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Wow, that was fast! Why trimarans are SO much fun to sail – and how to do it

  • Theo Stocker
  • February 13, 2024

For their size, trimarans can punch well above their weight in speed, cruising potential and fun. Monohull sailor Theo Stocker gets to grips with how to handle one

Humans tend to gravitate into tribes of like-minded enthusiasts, enjoying the encouragement, support and sense of identity, while often looking askance at others; sailors at motorboaters, cruising sailors at racers, monohull sailors at raft, I mean, multihull sailors, and everyone looks askance at jet-skiers.

Large cruising catamarans (40ft now counts as a small one) are a world apart from monohull sailing, but there’s a sub-tribe of sailors dedicated to life on three hulls and builders such as Dragonfly, Corsair, Farrier, and Astus give them plenty of choice.

I’ve been sailing a 22ft (7m) Astus 22.5 this season, with just enough space for a family of four and a minimum of creature comforts. Thanks to her VPLP-designed hulls and 650kg all-up weight, we can sail upwind at 7-plus knots and downwind at over 10 knots with ease, all on a roughly even keel, while the kids play Duplo down below. It can also be beached and is towable behind a car.

Having, it seems, caught the trimaran bug, I wanted to get better at sailing and handling the boat, but my monohull sailing experience and habits were proving something of a hindrance, so we sought advice from some existing trimaran owners, and well as the UK’s top multihull sailors.

Much of the advice will apply to all multihulls , whether two or three-hulled, while other parts are just for small trimarans. I also found that brushing-up some of my rusty dinghy sailing skills helped get my head around what we were trying to do.

To try out our expert tips we went out sailing to see what difference they made. On the day, we got a solid Force 4-5 southwesterly, averaging 16 knots, but fluctuating between 12 and 20 knots true.

pareri barca trimaran

Blasting about on a sporty trimaran is a whole world of fun, but is much calmer than it looks

Trimaran sail trim

One of the biggest differences between a cruising monohull and a multihull is how the mainsail is trimmed. Leech tension on a yacht is often largely controlled by the kicker and the backstay, while the mainsheet sheets the mainsail in and out, predominantly controlling the angle of the boom to the centreline, and there may be a short traveller.

On a mulithull, however, there’s more than enough space for a good, wide traveller. Those who sail on performance monohulls will also be used to this. The sail shape is mainly controlled by the mainsheet, and the traveller then moves the boom towards or away from the centreline.

This is exaggerated on a multihull which has wide shrouds, swept well aft with no backstay, making space for a powerful square-top mainsail with full-length battens. There’s no backstay to bend the mast and flatten what is anyway a pretty rigid mainsail.

pareri barca trimaran

The mainsheet purchase creates enough power to control the leech of the square-top mainsail

Depowering a trimaran

Sailing on a monohull, heel and weatherhelm and eventually a broach give loads of warning that you’re pushing too hard. With straight hulls and little heel, those warning signs don’t really apply to multihulls.

In reality, however, there are a host of warning signals that it’s time to back-off; they’re just a bit different. Even then, there’s still a large safety margin before you get close to danger.

By way of reassurance, with the boat powered up on a beat, Hein, from Boats on Wheels, the boat’s owner, stood on the leeward hull and lent on the shrouds. Even as his feet got wet and the wind gusted at the top of Force 4, the boat didn’t bat an eyelid, thanks to the huge buoyancy of the floats.

pareri barca trimaran

Even with a person on the leeward float the boat was extremely stable

On the water – sail trim

My first inclination was to point the boat as high upwind as possible, pin the sails in and go for height. Doing that resulted in a not-terrible boat speed of 5-6 knots and a good pointing angle.

Free off by a handful of degrees however, and ease the sails just a smidge, and the speed leapt up to 8-9 knots – over 50% more; a huge increase. So, don’t pinch. If you had a decent chartplotter on board, you could find your optimum speed to angle using velocity made good (VMG).

I was also tempted to pinch in the gusts, but it’s better to hold your course and let the speed increase until the main needs easing.

pareri barca trimaran

On the wind, it’s time to get the boat fully powered up

If that’s the case, drop the main down the traveller an inch or two or ease some twist into the mainsail and it makes all the difference in the world, but not so far that the top battens fall away and invert – that really isn’t fast. Push too hard and the boat will slow down, largely from the drag of submerging the leeward float and crossbeams. If you’re still overpowered and the main is luffing, it’s time to reef. Downwind is different, but we’ll get onto that later.

After we put a reef in the main, our boat speeds upwind remained largely the same, and the boat was much happier. I came away feeling reassured that even a little trimaran like this would be pretty difficult to capsize, and there were always plenty of warning signs telling me to take my foot off the pedal a little.

Article continues below…

pareri barca trimaran

Catamaran sailing skills: Mooring and anchoring a multihull

How do you make an average passage speed of 7 knots, fit in three double cabins and a huge saloon…

Monohull multihull

Monohull or multihull: which is best for blue water?

As former editor of Yachting World, David Glenn has plenty of experience of both monohull and multihull cruising. Here he…

Tacking and gybing a trimaran

Everyone knows that multihulls don’t tack as well as monohulls. Straight hulls and wide beam don’t lend themselves to turning, especially when coupled with the displacement and fixed keels of big cats. Trimarans are a little easier, with a single central daggerboard to act as a pivot, and one or other of the floats will generally be clear of the water. On the downside, light displacement means that there isn’t much momentum to keep you going through the turn and plenty of windage to stop you.

pareri barca trimaran

On a trimaran the central daggerboard helps the boat to turn by providing a central pivot point that catamarans lack

Speed is your friend. Build speed up before the tack to give you as much momentum as possible. The helm needs to steer positively into and through the turn, and if necessary, keep the jib backed on the new windward side to help the bow through the wind. Don’t worry about scrubbing speed off, but you don’t want to get stuck in irons.

When it comes to gybing, speed is again key. The turning bit isn’t going to be an issue as you’ll be scooting along, but the faster you’re going, the less load there will be on the sails. The more you slow down, the more the true wind will pile up.

Trimaran sailing skills

Tacks took a bit of practice. It felt plain wrong to jab the tiller across the boat, slamming a big break on in the water but I ended up putting us through the tacks far too slowly, losing a lot of speed. A more aggressive approach worked better. On the Astus, the traveller was between me and the tiller, so the tiller extension needed to be swung around the stern behind the mainsheet onto the new side.

Similarly, old habits of controlling a gybe needed to be modified. With the asymmetric set, we were planing at well over 10 knots, and the ideal is to stay on the plane. Heading dead downwind and centring the main lead to a more violent manoeuvre than flying into the gybe as fast as possible and, as the boom was never that far out thanks to the apparent wind angle, it didn’t need much extra controlling.

Coming up onto the wind after the gybe helped the asymmetric around the front of the jib and to fill on the new side. Stay too deep and it’ll get blanketed by the main. Once we had built up some apparent wind, we could bear away again.

pareri barca trimaran

You’ll be on a course deep downwind before you know it, hitting speeds in the double digits

Downwind in a trimaran

Upwind cruising may be fun in a multihull, but bearing away and going with the wind is what it’s all about. Easily-driven hulls, a generous sailplan and light weight mean you can be up and planing, leaving displacement boats wallowing in your wake.

The big difference comes from apparent wind. If you’re in a boat that can do 15 knots downwind in 20 knots of true wind, the resulting wind angles can really mess with your head.

To get going then, says Brian Thompson, ‘Use those leech tell-tales again when sailing downwind and reaching to set the correct twist through the mainsheet, and use the traveller to set the correct angle of the whole sail to the wind.’

As the wind and your speed builds, bear away and trim the main accordingly.

In theory, you shouldn’t need to ease the traveller at all, but you may need to if you want to sail deep downwind. As the gust fades, you’ll find the boat slows down, so you can come back up towards the wind a little to pick up some more breeze, and then bear away as you accelerate again.

pareri barca trimaran

Bear away as the boat accelerates. Your course will be something of a slalom as you look to keep a consistent wind angle

This results in something of a ‘slalom’ course, and will also be accentuated if you’re sailing down waves, but that’s all quite normal for apparent wind sailing. Ultimately, you’re looking for a consistent apparent wind angle, even if the resulting wake isn’t straight.

It’s worth remembering that apparent wind reduces the felt effect of the wind, so you need a sailplan to suit the true, not apparent wind speed.

I found that the boat was more sensitive to having a balanced sailplan and trim downwind than upwind, largely because you’ve got almost double the canvas up, with the bowsprit as an extra lever. When weather helm built, I needed to ease the mainsheet to increase twist to depower so that I could bear away. I must admit, getting the boat balanced, sailing fast and light on the helm at 15 knots was something I came away feeling I needed more practice at.

Reviewing the images, I suspect the asymmetric was sheeted in too hard, with too much twist in the main.

pareri barca trimaran

Getting a float fully submerged is when it’s time to back off

On the water

Unfurling the gennaker worked best on a beam reach, giving plenty of airflow over the sail to help it fully unfurl. This was also roughly the fastest point of sail, ideal for getting up some speed for apparent wind sailing. We mostly had the sails set for a close reach, even when we were beyond 120º off the true wind on a broad reach.

It was possible to soak deeper downwind, but lose the apparent wind benefit downwind and our speed dropped off dramatically, prompting us to point a bit higher to find some more speed.

As the boat powered up, it paid to hold a slightly higher angle than I would have done in a monohull for the boat to properly take off and get up into double digit speeds – topping out at 15 knots. Lymington to Cowes would have taken us just half an hour at that speed. It’s easy to give yourself a heck of a beat back!

We were sailing on a pretty flat day, so didn’t have to contend with any waves to speak of. On the recent RTI this is what caused the capsizes of at least two multis, a sobering reminder that you need to sail much more conservatively in lumpier conditions.

pareri barca trimaran

The bows want to point downwind, so a stern-first approach works with rather than against the boat

Coming alongside

A 650kg boat with no draught and plenty of windage feels dreadfully skittish when manoeuvring in confined spaces. Straight hulls with no forgiving curves and fragile-looking sharp bows make berthing tricky. You’ve got a couple of advantages on your side, however. In the Astus, the floats are at pontoon height making stepping off easy.

Whether you have an engine in each hull of a cat, or one in the central hull of a tri, there’s also a lot more leverage to play with to turn the boat and drive her on or off the pontoon. A steerable outboard gives you even more options.

If the boat has a lifting keel or daggerboards, put them down if there’s enough depth to give you a pivot and to resist drifting. Think about getting corners onto the pontoon, rather than putting the boat alongside. On tris, you won’t be able to get to the bow to fend off as it’s too narrow. You can rig a fender up forwards on a line, and two fenders are enough on the flat sides.

pareri barca trimaran

Steering with the outboard towards the pontoon will drive the stern in more; steer away to drive the bow in more

Offshore wind

Coming onto the pontoon with wind blowing off, it worked well coming in stern first. If there’s a tide running, you’ll want to be heading into the tide, so find a spot down wind and down tide to start your approach so you come in at an angle.

On our first attempt we had a bit of tide under us to start with so we came in at a much steeper angle, almost 90º, although this worked out OK in the end.

The crew could then step ashore, taking a line from the stern quarter round a cleat.

Drive forwards against the line and the bow will obediently drive up towards the pontoon, bringing you flat alongside. Getting off was simple, releasing the bowline, and allowing the bow to swing out the before slipping the stern line.

pareri barca trimaran

Coming in astern and stopping upwind of the berth meant the bows blew towards the pontoon far to quickly

Onshore wind

Getting onto and off a pontoon with onshore wind proved rather trickier. On our first attempt we came in stern first. The issue was that once we were just upwind of our desired berth and stopped, we lost steerage and the bow immediately blew off with alarming speed towards the pontoon.

Going ahead would only increase the force of the impact, while going astern only increased the bow’s sideways drift. I managed to back out without smashing the bow, but only just, and ended up awkwardly stern to the wind with the bows pointing at the pontoon.

On our second attempt we came in bows first but having aimed at the berth, I had to motor the stern to leeward to stop the bow hitting, making for a rather forceful coming alongside.

On take three, I came in forwards and began ferry gliding towards the berth early, keeping the bows to windward of the stern. Being able to steer with the outboard meant I could go ahead to keep the bow up, and go astern with the engine pulling the stern down toward the pontoon. In this way, it was possible to come in pretty well controlled and parallel to the berth.

pareri barca trimaran

To get out, motoring astern against a bow line pulled the entire boat clear before slipping the line

Leaving was a different proposition all together, as I didn’t want to drag the bow along the pontoon, or to drive hard onto it to spring off. Instead, we rigged a slip-line from the forward cross beam. Going astern against this, and then turning the engine towards the wind, I could pull the stern, and the rest of the boat, out and away from the pontoon.

Keeping power on astern, once we’d reached a decent angle, we slipped the line and went astern, finding steerage way almost at once, with the bow following obediently in our wake with more control than I had anticipated.

Whether the wind is blowing onto, or off the pontoon, you want the engine to be driving or pulling the boat off the pontoon with a line on the corner you are going away from. That way you avoid point-loading fine ends where it’s hard to fender.

pareri barca trimaran

You’ll want a bridle to reduce swinging, but keep the pick up lines on the bow as backup

Anchoring and mooring a trimaran

While mooring a catamaran is complicated by the lack of a central bow, things should be simpler on a trimaran, and they are, mostly. Picking up a mooring buoy from the main hull bow with a low freeboard and dropping the pick-up line onto a cleat is easier even than a monohull.

The bow may be narrow, but for any lines that pass through a ring on the buoy, you still need to take it back to the same cleat to avoid chafe. That should be it, but windage from the two extra bows and the lack of keel mean the boat can dance merrily around the mooring buoy in a breeze.

pareri barca trimaran

Rig the bridle so the buoy sits to one side to stabilise the boat

In practice, we found that a trimaran benefits from a mooring bridle in the same way that a catamaran does. It can’t be rigged from the floats’ bows, as there are no mooring cleats, so a line passed around the outboard ends of the forward beams gave a pretty good angle, again with long lines passed through the mooring and back to the same side. The main pick-up lines stay as a safety backup.

The other trick is to rig the bridle asymmetrically so that the buoy sits to one side or the other, just enough to not be dead head to wind, making it much more stable in the wind.

On the plus side, the lack of draught or keel means that you’ll nearly always be lying head to wind, so the cockpit remains nice and sheltered whatever the tide’s doing.

We ran out of time on the day to try anchoring, but rigging a bridle, effectively a long snubber to a point on the anchor chain in a similar way wouldn’t be tricky.

If you needed not to swing, or to behave more like deeper boats nearby, hanging a bucket over the stern can help, or there’s always anchoring with a kedge, either out ahead in a V, or in line astern.

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pareri barca trimaran

6 Best Trailerable Trimarans For Bluewater and Coastal Sailing

pareri barca trimaran

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Having a boat costs a lot of money, even when you are not using it, marina fees, etc. And once it is in the water most sailors never go very far from their “home marina” and sailing will be somewhat restricted. However, what if you could fold your trimaran and put it on a trailer, store it at your house, and go to a new sailing spot the next time?

Here are 6 of the best trailerable trimaran:

  • The Dragonfly series
  • Corsair Series
  • Windrider 17

Choosing the best trailerable trimaran (a multi-hull with three “hulls”) will depend on crucial factors like speed, durability, design, and ease of transportation. This article is here to help you get started with your research and hopefully help you on the way towards your dream boat!

Table of Contents

Cruising Trimarans That Can Be Transported

Cruising boats are made for multiday sailing either on the coast of your favorite sailing area or full-out blue-water ocean crossings. Extended living should be a priority in these designs.

1. The Dragonfly 25 and 28 (Dragon Fly Series)

Dragonfly is in the business of making the “best foldable trimarans on the planet” many would agree with this statement. Dragonfly is known for its commitment to easy trailering and ease of use, shown in designs for the Dragonfly 25 and Dragonfly 28.

The “Swing Wing” system on the linchpins is one of the key features of the dragonfly series. The system’s application makes it possible for the trimaran to narrow its beam as much as 50%.

Attesting to its Scandinavian manufacturing, most parts of the trimaran are made in-house. This guarantees quality and ensures that all used parts are above standard.

You don’t need to look further than the Dragonfly 25. Its centerboard slightly offset to port. Extra space is created in the main hull’s interior with a trunk buried under a settee. Performance-wise, the low drag and narrow hull shape allow the boat to reach blistering speeds.

Dragonfly 28 In Numbers

  • Length: 8.75m
  • Beam folded: 2.54m
  • Max crew: 5-7 people
  • Max Speed: 22+knots

Dragonfly 25 In Numbers

  • Length: 7.65m
  • Beam folded: 2.30m
  • Max crew: 4-6 people
  • Max Speed: 21+knots

2. Farrier F-22

New Zealand enters the trimaran manufacturing race with this premium sea goer. The vessel comes in two different versions: a performance variation with more horsepower and a full cabin cruising version. 

Compared to the dragon series the F-22 has the biggest allowance for space.

The F-22 is known for being one of the easiest trimarans to fold and load.

The sports version of the F-22 has some really good performance to offer. It has an aggressive spirit: you can mount a sail while leaving plenty of space for the boat’s fine entry and flared forward sections. The build quality is also topnotch—a lasting memorial to a principle that Ian Farrier always worked by: excellence.

Farrier F-22 In Numbers

  • Length: 7.0m
  • Beam folded: 2.5m
  • Max crew: 3-5 people
  • Max Speed: 20+knots

3. Corsair Series

This boat series has an exciting history. Farrier created it to promote his trailerable tri concept. However, the series is now independent with a top-class vehicle to its name.

The Corsair 760 is listed as providing some of the best performance and safety benefits to sailors.

Building off the spirit of excellence of the founder, the Corsair 760 has created a boat with comfort and racing potential. The boat can be tricky to handle at first, but it will be a breeze once you get the hang of it.

It is also worth noting that the corsair 37 is the largest trailerable trimaran on the market today.

Daysail Trimarans That Can Be Transported

Boats that are made for dayssailing are usually smaller, cheaper and more easily handled. They are perfect for those looking to enjoy a full day on the water in calm weather, but are usually less suitable for multiday events or rough sea sailing.

4. The Astus Models (20ft, 22.5ft, and 24ft)

If you’re looking for something small but still capable of doing day sailing, this 22.5-foot trimaran is for you. Built for speed and maneuverability, the Astus 22.5 has optional foils to optimize speed.

The modern design, coupled with the spacious interior, can fit up to four beds. Accordingly, this trimaran is suited for family outings. 

The Astus brand specializes in transportable trimarans, worth noting is that some models need a specific trailer whilst the smaller boats use a standard trailer.

5. Weta 14.5

The 2019 Weta trimaran is a 14.5-foot (4.4-meter) trimaran featuring a carbon frame, centerboard, rudder foil, and rudder shock. The hull is made from fiberglass and foam. The Weta is built for strength and speed based on these lightweight materials. 

The 2019 Weta trimaran is easy to sail and is worth considering whether you want to take a quiet sail, race with your friends, or take kids to a sailing lesson. It has a simple design and is easy to set up independently.

The small size makes it more suitable for daysailing in good weather rather than multiday cruising, although more experienced sailors will of course push the limits of this boat.

6. WindRider 17

The 17.4-foot (5.3-meter) WindRider 17 is one of the more versatile trimarans in the market. It packs high performance for a low cost. This trimaran has a light rotating mast to boost performance, and a full-battened mainsail optimizes visibility. 

This sailboat is made from rotomolded polyethylene, which is more durable than fiberglass and demands less maintenance.

The WindRider 17 has a comfortable interior and can fit six adults. This is an ideal choice for social sailing for a couple or a family and friends. It’s easy to ride, and a shallow draft allows easy maneuverability. 

What’s the Largest Trailerable Trimaran?

The largest trailerable trimaran is the Corsair 37 , this multihull is built for single-handed cruising while still maintaining the ability to comfortably seat 6 people.

The Corsair 37 provides comfort, speed, and safety. It also contains just enough space to accommodate amenities like a propane stove, a sink, and other equipment.

The vessel is designed to be a performance cruiser. It features an aluminum rotating wing mast, carbon fiber bowsprit, and premium deck hardware. The corsair can still cut through the water with ease despite its size, putting the wind in your sails.

What Is a Catamaran?

pareri barca trimaran

A catamaran is a boat with two hulls (a trimaran has three) connected by a bridge deck. Catamarans usually offer more space than both monohulls and trimarans of the same length. The catamaran is usually somewhat slower than a trimaran but faster than a monohull. They are usually made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Catamarans come in all shapes and sizes. You can find straightforward sailing catamarans, perfect for those who are only starting their sailing journey. Larger sailing catamarans have become extremely popular for long-distance sailing.

There are also power catamarans, they have huge diesel-powered engines (sometimes electric) and no sails. Also called “power cats”, these boats can reach 30+kts.

Can a Trimaran Be Trailerable?

As discussed above, some trimarans are possible to put on a trailer and move to another sailing area or to be stored at home. This is usually not possible with catamarans but is sometimes possible with the trimarans that are fitted with foldable amas (the two outer “floats” or “hulls”).

Some trimarans can be trailerable, this is mainly due to the ability to drastically decrease the vessels beam, sometimes as much as 50%. This allows the trailer plus trimaran to be below the legal requirements of the road.

Final Thoughts

It has proven difficult to beat the trimaran in terms of speed. Through the ages, this type of vessel has proven to be immensely enjoyable in all kinds of sailing activities. These can range from sea adventures to waterborne relaxation in your free time.

Trimarans come in various types, foldable, for cruising or racing, etc. However, there is a common factor: many of the small ones are trailerable. This makes them easier to move than most other types of boats.

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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pareri barca trimaran

Welcome aboard our dearest home under sail “POLY”. It is a 50 feet trimaran. We made almost everything on our own, from scratch….and now absolutely love that sailboat! It is fast, comfortable … our best home we could have ever imagined. Happy to welcome you here! Join our sailing family life. Ania&Bartek

pareri barca trimaran

Privacy Overview

Rapido Trimarans



pareri barca trimaran

General Details

  • Length: 18.1m (59.3 ft)
  • Beam: 11.7m (38.4 ft)
  • Draft: 1.0m (2.5 ft)
  • Average light displacement (subject to final options): : 9,700 kgs (21,385 lbs)
  • Displacement (max load): 12,000kg (26,456 lb)
  • Headroom (average): 2.1m (6 ft 11 inches)
  • Mast height above water: 25.3m (83 ft)
  • Storage volume of floats (at greatest dimension): (l) 4.5m x (w) 1.3m x (h) 1.5m
  • Storage volume under cockpit (at greatest dim.): (L) 2.2m x (W) 3.3m x (H) 1.4m

Further information:

  • For detailed specifications, click onto  Rapido 60 Specifications (30 Nov. 2021)
  • Click to download Rapido 60 General Arrangement .

Sailing La Vagabonde post a video of the launch of La Vagabonde III (Rapido 60 #04) on 2 November 2023. See video below.

  • Mainsail: 125m² (1,345 ft²)
  • Solent: 71m² (764 ft²)
  • Reacher: 130m² (1,399 ft²)
  • Asymmetric Spin: 225m² (2,422 ft²)
  • Stay sail: 25m² (269 ft²)

General Information

“I  sailed Rapido Hull #01 on the Mediterranean Sea the other day and we were doing 14 knots upwind while cooking in the spacious kitchen!" Ferdinand van West (former F18 World Champion working with designers, Morrelli & Melvin ). ( Click here for original article in Catamaran Racing.)

Billed as the World’s Ultimate Ocean Cruising Trimaran , the Rapido 60 really is the Queen of the Oceans . It offers speed, safety, performance – and luxury.

The inspiration behind the Rapido 60 comes from Paul Koch (co founder of Rapido Trimarans), arguably, the man who has built more production trimarans than anyone else on the planet.

The design is by world renowned naval architects, Morelli & Melvin Design and Engineering who use some of the most sophisticated technology in the world. Triac Composites  is our exclusive builder.

While the foam sandwich and carbon construction is lightweight which gives the boat its speed, it also provides an extremely strong and rigid structure that has been designed to withstand the might of the oceans.

An additional benefit of the foam sandwich construction is the high degree of insulation, protecting the Rapido when the sun beats down.

Morelli & Melvin enjoy a very strong international reputation. Their designs even include entries for the America’s Cup .

Onboard the Rapido 60 Romanza at its first regatta – Race Week Come on board the new Rapido 60 from New Zealand called Romanza & take a tour with the owners and hear from crewman Chris Nicholson #HIRW Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering Inc. @rapidotrimarans Posted by Hamilton Island Race Week on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

[Video caption: Take a tour onboard Rapido 60, Romanza with owners, Dougall and Jaz Love, during Hamilton Island Race Week.]

Morrelli & Melvin's computer modelling said that the Rapido 60 was very strong. And so we tested it.

We bolted the centre hull of the Rapido to the factory floor in HCMC. We then brought in two mobile cranes – each took a diagonal corner of the two outer hulls. With one diagonal corner each, the two cranes began to lift while the trimaran’s centre hull remained bolted to the floor, causing it to twist. One tonne of lifting pressure… Two tonnes… Three tonnes…

As the trimaran twisted it began to creak and groan. But the sensitive electronic equipment we had measuring every move and twist remained unphased. Everything was within design parameters.

Seven tonnes… Eight tonnes… Nine tonnes…

The pressure was eased and the Rapido spring back into its original condition – totally unaffected by the enormous twisting pressure that had been placed upon it.

The computer modelling had accurately predicted the incredible structural strength of the composites used in the Rapido. The Rapido is built to take on the oceans.

Rapido is, simply, the Queen of the Oceans.

Incredible storage capacity

The Rapido 60 has amazing storage capability in the floats (4.8m x 1.3m), beneath the seats in the cockpit (2.1m x 0.5m) and in the forward cabin (1.4m x 1.2m x 1.2m).

The Rapido 60 has amazing, dedicated storage capacity. Floats (4.8m x 1.3m). Beneath the cockpit seats (2.1m x 0.5m). Beneath the cockpit floor (2.1m x 2.9m x 1.3m). Forward of forward cabin (1.4m x 1.2m x 1.2m).

Other videos

[Video above: Rapido 60, Romanza, races effortlessly at 24 knots during the opening day of Airlie Beach Race Week (Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia) in August 2018.]

[Video above: Owners of Rapido 60, Romanza, take the organisers of Hamilton Island Race Week on a walk thru tour.]

[Video above: Owner of Rapido 60, Ineffable, Steve Bourne is interviewed about his boat for the 39th St Maarten Heineken Regatta.]

[Video above; Rapido 60, Romanza wins the PIC Coastal Classic in New Zealand in November 2020. And it wasn't all hard sailing out there over the 21 hours.]

  • For more videos, visit the Rapido Trimarans' You Tube Channel .


Trimarans are safe, powerful and fast as demonstrated by the fact that they consistently win races and hold the solo speed record for circumnavigating the world.

Safety at sea is the No. 1 priority and this thinking is reflected throughout the design and construction of the Rapido.

The Rapido 60 has some truly amazing living spaces which provide more open, private and intimate areas than monohulls or catamarans.

stable and comfortable

Trimarans are comfortable on all points of sail.

The combination of safety, performance and comfort put the Rapido in a league of its own. The enormous trampoline nets add fun and excitement as you watch the blue water rush underneath you – or as you lounge on the nets while gently floating over a reef. You will be instantly hooked..

look inside the

Rapido 60 in action.

See more Rapido Trimarans videos (You Tube)

View all Rapido 60 photos

60 in the media

Below is a list of articles which have appeared in various publications regarding Rapido Trimarans.

  • Sailboat Review, Rapido 40, A sailor’s dream boat , by Mark Pillsbury, Cruising World magazine, 6 May 2024
  • Rapido host much anticipated launch of first Rapido 53XS , Sails magazine, 1 May 2024
  • Rapido 53XS – a peak speed of 24 knots during initial sea trials , by Emmanuel van Deth, Multihulls World, 19 April 2024
  • Rapido 53XS, the new 16m globetrotter of a trimaran , by Aldo Fumagalli, Vela magazine, 24 January 2024
  • First look – Rapido 53XS, a 20 knot cruiser , by Toby Hodges, Yachting World, 29 December 2023
  • Video. Sailing Bliss: Unveiling the Rapido 40 Trimaran – GIDDY UP!!! , by Naval Gazing at Camp David, December 2023
  • Video. The Rapido 53XS: Tour, review and ideas , by Naval Gazing at Camp David, December 2023
  • Rapido 53XS Review , by Yachting World, 9 November 2023
  • Video. Der Kat-Jäger: Carbon-Trimaran Rapido 40 aus Vietnam (“The cat hunter: carbon trimaran Rapido 40 from Vietnam”) by Yacht TV, 12 October 2023
  • Cruising World announces Rapido 40 as Boat of the Year 2024 nominee , Cruising World, 26 September 2023
  • Rapido 40 carbon trimaran from Vietnam – the test , by Michael Good, German Yacht Magazine, 21 September 2023
  • C-foils on a fast cruising trimaran? This looks rapid!, Rapido 40 tour, Yachting World magazine video by Toby Hodges, 8 September 2023
  • Rapido 40: The Alternative Trimaran , by François-Xavier de Crécy with photos by Ludovic Fruchaud, LE MONDE DU MULTICOQUE #24 by Voile Magazine. July, 2024.
  • The Rapido 40 is a 20 knot cruising tri , George Day, Cruising Compass, 24 May, 2023
  • Boat Review of Rapido 40, Zuzana Prochazka, Sail Magazine, 4 May 2023
  • Rapido 40: ultra fast cruising in complete safety on three hulls , Maxime Leriche , SailboatNews.com, 25 April 2023
  • Boat anomaly: Rapido 40 Trimaran , No Frills Sailing, 19 April 2023
  • Rapido 40 – Fast, foldable and worry free!,  Multihulls World magazine, No. 189, May-July 2023
  • Shipyard Focus: Rapido Trimarans , by Kevin Green, Multihulls World, August / September 2022.
  • Rapido, changing the game , by Zuzana Prochazka, Sail Magazine, 23 March, 2022
  • Rapido 40: A livable sailboat for cruising on 3 hulls , Briag Merlet, Sailboat News, 23 February 2022.
  • Rapido, changing the game , (takes a detailed look at the cutting edge design and technology of Morrelli & Melvin) by Zuzana Prochazka, Multihull Sailor, December 2021
  • Boat Review: Rapido 50 , Kevin Green, Boating New Zealand, November 2021
  • Harnessing Speed , by Kevin Green, Boating New Zealand, November 2021
  • Rapido 60 Trimaran Boat Review: A Bold Gamechanger For Performance Bluewater Cruising , by Zuzana Prochazka, Yacht World, 23 September, 2021.
  • Harnessing the wind , by Kevin Green, Multihulls World, September / October 2021 issue, 6 page spread on Rapido Trimarans.
  • Sailing La Vagabonde choose Rapido 60 to sail world’s oceans , video announcement by SLV to their 1.59 million subscribers, You Tube, 8 June 2021
  • The Ultimate Racer-Cruiser: Clients on Romanza are turning heads on the racetrack when they’re not cruising at high speed , North Sails, 19 April, 2021
  • Making Short-handed Short Work – Onboard Rapido 60 , Anna Merchant, Sail-World, 11 February 2021
  • Rapido 50 News from the Shipyards , Multihulls World, 2 February 2021
  • Buyers’ Guide 2021, Rapido 50 , Multihulls World, 18 December 2020
  • “New breed” Rapido 40 & 50 , Yachting World magazine, November 2020
  • Cruising Helmsman reviews Rapido 60 , October 2020
  • Romanza takes top spot in Yates Cup , SEA Yachting magazine, September 2020
  • Rapido Trimarans relocates production arm into Vietnam ,  SEA Yachting  magazine, Nov/Dec 2019.
  • Rapido Trimarans, On the March, Seahorse Magazine , October 2019.
  • (French)  Rapido 40, un trimaran repliable de 12 m , Bateaux.com, 29 August 2019.
  • Rapido 60 – The most exciting production multihull in the world?  (or  click here  for selection of quotes), Multihulls Magazine, Summer (July) 2019.
  • Rapido , Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, June 2019 (pp23-24)
  • Ineffable’s Steve Bourne: I’m a nutter for sailing , Daily Herald, 26 February 2019.
  • Rapido 60′ the fastest production multihull in the world? , International Multihulls World, December 2017
  • RAPIDO 60’ : Le multicoque de série habitable le plus rapide du monde? , Multihulls World, 23 November 2017
  • Finding Mrs Right , Boating New Zealand, August 2016
  • Blue Water Cruising Trimaran , Australian Multihulls World, August 2016
  • Rapido 60 , Cruising World, 25 August, 2016
  • Rapido 60 , by Emma Bamford, Sailing Today.
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Patí vela - Sailing in its simplest form

The Patí a vela is first and foremost an exciting sport catamaran to sail.

Jan is a sailing instructor - and of course an avid racing sailor! Here he’s tacking in front of the famous Sagrada Familia.

10-year-old Clara is mad about sailing and races every week aboard her Junior patí.

Avatar de

Article published on 12/07/2023

published in n°SP20 aug. / sept.


Several times a week in Barcelona, dozens of amateur sailors get together to enjoy racing some atypical craft whose origins date back to the beginning of the last century. The “Patí de vela” in Catalan, or, in Spanish, “Patí a vela” [literally, “Sailing Skate”], has become one of the emblems of the Catalan capital. This small catamaran, now a one-design class, has the particularity of being driven by a lateen-rigged sail, but most notably, not having a steering system - or any appendages whatsoever. Just a stone’s throw from the AC75s, the flying machines of the next America’s Cup, due to take place here in Barcelona in August and September 2024, we invite you aboard to share in a fast, sporty, environmentally friendly, simple - but not without elegance - form of sailing that’s winning fans the world over.

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With less than a quarter hour to go before the race’s first warning signal, there are still no boats in sight on Somorrostro beach, close to Port Olimpic. The course markers have been laid, the sea is calm, the wind is blowing 225° at 10 to 15 knots, and the sun is shining. All that’s missing are the participants in one of the five weekly races organized by the Club Patí Vela Barcelona. Where other committee boat crew might be starting to get impatient, the race director is very chilled: “You’ll see, everyone will be on the line on time. People leave the office for their mid-day break and quickly get to the club. Time to change and they’re ready to sail!” Indeed, in less than five minutes, some twenty sails appeared and were approaching the starting line, located half a mile off the beach. The speed with which the “sail-skates” can be put to into action means that the customary 2-hour Spanish lunch break can be used for tacking back and forth with the backdrop of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and the city’s emblematic skyline. An idyllic setting... and a lively atmosphere too: rounding the marks can give rise to some great battles, and while the level of competitors is uneven, the enjoyment is shared by all!

Patí vela: 150 years of history

Originally created by Carlos Geli in its primitive form (without a sail), the patí was used to row away from the shore to bathe in less polluted water offshore. The first race took place in 1871, and the industrial boom of the early 1920s accelerated patí production. The small multihull gradually gained in popularity for its simplicity and authenticity: devoid of daggerboards and rudders, it has the distinctive feature of having a perfectly flat bottom, like a pair of skis, so that it can be pulled easily across the sand, even over reasonable distances. The addition of a sail – lateen-rigged at first - soon gave rise to the first racing in Catalan waters, with a wide variety of boats in terms of weight and size. Once the civil war was over, in 1943, the Mongè brothers, residents of Badalona (on the outskirts of Barcelona), brought together all existing Catalan patís to compete in a single regatta where the aim was to find out which one performed best. The two brothers’ skate came out on top, becoming the one-design version of the minimalist catamaran. Still handcrafted today, these sailing skates have evolved very little since then - a wooden or GRP multihull measuring 18’5” (5.6 m) in length, 5’3” (1.6 m) in beam, with a lightship weight of 195 lbs (89 kg), and 135 square feet (12.6 m²) of Marconi-type sail on a mast culminating at 21’4” (6.5 m) high.

Rudders, daggerboards, boom, battens? No, thank you!

“Sailing in its simplest form”, as Rafael Figuerola Camps, the largest patí builder and president of Club Patí Vela Barcelona, explains. This slightly bohemian 40-something, son and grandson of fishermen, never gave up on his dream of developing this Stradivarius of the seas, designed entirely by ...

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  • forever green , 

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2023 Sail Buyer's Guide - Multihulls from 30 to 40 feet

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pareri barca trimaran

Marlin 33

Marlin 33 is the multihull of the year 2022

Minimal Logo

The foldable sailing trimaran Marlin 33 has won the prestigious ‘Best Multihull of 2022’ award, the world’s highest accolade for multihull sailing and motor boats. Awarded in recent days at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte, France, the prize was consigned into the hands of the Marlin 33’s designer, Dane Jan Andersen , at a special ceremony.

Mr Andersen is the head of Vision Boats , a small Danish team specializing in the design of multihull yachts that has an established working relationship with Marlin Trimarans. Designer, builder and sailor, with the Marlin 33 Mr Andersen has developed a trimaran for both racing and cruising that combines extreme sailing speed, great comfort and attention to aesthetics. It is one of the fastest trimarans in the world, built entirely in carbon with a set of innovations that have distinguished the work of Marlin Trimarans and Vision Boats, in particular its characteristic of being foldable and thus easily trailerable , but also easily assembled by just two people. The Marlin 33 won over the public at La Grande Motte: not only did the boat come top of the “Sailing Multihulls up to 40 feet” classification, it also received the most votes overall (47.36%) to win the first overall prize as the best multihull of the year, beating all the other boats and yachts in the competition .


As well as offering above-average sailing performance in its category, also thanks to its extreme lightness (the boat weighs just 1460 kilograms ), Marlin 33 has ample space on board to comfortably accommodate an entire family even on long distance cruises, with the saloon measuring 1.95 metres in height, cabins to accommodate six people and a table seating eight. The trimaran is also very easy to steer, offering easy handling and excellent visibility, especially in the two-rudder option. It is equipped with a 450W solar panel to power the Torqeedo electric motor, lights and on-board equipment, making it completely energy autonomous.

Perfect in shallow waters as well as when sailing in archipelagos, bays, fjords and rivers, Marlin 33 finally stands out for the high volume of its side hulls, which guarantee maximum safety even in strong winds while sailing.

Series production of the Marlin 33 has already started at the Elica Yard in Bulgaria.

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Privilege Marine

Privilege Marine to double production under new ownership, service centres planned worldwide


Outremer 52 overwhelmingly wins, third award of the year for a catamaran that is already a legend.


Prestige Yachts to conquer the Multihull Show with two outstanding catamarans

Fountaine Pajot MY4.S

Fountaine Pajot heads for a zero-emission 2030


Scanner Marine conquers the PIBS and prepares for the Venice Boat Show

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Erik Lerouge

Erik Lerouge is a well know naval architect who is behind such multihull designs as the Lady Hawke 33, the Freydis 430, the Barramundi 470 and the Brazapi 51.

His elegant designs are fast through the water, quick to get going and have low windage compared to many modern designs.

barramundi 470

Erik began his sailing career in a Tornado in 1970 and then bought an Iroquois with his father. He started designing multihulls in 1976, including the Pulsar 26,  a successful racing and cruising trimaran.

Many Erik Lerouge catamarans have rotating masts. If you spot a catamaran with a fast, sleek design and a curved cross-beam, the chances are that it is a Lerouge cat.

Examples of Erik Lerouge Catamarans

Jeffcat32 A family cruiser. Later models has longer stern to accommodate twin diesels.

Brazapi The first Brazapi 40, Carpediem, went around Cape-Horn. The second Brazapi 40 was named Jolly Jumper III. Also the Brazapi 51

Freydis Built by Tournier Marine . Eg the Freydis 46, 49.

freydis 46

Soubis Also by Tournier Marine. eg the Soubis 56, Soubis 70.

Ambercat 210

ambercat 210

Also know as the Windbliss 210. Shown above is Albina, built at the Enmar Shipyard, Latvia. Construction: Sandwich from female molds (Vinylester/Foam/Glass/PU Foam). LOA: 20.99m, Beam: 10.505m, Draft: 1.56m

Barramundi Built in Sri Lanka, eg the Barramundi 470

barramundi 470

Petter Built in 50, 55 and 60′, with custom layouts.

Petter 50 catamaran

O-Yachts Class 4 Built in Latvia by Dan Levy and his team

Vik Catamrans

Sizes include 92, 99, 100, 101, 124, 137, 140, 150, 152, 170, 180

vik 124 catamaran lerouge

Shown is a Vik 124. Lerouge’s range of fast cruising catamarans.

Showing the single result

pareri barca trimaran

O-Yachts Class 4

  • Excess Catamarans Starlink Offer May 24
  • Cure 55 Catamaran Build Update
  • Webcam – Club Marítimo Castelldefels
  • Lagoon World Escapade 2024
  • First Vaan Yacht in “Vivid Alu”
  • Lagoon Announce New 43 Sailing Catamaran
  • La Grande Motte – a Coastal Gem
  • Lagoon 60 Launch and Some History
  • Marine Electric Engines: How They Work
  • Windelo Catamaran Partner with Just Catamarans

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  • Bat Kare 42 Trimaran
  • CUSTOM BUILT Bat Kare 42 Trimaran

CUSTOM BUILT Bat Kare 42 Trimaran (2006) in vendita in Buddina, Australia

£236.883 GBP Prezzo di listino $300.000 USD Ottieni una quotazione in valuta estera

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  • Currency Exchange

CUSTOM BUILT Bat Kare 42 Trimaran - 1

Il Custom Built Bat Kare 42 Trimaran 'Tantrum' in vendita si trova a Buddina, in Australia. Completata nel 2006, questa nave da corsa di 12,80 metri si è distinta in regate a numero ridotto come la Route de Rhum. È dotato di uno scafo principale sorprendentemente spazioso con oltre 1,80 metri di altezza libera ed è stato sottoposto a numerosi aggiornamenti tra il 2022 e il 2023, tra cui un nuovo motore Yanmar, elettronica aggiornata e nuove vele. Trasformato in un veloce incrociatore d'altura nel 2019, "Tantrum" rimane pronto sia per le regate che per la piacevole navigazione mondiale. Il trimarano vanta una larghezza di 9,98 metri e offre una piattaforma robusta e sicura, testata in mari agitati.

Relative informazioni CUSTOM BUILT Bat Kare 42 Trimaran


  • New Yanmar 3GM 29HP Diesel engine, 2021
  • New sail drive with Gori 3-blade foldable propeller with Overdrive, 2021
  • New electrics throughout, 2022
  • Rudder modification (400mm deeper and re-profiled)
  • New water-tight bulk heads and bilge pumps (bow and stern)
  • Hulls repainted, inside and topsides
  • (2) New fuel tanks with 120L capacity, 2022
  • (2) New water tanks with 110L capacity, 2022
  • New solar panels with monitoring system
  • 6 berths – NEW upholstery and custom cushions
  • Headroom of 1.90m and over 3m wide
  • All new interior fit out (previously was bare ribs – now with lightweight cruising fit out)
  • New bathroom – manual toilet with sink, room for shower
  • New saloon/Lounge
  • New electronics cabling throughout
  • New stairs, engine box, external sliding hatch cover
  • Rear double, 2 single center bunks and double forward berth
  • NEW carbon fiber kitchen: NEW sink, shelves, tapware, plumbing, custom water tank
  • 80L Refrigerator
  • 2 Stove options – gimballed race gas stove or NEW (still in the box) 3 burner gas stove
  • B&G 3 in 1 Sounder, Speed and Depth
  • B&G Zeus Plotter
  • B&G Wind Instruments
  • B&G H-5000 Racing Software
  • AIS, & VHF radio, VHF handheld
  • NEW 2022 Celfi go and masthead booster aerial
  • NEW 2022 Iridium Go Sat Phone with iPad connection
  • NEW GPS Antennas
  • New mast refurbishment – including repaint and new running rigging – 2021
  • Rigging Dynema & Rod
  • Harken Deckware including Electric Winch (serviced 2022)
  • North 3dL Sails include: Square Top Main Sail, No 3 Genoa, No 1 Genoa 108% (on structural Karver furler), Staysail (on Karver furler), Gennaker G-0 (on Karver furler), NEW Masthead Asymmetric (On top down furler 2021 – 180m2), Fractional Asymmetric, NEW 2022 Storm Jib (on furler), delivery sails
  • New cruising mainsail – 2023
  • 9ft inflatable, hard bottom dinghy
  • Bilge pumps: 1 large Electric gulper, 2 Hand pumps
  • (2) 406 EPIRBS
  • (6) inflatable jackets, with knives and safety harnesses & tether (NEW in 2020)
  • (2) Extinguishers new in 2020 and fire blanket
  • Cat 1 (with the exception of the raft and a few flares being out of date now)
  • Handheld GPS, handheld VHF
  • Jacklines, Orange stickers on underside beams
  • (2) New escape hatches in hull
  • New spare hatch
  • New spare rudder

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Custom Built Bat Kare 42 Trimaran trovata anche sotto:

  • Custom Built Bat Kare 42 Trimaran
  • Custom Built Australia
  • Custom Built Bat Kare 42 Trimaran Australia

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CUSTOM BUILT Union Jack 80 Heritage Tug

£947.530 GBP

Prezzo di listino $1.200.000 USD

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£551.937 GBP

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£366.378 GBP

Prezzo di listino $464.000 USD

ROBERTSON & CAINE Moorings 3800

£104.623 GBP

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£280.311 GBP

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British Marine

Santorini View

  • Catamaran cruises TOP
  • Volcano tours
  • Sunset cruises & boat tours
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  • 1. Watch the Sunset
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  • 3. Walk on the Caldera
  • 4. Visit Volcano and Hot Springs
  • 5. Swim in the Black Beach
  • 6. Visit Red Beach
  • 7. Delish Dinner at Ammoudi
  • 8. Visit a Winery on Caldera
  • 9. Visit the Charming Prophet Elias Monastery
  • 10. Visit Akrotiri Excavations
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favorite hotel

Boat Tours in Santorini

Catamaran cruises, private trimaran cruise in santorini.

pareri barca trimaran

The Private Trimaran Cruise with the first and only racing trimaran Orma 60, “ Akron Aoton ”, offers a unique sailing experience at high levels and amazing speed. This is what its name declares, meaning ‘’the highest point’’ in Ancient Greek.

Get ready to experience the real sailing and explore the beautiful caldera of Santorini with your very own chartered trimaran.

This extraordinary boat performs two caldera cruises, a 4-hour Day Cruise and a 4-hour Sunset Cruise , and sails around the popular Greek island, allowing visitors to take in famous sights. Both cruises start from Vlychada port , on the south part of the island. After cruising past the famous Red Beach and White Beach , you will set sail for Akrotiri village where you will admire its adorable Venetian lighthouse and an interesting rock formation on the caldera called Indian Rock. Next, after passing Aspronisi , you will reach the impressive Volcano of Santorini. It’s a unique sight that you will have the chance to see up-close and feel the wild atmosphere around it.

As the cruise continues, you will reach the small fishing port of Ammoudi , below the picturesque village of Oia , where you will surely become mesmerized by the fascinating view all around you, before returning back to Vlychada port, where the cruise ends.

During both cruises, you will be provided with snacks and fruits , as well as unlimited free local wine, beers, and soft drinks . For the curious divers, snorkelling equipment is provided, in order to explore the beautiful underwater world of Santorini.

Before the end of the Private Sunset Cruise, get ready for the highlight of the tour – the captivating sunset of Santorini – a breathtaking spectacle to relish on board in the middle of the sea.

Our Captain Yiannis has a lot to share about the sea and our beautiful island of Santorini and will ensure that you have the time of your life and gain an unforgettable experience.

  • Snorkeling equipment
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Drinks (white santorinian wine, beer, soft drinks)
  • Fuel & All Taxes
  • Captain and crew
  • Private: Only you & your group
  • Snacks & fruits
  • Swimsuit (The sulfur water may stain your swimsuit, so a dark-coloured one would be suggested)
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Transportation from/to your stay with an A/C mini-bus
  • Full name is required at time of booking for all participants
  • For the sunset cruise, you are advised to bring a jacket
  • All yachts and boats in Greece cannot moor directly on the beach. Sail Away has selected the best points for swimming and snorkeling, the closest possible from the beach
  • Scheduled times and itinerary may vary according to weather conditions and sunset time
  • Subject to favorable weather conditions. If canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund

This truly great experience tied in our stay in Santorini. We got to tour the islands from all the vantage points we missed on-land. The crew was professional and courteous. They hosted us well and knew what they were doing. This sailboat was unique and truly amazing and so was the sunset!

Once your booking is complete, you will receive the voucher, which includes the meeting point, time and supplier’s contact information, at your email address. You need to have it with you, in paper form or in digital form.


If you cancel at least 2 day(s) in advance of the scheduled date, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled date, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Passport or Id

Full names of the passengers (as shown on their passport or id). Passengers need to have onboard with them their passport or id or a copy of them, in case the Port Authority runs a check on the boat. A picture on their mobile will suffice.

Yes, all catamaran cruises include vegetarian/vegan choices i n their menus . Please report your food preference in the "Notes" field of the checkout page.

Yes, if your children are acquainted with the sea, they will love the catamaran ride. In addition, there is snorkeling equipment available on board. Don’t forget to take sunscreen, a hat and a light jacket with you.

Yes, all catamaran cruises provide free pickup and drop-off services no matter where you stay in Santorini. Please fill in the details of your Airbnb on the checkout page.

There are numerous things to do onboard - take delight in the catamaran ride and the amazing views of Santorini from the sea, sunbathe, and enjoy the meal the staff will prepare for you, or just relax with your drink on board!

Absolutely! Greece is one of the safest countries to swim in. You will be glad to know that sharks in the Aegean Sea ( usually from species such as dogfish)  are harmless, sightings are extremely rare while attacks are unheard of! In addition, the waves are usually small, especially inside the Caldera where most boat cruises make stops for swimming. So, based on the above, if you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or even diving... you are in the right place!

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pareri barca trimaran

Noul tau motor de barca este aici

Motoare barci.

Iti oferim unele dintre cele mai versatile, puternice si populare motoare de barca de pe piata din Romania. Motoarele propuse de noi sunt preferate de o multime de clienti deoarece au o plaja foarte mare de aplicabilitate, sunt extrem de versatile si ce este si mai important: sunt durabile si accesibile.

Bine ai venit pe Parsun Romania

De ce sa alegi motoarele noastre


Motoarele de barca comercializate de noi acopera o plaja destul de larga de putere, acoperind practic orice nevoie.

Puterea unui motor de barca este importanta cand vine vorba despre manevrabilitatea barcii sau a vitezei cu care se deplaseaza aceasta. Totusi, este extrem de important ca viitorul tau motor de barca sa corespunda atat necesitatilor tale cat si specificatiilor ambarcatiunii pe care o va propulsa. Un motor de barca subdimensionat sau supradimensionat nici nu va ajuta ambracatiunea si se va uza prematur.

Daca in oferta magazinului nostru nu se gaseste momentan motorul de puterea pe care ti-l doreai, nu este nici o problema. Intra in contact cu noi si gasim solutia potrivita.

Motoare de barca la preturi accesibile

Preturi accesibile

Credem cu tarie ca preturile practicate de noi pentru motoarele de barca pe care le comercializam sunt cel putin competitive. Avem posibilitatea sa importam o varietate consistenta de motoare de barca cu preturi care pot sa acomodeze orice fel de necesitate si buzunar.

In oferta magazinului nostru de motoare de barci vei gasi oferta curenta. Daca pretul motorului si specificatiile acestuia se potrivesc cu asteptarile tale, tot ceea ce trebuie sa faci este sa il adaugi in cos si sa completezi pasii necesari finalizarii comenzii.

Daca exista intrebari sau nelamuriri cu privire la serviciile sau motoarele de barca comercializate de noi, te asteptam sa ne dai un semn!

Motoare de barca fiabile cu durabilitate superioara


Dincolo de garantia standard pentru motoarele de barca comercializate de noi, durabilitatea acestora este una remarcabila. 

De-a lunugul timpului ne-am confruntat cu diverse situatii care au necesitat repararea sau inlocuirea unor componente ale motoarelor de barci. Analizand gradul de uzura dar si incidenta cu care unele tipuri de motoare se defecteaza sau nu, am decis comercializarea motoarelor de barca pe care le poti gasi accesand magazinul nostru online.

Ne dorim o relatie de lunga durata cu cei care achizitioneaza de la noi, iar relatia sa fie construita pe respect si incredere si nu pe mailuri si telefoane in care sa se solicite repararea sau inlocuirea unor motoare. Recomanda deci motoarele din oferta noastra curenta!

Parsun Romania

Gama de beneficii Parsun nu se limiteaza la oferta prezentata in actuala pagina de web.

Linia motorizarilor disponibile are o plaja de aplicatii multiple si se pot comanda variante constructive diferite, precum: motoare termice in patru timpi de 2.5 cai pana la 130 cai , motoare termice in 2 timpi de 2.5 cai pana la 90 de cai si variante motorizate electric. Pentru mai multe detalii, vizualizati catalogul producatorului.


Motoare barca din oferta curenta

Motor de barca parsun 5hp.

- Usor de transportat avand greutate redusa, cu o foarte buna manevrabilitate. - Contact de tip TCI cu pornire rapida la sfoara. - Mod de monitorizare a uleiului cu indicator. - Rezervor incorporat de 1.3L cu posibilitatea atasarii unui rezervor suplimentar. - Maneta de acceleratie ergonomica, pentru a asigura o buna priza la prindere. - Dispozitiv de oprire in caz de urgenta. - Termostat incorporat pentru mentinerea unei temperaturi optime de racire. - Sistem de reducere a vibratiilor induse de motor pentru optimizarea performantelor. - In conformitate cu reglmentarile de emisii poluante, EPA si CE. - Nu necesita permis de ambarcatiune, poate fi utilizat in multiple aplicatii. - Elice standard 3 pale cu 7.5inch x 7inch. - Profilul cismei este unul scurta pentru aplicatii specifice.

Vezi detalii


Accesorii compatibile motoarelor de barca

Elice de barca compatibila yamaha si mercury.

Elicele perfect compatibile pentru barca dumneavoastra cu motor Yamaha sau Mercury. Elicele noastre sunt fabricate din aluminiu de inalta calitate, durabil, puternic si vor dura toata viata ambarcatiunii dumneavoastra. Oferim piese pentru a va oferi linistea ca obtineti potrivirea corecta pentru motorul dumneavoastra.

Motor de barca Parsun de 5 CP

Pompa de apa compatibila Yamaha si Mercury

Motoarele Yamaha si Mercury sunt cunoscute pentru fiabilitatea si fiabilitatea lor in industria ambarcatiunilor. Daca motorul dumneavoastra a inceput sa se defecteze sau sunteti in cautarea unui upgrade, noi, la Genesis Boat RS, avem exact ceea ce aveti nevoie in selectia noastra de pompe de apa! Avem o gama larga de optiuni atat pentru motoare Yamaha, cat si pentru motoarele Mercury, pentru a va satisface toate nevoile.

Scrie-ne ceva!

Nume Email Mesaj Confirm ca am citit si sunt de acord cu politica de confidentialitate. Trimite

Bine ați venit în lumea pescuitului cu bărci din aluminiu MotoCraft. Cu o tradiție de aproape 15 ani în producția de ambarcațiuni de calitate, MotoCraft este alegerea perfectă pentru pasionații de pescuit care caută performanță și confort. Avand design clasic si performanțe remarcabile, barcile noastre sunt construite pentru a transforma fiecare ieșire la pescuit într-o experiență memorabilă.

pareri barca trimaran

Lungime 4.4 mt, latime 1.68 mt, capacitate 4 pers, motorizare maxima 30 cp

MotoCraft Angler

pareri barca trimaran

Lungime 4.1 mt, latime 1.61 mt, capacitate 4 pers, motorizare maxima 20 cp

MotoCraft Fish XL

Construita cu aceeasi grija si materiale de calitate, ca intreaga gama MotoCraft, modelul Fish XL va fi alaturi de dvs pentru tot restul vietii

pareri barca trimaran

Lungime 3.95 mt, latime 1.53 mt, capacitate 4 pers, motorizare maxima 15 cp

MotoCraft Fish

pareri barca trimaran

Lungime 3.9 mt, latime 1.52 mt, capacitate 3 pers, motorizare maxima 10 cp

MotoCraft L390

8.990 RON Vezi detalii MotoCraft si-a creat in timp un nume de încredere în industria nautică din Romania, aducându-vă o gamă impresionantă de bărci din aluminiu, proiectate pentru a satisface nevoile și pasiunile oricărui iubitor de apă.

Asemenea tuturor barcilor de aluminiu, ambarcatiunile MotoCraft pezinta cateva avantaje majore dintre care am putea enumera:

  • Sunt ușoare și rezistente: Aluminiul este un material ușor, ceea ce face ca barcile din aluminiu să aibă cea mai mică greutate la dimensiuni si capacitati similare. Astfel au nevoie de o motorizare mai mică ceea ce se traduce printr-un cost mai scazut pentru ansamblul barca-motor si un cost mai redus atat in ceea ce priveste explotarea cat si mentenanta. Cu toate acestea, aluminiul rămâne un material rezistent, asigurând durabilitate și fiabilitate în timp.
  • Rezistență la coroziune: Aluminiul are o rezistență naturală la coroziune. Această proprietate face ca barcile de aluminiu să fie potrivite pentru utilizarea în medii marine, unde sunt expuse la apă murdara sau alte elemente corozive.
  • Durabilitate: Barcile de aluminiu sunt cunoscute pentru durabilitatea lor putand rezista la impacturi fără a se deforma sau a-și pierde proprietățile structurale.
  • Mentenanță redusă: Datorită rezistenței la coroziune a aluminiului, barcile din acest material necesită în general mai puțină întreținere. Ele nu se oxidează la fel de ușor, nu fac osmoza, nu putrezesc, ceea ce reduce costurile de întreținere pe termen lung.
  • Design versatil: Aluminiul poate fi modelat în forme diverse, permițând proiectarea de barci cu forme și stiluri variate. Acest aspect oferă un grad ridicat de versatilitate în proiectarea și construcția barcilor.
  • Reciclabilitate: Aluminiul este un material reciclabil, ceea ce înseamnă că barcile de aluminiu pot fi reciclate la sfârșitul ciclului lor de viață. Aceasta contribuie la reducerea impactului asupra mediului.

MotoCraft Boats srl


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  • Caută în forumuri

Urmărește clipul video de mai jos pentru a vedea cum să instalezi siteul nostru ca o aplicație web pe pagina ta principală.

Notă: This feature may not be available in some browsers.

  • Discuţii specifice
  • Bărci de agrement: cu motor, pentru pescuit, gonfl

Sfaturi recondiționare barca fibra de sticla

  • Autor subiect Catalin_st
  • Dată creare 20 Mar 2017
  • 20 Mar 2017

Salut. Am achiziționat o barca din fibra de sticla din 1980. Este o barca fabricata in Norvegia, model DRACO 11 MAX. ARE 11 picioare lungime, 1,55 m lățime și un pescaj de 20 cm. Barca arata bine când am achiziționat-o, chiar prea bine pentru vechimea ei. Acest lucru m-a făcut sa o studiez cu atenție sa văd dacă are ceva vicii ascunse. Am descoperit câteva modificări făcute de unul dintre vechii proprietari care nu au fost pe placul meu. A fost adăugată o consola pentru comenzi la distanță, care era confecționată din polistiren extrădat îmbrăcat in fibra de sticla, maxim 2 straturi, cu un finisaj oribil. Am demolat consola și au început sa apăra surprizele. Sub consola, puntea era confecționată din placaj OSB, umflat și putrezit din cauza umezelii. Am demolat din aceasta cauza, parțial și podeaua, am păstrat doar zonele in care am găsit placaj sănătos, un fel de Tego. Dacă o sa reușesc sa atașez ceva poze, o sa vedeți structura punții. Ca sa nu o mai lungesc, sunt in faza in care nu mai am decât chila din fibra peste care am refăcut puntea pe doua nivele. Când zic punte m-a refer la podeaua bărcii. Am refăcut și consola comenzilor la distanță și acum urmează sfatul pe care îl cer. Ce m-a sfătuiți sa fac cu consola? O amplasez central sau lateral? M-a interesează din punct de vedere al echilibrului bărcii. Menționez ca posed o greutate corporală de 110 kg. In alta ordine de idei, barca are fund dublu, care a fost umplut cu spuma. Aceasta am scos-o complet împreuna cu ca 20-30 litri apa stocată in ea. Este obligatoriu sa pun alta spuma? Îmi este teama ca și aceasta se va îmbibă cu apa. Tind sa cred ca spuma nu a fost introdusă când a fost fabricata barca. In ea am găsit și bucăți de extrădat. Va mulțumesc pentru răbdare și aștept sfaturi.  


  • 21 Mar 2017

Salut Catalin. Barca a fost modificata in stil "romanesc" de cei care au avut-o inaintea ta, dar e bine ca ai observat si ai inceput sa remediezi "bulelile". De obicei, montarea laterala (spre tribord - dreapta) a consolei se face in 2 cazuri: 1. Cand motorul e mare, iar elicea induce barcii un cuplu de bandare spre babord (din cauza sensului orar de rotire a elicei). Astfel ca, prin montarea consolei si scaunului la tribord, se reechilbreaza barca transversal. Aceasta varianta de montare a consolei e specifica barcilor mai mari, cu motoare puternice. 2. La barci cu motoare mai mici, se monteaza consola in tribord atunci cand mai exista un loc in babord (scaun, bancheta etc), deci loc pentru inca un om, care va echilibra barca transversal. La barca ta, chiar daca e de tip trimaran si deci stabila transversal, cea mai buna solutie e montarea centrala a consolei, fiind vorba de o barca destul de mica. Conteaza totusi si motorizarea si numarul de pasageri. Asa ca eu in locul tau as face cateva probe pe apa cu diferite incarcari si diferite amplasari longitudinale ale consolei, pana imi place cum se aseaza barca in mars, dupa care as fixa-o in pozitia aleasa. Despre spuma, incearca sa o eviti cu orice pret. Exista afara spume hidrofuge, speciale pentru barci, dar la noi nu ai siguranta ca gasesti asa ceva. Cel mai bine lasi paiolul (podeaua) fara spuma sau polistiren expandat dedesubt, si montezi un dop cu garnitura pentru evacuarea la nevoie a apei adunate sub paiol. Daca mai ai nelamuriri, scrie-le si te indrumam in continuare. Spor la lucru si cat mai multe bucurii pe ape iti dorim.  

teo pes

Mare grija la placajul pe care l ai pus (la mine dupa un sezon s a facut plastilina )!!! , fara spuma (eu o am in dublufund si cred ca I plina de apa si nu mai tai puntea ), verifica si starea pupa (eu anul asta desfac si inlocuiesc ,,placajul ,, de fapt un material gelatinos putred) daca tot desfaci...., ce aplici pe exterior? topcoat!? sau vopsesti?  

Mulțumesc pentru raspunsuri-sfaturi. Barca a fost modificata "românește" in Germania. O sa montez pe ea un motor de 20 cp in 4 timpi. Cred ca intra la categoria motoare mici. In ceea ce privește placajul, am menționat ca este vorba de tego antiderapant, de montaj. Este acel material pe care îl vedeți prin remorci, camionete, etc. Este un material conceput sa reziste in mediu umed ( ploi, zăpezi). Înainte de montaj, o sa ii aplic unu-doua straturi de rășină cu fibra. In final, barca o sa o vopsesc cu vopsea emex-yaht.  

Mulțumesc pentru sfaturi. Am ales tego deoarece lemnul utilizat este o esența mai tare. M-am gândit la aderentă cu rășină și deși este mai mult de munca am ales sa șlefuiesc puțin suprafețele cu un șlefuitor cu vibrații. Deja am confecționat tot ce era de confecționat din tego și am început sa montez. Folosesc rășină epoxidice. In ceea ce privește vopseaua, este deja achiziționata. La sfatul celor de la emex am achiziționat și un primer cu care o sa dau înainte. Folosesc doua noapte de vopsea, verde deschis și alb-gri. Sper sa nu fie probleme. Din fisa tehnica a vopselei, reiese ca trebuie așteptat cam 24 ore între straturi, iar întărirea totala se face cam in 7 zile. Noroc ca sezonul de pescuit începe mai încolo. Am timp.  

Poate cineva sa aproximeze costul restaurarii unei barci, precum cea din pozele din atasament ? M-ar interesa sa stiu cat de amplu poate fi demersul de restaurare (adica timp si bani), in conditiile in care nu am pic de experienta in reconditionare de barci (am doar entuziasm) si pot sa lucrez la ea doar in weekenduri. Merita coaja asta+ peridocul (pt care nu exista acte) 800 euro? Stiu ca nu am prezentat toate datele legate de stadiul in care se afla barca, pt a putea vorbi in cunostinta de cauza, dar m-ar interesa sa stiu cam la ce sa ma astept. Multumesc anticipat pt raspuns!  


Multumesc Vali pt solicitudine. Pt mine e importanta parerea ta, pt vine din partea unuia care vorbeste din experienta, nu din auzite. Eu asta am si intentionat, sa caut o cabinata ieftina pe care s-o reconditionez si sa cumpar un motor nou. Cum unul de 40 sau 50 CP e in jur de 5000 euro, caut sa minimizez investitia in barca. Am discutat cu un marangoz din Calarasi despre posibilitatea de a mai ma ajuta, atunci cand el are timp si eu nu stiu cum trebuie sa fac unele lucrari. Mai vorbim noi.  

Eu as evita investitia intr-un motor nou, fiindca isi pierde imens din valoare imediat ce a fost cumparat prima oara. Exista pe piata motoare sh in stare aproape perfecta, important e sa cauti cu rabdare si sa mergi pe contacte (persoane) de incredere. In felul asta, cu putin noroc poti gasi un motor cu aceleasi calitati ca unul nou, dar la jumatate de pret. In acest caz, poti cauta pana gasesti o barca la care nu mai e nevoie de atatea lucrari de renovare. Si pentru mine, care am "pielea groasa" si multe barci construite sau reparate la activ, e un cosmar numai cand ma gandesc cata munca implica renovarea unei barci precum cea din poze. Si ar fi cred mare pacat sa te apuci de treaba ca sa constati mai tarziu ca nu poti termina singur, din cauza vreunei alergii la praf de fibra sau la vreo rasina. Deci sfatul meu e sa te orientezi catre o barca la care sa nu ai mult de lucrat, decat cel mult de schimbat echiparea, cosmetizat etc. In acest caz vei ajunge cam la aceeasi cheltuiala, daca te hotarasti pe un motor sh in stare buna. Oricum, dupa cum spuneai si tu, mai povestim, pana gasim solutia optima pentru nevoile tale.  

Vali: alegerea unui motor nou (va fi Yamaha) implica o discutie care nu poate fi purtata pe un forum public. E vorba despre o intelegere, reciproc avantajoasa, intre mine si propietarul magazinului care imi ofera motorul. Il voi plati in rate, timp de doi ani, fara vreun cost suplimentar la finalul ratelor. Eu il ajut intr-o alta chestiune (trece ceva pe numele meu, e mai complicat de explicat aici), care pe el l-ar fi costat f mult. Deci e o combinatie mai complexa. Dar analizez serios ce mi-ai spus, mai ales ca si calarasanul care construieste barci m-a pus in garda si mi-a atras atentia ca eu singur nu termina barca aia de restaurat, iar daca o duc la vreun atelier dedicat ajung prea sus cu cheltuiala si nu se justifica.  

Ok, am inteles. In cazul asta, ramane poate sa mai cauti barci, pana gasesti una in stare mai apropiata de a fi utilizata. Pastram oricum legatura.  

  • 31 Ian 2018

Am o barca Angelo Molinari 410, achizitionata anul trecut. In toamna trecuta i-am facut cateva reparatii deoarece am obsevat o spartura in dreptul rolei centrale de la peridoc. Reparatia a decurs bine, cu 3 straturi de fibra, peste care am dat cu gelcoat. Problema e ca am observat cu aceasta ocazie, ca este cam flexibila fibra in acea zona si as vrea sa mai adaug 1 sau 2 straturi de fibra pe toata zona imersa a barcii pentru a o intari. Este bine sa ma apuc de o astfel de lucrare sau nu? Daca da, care sunt pasi care trebuie urmati (trebuie sa slefuiesc pana la fibra de sticla sau pot sa laminez peste gelcoatul orginal)?  

Gelcoat-ul este doar un fel de fard. Efemer, trecator, provizoriu si fara rol de rezistenta. Cam ca si la pitzipoancele culese de prin cluburi. La barca, daca ai intentii serioase, slefuiesti pana la fibra ! La pitzipoance (daca ai intentii serioase) aplici dusul ;-) Sper ca s-a inteles aluzia ;-)  

  • 12 Feb 2018

Cate straturi pot sa mai adaug? Ce fel de fibra sa folosesc (staratimat sau tesatura) si ce densitate?  

  • Performance
  • Construction
  • NEEL 43 PERFORMANCE limited edition
  • Rental-Management
  • Charter a NEEL trimaran

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Rent a NEEL


The NEEL 43, surprising and innovative

The neel 43, lombard-designed, is even more innovative and impressive, and with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials, neel-trimarans has confirmed its determined commitment to respecting the environment., photos and videos, neel 43 sailing, the neel 43 is a trimaran that is both fast and safe, yet easily manoeuvrable by a small crew. its handling at sea, coupled with its performance and comfort levels are outstanding..

NEEL 43 15

NEEL 43 Exterior

The helm station is especially ergonomic, offering a triple seat,it is accessible, from the cockpit or from the deck. the cockloon® effect can be appreciated thanks to the wide opening between the cockpit and the saloon..

NEEL 43 21

NEEL 43 Interior

The distribution of volumes, flow of movement and luminosity make this new interior a truly unique living space. there are two double cabins, and the configuration of the saloon can be rearranged to sleeps up to 4 people.

NEEL 43 25

NEEL 43 Life style

The neel 43, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is both fun at anchor and efficient at sea. life on board the neel 43 is definitely synonymous with pleasure and holidays with a a saloon and a cockpit which communicate easily and which form the famous cockloon®.

NEEL 43 54


NEEL 43 pont


Testimony - Crossing the Atlantic on a NEEL 43 ? A child’s play! 1

Testimony – Crossing the Atlantic on a NEEL 43 ? A child’s play!

Last July, the SAIL AND SURF WITH THE PLANET family had just taken delivery of their NEEL 43 in La Rochelle. Audrey, Christophe and their 4 children had taken the...

Around the world with 4 children aboard a NEEL 43 : the testimony of the SAIL AND SURF family 7

Around the world with 4 children aboard a NEEL 43 : the testimony of the SAIL AND SURF family

You have owned a NEEL 43 for a few weeks now. Why did you choose a NEEL trimaran and more precisely the NEEL 43 ? At the beginning of...

First months of sailing with a NEEL 43 1

First months of sailing with a NEEL 43

You have owned a NEEL 43 for a few months now. Why did you choose a NEEL trimaran and more precisely the NEEL 43 ?  I have known and visited...



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Sailingfast 2018 Zhik 600x500

François Gabart, skipper of the new trimaran SVR-Lazartigue

pareri barca trimaran

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Minn Kota Terrova - Motor Electric

Vopsea pentru punte interdeck international 750ml.

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  1. Foto gratuiti di barca a vela Neel 45 trimarano a noleggio

    pareri barca trimaran

  2. Foto gratuiti di barca a vela Neel 45 trimarano a noleggio

    pareri barca trimaran

  3. 2023 Trimaran Sunset Sailing in Caldera provided by Barca Sailing

    pareri barca trimaran

  4. Trimaran sailing yacht

    pareri barca trimaran

  5. Foto gratuiti di barca a vela Neel 45 trimarano a noleggio

    pareri barca trimaran

  6. Foto gratuiti di barca a vela Neel 45 trimarano a noleggio

    pareri barca trimaran


  1. Выход парусной яхты в море

  2. Bardi Pahar Eco Resort

  3. ПароПерегреватель Шмырина (ППШ) от ТиС. Тест на Печи для Русской Бани Ферингер!

  4. Mia Trimaran F22r vs kite _ Cruise day

  5. NEW NEEL 47

  6. Паром из Италии в Грецию (Бари


  1. Wow, that was fast! Why trimarans are SO much fun to sail

    Trimaran sail trim. One of the biggest differences between a cruising monohull and a multihull is how the mainsail is trimmed. Leech tension on a yacht is often largely controlled by the kicker and the backstay, while the mainsheet sheets the mainsail in and out, predominantly controlling the angle of the boom to the centreline, and there may be a short traveller.

  2. pareri barca trimaran

    Free Shipping in the US on Orders $75+ 1-888-609-2827; Item added to your cart. The Complete List of Trimarans. There is no single trimaran that is best for everyone. Where some p

  3. 16 Best Trimarans For Sailing Around The World (And a Few For

    This trimaran retails for $595,000, making it a cheaper option than the Rapido 60. 5. Dragonfly 40. The Dragonfly 40 measures 40 feet (12 meters) in length. It features high-comfort standards, making it one of the best trimarans in the market for taking your family for a cruise.

  4. 6 Best Trailerable Trimarans For Bluewater and Coastal Sailing

    Here are 6 of the best trailerable trimaran: The Dragonfly series. F-22. Corsair Series. Astus. Weta 14.5. Windrider 17. Choosing the best trailerable trimaran (a multi-hull with three "hulls") will depend on crucial factors like speed, durability, design, and ease of transportation.

  5. Our home

    Our home. Welcome aboard our dearest home under sail "POLY". It is a 50 feet trimaran. We made almost everything on our own, from scratch….and now absolutely love that sailboat! It is fast, comfortable … our best home we could have ever imagined. Happy to welcome you here! Join our sailing family life.

  6. Rapido 60

    "I sailed Rapido Hull #01 on the Mediterranean Sea the other day and we were doing 14 knots upwind while cooking in the spacious kitchen!" Ferdinand van West (former F18 World Champion working with designers, Morrelli & Melvin).(Click here for original article in Catamaran Racing.)Billed as the World's Ultimate Ocean Cruising Trimaran, the Rapido 60 really is the Queen of the Oceans.

  7. Patí vela

    The "Patí de vela" in Catalan, or, in Spanish, "Patí a vela" [literally, "Sailing Skate"], has become one of the emblems of the Catalan capital. This small catamaran, now a one-design class, has the particularity of being driven by a lateen-rigged sail, but most notably, not having a steering system - or any appendages whatsoever.

  8. Marlin 33 is the multihull of the year 2022

    The foldable sailing trimaran Marlin 33 has won the prestigious 'Best Multihull of 2022' award, the world's highest accolade for multihull sailing and motor boats. Awarded in recent days at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte, France, the prize was consigned into the hands of the Marlin 33's designer, Dane Jan Andersen, at a special ceremony.

  9. Dragonfly 32 Supreme boats for sale

    Youboat currently has 2 Dragonfly 32 supreme boats for sale, including 2 used boats listed by both private sellers and professional boat dealerships. The oldest boat listed on Youboat was built in 2018, and the youngest was built in 2018. The prices range from 330,000 € to 360,000 €. Other related boats from the same Dragonfly are: 25 Sport ...

  10. Erik Lerouge Catamarans

    Erik Lerouge is a well know naval architect who is behind such multihull designs as the Lady Hawke 33, the Freydis 430, the Barramundi 470 and the Brazapi 51. His elegant designs are fast through the water, quick to get going and have low windage compared to many modern designs. Barramundi 470. Erik began his sailing career in a Tornado in 1970 ...

  11. CUSTOM BUILT Bat Kare 42 Trimaran 2006 Usato Barca in/a Vendita in

    CUSTOM BUILT Bat Kare 42 Trimaran (2006) in vendita in Buddina, Australia. £236.883 GBP Prezzo di listino $300.000 USDOttieni una quotazione in valuta estera. Survey It Transport It Finance It Currency Exchange ... Barca visualizzata volte nelle ultime 48 ore.

  12. Private Trimaran Cruise in Santorini

    The Private Trimaran Cruise with the first and only racing trimaran Orma 60, " Akron Aoton ", offers a unique sailing experience at high levels and amazing speed. This is what its name declares, meaning ''the highest point'' in Ancient Greek. Get ready to experience the real sailing and explore the beautiful caldera of Santorini ...


    Iti oferim unele dintre cele mai versatile, puternice si populare motoare de barca de pe piata din Romania. Motoarele propuse de noi sunt preferate de o multime de clienti deoarece au o plaja foarte mare de aplicabilitate, sunt extrem de versatile si ce este si mai important: sunt durabile si accesibile. Bine ai venit pe Parsun Romania.

  14. 2017 Neel 45 Evolution, Méditerranée, France ...

    Questo accessorio migliora notevolmente le prestazioni della barca, che è già molto elevata, soprattutto di bolina con vento leggero. ... NEEL 45: Creature Comfort meets High Performance Trimaran Sailing. Zuzana Prochazka. August 12, 2013. Boat Reviews. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509: Comfortable, Versatile and Clever. Zuzana Prochazka. October 14 ...

  15. MotoCraft.ro

    Aceasta contribuie la reducerea impactului asupra mediului. Astfel o barca de aluminiu MotoCraft reprezintă alegerea perfectă pentru cei pasionați de pescuit, navigație și aventuri nautice. Cu un design elegant, performanțe superioare și o durabilitate excepțională, aceste ambarcațiuni devin partenerii ideali pentru orice aventură pe ...

  16. Sfaturi recondiționare barca fibra de sticla

    Salut. Am achiziționat o barca din fibra de sticla din 1980. Este o barca fabricata in Norvegia, model DRACO 11 MAX. ARE 11 picioare lungime, 1,55 m lățime și un pescaj de 20 cm. Barca arata bine când am achiziționat-o, chiar prea bine pentru vechimea ei. Acest lucru m-a făcut sa o studiez cu atenție sa văd dacă are ceva vicii ascunse.

  17. Neel 43

    Charter a NEEL trimaran. News, boatshows and reviews. News. Boat shows. Reviews. Contact. LEEN-TRIMARANS. NEEL-TRIMARANS GROUP. NEEL OWNERS COMMUNITY. PHONES +33 546 290 871. E-MAIL. [email protected]. ADDRESS. 4 rue Virginie Hériot - Plateau nautique BP 23085 - 17032 La Rochelle Cedex - France Private area. Receive an offer.

  18. François Gabart, skipper of the new trimaran SVR-Lazartigue

    Related Articles Rolex Fastnet Race: New record for François Gabart Superb video footage of Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue At the helm of the Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue, François Gabart and his crew secured line honours in the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race on Sunday 23 July in 1 day 08 hours 38 minutes and 27 seconds. Posted on 24 Jul 2023 A promising debut for Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue

  19. Marlin 33 Trimaran

    MARLIN 33 TRIMARAN. We sell almost complete boats ( in "turnkey condition") ready-to-sail as "race" and "cruise" editions. Please contact us HERE! We wil send you equipment and price lists. In some sailing areas, we will launch a "one design" class based on the "BLACK MARLIN" prototype for fair racing with similar equipment in one division regatta fleets. Open designs for multihull racing under na

  20. The New F-33

    The 2015 F-33 is a new design by Ian Farrier, having evolved from the F-32, and replaces the original 2004 F-33. It is available in several formats, the F-33, F-33X (with wider center hull), or the more race orientated F-33R and F-33RX, plus all carbon versions, the F-33RC and F-33RXC. Both aft cabin and aft cockpit versions are also currently ...

  21. Kimple Romania

    Jon Boat J4217 - Barca din aluminiu Pret intreg 14.783,00 lei -2.200,00 lei Pret 12.583,00 lei Kimple Jon Boat J4217 - Barca din aluminiu marin, complet sudata, ideala pentru construirea unui veritabil bass boat de la zero

  22. 2013 Farrier F32 SRCX

    2013 Farrier F32 SRCX. $225,000.00. Year: 2013. Length: 32'. Engine/Fuel Type: Located In: US. Hull Material: Composite. Taniwha (formerly known as Jailbreak) is the fastest, highest-tech Farrier-designed folding trimaran ever built. No expense has been spared to make this all carbon boat the lightest and fastest possible.


    Website dedicat exclusiv tranzactiilor de barci si accesorii pentru acestea. Anunturi barci, motoare, peridocuri, skijeturi, veliere, navomodele, sonare, articole de pescuit si vanatoare, accesorii ambarcatiuni.