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The 25 Largest Yachts in the World

The list runs from lürssen's 592-foot 'azzam' to fincantieri 439-foot 'serene,' with a fascinating group of bespoke vessels in between..

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Top 25 Superyachts Now

The new arrivals in 2024 knock the mighty 436.4-foot  Al Mirqab   and  Koru , Jeff Bezos’s sailing yacht, off the list. The “smallest” yacht— Serene —measures a whopping 439.3 feet. A raft of behemoths didn’t make it, including Feadship’s 290-foot Project 821 that is launching this year, the largest build from the Dutch shipyard to date.

Two of Lürssen’s 2024 deliveries also fell short, including Project Deep Blue and Project JassJ. That said, the German yard remains top of the leader board with the immoveable 592.6-foot  Azzam . It also claims 13 of the 25 world’s largest yachts, two of which are new entries.

The list is interesting because most were built in the last 15 years, but there are several historical yachts, including  Savarona , launched in 1931, and  El Mahrousa , launched in 1865, that withstand the test of time. Others like  Yas  and  OK are conversions from other types of vessels. The inimitable  A  is a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated sailing superyacht.

Here are the world’s top 25 yachts by length.

Azzam | 592 feet, 6 inches

Lürssen Azzam

Lürssen could never really boast about Azzam after its launch in 2013 because of the owner’s penchant for privacy, though it did describe the interior by Christophe Leoni, which features a 95-foot-long main salon, as “inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century.” Owner Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi directed a team of designers and engineers who started with the bare concept, worked through the technical challenges of what might be the most complex superyacht ever, and finished with an unusually large vessel that can top the 30-knot mark when operating in “sprint mode”. Its gas turbines, connected to water jets, also give it the ability to operate at high speed in shallow waters. Nauta Yacht’s exterior features a long, sleek forward area, with well-proportioned tiers moving up to the skydeck. It took an impressive six million man-hours—or four years including engineering—to build.  Azzam  accommodates up to 36 guests, and a crew of 80.

Fulk Al Salamah | 538 feet, 1 inch

"Fulk Al Salamah," Mariotti Yachts

Little information has been released about the world’s second-longest superyacht, the custom-built Fulk Al Salamah , and it has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced in 2014. Even the overall length of 538.1 feet has been estimated from AIS data. However, the imposing vessel, built and delivered by Italian builder Mariotti Yachts in their Genoa shipyard in 2016, is believed to be owned by Sultan Haitham bin Tariq of Oman. Last refit in 2021, the yacht has an exterior design by Studio de Jorio, and it is considered by some to resemble more of a support vessel than a superyacht. Nonetheless, aerial photography shows an impressively large helideck, raked masts, and a bathing platform.

Eclipse | 533 feet, 1 inch

Superyacht Eclipse

The 533.1-foot stately  Eclipse , one of two yachts on this list owned by sanctioned billionaire Roman Abramovich, took five years to design and build. When it left the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg in 2010, it was the world’s largest yacht. The interior has 17 staterooms and a palatial primary suite, with the capacity to carry 85 crew. Both the interior and exterior are designed by Terence Disdale. A proportional profile is defined by tiered decks that sweep upward and bend ever so slightly at the aft ends. Eclipse  has a 185-foot-long owner’s deck, the capacity to hold three helicopters, a sophisticated stabilization system, six tenders, and an enormous spa, gym and beach club, not to mention one of the largest swimming pools on any superyacht. Hybrid diesel-electric engines are connected to Azipod drives that give Eclipse a top-end speed of 21 knots, with a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

Dubai | 531 feet, 5 inches

DUBAI UAE - DEC 16: Dubai - yacht of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. December 16 2014 in Dubai UAE

Even at 531.5 feet, Dubai ’s all-white Winch-designed exterior belies the dramatic and vibrant interior within. Colorful mosaic floors, a spiraling glass staircase, 70-foot-wide atrium, and bursts of red, blue, and green create a carnival of scene. Originally commissioned for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei as a joint project between Blohm+Voss and Lürssen . Known as “Panhandle,” the project was halted in 1998 with just a bare hull and skeletal superstructure. The hull was sold to the government of Dubai, and, under the direction of the country’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, work on the 531.5-footer began again, though this time by Platinum Yachts. Dubai delivered in 2006 and is now the sheikh’s royal yacht, with accommodations for 24 guests and quarters for 88 crew. The SOLAS-certified seven-decked yacht has a landing pad for a Black Hawk helicopter, submarine garage, disco and cinema, and can reach a top speed of 26 knots. There’s also a waterfall that cascades from the yacht’s pool, located aft of the main deck. The yacht’s range of 8,500 nm at 25 knots gives it the potential to cruise around the world in record time.

Blue | 518 feet, 3 inches

Lürssen Superyacht Blue

Lürssen’s newest entry on the list, Blue , which delivered to its Middle Eastern owner in July 2022, may rank at number five out of the world’s largest yachts, but its diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system goes a long way to minimize emissions. The yacht also features an electric Azimuth pod drive that can be used independently or in conjunction with the twin propeller shafts. There is a waste-water treatment system and an advanced exhaust treatment system to help reduce NOx levels, as well as cut down on vibration and noise pollution. Interior and exterior design is by Terence Disdale, Blue is defined in profile by a raked bow with a helipad, an aft deck pool, and twin balconies forward either side of the owner’s full-beam suite. There is a second, smaller helipad aft. The British designer has reportedly penned a feminine and elegant interior, though no images have yet been released.

Dilbar | 511 feet, 8 inches

Espen Øino Dilbar yacht

The 2016 launch of Dilbar gave Lürssen the distinction of not only building the longest yacht ever ( Azzam ), but also the largest in terms of volume. Espen Øino designed the exterior, creating a full-bodied superstructure of long, flowing decks, along with two helicopter pads,two helicopter pads, one of which has a hangar with an H175 helicopter always on standby.  Dilbar  also has an oversized garden and an 82-foot swimming pool that can hold an incredible 6,357-cubic-feet of water and according to Lürssen, is the world’s longest on a yacht. The interior by  Winch Design  is defined by its “rare and exclusive luxury materials,” says the builder, declining to go into detail. Despite  Dilbar ’s volume, the designers did a masterful job making the yacht look relatively svelte. In June 2020, Dilbar returned to Lürssen for a significant refit, where the yacht remains following U.S. sanctions placed on the owner, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, in 2022. The yacht’s value is estimated to be $600 million.

Al Saïd | 508 feet, 5 inches

Al Said measures 508'5" and was built by Lurssen Yachts

Another 500-plus-foot yacht from Lürssen, the original Project Sunflower gained its official name of Al Saïd following its launch in 2016. Espen Øino’s exterior is akin to a classic cruise liner, complete with the twin-exhaust stacks in the center of the superstructure. Owned by the Sultan of Oman, the yacht was listed for the sale for the first time in April 2022 for an undisclosed sum, but a buyer has yet to be confirmed. The six-decked  Al Saïd  can carry 154 crew and an estimated 70 guests across 26 suites. Lürssen reports a top speed of 22 knots. The London-based Redman Whiteley Dixon studio designed the interior, which includes a concert hall that can hold a 50-piece orchestra, a private cinema for 50 people; you’ll also find a medical room and dental care on board.

A+ | 483 feet, 1 inch

Lürssen Topaz largest yachts in the world

Very little is known about A+ (formerly Topaz) , which was launched by Lürssen in 2012. Tim Heywood Designs did the exterior, which features helipads on the foredeck and amidships on an upper deck. A lower aft deck includes a swimming pool. The German yard has not released any images of the Terence Disdale interior. Reported to be owned by Manchester City Football Club owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan—Emirati royalty and deputy prime minister of the UAE— A+  is equipped with a 40-foot Vikal catamaran beachlander and is powered by six Wärtsilä engines to reach a top speed of 22 knots. It can carry 62 guests and up to 79 crew and was last refit in 2022.

Prince Abdulaziz | 482 feet, 3 inches

Prince Abdulaziz

The 5,200-tonne Prince Abdulaziz is one of the Saudi Royal family’s yachts, its first owner being King Fahd. Designed by Maierform, the yacht was the longest and tallest in the world at the time of its launch, a title the 482.3-foot  Prince Abdulaziz  held for 22 years until  Dubai  launched in 2006. The late David Nightingale Hicks, known for his use of bright colors, was the interior designer. The lobby is said to be a replica of the Titanic . The yacht is also rumored to be carrying surface-to-air missiles, though that may be an urban legend. Launched by Helsingør Værft in Denmark in 1984, it was last refit in 2023.

OK | 479 feet

Ohima Shipbuilding's OK

Originally built by Japan’s Oshima Shipbuilding in 1982, the semisubmersible heavy lift ship was used for decades by DYT Yacht Transport as float-on yacht carrier. In 2022, the vessel underwent a private conversion at Karmarine shipyard in Turkey, turning it into a luxury, though highly unusual, yacht named OK . Modifications include a matte-black paint job, gold-tinted glazing, and teak decking. The vessel’s 328-foot submersible aft deck—a feature that first attracted her new owner, who uses OK to transport their 150-foot ketch—is now covered in a carpet of artificial grass. A 40-tonne crane allows for the safe and easy launch and retrieval of a vast range of toys, including a seaplane. The interior by Bozca Design is reported to include accommodation for 20 guests, a botanical garden, and a crazy Willy Wonka–inspired glass elevator that operates outside of the yacht’s superstructure.

Opera | 479 feet

Lürssen Yacht Opera

Very little is known about Lürssen’s mysterious superyacht Opera , though it’s thought to be a rebuild of Project Sassi, which was destroyed in a fire in 2018 at the German shipyard. Now four feet longer than the first iteration, the superyacht became the 11th largest yacht in the world when it delivered to its patient owner in 2023. Exterior and interior designed by Terence Disdale, Opera has a whopping 66-foot beam and an interior volume exceeding 10,000GT. No interior images have been released yet, though judging by its two swimming pools, one with a lifting floor, and two helipads—one on the bow and one on the upper aft deck—it seems no expense has been spared.

El Mahrousa | 478 feet, 1 inch

"El Mahrousa" Yacht, Samuda Brothers

El Mahrousa , which means “The Protected” in Arabic, is currently Egypt’s presidential yacht, though the 478.1-footer has a separate history as that country’s royal yacht. The London-based Samuda Brothers began the build in 1863, and it was launched in 1865. The world’s oldest superyacht—and formerly the world’s biggest—was originally built for the Ottoman governor of Egypt, Khedive Ismail, and later carried three Egyptian kings into exile. The yacht was also at the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. It features external design by the British naval architect Sir Oliver Lang and has had multiple modifications over the years, including a lengthening by 40 feet in 1872 and another 17 feet in 1905. During the second refit, the owners replaced its paddle-wheel engines with turbine-driven propellers. The yacht, in care of the Egyptian Navy, occasionally goes to sea for a day or two. In 2015, it was used to inaugurate the new Suez Canal.

Project Luminance | 475 feet, 7 inches

Superyacht Lumaniance

Delivered in 2024, Project Luminance (the real name is yet to be confirmed) is Lürssen’s newest entry on the list. Exterior designed by Espen Øino, the yacht has a raked bow, a contrasting paint job in a dark blue hull and silver superstructure and a whopping 8,999 gross tons of interior volume. Few details are yet known about the gigayacht owned by Ukrainian mining and financial services mogul Rinat Akhmetov, including the interior by Francois Zuretti, but aerial shots reveal twin helicopter pads—one on the foredeck and another high up aft—a large beach club, and an infinity pool, with a private spa pool area on the foredeck.

A | 468 feet, 5 inches

Nobiskrug sailing yacht A.

Undoubtedly one of the most visionary projects ever delivered by German shipyard Nobiskrug, the Philippe Starck-designed A is a wild fantasy of the future. Delivered in 2017, the futuristic look of  sailing yacht  A includes smooth, silver-metallic surfaces and windows that look nearly invisible, a 26-foot draft, three composite masts that bend slightly, and a deck hidden by high bulwarks. The Philippe Starck–design is a wild fantasy yacht of the future. The 468-foot sailing yacht is a technical victory for Nobiskrug , which developed composite fashion plates to create the unusual shapes without compromising any strength or fluidity. It has the tallest freestanding composite masts on any sailing vessel, a diesel-electric propulsion system, and state-of-the-art navigation systems. The boat also reportedly has an underwater viewing platform in the keel. Starck’s traditional interior features dark wood, copper accents, and cozy patterned carpets. The split-deck main salon is divided into zoned seating areas with integrated bookshelves. A remains today the world’s largest sailing yacht six years after its launch, though many argue it is better defined as a sail-assisted yacht.

Nord | 466 feet

Lürssen OPUS Launch

Nord was announced in 2015 but didn’t hit the water until its 2020 sea trials in the Baltic Sea. The 466-foot yacht features interior design by Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard and was Lürssen’s first yacht launched from its floating shed at its facility in Vegasack. Boasting top-tier amenities, the yacht includes a sports and diving center on the lower deck, multiple tenders ranging in size up to 50 feet and a large swimming pool. The two helipads support the yacht’s long-range cruising capabilities for autonomous exploration, and a retractable hangar means a helicopter can slide neatly into the superstructure for storage when not in use. A generous 20 staterooms accommodate 36 guests across six decks, while a sleek aft-sloping superstructure gives Nord an individual profile on the water.

Yas | 462 feet, 6 inches

Superyacht Yas in Barcelona

As a converted yacht, Yas is one of the most interesting vessels on this list. The dolphin-like exterior was originally a former Dutch Navy frigate that launched in 1978 and eventually sold to the navy of the United Arab Emirates, where it was renamed Al Emirat . The yacht underwent its dramatic conversion in a facility in Abu Dhabi’s main port, emerging as a gleaming superyacht in 2011, with one of the most interesting profiles on the water. It was eventually delivered four years later. Reportedly owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed al Nahyan, half-brother of the president of the UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the design by Paris-based Pierrejean Vision is defined by massive glass surfaces. Yas can accommodate 60 guests and 58 crew members. Mated to a steel hull, the superstructure is the largest composite edifice ever built.

Solaris | 459 feet, 3 inches

Russian oligarchs yachts continued to be seized

Owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, the 476-foot  Solaris  was one of the largest yachts to deliver in 2021. Last refit in 2022 at MB92 in Barcelona, the vast, highly private explorer is built by German shipyard Lloyd Werft and features a displacement steel hull with bulbous bow and steel superstructure with teak decks. The eight-deck exterior by Australian designer Marc Newson houses a large helipad, sundeck, spacious beach club aft and 21,527 square feet of glass, the largest panes to ever be built into a yacht. Lloyd Werft also built the Russian billionaire’s previous explorer yacht Luna , which he reportedly sold for $360 million to his close friend Farkhad Akhmedov in 2014.

Ocean Victory | 459 feet, 3 inches

Fincantieri Yachts’ 459-foot Ocean Victory Photo by Trevor Coppock /

The largest motoryacht ever built in Italy, Fincantieri’s Ocean Victory is owned by Russian billionaire Viktor Rashnikov, who was sanctioned in 2022. The seven-deck exterior by Espen Øino includes two helideck platforms and a hangar belowdecks, as well as exceptional outdoor social areas and a floodable tender dock. Ocean Victory has accommodations for 28 guests as well as quarters for 56 crew. The interior by Alberto Pinto remains a secret, aside from the yacht’s six pools, a 3,300-square-foot spa, and an underwater observation room.

Scheherazade | 459 feet, 3 inches

Russian oligarchs yachts continued to be seized

The 459.3-foot, Lürssen-built Scheherazade (formerly known as Project Lightning) was delivered in June 2020, with exterior design by Espen Øino and interior design by Francois Zuretti. Two helipads, forward and aft, and a large beach club aft are visible from aerial photographs, but aside from the yacht’s reported seven-foot beam, 40 crew and unique drone-crashing system for privacy, further details have not yet been released. The reason may lie with the yacht’s unofficial owner, believed to be Russian president Vladimir Putin. In May 2022, Italian authorities froze Scheherazade in the port of Marina di Carrara following an investigation conducted by Italian financial police who found the ship’s beneficial owner had “significant economic and business ties” to high-ranking Russian government officials, though the results of the investigation to date remain inconclusive.

Al Salamah | 456 feet

Lürssen Al Salamah gigayacht

When Lürssen launched Al Salamah in 1999, it was the third-largest yacht in the world. Its number 20 ranking shows how much has changed in the last 20 years. Code-named MIPOS, or Mission Possible, the yacht was designed by Terence Disdale . Originally owned by Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the yacht was put up for sale for $280 million in in 2013 before it was reportedly given to Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa as a gift. The large imposing exterior is primarily protected space, with an upper deck exposed to the elements. Al Salamah has staterooms for 40 guests, including two owner suites, 11 VIP staterooms, and eight twin cabins. The yacht can carry up to 96 crew and has a top speed of 22 knots. Al Salamah was last refitted in 2009.

Rising Sun | 454 feet, 1 inch

Lürssen Rising Sun superyacht

Designed by the original guru of yacht designers, Jon Bannenberg, Rising Sun was built by Lürssen for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and is currently owned by billionaire David Geffen, who reportedly paid $590 million for the yacht. The yacht comes with a gym, a grand piano, multiple swimming pools, a beauty salon, and a spa with a sauna. Delivered in 2004 and last refit in 2022, the yacht’s exterior is defined by banks of windows across the superstructure. Rising Sun has 86,000 square feet of living space in 82 rooms. It can accommodate 18 guests in nine cabins, with the capacity to carry up to 46 crew. The interior by Seccombe Design includes a gym, cinema, and wine cellar, and the rear cockpit deck was designed as a basketball court. Geffen received global media backlash in 2020 for his “tone deaf” social-media posts that pictured himself on board his yacht during Covid-19 lockdown.

Flying Fox | 446 feet, 2 inches

Lürssen's Flying Fox superyacht.

The 446.2-foot  Flying Fox is arguably the most high-profile yacht on this list, primarily for being the largest yacht available on the charter market. In 2022, it was also singled out as “blocked property” by U.S. authorities in 2022 due to its previous management Imperials Yachts, which was on the US sanctions list. The yacht’s owner, however, Russian billionaire Dmitry Kamenshchik, is not sanctioned, so the yacht was turned over to him and returned to charter in 2024. Key features of the Espen Øino-designed exterior are a curvaceous dove-gray hull and a 3.7-foot swimming pool that runs athwartship on the main aft deck, the largest ever found on board a yacht. A two-decked spa also gives guests access to a cryosauna, hammam, and relaxation room with a fold-down balcony at sea level. Packed to the rafters with the latest amenities, the yacht holds a diving center, a decompression chamber, and two helipads. Flying Fox is PYC compliant and can accommodate 25 guests.

Savarona | 446 feet, 2 inches

Savarona superyacht 25 top yachgts

Launched in 1931, and by far the largest and fastest private yacht of her day, Savarona was built for American heiress Emily Roebling Cadwalader and is easily identified by its two mustard-colored funnels. The yacht was eventually acquired by Turkey to be the presidential yacht of Kemal Atatürk, founder of modern Turkey. Jane’s Fighting Ships described the yacht in 1949 as “probably the most sumptuously fitted yacht afloat.”  Savarona was later converted to a training ship for the Turkish Navy and, in 1978, destroyed by fire. The yacht laid in tatters for 10 years. A Turkish businessman spent around $45 million refurbishing Savarona , commissioning Donald Starkey for the interior and replacing the original steam-turbine engines with modern Caterpillar diesels. Savarona became Turkey’s official presidential yacht again in 2014, accommodating up to 34 guests in 17 suites and carrying up to 48 crew. Amenities include a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a 280-foot grand staircase, a movie theater and a library dedicated to Atatürk.

Crescent | 443 feet

Lürssen Crescent superyacht Larry Ellison

Last refit in 2021, Espen Øino’s dark hull and tiered superstructure was one of the most exciting launches of 2018. Called Project Thunder internally at Lürssen, the custom-built yacht features cutouts along the hull sides that allow full ocean views from the saloon on the primary deck, as part of Crescent ’s distinctive curved superstructure. Its most noteworthy feature is the jaw-dropping bank of three-deck-high windows in the center of the yacht. This architectural feature serves as the centerpiece of a very compelling design. The yacht has accommodations for 18 guests in nine staterooms. Little is known about the François Zuretti-designed interior, other than Lürssen describing it as being “traditionally styled.” If it lives up to Crescent ’s brash exterior, the complete yacht promises to be an entirely groundbreaking design. In March 2022, Crescent was detained by Spain as property of Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, who is sanctioned in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Serene | 439 feet, 3 inches

Fincantieri Serene superyacht

Serene  is the yacht that launched Fincantieri into the superyacht segment, and what a debut it was. The largest yacht ever launched in Italy when it was delivered in 2011 (surpassed three years later by Ocean Victory ), the Espen Øino seven-deck design features a long, sleek blue hull crowned by a white superstructure. Pascale Reymond of Reymond Langton Design created the 43,056-square-foot interior for a Russian owner, which includes a double height atrium with a piano lounge at the top and a vast open-plan main salon below. Sunken LEDs and bright pink and purple neon lights create a modern party vibe in the social areas, which contrast with the elaborate yet more traditional guest suites. A spiral staircase with intricate metal banisters soars through the heart of the yacht. The open stern area has a winter garden (enclosed glasshouse) that allows dining in all seasons. Serene also has two helipads and a hangar, a big swimming pool, and a tender garage large enough for a submarine.

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Tour the World’s Biggest Superyacht

By Tim Nelson

superyacht in the water

If you’ve seen one superyacht, you’ve seen them all. At least that’s how it can feel when so many of the world’s largest privately owned seafaring vessels play it safe, offering little more than slight tweaks on the same cookie-cutter look. Hoping to break from those stale conventions, one ambitious designer has introduced a strikingly innovative concept for what would not only be the biggest luxury superyacht in the world but also undeniably the boldest as well.

It’s called Valkyrie , and its purpose is to shatter preconceived notions about the size, shape, and fundamental purpose of superyachts. The long-gestating project of Chulhun Park, chief designer for Riga, Latvia–based Latitude Yachts, the Valkyrie project aims to be a 751-foot floating entertainment hub, unlike anything the world has ever seen. If completed, it would shatter the superyacht length record of 591 feet currently held by Azzam , a boat that's believed to be owned by Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates.

a look at the side of a yacht in the water

The 751-foot-long Valkyrie would far surpass the length of the 591 foot-long yacht, Azzam , which currently holds the record for the world's biggest superyacht.

At first glance, Valkyrie seems to take its aesthetic cues from science fiction rather than existent superyacht design tropes. Its sleek yet surprising shape was inspired by deconstructivism, a postmodernist architectural movement that eschews harmony and symmetry in favor of warped unconventionality. Park says his interest in the work of deconstructivists, like that of the late Zaha Hadid, predates his career in yacht design, which might explain why he was able to effortlessly integrate its aesthetic hallmarks into the shape of Valkyrie . “Having seen too many conventional white yachts, which were vertically stacked like wedding cakes, I was determined to design a visually unique yacht which would stand out from a fleet,” Park says. “I was interested in manipulating a structure’s surface to create non-rectilinear shapes, which appear to distort and dislocate elements of shape.”

Valkyrie ’s exceptional design is made possible by cutting-edge tech that grants Park additional freedom and flexibility to play around with the yacht’s shape without sacrificing performance. If created, Valkyrie will incorporate a steel or aluminum Trimaran hull (in other words, a multihull vessel) first engineered by Palmer Johnson Yachts (where Park previously worked as a senior exterior designer) for use in its super sport series. This unique below-the-waterline construction minimizes drag during high-speed travel and boosts fuel efficiency by up to 50 percent, all while creating up to 30 percent of additional interior and exterior space. Additionally, the extensive use of Palmer Johnson’s carbon construction technology throughout Valkyrie reduces weight and allows for better sight lines from inside the boat.

man holding a model superyacht

Chulhun Park, chief designer for Latitude Yachts, holds a model of the Valkyrie superyacht.

Valkyrie would serve as a multifaceted space where guests can come aboard to explore things like a casino, theater, gallery, restaurants, and convention space. Park’s design will also incorporate elements such as “large windows and open areas” that offer the chance to experience the beauty and luxury of nature in addition to the onboard amenities. This concept achieves the dual purposes, which will be good news for anyone ready to spend the estimated $800 million price tag for owning the vessel.

Though Valkyrie is still in its conceptual stage, Park emphasizes that there is “genuine interest” in the project. And with ongoing advancements in design and technology, the largest, most distinctive superyacht might be ready to welcome you on board sooner than you’d think.

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AZZAM Yacht – The World’s Biggest Superyacht is 180m Long

AZZAM yacht is the largest superyacht in the world, with an impressive length of 179.7 metres (590 ft), making her more than 15 metres longer than FULK AL SALAMAH, which is in second place on the list.

a2 2

AZZAM yacht interior

The interior design of the AZZAM yacht is attributed to the French designer Christophe Leoni who is surprisingly not incredibly experienced in designing superyachts.

While exact details on the interior layout of the massive yacht have not been released to the public, it is known that Sheikh Khalifa requested a lot of wood furniture as well as intricate mother-of-pearl elements to be incorporated into all parts of the yacht.

More than a year’s worth of production of pearls was used in the interior design of AZZAM.

The interior has been described as being inspired by the Empire style reminiscent of the 19th century and incorporates numerous valuable artworks which are on display onboard AZZAM.

She can welcome an estimated 36 guests and over 80 crew members, which is one of the highest numbers in her size category.

The AZZAM yacht reportedly has 18 guest cabins with a massive owner’s suite that spans across several rooms.

According to rumors, the suite was constructed to be bulletproof, and there is a designated missile defense system installed onboard the AZZAM yacht although it is unclear whether this is accurate.

One of her most notable features is her custom-designed golf room which allows guests to practice their swings without even having to step foot outside.

She also has a large gym, a spa, several pools, jacuzzis, and a beauty salon on board.

Her main saloon is supposed to be one of a kind and one of the largest ever constructed on a private yacht. At 29 meters (95 ft) by 18 meters (59 ft), it is larger than a tennis court and offers unobstructed views of the outside due to its floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are no pillars to support the saloon, which gives it an open feel but requires additional ceiling beams and 7-centimeter thick custom-made windows.

A large and fast yacht-like AZZAM is bound to generate a lot of noise when underway.

To ensure a comfortable experience for guests onboard, engineers installed special software which keeps vibrations and engine sounds to a minimum.

This means that the large chandelier in the main saloon doesn’t rattle even when the yacht is underway.

a6 1


The AZZAM yacht might be the longest yacht in the world, but she is technically not the largest. DILBAR actually has a higher displacement and weight even though she is more than 23 meters (75 ft) shorter than AZZAM.

This impressive yacht was built by Luerssen in Bremen, Germany, and officially launched in November of 2013.

In March 2014, she briefly returned to Germany for some additional work. She has a 20.8-meter (68.3 ft) beam, a 4.5-meter (14.9 ft) draft, and a total weight of 13,136 tons.

AZZAM is powered by twin gas turbine engines and two additional diesel MTU engines and can carry more than 1 million liters of fuel onboard.

Despite her size, she can reach impressive top speeds of 30 knots which can be attributed to her relatively low draft, although her average cruising speed only lies at 12 knots.

The yacht has several cruising modes, including a sprint setting as well as a long-distance mode.

azzam yacht front view

The exterior of the AZZAM yacht was developed by Nauta Yachts, which specializes in combining practical functions design with aesthetics and sleek yacht design. AZZAM is their largest and probably most well-known project. 

The AZZAM yacht took more than four years, and 4,000 people collectively worked for 6 million hours to complete it.

The exterior is all-white with a streamlined design that is meant to make AZZAM appear smaller than she actually is when seen from further away.

On the bow, a large helipad is available for guests to arrive and depart in style and the yacht carries at least one helicopter at all times.

The aft is reserved for a spacious swimming platform, although AZZAM does not have a beach club in this location like many other vessels of her size category.

As is to be expected for such a high-profile superyacht, AZZAM does not have a lot of open-air deck space and is designed to protect the privacy of its owners.

There are no visible pools or much seating, which suggests that the spacious interior of AZZAM is reserved for entertainment and common spaces.

Total price of US $600 million for the luxury AZZAM yacht.

Her annual running costs of US $50 to 75 million are not surprising, considering she is the largest private yacht in the world.

Azzam Yacht Docking in Gibraltar

Do you have anything to add to this listing?

  • Christophe Leoni
  • Emir of Abu Dhabi
  • Nauta Yachts

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Zenobia Yacht – Exclusive Oasis $40 M Superyacht

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PARAM JAMUNA IV Yacht – Epic $25 M Superyacht

lady jorgia yacht drone 1

LADY JORGIA Yacht – Incomparable $90M Superyacht

biggest yacht tour

  • Impressions

biggest yacht tour

Delivered in 2016, Dilbar is the largest motor yacht in the world by gross tonnage. She is one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built, in terms of both dimensions and technology. At 15,917 tons, the 156-meter superyacht features entertainment and recreation spaces never before seen on a yacht. These include a 25-meter swimming pool that holds an incredible 180 m³ of water, the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht. The exterior design, a classic profile with a light ivory hull and bronze accents, was developed by Espen Øino International. Her spectacular interior, created by the Winch Design team, uses rare and exclusive luxury materials.

biggest yacht tour

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biggest yacht tour

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Top 10 largest explorer yachts in the world

Helipads. Dive centres. Ice-breaking hulls. Submersibles. What makes an explorer yacht? True to their name, explorer yachts are well equipped to take on adventurous journeys to the most far-flung places in the world. Equipped with a long-range and vast storage capacity for food, fuel and water to enable weeks at sea, expedition yachts are increasingly popular with owners wanting to leave behind the popular Mediterranean and Caribbean cruising grounds for more challenging adventures. We round up the top 10 largest explorer yachts in the world, starting with a new entry from German shipyard Lürssen...

Solaris | 139.7m

One of the most memorable launches of 2021, the 139.7 metre super explorer yacht Solaris travelled to the top of this coveted list of expedition yachts when she hit the water last year. The highly secretive project is built by Lloyd Werft , which also delivered the 115m explorer Luna in 2010, the fourth largest explorer yacht in the world. Spread across an impressive eight decks, Solaris was designed by Australian designer Marc Newson and hit the water for the first time at the German yard in February 2021. While nothing has been made public about the project, images of the superyacht show a large helipad, sun deck and spacious beach club aft.

  • Builder: Lloyd Werft
  • Country of build: Germany
  • Delivery year: 2021
  • Length Overall: 139.7 m
  • Gross Tonnage 11247 t

More about this yacht

More stories, octopus | 126.18m.

Originally built yacht for the late Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, Octopus  is one of the most famous explorer yachts in the world. The yacht has the capacity for two helicopters at the same time, with landing pads on the aft deck and foredeck. The helipad on the aft deck also has a hangar to store the helicopter away in big seas.

Octopus also has an internal dock, which is perfect for storing the toys that every explorer yacht should have. When the dock is filled with water a 20 metre submarine and a tender of similar size are able to float in and out of their chocks. Once they are secure the water is pumped out before the yacht gets underway.

Paul Allen and the crew of Octopus used the yacht as part of an eight year search for a sunken ship. In 2015, they discovered the long-lost wreck of Japanese ship Musashi , which sunk during the Second World War.

  • Builder: Lurssen
  • Delivery year: 2003
  • Length Overall: 126.2 m
  • Beam: 21.01 m
  • Gross Tonnage 9932 t

Yachts for charter

Ulysses | 116.15m.

After four years in construction, Ulysses first hit the water in summer 2018. The explorer yacht is almost 10 metres longer than her predecessor, the 107 metre Andromeda (formerly Ulysses ), which was commissioned by the same owner, New Zealand's richest man Graeme Hart. Kleven finished the yacht's technical build in Norway in December 2016, after which Ulysses was sent to Bremerhaven for interior and external completion under the project management of Dörries Maritime.

Ulysses is equipped with a heli-hangar on the top deck, a Bell 429 helicopter, and a fleet of high-speed and day-cruising tenders including a 21 metre Princess 68 stowed inside the well deck. Inside, her huge 18 metre beam is able to accommodate up to 66 guests.

  • Builder: Kleven
  • Country of build: Norway
  • Delivery year: 2018
  • Length Overall: 116.15 m
  • Gross Tonnage 6862 t

Luna | 115m

Delivered in 2010, Luna  was built for Roman Abramovich as an upgraded replacement for his former exploration yacht Le Grand Bleu .

The yacht was later sold to Roman Abramovich's close friend, Farkhad Akhmedov in April 2014. The new owner sent her to the yard in Germany for an extensive 14-month refit costing €50 million and including around 130 jobs. Sporting exterior design by Frank Neubelt, Luna is famous for a low aft deck that sacrificed interior volume in favour of more space for sunbathing. The swimming pool takes centre stage and made headlines for being the largest ever seen on a superyacht at the time of delivery. Elsewhere, the yacht features two tender garages, a gym and an expansive beach club wrapping around a spa, with a steam bath, plunge pool and sauna. Two helipads sit on the upper deck while the entire lower deck is dedicated to the crew. Luna is ice-classed and built to the highest possible standards, allowing her to travel to the far reaches of the world's oceans.

  • Delivery year: 2010
  • Length Overall: 115 m
  • Gross Tonnage 5655 t

Le Grand Bleu | 112.8m

Le Grand Bleu was built for US telecommunications tycoon John McCaw who subsequently sold the yacht to the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich who had Le Grand Bleu refitted to his own specifications. The main addition was the 4.8 metre swim platform. Le Grand Bleu is now reportedly owned by Ambramovich's friend and business associate Eugene Shvidler.

The yacht has many features that make her ideal for exploration, including a large tender garage with storage for two sports boats as well as a landing craft capable of carrying a 4x4 Land Rover for excursions ashore. Le Grand Bleu even has a 22 metre sailing yacht and a 21 metre Sunseeker motor yacht stored on the aft deck. The yacht is operated by a massive crew of 65 staff.

  • Builder: Bremer Vulkan
  • Delivery year: 2000
  • Length Overall: 112.8 m
  • Beam: 17.68 m
  • Gross Tonnage 5496 t

Andromeda | 107.40m

First commissioned by New Zealand businessman Graeme Hart as Ulysses , Andromeda is now reportedly owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg . A capable explorer yacht ready for any conditions, Andromeda was built at Kleven Verft, a Norwegian company known for building offshore commercial vessels.  Specially designed to have a long-range,  Andromeda  is capable of carrying 36 guests to the furthest corners of the world’s oceans and is equipped with an extensive inventory of toys and tenders, including six motorbikes, two ATVs, a helicopter, a twin-hulled 50-knot support boat, a Sealegs amphibious RIB and full-on landing craft. Guests each get very generous quarters, spread across three decks, with the choicest digs being the two VIPs on the boat deck, each with its own private superyacht balcony .

  • Delivery year: 2016
  • Length Overall: 107.4 m
  • Gross Tonnage 5937 t

Tranquility | 91.5m

The 91.5m explorer yacht Tranquility was the first yacht built to PYC standard when it was first delivered in 2014 by Dutch yard Oceanco originally called Equanimity. Since then, the yacht has enjoyed a colourful reputation, after being seized by Indonesian authorities at the request of the US Department of Justice in 2018 . The yacht hit the headlines again in 2019 as the renamed Tranquility when it played host to Kylie Jenner, who celebrated her 22nd birthday on board . However, one thing has remained constant. Tranquility has remained among the top 10 largest explorer yachts in the world since being it was first delivered in 2014. Spanning five decks, Tranquility is packed with premium superyacht features, including a foredeck helipad, spa and wellness area and 20 metre swimming pool. The tender garage houses two 10.5 metre Hodgson tenders – one sport and one limousine that can carry up to 12 guests and two crew each. Tranquility is well equipped for adventure with a range of water toys including Jet Skis, Wave Runners, SeaBobs and an electric surfboard.

  • Builder: Oceanco
  • Country of build: Netherlands
  • Delivery year: 2014
  • Length Overall: 91.5 m
  • Beam: 14.6 m
  • Gross Tonnage 2999 t

Voyager | 91.4m

The 91.4 metre explorer yacht Voyager is not only one of the largest explorer yachts in the world, but one of the most adventurous . The yacht travelled more than 27,000 nautical miles in 2020, exploring a selection of far-flung locations such as South Africa, Madagascar and Antarctica. The explorer entered this list in 2019, when it completed a three-year conversion from a supply ship into an explorer yacht. The yacht was first built by Swiftships in 1997 as Candy Trader with an initial length of 63 metres. It was later renamed HOS Trader in 2003 and used as an offshore supply ship. Now, the yacht features five decks and a crew of 70. Other features include multiple galleys, pantries and media rooms and a standout deep dive centre – one of the primary purposes of the yacht.

  • Builder: Swiftships
  • Country of build: United States of America
  • Delivery year: 1997
  • Length Overall: 91.4 m
  • Gross Tonnage 1194 t

Ice | 90.1m

One of the most iconic yachts in the world , Ice  was sold to Suleiman Kerimov following delivery and is more than just imposing and stylish. Ice is also environmentally friendly, extremely quiet and free from vibration thanks to two Azipod units powered by up to eight Deutz generating sets. This provides household power and doesn't sacrifice performance, with the yacht still capable of reaching 18.6 knots.

One of the world's largest explorer yachts, Ice has an arsenal of toys and sailing dinghies as well as a helipad for the Eurocopter EC135 helicopter. A range of 6,000 nautical miles means she can travel anywhere in the world.

  • Delivery year: 2005
  • Length Overall: 90.1 m
  • Gross Tonnage 3268 t

Olivia O | 88.5m

Like many explorers on this list, the 88m Olivia O was built by a yard better known for its commercial vessels. The yacht was delivered by Ulstein Verft in 2020 and designed by legendary superyacht designer Espen Øino . Characterised by a striking reverse bow and explorer profile, Olivia O is believed to be the first time Ulstein’s trademarked X-Bow has appeared on a yacht. The feature pierces smaller waves and reduces pitching and roll in high seas. With a reported gross tonnage of just under 5000GT, Olivia O has plenty of room down below, including accommodation spread over five decks for a total of 20 guests in eight cabins, including Pullman beds. Olivia O also carries a full-time crew of 30. The interior, which was designed by Droulers , is “orientally themed”, specifically around Japan. Other features include a gym, cinema room, large swimming pool and helipad.

  • Builder: Ulstein Verft
  • Delivery year: 2020
  • Length Overall: 88.5 m
  • Beam: 16.3 m
  • Gross Tonnage 4989 t

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biggest yacht tour

Motor Yacht

M/Y Azzam, the largest Superyacht in the world at 180 metres, was launched by Lurssen, the world's leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building.

A world-class team was personally assembled and directed in all areas of development of this sophisticated project by Eng. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi. Under his instruction and leadership Azzam was developed from her original concept with the overall requirements in regard to general layout, performance, size and exterior style.

The brief was to build a luxurious large yacht which featured a timeless and innovative design that could travel at high speed even in warm and shallow waters while still providing sophisticated and luxurious accommodation for its guests.

Under Eng. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi's guidance, Azzam's technical engineering was developed by Lurssen, her exterior design by Nauta Yachts and her interior styling by Christophe Leoni, creating what is, undoubtedly, the most challenging and complex yacht ever built.

Azzam breaks new ground in many ways, in terms of her technology, dimensions and performance. As well as being the largest yacht in the world at an unprecedented 180 metres and still being able to reach top speeds of over 30 knots, she also adds another record in regards to building time having spent a mere three years in build following one year of engineering.

Azzam truly represents a milestone in not only Lurssen's history but yachting history as well.

  • Yacht Builder Lurssen Yachts View profile
  • Naval Architect Lurssen Yachts View profile
  • Exterior Designer Nauta Design View profile
  • Interior Designer Christophe Leoni No profile available

Yacht Specs

Other lurssen yachts, related news.

biggest yacht tour

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hero profile

Princess Y78 yacht tour: The biggest boat you can run without crew

  • yacht tours

The Princess Y78 is right on the cusp between owner-operated boats and superyachts. Nick takes us on a full yacht tour

For many, the joy of boating is the freedom to go where you want, when you want and with who you want – and for this reason, boats that limbo under the 24m LWL mark are always in demand.

This is the point above which all sorts of regulations around crew, licensing and more kick in as your yacht technically becomes a superyacht .

The Princess Y78 that Nick tours in this video is a great example and could be considered that largest boat that you can run without any kind of professional help.

It would take a very experienced owner-operator to run one of these, though, as the Y78 is a serious piece of machinery.

As well as offering four guest cabins and a decent crew quarters, the Y78’s engine room comes kitted out with a pair of MAN V12s for a top speed of 36 knots.

In boat that weighs over 54 tonnes, you need to know what you’re doing with that kind of power under your control.

And with an asking price just under £3m before tax, maybe a hiring a professional captain wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all…


LOA: 80ft 9in (24.67m) Beam: 18ft 11in (5.76m) Draft: 5ft 8in (1.72m) Displacement: 54,085kg (119,237lbs) Fuel capacity: 6,000l (1,320 gal) Water capacity: 1,350l (297 gal) Engines: Twin 1800hp MAN V12 Top speed: 36 knots Price: £2.95m (ex. VAT)

Delphia 10 boat tour: great value family cruiser

Cormate utility 27 tour: 80mph rocketship at a price you won’t believe, arksen 85 explorer tour: the ultimate long-range cruiser.

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Welcome to the largest library of virtual yacht tours

Put yourself inside your next vessel - virtually. Get 360 degree view of every corner, giving you the immersive experience of being onboard, without leaving your home.

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How and Where to Find Eastern Shore Cruises in Maryland

Sunset from boat ride on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Ships ahoy! Get your sea legs with these water excursions.

By Renee Sklarew May 13, 2024

Whether you want to paddle yourself or sit back and relax, these Maryland boating companies have options for Eastern Shore cruises that promise a great day on the water.

Kent Narrows Rentals  

Kent Island

Dreamed of sleeping overnight on a houseboat on the bay? This outfitter has two well-equipped houseboats for rent at the Kent Narrows Bridge, walking distance to the waterfront bars and fishing charters. The houseboats are suspended on the dock for a stable experience. Choose a one- or two-bedroom, both with patios for watching the sunset. Rates start at $179 per night. 

St. Michaels Harbor Shuttle  

St. Michaels  

Behold the awesome beauty of a St. Michaels sunset on Harbor Shuttle’s BYOB Sunset Cruise. The 75-minute tour departs from the port on Mulberry Street near Blu Miles Seafood & Grill, where you can pick up supplies for an onboard picnic. Groups and pets are welcome. There’s also a one-hour, narrated History & Folklore cruise. Sunset cruise runs $45 per person. 

Let’s Go Crabbing    

Tilghman Island  

Charter a day of crabbing with a Coast Guard–certified captain on the 42-foot Riley Kat. Capt. Russell Dize motors to the top spots and teaches his passengers how to use the traditional trotline. Dize, a sixth-generation waterman, provides bait, nets — and hopefully sends you home with a bushel of tasty crabs. Rates are $600 per charter, with up to six guests.  

Choptank Riverboat Company  


Roll down the scenic Choptank River on a reproduction of an 80-foot paddle wheeler. The company has two heated, air-conditioned boats, with a variety of options, from sightseeing to a crab feast to themed cruises — murder mystery on the water anyone? Public and private cruises run from April through December and depart from Suicide Bridge Restaurant. Rates start at $32 per person.  

The Oxford-Bellevue Ferry    


At 341 years, The Oxford-Bellevue Ferry is the oldest privately owned ferry service in the country. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, and people are welcome for this 10-minute ride across the Tred Avon River. Be forewarned: The ferry closes by sunset. Pedestrians ride for $8 roundtrip.  

Dockside Boat Rentals  

Multiple counties   

Rent stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and Rigid Inflatable Boats from this Oxford-based family business. Dockside will deliver your rented boat directly to your vacation home’s dock. Along with the rental, you can reserve safety gear like life jackets and dry bags to protect your valuables. Prices vary depending on the boat and duration.  

Blackwater Adventures Chesapeake Bay    


This outfitter has options, whether it’s a guided tour through the pristine waters of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, or a heart-pumping jet ski ride from the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort in Cambridge. Guides provide instruction and lead you on kayaks to quiet coves with a bevy of wildlife. Choose a wine-tasting tour from Layton’s Chance Winery, a fishing expedition, or an all-day kayak and bike tour for the full Eastern Shore experience. Kayak tours start at $80; jet skis $95 for 30 minutes.  


Berlin, maryland, is small in size but big in character.

  • 7 Eastern Shore Nature Preserves Perfect for Birding
  • Festivals and Events on the Eastern Shore You Won’t Want to Miss
  • In St. Michaels, Maryland, a Peaceful Seaside Getaway Awaits
  • Explore Easton on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
  • Get to Know the Types of Virginia Oysters and Where to Find Them

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What’s changed in ocean city for summer 2024, weekend fun: taste of nova, lucketts, and farm tours , try some of virginia’s newest wineries and wine bars, how to shop like a pro at the lucketts vintage market.

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Inside Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Week in Lake Como — from Romantic Meals to Late-Night Walks (Exclusive)

“They were very affectionate with each other, always close and hugging,” a source told PEOPLE of the couple’s getaway

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made sweet memories in Europe!

A source shared details with PEOPLE about the couple's intimate getaway in Lake Como , Italy, during Swift’s short break between Eras Tour shows.

From late-night strolls, to a day touring Lake Como on a boat, the power couple made the most of their “four relaxing days of rest” this week.

“On the first night, they went for a long walk around the lake late at night [between 11 and midnight],” the source said about Swift and Kelce, both 34. “It was very romantic. At times they would walk hand in hand. They would also exchange a kiss every so often.” 

The vacation began just a day after Swift's fourth and final Eras Tour show in Paris, France, on Sunday, May 12, which Kelce attended along with Swift's mother Andrea and their friends Gigi Hadid  and  Bradley Cooper .

On the last day of the trip, Friday, May 17, the couple toured Lake Como on a boat, an experience the “Fortnight” singer wanted to remember forever.

“[Swift] got on the boat along the side and then went right away to the front and started taking photos of him,” the insider revealed. “It was clear that she was trying to capture the moment for posterity, and the cute thing was that she didn’t use a phone but a little Olympus camera.”

After a nearly two-hour boat ride near the village of Bellagio in the rain, the couple reportedly docked the boat and shared a meal at Locanda La Tirlindana, a restaurant in front of Comacina Island. The restaurant serves local cuisine like fresh pastas and artisan desserts.

“They were very affectionate with each other, always close and hugging,” the source told PEOPLE about the couple's final day in Italy.

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Kevin Mazur/TAS24/Getty

A day before embarking on the romantic getaway at the May 12 Eras Tour show, Swift performed her new song about Kelce,  “So High School,” for the first time in front of him on tour during The Tortured Poets Department era of her 46-song setlist.

Later that show, Swift sang an acoustic version of  “The Alchemy,”  which includes football puns such as, “So when I touch down, call the amateurs and cut ’em from the team.”

The PEOPLE Puzzler crossword is here! How quickly can you solve it? Play now !

Swift also acknowledged during that show that this was the 87th concert on the Eras Tour, a numerical nod to her NFL boyfriend’s No. 87 jersey.

The 14-time Grammy winner also wore Kansas City Chiefs colors — a sparkling gold ombre crop top and a coordinated red ombre skirt — at one point in the show.

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    Choose a wine-tasting tour from Layton's Chance Winery, a fishing expedition, or an all-day kayak and bike tour for the full Eastern Shore experience. Kayak tours start at $80; jet skis $95 for 30 minutes. Feature image by Renee Sklarew. This story originally ran in our May issue. For more stories like this, subscribe to Northern Virginia ...

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