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private yacht turkey

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556  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in Turkey

Turkey Yacht Charter

A Turkey yacht charter offers a sublime vacation experience quite like no other. Bathed by four seas: Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara, and Black, Turkey’s shores offer a sublime experience quite like no other. With an indented coastline extending more than 8,300km, Turkey is teeming with award-winning superyacht marinas, blissful anchorages, and serene sandy beaches, making for an idyllic luxury yacht vacation.

Turkey Yacht Booking Guide:

Turkey Yacht Charters: At a Glance

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The magnetism of Turkey's  Turquoise Coast   draws yacht charter guests back every year. Peppered with spectacular bays, secret underwater caves, and tiny tavernas garlanded with lanterns under apricot skies, Turkey has simply heavenly cruising grounds. An increasingly popular yacht charter destination , Turkey provides an extraordinary feast for the senses.

turkey turquoise coast

  • 0% VAT for EU-flagged charter yachts Making it a very appealing destination to begin a yacht charter.
  • Long cruising season Pleasant temperatures from April until October means it offers one of the longest yacht charter seasons.
  • Gulet charters are popular Typically have lower APAs, as well as ample deck space for sunbathing and dining al fresco.
  • 3rd largest number of Blue Flag accredited beaches worldwide 486 beaches have been internationally recognized for their pristine waters and high standards of cleanliness.
  • Award-winning superyacht marinas Complete with the very best facilities, including revered seaside restaurants and designer boutiques.
  • Over 500 picturesque islands and islets Promising you a spellbinding choice of places to drop anchor: from nightlife hotspots to tranquil hideaways.

The Secret is Out: Turkey Is The True Discovery Charter Option

The vast stretch of sun-kissed Turkish coastline is divided into four distinct yacht charter areas, providing you with considerable choice for your trip:

The Ionian Coast: (İzmir, Çeşme, Sığacık, Didyma, Kuşadası, Gülluk) Best for : wandering archaeological sites, historical landmarks, and gorgeous harbors

The Carian Coast: (Bodrum, Mamaris) Best for: venturing to glittering bays, gentle sailing conditions, and sandy beaches

The West Lycian Coast: (Marmaris, Göcek , Ekinçik, Dalyan, Fethiye) Best for: exploring hidden coves and mountainous coastline

The East Lycian Coast: (Fethiye, Kas, Ölüdeniz, Kalkan, Finike, Antalya) Best for: discovering tiny picturesque islands, and sarcophagi

5 secret islands to discover on a Turkey yacht charter

A Turkey yacht charter vacation offers a mesmerizing selection of things to see and do. Here is our small selection of some of the most outstanding:

  • Kekova : exploring this sunken city underwater is simply magical.
  • Ephesus : famed for the temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • Cleopatra Bay: hugged by pine trees and famously home to the sunken remains of Cleopatra’s bath.
  • Baca Cave : breathtaking scuba-diving awaits in this world-famous diving location in Marmaris.
  • Ortaköy Mosque : a must-see at sunset when it is bathed in soft golden light.
  • Sultanahmet : this buzzing metropolis makes up the heart of Istanbul’s old city: See relics of Ottoman empires and sip cocktails on one of the many terraces that overlook the Golden Horn and the Topkapi Palace.
  • Kayaköy : an eerie ghost town with a storied past.
  • Düden Waterfalls : that dramatically (and unusually) cascade directly into the sea below in the Antalya province.
  • St. Nicholas Church : in the Lycian city of Myra, where the bones of Santa Claus are reputed to lay.
  • Gümüslük : with a sheltered shore replete with exquisite eateries, the village is becoming increasingly popular among the elite. 

A luxury yacht charter in Turkey offers dramatic and diverse cruising grounds to discover as well as secret coves, picturesque villages, and an unsurpassed world of luxury. Whether you’re after a journey into historic sites, a spot of tranquility, a touch of water sports, or simply some shopping, Turkey has something for everyone.

private yacht turkey

Turkey’s history stretches back over 5,000 years, and represents a unique blend of eastern and western cultures, boasting a rich archaeological legacy left over from classical civilizations and Islamic Middle East, with several locations of cultural significance now designated UNESCO Heritage sites.

Its strategic position between Europe and Asia has seen it act as both a conduit and barrier simultaneously between the two continents of Asia and Europe over the years. Over the centuries Turkey became more secular and Western-orientated, culminating in a reform of the Turkish language.

As a popular destinations for yacht charters in the East Mediterranean, there should be ample to choose from when it comes to crewed yachts for charter in Turkey. If you’re unsure about whether you want to book a gulet, motor or sailing yacht for your luxury getaway, there are a few things you should consider first.

Gulet Yacht Charters in Turkey

Gulet charter cruising Turkish waters

Making up the majority of the fleet in this country, a luxury gulet in Turkey can provide guests with an excellent crewed charter experience to explore secluded coves and ancient ruins in a more cost-effective manner, with a vast amount of deck space on board. Expect capped air condition times, specific hours of cruising included in the price and lower APA costs as you are mostly in bays, but expect higher fees for ports.

Motor Yacht Charters in Turkey

Motor yachts lined up in a marina in Turkey

Guests can also select from a fleet of luxury motor yachts  in Turkey, mostly located in Bodrum, Göcek , Fethiye , Marmaris , and Bozburun . Complete with larger interior volumes, more powerful engines as well as better amenities on offer, it's a sumptuous alternative to gulets. However, this is usually paired with higher charter costs.

Sailing yacht charters in Turkey

Sailing yacht and a gulet in Turkey against a setting sun

As for Turkey sailing yacht rentals with plenty available throughout summer. A combination of clement weather, clear skies and plenty of showstopping anchorages create great sailing conditions in the region.

There’s something to suit every type of budget for a Turkey yacht rental. The overall price of a Turkey yacht charter vacation varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the age of the yacht, and the month in which you choose to charter. 

  • A Turkey motor yacht rental can range from $28,294 to $1.6m per week, plus expenses
  • For luxury sailing and gulet yacht rentals in Turkey, prices can go from $21,013 to $147,091 weekly, plus expenses

Gulet anchored in a secluded bay in Turkey with a rainbow in the background

May till October are the best months to cruise the shimmering Aegean and Mediterranean waters on a yacht charter. Yacht charter guests can expect here an average minimum temperature of 15 degrees from May, before peaking to 33 degrees in July and August. It still remains positively balmy come October, reaching up to 24 degrees, with comfortable sea temperatures averaging 25 degrees.

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Gulet yachts anchored in a sheltered cove in Turkey

The majority of yacht charters in Turkey commence in the country’s southwestern marinas thanks to the excellent provision of facilities, unparalleled scenery, and convenient location to both regional and international airports. Vibrant Bodrum , the picturesque fishing village of Göcek , or the enchanting Çeşme , Marmaris , Fethiye , or Antalya are all chartering favorites.

For a less obvious starting point, you could choose the tranquil bliss of the Bosphorus strait near Istanbul . However, keep in mind you will have fewer charter options available in this area.

sample itineraries

Bodrum and Marmaris are popular points to end a Turkey yacht charter, thanks to their excellent array of facilities and close proximity to international airports.

The Turkish Riviera (also charmingly known as the Turquoise Coast thanks to its vividly-colored waters) comprising southwestern destinations like Fethiye , Marmaris , and Bodrum,   is by far the most popular area for chartering.

Fethiye Yacht Charters

Aerial view of Blue Lagoon, yacht charter

Many begin a yacht charter in Fethiye , thanks to its convenient location to Marmaris and Bodrum in the north. Dominated by soaring cedar trees and pine-carpeted cliffs that tumble into clear blue waters, it's flecked with archaeological ruins and uninhabited islands, with plenty of bays to take toys for a spin.  Fethiye  yacht charters are also a great base for visiting one of Turkey’s most jaw-dropping beautiful beaches, Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon).

Göcek Yacht Charters

Beautiful mountain backdrop at Gocek bay Turkey

Göcek yacht rentals have been long adored by international jet setters. This fishing village located on a private bay is the entry to undiscovered coves and more than 12 islands of unmatched beauty. Boasting six well-equipped marinas (including two for superyachts) it’s brimming with cafes and tavernas. Before going off-shore, stop by for a traditional mezze platter or sip a cocktail as the sun's apricot glow falls on its shorefront promenades.

Marmaris Yacht Charters

Romain ruins carved into clifftops in Turkey

A Marmaris yacht charter gives guests the best of both worlds. A superyacht haven, this buzzing town is a hub of activity: with a bustling grand bazaar, throngs of restaurants, bars, and shops lining cobblestone streets, and paragliders filling the skies above. But this is in dramatic contrast to the rest of the stunning Carian Coast which is within easy reach of Marmaris : secluded bays and quaint villages are dotted all along the Bozburun Peninsula . 

Bodrum Yacht Charters

Billowin bougainvillea on a street corner in Bodrum Turkey

Why are Bodrum yacht rentals so popular? It's a vibrant coastal city humming with nightlife and home to a large glittering marina as well as the landmark St. Peter’s Castle. Unquestionably a glamorous beach hangout, hip restaurants and bars sheltered by palm trees frame the chic Yalikavak marina.

During a Bodrum yacht charter, be sure to anchor at nearby Türkbükü Bay for a taste of the “Saint-Tropez of Turkey" and dance under a canopy of stars. Cruise further afield and you’ll reach the olive-grove covered Datça Peninsula , as well as the Dalyan- Ekincik  Bay, revered for its windsurfing opportunities. 

Yachts moored in a marina in Turkey with verdant hills in the background

Surrounded by the Mediterranean , Aegean , Marmara , and Black Seas , it should come as no surprise that Turkey is home to a vast array of world-class marinas perfect for gulet or yacht chartering. It should be noted that whilst the Black Sea is replete with deep valleys, verdant mountains, and crater lakes, it does not usually feature on a typical yacht itinerary. That’s largely down to its wetter and colder climate, leading to few well-developed marinas. As a result, it does not feature in our list below.

For yacht charters on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast:

  • Kaş marina : recently developed and has slip capacity for 450 yachts.
  • Setur Finike marina: situated in the stunning historic city of Finike, with a 320 slip capacity. 
  • Setur Antalya marina : renowned superyacht marina, slip capacity reaches 235 yachts.

For yacht charters on Turkey's Aegean Coast:

  • Yalıkavak marina : award-winning with 620-slip capacity, catering to every possible yachting need.
  • Çeşme marina: located in the illustrious port village steeped with history,  it can accommodate 400 slips up to 80m.
  • Skopea marina : regarded as the original superyacht marina, it accommodates up to 80 yachts, with 110m yachts tied to a jetty.

For yacht charters in Turkey's Marmara Region:

  • Ataköy marina: just outside of Istanbul's city center and known for its nightlife. 700 moorings up to 40m.
  • Istanbul marina : located in the heart of Turkey, with 720 moorings for yachts up to 60m.
  • West Istanbul marina: highly acclaimed, it caters to 600 slips up to 95m.

The Turquoise Coast is unquestionably Turkey's anchorage paradise, studded with emerald islands with golden bays lapped by beautiful blue-green waters begging to be explored. Here is our pick of some of the best anchorages in Turkey:

  • Cleopatra Bay (Manastir) : located a stone’s throw from the beautiful town of Fethiye, this glorious sequestered bay yields a bounty of emerald-clear waters atop ancient baths, perfect for anchoring and an afternoon kayak.
  • Fethiye : This port city is known for its exquisite natural harbor, vast swathes of deep golden sand beaches and stunning blue waters. The area also boasts an array of ancient rock tombs dating back to 4th Century BC. 
  • Kalcan (Lycian Coast) : a gorgeous sheltered bay set within a charming fishing village against a backdrop of rugged mountainous scenery. Step ashore and explore this tranquil haven, which also boasts a plethora of excellent dining options. 
  • Kekova (Antalya province) : this beautiful small island near Kas is the ideal spot to drop anchor for the night, which also happens to be the site of a rather unique ancient sunken city. Although a popular hotspot for tourists during the day, if you aim to arrive around 5pm, you’ll have the place to yourselves.

A young couple in a meeting with a professional woman looking at a document

We strongly recommend booking your yacht charter vacation in Turkey with your broker at least three months in advance, as Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular yacht charter destination. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood of securing your preferred dates and you will have a greater selection of yachts on offer to choose from.

This also ensures your broker has enough time to craft a personalized itinerary and secure a berth at a popular marina if you have selected one.

Start Planning - Speak with a Charter Expert

Our yacht charter experts will:

  • Discuss your vacation plans
  • Check availability & shortlist suitable yachts
  • Negotiate booking & prepare your itinerary

Need Advice?

Speak to a Charter Broker

Explore Turkey

Istanbul Guide

Guide to Istanbul

Bodrum Guide

Guide to Bodrum

Datça Guide

Guide to Datça

Fethiye Guide

Guide to Fethiye

Gocek Bay Guide

Guide to Gocek Bay

Ekincik Guide

Guide to Ekincik

Marmaris Guide

Guide to Marmaris

Turkey yacht charter itineraries.

Don't miss out on the most exquisite superyacht hotspots with our curated Turkey yacht charter itineraries.

The Turquoise Coast dazzles guests with it's pine-blanketed bays, soaring ancient ruins, barely-frequented coves for claiming and ultra-luxe superyacht marinas catering to guests every possible whim without a moment's hesitation.

Our itineraries crafted by yachting experts on the region ensure you experience the very best of what Turkey has to offer.

Greece & Turkey

Discover Turkey

Its multitude of heavenly anchorages, epic turquoise shores, burgeoning superyacht scene, exquisite gulet cruises, marvellous archaeological ruins and humbling historical landmarks.

When to Go:

May - October

  • Dalaman Airport
  • Bodrum Airport
  • Istanbul Airport
  • Antalya Airport
  • Ankara Airport

Luxury Yachts for Charter in Turkey 2024 & 2025

Crewed charter yachts in turkey.

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Project X Yacht Charter in Turkey

88m   Golden Yachts

from $1,194,000 p/week ♦︎

Nero Yacht Charter in Turkey

Flying Fox 22

136m Lurssen

136m   2019

from $4,343,000 p/w eek ♦︎

IJE Yacht Charter in Turkey

108m Benetti

108m   2019

from $1,954,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Christina O Yacht Charter in Turkey

Christina O 34

99m Canadian Vickers

99m   1943/2020

from $760,000 p/w eek ♦︎

O'Pari Yacht Charter in Turkey

95m Golden Yachts

from $1,194,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Whisper Yacht Charter in Turkey

95m Lurssen

from $1,303,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Tranquility Yacht Charter in Turkey

Tranquility 22

92m Oceanco

92m   2014/2023

from $1,100,000 p/w eek

Nero Yacht Charter in Turkey

90m Corsair Yachts

90m   2007/2021

from $497,000 p/w eek

Lauren L Yacht Charter in Turkey

Lauren L 36

90m Cassens-Werft

90m   2002/2008

from $755,000 p/w eek ♦︎ *

Maltese Falcon Yacht Charter in Turkey

Maltese Falcon 12

88m Perini Navi

88m   2006/2023

from $490,000 p/w eek

Project X Yacht Charter in Turkey

Project X 12

88m Golden Yachts

Chakra Yacht Charter in Turkey

86m Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf

86m   1998/2024

from $537,000 p/w eek ♦︎

B2 Yacht Charter in Turkey

86m Abeking & Rasmussen

86m   2008/2022

from $923,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Sunrays Yacht Charter in Turkey

86m Oceanco

86m   2010/2018

from $1,248,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Bold Yacht Charter in Turkey

85m SilverYachts

from $950,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Grand Ocean Yacht Charter in Turkey

Grand Ocean 12

85m Blohm + Voss

85m   1990/2019

from $703,136 p/w eek

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in Turkey

O'Ptasia 12

85m Golden Yachts

85m   2018/2022

from $977,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Solandge Yacht Charter in Turkey

Solandge 12

85m Lurssen

85m   2013/2022

from $1,086,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Victorious Yacht Charter in Turkey

Victorious 12

85m Ak Yachts

from $869,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Emir Yacht Charter in Turkey

83m Golden Yachts

83m   2004/2022

Romea Yacht Charter in Turkey

82m Abeking & Rasmussen

82m   2015/2021

Alfa Nero Yacht Charter in Turkey

Alfa Nero 12

81m Oceanco

81m   2007/2021

from $728,000 p/w eek *

Elements Yacht Charter in Turkey

Elements 12

80m Yachtley

from $868,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Tatiana Yacht Charter in Turkey

80m Bilgin Yachts

from $841,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Malia Yacht Charter in Turkey

78m Golden Yachts

78m   2023/2024

from $814,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Legend Yacht Charter in Turkey

77m IHC Verschure

77m   1974/2019

from $646,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Cloudbreak Yacht Charter in Turkey

Cloudbreak 22 6 12

75m Abeking & Rasmussen

Kensho Yacht Charter in Turkey

75m Admiral Yachts

Naia Yacht Charter in Turkey

74m Freire Shipyard

74m   2011/2014

from $595,000 p/w eek

Lady Vera Yacht Charter in Turkey

Lady Vera 12

74m Nobiskrug

74m   2011/2023

Coral Ocean Yacht Charter in Turkey

Coral Ocean 13

73m Lurssen

73m   1994/2022

from $706,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Planet Nine Yacht Charter in Turkey

Planet Nine 12

73m Admiral Yachts

from $650,000 p/w eek

Titania Yacht Charter in Turkey

73m   2006/2020

from $615,000 p/w eek

Elegant 007 Yacht Charter in Turkey

Elegant 007 30

72m Lamda Nafs Shipyards

72m   2005/2017

from $570,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Bleu De Nimes Yacht Charter in Turkey

Bleu De Nimes 28

72m Clelands Shipbuilding Co

72m   1980/2020

from $532,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Game Changer Yacht Charter in Turkey

Game Changer 17

72m Damen Yachting

72m   2017/2020

from $450,000 p/w eek

Stella Maris Yacht Charter in Turkey

Stella Maris 12

72m Viareggio SuperYachts

72m   2015/2018

Axioma Yacht Charter in Turkey

72m Dunya Yachts

72m   2013/2020

from $660,000 p/w eek

Serenity Yacht Charter in Turkey

Serenity 28

72m   2004/2017

from $597,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Force Blue Yacht Charter in Turkey

Force Blue 12

71m Royal Denship

71m   2002/2022

from $391,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Freedom Yacht Charter in Turkey

70m Benetti

70m   2000/2016

from $500,000 p/w eek *

Sherakhan Yacht Charter in Turkey

Sherakhan 26

70m Vuijk Scheepswerven

70m   2005/2022

from $592,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Nomad Yacht Charter in Turkey

69m Oceanfast

69m   2003/2020

from $413,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Wayfinder Yacht Charter in Turkey

Wayfinder 12

68m Astilleros Armon

from $375,000 p/w eek

Global Yacht Charter in Turkey

67m Shadow Marine

67m   2007/2008

from $120,000 p/w eek

Vertigo Yacht Charter in Turkey

67m Alloy Yachts

67m   2011/2019

from $353,000 p/w eek ♦︎

AHS Yacht Charter in Turkey

66m Oceanco

66m   2005/2020

from $489,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Alchemy Yacht Charter in Turkey

66m Rossinavi

from $637,000 p/w eek *

Running On Waves Yacht Charter in Turkey

Running On Waves 42

64m Segel Masten Yachten

64m   2011/2021

from $114,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Spirit of the C's Yacht Charter in Turkey

Spirit of the C's 10

64m Perini Navi

64m   2003/2023

from $225,000 p/w eek

Isabell Princess of The Sea Yacht Charter in Turkey

Isabell Princess of The Sea 12

64m Codecasa

64m   1990/2023

from $315,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Magna Grecia Yacht Charter in Turkey

Magna Grecia 12

64m Elsflether Werft

64m   1986/2021

from $357,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lioness V Yacht Charter in Turkey

Lioness V 12

64m Benetti

64m   2006/2023

Almax Yacht Charter in Turkey

63m Sunrise Yachts

63m   2015/2023

from $499,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Soundwave Yacht Charter in Turkey

Soundwave 12

63m Benetti

Virginian Yacht Charter in Turkey

Virginian 12

62m Feadship

62m   1990/2024

from $266,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Sarah Yacht Charter in Turkey

62m   2002/2016

Calypso Yacht Charter in Turkey

62m   2003/2018

from $345,000 p/w eek

Mary-Jean II Yacht Charter in Turkey

Mary-Jean II 12

62m   2010/2023

from $320,000 p/w eek

Marguerite Yacht Charter in Turkey

Marguerite 12

61m Lurssen

61m   2004/2021

Aifer Yacht Charter in Turkey

60m   2011/2019

from $378,000 p/w eek

Bella Vita Yacht Charter in Turkey

Bella Vita 12

60m Lurssen

60m   2010/2022

from $550,000 p/w eek

Katina Yacht Charter in Turkey

60m Brodosplit

60m   2015/2017

from $245,000 p/w eek

Light Holic Yacht Charter in Turkey

Light Holic 12

60m   2011/2014

from $347,000 p/w eek ♦︎

O'Eva Yacht Charter in Turkey

60m CMN Yachts

60m   2009/2023

from $304,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Book with Ease - Speak with a Charter Expert

Our charter experts will:

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Turkey Yacht Search:

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Yacht Amenities

Top 'Things To Do' in Turkey


An award-winning aquarium restaurant and lounge

Sarsala Bay

A Dalaman secret that oozes beauty and charm

Butterfly Valley

A fluttering kaleidoscope of butterflies descend upon this epic canyon in the summertime

More Things To Do

Turkey Yacht Charter Q&A

For booking most yacht charters, a completed charter agreement and 50% of the charter fee is required upfront as a deposit to secure your chosen yacht. This is usually payable once the contract has been signed

Turkey is an increasingly popular superyacht destination, so yacht charter guests can rest assured that they will have boundless vessel options which will meet their budget criteria. 

Whatever type of vessel you ultimately choose, one thing to keep track of are the additional costs not included in the yacht charter base rate. For example, VAT and the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). This is usually 30% of the charter fee, and paid in advance. The APA covers expenses such as fuel, berthing, food and drinks, as well as any special requests.

However, gulet charters usually have lower APAs. For personalized advice please consult your yacht charter broker.

Not sure whether to pick a motor yacht, sailing yacht or gulet? Browse our site according to your chosen dates, number of guests, yacht type, features, and preferred onboard toys and we'll show you what's available and within your budget.

If you make a subsequent enquiry, a yacht charter broker will get in contact to provide you with a bespoke charter proposal.

Alternatively, get in touch with your  yacht charter broker directly and they can research the best yacht for you in line with your requirements.

The vast majority of yacht charters commence in southwest Turkey, with the most popular superyacht locations being Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek and Antalya.

Unlike many yacht charter destinations, you also have the option of a gulet charter in Turkey. It is well worth considering if it may be right for you. Benefits include lower APA costs and considerably wide decks onboard to lap up turquoise-tinged panoramas that surround you. However, capped fuel limits and air conditioning times are common to gulet yacht charters.

Yes, it is possible to visit Greece on a luxury Turkey yacht charter. However, additional VAT and fees may apply if venturing outside Turkish waters. It is also worth noting that for convenience, it can often be better to visit Turkey and then Greece or vice versa, rather than zig-zag between the two. That's because you will need to provide documentation every time you cross borders which can be time-consuming.

For precise details regarding fees and routes to Greece, consult your charter broker.

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A luxury yacht charter in Turkey offers a true feast for the senses. Cruise Turkey’s captivating coastline, nicknamed the ‘Turquoise Coast’ due to its spectacular color, and immerse yourself in a melting pot of cultures where the east meets the west. Turkey’s coastline spans the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea and is peppered with uninhabited islands, world-class anchorages, fascinating historical landmarks, and chic beach clubs serving up delicious Turkish and international fusion cuisine. Venture ashore and explore vibrant spice souks, colorful bazaars, and designer boutiques. The city of Istanbul is arguably one of the most fascinating in the Mediterranean, while adventure enthusiasts will be drawn to Turkey’s fantastic topography, from white sand beaches to breathtaking mountainous terrain.

Why charter a yacht in Turkey?

Here are just some of the many reasons you should choose Turkey as your next superyacht charter destination:

  • A fascinating blend of East and West, offering a cultural melting pot
  • Fantastic weather and crystal-clear waters, ideal for maximizing your yacht’s many water toys
  • World-class anchorages and a stunning coastline, ideal for outdoor pursuits
  • Bustling traditional bazaars, spice souks, and ancient cities brimming with historical sites
  • For the ultimate therapeutic treat, experience a traditional Turkish bath
  • Popular superyacht destination, ensuring a superb selection of yachts
  • Excellent selection of Michelin-star restaurants and gourmet dining destinations
  • Fantastic designer boutiques, especially in Istanbul

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Yachts For Charter In Turkey

Luxury yacht for charter hakvoort AMICA MEA ex-Allegria


What are some of the best cruising destinations in turkey.

Some of the best cruising destinations in Turkey include:

Bodrum, a popular destination with yacht charters, offers a refined selection of exclusive resorts, restaurants, marinas, and attractions. The Bodrum peninsula is dotted with charming coastal towns, while the surrounding waters offer fantastic swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving opportunities.

private yacht turkey

This cruising destination is known for its pristine beaches and tranquil bays. Gocek is centered around a stunning natural marina, home to some of the world’s finest mega yachts. Tender ashore and dine at one of the many elegant restaurants, or explore the local boutiques. The surrounding bay is a great destination for making the most of your yacht’s tenders and toys.

private yacht turkey

This vibrant city is considered the gateway to Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region and is a popular superyacht cruising destination. On land, explore traditional bazaars that rub shoulders with world-class dining destinations. Cruise the surrounding coastline and discover beautiful beaches set against a backdrop of pine-clad mountains.

private yacht turkey

The lively resort of Marmaris is an excellent choice for those seeking vibrant nightlife and an excellent selection of resorts, restaurants, and boutiques. Off the coast, enjoy an island-hopping adventure.

private yacht turkey

Situated on the Gulf of Fethiye along the Turkish Riviera, this is a prime superyacht cruising destination filled with ancient wonders and fascinating ports of call. Make sure you drop anchor at Gemiler Island, also known as St Nicholas Island, which boasts fascinating archaeological sites dating back to the 5th century. Gemiler Island is also reportedly home to the tomb of St Nicholas or Father Christmas.

private yacht turkey

Contact Us about a Turkey Yacht Charter

No matter where you want to cruise, the experts at Moran Yacht & Ship will create a cruising itinerary unique to you. We have access to the best superyachts for charter in Turkey, and our team will go out of their way to guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime vacation on the water. Contact our  yacht charter brokers  today.

Turkey Yacht Charter FAQ

What are some of the best things to do in turkey while on a luxury crewed yacht rental.

Some of the best things to do on a Turkey yacht charter include:

  • Visit Gemiler Island, filled with fascinating ancient ruins, including the reported tomb of St. Nicholas.
  • Explore the bustling bazaars and spice souks of the ancient city of Istanbul, along with world-renowned sites, such as the Blue Mosque and Basilica Cistern.
  • Drop anchor at Turkbuku, commonly known as the St Tropez of Turkey, due to its excellent selection of exclusive hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs that cater to wealthy travelers.
  • Sink beneath the waves and explore fascinating shipwrecks and colorful marine life at some of Tukey’s best dive destinations, such as off the coast of Kas and Bodrum.
  • Enjoy a motor boat ride up the Dalyan River to Kaunos, an ancient UNESCO city famed for its six tombs of the kings cut into the sheer rock face.
  • Explore the small fishing town of Fethiye, known for its excellent seafood restaurants.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, the Sakliken National Park is a must-visit, home to the third longest canyon in Europe. Take a refreshing dip in the waters of the gorge while soaking up the area’s stunning natural beauty.
  • Soak up the lively atmosphere of Bodrum, known for its nightlife and bohemian atmosphere.
  • Cruise the Kekova region, known for its spectacular ruins and Lycian settlements, many of which are now submerged.
  • Berth at the new Palmarina and explore the resort town of Yalikavak, boasting a bustling center and pretty, white sandy beaches.

What are some of the best restaurants in Turkey?

Some of the best restaurants in Turkey include:

  • Turk Fatih Tutak, Istanbul – 2 Michelin stars
  • Neolokal, Istanbul – 1 Michelin star
  • Teruar Urla, Izmir – 1 Michelin star
  • Arkestra, Istanbul – 1 Michelin star
  • Vino Locale, Izmir – 1 Michlien star
  • Kitchen, Bodrum – 1 Michelin star
  • Macakizi, Bodrum – 1 Michelin star
  • Sankai by Nagaya, Istanbul – 1 Michelin star

When you book a luxury yacht charter in Turkey with Moran Yacht & Ship, our charter brokers can secure reservations at the best restaurants in Turkey. Contact our team today.

What are some of the best hotels in Turkey?

Some of the best hotels in Turkey include:

  • Kempinski The Dome
  • Kempinski Ciragan Palace Istanbul
  • The Peninusla Istanbul
  • Soho House Istanbul
  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Bodrum
  • Rixos Premium Gocek
  • Gloria Serenity Resort
  • Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum
  • Caresse Bodrum
  • Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum

What are some of the best beach clubs in Turkey?

Some of the best beach clubs in Turkey include:

Anhinga by OD, Turkey

This newly opened beach club perched on the Aegean Coast at Kaplankaya offers a relaxed vibe perfect for a sun-drenched day at the beach. Enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine with a modern twist and comfy beach lounge areas, coupled with a stunning backdrop of pine-covered hills and crystal-clear waters.

Yalli Beach Club & Restaurant

Located just moments away from Kalkan Harbor, this beach club offers an excellent restaurant and an option of lounge spots, from the terrace to the sandy beach, boasting panoramic views of Kalkan.

Blue Beach Club & Bar

Located at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, soak up the sun on a private cabana and enjoy spectacular views of the Turkish coastline. The beach club restaurant serves a selection of delicious items, from traditional Turkish kebabs to pizzas and homemade ice creams.

Located in Bodrum, Beach Club, The Bodrum Edition, offers the ultimate in elegance, with a minimal yet sophisticated aesthetic. Lounge around the stunning infinity pool, on one of the overwater cabanas, or from one of the beach beds right on the water’s edge. Soak up stunning views of the Aegean Sea while enjoying a handcrafted cocktail or party the night away with international DJs spinning the latest hits.

When is the best time to charter a luxury yacht in Turkey?

Turkey offers a superb year-round climate with blue skies and sun-drenched days, making it possible to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in Turkey at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit is from April to November, when the temperatures are at their best for enjoying a private crewed yacht charter.

What are the average air temperatures Turkey?

Turkey’s coastal areas are typically warmer compared to inland regions thanks to the moderating influence of the sea, with the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, in particular, having warmer winters and hot summers.

Istanbul (Marmara Region – Coastal)

  • Summer (June to August): 25-30°C (77-86°F)
  • Winter (December to February): 5-10°C (41-50°F)

Izmir (Aegean Region – Coastal)

  • Summer: 30-35°C (86-95°F)
  • Winter: 5-10°C (41-50°F)

Antalya (Mediterranean Region – Coastal)

  • Winter: 10-15°C (50-59°F)

What are the average water temperatures in Turkey?

Istanbul (Marmara Sea):

  • Summer (June to August): 20-25°C (68-77°F)
  • Winter (December to February): 8-12°C (46-54°F)

Izmir (Aegean Sea):

  • Summer: 22-27°C (72-81°F)
  • Winter: 12-16°C (54-61°F)

Antalya (Mediterranean Sea):

  • Summer: 25-30°C (77-86°F)
  • Winter: 16-20°C (61-68°F)

What are some of the best dive sites in Turkey?

Some of the best dive sites in Turkey are:

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Kas is a popular diving destination with crystal-clear waters and superb visibility. The area offers a variety of dive sites, including underwater caves, walls, and reefs. The Blue Hole and the Canyon are two notable sites in Kas.

Fethiye is also on the Mediterranean coast and boasts numerous dive sites suitable for all levels of divers. The underwater landscapes include colorful reefs, caves, and interesting rock formations. The Afkule Wall and the Three Tunnels are popular spots with scuba diving enthusiasts.

Another Mediterranean gem, Kalkan is known for its vibrant marine life and clear waters. There are several interesting dive sites in the area, such as the Archway, where you can explore underwater arches, and the Anemone City, a vast coral shelf known for its abundance of sea anemones.

Located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Bodrum offers a mix of historical wrecks and beautiful reefs. The SS Pinar 1 wreck, a Turkish navy shipwreck that sits at around 40-meters, and the Big Reef are among the top dive sites in this area.

What types of private yachts can I charter in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular yacht charter destination, ensuring a wide selection of luxury vessels. Some popular types of private yachts include:

  • Motor yachts
  • Multi-hull vessels, such as catamarans
  • Superyachts and mega yachts
  • Adventure yachts or expedition vessels
  • Planing yachts for sports yachts
  • Full displacement yachts
  • Semi-displacement yachts
  • Tri-deck yachts
  • Flybridge yachts

No matter what type of yacht you want to charter, the experts at Moran Yacht & Ship can connect you with your ideal vessel. We specialize. in crafting incredible getaways aboard the world’s finest superyachts, including those built by the best European shipyards, such as Amels, Lurssen, Feadship, Heesen, and Oceanco. Contact our team today.

How much does it cost to charter a luxury yacht in Turkey?

The cost of securing a private yacht charter in Turkey depends upon several factors, with the primary determinants being the size of the yacht you choose and the duration of your charter. Generally, the starting point for a yacht rental in Turkey is approximately US$200,000, with costs escalating to well over a million for those opting for some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts. In addition to the base charter fee, you must pay the Advance Provisioning Allowance, typically around 10% of the base rate. There is no VAT for foreign-flagged yacht rentals in Turkey, further adding to Turkey’s appeal as a luxury yacht charter destination. Moran Yacht & Ship offers an excellent selection of crewed yachts for hire. Feel free to reach out to our team today, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect vessel for your needs.

What amenities can I expect aboard a Turkey yacht charter?

Every yacht will feature differing amenities, as no two vessels are the same. Common amenities you can expect to find on most yachts include:

  • State-of-the-art cinema room
  • A swimming pool, some with counter-flow currents
  • Massage room
  • Gym equipment, such as bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and weights
  • Water toys and a tender
  • Large salons and deck spaces

On larger superyachts, additional amenities may also include:

  • A full-service spa, including a sauna, steam room, hammam, and beauty salon
  • Helipad or helicopter facilities, including a hangar
  • Multiple tenders and submersibles
  • Nightclub with professional DJ equipment
  • Dive center equipped with scuba diving equipment
  • Wellness studio, such as a dedicated space for yoga or meditation
  • Elevator serving all floors

No matter what amenities you desire, the charter brokers at Moran Yacht & Ship can connect you with your ideal vessel. Contact our team today or browse our selection of superyachts for charter in Turkey.

How many crew will be on my luxury yacht?

The number of crew will vary from each yacht; however, typically, the larger the yacht, the more crew members you can expect. All luxury crewed yachts for charter in Turkey will include, at a minimum:

  • a private chef, and
  • several stews or stewardesses.

Larger superyachts may include a crew of over 20, including specially trained crew members, including:

  • massage and beauty therapists
  • dive masters
  • water sports operators
  • mixologists
  • personal trainers
  • nutritionists

Moran Yacht & Ship is a specialist in arranging charters aboard the world’s finest superyachts in Turkey. Contact our Turkey yacht brokers to learn more.

How many guests can I take on a Turkey luxury yacht charter?

Many upscale yachts available for charter in Turkey are typically limited to accommodating 12 guests, even if the vessel has the capacity for more. This limitation results from additional regulations that vessels must comply with if they intend to carry more than 12 guests. Nevertheless, there are a select few charter vessels in Turkey that can accommodate a larger number of guests. Whether you’re planning for a smaller or more extensive guest list aboard a luxury motor yacht in Turkey, the charter specialists at Moran Yacht & Ship are well-equipped to assist. We offer access to some of the most exquisite yachts for charter in Turkey, including the world’s largest vessels. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

What currency should I take to Turkey?

The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira, or TRY; however, many places accept US dollars and Euros. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted throughout Turkey, including in shops, restaurants, and attractions, offering convenience.

What are the visa requirements to enter Turkey on a luxury yacht?

US passport holders must have a passport valid for at least six months from the arrival date to enter Turkey and can stay for a maximum of 90 days. Before travel, you must apply for an electronic visa, which can be applied online. When you book a yacht charter with Moran Yacht & Ship, our team will guide you through the process and ensure you have the correct documentation to enter the country legally.

What is the best airport to fly into?

The airport you fly into will vary depending on your embarkation point. Popular airports in Turkey for those embarking on a luxury yacht charter include:

Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport is the main international airport serving the city of Istanbul and is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Multiple commercial airlines fly into Istanbul Airport, while the airport also boasts its own dedicated private jet terminal, offering privacy and an enhanced level of comfort.

Antalya Airport (AYT)

As a busy international airport on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya Airport serves the needs of both commercial and private aviation, with a private jet terminal and VIP lounge.

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)

Located in Izmir, Adnan Menderes Airport is a major hub in western Turkey, with facilities for both commercial and private jets. The airport’s Primeclass offers a VIP service for passengers, including a porter service and privileged payment points.

Milas Bodrum Airport (BJV)

Serving the towns of Bodrum and Mila, Milas Bodrum Airport is an international airport that has facilities for both commercial and private jets. Several lounges offer an elevated VIP service.

Dalaman Airport (DLM)

Serving Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline, Dalaman Airport is a modern airport with excellent facilities, with a dedicated terminal for international flights. For private jet travelers, there are several exclusive VIP lounges.

When you book a luxury yacht charter in Turkey with Moran Yacht & Ship, our charter brokers will provide advice and guidance on the best airport to fly into, including providing assistance with travel to and from the yacht, either by private car or helicopter. If you want to visit Turkey, contact our team today to learn more about a luxury getaway in Turkey aboard a private crewed superyacht.

How can Moran Yacht & Ship's luxury yacht brokers help me book a motor yacht charter in Turkey?

Moran Yacht & Ship is a leading brokerage, providing access to the most luxurious private yachts for charter in Turkey, including a curated selection of the world’s most sophisticated superyachts and mega yachts built by renowned European shipbuilders. All of our charter yachts come fully crewed and feature elegant interiors and exceptional amenities, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. Our dedicated Turkey yacht brokers will go out of their way to match you with your ideal yacht, itinerary, and crew, ensuring an elevated yachting adventure. Contact us today, and let our yacht brokers organize your crewed private yacht charter in Turkey.

Private Yacht Charter in Turkey

A luxurious yacht charter on the Turkish coast is a unique experience. A private cruise on a gulet that is a regular feature of charter yachts in Turkey is a complex blend of elegance and sophistication. The real appeal of this cruise is in the rich mix of knowledgeable crews, delicious cuisine within the galley as well as the magnificent beauty of the vessel itself.

private yacht chartering

While you contemplate your next yacht charter trip the intricate tangle of choosing the right time and route becomes apparent. Gulet Voyage Yachting excels in providing these details, making sure that your trip to the turquoise coast is in line with your personal needs.

Be flexible in your travel plans Explore the tranquil South West of Turkey or the historical Dodecanese Islands. The process of deciding on a destination is a collective art that is created during the reservation process. For a look at possible destinations Our ‘Best Locations for a Blue Cruise’ and ‘ Destinations pages provide a for information. Go to Destinations Pages

One of the most distinctive aspects of gulet charters with crews is the individualization of the services. If your yacht is standard or luxury gulet, the team’s experience cannot be measured solely by the dimensions of the yacht but rather by their dedication to your satisfaction. With yachts that range between 16 and 40 meters, all fitted with modern conveniences like the air conditioner, you can be sure that your voyage is sure to be comfortable and stylish.

The gulets that we offer that range from standard to high-end, offer an experienced crew who will create the most memorable Turkish Riviera experience. You can enjoy the delicious cuisine similar to the finest Turkish restaurants and prepared by expert chefs. After your trip is booked and your menu is customized, you can rest assured that your food experience is personalized as the journey itself.

private gulet charter turkey

Private yacht charters offer the ability to customize your trip or choose one of our suggested routes gives you a personalization. We have nine exciting itineraries, including six along the beautiful Turkish coastline, and three that combine the Turkish coast along with The Greek Islands. These itineraries, although ideal to charter cabins could be adapted into a customized private charter.

The appeal of water sports during the gulet cruise provides an adrenaline-inspiring contrast to the peacefulness. Scuba dive into the turquoise seas to snorkel, or take part in exciting water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking. For those looking for thrills, pick the most luxurious gulets. Jet skis, as well as other water toys powered by motors.

Gulet Voyage Yachting is your entry point to an unforgettable trip from the most beautiful coastline cities, including Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, and Antalya. We specialize in designing seamless, custom-designed blue cruises to our international clients.

For more information about our luxury yacht charters and to browse our fleet of boats, please follow here for more information. Your journey along the breathtaking shores of the beautiful turquoise coast is waiting for you.

List of private Gulet Yachts for charter >>

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Private Gulet Charter

Wide selection of gulets available for charter along the Turkish Riviera.

Ugur 2005 7 Cabins Gulet

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private yacht turkey

Turkey yacht charter

  • Best time to visit May - October
  • Getting there Istanbul Atatürk Airport and more

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Turkish delight

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Sailing charters in Turkey

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European grand tour by yacht - Turkey

Events in turkey.

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Victory Day

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International Izmir Festival

Explore turkey.

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Available charter yachts in Turkey

Whether you’re interested in a sailing or motor yacht charter in Turkey, this is a small selection of the different yachts available to charter. Please contact your Burgess broker for a personalised selection.

private yacht turkey


Rate from EUR 900,000 per week

  • Length: 85m (278.8ft)
  • Guests: 12 guests in 10 cabins
  • Built: 2018
  • Golden Yachts

private yacht turkey


Rate from EUR 290,000 per week

  • Length: 63.8m (209.3ft)
  • Guests: 12 guests in 6 cabins
  • Built: 1990

private yacht turkey


Rate from EUR 280,000† per week

  • Built: 1986
  • Elsflether Werft

private yacht turkey


Rate from EUR 270,000 per week

  • Length: 56m (183.7ft)
  • Guests: 12 guests in 7 cabins

private yacht turkey

Rate from EUR 300,000 per week

  • Length: 54.2m (177.8ft)
  • Built: 2008

private yacht turkey


Rate from EUR 249,000 per week

  • Length: 53.8m (176.5ft)
  • Built: 2012
  • Mariotti Yachts

private yacht turkey

Rate from USD 250,000 per week

  • Length: 48.8m (160ft)
  • Built: 2009
  • Christensen Shipyards

private yacht turkey

Rate from EUR 175,000 per week

  • Length: 47m (154.2ft)
  • Acico Yachts

private yacht turkey

Rate from EUR 220,000 per week

  • Length: 45.8m (150.1ft)
  • Guests: 10 guests in 5 cabins
  • Built: 2016

private yacht turkey


Rate from EUR 150,500 per week

  • Length: 45m (147.6ft)
  • Built: 1987

Special offer

15% discount off a May charter in Greece. Now EUR 127,900 per week.

private yacht turkey

Let us organise your perfect Turkey yacht charter itinerary.

Our expert brokers know the cruising grounds intimately, both personally through first-hand experience and in real time through contacts on the ground. Your itinerary will be tailored specifically for you to deliver the holiday you want.

New to charter?

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is due at the time of the final charter payment. Under MYBA terms, this sum is usually equivalent to 30 per cent of the total charter fee, but may be up to 40 per cent in some cases.

Intended to cover the operating expenses of a charter as explained under Charter Terms, such as fuel, food, drinks, port fees and ad hoc incidentals, the APA will be given to the captain before the start of your charter. The Captain will ensure that the yacht is fully fuelled and provisioned when you step on board. While an up-to-date summary of accounts can be requested at any time during your charter, a full set of accounts will normally be submitted by your captain at the end of the cruise. If, during the charter, the expenditure exceeds the sum already paid, additional cash funds will be required at once.

All outstanding bills from the yacht charter should be settled in cash or by bank transfer before your final disembarkation. Of course, any remaining credit at the end of your charter will be reimbursed to you in full. On request, transfer arrangements to and from the yacht can be made by Burgess or by the yacht’s captain, payment for which will be deducted from your APA.

Charter a yacht

Discover the Burgess difference

Charter a luxury yacht with Burgess. We are trusted for our expertise, and it is the first-hand insights of our charter brokers that raise the bar. Our collective knowledge serves to make your superyacht charter experience exceptional. Explore our stunning collection of luxury yachts for rent or hire and speak to our experts about chartering a private yacht to your dream destination.

Privileged access to the world’s finest charter yachts

Every charter yacht in the Burgess fleet is unique, from interior design and on board facilities, to watertoys and impeccable service. We rigorously inspect every yacht to ensure that when you find your ideal match, it exceeds every expectation.

A wealth of knowledge to enhance your experience

A superyacht charter offers life-affirming adventure and little can compare to a tailor-made experience orchestrated by your Burgess broker. By accommodating both your preferences and requirements, no detail is left to chance.

Personalised service that goes above and beyond

Burgess charter brokers are involved well beyond the booking stage. We share our intelligence on the best itineraries to suit you, organise private jet transfers, on board celebrations, luxury boat hire, restaurant bookings, spa treatments, fitness instruction and more.

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private yacht turkey

Charter RUYA

Remaining summer availability in the West Mediterranean

Huge sun deck with bar, BBQ, open-air jacuzzi and gym equipment for morning workouts

private yacht turkey


Available from July onwards in the West Mediterranean

Lovely family yacht with great deck spaces, a large sunpad on aft and forward sunloungers

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M04 - F103

M04 – F103

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Yacht Charter

M04 – A101 – Azimut 98 Leonardo

Yacht Charter

M03 – K101 – Azimut 46

Kemer, Turkey

Guest Comments

Guest Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate Goal. Some of our guests shared a few kind comments to express their satisfaction with the service.

Who are we?

As Prestige Lux Tour, we provide private yacht charter services in Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul and Göcek, which are one of the most beautiful holiday routes in Turkey, with our long years of experience. We work for you to spend your holiday perfectly with our daily yacht charter and weekly yacht charter options. To meet your requests in the fastest way with our sensitive and nice-faced team to ensure your happiness and satisfaction; It is our greatest sensitivity to enjoy the blues and the warm sea perfectly.

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Escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary with a luxury yacht charter. Now make your next vacation one to remember with us.

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Since most of our guests attend with their families, we even have small surprises for children on some of our yachts. Unfortunately, the crew cannot provide babysitting or babysitting services. If there are children on your tour, please inform us prior to booking.

Chartering a yacht is a truly unique experience and is reserved for the lucky few. With yacht charter, you will experience the heights of luxury, perfect service, silence and wonderful memories. Every detail is designed according to your taste. We make yacht charter truly special and unique. Prestige Lux Tour adds an extra perspective to yachting by offering the perfect yacht charter experience to make your time on the water valuable.

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Misafirlerimizin kalabalıktan uzak yalnızca ailesi veya arkadaşlarıyla yat kiralamasıdır. Bu yatın sadece kendilerinin özel kullanımına ayrıldığı anlamına gelir. Yat kiralama esnasında farklı gruplardan insanlar bulunmaz. Sadece size özel olarak tur düzenlenir.

Türkiye’de yat kiralama şirketi olan Prestige Lux Tour , küçük özel yatlardan büyük gruplarıda barındırabilen daha geniş megayatlara kadar bir çok yat seçeneği sunmaktadır.

Motoryatlar, guletler, katamaran ve gezi teknelerine kadar bir çok yat seçeneği ile sizlere hizmet vermektedir. Yatlar güneşlenme güverteleri, dinlenme alanları, yemek alanları ve eğlence sistemleri gibi çeşitli olanaklarla donatılmış olup, çeşitli aktiviteler için uygundur.

Ödeme Seçenekleri

Ön Rezervasyon için toplam tutarın %40’ı ön ödeme olarak yapılır. Ödeme yapıldıktan sonra rezervasyonunuz kesinleşir.

Kalan %60’lık bakiyenin tura çıkmadan önce Prestige Lux Tour mürettebatına nakit olarak ödenmesi gerekmektedir.

Ödemeleri banka havalesi veya nakit olarak kabul ediyoruz. Diğer ödeme yöntemleri için Prestige Lux Tour temsilcinizle iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyiniz.

Kiralamaya Dahil Hizmetler

Yatınızı Prestige Lux Tour ile organize ederken aşağıdaki hizmetler dahildir:

  • Marina Çıkış Ücretleri
  • Yakıt (Günübirlik turlarda)
  • Sınırsız Alkolsüz İçecek (Tura göre değişir)

Prestige Lux Tour , kiralama süreniz boyunca size konsiyerj hizmeti sunmaktan mutluluk duyar, yerel uzmanlarımız size bölgedeki en iyi noktalar hakkında tavsiyelerde bulunacak ve tercihlerinize göre sizin için rezervasyon yapacaktır.

Bunun yanı sıra Prestige Lux Tour, tercihlerinizi her zaman dikkate almakta, görüşlerinize ve yemek zevkinize büyük önem vermektedir. İsteklerinize göre değişiklik ve ayarlamalar yapma esnekliğine sahibiz.

Antalya ve Kemer yat kiralamalarında yemek, limitsiz alkollü ve alkolsüz içecekler mevcuttur.

Özel yat kiralama yemek menü listesi için lütfen bizimle iletişime geçiniz.

Neden Yat Kiralama?

  • Yat kiralama size ve sevdiklerinize mahremiyet sağlar.
  • Eşsiz bir hizmet anlayışı ve profesyonel bir ekip.
  • Dünyayı keşfetmek için çeşitli yat seçenekleri.
  • Huzurlu ve dinlendirici bir atmosfer ile yoğun şehir hayatından kaçış sunar.
  • Doğum günü, yıl dönümü ya da kurumsal organizasyonlar için fark yaratın.
  • Saatlik, yarım gün, tam gün veya konaklamalı mavi turlar için kiralama seçenekleriyle uygun ve rekabetçi fiyatlar.

Payment Options

For Pre-Reservation, 40% of the total amount is made as a prepayment. Your reservation is finalized after payment.

The remaining 60% balance must be paid in cash to the Prestige Lux crew member before boarding the yacht.

We accept payments by bank transfer or cash. Do not hesitate to contact your Prestige Lux representative for other payment methods.

Included In The Rental

When booking your yacht with Prestige Lux, the following services are included:

  • Marina Departure Fees
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks (depending on tour)

Prestige Lux Tour is happy to offer you the concierge service during your rental period, our local experts will advise you on the best spots in the area and book for you based on your preferences.

In addition to that, Prestige Lux Tour always takes your preferences into consideration and attaches high importance on your opinions and food taste. We are flexible to make changes and adjustments according to your wishes.

Meals and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available for yacht charters in Antalya and Kemer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the private boat rental food menu list.

What is a Private Cruise?

Private cruises in Turkey refer to yacht rental services that allow individuals or groups to rent a yacht for exclusive use. This means that the yacht and its facilities are solely reserved for the use of the renters and their guests.

Yacht charter company Prestige Lux Tour in Turkey offer a range of yachts, from small, intimate vessels to larger, more spacious yachts that can accommodate larger groups.

The yachts come equipped with various amenities such as sun decks, lounging areas, dining areas, and entertainment systems, making them suitable for a variety of activities.

Why Yacht Charter?

  • Yacht charter provides privacy for you and your loved ones.
  • A unique service concept and a professional team.
  • Various yacht options to explore the world.
  • Offers an escape from the busy city life, with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Make a difference for birthday, anniversary or corporate organizations.
  • Affordable and competitive prices, with rental options available for both half-day and full-day trips
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Turkey Charter Cruising

Private charter yacht vacation turkey.

Uniquely positioned at a cultural and geographical meeting point, Turkey is home to a diverse culture and richly historical land abound with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cosmopolitan cities, amazing flavors and a stunning coastline fringed by crystal clear waters. Boasting a favorable Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers complimented by calm waters and kind winds, the Turkish coastline is a premier yacht charter destination.

From exploring the ancient ruins and natural wonders of the world, to shopping in the luxury boutiques in old town city ports, to kayaking and swimming over the remains of Cleopatra’s baths, the Turkish coastline provides an abundance of land and water activities for a private luxury yacht charter vacation.

Turkey Charter Cruise Itineraries

Most charters in Turkey begin from the Southwestern ports such as: Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye. Round-trip charter itineraries are also an option, especially for those who wish to cruise onwards to Fethiye and explore the land to the east of Gocek, where ports are more exclusive and sometimes only accessible by boat.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Marmaris - Ekincik Day 2: Ekincik - Gocek Day 3: Gocek to Fethiye Day 4: Fethiye to Kalkan Day 5: Kalkan to Kas Day 6: Kas to Kekova Day 7: Depart in Kevoa

Turkey Charter Yacht Season

The Aegean region of Turkey provides the ideal climate for chartering. Summer months are filled with consistent sunshine and moderate temperatures. Calm waters and kind winds.

Turkey Charter Vacation Activities

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites:
  • Visit Bodrum Castle
  • Turkish Baths in Bodrum
  • White-water rafting Dalyan River
  • Mud baths and hot springs of Dalyan
  • Iztuzu Beach
  • Cleopatra’s Bay
  • Explore Gocek town, full of restaurants and bars
  • Dine at Swissotel Beach Club Restaurant in Gocek
  • Kayak over the submerged Lycian city of Simena. Snorkel the submerged ruin of Byzantine church.
  • Visit Gemiler Adasi, a small island where Saint Nicholas was believed to have lived and initially been buried. The island is full of Byzantine ruins and Christian tombs.
  • Patara Beach - Turkey’s longest beach.
  • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  • Aphrodisias
  • Swimming hole highlights: Pamukkale, Ilica Waterfall, Delikli Cove, Spadare Canyon, Kings Pool, Blue Lake, Salmata

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Popular Turkey Charter Cruising Destinations

Turkey luxury charter yachts, contact nicholson yachts.

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Turkey Yacht Charter Holidays

Live best moments in private yacht charters.

We provide private yacht charters in Turkey, Greek Islands, Mediterranean. We specialize in custom planning and organizing gulet charters for your special holidays at sea with family and friends. Based on your choices, we create the finest itineraries and tours with you, your guests, and captains. The first step toward an outstanding Mediterranean yacht charter holiday is to search for the right private yacht options. You can choose to start from Turkey, Greece, Croatia or Italy as your base port. The most option among our fleet will be the option of renting a yacht from Turkey. Mirya Yachting offers best selection private yacht charters & luxury gulet charter options.

Discover the Mediterranean with private yacht charters

Illusion ii yacht.

Length: 40 Mt / Cabins: 6 / Guests: 12 Starting from: €125.000 Euro

This well-designed beauty llusion II yacht is a well-known high-class yacht in the Aegean Sea. You might like to hire this magnificent luxury yacht for holiday in Turkey and the Greek islands. Please inquire about availability. View Photos & Prices

Silver Moon Yacht

Length: 36 Mt / Cabins: 5 / Guests: 11 Starting from: €38.500 Euro

Silver Moon gulet, one of Turkey’s high-class sailing yachts, provides high class services. The most notable characteristic of Silver Moon gulet is her excellent sailing equipment. Base port: Bodrum, Turkey View Photos & Prices

Long Island Yacht

Length: 39 Mt / Cabins: 5 / Guests: 10 Starting from: €45.500 Euro

Luxury yacht Long Islands provides charter services in Turkey. She is one of the newest yachts with top class comfort and crew service. Please inquire for availability. View Photos & Prices

Calm Down Yacht

Length: 30 Mt / Cabins: 6 / Guests: 12 Starting from: €28.000 Euro

Luxury motor yacht Calm Down is offering unforgettable cruising experience in Turkish coast. This beautiful brand new yacht built in 2023. Please inquire about availability. View Photos & Prices

Length: 56 Mt / Cabins: 5 / Guests: 11 Starting from: €90.000 Euro

Would you like to explore the Mediterranean with Yazz yacht, an award-winning luxury yacht? Elegant architecture and luxurious comfort… there is so much more to say. Base port: Bodrum, Turkey View Photos & Prices

Meira Yacht

Length: 54 Mt / Cabins: 6 / Guests: 12 Starting from: €105.000 Euro

Meira yacht, which takes her place among high-quality serviced yachts, offers you an unforgettable holiday opportunity. Base port: Bodrum, Turkey View Photos & Prices

Plan Your Holiday in Turkish Coastline

By taking a yacht charter Turkey holiday, you can explore beautiful bays, ports, cities, and nature.

Discover the best yacht holidays in Turkey. The luxurious Turkish yachts departs from Marmaris, Bodrum, Göcek, and Fethiye ports. Bays for water sports, ancient ruins, outstanding kitesurfing spots, lively nightlife, traditional or trendy shopping regions, and world-famous restaurants… Destinations in Turkey that have it all. Tours to the Greek islands depart from the ports of Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Bozburun and Fethiye.

Discover Greek Islands Itineraries

Visit Rhodes, Symi, Kalymnos, Patmos, Santorini, Mykonos and renowned  islands in Greece.

Your 1 week private yacht charters can cover either The Southern or Northern Dodecanese Islands. You can visit the Santorini and / or Mykonos and nearby islands for your 10-14 days trip. This time might vary based on the date of the features of the boat you will rent. You may hire a yacht in Turkey and explore the Greek Islands in charter season. Our gulet specialists will provide recent information for your Greek Islands vacation.

Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Dear Baris, We had a fantastic time on the Royal RTT; the boat was in excellent shape, clean and well maintained. The best part of the experience was the staff; Fatma the chef was absolutely fantastic and creative and her meals were out of this world but with a local flavour. She prepared different dishes and all were delicious. We would love to book another trip with your company possibly further north where we understand there is more to see and more seclusion. Thank you very much for all your responsiveness and information. We had an unforgettable trip thanks to you and your team. Rob Rob, Canada, Royal RTT,
Good morning Baris Prenses ESILA Tour was a good expérience for all of us. Captain Mehmet was very attentive and tried to please to everyone regarding our stops, all demands were satisfied. Food was excellent, healthy and light for me, varied and fresh for the rest of the group. We appreciated the afternoon tea Time snack from the chef it was delicious each Time. Kamel, burak and yusuf were extremely professional and discreet onboard. I would like to Thank you for your service! Kind regards Fatma Fatma, Tunisia, Prenses Esila
Dear Baris, I also hope you are well. Thank you very much for your interest. The week has been fantastic. We have been very comfortable, the food great, the crew fantastic, they have been very kind friendly and attentive at all times. It's been a truly unforgettable vacation. Thank you again for your interest and professionalism. Best regards, Estefania Estefania, Spain, Prenses Bugce

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Turkey luxury yacht charter

For charterers wishing to expand their horizons towards the eastern Mediterranean, a luxury yacht charter in Turkey offers a bounty of ancient historical sights, spectacular anchorages and a taste of the exotic. Revel in a cultural melting pot in Istanbul, the meeting point of the Aegean, Marmara and Black Seas or enjoy the piercing-blue bays and blonde sands of the Turkish Turquoise Coast in dreamy locations like Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, just a stone's throw from Greek island chains such as the Dodecanese. With a longer, warmer cruising season and fewer crowds, Turkey is the ultimate East meets West charter destination.

Turkey yacht season and weather

The charter season in Turkey runs from late April to October, with shoulder season months of April, May and October still enjoying warm, sunny weather and blissfully quiet cruising grounds.

Summer temperatures average between 26°C and 30°C but can soar well above 30°C during the peak months of July and August. Sea temperatures remain above 20°C from May to November, peaking at 26°C, making it a haven for watersports, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Turkey yacht charter itineraries

Yachts usually depart from Göcek, Bodrum or Marmaris. Göcek has multiple marinas with Skopea Marina accommodating yachts up 110 metres and D Marin Göcek accommodating craft up to 70 metres. Netsel Marmaris Marina has moorings for yachts up to 90 metres. Milta Bodrum Marina has moorings for yachts up to 100 metres.

Cruise 15 nautical miles from bustling Marmaris to the serenity of the Ekincik nature reserve, where clear cyan waters are backed by vertiginous slopes for a tranquil first stop. Take the tender up the Dalyan Çayı River to see the extraordinary Lycian tombs, the mud baths and the ancient ruins at Kaunos before cruising 25 nautical miles to one of Turkey’s most picturesque anchorages at Tersane Island.

A short hop from Tersane, the neighbouring bays around the chic harbour of Göcek offer plentiful heavenly spots to drop the anchor. Charter yachts can moor in Göcek or overnight in the hidden paradise of Yassica Adalari, a necklace of emerald islands that lie off the glittering Göcek coast.

Cove hop around Yassica Adalari before making the 10 nautical mile trip to the traditional town of Fethiye, where the ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos await. Fethiye’s Ece Marina can accommodate yachts up to 60 metres. The famous sapphire lagoon of Olu Deniz lies 15 nautical miles south and is framed by vertiginous mountains. The trendy, bougainvillaea-clad fishing harbour of Kalkan and historic Kas lie further south.

Alternatively, culture lovers may want to begin in the north at Kuşadası Setur Marina (moorings up to 90 metres), where Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world are both nearby. From there, make the 100 nautical mile overnight passage to Didim’s long sandy beaches and the nearby ruins of the Temple of Apollo. D Marin Didim offers berths up to 70 metres.

For a change of pace, the upmarket town of Türkbükü, synonymous with Turkish elite and celebrities, lies 20 nautical miles across the azure gulf. There is no dockage in the town so you can either anchor out or you can leave your yacht at the nearby Yalikavak Marina (moorings up to 140 metres). Departing Türkbükü, charterers can explore the Turkish Riviera, cruising 30 nautical miles to fun-filled Bodrum and on to the secluded coves of Datça, the Greek island of Symi, and the dive sites and cruising havens of Fethiye, Göcek and Olu Deniz.

Getting to Turkey

Commercial airlines and private jets operate from Izmir, Antalya, Dalaman and Milas-Bodrum airports. Göcek is a 25-minute drive from Dalaman airport.

Charters may use Turkey as a jumping-off point to explore the Dodecanese and the south-eastern Aegean.

Legal requirements

When arriving in or leaving Turkey, yachts must report to an official port of entry. These include Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Fethiye and Kas. 

Yachts entering Turkish waters for the first time must also fly a Q flag and a Turkish courtesy flag.

Yacht features

Yacht Charter in Turkey

+1 813 314 7947 USA: 8am to 8pm EST Europe: 8am to 8pm CET

private yacht turkey

High End Yachts

Yachts under $250k

Yachts under $100k

Yachts under $60k

Yachts under $40k

Yachts under $30k

Yachts over 200ft

Yachts under 200ft

Yachts under 150ft

Yachts under 125ft

Yachts under 100ft

Yachts under 75ft

Yachts under 50ft

private yacht turkey

Charter Yachts with a Jacuzzi

private yacht turkey

Charter Yachts with a Jetski

private yacht turkey

Charter Yachts with Multiple Jetskis Onboard

private yacht turkey

Charter Yachts with Scuba Diving Onboard

private yacht turkey

Large Groups (12-20 guests) charters

private yacht turkey

Luxury Yachts

private yacht turkey

Motor Yachts

private yacht turkey

Power Catamarans

Dma yachting.

Carer de Saridakis, 3A 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

private yacht turkey

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private yacht turkey

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Owner, charter broker, active cyba member, iyba, ecpy.

[email protected]

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private yacht turkey

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private yacht turkey

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private yacht turkey


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private yacht turkey

What yacht charter are you looking for?

Turkey yacht charter.

With over 500 islands and 4,400 miles of unspoiled coastline, Turkey is an ideal destination for luxury yacht charter vacations. The country offers diverse yacht charter options catering to various preferences and budgets, from sailboats and catamarans to large luxury motor yachts . Turkey Yacht Charters typically include professional crew, customizable itineraries , and amenities such as water sports equipment , scuba gear , and even Jacuzzis  on larger vessels. To secure preferred dates and vessels, booking well in advance is advisable, especially for charters during peak seasons.

► Types of Yacht Charters in Turkey

► Why Charter in Turkey?

► Yacht Charter Season in Turkey

► Turkey's Best Charter Destinations

► Turkey Charter Itineraries

► Award-Winning Marinas in Turkey

► Frequently Asked Questions

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The following are the main categories of yachts available for charter in Turkey: luxury yachts, motor yachts, power catamarans, sailing yachts, and more. You can choose from various crewed yacht charter options within these categories. All yacht charters are customizable in terms of charter itineraries, onboard services, and activities, to suit the preferences of each client.

Luxury Yachts

Turkey Yacht Charter Vacation

Why Charter a Yacht in Turkey?

With its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia , the Turkish peninsula is bordered by a total of eight countries and is surrounded by three different Seas : the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It has over 500 islands along with 4,400 miles of unspoiled coastline which is best explored on a luxury yacht charter (motor yacht or luxury gulet charter).

Turkey offers private luxury yacht charters that typically start from Gocek and include visits to islands such as Gocek Island, Kas, or Kekova , which has an ancient underwater city that can be reached only via snorkeling or deep-sea diving . For those looking to explore the rich culture and history of the country, Fethiye Marina on the Gulf of Fethiye (‘Turkish Riviera’) provides a great starting point. This region is rich in archaeological treasures , including the famous rock tombs of Antalya . In addition, the popular Oludeniz beach , also known as the Blue Lagoon , is closer to Fathiye Marina and can be visited for stunning views and impromptu photo sessions while sailing on the luxury private yacht charter in Turkey.

private yacht turkey

☝ 0% VAT on EU-flagged charter yachts ✔

☝ Award-Winning Superyacht Marinas ✔

☝ Over 500 Picturesque Islands and Islets ✔

When is the Best Time for a Yacht Charter in Turkey?

The season for a luxury yacht charter in Turkey is quite long and spans the summer months, from April and October . This period offers the most favorable weather conditions for sailing, with warm temperatures ranging between 25°C and 35°C (77°F to 95°F) , clear skies, gentle breezes, and long daylight hours , creating ideal conditions for cruising along the coastline and exploring the islands.

Luxury Yacht charters in Turkey are a unique experience due to the Meltemi wind , which blows from the Northwest to West-Northwest on the open water and follows the coastlines closer to shore. In the summer, the average wind speed is 10-15 knots , and sometimes the guests can have a thrilling experience with 25-30 knots in the peak season. After the peak season, meltemi is generally weaker and you can experience mild winds. We recommend large, crewed yachts such as motor yachts , sailing yachts , or Gulet Charters to give you the best experience in the winds of the Sea.

That said, while summer is the most popular time for yacht charters in Turkey, the spring and early autumn months can also offer pleasant weather conditions fewer crowds , AND discounted charter prices , making them attractive alternatives for those seeking a quieter sailing experience. Consult with an experienced private yacht charter to get the best experience for your Luxury yacht charter vacation in Turkey.

A slender tanned girl on the beach in a straw hat in the colors of the flag of Turkey. The concept of a perfect vacation in a resort in the Turkey. Focus on the hat.

Our favorite Turkey Yacht Charter Destinations

Best Turkey Yacht Charter Destinations

Oludeniz beach (blue lagoon).

Fethiye is a picturesque town located on the southwest coast of Turkey. The majestic rock tombs that once stood on the site of ancient Telmessos may still be seen carved into the towering cliffs of Fathiye.  15 kilometers south of Fethiye,  is the town of Olüdeniz ,  which is known for its turquoise-protected  blue lagoon , white sand beach, and National Park forest land best explored using a luxury motor yacht.

Although it is well known for its beauty and might get crowded in the summer, you are likely to find an unexplored cove if traveling by superyacht during your sailing vacation. Hop across the hill to the abandoned settlement of Kayaköy (Karmylassos) , which gained fame in L ouis Des Bernières’ book Birds Without Wings , if you’re determined to find peace on land.

Don't Miss ☝

  • Blue Lagoon : a stunning bay with crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches
  • Butterfly Valley : a nature reserve with a diverse ecosystem and a waterfall
  • Saklikent Gorge : a natural wonder with high cliffs and a river flowing through it
  • Ancient ruins : Fethiye is home to several ancient ruins, including the Lycian Rock Tombs and the Roman Theater

private yacht turkey

Göcek is a charming town located in the Gulf of Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Göcek is known for its modern marinas , which are popular among luxury yacht charters, with proximity to many secluded coves and bays . Some of the popular marinas in Göcek are D-Marin Göcek, Göcek Village Port, and Skopea Marina.

Göcek is located in an area surrounded by pine forests and hills , making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The Göcek Yacht Club is situated in the middle of the pine forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and sea.

  • Twelve Islands : a group of small islands with crystal-clear waters and secluded beaches
  • Dalyan : a town on the Dalyan River known for its mud baths and ancient ruins
  • Water sports: Göcek is a popular destination for sailing and offers many opportunities for water sports, including windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding

Bodrum (Historic Wonders)

Bodrum is a popular destination for luxury yacht charters in Turkey for its lively nightlife and beaches with Club Catamaran , and Marina Yacht Club . Besides, The town was once known as Halicarnassus  and was home to the famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World . Today, Bodrum is home to several historic landmarks and museums, including the Castle of St. Peter , which now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Luxury private boat rental (motor yacht charter) will allow you to discover these historical landmarks on the turquoise coast of Turkey.

  • Castle of St. Peter: a medieval castle that now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology
  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus : one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Bodrum Marina : a modern marina with upscale restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • Water sports : Bodrum offers a variety of water sports, including diving, snorkeling, and parasailing

Sailing yachts moored in Bodrum with Castle in the background and blue and pink skies

Antalya (Shopping)

Antalya has a rich history, with well-preserved ancient ruins, including the Roman Theater and Perge , an ancient city with impressive ruins of a stadium, a theatre , and a bathhouse. In addition to its historical sites, Antalya is known for its beautiful beaches, including Lara Beach and Konyaalti Beach best explored by Luxury Gulet charter or motor yacht charter . You can also explore the Düden Waterfalls , a series of cascading waterfalls on the Düden River.

Antalya is also home to many upscale shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a bustling bazaar where visitors can find traditional Turkish goods , including rugs, ceramics, and jewellery.

  • Perge : an ancient city with well-preserved ruins, including a theatre and a stadium
  • Hadrian’s Gate : a well-preserved Roman gate that dates back to the 2nd century
  • Düden Waterfalls : a series of waterfalls on the Düden River

Kekova Island (Sunken Cities)

Kas and Kekova are two neighboring destinations on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey that are popular among luxury yacht charters.

Kekova Island and Myra offer a unique luxury experience for a yacht charter in Turkey, where they can enjoy swimming in the clear waters while exploring the remains of the Lycian civilization . While snorkeling or diving, visitors can observe sarcophagi, ancient tombs, and archways , which are submerged underwater . This is a truly standout experience of any Turkish Riviera trip, as the sunken city is a sight to behold.

  • Lycian Way: a long-distance hiking trail that passes through Kas and offers stunning views of the coastline
  • Antiphellos Ancient City: an ancient Lycian city with well-preserved ruins, including a theatre and a temple
  • Sunken City of Simena : a partially submerged ancient city with well-preserved ruins that can be seen from the water or by snorkeling
  • Üçağız : a small fishing village with traditional houses and a scenic harbor
  • Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours : Kekova is known for its glass-bottomed boat tours that offer a unique view of the sunken city and the surrounding marine life.

Ruins on the edge of the water and some submerged between the crystal clear water

Where to Charter in Turkey


Luxury Turkey yacht charter Itinerary is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Visit famous island regions like Gocek, Fethiye, Gemiler, Kalkan, Kekova, Myra, and Kas for an extraordinary luxury private yacht charter vacation in Turkey!

Over the years, we have built up  personal relationships with yacht crew  in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, on different size vessels. This has given us not only a  unique insight  into  chartering itineraries  for the best secret anchorages, best beaches, local bars, snorkeling hotspots, and beautiful sunset locations but also the  expertise to match you with your perfect crew and yacht for your Turkey Yacht Charter .

Award-Winning Luxury Marinas in Turkey

These are just four of the many marinas in Turkey that are renowned for their high standards, world-class facilities, and commitment to providing exceptional experiences for yacht owners, visitors, and crew members.

private yacht turkey

Yalıkavak Marina

Located in Bodrum on the Aegean coast, Yalıkavak Marina has received numerous awards, including the prestigious “Five Gold Anchor Platinum” rating from The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA). It offers top-notch facilities, luxury amenities, and a vibrant waterfront promenade.

D-Marin Göcek

Located in Göcek on the Turquoise Coast, D-Marin Göcek is known for its picturesque setting and excellent services. It has been awarded the “Best Marina in the Eastern Mediterranean” multiple times and provides a tranquil and luxurious environment for yacht owners and visitors.

Setur Kusadasi Marina

Situated in Kuşadası on the Aegean coast, Setur Kusadasi Marina is recognized for its quality services and amenities. It has received awards such as the “Five Gold Anchor” rating from TYHA and offers modern facilities, shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

D-Marin Turgutreis

Situated in Turgutreis, near Bodrum, D-Marin Turgutreis is an award-winning marina known for its excellence in facilities and services. It has received accolades such as the “Best Marina Design” and offers berthing facilities for superyachts, upscale amenities, and a serene setting overlooking the Aegean Sea.

private yacht turkey

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should i begin my yacht charter in turkey.

With a country as large as Turkey, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to begin and where to go on your Yacht Charter. However, the majority of yacht charters in Turkey commence in the country’s southwestern marinas and there are two good reasons for that: First of all, the Marinas offer excellent facilities , and are conveniently located close to both regional and international airports . Secondly, from here, there are lots of great places to go. – Bodrum, Göcek, Çeşme, Marmaris, Fethiye, or Antalya are all chartering favorites.

For inspiration, take a look at our recommended 6-Day Turkey Yacht Charter Itinerary and explore Gocek, Fethiye, Gemiler Island, Kalkan, Kekova Island, and Kas.


With a wide variety of charter yacht choices and itineraries in Turkey, there’s an option for every budget . Depending on what you wish to have and do on your yacht charter the price varies quite a bit. For an accurate estimate of your Turkey yacht charter cost, you should contact our brokers . They will be able to help you draw up a plan with you based on your wishes and budget.

  • Sailing yacht charter: $9,450 to $185,000  per week.
  • Catamaran Charters range from $21,000 to $100,000  per week.
  • Motor yacht charters: $9,450 to $120,000  per week.
  • Superyacht Charters: $90,000 to $320,000  per week.


Ideally, you’d inquire about a Turkey charter 12 months in advance .  WHY?  The best yachts are often  fully booked  long in advance and it’s not unusual to see popular dates booked  2 summers ahead . Inquiring less than 6 months ahead often means that your first choice is unavailable for charter. Additionally, you might find that the yacht you wish to charter, can’t make it to the port where you wish to commence your yacht charter.


Our clients speak of unparalleled service, exquisite yachts, and a straightforward booking process, highlighting the excellence of their yacht charter experiences.

DMA Yachting | Yacht Charter Company Rating: 4.9 out of 5 with 203 reviews - Excellent

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DMA Yachting has several YouTube channels for popular Charter destinations such as Greece ,  BVI ,  Bahamas ,  Croatia , and many more, where we share lots of good information and tips about different charter types, charter activities, prices, and booking procedures.

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Turkey Gulet Charter

Chartering a gulet yacht in Turkey offers a unique and luxurious way to explore the country’s stunning coastline. Gulets and yachts come in various sizes and levels of luxury, accommodating anything from small groups to larger parties, with options for crewed and bareboat charters. With a blend of picturesque scenery, warm hospitality, and the allure of the sea, Turkyacht promises an unforgettable holiday experience.

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private yacht turkey


Gulet cruise is an excellent way to explore the area having a possibility to visit and explore some of the most beautiful Turkish bays reachable only from the sea. You can take advantage of the crew’s local knowledge of the area as well as tips on places, bays, beaches and restaurants worth visiting.

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To spend more quality and fun time, Turkyacht gulets offer a the entertainment and gadget to make your travel more interesting and for remembers. For your full relaxation and entertainment our gulets have the following facilities made with special care contribute to full enjoyment and hedonism only for you.

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Yacht Charter Turkey, Sailing Thailand

Bareboat Yacht Charter & Sailing Holidays in Turkey

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In 2007 we set up our own yacht charter company, Sail in Turkey, since then we have greeted many new & repeat customers time & time again. We love running our own small team in exactly the way we wish to rather than for a big brand. 

Your holiday experience matters to us. We have established strong partnerships with the best charter operators in Turkey, with whom we have had a trusted relationship for many years.

Our goal is to ensure you have an unforgettable yacht charter experience. We will assist you in finding the perfect yacht that suits your needs and desires. We maintain constant communication with the base staff to ensure all your requirements are met. When you arrive at the base, you’ll receive a warm welcome, and once you’re on board, our experienced crew will provide a comprehensive boat briefing to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your charter.

So if you are planning to discover the beauty of Turkey next summer, contact us today to start planning your dream getaway!

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Dufour 430 Marmaris

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Sailing in Turkey

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Elan 444 Gocek Base July 2022

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2 week Charter from Gocek

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Your holiday experience matters to us at Sail in Turkey. We have established strong partnerships with the best charter operators in Turkey, with whom we have had a trusted relationship for many years.  

Our goal is to ensure you have an unforgettable yacht charter experience. We will assist you in finding the perfect yacht that suits your needs and desires. We maintain constant communication with the base staff to ensure all your requirements are met. On arrival at the base, you'll receive a warm welcome, and once you're on board, our experienced crew will provide a comprehensive boat briefing to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your charter. 

Discover the beauty of Turkey, contact us today to start planning your dream getaway!

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Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue cruise Turkey

Welcome to Blue Tour Turkey ! We are a licensed and professional Yacht Broker Company in Turkey since 2009. Our head office is based in Istanbul and Operation Office is located in Marmaris where is one of the most chosen Gulet destinations in Turkey. We are pleased to serve our Turkey Gulets and Turkey Gulet Routes .

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Turkish gulet.

gulet blue dream

Blue Dream Gulet

Location: Fethiye Max Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

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Naz Can Gulet

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 4 Cabins: 2

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Alper A Gulet

Location: Marmaris Max Guests: 16 Cabins: 8


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El Paradiso Motor Yacht

Location: Marmaris Max Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

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Kuum Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 6 Cabins: 3

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Miracle Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 8 Cabins: 3

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Vetro Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 10 Cabins: 5


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Glorious Sailing Yacht

Location: Rhodes Max Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

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Blue cruise turkey.

Marmaris to Bodrum Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Bodrum Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Fethiye and Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Fethiye and Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Gocek to Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Touro Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Tour

Gocek to Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Tour

Popular turkey gulet destinations on turkish riviera.

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marmaris turkey


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bodrum turkey


Reviews from our Guests

The Bedia Sultan is really beautiful – the woodwork, attention to detail and the comfortable spaces. We loved it and it was always the best yacht in the ports. Mel and her team are amazing – nothing was too Koch trouble and they forethought everything we needed, great service and lovely personalities. The food was amazing – really delicious and varied, all of it was good. Hasan is a perfectionist, cool-headed but easy to work with when we wanted to change our itinerary he gave us the best advice and accommodated is so we had the best experience. The coastline is magnificent, crystal clear waters and gorgeous scenery. We fell in love with everything in Turkey and had the most wonderful week.

It was a beautiful vacation !! Mr. Hakan from the agency had everything perfectly organized! We were taken from the airport in a luxury vehicle to the harbor where the beautiful yacht lay. From here we have the unusually pleasant and nice crew spoiled. Despite some allergies and food intolerances among us in the group, the cook has managed to make us all really happy. Very, very delicious! So we spent a carefree time with water skiing, snorkeling, boating or just let your mind wander ….. just wonderful! Thank you! We can not think of anything!

A beautiful, older, but well-maintained gulet in wooden construction. The service on board. The route through beautiful nature and small picturesque villages was particularly fascinating on the island of Simi. Steward Bilal, was a unique tip.

The whole experience in general has been very rewarding. The crew of the boat is very efficient and friendly, with a special congratulation to the cook who has made us enjoy Turkish cuisine and have been aware of all our preferences. We also thank the company and the crew for the quick management they did when we needed medical attention for one of our friends. In general everything has been very much to our liking.

We liked the Göcek-Bodrum tour very much. All the bays that Captain Yüksel could take us to were wonderful. I cannot finish by telling about the excellent meals Chef Ali has made on the boat. I would like to thank the entire crew and agency manager Erkan for their interest. Hope to see you for the next vacation. VERY LIKED

The crew was awesome! Our chef made the most delicious meals from fresh food that we selected ourselves. Interacting with Mehmet, the main crew member looking after me and my husband, was hands down the best part of our trip. Mehmet ensured we always had what we needed in a discreet way and was always a step ahead of us. The captain was incredibly kind and walked us through the maps of all of the places that we would be visiting. He also made multiple suggestions for anchorage at locations that we hadn’t planned on visiting, which was brilliant. The sailor on the boat was also incredibly kind and was constantly ensuring my husband and I had what we need.

This time it was really luxury! The Gulet – Dreamland – was well equipped, the cabins generous, the bathrooms really offer space and were cleaned daily on the finest and tidy. The chef is in a class of its own, the kitchen was very varied, there were several fish in excellent quality! The Kaptan is extremely friendly and accommodating and very competent. For us, it was an unforgettable week in the beautiful Turkish coastline.

Loved the boat and the itinerary. Beautiful Gulf of Gocova! I think we would have liked more discussion about the itinerary before we started as we would have liked to go to a few more restaurants in the evening. However the places the captain chose to anchor in were gorgeous. Thought the food could be better. Although we kept telling the chef not to provide so much we kept getting far too much food! 

Scenery was stunning, the boat was comfortable, food was fabulous and the 3 crew were really great.

We had a wonderful trip! The experience was very positive from the beginning: Ender from the BlueTourTurkey agency was super quick and helpful, he answered all questions immediately and organized the trip in a very short time. Crew was also very attentive and even did more than work: Kapitaen Ismail shared his private wifi with us, Ahmed spoiled us with delicious and varied food, Oshahn even gave the child his own baseball cup. We had 3 people in our family who couldn’t swim and the crew looked after us perfectly by taking us from the yacht to the beach with dinghy every day. Thank you for a great trip and wonderful vacation!

Barış captain and his friend served very well The food was delicious, the service was perfect, the boat was great, they did their best.

We enjoyed our trip very much. The boat was beautiful and clean. The crew was wonderful — very accommodating. The food was very good — of course, we are all on diets now! The travel agents and agency were very efficient and organized — I give them very high marks. Everything they promised, they did. We all feel we got very good value for our money.

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turkey blue tour


turkish gulet

The Blue Tour is the most ideal and distinctive vacation you can have in Turkey.

The goal of the Blue Tour is to take in the glory and unending beauty of the sunset. It is to take advantage of the fish, appetizers, and drinks in the calm, blue-dominated waters. It involves reading a book that you haven’t been able to finish in a while and becoming lost in it. It is to spend time alone with your significant other at dusk, travel through various distinctive bays, go swimming in clear, calm seas, and lie on the sand at the beach. Get away from the bustle and fatigue of the city and embark on an inner trip to discover how long it has been since you last felt free.

Consider taking a blue cruise around the most stunning coastlines of the Aegean and Mediterranean, in coves where green and blue embrace. A beautiful yacht where you can spend time alone with your loved ones, share days and nights, and have fun is another option for this trip.

How Did The Blue Cruise Begin?

In the Gulf of Gökova, the Blue Tour’s narrative opens. The Istiklal Court sentenced historian, translator, and author Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli (a fisherman from Halicarnassus) to kalebentlik in Bodrum for a 1925 piece that appeared in the magazine “Illustrated Week.” He would serve a three-year term. However, Cevat Sakir’s cellar days change from punishment to enjoyment. It was consequently agreed that he would be returned to Istanbul. After doing his time, Cevat Sakir relocates to Bodrum. He adopts the moniker “fisherman of Halicarnassus” after the ancient Turkish city of Bodrum and signs numerous works that are still in circulation today.

Cevat Sakir described his visits to the Gulf of Gokova, various periods of his life, and the people he met in his works. He thought it fitting to refer to this multi-day journey as the “Blue Cruise,” which he took with his companions in the Gulf of Gokova and which began in very unimpressive circumstances.

Summary Of A Day

On the boat, the day starts with a hearty breakfast in the relaxing morning chill. Typically, a hard pier comes after breakfast in the moored bay at night. They make an effort to get there before midday when the sea is calm. Everyone is free to do whatever they choose in the moored bay after lunch. Swim, dive, surf, and water ski for recreation. Everyone becomes more excited as dusk draws near, and it’s time to “sink the sun” with a drink and share some of the fish you’ve caught. You close your eyes under the millions of stars at midnight and organize your wishes at each star shift.

The Blue Cruise is too unique and complex to be explained in a few sentences. Hence, please stop by and stay with us!

Yacht Charter Turkey

Turkey’s proximity to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea makes it one of the ideal countries for blue tour routes. Turkey is one of the top vacation spots to think about because of this. Turkey is a popular destination with travelers seeking the sun, scenic beauty, and high standards of decency. The many tourist attractions in southwestern Turkey have become popular due to frequent flights to international airports. In the summer, numerous travelers visit areas like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Gocek. These locations are all included in the Blue Tour itinerary.

Turkey is one of the greatest international possibilities for your upcoming trip because of its vibrant and hospitable culture. With its tranquil, turquoise waters in the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey is the ideal spot for your next journey. The sixth-most popular tourist destination worldwide is Turkey. It has 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and this number is growing.

It is now clear why yacht routes are becoming more popular in the Turkish Sea. Turkey is the world’s top producer of contemporary superyachts and opulent gulets, boasting the most reputable shipyards. Various options include elegant motor yachts, elegant sailing yachts, and classic Turkish gulets.

The luxurious Blue Tour in Turkey offers a variety of tour alternatives to suit any traveler. You can explore a historic location, undiscovered bays, or an old settlement that has seen history. Your entire trip to Turkey would be an unforgettable journey, whatever you decide to do. Every time you go out, you have a brand new, pleasurable, and memorable experience.

Prepare to go on a blue tour in Turkey, where you won’t be able to discover your soul mate among the picturesque villages and distinctive ultra-luxurious decks. Turkey would wow you instead, from touring historical monuments to peacefully residing, taking part in water activities, and navigating the streets.

Blue Cruise Routes

Between Bodrum and Demre, the Aegean and Mediterranean bays make up the Blue Cruise’s middle portion of the route. Another option is to begin the tour in Istanbul and continue on to Antalya. The flavor of the Blue Trip is concealed, nevertheless, in mooring in nearby bays. Today’s “Blue Cruises” are typically made in 20- to 40-meter wooden gulet-style boats. Although it can sail because of the wind, motor power is frequently used after that.

The beginning of the Blue Journey trip is in Bodrum. Cruises to the Cyclades and the Twelve Islands are also scheduled via Kos Island, which is practically next door, despite the fact that it makes a good starting point for Blue cruises to both Gökova and Hisaronu bays.

While not particularly preferred, the northern path, known as Gulluk or Mandalya Bay, runs from Bodrum to Kusadasi. After anchoring historic cities like Didyma and Lassos, you may go on land excursions, which is helpful to individuals with a passion for archaeology.

The first place is Gökova, which is a little different but livelier thanks to its developing beaches and seaside resorts. Along with Gökova’s captivating natural beauty, there are the remains of the ancient city of Keramos, whose primary draw is Cleopatra’s Beach. According to rumors, he and his boyfriend Anthony imported sand from Egypt to this beach! This theme makes the region seem more exotic and intriguing.

Knidos, which is southwest of Gökova, was a significant city in antiquity. All tourists taking the Blue Cruise today will find it to be a great location. You can go swimming, snorkeling, and engaging in other water activities in the clear, blue waters at a number of private beaches and isolated caverns. If you enjoy fishing, you can locate a site quickly. In the evening, we’ll serve whatever we can catch and the BBQ our chef promised.

Your next stop is Datça, one of the three places in the world with the highest oxygen ratio without any industrialization. Datça is like a dream town where you may stroll about with its distinctive and clean environment, restaurants, bars, and craft shops. You can purchase mementos to take home, give to loved ones, or keep as a reminder of your unique blue cruise journey.

Beyond the Gulf of Hisaronu is Marmaris. Marmaris is home to the most prestigious hotels in addition to sailors in the Aegean. Iztuzu Beach is one of the few places on earth where you can view a sea turtle, or more specifically, a Caretta-Caretta. Small boats can be used to enjoy the river, and you can go to Dalyan to see the well-known Kaunos archaeological site. You travel through the Dalyan Canal to the sea, astounded by the splendor of the king’s tombs. Spas and pampering mud baths are further options.

Fethiye is the final stop. This town is quite large. It has one of the busiest ports in the world. It has one of the busiest ports in the area. There are numerous bays and islands in Fethiye. You would also stop at Gocek, another Gulf of Fethiye town, on your way. Gocek has a top-notch marina where you may witness the most exquisite ships in the port. The gorgeous blue lagoon and nature reserve are visible when you visit the well-known Oludeniz, which is situated south of Fethiye. Xanthos and Letoon, a Unesco World Heritage Site, are where you may also find Lycian ruins.

East of Fethiye are the small but well-known settlements of Kalkan and Kaş. The cobblestone streets, upscale stores, good restaurants, and hip pubs in these places are what really contribute to their foreign atmosphere.

The sunken city of Kekova is the next destination on your tour. The magnificent Ottoman Castle, which is situated nearby, displays the splendor of the Ottoman Empire.

Antalya is the final stop. It is one of Turkey’s biggest and most popular vacation spots. It is a city with a wonderful climate and several big hotels that welcome a lot of people all year. The Old City of Antalya, whose winding, narrow streets connect to create restaurants, bars, and stores, looks out over the port. One of the most significant sights and must-see locations in the Old City is Hadrian’s Gate, which is situated on Main Street.

Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations: Exciting Turkey Charter Experiences Await

Holidays are no longer restricted to well-known locations and traditional travel experiences. Travelers are increasingly looking for one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences that combine luxury, adventure, and leisure. When it comes to providing the ideal balance of luxury, rest, and adventure on the stunning, azure waters of the Turkish coast, Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations Turkey steps in. The luxury charters in Turkey and the different elements that make this trip truly remarkable will be highlighted in this blog post as we dig into the world of Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations.

Charter Turkey Blue Cruise Deluxe – A Voyage Beyond Compare

A luxurious Blue Cruise in Turkey should be at the top of your bucket list if you want to escape the routine and encounter something genuinely special. A one-of-a-kind sailing experience is provided by Charter Turkey Blue Cruise Deluxe on board classic wooden gulets that have been professionally furnished and tailored to offer their passengers the maximum comfort and luxury. These deluxe gulets offer an opulent setting for your amazing voyage around the turquoise seas of the Turkish coast, with roomy staterooms, en-suite bathrooms, contemporary conveniences, and a knowledgeable crew.

The Allure of the Blue Cruise Gulet Holidays

Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations takes you on a trip of discovery along the breathtaking Turkish coast while combining a special mix of adventure and leisure. Visit historic sites, beautiful beaches, and busy bazaars while taking in the sun and the soothing sound of the sea. With comfort and elegance in mind, Blue Cruise Gulets give passengers the chance to relax and indulge in a variety of onboard amenities like sun decks, lounges, and gourmet meals made by trained chefs. There are countless options for adventure, whether you like to swim, sunbathe, or explore.

Discover Turkey’s Rich History and Culture

One of the best things about Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations is the chance to learn all about Turkey’s rich history and culture. Turkey is full of historical and cultural treasures that are just waiting to be found, from old cities like Ephesus and Myra to the famous rock formations of Cappadocia. During your Blue Cruise Gulet tour, you will see UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful temples, and busy bazaars. This will give you a unique look into the past and a better understanding of Turkey’s colorful culture.

Savor the Flavors of Turkey

The chance to experience the local food is a crucial component of any trip, and Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations in Turkey are no different. On board your high-end gulet, you will be treated to a gourmet meal that combines the best of traditional Turkish food with dishes from around the world. Your taste buds will enjoy a pleasant tour of Turkey’s many different kinds of food, like tasty meze platters, juicy kebabs, and fresh fish. On the Blue Cruise, your meals will be served with local wines and a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Mediterranean.

Customize Your Blue Cruise Gulet Holiday

One of the many great things about a Blue Cruise Gulet Holiday is that you can change it to fit your tastes and interests. Your Blue Cruise journey can be customized to match your every need, from picking your favorite route and destinations to choosing the ideal gulet. A pleasant and opulent stay is guaranteed for everyone, whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or as a couple. Blue Cruise Gulets provide a choice of lodging alternatives.

Turkey Gulet Cruises: The Complete Handbook, Sailing Over the Turquoise Waters

Turkey is between Europe and Asia. It has a long history and many different ways of life. Turkey’s beautiful landscapes and shoreline make it one of the best places to go sailing. A gulet trip is one of the most well-liked ways to discover the Turkish shore. With a gulet, a traditional wooden sailing boat, you may be able to see some of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey that few people have seen. We will go through many gulet cruise alternatives in Turkey, including 3-day, 3-night, 4-day, 8-day, and 9-day cruises, as well as highly-liked blue cruise itineraries and advice for an unforgettable vacation, in this article.

Turkey 3-Day and 3-Night Gulet Cruise

For those who wish to see Turkey’s stunning coastline but are short on time, a 3-day, 3-night gulet cruise is ideal. Most of the time, these trips leave from well-known places like Marmaris or Fethiye and sail around the clear waters, stopping at small bays, important landmarks, and cute fishing villages. There will be plenty of chances for you to swim, snorkel, and unwind on the gulet while soaking up the sun and taking in the gorgeous scenery.

Turkey 4-Day Gulet Cruise

The experience is a little longer and more in-depth on a 4-day gulet voyage. These excursions frequently stop at historic sites like the Kekova buried city or the Dalyan Lycian tombs. You’ll have extra time on a 4-day cruise to discover the natural beauty of the coast and partake in water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding.

Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour for 8 Days

A terrific opportunity to explore Turkey’s Aegean coast is with an 8-day Marmaris blue boat tour. The trip leaves from Marmaris and takes you to well-known locations like Bodrum, Datça, and Göcek, as well as undiscovered attractions like the Butterfly Valley and Cleopatra’s Isle. With more free time, you can fully appreciate the relaxed, Mediterranean way of life while enjoying delectable local cuisine and admiring breathtaking sunsets.

Antalya Blue Cruise for 9 Days

A 9-day Antalya Blue cruise down the Mediterranean coast would be a memorable experience. The tour takes you to breathtaking locations like Kekova, Kas, and Kalkan and starts in Antalya, the largest city along the Turkish Riviera. With ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and viewing the historic remnants of the Lycian and Roman civilizations, this voyage offers the ideal fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Turkey Blue Cruise Vacations

Taking a blue cruise in Turkey is a unique way to see the country’s beautiful coastline. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a fan of water sports, these cruises can be personalized to your interests and preferences. You can choose from a variety of options, from quick 3-day excursions to extended 9-day excursions, to find the ideal blue cruise vacation for you.

Blue Cruise in Turkey: Popular Routes

In Turkey, many popular blue cruise routes can fit different schedules and interests. The Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris circle, the Bodrum-Gokova-Bodrum circuit, and the Antalya-Kekova-Antalya route are a few of the more well-known itineraries. Each of these trips has a unique mix of historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and beautiful beaches that will make sure every traveler has an amazing time.

Tips for an Unforgettable Blue Cruise Experience in Turkey

Take into consideration the following advice to get the most out of your blue cruise in Turkey:

a .Choosing the correct season is important because June, July, and August are the busiest months for gulet cruises in Turkey. b. Consider planning your trip in May, September, or October to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the nicer weather.

  • b . Pack light: Gulet cabins are often small, so it’s important to carry only what you need. Remember to pack necessities like sunscreen, swimwear, loose-fitting clothes, hats, and sunglasses.
  • c . Try new foods: Turkish cuisine is highly tasty and diverse. Take advantage of the chance to sample new foods and flavors, from delectable meze platters to fresh seafood.
  • d . Respect local customs: Turkey is a nation with a long history and a wide variety of cultural practices. Be respectful of regional traditions and customs by dressing modestly when visiting places of worship or small towns, for example.
  • e . Express Your Preferences: When reserving a gulet trip, be sure to let the cruise company know your preferences and areas of interest. By knowing this, they can better fit the schedule and the way you spend your time on board to your needs and tastes.
  • f . Don’t Forget Travel Insurance: Just as with any vacation, having travel insurance that covers any unforeseen events, such as medical emergencies or trip cancellations, is crucial.

When you go on a Gulet cruise in Turkey, you can see the country’s beautiful coastline, important historical sites, and charming villages. There are a lot of different trip lengths and routes for blue cruises, so you can pick the one that best fits your interests and schedule. You’ll be well on your way to making priceless memories while sailing through the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas if you keep our advice in mind.

With Blue Cruise Turkey Tours, explore the Aegean and Mediterranean attractions

You don’t have to look any further than the amazing Blue Cruise Turkey Tours if you want a vacation that you will never forget. On these captivating adventures, you travel along some of the most breathtaking blue cruise itineraries in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. No matter how much you know about sailing, these blue cruises in Turkey give you the chance to sail on a traditional wooden gulet and see beautiful coastlines, clean water, and historic sites.

Take a Blue Cruise Turkey Tour to unwind and relax

Selecting a blue cruise Turkey trip means going on a vacation that combines luxury, adventure, and rest. Turkey’s blue cruises are designed to make sure you have a wonderful vacation as you travel along the scenic blue cruise itineraries. These excursions include private accommodations, delectable meals, and lots of chances to relax on the deck, swim, or snorkel.

More about the Mystical Blue Cruise Routes

Itineraries for blue cruises in Turkey offer a lot of beautiful scenery, clean bays, and old buildings. Among the most well-liked routes are:

Visit historic monuments, beautiful towns, and breathtaking beaches along the Bodrum Peninsula Cruise.

Enjoy the secluded coves, crystal-clear waters, and lush islets that dot the Fethiye-Göcek route.

Route from Marmaris to Datça: Take in the natural beauty of the Datça Peninsula, home to a variety of wildlife, pristine waterways, and quaint settlements.

Route from Antalya to Kekova: Go along this fascinating route to see the submerged city of Kekova, its historic ruins, and stunning bays.

Enjoy Turkey’s Blue Gulet Cruise in its entirety

Turkey’s magnificent coasts may be explored and the nation’s rich history can be experienced on a blue gulet trip. Traditional wooden boats called gulets have been carefully built to include conveniences and modern comforts. A blue gulet cruise in Turkey is the definition of a beautiful and peaceful vacation, with its roomy decks and inviting suites.

Create a Unique Blue Tour Turkey Experience

Being able to customize your experience to suit your preferences is one of the best features of a blue tour in Turkey. Several Blue Cruise Turkey trips provide a la carte itineraries that let you go at your speed and select the places that most intrigue you. You can decide whether you wish to go to bustling coastal towns, secluded islands, or historic ruins.

Blue Cruise Turkey Tours provides a singular and alluring approach to discovering the splendor of the Aegean and Mediterranean oceans. There is a great blue cruise Turkey trip waiting for you with a variety of blue cruise routes, blue gulet cruises, and bespoke blue tour itineraries. Don’t pass up the opportunity to set sail on the calm waters of Turkey’s breathtaking beaches and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Blue Tours, Trips, and Voyages: Experience the Wonder of the Turkish Coast

The complete guide to seeing turkey’s mysterious ancient marvels and stunning seascapes.

Turkey is the perfect place for people who want to try new things, relax, and learn about other cultures because of its beautiful coastline, long history, and unique mix of cultures. These fascinating boat trips, which go by the names “Blue Tours,” “Blue Trips,” or “Blue Voyages,” are sure to captivate your senses and leave you with lifelong memories. We’ll cover all you need to know about these enchanted trips along Turkey’s turquoise coast in this blog post, from picking the ideal cruise to learning about the amazing views and experiences that are in store for you.

Overview of Turkey’s Blue Tours Joins a blue trip to explore the Turkish Riviera ‘s magnificent splendor. These excursions reveal the wonders of Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines as they transport you through crystal-clear waters, secret coves, and historic sites. Travelers have a range of alternatives with Blue Tours, from personal, small-group gulet excursions to expansive, opulent yacht rentals. Regardless of your preferences, a Blue Tour is an unforgettable way to discover Turkey’s beautiful coast.

Turkey’s Blue Tour Highlights and Must-See Locations The best way to explore the most amazing locations in the area is with a blue tour in Turkey. Some places you absolutely must visit while traveling are:

The ancient city of Ephesus

The sunken city of Kekova

The butterfly valley in Fethiye

The Lycian tombs of Dalyan

The picturesque village of Göcek

The pristine beaches of Bodrum

The enchanting bays of Marmaris

Blue Voyage Cruise Turkey : Choose the Right Cruise The following are some important things to think about when organizing your Blue Voyage cruise in Turkey :

Choose a cruise length that works with your schedule and interests because it can range from quick 3-day excursions to lengthy 2-week cruises. Boat kind You have a choice of elegant catamarans, modern motor yachts, or conventional wooden gulets for your Blue Journey vacation. When choosing a boat, take into account your spending plan and desired amenities. Route: The Turkish coast is home to many routes, each of which has its distinctive features. Choose a path based on your preferences after doing some research on your alternatives.

Blue Voyage in Turkey : The Ultimate Cultural Adventure An engaging cultural experience, a Blue Cruise in Turkey is more than just a gorgeous cruise. You’ll come across historic sites, regional markets, and delectable Turkish food on your adventure. Take advantage of these chances to engage with locals, learn about the intriguing history of the area, and experience Turkish cuisine.

Discovering Onshore and Offshore Activities with Blue Voyage Tours Turkey For tourists of all interests, Blue Cruise Tours in Turkey provides a choice of activities. On land, you can take a trek through luxuriant forests, discover historic ruins, or simply unwind on exquisite beaches. In the open ocean, one can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and even engage in kayaking and windsurfing. During a Blue Cruise Tour in Turkey , the options are virtually limitless.

Blue Voyage Turkey : The Beauty of Boat Charters When you charter a boat in Turkey for your Blue Cruise, you can have a unique and adaptable experience. When you charter a boat, you may decide on your course, location, and pace, creating a unique vacation.

Sustainable Blue Voyage Travel: Protecting Turkey’s Natural Wonders

It’s crucial to consider the local population and environment before you set out on your Blue Journey in Turkey. Take into account the following advice to guarantee a sustainable and responsible travel experience: Choose eco-friendly vessels and captains who place a high priority on environmental preservation. While swimming and snorkeling, preserve marine life by using reef-safe sunscreen. By dressing modestly and requesting permission before taking pictures of people, you can show respect for cultural traditions and customs. By making local product purchases and dining at family-run establishments, you may help the neighborhood’s economy. When feasible, avoid single-use plastics and dispose of waste responsibly.

Essential Tips for Your Blue Voyage Adventure in Turkey

Observe this crucial advice to guarantee a great and stress-free Blue Cruise experience: Bring lightweight, functional clothes that are easy to change from day to night. For onshore excursions, bring a small daypack or backpack. Keep yourself hydrated, especially in the scorching summer. To reduce plastic waste, bring a reusable water bottle. When exploring historic sites and hiking on rocky terrain, put on comfortable shoes. Be open-minded and eager to interact with regional cultures and traditions.

Blue Voyage Turkey: Seasons and Weather Considerations

Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean beaches are popular Blue Voyages destinations almost all year round because the weather is mild. But, take into account the following seasonal conditions to enhance your enjoyment: Summer (June to August): Expect mild temperatures, busy marinas, and busy seaside towns during the summer. The weather is still good during the shoulder season (April to May and September to October), but there are fewer tourists and prices are lower. The low season, which lasts from November to March, might be chilly and more unpredictable, but you might also find better deals and a more laid-back vibe.

Getting Ready for Your Blue Voyage: Passports and Safety

Before you start your Blue Journey in Turkey, make sure you have the right travel documents, like a valid passport and any visas you might need. Buying travel insurance that protects against potential medical problems, trip cancellations, and other unforeseeable situations is also a good idea. An amazing adventure that blends the natural beauty of the Turkish coast, the area’s rich history, and the colorful culture is a blue tour, trip, or voyage through Turkey. Every traveler can find something fun to do, whether they want to swim in blue waters, explore old ruins, or eat delicious local food. Plan your ideal Blue Cruise in Turkey right away and be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Get the Best Sailing Experience with Turkey’s Boat Rental and Yacht Charters

Turkey boat rental , turkey yacht charter , turkey gulet charter , turkey yacht charter , turkey luxury blue cruise , and turkey luxury blue voyage.

Turkey is a sailing haven thanks to its beautiful coastline and pristine waters. A paradise for boaters, the nation provides a wide selection of yacht charter and boat rental options to suit every preference and price range. You can discover the ideal sailing experience in Turkey, whether you want to take a luxurious blue cruise along the Turkish Riviera or savor the traditional charm of a gulet. We shall examine the various possibilities for boat rentals, yacht charters, and opulent blue cruises in Turkey in this blog.

Boat Rental Turkey: The Key to a Perfect Sailing Holiday

To have a special and unforgettable vacation, renting a boat in Turkey is the best option. There are many types of watercraft, such as motorboats, sailboats, and catamarans, that can meet everyone’s needs. You can choose a bareboat charter if you know how to sail well. If not, you can hire a crewed boat for a more relaxing and comfortable trip. Renting a boat in Turkey is a convenient choice that lets you create your schedule and speed.

Boat Yacht Charter Turkey: Sail in Style and Comfort

Yacht hire in Turkey is the ideal option for people who want a more opulent sailing vacation. You can explore the lovely Turkish coastline in remarkable comfort and style while aboard one of the many beautiful yachts that are available. Yacht charters often come with a skilled crew that will take care of all your needs and makes sure you have a vacation you’ll never forget.

Charter a Gulet in Turkey: A Traditional Sailing Experience

Turkish sailors have been using gulets, or traditional wooden sailing boats, for decades. Gulets are a distinctive combination of history, allure, and comfort that are becoming an increasingly popular option for sailing vacations in Turkey. You may enjoy the timeless beauty of these stunning boats, along with contemporary conveniences and first-rate service from the crew, when you hire a gulet.

Charter Yacht Turkey: A Diverse Range of Options

There are many different types of yachts available for hire in Turkey, from sleek, contemporary boats to timeless, graceful ones. You’re sure to find the ideal choice for your sailing experience, whether you’re seeking a yacht to accommodate a sizable group or a more private environment for a romantic break.

Luxury Blue Cruise Turkey: A Journey Along the Turkish Riviera

A luxury blue cruise in Turkey is the pinnacle of sailing trips because it is the perfect mix of relaxing, exploring, and learning about other cultures. Luxury cruises like these often go along the beautiful Turkish Riviera, stopping at beautiful bays, small coastal towns, and historic sites. A luxury blue cruise in Turkey offers exceptional service, delectable cuisine, and opulent accommodations. It is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Luxury Blue Voyage: Exploring Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

The luxurious Blue Voyage is a one-of-a-kind sailing trip along Turkey’s alluring Turquoise Coast. See secluded coves, spotless beaches, and historic ruins as you sail across crystal-clear waters. A luxury blue journey delivers an unparalleled sailing experience that perfectly mixes adventure and leisure with the highest standards of comfort and service.

Turkey is a great place for people who like to sail because of its beautiful coastline, interesting history, and lively culture. There are many boat rental and yacht charter options, so everyone can find a way to go sailing that suits their taste and budget. From luxurious blue cruises to simple gulet leases, sailing in Turkey promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure full of new sights and relaxation. 

Luxury Blue Voyage Turkey: Unraveling the Ultimate Boat Charters and Cruises

Welcome to the magical world of luxury boating in Turkey, a haven for people who love water and want the best in comfort and style. We will investigate the top choices for private boat charters, motor boats, super yachts, and luxury boat charters in Turkey as we set out on this amazing voyage. While you cruise the Turkish Seas, immerse yourself in a world of luxury, beautiful scenery, and amazing experiences.

Luxury Boat Charter Turkey: An Unforgettable Journey

Imagine going on a cruise along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts in a luxurious ship that was made just for you. From the world-famous Bodrum Peninsula to the tranquil bays of Fethiye, luxury boat excursions in Turkey provide a rare chance to discover the undiscovered treasures of the country’s coastline. For the height of luxury and comfort, select between modern yachts and traditional wooden gulets.

Luxury Boat Holidays in Turkey: A Dream Vacation

Enjoy a luxurious boat trip through the clear waterways of Turkey as you learn about the country’s rich history and culture. Visit historic landmarks, remote beaches, and ancient cities on a custom-made itinerary. On a luxury yacht vacation in Turkey, you can enjoy the best hospitality, the best food, and the most luxurious accommodations.

Luxury Motor Yacht Charter Turkey: Power and Elegance Combined

A luxury motorboat rental in Turkey is the ideal option for anyone looking for an exhilarating and dynamic vacation. These amazing vessels let you travel great distances in style and comfort by combining power, speed, and elegance. While you cruise the Turkish coast in a sleek and opulent motor boat, take in the breathtaking scenery, gorgeous bays, and busy marinas.

Luxury Super Yacht Charter Turkey: The Ultimate in Opulence

Enjoy the height of luxury by chartering a luxury superyacht in Turkey. Modern technology, first-rate amenities, and the finest quality of service are all included in these floating palaces to make your journey unforgettable. From the expansive decks to the sumptuous suites, explore the Turkish coast in unparalleled luxury while indulging in the best gourmet cuisine, spa services, and onboard entertainment.

Luxury Turkey Cruise: A Voyage of Discovery

Take a luxurious cruise through Turkey to learn about the country’s fascinating history, culture, and natural beauty. From the ancient city of Ephesus to the sun-kissed beaches of Antalya, a luxury cruise is the best way to see Turkey’s many sights. As you relax in style, you can enjoy rooms with five stars, gourmet food, and a carefully chosen list of shore excursions that show you the best of Turkey.

Private Boat Charter Turkey: The Ultimate Personalized Experience

Turkey’s private boat charters offer the height of individual luxury. Avoid the crowds by designing a personalized schedule that is based on your tastes and interests. A private boat charter gives you the freedom to explore Turkey at your speed, whether you want to experience the thriving nightlife of Bodrum or take in the quiet of the Mediterranean’s secluded bays.

Turkey’s shores have a mysterious appeal, and its luxurious boating options make it the best place to have adventures that will change your life. Turkey offers a wide range of options to fit every taste and needs, from megayachts and motor yachts to luxury boat charters and private charters. Set out on a vacation of a lifetime and allow Turkey’s alluring beauty to take your breath away as you cruise through its crystal-clear seas.

Private Yacht Adventures: Exploring the Turkish Coastline in Style

Are you arranging a lavish vacation to get away from the grind? If so, Turkey’s unspoiled shoreline is the ideal place to go. Turkey’s breathtaking beaches, azure waters, and rich cultural past make a private yacht journey there an unforgettable adventure. There is something to suit every taste and budget, whether you want to charter a yacht, rent a gulet, or go on a private cruise. To help you discover the ideal sailing experience for your ideal holiday, we’ll look at the many alternatives for private yacht charters and cruises in Turkey in this blog post.

Private Charter in Turkey: Discovering the Best in Luxury Travel

The ultimate in luxury, a private yacht charter in Turkey lets you take your time discovering the stunning coastline. You can unwind and enjoy the ride while learning about undiscovered coves, lovely fishing villages, and historic ruins thanks to a committed team that attends to all of your needs. The well-known Blue Cruise route, the Turquoise Coast, and the Gulf of Gökova are just a few of the top locations to visit on your private charter.

Private Cruise Turkey: Exploring the Coastline with a Touch of Elegance

A private cruise in Turkey can be the best option if you prefer a more planned schedule. Private cruises take you on a journey of discovery, stopping at famous places like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Antalya. They combine the luxury of a private charter with the ease of a pre-planned route. You can choose from a wide range of boats, from traditional Turkish gulets to high-tech motor yachts, and enjoy fine dining, spa services, and water sports as you sail along the beautiful Turkish coast.

Private Yacht Charter in Turkey: Design Your Dream Vacation

With a private yacht rental in Turkey, you can create your route and select the boat of your choice, giving you total control over your vacation. The options range from little sailing yachts to opulent megayachts. For a more genuine experience, you can even decide to charter a gulet, a classic wooden sailing boat from Turkey. Create your ideal cruise holiday by choosing your preferred locations, such as Ephesus or the renowned Blue Lagoon in Lüdeniz.

Private Yacht Rental Turkey: Flexibility and Freedom

A private yacht rental in Turkey gives people who want to steer the boat themselves the greatest feeling of freedom. Enjoy the thrill of sailing the open seas at your own pace and looking for hidden treasures. Choose from a wide range of boats, from catamarans to high-end motor yachts, and get professional advice and help from the rental company you choose.

Rent Gulet Turkey: Embracing Tradition and Culture

Consider renting a gulet in Turkey for a truly unique experience. These historically significant wooden sailing boats provide a charming way to discover the Turkish coastline. Gulets offer a charming and soothing ambiance that enables you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Turkey’s coastal regions thanks to their roomy decks, cozy cabins, and attentive crew.

Whatever choice you make, a private yacht voyage in Turkey is certain to offer a special and opulent vacation. The Turkish coastline offers a plethora of experiences for every kind of traveler with its breathtaking beauty, pristine waters, and intriguing cultural sites. So prepare your belongings, set sail, and take the trip of a lifetime along Turkey’s alluring coastlines.

Sail into Serenity: Discover the Wonders of Turkey’s Blue Cruises and Private Yacht Charters

Rent yacht turkey: your gateway to an unforgettable voyage.

A Turkish Blue Cruise is a fascinating experience that skillfully combines the Mediterranean Sea and the nation’s rich heritage. Seeing undiscovered coves, historic sites, and charming fishing villages along the coast is made possible by renting a yacht in Turkey. This article on the site examines the various alternatives to a Turkey Blue Cruise vacation, including individual charters and group excursions.

Turkey Blue Cruise: A Voyage Through Time and Beauty

Blue cruises in Turkey are a unique way to see the country’s beautiful coastline while taking advantage of the calm waves and nice weather. These cruises take you back in time to a place where busy beach resorts, modern marinas, charming villages, and ancient ruins all live together. While you cruise across the mesmerizing turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, take in the landscape and the history.

Turkey Blue Cruise Tour: All Aboard for Adventure

Many alternative Turkish Blue Cruise vacations are available, accommodating a wide range of interests and tastes. The Lycian coast, the ancient settlements of Olympos, Myra, and Phaselis, and the scenic beaches and islands of the Gulf of Gökova are some of the more well-liked itineraries. Regardless of the route you pick, you’ll experience a special fusion of Turkish friendliness, cultural attractions, and breathtaking natural beauty.

Turkey Blue Cruise Tours: Group Excursions vs. Private Charters

You can choose between going on a group tour or booking a private charter if you want to take a Turkey Blue Cruise. Group trips are a great opportunity to make new friends and experience an adventure together. A private yacht rental in Turkey, on the other hand, provides the utmost in adaptability and personalization, enabling you to go at your own pace and take your time exploring the coast.

Private Turkey Charter: Your Customized Travel

With a dedicated crew and a personalized itinerary, a private charter in Turkey gives you the chance to plan the vacation of your dreams. A private yacht rental in Turkey is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, whether you’re celebrating a special event or just want an unforgettable vacation. You can choose from many luxurious boats, all of which have modern features and were built to make the ride comfortable and stylish.

Turkey Cruise: Tasting the Regional Cuisine

The chance to indulge in the delectable food of Turkey is one of the joys of a cruise there. Fresh fish, tasty kebabs, and a variety of meze meals are some of the culinary treats you might find on your cruise. Enjoy the tastes of Turkey while you watch the sun set over the glistening sea by serving your meal with a drink of regional wine or raki.

Turkey Cruise Tour: Creating Lifelong Memories

A Turkey Blue Cruise offers the chance to make lifelong memories rather than just go on vacation. Your tour will be filled with amazing experiences, from swimming in quiet bays and seeing ancient ruins to experiencing local culture and tasting delectable cuisine. Take a blue cruise tour on a boat you rented in Turkey for the experience of a lifetime.

Uncovering the Past on Your Blue Cruise: Exploring Turkey’s Diverse History and Culture

Turkey has a rich history that goes back thousands of years and includes parts of the Hittites, Lycians, and Romans. As many of the nation’s historical and archaeological sites are situated along the coast, a blue cruise is an ideal opportunity to explore this rich past. Immerse yourself in Turkey’s unique history by visiting the ancient city of Ephesus, the rock-cut tombs of Kaunos, or the subterranean city of Simena.

Island-hopping: Explore the Turkish Coast’s Gems

Beautiful islands dot Turkey’s coastline, each with its own charms and breathtaking scenery. Stops at well-known locations like the sweltering beaches of Bozcaada, the tranquil coves of Cunda Island, or the intriguing remains of Cleopatra’s Island may be included in your blue cruise itinerary. You’ll get the chance to engage with the local culture, take part in water sports, and sunbathe on gorgeous beaches as you cruise between lovely islands.

Nature Encounters: Up-Close Views of Turkey’s Marine Wildlife

Because there is a lot of marine life in the waters off the coast of Turkey, your blue cruise is a great way to see wildlife. Keep a lookout for dolphins playing nearby your yacht or observe sea turtles laying their eggs on the Dalyan beaches. The area is a well-liked location for snorkeling and diving because of its crystal-clear waters, which let you explore bright coral reefs and see a variety of colorful species.

Relaxation Awaits You on Your Turkey Cruise: Unwind and Recharge

An exploration and adventure-filled blue cruise in Turkey can also be a time for rest and renewal. You can strike the ideal balance between sightseeing and rest with a private yacht charter. Spend your days relaxing on the terrace, swimming in the inviting waters of the Mediterranean, or treating yourself to a rejuvenating Turkish bath. You’ll have plenty of chances to relax, enjoy the sun, and refuel as you cruise around the breathtaking coastline.

Embark on Your Dream Turkey Blue Cruise

Because of its beautiful coastline, interesting history, and friendly people, Turkey is the perfect place for a blue cruise. Whether you decide to embark on a private yacht rental or sign up for a group trip, your adventure will be full of wonderful experiences and life-long memories. Why then wait? Plan your Turkey Blue Cruise vacation now and set out on an unforgettable journey.

Discover the Beauty of the Turkish Coastline: Private Yacht Charters, Cruises, and Rentals

With its stunning coves, beautiful waters, and historic ruins, the Turkish Riviera, sometimes called the Turquoise Coast, offers a cruise experience like no other. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a private yacht charter, a rental, or an opulent cruise. We’ll look at the different choices for an outstanding yachting experience in Turkey in this blog post.

Turkey Private Yacht Charter: The Ultimate Luxury Experience

A private yacht rental is the most luxurious and private way to see the beautiful Turkish coast at your own pace. With a custom itinerary, a skilled crew, and top-notch amenities, you can have the dream vacation of your life. When you cruise through the clear waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, you’ll find undiscovered treasures, historic sites, and cute coastal towns.

Turkey Yacht Charter: Explore the Coastline in Style

A yacht charter lets you make your unique trip and gives you the perfect mix of luxury and adventure. Pick from a variety of boats, such as catamarans and gulets, and set out on a voyage that will leave you with lifelong memories. See the colorful underwater life, relax on quiet beaches, or just take in the breathtaking landscape while the boat gently rocks.

Turkey Yacht Cruises: Relax and Discover

For people who like a more structured vacation, Turkish yacht cruises offer all-inclusive trips with guided tours, fine dining, and entertainment on board. See the highlights of the Turkish coastline with a small group of like-minded people, stopping at important landmarks and charming villages along the way. With knowledgeable guides and a well-planned itinerary, you can relax and enjoy the beauty around you.

Turkey Yacht Rental: A Budget-Friendly Option

A yacht rental might be your best bet if you’re searching for a more cost-effective method to take in the enchantment of the Turkish Riviera. Choose a boat from a variety, such as a motor yacht, a sailboat, or a catamaran, and set sail for an adventure catered to your tastes and financial means. Turkey yacht rentals give you the option to captain your ship or employ a qualified crew to make sure the journey is easy and fun.

Turkey Yacht Rentals: The Ultimate Group Vacation

Get your loved ones together for an amazing trip on a leased boat. Yacht rentals in Turkey provide a special and unforgettable way to spend time with your loved ones while exploring the breathtaking beaches and secret coves. Choose engaging activities, personalize your itinerary, and make lifelong memories.

Turkish Blue Cruise: A Cultural and Scenic Journey

A Turkish Blue Cruise is a great way to learn about the history and beautiful scenery of the Turquoise Coast. These cruises offer the best of both worlds, with luxurious rooms and a planned schedule that shows off the area’s historical and natural treasures. Visit historical sites, eat food from the area, and learn about the lively culture of coastal Turkey.

No matter what you choose, a yacht trip along the Turkish Riviera will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Turkey is a great place to go on vacation for boaters and people who like to try new things. It has clear water, beautiful beaches, and a rich history. 

Discover the Turkish Coastline with Cruises, Boat Charters, and More

A magnificent coastline along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas may be found in Turkey, a nation that connects Europe and Asia. Turkey has become a well-liked vacation spot for boat enthusiasts from all over the world thanks to its fascinating history, stunning natural beauty, and clean waterways. In this article, we’ll look at the many yacht services Turkey has to offer, such as yacht agents, charters, cruises, rentals, and yacht hire.

Yacht Agent in Turkey

Yacht agents are people who help boat owners and people who rent boats with a wide range of administrative and logistical tasks. They could entail, among other things, food, berthing arrangements, and customs clearance. You can guarantee a hassle-free journey while you explore Turkey’s stunning coastline by hiring a reliable yacht agency there.

Yacht Charter in Turkey

A yacht charter is a great way to explore Turkey’s magnificent coasts and hidden coves. There is a yacht for hire to fit every taste and budget, ranging from luxurious yachts to cost-effective sailboats. Yacht charters in Turkey frequently come with a skilled crew, allowing you to relax and take in the scenery worry-free.

Yacht Charter Turkey: The Ultimate Vacation Experience

You’re committing to an amazing holiday when you charter a yacht in Turkey. This is a chance to examine the nation’s rich history and natural beauty from a distinctive angle. See historic sites, quaint coastal communities, and unspoiled beaches as you cruise along the Turquoise Coast. A yacht charter in Turkey offers a unique experience for anyone interested in history, the sun, or adventure.

Yacht Charters Turkey: Types of Yachts

There are a lot of different kinds of yachts to rent in Turkey, from sailboats and catamarans to luxurious motor yachts. Your budget, the size of your group, and your personal preferences will all influence the kind of boat you select. People often choose gulets, which are traditional wooden sailboats, or superyachts, which are big, luxurious boats with all the latest amenities.

Yacht Cruise Turkey: A Unique Way to Explore the Region

A yacht tour in Turkey is a unique way to discover the breathtaking coastline of the nation. Several yacht cruises in Turkey travel along the Turquoise Coast along known routes and include stops at well-liked locations like Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye. These cruises provide a wonderful mix of sightseeing, leisure, and excitement.

Yacht for Rent Turkey: Sail at Your Own Pace

Those looking for a more active experience can choose their itinerary and sail at their own pace by hiring a yacht in Turkey. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a newbie, you may choose the ideal yacht for your needs from a large selection of yachts that are available for rent. By renting a yacht in Turkey, you can go at your own pace and find remote beaches, secret coves, and historic sites.

Yacht Hire Turkey: The Benefits of Hiring a Crewed Yacht

You can have a comfortable and stress-free vacation by hiring a crewed yacht in Turkey. With the help of a skilled captain and crew, you can relax and focus on taking in the stunning scenery, delicious food, and interesting history of the area. A crewed yacht rental in Turkey normally includes a captain, chef, and deckhand to ensure that all of your needs are met while you are on board.

Turkey is a great place to go on vacation for people who love yachts because of its beautiful coastline, interesting history, and clear waterways. There is a wide range of yacht services, from charters and rentals to cruises and hiring, so there is something for every traveler’s taste and budget. Turkey is a great place to take a yacht trip, whether you want a luxury vacation on a boat with a full crew or you want to sail on your own and go at your own pace. Why then wait? Start planning your ideal boat trip in Turkey right away if you want to experience the magic of the Turquoise Coast. 

Exploring Turkey’s Coastline: Your Ultimate Guide to Yacht Rentals and Blue Cruise Packages

Turkey is a nation renowned for its extensive history, fascinating culture, and breathtaking coastline. It provides those who desire to explore the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas with an unforgettable experience. One of the greatest ways to appreciate Turkey’s coastline is by renting a yacht, whether you want a lavish rental or a low-cost yacht tour. This article will examine the different yacht rental alternatives available in Turkey and assist you in selecting the ideal yacht experience.

Yacht Rent Turkey: Discover the Perfect Yacht Experience

By renting a yacht, you can see the beautiful coast of Turkey in a new and flexible way. You have a variety of alternatives, ranging from expensive yachts to affordable boats. Whether you desire a quiet retreat or a fun-filled adventure with friends and family, you can customize your experience to your interests.

Yacht Rental in Turkey: Key Destinations and Routes

Turkey has a beautiful and diversified coastline that is ideal for boat enthusiasts. The following are some common yacht rental routes:

The Fethiye and Lüdeniz coastlines are turquoise. Bodrum, a historic city The charming city of Marmaris The picturesque harbor in Göcek

Yacht Rental Turkey: Choosing the Right Yacht for Your Needs

Luxury motor yachts and classic Turkish gulets are only two of the many sizes and types of yachts available for rent in Turkey. Consider factors like your budget, the number of passengers, and your selected facilities when selecting the ideal boat for your voyage.

Yacht Rentals Turkey: Exploring the Coastline on a Budget

Consider taking part in a shared yacht tour or a cabin charter if you’re searching for a more affordable boat experience. With these choices, you may take in the stunning coastline of Turkey without going over budget.

Yacht to Rent in Turkey: Luxury Yacht Experiences

Luxury yacht rentals are the ultimate indulgence for those looking for an unmatched experience. You can experience the Turkish coastline in elegance and luxury thanks to a variety of high-end amenities, including gourmet restaurants, onboard spas, and roomy living spaces.

Yacht Tour Turkey: Guided Excursions and Itineraries

Yacht tours provide pre-planned itineraries and excursions if you’d prefer a guided experience, allowing you to relax and take it all in. These tours often stop at well-known places along the coast of Turkey, where you can see historical sites, swim in quiet bays, and eat food from the area.

Blue Cruise Turkey Prices: What to Expect

On a traditional wooden gulet, blue cruise packages are a popular way to tour Turkey’s coastline. The cost of these packages varies according to the length of the cruise, the kind of boat, and the season. On a weeklong cruise, budget between $500 and $2,000 per person, with premium alternatives costing more.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or have never been on a boat before, you can find a yacht rental in Turkey that fits your needs and budget. Throughout Turkey’s captivating coastline, there is something for everyone, from opulent yacht adventures to affordable trips. Discover Turkey’s pristine waterways, vibrant culture, and ancient history, all of which combine to make it a top sailing destination.

We are a well-known yacht agent with many years of experience in the field. With our professional team and energy, we are ready at any time to provide services.

Our mission is to be with you in every process from the moment you first contact us until you return home with happy memories. We do our best to make you feel happy and comfortable during your holiday. The whole process is carried out legally on paper, and we always protect your rights by law.

You can find all information about charter terms, cancellation terms, yacht charter agreements, and more on our website. Please feel free to contact us with more questions.

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Your ultimate yacht charter service in Fethiye Göcek

Get ready for an impressive yacht charter vacation where you can relax, explore, and savor the local flavors of fethiye göcek, 50% prepayment, book now & pay the rest later, free cancellation, 3-days free cancellation, unbeatable prices, best price match guarantee.

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Our seasoned crew meticulously attends to every detail, prioritizing your comfort and safety, elevating your journey beyond mere travel to a lifestyle discovery. with göcek yacht charter, transform your envisioned vacation into a tangible reality and intertwine your cherished moments with the serene embrace of the sea. are you ready to set sail, working with the best clients and partners.


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Home » Middle East » Turkey » 9 INCREDIBLE Yacht Charters in Turkey (2024)

9 INCREDIBLE Yacht Charters in Turkey (2024)

The coastline of Turkey spans over 8,000 kilometres and borders the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. The stretch is dotted with charming fishing villages, medieval ruins and stunning landscapes.

The conditions are ace all year round for sailing a yacht charter in Turkey, though summer is a particularly special time to explore the secluded bays and plunge into the turquoise water.

We get that yachting has a reputation for being one of the more expensive and elite sports around.

However, yachting is not only for the folk who have their own boats. Why should we let them have all the fun? We don’t happen to own a yacht on the coast of Turkey either.

Lucky for all of us, we know how we can charter or hire a boat in Turkey so we can all experience the best of boat life. We’ve done our research and found ways you can get out on a yacht no matter your budget.

Whether it’s a private, all-exclusive luxury yacht charter or a boat tour where you share the experience with others, we’re sure we have selected the best yacht charters in Turkey.

private yacht turkey

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Top 3 Yacht Charters in Turkey

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85 Gulet Turkey

  • > 10 Passengers
  • > Welcome cocktail
  • > Captained

MS White Soul Turkey

MS White Soul

  • > Luxurious and modern interior

Custom Motor Boat Turkey

Custom Motor Boat

  • > 8 Passengers
  • > Charming design

Galata todo Istanbul

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If you’re interested in this kind of trip, Sailo is gonna be your best buddy. 

Sailo is an app/website that has over 30,000 boat listings around the world. The platform allows you to search what’s available in your destination of choice, using filters to determine things like cost, size, number of passengers, boat type and more. 

You can contact the owners and book your vessel through the site, as well as check out reviews from previous customers to see how their experiences were. Just like an Airbnb for boats. You should make sure to check the tide times before booking a boat though, just in case!

Whether you’re after a party pontoon, a speed boat or a sexy yacht, using Sailo is a walk in the park, easy peasy, smooth sailing etc. 


We’ve already mentioned the crystal clear water, secluded bays, rich culture and the warm weather in the summer months. Those reasons top our list of why you should charter a yacht in Turkey, but it’s not all on the list. 

Not only is Turkey a damn beautiful destination to get out on a yacht, but it also offers a rich cultural experience. The country has been shaped over the centuries by the ancient Greeks, Macedonians, Ottomans, and the Romans. This diverse influence is even clear while sailing the coast, where you’ll come across ancient tombs, castle ruins and historic cities that have since been claimed by the sea.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a cultural traveller, a yacht charter in Turkey will bring you something special. That sounds like a pretty sweet way to celebrate an occasion or have a unique travel experience, right?

If all the magic of Turkey isn’t enough for you, you can even pop over to the Greek islands as they are only a short boat trip away. 

Turkey is a big country, and there are plenty of charming spots along the coastline that are ideal for a yacht trip. We’ve narrowed it down to three top destinations where you can do this, and do it damn well.

Here are our picks for the best yacht charters in Turkey, in the dreamy destinations of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. 

On Turkeys West Coast coast you’ll find Bodrum, a top tourist destination known for its medieval castle, beaches and sailing. Bodrum’s built history dates back further than the 4th Century BC. It is a popular destination for those backpacking Turkey and has a thriving party scene at night.

In Bodrum, you can divide your time between exploring the historical ruins and enjoying the stunning coves from your yacht charter. 

Best Yacht Charter for Families in Bodrum – Custom Motor Boat

Custom Motor Boat Turkey

  • Charming design
  • 8 Passengers

This gorgeous turquoise motor yacht could be straight out of a Wes Anderson Film. With a fresh design and old-school charm, you and the fam will look awesome cruising around on this beauty. 

The charter starts with a cocktail on arrival to set the mood for a sweet day out on the water.

If family bonding over delicious food is your idea of a good time, you can organise meals with the charter and spend the day visiting the most beautiful spots around Bodrum, dipping in and out of the water and eating all the best kinds of Turkish food. 

The boat has wifi, a TV and DVD player and plenty of other features we humans love to enjoy on land. Let’s be real though, you didn’t decide to charter a yacht in Turkey to spend time planted in front of a screen.

Want our suggestion? Make the most of the snorkel gear on board and dive into the dreamy blue water. A day on this boat makes for a super wholesome and fun outing the whole family will love. 

The Biggest Yacht Charter in Bodrum – 152’ Motor Yacht

152 Motor Yacht Turkey

  • Pool on board
  • 12 Passengers

This Bodrum Yacht Charter isn’t just big, she’s huge! If you choose to dig deep and charter this yacht, you’ll basically have your own floating city to explore the waters with. 

This charter specialises in two itineraries, one which combines the best of the Turkish bays in the Aegean Sea and the neighbouring Greek Islands, and the other which sticks to the Turkish coast. You’ll have an expert chef on board who can prepare all kinds of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, taking any requests and dietary requirements into consideration.

In terms of onboard activities and equipment, this luxury yacht has the works. The charter includes snorkelling gear, inflatables, canoes, paddleboards, fishing equipment, water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, and a seabob. Of course, there are also multiple decks for lounging in the sun, lounging in the shade, dining in style and plunging for a swim in the water. 

If unlimited swimming in the Mediterranean and Aegean sea isn’t enough for you, you’ll also have exclusive access to the on-deck pool. 

With all this included, it’s unlikely you’ll be short on things to do. Be sure to let your mates know what you’re going to do though, you shouldn’t want to lose each other on this awesomely huge yacht. 

The Most Affordable Yacht Charter in Bodrum – 85’ Gulet

85 Gulet Turkey

  • Welcome cocktail
  • 10 Passengers

Just because it’s the most affordable yacht charter in Bodrum, it doesn’t mean the booking is a total steal. It is a great deal though if you split the cost between 10 buddies. The experience comes with a welcome cocktail on arrival, fresh towels and linens, plus fuel for four solid hours of cruising. 

This 85-foot yacht has a super cute design and decor. There is wooden panelling on the interior and exterior, and a happy yellow colour scheme throughout. It’s available for overnight and week-long charters, so if you opt for an overnight stay, the bright colour scheme continues in the five double cabins. 

It’s got a big dining table for everyone to meet for lunch and a spacious lounge area for catching some rays and relaxing to the max. 

You’ll get to cruise along the coast with an expert crew who know the area and its rich boating history like the back of their hands

It’s not a budget choice, and you do miss out on some creature comforts, but compared to many other yacht charters in Turkey this one is a lot more affordable. 

private yacht turkey

Wanna know how to pack like a pro? Well for a start you need the right gear….

These are packing cubes for the globetrotters and compression sacks for the  real adventurers – these babies are a traveller’s best kept secret. They organise yo’ packing and minimise volume too so you can pack MORE.

Or, y’know… you can stick to just chucking it all in your backpack…

The historic town of Marmaris is one of the busiest marinas in the Mediterranean and a top sailing destination. What was once a sleepy fishing village is now a hub for tourism, packed with restaurants, bars and bazaars to suit all kinds of travellers. It’s the ideal starting point to set sail along the Turkish coastline. 

Over-the-Top Luxurious Yacht Charter in Marmaris – MS White Soul

MS White Soul Turkey

  • Luxurious and modern interior

When we say over the top luxury, we ain’t kidding. The cost to charter this boat for a week would be a decent house deposit in a big city. 

However, it is damn luxurious, and it’s worth a peek to see how the other half live. 

The charter includes six professional crew members, including a chef, so you’ll have all your wants and needs tended to while you explore the Turkish coast. 

There’s not much that this Turkey yacht charter doesn’t have. It comes with a tender boat and fishing gear so you can nick off to quiet and secluded spots. There’s also a jet ski, water inflatables, kayaks, standup paddleboards, wakeboards, kneeboards and electric scooters (why would you need an electric scooter on a boat? Who cares!). 

The interior could feature on an MTV cribs episode, with sleek decor and mood lighting. Each cabin is airconditioned, has a satellite TV, a music system, a safe box, a spacious wardrobe and a home-style toilet. Yep, they didn’t cut any corners here. The bedrooms even have a desk, so those who need to can get a bit of work done to help cover the expenses. 

If you’re planning an all-inclusive over-the-top trip where you can try every kind of watersport or leisure activity under the sun, this is your vessel.

If you have the cash to splash, by all means, do it. 

Epic Party Yacht Charter in Marmaris – 25’ Luxe Gulet

25 Luxe Gulet Turkey

  • Yoga classes available on board
  • 16 Passengers

However, if you like to party, this Turkey yacht charter has all you could need to celebrate in your way.

If your idea of a party is something boozy with loud music, you can absolutely do that with a view of the Aegean Sea while you get loose. If you prefer to celebrate in a more calm and wholesome way, you can arrange a yoga class on board. Take a moment to breathe, connect and stretch on the gorgeous coastline, all the necessary equipment is provided.

Perhaps your idea of partying is a little more food-oriented. The back decking has a huge dining table and a professional chef comes with the charter to make local delicacies for your special day. 

There are sunbeds on the deck for everyone to kick back on, pour a drink or read a book. Do it your way, baby. You can even organise a jet ski. 

If you’ve got something to celebrate, party however you like to do it on this 84-foot yacht charter in Turkey. 

Best Boat Tour in Marmaris – All Inclusive Boat Tour from Marmaris and Icmeler

All Inclusive Boat Tour from Marmaris and Icmeler Turkey

  • All inclusive and budget-friendly
  • Up to 15 Passengers per booking

If you want the all-inclusive day on the water experience but don’t have the funds to charter your own yacht (we get it), this tour is for you. 

You get to spend your day on the stunning coastline with plenty of opportunities to plunge in the crystal clear waters. You’ll sail the coast, stopping at the most stunning secret islands, caves and bays. You won’t miss top tourist destinations like Paradise Island, Kumlubuk and Turunc Beach either. 

There are staff on board who can bring you unlimited local drinks to your sunbed. The cost includes lunch, beverages, hotel pickup, and dropoff. The only reason that this experience comes at such a low cost is that you share the experience with others who book the tour. 

This tour is a super affordable way to experience the beauty of boat life without breaking the bank. 

The beautiful port city of Fethiye is located on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast in the southwest. It’s a top destination for boating, with a natural harbour, sparkling blue water and islands off the coast that are popular with day-trippers. 

Most Affordable Yacht Charter in Fethinye – 44’ Bavaria Cruiser

44 Bavaria Cruiser Turkey

  • Optional sailing lessons
  • 6 Passengers

This 44 foot Bavaria Cruiser is the ultimate choice for those who want to charter a yacht in Turkey but don’t want to ruin their wallet. Foodies and those keen on learning the ropes of a sailboat will be particularly interested in this one, stay tuned. 

The skipper of this Fethiye yacht charter is renowned in these parts for his excellent regional cooking. The crew pride themselves on cooking up a storm and serving meals while anchored in beautiful bays while making sure each night is special and unique. 

If learning how to sail is something that floats your boat, your captain and skipper offer sailing lessons too. Who knows, maybe you’ll be hooked and will want to hire your next yacht bareboat (no captain or crew) and do a DIY sailing trip. 

This yacht charter offers a wholesome local experience at a very reasonable cost. Split between six, the deal is even sweeter. 

Best Overnight Yacht Charter in Fetinye – Lagoon 500 Catamaran

Lagoon 500 Catamaran Turkey

  • Great for longer trips

There’s a lot to do on a yacht along the Turkish coast. From the ancient ruins dotted along the coastline to secluded bays, the longer you have on board, the more you’ll get to experience. 

This Lagoon 500 catamaran gets our pick for the best overnight yacht charter in Turkey. They specialise in overnight trips and week-long rentals. A week-long trip with 10 mates aboard sounds like a pretty epic holiday to us. 

A longer rental often works out as a much lower cost per day than single-day charters. Plus, it’s a unique and exciting way to travel.

The catamaran has four cosy bedrooms with big windows and views out over the big blue. There are four bathrooms, a kitchen, and multiple dining areas.

The star of the show is the net hammock that stretches between the two hulls. On a longer charter, you’ll have plenty of time to chill here, get stuck into your holiday by reading and catch some rays. 

You’ve got all you need to feel at home on the sea, though remember, your job is to sit back and relax. When you charter a yacht in Turkey, the captain and crew are there to work out all the logistics. 

Best Yacht Charter with Watersports – Wooden Deluxe Gulet

Wooden Deluxe Gulet Turkey

  • Full access to watersport gear

If water sports are your thing, this epic Fethiye yacht charter has all the good stuff included. You get full access to the jet ski, snorkel gear, banana boat, waterskis, wakeboard, kneeboard, canoes and fishing equipment. An impressive list, right? You’ll be able to cruise the coast of the Aegean Sea and try some new skills aboard this beauty. 

Perfect your kneeboard or wakeboard 360 spins. Wrestle with your best friend and see who gets thrown off the tube first. You’re gonna have a blast.

While it is the impressive amount of watersport equipment that caught our attention with this one, the yacht itself is a true beauty. She is a 131-foot traditional wooden gulet. This is a great choice for bigger groups and parties, with space for 16 guests and eight separate cabins with their own bathroom.

A day out on this yacht charter is bound to be a damn good time and a sweet way to spend some time on the water in Fethiye. 

Yacht Turkey

  • Eat Delicious Food – Many yacht charters in Turkey come with a chef on board, and amazing Turkish meals can be arranged for you by your crew. Eating Turkish food in Turkey is a must, why not try something new on a yacht?
  • Go swimming – Taking a plunge into the crystal clear water and is a must, for obvious reasons!
  • Drinks on deck – No need to worry about who will drive home, everything is taken care for you on a yacht charter. Enjoy a cold drink (or several) on the yacht, you’re on holiday after all.
  • Try Raki – On the same topic, If you want to embrace Turkish culture, you’ve gotta try their national alcoholic drink. Raki, also known as Lion’s Milk, is a spirit made of twice distilled grapes and aniseed. It’s flavour is similar to Ouzo, so it packs a punch. This is commonly enjoyed to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and weddings or to commiserate over a broken heart. Surely a fancy yacht charter on the Turkish coast is reason enough to celebrate?
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving – Bring a snorkel along (or use the one on board if it’s included) and explore what is under the surface of the water. If you want to explore a little deeper, check out the scuba diving tours that run out of Marmaris!
  • Watch the sunset – Nothing beats watching the sunset to top off an amazing day. Except watching the sunset on a private yacht charter to top off an amazing day. It doesn’t get much better than that. 
  • Play on a jetski – Cruising about on a yacht is damn cool, but the adrenaline rush you get from a jetski ride is another story. Anyone who has been on a jetski before can tell you – it’s a whole lotta fun. A few of the yachts mentioned on this list include jetski access as a part of their package, though you can always chat with your captain and crew in advance while you organise your yacht charter, perhaps they can arrange one for you. 
  • Watersports – Have you ever tried watersports like waterskiing, tubing, kneeboard or wakeboarding? Just like the adrenaline rush you get on a jetski, watersports will bring your day up a level or 10. Check which yacht charters have watersport equipment included, like this one!

There you have it folks, these are our picks for the top Yacht Charters in Turkey. Whether you opt for a trip in Marmaris, Bodrum or Fethiye or choose to explore somewhere else along Turkey’s gorgeous coastline, you won’t regret a yacht trip here – it is by far, one of our favourite things to do in Turkey. 

And if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, well there is a whole heap of boats listed on Sailo. They’ve got boats listed worldwide, from Turkey to Australia and the Caribbean.

If you haven’t found something on this list that suits your budget and travel style, go wild and browse through all the options on Sailo!

private yacht turkey

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  • Rent a boat in Turkey with or without a licence
  • Yacht charter

Charter Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 Turkey

Dragut 1 Beneteau Oceanis 41.1  (2016)

From €357 per day.

Charter Sailboat Beneteau 2005 Turkey

Beneteau 54 2009 Captain And Chef  (2009)

From €674 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 421 Turkey

Beneteau Lagoon 421 Paluko  (2011)

From €643 per day.

Charter Catamaran Catana Group Bali 4.8 - 5 + 1 cab Turkey

Catamaran Catana Group Bali 4.8 - 5 + 1 cab 14.00m  (2023)

From €1,517 per day.

Charter Gulet GULET GULET Turkey

This wonderful luxury gulet yacht is 28 m long and for 16 people  (2001)

From €1,500 per day.

Charter Gulet Custom Gulet Turkey

Gulet Custom Gulet 18.00m  (1989)

From €1,429 per day.

Charter Sailing yacht Gulet Gulet - Luxe Turkey

This beautiful Deluxe Gulet is 26 M. and for 8 Guests  (2007)

From €1,400 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Ferreti Navetta Custom Line Turkey

Motor yacht Ferreti Navetta Custom Line 1600hp  (2001)

From €5,835 per day.

Charter Sailboat Bavaria Yachtbau Bavaria Cruiser 46 - 4 cab. Turkey

Bavaria Cruiser 45  (2022)

From €528 per day.

Charter Sailboat Bénéteau Oceanis 51.1 Turkey

Sailboat Bénéteau Oceanis 51.1 15.94m  (2020)

Charter Catamaran Bali Bali Catspace with watermaker Turkey

Catamaran Bali Bali Catspace with watermaker 12.33m  (2020)

Charter Catamaran Bali Bali 4.1 with watermaker Turkey

Catamaran Bali Bali 4.1 with watermaker 12.12m  (2020)

Charter Gulet Custom Gulet Turkey

3 cabin Luxury Gulet in Bodrum  (1991)

From €1,364 per day.

Charter Sailboat Bénéteau Oceanis 51.1 Turkey

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Loft 47 monocat 14.00m  (2020)

Charter Catamaran Bali - Catana 4.4 Turkey

ROSINA - Bali 4.4 - 2022  (2022)

From €1,249 per day.

Charter Sailboat JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 389 Turkey

CEIBA  (2019)

Charter Sailboat Jongert 20DS Turkey

Jongert 20DS  (1985)

From €1,000 per day, discover turkey by boat.

Turkey is one of the most fascinating places in the world. Spread across two continents, this country is a unique fusion of European and Asian cultures. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, Turkey has favorable sailing conditions to make it an ideal destination. Surrounded by the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea , a yacht charter is the perfect way to start exploring this beautiful country and everything it has to offer.

Whether you're in search of a city experience or a beach getaway, chartering a yacht in Turkey has something for everyone. You can go rafting in the Koprulu Gorge , hiking in the Taurus Mountains and visit the Saklikent Gorge , or even sailing and windsurfing in Alacati .

The possibilities are endless with a Turkey yacht charter. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of Turkey from the water. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on the sailing adventure of a lifetime!

Find your ideal yacht charter in Turkey

The best type of boat for hire in Turkey depends on your preferences , budget , and planned activities . Here is a quick overview of available boats in Turkey on Click&Boat:

How much does a yacht charter in Turkey cost?

If you are considering a yacht rental in Turkey, be aware that the price will be different based on a number of factors such as how many people are sailing, the duration of your boat trip, and the size and type of boat you choose. The average price of boat rental in Turkey is €1,500, but prices start as low as €50 per day. Below are some average starting prices by boat type:

•Motorboat: Prices start from €300 per day / €2,100 per week •RIB: Prices start from €2,000 per day / €14,000 per week •Boat without License: Prices start from €1,250 per day / €8,750 per week •Sailboat: Prices start from €50 per day / €350 per week •Catamaran: Prices start from €529 per day / €3,703 per week •Gulet: Prices start from €250 per day / €1,750 per week •Yacht:  Prices start from €300 per day / €2,100 per week

What is included in the cost?

When renting a boat in Turkey, the cost typically covers the boat rental itself, along with the essential safety equipment. Fuel expenses, a skipper or captain and crew for the duration of the yacht rental can be included, but most of the time cost extra, as well as water sports equipment. Mooring fees and basic cleaning charges are often part of the package, along with basic insurance coverage. However, additional services or services may come with extra charges, so it's wise to confirm all inclusions on the Click&Boat platform and with the boat owner before. 

What is the best time of year to rent a yacht in Turkey?

For the warmest weather with the least amount of precipitation, you should embark on a yacht charter in Turkey between May and October . During this time, you'll have highs of 30°C in the month of July , or an average of 18°C ​​throughout the other months. Be aware that this is the high season for sailing in Turkey, so if you want to avoid higher prices on yacht rentals, and you don't mind slightly cooler weather, we recommend visiting at the tail ends of high season in either May or October .

Where to charter a boat in Turkey?

Here are some popular ports and marinas in Turkey where you can charter a boat:

•Bodrum Marina: Located 36km from Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV), offering modern facilities and access to nearby attractions.  •Marmaris Yacht Marina: Situated in Marmaris , a bustling resort town with plenty of amenities, approximately 90km from Dalaman Airport (DLM). •Gocek Marina: Nestled in Gocek  Bay, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and only 22km from Dalaman Airport (DLM). •Fethiye Marina: Found in Fethiye , 45km from Dalaman Airport (DLM) providing easy access to Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz Beach .  •Kas Marina: Situated in Kas , a charming fishing village along the Lycian coast. •Antalya Marina: Located in Antalya , blending modern amenities with historical charm. Only 21km from Antalya Airport (AYT).

These ports and marinas offer ideal starting points for exploring Turkey's beautiful coastline and nearby attractions.

Where to sail in Turkey?

Explore the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Turkey while sailing on a yacht rental. Indulge in the sensory delights of Turkey's bustling bazaars , sampling local specialties infused with rich flavors and spices, or savor the renowned alcoholic drink: raki . Don't miss the opportunity to sip on traditional apple tea , a beloved favorite among locals and visitors alike. Discover all this and more in some of the destinations listed below:

Island Hopping

Experience the magic of island hopping in the Sea of ​​Marmara , where you'll encounter some of Turkey's most enchanting islands. Bask in the sunshine on the sandy beaches of Büyükada island , dive into the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Gökçeada for an unforgettable snorkelling adventure and explore the hidden coves and bays of Marmara Adasi.

Bodrum and Antalya

Discover the coastal gems of Bodrum and Antalya as you sail along Turkey's southwestern coastline . Along the way, marvel at the ancient ruins of Knidos and embark on a scenic hike to the summit of the Crusader Castle in Kaleköy , where panoramic views await.

Kayak over the ancient sunken city in Kas and dive alongside majestic sea turtles in the azure waters. And of course, no trip to Turkey would be complete without a visit to some of the country's most breathtaking beaches, including Çıralı Beach , Kaputaş Beach , and the idyllic Butterfly Valley near Fethiye.

Immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of Turkey's coastline, where every moment promises a new and unforgettable experience.

What can you see and do while on a yacht rental in Turkey?

There's so much to see and do while on a yacht rental in Turkey that it can be overwhelming to narrow down your bucket list. Fortunately, we've got some must-do activities to fill up your sailing itinerary.

•Warm up in the thermal hot springs in Pamukkale . •Stroll around the bustling streets of the country's capital, Istanbul , and visit the Prince Islands for lush greenery and remote beaches. •For the best beaches go to Antalya , the beach capital of Turkey. Sunbathe at the beaches of Cleopatra , Mermerli , Kaputas and Patara . •Kayak over the Kekova ruins and stop at the charming town of Kalekoy , which is only accessible by boat! •Visit the coastal paradise of Bodrum where you can see the azure waters of the Aegean and get a taste of the vibrant nightlife in Turkey!

Should you charter a yacht in Turkey with a skipper or crew?

You can hire a boat in Turkey with or without a skipper, if you have a license. Hiring a skipper for your Turkey yacht charter comes with a range of benefits. The skipper comes with a wealth of knowledge, and they are familiar with the local waterways, weather patterns, and the best routes to take. When deciding whether to rent with or without a skipper on your sailing holiday in Turkey, consider the following:

With Skipper:

•Experience the voyage without navigation concerns. •Benefit from local expertise and insider recommendations. •Relax and soak in the scenery while your skipper handles the helm.

Without Skipper:

•Explore at your own pace, charting your course. •Enhance sailing skills and take on the challenge. •Potentially lower overall cost by excluding skipper fees.

The cost of a yacht rental, which includes a skipper, may vary depending on the boat you hire in Turkey. Whether you're looking for a bareboat rental or boat with a crew, Click&Boat have you got you covered!

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about turkey, what is the cost of renting a boat in the high season and the low season in turkey.

The average cost of renting a boat in Turkey in the high season is around €1,266 per day, while in the low season it is around €1,117 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Turkey?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Turkey, you can expect to pay an average of €182 per day for a skipper.

What is the average length of a boat in Turkey?

The average length of a boat in Turkey is 22 meters.

How many people can sleep on a boat in Turkey?

A boat in Turkey has on average 9 berths. You can find boats with up to 255 berths.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Turkey?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Turkey are Jeanneau and Marinello.

Charter another yacht type in Turkey

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Yacht Charters in Turkey - Blue Cruises

Welcome to Yachting Turkey web site of Bodtur Yachting Corp…

Dedicated to serving the best and delighting his guests, Bodtur Yachting continues to offer wide range of wonderfully planned yacht holidays in Turkey since 1987. We invite you to join us and savor the exquisite unspoiled beauty of the turquoise coast of Turkey and the charm of Greek Islands. 

Our fleet that will allow you to explore the wonders of Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coastline. Do give us the opportunity to welcome you aboard and take you on one of the Turkey Yacht Charters that can make you addicted!

Yacht Charters in Turkey - Blue Cruises

Private Yacht Charters in Turkey

A private yacht charter is privacy.  Just you and your family or friends, the people you want to be with.

Private yacht charters offer you the chance to explore Turkey at your own pace and with complete comfort. You can, of course get in and give a hand with the sails if you desire. Private yacht charters in Turkey are operated by gulet type charter yachts which offer spacious decks and roomy cabins. Unlike the standard shared yacht cabin charters, you are flexible to cruise for an unlimited period – though normally for 4 days to 2 weeks.


Yacht Cabin Charters

If you could not organize a group or could not afford to charter a yacht exclusively for your own or simply prefer a budgetary cruise, you can still to join one of our yacht cruise programs by taking a cabin that we call “Yacht Cabin Charter” or "Shared Yacht Cruise". You are not sailing with the crowd on a cruise ship. You are on a gulet yacht that you share with some other couples, having a crew that will be there for you when the need arises.

You may participate in sailing, have the chance to explore every little cove and on your route. Or you can relax whenever you wish, sun bath on the deck, swim in some beautiful coves, snorkel, fish or hike on shore.

Blue Cruises are operated on the Aegean and southwest Mediterranean coasts of Turkey, which is also known as Turkish Rivera. Apart from the weekly charters scheduled on the Turkish coastline, we offer further couple of programs including cruise itineraries to Dodecanese Greek Islands during your Blue Cruise dream.

You may choose to cruise on one of the Blue Cruise itineraries starting from Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Antalya or Rhodes.

On Turkish Coast

Popular Yachts


Yacht Description

The gulet Peri turns heads as she sails the Turkish coast, and she’s just as beautiful on the inside and she is on the out. She features six spacious comfortable cabins, accommodating up to 12 guests and comes with a professional Captain and dedicated crew who knows her well and will do anything they can to ensure you enjoy a memorable holiday. There are multiple common spaces for relaxation and socializing. The Chef that prepares delicious fresh meals with high quality ingredients, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and lots of water toys for getting out an enjoying the crystal-clear blue waters of Turkey and Greek Islands.

Peri is a 25,0 meters long yacht. The beam is 6,60 meters and the draft is 2,80 meters. The yacht has 2 X 210 HP Iveco Aifo engine. There are tanks for 2,5 tons of fuel and 3 tons of water.

Gulet Peri has 1 Master + 3 Double + 2 Twin cabins. All cabins have air conditioning. All cabins have private home type toilets and showers. There are separate crew quarters for total of 4 crew in the yacht.

Peri yacht has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment. All required safety equipment. Fully equipped galley, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, generator, hot water. TV and DVD player, Music system. Sun matresses and awnings both on the front and aft decks. Sea ladder with platform. Speed boat with outboard engine for Water skiing and Ringos. Paddleboard & 2 canoes. Snorkeling and fishing equipment.


A sleek beauty, Berrak Su comes with an outstanding local crew who will ensure you have everything you need for a smooth trip and then some, including an in-depth knowledge of the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coast. Berrak Su offers outstanding performance while comfortably accommodating up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. As a large gulet yacht, her decks provide plenty of space for outdoor living too. Watersports options are numerous, ideal for active groups, and when you’re looking to entertain, the air-conditioned indoor salon has a fantastic lounge area, couches, dining tables, large panoramic windows and more.

Gulet Berrak Su is a 32 meters long yacht. The beam is 7,70 meters and the draft is 3,75 meters. The yacht has 2 x 450 HP DAF engine. There are tanks for 6 tons of fuel and 8 tons of water.

Gulet Berrak Su  has 2 VIP cabin + 4 master cabins. All cabins have air conditioning. All cabins have TV with satellite system & DVD player,  private home type toilets and showers. There are separate crew quarters for total of 5 crew in the yacht.

Berrak Su has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment. All required safety equipment. Fully equipped galley, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, generator, hot water.  Free Wireless Internet, satellite system TV, MP3/DVD/CD player, music system. Sun matresses and awnings both on the front and aft decks. Sea ladder with platform. Berrak Su has 4,80 meters speedboat with 90 HP outboard engine for water-skiing, wake boarding and Ringo, Banana. 2 kayaks. Paddleboard. Snorkeling and fishing equipment. Jetski is extra available on request.


The gullet DEAR LILA was designed to provide the utmost in safety and comfort, hosting six cabins with a maximum capacity for just 12 passengers, providing an intimate sail while ensuring exceptional service by the knowledgeable, attentive crew. Her decks are extra-spacious, making her ideal for families and groups seeking a fun and memorable experience while visiting magnificent coastal cities and islands. She offers elegant spaces for relaxing while bringing many opportunities for getting out on the water, with water toys like water ski, ringo, kayak and paddleboard.

Gullet DEAR LILA is a 33 meters long sail yacht. The beam is 7,80 meters and the draft is 3,25 meters. The boat has 2 x 460 HP Iveco engine.There are tanks for 4 tons of fuel and 8 tons of water.

Gullet DEAR LILA has  2 master + 2 double + 2 twin/triple  cabins. All cabins have air conditioning. All cabins have private toilets and showers. Free Wireless Internet. There are separate crew quarters.

Gullet DEAR LILA has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment and all required safety equipment. Fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, generator, hot water.  TV and DVD player, Music system. Sun mattresses and awnings both on the front and stern decks. Tender boat with 60 HP outboard engine. Waterski & Ringo. Paddleboard  & Canoe. Amateur fishing and snorkelling equipment.


Gulet yacht UGUR has developed a reputation with her beauty and hard-working crew that provide a relaxing, memorable experience for sailing the Turkish Coast in luxury. She includes seven spacious cabins, all with en-suite with double beds, and two decks for relaxing and socializing during your cruise. Enjoy dining outdoors or in, either way, the talented Chef is likely to be one of the highlights, along with time out in the sea, discovering the magnificent underwater world with the snorkel gear provided, or taking out one of the many water toys like waterski, Ringo, banana, etc.

Gulet Ugur is a 32 meters long deluxe gulet yacht. The beam is 8,20 meters and the draft is 3,20 meters. The deluxe gulet yacht has 2 x 600 HP Zondeir engine. There are tanks for 5 tons of fuel and 10 tons of water.

Gulet yacht UGUR has 2 Suite cabins with Jacuzzi + 2 Master cabins + 3 Deluxe Double cabins for 14 guests. 2 separate crew quarters for total of 5 crew members. Free Wireless Internet is available in every corner of the yacht. All cabins have TV with satellite system & DVD player. All cabins have air conditioning. All cabins have private home type toilets and showers. 

Gulet Ugur GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment. All required safety equipment. Fully equipped galley, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, generator, hot water. Satellite system TV & DVD, Music system. Sun matresses and awnings both on the front and aft decks. Sea ladder with platform. Tender boat with 100 HP outboard engine for for water-skiing, wake boarding and Ringo, Banana. 2 kayaks. Paddleboards. Snorkeling and fishing equipment. Jetski is extra available on request.


Prenses Lila

Prenses lila.

Gullet PRENSES LILA  is a 36,0 meters long yacht. The beam is 7,60 meters and the draft is 3,20 meters. The yacht has 2 x 450 HP Iveco engine. There are tanks for 9 tons of fuel and 16 tons of water.

Gullet PRENSES LILA has 6 double + 2 triple c abins. All cabins have air conditioning. All cabins have private toilets and showers. Free Wireless Internet. There are separate crew quarters.

Gullet PRENSES LILA  has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment and all required safety equipment. Fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, generator, hot water.  TV and DVD player, Music system. Sun mattresses and awnings both on the front and stern decks. Tender boat with 60 HP outboard engine. Waterski & Ringo. Paddleboard  & Canoe. Amateur fishing and snorkelling equipment.


Gulet Ece Berrak took her maiden voyage in 2019, turning heads with her gracefulness while sailing the magnificent Turkish coast. The yacht's first charter season brought rave reviews thanks to the impeccable service of the crew, sealing a successful future for memorable charters with a wide range of luxuries. Guests can except an authentic experience for exploring top destinations while staying in spacious air-conditioned cabins and enjoying all sorts of perks onboard. Some of the highlights include large sundeck with a Jacuzzi, rich water sports activities and delicious, freshly prepared meals.

Ece Berrak is a 33 meters long ketch type yacht. The beam is 7,00 meters and the draft is 2,70 meters. The yacht has 2 x 360HP Iveco engine. There are tanks for 6 tons of fuel and 9 tons of water.

Ece Berrak includes 5 cabins ( 1 master + 2 double + 2 twin)  accommodating up to 10 guests, each designed to provide superb comfort with unlimited air-conditioning, wardrobes with plenty of space, safes, porthole windows and private bathrooms, each of which have a toilet, shower. Bath and beach towels are included as well. Free Wi-Fi extends to all cabins, making it easy to stay in touch with the outside world, and you’ll have 24 V/220 electricity for charging your devices as well. There are separate crew quarters for total of 5 crew in the yacht.

The yacht has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment. All required safety equipment. Fully equipped galley, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, generator, hot water.  TV and DVD player, Music system. Sun matresses and awnings both on the front and aft decks. Sea ladder with platform. Dinghy with 115 HP outboard engine. On-deck Jacuzzi. Gulet yacht Ece Berrak has a good selection of water toys for all ages including inflatable toys, water ski, wakeboard, paddleboard, kayak and amateur fishing and snorkeling equipment. Jet-ski is available as optional extra.


Bedia Sultan

Bedia sultan.

35 meters in length, the Gulet Bedia Sultan offers smooth and luxurious sailing for an unforgettable experience exploring the coast of Turkey and nearby Greek islands. With her elegant furbishment, Bedia Sultan exceeds high standards while providing comfortable, spacious accommodation and a wide range of amenities.

BEDIA SULTAN is 35,0 meters long yacht. The beam is 8,00 meters and the draft is 4,00 meters. The yacht has 2 x 500HP Iveco engine. There are tanks for 6 tons of fuel and 8 tons of fresh water.

BEDIA SULTAN has 2 Master (one with a Jacuzzi) + 3 Double​ cabins up to 10 guests. All cabins have air conditioning, TV-DVD-Player, hair dryers, minibar, private home type toilets and showers. There are separate crew quarters for total of 5 crew.

BEDIA SULTAN has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment. All required safety equipment. Fully equipped galley, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, coffee machine, generator, hot water. TV and DVD in saloon, Music system. Wi-Fi. Sun mattresses and awnings both on the front and aft decks. Sea ladder with platform. Speed boat with 100 HP outboard engine. Waterski, Ringo, Banana. Paddleboard, Canoe, Fishing and Snorkeling equipment. Jetski (extra optional)


Gulet Tersane 8  is a 42,0 meters long yacht. The beam is 9,40 meters and the draft is 4,20 meters. The yacht has 2 x 720 HP Daewoo engine. There are tanks for 16 tons of fuel and 20 tons of water.

Tersane 8 yacht has  10 double + 4 twin + 4 triple cabins.  All cabins have air conditioning. All cabins have private home type toilets and showers. There are separate crew quarters for total of 7 crew in the yacht.

Tersane 8 has GPS, VHF, etc. all necessary navigation equipment. All required safety equipment. Fully equipped galley, refrigerator, deep freeze, ice maker, coffee machine, generator, hot water.  TV and DVD player, Music system. Sun matresses and awnings both on the front and aft decks. Sea ladder with platform. Speedboat for Water-ski, Ringo, Banana. Paddleboard, Canoe, Fishing & Snorkeling.

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Yacht charter holidays on the Turkish Riviera in southern Turkey

Historical vestige · Dalyan Caunos King Tombs · Bodrum Castle

Sailing holidays around southern Turkey

Crewed yacht charter along the aegean coast in the southwest of turkey.

Clapotis-Mer Yachting Holidays offers a selected range of modern and traditional wooden sailing vessels available for private yacht charter on the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast.

All these Turkish yachts or gulets are well-equipped and crewed to provide comfortable on-board sailing journeys.

South West Turkey is a long stretch of beautiful coastline bordering the Aegean Sea. The south coast of Turkey is renowned as one of the most exciting destinations for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. You will be able to sail and swim in clear blue water, paddle a kayak, go on a hike in the scenic mountains, or go on an excursion in the green pine forests. It is also famous for its Wonders of the Ancient World in today’s Turkey.

Start your cruise from a popular seaside town in Turkey, such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, or Fethiye.

The Turquoise Coast was part of ancient Lycia, whose archaeological remains are numerous. The Aegean coast of Turkey abounds in curiosities and wonders. Sail on to the fishing village of Ucagiz and visit the remains of a sunken ancient city on Kekova Island. The wild beaches of Cirali and Olympos are located on the Turkish Riviera in the southwest of Antalya. Myre is an ancient city in Lycia, occupied today by the Turkish city of Demre.

Cruise around the Datca peninsula and stopover at Aktur Bay in the Gulf of Hisaronu. Set sail for Bencik Bay, one of the most attractive sailing areas along the Turkish coast. Hisaronu Bay has several fine sandy coves. It is surrounded by mountains covered in green forests. Oludeniz’s Blue Lagoon, near Fethiye, is a nature reserve well known for its shallow turquoise waters. It is a paradise for paragliding and kitesurfing. These are some of the most beautiful yacht charter areas for a holiday on the south coast of Turkey. Set off for Orhaniye Bay and discover the remains of an ancient castle. The turquoise bay of Selimiye is famed for its natural spring waters. Set a course for the bay of Dirsek Buku, one of the best anchorages for boats on a cruise along the southwest coast of Turkey. Catch sight of Symi, a Greek island, before sailing into the small gulf of Yesilova.

The village of Bozburun is a popular yachting resort to the west of Marmaris. Palamutbuku is a bay in Datca and a perfect place to stop in for yachts sailing to Knidos (or Cnidus), an ancient Greek city on the Carian coast in Turkey. Deveboynu Cape is located at the far south-west end of the Datca Peninsula in Turkey and to the north of Rhodes Island.

On a 7-day or longer sailing trip along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, you can visit most of the Dodecanese, the nearest group of Greek islands.

Cruise to Rhodes, the Island of the Knights and the largest of the Dodecanese group, near Turkey. Popular historical places to visit include the Crusader Palace of the Grand Masters and the charming old town of Lindos. Rhodes is the principal city in the Dodecanese, Greece. The citadel of Rhodes is one of the best-preserved mediaeval towns.

Travel on a sailing gulet to Kos Island from Bodrum, a vibrant coastal town in the south of Turkey. Kos is a Greek island and part of the Dodecanese group, known for its abundant sandy beaches. Kos Town is rich with Greek and Roman vestiges. Head for the ruins of the Asklepion, a healing temple in ancient Greece. Go to visit the mediaeval castle of Neratzia and the ancient Agora of Kos.

37 metre Luxury turkish schooner yacht

37 metre Luxury turkish schooner yacht

45 metre Cruising schooner

45 metre Cruising schooner Turkey

35 metre Luxury turkish ketch gulet yacht

35 metre Luxury turkish ketch gulet yacht Turkey

29 metre Turkish gulet boat

29 metre Turkish gulet boatTurkey

27 metre ketch gulet boat

27 metre ketch gulet boat Turkey

34 metre Turkish gulet schooner boat

34 metre Turkish gulet schooner boat Turkey

34 metre Luxury turkish gulet boat

34 metre Luxury turkish gulet boat Turkey

24 metre Luxury gulet yacht

24 metre Luxury gulet yacht

23 metre Luxury turkish gulet boat

23 metre Luxury turkish gulet boat

Classic gulet boat VII Turkey

bod tur logo

  • Private Yacht Charter
  • Cabin Charter

Bareboat Charter

Nr. of cabins, yacht charter in turkey and greek islands.

A yacht charter in Turkey and Greek Islands with BODTUR YACHTING is a fantastic way to experience the best of the world's coastline. The history, the sea and the sun have altogether carved a wonderful beauty that you may consider it a genuine loss not to live through such an experience. The pine forested Aegean and Mediterranean coastline with secluded bays, numerous small islands, sparkling azure waters; the list is endless.

A yacht charter by a Turkish gulet yacht allows you freedom. BODTUR YACHTING offers Blue Cruises in the popular yachting locations of Turkey like Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kas, Antalya and Dodecanese and Cyclades Greek Islands like Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Leros, Lipsi and many others.

Private Yacht Charters

Private Yacht Charters

A private yacht charter provides an unsurpassed taste of freedom. A crewed private yacht charter may cost no more than a luxurious hotel or cruise ship holiday. However, unlike a cruise ship or hotel, you have the privacy, control and freedom. You and your friends will be the only guests on board your gulet yacht and the only ones that the crew will take care.

Yacht Cabin Charters

Yacht Cabin Charters

If you are not a group or not able to rent an entire private yacht, there is still an opportunity for you to enjoy your holiday on a yacht in Turkey or Greek Islands. Then, a "cabin charter" is for you. You rent a cabin and share the yacht with other guests. Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya and Rhodes are the embarkation ports for Blue Cruises thru Turkish Coast and Greek Islands.

Bareboat Charter

A bare boat charter gives you ultimate cruising independence. During a bare boat charter, you skipper on your own. Bare boats can be found in variety of models and sizes in most popular cruise areas of Turkey. Check our bare boats based in Gocek, Fethiye, Marmaris, Orhaniye or Bodrum and contact our charter expert to find the best sailing boat or catamaran for you.

Yacht Charters For Small Groups

Yacht Charters For Small Groups

Private Yachts to Greek Islands

Private Yachts to Greek Islands

Health, Yoga & Wellbeing Cruises

Health, Yoga & Wellbeing Cruises

Popular Cabin Charters

Marmaris-Fethiye Blue Cruise

Marmaris-Fethiye Blue Cruise

From € 620 / week.

Bodrum-Gokova Blue Cruise

Bodrum-Gokova Blue Cruise

From € 770 / week.

Fethiye-Kekova Blue Cruise

Fethiye-Kekova Blue Cruise

From € 550 / week.

Yachting services offered in website are operated by BODTUR YACHTING. BODTUR YACHTING is one of the first yacht charter operators licensed by TURKISH MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM (License nr 086). Since 1987, BODTUR organizes Blue Cruises, private yacht charters and guaranteed departure cabin charters along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Greek Islands.

BODTUR YACHTING as well offers travel services inbound Turkey via its subsidary LARA TRAVEL which is an -A- licensed travel agency by TURKISH MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM and TURSAB Turkish Association of Travel Agencies (License nr. 3938).

Yachting in Istanbul, Turkey

Yachting in Istanbul, Turkey

Asia and Europe. Muezzins calling for prayers and fashionable bistros, The Grand Bazaar and luxurious boutiques. Cut off by the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul, manages to be all that and still hold monuments such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. Appreciate the skyline view, as seen from the Bosphorus Straight, as you lounge in luxury aboard your yacht.

65 Viking luxury charter yacht - Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey

65' Viking

60 Pirlant luxury charter yacht - Kuruçeşme Mahallesi, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

60' Pirlant

62 NUH luxury charter yacht - Kuruçeşme Mahallesi, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

60' NUH

61 Pirlant luxury charter yacht - Bebek Mahallesi, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

61' Pirlant

62 Pirlant luxury charter yacht - Bebek, Bebek Mahallesi, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

62' Pirlant_IK

60 NUH luxury charter yacht - Kuruçeşme Mahallesi, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

62' NUH

72 Vicem luxury charter yacht - Kuruçeşme Mahallesi, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

72' Vicem

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Once you confirm your reservation, your broker will process your payment.

  • If you are booking for a single day and your reservation is confirmed more than 7 days in advance, a deposit of either $1,000 USD or 50% of the total cost of the reservation (whichever is greater) is processed immediately in order to hold the yacht. Once your embarkation date is 7 days away, the remainder of the amount due is processed.
  • If you are booking for a single day and your reservation is made 7 days or less in advance, the total price of your reservation is processed immediately.
  • If you are booking for a multi-day charter and your reservation is confirmed more than 30 days in advance, a deposit of 50% of the cost of the yacht is processed immediately in order to hold the yacht. Once your embarkation date is 30 days away, the other 50% is collected for the price of the yacht, plus the APA, plus the taxes due.

Terms of refunds are dictated by the Charter Agreement. Generally, once a payment is collected, it is non-refundable. In certain circumstances, as dictated by the Charter Agreement, credits can be provided so you will be able to enjoy your yacht charter at a future date that is convenient for you.

Why is there a 3% credit card convenience charge?

Are my payment details saved on the app, what if your servers get hacked is my payment information really safe.


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    Uncover a timeless paradise on your next summer vacation with a private yacht charter in Turkey. Traverse the Lycian and Carian coasts, where turquoise waters and staggeringly clear blue seas offer an array of sights and flavours. Explore deep forested hills, luxurious sandy bays, pine-clad islands, and vibrant harbour towns that are barely ...

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    The overall price of a Turkey yacht charter vacation varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the age of the yacht, and the month in which you choose to charter. A Turkey motor yacht rental can range from $28,294 to $1.6m per week, plus expenses. For luxury sailing and gulet yacht rentals in Turkey, prices can go ...

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    Yacht Charter Turkey. This vast Turkish peninsula is surrounded by eight countries and, on three sides, by the Aegean, Black Sea and Mediterranean. Sailing in Turkey is a chance to explore more than 500 islands and islets along 4,400 miles of stunning undeveloped coastline, with hot, dry summers, calm waters and kind winds. What's on this page.

  5. Private Yacht Charter in Turkey

    Private Yacht Charter in Turkey. A luxurious yacht charter on the Turkish coast is a unique experience. A private cruise on a gulet that is a regular feature of charter yachts in Turkey is a complex blend of elegance and sophistication. The real appeal of this cruise is in the rich mix of knowledgeable crews, delicious cuisine within the galley ...

  6. Private and Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

    This is what a yacht charter in Turkey can offer. The more popular area to cruise is Southern Turkey and its Turquoise Coast. Peppered with rustic villages, a craggy coastline and sublime beaches there is little wonder why, this region is so favored. The vibrant city of Bodrum, with its stunning harbor - right in the center of the city, many ...

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    Charter a luxury yacht with Burgess. We are trusted for our expertise, and it is the first-hand insights of our charter brokers that raise the bar. Our collective knowledge serves to make your superyacht charter experience exceptional. Explore our stunning collection of luxury yachts for rent or hire and speak to our experts about chartering a ...

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    There are many factors that affect rental yacht prices. However, on average, hourly yacht charters range from 300€ - 2000€, 4-5 hours of daily meals and drinks, all inclusive yacht tours range from 1000€ to 30.000€. Weekly private yacht charter is between 10.000€ and 500.000€.

  9. Turkey Charter Yacht Cruise

    Private Charter Yacht Vacation Turkey. Uniquely positioned at a cultural and geographical meeting point, Turkey is home to a diverse culture and richly historical land abound with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cosmopolitan cities, amazing flavors and a stunning coastline fringed by crystal clear waters. Boasting a favorable Mediterranean climate ...

  10. Private Yacht Charters in Turkey, Greek Islands, Mediterranean

    Private Yacht Charters in Turkey. We provide luxury yacht charter services in Turkey & Greek Islands. We specialize in custom planning and organizing gulet charters for your special holidays at sea with family and friends. Based on your choices, we create the finest itineraries and tours with you, your guests, and captains.

  11. Turkey luxury yacht charter

    Turkey yacht season and weather. The charter season in Turkey runs from late April to October, with shoulder season months of April, May and October still enjoying warm, sunny weather and blissfully quiet cruising grounds. Summer temperatures average between 26°C and 30°C but can soar well above 30°C during the peak months of July and August.

  12. myTurkishCharter

    For an accurate estimate of your Turkey yacht charter cost, you should contact our brokers. They will be able to help you draw up a plan with you based on your wishes and budget. Sailing yacht charter: $9,450 to $185,000 per week. Catamaran Charters range from $21,000 to $100,000 per week.

  13. Turkey Gulet Charter

    Turkey Gulet Charter. Chartering a gulet yacht in Turkey offers a unique and luxurious way to explore the country's stunning coastline. Gulets and yachts come in various sizes and levels of luxury, accommodating anything from small groups to larger parties, with options for crewed and bareboat charters. With a blend of picturesque scenery ...

  14. Yacht Charter Turkey

    Sail in Turkey is a Company is totally owned and managed personally by ourselves, Mark Foster and Stephanie Williams. Many years ago we both started our careers in the yachting industry with the Worldwide known sailing company Sunsail. In 2007 we set up our own yacht charter company, Sail in Turkey, since then we have greeted many new & repeat ...

  15. Blue Tour Turkey

    Turkey Private Yacht Charter: The Ultimate Luxury Experience. A private yacht rental is the most luxurious and private way to see the beautiful Turkish coast at your own pace. With a custom itinerary, a skilled crew, and top-notch amenities, you can have the dream vacation of your life. When you cruise through the clear waters of the ...

  16. Private yacht charter Gocek

    With Göcek Yacht Charter, transform your envisioned vacation into a tangible reality and intertwine your cherished moments with the serene embrace of the sea. Are you ready to set sail? With Aurora Yachts , Charter a private yacht in Gocek Turkey. Experience the quality and easy way of chartering a yacht in Göcek. Best boat rental service.

  17. 9 INCREDIBLE Yacht Charters in Turkey (2024)

    This Lagoon 500 catamaran gets our pick for the best overnight yacht charter in Turkey. They specialise in overnight trips and week-long rentals. A week-long trip with 10 mates aboard sounds like a pretty epic holiday to us. A longer rental often works out as a much lower cost per day than single-day charters.

  18. Yacht charter Turkey & Boat rental

    The average price of boat rental in Turkey is €1,500, but prices start as low as €50 per day. Below are some average starting prices by boat type: •Motorboat: Prices start from €300 per day / €2,100 per week. •RIB: Prices start from €2,000 per day / €14,000 per week. •Boat without License: Prices start from €1,250 per day ...

  19. Yacht Cruise Turkey, Yachting in Turkey, Sailing Turkey

    Private yacht charters in Turkey are operated by gulet type charter yachts which offer spacious decks and roomy cabins. Unlike the standard shared yacht cabin charters, you are flexible to cruise for an unlimited period - though normally for 4 days to 2 weeks.

  20. Tour The Turkish Riviera Aboard A Private Yacht

    Courtesy of Zephyria Yachting Inc. Kevin Dunleavy recently experienced a private yachting experience on the Turkish Riviera with Zephyria Yachting in August of 2021. "We wanted to charter a boat ...

  21. Turkey crewed yacht charter, sailing holidays

    Crewed yacht charter along the Aegean Coast in the southwest of Turkey. Clapotis-Mer Yachting Holidays offers a selected range of modern and traditional wooden sailing vessels available for private yacht charter on the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast. All these Turkish yachts or gulets are well-equipped and crewed to provide ...

  22. Yacht charter Turkey. Rent Bodrum gulet for yacht cruise Turkey

    Since 1987, BODTUR organizes Blue Cruises, private yacht charters and guaranteed departure cabin charters along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Greek Islands. BODTUR YACHTING as well offers travel services inbound Turkey via its subsidary LARA TRAVEL which is an -A- licensed travel agency by TURKISH MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM and ...

  23. Luxury & Private Yacht Charter Istanbul, Turkey

    Appreciate the skyline view, as seen from the Bosphorus Straight, as you lounge in luxury aboard your yacht. Istanbul, Turkey's capital city is located on the Sea of Marmara and is connected to the Black Sea via the historically important Bosphorus Strait. In so many ways Istanbul may be considered a bridging city, between land and sea, Asia ...