Published on: Aug 19, 2019


Be Afrika Media Ltd, in partnership with Shortlist, has created an employment platform that exclusively caters to creative talent.

Are you a Photographer, Costume Designer, Hair Stylist, Stage Director, Stage Designer, Creative Directors, Choreographers, Content Creators, makeup Artist, Actors, Muscians, Animators, Graphic Designers, Models, Writers, Illustrators, Fashion Stylists, Videographer, Sketch Artist, etc? Then this is where you need to be!

CREATIVELIST is a Recruitment Solutions that connects creatives with their next employment and helps employers to efficiently and objectively identify top creative talent. It is a job marketplace that will provide transparency, price discovery, intent, interaction and ease.

The best part is, we find you the clients that pay in cash and not credits and mentions!

But, you need to put your best foot forward to get the right paying clients for your creative skills.

All you have to do is register, create your profile and upload your best work and we’ll do the rest!

There is a cash price for referrers as well, so don’t miss out on that either! Checkout our website for more details.

Let the adventure begin https://shortlist.net/creativelist/#