Mario Ghosts

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Boos ( JP Japanese: テレサ Romaji : Teresa ) (originally known as “Boo” Diddlys and later Boo Buddies -but sometimes mistaken for King Boos without the crown even though there is only one King Boo ) are common ghost enemies in the Mario series that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3 . They are a type of white, spherical ghost with menacing and normally open mouths. They are known for their large tongues and small "arms" of some sort. However, the most distinctive characteristic of the Boos is their shy personality, where they cover their faces when someone looks directly at them. They will uncover their faces once the subject turns around. Goombario 's tattle for the Boo Igor in Paper Mario states: " He probably was a merchant before he became a Boo ", implying that current Boos may have once been living beings. It is revealed in Super Mario Galaxy that they speak in a language called "Booish."

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History [ ]

Boo hanafuda

Boo hiding his face.

Super Mario series [ ]

Super mario bros. 3 [ ].

Boos first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3 . Here, they are referred to as "Boo" Diddlys, a pun off the late rock star Bo Diddley . However, future games refer to them only as Boos. They make their first appearance in the Desert Land fortress. The Boo shields its face if Mario or Luigi look at it, but it starts to chase Mario or Luigi, faster than in succeeding games, if they look away. Boos are unable to be defeated unless the two are equipped with a Hammer Suit , Koopa shell , or Starman . The game also has Stretches, which are Boos with very long bodies that live in the Fortresses throughout the Mushroom World . In the original, depending on the level's palette, Boos have either a dark blue or dark red outline.

Super Mario World [ ]

In Super Mario World , Boos are called "Boo Buddies," and they reside in the many Ghost Houses in the game. These Boos retain their usual pattern of attack from Super Mario Bros. 3 and sometimes make faces at Mario or Luigi. However, they are somewhat slower and less accurate than in Super Mario Bros. 3 . This game also introduces many new Boo variations, such as the Boo Block, Boo Buddy Snake, Boo Buddy Swarm, Circling Boo Buddies, Eeries, and Disappearing Boo Buddies. It also introduces a giant version of the Boo, the Big Boo . One Ghost House contains a secret boss, a special Big Boo. The only way to defeat a Boo is with Super Stars or with Grab Blocks when it is visible. Unlike the later games, the Boos in this game seem to have multiple tails. The groups of Boos also have different facial expressions, while individual Boos change theirs for a brief second if left alone for a while.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins [ ]

Boos appear in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins . These Boos are relatively unchanged from the previous Boos from Super Mario Bros. 3 . Boos in this game are found in the Pumpkin Zone. A thrown Green Shell can defeat it. A variant named Terekuribō, which resemble ghostly Goombas , also appears in this game.

Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS [ ]

Boos make a starring appearance in the course Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64 . A large group of Boos can be found in the castle gardens (eight of which are holding Red Coins in the DS version). After collecting twelve Power Stars , Mario is able to enter Big Boo's Haunt by going into the little cage that a certain Boo drops; this Boo will be somewhat bigger than the others. He also battles Big Boo three times here. Additionally, when Mario looks at the Boos, they attempt to hide by becoming partially transparent, but if Mario is not looking at them, they chase him. If they hit him, he loses two wedges of health. In the translucent Boo, the player can see a Coin or a Blue Coin . To defeat them, a punch or kick from behind or the side is needed. They can also be defeated with a ground-pound while he is not looking at them. When defeated, they give a Blue Coin, but the ones in the castle gardens give a normal Coin instead. When defeated in the first mission, Go on a Ghost Hunt , the Boos will say, " Ghosts... ...don't... ...DIE! Heh, heh, heh! Can you get out of here... ...alive? " when defeated. In addition, a Boo will appear in the hallway of Peach's Castle after twelve Stars are collected. Interestingly, their laugh is actually Bowser 's laugh sped up.

In Super Mario 64 DS , eight Stars are needed to spawn a small Boo in the hallway, who holds a Red Coin. After fifteen Stars are collected, the small Boo is replaced by a Big Boo, which then allows Mario to enter Big Boo's Haunt. Sometimes, if the player is not Luigi, one particular Boo will wear a Luigi Cap. In the haunt, Mario can find a Luigi painting, which will take him to the Big Boo Battle level on the balcony. After defeating King Boo within, Mario gains the key to the room in which Luigi is imprisoned and proceeds to free him. In the English version of the game, King Boo is incorrectly referred to as "Big Boo." Yoshi cannot defeat Boos in this game. Ground-pounding and other attacks yield no results, and eating them simply causes Yoshi to spit them back out. Fortunately, Mario, Luigi, and Wario can hit Boos with ground-pounds.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe [ ]

While Boos do not appear in the original Super Mario Bros. , Boos appear in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe as the main enemy in the "You VS. Boo" mode. The goal is to reach the flagpole before the Boo. After defeating Boo within a certain time frame, it flies away, and a Green Boo replaces it. After that Boo is defeated, a Red Boo takes its place, and finally, a Black Boo with a yellow outline appears. Each new Boo gets progressively faster than the one before it, meaning the plain White Boo is the slowest, while the Black Boo is the fastest and hardest to defeat.

Super Mario Sunshine [ ]

Boos return in Super Mario Sunshine , terrorizing the residents of Hotel Delfino. In this game, they move around in slow, swooping motions and do not care if Mario looks at them. They tend to go in Mario's general direction while turning invisible (aside from some distortion), but spraying them with F.L.U.D.D. causes them to slowly become visible again. These Boos can be defeated by being jumped on, making Super Mario Sunshine the only game outside of the Mario RPGs where jumping can defeat them. Boos in this game can also be eaten by Yoshi. They also disguise themselves as Yellow Coins and Blue Coins , which unlike the real ones do not spin. Boos can also disguise themselves as Shadow Mario while the real Shadow Mario runs from Mario, though they appear lighter than Shadow Mario, lack the Magic Paintbrush , and do not have the theme music. When Mario approaches a disguised Boo, it laughs and bumps into him, though if it is sprayed beforehand it will start behaving like the other Boos. Like the other enemies, Boo's design is changed for this game, with drooping eyelids, blue circles surrounding their black pupils, and long, coiled tails. This is due to the fact that they are made from graffiti.

The Boos in this game are led by King Boo. Mario finds him in the basement of the hotel's Casino, and he has to battle him. He can defeat him by throwing a Chili Pepper at him and then throwing another piece of fruit at him. Mario has to do this three times before King Boo is defeated. Pink Boos also appear and can be turned into a platform if sprayed by F.L.U.D.D. Also appearing inside the hotel are a new species, known as Sleepy Boos. These Boos mostly appear to block passages. F.L.U.D.D.'s water does not affect them; they can be removed only by being eaten by Yoshi.

New Super Mario Bros. [ ]

Boos also appear in New Super Mario Bros. . They are found mainly in Ghost Houses scattered throughout the game, as well as World 8-1. They appear like they usually do, shy, and they act the same as in Super Mario Bros. 3 . They can only be defeated with a Shell , a Starman , a Mega Mushroom , or a Blue Shell . The game also introduces the Balloon Boo , which are normal Boos who can suck up air, and become much bigger. Broozer , the boxing ghost, first appears in this game as well. An icon of 2 Boos covers the progress map in Ghost Houses.

Super Mario Galaxy [ ]

Boos make an appearance in Super Mario Galaxy and can be found in the Ghostly Galaxy , the Bigmouth Galaxy , the Deep Dark Galaxy , and the Sand Spiral Galaxy . Boos act the same way that they did in the previous games, such as hiding by turning transparent when Mario looks at them and then following Mario when he looks away. Boos can be defeated only when they are brought under a ray of light (including the Toad Brigade captain's helmet and the light emitted from Shells while in the water) or by Rainbow Mario touching them. The spin attack, however, can throw a Boo around Mario, knocking it off course temporarily or into a light. Boos can also be found underwater in the Bigmouth Galaxy where they attack just by swimming back and forth, similar to Cheep Cheeps . In Deep Dark Galaxy , in the secret mission, there is a large Boo that has a Power Star in it.

Boo Mario also appears in this game. Mario has the same look as the other Boos, but retains his face when in his Boo form. He also wears his trademark Cap on his head. If a Boo spots Mario while he is a Boo, it develops an attraction for him and follows him. If a Boo hits Mario, Mario loses the power-up, but does not lose any health.

An individual Boo named Spooky Speedster is found in two areas of the game. Mario must race him twice to win a Power Star . He is raced once in the Ghostly Galaxy and once again in the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy . This game also introduces a new kind of Boo, called the Bomb Boo ; it is similar to a normal Boo, but is black with yellow eyes and can be grabbed by its tongue if Mario uses his spin attack on it.

Captain Toad also indirectly suggests that Boos eat people, as he worried that Luigi might have been eaten by ghosts.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii [ ]

Boos reappear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii in Ghost Houses throughout the game. They behave the same way as they did in New Super Mario Bros and they are invincible, unless the player has a Star power-up. Big Boos also reappear along with Broozers . Circling Boo Buddies can also be found in a small amount of Ghost Houses in the game. Despite their concept art, they appear with a blue glow as opposed to plain white in this game, giving off a more spectral appearance. In the level selection screen, a single Boo will be watching Mario, and will taunt Mario as he enters. If Mario gets tossed out, the Boo will laugh. However, once the level is beaten, the Boo will cover its face for the rest of the game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 [ ]

Boos reappear in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 . They behave the same way they did in its predecessor. They are found in haunted levels such as Haunty Halls Galaxy and Boo Moon Galaxy . The underwater Boos from the predecessor also appear in this game, in the Battle Belt Galaxy and Slimy Spring Galaxy . Bomb Boos and Mega Boos also reappear. A variant named Octoboo , which resemble ghostly Octoombas , also appears in this game.

Super Mario 3D Land [ ]

Boos later appear in Super Mario 3D Land . In the game, they retain their normal battle strategy, which is chasing Mario when he looks away while sticking its tongue out. Boos in this game also momentarily disappear when hit with Fire Mario 's fireballs and Tanooki Mario 's tail whips. Boos also laugh in their original phonic from Super Mario 64 . Some Boos have striped tails ; these are called Tail Boos. They act like normal Boos, but when they stop moving when Mario looks at them, they will swing their tails once, which can damage Mario. Big Boos also appear during the game. Another species of Boo is also introduced, called Peepas. They do not act like normal Boos, instead moving around a set position, and do not halt when Mario looks at them, as in Super Mario Galaxy .

New Super Mario Bros. 2 [ ]

Boos, along with Big Boos , return in New Super Mario Bros. 2 , with the same appearance and behavior as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii , except they turn completely red when Mario faces them. They can be found in Ghost Houses along with other ghost enemies such as Peepas and the new Boohemoth. All of these varieties, save for Boohemoth, can be defeated with a Star or Gold Flower . Boos can also be turned Gold Boos with a Gold Ring. When gold, Boos float away from Mario, leaving a trail of Coins behind them.

There are also Boos that push walls in a Ghost House , namely World 4's Ghost House. Here they push the wall either left or right and they do not stop when Mario looks at them.

New Super Mario Bros. U [ ]

Boos, Big Boos , and Circling Boo Buddies appear in the Wii U title New Super Mario Bros. U . Their behavior is the same as that of past installments. Boos also have their own Enemy Course in the haunted area of the Soda Jungle, where a group of Boos appear in an area with various Donut Lifts , and defeating them must occupy the Starman located inside a Flying ? Block. They can also be defeated with a Baby Yoshi .

Super Mario 3D World [ ]

Boos appear in Super Mario 3D World , along with Peepas and Big Boos. They retain the same strategy from Super Mario 3D Land and utter the same laugh from Super Mario 64 . They appear to be a bit more transparent than in the previous mainstream Mario games and give out a blueish glow like in the New Super Mario Bros. games, as well as a reddish glow and even steam when Mario faces them.

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS [ ]

Boos reappear in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS as enemies. They function the same as the previous games. In the Course Maker, they can be placed as enemies, and can be shaken to turn into Boo Buddies. They can also be dragged onto a platform, turning them into Stretches. Like many enemies, they can be enlarged by a Super Mushroom and be given wings, which the former will turn it into a Big Boo, and the latter will make them move much faster. They can be placed in Warp Pipes , Bill Blasters , Blocks , and tracks. In addition, adding Wings to a Boo Buddy will make the Boo Buddy move in and out.

Super Mario Run [ ]

Boos appear in Super Mario Run in Ghost House levels. When Mario looks at them, they cover their eyes, and also float up and down. They attack Mario by quickly following behind him. Mario can defeat them by backflipping over them. In some levels, pressing the pink P-Switch defeats Boos on-screen. They can drop Keys , Coins , or Color Coins after they are defeated, and the object they contain inside of them can slightly be seen through them before they are defeated. In Dark and Stormy, Boos are defeated when a lightning strike occurs. Stretches also appear in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey [ ]

Boos do not appear physically in Super Mario Odyssey , making this game the first Super Mario game to not contain Boos since Super Mario Land . However, Peach wears a Boo mask on the side of her head when she visits Bowser's Kingdom, a common way to wear masks of yōkai in festivals in Japan.

DIC cartoons [ ]

The adventures of super mario bros. 3 [ ].

Boos make infrequent appearances in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 television series, which depicts them as having a somewhat menacing appearance. Like in the game the show is based on, Boos work for Bowser and often aid him in causing trouble. An example of this is seen in the episode Reign Storm , in which Bowser has several Boos terrorize the new Mushroom Shopping Mall. In this episode, they are referred to as "Boo Diddlys."

Super Mario World television series [ ]

Yoshi sees a Boo

Yoshi encounters a Boo in the Super Mario World cartoon.

In Super Mario World , Boos, who are completely redesigned, appear in the episodes Ghosts 'R' Us , in which a gang of Boos, as well as a Big Boo, appears to chase Yoshi through Wizenheimer's Haunted House ; The Night Before Cave Christmas , in which they scare Yoshi away; and The Yoshi Shuffle , in which several Boos appear in the audience during the episode. They are never referred to by name, instead simply being referred to as "ghosts."

Nintendo Adventure Books [ ]

In Koopa Capers , a Boo confronts Luigi if he decides to simply look through a keyhole in a fortress door, instead of barging through it. If Luigi decides to run away from it immediately, he will successfully escape, but if he decides to stand his ground, the Boo will chase him onto some floating blocks after he dodges its attack. Making a beeline for the door after mounting the blocks will allow the Boo to catch Luigi, but doing evasive techniques will allow him to escape it. When he begins his descent into the Magma Pit, Luigi will hear a Boo behind him, which causes him to pick up the pace, and escape it.

Illustrations of a Boo are used in puzzles in Dinosaur Dilemma and Flown the Koopa , though none appear in the actual stories.

Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land [ ]

In the interactive OVA Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land , Boos appear in a Ghost House that Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are passing through. A Boo starts following Luigi, who is in the back, but every time he turns around, it disappears. Finally, he quickly does a double take, and turns just it time to see it re-materialize. He panics and Boos start swarming the group. Mario grabs a candle and lights it, which repels the Boos, and one drops a key they need to progress.

Yoshi series [ ]

Boo Buddies make an appearance as one of the six falling objects in Yoshi . Boo Buddy's sprite in this game is similar to its sprite from Super Mario World .

Yoshi's Cookie [ ]

In Yoshi's Cookie , Boos return as enemies to Yoshi. Though in this game, they are depicted as one of Yoshi's "opponents". They are among the easy opponents, the others being Goomba , Cheep Cheep , Paratroopa , and Spiny . Eeries also appear, as well as the similarly-named Fishing Boos.

Yoshi's Safari [ ]

Boos [1] (misnamed "Big Boo" in the English manual [2] ) appear as enemies in Yoshi's Safari . Their first and only appearance throughout the game is in Ghost Mansion, a level in the Dark Realm. Unlike most enemies in the game that can be shot with the Super Scope to be defeated, shooting a Boo stops it in its tracks. While stunned, Yoshi can then run into it to defeat it. Defeating a Boo adds 500 points to the player's score (1,000 in Hard Mode), the highest amount of points earned from regular enemies. A Big Boo serves as the boss for the level.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island [ ]

Boos also appear in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and its remake Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 , where they are depicted with happy faces. They are first seen in World 2, which features numerous ghastly creatures. The only way to defeat Boos is by looking away and then make an egg bounce off a wall after it is thrown, hitting the ghost in the face. Kamek the Magikoopa turns one Big Boo into Bigger Boo , which serves as a mini boss and grows in size every time he is hit by an egg. The main boss of World 2 is also a Boo-like creature, Roger the Potted Ghost , who was a normal flower pot until Kamek made him giant and transformed it into a living creature. The game also features the Boo Balloon, who are balloons made to look like Boos that yield items when they pop, as well as Boo Man Bluff, a blindfolded Boo that relies on the player's noise.

Yoshi's Story [ ]

Boos appear in Yoshi's Story in Stage 6-3: Ghost Castle. They do not act differently, although they are slightly bigger. The Ghost Castle is also home to other Boo species: namely, the Boo Block, Blindfold Boo, and Baby Boos. Another variant, the Jelly Ghost, inhabits the jelly of Stage 2-3: Jelly Pipe and Stage 2-4: Torrential Maze. The Big & Little Boo family also appear in Jelly Pipe.

The normal Boo [3] is mistakenly called a Big Boo [4] in the Nintendo Power guide.

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy [ ]

Boos appear again in Yoshi Topsy-Turvy . In this game, they only appear in four missions. They follow the same tactics as normal, and are given their laugh from preceding releases.

Yoshi's Island DS [ ]

Yoshi comes into contact with Boos, again, in Yoshi's Island DS . Here, they are commonly found in castles, along with other ghastly creatures. Again, they work for Kamek. They attack the same as all Boos before, but like in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island , they can only be defeated if Yoshi looks away. So Yoshi must bounce an egg off of the wall into their face to defeat them. A Boo-like mid-boss, named Hector the Reflector appears as well, Hector the Reflector is an Invisighoul , another species of Boo. The Boos' laughs are used in many games before. It is used for the boss Six-Face Sal , and even Baby Bowser . Their artwork depicts them like in the main series, but the in-game sprites are based on their Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island sprites.

Yoshi's New Island [ ]

Boos return in Yoshi's New Island , and act the same way as in past games. They first appear in World 2-4: Beware the Boo Brigade. Big Boos also appear.

Mario Kart series [ ]

Super mario kart [ ].

Boos made their first appearance in the Mario Kart series , in Super Mario Kart . Though not as obstacles, they only appear in the three Ghost Valley courses . In each race, they just laugh when the player drives by. They also appear as items, under the name "Ghosts" . When the player uses the item, they will become transparent temporarily, while the "Ghost" steals the opposing player's item, if available. This item is only obtainable in "2 Player" mode.

Mario Kart 64 [ ]

Boos are used as an item, in Mario Kart 64 . When activated, the Boo selects a racer with the best item in reach, and steals the item and gives it to the player that released it. At the same time, the player obtains total invisibility and invincibility for a short period of time. While invisible, the player can pass the items, the course obstacles and the other racers more easily by simply going through them. If no other players have any items, the Boo will return empty-handed. Boos also appear in Banshee Boardwalk and one appears in neon lights in Rainbow Road , both as background elements.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit [ ]

Boos appear as items again in Mario Kart: Super Circuit . When activated, they can also slow down the leading racer. Starting in this game, if a CPU racer uses a Boo, it can also steal items from the player and make the player lose Coins.

Boos also appear in two new courses, Boo Lake and Broken Pier . At Boo Lake, Boos hold candles which guide the player through the track. On Broken Pier, they attack the players and take their Coins.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! [ ]

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , Boos, as well as the Boolossus' gold frame portrait, appear in the Luigi's Mansion battle course. Also, King Boo makes his Mario Kart debut as a playable character.

Mario Kart Arcade GP [ ]

Boos appear as items in the arcade game, Mario Kart Arcade GP . A Boo appears as a basic item. It causes whoever is hit by it to slow down temporarily. There is also a new item called the Triple Boo .

Mario Kart DS [ ]

In Mario Kart DS , Boos reappear as items. The only differences are, they do not slow down the leading racer, and they no longer steal the best item in reach. Instead, they just steal the nearest racer's item. Also, using the Boo won't affect off-road racing, so various shortcuts can be made. Some pictures of Boos from the game, Luigi's Mansion , appear in the Luigi's Mansion race course. Banshee Boardwalk reappears as a race, along with the Boos. They do not do anything that affects the racer; they just laugh when a racer drives by.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 [ ]

Boos reappear in the arcade game, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 . Like what they do in Mario Kart Arcade GP , they slow down the leading racer. Though, the Triple Boos do not appear in this game, even though it appears in the predecessor.

Mario Kart Wii [ ]

Boos do not appear as items in Mario Kart Wii , but King Boo appears as a playable character. However, Boos do appear in a returning course, Ghost Valley 2. Like their original appearance in the track, Boos only laugh when racers drive by, but they eventually disappear. Boo also makes a cameo in Bowser's Castle. At the end of the track Boo's Mario Party 7 artwork can be seen along with Dry Bones' artwork.

Mario Kart 7 [ ]

In Mario Kart 7 , Boos appear in the returning track, Luigi's Mansion, in place of the portrait ghosts. They will pop out of their paintings when the drivers race by them. They also appear as spectators on Toad Circuit .

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX [ ]

In Mario Kart Arcade GP DX , Boos return from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 as items.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [ ]

In Mario Kart 8 , Boos appear as obstacles on Twisted Mansion . If aimed correctly, the players can land on the Boos floating around near the gliding section. They also possess Hammer Knights near the end of the track.

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , King Boo is again a playable character, and Boos can also be seen floating around on GCN Luigi's Mansion .

Boos also appear as items again, acting like they do in Mario Kart DS , though the mechanics are slightly different. Unlike in that game, Boo users are still slowed down by off-road surfaces. Boos immediately steal an item from a random racer in front of the user (making their attack much more difficult to dodge), and invincible or other invisible players are not immune; the Boo will bring back a Mushroom if there is nothing to steal. The Boo is visible, both when it steals an item and when it gives the stolen item to the user. It takes a couple more seconds to deliver the item back to the player, however. Only one Boo can be in play at a time; once it brings back an item, another can appear in item boxes again, even while another player is still invisible. Lastly, due to the way deployed items work, a Boo is able to steal any timed or multiple usage item, except for a Crazy Eight, or a Potted Piranha Plant and Bullet Bill already in use. Doing so will always give the user a fresh version of the item. [5]

Mario Kart Tour [ ]

Boos reappear in Mario Kart Tour in the courses DS Luigi's Mansion and SNES Ghost Valley, where they act the same as they did on those courses in the previous games. In both courses, wooden cutouts of Boos appear.

Super Mario Adventures [ ]

In Super Mario Adventures , a horde of Boos appear to attack Mario and Luigi when they are tricked into a haunted house by Bowser and the Koopalings. Mario and Luigi become trapped by the Boos and a Big Boo, who are held at bay by the Bros staring at them in the face. Eventually, nearing exhaustion, Mario races to a nearby room, dragging Luigi while being chased by the Boos. Upon barging into this room, the Boos and Big Boo find Mario dressed as a psychiatrist with Luigi as his nurse. After some talking, Mario and Luigi manage to reform the Boos and the Big Boo, while learning they were bullied in their youth (which is why they act so nasty to everyone). These Boos and their Big Boo leader were last seen happily waving goodbye to Mario, Luigi and Yoshi as they left the haunted house, which the Boos led them out of.

Boos also make an appearance at Peach's wedding.

Mario Bros. [ ]

Boos make an appearance in the Super Mario All-Stars remake of Mario Bros. , where they replace the green Fireballs .

Hotel Mario [ ]

Boos also appear in the game Hotel Mario under the name Boo Buddies [6] . There are two types of Boos in this game. One type stays visible and does not hurt Mario until transparency is achieved, at which they can harm the heroic plumber. The other type of Boo uses the traditional attack method and turns invisible when looked at, and attacks Mario when his back is turned.

Mario's Picross [ ]

Boos also make a cameo appearance in the Game Boy game, Mario's Picross . They appear in one of the pictures in the "Early Picross" stage in level 6C. The other character that appears in the "Early Picross" stage is Mario, who appears in level 6H. Like their first appearance, Super Mario Bros. 3 , they appear under the name Boo Diddly .

Mario Clash [ ]

Boos [7] ) make appearances in the Virtual Boy game, Mario Clash , where they are among the nine enemies. In this game, Mario is able to attack a Boo from the side. Boos can become transparent by becoming dark like the screen, which causes them to become invulnerable, with shells simply passing through. For some reason, the English manual also refers to the Boos using feminine pronouns, similar to Cheep Cheep in the original Super Mario Bros. .

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars [ ]

Boos return during the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars . The English translation erroneously calls them "The Big Boo". In the Japanese version in fact they are just called Teresa. These Boos, like other Boos that appear in previous games, hide behind their arms when stared at. However, some of The Big Boos teleport around the room, attempting to scare Mario and his friends. The Big Boos live in Kero Sewers along with many other ghouls, including Hobgoblins and Shadows . Often, these three undead monsters will assist each other in battle. Big Boos have no physical defense, making them extremely weak enemies (even a Goomba has three defense points). However, The Big Boos make up for their lack of defense with high evasion, meaning that most attacks against a The Big Boo will miss. In battle, The Big Boos command powerful lightning magic, including the attacks Lightning Orb and Bolt . The Big Boos also know the special attack Scream, which cuts a party member's attack and defense in half. When not using magic, a The Big Boo will approach one of Mario's party members and make a face, damaging that character. In this game there is also a stronger Boo variation called Li'l Boos, which are the same size as normal Boos but have blue tongues, similar to the first appearance of King Boo . The only true appearance of a Big Boo in this game is the one used in Bowser 's Terrorize attack [8] . One Big Boo lives in Monstro Town as part of the Three Musty Fears, while another, simply named Boo, appears as part of one of Dr. Topper's puzzles.

Super Mario-Kun [ ]

Boos make appearances in some of the Super Mario-Kun comics. A Boo appears on the cover of the sixteenth issue. This issue is based on Super Mario 64 . Alongside it, Eyerok , a Bob-omb , and Bowser can be seen. Throughout the comic, they appear, too. Their role in the comic is similar to their role in the game, where they are enemies to Mario and attempt to attack him. Lady Bow, a notable boo, appears in a couple of the Paper Mario based issues. These issues are 25 and 27. Lady Bow appears on the cover of the twenty-fifth issue along with many of Mario's other partners, including Goombario , Kooper , Eldstar , and Twink . Besides appearing on the cover, she appears throughout the comic. Her role in the comic mimics her role in the game. Lady Bow reappears on the cover of the twenty-seventh issue and in the comic. Like in issue 25, Lady Bow's role in the comic is similar to her appearance in the game, where she helps Mario. In a Super Mario Galaxy based issue, Boo Mario appears on the cover along with more of Mario's transformations.

Game & Watch Gallery series [ ]

Game & watch gallery 2 [ ].

Boos (called "Boo Buddies") appear in the Modern version of Vermin in Game & Watch Gallery 2 . When Yoshi looks in the general direction of them, they refuse to move. When Yoshi looks away, they move towards the eggs. They only appear in groups of two or just one.

Game & Watch Gallery 4 [ ]

A Boo appears in the Modern versions of Donkey Kong 3 , Mario's Cement Factory , and Boxing in Game & Watch Gallery 4 . In Donkey Kong 3 , if Mario or Donkey Kong turns his back, it will slowly come closer to the player that it is closer to. If it gets close enough, the Boo will either scare Donkey Kong and award the player points (single-player mode only) or scare Mario and give the player a miss. In Mario's Cement Factory , a Boo will fly into the two containers on the second floor, clogging them up. The player does not receive any points for removing the Boo. In Boxing , one of the opponents Luigi faces is a Big Boo, who uses a regular Boo as a boxing glove.

Mario Party series [ ]

Boo has been a major character in the Mario Party series , from being a thief for hire, to being a playable character.

Mario Party [ ]

Boos make minor appearances in Mario Party . Their voices can be mimicked by one of the items: the Talking Parrot. Boos also appear in each of the game's board maps, excluding Peach's Birthday Cake. On the boards, they steal Coins or Stars from opponents, and they are willing to steal a few Coins for free from any player, although they ask for 50 Coins to steal a Star. If the player tells Boo that they do not want to steal anything, Boo will say " Don't feel so guilty. Ha ha ha! " Additionally, after the Luigi's Engine Room board is completed, a Boo, Koopa , and a Toad , along with the two runner-ups, surround the victor and congratulate them. Boos also appear in several mini-games, including Pedal Power and Running of the Bulb, and as one of the shapes the player can cut in the minigame, Crazy Cutter.

Mario Party 2 [ ]

Boos make several appearances in Mario Party 2 . In it, they steal Coins or Stars as they did in the first game. However, Boo charges 5 Coins to steal Coins instead of a free steal; and steals much more than in the first game. Additionally, an item called the Boo Bell appears. When a player obtains it, they can ring for a Boo to come. The Boo that comes to the player's side is asked to steal Coins or Stars, depending on how much the player can afford. If the Boo is sent to steal Coins from an opponent, the opponent can fight it off by pressing the A button quickly. Additionally, the Boo can only steal a maximum of 30 Coins or a maximum of one Star.

A Boo also appears in the battle minigame, Day at the Races, along with the others racers, Whomp , Thwomp , and Bob-omb. The Boo can disappear and then reappear in a further spot on the racetrack. However, it gets its face stuck in the ground sometimes, causing it to stop for a short period of time.

Mario Party 3 [ ]

Boos also appear in Mario Party 3 . Like in their previous appearances, they are not major characters in the game. They are among the Duel Partners in the Duel Mode Partners . It is Yoshi's default partner, and when an opponent attacks, Boo can counterattack for equal damage, unless it was defeated by a Thwomp. Boo's attack is two, its health its one, and its salary is three coins.

Boos also appear in the unlockable party board, Waluigi's Island . Whenever a player runs into a Boo, it shows them to two paths. One of the paths is rigged. If the player chooses the rigged path, they are sent back to the start. If they choose the correct path, they continue on the board. In addition, Boos appear on all of the other boards, Chilly Waters, Deep Bloober Sea, Spiny Desert, Woody Woods, and Creepy Cavern, serving the same function as in the previous games. On the board map, a picture of them can be seen next to a grave. They also return with the Boo Bell. Boos are also in the minigames Curtain Call, Stacked Deck, Three Door Monty, and Crowd Cover. Two portraits of a Boo can also be seen in Locked Out.

Mario Party 4 [ ]

In Mario Party 4 , a Boo plays a major role as the host for Boo's Haunted Bash . This is the first game where the Boo uses its modern design. This Boo wears a wizard's cape, and like the other hosts in the game, it is the character to reward the player with a Star. Multiple Boos also appear on this board as background characters. One controls the Item Shop. Another one owns the Mystery Train, but it only gives out rides to the Boneyard if a Red Boo is not in its presence. Two side-games involving Boos requires a Mini Mushroom . One of them has the player pressing one of the keys of the Horn of Plenty to get one of three randomly chosen items. The second one has the character on a piano. They have to press the correct key at the right time until the end of the side-game to get a certain amount of Coins. A question mark space activates a Boo clock. If three people land on them, Big Boo will appear. Big Boo is basically an upgraded version of the Boo House; he targets all players instead of one. The caped Boo is also the fourth host of the Reversal of Fortune, who oversees what is given.

Boos also appear on every other board in the game, stealing Coins and Stars for the player at a shop called the Boo House in the same manner as Boos' previous appearances in the Mario Party series.

Also, a Boo is an unlockable, playable character in the Extra minigame, Beach Volley Folley.

In Long Claw of the Law, a Boo is one of the possible characters that needs to be collected.

Mario Party 5 [ ]

Mario Party 5 marks the first game in the Mario Party series where Boo is a playable character in Party Mode. He is one of the new characters, the others being Koopa Kid and Toad. Boo's partner in the game is Koopa Kid. Since Boo is playable, he does not make any major background appearances. His previous role on the boards is now fulfilled by Chain Chomp .

Mario Party 6 [ ]

A Boo reappears as playable character in Mario Party 6 . In the game, there is also an orb called Boo Away Orb, which protects the player from a Red Boo. Red Boos also appear in the minigame Boo'd Off the Stage and Boonanza!. Red Boos also appear two boards, Towering Treetop and Castaway Bay where they let players steal coins and stars from others at night, similar to the Boo House in Mario Party 4 . This game also marks the third appearance of Red Boos in the Mario Party series.

Mario Party Advance [ ]

Boos appear in Mario Party Advance as supporting characters. They appear in a few minigames, including Boo-Bye. In this minigame, regular Boos appear alongside Red Boos and Blue Boos. They also appear in Spooky Spike, in which one Boo serves volleyballs to the player, Floor It!, in which Boos are one of the possible passengers that must be brought to their respective floor, and Porta-Gust, in which the player can suck up Boos into a vacuum.

One of them, Boo, appears alongside some other Boos in the Boo Cemetery, where they are main characters in the quest True-Blue Boo.

Mario Party 7 [ ]

Mario Party 7 marks the third Mario Party game where Boo is playable. It also marks Dry Bones ' first playable appearance, who is Boo's partner throughout the game. Red Boos appear in the game, too. Red Boos appear in a few minigames such as Ghost in the Hall . In this minigame, Red Boos try to scare the players. Oddly, the Red Boos also try to scare Boo, if Boo is one of the characters. Boo shares the same special orb with Dry Bones, the Magic Orb . It allows them to double their dice roll during the next two turns and turns them invisible, making them immune to traps.

Mario Party 8 [ ]

In Mario Party 8 , Boo is a playable character for the fourth time in the Mario Party series. Boo's partner is Dry Bones, again. Red Boos appear in some minigames such as Boo-ting Gallery. Mario Party 8 also marks the first appearance of King Boo, who is the board host of King Boo's Haunted Hideaway . In order to get a Star, the player must find the room King Boo is hiding in and give him ten Coins. There are three rooms, two of which contain a trap hole. If the player finds one of these rooms, several Red Boos will throw them in, forcing the player to start back at the beginning. When the player gets a Star, King Boo will rearrange the mansion's rooms. Red Boos appear as owners of the item shops.

Mario Party DS [ ]

Boo is not a playable character in Mario Party DS and plays no part in board play, but appears as an unlockable figure. They also appear in the minigames Boo Tag , and Peek-a-Boo. In Boo Tag, a Boo tags a player. The tagged player must try to get rid of the Boo by running into another player. The player that spent the least amount of time with the Boo wins. In Peek-a-Boo, the players must find the wanted Boo. A lot of different Boos appear in outfits, such as hats. Several of the wanted Boo appear, and once they are all gone, the game is over. The team that won the most Boos wins.

Mario Party 9 [ ]

Boo does not return as a playable character in Mario Party 9 , however, King Boo is the boss of Boo's Horror Castle . Normal Boos also appear on the board. When the player passes a Boo portrait, a Boo will emerge and chase after the player. These Boos will move three spaces after each turn, and if a Boo catches up to the players (or vice versa), the current captain will lose half of all of their Mini Stars.

During King Boo's Puzzle Attack, whenever King Boo's health is depleted halfway, he sends Boos to attack the player. If the player's cursor touches a Boo, they are temporarily stunned. King Boo only sends one Boo at a time.

Mario Party: Island Tour [ ]

Boo returns as a playable character in Mario Party: Island Tour . This is the fifth time that Boo is playable, the first time he is playable on a handheld Mario Party game, and he is the first character in the series to be removed as a playable character in a main installment of the series and then return in a later installment.

Mario Party 10 [ ]

Boo reappears in Mario Party 10 as a non-playable character. Whenever the player reaches a certain spot in the board Haunted Trail , Boo appears and steals five Mini Stars from a specific player for an indefinite number of turns. Boo will continue to harass the player until passed off to another player via a Boo Space or driven towards a Streetlight. Boos also appear in the minigame Boo Burglars, as enemies the players must examine, and appear as a balloon in the minigame Balloon Blast Bash. Several Boos also make cameos in the Luigi Board.

Mario Party: Star Rush [ ]

In Mario Party: Star Rush Boo has a special mode called Boo's Block Party. Players can participate in a single-player endless mode for a high score or compete in a one-on-one versus mode. When players use the Boo amiibo in Boo's Block Party, four Boos appears in the background; two on the top screen, two on the Touch Screen. If players tap the Boo amiibo in the Mario Shuffle mode, players can use Boo in that mode. They also appear in the Haunted Hallways and House of Boos minigames.

Mario Party: The Top 100 [ ]

In Mario Party: The Top 100 , Boo appears in minigames such as Slot Trot from Mario Party 6 and Jigsaw Jumble from Mario Party 9 . However, in Minigame Match, Boo appears as an item via Boo Bell.

Super Mario Party [ ]

Boo returns as a playable character in Super Mario Party , which is his sixth playable appearance in the Mario Party series.

Mario Golf series [ ]

Boos make a couple of appearances in the Mario Golf series . In Mario Golf and in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour a Boo appears in the top right corner of the screen to indicate the speed and direction of the wind.

Mario Golf [ ]

In Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 , Boos show where the wind blows by facing its direction in relation to the camera angle. They do not appear if there is no wind. Hole 2 of Mario's Star is designed after Boos. Also, Boos appear in the artwork for one of the courses, Boo Valley.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour [ ]

Boo is one of the unlockable characters in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour , the others being Bowser Jr. , Shadow Mario , and Petey Piranha , and is the only unlockable character in this game that appeared in the opening clip. In Bowser Badlands, Boos affect the trajectory of balls hit through them. Boos once again reprise their role of showing the wind direction, but they have another role; if a player delays in starting their swing, then two Boos carry a sign and float across the screen. These signs describe basic gameplay tips, but some are rather taunts to the player.

Mario Golf: World Tour [ ]

Boo returns in Mario Golf: World Tour as a playable character, this time being available from the start. Boos also appear in Hole 4 of Bowser's Castle floating in the sky alongside King Boo . For this installment, a "blowing cloud" is used instead of a Boo to indicate wind speed and direction.

Mario Tennis series [ ]

Mario tennis (nintendo 64) [ ].

Boo appears in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, marking his first playable role. It is classified as a tricky character, the only other character of this class being Paratroopa . It is also a default character. Most of the playable characters have courts named after them. However, Boo does not have its own court.

Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color) [ ]

A Boo makes a cameo appearance in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color . They can be seen in the audience at Peach's Castle.

Mario Power Tennis [ ]

Boo also appears in Mario Power Tennis where it is a playable character. When it wins a championship, Mario and Luigi would come out with the trophy and Boo would be missing. They look around and the trophy would start to float. Boo then appears under it to Luigi's relief as Mario laughs in amusement. The Mario Bros. themselves are then surrounded and levitated by multiple other Boos as the main Boo flies up to the screen and holds the trophy. Boo's taunt is to wave its racket while laughing. Boo's offensive power shot is the Boo Blast and its defensive power shot is the Boo Brigade Return.

Mario Tennis Open [ ]

Boo reappears in Mario Tennis Open , where he is again a playable and starting participant. He is one of the only two Tricky characters alongside Bowser Jr. .

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash [ ]

Boo appears in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash as a default playable character. He is once again a Tricky character.

Mario Tennis Aces [ ]

Boo returns as a playable character in Mario Tennis Aces . Like in previous the Mario Tennis games, Boo is classified as a Tricky character. His Trick Shots are Roundabout and Through It All, while his Special Shot is Illusion. Boo also has unlockable alternate costumes, coming in the form of visors, that can be unlocked by playing the "Boo Hunt" co-op challenge. In this challenge the player must hit Boos at the other side of the court to get Coins. The visors came in Blue, Green, and Purple and require 2,500 Coins, 10,000 Coins and 20,000 Coins respectively.

Paper Mario series [ ]

Boos have appeared in every game in the Paper Mario series , where they are usually found in ghost houses, like in the other Mario games. In the first three Paper Mario games, the Boos appear with an original design.

Paper Mario [ ]

Boos appear in Paper Mario as friendly, but tricky characters. White Boos live in Boo's Mansion, and yellow Boos live at Gusty Gulch. Their princess is Lady Bow, who lives in Boo's Mansion along with Bootler .

At first, Boos were being eaten by Tubba Blubba. Some Boos tried attacking the monster to save their friends, but they failed because of Tubba Blubba's "Invincibility". Seeking help from Mario, they captured Skolar , the Star Spirit Mario was trying to save in order to have Mario help them.

In the game, when Mario arrives at Boo's Mansion, Bootler tells him to get to the third floor. Boos have prepared some puzzle for him under the order of Lady Bow to test him. One puzzle is for Boos to form a rotary circle, throw an item several times and ask Mario to guess who is holding the item. The first time he opens a door a big Boo appears on the screen. In the eastern room of the second floor Boos holding a Record play this trick. In the western room of the second floor a Boo is guarding a chest box with a Weight in it. Mario plays the Record to lure the Boo away, and uses the Weight on the droplight of the mansion to open the western door on the first floor. Boos in the basement hide in a big chest box in the basement. When Mario opens the chest box, they play the puzzle with Super Boots. After Mario gets them, he is able to get Boo's Portrait with which he is able to get to the third floor. There, Lady Bow asks Mario to help the Boos to defeat Tubba Blubba as a condition to free Skolar, and joins Mario's party to assist him.

In addition, a Boo appears after Mario got the Super Boots and tells him how to get the Star Pieces underground. And some Boos are flying in the sky who can be seen out of the windows. When Mario is about to set off, two white Boos appears to open the gate to Gusty Gulch under the command of Bow.

In Gusty Gulch, upon Tubba Blubba's arrival, the Boos hide, but Stanley is late and is caught by Tubba Blubba, eaten.

In the basement of Tubba Blubba's Castle, a yellow Boo tells Mario not to fight Tubba Blubba until he finds his weak point. According to his word, he sneaked into the castle to look for the weak point. After Mario gets Yakkey, 3x2 peasant Boos appear in front of Tubba Blubba's Castle and, seeing Mario and Bow get out and Tubba Blubba chasing, help the co by blocking the door.

After Tubba Blubba is defeated, the Boos he has eaten are saved, and Bootler releases Skolar as promised. Boos rejoice, and the background music in Boo's Mansion is replaced with a cheerful one. The Boos at Gusty Gulch write Lady Bow an admiration letter, which the player can read at the Post Office in Toad Town . They also begin to talk about a female Boo called Victoria.

After Mario defeats Bowser, two Boos come to Peach's Castle to see the party, one white and one yellow. The white one says he comes to see Lady Bow in her finery. He thinks that Bow is prettier than Princess Peach . The yellow one says he's going to have a wedding ceremony after the party. In the end-of-game parade, three white Boos along with Bootler are carrying Tubba Blubba's body.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door [ ]

In the GameCube game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door , Boos are found in Creepy Steeple . When Mario first enters the steeple there is only one Boo in the room who says that he misses his friends. He will let Mario through one door (Blocking him from using any other doors), where he finds a chest. When he opens it, 200 Boos fly out. The last Boo asks Mario " How many Boos came out of that chest? " If Mario answers correctly the Boo will give him an Ultra Shroom. If Mario is wrong the Boo will give him one Coin. Upon returning the main room, the first Boo is still there. He asks if Mario is going to be mean to him. If Mario answers "No", a bunch of Boos (The same ones from the treasure chest) will start flying around the main room, attempting to swarm Mario. If successful, they will throw Mario out of the Steeple, exactly like the Sentinels in Tubba Blubba's Castle. If Mario Spin Attacks them several times, they merge into the Atomic Boo . Once the Atomic Boo is defeated, Mario can fight Boos in other parts of the Steeple. Even before defeating the Atomic Boo, Boos could still be found, but only when accompanying Swoopers .

The original Creepy Steeple Boo sends a letter to Mario that thanks him for freeing his friends, despite the fact that he and his friends attacked him. He signs the letter "The Creepy Steeple Boo". More Boos can be found in the Pit of 100 Trials. In this game, Boos attack by becoming invisible and getting close to Mario or the partner, then becoming visible and making a glare at them, causing 3 damage. However if Mario or his allies gets lucky in battle, the Boo who tried to attack Mario and his partner will be tired out. The game also introduces a more powerful sub-species, the Dark Boo , which can be found in Poshley Sanctum.

Super Paper Mario [ ]

Boos return as enemies in Super Paper Mario . In this game, they turn invisible if Mario looks at them, but they turn visible and chase him if he is not looking at them, similar to their behavior in Super Mario 64 . To defeat them, the player must approach them from the back and then attack them. Additionally, the Flipside Arcade houses a Boo themed shooting game, Mansion Patrol. This game has the player shooting Boos, including Dark Boos and occasionally Atomic Boos, to score points. A Toad frequently appears to give power ups, as long as the player saves him from his Boo captor. Lady Bow also makes three cameos in this game.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star [ ]

Boos reappear in the Nintendo 3DS title, Paper Mario: Sticker Star , using their modern appearance from Mario Party 4 and onward. They only appear in World 4-3: The Enigmansion. Mario must use the Book of Sealing, given by the Mansion Steward , to seal away every Boo that has escaped. In battle, Boos can make themselves disappear and can slap Mario or they can go up to Mario and scare him by making a scary face. They are able to make Mario dizzy in this game with their scare attack preventing him from using any of his defensive/dodging stickers. The attack is determined by the sound the Boo makes when it disappears.

Among the normal Boos, there is one golden Boo that drops several Coins after Mario defeats it, which can be found in the safe. This Boo attacks exactly like the normal ones. Another notable Boo is one that is crumpled, which is found in a trash can. In battle, it only has 1 HP and cannot attack. Additionally, a group of eighty-two Boos called a Boo Stack also appears. Once all the Boos get returned to the book and it is placed in its rightful spot, Kamek appears and turns all the captured Boos into the mini boss, Big Boo . After defeating the mini-boss, the Boos are put to rest once again and the mansion is restored to its former state.

Paper Mario: Color Splash [ ]

Boos return in Paper Mario: Color Splash as enemies who can be fought in the parallel universes of Vortex Island, Lighthouse Island, and Fortune Island. In battle, they attack by either hitting Mario or scaring him. They can disappear while in battle, causing all attacks to miss until they reappear. Outside of battle, if one is stared at too long, it will disappear, and then reappear behind Mario. A Boo appears as an NPC in Redpepper Crater, where it is in a hot spring. A Boo 10-Stack variant also appears.

Luigi's Mansion series [ ]

Luigi's mansion [ ].

In Luigi's Mansion , Boos are the main antagonists. This game also introduces the Boo leader, King Boo. King Boo sends a letter to Luigi, stating that he had won a mansion in a contest. However, Luigi does not enter any contest, but pays no attention, and heads off. Mario goes on ahead, but gets captured by the King of the Boos, King Boo. Luigi has to rescue him from the Boos, using E. Gadd 's Poltergust 3000 . Luigi manages to find his brother, stuck in a painting. He ends up having to battle King Boo in order to rescue Mario. King Boo sends them to the roof of the mansion, and uses a Bowser suit to battle him. However, the suit's head could come off once a spikeball was thrown at him, and King Boo would float out, leaving him open for Luigi's Poltergust 3000. After taking away all of his 500 HP, King Boo is turned into a painting, and Mario is restored back to his normal self. However, King Boo manages to escape by unknown means and reappears in several future Mario games.

There are 50 Boos (51 including King Boo) which Luigi must suck up in the Poltergust 3000. Of these, 15 of them make up the portrait ghost Boolossus , with King Boo as the final Boo. Unlike the other ghosts in the game, Boos will appear in a room, even when the lights are on. When Luigi attacks them, they usually run away, but occasionally twirl into him to cause damage. All of the 36 Boos, excluding King Boo and counting Boolossus as one Boo, have puns in their names.

The Boos in Luigi's Mansion seem to be the reverse of the Boos in the Super Mario series: while the Boos in the Super Mario series sneak up on Luigi when he's not looking and then disappear/hide when he looks at them, the Boos in Luigi's Mansion (excluding King Boo and Boolossus) hide when Luigi's not looking at them and then they face Luigi when he finds them. One of the Boos, Peekaboo, references the fact that Boos are notorious for hiding.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon [ ]

Boos appear in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon . They have names that play on "Boo" as in the first game. King Boo appears, having a similar appearance to that of his debut. They have the ability to create Spirit Balls which can make objects invisible until exposed with the Dark-Light Device. All of the regular missions in the game have a Boo in an object that is invisible, and Luigi must find it by revealing the invisible object with the Dark-Light function of the Poltergust 5000 ; the Boo appears after the revealed Spirit Balls have been vacuumed up. However, not all Boos are hidden in invisible objects.

To capture a Boo, Luigi must expose it with the Dark-Light, vacuum and pull on the Boo's tongue, and release it with the A Button, damaging the Boo as it bounces around the room. When it reaches 0 HP, the Boo can be sucked up; it sticks onto the nozzle, and Luigi presses the Poltergust 5000 against the ground to shove it inside. When Luigi returns to the Bunker after completing a mission, any captured Boos are sent to the Boo Canister in the Vault. After all Boos in a mansion have been captured, a bonus mission is unlocked for the corresponding mansion. There are a total of 32 Boos, 33 if counting King Boo, 10 of which merge into the Big Boo fought in the Treacherous Mansion .

Luigi's Mansion 3 [ ]

Boos return in Luigi's Mansion 3 . Like in the previous entries, they have "Boo"-inspired names, and King Boo returns as the main antagonist.

There is one Boo found on each floor, which appears after Luigi has obtained that floor's elevator button. The exact location of each Boo is randomised. To help find a Boo, Gooigi will begin to vibrate, corresponding with the player's controller, when next to the room with the Boo in it. Once Luigi enters the room with the Boo, the music will change and he must uncover the object with the strongest vibrations, which causes the Boo to appear and seal all exits. If a wrong object is uncovered, the Boo will flee to a different room. To capture the Boo, Luigi must expose it with the Dark-Light device, then pull on its tongue and slam it repeatedly. All Boos have 20 HP.

Mario & Luigi series [ ]

Mario & luigi: superstar saga [ ].

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga , Boos are enemies that only appear in Bowser's Castle ; they aid Bowletta along with the rest of the minions who believe her to be Bowser. Outside of battle, they hover around, attacking Mario and Luigi when they are not looking. However, they look away if Mario or Luigi make eye contact. The Boos also show the ability to teleport. In battle, a Boo has two attacks. For the first attack, the Boo will teleport in front of one of the brothers and attempt to bite him. For the second attack, it will fly up into the air and swoop into one of the Mario Bros., which can even prohibit the use of certain moves or items. The former attack can be countered with Mario or Luigi's hammer, whereas the latter can be dodged or countered by jumping. In either of these attacks, if the Boo makes a face, it will target Luigi, if it does not, it will target Mario (In the remake, it has the same tell from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time .). Boos are weak to Firebrand and Fire Bros. They also have low HP (only 10), but very high defense (1000 hit points).

Boos wearing mining helmets and brandishing pickaxes also appear in levels 4 and 5 of Mysterious Mine Carts. If these Boos touch Mario, they will cause the loss of a diamond. They will slowly shrink until they disappear if the flashlight is pointed at them.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time [ ]

During the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time , Boos appear in Bowser's Castle of the past. Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario , and Baby Luigi meet a lot of them while trying to reach the end of Baby Bowser's Castle. In the field, Boos attack the same way as they did in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga , but in-battle they fight differently, and have significantly decreased defense. They cover their faces, but when they start to attack, the Boo would take one of its hands off one of its eyes, showing who it is about to attack. If it shows its right eye, it will attack Mario, but if it shows its left eye, it is attacking Luigi. Then it would appear from behind, and charge towards one of the Mario Bros.. However, this could easily be countered with a jump. If the attack was not countered then the boo would steal an item which could only be recovered by defeating the boo. After a turn for each brother, the boo would Flee with the item. They also appear during the battle with Sunnycide . After the Mario Bros. flip the egg monster over, Sunnycide could summon a Boo to attack Mario or Luigi. Dark Boos also return in the game, and are found in the Gritzy Caves. Also, when a Handfake has a Bowser sign, a Boo or a Fly Guy carries a flame from Bowser's mouth.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story / Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey [ ]

Boos make a reappearance in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story . They appear in Bowser's Castle , where they have been brainwashed by Fawful along with the rest of Bowser's minions once he took over the castle. When Bowser gets to have a feast as a reward for beating Midbus at the Fawful Theater show, three Boos serve him food cooked by Fawful himself. However, Bowser is tricked into eating too much food, and ends up getting fat, which results in him getting stuck in the floor due to his weight. Boos reappear later in the game to help many of the brainwashed minions of Bowser push the Fawful statue against him. In addition, a Boo appears whenever Bowser gets a level up. The Boo (just like the Fishin' Lakitu in Mario's or Luigi's level up screen) holds the circle for getting a bonus upgrade for the stat of the players choice.

An odd thing shown in the game is a Boo and Koopa Troopa in love with each other in Bowser's Castle. They not only love each other, but also love Fawful, possibly due to the brainwashing that was put on the minions.

Yikk , a ghost who appears in the same game at the Tower of Yikk , explains that he researches Boos. He even built a machine to visualize Boo transparency waves before he passed away.

During the fight with Bowser Memory ML, Bowser Memory L has an attack that involves a square shaped, pixelated version of a Boo appearing on his tail and chasing him around. The Boo can be jumped on by either Mario or Luigi to stop the attack prematurely, at which point Bowser Memory L walks back to his spot.

Boos return in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey , where they additionally are found as enemies and recruitable allies in the Bowser Jr.'s Journey mode. Their special attack is Discord, which lowers the speed of enemies.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team [ ]

While the Boos themselves do not appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team , an item named Boo Biscuit does.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam [ ]

Boos appear in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam in a minigame where the player has to save a Toad by running away from a Boo and avoiding firebars and bombs. Like in many other games, this Boo will stop if Mario Bros. look at it, and will follow them if they look away. Boos can also be seen carrying Papercraft Boos, along with Papercraft King Boo. Their paper versions also appear as regular enemies in the haunted side of Gloomy Woods. King Boo also appears as a boss in Gloomy Woods. Boo Biscuits also return from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team .

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions [ ]

Boos appear in the main game and in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions . Boos are flying troopers, and attack by ramming into enemies. Their Special Skill, Evasion Cloak, allows them to increase their evasion, depending on how filled the meter that is shown becomes. Captain Boo appears as a playable captain in the game. When a Boo appears as a captain, they are able to attack the other captain from behind, using Sneak Attack.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong [ ]

A Boo appears in Mario vs. Donkey Kong , acting similar to their other appearances in platforming games. They only appear in both segments of Level 4-4 and in Level 4-4+] They cannot be defeated, and if they manage to defeat Mario or the Min-Mario , the Boo will grow and stick its tongue out.

Mario Pinball Land [ ]

In Mario Pinball Land , Boos appear in certain areas in the game. Mario cannot hit them at the front because they will become transparent as Mario passes through them. If Mario hits one of the Boos on its back, the Boo disappears and it is worth two-thousand points. They occasionally will disappear and reappear to another spot in the area.

A Big Boo also appears as one of the game's bosses. He is the boss of the haunted house and can only be damaged by hitting it from behind.

Yakuman DS [ ]

Boos appear in the Japan-only Nintendo DS game, Yakuman DS . They are one of the many opponents. Other opponents include, Goomba , Diddy Kong , and Hammer Bro. Boos are not unlockable or playable. They are opponents from the start of the game.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix [ ]

Some Boos make appearances in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix in both regular and giant varieties. Their objective is to try to make Mario miss a step. If successful, they block Mario's next move. Mario is able to step on regular Boos to hold them back, but he cannot do the same to their gigantic counterparts.

Mario Baseball series [ ]

Boo makes its first baseball appearance in Mario Superstar Baseball . It is on Wario's team as a starter. Boo is tied with Peach with its pitching, losing only to Bowser and Waluigi . Its special running and fielding move is a Super Jump. Its running and batting are weak, but its fielding is very poor. The only worse fielder in the game is Bowser.

Boo makes another appearance in Mario Super Sluggers . It is on Wario's team once again, and it can be unlocked in Wario City by finding it in between boxes and completing its challenge. Like its predecessor, Boo has the highest ranked pitch in the game, along with Peach (9/10). Despite its pitching being very high, its stamina is very poor, but its other stats range from average to low. Boo displays good chemistry with King Boo, Shy Guy , Magikoopa , and Blooper . Its chemistry with Luigi, Yoshi, Baby Mario , and Baby Luigi is bad.

Also, a new item, called Mini Boos, appears. When activated, Mini Boos turn the ball invisible for a short period of time. If used against a computer, the player stops moving until the Boos go away. If used when a special hit is effect, the Boos do nothing.

Super Princess Peach [ ]

Boos appear in Princess Peach 's first starring game, Super Princess Peach . They act as normal Boos, hiding their face when Peach looked, and attacking when Peach has her back turned. However, there is an angry variety called the Mad Boo, which attacks the opposite way. They attack when Peach looks at them, and gander around for her when she looks away. Big Boos and their vibe counterparts, a new species called Mad Big Boos, also appear.

King Boo also appears, as one of the bosses of the game. He will attack Peach by shooting fireballs at her, but she can use these to light the candles on the wall, damaging him. His vibe during the game is Gloom, which he will use to douse the candles so be sure to keep him away from the candles as the battle progresses.

There are several sections of the game where a mass of Blindfold Boos will charge towards Princess Peach.

Mario and the Incredible Rescue [ ]

Boos make an appearance in the chapter book, Mario and the Incredible Rescue . The cover features two Boos. One of the Boos is from Mario Kart: Super Circuit and the other is a mirrored Boo from Luigi's Mansion . They are known as "ghosts" in the book. Boos capture Princess Peach and take her to Bowser's Castle. Mario also sees a vision of Princess Peach being caged and surrounded by six Boos. Boos are eventually defeated by Mario at the end of the book. To defeat them, Mario casts a spell on them and sends them flying out of the castle.

Tetris DS [ ]

Boos also appear in Tetris DS . They are one of the few multiplayer items. Boos are able to block the opponent's sight of the upcoming block, making it harder for the opposing player to see the upcoming block. They do not appear in single-player.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 [ ]

Boo makes an appearance in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 . It appears as an unlockable character. It is unlocked by beating the Flower Tourney on hard. Boo's special ability is the Thriller Dunk. This is performed by tapping a B -like shape twice. In the game, the Boo is classified as a tricky character. The other tricky characters are Paratroopa , Fly Guy , Black Mage , and Moogle . Boo is also one of many of the unlockable characters to not have a baller name.

Mario Strikers Charged [ ]

Although Boos do not appear in Super Mario Strikers , they do appear in its sequel, Mario Strikers Charged . Boos, along with Hammer Bros., Toads, Koopa Troopas , Birdos , Dry Bones , Monty Moles , and Shy Guys , are sidekicks to the many captains. They appear with a helmet with the logo of their team captain. Boos are classified as a playmaker. The only other playmaker sidekicks are Toads. Their skillshot is Possess. The given description of the Boos is: " This ghost can fly up and down the sidelines with great speed, using precise and accurate passing to lead his team to victory. His long-distance shots are quite weak though and his hits are not very powerful. If Boo gets a chance, he can Possess the ball and score at will. " Boo's appearance in this game resembles that of the Spooky Speedster .

Mario & Sonic series [ ]

Mario & sonic at the olympic games [ ].

Boos are minor, supporting characters in both versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games . They are not playable characters, but they can be seen in the crowd with other Mario enemies, including Bullet Bills , Goombas , and Bob-ombs . A Boo will also appear to penalise the player if they perform two consecutive fouls in the 100m event in the DS version, as well as blocking one of the baskets in the Dream Basketball event when a Chaos Emerald is used. In the Wii version, Boos appear as an item in Dream Race, where they will follow the character in first place, or second if the player is leading when they use the Boo, for a short amount of time and cause them to lose speed and remain at a low speed. Multiple Boos can follow a character at once, causing them to remain at a lower speed, and can be removed early by using a High Speed item.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games [ ]

In the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games , Boos appear as items in Ski Cross Racing, where they can be used to steal rings and items from characters in front of the player. In Extreme Snowboarding, Boos steal items from opponents in front of the player, as well as depleting the energy in their trick gauge. In Ski Shooting, Boos will simply steal an item from an opponent if they have any when the item is used. King Boo also appears as a rival in both versions of the game.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games [ ]

A Boo teams up with King Boo in story mode of the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games to face off against Sonic and Tails in Badminton (Doubles).

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games [ ]

Boos appear in Archery Plus in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games , where they carry around the targets and disappear one they have been shot.

Super Smash Bros. series [ ]

Super smash bros. melee [ ].

In Super Smash Bros. Melee , Boo appears as a collectible trophy.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl [ ]

As well as appearing as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl , Boos make cameos in the Luigi's Mansion stage When a part of the mansion is knocked down, Boos are seen flying out. Boo from Mario Tennis also appears as a collectible item.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U [ ]

Boo appears in the form of a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U . In the latter, Boos return in the Luigi's Mansion stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl , and they appear as Smash Tour items: when used, the player starts a battle invincible.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [ ]

Boos are seen again in the returning Luigi's Mansion stage. A Boo appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Novice-class Neutral-type primary spirit] using the artwork from New Super Mario Bros. U . In World of Light, it is found in the Dracula's Castle sub-world of the Dark Realm. The spirit battle takes place on the Mushroom Kingdom U stage, with an invisible grayscale Kirby as the pupper fighter. The spirit can be enhanced to a King Boo spirit at level 99.

Mario Sports Mix [ ]

Boos appear in Mario Sports Mix . They appear as the only members of the crowd in Luigi's Mansion circling around the court. Their appearances are in Basketball and Volleyball matches and their laughs can also be heard during the game. Mainly, they can be heard when the player gets a point.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker [ ]

Boos return in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker , functioning the same as they did in Super Mario 3D World with a few minor tweaks. Despite still chasing the player when not watched, Boos and Big Boos can easily be destroyed with Toad's or Toadette's headlamp.

Interacting with Boos on the touch screen or with the pointer functionality will cause them to disappear until the player points away. Unlike most enemies in the game, holding the pointer on boos for however long will not reward a Coin.

Mario Sports Superstars [ ]

Boo appears as one of the starter captain-type characters in Mario Sports Superstars . In most sports, he is classified as a Technique type character, sharing this attribute with Peach, Daisy, and Waluigi. As such, he excels in aspects such as shot accuracy or horse control. In tennis, Boo is instead a Tricky type character, as per his appearances in the Mario Tennis series, alongside Bowser Jr. and Rosalina . His rallies have a tendency to curve, making it tricky for the opponent to predict the trajectory of his shots. In golf, Boo's default drive is 213 yards, and his shots travel medium-low in a draw trajectory.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [ ]

Boos appear as obstacles in certain areas in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle . They warp to certain areas during the turn transition between the heroes and enemies. If a Boo converges on a character, it will follow said character and force them to warp to a random spot on the battlefield along with the Boo.

Other appearances [ ]

Minecraft [ ].

In the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack in Minecraft , Ghasts are replaced by Boos.

Monopoly Gamer [ ]

Boo is a playable character in Monopoly Gamer . He is sold separately as a "Power Pack" expansion figure.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening [ ]

Boos make a cameo in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening , only appearing in a dark room in the games' second dungeon, Bottle Grotto. They actively chase Link regardless of whether he is facing them or not; if Links swings his sword at them, they disappear and reappear at a different location. After Link lights up the room, they become vulnerable and can then be defeated with Magic Powder. In the Nintendo Switch remake of the game, they now use their voice clips from the Mario franchise, and a Boo figure can be won from the Trendy Game after clearing the Key Cavern and placed in the Quadruples' house. The text that appears upon acquiring the figure reads, " You got a Boo figure! As spooky ghosts go, this one's pretty cute! "

General information [ ]

Appearance [ ].

Though their specifics change from game to game, Boos are usually bashful, cowardly, spherical ghosts. They have black beady eyes and fangs. Although they are typically white, there are sub-species of the Boo race which appear in different colors, such as pink . From Luigi's Mansion onward, it became common to picture Boos sticking out their tongues. In most games, Boos are unable to change their facial expressions, often having wide, open grins on their faces, the only exception being when they are looked at, in which they bashfully cover their faces. However, the Luigi's Mansion and early Paper Mario games portray Boos as being more expressive than in other games, being able to frown, scowl, or even smirk. Since Super Mario 64 , Boos have been portrayed with a unique, high-pitched laugh. This laugh is the same as Bowser's, sped up several times [9] . However, Boos got a new laugh starting in Mario Power Tennis provided by Sanae Suzaki being more of a haunting laugh than before. Although most species of Boo will cover their faces and become intangible when looked at, they will often sneak behind their victim and strike when their back is turned. Due to their ghostly abilities, Boos are generally invulnerable and cannot be harmed by ordinary means of attack. Despite this, they are not invincible and are especially vulnerable to the light. If they are exposed to a source of light, Boos are usually weakened, and in some cases they may even be defeated. Usually, they can also have other weaknesses. Because of their intolerance to the light, Boos will often hide if they are trapped in lit rooms. However, King Boo claims that Boos cannot truly be killed. While the ghosts generally appear to be more afraid of their victims than their victim is of them, this is not always the case. Some Boos have absolutely no problem meeting their victim's gaze, and will even try to attack. Boos tend to have a taste for the fine arts, as seen in Paper Mario and Mario Party 4 . In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon it is shown that Boos will actually save someone if only later to trick them. This is seen when Luigi watches through pipe in the Old Clockworks as a Yellow Toad balances on a ledge. Some Boos appear and watch the Toad before it falls off the ledge, which is later found to be quite a drop, the Boos show a large amount of concern and shock when this happens before diving down for the Toad. The Toad though is later found in a painting because of the Boos.

Boos are often characterized by their sub-species despite their similarities in appearance and attack manner. Boo species tend to wildly differ in size, with some such as Boo Buddies being miniature, while others such as the Big Boos boast gigantic size.

In Luigi's Mansion , Professor E. Gadd notes that Boos have mysterious powers that increase when they gather together in large groups. While it is difficult to stop them, they can be weakened if one is able to defeat members of the group. Although in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon this does not seem to affect them or King Boo in any way suggesting that they do not always need to be in groups anymore.

Boos have few predators, their only known threat being a Spike named Tubba Blubba. This is first seen in Paper Mario , when he began devouring Boos; this, however, may have been his revenge for the countless times the ghosts scared him.

  • Boo's Sheet - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • Fright Bomb - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Boo Bell - Mario Party 2
  • Boo's Crystal Ball - Mario Party 4
  • Boo Biscuit - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Habitat [ ]

Boos typically make their homes in dark forests, such as the Forever Forest and Boo Woods , and tend to be most commonly found in older buildings such as mansions, castles, and Ghost Houses. Although most of them live in such dwellings, they also seem to enjoy wastelands. One of the only known Boo villages lies in Gusty Gulch. They are typically found in groups because their fears make them find strength in big numbers.

Allegiance [ ]

Though most Boos tend to side with Bowser and King Boo, they seem to, for the most part, actually stand as neutral. For example, Boos are by now a common enemy in most side-scrolling games; however, in the Paper Mario series and now increasingly in the multiplayer games, Boos have been seen to take the side of the Mushroom Kingdom . Lady Bow, in fact, helped Mario save the kingdom in Paper Mario . In another example, the Boos in the Creepy Steeple from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door attack Mario initially, but later in the game Mario is sent a friendly letter from one of them. King Boo, on the other hand, has several times been shown to wish nothing but terrible things for Luigi (but this could be accredited to Luigi being easily scared, making him a prime target for most Boo antics). They also have attacked Bowser in some games, such as the Mario Party series, mainly from Mario Party 5 to Mario Party 8 .

Language [ ]

As hinted in the game Super Mario Galaxy , Boos have their own unique language called Booish. It most probably is spoken only by Boos since Mario cannot understand it. However, upon absorbing a Boo Mushroom and turning into Boo Mario , he gains the ability to read it, if not speak it as well.

Paper Mario also features Boos replacing certain words with "Boo", possibly as a part of the Booish language:

I am so bored!! Boo-ored! Boo-st of luck! Hey, what can I Boo for you? It's going to be the most Boo-tiful wedding ever!

Profiles and statistics [ ]

Super smash bros. melee trophy [ ], mario superstar baseball information [ ].

  • Type: Technique
  • Starting Team Captain: Wario
  • Status: Player
  • Batting: 3/10
  • Pitching: 8/10
  • Fielding: 2/10
  • Running: 4/10
  • Strength: Pitching
  • Special Talents: Super Jump
  • Field: Center
  • Height: Normal
  • Star Pitch: Curveball
  • Star Swing: Center
  • Sweet Spot: The Boo face on the bat
  • Compatible Relationships: Wario, Magikoopa, King Boo
  • Bio: " Bowser's underling ghost. Behind the scary face lies a very shy soul. Look most Boos in the eyes and they'll cover their faces...but turn around and they'll attack you! Boos confuse their enemies by flickering in and out of the visible realm, appearing at inconvenient times. "
  • Creator Shigeru Miyamoto got the idea for Boo from the wife of his coworker and close friend Takashi Tezuka , as she is shy but one day got very angry with him for coming home late from work. [10] [11]
  • Mumbies and Scarfies , enemies from the Kirby series , each sometimes attack in an identical way to Boos.
  • The Podoboo 's name also sounds similar to the Boo's, whether or not the two species are related is unclear.

References [ ]

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King Boo is the leader of the Boos and ghosts , the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series , and the arch-nemesis of Luigi . He is also an ally of Bowser and has aided him in his various schemes. He has succeeded in capturing Mario in the Luigi's Mansion games, as well as capturing Toads , Professor E. Gadd , and Princess Peach . Although not the biggest Boo , King Boo has some powers throughout the series, including materializing objects and spitting fire. King Boo's power is often directly proportional to the number of Boos in his vicinity.

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  • 1.7.1 Mario Party 8
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History [ edit ]

Luigi's mansion series [ edit ], luigi's mansion [ edit ].

Luigi's Mansion Artwork: Bowser

Prior to the events of Luigi's Mansion and its remake , Professor E. Gadd captured Boolossus in a portrait, using a device called a Ghost Portrificationizer . He later hung Boolossus's portrait to his Gallery inside his lab in Boo Woods . This angered King Boo, so he devised a plan to rescue Boolossus.

King Boo and his forces attacked the laboratory. The Boos reversed the settings of the Portificationizer and released Boolossus. King Boo then ordered that all the ghosts that E. Gadd had captured should be released as well. After releasing all the portrait ghosts, King Boo created a huge mansion and placed it next to the professor's lab. King Boo, his Boo minions, and the recently freed portrait ghosts decided to inhabit the mansion. With a huge mansion and an army of ghosts, King Boo decided to exact revenge upon Mario and Luigi for all the Boos they attacked during their adventures by capturing them.

Hoping to capture Luigi, King Boo sends him a letter. The message states that Luigi has won a mansion in a contest and provides the location of the prize. Luigi asks his brother Mario to investigate the mansion and says that he is arriving shortly thereafter. Mario travels to the mansion, but right after he enters, he is instantly overwhelmed by King Boo's forces and captured. King Boo then imprisons Mario in a portrait, and places him in the Secret Altar , located in the basement of the mansion.

While waiting for Luigi, King Boo and his Boo minions wait behind a secret door in the floor of the Storage Room . When Luigi enters the room and reveals the secret door, the Boos spring out from the floor. However, the Boos (including King Boo) stop their surprise attack when they notice the Poltergust 3000 on Luigi's back, which he had been given from E. Gadd in order to recapture the Portrait ghosts and save his brother. In fear of the device, King Boo and the other Boos scatter and hide in the mansion. King Boo travels to the Secret Altar in the mansion's basement.

King Boo and Bowser boss battle

The special key that Vincent Van Gore holds unlocks the path to the Secret Altar. However, he is locked in The Artist's Studio on the third floor of the mansion. After capturing him and retrieving the key, Luigi discovers that he still cannot enter the Secret Altar. If Luigi attempts to enter the Secret Altar without catching a certain number of Boos, King Boo blows Luigi to the Foyer , the entrance of the mansion. Since King Boo's power is related to the number of Boos in the mansion, Luigi can weaken him by capturing the Boos hidden in various rooms. After Luigi captures at least forty of the mansion's fifty Boos, King Boo loses his ability to blow Luigi from the Secret Altar. Once King Boo is weakened, Luigi enters King Boo's Secret Altar.

King Boo and Bowser boss battle

Upon entering the Altar, Luigi notices King Boo staring at Mario in the painting while insulting the brothers' intelligence for having fallen for his scheme. King Boo then turns around to face Luigi and states his desire to add a Luigi painting to the collection. After this, King Boo flies into the Mario painting hanging on the wall. The picture of Mario transforms into Bowser, then the new Bowser painting inhales Luigi into the canvas, transporting Luigi into an arena that resembles the mansion's roof . Luigi then confronts Bowser. In reality, this is a suit of Bowser that King Boo controls from the inside and uses as a shield.

King Boo uses this Bowser suit to attack Luigi, shooting flames at him causing ten HP of damage, and even attempting to inhale him into its mouth, deducting fifteen HP upon spitting him out. The suit also has the ability to create three large spiked bombs and toss them at Luigi, which when exploding, take away ten HP. Luigi can use his Poltergust 3000 to grab one of the spiked explosives and release it into the Bowser suit's mouth. This attack blasts the head off of the Bowser suit, causing King Boo to exit the shield and expose himself to the Poltergust 3000. Luigi begins to deplete the ghost's five hundred hit points. Meanwhile, the suit's head hovers around the arena, shooting icy blasts at Luigi, which freezes him briefly. King Boo, after a while, flies back into the dormant Bowser body and the head reattaches itself, resuming the fight. Luigi repeats this process, slowly weakening King Boo, but after King Boo's life falls below two hundred HP, the head of the suit reattaches backwards whenever he returns to the Bowser body, causing the Bowser suit to run around aimlessly. The suit soon corrects its head and resumes the fight. Eventually, Luigi manages to completely drain King Boo's HP and capture him inside the Poltergust 3000.

After the battle, Luigi receives King Boo's crown, worth 5000G, and adds it to his treasure collection. Upon returning to the mansion, Luigi quickly travels to Professor E. Gadd's lab. In the lab, Luigi connects the Poltergust to the professor's Portrificationizer, dumping its contents into the machine. Both King Boo and the fake Bowser appear on the Portificationizer portrait. With King Boo captured, Professor E. Gadd hangs his new portrait in an empty room in his gallery.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon / Luigi's Mansion 2 HD [ edit ]

King Boo artwork

King Boo reappears in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon as the main antagonist and final boss once more. He looks similar to his original appearance from Luigi's Mansion , but he retains the full set of teeth and sped-up voice he had in his appearances in the other Super Mario titles and is also much larger. He has a purple tongue and mouth and glowing purple eyes, and the dark area around his eyes is bigger and darker.

It is revealed later in the game that Professor E. Gadd had sold the portrait of King Boo from Luigi's Mansion at a garage sale (a car boot sale in British English versions), which is how the king escaped. King Boo shatters the Dark Moon into six pieces with a bolt of energy from his crown, which contained a power-enhancing gem. This turns the once-friendly ghosts of Evershade Valley hostile and mischievous as well as sprawling the Dark Moon's pieces to each Mansion of the valley, which Luigi has to recover.

Towards the end of the game, it is revealed that King Boo has captured Mario like he did in the last game. After Luigi obtains the last Dark Moon piece and returns to the Bunker , King Boo captures him and pulls him back into his dimension . He reveals to Luigi he escaped from the painting and broke the Dark Moon, causing the ghosts to become under his control. He intends to use the ghosts as an army to conquer both Evershade Valley and the Mushroom Kingdom while also planning to put Luigi, E. Gadd, and all their friends into paintings for revenge. He then engages into battle with Luigi.

mario ghost laugh

During the final battle, King Boo summons a series of magic lightning bolts with his crown and will attempt to slam Luigi with his body. The latter causes spiked balls to fall from above, which will roll around the tilting platform to pose a hazard. King Boo will stop moving when looked at, and when caught underneath a falling ball he will become stunned, leaving him vulnerable to the Poltergust 5000 . Once his HP is depleted and he gets sucked into the Poltergust 5000, he immediately breaks out and sends Luigi into a floating hallway. He then swells to a large size and begins rolling after Luigi, attempting to stall Luigi with various obstacles, such as falling shelves and suits of armor with large polearms. If King Boo does hit Luigi, he'll pause for a moment to laugh maliciously. Once Luigi makes it out of the hall, he will land on another tilting platform, where King Boo will repeat his previous patterns at a higher intensity. The battle concludes after the third battle and second hallway chase, leading to King Boo's defeat and being sucked into the Poltergust 5000.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade [ edit ]

King Boo appears as the final boss for Luigi's Mansion Arcade , leading his ghosts in an uprising to get revenge on Luigi and Professor E. Gadd. However, after Luigi has sucked in all of his minions with the Poltergust 5000 , King Boo assaults Luigi on the terrace of the Treacherous Mansion . Protected by a magical barrier, he can only be attacked once he lets his guard down. King Boo throws bombs at the player, moves very quickly and clones himself multiple times over the course of the fight. However, only the original has the power-enhancing gem on his crown. Just like in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon , he escapes the Poltergust 5000 two times before being defeated for good.

Luigi's Mansion 3 [ edit ]

King Boo chasing Luigi down the fifth floor hallway

King Boo reappears in Luigi's Mansion 3 with the same design as in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon , but with more detail on his crown and a more expressive scowl. King Boo is one of the two main antagonists, having been released by the other main antagonist Hellen Gravely , the owner of The Last Resort hotel and a big fan of his, in order to impress him. Seeking revenge on Luigi for his previous defeats, he traps Professor E. Gadd, Mario, Princess Peach , and the three Toads in portraits before going after Luigi, who manages to escape his capture by going down a laundry chute. He later ends up entrusting Hellen Gravely with Mario's portrait, although it's implied that he intended for Luigi to win both due to Gravely's failures by that time and so he could capture both alongside Peach by using the latter as bait, also recapturing the Toads and Professor E. Gadd just after Mario was freed. However, he ultimately fails to capture Luigi atop the hotel due to Polterpup shoving him out of the way of King Boo's portrait, and then proceeds to battle Luigi. To defeat King Boo, Luigi must throw a bomb from a spiked ball King Boo throws into his mouth, then pull on his tongue with Gooigi 's help and slam him repeatedly. Upon doing so, King Boo will then generate a clone that attacks alongside him. After this is done twice, King Boo will enlarge the painting, and Luigi will then have four minutes to attack King Boo one last time. The battle ends with King Boo being recaptured by Luigi and placed in a containment jar alongside Gravely, much to his frustration. As the purple gem in his crown was taken by Luigi after the final battle, it is missing from his crown. [1]

The clones that King Boo summons in the final battle reference his original design from Luigi's Mansion , as they only have two teeth, lacking the middle two fangs King Boo is depicted with now.

If the player gets a game over at any point during this game, King Boo will be shown trapping Luigi in a portrait alongside the rest of his friends.

Super Mario-kun [ edit ]

King Boo. Page 147, volume 26 of Super Mario-kun.

King Boo appears in a short chapter on Luigi's Mansion of volume 26 of Super Mario-kun . As in the game, Luigi reveals King Boo by knocking off the Bowser illusion's head. Unlike in the games, however, King Boo is immediately sucked in.

Mario Kart series [ edit ]

Mario kart: double dash [ edit ].

Artwork of Petey Piranha and King Boo for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

King Boo is an unlockable character in the racing game Mario Kart: Double Dash!! . This is his first appearance in a spin-off, and also his first playable appearance, resulting in further appearances in the Mario Kart series . Despite being a ghost, King Boo is classified as a heavyweight driver due to his large size. His partner is Petey Piranha , and both have the ability to use almost any other character's special item (if they are going to get a special item, it is randomly chosen, based on their race position). They cannot receive the Green Fireball or the Birdo's Egg , however. These characters are unlocked by winning the Star Cup in Mirror Mode.

King Boo's personal kart is the Boo Pipes , which is a gray version of Petey's Piranha Pipes kart, but with an image of a Boo instead of a Piranha Plant where the item-using partner stands. However, the more important difference between the two is that, while the Piranha Pipes has high speed and low acceleration, the Boo Pipes is vice versa, with low speed and high acceleration. The only other heavy kart like this is the Offroader in Mario Kart Wii .

King Boo appears to slightly shrink when he becomes the driver. On the second "Thanks for Playing!" screen (after beating the Special Cup with a Gold Trophy while all other cups already have a Gold Trophy), King Boo appears in the background chasing Wario and Waluigi .

In the debug menu Media:MarioKartDoubleDashDebugMenuBossTeresa.png found in the demos and debug build of the game, King Boo is referred to as "Boss Teresa", the Japanese name used for the King Boo from Super Mario Sunshine and certain iterations of Big Boo , instead of his usual name "King Teresa".

Mario Kart DS [ edit ]

Peach and King Boo in Mission Mode.

In Mario Kart DS , King Boo, along with six other bosses from Super Mario 64 DS , re-appears as one of the bosses of the Mission Mode. King Boo is the boss of the fourth level, with the playable character being Peach . Peach attempts to collect 50 coins on the Lava Arena within the time limit, but after a few seconds King Boo appears, surrounds her, and then attacks her, stealing ten of her coins and making all uncollected coins disappear, before teleporting to another area of the arena. To take them back, Peach has to drive and bump into King Boo, making him transparent. Then, she can drive through him again, retrieving her coins and making the other coins reappear. However, King Boo soon reappears a few moments later to get the coins again. After collecting all fifty coins, Peach finally defeats King Boo. Additionally, the Bowser and King Boo painting from Luigi's Mansion appears in the Luigi's Mansion race course, although only Bowser can be seen in the painting.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 [ edit ]

King Boo makes a cameo appearance in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 on the Yoshi Park 2 course in the Horror House. Here, a large picture of him appears near the end of the course where it inhales many ghosts and the racers. As the player drives into his mouth, they are warped back to the beginning of the course.

Mario Kart Wii [ edit ]

SNES Ghost Valley 2

King Boo returns in Mario Kart Wii as a large-sized driver, and is unlocked by completing the Star Cup in 50cc. He is also unlocked by playing 750 races. He features a good handling bonus and a small off-road bonus, which comes in handy for vehicles like the Offroader , Wario Bike , and Phantom . He is used as the Staff Ghost on the SNES Ghost Valley 2 course. In the credits, he appears driving the Jetsetter on the SNES Ghost Valley 2 course.

King Boo is one of the few characters to have his standing animation on the character select screen altered from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! In this case, his tongue is not sticking out of his mouth the whole time like before; now, before selecting him, his tongue is still in his mouth. Other characters whose poses were altered include: Yoshi , who is now looking at the screen; Birdo , whose bow was made larger; Diddy Kong , who is looking in a different direction; Wario, who now has short sleeves; Waluigi, who now performs a slightly different animation when selected; and Donkey Kong , whose mouth is not as wide open and is looking in another direction.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [ edit ]

Screenshot of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

King Boo returns as a playable character in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , the enhanced port of Mario Kart 8 released for Nintendo Switch . He is among the lightest of the five heavyweight groups, sharing his statistics with Rosalina , Link , and Pauline . He has the lowest top speed and weight of all the heavyweights, all while sharing similar acceleration as other heavy groups. However, his handling is amongst the best of the heavyweights (shared with the metal characters and Petey Piranha). He also has the strongest mini-turbo boost of the heavyweights. Finally, his traction stat is noticeably strong, being far and away the best in his weight class, and the third best base traction stat in the game. Additionally, his horn sound is the sound that King Boo from Super Mario Sunshine makes when hit by a pepper . He is the 150cc Staff Ghost for GBA Boo Lake and the 200cc Staff Ghost for three courses: Twisted Mansion , GBA Snow Land , and 3DS Rosalina's Ice World . Initially, King Boo did not have a rival character for Grand Prix mode, but upon release of Wave 5 of the Booster Course Pass DLC, King Boo was given a rival in the form of Petey Piranha and also became Petey Piranha's rival, likely a nod to their status as partners in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! He is the only base game character to gain a rival through the Booster Course Pass.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX [ edit ]

King Boo appears as a featherweight playable character in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX , sharing his stats with Baby Mario and Baby Peach . He was originally only playable during a limited-time event campaign held between October 18, 2017, and January 10, 2018, in the Japanese version, though Bana Passport users could unlock King Boo permanently when they collected three in-game stamps, making him usable even after the event's duration. In an update released on October 10, 2018, he was made available for players who did not participate in the aforementioned event.

Mario Kart Tour [ edit ]

King Boo (Luigi's Mansion) in Mario Kart Tour

King Boo reappears as a playable character in Mario Kart Tour , available as of the 2019 Halloween Tour . He is classified as a Super driver, and his special skill is the Lucky Seven .

The game also features two other playable variants of King Boo. King Boo (Luigi's Mansion) , also introduced to the game in the 2019 Halloween Tour, uses his design from Luigi's Mansion 3 , marking the first time King Boo is playable using his appearance from the Luigi's Mansion series. This variant is listed as a High-End character and has the Bob-omb Cannon special skill. King Boo (Gold) was introduced for the 2020 Halloween Tour , sporting a golden body and blue-jeweled silver crown. Also listed as a High-End driver, he uses the Coin Box as his special skill and, like other metallic characters, a distorting filter is applied to his voice. Unlike most characters, King Boo's head icon is recycled from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , rather than having a new one that uses his in-game model. Similarly, the head icons for his Luigi's Mansion and gold counterparts also use their in-game artwork.

In pre-release materials, including the beta test , King Boo was classified as a Super Rare (High-End) driver and his special skill was the Double Bob-ombs , sharing his change in classification between the beta test and final game with Rosalina.

Super Mario series [ edit ]

Super mario 64 ds [ edit ].

Mario encountering King Boo in the Big Boo Battle stage of Super Mario 64 DS

King Boo appears in Super Mario 64 's Nintendo DS remake, Super Mario 64 DS , imprisoning Luigi behind a painting in Big Boo's Haunt . When Mario enters the Big Boo Battle level to save Luigi, King Boo greets him. From there, the player must listen for King Boo's cackle and enter the door where it is loudest. Eventually, the player reaches the end and fights King Boo to free Luigi. To defeat King Boo, the player has to follow King Boo's movements in the arena's mirror and stomp him when he comes close enough. Defeating him results in King Boo giving out the Luigi Key . The player can fight him again as different characters, notably Luigi (who can be fought before unlocking him with his cap ) and Wario . When Luigi meets King Boo, he is confused but proceeds to attack him anyway. When Wario fights him, King Boo is alarmed by his appearance and attempts to scare and attack him.

In English and other localizations of the game, King Boo is incorrectly called Big Boo , even though he is clearly different from the Big Boo of Big Boo's Haunt. Internally, they do use the same model, with a modifier denoting the presence of the crown.

New Super Luigi U / New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe [ edit ]

King Boo makes a small cameo in New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in the secret exit of Vanishing Ghost House , where his art from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon can be seen in the form of a sign hanging from the side of the building.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder [ edit ]

King Boo in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder , King Boo appears in the levels Light-Switch Mansion and The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage , where he chases the player(s) in a similar fashion to Boohemoth in New Super Mario Bros. 2 . [2] In Light-Switch Mansion, King Boo appears once the Wonder Flower is collected and the Wonder Effect "A Night at Boo's Opera" is activated. King Boo then chases the player(s) through the level while singing with an operatic baritone voice. If he is looked at, he will cover his face and continue singing, albeit with a voice distortion filter. Once the Wonder Seed is collected, King Boo's crown will fall off as he shrinks into a regular Boo. [3] In The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage, King Boo appears once the player(s) reach the Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins, acting as he does in the other level. Once players enter the zero-gravity section, King Boo again loses his crown and shrinks into a regular Boo, although he floats away off-screen surrounded with music notes. [4]

Mario Baseball series [ edit ]

Mario superstar baseball [ edit ].

King Boo is a playable character in Mario Superstar Baseball and a member of Wario 's baseball team, the Wario Greats . He is a default character, meaning he does not need to be unlocked. He is a power hitter, using his white, crowned, Boo-like baseball bat to hit long outfield drives and even homeruns. King Boo has good chemistry with Boo and Petey Piranha , and he has bad chemistry with Luigi and Baby Luigi . However, like Boo, his hits are usually very curved, and this causes them to be fouls most of the time.

Mario Super Sluggers [ edit ]

King Boo prepares to bat in Mario Super Sluggers.

King Boo reappears in Mario Super Sluggers and is one of the few characters on Wario's team in both games, along with Boo and Waluigi . He is once again a power hitter, and he also excels in pitching, with both stats being his highest, though his running and fielding are still rather poor. In Challenge Mode, he appears immediately after the player defeats Bowser Jr. at the Wario City stadium, stating that he turned invisible and was watching the whole game. However, he is uninterested in joining the player's team unless the team has some Boos with them. This is accomplished by both recruiting Boo and finding the Mini Boo item. King Boo has good chemistry with Petey Piranha , Boo , Wiggler , and King K. Rool , but he has bad chemistry with Mario , Luigi , Yoshi , Baby Mario , Baby Luigi , Baby Peach , and Baby Daisy .

His baseball bat no longer has a physical crown on it. In this game, it is represented as a crown picture above the "Boo mouth" picture. As well, in this game only, the colors of the jewels on his crown are reversed.

Super Princess Peach [ edit ]

King Boo vs. Princess Peach

King Boo aids Bowser in Super Princess Peach by appearing as the boss of Shriek Mansion . After adventuring through Vibe Island , Peach discovers where King Boo is and engages him in combat. During the battle, King Boo fires blue homing fireballs at Peach and chases her regardless of whether she looks at him or not. Peach can damage King Boo with direct light, which is made by having his own flames light the candles spread throughout the room. After a few attacks, King Boo uses his Gloom vibe, which causes him to cry, which extinguishes the candle flames. After enough attacks, King Boo is eventually defeated. With King Boo eliminated, Peach rescues the Toad and continues against Bowser's forces.

Mario Party series [ edit ]

Mario party 8 [ edit ].

King Boo

Mario Party 9 [ edit ]

King Boo's Puzzle Attack

King Boo appears as the stage boss of the board Boo's Horror Castle in Mario Party 9 . He is fought in the minigame, King Boo's Puzzle Attack , where the competitors line up power-ups in lines of three or more to deal damage to him. Once his health reaches halfway, he throws Boos onto the field which can stun the player's cursors, making them unable to move until they shake the Boo off. What is unique about his boss battle is that if a player gets the Final Attack, they get ten points instead of the usual three, likely because the players can easily accumulate points up to fifty. In the final fight against Bowser, King Boo can also appear to hinder the players' progress. If Bowser throws the die with all the stage bosses' faces on it and King Boo's face appears on top, King Boo materializes above the stage. Then, he summons five Boos that move in a counterclockwise direction while moving outwards. When the Boos reach the boundaries of the stage, King Boo summons another five Boos, except this time they move clockwise. After that, King Boo disappears from the battle unless his face appears on the top of the die again.

Like most other characters in the game, King Boo has a constellation that can be returned to the sky; it is called the Ghost Major. It is located in the farthest left portion of the sky, near King Bob-omb 's constellation and right next to Boo's constellation. Like all constellations, it can be bought for fifty Minigame Points. Also, in the Museum 's Sound Test, there are two voice sounds with the name "King Boo's Entrance"; one is of King Boo and the other is actually of Boo.

Mario Party 10 [ edit ]

Boss minigame from Mario Party 10; King Boo's Tricky Tiles.

King Boo reappears in the next title, Mario Party 10 . He returns as a boss in the minigame King Boo's Tricky Tiles . In order to defeat him, the player must remember which platforms are false, and then run around until they can jump on a light switch (one is worth 3 points, and another worth 1 point). Like other bosses, King Boo gets angered after the players deplete his health halfway. The technique that King Boo uses is that he swaps Boos with platforms and he blocks the camera, so the player can't see the platforms very well and remember which ones are false. He can also be seen on the Luigi Board , which appears in the game's amiibo Party mode.

Mario Party: Star Rush [ edit ]

King Boo returns as a boss in Mario Party: Star Rush in his minigame, King Boo's Light Smite . In order to defeat him, players have to use Light Boxes which they need to carry over rotating platforms while evading Peepas . Once he loses half his health bar, the rotating platforms start moving faster and more Peepas appear, making it more difficult to reach the other side.

Mario Party Superstars [ edit ]

Luigi speaking to King Boo in Mario Party Superstars

King Boo appears in Mario Party Superstars on Horror Land , replacing the Big Boo found on the original board. [5] He summons Boo lackeys to steal coins (for free) or Stars (for 150 coins) from all opponents who have any. As with the Big Boo in the original, he can only be encountered at night and only through a path that requires a Skeleton Key .

Mario & Sonic series [ edit ]

Mario & sonic at the olympic winter games [ edit ].

mario ghost laugh

In the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games , King Boo appears as the first and sixth (in Individual Festival mode only) rival. King Boo races the player in the Alpine Skiing Downhill event in both Individual and Group Festival modes but he only races the player in Giant Slalom in the Individual Festival mode, making him the only rival that can potentially be faced more than once. King Boo has no skis so he goes down the hill smoothly. If the player loses to him, the guide (either Cream or Toad ) says that it is unfair because King Boo has no skis.

In the Adventure Tours mode in the DS version , King Boo is the mid-boss of Polastraits . When the challenger approaches him, King Boo tells Mario/Sonic that he must race someone afraid of him. He selects Luigi and they must race in Giant Slalom. In this version, King Boo is transparent and the player can ski through him. He also appears slightly larger than in his other appearances.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games [ edit ]

King Boo in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

In the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games , King Boo is one of the rival characters that can be found in the London Party mode, and when he is encountered, he challenges the player to the Dream Sprint event, with stickers being offered as a reward for beating him.

In the Nintendo 3DS version , King Boo appears in the Story Mode, where he helps guard the Phantasmal Fog at the Tower of London , and teams up with a Boo to challenge Sonic and Tails in Badminton (Doubles) . When defeated, he and the Boo flee, and King Boo later appears at the opening ceremony for the games. A badge of King Boo can also be obtained from the badge machine.

King Boo is one of the three characters who appear as rivals in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games but do not appear as playable characters in any version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games . The other two are Boo and Magikoopa .

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games [ edit ]

King Boo appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games as a rival in the Legends Showdown mode. He is found in Area 4, and is raced against in Short Track Speed Skating 1000m .

Mario Golf: World Tour [ edit ]

King Boo and Boos in Mario Golf: World Tour.

King Boo makes a cameo appearance in Mario Golf: World Tour on Hole 4 of Bowser's Castle . He is floating in the background alongside other Boos , and he is also much larger than in other games. His name can also appear on the tournament scoreboard.

Super Smash Bros. series [ edit ]

Super smash bros. for nintendo 3ds [ edit ].

King Boo appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS .

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [ edit ]

He also appears in his Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon design as an Advanced-class Neutral-type primary spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , being the enhanced form of the Boo spirit after it has reached level 99. When equipped, the spirit grants the fighter slower fall speed after jumping and has 3 support slots. King Boo is listed as the 49th spirit, though he was listed as the 121st spirit alongside the rest of the Luigi's Mansion series spirits in version 1.0.0 of the game. [6]

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition [ edit ]

King Boo appears as a boss and enemy in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition , mostly appearing at the Ghost House courses. His main attribute is Dark, while his sub-attribute is Light. As an ally, King Boo's skill can heal 1000 HP, and change all Heart Orbs into Dark Orbs. His Awoken Skill raises the amount of time that the player has to move Orbs around.

As an enemy, King Boo is capable of decreasing the player's maximum time to move Orbs around. Also, King Boo is treated as a generic enemy, so he can still appear as an enemy, regardless of whether or not the player has King Boo in their party. Big Boo can be transformed into a King Boo with six Boo Mushrooms as a Transformation Item, making it possible to create multiple King Boos on the player's team.

When King Boo attacks, a bunch of Boos attack with him.

King Boo's best stats are his ATK and RCV, while his HP is at an average level.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam [ edit ]

King Boo from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

King Boo appears as a boss in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam . King Boo has a papercraft version of himself piloted by Morton and Lemmy , which is fought in Bowser's Castle . The Mario Bros. use Papercraft Yoshi to fight it.

The real King Boo is encountered and fought in Gloomy Woods after the trio separate, leading to him kidnapping Mario and Paper Mario ; leaving Luigi alone to find them, like in the Luigi's Mansion series. After finding Mario , he and Luigi begin to look for Paper Mario. They eventually find King Boo instead, disguised as Paper Mario. When they group together, King Boo reverts back to normal and laughs at the Bros. for a second, before re-transforming; Mario and Luigi then turn around, and are unaware of King Boo's presence. When they turn around again, King Boo reveals himself again, but is caught by the duo. In an attempt to fool them, he immediately reverts back to Paper Mario, and tries to convince the Bros. that he is the real Paper Mario, but fails. King Boo then loses control of his transformation powers, as he quickly transforms into Paper Peach and then Paper Bowser, before finally gaining control and giving up; reverting back to his true form, causing the battle to commence.

King Boo attacks by spitting blue fireballs at either Mario or Luigi before inhaling them; making them need to avoid the fireballs twice, and splitting into five copies before floating slowly towards the trio, turning invisible as he gets near; which the trio must counter using their hammers around 2 seconds after a copy turns invisible. During the battle, King Boo calls a Paper Boo holding the real Paper Mario onto the battlefield; threatening to harm Paper Mario if the bros attack either himself or the Paper Boo. In order to save Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi must defeat the minion holding onto Paper Mario, causing it to drop him. If King Boo is attacked while the Paper Boo is on the battlefield, he deals damage to Paper Mario. After a few turns, another Paper Boo can grab Paper Mario again, taking him out of the battle (which gets rid of Paper Mario's copies) temporarily. Finally, King Boo also has a chase attack where he grows bigger before attempting to shoot a giant blue fireball at the trio; which Mario and Luigi have to counter by throwing Paper Mario's boomerang form into King Boo's mouth while it is open. Once defeated, Paper Mario is reunited with the duo and the group continues to Mount Brrr .

Due to his crown, King Boo is immune to the brothers' Jump attack (but he can be hit by Hammer attacks, unlike Paper Boos) and certain Bros. Attacks , such as the Rocket Blast and Mega Thwonk 's jumping attacks (only in the arcade ). Attacking King Boo using attacks from above results in the Bro. taking 1 damage as if they were jumping on a spiked enemy. The Dropchopper , however, can circumvent this as it can be aimed towards King Boo's forehead instead of his crown and can then damage him.

The splitting attack used by King Boo is a reference to (if not a direct copy of) the Dark Star 's splitting attack in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story , except King Boo takes damage if countered unlike the Dark Star's version due to it being invincible. As well, if the Mario Bros. continue to attack King Boo without freeing Paper Mario, his slapping Paper Mario may be an allusion to Lady Bow and her slap attacks [7] . Also, King Boo's voice clips from Mario Kart Wii are reused.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [ edit ]

King Boo makes a cameo appearance in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in Spooky Trails , where an image of him can be found on the ground in the area where the gramophone is found.

Mario Tennis Aces [ edit ]

King Boo appears in Mario Tennis Aces as part of the Boo Hunt Co-op Challenge available from version 2.0.0. When Frenzy Time is active, King Boo appears and hovers around the court. Players can continuously hit tennis balls at him to earn more coins. He disappears once either his health bar or the Frenzy bar is depleted. In this appearance, he does not use any of his normal voice clips, instead using those of a regular Boo.

Dr. Mario World [ edit ]

Dr. King Boo artwork from Dr. Mario World

King Boo appears in Dr. Mario World as assistants, added on November 14th, 2019. [8] He is a battle box-exclusive assistant, only obtainable from battle boxes for tier 7 or above in versus mode. In versus mode, he has a chance of sending 2 extra rows of viruses to the opponent if the attack lands. In stage mode, he grants a chance of 5 extra capsules being added when 5 capsules are remaining, which will have a chance to activate again if the condition is met again but didn't activate earlier. However, it won't activate for the rest of the stage if this effect has successfully activated.

He also appears as a doctor named Dr. King Boo , available September 28th, 2020. Like Dr. Dry Bowser , he cannot be obtained in staffing and must be obtained through either in-app purchases or unlocking him through rewards such as in World 20 's Special Stage or through certain referrals. His skill is to eliminate an amount of viruses even those that would normally take multiple hits to clear such as floatie viruses . In stage mode, the amount is 5 viruses (4 prior to version 2.2.0), while in versus mode, the amount differs based on level, where it is 4 at level 1 with three extra viruses per level, up to 16 at the maximum level of level 5. In stage mode, if there are no more viruses while this skill is activated, it will eliminate one random object that can be eliminated instead, excluding capsules.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie [ edit ]

King Boo has a minor appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Movie at Bowser and Peach's wedding with his Super Mario design. He is seen sitting a few rows behind King Bob-omb . He does not have any role in the climax nor does he speak. He disappears once Peach, Mario, and Donkey Kong crash the wedding. Compared to his usual design, his face is smaller and is more expressive, taking up less space on his overall body. He is also the only Boo that appears in the movie.

General information [ edit ]

Physical appearance [ edit ].

King Boo's Super Mario design (left) and his Luigi's Mansion design (right)

King Boo has had two distinct appearances throughout his video game history. In most Super Mario games since Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , King Boo resembles a normal Boo with a golden, five-pointed crown, though he is much larger. With this design, the crown has a blue jewel on the front and four red jewels around the sides in every game except Mario Super Sluggers , where the colors are reversed. Like other Boos, King Boo is generally shown with an open, wide grin; however, when looked at, he closes his mouth and bashfully hides his face with his hands. In certain games like Mario Party 9 , King Boo's emotions are denoted by an aura surrounding him: when happy, he glows with a blue aura, and when angry, he glows with a red aura. Sometimes he also has steam coming out of him to display his anger. In Dr. Mario World , he has a doctor's mirror on his crown and he carries a medicine box by strap. His gold variant in Mario Kart Tour is based on this design, and has an entirely golden body similar to a Gold Boo , though his teeth and tongue are golden as well. His crown is silver and all five jewels are blue.

King Boo's other design was first used for his debut appearance in Luigi's Mansion , and has since been reused in the subsequent Luigi's Mansion games. This original design gave King Boo dark red eyes, a blue tongue, two vampire-like fangs, a greenish complexion, and a ruby in a gold, round-edged crown. He is also roughly the same size as other Boos. Starting with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon , this design was slightly modified, giving him a full row of four teeth and a larger size typical of King Boo's modern design. Other differences include a larger shadow surrounding his eyes, a dark indigo mouth and tongue, and his crown containing a purple jewel and pointed edges. His artwork depicts him with purple eyes instead of red, its color in-game, and without his crown's pointed edges. He has also lost his original green tint, now being more of a lavender color. In Luigi's Mansion 3 , King Boo shows more expression, scowling at Luigi when first being found by him and appearing visibly disappointed when captured in the game's credits. He also has purple eyes in-game. His speech icon also uses a green shading reminiscent of his initial appearance, while his portraits show him with a purple crown. In Mario Kart Tour , King Boo's Luigi's Mansion variant uses this design, although his tongue is more purple than indigo.

Personality [ edit ]

King Boo, looking at Luigi from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

King Boo is a mischievous villain who enjoys scaring and tricking his enemies by creating illusions and then overpowering and trapping them. King Boo often taunts Luigi and E. Gadd. In Luigi's Mansion 3 , for instance, King Boo mocks Mario and Luigi's Italian accent by saying, "It's-a me, King Boo!", and in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon he pretends to confuse between Luigi and Baby Luigi. In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games , he insists on racing against Luigi, knowing how afraid he is of ghosts. King Boo also holds grudges, referring to his prior defeat in Luigi's Mansion sarcastically as "Good times" and he has stated that he is "sick to double death" of Luigi. In frustration, he recites the noise of the Poltergust 3000 , which he refers as a "disgusting machine", capturing him.

King Boo admires paintings and other decorations, such as making lengthy comments on how good Mario is as a painting; E. Gadd also comments that King Boo has decorated Treacherous Mansion to be scarier. He also desires to trap Luigi and E. Gadd through similar means.

King Boo boasts frequently about himself. He always proclaims his success in escaping, and he claims he fears nothing except the Poltergust 3000, although in Super Mario 64 DS he admits that Wario's face scares him. In the Mario and Sonic series, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games , he claims that he is unbeatable at the Alpine Skiing event. Despite his power, he still covers his face in fear when looked at, much like a normal Boo. King Boo has a distinct cackle, which is quite lower in pitch than other Boos.

Powers and abilities [ edit ]

The platinum frame of King Boo and Bowser from Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo 3DS

In Luigi's Mansion , King Boo's power increases when he is in the presence of other Boos. For example, King Boo can blow Luigi to the Foyer when enough Boos are in the mansion. King Boo can also materialize things, including pulling a mansion out of the ghost dimension, creating replicas of some of Mario's enemies, other Boos, dimensions to battle in, bubbles, and blue fire (which he spits out of his mouth). King Boo can regenerate from his crown in Super Princess Peach

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon , King Boo can open paranormal portals to the ghost dimension, create traps such as sand patches, electrify terrain to shock Luigi, grow to large sizes, and teach Boos how to create Spirit Balls . His new crown can also shoot an ectoplasmic laser that can shatter the Dark Moon or trap Toads within paintings. King Boo can create illusions, hence his title "The Master of Illusions." In this game, similar to Luigi's Mansion , his power is stronger when there are other Boos in the vicinity.

Luigi fighting King Boo on the Rooftop

In Luigi's Mansion 3 , King Boo summons magical paintings to trap people and, to a certain extent, objects inside. He can enlarge portraits in order to capture people, as an extension of his paranormal portals. He does not need the presence of other Boos to grow stronger in this game.

King Boo has a high power stat in many of his spin-off appearances. This is most noticeable in the Mario Baseball series , where he is able to hit home runs easily. His great strength is also shown in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon , as he summons and makes spike balls fall down simply by slamming the platform.

In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam , King Boo shapeshifts to trick Mario and Luigi by posing as Paper Mario, and he later briefly transforms into Paper Peach and Paper Bowser. He can also spit blue fireballs.

Relationships [ edit ]

Enemies [ edit ].

King Boo and Luigi are arch-nemeses in the Luigi's Mansion games. King Boo's motivation for trying to imprison Mario and Luigi is for revenge that both brothers have posed trouble against him in the past. King Boo additionally dislikes Professor E. Gadd for his ghost-capturing hobby, involving capturing his Boos. King Boo additionally states that the only thing that scares him is E. Gadd's invention, the Poltergust 3000. In Mario Superstar Baseball , King Boo has negative chemistry with Luigi and Baby Luigi ; in Mario Super Sluggers , he has bad chemistry with Mario, Princess Peach , Princess Daisy , Baby Mario , Baby Peach , Baby Daisy , and Yoshi . King Boo also traps Toads in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and captures Princess Peach in Luigi's Mansion 3 .

Generally speaking, King Boo cares nothing for ghosts that are not Boos, considering them expendable to advance his grand schemes such as in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon where he caused friendly ghosts to turn hostile so he can try to take over Mushroom Kingdom. Even Hellen Gravely, who has great admiration for King Boo, is seen by him as nothing more than a tool for his plans, and he is quick to dismiss her as useless once she fails to capture Luigi.

Friends [ edit ]

Bowser's Block Battle

King Boo has been shown to work with Bowser on numerous occasions, including Super Mario 64 DS , Mario Party 9 , and Super Princess Peach . He also used a Bowser decoy and the two share a portrait after King Boo's defeat in Luigi's Mansion . Despite this, the two share neutral chemistry in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers , with King Boo appearing on Wario 's team rather than Bowser's. King Boo has also been paired up with Petey Piranha in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , with the two sharing chemistry in the Mario Baseball games. King Boo also has good chemistry with Wiggler and King K. Rool in Mario Super Sluggers . Luigi's Mansion 3 shows Hellen Gravely admiring King Boo, with her releasing him to impress and aid him in his plot for revenge against Luigi. However, her admiration is entirely one-sided as King Boo pays little consideration toward Hellen Gravely and is more interested in capturing Luigi and E. Gadd.

King Boo also relies on his Boo minions (even outright referring to them as his friends in Luigi's Mansion ), which cooperate to try to capture Luigi and his friends. In Luigi's Mansion , he frees Boolossus from Professor E. Gadd , and in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam , he threatens to hurt Paper Mario if the Mario Brothers hurt his Paper Boo minion. He has good chemistry with the playable Boo in the Mario Baseball series . In Mario Super Sluggers , King Boo says that he finds little Boos cute. However, in the later Luigi's Mansion titles, he can be just as cruel to them as he is to his other ghost minions, showing no concern for them being sucked up by Luigi and even actively putting them in harm's way, as well as indirectly calling them useless in the latter game.

Quotes [ edit ]

  • " What's that he's got on his back!? It's E. Gadd's Poltergust 3000! Everybody scram! " - Luigi's Mansion
  • " White gloves! A cute little moustache! Soft shoes! How did you get out of my...? ... Huh? Wait just a second... Your clothes Hey, you must be Luigi! Whoa, you had me a bit confused for a moment there! What? You want me to release Mario? Riiiiight. No, no, no. I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Mario just where he is. Hey, so what's that you got there? A Poltergust 3000?! Uh oh! What should we do, Boos? Good idea, guys! All Boos in this area, gather your strength! We'll blow him away!!! ... We'll take a big Boo breath... ...and blow you away!! " - Luigi's Mansion
  • " Aahh, I could just stare at my Mario painting for hours! It's true what they say about fine takes utterly refined sensibilities to truly appreciate it! The way you plead for help, Mario... I find it so...satisfying. Perhaps that is merely because I remember how much trouble you've caused me in the past. ... Seriously, though, who would actually believe that mansions get given away in contests?! Talk about stupid! What do they feed you Mario brothers anyway...gullible soup? Your brother came all this way just to get turned into a painting... It's just terrific. However... This Mario painting looks lonely... I must have a Luigi painting as well! Then my gallery will truly be complete! Bleah HA HA! I am not afraid of you, fool! I fear only that infernal Poltergust 3000 you carry on your back! Stupid machine! But I am a KING among Boos! I swear it... I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!! I must say...I despise the way you SHWEEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEEOOORG-vacuumed up all my friends! Don't imagine that I'll flee... I'll fight you like a true Boo! Now join your brother... ...inside the painting! " - Luigi's Mansion
  • " Mwah ha ha! Now what do we have here? Why, if it isn't my old pal Luigi! Or is it Baby Luigi ? I can't tell the difference. Hey, remember that time you trapped me in a painting for all eternity? Good times. But guess what? I GOT OUT! And now I'm painting the town RED! Yes, it was I who broke the Dark Moon ! This power-enhancing jeweled crown of mine made it easy. And now that all the ghosts of Evershade Valley are under my control, it's time to take my rightful place as supreme ruler of your world! You , that annoying scientist , and all your friends will look great hanging from the wall of my throne room! Aaaaaahahaha! " - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • " Gwahaha! If it isn't my good friend, Luigi! It's me, your ol' pal KING BOO! Y-You're not telling me you FORGOT ME!? Well, I certainly haven't forgotten YOU! You, that ratty vacuum cleaner, and that stinky old geezer who made it! I haven't forgiven what you did to me, so I've led the ghosts here in an uprising! But you... you and that DISGUSTING machine just SHLEEEERP-SHWOOOOOP-SWHLOOORPSHLOOOORP-SHWEEEERPed them all up! You think I'll let you get away with that!? You're going down this time, Green 'Stache! " - Luigi Mansion Arcade
  • " Mwah ha ha! Surprise, Luigi! It's-a me, King Boo! That old coot had me locked up tight in his lab... But guess what? I GOT OUT! The hotel owner here was just dying to meet me, so she busted me out. Pretty lucky, huh? Anyway, I didn't think that you'd actually show up here. I was ready though, just in case. In fact, my vengeance is nearly complete! What do I mean by "vengeance"? Glad you asked! I'm trapping you and everyone in your vacation party... in frames! Awww, there there, Luigi. It'll be over soon. It's time for a family reunion! BOO-YA! [...] Mwah ha ha! Take THAT! Oh, and there's one more frame, of course. I saved it especially for you! Stay right there and put on your best terrified face, Luigi! This is game over ! " - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • " Mwa ha ha! How brash of you to come and face me, Luigi! You should have just run away while you had the chance! But instead you stayed and fought all the way up here to oppose me? How foolish! You may have made your way through the hotel using E. Gadd's frustrating inventions to suck up all the ghosts in your path... You were all SHWEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEOOORG! Ahem. Anyway, just because you vacuumed up all of those ghosts doesn't mean you can take me on! It doesn't matter that you beat the hotel owner ... Hellen Gravely! Ooooooo! She let all your friends get away! It's so frustrating when you trap something in a painting and it gets out, you know? Arg! Hellen Gravely... All those ghosts... Useless! I have to do everything myself! I'm sick of this! No more mercy for you, Luigi! No more tricks--no more carefully laid plans! Now it's time for raw King Boo gusto! You're all going in a painting! An ensemble portrait is your fate! " - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • " Mwa ha ha! Serves you right! Just a few left. Go on! Join them! My painting must be complete! Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you ready? I don't care! " - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • " ...Hmm? One-two-three-four-five-six-sev-- WAIT! There should be seven! Who's missing!? [...] Luigi! What are you doing over there?! UGH! That's it! I'm sick to double death of you! You want to fight me? FINE! Let's go, Luigi! This is the end for you, once and for all! HERE I COME! " - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • (signpost) " Big Boo's Haunt. Eee hee hee...There are no exits. You may as well wander in here forever...Listen carefully. Can you hear me? If you find me, you're history. Eee hee hee... "
  • (to Mario before getting Luigi's key) " Eee hee hee! I am Big Boo, the spookiest of all the spirits! I locked up the whimpy green moustache man. And I'll do the same to you! Eee hee hee! Since I'm a ghost, I can turn invisible in the mirror's reflection. You'll have to attack me from behind to defeat me. But you'll die of fright before that ever happens! And then you'll be one of us! "
  • (to Mario after getting Luigi's key) " Eee hee hee... I am Big Boo, the spookiest of all the spirits. I love scaring wimpy humans. Eee hee hee... You'll never sneak behind me! "
  • (defeated by Mario) " Eee hee hee! You can never really kill a ghost! We always come back! See you again. Eee hee hee! "
  • (to Luigi) " Eee hee hee! I am Big Boo, the ghastliest of all ghosts! What the...? I thought I locked you up...Well, never mind. Now I'll really creep you out! You can't escape...Eee hee hee! "
  • (defeated by Luigi) " Eee hee hee! We ghosts always rise from the dead. I just love the look of terror on your face! In fact, I live for it! Eee hee hee! See you soon! "
  • (to Wario) " Eee hee hee! I am Big Boo, the scariest of the spirits. Eek! What's this?! Your face... It would even scare a ghost. How horrible! You've got it backwards... I do the scaring around here! All right, now I'll put some real fear in that frightening face of yours! Eee hee hee! "
  • (defeated by Wario) " Augh! The scariest one wins, and your face is flesh-creepingly frightening. Good thing I don't have any flesh! Eee hee hee! This is not the end. See you again. "
  • " Right here, fools! Right under your noses! Now bring me my 10 coins !! "
  • " found me!! "
  • " Now, how about my 10 coins? Fork 'em over. I've got that Star right here... "
  • Selecting "Yes" - "Hehehe, here's your Star! "
  • Selecting "No" - "Oh!? So be it! "
  • " Bah! You don't have enough coins! King Boo says boo to you! And good-bye!!! "
  • " Think you're so smart? You've taken a Star. But now I awaken... the bizarre! "
  • " Too bad it won't be so easy to find me for your second Star, hehehe... "
  • " Horrifying! You got 2 Stars! I'll never live this down! I'll just slip away quietly... "
  • " Booo hoo ha! HEY! You defeated Bowser Jr. ! "
  • " I wondered who would win, so I made myself invisible and watched the whole thing. "
  • " You booooth look like benchwarmers to me! "
  • " Say WHAT? You want ME to help YOOOOOU? "
  • " No! Not even if you had some Boos on your roster! Well... If you had some Boos with you, I might... "
  • " Hey! Hey, yoooou! Did you find some Boos? "
  • " Boo hoo ha! Here are your hints: "error item" and "in a box"! Make sure you get them all! "
  • " Hey! You there! What you got there? Huh? ...HEY! That's a Boo, isn't it? Yeah! It is! "
  • " Aw... Little Boos are so cute! But I don't want to see him riding pine! Put him in a game, yeah? "
  • " You?! I might have known. Just what I need, some fool who ain't afraid of a ghost! My little Boos came crying to me about you... Outrageous! " - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS)
  • " I'd rather go up against someone who's scared of ghosts though! Hee hee hee! "
  • " I don't believe it! You won! I've finally met my match! "
  • " Heh heh heh! I saw that Alpine Downhill event of yours yesterday! Looks like you need to take a lesson in speed from ME! And that lesson starts today! I challenge you to an Alpine Downhill match! Hee hee hee! " - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)
  • " I felt sorry for you and let you win the Alpine Downhill event, but it's not going to happen this time! When it comes to the Alpine Giant Slalom, I’m number one! Heh heh heh! "
  • " Look at this little scrap . Friend of yours, is he? Well, if you like your friend, you better stop attacking me! Now, don't go thinking it's OK to attack my little minion either. Who knows what could happen if he dropped your little friend there... You got that? "
  • " really didn’t understand? Even when I shouted? Well, now this is happening! "

Profiles and statistics [ edit ]

List of appearances [ edit ], gallery [ edit ].

Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach

Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Names in other languages [ edit ]

Trivia [ edit ].

  • When King Boo says, " I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Mario just where he is, " he references a quote from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi , when Jabba the Hutt says, " I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Captain Solo where he is. "
  • King Boo's laugh originating from Luigi's Mansion is actually a pitched-up version of a stock laughing sound effect. [19] A pitched-down version of the same effect was previously used for Bleak .

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presentation on integrated management system

Guidance on integrated management system standards just updated.


The number of management systems has risen dramatically in recent years, reflecting the needs and demands of more and more organizations looking to improve their performance across a wide range of areas and sectors. And most companies have more than one. ISO’s useful guide to integrating management system standards – whether they be from ISO or not – has just been updated.

From improving quality to energy efficiency, environmental performance or even road traffic, the use of management systems has grown rapidly in recent years, reflecting increasingly complex operating environments and contexts. The quest for continual improvement and sustained performance has prompted the need for a handbook to help guide organizations through effective management system design that is agile and integrated, to respond and grow.

ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 50001 (energy) and ISO 14001 (environment) are some of ISO’s most well-known and used management system standards (MSS), amongst more than 60 that make up the ISO portfolio, which also covers areas such as organizational health and safety (ISO 45001), food safety (ISO 22000), education (ISO 21001) and information technology (ISO 27001). Unlike other types of standards, MSSs have an impact on many different aspects and functions of an organization and, increasingly, companies have more than one.

First published in 2008, The integrated use of management system standards brings together international expertise, diverse industry case extracts and implementations, and best-practice guidance on integrating management system standards. It has just been updated to reflect the vast number of changes to both ISO and non-ISO standards.

Michael McLean, Convenor of the ISO working group that developed the handbook, said having effectively integrated management systems can assist an organization in a variety of ways.

“Many organizations benefit from multiple management systems to help them ensure their systems and processes are in line with their objectives and help them maintain their business model through ever-changing environments,” he said.

“This handbook provides a practical guide for organizations to effectively align their management systems with their strategies, plans and operations. It features illustrations as applied in real-world organizational contexts and relevant case studies, all of which can be applied to all kinds of sectors and industries. It is applicable to any kind of MSS, not just those published by ISO.”

The integrated use of management system standards was developed by the ISO technical committee ISO/TMB/JTCG-TF 05 , IUMSS Handbook revision . It is available from your national ISO member or through the ISO Store .

Press contact

[email protected]

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  • Guidance on integrated management system standards …

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Home > Books > Quality Management Systems - a Selective Presentation of Case-studies Showcasing Its Evolution

Integrated Management Systems and Sustainable Development

Submitted: 07 April 2017 Reviewed: 05 October 2017 Published: 20 December 2017

DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.71468

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From the Edited Volume

Quality Management Systems - a Selective Presentation of Case-studies Showcasing Its Evolution

Edited by Leo D. Kounis

To purchase hard copies of this book, please contact the representative in India: CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. | [email protected]

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Management system standards, optional for organizations, have started to be considered as a strategic tool for organizations seeking institutional success and adopting innovative approaches. Establishing and managing these standards independently for the same organization yield some difficulties for organizations. It would rather be a more rational solution to provide a holistic view to all standards, which is to integrate them all. As integrated management systems can be shaped according to the needs of the organization, they involve different management system standards. Therefore, there is no common model defined for said integrated standards. These systems offer organizations a management philosophy for the processes to be successfully managed and to achieve desired results. When the emerging management philosophy is internalized by management and employees, a corporate culture is formed. The effects of integrated management systems on the sustainable development of the organization can be categorized as management, people, market, production, environmental and occupational health and safety totaling in six categories. Integrated management systems provide organizations with a management philosophy that enables processes to be successfully managed and to achieve desired results. Despite the advantages of integrated management systems for organizations, they may also have some drawbacks.

  • integrated management systems
  • sustainable development
  • OHSAS 18001

Author Information

Burhan başaran *.

  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, Rize, Turkey

*Address all correspondence to: [email protected]

1. Introduction

Organizations that have to sell more each day and aspire to maintain or increase their current market share need to adapt laws such as occupational health and safety and consumer protection. Changing expectations of consumers and other stakeholders should also be considered. Moreover, they have to be flexible in their upcoming competition-based strategies so as to adapt to these changes. This adaptation plays a vital role for organizations. Within the scope of new competition-based strategy, organizations need to observe the developments taking place in their milieu, evaluate the current information, and by making best use of its resources so as to maintain sustainable development. In addition, the quality of products and services offered by businesses today is no longer adequate alone. Owing to the increased environmental awareness, current technological processes, procedures, and policies focus on improving and optimizing tools and techniques to minimize the effect on the environment. Indeed, management system standards (MSSs) are regarded as a strategic tool in order to effectively deal with processes such as governance, personnel, and occupational health and safety [ 1 , 2 , 3 ].

There are two major milestones in the emergence of MSSs. First, there is the industrial revolution that facilitated mass production and thereby reduced cost. The latter is the World War II that caused a change in the perspective of industrialization and qualified staff of the states involved. In the aftermath of the war, new balances emerged in the world affecting quality development and the necessity of establishing certain standards [ 4 ].

MSSs are published by the International Standards of Organization (ISO). ISO was founded in 1947 with its main headquarters in Genova, Switzerland. It is an independent organization hosting members from 163 states. From 1947 up till now, ISO have published 21,623 international standards covering nearly all aspects of technology and trade [ 5 ].

There are a total of 57 MSSs currently in effect, developed by ISO for different coverage and areas of use [ 6 ]. Some of these standards (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001) are applicable for all sectors. Apart from these, there are also sector-specific standards such as ISO 22000 for companies producing food, food equipment, and food packaging; ISO 13485 for companies producing medical devices; and ISO 16949 for automotive and subsidiary industry sectors.

The establishment of management system standards is optional for organizations. However, MSS has become a mandatory practice for organizations that want to keep-up with the developments in the world and gain prestige in trade [ 7 , 8 ]. Various studies state that MSSs make positive contributions to the innovative performance of organizations when implemented constantly, systematically, and in the long run, it is also a vital tool for sustainable development. As a result, standards are becoming more and more important today [ 9 , 10 , 11 ].

Establishing and managing MSS in organizations independently of each other lead to some difficulties in organizations and do not yield the desired synergistic effect [ 12 ]. Instead, it would be a more rational solution to gather different MSS under a single roof and to provide a holistic view to all standards, which is to integrate them all. Today, integrated management systems are considered as a practical and a useful method for the future [ 13 , 14 , 15 ].

to share the necessary knowledge to improve the effectiveness of the integrated management systems,

to demonstrate its impact on sustainable development, and

to lead the relevant stakeholders in choosing the best option

2. Literature review

2.1. integrated management systems (ims).

Before dwelling on the content of IMS, it is necessary to explain the concept of integration. Integration refers to “completion” and “aggregation” [ 16 ]. However, the term integration should not be confused with “combination” and “compliance” in terms of MSSs.

Different management systems are implemented independently of each other in the same organization and in the same time frame (combination)

The organization prepares for integration by identifying common elements of different management systems after implementation

The organization eliminates the differences and removes the contradictions among different management systems. It adds new elements to the initial common elements. This step is about the combination of the systems

The organization creates a new meta-system that integrates all identified common elements

Integration, in terms of management systems, refers to owning each MSS content per se , which is prepared for certain disciplines. Being so, integrated management systems can be defined as a set of systems that are planned, applied and continuously revised, and improved in order to meet jointly multiple MSSs and other systems to which they have to comply [ 19 , 20 , 21 ]. In order for a company to conduct its operations systematically, it must comply with laws, MSSs, and customer conditions. It is therefore better to use the concept of integration of systems instead of integration of standards.

No integration: Each system exists with its own identity in the institution

Partial integration: It refers to the harmonization of certain elements of each integrated system. It is projected at the middle management level that systems should be constructed according to business functions and be independent. It is assumed that systems should generally be compatible with each other, but this compatibility will not be 100%

Full integration: Each integrated system loses its identity and a single multi-purpose meta-system emerges. It is assumed that systems will form a complete integration at executive and operational level

As IMSs can be shaped according to the needs of an organization, they are capable of including different management system standards. Therefore, there are still debates about IMS. However, literature review on IMSs show that ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001(EMS), and OHSAS 18001(OHS) standards are the most researched standards [ 25 , 26 , 27 , 28 , 29 ]. It is possible to make different integrations by adding ISO 9001-ISO 14001, ISO 9001-OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001-OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001-ISO 14001-OHSAS 18001, or other standards that are specific to the sector. In other words, there is no limit to MSSs integration. An exemplary model of IMS is shown in Figure 1 .

presentation on integrated management system

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 IMS [ 30 ].

ISO 9001 quality management system : ISO 9001 defines the requirements for enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of an organization’s customers and legal liabilities. The general provisions of the standard are organizational chart, duties, authority and liabilities, efficient use of resources, interrelationship of the processes, product or service design and development works, customer satisfaction, internal audit, continuous improvement, and documentation. The main purpose of the system is to prevent errors or defects that may occur either in the final product or service, or reduce them to the acceptable levels via interim controls. Its final revision was made in 2015 [ 31 , 32 ].

There are many studies highlighting the benefits of ISO 9001 for organizations. From an overall perspective to these studies, the advantages can be divided into two categories. Internal benefits include cultural change in employees, organized action, management efficiency, better documentation, increase in production efficiency, and reduction of costs.

External benefits include customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase in market share of the business, readiness for official audits, strengthening the organizational image, and increase in competitive power [ 33 , 34 , 35 ].

ISO 14001 environmental management system: At present, with resources being gradually depleted in an irreversible process, it is the author’s view that all elements making-up the environment are under threat. It is now accepted by the whole world that the threat is not local or regional, but global. In both written and visual media, there are a lot of environment-oriented news and information. Today’s consumers not only demand maximum benefits from the product or service they purchase but also seek applications that do not harm the environment or at least cause damage at minimum level. Therefore, a number of states prepared various regulations to reduce the harm to the environment. Many organizations review their activities regarding the environment. In order for these revisions to yield success, they need to be handled systematically. ISO 14001 is an international standard that methodically exposes the conditions that must be fulfilled by performing risk analyses for every hazard at every stage from the design to the consumption processes of the products or services. Its final revision was made in 2015 [ 36 , 37 , 38 ].

OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system: Each year nearly 2.3 million workers have occupational diseases and more than 6000 workers lose their lives [ 39 ]. Organizations are more and more interested in occupational health and safety practices due to legal regulations, economic policies, and most importantly the safety of the employees. ISO 18001 is an international standard that assesses potential hazards that may arise during the conduct of business for an employee via risk analyses; its main purpose is to create a better working environment and protect the health of employees. Based on OHSAS 18001, ISO published the ISO 45001 [ 40 , 41 ].

The main reason for placing an emphasis on these three standards in studies conducted on IMSs is that human health, environmental dimension, and quality have become an integral part of today’s life. All three standards can be implemented in all the sectors regardless of activity type, size, and the number of employees of organizations. In addition, these standards cover different geographical, cultural, and social conditions [ 42 ].

ISO publishes the documentation statistics on ISO management systems on a regular basis ( Table 1 ) [ 43 ].

MSSs number of documentation by years.

The most common standards with the highest number of documentation globally are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They are followed by ISO 22000. The number of documentation increases in line with the increase in importance attached to management system standards. By observing Table 1 , it can be stated that the reason why most studies are devoted to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 among other integrated management systems is again evident in the number of certification.

2.2. IMS models

ISO did not publish an integrated management standard. However, based on performed research, 37 out of 57 that are currently in use can be applied in an integrated manner in terms of structure, content, terms, and definitions. There are common elements that facilitate MSS integration.

IMS can change according to the fields of activity, needs, mission, and visions of organizations. It is the author’s view that this change is continuous in par with changing conditions. There are still various views regarding IMSs implementation. Hence, there is no common model defined. The most accepted models for IMSs in literature are listed below:

2.2.1. IMS model based on system approach

This model also has a system that uses all the resources in line with the same goals and objectives, so that the processes are compatible with each other. This system approaches each problem from a holistic point of view. This methodology helps to harmonize various functions of different MSSs. The integration in system approach can occur in different forms such as ISO 9001-based integration, ISO 14001-based integration, and ISO 9001-ISO 14001-based integration [ 44 ].

2.2.2. Management systems evolution model

This model makes an overall assessment of changes experienced by management systems in time, and creates a new model by assessing different integration models together. Management systems evolution model involves three phases namely standardization, rationalization, and integration. Renfrew and Muir [ 45 ] consider ISO 9001 as an initial point in terms of IMSs. Other sector-based cases were implemented later on. The next phase is the IMS matrix. The latter refers to the identification of similar elements among different MSSs. The fourth phase is the integration of procedures and processes. While it is possible to create integrated procedure for standards, it is rather difficult to attain this for processes. The next phase is QUENSH, which is the abbreviation of QU for quality, EN for environment, and SH for safety and health. Finally, a single management standard is formed ( Figure 2 ).

presentation on integrated management system

Management systems evolution model of Renfrew and Muir [ 45 ].

2.2.3. IMS matrix

This model table shows the overlapping of elements. Its main purpose is to illustrate that different MSSs can be integrated [ 46 ]. Table 2 shows an IMS matrix sample [ 47 , 48 ].

IMS matrix sample.

There are different views in IMS matrix regarding the compatibility of elements between one another and their implementation by organizations. According to one point of view, there is a strong connection between ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and it is possible to implement an IMS matrix in integration [ 49 ]. Another view suggests that standards have special functions pertaining to themselves, and problems are likely during an integration process based on IMS Matrix. [ 50 ].

Based on the findings thus far, it may be stated that the similarities between MSSs, especially among the quality management standards, are considerably higher than the differences. It is the author’s view that an IMS matrix is important as it shows how compatible or incompatible the different MSSs are in integration.

2.2.4. European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model

The EFQM excellence model was prepared by the European Foundation for Quality Management in 1988 to enhance competitive aspects of European organizations. EFQM excellence model was developed in such a way that it can be employed as a quality system by all kinds of organizations regardless of differences in sector and capacity. The philosophy of this model is based on self-assessment by organizations themselves. This method enables organizations to identify their current situation and to develop new strategies to enhance processes. EFQM includes nine criteria, five of which are enablers, and the remaining four are results. These criteria are leadership, strategy, people, partnerships and resources, processes, products and services, people results, customer results, society results, and key performance results. There are 32 sub-headings under these criteria [ 51 , 52 ] ( Figure 3 ).

presentation on integrated management system

EFQM excellence model [ 52 ].

It is worth mentioning at this point that the EFQM excellence model was not developed for management systems integration. However, the criteria suggested by EFQM overlap to a great extent with MSSs. Therefore, integration is possible with reference to EFQM criteria.

2.2.5. ISO Guide 72

ISO Guide 72 defines all MSSs common elements and proposes a certain rational order for IMSs. Thus, it is possible to develop, review, compare, and revise many standards, while increasing in-between standard compatibility. Table 3 shows common elements defined for MSSs in ISO Guide 72 standard [ 53 ].

Common elements of ISO MSSs.

Each of the MSSs is revised according to changing conjunctures and conditions. As the compatibility among standards is taken into account for the aforementioned revisions, one might expect an increasing number of similar standards in the future in terms of structure and content. Hence, it is the author’s view that implementation of different integration types will be even more easier in the future.

2.2.6. ISO 9001-based integration model

The history of ISO 9001 standard is older than the other standards. In addition, it is acknowledged that at present, companies initially establish this standard as it is applicable to all sectors. This is the most common model for IMSs establishment. System approach model, management systems evolution model, IMS matrix model, and ISO Guide 72, all comply with ISO 9001-based integration. In this integration system, ISO 9001 is established initially, and other systems are integrated following its implementation. This model is based on process approach [ 54 ].

2.2.7. ISO 14001-based integration model

In this integration system, ISO 14001 is established initially, and other systems are integrated following its realization. It is the author’s view that this is rarely implemented, as it is generally preferred by companies whose products or services are expected to yield severe harms to environmental conditions. It is possible to benefit from the IMS matrix in this model. The main objective of this model is continuous improvement as it is the case in the PDCA cycle [ 55 ].

2.2.8. Co-establishment of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 followed by the integration of others

Initially, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards are co-established as an integrated management system, and other systems are included in the integration later on [ 56 ].

2.2.9. Integration based on integrated procedures or integrated processes

The main purpose of this model is to prepare common documentation for each standard to be integrated. The main approach is continuous improvement. Firstly, common documents are determined for each standard. This mainly results in the full integration of procedures and the partial integration of processes. This is because each standard has its own processes. Then, the other documentation is integrated into the system. An IMS matrix can be utilized for this integration model. Moreover, this model is one of the phases of management systems evolution model [ 57 ].

2.2.10. Single management standard

IMSs yield more benefits to the organization than it would benefit from the implementation of separate standards. Therefore, some countries have published a single management standard for integration. Single management standard was prepared with reference to organizations that are already implementing two or more standards.

Britain-PAS 99: This is the first integrated management standard in the world, being prepared with reference to six general conditions of ISO Guide 72. PAS 99 is designed to provide a general framework for organizations in the act of integrating their systems. Therefore, PAS 99 standard does not provide the benefit that a single organization requires from a management system [ 58 , 59 ].

Denmark DS 8001: Within the scope of IMSs development, the Danish motto is “Single business, single management”. Danish Standards Foundation published DS 8001 to help organizations with two or more management systems transit to integrated management systems. DS 8001 involves ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards and approaches specific to the EFQM model. The first section of the standard explains characteristics of a good management. The second section deals with common elements that should exist within a management system, while the third section includes terms that facilitate comprehension of the system [ 60 ].

Spain-AENOR: The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) published an integrated management system standard based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This was the outcome of a number of studies that were initiated due to demands from companies. Two types of models, partial integration and full integration, are suggested in this standard [ 61 ].

2.3. Comparison of IMS models

It is worth noting at this point that all standards are of equal importance. This is because each model has its own gains and drawbacks. The approaches of models toward the scope and integration are different from one another.

Moreover, some researchers [ 62 ] argue that the culture specific to any given society should be taken into account for integrated management systems or each system to be implemented. Hence, the need for developing new integration models still exists. Table 4 shows comparison of IMS models.

Comparison of IMS models [ 57 ].

3. Results and analysis

3.1. the advantages of integrated management systems and their contribution to sustainable development.

The rapid increase in production, and consequently, consumption has made the concept of sustainability even more important today. Sustainability is a three-dimensional concept involving environmental, economic, and social issues.

Sustainable development for organizations can be defined as the ability to efficiently manage risks associated with economic, environmental, and social factors in order to create long-term value in organizations. By resolving the aforementioned risks from a holistic point of view, namely dealing with these risks via IMSs, it is possible to create positive contributions to performances and sustainable developments of organizations. In addition to benefits to organizations, it is revealed in many studies that IMSs have many gains that are closely relevant to sustainable development. Advantages influential on sustainable development can be summed up in six themes [ 63 , 64 , 65 , 66 , 67 , 68 , 69 , 70 , 71 , 72 ].

The image of the company was positively affected and it gained international prestige

It improved management of relationships with suppliers and subcontractors

A holistic perspective was offered to the events

A transparent management approach emerged

It saved time and costs by joint internal/external audits

It facilitated the interrelationship of activities and co-ordination

It attributed efficiency to internal and external communication

It made risks easier to control

It was beneficial for a clearer and explicit definition of liabilities and authorities

It ensured efficient use of resources

It facilitated strategic planning and decision making for executives

Bureaucracy and procedures decreased while documentation got simplified

The time and cost of implementing the systems decreased

Incompatibility among ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and 18001 reduced

Internal innovation increased

An easier and more efficient management system was achieved

Supplying capital became easier

A continuous improvement process started

The organization gains flexibility and speed for change

Employee motivation and awareness increased

Employees participated in system works at the highest level

Employees adopted the system more

Employees have more loyalty toward the organization

Newly-employed staff adapted to the system more rapidly and easily

Productivity increased

Scraps and wastes are reduced

There is a considerable drop in error rate during process

There is a cutback of production time

Delivery process of productions is improved

Costs decreased and profit increased

Minimization in customer audits

There is an increase in customer demand

There is a decrease in customer complaints

There is an raise in customer satisfaction

There is an amplification in quality perception of customers toward the organization

Competitive power improved

Market share and profitability grew

Complying with legal liabilities toward environment became easier

The number of environmental damages decreased

Adherence to legal requirements in terms of occupational health and safety became easier

There is a decrease in the number of work-related accidents

3.2. IMSs drawbacks and difficulties of implementation

Focusing less on one or more than one of the standards constituting IMS

Documentation and the management thereof become more complicated compared to previous actions

Paper work and management associated costs increase

Human resources were not used effectively

Inadequacy of resources

Lack of information

Corporate culture

Difficulties in focusing on different fields

Constantly changing regulations and standards

Lack of qualified staff

Conflicts among employees and

Difficulties in making changes.

In addition, some studies revealed that some administrators who work in organizations are opposed to IMS applications because they think that their expertise areas will lose their importance and that in integrated management systems, their positions will no longer be needed [ 76 , 77 ].

4. Discussion and conclusion

From the agricultural age to the age of industry and finally to the age of information, all organizations operating in the public and private sector need new approaches to meet customer expectations, while differentiating from their competitors and succeeding in the market. Moreover, approaches that can meet the expectations of all stakeholders have gained importance. It is neither possible for an organization operating in a competitive market to ignore common values such as environment, social responsibility, and human resources, which should be protected as they may be regarded as a company’s assets. Indeed, for a company to succeed in today’s antagonistic marketplace, management systems standards and integrated management systems may be regarded as providing a holistic view of these standards. They are considered as an important tool for solving aforementioned problems and ambiguities.

Integrated management systems provide organizations with a management philosophy that enables processes to be successfully managed and achieve desired results. When the emerging management philosophy is internalized by executives and other employees, it has a positive impact on sustainable development as well as providing many benefits to the organization. Performed literature research indicates that integrated management systems have a constructive effect on management, employees, production, environment, market, occupational health and safety processes. However, these studies also highlight certain negative impacts that integrated management systems hold. Yet, if an assessment was made between the two, positive effects of integrated management systems would outweigh the negative ones. Integrated management systems focus on medium- and long-term goals of companies rather than the improvement in short-term indicators and form a corporate culture to this end.

Different approaches to integrated management systems are still underway. However, studies focus on creating a common IMS model for all sectors in general. Instead, it is believed that creating a sector-specific IMS model will be more rational. Moreover, it is thought that this work may provide stakeholders with a building platform so as to broaden their interest in integrated management systems.

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© 2017 The Author(s). Licensee IntechOpen. This chapter is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Quality management systems.

Edited by Leo Kounis

Published: 21 March 2018

By Douglas Matorera


By Victor J. Pitsoe and Moeketsi Letseka


By James D. Sideras


Book cover

Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management pp 1–4 Cite as

Integrated Management Systems

  • Maja Glogovac 7  
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  • First Online: 30 August 2020

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Integrated management system is a set of concurrently planned, implemented, and maintained management systems with regard to multiple disciplines, such as quality, food safety, information security, environment, and occupational health and safety. This is an array of interacting elements that are interrelated and that form an organization’s structure, policy, objectives, processes and way of the practice, as well as rules, roles, responsibilities to achieve objectives related to needs and expectations of different stakeholders, depending on disciplines included within a scope of the integrated management system. Integrated management system can be implemented in every organization, regardless its structure, age, industry, etc., and can encompass the organization as a whole, but also the specific parts of the organization.

By integrating multiple management systems, rather than implement and maintain them separately, an organization could have a significant...

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Asif, M., de Bruijn, E. J., Fisscher, O. A. M., & Searcy, D. C. (2008). Process embedded design of integrated management systems. In POMS 19th annual conference , La Jolla.

Google Scholar  

EN ISO 22000:2018. (2018). Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

International Organization for Standardization. (2018). The integrated use of management system standards (IUMSS) . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 14001:2015. (2015). Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 45001:2018. (2018). Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 9000:2015. (2015). Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 9001:2015. (2015). Quality management systems – requirements . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013. (2013). Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – Requirements . Geneva: International Organization for Standardization.

Kara, S., Ibbotson, S., & Kayis, B. (2014). Sustainable product development in practice: An international survey. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 25 (6), 848–872.

CrossRef   Google Scholar  

Nadae, J., Carvalho, M., & Vieira, D. (2019). Exploring the influence of environmental and standards in integrated management systems on economic performance of firms. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 30 (5), 840–861.

Thomas, A., Byard, P., Francis, M., Fisher, R., & White, G. R. T. (2016). Profiling the resiliency and sustainability of UK manufacturing companies. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 27 (1), 82–99.

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Department of Quality Management and Standardization, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Maja Glogovac

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London Metropolitan University, Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law London Metropolitan University, London, UK

Samuel Idowu

Cologne Business School, Ingolstadt, Germany

René Schmidpeter

College of Business, Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, USA

Nicholas Capaldi

International Training Centre of the IL, International Labor Organization, Turin, Italy

Liangrong Zu

Department of Economics, Society and Politics, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Urbino, Italy

Mara Del Baldo

Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Guarda, Portugal

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Shuchi Pahuja

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what are the benefits of ims integrated

What Are The Benefits Of IMS (Integrated Management System)?

Feb 14, 2023

50 likes | 54 Views

PQAS is dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance and comply with relevant regulations and standards by providing a range of services such as certification, auditing, training, and consultancy.


Presentation Transcript

What Are The Benefits Of IMS (Integrated Management System)? Audit & Certification An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a framework that combines multiple management systems, such as Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), into one unified system. The goal of an IMS is to provide a holistic approach to managing an organization's processes and operations. An IMS enables an organization to manage its processes and operations in an integrated and consistent way, by aligning its strategies, policies, procedures, and objectives across different management systems. This can lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, an IMS can also help organizations to meet the requirements of multiple standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001, which provide a framework for the quality, environment, and health and safety management. Benefits Of Integrated Management System 1.Improved efficiency: By integrating multiple management systems, an IMS streamlines processes and reduces duplication of effort, leading to improved efficiency. 2.Reduced costs: An IMS with the help of Integrated management consultants can help to reduce costs by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, reducing duplication of effort, and minimizing the need for separate audits and certifications. 3.Increased customer satisfaction: An IMS can help organizations to understand better and meet customer requirements, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

4.Enhanced reputation: Organizations that implement an IMS can demonstrate their commitment to quality, environmental, and health and safety management, which can enhance their reputation. 5.Improved communication and coordination: An IMS can improve communication and coordination across different departments and management systems, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving. 6.Compliance with multiple standards and regulations: An IMS can help organizations to meet the requirements of multiple standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001, in an integrated and consistent way. 7.Improved risk management: An Integrated Management Systems Consultant can help organizations to identify and manage risks across different management systems, leading to improved risk management. 8.Continuous improvement: An IMS provides a framework for continuous improvement, enabling organizations to review and improve their processes and operations constantly. Role Of Integrated Management Systems Consultant IMS Implementation The role of a consultant in the implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) is to provide guidance and support to the organization throughout the implementation process. A consultant can help organizations in the following ways: 1.Assessing the current state of the organization's management systems: A consultant can conduct an assessment of the organization's current management systems to identify gaps and areas for improvement. 2. Developing a plan for implementing the IMS: A consultant can help the organization to develop a plan for implementing the IMS, including setting objectives, identifying resources required, and establishing a timeline. 3. Training employees: A consultant can provide training to employees on the IMS, including its processes, procedures, and requirements. 4. Implementing the IMS: A consultant can assist the organization with implementing the IMS, including developing procedures and processes, and providing support during the implementation phase. 5. Auditing the IMS: A Integrated Management Systems Consultant can conduct internal audits of the IMS to ensure that it is being implemented effectively and identify areas for improvement.

6. and achieving certification to relevant standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 7. Continual improvement: A consultant can support the organization in maintaining the IMS and continuously improve it over time. Overall, the consultant acts as an expert advisor, helping the organization to implement an IMS that meets its specific needs and ensures compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Is Integrated Management System Implementation? An Integrated Management System (IMS) audit is a systematic and independent examination of an organization's IMS to evaluate its conformance to the requirements of the relevant standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001. The purpose of an IMS audit is to determine whether the organization's management systems are effectively implemented and maintained, and whether they are meeting the organization's objectives and the requirements of the relevant standards. During an IMS audit, the auditor(s) review the organization's management systems, processes, procedures, and records to evaluate compliance with the requirements of the relevant standards. The auditor(s) will also conduct interviews with employees, review documentation and records, and observe operations to gather evidence of conformance. The outcome of an IMS audit comes in a report that summarizes the findings of the audit, including any nonconformities or areas for improvement identified. The organization will then be required to address any nonconformities identified during the audit and implement corrective actions as necessary. It's important to note that an IMS audit is not a one-time event, but rather it should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the IMS is being maintained and is effective in meeting the organization's objectives and the requirements of the relevant standards. Integrated Management System In Australia In Australia, an Integrated Management System (IMS) typically consists of the following elements: Quality Management System (QMS): A system that ensures that the organization's products and services meet the requirements of its customers and relevant regulations. Environmental Management System (EMS) Supporting certification: A consultant can assist the organization in preparing for (IMS) Audit Vital Before

A system that ensures that the organization's activities and products do not have a negative impact on the environment and that the organization complies with relevant environmental regulations. Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) A system that ensures that the organization's activities do not pose a risk to the health and safety of its employees and that the organization complies with relevant health and safety regulations. Food Safety Management System (FSMS) A system that ensures that the organization's food products are safe for consumption and that the organization complies with relevant food safety regulations. Information Security Management System (ISMS) A system that ensures that the organization's information is secure and that the organization complies with relevant information security regulations. Business Continuity Management System (BCMS): A system that ensures that the organization can continue its operations in the event of a disruption and that the organization complies with relevant business continuity regulations An IMS in Australia may also include other specific management systems depending on the industry and the organization's specific needs. It is important to note that each of these management systems are based on international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 etc., which are recognized and accepted globally, and are implemented in Australia as well. Need Help With Integrated Management System Implementation? PQAS Can Help PQAS provides a wide range of services to help organizations improve their performance and meet the requirements of various international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, and ISO 27001. PQAS services include: •Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety Management Systems Auditing •Certification and Accreditation •Training and consultancy •Supply Chain Auditing •Business Continuity Management PQAS is an internationally recognized certification and accreditation company, which offers certification and accreditation services to organizations of all sizes and sectors. PQAS is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), which are the global bodies for accreditation.

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What are the Benefits of Using ERP software Technology in St

What are the Benefits of Using ERP software Technology in St

This is one of the major benefits offered by ERP software system to a steel plant. An integrated IT model helps the plant to support and integrate all processes ranging from raw material handing to order shipments.

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IMS. Integrated Media System. Team Members. Zack Jones – Project Manager Brian Lyssy –Research and Design David Masiello – Webmaster and Marketing Aziz Zahraoui – Finance and Design Chris Pavona – Research and P.R. Presentation Outline. Background Why IMS? Business Solutions

662 views • 50 slides

Inter-Agency Child Protection Information Management System (IA CP IMS) January 2012

Inter-Agency Child Protection Information Management System (IA CP IMS) January 2012

Inter-Agency Child Protection Information Management System (IA CP IMS) January 2012. Goal and Objectives. Goal: To have an integrated inter-agency child protection information management system that facilitates case management and data analysis of children with specific vulnerabilities.

618 views • 15 slides

C112 IMS(EQHSMS) AWARENESS global manager group Price 360 USD

C112 IMS(EQHSMS) AWARENESS global manager group Price 360 USD

C112 IMS(EQHSMS) AWARENESS manager Price 360 USD. Integrated management system EQHSMS integration. Business planning Quality management system Health and safety management system Energy management system Risk management system Maintenance management system

192 views • 10 slides

What are the Benefits and Risks of GMOs?

What are the Benefits and Risks of GMOs?

What are the Benefits and Risks of GMOs?. Nipon Iamsupasit Technical Advisor, Thailand Biodiversity Center, 539/2 Gypsum Metropolitan Tower, 15th Floor, Sri-Ayudhaya Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand. Integrated Capacity Development for the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

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What Are The Various Benefits Of Asset Management

What Are The Various Benefits Of Asset Management

There is evidence that asset management systems can maintain infrastructure in a sound and reliable condition. This management system reduces various risks.

What are the Benefits of the Security Systems?

What are the Benefits of the Security Systems?

Sun is the main source of solar energy and that’s why one-time installation of solar panels takes high cost but later it reduces the cost of electricity. It is the renewable source of energy. System Indus is the main Solar Panel System in Jaipur.

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What Are The Benefits Of OKR?

What Are The Benefits Of OKR?

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal system used by Google and others. It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Warehouse Management System?

What Are The Benefits Of A Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse is an important part of logistics companies where they store goods and products of different companies. The warehouse management system has to be accurate to avoid failure in operation.

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IMS PPT Presentation

IMS PPT Presentation

Punyam Academy provides editable IMS awareness and auditor training ppt presentation kit as per ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards requirements for conducting corporate training on Integrated Management System auditing within the organization or any work area For more details visit:

191 views • 15 slides

Benefits of Talent Management Software

Benefits of Talent Management Software

A talent management system is an integrated software which addresses to four main processes, i.e recruitment, performance, learning and development.

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What are the Benefits of Benefits of Shredding Services?

What are the Benefits of Benefits of Shredding Services?

Recycling and secure document shredding are significant for any company and only professionals should be hired to handle it. Unicor LLC fulfills all your requirements for shredding, recycling, document destruction, and waste management service in Albuquerque. For more info visit:u00a0

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What are the Benefits of Public Address System?

What are the Benefits of Public Address System?

The public address system (PA System) is an electronic amplification and sound diffusion system with a microphone, amplifier and speakers. In the PA system, a person can speak to a wide audience, for example, to indicate movements at the terminals large and noisy air and tracks.

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What are the benefits of lead management system software?

What are the benefits of lead management system software?

The Lead management system software focuses on customer data and using those data helps to accelerate the sales pipeline. Here you find some benefits Lead capturing and nurturing Distribution of leads Reduces the sales follow-ups

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What are the benefits of Warranty tracking software solution?

What are the benefits of Warranty tracking software solution?

The most valuable asset that your company presently possesses is the computer system. So what is the procedure of managing such a major component of a companyu2019s daily operations? The answer is Warranty Management Software Solutions. but unfortunately, most companies do not understand the vitality of warranties that come along with software equipment.

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Application of Integrated Management Systems (IMS)  in Hong Kong (HK)

Application of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) in Hong Kong (HK)

Application of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) in Hong Kong (HK). Presenter: Dr. Linda C.N. Fan Department of Building & Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Email: [email protected] Co-author: Mr. William Cheung Hong Kong Management System Consultants Limited, HK

183 views • 18 slides

Inter-Agency Child Protection  Information Management System (IA CP IMS) January 2012

251 views • 15 slides

What are the benefits of deploying a fee management system?

What are the benefits of deploying a fee management system?

Student fees collection software for Institutes is an asset for the educational institutions but the entire educational world. The solution is beautifully integrated with many beneficial features. This software completes the slackness in the system by the data fetched from the students as well as parents.

113 views • 11 slides

What are the benefits of HRMS System?

What are the benefits of HRMS System?

HRMS or Human Resource Management System is an integrated software system that lets the HR department of an organization accessing information that they need in decision-making.

22 views • 2 slides

What Are The Benefits of Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management Systems?

What Are The Benefits of Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management Systems?

Fleet maintenance management can be highly beneficial to companies with fleets of all sizes. Vehicle fleets can include cars, trucks, forklifts, and heavy machinery. There are many great benefits to using a vehicle fleet maintenance management system to ensure you keep your fleet up and operational at all times.

20 views • 2 slides

What are the main benefits of Workday?

What are the main benefits of Workday?

The main benefits of Workday include its integrated system base, perceptive features and vendor dependability. Here are the details: uf0d8tWorkday does an excellent job in linking HR and finances together. It offers insights in real time, provides exact analytics, and ensure global simplicity. Since it operates on the cloud, the tool is definitely accessible, inexpensive and quick to line up.

40 views • 2 slides

What are the benefits of DeFi Dapp?

What are the benefits of DeFi Dapp?

DeFi is an alternative to the traditional financial system, and it provides higher efficiency and trust than traditional finance in various ways.

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Case Study: Should I Pitch a New Project-Management System?

  • Denis Dennehy

presentation on integrated management system

A newly hired software developer considers recommending changes at an established tech company.

Cynthia is a newly hired software developer at MainFrame, which uses Scrum to manage projects. But she agrees with her coworkers that the company’s methodical and deliberate pace is inferior to the quicker, more loosely structured approach of her previous employer, which used Flow. So when a colleague approaches her and asks her to use her impressive background and credentials to advocate for Flow, Cynthia agrees. But after her pilot project produces mixed results, she wonders whether she should proceed with a presentation to the process-improvement board.

Two experts weigh in: Sonali Raut, a senior data scientist at Munich RE Automation Solutions, and Alex Estevam, a technical program manager at Mastercard.

Cynthia Ramos just wanted to grab her pasta salad from the communal refrigerator and eat at her desk, but instead she got sucked into another exchange with Jim Miller. Since she’d joined MainFrame as a software developer, six months earlier, every conversation with Jim had been about what a hindrance the company’s project-management system was. On her very first day—in a roomful of new colleagues—he’d asked whether her former employer had used Scrum. 1 When she’d said no, he’d chuckled and said, “You might regret leaving to come here!”

presentation on integrated management system

  • DD Denis Dennehy is an associate professor of business analytics and the school research lead at Swansea University’s School of Management, in Wales.

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Deliver a lucid presentation by utilizing this Integrated Management System Powerpoint PPT Template Bundles. Use it to present an overview of the topic with the right visuals, themes, shapes, and graphics. This is an expertly designed complete deck that reinforces positive thoughts and actions. Use it to provide visual cues to your audience and help them make informed decisions. A wide variety of discussion topics can be covered with this creative bundle such as Integrated Workplace Management System,IMS,IMS Framework,IMS Audit Checklist,IMS Training. All the twenty eight slides are available for immediate download and use. They can be edited and modified to add a personal touch to the presentation. This helps in creating a unique presentation every time. Not only that, with a host of editable features, this presentation can be used by any industry or business vertical depending on their needs and requirements. The compatibility with Google Slides is another feature to look out for in the PPT slideshow.

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Integrated management system powerpoint ppt template bundles with all 33 slides:

Use our Integrated Management System Powerpoint PPT Template Bundles to effectively help you save your valuable time. They are readymade to fit into any presentation structure.

Integrated management system powerpoint ppt template bundles

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by Deon Warren

April 3, 2022

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April 2, 2022

Google Reviews

  • Unleash your productivity with AI and Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • What does AI mean for me?
  • ChatGPT vs. Microsoft 365 Copilot: What's the difference?
  • Frequently asked questions about AI and Microsoft 365 Copilot
  • What is responsible AI?

presentation on integrated management system

Unleash your productivity with AI and Microsoft Copilot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming part of our lives and transforming the ways we live and work.  Today you're seeing it take center stage in Microsoft 365 thanks to Copilot, which works alongside you to unleash creativity and transform work.

A photo of a teacher and a student looking at a computer.

Defined simply, AI is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, especially computers. AI can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation.  

Here are a few terms you might hear in conversations about AI:

Rule-based AI operates based on a set of predefined rules and logic. This type of AI is useful for solving mathematical equations or producing logical statements. It can also be used for analyzing large sets of fast-moving data to spot patterns and identify things like potential fraud.

Machine learning involves training a computer system to recognize patterns in data. Image and speech recognition are examples of machine learning.

Deep learning is a machine learning technique where layers of neural networks are used to process data and make decisions. A deep learning system looks at massive amounts of data and learns by spotting patterns. Deep learning AI is used for tasks such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and for making predictions about the future based on data. It’s a key part of the technology used in self-driving cars.

Natural language processing (NLP) enables computers to understand and interpret human language. This type of AI is one of the most common, as it’s used in chatbots, virtual assistants, and language translation software. NLP is what you're using when you interact with Copilot using plain English instructions.

Generative is another form of AI that’s becoming more popular, and it features heavily in how Copilot does what it does. It creates new written, visual, and auditory content by way of existing data or input by humans. ChatGPT from OpenAI is a generative AI, in fact that’s what the “G” in its name stands for.

AI in Microsoft 365

Over the coming months, you’ll notice new AI features being integrated into Microsoft 365 to support you at work and home. Our new AI-powered features can help you more quickly and creatively do the things you normally do.  

The Microsoft AI logo

You can already find AI in our products and services. Want to create some unique art? Try Microsoft Designer. With Designer you can create AI-generated images simply by using a plain English prompt. Learn more about Designer and DALL-E.  

For an improved search experience, use the new AI-powered Bing and Edge browser. Not only will you see enhanced search results, but you’ll also be able to create content with  Bing’s new chat experience, powered by AI . 

Whether you’re composing a report, an email, or a post on LinkedIn, write with confidence when you use Microsoft Editor in Word . This AI-powered writing assistant helps you with spelling and grammar, clarity, and readability.  

Copilot in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook will help you be more productive, get your documents and presentations started more quickly, and help you quickly glean insights from your data or emails.

Note:  Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps is currently only available to customers in a very limited private preview.

Expect to see more AI integration coming soon to your Microsoft 365 apps, to help you create better content, faster.  

Tip:  Find out what's new with AI and Microsoft 365 apps and experiences in our blog . 

Be aware of limitations 

Like all transformative technologies, there are tasks that AI is not well suited for, so it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks.   

AI-produced content and outputs may contain inaccuracies, biases, or sensitive materials because they were trained on information from the internet, as well as other sources. AI may not know about recent events yet, and struggles to understand and interpret sarcasm, irony, or humor.  Please remember that it's not a person.

It's important that you review any content the AI generates for you to make sure it has accurately produced what you wanted.

Though Microsoft Bing Chat is multilingual and broadly available, Copilot in the Microsoft 365 apps is currently only available to a preview audience in the United States, and currently only understands instructions in English. 

You can help us improve our AI-powered features by experimenting with them and giving us your feedback. We are dedicated to using AI responsibly and helping you do the same. Our commitment to responsible AI is guided by a core set of principles, such as reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.  

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is built on Microsoft's comprehensive approach to security, compliance, and privacy. Your data (including prompts, responses, and the business data Copilot uses to formulate its response) isn’t used to train the foundation large language models (LLMs) that Copilot uses.

For more information, see Data, Privacy, and Security for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 .

Where can I learn more about Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI?

Microsoft has been on a responsible AI journey since 2017, when we defined our principles and approach to ensuring this technology is used in a way that is driven by ethical principles that put people first. Read more about our responsible AI journey, the ethical principles that guide us, and the tooling and capabilities we’ve created to assure that we develop AI technology responsibly.

To learn more see  Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI.

Note:  This article was written by a person, with assistance from an AI.


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Bargain Hunters Set to Drive Record Black Friday | Hero

Climate Change and Sustainability

/ update, this is what has been agreed at cop28 so far. what happens next.

These are some of the most significant announcements from the first three days of COP28 in Dubai—and key takeaways for organizations and policymakers.

Climate Finance

The UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced a $30 billion fund for global climate solutions that aims to attract $250 billion of investment by the end of the decade. The parties to COP also pledged $700 million in funding to help lower-income countries cope with the loss and damage caused by climate change. The presidency also launched 10 principles to make finance available, accessible, and affordable.

  • Governments will have to work to close the $18 trillion investment gap, prioritizing long-term gains over the costs in the short to medium term. This means setting granular, year-by-year targets to ensure pledges are met. 
  • The private sector will need to engage with regulators and governments to unlock investment and find innovative instruments to make sure the capital reaches the places that need it most. This includes moving beyond the financing of individual projects to a more systematic approach, as well as consistently integrating carbon into decision making and asset valuation. 
  • Multilateral development banks and other international financial institutions can double down on efforts to improve access to finance, mitigate financial risks, increase concessional finance for blended instruments, and address debt sustainably.  
  • There is also an urgent need to increase adaptation and resilience financing. In 2020, financing flows for climate adaptation and resilience reached only 10% of what is needed. 

COP28 Hero

The Future of Food

More than 130 countries signed a declaration to include emissions from agriculture and farming into their national plans to tackle climate change. In addition, a group of 25+ leading food and agriculture organizations joined forces to scale regenerative agriculture, partnering with 3.6 million farmers to accelerate the transition of over 160 million hectares to protect the soil and limit carbon emissions.

  • There needs to be a rebalancing of public climate finance towards food systems, and companies will need to pursue a robust Global North and Global South engagement strategy. 
  • Social equity should be at the heart of adaptation given the vulnerability of farmers and other local workers to the changes. 
  • Food companies can invest in technologies and delivery models that prioritize climate-smart production of staples and nonstaples, such as disease- and drought-resistant seeds. 
  • By diversifying their sourcing strategies and value chains, and reducing food waste, food companies can help stabilize food prices and protect against future shocks. 

Renewable Energy

Some 118 countries have agreed targets to triple renewable power generation capacity to 11,000 GW, and double energy efficiency this decade.

  • The targets are only achievable with strong government support and sufficient financing. The task for countries is now to ensure the right policy and regulation can support the investment case, including for grid infrastructure. Organizations can also accelerate permits and cut planning time to streamline process.  
  • Power companies should be ready to respond to a supply signal from governments for grid investments and capacity enhancements, not overlooking the importance of grid infrastructure for a successful energy transition.   
  • Scale is key to bringing down costs and prices and driving efficiency. Supply chains will also need to be scaled and more engineers trained. 

Methane Reduction

Fifty oil and gas companies pledged to reach near zero-methane emissions by 2030, and submit a plan to meet those targets by 2025. A fund was also announced for methane abatement projects in emerging markets and developing economies. The group of fifty firms also agreed to net zero greenhouse gas emissions from their operations by 2050.

  • Reducing methane is the most effective lever to halt temperature rises quickly, and 70% of energy-related methane emissions are abatable with existing technologies and changes in operational practices. The methane fund should be leveraged to accelerate implementation of methane abatement projects.
  • The technology for the identification, measurement and analytics of methane leaks—as well as physical solutions such as replacing high-bleed pneumatic controllers—may require concessional funding for lenders. 
  • Mitigating emissions is often commercially viable through capturing and selling methane, and the private sector, governments and multilateral development banks will need to work together to ensure emerging markets have incentives, know-how and the funds to install such technologies, adapt workflows and culture to zero-methane operations. 

For more detailed analysis and executive perspectives on the outcomes of COP28, please contact Edmond Rhys Jones .


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BCG consultants work to ensure a just energy transition for clients globally by integrating financial, technological, economical, and societal considerations.

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Food Systems and Food Security

BCG works with businesses, foundations, and governments to help build sustainable food systems and security, even in the face of climate-related threats.

" "

Sustainable Finance and Investing

A growing number of large institutional investors today are incorporating sustainable finance into their portfolios. Learn more about sustainable finance from BCG's social impact experts.

presentation on integrated management system

Integrated Management System, Training, IMS, Safety G Rajan Kumar. 7.4K views • 19 slides. ISO 14001:2015 Documentation ppt Global Manager Group. 5K views • 13 slides. ISO 9001/14001/45001 requirements comparison Centauri Business Group Inc.

Which management systems can be integrated? All management systems operating in an organization can be integrated to a certain extent Integration of Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Safety (ISO 45001) Management Systems and Health OR Safety & Environmental Management Systems (i.e. ISO 45001 & ISO 14001) are very common examples

This training material will benefit the beginners who wants to learn about integrated management system & it benefits. Also it will be useful to understand the benefit of integrate all 3 system in one. R RanganathanR9 Recommended IMS Training Presentation Global Manager Group 1.2K views • 9 slides

Published 31 Jan 2023 What is an Integrated Management System? Integrated management systems (IMS) are designed to integrate all current systems in place within an organization. That way, the organization can work as a singular unit towards the same goals, increasing efficiency and productivity within different teams.

First published in 2008, The integrated use of management system standards brings together international expertise, diverse industry case extracts and implementations, and best-practice guidance on integrating management system standards. It has just been updated to reflect the vast number of changes to both ISO and non-ISO standards.

Presentation content Integrated management systems in ISO standards Annex SL requirements Discipline standards requirements Understanding context to guide you on the extent of But first, what's new about integration?

An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organization's systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives. IMS = QMS + EMS + SMS + EnMS + FSMS + ISMS (etc)

Get your hands on our Integrated Management System (IMS) presentation template for MS PowerPoint and Google Slides to discuss how this smart system works and highlight its key facets that help integrate the essential business elements and operations into a single entity for streamlining their management.

2.1. Integrated management systems (IMS) Before dwelling on the content of IMS, it is necessary to explain the concept of integration. Integration refers to "completion" and "aggregation" [ 16 ]. However, the term integration should not be confused with "combination" and "compliance" in terms of MSSs. Compliance refers to ...

Integrated management system is a set of concurrently planned, implemented, and maintained management systems with regard to multiple disciplines, such as quality, food safety, information security, environment, and occupational health and safety. This is an array of interacting elements that are interrelated and that form an organization's ...

Eight steps approach to implement integrated management system Slide 1 of 6 Framework of integrated quality management system Slide 1 of 6 Integrated business planning management system process Slide 1 of 2 Enterprise asset and work management with system integrity Slide 1 of 6 Core elements of integrated management system Slide 1 of 6

1 of 37 Integrated Management Systems Jan 15, 2010 • 6 likes • 8,652 views Download Now Download to read offline Business Technology Management systems are merging. Is quality at the center or part of the mix? Dennis Arter Retired at SE Washington State Follow Recommended Integrated management systems Archil Nasrashvili 4K views • 15 slides

• An integrated management system (IMS) is a management system which integrates all components of a business into one coherent system so as to enable the achievement of its purpose and mission.

Advantages of Combining ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001. Fundamentally, as an Integrated System: A commitment to continual improvement will meet or exceed customer expectations in the provision of goods and services. A commitment to protect the environment will prevent pollution and will continually improve the air we breathe, the water we drink, and ...

This online course is about implementing and auditing an integrated management system that complies to the requirements of three standards ISO 9001:2015 (quality management), ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) and ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety management).. The course is focused on the common elements of the standards, that can be used as a basis for the integration.

PPT - Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018) PowerPoint Presentation - ID:8851398 Download Presentation Download 1 / 35 Download Presentation >> Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018) Oct 31, 2019 4.45k likes | 6.83k Views

An Integrated Management System is a process that integrates all of the business processes, procedures, and policies into one management framework. Integrated Management System is known as IMS in short. IMS integrates all the separate systems of management into one single unit. Slideshow...

Presentation Transcript. An Integrated Management System integrates all of an organisation's systems and processes in to one framework. This means that a company may have a combination of quality (ISO 9001:2008), safety (AS/NZS 4801:2001), environmental (ISO 14001:2004), and risk management (ISO 31000:2009) addressed by a single system.

Benefits Of Integrated Management System 1.Improved efficiency: By integrating multiple management systems, an IMS streamlines processes and reduces duplication of effort, leading to improved efficiency. 2.Reduced costs: An IMS with the help of Integrated management consultants can help to reduce costs by identifying and eliminating inefficienci...

Summary. Cynthia is a newly hired software developer at MainFrame, which uses Scrum to manage projects. But she agrees with her coworkers that the company's methodical and deliberate pace is ...

9. 10. 11. Integrated Management System found in: Sample Of Integrated Management System For Risk Ppt Powerpoint Images, 5 Steps Approach For Integrated Risk Management System Microsoft PDF, Financial Services Integrated Management System..

Integrated Management System - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Training presentation for junior level managers

Our Integrated Management System Powerpoint PPT Template Bundles are topically designed to provide an attractive backdrop to any subject. Use them to look like a presentation pro. « » Slide 1 of 33 These PPT Slides are compatible with Google Slides Want Changes to This PPT Slide? Check out our Presentation Design Services

This AI-powered writing assistant helps you with spelling and grammar, clarity, and readability. Copilot in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook will help you be more productive, get your documents and presentations started more quickly, and help you quickly glean insights from your data or emails. Note: Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps ...

Kennesaw State University is a participant in the Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify) effective October 15, 2007. Participant ID: 61415. Marietta Campus 1100 South Marietta Pkwy. Campus Maps. Phone (470-578-4636) Media Resources. Current Students. Online Only Students.

Climate Finance. The UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced a $30 billion fund for global climate solutions that aims to attract $250 billion of investment by the end of the decade. The parties to COP also pledged $700 million in funding to help lower-income countries cope with the loss and damage caused by climate change.

Soundeffects Wiki

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Boo Laugh 2

  • View history

This sound is used for Boos, the round, white ghosts from the Super Mario series.

  • 1.1 Video Games
  • 1.2 YouTube Videos
  • 2 Image Gallery
  • 3 Audio Samples

Used In [ ]

Video games [ ].

  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  • Mario Kart DS
  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Mario Superstar Baseball

Nintendo Switch:

  • Luigi's Mansion 3
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Mario Party Superstars
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Mario Strikers Charged
  • Mario Kart 8
  • New Super Luigi U
  • New Super Mario Bros. U

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  • SMG4 Videos
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Audio samples [ ].

  • 1 Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library
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  • 3 SpongeBob SquarePants


  1. Ghost Mario GIFs

    mario ghost laugh

  2. Free download

    mario ghost laugh

  3. Mario clipart mario ghost, Mario mario ghost Transparent FREE for

    mario ghost laugh

  4. Mario Ghost Png

    mario ghost laugh

  5. Super Mario Ghosts Wallpaper by luismonteiro on DeviantArt

    mario ghost laugh

  6. GHOST!!!

    mario ghost laugh


  1. Ghost laugh


  3. Mario and Luigi HORROR! Part 3 (Animation Parody)

  4. Halloween Mix 2010

  5. Leo Mario Ghost House

  6. Mario Ghost cute#viral#shorts#subscribe#@HeriGamer


  1. Mario ghost boo laugh sound effect

    free to use

  2. Super Mario Bros Sound Effects

    Sounds from Super Mario Bros. Link below: sound which the ghosts make

  3. Super Mario 64 Boo Laugh Sound Effect [Free Ringtone Download]

    Mario 64 Boo sound effect / sfx / ringtone. This is the sound when the ghost character boo laughs (originally known as "Boo" Diddlys and later Boo Buddies) ...

  4. Boo Laugh 1

    in: Laugh Sound Effects, Ghost Sound Effects, Video Game Sound Effects, and 7 more Boo Laugh 1 Sign in to edit This sound is used for Boos, the round, white ghosts from the Super Mario series. It is a sped-up version of HUMAN, LAUGH - COMICAL LAUGH: MALE . Contents 1 Used In 1.1 Video Games 1.2 YouTube Videos 2 Image Gallery 3 Audio Samples Used In

  5. Boo

    Boos are common ghost enemies in the Super Mario franchise that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3. They are a type of white spherical ghost with menacing and normally open mouths. ... Boos have been portrayed with a unique, high-pitched laugh. Both this laugh and Bowser's laugh are derived from the same stock recording of a human man laughing ...

  6. Boo Laugh (Sound Effect)

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  7. Mario Ghosts GIFs

    Mario Ghosts Memes See all Memes Stickers See all Stickers GIFs Click here to upload to Tenor Upload your own GIFs With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Mario Ghosts animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>

  8. Boo Laugh 3

    in: Laugh Sound Effects, Video Game Sound Effects, Super Mario Bros. Sound Effects, and 4 more Boo Laugh 3 Sign in to edit This sound is used for Boos, the round, white ghosts from the Super Mario series. Contents 1 Used In 1.1 Video Games 1.2 Theme Parks 1.3 YouTube Videos 2 Image Gallery 3 Audio Samples Used In Video Games 3DS:

  9. King Boo Laugh

    in: Laugh Sound Effects, Ghost Sound Effects, Video Game Sound Effects, and 9 more King Boo Laugh Sign in to edit This sound effect is used for King Boo, a recurring villain from the Super Mario series. It's a very high pitched version of CARTOON, LAUGHTER - LOW, THROATY LAUGH, HUMAN 01 from the Series 4000 Hollywood Sound Effects Library .

  10. Category : Fair use sound clips

    From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. To place a file in this category, add the tag ... DKP ghost laugh.oga; 51 KB. DM GB 2x Chain & Player 1 Attack.oga; 18 KB. DM GB 3x Chain & Player 2 Attack.oga; 15 KB. Donkey-kong-64-oh-banana.oga; 60 KB.

  11. Boo Laugh 4

    Boo Laugh 4. This sound is used for Boos, the round, white ghosts from the Super Mario series.

  12. Boo Laugh Tone

    Tono con la risa de Boo

  13. Mario Soundboard

    Sounds > Mario Soundboard Mario Jump Super Mario Death Its A Me, Mario mario Mario 1 up Coin Mario Mario screaming 1 Mario Star Power mario fart Super Mario Pipe Mario Yahoo MARIO OOF Mario coin sound Super Mario Beedoo Super Mario 64 Thwomp Mario - Power Up Mario Bruh Mario reacts to a spicy meme Mario Bros Game Over Super Mario World - Title

  14. Free Ghost Laugh Sound Effects Download

    19 royalty-free ghost laugh sound effects Download ghost laugh royalty-free sound effects to use in your next project. Royalty-free ghost laugh sound effects. Download a sound effect to use in your next project. Royalty-free sound effects Laughing Ghost - Horror Sounds JuliusH 0:14 Download halloween gruesome Creepy Echo - Scary and Spooky Sounds

  15. Boo

    Boos () (originally known as "Boo" Diddlys and later Boo Buddies-but sometimes mistaken for King Boos without the crown even though there is only one King Boo) are common ghost enemies in the Mario series that first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3. They are a type of white, spherical ghost with menacing and normally open mouths. They are known for their large tongues and small "arms" of some ...

  16. TMK

    Submitted by. Yoshi sound. 16KB. Deezer. The Mushroom Kingdom: Super Mario 64 (N64) sound clips.

  17. SM64 Boo Laugh Sound Effect MP3

    SM64 Camera Lakitu Sound Effect. SM64 Camera Lakitu Sound Effect, SM64 Camera Lakitu Sound Effect, Mario Bros Sounds, Lakitu Sound Effects, Lakitu Sound FX, Super Mario 64 Sound Effects, SM64 Audio Clip, SM64 Audio MP3, Mario Bros FX. Audio File Format: MP3 - File Size: 101.81 KB.

  18. King Boo

    King Boo and Luigi are arch-nemeses in the Luigi's Mansion games. King Boo's motivation for trying to imprison Mario and Luigi is for revenge that both brothers have posed trouble against him in the past. King Boo additionally dislikes Professor E. Gadd for his ghost-capturing hobby, involving capturing his Boos.

  19. Sit Back and Have A Quick Laugh: 100 Funniest Mario Memes We Found on

    Take A Break!: We Compiled 100 of Our Favorite Super Mario Memes For Your Enjoyment. Here at we'll occasionally take a break from the technical aspects of making games and have some fun. Today, we've combined two of our favorite things; Mario and Memes. Mario is awesome, and memes make us laugh.

  20. The fact both Sonic and Mario have ghosts called boo that look so

    at least the Mario Boos don't grope you from behind. But in all seriousness I'm wondering if the Boos from Sonic Adventure 2 are based on the Ghosts from Sandopolis Zone act 2 in Sonic & Knuckles, you know, the ones who would get scarier and scarier as it got darker and would attack you once they grew horns.

  21. mario ghost laugh

    Mario has one younger brother, Luigi. Both are characters in Nintendo's "Super Mario" series of video games. Luigi first appeared in the 1983 arcade game "Mario Bros.," set in the sewer system of New York City.... Super Mario Bros is one of the most iconic video games of all time, and it's no surprise that this classic has made its way onto computers.

  22. Super Mario 64 (N64)

    Super Mario 64 (N64) - Boo's laugh Sound Effect (HD)download:

  23. Boo Laugh 2

    This sound is used for Boos, the round, white ghosts from the Super Mario series. 3DS: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Paper Mario: Sticker Star DS: Mario Kart DS New Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 64 DS GameCube: Mario Superstar Baseball Nintendo Switch: Luigi's Mansion 3 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Party Superstars New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Wii ...