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Monday-Sunday 10am-12pm

13911 panorama dr. austin, tx 78732.

13911 Panorama Dr. Austin, TX 78732 | Monday-Sunday 10am-12pm

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Lake Travis Yacht Charters

Birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties & company outing yacht charters on lake travis near austin, tx, chart a course for fun, birthday/family parties, celebrate your big days with a chartered boat on lake travis, bachelor & bachelorette parties, make your last splash a big one with a yacht rental on lake travis., company outings, entertain and impress corporate guests, co-workers & employees., are you looking for an unparalleled entertainment and celebratory experience near austin.

Look no further than Lake Travis Yacht Charters, your premier destination for luxurious yacht excursions on the pristine waters of Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Texas Hill Country, Lake Travis offers the perfect backdrop for an array of celebrations and gatherings, from birthday extravaganzas to intimate family reunions, lively bachelor and bachelorette parties, and corporate retreats that leave a lasting impression. Step aboard our meticulously maintained yacht and sail away into a world of unparalleled elegance and leisure. Our expertly curated destination lake charters are designed to cater to your every need and desire, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary. To learn more about booking a yacht charter on Lake Travis, don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form or give us a call to speak with a friendly crew member.

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We love being able to help people Celebrate, Motivate, or Wind Down on the Waters of Lake Travis. Each journey is helmed by a seasoned captain, licensed and certified in both navigation and first aid, guaranteeing a seamless and safe voyage for you and your guests. While safety is always afloat, fun is our primary venture, and we spare no effort in creating an atmosphere of pure enjoyment and relaxation from the moment you set foot on deck. Whether you're lounging in the sun, sipping cocktails with friends, or dancing beneath the stars, Lake Travis Yacht Charters promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you yearning for more. Join us as we embark on a voyage of discovery and celebration, where every moment is a cherished memory in the making. With a minimum charter duration of four hours, we ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the waters of Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Give us a call at  512.649.0018 to request a quote for the price of yacht rentals on Lake Travis or to book your charter today!

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Why Renting a Party Yacht on Lake Travis Is the Best Way To Celebrate Graduation

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5 Reasons to Consider a Destination Lake Charter for Your Next Party

Schedule charter, please fill in the form below and we'll have a representative contact you., areas serviced, austin, west lake hills, round rock, pflugerville & georgetown.

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We are your premier destination for luxurious yacht excursions on the pristine waters of Lake Travis near Austin, Texas.

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With a tent stake planted firmly in the underbelly of Austin's entertainment life.

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Sail Austin Charters

Sail Austin Charters

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Sail Austin Charters


Private Charters on Lake Travis

Experience the beauty of lake travis on a private charter.

Private charters are exactly that…you decide when we leave and when we return. We arrange the cruise whenever you prefer. Whether it is a half or full day, sunset charter or anything in between, we are here to serve you! All charters are a minimum of two hours and can be ANY length of time over two hours. You are welcome to bring your own food & drinks or we will cater your cruise .

Romantic Cruises For The Two of You

Nothing says “Romance” like sharing an intimate evening with the quiet water, subtle breeze, and breathtaking sunset over Lake Travis. The perfect setting for an anniversary, that special announcement, a marriage proposal, or the couple that just wants a few hours to indulge their senses on an unforgettable escape from the norm….

Sunset Sails

The beauty of the sun dropping behind the Texas Hill Country is a sight that never gets old.  Take a slow cruise into the sunset and BE that sailboat that you have watched from The Oasis on the lake below!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

What a great idea to enjoy celebrating the coming wedding of one of your best friends! Spend the day on the lake sailing, swimming, eating, drinking & partying. Sun, music, water & friends! Can’t beat it!!

Birthday Parties & Celebrations

Is someone you know about to turn that special age? What a great way to show the importance of the day! A cruise with your best friends or quietly together….in class.

Family Outings & Retreats

Spring Break, Thanksgiving, any family gathering where you want to bring everyone together for a unique and memorable day. Leave your phones below in the yacht and enjoy the wind, water and sun. Swim with the kids and make a memory.

Team Building

Bring your business team together to celebrate your successes. Show the staff your appreciation for their hard work in a truly tangible way. We have even had teams conduct off site meetings on the yacht! Now that is thinking outside of the box!

Nothing else inspires bonding and teamwork to quite the same extent as sailing. Success requires good communication in challenging situations, working together towards a common goal; qualities essential to every business. Team building charters allow each participant to receive personal sailing instruction, an opportunity to work the winches, steer the yacht from the helm, and learn basic navigation. We can tailor the perfect team building event for you. Our team building charters leave participants with a  revitalised  sense of collaborative purpose, receiving overwhelming praise from our clients.


When our clients want to sail, we are ready! We do sunset sails all the time. But, we also do sunrise sails and they can be beautiful! We even had a client request a sail starting at 10PM and going to 2AM. Can’t imagine? Well, he wanted to impress his date and he did. It was beautiful! We also had a group that wanted to go ahead and sail in a lovely, warm Summer rain…it was totally safe, so we did! And they loved it. Why do we do these sails? Because we love sailing and we love giving customers a unique experience they will never forget. So, just call and let us know when you want to make YOUR memory…

  • Charter Policies
  • Payment Options

* All prices reflect a 5% discount for cash. All rates include up to a maximum of eight (8) persons. Additional guests are 10% per person. The capacity of the yacht is 15 guests. For holiday pricing, call 817.909.2378.

The following policies apply to all charters with Sail Austin Charters and are, by reference, a part of your agreement with Sail Austin:

  • CHILDREN – Children under the age of thirteen must wear a life vest at all times unless they are below deck (inside the boat’s cabins) or stationary in the cockpit. This is not Texas law but the policy of Sail Austin Charters.
  • HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT  – All passengers are required to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement prior to departure of the boat from the dock. This document must be signed by anyone wishing to sail. If the passenger is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign for them. Proof of guardianship is required.
  • SAFETY MEETING – All passengers must attend a brief (10 minute) safety meeting conducted on board prior to departure.
  • FINAL AUTHORITY – The Captain has final authority for decisions related to the safety of the passengers and vessel at all times during the charter.
  • RISKY PASSENGERS – The Captain has the final decision and authority to require any passenger to disembark who is considered a risk to the other passengers or vessel at any time.
  • CHARTER TERMINATION BY THE CAPTAIN – If, in the sole opinion of the Captain, anyone in the Chartering Party is behaving in a manner which poses a risk to any passenger or crew at any time during the charter, the Captain has the authority to terminate the charter immediately and without refund of any payments made and without compensation, including future charter time.
  • ASSUMED RISK – Water sports are inherently risky and all passengers acknowledge that risk in signing the Hold Harmless Agreement prior to sailing.
  • NO LIFEGUARD – No lifeguard is provided for our charters. Passengers swim at their own risk.
  • INTOXICATION – Passengers who appear in the judgment of the Captain to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and representing a risk to themselves or others may be asked to disembark. Safety is always the determining criterion in the decisions of the Captain.
  • CHARTER SCHEDULE  – Typically, we are happy to accommodate minor changes in the schedule where possible if we are given advance notice. However, this may not be possible if there is another charter scheduled for the same day or if it affects crew scheduling to the extent that we can not get proper crew coverage for the cruise. We will try our best to make it work out for you. But, if one or more guests are simply late, that is not considered reasonable cause for delaying the start of the cruise. We can wait for them or depart and come back and pick up the guests later. But, that is considered part of the scheduled charter time.
  • CHARTER FEE PAYMENTS  – Reservations are made by providing a current credit card over the phone with our office. That credit card is our guarantee of payment for the charter. Typically, no charge is made to the card other than a $1 validation charge prior to the charter date. However, making the reservation commits the full charter fee at the time of the reservation. The actual payment for the charter is normally made either in cash or by credit card on the day of the charter.
  • CHARTER RESERVATION PROCESS  – Reservations are only made on the phone with our office. Once the reservation is made, a Google Calendar Item will be sent to your email as confirmation. That invitation has all of the details of the charter. The invitation also includes links to a 2 page Damage Agreement and to a map to your departure location. You must ACCEPT that calendar invitation by responding on line. Using the link provided, you print out the Damage Agreement, fully complete and sign it, take a picture of it with your phone, and then email or text that picture to us. We handle everything electronically.
  • CANCELLATIONS BY THE CHARTER PARTY – All charter cancellations are subject to a $200 cancellation fee. If the charter is cancelled PRIOR TO forty-five (45) days of the charter date, the charter fees are fully refundable less the cancellation fee. Cancellation within forty-five (45) days of the charter FOR ANY REASON will result in the full charter fee being forfeited. Cancellations may be made by calling Sail Austin at 817.909.2378 or by email to [email protected] . However, successful on-time delivery of the email is the responsibility of the Chartering Party. Cancellations by telephone will be confirmed by the date/time stamp if a message is left.
  • CANCELLATIONS BY SAIL AUSTIN CHARTERS  – Cancellation of a cruise at the discretion of the Captain for weather, equipment or other safety concerns will result in either the refund of all charter fees paid to date or the rescheduling of the charter. The decision for a refund or future scheduling is that of the Chartering Party. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CHARTERS TERMINATED BY THE CAPTAIN (see paragraph on “CHARTER TERMINATION BY THE CAPTAIN” above).

The simplest way to book and hold a charter is to use a credit card. If you ultimately wish to pay by using the card, you may do so. Or, if you wish to take advantage of the 5% cash discount, you are welcome to pay in cash on the day of the charter. The card will provide guarantee of payment for the booking.

Sail Austin reserves the right to change the payment policies at any time.

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