Giving Back: The Octopizzo Foundation

Published on: Nov 08, 2019


Empowering underprivileged young people in our society to realize their potential is Octopizzo Foundation’s lifelong ambition. There is a wealth of artistic talent and potential residing in slums, refugee camps and other settlements across the country, where millions struggle to survive every day on the margins of society.
OF believes in untying young people from the shackles of desperation through the uniting ingredients of Creativity, Art, Music and Sports.
We all know that humanity has no boundaries; that being born poor or becoming poor does not make one less human. Though man has drawn lines that seem to separate us by race, nationality or social class, fundamentally we are all the same. People marginalized in slums and refugee camps have aspirations too.
OF aspires to give wings to young people who exist on the margins of society. We support them to recognize the richness that resides in them, and then nurture their transformation towards realizing their potential.

Octopizzo is a Kenyan hip hop artist who has won several national and international awards. He has served as a Youth Ambassador for Film Aid International, the British Council and is currently supporting UNHCR Kenya with a dynamic youth project dubbed “Artistes for Refugees”. He has been involved in a variety of philanthropic and community based projects with children, women and youth since 2010. Although his first love is music, he is equally passionate about projects that focus on capacity building and community participation. His music centers on success, believing in oneself and resonates with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
Octopizzo believes that everything is possible. He is a living testament of that fact as he was born in a mud house in arguably the largest slum in the world. He can attest to the countless challenges that life in such informal settlements face. He believed in himself and his ability to make a difference not only for himself but for his community.