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The Phantom of the Opera

  • 40   Metascore
  • 2 hr 23 mins
  • Drama, Horror, Music

Glorious visuals, impressive performances and one showstopping number after another grace this adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's spectacle. Gerard Butler plays the disfigured composer; Emmy Rossum is the young opera singer he loves. Joel Schumacher directed and co-wrote the script with Lloyd Webber.

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The Phantom Of The Opera

2:27 The Phantom Of The Opera

  • 2005 - Golden Globe - Best Original Song - Motion Picture - nominated
  • 2005 - Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - nominated
  • 2005 - Golden Globe - Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - nominated
  • 2005 - Critics' Choice Awards - Best Picture - nominated

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phantom of sky

Gerard Butler

The phantom.

phantom of sky

Emmy Rossum

phantom of sky

Patrick Wilson

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phantom of sky

The Phantom Of The Opera Scene: The Phantom Of The Opera

phantom of sky

The Phantom Of The Opera Scene: These Things Do Happen

phantom of sky

The Phantom Of The Opera Scene: Enter The Phantom

phantom of sky

The Phantom Of The Opera

phantom of sky

The Phantom Of The Opera Scene: Christine Daae Could Sing It

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phantom of sky

Which Brings Me to You

phantom of sky

The Boys in the Boat

phantom of sky

A Scottish Love Scheme

phantom of sky

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The Phantom of the Opera

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Lee Falk and Ray Moore

  • Saturday, January 20, 2024

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phantom of sky

The Phantom of the Open

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Mark Rylance stars as Maurice Flitcroft, who unexpectedly gained entry to The British Open Golf Championship Qualifying in 1976. Comedy biopic.

We’re sorry, the information you’re looking for isn’t available right now.

Opera on Video

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  • .all other composers
  • The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (25th Anniversary) London 2011

FULL The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (25th Anniversary) London 2011

phantom of sky

Information on the Performance

  • Work Title: The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (25th Anniversary)   
  • Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber   
  • Libretto: Andrew Lloyd Webber     Libretto Text, Libretto Index
  • Venue & Opera Company: Royal Albert Hall , London  
  • Recorded: October 2011
  • Type: Staged Opera Live
  • Singers: Ramin Karimloo , Sierra Boggess , Hadley Fraser , Wendy Ferguson , Barry James , Gareth Snook , Liz Robertson , Wynne Evans , Daisy Maywood , Nick Holder Michael Crawford
  • Conductor:   
  • Stage Director:   
  • Costume Designer:   

Information about the Recording

  • Published by: Universal   
  • Date Published: 2011   
  • Format: DVD & BD
  • Quality Video: 5 Audio: 5
  • Subtitles: nosubs   
  • Video Recording from: AMAZON      #ad Get this Recording


Comment ( 7 ).

I think this is my favourite version of ALW’s musical… I just wish it had better video quality.

I like this performance and I highly recommend people watch it

absolutely loved it!! My partner recommended this, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Watching this after Phantom officially closed:( forever my favorite show, we’ll miss you <3

My go-to for my Phantom fix….addictive. Ramin, Sierra & Hadley are the very best in singing but also acting. They make the show.

Absolutely fantastic production, Ramin and Sierra were beyond brilliant!

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Phantom of the Opera - Broadway's longest-running show - to close next year

The musical, which has been an iconic fixture on Broadway since 1988, will play its final performance on 18 February 2023, a spokesperson said.

phantom of sky

News reporter @luciabinding

Saturday 17 September 2022 10:21, UK


The Phantom of the Opera - Broadway's longest-running show in history - is scheduled to close its doors after 35 years.

The musical, which has been an iconic fixture since 1988, will play its final performance on 18 February 2023, a spokesperson said.

It is the biggest victim yet of the post-pandemic cooling of theatre attendance in New York - coming less than a month after its 35th anniversary.

Despite enduring recessions, war and cultural shifts, the musical is costly to sustain with its elaborate sets and costumes as well as a large cast and orchestra.

The show's box office grosses have fluctuated since it reopened after the pandemic - going as high as over $1m (£876,000) a week but also dipping to around $850,000 (£744,600).

After it hit $867,997 (£760,365) last week, producers may have seen the writing on the wall for its future.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical relays the tale of a deformed composer who haunts the Paris Opera House and falls madly in love with an innocent young soprano, Christine.

More on New York

New York City subway rescue. Pic: NYPD

NYPD officer jumps on to subway tracks to rescue man

phantom of sky

Pornhub's owner, Aylo Holdings, fined for 'knowingly profiting' from 'sex trafficked' videos

The scene in New York

New York stabbing: Knifeman kills four members of his extended family, including two children, police say

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It is based on the novel by Gaston Leroux and features some of the most well-known musical songs including Masquerade, Angel Of Music, All I Ask Of You and The Music Of The Night.

Producer Cameron Mackintosh said in a statement: "As a producer you dream that a show will run forever. Indeed, my production of Andrew's Cats proudly declared for decades Now and Forever.

"Yet Phantom has surpassed that show's extraordinary Broadway run. But all shows do finally close."

First opening in London in 1986, the show has since been seen by more than 145 million people in 183 cities and performed in 17 languages over 70,000 performances.

It has played more than 13,500 performances to 19 million people at The Majestic Theatre on Broadway alone.

Theatre-goers stand outside the entrance of the Majestic Theatre in 1988

The closing of Phantom now means the longest-running show crown will go to Chicago, which first opened its doors in 1996, followed by The Lion King, having started performances in 1997.

Broadway suffered throughout the pandemic due to repeated lockdowns and all theatres closing for more than 18 months.

Some of the most popular shows including Hamilton, The Lion King and Wicked have successfully rebounded, while others have seemingly not.

A steady stream of tourists to the city has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, which could be the reason Phantom has struggled to break even.

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"Phantom of the Opera is one of the reasons I’m a singer. It was like lightning from the sky." Tarja Turunen: My Life In 10 Songs

  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later. More content below

For metal’s most distinctive soprano, Tarja Turunen , the past two decades have been nothing short of transformative. After the excruciatingly public split from Nightwish , which left Tarja blindsided and with some deep emotional scars, the singer has spent years picking herself up, dusting herself off and throwing herself back into a scene that at times seemed determined to reject her.

With self-deprecating humour and warmth, the effervescent singer picks songs from her discography that seem to represent her ability to overcome hard times, from taking her first tentative steps as a solo artist to using Christmas music to deal with bereavement and reclaiming the label ‘diva’.

Nightwish - Walking In The Air (Oceanborn, 1998)

"I’m a Christmas woman. You probably see me doing a lot of Christmas stuff in my career every year. This song has nothing to do with metal whatsoever, but Nightwish recorded it for our second album, and it’s been in my setlist for Christmas concerts for a long time. I’ve done it with symphonic orchestras, different lineups, oh my God, so many ways of doing the same song [laughs]!

But it’s a beautiful song, I love The Snowman cartoon. And now my daughter, she’s 11, she’s seen it now too. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity, on a TV program in Finland, to perform the song with Aled Jones, the original boy soprano. For me, it was like a feeling of closure. I needed to tell him the story and he was happy to hear it. So it was a very emotional performance for me. It was very special."

Nightwish - Phantom Of The Opera (Century Child, 2000)

"Phantom of the Opera is one of the reasons I’m a singer today. It was like lightning from the sky. It made me look for a vocal coach and start using my voice in a healthier way. I started taking lessons when I was fifteen which is very early when it comes to lyrical singing – it deals with the whole body, so you need to be very careful.

I was a nervous wreck when I went into the studio to record it with Nightwish, because even though I was studying lyrical singing in university, my voice was not in the place it is now. But it was a great challenge and I love challenges. This song is still a challenge for me, every time. Every night I have this song in my set, I feel a little more focused on how to deliver it well."

Tarja - Oasis (My Winter Storm, 2007)

"The first song I ever composed myself was Oasis . I really wanted to have a song that I’d written on my own for my first album. I felt like I needed that, somehow. We were running out of time so the label tried to find me songwriters because they didn’t trust I was capable of doing the job on my own yet – which I wasn’t, I agree – but this song was always there.

In all the turmoil that was going on in my life at that moment, it felt like everybody wanted a piece of me, everybody was fighting over who got to release my first solo album. It was crazy. I knew I wanted to continue doing music, but with who? This song was about finding that inner peace within, my own little oasis. I was ready to start my journey alone."

Tarja - I Walk Alone (My Winter Storm, 2007)

"Universal sent me more than 500 demos of songs, and I remember I was driving all over Finland at that time. I love driving, it’s the moment when I can listen to music, I can chill and disconnect. So I was driving and listening to all of these demos, and you can’t imagine what kind of songs were on there. Completely classical, pop, electronic, metal… the whole range of songs that composers had sent to me. And then comes I Walk Alone , and I had to play it on repeat. I was like, this is the song for me.

I had to make it my own, to find my own meaning in it, so I changed the lyrics a little bit. It was about the connection with my fans, the ones that were always there, supporting me – they were the winter storm behind me, kicking my butt, making me continue to do what I love the most. In a way, it’s the opposite meaning – I never walk alone. I felt very strongly about this song and the label agreed with me, and it was the first single from My Winter Storm ."

Tarja - Until My Last Breath (What Lies Beneath, 2010)

"This is an important song, it’s in almost all of my live setlists. At the time, I was writing about the passing of Michael Jackson. We humans tend to forget things very easily, we don’t have a long memory. We think of somebody as amazing and then after that person is gone, we dig up all the dirt and want to only see the bad things.

That’s how it was with Michael Jackson’s passing. An incredible artist, the King of Pop, with insanely beautiful songs that are still fresh today – everything got trashed and his talent wasn’t the focus anymore. I became very sad about that and said 'okay, I need to believe in myself and what I do, no matter what the public pressure is;. This song made me understand that."

Tarja - Ave Maria (Ave Maria - En Plein Air, 2015)

"I’d wanted to release a proper classical album for a long time, since I hadn’t had the opportunity to do it earlier. It was also a matter of not having the courage; I wasn’t ready for a classical album, but then I got encouraged by some important Finnish classical musicians. They said, 'do it for your own sake'.

This song was born in about two minutes, just from me fooling around on the grand piano in my living room in Buenos Aires. I said to myself one day, 'Why not? I can write an Ave Maria '. I was just thinking of the Latin text of Ave Maria , and there it was. I’m not even a religious person, I’m more of a spiritual person, but having had such a long background in classical music, it felt like the right thing to do. I’m really happy with that album. I hope I can find the time to do a follow-up one day."

Tarja - Diva (The Shadow Self, 2016)

"I spent so many years feeling so disappointed, like I had lost all of my trust in humanity, after my departure from Nightwish, because it was so nasty. In that letter from the band, they described me as a 'diva' in a very negative light. For me, having had a classical background, the word meant just the opposite, but I was really hurt by that. So, I needed to write a song where I use it in a very ironic way.

Diva was actually written for [2013's] Colours In The Dark , but I wasn’t ready to face it yet. By the time The Shadow Self came out, my self-confidence had grown. I had a career, I felt the whole scene accepted me. So I said 'yeah, let’s do it. I’m happy to be the diva'."

Tarja - Together (From Spirits & Ghosts [Score For A Dark Christmas], 2017)

"I kind of don’t enjoy Christmas music as it is – put out as some commercial thing in the supermarket, very happy, very American. A lot of people don’t enjoy Christmas because it’s a time of year when they are reminded of the ones that are no longer with us. After my mother passed in 2003, I said to myself, 'there’s no Christmas anymore for me'.

So From Spirits & Ghosts , my second Christmas album, is a darker album where I try to reach out to the people that are lonely during Christmas. I did the album for them, those lonely souls, and I wrote them the song Together . Some of us enjoy our solitude, but we all need each other in one way or another. Dark Christmas (released last year) is the follow-up, and it’s even darker."

Tarja - Shadow Play (In The Raw, 2019)

"I wrote Shadow Play during the therapy sessions after my stroke. When I finished writing these lyrics, it kind of emptied me completely, but at the same time I was very proud of myself because I had made it; I had finished something that was so hard, mentally. After my stroke, which was such a surprise, I thought, 'why me?' I was full of questions.

So I wrote Shadow Play and said to myself, 'this is it: this is who I am today, and it’s okay. I’m alive, and I’m okay.' It was like a bad dream, but thankfully it didn’t leave me with any long-term effects. I can’t write music without going deep. I think that’s what makes my audience connect with me or feel for me; it’s pure open-heartedness. It’s my weakness, in a way, but it’s also my strength, at the same time."

Outlanders - Closer To The Sky (Outlanders, 2023)

"This is one of the first songs I wrote alone at home since Covid, thinking about this weird situation we were in, not knowing what would be there in the future, how long it would take to get over this - this unknown, unfamiliar situation.

I wrote C loser To The Sky for guitarist Trevor Rabin. I’ve been a fan of Trevor for a long time, since his years in Yes, and when I got to talk to him on the phone, he really understood the concept of Outlanders and we had a really sweet chat. And since he recorded the song, I realised that Outlanders has a life, and I know I can do it. It was a beautiful debut album and I already have ideas for a follow-up."

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Terraform Labs files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 

Singapore-based Terraform Labs (TFL), the company behind digital assets TerraUSD (UST) and Luna, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware following the collapse of its cryptocurrencies in 2022. Terraform Labs, which confirmed its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing, said the filing is “a strategic step that will enable it to continue its operations and support litigation pending in Singapore and U.S. litigation involving the Securities and Exchange Commission.” The outfit also said it would “meet all financial obligations to employees and vendors during the Chapter 11 case” without requiring additional financing.

Kenyan agtech Shamba Pride raises $3.7M to grow its merchant network

Shamba Pride has since 2016 worked to enhance last-mile distribution for farm inputs and tackle price exploitation and quality issues for farmers through its merchant network dubbed digishops. The agtech has, so far, built a network of 2,700 merchants (agro-dealers) extending across 24 counties in Kenya, which represents just over half of the country. Its Kenya growth, which also includes the expansion of its franchise network, will be fueled by a $3.7 million debt-equity pre-series A funding the company has secured from the EU agriculture financing initiative EDFI AgriFI and Seedstars Africa Ventures (SAV).

Vegas cashed in on Formula 1, but not everyone won

Despite the many perceived failures of the 2023 Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, it's full steam ahead for 2024.

NASA says it’s reestablished contact with the Ingenuity Mars helicopter

NASA said in an update shared on X that it has regained contact with the Ingenuity helicopter. The Perseverance rover, which relays communications between Earth and Ingenuity, picked up on its signal Saturday night after extensive searching.

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The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and more to be broadcast on Sky Arts and BBC over festive season

A variety of stage shows are available this festive season

this onee1

Christmas is over, the wait to New Year’s Eve has begun, and it’s time to fill your days with leftovers, mince pies, possibly some strong drinks and a hefty wad of top notch TV.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to round up all the best to watch over the next week or so, taking you into the new year! This is across both Sky Arts, BBC and more – so get those TV planners out and start writing this stuff down!

27 December

6am – Annie Live! – Sky Arts 10.45am – 42nd Street – Sky Arts 1pm – Joseph and the Amaxing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Sky Arts 8pm – The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall – Sky Arts

28 December

10.30pm –  Dawn French Is A Huge Tw*t  – recorded at The London Palladium – BBC One

29 December

1.10pm – The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall – Sky Arts

30 December

8am – 42nd Street – Sky Arts 10.15am – Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games – Sky Arts

31 December

6.10am – La Bayadere – Sky Arts 8.30am – The Wind in the Willows – Sky Arts

9.25pm – Rambert’s Peaky Blinders – The Redemption of Thomas Shelby – BBC Four

6.20am – Joseph and the Amaxing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Sky Arts

6am – HMS Pinafore with the ENO,  starring Les Dennis – Sky Arts

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  1. Phantom Of The Sky Digital Art by D Young

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    phantom of sky

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    phantom of sky

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    phantom of sky


  1. 'Beneath A Moonless Sky'

    Ben Lewis & Anna O'Byrne dazzle beneath the moonless sky as The Phantom and Christine are once again brought face-to-face after 10 long years in Andrew Lloyd...

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    Phantom Of Sky by M2UDJMAX RESPECT V - PORTABLE 2Title: Phantom Of SkyComposed by M2UVocal by M2UVisualized by ChoiDJMAX RESPECT V is available now!https://s...

  3. The Phantom of the Opera

    Patrick Wilson Raoul See Full Cast & Crew Find out how to watch The Phantom of the Opera. Stream The Phantom of the Opera, watch trailers, see the cast, and more at TV Guide

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    Andrew Lloyd Webber | The Phantom Of The Opera [COVER] - Sky: Children of the Light Bella Skykid 92 subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 46 1.1K views 6 months ago Original composed by Andrew Lloyd...

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    © 2023 Google LLC

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    As a track in the DJMAX series, it is an oriental fantasy pop song composed by M2U.In particular , it is noteworthy that M2U directly took on the vocals for this song . BGA tells the story of a man who meets a wanted elf girl and develops a friendship with her.

  7. The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

    The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall is a 2011 British concert film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber 's 1986 musical The Phantom of the Opera, which in turn was based on the 1910 French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux .

  8. The Phantom Of The Opera At The Royal Albert Hall

    2011 166 min. Record 14 Jan 9:30am Get Sky TV Cast Liz Robertson Wendy Ferguson Wynne Evans Sierra Boggess Ramin Karimloo Gareth Snook Nick Holder Hadley Fraser Barry James Daisy Maywood Director Nick Morris An iconic show meets an iconic venue in this special 25th anniversary staging of the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

  9. The Phantom of the Opera • Official Website

    Budapest (new production) Sign up to the newsletter The global website for Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, widely considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular productions in history.

  10. Comics Kingdom

    Converts to Continuous Service Subscription. Cancel Anytime. Created by Lee Falk, The Phantom is a classic comic strip featuring the first masked superhero. A silent avenger who devotes his life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice, the Phantom has a loyal legion of fans around the globe.

  11. Musical Phantom Of The Opera celebrates its 30th anniversary

    The Phantom Of The Opera, one of the world's most successful musicals, has celebrated its 30th anniversary. Creator Andrew Lloyd Webber and producer Cameron Mackintosh delighted audiences on ...

  12. Sky: Children Of Light

    Since no one plays the theme song of phantom of the opera in sky, I thought it was my chance to contribute some music to the sky community ~~BIG THANK YOU to...

  13. The Phantom of the Open

    The Phantom of the Open | The Phantom of the Open More like this SkyFeelGoodHD Mark Rylance stars as Maurice Flitcroft, who unexpectedly gained entry to The British Open Golf Championship Qualifying in 1976. Comedy biopic. 2022 101.96666666666667 min. Record 22 Jan 2:20pm Watch Download Get Sky TV Cast Mark Rylance Johann Myers

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  15. FULL The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (25th

    My go-to for my Phantom fix….addictive. Ramin, Sierra & Hadley are the very best in singing but also acting. They make the show. Reply. Phyllis McFadden-Smyth says: August 12, 2023 at 10:53 pm. Absolutely fantastic production, Ramin and Sierra were beyond brilliant! Reply.

  16. New casting revealed for The Phantom of the Opera in London

    New casting has been announced for the London production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.. Producers have revealed West End leading actor Jon Robyns will play 'The Phantom' from 3 April 2023, Holly-Anne Hull as 'Christine Daae' from Monday 23 January, having been the production's alternate Christine Daaé since 2021, and Paige Blankson who joins the production as ...

  17. Phantom of Sky

    가사 DJMAX RESPECT 리마스터 BGA. 1. 개요 [편집] DJMAX 시리즈 의 수록곡으로, M2U 가 작곡한 동양풍의 판타지 팝 곡이다. 이 곡은 특히 M2U 가 직접 보컬을 맡았다는 점이 주목할 부분이다. BGA는 수배 중인 엘프 소녀를 만난 남자가 그 소녀와 정을 쌓는다는 내용을 담고 있다. 느린 BPM 때문에 게임 내에서의 난이도도 초~중반 정도이지만, PC 플랫폼인 온라인과 트릴로지에서는 드럼 비트를 키음으로 모두 넣어 찰진 패턴을 자랑했다. 2. DJMAX 온라인 [편집] 5K HD 7K MX 3. DJMAX Portable 2 [편집] 5B NM 4. DJMAX Trilogy [편집] 5K HD

  18. LES MISERABLES, PHANTOM, and More to Broadcast on Sky Arts This Month

    The lineup includes Les Misérables - The Staged Concert (Christmas Eve, 7.30pm), The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (27 December at 4.15pm) and the 25th-anniversary production of ...

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    Think of Me (With Sky SHEET MUSIC) Phantom of the Opera Sky Kid GiGi 310 subscribers Subscribe Share 1.2K views 3 years ago Thank you so much to my sister, Riell, for being my Raul. BRAVO! ️...

  20. Lemon Freddy Phantom of the Sky Lyrics and Tracklist

    Lemon Freddy Phantom of the Sky is the second studio album by The Arcana. This album takes a much more complicated and sophisticated journey in to sound and melody. It combines rock with Baroque ...

  21. The Phantom of the Opera Nebula, Sh2-173

    The essential guide to astronomy

  22. Phantom of the Opera

    The Phantom of the Opera - Broadway's longest-running show in history - is scheduled to close its doors after 35 years. The musical, which has been an iconic fixture since 1988, will play its final performance on 18 February 2023, a spokesperson said.

  23. Nightwish

    Nightwish - Phantom Of The Opera (Century Child, 2000) "Phantom of the Opera is one of the reasons I'm a singer today. It was like lightning from the sky. It made me look for a vocal coach and ...

  24. The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and more to be broadcast on Sky Arts

    The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and more to be broadcast on Sky Arts and BBC over festive season Theatre News The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and more to be broadcast on Sky Arts and BBC over festive season A variety of stage shows are available this festive season Alex Wood Nationwide 22 December 2023