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Day of Wrath [Doom 2016/Eternal rewrite]

  • Thread starter InfinityPilot
  • Start date May 2, 2020
  • Tags alternate timeline alternate universe art creative writing doom original character original characters

Day of Wrath

A hundred years ago, the mysterious Phobos Event occurred. Classified by the UAC as a "mining accident," Phobos is now permanently quarantined while Deimos is just gone. No bodies or survivors were ever found. The year is 2149, and the UAC holds dominion as the undisputed superpower in the Solar System, leader in the fields of energy, aerospace, and defense. Their crowning achievement, Argent Power, has revolutionized physics and brought clean renewable energy to a world in crisis. But that is about to change. Deep in the heart of the UAC Mars Base, recovered directly from a prison tomb in Hell itself, is a lone stone sarcophagus. Containing not artifacts, not demon, but a man. A living human being in perfect hibernation. The man has been identified as a long-lost Space Marine, the only known survivor of the Phobos Event. Warning: Day of Wrath contains profanity, graphic depictions of violence, mature themes, and potentially disturbing content. Please read at your own discretion. Everyone is invited to join the Day of Wrath Discord Server , and I regularly post project updates to Twitter ( eugh ). Be sure to check out our official subreddit at r/DayOfWrath . Last edited: Dec 24, 2022

  • E1M1: Fight Like Hell
  • E1M13: Till Hell Freezes Over
  • E1M14: Inferno
  • E1M15: Hell's Angel

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  • InfinityPilot

Speed limits are for mortals.

  • May 2, 2020

doom of wraith

  • Reader mode
  • May 3, 2020

I have created a dedicated Discord server where you can DM me concerning project suggestions or read extra lore, if you'd like. Everyone is invited to join the Day of Wrath Discord Server!  

  • Informational
  • May 4, 2020

For the sake of artistic integrity, I will be listing what outside sources have inspired Day of Wrath content. Besides the official Doom franchise, property of ID Software and Zenimax Media, of course. Unless explicitly credited in this index, all Day of Wrath content that does not appear in official Doom property is of my own imagination. I own nothing; Day of Wrath is entirely non-profit and for entertainment purposes only. DoW's cover was commissioned by me and drawn by my good friend Nate Welch . The lines below the intro are from JT Music's Doom Rap " Fight Like Hell ," the song that really introduced me to the franchise and led to where we are now. The combat shotgun (with shrapnel shot secondary) was inspired by the similar weapon in the Doom mod Lieutenant Typhon , credit goes to Skelegant, though the .45 Standard Issue Handgun comes from Project Brutality , credit goes to pa1nki113r. The . 45 handgun is very accurate, able to kill fodder demons in one or two shots, but the weakest weapon in the Marine's arsenal. Its secondary mode rapid-fires bullets with reduced accuracy. The combat shotgun is like the classic shotgun, able to kill weak enemies in one shot at decent range and even medium demons when at point-blank range. Its secondary is a charged hitscan explosive shot that one-shots weak enemies in a decent radius and doesn't harm the Marine. Grabbing fodder enemies to use as meat shields or to throw them was inspired by Brutal Doom , credit goes to Sergeant Mark IV. The Dark Imps are from a custom enemy pack, with credits listed in their individual WAD files. DoW's health/armor system is a combination of those from the classic and new Doom games. By default, the Marine has standard limits of 100 HEALTH and 100 ARMOR, which are not upgraded. All HEALTH/ARMOR pickups can restore these stats past 100 (up to a maximum of 200 for both) but medium/large ones have half normal yield above 100, while small ones always restore the same amounts. Basic melee kills (with Fists, quick punch, or Blood Punch) always drop a small HEALTH bonus. The Glory Kill mechanic has been reworked: enemies are no longer staggered when they take near-fatal damage. Demons are staggered through a different process that will be explained in a later chapter, but Glory Kills still drop HEALTH. A generous amount (depends on the enemy and the Marine's vitality) when below 100 HEALTH, a small bonus if above it. Basic melee kills and Glory Kills also drop armor when the Armored Offensive rune is equipped, which is subject to these same rules. Mechanically, ARMOR units are additional plating that the Suit equips, completely blocking direct damage to the Marine's body until they are exhausted. HEALTH units are those of the Marine's body itself; when there is no more ARMOR, any incoming demonic attacks pierce through the Praetor Suit and damage his body. The Praetor Suit immediately repairs its structure and isn't affected, but the Marine has taken that damage to his HEALTH. By his powers, he can't be dismembered or incapacitated in any way regardless of the amount of damage he takes, as long as this doesn't pass the "death" threshold. Day of Wrath will feature 6 classes of standard demonic enemies; based on their size, threat level, and difficulty to kill in general. Weak - "Fodder" demons, these include imps, possessed soldiers, zombies, gargoyles, and lost souls. Typically do around 1-10 units of damage to the Marine. 1 chainsaw battery, 1 rocket, 1 punch, or 1 combat shotgun blast to kill. Medium - A middle ground between fodder and heavy demons, these include Prowlers, Pinkies, Whiplashes, and Carcasses. Do around 11-20 damage. 2 chainsaw batteries, 2 rockets, 1 Blood Punch, or 1 super shotgun blast to kill. Strong - "Heavy" demons, these include Hell Knights, Revenants, Summoners, Cacodemons and Arachnotrons. Do around 21-30 damage. 3 chainsaw batteries, 3 rockets, 2 Blood Punches, 2 super shotgun blasts, or 1 siege blast to kill. Elite - A middle ground between heavy and super heavy, these include ATLAS mechs, Pain Elementals, and the Gladiator. Do around 31-40 damage. 4 chainsaw batteries, 6 rockets, or 2 siege blasts to kill. Apex - "Super heavy" demons, these include Mancubi, Archviles and Barons of Hell. Do around 41-50 damage. 5 Chainsaw batteries to kill. Boss - Full-on bosses with dedicated arenas, these include [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED], and [DATA CORRUPTED]. While certainly vastly more durable than any other human, the Marine does not actually have a super elevated HEALTH pool. His "default" 100 HEALTH is similar to that of a medium-tier demon. At his limit of 400 (with supercharged body and armor), it's comparable to a strong-tier demon. Reason being his powers are focused on offense and perception rather than defense. However, he relies on these exceptional senses, speed, and coordination to avoid damage in the first place, and he is more than capable of eliminating all opponents before getting hit even once. Explosive barrels are volatile caches of Argent Energy, which is why they can harm the Marine. Conventional attacks or weapons have no effect upon him or the Praetor Suit, except when launched from demons. The premise is that any attack from a demon or a possessed human becomes infused with their power - which is also how the Marine fights - allowing them to harm him or his Suit at all. "If an enemy has a head, it's a weak spot." Demons take double damage when shot at their heads or faces. Destroying their head (or heart) will always kill a demon. I thought I'd include the Empowered Demons mechanic from Eternal as well. Premise is that any demon that manages to kill the Marine is blessed by the dark powers of Hell, empowering it in future encounters but also making it a prime target for the indignant Marine. When killed, empowered demons drop a full stock of HEALTH and ammo. I guess that's another of the Marine's powers: Undying Revenge .  


  • May 7, 2020

Rip and tear boys, tis the time.  


Well I am interested. Looking forward to the next chapter.  

aduck said: Well I am interested. Looking forward to the next chapter. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
  • May 22, 2020

doom of wraith

DoW's version of the EMG Mark V is inspired by the Automag from Lieutenant Typhon . And even though the Heavy Assault Rifle is taken straight out of Doom 2016 - along with the Heavy Cannon's Precision Bolt from Doom Eternal - I was imagining Lt. Typhon's Machine Gun as I described the HAR. The EMG Mark V 's primary fire is pretty accurate and rather strong, one-shots weak enemies, but is slower than the M1911. Tapping the secondary shoots a weak stunning shot, holding it down fires a small but strong concussive shot which can harm the Marine. The Heavy Assault Rifle (HAR) is decently accurate and fast, a middle ground between the "light" Mark V and the "heavy" chaingun. The secondary spends 6 bullets to charge up a strong precision bolt fired with the tactical scope, which produces a small explosion on headshot kills. Anyway, the Chainsaw Zombie is a custom enemy, the Axe Zombie is a custom enemy, and the PyroImp is also a custom enemy. And the proximity mines are straight from Project Brutality. The ability to grab explosive barrels to throw them was inspired by Brutal Doom and Project Brutality, although Guncaster also has it. As with fodder demons, the Marine grabs them with his free hand and can shoot at the same time. Let me explain how DoW's chainsaw works. It's a lot like Doom 2016's chainsaw, a special-use weapon with a limited clip. It starts out with 3 pips, later upgraded to 5. Being in a high-tech futuristic base on Mars, not to mention the depletion of fossil fuels in the prior century, it runs on electric batteries rather than gasoline. These are picked up individually or in packs of 3 and occasionally drop from enemies, particularly chainsaw zombies, and like all other munitions they can be manufactured by the Praetor Suit. The chainsaw has two distinct attacks: "short burst" and "long burst." A short burst consumes only 1 battery and drops a medium amount of ammo, instakilling fodder demons and doing limited damage to all others. In the case of non-fodder enemies, a short burst can saw off an arm, leg, or weapon. A long burst consumes as many batteries required to instakill any non-boss enemy (from 2-5, depends on the enemy type) and drops a large amount of ammo. The chainsaw can be used on bosses as with any other demon; it won't instakill them, but it will do some damage and drop an ammo surplus. Long bursts in particular make the boss "bleed" munitions for a while and can be used on their weak spots. Instead of being regenerative items, frag grenades and proximity mines in DoW are picked up like any other munition: from the environment, slain enemies (particularly possessed soldiers), or are restocked by the chainsaw. Each has a maximum storage limit of 20 units, and they can be freely used at any time. The grenade functions somewhat like the one in Eternal: bounces around, explodes a while after launched, and produces a large shockwave that falters any struck demon. The proximity mines are more like the Eternal shotgun's sticky bombs: they attach to surfaces or demons and detonate when they detect an enemy within range. Being chemical-based, neither the frag grenades or proximity mines can harm the Marine. As for the power-up system: yes, Day of Wrath will include power-ups. Some are franchise or genre staples, while others are entirely original. I won't describe them all yet (obviously) but I will explain how they and the Power Engine works. The Power Engine replaces the Combat Rating/Demonic Corruption/Weapon Upgrade mechanics of Doom 2016 and Eternal. Clearing an arena or finding a secret grants a single experience point, called a Calibration Cycle. These points can then be spent to craft individual power-ups, each with its own cost. As for the power-ups themselves, these exist as unique powerful artifacts or devices in the world, and acquiring them grants the Marine their fabrication schematic, letting him craft them by spending Calibration Cycles. In either case - if the Marine finds a power-up or crafts it himself - it is not immediately used but rather kept in the Praetor Suit's storage until the Marine intentionally activates it. Each power-up has its own terms of expiration: after a fixed duration, for the rest of the level, or until its effect is exhausted. Most human-produced power-ups have Hellish counterparts, letting the Marine find and craft them across dimensions. Example: Human facilities have Map Stations while Hell territories have Hive Nexuses; interacting with either one grants the Marine the power-up known as the Area Scanner. Speaking of which, the map system in DoW is rather unique. By default, the Praetor Suit detects nearby demonic entities and hidden/encrypted resource staches ("secrets"), automatically marking them in real-time in the automap's 3D display. The catch is, the Praetor Suit has limited range and decryption capabilities, meaning it can't identify enemies or the contents of said staches, and it can't detect them at all if they're out of range. However, interacting with a Map Station or a Hive Nexus allows the Praetor Suit to hijack manmade systems or demonic psychic networks, revealing the structure of the entire facility/territory and marking the real-time position of all demons and secrets, as well as revealing the identity of all enemy combatants. Lastly, I want to explain DoW's melee attacks , that of the Fists "weapon," the quick punch, and the Blood Punch. Like in the original games, the Marine can use just his Fists alone to fight demons, this type of melee combat being entirely viable for two reasons: first, bare fists have a high chance to falter struck enemies, or make them "flinch," interrupting their current action. Secondly, killing an enemy with fists always drops a HEALTH bonus and small amount of ammo, not as much as the chainsaw, but enough for a few more shots on the current and any understocked weapons. And considering the Marine's strength and offensive potential, the Fists' damage output is nothing to scoff at, the trade-off being their short range. The quick punch is like that in Doom Eternal: the Marine can throw a quick hook while using another weapon without having to switch to his Fists. Consecutive quick punches are not as fast as the Fists but they always guarantee a falter and knock the struck enemy back, useful when the Marine is cornered, and they have the same benefits as normal fist attacks: considerable damage output and HEALTH/ammo drops on kills. The Blood Punch is basically the heavy version of the quick punch: the Marine channels additional power into his fist which releases a powerful shockwave on impact with an enemy or surface, doing heavy damage and knockback to all enemies in range, usable from both the Fists and quick punch. Unlike in Eternal where the Blood Punch requires Glory Kills to be charged, DoW's Blood Punch is more like the heavy attack in basically any video game with sensible melee combat. Tap the melee key, quick punch. Hold it down and release, Blood Punch.  


Taylor Ruby, huh. Well, okay  

krahe said: Taylor Ruby, huh. Well, okay Click to expand... Click to shrink...
  • May 27, 2020

This is your Pilot speaking. I feel the need to point out that I am not a professional writer. Day of Wrath is partly an effort to develop my writing skills, partly to make sense out of the Swiss cheese that is the Doom franchise's story. As such it's rather ambitious that I'd start my writing career with such a big project, but screw it. I've already started writing chapter 3, and we're gonna get to that E2M17, goddamit! Point is, I've sensibly planned out the major plot events, world-building, and progression for the first two episodes of DoW, but lacking some of the finer skills of a professional writer, I may make occasional edits to previous chapters. Grammar and syntax are a given, but this may include adding scenes or tweaking existing ones. Just like now. I've expanded on the scene where the Marine finds a miniature figurine of himself. It's just a few lines, but I feel the updated version fleshes out the Marine and starts building his character. That's all for now. Expect E1M3 within the next few weeks and don't forget I occasionally upload lore tidbits to our official Discord server . Pilot out.  

  • Jun 19, 2020

doom of wraith

All right, E1M3 is finally here! Thank you so much to everyone for being patient, and I've got lots of news regarding Day of Wrath ! First off, we finally have a cover ! Huge shoutout to my buddy Nate Welch , to whom I commissioned and entrusted this amazing drawing to. Feel free to share it as long as you credit Nate and me. Second, against my better judgement, I decided to create a Twitter account . I WILL BE USING IT EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS PROJECT, to post story updates and other related news. The "Inspirations" tab is now "Inspirations/Mechanics." Besides listing outside sources that have inspired DoW content, I'll also be using these to explain and clarify certain world mechanics. The first two tabs have already been updated. While not as awesome as the cover, I have also finally come up with a story intro for Day of Wrath ! I don't know why I'm so excited about it or why I had to include it here, but I think it's really cool! The intro has been added to the story description. That's all for now! E1M3 did come out a bit longer than I expected, but I'm really happy with the result. Still, let me know if it's too long, the pacing needs work, fewer points of view would better suit the story, etc. I'm always open to feedback. Don't forget we have a Discord – ironically way chiller than Twitter – and thank you so much for being here! I'll see y'all again, real soon! Pilot out.  



  • Jun 21, 2020

Gotta say, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was awesome. I really love both how you characterized Doom Guy, his stasis must've really calmed him down for him to even have characterization, and the other folks. Speaking of them, as much as I'd love more Doom Guy PoV the other character are a much appreciated addition and make me wonder what will happen if/when they converge. You have a cyborg, soldier, bounty hunter, some civs, and Doom Guy well they'd make an excellent rag tag group to face off against the forces of hell. I'd call them... The Doom Patrol.  

"What are we, some kind of... Slayer's Club? " Thank you very much! This is the first real writing project I undertake, and I was hoping it would at least be legible or entertaining. But yeah, the idea to include side characters was the solution to two dilemmas: that of Doom 2016's story being pretty solid (with few things to rewrite), and the Marine being functionally immortal. These side plots keep the stakes high and the overall familiar story interesting.  

doom of wraith

  • Jul 19, 2020

doom of wraith

The Dynamic

Just about to nod off when I got the update, also ooooooh boy I'm loving how your integrating the lore in this just feels right.  

doom of wraith

The Doom franchise doesn't merely utilize heavy metal for the purposes of OST or visual aesthetics, motherfucker, Doom IS metal . Depriving a demonic douchenozzle of his ibex dong while 8-bit thinly plagiarized Slayer riffs thunder through your computer speakers, that's Doom! Shelling shitbags with a shotty while ass-blasting arpeggios pummel your ever-loving eardrums, THAT'S. FUCKING. DOOM! Click to expand... Click to shrink...

doom of wraith

Detroy said: Just about to nod off when I got the update, also ooooooh boy I'm loving how your integrating the lore in this just feels right. Click to expand... Click to shrink...

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well and thanks, as always, for being here! Day of Wrath is coming along nicely. E1M4 just dropped, meaning we're about 1/4th of the way through the first episode. Firstly, I've added a few lore lines here and there (jump pads are malfunctioning gravity plates, very unsafe and very NOT for human use) but I will try to add a short description whenever new demons are introduced. Sometimes their origin but mostly to put their power levels into perspective. I go into more detail in the Discord server 's lore channel, but in short: Zombies, imps, and possessed soldiers are the most common demonic entities encountered at sites of invasion (at least in human territories) and are more than a match for standard infantry of the 22nd century. All zombies are many times tougher and more dangerous than their living counterparts, and imps are fast. Fast, nimble, and shoot Hellfire projectiles fast as bullets and stronger than napalm. One imp can easily beat a highly-trained and fully-equipped veteran soldier. A Hell Knight is a jumping, running tank, plain and simple. Takes anti-tank weaponry to put down and their projectiles are strong and fast as tank shells. They can shred an armored tank to pieces with just their claws. Note: Hell Knights are among the lowest demons of their rank, stronger only than Revenants, yet are the limit of what the UAC can hope to capture or kill through conventional means. Ain't nobody catching or bombing even one Summoner; their wave attacks alone can raze buildings and destroy fighter ships. Secondly, after some balancing, I have removed the Medical Infuser from the Marine's inventory and will be giving it to John Doe at a later time. The Marine was gonna have like 5 ways to recover HEALTH compared to John's one, so I decided to even things out. Make them thematically appropriate too. Third, the levels will have proper titles now. The first three have been edited and that will be the case moving forward. Location titles were not terribly creative. Last is more of a personal matter. I'm doing fine, thank goodness, but school's starting again soon. I can assure you, Day of Wrath will continue as planned, come hell or high water. I've had many writing projects planned for some time, and I've gotta be putting pen to paper. I started writing during this summer break but I don't think my upload schedule will change too much. I'll make every effort to post a new chapter every month or so, but we'll have to see. Just remember this project and I are very much alive and healthy, and I post regular updates on Discord and Twitter . That's it for now! I think I get the hang of this, and I'm confident I've got Episode 1 figured out. Just hope I get the dialogue and characters down, along with organic storytelling. Thanks again for being here and I'll see you again real soon! Pilot out.  

  • Sep 14, 2020

doom of wraith

  • Sep 15, 2020

doom of wraith

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well and thank you so much for being here! I apologize for not checking in yesterday but I've been really busy these last few weeks. So things are finally heating up in the Day of Wrath storyline! The Argent Fracture has been breached and the gates of Hell are fully open on Mars! First off, I've been tweaking some scenes in the earlier chapters. The Marine recognizes the civilization to which the ancient Martian ruins belonged to back in E1M1, but as he had more important matters to attend to, he left these behind and headed for the Res Ops facility. I've also changed Hayden's dialogue when he facetimes the Marine at the end of E1M2 in the VEGA terminal. I was rewatching Doom 2016's launch trailer and I couldn't stop thinking how Hayden's opening words sounded so cool: " You've returned. The only flesh and blood to walk between dimensions." It really gave the impression that the Marine was once there before in a time long past, and now he's back to raze Hell again. Suits this project perfectly. Second, I've finally decided on a fixed damage system for each of the demon classes, or how much damage each demon does to the Marine per successful attack. These figures might not correspond perfectly to the actual game mechanics, but they're easier to write in a literary work. As a general rule, weak demons do 1-10 damage per hit, medium demons do 11-20, strong demons do 21-30, elite demons do 31-40, and apex demons do 41-50. These numbers might change for particular enemies, particularly the bosses, but they provide a general framework both when reading and writing. Third, I want to point out that the Marine in Day of Wrath bears the same ammo capacities from the classic games, not necessarily those from Doom 2016 and certainly NOT those from Doom Eternal. Tip for all future game designers: never nerf the player, buff the enemies instead. Anyway, these capacities are 50 shotgun shells, 200 bullets, 300 plasma cells, and 50 rockets, along with 10 grenades, 10 proximity mines, and 3 chainsaw batteries. All these supplies are fabricated/picked from the environment or slain enemies, while others like the Stun Bomb are automatically regenerated by the Praetor Suit's Equipment Cycler. Fourth, you may have noticed that E1M5 features original artwork! The second and fourth drawings were commissioned by me and drawn by a very talented artist, in this case @meforya . I'll try to include more original artworks in future chapters to illustrate other key scenes. And the first drawing is actually from my favorite artist Julian Faylona , an incredible illustrator who actually gave me permission to use their artwork for my project! Faylona's works and style, particularly his " Impressions of the Waning Void " series, helped inspire several aspects of Day of Wrath, and I strongly encourage everyone to check out his gallery! I don't speak for Bethesda or Julian, who have their own policies on the distribution of their work, but as far as DoW's original drawings, feel free to share these as long as you credit me and the respective artist, as well as link this project and the artist's profile. Fifth, Day of Wrath has expanded its horizons to new destinations! We started out here in SpaceBattles (my personal favorite) along with FanFiction and Wattpad , but in the past few weeks I've also added the project to AO3 , Royal Road , and Inkitt , for the purpose of being as accessible as possible. Making corrections on six different sites might be a hassle, though. I've also created an ArtStation and DeviantArt account to share its amazing original drawings! Lastly is something not strictly related to Day of Wrath, but I have created a subreddit for Doom memes and shitposts: r/DankDoomMemes . We're a small but growing community and we are in fact formally partnered with the official Doom subreddit. We're really chill and welcome all sort of Doom-related content, so come on down and check us out! That's it for now! I apologize E1M5 took a bit longer to come out than other chapters, but as previously stated, I'll try to maintain a regular uploading schedule. I don't want to spend the next five years on just these two episodes. Thank you so much again for being here and I'll see you again real soon! Pilot out.  

doom of wraith

Create and manage your character

Create and manage custom species.

Argent D'Nur/Walkthrough

From doomwiki.org.

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Argent D'Nur , the thirteenth level of Doom (2016) .

  • 1.1 Objectives
  • 1.2.1 Spider Mastermind
  • 1.3 Classic level
  • 1.4 Automap station
  • 1.5 Challenges
  • 1.6 Secrets
  • 1.7 Collectibles
  • 2.2 Doomguys

Walkthrough [ edit ]

Objectives [ edit ], essentials [ edit ].

Head forward until you see some steps on your left, go down them then follow the path until you can jump down to an arena with fighting imps and cacodemons which will be followed by Hell knights , summoners , revenants , pinkies and mancubi ; use the berserk powerup on the stairs to slay as quickly as possible. Once the arena is finally clear, go up the open door by the blue portal at the very top of the arena to enter the Well Cathedral then head straight forward until you reach a pair of Night Sentinel statues. Look right at this point to see an outcrop with armor shards that you can jump to then start following the ledges along the chasm, killing any cacodemons and lost souls that impede your progress. At the end of the chasm, you can jump down to a sandy path which leads to the first Wraith arena.

The first arena initially contains a knight and imps, but they will be followed by revenants, Hell razers , pinkies and spectres ; make full use the quad damage powerup on the bridge running through this area. A pair of gates will open allowing you to climb some staircases with a Gauss cannon and other supplies at the top as well as the first Wraith; stab the Crucible into it to destroy it, and you will see a Sentinel spirit pointing in the direction of the second Wraith. Head back down the stairs and look right to see a jump pad that will propel you to the floor above, climb on the stone block in front of you to find a BFG core then jump into the mouth of the skull on your left to enter a tunnel which will slope upwards before dropping into the second Wraith arena, which spans multiple levels. Expect imps, razers and knights followed by a large contingent of revenants, cyber-mancubi and pinkies plus a baron of Hell ; there is a berserk powerup on a ledge so get as many kills with it as possible. Head up the next set of stairs once the arena is clear to find lots of supplies including another BFG core, then turn round to see the second Wraith behind you; as before, after destroying it a Sentinel spirit will point you in the correct direction.

Head back down the stairs and look to your right to see a glowing green skull; inside it is a hole that leads down to another tunnel. Follow the tunnel as it curves round until you reach a metal doorway leading to the third and final Wraith arena. You will initially find some knights and pinkies along with a pack of imps, which will be followed by cyber-mancubi, revenants, cacodemons and three barons (this is your only opportunity to complete the Hold Still challenge so consider saving the quad damage powerup in this arena for that purpose). After killing all the demons, head through the yellow gates and climb the staircases to find the final Wraith. Go back down the stairs after destroying it to find that a pit surrounded by Sentinel spirits has opened; jump down it to begin the battle with the Spider Mastermind.

Spider Mastermind [ edit ]

The Mastermind is a highly durable foe, so this will be a battle of endurance as much as firepower. The Mastermind has a plasma cannon on its underside and can launch a spread of grenades from launchers on its sides; it may also project laser beams in all directions, including a laser from its plasma cannon that will sweep across your position. The Mastermind can also advance on you to swipe at you with its front claws, and leap to the side and flip itself over to dodge incoming fire. Blocks will rise from the floor that you can use as cover, but they will quickly be destroyed by sustained fire so do not rely on them too much. Fire everything you have into the Mastermind, throwing siphon grenades when possible, and aim at the exposed brain whenever possible to inflict maximum damage. A direct hit with the BFG will stun the Mastermind for a moment, interrupting whatever attack it was using, so use it tactically.

Once the Mastermind reaches 66% health it will begin electrifying the floor; if a number of blocks rise from the floor, climb on top of them quickly but do not remain on the same block for long or you being hit with purple lightning. The Mastermind can also electrify the blocks themselves, so do not go near the blocks when this happens. At 10-15% the heavily damaged Mastermind will not be able to move freely but it can still fire laser beams and telekinetically throw rocks at you, so do not underestimate its power as you close in for the kill. When the Mastermind finally runs out of health, wait for it to collapse to the ground then perform a glory kill to finish it off and complete the game!

Classic level [ edit ]

Follow the directions below to find the second "secret" skull switch, then go into the tunnel it opens. About halfway along the tunnel is a blood-stained wall with a lever under it, which will open the wall to your right and reveal the flesh -column room from Doom 's E3M3: Pandemonium . The only items inside it are an energy cell and a medikit .

Automap station [ edit ]

After reaching the two Night Sentinel statues in the Well Cathedral, turn right and go forward until you pass under a stone arch. You will see the bottom of a staircase on your right leading up to the automap station .

Challenges [ edit ]

Secrets [ edit ].

The three skull switch secrets needed for the "Uncharted Territory" challenge are as follows:

  • After entering the Well Cathedral, drop down one level and look to your right to see the first skull switch. After pressing it, climb back up to the ledge you just dropped off - the wide door to the right of the entrance has opened revealing a BFG core and a gas canister.
  • The second switch is halfway up the left-hand staircase leading to the first Wraith. Pressing it opens a door near the skull that hides the tunnel to the second Wraith arena; behind the door is a tunnel leading to the classic level area as well as the lever that opens it.
  • After entering the tunnel leading to the third Wraith arena, look right as you go up some steps to see the third skull switch. Press it then head back the way you came; a wooden door has opened revealing a BFG core and a mega health .

Collectibles [ edit ]

Arcade mode [ edit ].

In Arcade Mode you will start above the arena at the cathedral exterior and finish at the third Wraith.

Mines [ edit ]

  • At the foot of the stairs in the first arena.
  • On the middle level of the cathedral interior.
  • Near the back of the first Wraith arena.
  • Near the middle of the second Wraith arena.
  • Near the middle of the third Wraith arena.

Doomguys [ edit ]

  • A collectible floats above the stairs in the first arena. You can just reach it by double-jumping from the walkways on either side, but not from the top of the stairs.
  • To the right of the second Wraith is a stone column. Jump over to it to reach a collectible.
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The Wraith is a small monster of melee type, distinguished by a teleportation ability.

Tactics and Behavior [ ]

Like in Doom 3, the Wraith's attack pattern consists of teleportation-jumps in order to ram an arm-claw in your face out of nowhere. Unlike that game however, in Hunter's Moon the Wraith's teleportation is instantaneous, nearly silent, and may be performed many times in quick succession. These changes somewhat increase Wraith's threat level. He may sneak on you while you are busy with other enemies, so try to not lose awareness of any nearby Wraiths during the battle. They mostly serve as assistants for the other enemies in blocking your movement, by teleporting behind or nearby you.

However, despite the aforementioned buffs the Wraith remains firmly a low-tier monster. Nearly any weapon will deal with him quickly. If you catch one at a distance, use the HMG . If you need (or want) to counter one in tight quarters, use the Shotgun and time your shot just as the Wraith emerges from the teleport. Using Rocket Launcher on him is also a good deal, but many times he can teleport right before the rocket connects, or the rocket may connect but throw the Wraith into the air - and then, there is a chance that he will attempt to teleport again back to ground.

While a Wraith is performing the teleportation, he is not subjected to gravity, allowing him to catch the player even on high grounds or in mid-air and resume the stalking. On the other hand, a Wraith cannot teleport if the path is obstructed - even by an incomplete barrier like bars or grates.

Vehicle Tactics [ ]

Wraith's low damage output and low health sentences him to a fate of mere roadkill, against any of your Vehicles.

Not to be confused with the Elemental Wraiths present in the Argent D'Nur of certain universes, these sly demons are simple hunters that prefer, over all, human meat. They can briefly phase in and out of a dimension safely. Although they are a mere nuisance to supersoldiers like the Arena Gladiators, Wraiths have been able to terrorize the Alliance's grunts to a great effect. They are responsible for causing total slaughters of isolated companies, as they took advantage of increasing panic within enemy ranks and attacked from random directions.

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The molten ball that is powered by the Well, note the Night Sentinel Statues on either side.

The Well is an unlimited energy source for Hell , located in a section of Argent D'Nur that had been pulled into Hell.

The production of Argent Plasma, created through a combination of Hell energy and Sentinel energy via the captured Elemental Wraiths , have made the land of Argent D'Nur revered and heavily guarded in Hell. The UAC processed raw Argent Plasma from this site in their creation of Argent Energy, and had the invasion not occurred perhaps the UAC would have relied on the Well for the rest of eternity.

Despite its name, the Well is not a singular place, but rather consists of three arena-like structures, requiring demons to be cleared before large double doors open, giving the player access to an Elemental Wraith, strung up on a sacrificial altar, having its energy siphoned into a large molten spherical ball powering the Hell Portal in the center of Argent D'Nur.

It is unknown if these arenas were originally a part of Argent D'Nur, but upon using the Crucible to free the last Wraith, a demonic head will open up, leading to a drop with a large rune in the middle. Four Night Sentinels apparitions will stand by the entrance, as if guarding it.

Closing the Well will give the player the opportunity to kill the Spider Mastermind and finish their campaign.

History [ ]

The Well was initially created after a pact formed by the Hell Priest Deag Grav and Commander Valen .

Valen was wrought with grief after the death of his son on the battlefield in the war between Argent D'Nur and Hell, and he was tricked into giving Deag Grav and his Cabal access to the Wraiths. In return, Valen was promised that his son would be returned.

The Wraiths were cursed and subjugated, and their subjugation gave Hell the power necessary to best Argent D'Nur, and the realm was partially absorbed into Hell.

The Well was used as the main power source of Hell until the events of DOOM , after which the Doom Slayer used the Crucible to shut the Well down by setting the Wraiths free.

It is unknown what became of the Wraiths or the remains of the part of Argent D'Nur pulled into Hell after the destruction of the Well.

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