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How to Draw a Sailboat

Last Updated: November 29, 2022

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 206,031 times. Learn more...

Drawing a sailboat can be a great way to envision sailing the open seas if you're not able to do so at that moment. It's also a relatively easy process! This wikiHow article will explain how you can draw a sailboat.

Step 1 Sketch the sailboat's hull.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

Things You'll Need

  • Piece of paper
  • Coloring tool(s) of your choice (if you'll be adding color to your picture)

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About This Article

To draw a simple sailboat, first, sketch a long, upside-down trapezoid for the hull of the boat. Then, draw a small trapezoid on top of the larger trapezoid for the cabin. You can also draw some long rectangles to serve as windows. Once you’ve drawn this, sketch a long, skinny L-shape on top of the cabin. This will be the mast. Finally, draw 2 right triangles on each side of the mast for the sails. If you’d like, draw some waves below the boat to make your drawing more life-like! To learn how to finalize your sailboat sketch, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Sail Away Blog

Learn How to Easily Draw a Sailboat: Step-by-Step Guide

Alex Morgan

small sailboat images drawing

Drawing a sailboat can be a fun and creative activity, even for beginners. With a step-by-step guide, you can easily learn how to bring a sailboat to life on paper. Here is a simple guide to help you draw a sailboat effortlessly.

Begin by drawing a long, curved shape that resembles the lower part of the sailboat, known as the hull .

Next, draw a series of triangular shapes above the hull to represent the sails . You can draw one or multiple sails, depending on your preference.

To make the sailboat look more realistic, add details such as windows , ropes , and a flag on top of the mast. This will give your drawing more depth and dimension.

To complete the scene, draw water beneath the sailboat by creating wavy lines. This will give the impression that the sailboat is floating on the water.

– Start with light pencil strokes to create the basic shapes and outlines before adding details.

– Use a ruler or straight edge to help you draw straight lines for the hull and mast.

– Experiment with different angles and positions for the sails to create visual interest.

– Drawing the hull too narrow or too wide. Take your time to get the proportions right.

– Neglecting to add details like windows and ropes, which can make the sailboat look unfinished.

– Overcomplicating the water and waves. Keep the lines simple and flowing to create a sense of motion.

By following these steps and keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to draw a sailboat with ease. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try again if your first attempt doesn’t turn out as expected. Enjoy the process, and happy drawing!

Key takeaway:

  • Drawing a sailboat is easy with a step-by-step guide: Following a step-by-step process makes drawing a sailboat simple and achievable for beginners.
  • Details bring the sailboat to life: Adding detailed elements like the hull, sails, and water with waves enhances the overall appearance of the sailboat drawing.
  • Be mindful of common mistakes to avoid: Learning about common mistakes in sailboat drawing can help improve technique and create a more accurate representation of a sailboat.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Sailboat

Get your artistic skills sailing smoothly with this step-by-step guide on how to draw a sailboat. From sketching the hull to adding intricate details, we’ll take you through each key step. Hold your pen steady as we embark on this creative voyage together. Ready? Let’s begin with drawing the hull of the sailboat, followed by adding sails , detailing , and finally capturing the essence of the open waters with waves . Get ready to bring your sailboat masterpiece to life!

Step 1: Draw the Hull of the Sailboat

To draw the hull of a sailboat, follow these steps:

1. Begin by sketching a lengthy, curved line for the bottom of the hull.

2. Add diagonal lines to form the sides of the sailboat.

3. Connect the sides together by drawing a straight line across the top.

4. Include a small triangle at the front to represent the bow of the sailboat.

5. Draw a vertical line downwards to represent the keel.

6. If desired, add any additional details such as windows or a prow.

Sailboats hold a significant place in history and have been utilized for exploration, trade, and warfare. They have facilitated efficient travel across water, enabling the discovery of new lands and the establishment of trade routes. Over the years, sailboat design and technology have advanced, resulting in faster and more maneuverable vessels. Today, sailboats are employed for transportation, recreation, racing, and leisure activities. Drawing a sailboat can serve as an enjoyable way to honor their extensive heritage.

Step 2: Add Sails to the Sailboat

To add sails to the sailboat, follow these steps:

Step 2: Start by drawing a vertical line from the mast to the back of the boat.

Step 2: At the top of the mast, draw a triangular shape for the main sail, connecting the base to the mast and extending the top beyond.

Step 2: Draw a smaller triangular shape on the opposite side of the mast for the jib sail.

Step 2: Add details to the sails by drawing lines that represent folds and creases, following the shape of the sails to make them more realistic.

Step 2: Optionally, draw smaller lines across the sails to represent the ropes holding them in place.

Step 2: To add the boom, draw a slightly downward-curving horizontal line from the bottom of the mast.

Step 2: Complete the mast and boom connection by drawing a small circle or oval where they meet.

Remember to initially use light pencil lines and darken them as you add more details. Practice adjusting the size and shape of the sails until you’re satisfied with the overall look of the sailboat.

Step 3: Draw Details to the Sailboat

To depict realistic details in the sailboat, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enhance the sailboat hull by incorporating windows . Utilize straight lines to create rectangular shapes.

Step 2: Represent the mast using a lengthy, vertical line that extends from the center of the hull to the sky.

Step 3: Craft triangular shapes for the sails , connecting them to the mast and extending outward.

Step 4: Utilize curved lines to portray ropes that connect the sails to the mast and the sides of the boat.

Step 5: Attach a flag at the pinnacle of the mast. Make use of a small triangle shape and lines to illustrate it billowing in the wind.

Step 6: Include smaller details such as a rudder at the rear of the sailboat and portholes on the hull.

In a personal anecdote, I once endeavored to add intricate details to a sailboat for the very first time. Following the aforementioned steps meticulously, I delicately incorporated the windows, mast, sails, and ropes. The process proved to be both challenging and rewarding, as each detail breathed life into the sailboat on the canvas. By the conclusion, I was astounded by how such small details transformed a simple sketch into a lifelike representation. This experience was immensely satisfying, bolstering my confidence in drawing and inspiring me to explore various subjects and techniques within my artwork.

Step 4: Add Water and Waves

To add water and waves to your sailboat drawing, follow these steps:

1. Draw the horizon line, separating the sky and water.

2. Create curved lines below the horizon to represent waves. Vary the size and shape for a realistic effect.

3. Use short, curved lines for small waves closer to the sailboat. Make them smaller and closer together than the larger waves in the distance.

4. Add details to the waves, such as foam and splashes. Use small, irregular shapes to represent foam and create splashes around the boat.

5. Darken the waves in the foreground and gradually lighten them as they recede into the distance to give a sense of depth.

6. Add shading to the water for depth and movement. Use light pencil strokes to show reflections of light on the surface.

Now, let’s share a true story in a similar tone of voice:

I remember a summer day on a sailboat excursion with my friends. The gentle rocking of the waves and the sunlight dancing on the water created a beautiful scene. I captured that memorable day by sketching the sailboat and the surrounding waves, bringing the drawing to life.

Tips for Drawing a Sailboat

When creating a sailboat drawing, it’s important to keep in mind these helpful tips for drawing a sailboat:

1. Initiate by outlining the sailboat: Utilize geometric shapes like triangles and rectangles to sketch the shape of the sailboat.

2. Incorporate the sails: Use curved lines to draw the main sail and smaller sails, giving them a natural and flowing appearance.

3. Include intricate details: Enhance the realism of the sailboat by adding ropes, rigging, and small windows or portholes.

4. Draw the hull: Pay close attention to the hull’s shape and curves, remembering that sailboats typically have a pointed bow and a flat bottom.

5. Add the rudder and keel: Situate the rudder at the back of the sailboat and the keel below the waterline to improve stability and steering.

6. Add color or shading: Bring your sailboat drawing to life by incorporating color or shading. Consider using distinct colors for the water and the sails, such as blue and white.

By following these valuable tips for drawing a sailboat, you can create a stunning and lifelike depiction. Remember to practice and enjoy the artistic process!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

To achieve the best results when learning to draw a sailboat, it is important to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Start by ensuring accurate size and proportions . Pay careful attention to the height and width of the hull, mast, and sails.
  • Include important details , such as rigging, portholes, and other elements, to create a realistic appearance .
  • Position the sails in a way that conveys movement and indicates wind direction realistically.
  • Apply proper perspective techniques to add dimension and depth . It is crucial to consider the vanishing point .
  • Add shading and highlights to create depth and achieve a sense of realism . Pay close attention to the light source .

By avoiding these common mistakes, you will be able to improve your sailboat drawings and achieve visually appealing results. Remember, practicing, being patient, and paying attention to detail are crucial in mastering the art of drawing a sailboat.

Some Facts About How To Draw A Sailboat Easy:

  • ✅ Drawing a sailboat is a fun and simple activity for young students. (Source: helloartsy.com)
  • ✅ There are multiple step-by-step guides available online for learning how to draw a sailboat. (Source: iheartcraftythings.com)
  • ✅ Drawing a sailboat can be completed in about 30 minutes. (Source: helloartsy.com)
  • ✅ Incorporating colors and art mediums of choice can personalize the sailboat drawing. (Source: iheartcraftythings.com)
  • ✅ Drawing a sailboat provides an opportunity for imaginative exploration of sailing and nautical themes. (Source: how-to-draw-a-sailboat.wikia.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you draw a sailboat in easy steps.

To draw a sailboat in easy steps, follow these instructions: 1. Start by drawing a wave of water and the boat. 2. Add the left sail and then draw the right sail. 3. Add a flag on top of the boat. 4. Draw a horizon water line. 5. Add a simple zig-zag tree line. 6. Draw a second layer of trees. 7. Finish with waves and clouds. 8. Trace your drawing with a black marker. 9. Color your sailboat using your preferred coloring tool(s).

What materials do I need to draw a sailboat?

To draw a sailboat, you will need: – Drawing paper – Pencils – A black marker – Crayons or colored pencils

Can I draw a sailboat with just crayons?

Yes, you can draw a sailboat using only crayons. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions that include using crayons for coloring.

Where can I find a step-by-step tutorial for drawing a sailboat?

You can find step-by-step tutorials for drawing a sailboat on websites such as artprojectsforkids.org, iheartcraftythings.com, and helloartsy.com. These tutorials provide clear lessons with easy-to-follow instructions.

Are there any additional tips to enhance my sailboat drawing?

Yes, here are some additional tips to enhance your sailboat drawing: – Add more water and waves to make the scene more dynamic. – Incorporate background elements like islands or other ships to create a more complete picture. – Consider adding people to the sailboat for a sense of scale and activity. – Customize the sail design to make it unique. – Experiment with different colors and art mediums to make your sailboat stand out.

How long does it take to draw a sailboat?

The estimated time to complete a sailboat drawing is about 17 minutes according to one source. The time may vary depending on your drawing experience and the level of detail you choose to add to your artwork.

Can I download printable resources for drawing a sailboat?

Yes, some tutorials offer downloadable PDFs that include coloring pages, tracing pages, and extension exercises. These resources are useful for practicing drawing a sailboat and exploring your creativity.

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How to Draw a Sailboat

Learn how to draw a sailboat by following along with this fun & easy drawing guide!

Everyone will like this simple step by step lesson for learning how to draw a boat sailing at sea. This easy sailboat instruction guide is perfect for young students looking to get started with drawing.

All drawing steps are included here which make it fun and easy to follow! Expect this drawing to last about 30 minutes, but the drawing process may actually take more time if other nautical crafts are included in the artwork.

Art making is much more fun when you have a clear lesson to follow. Let’s get drawing!

  • Drawing Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Black Marker (optional)
  • How to Draw a Sailboat Printable PDF (see bottom of lesson)

How To Draw A Sailboat: All Steps

In this post, we are going to learn how to draw a sailboat with basic drawing tools. Be sure to observe the different sizes and shapes of each part of the sailboat. The pencil lines in each step is drawn out in blue so you can see the current parts that you will be illustrating.

Time Needed: 30 minutes

Draw The Hull

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 1

First, draw the top of the hull by creating a horizontal oval shape with two pointed edges similar to the illustration. Next, create the side of the hull by drawing a line attached to the pointed edges of the oval.

Add The Cabin

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 2

Add the cabin by forming a sloped rectangular box.

Draw Windows

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 3

Draw the windows by forming rectangular shapes as shown.

Attach The Mast

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 4

Attach the mast by drawing a long vertical pole.

Attach The Boom

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 5

Attach the boom to the right side of the mast by creating a shorter horizontal pole.

Draw The Sails

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 6

Let’s draw the sails of the sailboat! First, draw the mainsail by making a diagonal line connected to the mast and boom. Next, draw a triangular shape on the left side of the mast to form the jib.

Add The Burgee

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 7

Add the burgee by making a V-shaped line attached to the top of the mast.

Draw The Water

How To Draw A Sailboat: Step 8

Draw the body of water surrounding the sailboat by making wavy horizontal lines.

Complete The Sailboat Drawing

Complete the sailboat drawing by first coloring the mainsail with an orange crayon and the jib with a red crayon. Next, shade the burgee with a yellow crayon. Now, fill in the mast and boom of the sailboat with a brown crayon. Then, color the cabin with a white crayon and the windows with a blue crayon. Don’t forget to shade the hull of the sailboat with indigo. Finally, fill in the sky with a light blue crayon and the body of water with a dark blue crayon.

How to Draw a Sailboat PDF Download

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for How to Draw a Sailboat . The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

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11 Easy Boats and Ships Drawing Ideas

You can set sail with a fleet of easy boat and ship drawings. Below, you will find watercraft of every size and description.

If you want to start small, begin with the kayak and canoe. These vessels are designed to hold only one or two people and they are powered by hand using paddles.

Sailboats are a bit bigger. They can have a small crew and capture the wind to move themselves along.

Some of the boats are meant for hard work. Tug boats, for instance, pull larger ships in and out of the harbor. Fishing boats capture fish and crabs to feed people.

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There are also big steamer ships designed to take people and cargo across the ocean. Can you believe that these heavy metal ships can float?

There are even submarines - boats that spend most of their time under the water!

11 Boats and Ships Drawing Tutorials Pinterest Image

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A few of the boats on this list are historic, seen today only in museums and recreations. You can let your imagination run wild to the days when Vikings pillaged and pirates raided the seven seas.

Grab your pencil and sheet of paper. You can build an armada of hand-drawn ships and boats. Just remember that your sketchbook isn't waterproof!

11 Boats and Ships Drawing Ideas

small sailboat images drawing

Whether it's a yellow submarine or a super secret spy submarine, you can build this heavy-duty craft. Who might you draw peering out the porthole windows?

small sailboat images drawing

Easy Cartoon Boat

This little tugboat has a cabin with windows, a smokestack on top, and an anchor and a life preserver ring hanging on the side of its hull.

small sailboat images drawing

This fancy sailboat might be described as a yacht. You can tell that it is big because it has many windows along the cabin and the hull.

small sailboat images drawing

Huge metal steamer ships like this one have patrolled the oceans for a long time. Similarly styled cargo ships and cruise ships are still used today.

small sailboat images drawing

The Titanic

The Titanic is perhaps the most famous ship to ever sail the seas. It is also one of the shortest-lived, sinking on its maiden voyage.

small sailboat images drawing

Fishing Boat

In addition to the hull, cabin, and life preserves, fishing boats have a lot of special features. The poles and rigging hoist nests in and out of the water, and the railing keeps crew members on deck during stormy seas.

small sailboat images drawing

Wooden canoes made from hollowed logs are the oldest types of boats. This one is made from planks of wood, as you can see from the horizontal lines.

small sailboat images drawing

This small sailboat is basically a rowboat equipped with a sail. One of its sails is striped. It is not uncommon for sails to be decorated with patterns and bright colors.

small sailboat images drawing

Pirate Ship

Aarg! When you see the skull and crossbones on the flag or sail, take caution before you step on board. You might be made to walk the plank!

small sailboat images drawing

Viking Ship

Viking ships like this one were powered by great sails. They had dragons' or beasts' heads on the bow to intimidate their enemies, and the rowers were protected by brightly colored shields.

small sailboat images drawing

Kayaks are simple boats for one or two people. They are usually made of plastic or fiberglass and steered using a double-ended paddle.

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Why You Can Trust Our Drawing Guides

We've been creating high-quality, easy-to-follow drawing tutorials since 2016. Rauno and the team of experienced artists are dedicated to helping people of all ages and skill levels learn to draw.

We've carefully crafted over 1,900 step-by-step tutorials, ensuring that each one is safe, beginner-friendly, and engaging. We expand our library with new drawing guides every week, adding more drawing ideas and staying up-to-date with new trends.

Our commitment to quality and accessibility has earned the trust of more than 1,700 satisfied paid members who have access to the huge library of drawing printables and ebooks, in addition to the regular step-by-drawing tutorials that are available for all readers.

You can trust Easy Drawing Guides to provide you with some of the best drawing tutorials available online.

Learn more about Rauno and Easy Drawing Guides.

I Heart Crafty Things

How to Draw A Sailboat – A Step by Step Guide

Sailboat drawing in just 6 easy steps.

small sailboat images drawing

Sailing the seven seas is one of the most adventurous and liberating activities you can partake in, and if you wanted to do that then a sailboat would be your best bet!

These small watercraft can help you effortlessly glide across the ocean as you search for adventure.

Owning a sailboat isn’t something available to everyone, unfortunately, but learning how to draw a sailboat can be the next best thing.

By the end of this guide, you will know how to do just that!

how to draw a sailboat in 6 steps

How to Draw A Sailboat – Let’s get Started!

To get this guide on how to draw a sailboat going, we will begin with the sail first. You can start off by drawing the frame of the sail, which will be drawn using two straight lines very close to one another.

Then, we will be extending a curved line down from the top of this frame towards the base.

This will form the sheet of the sail. At the base of the sheet, you can add two more lines close to one another for the bottom frame of the sail.

Once you have drawn these, you are ready to continue to step 2!

Step 2 – Next, draw another sheet for the sails

Now that you have one sheet done for the sails of your sailboat drawing, we can add another one in this second step.

This sail will be similarly shaped to the previous one, except it will be reversed and won’t have the same vertical straight frame that the other one did.

It will also be smaller and lower down than the previous one was, but it will have a similar straight frame at the bottom of it.

Once you have drawn it and positioned it as it appears in our reference image we can move on to the next part.

Step 3 – Now, draw the boat itself

You’re finished with the ‘sail’ part of the sailboat, and now you can start on the ‘boat’ aspect in this step of our guide on how to draw a sailboat.

The boat will be seen from the top down, and to draw the outline you can use some curved lines for the side that culminate at the tip at the front. The back of the boat will be drawn with straight lines instead.

These outlines will then have a second outline close to those lines, and once you have that you can add some of the interior details.

These details will be drawn with some straight-edged shapes for the area sailors would be seated in along with some other details.

You can then finish off this step with two short curved lines at the front and back of the boat for the start of the base.

Step 4 – Next, draw some details for the sails

The next few steps of this guide will be all about adding the final details, elements and touches to your sailboat drawing.

For now, we will add some details to the sails, and these details will be quite easy to add! All you need to do is draw some slightly curved lines horizontally across the sails.

You could also decorate the sails with a different pattern if you would like to! What patterns can you think of for the sails?

Step 5 – Now, finish off your sailboat drawing

This fifth step of this guide on how to draw a sailboat will see you adding some final details and elements.

For this step, we will be using some curved and bumpy lines to show the water breaking underneath the boat. Once you have drawn these water details you have finished all of the details in the guide!

Before you move on, you can also add some details of your own to put your own spin on it. You could draw some people sitting in the sailboat or some different pattern details on the sails.

Perhaps you could also draw some dolphins or whales jumping out the water or draw a beautiful background for it.

These are just a few ideas you could go for and you should be sure to get creative and have fun with, so be sure to express yourself and see what happens!

Step 6 – Finish off your sailboat drawing with some color

For the final step of your sailboat drawing, you will be finishing it off by adding some amazing colors to your drawing.

In our reference image, we showed one set of colors that you could go for, but these colors are just a  suggestion.

For this step, you should feel free to incorporate any of your favorite colors to really bring this image to life!

There are no limits to the colors that you could use for this image, so be sure to get creative with it.

Once you know which colors you would like to use, you can then decide on the art mediums and tools you will use to add them.

You could use some acrylic paints and colored pens for some brighter colors that pop. Some watercolors or colored pencils would be ideal for more muted and subdued colors instead.

Either approach would look amazing, so what do you think you will go for?

5 Tips To Make Your Sailboat Drawing Even Better!

Get this sailboat sketch seaworthy with these helpful tips and tricks!

With this sailboat drawing, we kept the focus on the sailboat itself. That means we showed only a bit of the water surrounding the boat.

If you wanted to add more context to this artwork, you could add more water and waves around the sailboat. These could be calm and tranquil or rough and dangerous.

It all depends on what sort of scene you would like, and anything you choose will look cool!

Once you have worked on the water, you could then add even more to the background of this drawing of a sailboat. Even though you are depicting the sea, you would have many options!

There could be some desert islands, sea creatures or maybe even a bigger ship in the background. What are some other features you could add to this artwork?

With this sailboat as it appears now, there are no people on it to enjoy the sailing. It would be a small detail, but it could be fun to add some people on the sailboat!

Depending on how big you made the boat, they could be detailed or look like small dots on the boat. How many people would you add to the boat?

We showed a nice design for the sail featured on this sailboat sketch, but this is an area that you could have a lot of fun customizing!

This is your chance to create your very own sail design to show what your dream sailboat would look like. This design could use any shapes, images or text that you like.

What should this sail look like?

Finally, you can finish it all off with some colors. We showed you some you can use for your sailboat drawing, but these are far from the only ones you can go for!

Choosing the colors is just the first step, and choosing the art tools and mediums is the next. Mixing colors and mediums for different textures and sections can also make it look even cooler!

Your Sailboat Drawing is Complete!

You have completed all six steps of this guide on how to draw a sailboat, and you have a great picture to show for it!

We hope that you enjoyed this drawing adventure, and that this guide made taking on this drawing fun and easy for you to do!

Then, you can take this drawing even further with your own extra additions and elements. We mentioned a few ideas like adding some people in the boat or a background, but this is your chance to get creative! How will you put your own spin on this drawing?

When you’re ready for more fun, our website is full of awesome drawing guides for you to enjoy. We upload new ones often, so be sure to keep checking in!

how to draw a sailboat in 6 easy steps

How to Draw Realistic Hair – A Step by Step Guide

how to draw a scientist image

How To Draw A Scientist – A Step by Step Guide

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small sailboat images drawing


How to Draw Boats

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How to Draw Sailboats

small sailboat images drawing

Sailboats travel far and wide, exploring the ocean and seeking out tropical locales. Use our step-by-step instructions to create your own sailboat scenes.

In this section, we'll show you how to draw the above sailboat. Either draw it freehand while looking at your computer monitor or print out this page to get a closer look at each step.

Follow the red lines in each illustration to learn exactly what to draw in that step. The lines drawn in previous steps are shown in gray. Here, we'll show you an illustration of each step and then give you a description of how to draw it.

small sailboat images drawing

Step 1: Start the sailboat with two big curved triangles for the sails. Add a pointed shape for the hull.

small sailboat images drawing

Step 2: Draw a curved line to form the side of the hull. Sketch a rectangle with a rounded end for the seating area. Add a fat bracket shape on top of it.

small sailboat images drawing

Step 3: Draw the mast between the sails. Add edge lines following the hull. Sketch a V-shape bar to create deck detail, and add lines for depth in the seating area. Draw a small post on the front of the boat.

small sailboat images drawing

Step 4: Add rectangular crossbars at the bottom of both sails. Draw detail lines on the V shape and in the seating space. Add detail lines to each sail.

small sailboat images drawing

Step 5: Draw wavy lines under the boat for the water.

small sailboat images drawing

Step 6: Use a felt-tip pen to trace the lines you want to keep. Erase any extra pencil lines.

Explore the ocean's depths with our next drawing project. On the following page, learn to draw a submarine.

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Vector sail soil oneline continuous single line art handdrawn

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Vector single continuous line art sea boat icon yacht travel tourism concept silhouette symbol design one sketch outline drawing vector illustration

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Vector continuous one line drawing of sailboat. vector illustration

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Free vector illustration of summer and beach object

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Vector continuous one line drawing of sailboat. vector illustration

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small sailboat images drawing

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5,080 small sailing boat stock photos & high-res pictures, browse 5,080 small sailing boat photos and images available, or search for small sailing boat lake to find more great photos and pictures..

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small sailboat images drawing

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Garden tours, plants sales and more ways to spend time among flowers

Visit Maine's botanical gardens or get a sneak peek of what your neighbors are growing in their back yards.

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One of the loveliest ways to ease yourself fully out of the post-winter blahs and into springtime is to quit being a wallflower and instead surround yourself with living, blooming plants.

From botanical gardens to plant sales and garden tours, it’s time to make like the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” and while away the hours, conferring with flowers.

small sailboat images drawing

The waterfall at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. Photo by Tory Paxson, Courtesy of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens


Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay is open for the season, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Maine Days are May 31 to June 2, when anyone with a Maine driver’s license or state ID gets in for free. Ditto for dads/father figures on Father’s Day (June 16). Advance registration is required. With more than 300 acres of gardens and natural spaces, including a waterfall, there will be plenty to see, smell and bask in the scenery.

Here are more things to do in Boothbay

small sailboat images drawing

A tour group walks on the boardwalk at Viles Arboretum in Augusta. Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal

Viles Arboretum is a botanical garden in Augusta with 6 miles of trails and more than 20 botanical collections. It’s open daily from sunrise to sunset, and admission is free. There are 224 acres with all sorts of flora and fauna to discover. Leashed dogs are welcome, and the visitor center is open from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Viles Arboretum offers medicinal plant walks, and although the May 18 session is full, you can still register for the June 15 and Sept. 14 events, lead by herbalist, homeopath and flower essence practitioner Debra Bluth. Tickets are $25. Advertisement

The Mount Desert Land & Garden Preserve has four areas to explore on its property in Northeast Harbor: the Asticou Azelea Garden (dawn to dusk daily), the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden (noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday from July 9 to Sept. 8, reservations required), Thuya Garden (dawn to dusk daily, June 15 to Oct. 14) and Little Long Pond Natural Lands (hiking trails and carriage roads open dawn to dusk daily). On June 26, at the Wildflowers of Little Long Pond event, participants can wander around the garden’s fields and forest, spotting wildflowers along the way while practicing how to identify them.

small sailboat images drawing

Joyce Saltman, right, and Beth Anisbeck embrace a tree for 60 seconds during a tree hugging event sponsored by Portland Parks and Recreation, at Deering Oaks Park last year. Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer


2nd Annual Tree Hugging 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. Deering Oaks Park, Portland. portlandmaine.gov The tree hugging is a family-friendly community gathering to celebrate Portland’s many trees. Park ranger Liz Collado will lead a sensory awakening and forest bathing session. Along with tree hugging, there will be a storytime, and you can touch a forestry truck and meet naturalist Noah Querido and Portland city arborist Mark Reiland. Just down the road, you’ll find Fessenden Park, on the corner of Brighton and Deering Avenues. The tulips have arrived, and it’s worth a visit to see them.

McLaughlin Garden Lilac Festival 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 24. McLaughlin Garden and Homestead, 97 Main St., South Paris, $5. mclaughlingardens.org You’ll find more than 125 varieties of lilacs at the McLaughlin Garden Lilac Festival. Explore on your own or take a guided tour led by a horticulturist. There will also be family-friendly activities, and you can shop for native and unusual plants.

4th annual Woodfords Community Garden Tour 1-4 p.m. June 8. Woodfords Corner Community in Back Cove, Deering Highlands, Oakdale and Deering Center, $20 suggested donation. woodfordscorner.org Presented by Friends of Woodfords Corner, this self-guided tour features at least 10 gardens. As you make your way down the list, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by all of the hidden havens bursting with flowers, plants and impressive yardscaping elements.

Peony Society of Maine 23rd annual Garden Tour 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 8 and 15. Both tours start at 1348 Ohio St., Bangor, $5 donation. peonysocietyofmaine.net You’ll visit multiple gardens in Bangor, Winterport, Ripley and St. Albans, and your senses will be filled with countless peonies. A peony plant will be raffled off at the end of each tour. Advertisement

Hidden Gardens of Historic Bath 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. June 22. Sagadahoc Preservation Inc., 880 Washington St., Bath, $40. sagadahocpreservation.org The Hidden Gardens of Historic Bath house and garden tour features several homes in North Bath. Every stop on the tour will be a treat for your senses and may motivate you to make some of your own magic when you get back home.

Garden Conservancy Open Garden Days 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 29. Beckett Castle Rose Garden, Singles Road, Cape Elizabeth, $10. gardenconservancy.org You’ll see plenty of roses as well as ocean views at Beckett Castle, which sits right on the water, with views of five lighthouses. The castle was built in 1871, and its rose garden features more than 70 varieties of heirloom roses. A 50-foot stone tower doubles as the rose arbor entrance to the castle.


Tate House Museum’s Annual Plant and Herb Sale 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 18. Tate House Museum, 1267 Westbrook St., Portland, 207-774-6177.  tatehouse.org The wide selection includes perennials divided from the museum’s 18th century reproduction garden. Visitors can also make their own “seed bombs” and get a sneak peak at a new installation by artist Ashley Page from 10 a.m. to noon.

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland Spring Plant S ale 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. May 18, Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, 217 Landing Road, Westbrook, 207-854-9771.  arlgp.org   Perennials, house plants and more will be on sale, and plants that don’t have specific pricing are “name your own fee.” Anyone interested in donating plants or pots to the sale should send a message to [email protected] .

Taking Root Plant Sale 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 1, Tom Settlemire Community Garden, Maurice Drive, Brunswick, 207-729-7694.  btlt.org This annual sale is organized by the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust. Proceeds benefit the Common Good Garden, which provides food and gardening education for the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. Master gardeners will be on hand to help shoppers choose their best options.

Scarborough Land Trust Native Plant Sale and Spring Festival 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 1, Broadturn Farm, 388 Broadturn Road, Scarborough, 207-289-1199.  scarboroughlandtrust.org Visitors will find native plants, food vendors, local artisans, guided nature walks and activities for kids. To preorder plants, visit the Scarborough Land Trust website.

Maine Audubon Society Native Plants Sale and Festival 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., June 8, Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, 20 Gilsland Farm Road, Falmouth, 207-781-2330.  maineaudubon.org More than 75 species of native wildflowers, shrubs and tree seedlings will be available, along with workshops, info tables and experts.

Staff writer Megan Gray contributed to this report.

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Headed to Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens? Here’s what else to check out in Boothbay

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    Maine Audubon Society Native Plants Sale and Festival. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., June 8, Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, 20 Gilsland Farm Road, Falmouth, 207-781-2330. maineaudubon.org. More than 75 species ...