Wilmington’s Five Most Famous Ghosts

“The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”   — Edgar Allan Poe

Tintype Photographs by Harry Taylor

W ilmington is a city of ghosts. Floating down the cobbled streets of downtown, mistaken for a small and sudden autumn breeze. A glint of a face in the upstairs window of an old Queen Anne — the trickery of lace curtains. If you don’t believe your eyes, you may believe your ears: Phantom footfalls, distant voices, creaks and groans of floors, doors and gates make for moments of private panic. Much mythology proclaims spirits are unable to cross water, making the “V” of the river and the ocean, which shapes our city, a veritable ghost trap.

Just as active than the ghosts themselves are the ghost stories of Wilmington. Though, beware, telling a ghost story is what activates the ghosts themselves. Who doesn’t like a little attention? It’s only natural to gravitate toward someone saying (or reading) your name.

Our writers chose five of the most famous Wilmington ghosts to channel into new tellings of the old legends. Folklore is passed down in many ways — poems, ballads, plays and narratives. We recommend reading by firelight. Perhaps aloud. Never alone.

With that in mind, we offer you an incantation for Emma Baldwin, wife of a dentist and shrewd judge of character (and purity) who, as the legend goes, inhabits her home on South 4th Street to this day, offering a dime to those she likes and a tooth to those she doesn’t. A traditionalist, Emma is rumored to disapprove of unwed couples. For a true Southern busybody, one’s work is never complete, even in the afterlife.

Across the street from Emma, and predating her death by 100 years, dwells Samuel Jocelyn, whom Colonial medicine failed, burying him alive in St. James Cemetery after a fall from his horse rendered him — to all appearances — to be dead. Later, in Victorian times, a bell tied to the dead man’s finger could alert a gravedigger poised to listen to the life still stirring in him. Samuel, a budding spiritualist, in lieu of a bell, took to telepathy (or haunting) and, as the story goes, appeared to his best friend Alexander Hostler in the night, begging to be dug up. Tormented, Alexander did disinter his friend to find him turned over in his coffin, his fingers raw from scratching the lid, asphyxiated. Samuel’s restless spirit   is thought to haunt his early grave. Listen at the gate of St. James for the sounds of scratches. Our writer imagines what Samuel experienced that night he woke up . . . in a box.

Fort Fisher, the Confederate fort just south of Kure Beach, once a stronghold then the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, unsettles the bravest of spirit-seekers come nightfall. The ghost of Maj. Gen. William H.C. Whiting with his distinctive mustache and starred coat frequents the mounds he helped build, though soldiers have been heard and spotted, as well. Why does Whiting linger? He predicted the slaughter at Fort Fisher. His requests for support were ignored, and after three bloody days in January 1865, the fort fell. Wounded, Whiting was captured and held as a prisoner in New York for months before his death. His spirit longed to return home, and many years later his wife, Katherine, relented and relocated his bones to Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington — which he may well also haunt — but his soul belongs to the fort and his men. Our writer visited Fort Fisher on a black night and put pen to page to give voice to Gen. Whiting. 

Just north of town, Poplar Grove, the historic peanut plantation, has a host of ghosts in both the main house and the tenant farmhouses. One’s family homestead proves a powerful magnet death cannot dim. Our writer pens the two tales on the most active members. The hubris of young David Foy, first-born son, echoes as a tangible energy in the house. Rebelling against his Unionist father, David joined the Confederate Army, but quickly died from typhus back at home, where, by many accounts, he still remains, bitterly stomping around the front office where plantation business was once conducted.

Nora Foy, the wife of David’s brother J.T., may well have been haunted during her life. A tough woman, she bore four children who all died within their first days of life. She went on to be a postmaster —   carrying a small pistol — and raised her nephew to inherit the plantation since her bloodline was halted. Nora is rumored to dwell in the children’s bedroom upstairs, a benevolent, but protective force. Perhaps, in some netherworld, she is able to raise her babies, protecting them from what her Gullah Geechee maids may have called “haints” or “boo-hags,” the evil pests of ghostly realms one also must be weary of in the haunted South.

Special Thanks: Poplar Grove Plantation, Springbrook Farms and Horsedrawn Tours, Hannah Elizabeth Smith, David Ray, Deb Furer, and the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington.

Harry Taylor’s ghost photographs are actually tintypes, a 19th-century wet plate collodion process with a direct positive image is made on a thin sheet of metal. Similar to daguerreotypes on silver, or ambrotypes on glass, tintypes were shot and developed in a studio or on site at Civil War-era fairs. Perfecting this medium for over ten years, Taylor travels with antique cameras and a mini photo lab in the back of his truck. Each tintype feels like a silent film, offering a transparency and movement lost to the instant digital world. Info: See Taylor’s tintype show, “Between the Air and the Ether” through November 13 at the Burgwin-Wright House, 224 Market St, Wilmington. Get your portrait made in tintype Friday and Saturday, October 21 & 22nd, 9 a.m. –   5 p.m. www.harrytaylorphoto.com.

The Incantation of Emma Baldwin

b. 1845–1909

By Nicholas Gray

Ping! — or patter —

Doth it matter?

Why, yes! — if you believe the chatter —

The coin will ping! — the teeth shall patter —

So, tell the story — how it goes —

So, tell the story, and you will know —

Emma Mitchell — was the daughter

Of a father loved and honored.

Emma then became the wife

Of a Baldwin man whose mouth she liked

Because the mouths he worked so much

Were just the mouths that kept her plus.

But then one day —

One tooth too much —

Her body-soul had seen — too much —

That honest day — 1909 —

Of natural causes she did die.

And so, next day, without a sound,

Her grave was dug down pound for pound.

Emma, Emma! — is the ghost

Whom we have come to trust the most

Because she guides us toward the truth

And judges rightly — charm’d or uncouth?

If you be a person good,

A ping! will chime upon our wood,

And show the face of Franklin R.

To tell us what your values are.

If you be a person best,

Ping! — ping! — ping! — a treasure chest!

But if you be a person bad,

The patter of a tooth will land,

A rotten, yellowed, dark display

To tell us of your deep decay.

On banister or window sill,

Mouthful of teeth will come to fill.

A dime is worth but mere ten cents

Until she shows us her sixth sense

Head up, no shine, don’t ever spend it.

Be pleased Emma has found you splendid.

A tooth is worth much more than that,

More than your suit,

More than your hat,

Because it’s told us that you’re scat,

And scat doth stink

Whereev’ you’re at.

Clawing at the Ether

The Last Regrets of Samuel Jocelyn

b. 1787—1810

[Lights up reveal a man on stage alone. His eyes open.]

SAMUEL: How now, have I come here — into this box? Sense, there is none. It is a coffin, shut with nails, top’d with mud. [He begins to panic]

Whoa, now! — Samuel — slow down your breath. Woe! Evermore, I talked too much, I thought too much. Surely some gravedigger hears my howl! Or you, Alexander. We were Jonathan and David, from the book of my namesake. Recall our passions — for the unknown — we did oath whoever left first to tread the Great Beyond did promise to return to truth-tell from the other side.

Xandy, I fear I fail this oath, for I know not rightly if, presently, I live or die. So, is Death . . . to doubt oneself? Or is it such exactly thus: Though blood stills, my mind remains? Nay! — damn my doubt. Surely the tatter of my burial dress — my desperate fingers scratching to the bone — this hideous moment, is no illusion.

My father, with his lieutenant, gavel-pounded to send me six under — you should have cried, “Nay! I see life in him!” Recall! We were near conjoined. Were that indeed the case, I could use an organ now, one extra breath, one heartbeat might save me. Recall our charm with cards and dice, when paired together, our purse ever doubled. Recall the only thing we cussed on — my horse, you despised riding.

Upon my steed, madly did I ride. Why? oh, Why! Why? Oh Why! Ah, Mary Ann. We had a spat — not the first — but you know that, eight months of married un-bliss. Recall that cold night, I rode off into the swamp. Something did spook my steady steed. Twas it dumb stump? A dumb snake — the rattle of a canebrake?

Ah!, now one thing does rise to me’mry. Memory! — you trial’d witch, was it you who threw me? As my corpse submerged, pulse submitting to the freeze, another witch did appear — she stole me elsewhere, swamp water becoming the River Styx. I begged to be heard. I clawed at the ether. She granted me return, but only to this pale resting place.

Am I now just desperately mad? ’Cause now Death doth take my last breath. My strength crushed by this coffin lid — I budge it nil. I have three words for you, my Xandy. But breath escapes. Please . . . dig me up .

[Lights out]

Nicholas Gray is the playwright of another ghost story, “The Dying Words of Edison Strange.”

Falling Place

The Lament of Major General William H.C. Whiting, C.S.A.

b. 1824–1865

By John Wolfe

One black night at Fort Fisher, under the gnarled skeletal limbs of the live oak, I sat down to listen. I heard the whispers of wind in the grass and the mournful monotony of cicadas and I could just make out a muttering man’s voice:

“Now I return to my falling-place. Curse that January day when the warships plagued the horizon like swarms of black flies and the humid air was choked with smoke and the screams of my men dying in the marsh.

To me, my fate was no surprise; I knew when I first greeted Colonel Lamb at Fisher’s gates. His face grew grey when I told him we were to be sacrificed. How fitting for a lamb. But that we would be abandoned by our own — overwhelmed at the river’s mouth by the near-whole of the Union navy — how could I have known that? You malaria-riddled bastard, Bragg! The best Confederate general the Union army ever had. So close — so close! He ordered his men to sit on their muskets at Sugarloaf. And that meddling politician Davis ignored me to the last.

Bullets fell me as I grappled with the bearer of the Union flag. Bullets laid me supine in the sand when I refused surrender.

Blood! Blood was spilled upon this sand.

Cactus spines impaled our flesh.

Bones decayed in the needlegrass.

The mosquitoes who gorged on lifeless blood in their tireless pursuit of the living essence. Their descendants remember. I cannot forget nineteen hundred brave boys — Carolinians all — now a blurred mirage on this inhospitable spit of sand, this desolate end of the earth surrounded by the turquoise sea from which Death arrived, on white ships, wearing blue. Where are you now, my boys?

We are all lambs now. War, the great equalizer. Death, the greatest equalizer of all. The ghosts of brave men roam, lost. At least I have my dear Katherine. We rest, together at last, at Oakdale in the shade of a magnolia whose rotted blossoms blanket our bed. A mottled granite shield marks our bones.

But rest I can’t. I am doomed to guard this windy shore, eyes cast forever to the North.

But — who is this? Hallo! Who intrudes on these black grounds? Another of my lost lambs or a damn Yankee? Closer now and let me see the color of your coat.”  

John Wolfe is a North Carolina essayist and spinner of local lore.

David Hiram Foy   b. 1840–1862

By Nan Graham

. . . tramp . . . tramp . . . the mysterious sound of heavy boots trudging slowly over wide plank floors echoes in the room. A low, moaning voice calls “David . . . Daaa-vid.” A feeling of phantom hands tightening slowly around one’s throat. Guests, docents and staff have reported these ghostly encounters at Poplar Grove Plantation. Don’t all respectable Southern plantations have at least one resident ghost?

David Foy could never envision himself running Poplar Grove, the peanut and sweet potato plantation that he, as first-born, was destined to do. The 21-year-old son, University of North Carolina class of 1861, AB diploma in hand, rode his dapple gray home for his father’s funeral with the last letter he received from him tucked in his coat pocket. The letter’s closing words read, “Union forever!” David thought of his father hunched under the oil lamp, shuffling through endless paperwork.

Tensions were high. David defied his father’s wishes, engaged a local man to oversee Poplar Grove and left to join his classmates in the Confederate cavalry. The frenzy of youthful enlistment-fever had David, and so many other testosterone-driven young men, in its grips. He believed it his duty to serve his South in the “Great Adventure.” A slim, hot-tempered man, David Foy cut a dashing figure astride his horse, as he galloped off to the training camp outside Wilmington.

The road to glory was not to be.

Struck down by typhus in the spring of 1862, only three months and five days after he joined the Confederate camp — where he likely contracted the insect-borne illness — David never saw a battle, much less combat. He returned home to to recuperate from the merciless disease, nursed by his ailing mother on a cot in the back parlor, only steps across from the despised plantation office that haunted him. Poplar Grove . . . the life he wanted so desperately to escape.

For weeks he lingered, plagued by chills, fever and unable to eat more than spoonfuls of broth. His cot was moved to the window parlor in hopes the lush herb garden and bustling stable workers would inspire him to recover. At dusk on a humid June evening, the young man breathed his last.

David, perhaps feeling cheated of his military dream and victory for his cause, still roams the family home. His chilling presence seems especially to lurk around the office where plantation business was handled for 75 years.

Tramp . . . tramp . . . tramp . . . of David’s boots as he stomps to the office. Can the disillusioned first-born, trapped by duty, be trying to leave Poplar Grove once and for all? Communicating with strangers his longing for adventure outside the routine of the fields and crops and slaves? It is his Papa’s voice calling him home, his dying words ringing out, “Daaa…vid, Daaa-vid” that some have heard?

All I can tell you is that recent paranormal experts tested the office and reported that the sensitive needle on the K-II Electro-Magnetic Field Detector moves from the normal yellow scale in the half-moon meter to the far-right, in the red .

Ghosts? Maybe. Something? Definitely.

The Blue Door

Sarah Eleanora (Nora) Dozier Foy b. 1850–1923

low soft voice settled over the room like the evening dark.

“We Papa een heaben,

Leh ebrybody hona you nyame

Cause you da holy.

Juba knelt by Nora’s beside, praying. She glanced at the restless mother-to-be and saw she was finally drifting into sleep. She loved this ailing woman and barely felt the discomfort of another late night. Hands folded in prayer, she continued in her Gullah language. She knew The Lord’s Prayer in English, too. It felt more powerful in the strange patois she had heard since babyhood:

“ . . . Leh we don’t hab haad test when Satan try we. Keep we from e ebil. Amen.”

Juba rose and sat in the rocking chair near the window in the nursery. The chair that had held so many mothers and little ones for the last three generations. She watched the sleeping woman with her mountainous belly.

Poor Nora Dozier Foy, mistress of the Poplar Grove Plantation, was nearing her “borning time,” the fourth birth in nine years. First a girl, then two baby boys . . . all born with howling voices that seemed to predict robust infants. Then mysteriously . . . within hours . . . silent and still. Nora’s husband J.T. had a bed moved into the nursery as a good omen.

As a precaution, Juba put the broom by the head of the bed. One Gullah apparition, the dreaded Boo Hag, was known to crouch on the sleeper’s chest to steal his skin, causing him restless nights. Much as cats were rumored to suck the breath out of a sleeping baby, the Boo Hag could suck the life out of the sleeper. A compulsive creature, the Boo Hag is compelled to count every single straw in a broom or hole in a sieve. For extra measure, Juba tucked a carefully folded piece of newspaper into the toe of Miz Nora’s shoe. Similarly, “haints” were obliged to stop and read single every word. The process took so long, (the meticulous haints were notoriously slow counters and readers) it would be dawn before the counts were completed. At daylight, the unsuccessful Boo Hag would vanish to find another skin to inhabit.

Nora took Juba’s advice and convinced J.T. to paint the back door, the porch ceiling and nursery windowsills light blue. “Cause that color will guarantee a boy child,” Juba promised. She never mentioned the real reason. Every Gullah knows evil spirits will never cross water, so windows, doors and ceilings painted sky or indigo color would surely fool the demons.

Baby boy Foy, after twenty six hours of agonizing labor, lived only three hours before he lost his breath.

“My Ebo!” Juba chanted over and over, holding the now still baby. Ebo means “Little One” in English. Nora’s grief was overwhelming, she would not have another pregnancy. Later, she would adopt and raise her nephew to be their heir.

At Poplar Grove Plantation, the children’s room is inhabited by at least one maternal presence. If you walk up softly, you may see that the rocking chair by the window rocking slowly back and forth, back and forth with a low rhythmic creak.

Nan Graham, local NPR commentator since 1995, is a long-time admirer of ghost stories and believer in haints.   Her front door is painted Gullah Blue.

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Wilmington holds a city’s worth of ghostly tales. They drift along the cobblestone streets in the heart of downtown, often mistaken for a sudden, gentle breeze. Sometimes, they manifest as a glimpse of a face behind the lace curtains of an aging historic house. If you doubt your eyes, perhaps your ears will serve as evidence: ghostly footsteps, faint voices, and the creaks and groans of aging floors, doors, and gates create moments of eerie solitude.

Beware, for the act of sharing a ghost story is often what awakens these spirits. After all, who can resist the allure of attention? It’s only natural to be drawn toward the voice that whispers your name in the dark or to the person who reads your story aloud.

The New Hanover County Public Library

wilmington nc ghost

The library’s second-floor wing has gained a reputation for being haunted by spectral entities. The primary apparition is believed to be the ghost of a petite woman, often presumed to be a former library patron who was a frequent visitor to the local history room. Numerous employees and visitors have claimed to witness her ghostly presence over the years. Additionally, there have been reports of eerie phenomena, such as phantom footsteps and inexplicably moving books and pamphlets.

The library’s spectral activity doesn’t end there; it’s also attributed to a second ghost. This apparition is said to be the spirit of a man who met his demise in a duel during the 1800s. The site of the library was once the location of this man’s home. Visitors and staff have recounted experiences of sensing his restless presence through his nervous pacing, adding another layer of intrigue to the library’s mysterious history.

The Price-Gause House

This site stands out as one of the most haunted locations in all of Wilmington. Prior to the construction of a house on this property in 1843, it held the grim history of being Wilmington’s Gallows Hill, where numerous men met their end at the hangman’s noose. Following these hangings, it was customary for the bodies to find their final resting place right here, if no one came to claim them.

The property’s eerie reputation persisted when Dr. William Price chose to build his home at this site, allocating space for both his living quarters and office. Soon after the Price family settled into the house, they encountered a series of strange and unexplained events. Even to this day, echoes of phantom footsteps ascending the stairs and the lingering aroma of pipe tobacco waft through the air. Mysteriously, doors open and close of their own accord, leaving observers baffled.

Among the most active areas in the house is the upstairs office, which had served as a bedroom for many years. Oddly, the windows tend to frost up even during sweltering summer nights. From the exterior, passersby have glimpsed a peculiar sight – on clear nights, the word “HELP” appears etched in the frost on the upper-left window. To this day, no logical explanation has emerged for this phenomenon.

Supernatural activity isn’t confined to the indoors; it’s also been observed outside near the house. During investigations by the J & J Ghost Seekers, this area yielded significant electromagnetic field (EMF) readings. Evidential photographs of colored orbs and even what appears to be the silhouette of a person peering through a window while pulling a curtain have been captured. Visitors have described an unsettling sensation of pressure weighing down on them when spending time in the side yard. This is unsurprising, as the vicinity is believed to hold numerous unmarked graves.

Currently, the house serves as an office for an architectural firm, where the paranormal activity continues, consistent with a history spanning over 150 years. The employees at the architectural firm have affectionately nicknamed their resident ghost “George.” This site is also a featured stop on one of Wilmington’s local ghost walks, adding to its enduring mystique.

Fort Fisher

When night descends upon Fort Fisher, the Confederate bastion just to the south of Kure Beach, it casts an unsettling shadow that can send shivers down even the bravest of spines. Amidst the mounds and memories of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, specters are known to roam. The ghostly apparition of Major General William H.C. Whiting, easily distinguished by his distinctive mustache and adorned coat with stars, is a frequent visitor to the fort he helped fortify. However, it’s not just Whiting’s presence that lingers in the eerie silence; the voices and visions of soldiers who once fought here have also been reported.

So why does Whiting’s spirit persist in haunting this place? The answer lies in the tragedy that unfolded within these fortress walls. Whiting had foreseen the impending bloodshed at Fort Fisher and pleaded for reinforcements, but his warnings went unheeded. After three harrowing days in January 1865, the fort finally succumbed to the Union forces. Wounded and captured, Whiting was held as a prisoner in New York for months before his passing. His spirit, it is said, yearned for home, and many years later, his wife, Katherine, granted his wish by relocating his remains to Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington.

Poplar Grove Plantation

The historic peanut plantation known as Poplar Grove is steeped in ghostly lore, with apparitions frequenting both the main house and the tenant farmhouses. The bonds of family and homestead prove so potent that not even death can sever them. In this narrative, we delve into the tales of two of the most active spirits that haunt these grounds.

One of the lingering souls is that of young David Foy, the eldest son of the family, whose hubris echoes through the ages as palpable energy within the house. Rebelling against his Unionist father, David chose to join the Confederate Army but met a swift demise from typhus upon his return home. According to numerous accounts, his spirit lingers, perpetually embittered, stomping around the front office where plantation matters were once conducted.

Nora Foy, the wife of David’s brother, J.T., may well have endured her own haunting experiences during her lifetime. A resolute and strong-willed woman, she bore the heart-wrenching loss of four children, each passing away within days of birth. Undeterred, Nora carried on, eventually taking on the role of postmaster, always carrying a small pistol. Recognizing that her bloodline would end with her, she raised her nephew to inherit the plantation. It is rumored that Nora’s benevolent and protective spirit dwells in the upstairs children’s bedroom, watching over her charges.

St. James Episcopal Church

Historical accounts tell a chilling tale of a man, mistakenly declared dead, and subsequently interred behind St. James Episcopal Church in 1739. Just five years later, the first graves took root in the cemetery out back, now shrouded in the eerie reputation of being one of the most haunted graveyards in the entire state.

Samuel Joselyn, whose unfortunate fate led him to a premature burial in the hallowed grounds of St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery in 1810. The tale begins with a young man who had a heated argument with his wife at a hunting lodge situated in the Honey Island Swamp, eight miles north. In a rash decision, he rode away on horseback, venturing into the swamp in the heart of the night, in the midst of winter. As horses lacked headlights, it was an understandably eerie journey. Tragically, his lifeless body was discovered the following day by a search party. Cold, frozen, and lying in four inches of water, he was laid to rest in the St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery

For three consecutive nights, Joselyn materialized in the dreams of two of his friends, imploring them with each visit to unearth his body. Eventually, they succumbed to his wishes. When they discovered the horrifying truth, the police patrolling the area heard the boys’ anguished cries. The man lay in a large dried puddle of blood, his fingers ripped to the bone.

Joselyn had fought relentlessly to claw his way out from the confines of a six-foot-deep grave, a slow and agonizing suffocation that found confirmation in the coroner’s findings and remains documented in Wilmington’s history.

Now, two centuries later, visitors assert they have witnessed a shadowy apparition, leaning upon a tombstone in close proximity to Joselyn’s burial site. To many, this ethereal figure is perceived as Joselyn’s lingering spirit, continuing to haunt the grounds of St. James Cemetery, the very place he was abandoned to his fate as one of the departed.

Bellamy Mansion

The Bellamy Mansion, a splendid Antebellum residence in downtown Wilmington, has the power to draw visitors from all corners of the country. From the onset of the American Civil War through the period of reconstruction and the subsequent modernization of Wilmington, this mansion has silently witnessed the city’s darkest times.

Guests, upon ascending to the upper floors of the home, occasionally report an unsettling atmosphere. Their unease is not unfounded; Ellen Douglas Bellamy, the final member of her family to own the house, resided there until her passing in 1946. During her time, Ellen adhered to a particular daily routine. She would sit down to peruse the daily newspaper, her fingers darkening with fresh ink. Upon completing her reading, she would rise to switch off the lights, leaving her smudged fingerprints on the wall. To this very day, it is said that Emma’s fingerprints continue to manifest for inquisitive visitors

Thalian Hall

Thalian Hall stands atop a historic sand dune, believed to be the resting place of native Americans. Evidently, during renovation work in 1988 and 2010, skeletal remains were uncovered beneath the theater’s floor.

Over the years, Thalian Hall has undergone numerous restoration and renovation projects to ensure its continued use and relevance for the artistic community and the broader public. For those who were passionate about the arts during their lifetimes, it’s not uncommon for them to want to remain connected, even in the afterlife. They linger to relish in the performances of live musicians and actors or to find ways to support the artists and management teams overseeing the performing arts venue where it all takes place.

This theory provides a plausible explanation for the identities of the spirits that have been reportedly sighted within the confines of this building.

Throughout the years, during rehearsals for various productions held on the Main Stage, actors and actresses have frequently recounted encounters with these ethereal beings. These entities often manifest as distinct apparitions, dressed in the elegant attire of the Edwardian era, or their strong presence is palpable. They seem to enjoy strolling through the balcony during rehearsals, perhaps indicating to the actors on the Main Theatre stage that they are watching, akin to supportive stage parents.

The unseen presence of these three entities has been notably felt in various areas, including backstage, dressing rooms, restrooms, corridors, and the main lobby. Those involved in productions have described encountering “cold spots,” as well as hearing eerie sounds and echoes of disembodied voices.

Lula’s Pub

wilmington nc ghost

Lula’s is a subterranean bar located at the southern tip of downtown Wilmington, appreciated for its relaxed ambiance and hidden, underground charm. Even the entrance, a dimly lit, lengthy corridor leading below ground, offers an intriguing experience in itself.

Lula’s has earned its reputation as a popular destination for ghost tours and haunted pub crawls due to the eerie encounters said to have occurred on the premises, which is also shared with The Little Dipper.

The legend of Cooter revolves around a 19th-century slave who had a persistent tendency to escape from his owner’s plantation outside of Wilmington. After numerous failed attempts to flee through the city’s port, the tale suggests that the enraged owner either severed Cooter’s feet on the property that now houses Lula’s or returned later to have him executed there.

It is believed that Cooter’s spirit continues to haunt the location at the intersection of Front and Orange streets. Many patrons have reported catching a fleeting glimpse of him in the bar’s mirror or feeling his presence in the corner of this historic basement turned bar.

The Latimer House

Each year, this historic home fully immerses itself in the eerie spirit of Halloween with its Victorian Mourning program, shrouding the house in black just as it would have been when mourning the loss of a family member. The history of this place is marked by profound sorrow, as it was once the home of Zebulon and Elizabeth Latimer, who tragically lost five of their nine children before they reached the age of five. Guests have shared accounts of seeing the spectral forms of children peeking out from upstairs bedrooms, and passersby on the street have claimed to witness the ghostly visages of children in the windows on the upper floor.

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wilmington nc ghost

Wilmington's haunted history: A ghost walk through historic downtown

WILMINGTON, N.C. — On Halloween, you may see many spooky creatures out and about, like witches, werewolves, ghosts and everything in between — but those are just costumes.

In Wilmington, however, some folks go looking for the real deal.

What You Need To Know

Wilmington is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the country> there are many ghost tours you can take in wilmington, including an hour and a half tour called the ghost walk of old wilmington tours are year round, not just during the halloween season.

“People ask me have I seen ghosts? And I have not seen things, although I have some spooky pictures that I can’t quite explain," said Delia Stanley, a guide for Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington.

"But we’ve definitely felt weird sensations, so I’d definitely say the Jury is still out,” she said. “I might have started this as more of skeptic, but after all of the photos I’ve seen, the experiences heard from people and my fellow ghost walk guides, kind of on the fence now.”

wilmington nc ghost

Stanley takes visitors to different locations around the city, all with a ghostly past.

“I’ve had certain locations where we mention that we get a lot of interesting pictures,” Stanley said. “So sometimes, folks will take a picture."

"I had one group a few weeks ago, they took a picture and saw something weird in it right then as I was telling the story," she said. "The rest of their family stepped off the property. They didn’t even want to be on the property anymore after seeing what they saw in the pictures.”

Stanley said those occurrences happen often on her tours, and while most times it can be explained as a trick of the light, sometimes it seems nothing short of supernatural.

wilmington nc ghost

“Orbs is a big one, little balls of light that you can see present in a lot of pictures. We also look for sort of misty apparitions, things like that,” Stanley said. “I have a great photo out of the graveyard that we’re gonna head up to today that we would call in ghost lingo a full-body apparition.”

wilmington nc ghost

Regardless of why some believe those orbs or apparitions appear in pictures on the tour — be it supernatural or completely natural — one thing is for sure: The ghost walk is a great way to learn about the city’s history in a fun, different way.

“I really think it’s the amount of history that you can find in Wilmington, pre-Revolutionary War, the great old pirate history here is my favorite,” Stanley said. “So we’ve just been here for a while, the Cape Fear River is so important to the town, and all around it we find history from the golden age of piracy, the Revolutionary War and before that, and just throughout the centuries and the generations.”

You can learn more about the ghost tours and Wilmington’s “haunted” history by checking out their website . 



Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

$1 OFF

Wilmington's Award-Winning Ghost Walk and Pub Crawl

Journey into the depths of Old Wilmington on an adventure to the Cape Fear's most actively haunted locations. Hear eerie tales of ghostly occurrences, including recent guest encounters.

With more than four centuries of history, it’s understandable that some of Wilmington’s rich past lingers on, and visitors with a darker side can get face-to-face with some of these ghoulish legends via an entertaining and spine-tingling Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington .

Meandering through the downtown streets of Wilmington after-hours, and touching on some of the often forgotten stories of this rich city’s past, explorers will have an educational and undeniably fun time digging up the Port City’s old ghosts, while learning more about what makes this city by the coast so fascinating.

The Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington starts, appropriately, near the Cape Fear River, and then meanders through some of the downtown area’s more famed streets as well as some lesser-known alcoves.

Patrons will explore 275-year old alleyways where privateers and pirates once roamed, will veer past ancient live oaks that are littered with dangling Spanish moss, and will even make a visit to historic, although likely haunted, local cemeteries.

With guides who have been researching the local history since 1978, visitors who embark on this spooky tour will be treated to a dark but utterly engaging lesson on Wilmington’s lesser-known, and more exciting, chapters of Cape Fear and American history.

We are Wilmington's #1 haunted attraction.

Buy your tickets and meet us at the sign! We meet 20 minutes before departure at the Ghost Walk sign, riverfront at Market and Water Streets

8 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

wilmington nc ghost

  • Monday 6:30pm-10:00pm
  • Tuesday 6:30pm-10:00pm
  • Wednesday 6:30pm-10:00pm
  • Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm
  • Friday 6:30pm-10:00pm
  • Saturday 6:30pm-10:00pm
  • Sunday 6:30pm-10:00pm

Crystal Coast Map

Cape Fear & Brunswick Islands

  • 1. Sunset Beach
  • 2. Ocean Isle Beach
  • 3. Holden Beach
  • 4. Oak Island
  • 5. Southport
  • 6. Bald Head Island
  • 7. Kure Beach
  • 8. Carolina Beach
  • 9. Wilmington
  • 10. Wrightsville Beach

Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

There’s an ocean of adventures waiting for visitors at the Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park. Featuring a full range of entertainment options including a water park, mini golf course, go karts, arcade, and so much more, veritably every visitor under the sun can enjoy an active excursion or just a day of splashing around at this all-encompassing amusement center.

  • 910-791-0666

Battleship North Carolina

Battleship North Carolina

The USS Battleship North Carolina is an unmistakable site in Downtown Wilmington. Taking up a large portion of the waterfront docks, this historic World War II moveable landmark is a must-see for Cape Fear vacationers.

  • 910-399-9100

Haunted Cape Fear: Fourth Street home to 2 ghosts of decades past

wilmington nc ghost

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - Two ghosts of decades past collide with the living where Fourth Street meets Market.  The area has a storied past. Residents say it was here bodies of yellow fever victims were held until they could be carted out of town in the 1700s.

It's also the site of Saint James Episcopal Church's graveyard. The current church was built in 1834, but the original building created along with the graveyard dates to 1750.

According to Virginia Callaway, the graveyard's caretaker, time and pollution have worn away most of the markings on the stones. This fact alone has helped to keep alive the legend of a man said to be buried alive there.

"There wasn't much medical science so if you took a really heavy nap and had a really light heartbeat, you could go to bed and wake up in a box,"explained Kevin Ward, the author of North Carolina Haunts.

In the absence of funeral homes and modern embalming practices, the quicker relatives could get a body into the ground the better!

While not wildly prevalent, live burials did happen. Consequently, some people were buried with strings attached to their hands and feet which were connected to a bell above ground. Should the "dead" awaken, they could sound an alarm. Men were employed to stand watch for several days at the graveyards to listen which is where we get the term "graveyard shift."

As the story goes, in the early 1800s a young man named Samuel Jocelyn took off on his horse one morning and did not return. He was later found unresponsive, laying in an icy swamp.

"They were assuming he had been sitting decomposing for two days," said Ward.

He was pronounced dead and quickly buried in the Saint James graveyard.

Days later his friend Alexander was woken by something moving in his bedroom. There, at the foot of his bed, he saw the ghostly image of Samuel.

Samuel spoke to his shocked friend, telling him that he was still alive when they closed his coffin. The terrifying event happened night after night.

Deranged with grief, Alexander became determined to settle his growing insanity.

"The only way to be absolutely sure was to come and unearth Samuel's body," Ward explained.

When night fell, Alexander and his friends headed to the graveyard and began to dig.

"They found him with torn up fingers with his bones exposed," said Ward. "There was a look of horror on his face, sitting in his own blood. They looked at the lid of the coffin to find that the lining had been completely torn out. He died, buried alive, in absolute terror, trying to claw his way out."

This event was not documented but has been passed down through time. Since the stones have been worn bare and so many bodies were moved once Oakdale Cemetery opened, it would be impossible to know where or if Samuel was actually buried there.

Ghost enthusiasts say that sometimes around midnight, you can still hear Samuel screaming from inside the gated cemetery.

More than 100 years later, a new ghost took up haunting the very same block of Fourth Street.

The Baldwin home was built by Emma and Andrew Baldwin, a successful dentist whose office was on the first floor. Emma died in the house, under normal circumstances but is said to never have fully left.

"Some things just don't have a logical answer," said Hattie Haines, who recently moved into the Baldwin home with her mother.

"Me and my mom knew there was something here so we kind of admitted it and said ‘Hi,'" she explained. "Occasionally I find myself just talking to her sometime."

Perhaps Hattie wouldn't have felt the need to address her poltergeist roommate if Emma didn't have such a history.

The Baldwin family lost their home to the bank some time in the early 1900s leading some to conclude that her haunting are source in an enduring resentment that her family home was taken by strangers.

Initially, new owners found whole human teeth around the house. Perhaps they were remnants of a long-gone dental practice or perhaps, they were a reminder that the house was still occupied by it's original inhabitant.

Time passed and times changed. When unmarried couples started moving in, the pious Emma turned vengeful.

"She shoved people down the stairs, broke stuff around the house and would make very loud disturbing noises to let people know that she was there," said Ward.

It might be worth mentioning that the Baldwin home's winding, narrow staircase no longer meets modern code requirements. The design is synonymous with a high risk of falling.

However, most believers in Emma's ghost find this inconsequential.

A family in the 90s finally made peace with Emma.

"One of the first things they did was let Emma know they were moving in and would love to have her be part of their family," Ward said.

Apparently the family gathered together and spoke to her directly inside the house. Since then, Emma has left dimes around the home, each with dates significant to the finder's life.

Hattie found two waiting for her on the window sill when they moved in.

"I felt like there must be something here," Hattie said. "Of course it could have just fallen out of someone's pocket, someone could have just left it there maybe but, I doubt it."

A special thank you to Legacy Farms Haunted House for helping WECT with video needs for this Halloween story.

Copyright 2014 Fox Wilmington . All rights reserved.

The NHCSO located approximately 1000 grams of methamphetamine during the search.

Deputies seize about 1,000 grams of meth during traffic stop

wilmington nc ghost

Two killed, including 10-month-old child, in Bladen Co. crash involving log truck

Edward Teach Brewery in Wilmington, NC

‘We will not give in to false accusers or an ignorant mob’: Edward Teach Brewery addresses November incident in online post

Mom Dayna Motycka made a TikTok video that went viral, saying her 9-year-old daughter was...

Mom says 9-year-old was bullied at school for not having a name-brand Stanley tumbler

wilmington nc ghost

Two-vehicle crash slowing traffic near Oleander Drive and College Road intersection

Haunted Places in Wilmington, North Carolina

wilmington nc ghost

Bellamy Mansion

Wilmington, north carolina.

Bellamy Mansion is believed to be haunted by members of the Bellamy family and their servants. Investigators have recorded several EVPs and witnessed slamming doors.

USS North Carolina

The World War II battleship is believed to be haunted by a blond sailor who shows up in passageways and another sailor who peeks out from portholes. Witnesses say hatch doors slam, cold spots are felt and footsteps are heard.

Fort Fisher

Kure beach, north carolina.

At Fort Fisher, Civil War ghosts and Fort Fisher hermit Robert E. Harrill, who died under suspicious circumstances, are believed to reside. Civil War General William Whitting, who was injured in the final battle at Fort Fisher and died as a prisoner in 1865 at Fort Columbus, New York Harbor, ...

wilmington nc ghost

Live Oak Cafe

Southport, north carolina.

There are alleged to be two resident ghosts here that constantly mess around with the staff and owners. (Submitted by Margo RS)

wilmington nc ghost

Brunswick Inn

A ghost named Tony haunts the Brunswick Inn. He was a riverboat harpist who drowned in 1882 while on a visit here, and he likes to wander through the inn's halls and play tricks on the owners.

Lois Jane's Riverview Inn

The 1892 bed and breakfast inn is haunted by the daughter of a sea captain who once owned the place during the twentieth-century. Known as 'Lois Jane', the spirit has been heard laughing and singing on the upper floor of the mansion, and on one occasion shook the bed of ...


Bald head island, north carolina.

Although reports say it is no longer open, this b&b was said to be haunted by the ghost of Theodosia Burr Alston. Thoedosia was the daughter of Aaron Burr and the wife of South Carolina governor Joseph Alston. Mysteriously, the ship she was on disappeared in 1812. She had been ...

wilmington nc ghost

The Winds Resort Beach Club

Ocean isle beach, north carolina.

A ghost named Sam lingers in one of the cabins here. Sam was a guest here when he died of a heart attack, and many claim he never left the buidling. Witnesses, both guests and employees, have reported cold spots and window shades opening on their own, and some have ...

Heartbeat Bridge

Nakina, north carolina.

Shadowy figures can be seen. Lights in the woods sounds of a heart beat can be heard. (Submitted by Brian)

Old Tram Road Light

Whiteville, north carolina.

A light comes out of the swamp and chases you as you drive down Old Tram Road. (Submitted by Brian)

wilmington nc ghost

Brentwood Bistro

Little river, south carolina.

This place has been on Haunted America, National Geographic Haunted, and several other media projects. Faces, shadows, orbs and all manner of strange things are seen by staff and visitors alike.

Foscue Plantation House

Pollocksville, north carolina.

Foscue Plantation House was constructed in 1824 and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of slaves from the 1800s. According to reports, slaves were chained in the attic and their cries and moans are said to ring out at night. A legend about the staircase says that slaves' ...

The Hermitage

Murrells inlet, south carolina.

Wealthy Dr. Allard Flagg moved into the Hermitage in 1849 and invited his sister, the beautiful Alice Flagg, to live there with him. Alice fell in love with a young lumberman, but Dr. Flagg didn't approve of the match and sent him away. Angry with her brother, Alice disregarded his ...

Bentonville Battlefield

Four oaks, north carolina.

Phantom gunfire and shouts have been heard on the battlefield at night, and the ghost of a girl who died of tuberculosis is believed to haunt an upstairs room in the plantation house.

wilmington nc ghost

Sandford House

Fayetteville, north carolina.

This house boasts a haunted stairway where the ghost of a young woman is often seen. Reports of sightings date back for over a hundred years and continue to this day. People claim to see a young woman descending or ascending the stairs, who then vanishes.

Radisson Prince Charles Hotel

Reports say that this hotel may be closed for business, but the building is said to be haunted by the ghost of Charlotte, a young woman who committed suicide here in the early 1900s. It seems that Charlotte was distraught after finding her new husband in bed with a bridesmaid ...

New Berne House Inn

New bern, north carolina.

Though no longer currently operating as an inn, this old brick home was said to have had two haunted rooms. The owners received multiple reports from guests of various "odd occurrences" that happened during different stays.

wilmington nc ghost

Harvey Mansion Historic Inn

Established in the early part of the 1800's it is one of the last remaining original buildings in the town. People claim that a woman in period dress glides through the dining room and through walls of the restaurant located in this Inn. Some people also say that ...

wilmington nc ghost

Attmore-Oliver House

Originally built in 1790, the Attmore-Oliver House is reported to be haunted by poltergeists, possibly stemming from the last private owner or from deaths during a long-ago smallpox epidemic. The large historic home, normally used for Society functions, is open for tours by appointment.

Elizabeth Inn - Sabiston House

Beaufort, north carolina.

Built by Capt. Sabiston in the 1850s, it is believed he still haunts the place to this day. The Elizabeth Inn is unfortunately now closed.

wilmington nc ghost

Cousin Martha's Bed and Breakfast

According to "Haunted Inns of the Southeast," guests and staff regularly hear "giggling and footsteps" in the upper floor of the house, when no one else is around. (Seems only to be expected at an inn that sells a trademarked line of spice products called "Satan's Breath"!)

wilmington nc ghost

Litchfield Plantation

Pawleys island, south carolina.

This plantation's history dates back to 1740, and its most famous ghost is Dr. Henry Tucker, a member of one of the last families to own the plantation in the late 1800s. His apparition has been seen in the Blue Room, and he is said to be a friendly spirit. ...

All Saints Episcopal Church Cemetery

All Saints Episcopal Church has stood here since 1739, and its cemetery, haunted by a ghost named Alice, dates from 1822. Alice is buried beneath an oak tree under a flat gravestone bearing the name ALICE. Local legend says that those who walk around her grave 13 times backwards and ...

Old Gunn - Prince Frederick's Episcopal Church

Georgetown, south carolina.

Construction of the church was begun in 1859, but screeched to a halt when the lead architect Mr. Gunn slipped on the steep roof and fell to his death. Folks have seen Mr. Gunn's ghost around the ruins of the church and tower and heard his scream, and locals say ...

All Saints Cemetery

The ghost story in this cemetery centers on beautiful Alice Flagg, the sister of the weatlhy Dr. Allard Flagg who moved into the Hermitage in 1849. Alice fell in love with a young lumberman, but Dr. Flagg didn't approve of the match and sent him away. Angry with her brother, ...

The Grey Man of Pawley's Island

Pawley's Island has its own early warning system for hurricanes. Legend has it that a mysterious man dressed all in grey appears to certain individuals or couples and warns them of approaching hurricanes. These tales are usually told after each hurricane, where one lucky couple or family was ...

wilmington nc ghost

Pelican Inn

The two ghosts who haunt this inn are of the canine kind. An elderly caretaker here once owned two Boston terriers, and legend has it that one of them swam out in the surf to save a little boy's life. The dog soon passed away, and the other dog died ...

Mansfield Plantation

The Mansfield Plantation dates back to the early 18th century, and includes a bed and breakfast. Local ghost hunters claim that they recorded EVPs in the North Guest House that said "don't leave me".

Wedgefield Plantation

The headless ghost of a beheaded British soldier is said to appear here, wandering about holidng a pistol and feeling around for his head. Along with him come the sounds of war, clattering and hoofbeats. The war sounds are often a precursor to the ghost's arrival.

Henning-Miller House

Built around 1760, some say this house has a ghost on its staircase. Rumor has it that when the British took over the home during the American Revolution, one of the officers fell down the stairs when he heard the daughter mention that Patriot hero Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion was ...

wilmington nc ghost

Beth Elohim Cemetery

Tales told about this, the second oldest Jewish cemetery in the state, center around best friends Pauline Moses and Eliza Munnerlyn. The two girls had planned to be married on the same day at the same time, but in different locations. However, both the girls caught yellow fever and died ...

Waterman-Kaminski House

This house from around 1770 has a couple of sad ghost stories attached to it. As one goes, a little boy, age 8, was left in the care of the owners while the rest of his family took a trip. The family was lost at sea, and the little boy ...

1790 House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Although this building no longer operates as a B&B, back in the day it was said that a rocking chair in the "Rice Planter's Room" would often rock back and forth without anyone ever touching it.

Morgan-Ginsler House

This building was once used as a Civil War hospital for Union soldiers. Some folks say the strange sounds that come from the dining room are the sounds of Satan forcing the souls of the soldiers who died there to relive their last miserable moments.

Bolem House

Folks here believe the house may originally have been built as a tavern for the sailors. Ghostly sailors have been seen and heard here: On Christmas Day in 1993, a resident came across a ghostly man in old-fashioned sailor attire in the kitchen. The witness said the sailor didn't appear ...

Cleland House

Built in 1737, the house has a story to go along with its ghost. So it goes, Anne Withers, a possible relation of the John Withers listed on the historical marker in front of the house as one of the owners, fell in love with a sea captain. He once ...

DuPre House

Reports say the DuPre house was once a bed-and-breakfast, but currently may be empty and up for sale. The house was built around 1740 and is said to have two ghosts in residence: a woman and her daughter, both from the Civil War era. Their spirits have been seen and ...

Strand Theatre

The 1941 Strand Theatre is home to some odd occurrences. Footsteps have been heard in the empty balcony, and during a production of Ghosts of the Coast, based on local ghost tales, the staff began to witness cold spots and whispers coming from the backstage area. A ghost hunter was ...

Heriot-Tarbox House

Built around 1765, this is the house where the legendary Theodosia Burr Alston, daughter of United States Vice President Aaron Burr and wife of South Carolina Governor Joseph Alston stayed in 1812 before the ship on which she was traveling disappeared. Her ghost has been seen all along the coastline ...

Kaminski Building

The Kaminski Building is one of two that house Georgetown’s Rice Museum. The 1842 Kaminski Building was a retail store for many years. Witnesses at the museum have heard footsteps, including one set that sounds like it has a peg-leg, in the art gallery. It is also believed that an ...

wilmington nc ghost

Georgetown Light

The 72-foot tall lighthouse, built around 1812, is said to be haunted by Annie, the daughter of a former lightkeeper who was a widower who was raising the 7- or 8-year-old on his own. One day as the two were returning to the lighthouse with supplies, a violent storm hit. ...

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Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

Hours updated 3 weeks ago

Photo of Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington - Wilmington, NC, US.

Review Highlights

Amanda S.

“ If you want to save some money on the tickets, don't purchase online, visit the Black Cat Shoppe and purchase in person! ” in 7 reviews

Sandra S.

“ The bottom line is Steve is a great storyteller , all the stories were fantastic and as expected, Wilmington provided the perfect backdrop. ” in 8 reviews

Chelsea N.

“ Derek was a great guide and was very enthusiastic with his stories. ” in 5 reviews

Location & Hours

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8 Market St

Wilmington, NC 28401

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Business Owner

Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-100 minute adventure to the city's most actively haunted homes & burial grounds. Hear eerie tales of ghostly occurrences including encounters during recent tours. Each tour is led by a professional story teller. Tours run rain or shine and are year round, though the schedule changes during winter hours. Stories have been actually researched since 1978. …

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Is it good for a 6 yo?

For about an hour of your time, it's money will spent. The stories were good.

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Photo of Vikram T.

Absolutely fantastic experience! My girlfriend and I have done one other ghost tour in town last year but I personally enjoyed this one a lot more, and most of if not all of the credit has to go to our amazing tour guide Owen! Super engaging, awesome delivery when it comes to story telling, and overall just a very positive personality. 11/10 would recommend

Photo of Mandy O.

Updating my review to give it another 5 stars! I SO enjoyed my last tour a few weeks ago, I decided to take my husband for a date night. This time we had the incredibly likable and informative Steven as our guide. We toured the alley neat St Joseph the apostle, the Lattimer house, and a lot of local lore from the houses on Secknd Street. It was a different walk with different points for me and all were not only informative of local tales, But he injected anecdotes and historical aside bits that really brought the tour to life. We actually wound up investigating some of the hot spots on our own again after the tour had ended. Black Cat Shoppe really hits the nail on the head with their tours and guides. It's an amazing experience for both tourists and locals alike. I look forward to a third time!

St. James Graveyard

St. James Graveyard

Graveyard at dusk- didn't see any orbs this time so maybe on our next tour we will!

Graveyard at dusk- didn't see any orbs this time so maybe on our next tour we will!

Photo of John H.

Jun 21, 2023

Wow! Thank you so much!

An absolute must-do whether you live in Wilmington or are visiting. The Port City has a lush and rich history including that of many local lore and legend and this is the perfect place to learn more about it. Our host Derek was absolutely phenomenal and a perfect guide as he led us up and down the streets stopping to tell us about what had transpired at several of the most famous sites of murders and hauntings. We even got to do a twilight tour of one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. I was also extremely happy to hear it's not the same every time so we can keep going back and visiting new sites, for wilmington certainly has more than a handful of haunted and historical places. You can check in with the Black Cat Shoppe to see what happened on your last one and different guides are hosting so you can try to catch them all. An incredibly fun and eerie experience for a reasonable price. We will definitely be checking out their haunted pub crawl as well!! Thank you, Derek for making the most of our experience!!

Photo of Jeff L.

I only give this 4/5 because it was 90% history and 10% ghosts. A great tour if you aren't familiar with the area. Each tour covers 5 sites. Good service

wilmington nc ghost

Wife and I did this tour earlier this week with Chloe (with a 'C') The content was super interesting, including some of Wilmington's darker history. Lots of cool old buildings of historical significance. Tip - Wear comfortable shoes as it is a couple miles walk, including down some alleys, etc. with uneven surfaces. The highlight was Chloe, a recent Theater graduate who stole the show. She was fun, funny, engaging and also knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour.

Photo of Chelsea N.

Derek was a great guide and was very enthusiastic with his stories. The stories were varied and interesting! We completed 4 stops in a bit over an hour.

Starting point

Starting point

Photo of Ava E.

Was worth the trip! Our guide was wonderful and I recommend if you're in the area. Even if you're not a big fan of the paranormal, it's still worth it because it's very informative. Will 100% go again when we're back in the area! (Our tour guide was Derek)

wilmington nc ghost

Aug 28, 2023

Thanks! Who was your guide?

Photo of David K.

We expected more. Somewhat entertaining. The performance was genuine, could have been more animated and enthusiastic.

Photo of Sonya C.

Very interesting Chole was a great guide.She made the stories interesting.I can't remember the guy with the interesting ring with snake head a diamonds.I wanted to look him up,also mother.

Photo of Bryan J.

We had a great time. The guide we had, Derek was great. Very good job bringing the stories to life as well as helping deal with the traffic down town. He mentioned other stories being told on different tours. I'm not sure if that means different guides but i would imagine so. We will definitely go again!

Photo of Annie O.

Our tour guide, Anthony was awesome! He was a captivating story teller and we love hearing all about the history too. We highly recommend as a must do when you visit Wilmington!

Aug 12, 2023

Thank you. Anthony is awesome!

8 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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wilmington nc ghost

Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington and Haunted Pub Crawl

Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-minute adventure to the city’s most actively haunted homes and burial grounds with the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington. Hear eerie tales and true ghostly occurrences from professional storytellers and ghost hunters, including actual encounters during recent tours. This family-friendly tour varies nightly, based on recent activity. Hoist a pint or three and celebrate Wilmington's dark history on the Haunted Pub Crawl, an adventure to the city's most intriguing local pubs. Hear true ghostly tales of murder, mayhem, lunacy, debauchery and more.​​

Riverfront at Market & Water Streets Wilmington, NC 28401

(910) 794-1866 hauntedwilmington.com

Contact Person

John Hirchak [email protected]

  • Dog friendly
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  • Tours: Guided

Local Information

Wilmington and beaches convention & visitors bureau.

Ends: 6/15/2024

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(910) 794-1866 - hauntedwilmington.com

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Join Haunted Rooms America as we take on this historic 1859 home in the dead of night! Do you have what it takes to do a lone vigil on the fourth floor where disembodied footsteps have been heard, and a Victorian woman has been seen?

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Nearby accommodation, bellamy mansion ghost hunts.

Welcome to Bellamy Mansion, one of the most historic and haunted homes in North Carolina!

An Antebellum house built between 1859 – 1861 for Dr Bellamy and his family, the Bellamy Mansion is a fascinating place with a rich history, filled with the ghosts of its past.

In early 1865 Civil War and yellow fever forced the family out of Wilmington, and they wouldn’t return until much later in the year, as their home was being used as a headquarters for the Union Army.

Constructed by enslaved and freed black artisans and carpenters for the Bellamy family and their ten children, this daunting twenty-two-room home is said to be filled with several spirits, including those of former servants and many members of the Bellamy family that lived and died here over the years.

Only a few of the Bellamy family’s ten children went on to have families of their own, Eliza and Ellen never married and lived in the house until their deaths.

Ellen Bellamy lived in the home the longest of all the Bellamy children, having lived until 1946. It was in the southwest bedroom where Ellen would spend most of her time, especially during her later years burdened by ill health.

It’s in this room and throughout this floor that her spirit is said to roam. One story is about Ellen being an avid reader and her love of reading the newspaper before bed every night. After reading, she’d turn off the sconce with her black-inked fingers, and over the years, the marks left by her still reappear.

Visitors have witnessed the apparition of a Victorian woman, believed to be Ellen, on the top floor, near the nursery. Upon investigation, they find nobody and realize they are indeed on their own!

Throughout the home, staff and visitors alike have heard disembodied footsteps on the wooden floors and experienced doors slamming shut for no apparent reason.

On the fourth floor, many guests begin to feel uneasy, with several overcome by fear just walking up the staircase to this area. Used as the Bellamy children’s living area, you’d think this area would be the happiest of all the floors. However, both staff and visitors report suddenly feeling unwell here and having an overbearing feeling of needing to visit the cupola.

Others report unexplainable cold gusts of wind, the sound of piano keys, and disembodied voices. Mansion employees regularly report the sound of heavy boots walking on the wooden floors, and they report that alarms are tripped with no apparent cause. Some have even witnessed the apparition of a man dressed in black, whom they believe to be a Union officer.

A ghost hunt at the Bellamy Mansion is ghost hunting at its finest and is certainly not for the faint of heart. The activity here speaks for itself!

Are you ready to take on this foreboding mansion with us in the dead of night and perhaps spend a little lone vigil on the children’s floor?



What’s Included?

  • Paranormal investigation class for beginners (separate workshop for returning guests),
  • Tour of the location,
  • A full night of ghost hunting with the Haunted Rooms America team,
  • Use of our traditional and state-of-the-art paranormal equipment,
  • Free time to investigate at the end of the night,
  • Snacks and refreshments are provided at intervals throughout the night.

Event Location: Bellamy Mansion Museum, 503 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Event Time: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Meet up at the location at the earliest 7:30 PM. There is ample parking available at the venue itself.

What to Bring?

Please bring with you a form of photo ID, and a printed off booking confirmation email (or show this on your phone).

We will be providing you with paranormal equipment to use, however, we will need something of value per group to hold onto as collateral (phone, car keys, watch, etc.)

We will be providing snacks and drinks at intervals throughout the night.

And of course, bring your phone/camera with you, the more pictures we have the better chance we have of capturing something!

Other than that, just yourself and an open mind!

What Should I Expect on a Ghost Hunt?

Become a paranormal investigator for the night like the TV stars of Most haunted, ghost adventures or TAPS Ghost hunters.

Use some of the specialized equipment and be guided by experienced paranormal investigators who will share their knowledge, techniques and experiences of hunting for ghosts or spirits.

Feel free to bring along any of your own equipment including but not limited to EVP recorders, flashlights, cameras or video cameras.

Bring extra clothing as in some parts old buildings may get cold but please refrain from wearing clothing that can cause distracting sounds. Many old buildings have a story to tell and we will supply them to you along with of course the ghost stories.

There will be breaks and light refreshments are provided.

We are not out to try and convince the world of the existence of an afterlife. That’s for you to decide.

We can be Sceptical and logical yet open to other beliefs and prayers of protection will be carried out.

We do not perform tricks and will not be running around with sheets on our heads!

You will be with like-minded people looking for the answer “is there really an afterlife”?

However much we try unfortunately we can’t guarantee that members of the spirit world will make their presence known but we can at least guarantee that you will experience a fun and interesting night.

Do I receive an actual ticket?

The event is ticketless. Your proof of booking is your booking confirmation email.  You will also receive an email with important information prior to your event, usually the week of.

Is there any age limit of who can attend these events?

The age limit is 18 years and over.

Will there be a Medium at the event?

All events listed on Haunted Rooms are hosted by experienced Hosts and Professional Psychic/Clairvoyant Mediums. However sometimes a Medium(s) may not always be present – but as usual, you will be in very safe hands with our experienced Hosts who have a wealth of knowledge and are fully trained in all aspects of professional public ghost hunting events and experience nights.

Can I sleep at an event?

Unless it is otherwise stated, events don’t include sleepover.

Will I see a Ghost?

Unfortunately, the activity will not just happen on command, however using the various experiments and experienced hosts on the events, everything will be done to offer the best chance of spiritual activity.

Recommended accommodation near Bellamy Mansion:

Haunted Rooms America

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Where does the tour begin and end?

The tour begins and ends at Historic Wilmington Foundation’s headquarters (211 Orange Street).

When should I arrive for my tour?

To provide time for tour check-in, please arrive at HWF’s headquarters (211 Orange Street) 10-15 minutes before 7 o’clock.

Do I need to bring a receipt or ticket with me?

Nope! When you book your tour, your name will be put on our guest list, and you can simply check in with a staff member. That said, it might be helpful to have the confirmation email handy, either on your mobile device or a printed copy! 

Where do I park?

There is no designated parking; public parking is readily available in the downtown parking decks.

Is there a rain date?

There is no rain date for this event. 

What's the refund policy?

HWF relies on ticket sales to support the mission of preserving and protecting Wilmington’s historic, irreplaceable resources.  As such, we have a no-refund policy.

May I go inside any of the historic sites on the tour?

No—this is an outdoor tour only.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

No pets (other than service animals) are allowed during the walking tour.

Can I bring my child with me on the tour?

Children under the age of 12 may attend for free. To ensure that all attendees can hear the tour guide, we ask that all guests (children included) be respectful and quiet.

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Alex McKinney Real Estate

1213 Culbreth Drive, Suite 109 Wilmington, NC 28405 910.886.4884 

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Hogue Hill, LLP

101 South 3rd Street Wilmington, NC 28401 910.763.4565

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The Cameron Team

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Decision Point Wealth Consulting at UBS

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St. Stephen AME Church

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Haunted Cotton Exchange Tours

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Tours are available 7 days a week, year-round, with multiple tour guides leading the way. Tours go from 10am-10om. Call for specific tour times. 910-409-4300.

About The Cotton Exchange

The Cotton Exchange is still an adventure in trade. Eight graciously restored buildings connected by brick walkways, open-air courtyards, and gigantic heart pine beams house 30 unique specialty shops and restaurants, each a charming reflection of the style and feel of Wilmington’s 19th century working port days. In 1975-76, The Cotton Exchange was the first downtown complex in North Carolina to adapt and utilize existing buildings, serving as an excellent example of local preservation efforts.

In constant occupancy since the pre-Civil War decade, the Sprunt Building was home of the Cape Fear Flour and Pearl Hominy Mill in 1884–the largest of its kind in the South. In 1919-20, Alexander Sprunt & Sons rebuilt the structure to its current Neoclassic revival style to house the thriving cotton export business. They shipped cotton to ports in Europe, England, and America, and the Sprunt Building overlooked all the cotton compresses on the river and was, in actuality, a cotton exchange.

For a listing of shops, merchants, restaurants, bookshops and more visit their website  https://www.shopcottonexchange.com/default.asp

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Azalea Festival Juried Spring Art Show and Sale: April 3rd- 11th

Over 100 North Carolina and national artists present fine paintings and 3D art creations at the …

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Read the March Issue of Island Life NC!

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Herb & Garden Fair: March 27th

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Wilmington Riverfront Farmers Market

  Opening day is March 27, 2021 We are excited to bring you an amazing lineup of Farmers and …

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Historic Home Night Tours

Experience colonial nightlife at the Burgwin-Wright House every first Friday of the Month. Join in …

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Try Our Beach Walk Scavenger Hunt

Walking on the beach is a great way to get some exercise, soak up some Vitamin D, and spend time …

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UNCW’s Curbside Cinema

UNCW Office of the Arts, Cucalorus, StarNews, and WHQR Public Media are excited to bring drive-in …

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Wilmington Ghost Stories

wilmington nc ghost

Thrills and Chills

It’s that time of year, Jack-o-lanterns lead a trail for children to make their yearly candy claim. That’s right, Halloween is here! Brunswick Forest  is here to share chilling tales to put you in the spooky mood. So, grab something warm, turn off the lights, light a candle or two, and read on for some local Wilmington ghost stories. You’ve been warned!

Wilmington, North Carolina holds the title of being one of America’s most infamous historic cities. The old stones, cemeteries and battlefields have seen a lot. What is now referred to as ‘downtown’ was built upon thousands of graves. Sometimes those memories don’t die easily.

Emma Baldwin

Emma Baldwin was the well-to-do wife of a dentist, Dr. Andrew Baldwin. They originally lived in a home located on South Fourth Street in downtown Wilmington. Emma was a good woman but prided herself on being a shrewd judge of character. She was especially disapproving of unwed couples living in the same home together. Emma died of natural causes in her home, but to this day it is said her spirit never fully left and still wanders the darkened corridors. Since that time, those who have come into possession of the home have reported a presence or feelings of being watched. At one point, an unmarried couple lived in the home, and Emma’s ghost would angrily break objects or make terrifying noises. It is said that she leaves tokens of her approval or disapproval for guests and owners of the home. If you find yourself finding dimes everywhere, it means she approves of you. Those who do not are said to find human teeth instead.

The Tale of Samuel Jocelyn

Samuel Jocelyn , one of Wilmington’s most famous ghosts, was buried alive. Predating Mrs. Baldwin by a century and located just across the street from the same home, lies St. James Cemetery. The original church is no longer standing, but the graveyard remains and is known for a very specific specter. Samuel Jocelyn was a resident of 1800s Wilmington whom was met with a terrifying end. A nasty fall from his horse rendered him, by many medical accounts of the time, to be deceased. He was laid to rest in St. James Cemetery. However, it is said that Samuel was not actually dead. He constantly appeared in the nightmares of his best friend, begging to be dug up. After being tormented night after night, the friend had enough. The only way to know for sure was to dig up Samuel’s body. When they opened the lid to Samuel’s coffin, they found him with raw fingers and the entire lining of the coffin dug into. Samuel had been buried alive and suffocated to death trying to claw his way out. This event has never been historically documented, but if you go to the gate of the cemetery in the dead of night, you can hear faint scratching sounds and Samuel still screaming for his life.

wilmington nc ghost

Major General William H.C. Whiting Patrols Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher is one of Wilmington’s most famous locales, having been a major turning point in the final days of the American Civil War. One of its most dedicated officers was Major General William H.C. Whiting. It is said that he predicted the disaster that befell Fort Fisher. Days before the Union attack, he begged for more men, fearing a full-on invasion. His requests fell on deaf ears, and three days afterward in January 1865, the Fort fell in some of the bloodiest fighting of the war. Wounded but still alive, Major General Whiting was captured and held in New York before his death. Since that time, his body has been brought back home, but it is said he still patrols the sandy mounds that he helped build. Perhaps it is out of guilt, or a sense of duty to his state that he still patrols Fort Fisher. If you ever happen to visit the area on a moonlit night, you may see him still conducting his rounds from the afterlife.

Ellen Douglas Bellamy Frequents Her Childhood Home

One of downtown Wilmington’s finest Antebellum homes, the Bellamy Mansion , draws guests from all over the the country. From the beginning of the American Civil War to the reconstruction and modernization of Wilmington, Bellamy Mansion has seen Wilmington’s darkest days. Guests sometimes claim an uneasy feeling when visiting the top floors of the home. They have reason to be wary; Ellen Douglas Bellamy was the oldest owner of her family home, having stayed there until she died in 1946. During her days, Ellen stuck to a specific routine; she would read the daily newspaper, leaving her fingers darkened with fresh ink. Once she was finished, she would get up to flip the light switch off, leaving smudged fingerprints on the wall. To this day, it is said that Emma’s fingerprints still appear to curious guests.

Those were only a few of Wilmington’s most well-known ghost stories (research Thalian Hall if you want more!). Did you find yourself feeling spooked? Was that the wind you heard? Brunswick Forest wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

(…And who’s that that’s been reading over your shoulder?)

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February 24 - February 25

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April 11 - April 14

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October 10 - October 13

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Are NC's 'ghost forests' a canary in the coal mine for upcoming coastal change?

The state's ghost forests, including around wilmington, are expanding as climate change fuels sea-level rise and persistent droughts and hurricanes allow salt water to push farther inland.

wilmington nc ghost

They are the tall, grayish-white, often limbless sentinels that rise from the marshes as the mainland ends and North Carolina's extensive coastal rivers, estuaries and sounds begin.

They are ghost forests, and clusters, sometimes hundreds of these dead and dying trees can be found lining the Cape Fear River and many of the Wilmington area's tidal creeks and brackish channels. From Smith Creek near the Wilmington International Airport to Town Creek in Brunswick County and countless other local waterways, the carcasses of dying trees stick up from the marsh. Along shorelines, a graveyard of stumps is often visible.

These forests of tree skeletons can be found all along the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the Chesapeake Bay tracking north, and their ranks are growing as climate change combines with man's engineering of the coast to allow salt water to seep farther and farther inland.

What are ghost forests?

They represent areas where the marsh and vegetation hasn't been able to keep up with an increased exposure to salinity. The salty water slowly poisons the trees, leaving them as graying pillars of environmental change before they eventually collapse.

While some trees like cypress and some cedars can survive in brackish waters, too much salt can cause widespread tree death.

The increase in salt water impacts other vegetation, with grasses and other plants replaced with more salt-tolerant species before they are often also wiped out by the rising salinity.

Why are ghost forests increasing?

While some habitat transformation would be expected under natural conditions, man's decades of pumping millions of tons of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has changed the world's weather patterns.

The warming planet has increased the melting of the ice caps, raising sea levels and allowing salt water to reach farther inland and in greater quantities. Rising ocean temperatures also are contributing to the problem, since the volume of the ocean is expanding as the sea water warms.

In short, the change in ecosystems is now happening much faster than before.

WOODEN WARRIORS Ancient NC trees have survived thousands of years. Will they weather climate change?

Climate change means stronger and bigger tropical weather systems, where amplified storm surge pushes water father onto land and up waterways. Increasing and more persistent periods of drought, another sign of climate change, also means there's sometimes less freshwater to counter the impacts of the salt water pulses. North Carolina has experienced several periods of extended drought in recent years.

A 2021 research paper published by scientists from Duke University used historical pictures from Google Earth to determine that nearly one-third of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, famous for being the only wild home of the highly endangered red wolf, had transformed from forest habitat to shrub land or marsh over the past 35 years. Another roughly 11% of the protected area in northeastern North Carolina had become a ghost forest.

Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science measuring coastal forest retreat rates using historical maps and core samples have seen it jump from less than 0.5 meters (1.6 feet) per year in parts of North Carolina prior to 1875 to more than 4 meters (13 feet) in places today. They also noted that land submergence in a coastal area that runs from North Carolina to Massachusetts is contributing to the growth of ghost forests, with sea-level rates rising three times faster than global rates.

Are ghost forests as environmentally valuable as other coastal forests?

Ghost forests don't provide the range of habitat for freshwater and saltwater flora and fauna that a healthy coastal forest and brackish environment does. Researchers are still trying to determine the long-term impacts from these changes to coastal systems on migrating birds, insects, invertebrates, and other critters and plants that call them home.

Ghost forests also can't provide the protection that a healthy forest does by helping absorb the wind and water energy from hurricanes and other strong weather events. That's because as the trees die and other organic material in the wetlands succumbs to the increased salinity in the water, the marshes start falling apart and washing away.

The wetlands also are great carbon sinks, but that capability is lost as they are washed away. A 2021 study by N.C. State researchers found that ghost trees, colloquially called snags, increased greenhouse gas emissions of the overall decomposing wetland ecosystem by about 25%.

MORE North Carolina's wetlands emit lots of climate-warming methane gas. Is that bad?

The result of the transitioning wetlands are wide savannahs of open saltwater marsh − and eventually open water − dotted with dead and dying trees. And while sometimes freshwater habitats can retreat inland and attempt to rebuild, topography and the sheer speed at which sea-level rise is impacting saltwater intrusion makes this a tough proposition.

In the Wilmington area, a sign of this transformation is clearly visible − especially from the Interstate 140 bridge − along the Northeast Cape Fear River north of Wilmington, where the river delta is spreading out as salt water overcomes the former freshwater marsh areas.

What about human actions beyond climate change?

As humans have engineered the coast to meet our needs, the changes are allowing the higher levels of salt water to reach farther inland.

In many parts of coastal North Carolina, large systems of ditches were built to drain and irrigate fields. But that same water infrastructure is now allowing salt water to push well inland from the coast, adding to stress on freshwater habitats miles away from the shoreline and degrading crop productivity.

In Southeastern North Carolina, the deepening of the Cape Fear River shipping channel over the decades has changed much of the habitat along the river and its tributaries as officials work to keep the Port of Wilmington competitive in a globally connected world where size − especially when it comes to ships − does matter.

PUSHING DEEPER As other Southeast ports get deeper, what's the status of Wilmington's expansion project?

When Europeans first eyed the Cape Fear River, it was a shallow estuary that could be crossed on foot. Today, blue crabs and flounder can be caught as far inland as Lock and Dam No. 1 in Bladen County − more than 40 miles inland.

Several environmental groups, including the N.C. Coastal Federation and Cape Fear River Watch , have raised concerns that the latest proposal to deepen the shipping channel, this time from 42 feet to 47 feet, will hasten the transformation of freshwater wetlands in the river estuary, costing habitat and floodwater protection in areas that are already seeing an increased risk of flooding due to sea-level rise and climate change.

So what happens now?

To slow down the transition of the coastal forest ecosystem, officials are trying a variety of steps to mitigate the rising salt waters.

They include installing living shorelines and oyster reefs along shorelines to absorb tidal energy and limit erosion to re-engineering ditches and dikes to prevent salt water from pushing inland. Where possible, some efforts also are being made to plant freshwater marsh vegetation inland to allow it to get established and provide important habitat before the salt water arrives.

But building resiliency into a system that's low-lying and facing a threat that increases every year as sea-level rise gains momentum isn't easy. The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said global sea levels could rise more than 3 feet by the end of the century if additional steps aren't taken to curb the warming of the planet. Estimates by NOAA's National Climate Assessment are even more sobering, stating that the seas could rise by double that amount if the rapid loss of Antarctic ice occurs.

Reporter Gareth McGrath can be reached at [email protected] or @GarethMcGrathSN on Twitter. This story was produced with financial support from 1Earth Fund and the Prentice Foundation. The USA TODAY Network maintains full  editorial control of the work.  

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Explore the splendor of Wilmington's three historic house museums. Experience the architectural wonders of the historic  Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design , the Colonial-era  Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens  and the Victorian-era  Latimer House Museum . All three of these homes offer tours that provide a glimpse into the history of prominent families who once called Wilmington home.

Trip with Triplett

If history is your passion, let  Tour Old Wilmington  take you to the many landmarks which make our historic downtown notable.

Bibliophiles and history buffs alike will want to check out  Old Books on Front Street , which offers weekly Literary History Walking Tours. Venture down the streets of famous novels and into the lives of authors who passed through and lived in Wilmington.

Learn all about carnivorous plants at Carolina Beach State Park with ranger-led hikes year-round on Saturdays.

Horse Drawn Carriage

Experience downtown Wilmington and our 230-block National Register Historic District at the pace of days gone by on a  horse-drawn tour . Let Springbrook Farms' rescued Percheron draft horses and a costumed carriage driver guide you on a narrated journey through our beautiful coastal city.

Ghost Walk tour guide

Wilmington has been called one of the most actively haunted cities in the world. Book one of our local haunted tours and get in touch with our paranormal side. Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington will take you on an eerie adventure through the past with stories and encounters of haunted homes and burial grounds. The Haunted Cotton Exchange Tour leads guests through the former cotton market—now a collection of boutique shops and restaurants—one of the most haunted locations in Wilmington. For the beer (and ghost) lovers, the Haunted Pub Crawl raises a glass to the most ghostly downtown pubs.

Bridge of Battleship North Carolina


Head "behind the hatch" at the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA and search through the hidden nooks and crannies from the inner bottom of the ship's hull all the way to the top of the fire control tower. This guided tour is available October through May, and reservations are required one month in advance.  Cameron Art Museum offers weekly exhibition tours where visitors get an insider's look at current exhibitions tailored to meet their interests.

In Kure Beach, bring the family to North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher for a special behind the scenes tour. Explore the animal holding area and husbandry, get backstage access to exhibits and more. 

Make your way to one of America's most beautiful and historic theatres,  Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts , for a one-hour guided tour of the theater that has been in operation since 1858. Tours may include the main lobby, historic 1858 lobby, historic 1858 Thalian Hall main stage, historic gallery level, Studio Theatre and backstage areas.

Get the inside scoop on Wilmington’s vibrant arts and culture scene with the Arts Council of Wilmington . Find info on the various arts venues, local artists and pedestrian art installations throughout the city. See temporary installations of sculptures throughout the city on a self-guided tour as part of the Arts Council's  Ped Art program .

Take a walk with the  Wrightsville Beach Museum of History  on their self-guided "Loop Through History" for a glimpse into the history of this beautiful island beach community.

Tasting History Tour

Food & Brew Tours

Beer lovers can create their own self-guided tour with the help of the Wilmington Ale Trail , a map to breweries and bottle shops in Wilmington.

Craft cocktail lovers will enjoy a visit to the award-winning End of Days Distillery , where a behind-the-scenes tour shows visitors the process of sourcing, fermentation, distillation and finishing. Tour group size is limited and reservations are encouraged.

Sample numerous local favorites, famous hotspots and coastal flavors on a gourmet food tour with  Taste Carolina . Their Downtown Tasting Tour offers the opportunity to enjoy local food and drink, meet the chefs, and learn about historic downtown.

Capture the flavor of Carolina Beach on the Tasting History Tour . Walk through the streets of Carolina Beach on this guided tour and into several of its most popular restaurants to taste some of what the locals have to offer. 

Couple walking past historic homes in downtown Wilmington

Embark on a self-guided tour with the Wilmington History smartphone app. Guided by your device's GPS coordinates, choose from the African American History Tour, Pub Crawl, Civil War or Old Wilmington tours and explore at your own pace.

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History tours, water tours & scenic cruises, famous film & tv sites, discover your next coastal vacation destination.

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wilmington nc ghost

Updates from ASLA

Asla 2023 professional general design honor award. the meadow at the old chicago post office. chicago, illinois. hoerr schaudt >, asla 2024 student awards registration now open.

1/19/2024 Leave a Comment

wilmington nc ghost

ASLA 2023 Student Collaboration Award of Excellence. On the Edge: A Climate Adaptive Park for the Battleship NC Memorial. Wilmington, North Carolina. Marguerite Kroening, Student ASLA; Stella Wang, Student ASLA; Faculty Advisors: Andrew Fox, FASLA; David Hill. North Carolina State University / Marguerite Kroening

ASLA is now accepting submissions for its 2024 Student Awards Program .

ASLA bestows Student Awards in the following categories:

  • General Design
  • Residential Design
  • Urban Design
  • Analysis & Planning
  • Communications
  • Community Service
  • Student Collaboration

In each of these categories, juries select a number of Honor Awards and may select one Award of Excellence.

Registration must be received no later than 11:59 PM PST on May 3, 2024. Submissions are due no later than 11:59 PM PST on May 24, 2024.

Information and FAQs

ASLA 2024 Call for Entries

Do I need to be a member of ASLA?

Yes, individuals must be a member in order to submit for an ASLA Student Award.

What is the entry fee?

The fee is $80 for each submission.

Award recipients receive featured coverage in Landscape Architecture Magazine and will be honored at a special Awards Presentation ceremony at the ASLA 2024 Conference on Landscape Architecture, held October 6-9 in Washington, DC.

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wilmington nc ghost

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wilmington nc ghost


  1. The Black Cat Shoppe.....offering The Official Wilmington, NC Ghost Tours and has the COOLEST

    wilmington nc ghost

  2. Journalism Final Cut: Ghost Walk of Wilmington, NC

    wilmington nc ghost

  3. Ghost Walk tour in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    wilmington nc ghost

  4. Pin on Gravestones

    wilmington nc ghost


    wilmington nc ghost

  6. Ghost Walks of Wilmington (NC)

    wilmington nc ghost


  1. Abandoned house exploration #paranormal

  2. Saim with ghost


  1. Wilmington's Five Most Famous Ghosts

    Wilmington's Five Most Famous Ghosts "The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" — Edgar Allan Poe Tintype Photographs by Harry Taylor ilmington is a city of ghosts.

  2. Ghosts of Old Wilmington, One of the Most Haunted Cities in the South

    Several of Wilmington's older ghostly tales date back to Wilmington's original founding. One of these residual spirits is that of the brute proprietor known as Meg.

  3. Scary Wilmington History and Hauntings

    Wilmington holds a city's worth of ghostly tales. They drift along the cobblestone streets in the heart of downtown, often mistaken for a sudden, gentle breeze. Sometimes, they manifest as a glimpse of a face behind the lace curtains of an aging historic house.

  4. Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

    Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington 299 reviews #3 of 52 Nightlife in Wilmington Bar, Club & Pub ToursGhost & Vampire Tours Open now 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM, 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM Write a review See all photos About Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-minute adventure to the city's most actively haunted homes & burial grounds.

  5. Journey into the Haunted Depths of Old Wilmington

    Ask for all the chilling details of Samuel's death on the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington, as seen on MTV and Discovery Channel. Guided by professional storytellers and ghosthunters, this year-round tour takes you on a 90-minute journey through the city's eeriest homes and burial grounds. Historically Haunted Buildings

  6. Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

    Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-minute adventure to the city's most actively haunted homes and burial grounds on Wilmington's original, locally owned ghost walk. Hear eerie tales and true ghostly occurrences from professional storytellers and ghost hunters, including actual encounters during recent tours.

  7. Haunted Wilmington

    Wilmington's haunted history: A ghost walk through historic downtown By Natalie Mooney Wilmington PUBLISHED 5:04 PM ET Oct. 31, 2021 WILMINGTON, N.C. — On Halloween, you may see many spooky creatures out and about, like witches, werewolves, ghosts and everything in between — but those are just costumes.

  8. Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington Deals & Promos

    print Wilmington's Award-Winning Ghost Walk and Pub Crawl Journey into the depths of Old Wilmington on an adventure to the Cape Fear's most actively haunted locations. Hear eerie tales of ghostly occurrences, including recent guest encounters.

  9. Haunted Cape Fear: Fourth Street home to 2 ghosts of decades past

    WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - Two ghosts of decades past collide with the living where Fourth Street meets Market. The area has a storied past. Residents say it was here bodies of yellow fever victims were held until they could be carted out of town in the 1700s. ... Ghost enthusiasts say that sometimes around midnight, you can still hear Samuel ...

  10. Wilmington NC

    Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington, Wilmington, North Carolina. 7,493 likes · 23 talking about this · 4,374 were here. The Ghost Walk began researching Wilmington, NC ghosts in 1978 and tours began in...

  11. Best places to get a scare in Wilmington this Halloween

    10200 US Highway 17, Wilmington, NC. Sat, Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sun, Oct. 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. LEARN MORE: Goosebumps in the Grove. Reporter John Orona can be reached at 910-343 ...

  12. Haunted Places in Wilmington, North Carolina

    Bellamy Mansion Wilmington, North Carolina Bellamy Mansion is believed to be haunted by members of the Bellamy family and their servants. Investigators have recorded several EVPs and witnessed slamming doors. Read more » 0 USS North Carolina Wilmington, North Carolina


    Specialties: Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-100 minute adventure to the city's most actively haunted homes & burial grounds. Hear eerie tales of ghostly occurrences including encounters during recent tours. Each tour is led by a professional story teller. Tours run rain or shine and are year round, though the schedule changes during winter hours. Stories have been actually ...

  14. Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington and Haunted Pub Crawl

    Map Journey into the depths of old Wilmington on a 90-minute adventure to the city's most actively haunted homes and burial grounds with the Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington. Hear eerie tales and true ghostly occurrences from professional storytellers and ghost hunters, including actual encounters during recent tours.

  15. Bellamy Mansion Ghost Hunt, Wilmington, NC

    Bellamy Mansion Ghost Hunt, Wilmington, NC US $ 129.00 Join Haunted Rooms America as we take on this historic 1859 home in the dead of night! Do you have what it takes to do a lone vigil on the fourth floor where disembodied footsteps have been heard, and a Victorian woman has been seen? Event time: 8PM - 2AM Limited Tickets! 18 and over only!

  16. Wilmington Ghosts: Phantoms of Pirates and Patriots Tour

    24 reviews See all photos About Come on Wilmington's top rated ghost tour! Nostalgic architecture and inviting southern charm veil centuries of bloodshed and a demented history filled with the barbarities of war, deadly insurrections, and oddities stranger than fiction.

  17. FAQs

    Wilmington, NC 28403 910.509.2166. Patriot Roofing & Exteriors. 921 Princess Street, Suite 155 Wilmington, NC 28401 910.218.0600. First Bank. 201 Market Street Wilmington, NC 28401 910.343.0181. St. Stephen AME Church. 501 Red Cross Street Wilmington, NC 28401 910.762.9829. Gregg Thomas & Tom Faust.

  18. Haunted Cotton Exchange Tours

    The ghosts of the Cotton Exchange can't wait to meet you! The sprits are restless so bring your cameras! Tours are available 7 days a week, year-round, with multiple tour guides leading the way. Tours go from 10am-10om. Call for specific tour times. 910-409-4300.

  19. Wilmington Ghost Stories

    Samuel Jocelyn, one of Wilmington's most famous ghosts, was buried alive. Predating Mrs. Baldwin by a century and located just across the street from the same home, lies St. James Cemetery. The original church is no longer standing, but the graveyard remains and is known for a very specific specter.

  20. Escape to Wilmington, NC for a Hallo-Scream Getaway

    Escape to Wilmington, NC for a Hallo-Scream Getaway Prepare for a hauntingly good time! As one of the most actively haunted cities in the South, Wilmington has no shortage of spine-chilling stories intertwined with our rich history dating back to 1739. With renowned haunted sites around every corner and as the filming location for horror ...

  21. Wilmington, NC

    Meet and greet Ghost hunt Venue Battleship North Carolina. Availability Even runs Saturday November 5, 6:00 pm to 3:00 am. There are currently no dates listed for this experience. Please make an enquiry by pressing the Send email button above. Ghost Hunt the Battleship NC with Steve Gonsavles from Ghost Hunters.

  22. Are NC's 'ghost forests' a canary in the coal mine for upcoming coastal

    The state's ghost forests, including around Wilmington, are expanding as climate change fuels sea-level rise and persistent droughts and hurricanes allow salt water to push farther inland. They ...

  23. Guided Tours in Wilmington, NC

    Make your way to one of America's most beautiful and historic theatres, Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts, for a one-hour guided tour of the theater that has been in operation since 1858. Tours may include the main lobby, historic 1858 lobby, historic 1858 Thalian Hall main stage, historic gallery level, Studio Theatre and backstage areas.

  24. LAND

    North Carolina State University / Marguerite Kroening. ASLA is now accepting submissions for its 2024 Student Awards Program. In each of these categories, juries select a number of Honor Awards and may select one Award of Excellence. Registration must be received no later than 11:59 PM PST on May 3, 2024.