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    soling sailboat hull speed

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    soling sailboat hull speed

  3. Soling

    soling sailboat hull speed

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    soling sailboat hull speed


    soling sailboat hull speed

  6. Soling

    soling sailboat hull speed


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    Hull Speed: The maximum speed of a displacement hull (referring to a hull that travels through the water rather than on top of it, e.g. planing). HS = 1.34 x √LWL (in feet) Pounds per Inch Immersion: The weight required to sink the yacht one inch. Calculated by multiplying the LWL area by 5.333 for sea water or 5.2 for fresh water.

  2. Soling

    Soling is a 26′ 8″ / 8.2 m monohull sailboat designed by Jan Linge and built by Petticrows, Børresen Bådebyggeri, Abbott Boats Inc., and Eichenlaub Boat Co. starting in 1966. ... the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more. Formula. D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³ D: Displacement of the ...

  3. Soling

    The Soling is an open keelboat that holds the World Sailing "International class" status. The class was used from the 1972 Olympics until the 2000 Olympics as "Open three-person keelboat".Besides the Olympic career of the Soling the boat is used for international and local regattas as well as for recreational sailing.The Soling is managed by the International Soling Association under auspician ...

  4. The Soling

    The following is meant a general description of the Soling only. The Soling is an International One Design racing yacht the specification of which is tightly controlled by the International Soling Association (ISA). ... Hull: 375 kg. LOA: 8.15 metres (26.7 ft) LWL: 6.1 Metres (20 ft) ... and stranding rigging is designed to allow precise and ...

  5. Soling

    The Soling is a light sailboat which is a very high performer. It is very stable / stiff and has a good righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat. Soling for sale elsewhere on the web: Main features. Model: ... Hull speed: 6.03 knots

  6. Soling Sailboat: The Ultimate Guide to Racing and Cruising

    Short answer: Soling sailboat. The Soling is a popular one-design keelboat introduced in 1965. It is a three-person racing yacht known for its stability, durability, and competitive performance. With a length of 27 feet and strict class rules, it has been sailed competitively around the world in various championships and is highly regarded ...

  7. PDF Soling Guide by Peter Feldman Boat Setup/Tuning

    Trim the jib sheet bowsie. Move the jib tack from the middle hole to the forward hole. I sail with the jib tack on the middle hole for all wind conditions until it gets above about 12-14 mph when I move it to the forward hole. You will notice moving the jib tack will have a large effect on the amount of weather helm.


    B.1.1 No boat shall be entitled to race as a bona-fide Soling unless: a) The owner holds a valid measurement certificate in his own name for the yacht concerned. b) The annual dues have been paid to his NSA or if there is none for the owner's country to the ISA. c) An ISA Sticker for the current year is affixed to the hull (see Rule C.5.1).

  9. The Soling

    The Soling history actually began in the mind of Jan Linge during the late 50's while he was doing design work and tank testing on a 5.5 metre to be built for a Norwegian friend for sailing in the 1960 Olympics. The friend, Finn Ferner, was a successful businessman and an outstanding helmsman, an Olympic medallist and winner of many ...

  10. Isa

    CLASS MANAGEMENT - The Soling Class is managed by an 18-20 person committee of elected and appointed members who work with the WS to assure the long term stability and durability of the boat and the Class. The Class Rules, which are carefully crafted and strictly administered, prevent boats becoming outclassed except by fair wear and tear after ...

  11. Review of Soling

    The Soling is a sailboat designed by the Norwegian maritime architect Jan Herman Linge in the mid sixties. A few thousand boats have been produced. ... The term "Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed" is widely used even though a boat can sail faster. The term shall be interpreted as above the theoretical speed a great additional power is necessary ...

  12. Soling 50 (RC Model)

    The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more. Formula. D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³ D: Displacement of the boat in pounds. LWL: Waterline length ... The SOLING 50 is sanctioned by the national American Model Yacht Association and has active fleets racing in ...

  13. soling sailboat

    The cradle should be fitted to the soling hull, most I have seen use a solid support that fits the curve of the hull. In my area the solings are dry sailed, most owners are very particular about keeping the hull clean and waxed. ... The boat was designed for speed and tis would certainly be reflected in its rating. Racing them tends to be more ...


    About SOLING 1 METER. The Soling Class is the largest class affiliated with the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). It is a one-design class. The One Meter was designed to be a low-cost, kit-based one-designed class primarily targeted at the beginning Radio-Controlled (R/C) sailor. It is often the local class that beginning sailors ...

  15. SOLING: Reviews, Specifications, Built, Engine

    SOLING Detailed Review. If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of SOLING. Built by Abbott Boats Inc. and designed by Jan Linge, the boat was first built in 1966. It has a hull type of Fin w/spade rudder and LOA is 8.15.

  16. trimaran hull shapes

    The Soling makes a good conversion, the flat sections aft helping to reach 15 knots or so in a good wind, with awesome spray. The new hull does better with no speed hump and no spray. As a Soling conversion, the ammas just kissed the surface and tacking / spinning was sensational.

  17. Understanding Hullspeed and the Speed/Length Ratio

    The Speed/Length Ratio. S/L Ratio = hullspeed (in knots) divided by the square root of the waterline length (in feet) This discovery enabled Froude to compare the performance of boats of different length. For example a 25ft sailboat moving at 5 knots would have the same S/L Ratio at a 100ft patrol boat steaming along at 10knots, and ...

  18. CRUNCHING NUMBERS: A Better Way to Estimate Hull Speed

    Plug 1.49 into the hull-speed formula (1.49 x √LWL) and you get a new nominal hull speed of 7.9 knots (1.49 x 5.29 = 7.88), as compared to the boat's old nominal hull speed of 7 knots (1.34 x 5.29 = 7.08). This in itself is an appreciable difference, but it grows even larger as the boat grows lighter. Assume, for example, that our 12,000 ...

  19. hull speed, what it means.

    The hull speed of my 25 footer, with an 18 foot waterline is roughly 5.5 Knots. It's based on wave length, crest to crest. As you approach hull speed the bow begins to climb the bow wave and the stern out paces the quarter wave, so begins to sink lower. My boat, at that point begins to suck water in from the drains.

  20. 5.5 METER

    Hull Speed: The maximum speed of a displacement hull (referring to a hull that travels through the water rather than on top of it, e.g. planing). HS = 1.34 x √LWL (in feet) Pounds per Inch Immersion: The weight required to sink the yacht one inch. Calculated by multiplying the LWL area by 5.333 for sea water or 5.2 for fresh water.

  21. 1970 Soling 27 ft.

    Soling 27 ft., 1970 with Trailer Boat Name- TCB. ... Hull Speed. The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough ...

  22. 26' Soling for Sale

    KC-288-71. Mould 4, Plug 10. Hull 288. Serial Number 459. Project boat for Olympic class racing boat. Fiberglass on the keel is peeling away from the metal. Sails need to be replaced (mouse in storage). Built by Bill Abbott in Ontario, CA and designed by Jan H. Linge. Paperwork is forthcoming (title/bill of sale). Trailer Info: Collar-lock trailer coupler. Hammer Blow Tool Co. Toledo, OH.

  23. Hull Speed Demystified

    For a displacement boat, a heavy deep-keel boat, the maximum speed a given hull can attain from wind power is called "hull speed" and is largely dependent on the waterline length of the boat. Hull speed is expressed as 1.34 X the square root of LWL, or length of waterline. If a cruising sailboat has a waterline length of 36 feet, she should be ...

  24. Closing arguments heard in trial of Oshkosh man accused in boat crash

    0:04. 0:59. OSHKOSH - The seventh day of trial for an Oshkosh man accused of recklessly endangering safety in a 2022 boat crash wrapped up Tuesday with closing arguments from prosecution and ...