Nationalparks, darunter der Naturpark Telascica, sowie mehr als 300 Inseln des vorgelagerten Archipels. All dies sowie zahlreiche Buchten, Strände, Promenaden und das vielfältige gastronomische Angebot mit einheimischen Spezialitäten machen die Stadt zu einem attraktiven Ausgangsort für Ihre Yachtcharter Zadar. Sie starten direkt im Zentrum der Stadt, wo sich die Marina befindet.

Zadar ist ein idealer Ausgangspunkt für einen Segeltörn in die Kornaten – die größte und dichteste Inselgruppe in der kroatischen Adria mit über 100 kleinen Inseln und Riffen. Weiter südlich warten tief im Landesinneren noch die herrlichen Krka-Wasserfälle bei Skradin auf Sie.

Klima: mediterran mit Temperaturen zwischen 17 und 30 Grad Winde: Maestral, Scirocco, Bora, Tramontana Segel-Saison: Mai bis September

Beliebte Yachten | Zadar

Elan impression 40, oceanis 51.1, bavaria cruiser 41, bavaria cruiser 46, bavaria cruiser 34, sun odyssey 36i.

Die Reviere vor der Haustüre Zadars sind für Segelnde jeder Erfahrungsstufe geeignet. Familien schätzen die kurzen Etappenziele, Naturliebhaber finden auf den Inseln des Naturparks der Kornaten traumhafte Naturlandschaften über und unter Wasser und historisch Interessierte bummeln durch die jahrhundertealten Städte dieses Landstriches und erleben Geschichte hautnah.

Zadar – eine Stadt zwischen Vergangenheit und Moderne

Die Geschichte Zadars reicht über 3000 Jahre zurück. Die ersten Funde aus der Region belegen eine Siedlungstätigkeit bereits in der Altsteinzeit. In der Antike gewann Zadar immer mehr an Bedeutung als Handelsposten. Die Stadt war immer wieder hart umkämpft und so kommt es, dass sich hier heute noch Stile der unterschiedlichen Bevölkerungsgruppen finden.

Aus römischer Zeit beeindruckt das Forum. Zwar sind nur noch Teile der ehemals pompösen Architektur erhalten, doch erhält man einen guten Eindruck seiner einstigen Größe. Entlang der Stadtmauer, welche im 16. Jahrhundert von den Venezianern als Verteidigungslinie gegen die Türken errichtet wurde, finden sich noch heute Stadttore typisch venezianischer Architektur. Der Volksplatz aus der Renaissance befindet sich im Zentrum der Altstadt. Er ist auch heute noch ein beliebter Treffpunkt und es herrscht reges Treiben. Perfekt um in einem der Cafés einen Kaffee zu trinken oder ein Eis zu essen und den Trubel auf sich wirken zu lassen.

Ganz im Nordwesten der Altstadt an der Promenade finden sich zwei lohnenswerte Ausflugsziele aus der Moderne. Die Meeresorgel wurde im Jahre 2005 installiert. Auf einer Länge von 60 Metern wurden in den Stufen der Promenade Röhren verbaut, an deren Ende Pfeifen sitzen. Durch den Druck der Wellen tönen diese in unterschiedlichen Akkorden. Unweit der Meeresorgel findet sich der Pozdrav Suncu – der Platz „Gruß an die Sonne“. Eine in den Boden eingelassene Glasplatte mit einem Durchmesser von 22 Metern, welche bei Sonnenuntergang beginnt, in allen erdenklichen Farben zu leuchten. Zwei eindrucksvolle Kunstwerke, welche mit ihrer Hommage an das Meer und die Sonne eine wohlige Vorfreude auf den Start in den Urlaub verströmen.

Anreise: Mit dem Flugzeug erreichen Sie die Stadt problemlos über den Flughafen Zadar oder auch den in Split. In unserem Kundenbereich können Sie einen Transfer vom Flughafen zu Ihrer jeweiligen Start-Marina dazubuchen. Auch mit dem Auto ist die Stadt gut zu erreichen. Zwischen München und Zadar liegen knapp 820 Kilometer. In den jeweiligen Marinas und auch in Zadar selbst gibt es verschiedene Parkmöglichkeiten. Auch diese Informationen finden Sie in unserem Kundenbereich.

yacht mieten zadar

Wenn Sie abends in der Stadt sind, besuchen Sie den Platz "Gruß an die Sonne" und erleben den Zauber dieser Lichtinstallation. © lexlero/AdobeStock

Typisch dalmatinisches Lebensgefühl auf den Inseln vor Zadar

1 Woche: Zadar – Sestrunj – Molat – Premuda oder Silba – Mali Losinj – Cres – Pag – Zadar

2 Wochen: Wenn Sie mehr als eine Woche Zeit zum Segeln haben, dann haben Sie die Möglichkeit Ihren Törn gen Norden weiter durch die Inseln der Kvarner Bucht  zu bereichern.

Starten Sie von Zadar aus in die Inselwelt direkt vor der Haustüre der Stadt. Hier reihen sich mehrere große Inseln aneinander, welche noch nicht zu den Kornaten gezählt werden.

Rund um die Insel Uglijan findet sich eine Vielzahl an kleinen Buchten mit einsamen Stränden. Seien Sie früh da, die Plätze sind begehrt. Etwa am familienfreundlichen Sandstrand in der Ortschaft Preko oder der vom Land aus nur schwer erreichbaren Bucht Mala Sabuša.

Pašman gilt als eine der grünsten Inseln Kroatiens. Sie ist touristisch kaum erschlossen und im gleichnamigen Hauptort der Insel leben die Menschen noch heute hauptsächlich vom Fischfang und der Landwirtschaft. Es führen einige Wege über die Insel, welche sich zum Wandern oder für Ausflüge mit dem Rad eignen. Erkunden Sie die heimische Flora und erklimmen Sie den Berg Veli Bokolj, von welchem sich ein schöner Blick über die Insel und das umliegende Meer bietet. Auf den Inseln des Archipels vor Zadar ticken die Uhren noch ein wenig langsamer, als im Takt der großen touristischen Orte.

Auf Rivanji leben gerade einmal 50 Menschen und die Insel wird nur von Segelnden als Urlaubsinsel genutzt. Sestrunj ist bekannt für seine typisch dalmatinischen Steinhäuser und beim Fest Sestrunska noc, welches alljährlich Ende Juli gefeiert wird, kann man typisches dalmatinisches Dorfleben auf dem Dorfplatz mit Live-Musik erleben.

Die insgesamt 22 km 2 große Insel Molat liegt knapp 15 Seemeilen nordwestlich von Zadar. In der Bucht Lučina gibt es einen kleinen Hafen, welcher bei Seglern sehr beliebt ist. Man liegt hier windgeschützt und der kleine Ort bietet die Möglichkeit, sich mit dem Nötigsten zu versorgen. 

Nördlich der Insel Molat schließen schon bald die Inseln der Kvarner Bucht an. Die Inselwelt rund um Rab , Krk , Cres und Losinj bietet hervorragende Rahmenbedingungen für ausgedehntes Inselhopping. Sind Sie länger als eine Woche unterwegs, erweitern Sie Ihre Yachtcharter Zadar mit den Inseln des Kvarner. Besonders zwischen dem Festland und der Insel Krk, aber auch im übrigen Teil des Kvarner müssen Sie auf die Bora achten. Dieser kühle Fallwind schwächt aber ab, desto weiter westlich man in der Kvarner Bucht segelt. Somit ist auch dieses Revier für alle Erfahrungsstufen geeignet.

Sie sind sich sicher, dass Kroatien das richtige Segelrevier für Sie ist, wissen aber doch noch nicht genau welches Revier genau? Dann informieren Sie sich auf unserem Blog über die Reviere Kroatiens . Sie möchten Ihren Segelurlaub nicht nur mit Inselhopping und Naturschönheiten füllen, sondern auch interessante Städte besuchen. Wir stellen Ihnen die Citystarts aus Pula , Šibenik , Trogir und Dubrovnik mit den dazugehörigen Segelrevieren vor. Und wenn Sie als Familie auf Ihren Törn durch Kroatien starten, dann haben wir uns für Sie schlau gemacht, welche Ziele es in Kroatien, aber auch in Griechenland, oder in Dänemark besonders für Familien gibt.

yacht mieten zadar

Ein Aspekt des Zaubers um die Inseln Kroatiens zu Segeln ist sicherlich das Farbenspiel. Das kräftige Grün des Bewuchses gerahmt von hellen Stränden vor den verschiedensten Blautönen des Wassers, wie hier um die Insel Molat. © Lunghammer/AdobeStock

Von Zadar gen Süden – Inselhopping in den Kornaten kombiniert mit Städteurlaub

1 Woche: Zadar - Insel Iž oder Dugi Otok - Piškera - Šibenik oder Skradin mit Krka-Wasserfällen - Insel Murter - Biograd - Uglijan - Zadar

Von Zadar in Richtung Süden warten die traumhaften Inseln der Kornaten auf Sie. Bereichert wird ein Törn von Zadar durch die Kornaten mit Städten wie Šibenik oder Biograd . Verbinden Sie Buchtenbummeln mit Städteurlaub und genießen Ihren Urlaub an Bord einer Charteryacht. Mehr Informationen zu diesen Inseln auf dieser Route finden Sie auf unserer  Šibenik -Seite .

Wenn Sie bereits zur Genüge durch die Inselwelt Kroatiens gebummelt sind, dann schauen Sie doch mal in den Segeldestinationen Griechenlands um, auch dort gibt es viel zu entdecken und auch hier liegen die Etappenziele oft nah beieinander.

yacht mieten zadar

Ein typisches Städtebild in Kroatien: Die Altstadt auf einer Halbinsel oder Insel mit vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten, so auch in Zadar. © Dario Bajurin / AdobeStock  

Yachtcharter Zadar – Segel setzen mit 1a Yachtcharter!

Blog | Zadar

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Segelreviere für Einsteiger

…segeln. Wenn Sie Ihren Törn in Norddalmatien von Zadar, Biograd oder Sukošan aus beginnen, sind Sie direkt im schönen Kornati-Archipel, welches ein Nationalpark mit rund 90 Inseln ist. Oder Sie…

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Hundestrände in Kroatien

…gibt Duschen für Hund und Mensch.  An ausgewiesenen Hundestränden können die Vierbeiner ohne Leine laufen und im Wasser toben. Dalmatien Umgebung Zadar: Gegenüber der Insel Vir befindet sich an der…

yacht mieten zadar

Kroatien – Finden Sie Ihr Revier!

…vom offenen Meer. Auch dieses Revier ist abwechslungsreich: Historische Städte wie Zadar und Šibenik sind schöne Ziele mit vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten, einem spannenden historischen Erbe und Möglichkeiten für einen Einkaufsbummel sowie…

yacht mieten zadar

Segeln und Tauchen in Kroatien

…Dalmatien – Tauchen in den Nationalparks In Norddalmatien sind von Zadar, Biograd und Sukošan aus die Nationalparks Telašćica und Kornati interessante Ziele. In Telašćica kann während der Saison an vier Orten…

yacht mieten zadar

Die besten Reviere für Familientörns

…neben dem Inselleben bringen Städte wie Zadar und Šibenik, von denen Sie ebenfalls starten können, mit vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten, einem spannenden historischen Erbe und Möglichkeiten für einen Einkaufsbummel. Nicht nur die…

Sukošan (11 km)

Biograd (27 km), drage (36 km), insel murter (44 km), pirovac (49 km), jezera (insel murter) (50 km), novalja (56 km), tribunj (58 km), vodice (60 km), zaton (60 km), kroatische adria, norddalmatien, top-destinationen, 1a yachtcharter gmbh.

yacht mieten zadar

Alle Preise inklusive Mehrwertsteuer des jeweiligen Ortes der Leistungserbringung, zuzüglich anfallender obligatorischer Kosten. Die Angebote und Rabatte sind freibleibend und unverbindlich. Irrtümer und Änderungen vorbehalten. Es gelten die AGB der 1a Yachtcharter GmbH und des jeweiligen Vertragspartners der Yacht. * Bis zu 50 % Last Minute Rabatt gilt für ausgewählte Yachten und Termine. Die Rabatte sind bereits im Preis berücksichtigt.

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Yachtcharter Zadar - Yacht mieten Zadar

Yachtcharter zadar - top 10 charteryachten in zadar:.

Yacht Bavaria 50 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Marina Zadar

Yacht Bavaria 50 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Marina Zadar

  • Bavaria 50 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]
  • Yachtversicherung
  • Transit log
  • Komfort Paket (Endreinigung, Bettwäsche, Handtücher, Küchengas)

Kat Lipari 41 chartern in Marina Zadar

Kat Lipari 41 chartern in Marina Zadar

  • Lipari 41 [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]
  • Charter Paket (Endreinigung, Bettwäsche, Handtücher, Küchengas, Außenbordmotor für Beiboot, WiFi)

Segelyacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser chartern in Zadar

Segelyacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser chartern in Zadar

  • Bavaria 46 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]
  • Cockpitkissen

Segelyacht Bavaria 42 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Marina Borik

Segelyacht Bavaria 42 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Marina Borik

  • Bavaria 42 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]
  • Standard Sicherheitsausrüstung

Segelyacht Bavaria 37 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Marina Zadar

Segelyacht Bavaria 37 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Marina Zadar

  • Bavaria 37 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Segelyacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

Segelyacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

Yacht Oceanis 40 Yachtcharter in Zadar

Yacht Oceanis 40 Yachtcharter in Zadar

  • Oceanis 40 [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Segelyacht Bavaria 38 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

Segelyacht Bavaria 38 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

  • Bavaria 38 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Segelyacht Oceanis 46.1 Yachtcharter in Marina Zadar

Segelyacht Oceanis 46.1 Yachtcharter in Marina Zadar

  • Oceanis 46.1 [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Segelyacht Bavaria 41 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

Segelyacht Bavaria 41 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

  • Bavaria 41 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Segelboot Bavaria 36 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

Segelboot Bavaria 36 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

  • Bavaria 36 Cruiser [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Katamaran Aventura 34 chartern in Zadar

Katamaran Aventura 34 chartern in Zadar

  • Aventura 34 [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]

Segelyacht Bavaria 41 Cruiser chartern in Zadar

Segelyacht Bavaria 41 Cruiser chartern in Zadar

Segelyacht Sun Odyssey 36i chartern in Zadar

Segelyacht Sun Odyssey 36i chartern in Zadar

  • Sun Odyssey 36i [Preis für die Yacht inkl. Steuer]
  • Endreinigung
  • Service Gebühr

Segelyacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser Yachtcharter in Zadar

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Yachtcharter Zadar - Boot mieten in Kroatien

Die Hafenstadt Zadar liegt im Norden von Dalmatien im Süden von Kroatien . Zadar ist aufgrund der guten Lage, der historischen Altstadt und ihrer schönen Nebenorte ein beliebtes Reiseziel für Yachtcharter. Die bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten sind der Platz Gruß an die Sonne , das Archäologische Museum , die Kirche des Hl. Donat , die Kathedrale Sv. Stosija , die Kirche Sv. Marija und die Kirche Sv. Simon . Des Weiteren liegen in naher Umgebung vier sehenswerte Nationalparks. Lauschen Sie den geheimnisvollen Tönen der Meeresorgel in Zadar .

8 Kilometer südlich von Zadar befindet sich die größte Marina der östlichen Adria . Mit über 1200 Liegeplätzen bietet die Marina Dalmacija einen perfekten Hafen, um dort Ihre gecharterte Yacht anzulegen. Die Strände von Zadar sind familienfreundlich, flach und traumhaft weiß. Das Wasser ist glasklar und blau wie in einem Bilderbuch. Die Badesaison ist von Mitte Mai bis Ende September und lockt mit Sonnenschein und Temperaturen über 30 Grad. Gehen Sie von Ihrer Charteryacht aus baden. Sonnen Sie sich an Deck, lassen Sie die Seele baumeln und sich den frischen Wind um die Nase wehen.

Zadar ist aufgrund der zentralen Lage der idealer Startpunkt für einen Segeltörn. Entdecken Sie nicht nur Zadar , sondern auch die umliegenden Buchten und Inseln. Chartern Sie eine Segelyacht und freuen Sie sich auf Kroatien .

Buchen Sie Ihre persönliche Charteryacht auf YACHTICO.com zu besten Konditionen online! Haben Sie Fragen zum Yachtcharter, zu einem Boot oder zur Buchung - sprechen Sie uns einfach an - Wir nehmen uns gern Zeit für Sie!

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Rent a Boat Zadar: Experience the Adriatic in Style

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The No.1 Boat Rental Service in Zadar

We will gladly suggest secret coves and beaches to visit in the Zadar archipelago, whether you want to visit Kali, Preko on Ugljan, Dugi otok (long island) with the famous Saharun beach, or National Park Kornati. 

Our boats for rent have GPS, so you do not need to worry about finding the best places for you and your family. Check out our guide on what to visit by boat  on the Dalmatian Coast to get a clue.

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Why Choose Our Zadar Boat Rentals

Wide selection, boats for rent in zadar.

Blumax 19 Open Boat Rental

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WAV Marine Proline 620 Zadar Boat

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Quicksilver 675 Open

yamaha vxr 200

Yamaha VXR 200

Zadar boat rent reviews.

Read what our clients had to say after renting a boat from us during their vacation in Zadar. All of the reviews are from our Google profile.

Brandon, London

We rented a Vaillant 630 rib with a 150hp engine. We were on the boat with 4 adults. This is truly a perfect boat for enjoying and exploring the coastal waters and islands in the Zadar area!

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Elan Impression 50

Yacht- Stützpunkt kann Ihnen helfen unter den sorgfältig ausgewählten Schiffen in ganz Adria zu wählen. ➞

VEKENEGA - new model 2023

Elan Impression 43

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Renting has never been easier than with easy boat tours. When you come to easy boat tours seeking guidance, rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you’re looking for. One of our rental experts will work closely with you to select the right items for everything you could possibly need. We have a great selection of products to match every person and every budget. We invite you to come visit us for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

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Für ein vollständiges Erlebnis der Adria, der Schönheit aller Inseln und versteckten Orte entlang der Küste ist das Mieten eines Bootes die ideale Wahl. Itai Boats Rental ist auf eintägige und mehrtägige Bootsvermietungen in Zadar spezialisiert. Sie können auch entscheiden, ob Sie ein Boot mieten mit oder ohne Skipper. Wir bieten zahlreiche Möglichkeiten von kleineren Booten für eine schnelle und sichere Fahrt bis zum gewünschten Standort bis zu modern gestalteten Motorbooten und der Möglichkeit eine Yacht für die Dauer des gesamten Urlaubs zu mieten. Wir bieten auch Tagesausflüge mit einem Skipper zu beliebten Zielen an.

Schauen Sie sich unser Angebot an Booten, deren Eigenschaften und Mietpreise an. Kontaktieren Sie uns für jegliche Anfragen oder um Ihren Termin rechtzeitig zu buchen.

Boote im Angebot

Okiboats barracuda 545, jeanneau merry fisher 795.

Okiboats Barracuda 545

Länge: 5.45 m

Breite: 2.45 m

Motor: Yamaha 130 PS

Anzahl der Personen: 6

Preis: von 160€

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795

Länge: 8.14 m

Breite: 2.81 m

Motor: Honda 200 PS

Anzahl der Personen: 8

Preis: von 430€

Saxdor 270 GTO

Astondoa 43 glx fly.

Saxdor 270 GTO

Länge: 9.30 m

Breite: 2.60 m

Motor: Mercury 225 PS

Anzahl der Personen: 7

Preis: von 650€

Astondoa 43 GLX Fly

Länge: 13.40 m

Breite: 4.20 m

Motor: 2 x Volvo 430 PS

Preis: von 1500€

Preis Leistungsverhältnis

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Private Ausflüge

Itai Boats Rental bietet private Ausflüge und Panoramafahrten mit einem unserer Skipper an, einschließlich Treibstoffkosten und Eintrittsgebür für Nationalpark oder Naturpark. Wir haben bereits mehrere Routen für Bootsfahrten zu den schönsten Zielen im Inselgebiet vor Zadar erstellt. Sie können jedoch ein Angebot für jedes andere Ziel anfordern. Auf diese Weise geben wir Ihnen völlige Freiheit, die bestehenden Ausflüge an Ihre Bedürfnisse und Wünsche anzupassen.

Wir organisieren private Ausflüge für maximal 11 Passagiere. Dies garantiert eine private und entspannte Tour mit freundlichem und professionellem Service. Alle privaten Bootsausflüge sind so konzipiert, dass Ihr Tag auf See vollständig erfüllt ist! Klares Meer, alte Dörfer, versteckte Buchten entlang der Küste und ruhige Strände warten darauf, zusammen mit einem erfahrenen Veranstalter privater Bootsausflüge von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden. Machen Sie einen privaten Ausflug und vermeiden Sie überfüllte Strände mit vielen anderen Touristen. Mit Itai Boats Rental können Sie die Schönheit des Mittelmeers in all ihren Facetten frei erkunden.

Nationalpark Kornati und Naturpark Telašćica

Erkunden Sie die zauberhafte Welt des Nationalparks Kornati, verbinden Sie sich mit der unberührten Natur und schwimmen Sie im klarsten Wasser, das Sie je gesehen haben! Tauchen Sie in die einzigartige Meereswelt des wunderschönen Naturparks Telaščica ein.

Der Zauberhafte Strand Sakarun

Sie brauchen nicht in die Karibik zu reisen, um die Weichheit des weißen Sandes unter Ihren Füßen zu spüren und im klaren türkisfarbenen Meer zu schwimmen. Kommen Sie zum Strand Sakarun und erleben Sie den Entspannungszauber an einem der schönsten Strände Kroatiens.

Boot mieten ohne Skipper

Wählen Sie mit Itai Boats Rental, einem zuverlässigen Bootsverleih in Zadar, einen Yacht- oder Bootsverleih ohne Skipper und verbringen Sie einen unvergesslichen Urlaub in Kroatien. Nutzen Sie unseren Bootsverleih für das komplet unabhängige Benutzen eines Bootes. Wenn Sie eine gültigen Bootsschein besitzen, ist die ideale Option, eine private Yacht oder ein Boot zu mieten, da Sie diese dann ganz für sich alleine haben. So ein Erkunden der Adria ist für diejenigen gedacht, die abenteuerlustig sind und neue Aktivitäten ausprobieren möchten. Alle unsere Boote sind sicher, stabil, leicht zu manövrieren und sparsam im Kraftstoffverbrauch. Wenn Sie einen abenteuerlichen Urlaub suchen, sind unsere Boote auch für viel zusätzlichen Spass auf See geeignet und ausgestattet. Itai-Boote werden in der Regel in Zadar übernommen, was Ihnen zahlreiche Ausflugsziele in der Umgebung eröffnet. Es besteht jedoch die Möglichkeit, auf Ihren Wunsch einen Bootstransfer zu anderen Orten zu arrangieren. Sie wählen also einfach den Startpunkt Ihres Ausflugs und überlassen den Rest uns!

Der Inselgebiet vor Zadar beherbergt seltene Flora und Fauna und ist ein ideales Ziel für Naturliebhaber. Die Erkundung der vielen Inseln kann ein echtes Abenteuer sein, denn Sie können in unmittelbarer Nähe Wandern, Radfahren und Kajakfahren. Die gesamte Adriaküste bietet zahlreiche Möglichkeiten für Wassersport wie Windsurfen, Schnorcheln und Schwimmen. Wenn Sie sich entscheiden, bei Itai ein Boot zu mieten, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, einige der attraktivsten dalmatinischen Reiseziele zu sehen, Zeit mit der Familie oder Freunden zu verbringen während man auf dem Meer unterwegs ist.

Boot mieten mit Skipper

Wenn Sie das Inselgebiet vor Zadar gelassen erkunden möchten, ist es am besten, ein Boot zu mieten mit Skipper. Die Skipper von Itai Boats Rental sorgen für sichere Fahrt und bringen Sie zu den schönsten Orten und versteckten Buchten der Adria. Wenn Sie sich entscheiden, ein Boot zu mieten mit Skipper, sind Ihre Sorgen minimal. Der Skipper wird das Schiff steuern, eine Ausflugsroute vorschlagen und zahlreiche lokale Tipps geben.

Unser Skipperservice steht für eintägige und mehrtägige Bootsfahrten zur Verfügung, um Sie mit einer der schönsten Regionen der Adria bekannt zu machen. Am Tag Ihrer Reise wird unser Skipper Sie empfangen und Ihnen beim Einladen und bequem machen auf dem Boot helfen. Von da an fahren Sie in die von Ihnen gewählte Richtung. Wir glauben, dass das Mieten eines Bootes mit einem Skipper der beste Weg ist, um sich vollkommen zu entspannen und sorglos die Adria zu befahren. Sie teilen uns Ihre Wünsche mit und wir kümmern uns um alles andere!

„Boot mieten bei Itai“ ist die perfekte Wahl für einen idealen Urlaub auf See. Wir sehen uns!

Zusätzliche Ausrüstung

Wenn Sie bei Itai ein Boot mieten haben Sie die Möglichkeit zusätzliche Ausrüstung zu verwenden, die Ihr Abenteuer noch vollständiger macht!



Mit Maske und Schnorchel werden Bootsausflüge noch interessanter, den es gibt vieles unter dem Meeresspiegel zu sehen.

Jobe Tube Hotseat 1P

Jobe Tube Hotseat 1P

Der Jobe Rumbler hat vier Griffe und bietet Ihnen während einer aufregenden und wilden Fahrt stabilen Halt in allen Positionen.

Jobe Chaser 2P

Jobe Chaser 2P

Der Jobe Chaser ist ein Zweisitzer. Sie haben hervorragenden Halt mit sehr starken Nylon-beschichteten Griffen mit top Gelenkschutz aus Neopren.

Jobe Slash Kneeboard

Jobe Slash Kneeboard

Dieses Kniebrett hat vollständig gepolsterte EVA-Schaumstoff-Knieschützer und -riemen, um Landetricks so glatt wie möglich zu machen. Für jemanden, der nach einem haltbaren Starter-Kniebrett sucht, ist das Jobe Slash genau das Richtige für Sie!

Wasserski Jobe Synergy 67

Wasserski Jobe Synergy 67

Die Jobe Synergy 67 Wasserski sind ideal für Anfänger, aber auch für Erfahrene. Sie sind für die Schuhgrößen 36 bis 45 einstellbar. Ihre Länge beträgt 170 cm.

SUP Crane 305

SUP Crane 305

Das SUP Crane 305 bietet optimalen Freizeitspaß für Einsteiger oder Fortgeschrittene. Die EVA-Basis des Boards sorgt für optimalen Halt und schützt vor Verrutschen. Das SUP wird komplett mit einer Rückenlehne und einem zweiseitigen Paddel geliefert, das im Sitzen gepaddelt werden kann.

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Wir verfügen über eine Flotte hochwertiger und modern ausgestatteter Boote mit einer Länge von bis zu 8 Metern. Unsere Schiffe sind komfortabel, sicher und einfach zu handhaben. Wir haben professionelles Personal und professionelle Skipper, um Ihnen einen so unbeschwerten Urlaub wie möglich zu bieten.

Marlin 790 Pro

Marlin 790 Pro

  • LÄNGE 7,90 m

Capelli Tempest 1000

Capelli Tempest 1000

  • LÄNGE 10,10 m

Quicksilver 675 Sundeck Active

Quicksilver 675 Sundeck Active

  • LÄNGE 6,55 m
  • JAHR 2020, 2023

Axopar 28 Cabine

Axopar 28 Cabine

  • LÄNGE 9,18 m

Quicksilver 635 WA

Quicksilver 635 WA

  • LÄNGE 6,35 m

Tiburon 230 Sundeck

Tiburon 230 Sundeck

  • LÄNGE 6,75 m

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Rent a boat Die Flotte von Zadar Nautica befindet sich im Hafen von Petrčane, in unmittelbarer Nähe des Hotels Petrčane. Wenn Sie Probleme haben, unseren Standort zu finden, zögern Sie nicht, uns anzurufen und weitere Informationen anzufordern.


Wir befinden uns in günstiger Lage zwischen der Stadt Zadar und anderen Zielen, perfekt für alle Ihre Bedürfnisse, Zeit und Wünsche.

Wenn Sie unsere Boote mieten, können Sie den Nationalpark Kornati, den wunderschönen Strand Sakarun auf Dugi otok und den Naturpark Telašćica schnell und einfach besuchen.


Rent a boat Zadar Nautica bietet verschiedene Wassersportarten an. Wir sorgen dafür, dass unsere Gäste eine gute Zeit haben und sicher sind, während sie an Wasserabenteuern teilnehmen.




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Boot mieten Zadar

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Miete Katamaran  Excess 11 Zadar

Katamaran Excess 11 11.00m  (2024)

Ab 553 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Excess 12 Zadar

Katamaran Excess 12 12.00m  (2023)

Ab 971 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot MOLO 29 Zadar

Motorboot MOLO 29 256PS  (2023)

Ab 490 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Saxdor Saxdor 200 Zadar

Motorboot Saxdor Saxdor 200 115PS  (2023)

Ab 240 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot Bavaria Bavaria 46 Zadar

Segelboot Bavaria Bavaria 46 14.30m  (2009)

Ab 414 € pro tag.

Miete Segelboot Bavaria Bavaria 37 Cruiser Zadar

Segelboot Bavaria Bavaria 37 Cruiser 11.30m  (2017)

Ab 429 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Aventura 34 Zadar

Katamaran Aventura 34 9.98m  (2020)

Ab 372 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Lipari 41 Zadar

Katamaran Lipari 41 12.50m  (2014)

Ab 679 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot JEANNEAU Cap Camarat 6,50 WA Zadar

Motorboot JEANNEAU Cap Camarat 6,50 WA 150PS  (2013)

Ab 250 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Saxdor Saxdor 200 sport gt Zadar

Motorboot Saxdor Saxdor 200 sport gt 100PS  (2023)

Ab 220 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran FOUNTAINE PAJOT LIPARI 41 Zadar

Katamaran FOUNTAINE PAJOT LIPARI 41 11.89m  (2014)

Ab 464 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran BALI - CATANA Bali 4.0. Zadar

Katamaran BALI - CATANA Bali 4.0. 11.93m  (2017)

Ab 515 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Atlantic Marine 750 Open Zadar

Motorboot Atlantic Marine 750 Open 250PS  (2023)

Ab 380 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot Focus boats Focus21 Zadar

Motorboot Focus boats Focus21 150PS  (2017)

Ab 230 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Lagoon 410 Zadar

Katamaran Lagoon 410 12.37m  (2005)

Ab 786 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 Zadar

Katamaran Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 12.58m  (2022)

Ab 738 € pro tag.

Miete Motorboot ATLANTIC 750 OPEN Zadar

Atlantic 750 Open  (2021)

Ab 400 € pro tag.

Miete Katamaran Aventura 34 Zadar

Katamaran Aventura 34 10.00m  (2020)

Ab 714 € pro tag, boot mieten in dalmatien - zadar.

Zadar liegt in dem nördlichsten Teil der kroatischen Region Dalmatien und ist eine bedeutende Hafenstadt. Durch die ideale Lage direkt an der Küste, hat man von der Zadar aus Zugang zu mehreren Stränden, die sowohl bei den Einheimischen als auch bei Urlaubern beliebt sind.

Daneben gibt es viele Cafés, Restaurants und Bars, die zum Verweilen einladen und jeden mit köstlichen internationalen und nationalen Speisen verwöhnen. Nur wenige Kilometer von der Stadt entfernt finden Sie fünf wunderschöne Nationalparks : der Nationalpark von Krka, Paklenica, nördlicher Velebit, Kornaten und die Plitvicer Seen.

Eine aussergewöhnliche Möglichkeit Ihren Urlaub in Zadar zu verbringen, ist die Miete eines Segelboots , Motorboots oder Katamarans. Wenn Sie in Zadar ein Boot mieten, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die vorgelagerten Inseln Ugljan, Biograd na Moru oder Murter zu besuchen und die Umgebung auf eine andere Art und Weise zu entdecken.

Finden Sie das ideale Boot für Ihre nächste Segelreise

In Zadar gibt es eine große Auswahl an Booten, die Sie mieten können. Die Wahl des richtigen Bootstyps hängt von Ihren Bedürfnissen und Vorlieben ab. Wenn Sie beispielsweise mit einer größeren Gruppe von Freunden oder Ihrer Familie reisen, sollten Sie ein Boot mit einer größeren Kapazität wählen. Wenn Sie lieber segeln möchten, sollten Sie sich für ein Segelboot oder einen Katamaran entscheiden.

Kapazität und Kabinen

Die Kapazität und die Anzahl der Kabinen variieren je nach Bootstyp. Wenn Sie ein Segelboot mieten, haben diese normalerweise 2-4 Kabinen und bieten Platz für 2-10 Personen. Katamarane haben in der Regel 4-6 Kabinen und bieten Platz für 6-12 Personen. Motorboote  können 1-4 Kabinen haben und Platz für 2-10 Personen bieten.

Wie teuer ist ein Boot mieten in Zadar?

Durchschnittlich zahlt man für ein Boot in Zadar ca. 350 - 400 € pro Tag. Die Kosten für die Bootsmiete hängen jedoch von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, wie der Saison, der Dauer, dem Bootstyp, dem Hafen/Marina, ob es mit oder ohne Skipper gemietet wird und ob zusätzliches Equipment oder Crew benötigt wird. Wenn Sie ein Budget haben, sollten Sie die verschiedenen Optionen vergleichen und sich für das Boot entscheiden, das Ihren Bedürfnissen am besten entspricht.

In welcher Saison ist es am besten, ein Boot in Zadar zu mieten?

Die beste Zeit, um ein Boot in Zadar zu mieten, hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab. In der Hochsaison kann es voller sein und die Preise können höher sein. Die Nebensaison kann ruhiger und günstiger sein, aber das Wetter kann unvorhersehbar sein. Die meisten Menschen bevorzugen jedoch den Sommer, wenn das Wetter warm und sonnig ist und es viele Feste und Veranstaltungen gibt.

Wo kann man in Zadar segeln?

Zadar, eine historische Stadt, die Sie nicht verpassen dürfen! Der ideale Startpunkt, um eine Segelreise anzutreten. Lassen Sie sich von dieser einwöchigen Segelroute inspirieren und entdecken Sie Zadar von Ihrem Segelboot aus:

Tag 1 → von Zadar nach Dugi Otok (25 SM | 3H 45M) Starten Sie Ihre Segelreise von Zadar und fahren Sie nach Dugi Otok und besuchen Sie die beeindruckende Telašćica-Bucht, ein Highlight der Insel.

Tag 2 → von Dugi Otok zum Kornati Nationalpark (20 SM | 3H 15M) Von Dugi Otok aus erreichen Sie den Kornati Nationalpark, ein Paradies für Naturliebhaber und Segler. 

Tag 3 → vom Kornati Nationalpark nach Šibenik  (35 SM | 4H 15M) Segeln Sie vom Kornati Nationalpark nach Šibenik  und entdecken Sie die faszinierende Altstadt mit ihren historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten, darunter die beeindruckende Kathedrale des Heiligen Jakob.

Tag 4 →von Šibenik nach Skadrin und Krka Nationalpark (10 SM | 1H 30M) Von Šibenik aus setzen Sie Ihre Reise fort nach Skadrin und zum Krka Nationalpark. Erleben Sie die majestätischen Wasserfälle des Nationalparks.

Tag 5 → von Skadrin nach Zlarin und Prvic (5 SM | 45M) Auf dem Weg von Skadrin nach Zlarin und Prvic sollten Sie einen Stopp auf der Insel Zlarin einlegen, bekannt für ihre schönen Strände und das klare Wasser.

Tag 6 → von Zlarin und Prvic nach Murter (10 SM | 1H 30M) Auf dem Weg von Skadrin nach Zlarin und Prvic sollten Sie einen Stopp auf der Insel Zlarin einlegen, bekannt für ihre schönen Strände und das klare Wasser.

Tag 7 → von Murter nach Zadar (40 SM | 4H 30M) Nun geht es zurück nach Zadar: Erkunden Sie die Altstadt von Zadar.

Es gibt viele Orte, die Sie in Zadar entdecken können, wenn Sie ein Boot mieten. Die Kornati-Inseln sind ein Highlight für Segler und bieten einige der schönsten Landschaften in der Region. Die Inselgruppe besteht aus über 100 Inseln und Inselchen mit kristallklarem Wasser und unberührten Stränden. Die meisten dieser Inseln sind Teil des Nationalparks Kornati und bieten eine unglaubliche natürliche Schönheit.

Die Insel Pag ist auch ein beliebtes Ziel für Segler und bekannt für ihr Nachtleben und ihre Partyszene. Die Insel ist berühmt für ihren Käse, Schinken und Wein und hat eine reiche Geschichte und Kultur. Die Insel ist auch ein großartiger Ort zum Entspannen und bietet einige wunderschöne Strände und Buchten.

Wenn Sie die Natur lieben, sollten Sie sich die Inseln Dugi Otok und Ugljan ansehen. Dugi Otok hat einige der spektakulärsten Strände und Buchten in Kroatien, einschließlich Sakarun, einer der schönsten Strände in der Adria. Die Insel Ugljan bietet auch einige wunderschöne Landschaften und eine atemberaubende Aussicht auf die umliegenden Inseln.

Ein weiteres beliebtes Ziel für Segler ist die Stadt Šibenik. Die Stadt hat eine reiche Geschichte und eine beeindruckende Architektur, einschließlich der St. James Kathedrale, die zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe gehört. Die Stadt ist auch ein großartiger Ausgangspunkt für Ausflüge in die umliegende Region, einschließlich des Krka Nationalparks.

Wo kann man ein Boot in Zadar chartern?

In Zadar gibt es mehrere Häfen und Marinas, in denen Sie Boote mieten können. Der Hafen von Zadar ist der größte Hafen in der Region und bietet viele Möglichkeiten für Bootsmieten. Die Marina Zadar ist auch eine gute Option und bietet eine schöne Aussicht auf die Altstadt von Zadar. Die Marina Dalmacija ist etwas außerhalb von Zadar gelegen und bietet eine gute Anbindung an die umliegenden Inseln.

Mit oder ohne Skipper ein Boot mieten?

Wenn Sie ein Boot in Zadar mieten, können Sie wählen, ob Sie einen Skipper engagieren möchten oder nicht. Wenn Sie keine Erfahrung im Segeln haben oder einfach eine stressfreie Erfahrung möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen, einen Skipper zu engagieren. Ein Skipper kann Sie sicher durch die Gewässer navigieren und Ihnen die besten Orte zum Segeln zeigen. Die Kosten für einen Skipper liegen zwischen 150 € und 200 € pro Tag.

Wenn Sie jedoch über Segelerfahrung verfügen und ein Boot selbst steuern möchten, können Sie ein Boot ohne Skipper mieten. In diesem Fall müssen Sie über einen gültigen Bootsführerschein und Erfahrung im Segeln verfügen. Es ist auch wichtig, dass Sie die Navigation und die Sicherheitsregeln auf See kennen.

Gut zu wissen

Häufig gestellte fragen zadar, wie viel kostet es, ein boot für einen tag in zadar zu mieten.

Der durchschnittliche Preis für das Mieten eines Bootes in Zadar beträgt in der Regel 443 € pro Tag. Es gibt verschiedene Faktoren, die den Preis für den Bootscharter beeinflussen, wie beispielsweise die Jahreszeit, das Baujahr und die Ausstattung. Die Preise können zwischen 50 € und 7.500 € pro Tag variieren.

Was kostet ein Skipper in Zadar pro Tag?

Die Kosten für einen Skipper variieren je nach Bootseigner und Destination. In Zadar zahlen Sie im Durchschnitt 151 € am Tag für einen Skipper.

Was ist die durchschnittliche Länge eines Bootes in Zadar?

Die durchschnittliche Länge eines Bootes in Zadar beträgt 11 Meter.

Wie viele Personen können auf einem Boot in Zadar schlafen?

Ein Boot in Zadar hat im Durchschnitt 6 Schlafplätze. Sie können Boote mit bis zu 28 Schlafplätzen finden.

Was sind die beliebtesten Bootshersteller in Zadar?

Die beliebtesten Bootshersteller in Zadar sind Princess Yachts und Dufour.

boot in der Nähe von Zadar chartern

In Zadar sind Charterboote verfügbar. Entdecken Sie weitere Boote in der Umgebung.

Mieten Sie eine andere Bootsart in Zadar

Sind Sie auch an anderen Bootstypen als boot in Zadar interessiert? Entdecken Sie weitere Boote auf unserer Webseite

Unsere meistgesuchten Destinationen

Möchten Sie Alternativen zu Zadar erkunden? Entdecken und mieten Sie ein Boot in unseren beliebtesten Destinationen.

yacht mieten zadar

A Boat Trip For Unforgettable moments

Zadar boat adventure organises boat trip around zadar. you have the choice between a private boat trip (personalised, boat rental with skipper) or a small group boat trip (max 8 people). discover the magnificent wild coves and secluded beaches of the zadar archipelago with our cruise in croatia..

We do not have a fixed departure point, we also can set a pick up point. Depending on your requests, several activities can be proposed on the boat, such a, snorkeling, sunbathing on fun buoys ... Just ask us :)

Trip of the Day Day

yacht mieten zadar

Come aboard on a private boat for a wonderful day of swimming.

The archipelago of Zadar is huge! It includes the national park "Kornati", the Natural Park "Telašćica" and it has more than 300 islands and islets.

Our skipper will make you discover different coves, beaches or pebbles according to your needs. Let him know where you want to dock to enjoy landscapes and the crystal clear sea...

On board we have many accessories for the young ones and the grown-ups: there are giant buoys for adults and children, snorkel masks to explore the marine fauna, as well as the relief of underwater terrain…

Our speed boat has all the necessary comfort so you can have a great time. The seats are wide, each one equipped with a cushion. You can enjoy the front of the boat to perfect your tan. If you are afraid of sunburn, no problem: a boat awning is provided to protect you from UV.

Want to listen to good music? We have an audio system for your favorite playlists. And that's not all! Share all these happy moments by connecting to the Wi-Fi on board!

Feeling hungry? The island’s restaurants offer a variety of delicious gastronomic menus. You can, of course, bring your own food and we will find a quiet place for you to enjoy your meal.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. We will be happy to answer you.


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    Hall & Dry dock. In addition to our offer of boats for rent, we want to highlight the novelty in our offer. Dry dock and hall Marilla is located in the industrial zone Gaženica in Zadar, at the address Gaženička cesta 3. The total land area of our dry marina is 2.500 m², the hall itself has 1.400 m².

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    Der durchschnittliche Preis für das Mieten eines Bootes in Zadar beträgt in der Regel 443 € pro Tag. Es gibt verschiedene Faktoren, die den Preis für den Bootscharter beeinflussen, wie beispielsweise die Jahreszeit, das Baujahr und die Ausstattung. Die Preise können zwischen 50 € und 7.500 € pro Tag variieren.

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    Rent a boat Zadar - Unajmite brod Zadar Zaton Pašman Sukošan Ugljan - Rent a boat Jana. ZADAR - UGLJAN - PAŠMAN - SUKOŠAN - ZATON: RENT A BOAT +385 (0) 92 2289 566: TAXI BOAT - BOAT EXCURSIONS +385 (0)98 908 9028: [email protected] : ATLANTIC 680 : Motor: Yamaha 150 HP (4 stroke)