Published on: Oct 29, 2019

Name: Rodger Miller

Age: 28

  1. Creative skill/line of work: videographer /photographer/editor
  2. How long has the business been up: 9years
  3. Description of business: we ispire to deliver the best and we don’t work on hourly basis
  4. My background – I started of as an intern in Koinonia media center then started doing side hustle and making connections and then is shut down and ended up taking up the space by my own
  5. Idea – I am an artist I liked to draw and visual creativity was in my blood so I ended up doing it digitally
  6. How do clients find you through referrals and my website
  7. What do you take into consideration when billing creativity &professionalism of the work
  8. Share your best and worst experiences best experience is meeting new people and delivering what they want and travel for work . Worst experience is client not returning calls when is came time to pay for the services
  9. Do you see a need for a platform like CreativeList? why? yes it helps to see reviews and getting to connect widely
  10. Average number of clients per month 6
  11. Type of clients I have worked with Loreal, bat, Pauline Cosmetics, Marini Naturals, Black Forest House, Karen Gigiri and Westlands magazine, Beauty Click, Be Discovered Magazine, Angelic Touch Events, Shortlist.net, Nivea , Darling, Steadfirts etc
  12. website: https://phtechphotography.wixsite.com/phtechphotography
  13. social media:
    1. instagram: @phetchphotography
    2. facebook: phtech