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brighton-asylum-passaic-4 photo 5ouLjYp6mK5I2JY4ifIJOw

“ We recently hit their "Santa's Slay " and "Bloody Valentine" events and they were FANTASTIC. ” in 8 reviews

Ron B.

“ The lines waiting to get into the houses do seem to get very long I would suggest you get their Fast Pass . ” in 33 reviews

Samantha H.

“ Went here this past weekend, I was so afraid to go but I actually did better than I had imagined! ” in 16 reviews

Location & Hours

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2 Brighton Ave

Passaic, NJ 07055

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About the business.

New Jersey's Legendary Brighton Asylum is the #1 Halloween destination in America. Featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, and countless other media outlets, Brighton Asylum offers unique fun and entertainment for all levels of Halloween and haunted house enthusiasts. …

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Is this okay for pregnant people lol?

I mean... I wouldn't? Maybe just the escape rooms and museum

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208 reviews

Photo of Debbie S.

FANTASTIC!! I was concerned that people said there was a long wait, but fortunately we had no issues with that. It was super well run and organized! The haunted houses were absolutely incredible! And the rooms just kept going and going and going! We LOVED it! I was screaming and laughing at myself every minute! I normally go to the headless horseman in upstate NY, which is great, but this is so much closer to home and absolutely wonderful!! I plan to go back for their other haunted events for Christmas and Valentine's Day next! If you haven't been yet, GO! :)

Early before the event started

Early before the event started

Photo of Jersey M.

Update after the RUDE response by Conor: Then explain that in your email to the people who were planning on this instead of leaving it at "unforeseen circumstances." Your lack of professionalism only provides us another reason to never return and make sure others don't as well. Have a nice day. Cancelled our Twitching Hour tickets a couple days before with no explanation. Just said "unforeseen circumstances." After a month of looking forward to that, we were all very disappointed. Our friend has done the haunted house before and said that's not worth it. We'll find somewhere else next year. Don't bother here.

Business owner information

Photo of Conor L.

Business Customer Service

Nov 9, 2023

Soneone stole all our equipment the night before "Jersey M". We had no event to offer thanks to the individual or individuals who stole our equipment valued at over $5,000. Thanks for making matters worse by being generally a horrible human being by reviewing us unnecessarily when we fully refunded you AND offered you free haunted house tickets for the same night. Does that change anything for you? You going to delete the review now that you received an explanation? Of course not. Update: you proved our point that specifying this would have done nothing to appease you.

Photo of Stephanie L.

We had week day general admission tickets and the lines weren't too bad. The houses themselves have a lot of cool animatronics but some of the facades are ready for a refresh. The interior actors were having fun scaring people and did well to keep up with the crowds. The roaming actors were really engaging with the lines and made the wait time fun. There was some fun and spooky music to make the lines move faster. There are plenty of sets to take photos with and a lot of fun looking carnival games. There is parking onsite. There was also somewhat of an alarming amount of security.

haunted asylum passaic nj

There's a haunted house this one was one of the best with lots and lots to see and so many rooms. And lots of places to take selfies outside while you wait. As a haunted house I rate it a five As a valentine haunted house, I was very disappointed. In the first building it was kind of a repeat of the haunted house with not many Valentine themed locations. In the house of light there were more Valentine oriented than the first part of the building. Okay, for the bad. I called ahead of time to make sure this wasn't going to be in any way sexually perverted for my son who is 23 with severe autism. I was warned about the costumes being skimpy which is no big deal. I was told it was all built for the scare so nothing would be sexual. In the house of lights a nurse asked my son is stuffed animal was his sex toy and if you did dirty things to it and started to sexually molest my son's toy. I was livid and I got him out of there as fast as possible when really all I really wanted to do was go back and give that a lesson and stuffed animals and grown men that carry one. One actress ruined it all. I've been pissed for weeks I feel like I didn't do enough to protect my son. My son got very emotional over it and I don't know how deep the damage is.

haunted asylum passaic nj

Waited over 2 hours on three different lines. The house itself had great props and ascetics the actors were okay. Some where great some were boring . They needed more actors. I was scared 25% of the time

Photo of Jenn W.

Terrifying. Went with the husband, nearly choked him grabbing onto his shirt. Some rooms were absolutely HORRIFYING, it's an internal struggle the entire time deciding to rush to the next room or try and catch your breath in the current room. Also, the fast pass is worth it. We picked the earliest time and there was still 1+ hour wait for general admission.

haunted asylum passaic nj

I would not recommend this place to anybody why would you have to select your time slot to enter the haunted house if they're going to put you on a line to wait outside in the rain for over an hour just to again wait on another line to enter one of the three haunted attractions? Where was the disclosure to this agreement ? Also why did I have to sign a waiver after my purchasing tickets ? This is unacceptable for a place of business this is clearly just a cash grab. I will be disputing these charges and never will attend this place again I'd rather go to Tuxedo NY for a haunted attraction. If I could leave 0 stars I would.

Photo of Derek H.

We have been to this place three times completing their escape rooms. 1408 by far is the best followed by the Subway Escape then the Tomb escape. The location is perfect adding to the horror feel. Its not pristine and it doesn't have to be! Its worth doing.

haunted asylum passaic nj

See all photos from Derek H. for Brighton Asylum

Photo of Omar S.

This was somewhat disappointing. Largely agree with what everyone else is saying. Visually its very nice looking and theres alot of attention to detail. In terms of actual scares its underwhelming outside a few that were very good. Mostly the characters spend time screaming at you which got old really quick. The creepiest ones were the quiet ones. Its disappointing considering its obvious ton of work was done to design these sets(it feels like a legitimate movie set at times) but it feels under utilized. The other thing is the lines are ridiculous. there needs to be a better organization of how groups go in and go out. You 'll be waiting a hour+ without a fast pass, theres no food or water to buy inside either. Two people passed on line while waiting and not because they were scared, the lines are that ridiculous. We had tickets for escape rooms and axe throwing but ended up skipping because the lines were just getting ridiculous and most of the time we were standing around doing nothing. The museum is fun to check out if your a fan of horror movies. Its not a bad price for the attractions, they make you feel like you're getting a deal but after standing in the lines you're not even gonna want to do any of the things included. I debated between 2-3 stars but settled on 3 because i did like the sets alot but I think there are better options if you're looking to be scared.

Jul 24, 2023

We agree Omar! Screaming gets old FAST. We train our actors to interact with our guests in unique and fun ways. If we catch an actor screaming or doing a "rarrrrr" as a scare, which is rare, we nipe that in the bud and send them back to the drawing board to be retrained. So far, we are agreeing a lot. The lines can get very long, especially the last two weekends of Halloween season. Judging by the date you posted, it appears you may have visited us during our prime. We can assist you here. Brighton Asylum is just as entertaining in September or November as it is during the peak season of Halloween. Try visiting us on a Sunday, a Thursday, or earlier in the month for a less crowded experience. Also, on peak nights, coming later in the evening is a great strategy as most guests try to come right when we open or around 8:30-9pm when we are most packed. We do have water, soda, snacks at the ticket booth. We apologize if you did not see this. We are unaware of anyone passing out but we do appreciate your bringing this to our attention. Thank you again for coming and we appreciate your feedback!

Photo of Mary Beth G.

It was okay is the best way I can describe it, but definitely could have been better. They say on their website three haunted houses and I read the descriptions of each one. After going through the first someone in my party asked where the other two were and a worker said we just went through two of the three. Definitely a bait and switch because it didn't match up with the descriptions. Both houses were short, the second we went through in only about 10 minutes. The sets and special effects were my favorite part, very well done. There weren't enough actors but I won't fault them on that because I'm sure it's difficult for them to find workers. We did every attraction offered in about an hour, which I wasn't too thrilled about. If I had to wait 3+ hours to get in for how short the whole experience was I'd definitely be annoyed. My final thought is that I observed on Google Reviews the owner or whoever runs that for them arguing with negative reviews. As of yesterday they even claimed to have "looked someone's name up and canceled their tickets" after the person left a bad review for long lines. That's extremely unprofessional in my opinion and convinced me this is a one and done experience.

Hello Mary Beth. Thank you for your review. We certainly would never attempt any sort of trickery on our valued guests such as yourself. If you attended before 2018, we used to have separate entrances to each of these attractions, and our guests just really didnt enjoy the break up although it solved the issue of "where is the 3rd attraction". In 2019 we went back to eliminating the line for the 2nd attraction (Brighton Asylum), and the flow remained much better for guests. After SubCULTure, guests enter a small segway queue line where we do re-time and re-separate groups into the attraction, which is a separate theme from SubCULTure, which is a separate theme from The Bleeding Grounds. We have added a lot of new scenes, escape rooms, and activities for this season as well. We certainly appreciate your concerns regarding the wait. The final 2 weekends of the Halloween season can get very busy. Not just here, but at haunted attractions all across the country. Wherever your plans take you this year, that particular weekend will offer extended waits just about anywhere you attend. We are certainly working on the wait, and we hope we are able to achieve a much better time:entertainment ratio this season and in the future. Thank you very much. Regarding reviews, we have not had access to any business review sites, including yelp, since the pandemic. You are among the first customers we are able to respond to. Our accounts were hacked by unsuspecting parties through social media, and we lost access to everything. We have only been reachable by phone and email. It appears they accomplished their goal. Rest assured that is not how we operate, and we are here to serve our valued guests such as yourself. Hope to see you return sometime in the future!

59 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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Brighton Asylum Haunted House

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Directions to Brighton Asylum

Brighton Asylum is open Rain or Shine

Brighton Asylum is located at the BACK of:

2 Brighton Ave Passaic, NJ 07055 (border of Clifton)


Limited onsite parking is available.  If you cannot find us, it is because you are at the FRONT of 2 Brighton Ave, and need to drive around to the back of the building.

Additional parking lot with shuttle bus available at Clifton High School, 333 Colfax Ave, Clifton NJ 07013 .  Park there and ride the shuttle buses 4 minutes to Brighton Asylum. Service to and from the Asylum are provided free of charge.  This service is available when we open until the last guest is dropped back off.  

NOTE: Not available Sept 23rd. The bus will pick up at the Asylum at the same place it drops off

IMPORTANT: Off site lot is NOT open during daytime hours, and off season hours.  Off site lot is for haunted house hours only during Halloween Season. 

Brighton Asylum Location

Brighton Asylum

haunted asylum passaic nj

Top ways to experience nearby attractions

haunted asylum passaic nj

Brighton Asylum - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Brighton asylum information.


Haunted House Review Scariest Haunted House in Passaic New Jersey Brighton Asylum

Louisiana's Haunted Houses

professional haunt

haunted asylum passaic nj

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Brighton Asylum Escape

haunted asylum passaic nj

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a real life adventure like The Goonies or Indiana Jones? Or what it would feel like to be trapped in a horror movie like 1408 or SAW?

Brighton Asylum is proud to present the next generation in a growing trend of interactive games called  “Escape rooms”!

Brighton Asylum’s Escape Rooms in NJ are among the most interactive, immersive, and action packed in the New Jersey area.  Our NJ escape rooms have been played by thousands of people, including actor James Franco.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given 1 hour to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.

You must work together as a team, exploring your surroundings and racing aga inst the clock using logic, critical thinking, and your gut instincts to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden passage ways, and uncover hidden secrets that will ultimately lead to your escape!  

If you are looking for an escape room in NJ, look no further.  Book your escape room experience today.  See below for more information about our rooms.






haunted asylum passaic nj

Escape Games are are an adventure that is thrilling and perplexing! Use your instincts to solve the puzzles and escape!

haunted asylum passaic nj

Escape Games are a great team building exercise! Bring your coworkers, class, or church group and work together.

haunted asylum passaic nj

Escape games are the life of the party!  Bring your party for an evening of thrills and puzzles for a unique party activity!

haunted asylum passaic nj


haunted asylum passaic nj


Brighton Asylum Escape is located at the BACK of: 2 Brighton Ave Suite 7a Passaic, NJ 07055 (border of Clifton)


On site parking is available.  If you cannot find us, it is because you are at the FRONT of 2 Brighton Ave suite 7a, and need to drive around to the back of the building.

Contact Brighton Asylum Escape

Brighton Asylum information hotline – 201-848-2517

[email protected]

Brighton Asylum Escape Room

Brighton Asylum Haunted House

The Hack Shack – Axe Throwing

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haunted asylum passaic nj

haunted asylum passaic nj

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Brighton Asylum Passaic, NJ

Contact Brighton Asylum

haunted asylum passaic nj

Brighton Asylum of Passaic is a nationally ranked haunted house that offers interactive scenes, and along with the Asylum and The Tunnel, visitors can also take on their Escape Rooms!

haunted asylum passaic nj

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haunted asylum passaic nj

Haunted Asylum Awaits Thrillseekers in North Jersey

haunted asylum passaic nj

New Jersey, a state renowned for its shoreline, the legendary Bruce Springsteen, and…haunted asylums? For those seeking an adrenaline rush beyond the roller coasters of its famed boardwalks, the Brighton Asylum awaits.

Nestled in Passaic, New Jersey, Brighton Asylum has roots tracing back to the 1940s. Once known as the “Building 5”, it functioned as a warehouse until it was forced to shut its doors due to undisclosed, but supposedly unnerving reasons. Whispered rumors speak of unexplained occurrences and patient uprisings that ultimately led to its closure.

The Brighton Asylum isn’t your typical haunted house attraction. While many haunted venues focus solely on startling jump-scares, Brighton delves deep into the psychology of fear. Its setup is incredibly detailed and immersive, transporting visitors to an eerily realistic world where every creak and shadow hides a story.

Perhaps what truly sets Brighton Asylum apart is its emphasis on interactive horror. Think of it as an escape room meets haunted house! Their ‘Contact’ nights give consenting visitors a chance to be a part of the story, with actors touching and even restraining them to intensify the experience. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it promises an experience unlike any other.

While most haunted attractions operate solely around the Halloween season, Brighton Asylum offers scares throughout the year. Their special events, such as the Valentine’s Day-themed “Dark Valentine” or the Christmas frightfest “Santa’s Slay”, ensure you can get your horror fix no matter the season.

Brighton Asylum is more than just a haunted house – it’s an experience. With its rich (and chilling) history, immersive setup, and interactive scares, it’s no wonder that it’s often hailed as one of the most terrifying places in New Jersey. So, if you’re looking to test your limits and dive into a world of horror, Brighton Asylum awaits. Just remember, once you enter, there’s no guarantee of what might follow you home.

The Smell of Weed is Everywhere in New Jersey, but Most Don’t Mind According to Poll

Toshiba to go private on dec 20 after successful $13 billion takeover bid, you appear to be using an ad blocker.

The Story Behind New Jersey's Most Haunted House Is Beyond Terrifying

haunted asylum passaic nj

Kristen is a writer, editor, and social media maven who loves her state. Born and raised in New Jersey, sharing all it has to offer is her passion. After attending Montclair State University, she continued her education online, obtaining certifications in social media management.

More by this Author

Wondering about Brighton Asylum history ? The story goes like this … “Brighton’s industrial complex, a series of old and decrepit warehouses, was used for housing mentally unstable and psychologically damaged individuals back in the mid-1940s. Many of these patients were violent and needed to be isolated for staff and patient protection. The most violent patients were housed in the main central building, most commonly referred to as Brighton Asylum.” If this sounds like one of the scariest places in New Jersey, it definitely is. Let’s explore this further.

haunted asylum passaic nj

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haunted asylum passaic nj

For a quick preview from a few years back, watch the video below. But be warned, it is definitively disturbing.

Are you ready to be paralyzed by fear? Learn more about the Brighton Asylum haunted house  in New Jersey by visiting its website.

What do you think about this Brighton Asylum history? What’s your favorite haunted attraction in New Jersey? Tell us in the comments!

Few events in the world top the level of terror you will experience here, and the unique escape room and interactive attractions only add to the fun. For true tales of terror (if you believe in them), check out this post on the Pine Barrens . For even more fun things to do during the creepy season, we recommend cruising through all of the many offerings on Airbnb Experiences .

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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haunted asylum passaic nj


haunted asylum passaic nj

Brighton Asylum: The Bleeding Grounds

haunted asylum passaic nj

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haunted asylum passaic nj

  • 2 Brighton Avenue
  • Passaic, NJ
  • 201-716-2827
  • Visit Website

haunted asylum passaic nj

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haunted asylum passaic nj

Recent Reviews

Email verified insane good.

Great experience!!!! Brighton Asylum was insane good. By far the best I've ever seen it. A great place, was very cool and scary! It is definitely not for the faint of heart. highly recommended.

haunted asylum passaic nj

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Unique haunt experience

An exhilarating experience!! Reached there a bit early and we had a hassle-free entry. The place was huge and it was replete with horrific scenes. Asylum was a unique haunt experience that had actors giving live performance. The house was looking like a haunted asylum, no doubt. Horror movie style scares made us jump and run. It was interactive and immersive scares that was action packed. Escape room challenged our grey cells with its intriguing puzzles. Kudos to the great team work. Certainly, visiting again.

Asylum horrifying

Scary as hell but a really good time spend!! Asylum was a horrifying sight. The scenes were mostly interactive. The visual effects were similar to the ones in Hollywood movies.

Email Verified Real fun starts here...

Really fun and scary evening! Visited with my bf for blackout and the experience was awesome. They group really well so we won’t miss anything. My group never missed any of the jump scares and fully enjoyed.


Was compelled by a few friends and we checked this place out. Not complaining about crowd or the hustle. The haunts were great. The asylum and the tunnel were quite innovative. If you are claustrophobic, you are going to have tough time in the tunnel. It creates a scary atmosphere. The scares were intense and was mostly on the face. Scenes were unimaginable. The actors interact with the visitors and that was fun and scary. They performed live scenes that scared us to death. Animatronics was apt for the scenes and made it look larger than life. Definitely visit and experience the fun and scare.

Brilliantly done!

This was brilliantly done! It was one hell of an experience. You won’t believe it either you get yourself into. I went alone and had a freaky awesome night now planning to visit again with my family.

Email Verified Had a fun evening....

Very theatrical and professional. The actors costumes and makeup were amazingly a good mix of scary and creepy. It was a truly fun evening, there are different levels of scares from mild to intense. Friendly staff, excellent detail on the monsters and scenes.

Email Verified Excitement unlimited

Excitement unlimited at an intense and interactive haunt. The scares were off beat with innovative themes in the tunnel and asylum. The actors put on a great show. They had an important role to drive the haunts as it was quite interactive. Props and visuals were used extensively. It created a good scary ambience that made us feel a part of it. A must visit for all who loves to be scared.

Email Verified OMG!!!

OMG!!! It was beyond expectation. Always gives good and unexpected scares that will shatter anyone who dare to step in. Everything was so realistic and peerless. This place suits best for anyone that loves adventure. Nonstop goosebumps! They did absolutely awesome!

Best haunted house

Best haunted house I've been too so far. Extremely detailed, kinda crowded but worth the wait

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

Email Verified Great Fun Experience

It was a great experience for all of us. We had to go through a test to see if we were psychologically fit to undergo the scares that were presented. Tunnel Wash the first haunt we visited. It is through which we had to reach other haunts. It was intense and got us ready to face the rest of the haunts. Through the tunnel we reach the asylum and other haunts. No further waiting in line. It falls one after the other. Asylum had as many actors it could hold who performed live scenes that scared us to death. Experience this and have fun.

Intense Exiting

Intense, exiting!! The tunnel and asylum was off beat. The actors were unbelievable and interactive. They would get close to you to create the fear factor. The horror museum is a must see for all horror movie enthusiasts. You can see original screen used props and costumes from your favorite movies. It was displayed in its original screen used condition, which was even more exiting. A must visit for all Halloween & Hollywood enthusiasts.

Email Verified Amazing Visual Effets

Enjoyable and exhilarating. Asylum is a huge walkthrough with live actors and Hollywood style visual effects. It had horror movie style scares with ultimate efforts put by actors. They had interactive, immersive and action packed haunts. The escape room was ultimate. The puzzles were intriguing. Clues and hints we’re interesting and had our brains roasted. It was a great team work. Will come back again.

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haunted asylum passaic nj

haunted asylum passaic nj


haunted asylum passaic nj

Brighton Asylum Reviews

haunted asylum passaic nj

  • 2 Brighton Avenue
  • Passaic, NJ
  • 201-716-2827

haunted asylum passaic nj

  • Latest Reviews

haunted asylum passaic nj

Email Verified Spooky surprises

A great way to end a Halloween season. This is the place to be for fun and scares. All the scenes were scream worthy. Loved the energy of the actors. They were in full swing scaring and giving us spooky surprises.Had a blast with them and my friends. We laughed and screamed our way out. Horrifying scenes are sure to give you nightmares. It was well detailed complete with props and animatronics. Many pop scares to keep you on your feet. Loved the ambiance. Will come again next year.

haunted asylum passaic nj

6 out of 6 found this review helpful

3rd year in a row coming, every year is better and better. We went for the twitching hour. It was a great experience trying to find a real ghost. A paranormal expert was our guide who was immensely knowledgeable. They had the best ghost hunting equipment. It lasted for more than two hours. Only a brave can explore some of the haunted areas of the asylum. A real paranormal expedition. Do not expect scare actors to scare you. The investigation got us totally immersed and it was fun. A great place to be during the Halloween season!

5 out of 5 found this review helpful

Was laughing the entire time. Dont waste your money on this unless your with kids. The way the line is set up sucks also.

3 out of 9 found this review helpful

5 out of 5!!

Screams, yells and running scared is what i love and that's what my family received last night. There were scenes quite innovative and totally out of the box. Amazingly couldn’t even tell the real actors from the fake decorated figures.Great price for the fun..loved the imagination behind this!

3 out of 4 found this review helpful

Wowww… what a haunt!! We were screaming non-stop. Bleeding room had all the gore that could freak you out. It was also my favourite. The actors’ makeup and costumes was outstanding, especially those in the asylum wards. Escape room was challenging. We could not break out in time. Now I intend to do it in my next visit.

4 out of 5 found this review helpful


This wasour first time but it was pretty awesome!Super-creepy to begin with and puts you on edge from the start. Left with smiles and a dry There were plenty of scary moments. We could hear scream all around the place.

4 out of 4 found this review helpful

Email Verified Proffessional

Pretty cool experience, no wonder it is the number one haunted experience. Quite professionally done and the actors were great. House was well designed, looked every bit a haunted asylum. The inmates were plenty. Looked gruesome and bloody. Props were cool, creatively used to scare us. The makeup artists did a wonderful job. Had a wonderful time.

Email Verified Great sets, props

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical in the beginning. It took much prodding from wife and kids for me to change my mind. But it would have been a loss had I noted relented and visited Brighton. We took fast pass and that helped to skip the queue. My wife and kids screamed non-stop in the dark. Scares were well timed and executed to perfection. Great sets, props, scares and terrific actors. The asylum sets looked realistic. Actors’ makeup stood out. The elevator to the tunnel was a creepy ride. The tunnel was dark and narrow and the grotesque characters virtually freaked us out. Escape room was fun too. We all had a great time in the haunt. I will definitely visit again next year.

2 out of 3 found this review helpful

I’m a horror buff so I'm pretty good with horror but, this year I screamed my head off. Must visit!

Dark and creepy

It was my second visit to Brighton, and I loved it. My GF who was with me was totally petrified by the scares and props. The house was well put together, and it was pretty scary and hands-on. You can choose if you wish the scares to be interactive before you enter. The tunnel was dark and creepy, and featured some good jump scares that virtually startled me off my feet. I would not recommend young children.

Email Verified scariest

The funniest and scariest horror attraction! All you can hear is your fear as it screams..I cant wait for next season.

Email Verified Terror everywhere

AWESOME EXPERIENCE! The place was well designed with scary interiors and lots of nerve wracking terrors. The elevator simulation was impressive. The tunnel was dark and creepy. Bleeding room was the goriest and creepiest in the haunt. Escape rooms were fun. We teamed up with few other visitors to crack the code.

3 out of 3 found this review helpful

Full of intense scares

Best haunted house I've been too! The scare actors scared the daylight out of me and my partner. She even screamed few times. The lower floor had more intense scares compared with the top floor. The actors’ creepy makeup and costumes virtually freaked me out. The clowns also scared us white. Overall, it was great fun and we had a great time in the Brighton. Recommend this place.

Email Verified Thrilling experience in the asylum

Awesome experience. Perfect blend of thrilling experience in the haunted asylum for around an hour. Excellent actors draped in scary outfits. Hats off to organizers for setting up a perfect ambience!

0 out of 1 found this review helpful

Email Verified Creepy asylum inmates

Went through the regular queue and it took me hardly 20 minutes to get into the houses. Loved the creepy asylum inmates, terrifying themes and animatronics was bundled together to give me a taste of real fear. Enjoyed the music and economical pricing for the haunt. Keep up the good work actors or ghosts.

Email Verified Scary asylum inmates

It was better than last year.. the different rooms are diligently designed to scare the shit out of you.. actors all played their roles to perfection. The makeup and costumes made them really scary entities. My nieces screamed out loud most of the times they encountered scary asylum inmates. Staff was friendly as well. Kudos to the management for bringing such a haunted place in the area.

Love for scary adventure

New adventurous trend of Halloween attracted me a lot and I have become a big follower… exploring new haunted houses has became my new passion… and I find this aggressive haunted house named Brighton Asylum… I went there with my boyfriend who was really fed up of my new passion… but he also enjoyed there a lot… Not so diversified but classified into few adventures...this place rocks in my memory.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Scary and creepy

Brighton Asylum was really scary and creepy. The construction of the asylum was great; each corner of the building was designed carefully to spook the visitors out. Actors were excellent..they scared the crap out of us.. Special effects were also great. I suggest this haunt for all scare lovers.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

Vivid and wicked

You must shout more and more to feel the craziness inside you… Brighton Asylum is that vivid and wicked. I went there is my crazy college friends and we had a good time over there. Horror Museum was not like the usual boring museum of real world… very dramatic and had filled with magnetic vibes. The Bleeding Grounds were so dark and muddled, we were enjoying a lot. Special feature was the Brighton Asylum… we felt like culprits and chaotic… A deadly place with all scary activities.

Email Verified I was super dissapointed

I went to Brighton Asylum yesterday for the asylum and tunnels. First we waited in a very long line for the tunnels. We did the tunnels and I did not find it scary at all. They referred to the tunnels as a "warm up" to the asylum. After the tunnels we waited in another long line for the asylum. The asylum itself was disappointing to say the least. 1. If you look you can see over the walls and see where rooms were. 2. Once you entered the "asylum" i totally forgot it was in a real asylum. The rooms were so decorated and poorly used that I actually couldn't tell the difference from a haunted house vs the "asylum". I use the word asylum in quotes because it felt totally transformed into a haunted house and they didn't even incorporate the actual asylum well. 3. The rooms have such bad insolation and the groups were so close together that you could easily tell when there was gonna be a "scary moment" about to happen. 4. I didn't find it scary at all. The jump scares were wayyyy to expected and I wasn't scared the least. I don't get why this place is considered scary. The rooms were super lit so you didn't feel alone or anything. You could hear every scare from the next group ahead so you knew what to expect. 1/10 would not recommend. Very dissapointed.

0 out of 5 found this review helpful

Go on a contact night it is the best time you will ever experience

I love this place

Today we did the escape room, "The Tomb", it was such an amazing experience!!!!We had exceptional customer service and an awesome chat with Johnny !!! I've been coming here every year to do the seasonal haunt in October and everytime I come they get better and better! I love seeing this place grow and grow!!! I will come back every year!!!!

Better than the past couple years

we went to Brighton for 2015 and this was by far the best year yet. They really stepped up their game and paid a lot of attention to the sets and detail. The actors were great and we had a blast. They expanded a bit and it def felt longer than in the past. Great Job!

Worth the drive great people awesome actors love the detail

5 out of 6 found this review helpful

Excellent !!!

From start to finish, I definitely recommend the haunt ! The details to the way to the actors look to the props are amazing - have been to a few of the other larger area haunts and this is by far the best !

SO FUN - Actors were awesome

So much fun...It was a long wait but that's of course due to it's popularity. Actors walk around during line though and even scare you when you use their bathrooms haha it was fun... the scenes were so cool, liked how it was detailed, would of been cool if they added more to it, overall it was creepy & we had a good timeThe owner was such a sweetheart btw!

Alright but still good

The haunt itself was like I said alright it wasn't the worst nor the best either it was scary don't get me wrong one particular memory was well not to spoil anything but I was totally frightened by the girl with her bed on the wall!! But you need to see how you like it ????

will def be back again for their other events ! Lines were a bit long but worth it in my opinion!

must go to this haunt!

The entire haunt from start to finish is anything but a disappointment. Very well put together and decorated, and the actors were phenomenal. Scary and intense from start to finish. Definitely had my heart racing! If you haven't been there yet this season you must go!! Can't wait to go back for the 13 haunted events!!

i highly recommend checking this out!!! definitely worth going out to!! great job guys! i will be back!!

definitely an amwesome time

My friends and i loved it every part of the haunt it was great the detail was perfect the actors were amazing definitely coming back for every other event!!!

Sadly underwhelmed

For all the rave reviews I was a little disappointed with Brighton. Long lines are to be expected at any high profile haunt and the line warmers did an EXCELLENT job. However, the rest of the haunt was more schizophrenic than the patients inside and not in a good way. One minute your being tormented by a mental patient and the next you're in a cave? catacomb? wasn't entirely sure what it was. The scenes that you do see are well done and the actors do a decent job with a few scares specifically standing out. No spoilers but the chair totally surprised us. Sadly a handful of decent scares wasn't enough to really work for us. I haven't been to any of the seasonal events that Brighton puts on throughout the year, this review is for the basic haunt. I do plan to come back and try some of the seasonal events. Hoping next time works out better.

went on friday the 13th and came back again last night. this is hands down the best haunt I have EVER been to. there makeup looks like its from face off, the room detail is amazing, and their attraction is packed with actors. i dont know who the one guy outside was with the one eye (awesome costume by the way) but he knew my name!!!! We will be back for Christmas!!

Soooo intense!!!...I

This place is SO INTENSE...I wanna be there...EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!

There were a ton of people waiting to get in, the line was a little rough, but sooooooooo worth it. Best haunt ive experienced hands down!!!


We had an amazing time this year! My mother and I have been going for years now and they never seem to disappoint! I brought my boyfriend this year for the first time and he screamed more than I did! We all loved it and it was an awesome experience! CAN'T WAIT TILL OCTOBERS FUN! Thank you Brighton asylum!!


I have been going to haunted houses since the early 80's so I consider myself a pretty good critic. By far this is the best haunt in new jersey. The scenery looks like it came right out of a horror movie, the actors are excellent and the makeup and costumes are all custom designed and made. Not from your neighborhood halloween store. They also have some really unique ideas that are not in most haunted attractions. Scared the crap out of me and thats pretty hard to do. Good going guys. See you in October and for the 13 haunts.

Brighton Asylum Rocks!

Opening night was awesomely fantastic! Great crowd (it was jammed packed with people but very orderly and super friendly)...phenomenal actors (the way they popped up unexpectedly added to fun) and the asylum itself kicked @$$! Loved the suspense/thrill factor (you NEVER knew who would come out and at what time). From the moment you arrive until the time you leave, your senses are on high alert! There's always a surprise around the corner! Brighton Asylum: Haunted Attraction rocks!

Friday the 13th

Although the line was was well worth the wait. OMG, I was so scared. Can't wait for October. I also bought a ticket for the 13 haunts.

Something more to do throughout the YEAR and SHARE MEMORIES

What is there to say BRIGHTON ASYLUM is this years top place to go. If you are looking for a good scare, de-stress from stress, a lot of laughs with friends. This is the place for you. I went there with family we both agreed that getting a good scare will make you feel younger and de-stressed. If its hard for you to stand on a long line here are some IDEAS when they get close have your group call you and you get out of car and go online, or pay extra and go on the express line. Plus now they have more scares throughout the year give that holiday a twists Get out of the normal routine. It is so worth the memories and something to share with others.But one thing DONT do is be online and let your friends come online where you are I saw that and thought ok I am here waiting and here is 7 people just showing up skipping the line. Think of those behind you waiting like you are.

Incredible Job !!!!

Myself being in Halloween retail business for 25 years went to check out Brighton Asylumon Friday the 13th perfect night to open and was shocked at the job they do to detail and actors were great !!! so at the end of the event i went and purchased tickets for my self and 2 friends to bring back for the 13 event package and will be looking forward to seeing my friends reactions as they go through it ..AGAIN INCREDIBLE JOB BRIGHTON ASYLUM!!!

Best Haunted Attraction

I got to attend on Friday the 13th and I must say that Brighton Asylum continues to scare me year after year!! The set and actors are always changing and never dull. I always try different haunted attractions every year but Brighton Asylum is the only one I return to on a regular basis. As I walk through the attraction I can't help but scream and then admire their attention to detail and creativity. I also think it's awesome to see the horror movie items they have on display. Looking forward to checking out the other year long attractions that are available! !!

Brighton Asylum - the best haunt that exists to this day.

This is by far my favorite place to go because they're open for multiple events all year 'round and they really put a lot of time and effort into their events. I've gone every year now and this year I won a pass to attend all 13 events for 2013. They are super accomodating and really care about their customers. They even have facebook contests when u feel like ur part of the team because they care what u think! The haunts are scary as hell and jm not easily scared. Theres always something new to see when u go there and if u have to wait on line, don't worry - I'd camp out over night to get into their haunts.. hats how amazing they are! Definitely worth purchasing the 13 events pass for $99. That's by far the cheapest and best deal that exists. I love this place and I can't wait to experience the next 12 events with them this year!!!!!!

Fantastic haunt!!!

I was there for the Friday the 13th opening and over 1000 people showed up at least! Sounds like the SAD reviewer was upset about the line. The wait was rough but the haunt was just plain awesome. We'll definitely be back!

Scary??? In a word...or 2...HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Only thing I can say is...You won't be prepared for what's inside this place!!! Never been so scared in my life!!! ...:o...I LOVED IT!!!

This haunt was well worth the drive. The haunt was entertaining, frightening and well designed and decorated. The actors were well costumed and seasoned. This haunt is a MUST SEE. The haunt will now feature 13 events that will last for well over 6 months all for one price. WHAT a GREAT DEAL. If you average out the cost for all 13 events it is the best batgain out there compared to all the other haunts. I CAN"T WAIT.

Year-long terror? Count me in!

Beyond thrilled to see so many outside-the-box events in store for us--and not just during Halloween!!! I went last year; the house and monsters (everything from blood-drenched demented insane asylum freaky creatures that relentlessly follow you around only to reappear when you least expect them) are THE CREEPIEST I've ever seen! it's best!!!

Well...It Scared meeeee!!!...:o...and I loved every single minute of it!!!...;)

Worth the Pants Wetting

This place as the most amazing actors and scenery! everything is done very well and the location is amazing. never thought i'd find an attraction like this!

Every step of the way, I never knew what to expect. Awesome.

Best Holiday Scares!

I attended the october haunt but never expected to see an Xmas and valentines day scare as well! The actors are phenomenal, makeup is fantastic and I highly recommended the company to all my friends!

THE BEST scares in NJ!!

Went through during Halloween weekend last year, some of the best makeup/ costumes I've seen in a long time, the actors were really into it, and the end scene was completely unexpected.. I just about wet myself!!! Their other location in Montvale was just as great! Thought I was safe in the wagon, until the actors proved otherwise when they jumped on!!


The whole thing was creepy even the ride there but thats what made it the best haunted attraction I have been to can't wait to go back

Will Scare the F#*! out of you

The location alone is terrifying. I haven't been to a haunt this good in this part of new Jersey in a while. State Scare is getting old, Brighton was a refreshing take on the haunted house industry. I went to both the V-day and X-mas haunts they hosted as well and the place was packed! The make-up was a step up from average haunts from what I saw, and the actors nailed it. I would definitely recommend it! Its not for KIDS fyi, They will not handle this haunt. I can't wait for the new haunts they have in store for next year!

I went on Halloween and Valentine's Day. Very scary and diffferent from other haunted houses. Im STILL creeeped out from one thing but I wont tell you what it is...Going back again for sure!

Very scary and changes every year !


My sisters and I just went here last night and it was so much FUN!! When you walk inside the asylum, there are so many twists and turns. You have no idea where to go or what is gonna pop out at you which is why its so great! I was probably screaming the most out of all of us. I will definitely be back next year!!!

it was everything we hoped it would be. they had things i never saw before in a haunted house. we all had a great time. thought only my wife would be scared but they got me! the end is ridiculous! we will be back!!!!!!!

Pretty cool

The wait was long but we were in there for at least 25 mins.costumes effects were pretty cool....I was pretty freaked out at some points....the end is the best so don't chicken out!!

Loved it <3

Had a great time. I will def be coming back next year.

worth the money!

my friends and i saw their banner on van houten ave and decided to go. WOW!! we were really impressed. they have a museum before you enter of all original movie props and costumes and the haunt itself was absolutely awesomesauce! GO HERE!

Great Actors

One of my favorite new found haunts :)

Wow! Great stuff!

I was there over the weekend with my family and this place has stuff I've never seen. Not even at Universal Studios Halloween. You got me. We'll be back for sure!

Best haunted house in the east cost!

The best haunted house I ever been to!And I have been to alot . The pushes fight fest that is held at 6 falgs right out of the line up! Better then every thing! Can't wait till oct. 5 to go agen

Best haunted house!

This haunted house is scary from start to finish,just walking outside of the haunt made me kinda scared.Loved the horror movie museum tour, definitely a great thing to visit while you are at the haunted house.The actors in the haunt were amazing, they had me so scared as well as the scenery! This haunt made me so terrified that I almost wanted to exit the haunted house! I CAN NOT WAIT until OCT. 5th comes.

This haunt was INSANE!

I was browsing the internet and found this ad for Brighton Asylum and wanted to say that we had an absolute BLAST last october and definitely plan on going back this october! We have been to haunts all over the east coast and this one definitely stands out. We have been going to the haunt they run in Montvale for years, and always enjoyed it, but this one blew us away! most haunts are skimpy on the actors, and very cheesy on the sets. Not this one! cant wait until oct. 5th!

Great Haunt... The Best in Jersey!!!

I never was so scared in my life.

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haunted asylum passaic nj

These haunted attractions in North Jersey are sure to scare

haunted asylum passaic nj

It's that time of the year: All things scary, creepy and downright unsettling are making their comeback for spooky season.

For some, conquering the haunted houses, fright-filled mazes and ghoulish hayrides is what October is all about. In North Jersey, there is no shortage of Halloween attractions to visit, from large warehouse productions to homemade backyard mazes. Here are seven haunts across North Jersey for this season's adrenaline junkies.

Brighton Asylum, Passaic

A year-round haunt, Brighton Asylum has been staged inside a 13,000-square-foot warehouse in Passaic for over a decade. As the legend goes, the institution − which was known for its insufferable living conditions − shut down in 1952 after several staff members and patients disappeared. Now, the haunted asylum has reopened, and visitors are admitted into the attraction as the institution's newest patients.

Inside, visitors get an experience filled with ghosts, deranged patients and crazed nurses through Hollywood-quality sets and special effects. Visitors can even opt for the "contact" option, accepting a free red glow necklace to indicate that they're okay experiencing physical contact during their time at the asylum, which could include forced separation from your group, simulated abduction, crawling and physically being picked up.

Brighton Asylum also offers other attractions like timed escape rooms and the horror museum, which features movie props from infamous horror movies.

Go: In the rear of 2 Brighton Ave, Passaic; 201-848-2517,

Hours: Varies depending on event and time of year

Tickets: $37.99 for general admission to three haunted houses, with additional rates for different attractions

13th Hour, Wharton

At 13th Hour, visitors navigate their way through a two-floor haunted experience at the Hayden Farmhouse. The haunt is modeled after the story of the Hayden family, whose time at the home became filled with mysterious and eerie events. "The Dark Side of the Hayden House" is a second haunted house that is a lightless maze dotted with immersive scenes. The bravest guests can also choose to participate in the optional "touch" experience, where actors inside have permission to touch you as you explore the house.

13th Hours also offers eight different escape rooms, featuring actors after 6 p.m. on the days the haunted house is operating. Their newest attraction, Haunted Hatches, is an axe-throwing experience that uses glow-in-the-dark hatches and targets.

Go: 105 West Dewey Ave, Wharton; 862-244-4454,

Hours: 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Fridays; 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Saturdays; 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays, through October

Tickets: $40 for general admission, $45 for priority access

Hayride of Horrors and Corn Maze, Hackettstown

Visitors are taken on a haunted hayride through the woods and a haunted corn maze on the grounds of Corrado's Farms in Hackettstown. The attraction features strobe lights, live actors, clowns and animatronics. Each hayride takes about 45-minutes, including a refreshment stop halfway through.

Go: 671 Mt. Bethel Road, Hackettstown; 973-942-4448,

Hours: Open Friday through Sunday from 6:30 p.m., with various closing times through October

Tickets: $22 for the haunted hayride, $15 for the corn maze

Haunted Red Mill, Clinton

Located within the Red Hill Museum Village, the Haunted Red Mill in Clinton will rise from the dead on Friday the 13th. This year's theme, "The Dead Don't Die," will offer scares from clowns, zombies and other creatures of the night. The attraction spans about 10 acres and will include a terror trail through the woods, an apocalypse hayride, mazes and more.

The Haunted Red Mill will also offer "Happy Haunts" on Oct. 14, 21 and 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. These are a family-friendly, abbreviated version of the attraction for kids.

Go: Red Mill Museum Village, 56 Main St, Clinton; 908-735-4101,

Hours: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays from Oct. 13 to Oct. 28

Tickets: $30 for general admission, $45 for a speed pass

Ridgewood Halloween Maze, Ridgewood

If you prefer smaller scale attractions and want to support a local effort, look no further than the Ridgewood Halloween Maze. Greg and Nancy Stewart have put together this loops-and-traps maze in their Ridgewood backyard every Halloween for 28 years. A 1,000-square-foot Halloween maze, this attraction features a 27-inch wide pathway, with one-way doors and mechanical ghouls.

The Stewarts have also said that children tend to complete the maze quicker than adults, so the only way to test that theory is by giving them a visit.

Go: 124 Sheridan Ave, Ridgewood; Ridgewood Halloween Maze 2023

Hours: Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., through October

Tickets: Free admission

Pantophobia, Montvale

Pantophobia is a 30-minute, entirely outdoors wagon ride based on the myth of Cyrus Grain, who is said to haunt the location of his family's former farmland-turned shopping center. It is followed by an 8-10 minute walk through the Cyrus' Family Crypt, which is also said to be haunted by spirits of the Cyrus family.

Go: DePiero's Farmstand & Greenhouses, 156 Summit Ave, Montvale; 805-666-1588,

Hours: Open at 8 p.m. Friday through Sunday, with varied closing hours through October to the first weekend in November

Tickets: Start at $25 for general admission

Halloween House, Paramus

For those who want to experience a haunted house for spooky season but aren't the biggest fans of jump scares, the Halloween House in Paramus is for you. Described as "spooky, not scary" on the attraction's website, Halloween House is an immersive experience where visitors walk through rooms dressed in a different Halloween theme, like The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Horror Movie Graveyard and Dracula's Lair.

Go: Paramus Park Mall, 700 Paramus Park, Paramus;

Hours: Open Monday through Saturday; First walk through at 3:30 p.m. and last walk through at 8 p.m.

Tickets: $29.99 for adult general admission and $24.99 for teen and under general admission


  1. Brighton Asylum (Passaic)

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    haunted asylum passaic nj

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    haunted asylum passaic nj

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  1. Haunted Attractions in NJ & Haunted House NJ

    DATES & HOURS Escape Rooms Axe Throwing Holiday Haunts BUY TICKETS Work Here OUR COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDELINES LEARN MORE Brighton Asylum has 2 haunted houses and 4 escape rooms all at one location. Voted top haunted attractions in NJ & Haunted House NJ.

  2. Brighton Asylum

    DATES & HOURS Escape Rooms Axe Throwing Holiday Haunts BUY TICKETS Work Here OUR COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDELINES LEARN MORE New Jersey's legendary Brighton Asylum has been rated as the #1 haunted attraction in New Jersey by more news outlets than any other haunted house in New Jersey.

  3. Brighton Asylum

    2 Brighton Ave Passaic, NJ 07055 Get directions Other Escape Games Nearby Sponsored The Other Tales - Escape Rooms 83 6.3 miles away from Brighton Asylum Liz M. said "Our group of 4 ranged in age from 13 all the way up to 70 and we all had a great time.

  4. Brighton Asylum

    Passaic Things to Do in Passaic Brighton Asylum Brighton Asylum 65 reviews #1 of 1 Fun & Games in Passaic Escape GamesGame & Entertainment Centers Closed now 1:00 PM - 9:30 PM Write a review About Brighton Asylum is New Jersey's #1 haunted house and escape rooms.

  5. Get Directions to Brighton Asylum

    Directions to Brighton Asylum, New Jersey's Scariest Haunted house at 2 Brighton Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055. Rated one of the best in the USA!

  6. Brighton Asylum

    Brighton Asylum, Passaic, New Jersey. 39,542 likes · 214 talking about this · 30,224 were here. New Jersey's Legendary Brighton Asylum - one of America's...

  7. Brighton Asylum

    Brighton Asylum is New Jersey's #1 haunted house and escape rooms. Featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, News 12, Fox News and countless media across the country. ... 2 Brighton Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055-2071. Reach out directly. Visit website Call Email. Full view. Best nearby. Restaurants. 763 within 3 miles. The Love ...

  8. Scariest Haunted House in Passaic New Jersey Brighton Asylum

    Brighton Asylum is a massive haunted house featuring haunted houses, escape games and much more. Brighton Asylum is located near New York City and Newark New Jersey in an area called Passaic New Jersey. If you live anywhere in the New York City area you can visit Brighton Asylum.

  9. Brighton Asylum Haunted House in New Jersey

    New Jersey's Brighton Asylum Haunted House was once home to the most violent patients in the state. Now there are new terrors inside. Get tickets now. ... Passaic, NJ 07055, USA. Visit Website. Phone: 201-716-2827. Email: [email protected]. Claim Ownership; Add to favorites; Print; Facebook Twitter. Overview; Map; Video; Overview.

  10. Escape Room NJ

    Brought to you by the creator's of Brighton Asylum, New Jersey's #1 haunted attraction. Featuring 2 immersive and interactive escape rooms. Book online today!

  11. Brighton Asylum

    Brighton Asylum is a massive walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, horror movie style scares, and Hollywood quality special effects. Check in here. You have nothing to lose but your mind! Hours of Operation: 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM - October Fridays & Saturdays 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM - October 8, 15, 22, 26 & 29 7:30 PM - 9:30 ...

  12. Brighton Asylum

    Brighton Asylum of Passaic is a nationally ranked haunted house that offers interactive scenes, and along with the Asylum and The Tunnel, visitors can also take on their Escape Rooms! ... Brighton Asylum 2 Brighton Avenue Passaic, NJ Click To Call 201-716-2827 Review Us. Website

  13. Haunted Asylum Awaits Thrillseekers in North Jersey

    Nestled in Passaic, New Jersey, Brighton Asylum has roots tracing back to the 1940s. Once known as the "Building 5", it functioned as a warehouse until it was forced to shut its doors due to undisclosed, but supposedly unnerving reasons. Whispered rumors speak of unexplained occurrences and patient uprisings that ultimately led to its closure.

  14. Brighton Asylum History: New Jersey's Most Haunted House

    Advertisement There is no doubt that you'll be petrified at one of the most haunted houses in NJ. Facebook/Brighton Asylum "After 59 years of sitting unexposed, decaying, and cut off from the public, the asylum reopened in 2011 as a haunted attraction.

  15. Brighton Asylum Haunted Attraction

    New Jersey's legendary Brighton Asylum has been rated as the #1 haunted attraction in New Jersey by more news outlets than any other haunted house in New Jersey. Called "The Scariest Place On Earth" by The Today Show, featured on Cake Boss, Huffington Post, Fox News, ABC, Ravelist, named one of the top haunted houses in the world by ...

  16. Brighton Asylum: The Bleeding Grounds in Passaic NJ

    Journey through the staff quarters of Brighton Asylum, located on the abandoned 2nd floor of Brighton Asylum, ... Passaic, NJ; 201-716-2827; Visit Website; Details Average Review Scare Factor Very Scary ... Haunted Houses and Experiences: Scared Stiff - Fast Pass: $62.99 Fast Pass: $52.99

  17. Brighton Asylum

    Brighton Asylum is a premium haunted house located in Passaic, New Jersey. Frightmaxx had an excellent time going to this haunt and throughly recommend it fo...

  18. Brighton Asylum Reviews

    2. Once you entered the "asylum" i totally forgot it was in a real asylum. The rooms were so decorated and poorly used that I actually couldn't tell the difference from a haunted house vs the "asylum". I use the word asylum in quotes because it felt totally transformed into a haunted house and they didn't even incorporate the actual asylum well. 3.

  19. Best haunted hayrides, scary Halloween mazes and places in NJ

    A year-round haunt, Brighton Asylum has been staged inside a 13,000-square-foot warehouse in Passaic for over a decade. As the legend goes, the institution − which was known for its...