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12 Most Haunted Places in Kansas City, MO

Welcome to the spooky side of the “City of Fountains,” where ghostly residents love to make a splash!

From haunted hotels to haunted mansions, Kansas City has its fair share of spine-tingling ghost stories that have been passed down through generations.

So, buckle up, turn off the lights, and get ready as we take a journey through the 12 most haunted locations in Kansas City.

1. 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City (formerly Hotel Savoy)

21c Museum Hotel Kansas City

The 21C Museum Hotel has been providing people with a place to stay since 1888. Some of the people that have stayed or worked at the popular hotel have decided that they simply never wanted to leave the establishment.

An assortment of supernatural activity has been reported in the more than 100 years the hotel has been around.

Two of the tragedies that occurred in the hotel were the mysterious death of Betsy Ward in room 505 and the 1990 murder of the restaurant manager by the dishwashers on the second floor.

Guests who stay in room 505 had told hotel officials, that music could be heard in their room when there’s nothing switched on.

Ward’s ghost is said to like to open doors, as well as turning the bathroom faucets and shower off and on. People who visit the second floor get odd feelings, they are being watched.

The fourth floor is home to the ghost of a little girl dressed in Victorian clothing and the ghost of a man whose apartment used to be on the fourth floor.

2. John Wornall House

John Wornall House

One of the oldest and most haunted sites in Kansas City is the John Wornall House . The house has been around for decades and has a rich civil war history.

The stories about the hauntings and sightings at the Wornall House are vast.

Neighbors that have been witness to so many spirits wandering around outside the home, that vanish into thin air, that they have taken odd measures to protect their homes.

One neighbor hangs crosses on all windows facing the home, while another neighbor whited out their windows.

Aside from the reports of ghosts vanishing in the yard, people have spotted armed soldiers from the Civil War era, patrolling the balconies and doors of the home.

The smell of pipe tobacco and a woman bent over in front of the fireplace are additional claims. Noises, voices, and orbs floating on the rocking chair, in the children’s bedroom have also been reported.

One staff member’s account of the guns hanging in the home being moved, so they aimed at the front door. Has to be one of the most frightening of all the paranormal activity at the Wornall House.

3. Belvoir Winery & Inn

Belvoir Winery & Inn

In 1900, the Odd Fellows Home District was established and the Belvoir Winery is part of that district today. In its initial incarnation, the Odd Fellows Home District had multiple buildings on the property, each of which served a specific purpose.

There was a home for the elderly, a hospital, as well as a home and a school for children.

There is also a cemetery at the location that has approximately 600 people. The Belvoir Winery now serves as a place for wine tasting, weddings, and other private events.

People that make their way to the Belvoir Winery for wine tasting, weddings, and other events sometimes encounter the unexpected.

Some to have spotted the ghosts of an old woman singing and spied a man that looks like he is up to no good.

Other visitors have seen countless children on the property, playing or singing.

Hearing strange noises, odd voices, children giggling, or seeing the piano play without any assistance, are common occurrences when visiting here.

Learn more about the ghosts of the Belvoir Inn and Winery

4. Elms Hotel and Spa

Elms Hotel and Spa

Built in 1888, about a half-hour northeast of Kansas City, sits the historic Elms Hotel and Spa. People used to come to the Elms Hotel to relax and enjoy the mineral spring’s supposed healing powers

Within a year or so of opening, the hotel was damaged by a fire. The Hotel was completely rebuilt sometime between 1909 and 1912.

Once it reopened its doors countless patrons visited the hotel. Some visitors included famous bad guys, such as “Pretty Boy” Floyd, Al Capone, and Bugsy Moran.

It is claimed these bad guys and other mobsters enjoyed gambling and alcohol in the hotel, especially the basement.

The Elm is home to multiple ghosts according to the staff and guests.

There is the ghost of a maid from around the 1920s, who appears to look after hotel cleaning staff.

Another ghost is that of a woman who is in a panic. It is said she is searching for her child. People who have had their hair pulled or seen things throw, believe it might be the woman’s child.

5. Epperson House

Epperson House

Uriah Epperson and his family lived in the glorious Epperson House, that was built roughly around 1920.

The property is now part of the University of Missouri–Kansas City, yet the strange occurrences remain.

The paranormal activity occurring in the house, includes the sound of footsteps, organ music, and other odd or unidentifiable sounds.

Witnesses have seen an arm wearing blue clothing, reach into the room and turn a light on.

Countless other witnesses claim to have seen, the ghost of a woman in an evening gown wandering around the property.

This could be Epperson’s adopted daughter Harriet Barse, who died in the house shortly after moving in with Uriah and his wife, Mary Epperson.

6. The Coates Hotel

The Coates Hotel

When the Coates Hotel opened in 1867, it was an impressive hotel. That catered to the needs of countless famous people, dignitaries, and even three U.S. Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, William McKinley, and Grover Cleveland.

A century after it opened, the once-grand hotel became a homeless shelter. A fire would end up killing roughly 16 of those homeless people in 1978.

Years later the building was repaired and transformed into a large apartment complex.

Residents of the apartments say they have seen shadowy figures walking around the building.

They have also stated their appliances occasionally make odd growling-like noises. Which is one of the odd noises, that are rather common.

7. Pretty Boy Floyd's House

After attempting to break Frank “Jelly” Nash out of prison, during the Union Station Massacre, Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd went back home to his girlfriend.

He knew he needed to hide out after his plans went awry. Floyd did not remain in the home for long, but it is believed an accomplice that was with him at Union Station, died from his injuries in the home’s attic.

As the years passed and the home was sold to new owners reports of activity started.

Some of the activity included objects moving in the attic, the attic door opening at will, even when locked, and the attic light turning on.

Further reports by the owners, state they had problems keeping lights off and doors shut.

8. St Mary's Episcopal Church

St Mary's Episcopal Church

When it was established in 1857, it was Kansas City’s first Episcopal Church. The church has been used for more than a century and is not without its conflicts.

At one time Father Henry David Jardine was a rector at the church. It is said he had numerous disagreements with church officials and members because of his controversial way of thinking.

Father Jardine perished in 1886. The reports were that he died at his own hand.

The different paranormal activities at the church contradict that claim.

There are those that say the odd sounds and activity in the church are caused by Father Jardine, attempting to get the truth out so his name can be cleared of any wrongdoing.

9. Muehlebach Hotel (now part of Kansas City Marriot)

Muehlebach Hotel

With an opening date in 1916 the Muehlebach Hotel is not the oldest hotel in Kansas City but it is among the most prestigious, the city has to offer.

The Muehlebach Hotel has been the stopping point for the likes of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and all the Presidents in office from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan.

The Muehlebach is still in operation today as part of the Kansas City Marriot.

10. Kansas City Power & Light Building

Kansas City Power & Light Building

In an effort to bring jobs to the city, the Kansas City Power and Light Building was built in 1931. Many businesses called the building home for many years.

No longer used as an office building, the Kansas City Power and Light Building is now home to luxurious loft apartments.

There is also a Grand Hall on the first floor, which serves as a location for weddings and other events. Along with all of the renovations and remodeling, there are still unusual occurrences that take place in and around the building.

The feeling of being watched, most specifically at night, is quite common, as is hearing odd and unexplainable noises.

There have also been countless reports of shadowy figures appearing to jump to their death from the top of the building, but somewhere along the way, the figures vanish, never reaching the ground.

11. Alexander Majors House

An image of the reportedly haunted Alexander Majors House in Kansas City Missouri

Built in 1856 for local entrepreneur Alexander Majors and family, the Alexander Majors House is one of only four antebellum homes left in Kansas City. Majors himself, having played a key role in the early day success of Kansas City, was one of three founders of the famous Pony Express , that shuttled letters from Missouri all the way to California.

Currently open as a historical museum, depicting the life and times of people from Kansas City and surrounding areas from the Civil War era. Opening its doors for patrons year-round, the house has been the suspect of rumor for decades. Is it really haunted? Well, from the stories of past patrons and even staff, then yes, it most certainly is. The Haunted Rooms America team of investigators have visited the location on many occasions and have reported the same.

Staff and visitors alike have witnessed disembodied voices, sudden unexplainable cold spots, strange noises, the sound of phantom footsteps, and the feeling of being touched! Investigators also claim to experience equipment malfunctions regularly here.

Many people believe that the house is haunted by the last descendant of Alexander Majors to own the home, Louisa Johnston (Majors’ Great-Grandaughter). She lived and lovingly restored the home over a period of 49 years, from 1930 up until her death in 1979. There’s also the belief that the home and grounds could be inhabited by the spirits of the many slaves that lived, worked, and even died here

12. Hotel Phillips

Haunted Hotel Phillips Kansas City MO

Located just blocks from Kansas City’s Power & Light District, the historic Hotel Phillips stands as an Art Deco masterpiece with a brooding and enchanting atmosphere. Built in 1931, the 20-story building was once the tallest in the area and has since undergone a $20 million renovation, making it one of the most luxurious and haunted hotels in the city.

The hotel’s history dates back to the late 19th century, when the first structure on the property was built. It later became the Glennon Hotel, operated for 10 years, and housed a haberdashery shop owned by future American President Harry S. Truman. The Hotel Phillips is now managed by Hilton and is part of their “Curio Collection.”

With a reputation for dramatic hauntings and active spirits, the hotel’s narrow hallways and dimly lit corridors are home to many ghostly encounters. One tragic tale involves a young woman who was shot dead by her gangster lover, her spirit now haunting Room 1513. Her lover’s ominous presence can also be felt near the room. Other paranormal activity includes mysterious knocking and tapping sounds, as well as objects moving on their own.

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kansas city ghost stories

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Haunted Kansas City

Kansas City has its fair share of spooky lore and urban legends, many of which are associated with beloved historic buildings. These images and tales from the Missouri Valley Special Collections touch on a few of the more renowned hauntings in the Kansas City area. Whether fact or fantasy, these stories reflect the unique histories of the Kansas City buildings and personalities they involve.

Muehlebach Hotel, 12th and Baltimore

The Muehlebach Hotel has been one of the Midwest’s most prestigious hotels since it opened in 1916. Over the years it has been a luxurious gathering place for conventions, dinners and teas, and during the jazz era the Muehlebach played host to some of the nation’s biggest bands. Among the hotel’s famous guests have been Babe Ruth, Harry Truman, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles.

A ghost known as “ The Blue Lady ” has also been known to stay at the hotel from time to time. Described as a blonde in her early 30’s, she has been seen wearing a 1920s-style blue dress with her hair tucked up into a wide-brimmed hat. Some have speculated that she is the ghost of an actress who once played at the Gayety Theater next door, and searches the Muehlebach for a lost lover.

The Folly Theater, 300 W. 12th Street

kansas city ghost stories

Completed in 1900, the Folly Theater and adjacent Edward Hotel were the center of the theater world in Kansas City for many years. Designed by Kansas City architect Louis Curtiss, “The Pink Lady” was managed from 1902 to 1922 by a legendary character named Joe Donegan , who brought the biggest showbiz names in the country to Kansas City. The Folly stage played host to vaudeville and burlesque greats such as the Marx Brothers, Fanny Brice and Gypsy Rose Lee, as well as prizefighters like Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson.

In the 1970’s, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and restored to its early glory through a monumental renovation effort. Over the years, Folly employees and theater-goers have told some strange tales. A former custodian reported seeing a mysterious male figure in a bowler hat, who some believe is the ghost of Joe Donegan. The ghostly figure of a woman in a long gown rushing toward the stage, as if late for her cue, has also been described.

Longview Farm, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Longview Farm was built between 1912 and 1914 by lumber magnate and philanthropist Robert A. Long. When completed, Longview consisted of 1,780 acres, 42 buildings, a staff of 350, and a racetrack.

kansas city ghost stories

Long’s daughter, Loula Long Combs, lived at Longview and became a world-renowned equestrian, winning horse competitions in Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States. An animal lover at heart, she was known to spoil any number of stray dogs, and had her favorite horse, Revelation, buried with honors in front of the Longview Show Horse Arena. While Loula Long Combs died in 1971 at age 90, some students of nearby Longview Community College (for which Loula and her sister Sally donated land) have reported hearing ghostly hooves on pavement, and catching glimpses of an unknown woman on horseback in the area. When the Longview Mansion was chosen as the Symphony Designers Showhouse in 1987, a staff member reported the curious necessity of having to remake Loula’s bed every morning.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 13th and Holmes St.

kansas city ghost stories

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, one of the city’s oldest congregations, traces its roots back to 1857. Mass has been served at its present 13th and Holmes location since 1888, where a spectacular 100-foot nave, vaulted ceiling, and brick arches make this church a classic example of English Gothic architecture. The building is also noted for its unique interior features, including an altar made of Italian marble, and gas light fixtures, which remain in place (though no longer in use) along its walls.

The ghost of an early rector of St. Mary’s, Father Henry David Jardine , is said to haunt the church. In leading the congregation from 1879 to 1886, Father Jardine’s zealous style resulted in controversy. Although he helped organize the parish, founded two schools, and had a hand in the creation of the hospital that would become St. Luke’s, Father Jardine ran afoul of some church members and officials. His untimely death in St. Louis in 1886 was ruled a suicide, and for this reason he was not buried in consecrated ground until he was officially exonerated 35 years later. Today, eerie noises heard in St. Mary’s are attributed by some to the ghostly return of Father Jardine, who intends to clear his good name.

The Elms Hotel, Excelsior Springs, Missouri

kansas city ghost stories

Excelsior Springs, Missouri was once a national destination for people seeking relief from various ailments through the use of mineral water from the numerous springs in the area. In a town lined with bathhouses and water bars, the Elms Hotel became the most majestic place in town to “take the waters.” Founded in 1888, The Elms fell victim to several fires until the current structure was completed in 1912. Among the resort’s finer moments was election night, 1948, when Harry Truman and his entourage spent a suspenseful evening at The Elms tracking poll results.

According to legend, a fire at a Halloween masquerade ball in 1910 killed two coal shovelers in the bowels of the building. Today, if a phantom clanking of pipes is heard at The Elms around 1:30 A.M.--the exact time of the historic blaze--it is thought by believers to be the result of a ghostly grudge held by the fire’s victims. Mysterious calls to the front desk from empty, locked rooms have also been reported.

kansas city ghost stories

Kansas City’s Real Haunted Houses

Eerie exploits and fictional frights long ago cemented Kansas City’s reputation as the Haunted House Capital of the World . But KC also holds other haunted secrets—a few well-known locations around the city where a creak in the floorboards or a cold draft may be more than just a bump in the night.

Gather ‘round the campfire and discover the true stories behind Kansas City’s real haunted houses.

The John Wornall House

kansas city ghost stories

One of KC’s oldest ghostly residences is the John Wornall House . A prosperous farmer in Jackson County, John Bristow Wornall built his now-infamous home in 1858. The Civil War broke out soon after its construction, dividing the nation and causing friends, neighbors and even brothers to take up arms against one another.

kansas city ghost stories

The historic Battle of Westport, which took place in 1864, occurred just a few blocks from the Wornall family home. The residence became a field hospital during the conflict, where soldiers from both the Confederate and Union armies were treated. But not all could be saved. As a result, these spirits are said to roam the halls of what is now the John Wornall Museum. Employees and guests alike have reported several instances of otherworldly phenomena, including the smell of pipe tobacco filling a room, mysterious figures in windows and ghostly armed soldiers guarding the doors and patrolling the balconies.

Visitors can experience the atmosphere with ghost tales, candlelit tours and other ongoing events throughout the calendar.

The Sallie House

The charming town of Atchison, Kan., which lies about an hour north of Downtown KC, is home to what is considered by many to be the most haunted house in the Sunflower State. The residence was once occupied by a doctor and his family, with the physician operating his entire practice on the bottom floor of the house, from examination room to operation table. The house’s most famous patient, however, was a 6-year-old named Sallie, whose spirit is said to have never left. The young girl came to the house seeking medical care for a stomachache, which was promptly diagnosed as appendicitis. Sallie required immediate attention, but, as the legend goes, didn’t survive the operation.

Over the years, many have tried to make the house a residence. In the early 1990s, a young couple and their child moved into the home and reported strange occurrences throughout the house. Their dog seemed to bark at nothing in particular, especially in the upstairs nursery.

The room downstairs, where the operating table once stood, would suddenly go cold without any explanation.

As the story goes, the situation transitioned from curious to ominous. Fires would randomly break out in the house and soon the husband became the regular target of a sinister attacks that left marks on his chest and abdomen. The wife and child were never harmed, however. Eventually, the family cut its losses and departed, leaving behind a string of spooky tales oft-chronicled by TV networks, including A&E , The Travel Channel , The Discovery Channel and SyFy .

The Elms Hotel & Spa

kansas city ghost stories

A much-lauded resort loaded with history, The Elms Hotel & Spa is reported to have its own collection of spirits that walk the halls of the resort. Many may not know that two fires destroyed previous iterations of the hotel (both in 1898 and 1910), and while neither fire claimed any lives, some stories suggest that a spirit who never checked out is responsible for one of the incidents.

What’s important to note here is that everyone, from staff to visitors, maintain that the ghosts who permanently reside at The Elms are friendly. Rumors insist that a Prohibition-era gambler likes to hang out near the resort’s lap pool. Others say that the housekeeping staff is aided and advised by a ghost decked out in 1920s-style maid uniform. Regardless, the hotel embraces its past and was featured in an episode of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters . 

Sauer Castle

Sauer Castle 1

There’s no doubt that one of the most mysterious ghostly sights in KC is Sauer Castle, located in Kansas City, Kan. Although now a private residence, the 18 th -century, German Gothic mansion was built by Anton Phillip Sauer, an Austrian who’d relocated from New York City by way of Vienna after his wife passed away in 1868. Sauer resided there with his five daughters and soon remarried a young widow with children of her own. Sauer himself passed in 1879, but the Sauers and their descendants continued to live there until the mid-1980s. Unfortunately, their history is riddled with sorrow.

Not much is known about the hauntings that supposedly go on in the home. A key feature of the house, however, is the watchtower. Though the castle has been vacant for more than a decade, regular reports include lights appearing in the tower, along with apparitions of both a woman and a boy seen standing and walking in front of the property’s windows.

Alexander Majors House

kansas city ghost stories

Just eight minutes from the John Wornall House is another Civil War-era home with a history of soldierly hauntings. Constructed in 1856, the Alexander Majors House presided over a 300-acre farm and overlooked what was then Kansas Territory. Visitors have been said to encounter the spirit of deceased caretaker Louisa Johnston, a reportedly friendly specter who spent her pre-ghost life restoring the home.

Visitors can participate in ghost tours, haunted happy hours and plenty more. 

Vaile Mansion

kansas city ghost stories

An impressive example of Second Empire architecture, Independence ’s Vaile Mansion maintains a reputation as one of the preeminent history destinations in the region. Yet while the home is preserved today for guests to visit year-round, some say that spirits have haunted the residence for decades.

Originally constructed in 1881 by married couple Harvey and Sophia Vaile, only two years transpired before tragedy struck the family. Sophia, who had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, was found dead at home due to a morphine overdose while Harvey was away on business. Vaile never remarried and eventually passed away in 1895. Reports have since indicated sightings of Sophia’s ghost all throughout the house, including peering out of the mansion’s windows. It’s known to cause such a fright among passersby that many cross to the other side of the street when they come upon the mansion.

Halloween Haunts and Haunted Houses in KC

Combined with KC’s pioneering use of the “open format,” which allows visitors to wander without a predestined path, the city has earned the moniker of “The Haunted House Capital of the World."

Everything You Need to Know About Fall in Kansas City

From the changing leaves in the city parks to the pumpkin patches and hayrides. And of course, no fall trip to Kansas City would be complete without catching a Chiefs game at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

kansas city ghost stories

City Center Live

City of Lenexa, Kansas

Get Directions

Kauffman Center Presents The Black Violin Experience

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Kauffman Center Presents Croce Plays Croce 50th Anniversary

Here Are The 9 Best Places To Spot A Ghost In Kansas City

kansas city ghost stories

Born and raised Kansan, Clarisa has lived in both tiny towns and cities during their time here in the Sunflower State. As a busy mother of one crazy kid, two cats, and two geckos, they write whenever there is spare time.

More by this Author

There’s quite a few ghost stories in and around Kansas City, but for the most part they’re pretty tame. Old wars and crumbling houses make for a good story, but where are the places people have had real experiences? Here’s a list of the nine most haunted places in Kansas City where you’ve got a good chance of running into a ghost.

kansas city ghost stories

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kansas city ghost stories

If you get too creeped out at any of these places, just check out these photos that prove Kansas City is the most beautiful city in America.

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kansas city ghost stories

ghost stories

Swope House in Independence, Missouri.

KC Logo

Haunted experiences and ghost tours around Kansas City

For this story, we’re stepping off the beaten path (like the beginning of every classic horror movie)..

  • Copy Link copied

KC_Vaile mansion

Imagine seeing someone (or something) in the window.

Photo by @kansascityinphotos

Looking for a howling good time this Halloween? To make this season even more spook-tacular , we’re creep-ing it real with a round up of all the haunted experiences in the KC metro.

Most people know all know about the area’s haunted houses, including the No. 2 haunted attraction in the US in the West Bottoms. You can find out more about those in our fall guide . For this story however, we’re stepping off the beaten path ( like the beginning of every classic horror movie ) for some real haunted action .

Get Your Scare On 💀

Wornall/Majors Ghost Programs , two locations | Dates + times vary

  • Take the family out for a ghost story history tour, or join professional ghost hunters on a paranormal investigation.

Belvoir Winery Paranormal Investigations , 1325 Odd Fellows Rd., Liberty, MO | Dates vary, 8 p.m.

  • Investigate the Odd Fellows Home complex, featured on “Ghost Hunters” + “Most Terrifying Places.”

Vaile Victorian Mansion , 1500 N. Liberty St., Independence, MO | Sat., Oct. 8 | 5:30-9 p.m.

  • Come for local distillery tasting, demonstrations, and stories of the spirits that live in the mansion.

Jail Haunt: Tour and Investigations , Jackson County Historic Truman Courthouse, 112 W. Lexington Ave., Independence, MO | Sat., Oct. 1-Sun., Oct. 30 | 7 p.m.-1 a.m.

  • Choose a ghost tour or a full paranormal investigation, including lights-off exploration.

Haunted & Historic Spaces Tour , 13 SE 3rd St., Lee’s Summit, MO | Sat., Oct. 15 | Times vary

  • This one-hour walking tour explores prominent downtown buildings with ghostly pasts.

The Elms Paranormal Package , 401 Regent St., Excelsior Springs, MO | Year-round

  • Also featured in “Ghost Hunters,” add some spook to your staycation by booking a ghost tour with your room.

Sallie House , 200 S. 10th St., Atchison, KS | Year-round with reservation

  • This true haunted house has been featured on Syfy, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and A&E. Book a self-guided tour or spend the night (injury waiver required).

@kansasdroneguy kansas city skyline at sunset kctoday

Paranormal Activity Investigators

Paranormal Activity Investigators are based out of the Kansas City Metro area. We have been actively investigating as a team since 2003, making us one of the longest continuously active paranormal teams in the Midwest.

Our team seeks out allegedly haunted locations to assist those experiencing what may be paranormal. We also research ghost stories, urban legends, and other sightings, and conduct investigations and experiments into any potential paranormal activity.

We look for authentic evidence of the paranormal to determine if a location is haunted. We seek genuine evidence and are careful about presenting it, ensuring that it is legitimate, researched, and analyzed before being presented to the general public.

Our research will document hard environmental data and consider any human experiences. We uphold the requested confidentiality of all of our clients and treat each location with respect.

Some outside links may no longer direct you to what you are looking for. Please use this search and stick around!


1859 jail museum haunts.

This event always sells out, and tickets are live! There are three types of Jail Haunts in 2023, so there is something for everyone. We are partnered with the 1859 Jail Museum for these tours. Check out the links below for more info! Tours -  https://shorturl.at/wzJOU Mini Investigations -  https://shorturl.at/tzFHL Investigations -  https://shorturl.at/fhHY3 We hope to see you there!

Kansas City Ghost Stories

Join paranormal researcher and investigator Becky Ray for haunted stories and paranormal mysteries featuring some well-known and not-so-well-known locations throughout Kansas City. Locations and registration at  Mid-Continent Public Library . 

American Hauntings - More than 25 Years of Experiences!

Author Troy Taylor and the staff from American Hauntings have been taking guests behind the walls of haunted locations since 1993 with one simple approach — ghost hunts without all of the clutter. Our investigations are not overcrowded meet-and-greets with so-called celebrities but an authentic opportunity to let our guests experience the unexplained.  PAI's Becky Ray hosts several locations in the Kansas City area.  Visit American Hauntings  for more information. Ghost hunts. No hype. No distractions. Just the paranormal.

Local Urban Legends and Mysteries

Urban legends or urban myths are folklore circulated as true stories, often with supernatural, macabre, or humorous elements. Join paranormal researcher Becky Ray from Paranormal Activity Investigators as she tells tales from Missouri and Kansas and investigates the truth and possible origins. Locations and registration at Mid-Continent Public Library . 

Travel In Missouri

Travel In Missouri

The 13 Most Haunted Houses in Kansas City

Posted: October 11, 2023 | Last updated: December 10, 2023

The haunted houses in Kansas City are some of the biggest and scariest in America. And the best part is, not all of them are fake. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best Kansas City haunted houses, museums, and attractions to visit any time of year plus the scariest haunted houses during the Halloween season. 

If you’re a haunted house fan, add Kansas City to your list of destinations. The City of Fountains shifts to the city of haunts and scares each Halloween season. But, you don’t have to wait until October, because there are many haunted locations to visit any time of year!

13 haunted houses & Places in kansas city

Below are the 13 haunted houses in Kansas City plus the most haunted hotels in the city and the best haunted tours. We also have the most haunted places to visit in Missouri !

Real Haunted Places in Kansas City

We are starting our list with real haunted houses in Kansas City as well as haunted museums, spooky buildings and an eerie chamber!

1. Epperson House (University of Missouri at Kansas City)

Students and police alike can attest to this one. The Epperson House served as a private residence long before it was donated to and repurposed by the university.

The original owners (Uriah and Mary Epperson) took in a student and dubbed her their adopted daughter (although she was an adult and too old to be legally adopted).

Unfortunately, she passed away soon after at the age of 47. Before her passing, she was particularly fond of plans to build an organ inside the home.  Students and security guards have reported hearing organ music and seeing strange lights – all while the building was empty. Even stranger, these claims began nearly 50 years ago and continue to this day. 

Address: 5200 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64110

2. Strawberry Hill Museum

The Strawberry Hill Museum was originally built as a private home in the late 1800s. It was then used as an orphanage starting in 1919 and became one of the first in America to accept all children regardless of their race, background, or creed.

Although it has operated as a museum since 1988, the ghosts of its past still linger. A woman in red is often seen roaming the premises, asking “Where is the house of the priest?” before vanishing.

3. Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe

Famous poet Edgar Allen Poe lived a life as dark as his stories. It was fraught with tragedies and unusual circumstances. So, it makes sense that a building built in his honor is full of terrifying secrets and surprises.

While it once operated as a Halloween attraction, Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe is also believed to be haunted by real ghosts. The building’s original owner died in the elevator shaft.

It was also investigated by Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab. According to a legend featured on the attraction’s website, the now-closed building was shut down after college students, on a quest to disprove the paranormal, actually discovered something sinister in the building. 

Today, it is one of the most haunted abandoned places in Kansas City. So far, no one has been brave enough to buy the building and re-open it.

Address: 1100 Santa Fe St, Kansas City, MO 64101

4. The Kansas City Music Hall

Built in 1936, The Kansas City Music Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in KCMO. It’s also one of the most haunted. While no deaths have been documented in the building, visitors still see semi-transparent apparitions roaming the halls and even taking seats. Women have even reported seeing an older male spirit wearing a fedora. He apparently has a habit of rudely scaring them and blocking their view of the stage. 

Address: 301 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

5. John Wornall House

Built in 1858, the John Wornall House briefly served as a hospital for injured soldiers during the Civil War . Interestingly, they treated both northern and southern troops. One of the most significant battles of the region, The Battle of Westport, broke out just a short distance from the house.

While its place as a hospital has long passed, some of its patients seem to have remained making it one of the most haunted houses in KC. The scent of pipe tobacco comes and goes without explanation. Windows are filled with ghastly apparitions and armed soldiers are apparently still seen guarding the entrance.

Candlelit tours of this haunted house in Kansas City allow visitors to experience the haunts for themselves.

Address: 6115 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, MO 64113

6. Alexander Majors Historic Museum

One of the most historic houses found in Kansas City is also believed to be haunted. One of the only four remaining antebellum houses in Kansas City, the Alexander Majors Historic Museum is rich in history.

Its 1856 construction predates the Civil War and rests just a few feet away from what was (at the time) the nation’s western border. The mansion’s location serves as a metaphor for Majors’ vision of westward expansion.  It also served as a strategic location for him to conduct business.

Ghost tours are hosted at the mansion, and some are self-guided. If you choose a solo tour, keep a careful eye out for the spirit of Louisa Johnston, the former caretaker who is still believed to roam its halls.

Open: Thursday – Sunday afternoons

Address: 8201 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114

Halloween Haunts & Scary Haunted Houses

If you need to be frightened in October, below are the scariest haunted houses in Kansas City. This is your chance to encounter ghosts, zombies, ghouls and other horrors brought to life with incredible costumes and sets.

These attractions aren’t meant for the young or faint of heart, so if you’re looking for some more tame fall fun, check out our guides to the best  pumpkin patches  and  apple picking . For everyone else, these haunted houses in KCMO are good for an eerie evening.

7. The Beast Kansas City

It’s that time of year for spooky fun and some of the most popular attractions in Kansas City are organized by Full Moon Productions.

Among the largest haunted house experiences in Missouri, The Beast invokes a sense of danger by toying with visitors’ phobias and sense of direction. In fact it’s entirely possible for visitors to get lost in the werewolf forest. It brings a new level of immersion to haunted attractions. You’ll find it in the heart of Kansas City’s West Bottoms district. It’s also home to our next West Bottoms attraction…

The Beast Kansas City 2023 opening day is October 12th.

Address: 1401 W. 13 St, Suite B, Kansas City, MO 64102

8. Edge of Hell

One of the most popular Halloween attractions in Kansas City, Edge of Hell has been haunting western Missouri for nearly 50 years. Like most high-production haunted houses, it features a cast of terrifying characters lurking in unsettling places within the multi-story haunted house.

However, Edge of Hell Kansas City ups the ante by targeting some of the most haunting phobias plaguing mankind. The House of Phobia includes a world record-breaking (real) snake named Medusa. It’s a must-see among KC haunted houses and one of the two scariest West Bottoms haunted houses.

Edge of Hell Kansas City 2023 opening day is October 12th.

Address: 1300 W 12th St., Kansas City, MO 64111

9. Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt

Kansas City’s only amusement park goes all out every Halloween with a complete transformation. Creepy decor fills the Worlds of Fun while terrifying characters roam its shadows. New attractions emerge, including shows and haunted houses.

Fear rises when darkness falls as Worlds of Fun is transformed from a “theme park” into a “scream park” during the annual Halloween Haunt!

And yes, they do a legitimately great job in creating a terrifying experience for visitors. In fact, the traditionally family-friendly park recommends all visitors under 14 leave after 6:30 during its Halloween Haunt. Oh, and there’s also a real graveyard near the park that’s rumored to be haunted.

Open select nights from September 15 – October 28, 2023.

Address:  4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161

10. Macabre Cinema Haunted House

What better way to enjoy some classic macabre cinema than to live through it? That’s the unique theme found in Macabre Haunted House . Meet some of classic cinema’s most terrifying characters as they haunt you across four floors of absolute terror.

Ready for clowns, zombies and ghouls from movie sets from The Mummy, Hellraiser, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, and more?

Traverse the actual sets used in popular horror films. Can you escape back to the real world, or will you spend the rest of your days stuck in a horror film? 

Macabre Cinema Haunted House 2023 opening day is October 12th.

Address: 1222 W 12th St Suite A, Kansas City, MO 64101 

11. Full Moon Escape Rooms

What’s more terrifying than being locked in a room with no way out?

How about placing that room in the middle of Kansas City’s Largest Haunted House?

Full Moon Escape combines the fun and challenging puzzles of an escape room with the thrills and chills of a haunted house. The stakes are higher, and the pressure is on. The longer it takes, the closer “they” get…

Open: Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday Noon – 8:30 pm and Friday & Saturday Noon – 11 pm

Address: 1401 W. 13th St. Suite C, Kansas City, MO. 64102

12. Haunted Tours in Kansas City

Discover some of Kansas City’s most iconic sites and the terrifying true stories behind them.

Apex Paranormal brings the spooky this October season with a walking ghost tour of the insanely haunted Harris Kearney Civil War Home. This 1-hour tour will keep the lights on for the faint of heart and while they share the history and the stories of ghosts lurking around and inside. Tours will be led by real paranormal investigators who will also share their experiences hunting for ghosts inside both buildings.

This is an all-ages event, but they also host full paranormal investigations and ghost hunts you can join in!

13. Haunted Hotels in Kansas City

Two of Kansas City’s most historic hotels are also it’s most haunted. While guests at the Hotel Savoy (now the 21c Museum Hotel) and The Muehlebach Hotel (now the Marriott) enjoy luxury, comfort, and meticulous attention to detail, they also revel in ghostly lore – particularly during the Halloween season.

If All Hallow’s Eve finds you in our fair city, consider booking a room in one of these spooktacular hotels.

Hotel Savoy Kansas City

Originally known as the historic Savoy Hotel, this historic hotel is now the 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City. Room 505 is known to be the most haunted with unexplained happenings such as the water faucet that wouldn’t stop turning on in the bathroom, after repeatedly turning it off.

There are also tales of jazz music playing from within the empty room. Theories of the ghosts of the Hotel Savoy are a bit unclear. So, this is officially an unsolved mystery! But, are you brave enough to stay on the 5th floor at 21C?

Looking for more? We’ve heard that St. Mary’s Church, and Union Station both have legendary ghost stories. Do a self-guided exploration of their hectic pasts and learn about accounts of the ghosts that haunt them and the infamous gangsters that plagued the streets of Kansas City and the mayhem left in their wake.

Address: 219 W 9th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

Check out reviews of 21c Kansas City on TripAdvisor and our favorite site to find the lowest hotel prices is Hotels.com .

The Muehlebach Hotel

This building was a theatre before it began operating as The Muehlebach Hotel. Today it is known as the Kansas City Marriott .

The historic building in Downtown Kansas City is known to have a ghost called “The Blue Lady”.

Described as a blonde in her early 30’s, the ghostly presence has been seen wearing a 1920s-style blue dress with her hair tucked up into a wide-brimmed hat. Some have speculated that she is the ghost of an actress who once played at the Gayety Theater next door, and searches the hotel for a lost lover.

Address: 200 W 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

Check out reviews of Kansas City Marriott on TripAdvisor and our favorite site to find the lowest hotel prices is Hotels.com .

Keep reading: Check out the 13 most haunted hotels in Missouri ! From an 1880 spa hotel in Excelsior Springs to a hotel in Hillsboro that was once a hospital for Confederate prisoners of war and a St. Louis hotel said to be 10 Spookiest Buildings in the World.

Keep reading: Check out 23 of Missouri’s most haunted places , from the house The Exorcist book and movie were based on to dungeon cells in the oldest prison west of the Mississippi River.

The haunted houses in Kansas City are some of the biggest and scariest in America. And the best part is, not all of them are fake. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best Kansas City haunted houses, museums, and attractions to visit any time of year plus the scariest haunted houses during ... <p class="read-more-container"><a title="The 13 Most Haunted Houses in Kansas City" class="read-more button" href="https://travelinmissouri.com/haunted-houses-in-kansas-city/#more-1794">Read more</a></p>

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Haunted Kansas Road Trip: 13 Spooky Locations to Make Your Blood Run Cold

Haunted kansas:.

Fill up your gas tank and head to the Sunflower State for a chilling adventure. 

When October comes around, witches, goblins, and ghosts start to run rampant in our minds. To experience some real hauntings, head to the stunning state of Kansas. With plenty of terrifying places to explore, you can get into the Halloween spirit while maybe even encountering a real apparition for yourself.  

Kansas Haunted Road Trip

Fort Leavenworth  -  Leavenworth, KS

Known as one of the most haunted military forts in the United States, Fort Leavenworth breeds plenty of stories among locals and visitors. There are many claims of strange happenings, including the story of Father Fred, who is thought to roam around the St. Ignatius Chapel. In 1875, the original building was destroyed in a fire and along with it, Father Fred's life. People have seen a priestly apparition from time to time.

Others have seen the image of Catherine Sutler, who still searches for her lost children even after her death. Those who stop here can visit the  Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery , monuments, and other interesting buildings that may hold paranormal secrets to be unearthed.

Frontier Military Fall

Photo  courtesy of  The KC Kid  /  (CC BY 2.0)  cropped

Molly's Hollow at Jackson Park  -  Atchison, KS

In the town of Atchison, KS sits an unassuming place called Jackson Park . However, if you speak to any of the locals of the area, you can uncover the mysteries of Molly's Hollow. While the cause of her death has been lost to time, the legend of her traumatic passing (however it may have occurred) has led residents and ghost hunters alike to believe that her ghost still calls the hollow her home. When exploring the wooded area at night, you can supposedly see the ghost of the girl hanging from a tree and hear her screams. Others describe a suffocating feeling of sadness and fear. 

Jackson Park Atchison Fall

Photo by Harland J Schuster

Old Lawrence Community Theatre Building -  Lawrence, KS

Located at 1501 New Hampshire Street, the old Lawrence Community Theatre building in Lawrence, KS is the subject of many interesting stories. The building was used as a church before being converted into a performing arts center in 1985. Though it is no longer home to Theatre Lawrence, it still holds its reputation among visitors. People have reported a feeling of being watched as well as poltergeist activity, flickering lights, and cold spots. The location now houses the  Vintage Church.

Hollenberg Pony Express Station  -  Hanover, KS

The  Hollenberg Pony Express Station  is rooted in a rich history, so make sure to stop by on your journey through the northeastern part of the state. Built-in 1857, the station became a popular stop for Pony Express riders traveling to California and Oregon. It also seems to be a hot spot for spirits. Visitors have said to hear horses’ hooves in the distance, to see apparitions, and to hear the disembodied voices of ghostly riders echoing near the museum. The ghost of Gerat Hollenberg is also thought to have taken up residence here, and stories of him hiding items and rearranging things are common among staff members.

Hollenberg Historic Site

Photo courtesy of Hollenberg Historic Site Facebook Page

Ellis Railroad Museum  -  Ellis, KS

Another great museum along the way, the  Ellis Railroad Museum  is home to interesting displays and artifacts as well as over a thousand unique dolls. It also features a caboose, a depot, and a scaled model of an Aero Streamliner. In addition to being a hub for railroad fanatics, it is rumored to be haunted. Most of the paranormal activity is said to occur within the basement, which was once used as a jail cell.

The legend says that, during the 1958 flood of the area, a prisoner drowned in his cell. Odd noises have been heard resonating from its depths, EVPs have been captured, and many people have seen a shadowy figure in the windows.

Ellis Railroad Museum

Photo by Kansas Tourism

Red Rock Elementary School -  Ulysses, KS

Seemingly innocent Red Rock Elementary School in Ulysses, KS is actually home to a darker story. The halls of this school are said to be frequently visited by the apparition of a young girl. She is said to wander around near the cafeteria, and sometimes balls will bounce and swings will sway on the playground despite a lack of wind or children playing. Some people have even claimed to have photographic evidence of orbs and other phenomena on the grounds.

St. Jacob’s Well  -  Clark County, KS

Found in the sprawling preservation that is known as Big Basin, St. Jacob’s Well is said to hold some of the most chilling legends in the state. The pond has been the center of much speculation for years and years. Many people think that the water is bottomless and has never dried up, and some even think that it kills anyone who is brave enough to enter its depths. Thousands of years ago, it was used by Native Americans and cowboys as a water source on their journeys.

One cowboy in particular is thought to still visit the well. First seen in the 1890s, many people over the years have reported seeing the apparition of a cowboy and his horse. It is thought that several dead bodies float somewhere within the well.   

St. Jacob's Well

Hutchinson Public Library  -  Hutchison, KS

Hutchinson Public Library is not only a great place to find the perfect book, but it is also home to a famous haunt. Ida Day Holzapfel served as the head librarian from 1915 to 1925 and from 1947 to 1954. With such a long career with the library, it is no surprise that she is said to still walk among its shelves. Surely looking for those with overdue library books, Ida is known to cause an eerie feeling in the library.

Workers claim that she mainly hangs out around the basement and takes the form of a cold spot or startles them with disembodied noises. Some have even reported seeing her glowing form as she skims the collections and phantom footsteps have been heard echoing throughout the otherwise empty library.

Haunted Hutchinson Public Library

Bel Aire Water Tower -  Wichita, KS

Located in the city of Wichita, the Bel Aire water tower is said to hold a ghastly secret. The infamous tale follows the untimely demise of a man who decided to climb up into the tower during its construction. He is thought to have slipped over its edge and fell to his death, and instead of removing his dead body from its pit, the construction workers continued on with their work. With the tower now erected over his remains, many people say that, at night, you can hear the sound of his ghost tapping at the bottom of the tower’s walls. 

Theorosa’s Bridge - Valley Center, KS

On the edge of Valley Center, KS, Theorosa's Bridge is the center of a famous urban legend. Traveling along the bridge area, a 19th-century wagon is said to have been ambushed by a violent group of Native Americans. During the scuffle, a baby named Theorosa was kidnapped. Her mother’s ghost is said to float around the area searching for her. Another recollection of the events is slightly different and follows the tragic story of a woman who had a child with someone she shouldn’t have.

To cover up the scandal, she tossed the baby over the bridge and into the water, drowning it. People have heard the sobs of a baby and a woman, seen odd lights, and felt cold spots. On multiple occasions, cars have stalled unexpectedly on the bridge. Two versions of the bridge have burned down, though the current concrete bridge has stood since 1991. It can be found at 109th Street and Meridian.

Wilbur’s Grocery -  Towanda, KS

While traveling through the tiny town of Towanda, KS, stop by the former Wilbur's Grocery building to maybe experience something paranormal. Even though it mostly operated as a grocer, it is said to have once been an orphanage and a shelter for women. Found at 304 Main Street, the abandoned store was once home to some weird occurrences. Employees have smelled coffee brewing when there is none, objects moving on their own, and cold spots. One woman even claims to have been touched by an unseen person. Whatever the case may be, produce and cereal may not have been the only things occupying the aisles at Wilbur's.

Brown Mansion  -  Coffeyville, KS

At 2109 S Walnut Street in Coffeyville, KS sits a beautiful and elaborate mansion. Known as  Brown Mansion , the building was completed in 1906 and is comprised of 16 immaculate rooms and three stories. The Brown family inhabited the home during its prime, and though they were fortunate people, their children weren’t. Out of their five kids, two of them died at birth one of them died from pneumonia, and another, Donald, died from diabetes complications.

The surviving child, Violet, inherited the home until her death in 1973. The ghosts that are thought to haunt the home include Donald; Violet; their mother, Nancy; their father, W.P.; and a servant named Charlie. People have also smelled pipe smoke, heard crying noises, and seen the apparitions of Violet, Charlie, and Donald.  

Brown Mansion Coffeyville

Witch’s Grave -  Galena, KS

If you have time, head to Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena. The cemetery is said to have a disturbing visitor at the time of 3:33 am. In the darkness of the night, people have seen apparitions, captured EVPs, and heard voices toward the back of the cemetery. Here, it is thought that a witch’s grave is the source of the hauntings. The graveyard can be found on the hilly part of 1501 Columbus Street and is a unique place to visit to learn about history and potentially have an experience for yourself.

With so many interesting haunts to visit in the Sunflower State, a trip to Kansas is the perfect way to get in the spirit of Halloween. So grab a group of your favorite paranormal investigators and head out to explore the unknown. 

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Hunting The Haunted Story Series

Kansas is filled with frightening fun...if you know where to look.

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The Scariest Stories And Urban Legends From Kansas

Isadora Teich

Every state has its own urban legends  and  spooky stories , and if you believe all the lore, Kansas has a ghost for every city, town, and stretch of highway within its boarders. These scary stories from Kansas span from haunted hotels to cemeteries, lakes, a castle, and even a possessed Wal-Mart.

The bloody days out on the frontier have truly left their mark on Kansas's ghosts, with wars and random acts of violence leaving a trail of unsettling tales across the state. These Kansas urban legends are truly one of a kind, from the tragic to the wacky. Whether you want to find one of the gateways to hell, sit in the Devil's Chair, or encounter something supernatural, you can do it all in Kansas.

If you want to know all about Midwestern ghosts, ghouls, tales, and haunts, than you will love what you're about to read next. Here are some of Kansas's creepiest places, so be prepared to get spooked!  

Stull Cemetery Harbors One Of The Seven Gateways To Hell

Stull Cemetery Harbors One Of The Seven Gateways To Hell

Stull is a quiet, peaceful town in Kansas that is rumored to be one of the seven gateways to hell. It's said that within the tiny, decrepit Stull Cemetery there are a set of hidden steps that lead straight into the underworld. The steps are covered by a hidden seal that appears only on Halloween and on the spring equinox, making their location almost impossible to find. The cemetery is said to be a place where witches and cults practice dark rituals, and that mysterious townsfolk guard Stull from disturbances to this day. There are many stories of thrill-seeking trespassers being chased out of the town by pickup trucks, sometimes even being  tailed for miles .

Haunting At Child's Play Cemetery

Haunting At Child&#39;s Play Cemetery

It's said that at Child's Play Cemetery in Burlington, KS, you can find the rather active ghosts of young children running about. If you sit in the cemetery in your car for a few minutes at night you will eventually hear a loud thud on the outside of your car - this is the cue to leave immediately. Only once you have driven to the next town can you stop your car and get out. When you inspect it with a flashlight, you will find lots of little hand prints all over your car. 

An Adulterous Murder At Bird Bridge

An Adulterous Murder At Bird Bridge

The story tells that a preacher from a nearby town teamed up with his mistress to murder his wife, allowing them to then be together. As such, the pair drugged his wife and killed her by pushing her car off the side of Bird Bridge. It is said that to this day you can still hear the screams of the betrayed wife, and that, sometimes, you can even see her ghost walk to the shore out from  the water .

The Devil's Chair

The Devil&#39;s Chair

In the 1800s, an old farmer owned a particular plot of the land that town officials had been trying to get him to sell, but he continually refused. One day, as he was collecting water from a well on his property, somebody snuck up behind him and pushed him in. A week later, when town officials stopped by his farm to try to convince him to sell again, they noticed an awful smell coming up from the well, which they promptly boarded up. Today, that very same well sits in the middle of the Alma Cemetery, and it is said that if you sit on the boarded up well , now known as "The Devil's Chair," you will never be seen again.

A Haunted Wal-Mart

A Haunted Wal-Mart

In Chanute, there is allegedly a haunted Wal-Mart Super Center. According to legend, when the Wal-Mart was being built, a man died in the parking lot. Now his presence haunts the Wal-Mart. He's said to often linger in the children's aisle, where he misplaces items and lures children away from their parents - and they are never seen again. The phantom is also said to appear every Halloween.

The Sauer Castle Suicides

The Sauer Castle Suicides

This haunted Kansas mansion has many gruesome tales attached to it, but certainly the most awful one involves the tragic suicides committed by a husband and wife during the Civil War. The owner of the house had gone to fight and instructed his wife to wait for the arrival of a particular ferry that he would be coming home on. When her husband did not return on that ferry, she assumed him dead and hung herself in the bell tower. However, he was in fact still alive. And upon his arriving home, he found his wife dead and killed himself out of misery. It's said that strange lights and noises emanate from the house's bell tower  to this day.

The Legend Of Molly's Hollow

The Legend Of Molly&#39;s Hollow

In Jackson Park, it is said that the ghostly figure of a young girl named Molly haunts the grounds. The story tells that Molly was an African American woman who had fallen deeply in love with a white man; however, the townsfolk did not approve. Soon after the relationship was discovered, Molly went missing and was later found hanging from a tree in this very park.

The Devil Hides In The Old Stanley Hotel

The Devil Hides In The Old Stanley Hotel

This 126-year-old hotel in Overland Park has certainly seen its share of tragedies and terror. The original owner was suddenly killed when run over by a horse and cart, and during an unexplained 1983 fire, it's said that witnesses glimpsed the devil in the flames. An old schizophrenic man who lived in the hotel frequently also claims to have seen a woman in white hovering in his room on numerous occasions. However, when he would reach out to her, she would instantly vanish. 

A Haunted Army Base At Fort Leavenworth

A Haunted Army Base At Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth is considered to be one of the most haunted army bases in the US, and it is home to a number of helpful - and malignant - spirits. It has seen centuries of war and is home to a military prison called the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

During WWII, there was a prisoner uprising, and as punishment for their unruliness one prisoner was hung every hour for 14 hours. They quickly ran out of space in the gallows and also used one of the elevator shafts in the administration building to hang people. Ever since then, screams have been heard from that same elevator shaft at odd hours. Not surprisingly, nearly every building on the base has a horrifying story attached to it. 

The Ghost Of Saline River

The Ghost Of Saline River

According to legend, a Native American ghost by the name of Takaluma is said to walk the banks of the Saline river and was first spotted by a cowboy in the winter of 1879. Takaluma's spirit was condemned to wander the river until he found the skull of his dead father, who had been murdered by white men in the 1840s. The ghost rose from his burial mound and warned that far more powerful spirits might join in the search, but the skull has still never been found. 

Spirits Watch Over Moon Lake

Spirits Watch Over Moon Lake

Nearby Moon Lake, there is a place that is known as a Chief's Circle. Those who have spent the night camping there have reported seeing what appeared to be low flying fireflies swooping around in pairs accompanied by strange noises and howling. It is said that these little lights are actually the spirits of Native Americans protecting the lake and surrounding lands from intruders. 

The Man In Black

The Man In Black

Legend tells that a mysterious man dressed in all black can been seen walking back and forth along US 56 near 189th Street in Kansas. It's said that he walks for a while on he side of the road before suddenly vanishing right in front of your eyes - no one has ever been able to determine who this man was, or why he continues to haunt this particular span of road.

  • Myths & Legends
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  • Strange True Stories

Lists of bone-chilling lore and weird AF urban legends from your home state and your neighbors. Also some cities ;) .

Infamous Urban Legends from Every State


  • Halloween in Kansas City / Fall Festivals & Activities / Holidays in KC

26+ Haunted Houses & Scary Ghost Tours in Kansas City: Updated for 2023

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Halloween is all about the spooky, scary things to do and haunted houses in Kansas City. Below is what we’ve gathered so far. Several entities have not provided new details for this year. We will update as new information becomes available. If you know of any that we should add, or that have recently announced their details for this year, email us the full scoop, and we’ll get it loaded!

With Halloween around the corner, KC’s haunted houses, ghost tours, and special Halloween events are full of scares and thrills. While not all the scary entertainment is suitable for small children, you can find spooky things to do with your older kids around town.

So sit back, turn on a light, and get ready to be scared at these haunted houses near me!

kansas city ghost stories

Whether you’re looking for haunted houses in Missouri or scary Halloween things to do in Kansas…we couldn’t forget the scary, thrill-seeking Kansas Citians out!

Be sure to note, most of these events are geared towards older children. This list is sure to raise a few hairs!

Looking for Halloween things to do for younger kids? Check out other Halloween resources:

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  • Trick or Treating & Trunk or Treating in KC
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  • Fall Drink Ideas (maybe add alcohol…)

Scary Haunted Houses in Kansas City:

Exiledkc haunted house.

12829 Loring Rd., Bonner Springs, KS

Open Fridays & Saturdays September 30th- October 28th

kansas city ghost stories

Box office opens at 6 p.m. and haunts begin at 7:30 p.m.–midnight (if you are in line by midnight, you will still have access). Tickets: $49+

ExiledKC is a fierce and rugged, haunted trail located outside. You will have to hike through the trail while trying to escape the terrors of the night.

This trail is outside, and you will get sweaty, dirty and be able to climb hills, bend, and navigate through obstacles, so please dress accordingly!

This haunted attraction is recommended for ages 12 and up. No flashlights/phone lights/photography are allowed. You can call (913) 259-4411 for more information.

The Beast KC

1401 W 13th St Suite B Kansas City, MO

Dates and times vary – find more info online .

One of the top 13 scariest haunts in the nation, The Beast is sure to scare you the entire way through! Haunted housegoers can travel through the various aspects of this haunted house, which include 4 floors of fright!

The Edge of Hell

1300 W 12th St Kansas City, MO

Dates and Times vary by day, so check online . 

kansas city ghost stories

Take a journey 5 stories high from Heaven to Hell in this Kansas City Favorite!

The Edge of Hell Haunted House is home to the Rat Man, vampires, and the devil, and all the unsavory on your path to purgatory. This is one of the best haunted houses in Kansas City…in our opinion. 

Macabre Cinema Haunted House

1222 W 12th St., Suite A, Kansas City, MO

Don’t just watch your favorite horror movies this Halloween, be a part of them!

Head to Macabre Cinema Haunted House in the West Bottoms for the time of your life. Venture through this haunted 1930s movie theater and be a part of 30 + famous scary scenes spread across 4 floors!

Macabre Cinema Haunted House puts visitors into spooky scenes from classic and contemporary horror movies. To add to the authenticity, portions of actual movie sets are included in the four-story West Bottoms haunted hotspot, including from both The Mummy and Hellraiser. Some of the film’s most memorable characters are sure to be spotted in this nightmare-fueling adventure.

**Pro tip, combo The Best, Edge of Hell, and Macabre to save**

Haunted House Kansas City

11516 N Bristol Ave., Kansas City, MO

October 27 th , 28 th , and 31 st , 7-10pm

Haunted House Kansas City is a FREE local haunted house.  Donations are appreciated and go directly to the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Kansas City. 

We create an outstanding attraction that generates no fewer screams and laughs than the biggest professional haunted houses.  There is no blood or gore in our haunted house to ensure a positive family experience.  Guests have the option of three levels of fear: dead, medium scary, and TRAUMA! 

  Halloween Ghost Tours & Scary Activities:

Haunted & Historic Spaces Tour  

SE Main and SE 3rd, Lee’s Summit, MO

Downtown LS will return for haunted tours on October 21st! Tickets are $30 and go on sale on September 18th.

John Wornall House 

6115 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, MO

All ages Ghost Tour October 1st

21+ Ghost Tour, October 29th

Paranormal Investigations night of October 14th, 27th, 29th and 31st

Tour times and prices depend on which tour you choose to attend.

As one of the most haunted homes in Kansas City, The Wornall House offers ghost tours  as well as paranormal investigations that will walk you through the life and death of John Wornall’s wife, Eliza, who lived during the Civil War! Children under 12 are not permitted, and children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Sallie’s House Haunted Activities

508 N. 2nd Street, Atchison, KS

In one of the most haunted towns in the US, Atchison, Kansas, is full of ghost tales. For those afraid of things that go bump in the night, the faint of heart, schools, or clubs, the Sallie House is open for daytime tours by reservation only. Take a self-guided tour of Atchison’s most famous haunted home. 

This house was once the home of a physician who would conduct examinations in the front office. One of his patients needed emergency surgery and unfortunately died during the procedure. The 6-year-old girl is allegedly still haunting the house today.

If you’re looking for scary things to do…this is the place!

Self-guided Guided Day Tours are ($20) every Sunday to Thursday, but you MUST HAVE an appointment.

Overnight Stays are $125–150 per night and run all year. There is a 2-person minimum, but it is perfect for a couple’s getaway.  Other events normally include Paranormal Investigations.

You can pick up your ticket at the Santa Fe Depot anytime on the day of your tour, but you must have a ticket to enter the house.

The Haunted McInteer Villa

Atchison, KS

kansas city ghost stories

The haunted McInteer Villa is not only really haunted, but the owner has also beautifully restored the house back to it’s original 1889 glory. The owner, Stephanie, has daytime tours during the Halloween season. It is such a beautiful and spooky home. 

Belvoir Winery Paranormal Investigation 

1325 Odd Fellows Rd., Liberty, MO

From 8:00 pm to 1:00 am (next day) on October 21st

Tickets: $60 each

Located in Liberty, MO, the Belvoir Winery hosts more than mixers and dinner parties…

This winery is known for the scary paranormal activities and for also being one of the most haunted locations in the entire Midwest! Get your tickets for this tour ASAP, as there are limited times and tours.

1859 Jail Museum (Old Jackson County Jail)

217 North Main St., Independence, MO

** Pick a timeslot online. Only 1 group is allowed in each hourly time slot. 

Tickets start at $25. Ghost hunt: $75 (no kids under 7 allowed)

This historic jail is home to a few ghostly inhabitants. Visitors have smelled cigar smoke, seen shadowy figures roaming around, and even seen one who likes to pull the hair of women.

Tickets for this tour will sell out quickly due to the time constraint, so visitors are encouraged to purchase ASAP!

Glore Psychiatric Museum

3406 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph, MO

This Museum may not be haunted, but it is just as hair-raising and thrilling! The Glore Psychiatric Museum was formerly known as the State Lunatic Asylum No. 2. This museum gives you a first-hand glimpse of what it was like to be treated in the asylum, as well as notes, paintings, and clothing worn by the patients and caretakers.

Museum-goers will experience the real-life horrors that happened there – even be able to see ALL the things one patient, in particular, swallowed. Unnerving mannequins are prevalent as well, illustrating the near-barbaric procedures many patients were subjected to, making for one creepy visit. Call (816) 232-8471 for more information.

18 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Tween or Teen

Haunted Hotel Savoy (now 21c Museum Hotel)  

219 W. 9th St., Kansas City, MO

Haunted Hotel Savoy (now 21c Museum Hotel): Guests that stay at this hotel, specifically room 505, have had many frightening experiences. 

Guests have heard music turn on by itself, water turning off and on, and eerie feelings of being watched.

The Elms Hotel and Spa

This hotel and spa in Excelsior Springs is rumored to have hosted several ghosts over the years. Tour times are roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and are only $25.00 per person.

Sauer Castle

One of the most subtly spooky homes in Kansas City is Sauer Castle. This abandoned Castle has been reported to have incidents of ghostly figures wandering the property, lights turning on, and eerie happenings in the tower.

Vaile Victorian Mansion

This beautiful mansion in Independence is rumored to have multiple sightings of the lady of the house. Most passersby are so frightened of her that they cross the street or find alternate routes.

The Basement

1612 Grand Blvd

Kansas City, MO

A live experience escape room.

This unique fright is like no other. The Basement is an escape room that has tricky puzzles and is creepy. Get locked inside a story and try to escape.

kansas city ghost stories

Blossom House Haunted Hotel

817 Santa Fe St

Kansas City, MO 

This haunted hotel is open for overnight stays. Guests have witnessed many ghosts and paranormal happenings. Contact them for more details 913-280-1340

Visit Epperson House

5200 Cherry St Kansas City, MO

Noted as one of the top 5 haunted houses in the US by Unsolved Mysteries, Epperson House is famous for its 54 bedrooms, Tudor Gothic design, and many reports of paranormal activity inside and out from Uriah Spray Epperson himself.

Many guards, students, and local authorities have witnessed what they say are loud footsteps, crashing noises, and ghostly figures.

Muehlebach Hotel 

200 W 12th St., Kansas City, MO

Now one of the three wings of the Kansas City Marriott in Downtown Kansas City, MO, the Muehlebach was once a prestigious hotel that hosted many visitors. Most of them were famous and even legendary in their own right.

One particular wing is believed to be haunted by “The Blue Lady”. This mysterious lady is described as a blonde woman in a blue dress, possibly from the 1920s. She wanders the halls and lobby, supposedly looking for her lost lover.

Come visit the hotel’s wing to see if you can feel ghosts wandering the halls.

Stull Cemetery

1596 E. 250th St., Lecompton, KS

Just a quick drive down the road from Stull United Methodist, the Stull cemetery is believed to be one of the 7 gates to hell. Witnesses have reported experiencing paranormal encounters, strange sounds, and mysteriously “losing time” while visiting the cemetery.

While there are “no trespassing” signs posted, visitors are encouraged to make sure they have plenty of batteries for flashlights, warm clothes, and a partner to accompany them if visiting at night.

Atchison, KS, has TONS of Halloween events going on in October. Hop on their website and see what they have to offer. You could make a whole day of ghostly activities to do as a family. If you are super brave, you could even stay the night in Atchison’s Scariest haunted house. Below, I have featured two of their activities.

World of Fun Halloween Haunt

4545 Worlds of Fun Ave., Kansas City, MO

Select nights: September 15th – October 28th

Head out to Worlds of Fun for rides full of thrills and a night full of screams! Be on the lookout for hundreds of scary creatures lurking around the fog-filled park. The frights start at 6:30 and are not recommended for ages under 14.

Halloween Haunt is the Midwest’s largest Halloween event and one of KC’s most fearful fall traditions. Every Friday and Saturday night during the month of October, the family-friendly park transforms into one of the scariest destinations in town as the otherworldly Overlord awakens his army of ghouls each evening. Featuring 13 extreme haunts, more than 500 monsters, spooky shows, and chilling thrill rides, the Haunt promises Halloween terror for everyone 14 years old and up.

Haunted Trolley and Coach Tours

200 S 10th St., Atchison, KS

Tours are available Thursday – Saturday through October 28th and October 30th and 31st.

Tour the most haunted town in Kansas! Take a trolley ride around Atchison, Kansas, and see where all the haunted houses are located and learn more about the ghosts that inhabit them.

Tours for the trolley and coaches vary each day. For more information on tickets and schedules, visit them online. This tour is not recommended for children under 6.

Not Yet Updated for 2023 – 

The attic kc – no information for 2023 yet.

Union Station: 30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 64108

Tickets are $25 per person

This is Union Station’s newest attraction & a fun Halloween thing to do!

Explore the attic of Union Station, one of the most haunted places in Kansas City. It was previously closed off to the public, but they have opened it up this Halloween! 

Come experience the ghosts of Union Station…it’s sure to scare your pants off. 

Mount Washington Manor Haunted House – Info for 2023 TBA

9515 E Independence Ave. Independence, MO 64053

Grab tickets on Groupon for as little as $8 per person!

Be ready to get scared at the scariest haunted house in Independence! While this Halloween activity is family-friendly, there will be scary parts. 

Fun Halloween Things to Do at Home

Decorate your front door.

18 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Tween or Teen

Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating your front door! You can go the spooky route, or make it cute if you have younger kids. 

Host Your Own Halloween Party

Whether you have little ones or older children, Halloween parties are some of the most fun parties to plan. There are so many Halloween-themed treats & activities to create!

Check out our guide to hosting a Halloween party for inspo!

Host a game of Glow-in-the-Dark Capture The Flag

As the evenings are getting cooler, it’s the perfect time for a heart-thumping, sweat-dripping night game of CAPTURE THE FLAG . Glow stick-style.

18 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Tween or Teen

Here’s how to play:

  • Gather a big group of friends who aren’t afraid of the dark and like to chase each other.  Divide up into 2 teams.
  • Review how to play Capture the Flag. See instructions here .
  • Get your glow-on. You will need 2 glow sticks of different colors – these will be the flags. Each player will need 2 glow bracelets, one for each wrist, the same colors as the flags. Half of your group will wear one color for their team. The other half will wear the second color.
  • Don’t activate your sticks until just before you are ready to play.

Pro tips for Glow Capture the Flag:

– Players can’t hide their glow bracelets under any clothing.

– If a flag (glow stick) that has been stolen is dropped it must be returned to the original area

– Agree on specific jail rules. For example, if a player touches the jail, everyone is freed and gets a free walk back but they have to go back to their side before they can try to steal the flag. The person freeing the prisoners can still get tagged at any point

– You can also play this rousing game indoors using a gym or basketball court. Select two corners of the room for jail and put the flags (glow sticks) there on either end. Activate your sticks and turn off the lights!

Host a Murder Mystery Party “Clue” Style

Teens can still dress up by hitting up a Thrift store and finding outfits to wear that fit their part. Check out Pinterest for menu ideas, scripts, and costume ideas for the party. You can also find some great ideas online! 

Halloween Mystery Boxes

Make several Halloween mystery boxes for a little added surprise this season! 

Blindfold each participant & have them stick their hands in to guess what they are. You can use boiled spaghetti for brains, peeled grapes for eyeballs, corn kernels for teeth & many other crazy concoctions. 

18 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Tween or Teen

Host a Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP) Party

Have each guest bring their own pumpkin and you supply pumpkin decorating and carving tools. Find no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas that don’t involve cutting too!

Then, host a contest for “most creative pumpkin”, “most unique pumpkin”, and “most festive pumpkin”, etc. Let the kiddos watch a Halloween-themed movie.  Make some popcorn and throw in some candy corn… You got yourself a party!

Make Caramel Apples together

Who doesn’t love caramel apples? You can add many different toppings so everyone can get a little creative!

Look up ghost stories online or create your own

Once you find scary stories, read them around the fire or in the dark.

Whatever it is you choose to do… just embrace the fact that you are doing something together. These memories will last forever. There’s nothing like seeing time fly before your eyes quite like holidays with your kids…

One minute you’re searching for ladybug costumes and the next you’re sending them off to haunted houses and parties. 

Your kids will never forget that you cared enough to take the time to invest in them!

What are some ways you celebrate Halloween with your older kiddos? Send us your ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

To get all the Halloween info sent right to your inbox, sign-up for The Scoop .

From our family to yours, iFamilyKC

kansas city ghost stories

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kansas city ghost stories

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Kansas city hauntings history and mystery of the paris of the plains.

Kansas City Hauntings Book Cover


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American Hauntings Logo

Founded on the confluence of two rivers, Kansas City is a place of history, mystery, legend, and lore. The city helped settle the West as the gateway to the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails, and when the railroads arrived, it was considered the Crossroads of the Country. During the Civil War, the Missouri-Kansas border became the first battlefield in the bloody conflict. The Kansas City Stockyards put the city on the national map, as did the horrific massacre at Union Station, Kansas City jazz, and the crime and corruption of the Pendergast era and the years of Prohibition. With all that history, is it any wonder that Kansas City is one of the most haunted cities in America? Take a trip back in time to the early days of the city and discover how the events of the past created the hauntings that still linger in Kansas City today. Go behind the scenes of the most spirited places in the region with author Becky Ray as she reveals a colorful collection of favorite haunts, stories you’ve never heard before, and takes you behind locked doors for the true stories behind some of your favorite local haunts! You’ll be shocked and terrified by historical tales of crime and murder with lurid stories of gangsters, killers, thieves, and cold-blooded murderers that haunt the stories of the Bobby Greenlease Kidnapping, the Union Station Massacre, Kansas City Strangler, the Bridge Murder Case, the Prospect Corridor Killer, and more! Then search for the phantoms of the Savoy Hotel, the Muehlebach, Hotel President, the Folly Theater, Power and Light Building, Epperson House, Sauer Castle, and even journey out beyond the city borders to the Belvoir Winery and Inn, Vaile Mansion, Elms Hotel and Spa, Glore Psychiatric Museum, and much more! Part history book, part true-crime thriller, and part ghost book, this volume is sure to have you looking over your shoulder as you turn the pages at night!

Legends of America

Legends of America

Traveling through american history, destinations & legends since 2003., haunted atchison – most ghostly town in kansas.

kansas city ghost stories

Haunted Atchison, courtesy Atchison, Kansas Website

“A house is never silent in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, and earthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were created when the first man woke in the night.”

— James Matthew Barrie, “The Little Minister”

Atchison, Kansas is proclaimed the most haunted town in  Kansas , so much so that a haunted homes tour is available on the Atchison Trolley. This old town once played host to over 1600 wagons per day as settlers made their way west en route to the goldfields of  California  in the 1850s. Some of these early settlers have apparently chosen to stay in Atchison in a ghostly form. The town is full of stories about ghostly sightings and other paranormal events.

Located in northeast Kansas, Atchison is situated on the bluffs along the Missouri River and is one of the most scenic and historic towns in Kansas. Brick streets climb hills and wind along river bluffs, offering sweeping views of the river valley beyond. Grand Victorian homes with carriage houses recall glorious days when wealthy lumber merchants and railroad magnates walked the streets.

The town of Atchison is so haunted that the Travel Channel has done a special segment called Haunted Town that depicts many of the haunted places in Atchison, including  Sallie’s House ,  Benedictine College , and more.

The Hauntings

Atchison Street – This road, once known as Ferry Street, travels down a steep hill toward the Missouri River. Long ago, locals would board the ferry at the landing at the bottom of the hill. When it was still referred to as Ferry Street, a woman traveling down the road in a buggy lost control of her horses, became unhitched from the animals, and plummeted down the street into the freezing river. Trapped inside, her drowned body was never recovered. Today, men walking along the riverbank have heard a woman calling them to join her in the murky water below.

Gargoyle House in Atchison, Kansas

Gargoyle House in Atchison, Kansas

Gargoyle Home, 819 N. 4th Street –  More often referred to as the Waggener House, this turn-of-the-century home was built in 1884-1885 by B.P. Waggener who was a lawyer and politician in the Atchison area in the late 1800s. While gargoyles are usually erected to scare off evil spirits, legend has it that Waggener accumulated his wealth through a deal with the devil, and the gargoyles were constructed in honor of the pact. It is said that the house is afflicted by an evil curse. One homeowner, who attempted to remove the gargoyles, fell to his death on the staircase. A segment on the Travel Channel reported that Kansas City Ghost Hunters, while visiting the home, picked up the presence of ghosts on their special equipment and reported having felt a presence in the house. This house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 3, 1974, located at 819 N. 4th Street.

Jackson Park, Atchison, Kansas

Jackson Park, Atchison, Kansas

Jackson Park – A woman by the name of “Molly” is said to haunt this park. Supposedly, moaning and terrifying screams can be heard throughout the park around midnight. According to one legend, Molly was a beautiful young woman found dead in the park the day after her prom. She was found hanging by her neck to a park tree in a hollow with badly torn clothes. Allegedly, she and her date had argued the night before, and when Molly exited the car, her date drove off, leaving her in the park. It was never determined if her death was by her own hand or was a murder. Though some suspected that her prom date killed her, no one was ever charged.

Another legend of the park’s haunting states that Molly was a black woman who was lynched by a white mob years ago. Rather than the eerie screams of a young prom girl, the cries instead come from the brutal slaying of an African-American Molly. In any case, the area today is known as Molly’s Hollow, where couples go to “park.” In addition to Molly’s chilling cries, many witnesses also claim to have seen a ghostly figure hanging in the tree where her body was discovered.

kansas city ghost stories

Nellie Trueblood

North 3rd Street  Home – This home was once inhabited by an elderly, single schoolteacher named Nellie Trueblood. Legends told say companionless and bereft she died in the house. When the house was sold, the new owners began renovating, evidently to Nellie’s chagrin. It is said that when crews are working within the house, they report seeing gleaming balls of light measuring 18-24 inches, which hover just out of reach. If approached, the lights quickly move away. Frightened, the work crews quickly abandon the project before the restorations are ever completed.

We heard from Nellie’s Nephew, Scott Neilson, from Denver, Colorado in 2012.  Neilson says that his Aunt was far from bereft and that she actually died at the Atchison Hospital in 1958.  Neilson added though, “I’m not surprised to hear Nellie may haunt the 3rd. St. home. But that haunting would not be at all negative, beyond a possible desire for the old home to remain as it always was. She came from a large family, and there was a lot of love in that old home.”

Riverview Drive Home  – Several strange occurrences have been reported in this house, such as the television and stereo mysteriously turning on at full volume and noises from rooms where no one is occupying. On one such occasion, the resident thought the noise was her dog and called out to him. However, instead of the dog responding to her call, an elderly woman’s ghostly spirit entered the room. Wrapped in a shroud, the spirit smoothed a place on the bed and sat next to the resident. Screaming, the resident ran from the room to be answered by the slamming of the attic door behind her. Another strange experience has occurred to several guests who have stayed within the house. Apparently, when guests stay in this home, they are instructed to place their luggage at a space at the top of the stairs, which leads to the attic.  However, the spirit seemingly doesn’t like the suitcases stored in this area because the luggage is often found tossed to the bottom of the stairs.

Kearny & 5th Street  Home – According to the former owners of this house, a friendly ghost lingers here. While there are many unexplained events, such as the sounds of someone walking throughout the house, this ghost is seemingly very helpful. At one point, the ghost helped the man of the house into his dinner jacket. Thinking his wife had helped him, he turned around to thank her, but no one was there. On another occasion, when the couple was returning home from a trip, the wife mentioned that she would love to have a cup of tea when she got home. Upon their arrival home, a teakettle was hissing, and a cup, saucer, tea bag, and spoon were sitting on the counter.

Riverview Drive & R Street  Home – When this home was purchased by the current owners, it came completely furnished, including several paintings on the wall. Making changes to their new home, the new owners removed several of the paintings, wrapped them carefully, then placed them in the basement for storage. However, the very next day, every single painting was back in its original location.

Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas

Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas

Sallie’s, the Heartland Ghost, North 2nd Street Home – Sallie, the “Heartland Ghost,” is said to haunt this house that once belonged to a local doctor. The tale of Sallie’s ghost has been featured three times on the popular 1990’s paranormal television show Sightings, as well as Unexplained Mysteries. Long ago, six-year-old Sallie grew terribly sick during the night with severe abdominal pains. Sallie’s mother rushed her to the doctor’s house, where his family lived on the upper floor, and he operated his practice on the main floor.

Sallie’s mother listened as the doctor diagnosed young Sallie with a severe case of appendicitis, requiring immediate surgery. The little girl panicked at the sight of the surgical tools, and the doctor was forced to hold her down to give her ether.

However, in his haste, the physician did not allow the anesthesia to take its full effect and began operating. Sallie awoke during the initial incision and began fighting and wresting against the pain. Before she died, she was said to have looked at the doctor with both fear and loathing and remains within the house to this day.

kansas city ghost stories

Back of Sallie House

In 1993, the house was rented to a young couple who reported that Sallie made an almost immediate appearance, playing frequent pranks such as turning electrical appliances on and off, turning pictures upside down, and scattering their child’s toys about the nursery.

Shortly after these harmless pranks, the ghostly activities turned malevolent, with the young husband suffering from frequent attacks. The couple also experienced several small spontaneous fires throughout the house. In fact, when the Sightings crew was at the house filming for the upcoming show, a red welt appeared on the man’s stomach and then began to bleed. The man, who described a severe drop in temperature before the attacks, would often be left with several long bloody scratches.

At their wit’s end, a psychic was consulted who informed the couple that there were actually two spirits within the house. The psychic indicated that it was not Sallie who was responsible for the malevolent activities but rather a ghostly woman of about 30. While Sallie may have been responsible for the harmless pranks, it was this older woman who was the evil one. Allegedly, this mysterious woman was, at first, fond of the gentleman who lived in the house and tried to get close to him while at the same time attempting to drive a wedge between him and his wife. When she was unsuccessful at this, she began to attack the husband.

Finally, after the husband felt a strong shove from behind that nearly sent him over the stair railing, the couple could no longer take it and moved from the house.

Since this couple has moved, later residents have reported no activity occurring in the house.

In addition to being featured on the popular TV series Sightings, the Sallie House Haunting was also made into a made-for-TV movie called  Haunted Heartland  that first aired on Showtime.

Legends of America Visits Sallie’s House

kansas city ghost stories

Stairs in Sallie House

On November 13, 2004, we had an opportunity to visit Sallie’s House with local Atchison resident Jerry Talbert. Obtaining permission from the home’s current owner, we entered the house along with Jerry’s crew, carrying boxes of sophisticated electronic equipment. Newly remodeled, the home sported brand new carpet, paint cans about the home, and the sound of a radio playing faintly from the upstairs rooms.

The first sign that perhaps there is still some activity in the house occurred when I was the first to climb the staircase to the upstairs rooms. Suddenly, the volume on the radio increased fivefold. In no time at all, Renae, a member of Jerry’s group, appeared behind me, “Did you turn up the radio?” “No, I responded.” The volume had increased before I ever had a chance to reach the third step. Later, one of Jerry’s crew picked up an odd noise on a voice recorder that might have been described as a little girl’s voice, and another member reported having felt pinched.

The psychic that  Legends of America brought along described; that while the house still has some type of presence, it has little activity. She did get a sense of anxiety in one upstairs room. Of the many pictures that we took along the trip, only one suggests the possible sign of something unearthly. On the staircase where I had stepped, when the volume increased on the radio, an orb appears in the photograph. While this might be contributed to the use of a digital camera, the coincidence is interesting.

Update from Jerry Talbert, April 2005 : Legends of America originally visited the Sallie House with Jerry Talbert, an Atchison resident, in November 2004. Jerry and his crew have continued their investigations and reported recording audio of several sounds in the house during their 60-hour investigation. These include audio of a little girl singing and playing, one that sounds like a little boy, one of a man, and another of at least one woman, maybe two. Other recordings include the sounds of coins hitting a wood floor, footsteps, thumps, growls, and whispers. Often when the crew is talking, other voices have been heard interacting with their conversations. Jerry concludes that the house is still haunted, though there is nothing left that is evil. He continues by expressing his opinion that whatever malevolent presence was there when the young couple lived at the house left when they did.

kansas city ghost stories

Glick Mansion

Glick Mansion, 503 North Second Street  – Construction on the Glick Mansion began in 1873 by George Washington Glick. Glick had moved to  Atchison from Fremont, Ohio, in the spring of 1859 with his wife Lizzie Ryder Glick, son Frederick H. and daughter with his Jennie. Soon, he established a law practice with the Honorable Judge Alfred G. Otis under the firm name “Otis & Glick.” When the war between the states broke out, Glick served as a Union soldier in the 2d Kansas Regiment during the Civil War.

In April 1873, Glick purchased two lots for $950.00 and razed a structure on the property to begin the building of the mansion. First built in the old Gothic Victorian style, construction of the grand structure would continue for the next 39 years.

Glick was elected to the  Kansas Legislature in 1862 and served 14 of the next 18 years in that post. In 1874, Glick also became active in farming and stock raising on his 600-acre “Shannon Hill” farm, well known in the area.

In 1879, Lizzie Glick, George’s wife, purchased two adjoining lots north of their home for $1,000, and another building was raised to make room for expansion of the mansion. It was also during this year that George Washington Glick would become the 9th governor of Kansas and the first-ever Democratic governor of the state. Though he only remained in office for one term, he continued to remain active in the political arena and active in local businesses, participating as one of the original founders of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad .

George Glick

After years of civic service, George Glick was forced to abandon his political career because of a throat infection that nearly destroyed his speaking ability. He continued, however, as an attorney for various railroads. He also managed his farm and served as a charter member and first vice president of the Kansas Historical Society.

In October 1909, George deeded the Glick Mansion property to his daughter Jennie and her husband, James Orr. Just two years later, at the age of 83, George Washington Glick died on April 13, 1911.

In 1912, James and Jennie Orr began to remodel the home, retaining the mansion’s appearance but transforming it from a Victorian style to the current Tudor Revival Manor style. When James Orr died in February 1927, the mansion was left with Jennie until she died in 1944.

Having no children, the estate was divided among relatives, friends, the First Church of Christ Scientist of Atchison, Kansas, and the Atchison, Kansas Public Library. The estate then sold the mansion to the local mortician, named William Stanton Jr., in January 1945 for $4,000. After Mr. Stanton passed away in August 1962, his wife Amelia sold the property to James M. and Christeen Griffith. It passed through several hands until it was purchased by its current owners Ray and Joyce Barmby; he currently owns and operates the beautiful, restored mansion as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

kansas city ghost stories

The Glick Mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on February 26, 1992.

Along with the rest of Atchison, the Glick Mansion is also said to have a ghost of its own rattling around in this century-old home. Allegedly, the strange sounds heard in the night are that of a resident benevolent ghost. The sound of doors being opened and inexplicably closed by unseen forces is a common occurrence, as well as the sounds of footsteps when no one is around.

For years, guests could enjoy the century-old home by sipping English Tea or wine and tasting the lovely d’oeuvres in the parlor when the building served as a Bed & Breakfast Inn. Unfortunately, it is closed today. The building is located at 503 North Second Street in Atchison.

McInteer Villa – This stately mansion, called the McInteer Villa, at 1301 Kansas Avenue, was built by Irish Immigrant John McInteer in 1890. The villa was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 26, 1975, and odd phenomena are reported in the mansion, including lights turning on and off in the tower, which does not have electricity. People walking or driving past the building have often reported seeing figures at the windows when no one is in the house. Figures have often been reported to appear in photographs taken inside the old villa.

kansas city ghost stories

Benedictine College by Kathy Alexander.

Benedictine College – Located on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, the 150-year-old Benedictine College is also haunted. Not by evil spirits, this historic college is said to remain home to the spirits of some of the old monks who founded the institution more than a century and a half ago. Continuing to look after and protect the old school, at least one of these spirits is known to be lurking about Ferrell Hall, a campus dormitory.

It all began in 1858 when the monks opened a boarding school with just six students. The following year, St. Benedict’s College was officially opened with 16 students.

From there, the college continued to grow into the beautiful 120-acre campus, which now serves the educational needs of over 1000 students.

At another dormitory called Memorial Hall, several eerie things have been known to occur. According to legend, a girl was in her closet changing when the dresser mysteriously moved in front of the door. When she tried to open the door, it wouldn’t budge. Immediately believing her roommate was playing a prank on her, she yelled out, “haha, very funny, let me out.” However, her roommate wasn’t even in the room. It wasn’t until she began to scream at the top of her lungs that someone finally came to her rescue.

kansas city ghost stories

St Benedict’s Abbey by Kathy Alexander.

Another girl reported that while she was at the mirror in her room, her desk chair began to rock, then suddenly stopped. Frightened, she immediately left the room and was too afraid to return for some time.

While all manner of freakish occurrences have been reported at the college, they are seemingly harmless to the students of Benedictine College.

Reader Update :  I am a sophomore at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and last year, when I was a freshman, I lived in the Memorial Dorm. On my first night at the dorm, I was awakened at 3:00 a.m. by a noise in my room. When I opened my eyes, I was startled to see someone standing in my closet, rifling through my belongings. Exhausted and thinking it might be some kind of prank being played as part of “Recruitment Week,” I said nothing, as the person came and went several times, always returning to the closet. The next morning, my roommate stated that she had also heard the commotion from the night before. Checking the closet the next morning, I found it to be a mess. When I reported the strange event the next morning to the Resident Director, she responded that perhaps someone might have inadvertently gone into the wrong room. However, our door was locked. To this day, both my roommate and I are convinced that we were visited that night by a ghostly spirit. – Maria, October 2004

kansas city ghost stories

Muchnic House

Muchnic House  – Built in 1885, this old home was host to frequent Saturday night parties. On one such evening, the event ran into the wee hours of Sunday morning. Having been kept up very late, a maid who had worked for the party the prior evening overslept the next morning. Rushing from her bed-chamber, she ran down the back staircase to the kitchen and fell to her death. Today, witnesses report that lights from the back staircase turn on and off by themselves on Sunday mornings, followed by the smell of cooking bacon from the kitchen when no one is there. This house, which serves as an Art Gallery today, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 12, 1974, located at 704 N. 4th Street.

Reader Update: My husband and I took a guided tour of the Muchnic House two years ago, and I had quite an interesting experience. The nice lady who gave us the tour gave us all the history of the house when I happened to glance up to the top of the stairs and saw a young woman, maybe early 20’s, peering over the edge of the banister.

She seemed to be regarding us with wary curiosity as if to say, ” What are you doing here?!?” When we went upstairs to tour the rest of the house, no one was up there!! It wasn’t until we took the Haunted Trolley tour that I learned about the young woman who supposedly died there, falling down the stairs. I’ve also had some other spooky experiences at other places in Kansas, as well. – Anonymous, February 2005

kansas city ghost stories

Atchison Theatre

Theatre Atchison, 401 Santa Fe Street – Built in 1913, as the First Church of Christ, Scientist, the building was modeled after the architectural lines of its Mother Church in Boston. In 1973, the Presbyterian Church bought the building, and ten years later, they created a community theater organization. Today the building is known as the Presbyterian Community Center and is home to Theatre Atchison. Allegedly, it is also home to an unearthly spirit. Guests often describe feeling an unknown presence with them while visiting the theatre, while others working in the building describe odd noises that are often heard that have no apparent earthly cause.

The Santa Fe Depot  – Built in 1880 as a freight depot for the  Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway , the old depot stands as a landmark to Atchison’s historic past. The restored building houses a Kansas visitor information center, historical museum, and the Chamber of Commerce offices. A trolley takes visitors on tours around the historic city, including a Haunted Atchison Tour.

The ghost of “Hangman Bill reportedly haunts the Depot,” a railroad worker is known for his habit of hanging from freight being loaded on and off cars. However, this prankish skill got him killed one day when the cable carrying one of the loads snapped, and he was buried beneath the freight cargo. At the Santa Fe Depot today, staff reports hearing the sound of footsteps coming from above; however, the depot does not have a second floor.

Haunted Atchison Trolley Tours and More!  – In September and October of every year, the Atchison provides trolley tours, murder mystery dinners, cemetery lantern walking tours, and more.  See the  Atchison Chamber of Commerce  and  Discover Atchison   for more information.

©  Kathy Weiser-Alexander / Legends of America , updated August 2021.

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