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location catamaran fort de france

Punch Croisières, une invitation au voyage ...

Etablis depuis 25 ans au Marin, en Martinique , Punch Croisières met à votre disposition sa flotte de bateau , voiliers , monocoques ou catamaran ...

Nos 18 bateaux ont été choisis pour leurs qualités marines. Ils sont aussi équipés pour le confort et l'autonomie à l'escale.

Leur niveau d'équipement et de fiabilité a fait de nous une référence dans la location de bateau en Martinique , tant de courte que de longue durée.

Avec nous, il ne vous reste plus qu'à larguer les amarres, border les voiles et partir vivre votre rêve !

La location de catamaran ou voilier en Martinique est idéale pour toutes les personnes qui sont à la recherche de réelles sensations de navigation, pour découvrir de nouvelles zones de navigation ou pour passer des vacances en famille dans des lieux exceptionnels et exclusifs.

Bénéficiez de la location de bateau en Martinique avec ou sans skipper. Si vous êtes débutant nous proposons la location de monocoque en Martinique : c’est la solution idéale pour apprendre en toute sécurité les plaisirs de la voile.

Découvrez également notre formule de gestion locative ! Vous aimez la navigation ? Partez en toute confiance avec Punch Croisières.

Carnaval de St Lucie

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245 boats available for bareboat or crewed charter

Yachts from professional fleet operators in Martinique

Free cancellation of reservation without obligations within 4 days

Most popular boats For rent in MARTINIQUE


SUN ODYSSEY 389 sailboat charter (2019)


Rent a boat LAGOON 42 PREMIUM (4 CAB+2) (2025) in Martinique


Catamaran Bali 4.3 - 4 + 2 cab. (2019) for rent in Martinique


SABA 50 MAESTRO catamaran charter (2019)


Rent a boat Lagoon 42 - 4 + 2 cab. (2024) in Martinique


Trimaran NEEL 45 ( TRIMARAN) (2015) for rent in Martinique

Main image -

Lagoon 42 catamaran charter (2018)

Golden delicious -

Rent a boat Nautitech 40 (4 cab + 2) (2020) in Martinique


Catamaran Bali 5.4 - 6 + 2 cab. (2020) for rent in Martinique


Lagoon 620 - 6 + 2 cab. catamaran charter (2020)

Top destinations in martinique for boat rental.

Le Marin

240 boats for charter

from €1,323 per week



5 boats for charter

from €3,298 per week

Types of boats available for rent in Martinique

Catamaran charter

183 catamarans available for rent in Martinique, form €1,621 for 1 week charter. Ideal option for group of friends or family vacation.

Catamaran charter

Sailboat charter

There are 53 sailboats available for charter in Martinique, prices start from €1,364 per week. Most budget friendly option for a vacation.

Sailboat charter

Trimaran charter

7 trimarans available for rent in Martinique, with prices from €3,230 per week. Great option for skippers looking for performance boats.

Trimaran charter

Power boat charter

2 powerboats available in Martinique for rent, starting from €1,729 per week. Bareboat or crewed options available for sailing vacations.

Power boat charter

Gulets charter

Currently not available for charter in this country. Check other boat types.

Gulets charter

Houseboat charter

Houseboat charter

Yacht charter types available in Martinique

Bareboat charter, crewed yachts, by the cabin charter, skippered boats, cost of boat rental in martinique.

Average yacht charter cost in Martinique starts from €1,364 per week. Graphic below represents fluctuation of charter prices in Martinique during the year, based on a sample of 50 boats ranging from 40 to 50-foot. This graphic shows months with lowest prices during the year as well high season when prices are above average. Before booking the boat at lowest rate, please check sailing conditions as usually best prices are during off season.

Sailing conditions in Martinique

Air temperature, precipitation and wind force may vary significantly during the year. Below you may find graphics with min and max temperature and average precipitation days in Martinique during the year. Book your charter vacation in Martinique wisely! Considering sailing conditions along with the best price offers

Average day and night temperature

The mean minimum and maximum temperatures over the year

Monthly precipitation

The mean monthly precipitation over the year, including rain, snow, hail etc.

Martinique Yacht Charter Reviews with 12knots

Ann-Tyler Conradi

“Great customer service!”

We had a fantastic experience using 12 Knots to find the perfect long-term charter situation for our family during COVID. They were extremely fast in responding to our inquiries and patient with a million questions on our end. We worked closely with …

Martinique Yacht Charters

Martinique Yacht Charters

Martinique is part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser  Antilles lain between the northern and southern islands of St. Martin  and Grenada. Due to its location on the dividing line between the  Atlantic and the Caribbean it is highly exposed to the northeast trade  winds during the wintertime and is well known for good sailing  conditions.

Martinique offers Caribbean classics of flawless white sand beaches  on the southern coast, and black sand on the northern coast.  Palm-fringed sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, hidden coves perfect  for swimming and snorkeling, unspoiled fishing villages, hot springs,  lush rainforests, rugged peaks and exotic flowers and fruit everywhere.

History of Martinique

Martinique has always been a rich, populated island,  characterized by its luscious foliage and varied landscape. Many  different groups of island peoples inhabited the area before it was  settled by the French in 1635. The French used the island to construct  sugarcane plantations, and farmed other tropical fruits and spices such  as bananas, coffee, cinnamon, and much more. The island was praised for  its plentiful harvests, and the sugarcane plantations helped make  Martinique the “Rum Capital of the World.”

In the 1600s, Martinique was the center for the French Antilles (the  West Indies), both culturally and politically. It hosted the best  resources for food, textiles, and luxury items including spice and rum  exports. The small island grew in popularity, and many French settlers  flocked to the area to stake their claim on the riches and bounty of the  West Indies.

Martinique never separated from the French Republic, and still  carries French influence in their culture and cuisine. French is the  official language of Martinique; however, most citizens also speak  Antillean Creole and some English. The Antillean Creole is still used in  many native song, literature, and in the everyday life of Martinique  natives. Martinique is a cultural melting pot, with both islander and  French influences creating a vibrant scene of art, cuisine, music and  more.

By the locals, Martinique is called the “Island of Revenants,” or  those who will always return. Each year, hundreds of sailors return to  Martinique for its unique culture and atmosphere. And every year, they  discover something new. Martinique is a small island, but one with many  great discoveries, places to see, and adventures to take. You can learn  more about the history of Martinique when you visit Le Marin the main  yacht charter base on the island.

French Culture of Martinique

As part of the French Antilles, Martinique has a unique blend  of Caribbean and French style incorporated into culture, business, music  and food. You can observe the French influence in the bustling markets,  French-Creole restaurants, and fashion straight from the streets of  Paris.

The French élan, or natural spirit, is felt in Martinique’s historical charm yet modern fashion, food and lifestyle. 

Martinique is known for a signature style of music, zouk, which  combined European and Caribbean styles of classical music in both  orchestral bands and modern electronic groups. Zouk music is often used  in Martinique’s festivals and traditional dance as part of celebration.  Vaval is the biggest festival of the year. It is a four-day extravaganza  leading up to Lent, similar to Mardi Gras in the U.S. This is a great  time for sailors to rent a boat or catamaran, as there is always  something to do, see, and enjoy during Vaval. Zouk and biguine dance  music dominate the local restaurants and festivals, and can be heard on  the streets far and wide in Martinique.

Martinique’s second cultural draw is the cuisine. Martinique  specializes in a fusion of French and Creole food, with heavy emphasis  on French fine pastries and Caribbean seafood. You can find restaurants  that serve three course meals for relatively inexpensive prices, usually  serving fish, shellfish, and native-grown vegetables and medleys. Many  restaurants will offer French wine pairings with your meal, or you can  opt for a traditional Caribbean rum. Hundreds of restaurants are  scattered across Martinique’s shorelines, collecting droves of sailors  eager to sample the unique food and its cultural significance.

Nature and Landscapes

Nature and Landscapes

Martinique is a real tropical paradise, from the crystal clear  waters to the untouched rainforest landscape that covers a majority of  the island. Martinique is unique to the French Antilles in its fertile  growing grounds and towering peaks. While the stunning landscapes of  Martinique are more than enough for one explorer to appreciate, there  are many nearby islands for you to stop and see during your yacht  charter trip.

The Arawaks, one of the first tribal peoples to inhabit Martinique,  called the island Madinina, “Isle of Flowers.” Martinique is covered  with exotic wildflowers, ranging from colorful orchids, to rare  frangipani and flamingo flowers. Hibiscus flowers are some of the most  prominent, and hundreds of varieties color the forests and the streets.  Those with a green thumb will love seeing the vibrant foliage present on  the island. It is unlike any landscape most sailors ever get to  experience.

Martinique is also home to the volcano Mount Pelée. It towers over  the island town of St. Pierre, known by the locals as the “Pompeii of  the Caribbean.” In 1902 it wiped out most of the town of St. Pierre,  however small villages eventually rebuilt along the shores. Mount Pelée  has not seen activity since 1932, and provides visitors a beautiful  sight to behold while sailing across the waters or travelling by land.

Nearby Islands and Attractions

Though Martinique has plenty of history and culture to soak in  during your yacht charter. From Martinique, you can easily sail to St.  Lucia or St. Vincent. These two islands were also once European  colonies, and share some of the same history and blended culture that  Martinique has to offer. They provide you with more flavors, sights, and  attractions if you want to venture off course during your Martinique  sailing vacation.

Just south of Martinique (approximately 41 nm), you can moor at St.  Lucia. This trip only takes about five to six hours sailing at moderate  speed, which means you can make an overnight trip or stay a couple days  to see all this lush island has to offer. It is covered with dense  rainforest, waterfalls, and beaches bordering the crystal clear waters  of the Caribbean. The locals are very welcoming, and will show you  around St. Lucia’s most popular attractions as well as native favorites.  From horseback riding to all-you-can-eat Creole cuisine, St. Lucia is  the perfect getaway if your charter sailing boat in Martinique.

If you want to take the trip one step further, travel to St. Vincent  next yacht charter destination. Just eight hours (61nm) from St. Lucia,  St. Vincent is a beautiful Caribbean island with the seclusion and  natural beauty that other more inhabited islands can’t offer. While St.  Vincent still has bustling streets and vibrant community life, it also  provides vast expanses of wildlife preserves and volcanic terrain that  few people ever get to experience. St. Vincent was a prime location for  the filming of  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,  and hundreds of locals were hired to as minor cast members.

Of course, there is plenty to do and see in Martinique, if you want  to spend more of your time on land rather than sailing around nearby  islands. For a historical overview of the country, visit the Habitation  Clement in La Francois. This historic distillery gives you an overview  of what colonial life was like in Martinique during early trade days.  For a more modern look at Martinique’s rum production, visit the Depaz  Distillery in St. Pierre. This distillery has been known for producing  some of the world’s best rum, dating back to 1651. They use pure blue  cane, and export all over the world.

Yacht Charters in Martinique

Martinique is the perfect place to plan your sailing vacation.  Warm winds and a dry winter make sailing conditions ideal for the  majority of the year. With a variety of professionally maintained  yachts, catamarans and sailing boats to choose, you can’t go wrong with a  Martinique yacht charter. 12 Knots offers crewed yacht charters as well  as bareboat rentals depending on your sailing experience.

The average temperature in Martinique stays around 20-30°C (68-86°F)  year round, with short rain showers in late spring and summer. March and  April are typically the driest months, as well as the most windy.  Northeastern trade winds arrive in the Caribbean between 20-25 knots in  the first half of the year (December to June). Martinique is located on  the edge of the Caribbean bordering the Atlantic Ocean, which means it  is exposed to the strongest trade winds. January through April provide  the best temperatures, light rain, and wind for sailing in Martinique.

On your yachting trip, you can choose to sail around the island, or  travel across the Caribbean to some of the nearby islands. Sailing  north, you’ll reach Dominica, and to the south St. Lucia island. St.  Lucia is home to Soufrière, a town surrounded by luscious rainforest.  This forested area contains several hiking trails where you can catch a  glimpse of waterfalls, hot springs and dormant volcanoes as they tower  over Rodney Bay.

You will start your charter at Le Marin, the main boar rentals hub in  Martinique. You can choose among a variety of sailing yacht and  catamaran charters depending on your desires and budget. Our sailing  yacht and catamarans include luxurious, spacious living quarters,  all-inclusive equipment and the option to have crew members on deck for  sailing assistance and navigation. We offer bareboat charters for  experienced sailors, but encourage you to bring as much gear, and even  hire a skipper if sailing in Grenadines is a new adventure for you.

Should you choose 12 Knots Yachting Club, you are guaranteed a  once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean experience unlike no other. We will offer  you vast variety of professionally maintained yachts, well equipped, and  hospitable staff to make your vacation as relaxed or daring as you  prefer. If you want to enjoy a private yachting experience but have  little sailing experience, sign up for our sailing school and learn  everything you need to know about the open waters. Your experience is up  to you; we are here simply to ensure it is the best possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about yachting in Martinique

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in martinique , how many boats are available for rent in martinique , what are the main yacht charter bases in martinique , what boats are available for charter in martinique .

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Set sail in Martinique onboard Dufour  460 Grand Large Liberty

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Fort-de-France, Martinique could be the ideal yachting playground for you

Top private boat rentals inventory in fort-de-france, martinique, learn how to find your yacht for extraordinary boating experiences, how much does it cost to rent a fort-de-france, martinique boat for a day, can i pay in installments for my sailo boat rental, sustainable boating tips.

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Also take a look at: Le Marin, Martinique Sainte Anne, Martinique Trois-Ilets Grande Anse

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Discover Fort-de-France during a catamaran cruise in Martinique. On the program: fine sand, turquoise water, Creole culture, flamboyant nature... there is so much to discover!

Full boat

Catamaran cruises Fort-de-France: 3 cabin cruises

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Catamaran cruise Fort-de-France : which travel will suit you ?

Catamaran cruise fort-de-france : our favorite experiences, catamaran cruise fort-de-france : the skippair advices for your trip, catamaran cruise in fort-de-france.

Embark on a catamaran in Fort-de-France for an unforgettable cruise. The catamaran offers great comfort to its occupants, particularly thanks to its living space and trampoline between the two hulls, ideal for relaxing in the sun. It also allows you to get as close as possible to the islets to make the most of them. From Fort-de-France , you can quickly reach Les Anses d'Arlet, an authentic place ideal for snorkeling, the beach of Les Salines, a paradisiacal place and of course the islands of Ste Lucie and the Grenadines. These are essential places for your catamaran cruises in Martinique, among many others that you can discover during your cruise.

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Fort de France 14″36N 61″00W


Lun – Ven : 8h -17h Sam – Dim : 9h – 17h

Étang Z’Abricots Port – Fort de France


Disembarking in fort-de-france.

With its modern nautical facilities, Étang Z’Abricots Port offers a secure marina area to the numerous boats arriving or transiting through Martinique. Located just 15 minutes away from downtown Fort-de-France and the airport , and very close to all commodities, the marina basin is ideally located between the mangrove and ​​the urban district of L’Étang Z’Abricots.

This marina is reputed for respecting its environment as well as for its quality infrastructures. It consists of a boat park and a water space made up of two roof purlins that can accommodate boats up to 25m wingspan.

  • 130 places ashore
  • Wifi access, sanitary installations …


mooring rings

The Étang Z’Abricots Marina is versatile and modern . It is also a very convenient port with its ideal location in the Caribbean yachting market. Our goal is to offer quality services to all our visitors so that the city of Fort-de-France and the whole island would always be a successful stopover.

–  Frantz Thodiard ,  Director of the Operating Board

Located in the heart of the Martinican capital, L’Étang Z’Abricots marina offers all essential services on site or nearby. A professional and dynamic team will take care of you and will guide you through your stopover. The two restaurants, the store, the laundromat, the refueling station, the ice dispensers, the toilets and showers, as well as the free Wi-Fi access are all assets for a successful stay.

A day our on a Catamaran in Martinique : an unforgettable sea excursion

Blue Dream: Culture, sailing, and patrimony

Excursion on a catamaran in Martinique

Live the experience of a day cruise !

  • The Pearl of the North

The Diamond

Private hiring

Live a unique experience

If you are looking for a unique holiday experience, consider taking a boat excursion in the Caribbean. A cruise on a catamaran is the ideal way to explore the magnificent coats of Martinique. Our competent and friendly crew will take you to some spots that are the most isolated on the island, so you can enjoy a swim, snorkeling, and sunbathing in paradise.

With our all-included plans, you will have all you need to have a relaxing and unforgettable day of your holidays. We provide delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and many fun activities for everyone on board. So, come join us for a cruise in a catamaran in Martinique- we promise you won’t regret it!

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Why choose martinique for a sea trip .

There are many reasons to choose Martinique for your vacation. The island has a rich history and culture, beautiful beaches and scenery, and is a great place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere. Martinique is also the ideal starting point for visiting neighboring islands. It’s easy to get from Martinique to Guadeloupe or Dominica, and it’s even possible to visit St. Lucia on a day trip by boat.

The island of Martinique is known for its beautiful beaches and lush landscapes, but there is much more to explore below the surface. The island is home to a wide variety of aquatic life, from colorful fish to playful dolphins. If you want to explore the natural wonders of Martinique’s waters, there are many ways to do so. Discover Martinique in a different way: take a catamaran cruise, go snorkeling or scuba diving, or just relax on the beach and enjoy the view.

Which boat to choose for a sea trip in Martinique?

There are many boats to choose from for your Martinique sailing trip, including catamarans, sailboats and motorboats. When choosing a boat for a sea trip, time constraints and travel plans must be taken into account. Some boats make it easy to explore several ports of call at once, while others allow you to spend days at sea or stop at quiet coves and beaches out of sight.

Catamarans are two-hulled boats that are stable and fast, making them ideal for crossing open waters. They also have a smoother ride on the waves and on the water. The best part is that you don’t need an experienced captain; all you have to do is sit back and relax while your local skipper takes you around the north or south coast of Martinique, showing you the secrets of the flower island as you go.

If you are traveling in large numbers, catamarans offer the most space. The choice of your catamaran will depend on the number of people to invite. Count up to 15 people maximum for a half-day, a day or a weekend catamaran cruise in Martinique.

Sailboats depend on wind power to move through the water, while motorboats use gasoline engines. On sailboats, you’ll find more amenities and comfort than a motorboat. If you plan to take a lot of gear with you, or if you like to fish or snorkel during your trip, this type of boat might be your best option. Sailing is a great way to explore and access many places.

Motorboats, on the other hand, offer less seating. Sometimes only three to four seats are available. Once again, it all depends on the size of the boat and its capacity.

What characterizes a catamaran?

A catamaran is a multihull boat generally composed of two hulls connected by a frame. Catamarans can be simple and cheap or very sophisticated and expensive. It all depends on the budget you wish to allocate to your stay in Martinique aboard a catamaran.

Some people simply call all multihulls “catamarans”. This is technically incorrect, but it may be easier than trying to explain that there are different types of catamarans. Catamaran is a term that refers to the specific style of catamaran. Built for use in the world of water sports (catamaran racing), it is a boat designed to be fast and efficient. The first catamarans were built in wood, but today they are generally built in fiberglass or other composite materials, ideal for a catamaran ride.

The construction of a catamaran usually consists of an inflexible skeleton to which are attached outer “shells” (or skins) of plywood or fiberglass. Catamarans usually have more than one hull, with the number of hulls ranging from two to eight. A narrower catamaran can offer better performance than a single-hull boat, but at the expense of stability.

A monohull is less stable than a catamaran because it has only one hull on the water. Monohulls are built to go in a straight line as fast as possible, and they do it very well. However, they spend most of their time on the water with only one hull out of the water – which is not good for performance or stability. This is essentially why catamarans perform better than monohulls.


The "Pelagia" catamaran

Build at la Rochelle in the building site of Nautitech, PELAGIA es a cruising habitable catamaran of 62′ (circa 19m) ideal for navigating in the warm waters of the Caribbean with a shaded exterior area. Its design was created to carry around 28 passengers and 2 crew members per day for coastal navigation. The catamaran is equipped with 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms.

Its performance under sail will allow you to travel fast and in comfort, to enjoy the program of activities. PELAGIA is also very pleasant due to its deck layout, sunbathing area, and its “trampoline” in the front of the boat. It has a large cockpit very well protected from the sun, the rain, and the ocean spray, with a great “lounge spirit” salon with a sofa, and background music. PELAGIA hosts around its table all passengers on board for unforgettable moments. It allows you to discover, in a day, the universe of a trip on a boat. It can be hired privately according to your needs.

« All the things that men made beautiful and good, were built by them with their dreams… »

— Bernard Moitessier

Blue Dream croisières, clip officiel

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Le Village de la Poterie 97229 Trois-Ilets – Martinique

Antonella : +596 696 610 016

Laurent : +596 696 921 908


Live from the blog

The best marine activities in Martinique

How to prevent sea-sickness?

Some tips for a successful day at the sea

Blue Dream – Croisières

Le Village de la Poterie 97229 Trois-Ilets Martinique

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Interactive world cruise map, home | cruise ships | port expenses | hints and tips, fort de france martinique cruise port guide.

The Pointe Simon pier is now the most used dock in the center of town. Some ships dock at Tourelles, about 1.5 miles away, a 20 minute walk. Taxi 8 Euro, set price.

Hostesses in Creole costumes greet guests with a beaming smile and handing out practical tourist information leaflets and maps. Local musicians welcome visitors with lively Caribbean tunes.

The cruise village features a wide variety of vendors, who all accept U.S. dollars, including local clothing stands, jewelry and accessory designers, locally-produced skin care products and perfumes, souvenir shops, local artists exhibiting their paintings and artisanal treats. Set to the rhythm of live music, the experience is enriched by local dancing and rum tasting.

Walking from the cruise terminal of Fort de France is very safe and takes about 15 minutes to the downtown area. Just follow the blue line.

Printable map to take along on your cruise.

Cruise calendar for this port.

Watch a destination video .

Live Nautical Chart with Wikipedia Markers

Port Location on Google Maps

Monthly Climate Averages for Fort de France Martinique

Hotels near the Cruise Terminal


Martinique is a Caribbean island that is an overseas department of France in the Caribbean Sea, to the north of Trinidad and Tobago.

The island is dominated by Mount Pelee, which on 8 May 1902 erupted and completely destroyed the city of Saint Pierre, killing 30,000 inhabitants. In the South of the island, there are many beautiful beaches with a lot of tourists. In the North, the rain forests and the black sand beaches are worth seeing. The interior of the island is mountainous.

Fort-de-France is the largest city in and capital of Martinique.

Fort-de-France is a cross between New Orleans and a town on the French Riviera. Narrow streets amble up the evergreen hills that surround this bayside town.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

There are many English speaking taxi drivers and tour guides on the pier offering services. One suggestion if you want English is to chat a bit with the guide before accepting the offer. Some are good at the first few sentences but have then exhausted their language skills. $50 per hour.

There are 3 ferry companies, Madinina, Matinik, and Petrolettes, and the ferry dock is just to the right of the ship (when facing inland), you can see it from the deck of the ship. You can take Matinik to Trois Islets, 5 euros return, a pretty village, no other attractions. The other 2 ferries go to Pointe de Bout, 6.50 euros return (they don’t take dollars), which has some shopping, hotels, marina, and a beach. The Diamant beach is much better, down the coast a few miles by cab. The ferries run frequently, every 30-45 minutes. There is sometimes a ferry dispatcher on the ferry dock to help find the right one, and he speaks some English.

Renting a car is not recommended, as traffic is hectic.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here .

Nearby Places:

For a St. Tropez ambiance, take the ferry from the waterfront to Pointe du Bout (20 minutes each way), which has some good beaches -- Anse-Mitan and Anse-a-l'Ane -- and is home to some of the island's major resorts, such as the Kalenda Trois Ilets and the Bakoua.

Located only seven miles from Fort-de-France, and very much appreciated by nature-lovers, the Balata Gardens of Martinique now offer an incredible innovating experience to its visitors by allowing them to explore its luxuriant canopy while comfortably strolling on fifteen-meter-high wooden bridges running over the tops of one-hundred-year-old trees and giving a magical breathtaking aerial view of the garden, the bay of Fort-de-France and the Carbet Pitons. The Balata Gardens are a real masterpiece and an internationally-renowned reference for the richness of its botanical collections..

Shopping and Food

There is excellent duty-free shopping right at the cruise terminal itself.

There is also an excellent crafts market near the harbor on the north side of the park that sells everything under the sun. It is well worth a visit if you are looking for local crafts, art, and clothing.

Martinique rum is justly renowned and tours of distilleries are available.

Martinique is a dependent territory of France and uses the euro as currency. US dollars are not accepted in shops, but many restaurants and hotels take credit cards. The best exchange rates can be had at banks or ATM's. If they will accept USD, the conversion rate will be poor.

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French and Creole patois are spoken on the islands; English is known by some inhabitants.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

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Marina Fort de France (Caren Antilles Boatyard ) (Fort-de-France, Martinique)

location catamaran fort de france

Marina Fort de France (Caren Antilles Boatyard )   (Fort-de-France, Martinique)

Marina Fort de France (Caren Antilles Boatyard )

Fact sheet and position.

  • Address: Carenantilles, Baie de Tourelles, Fort de France.

Radio channel

  • Moorings: 108 moorings
  • Draught max: 5.00 meters
  • Length max: 20.00 meters
  • Latitude:: 14° 36' S
  • Longitude:: 61° 3' W
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Marina Fort de France is located in Martinique Island, Caribbean Sea, on French territory. It is a small marina with 108 mooring available for boats up to 20 meters long and 5 meters maximum draft. Boaters who moor there have access to electricity and water service in moorings, plus dressing rooms and showers. It also has light boat ramp and garage to perform basic maintenance.

location catamaran fort de france

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12+ Awesome Day Trips From Fort-De-France, Martinique

Martinique Landscape

With its tropical climate , laidback lifestyle , Creole specialties and idyllic sandy beaches , Martinique is particularly popular with those who enjoy a relaxing vacation.

However, the island of flowers is also an excellent spot for nature lovers. With most of the island protected by the Regional Nature Park, it has exceptional biodiversity as well as extraordinary, unspoiled landscapes perfect for hiking.

On top of that, you’ll find a fascinating architectural and cultural heritage in both the vibrant capital city of Fort-de-France and the picturesque coastal towns.

If you want to properly experience this unique Caribbean island, rent a car and explore the diversity Martinique has to offer on several day trips! In this post, I’ve listed over 12 awesome day trip ideas from your base in Fort-de-France or any other location on the island.


Located in the south-west of the island, opposite Fort-de-France Bay, the coastal community of Les Trois-Îlets is one of the most popular tourist areas in Martinique. Plenty of hotels, restaurants, and cafés can be found in Pointe-du-Bout and along Anse Mitan beach.

I preferred the bay next to Anse Mitan, which is just a short car ride away. Anse à l’Ane is a gorgeous beach and has a few small beach bars, which are perfect if you want to enjoy a beer while watching the sun dip into the ocean at night .

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Anse a l'Ane Sunset

Balata Gardens

In the hills near Fort-de-France, just a few kilometers north of Martinique’s capital city, a fantastic attraction lies deep in the tropical forest: the Balata Gardens .

Created in 1982, this tranquil, tropical paradise covers no less than two hectares of land and boasts a fabulous array of tropical plants. While strolling through the gardens, you can see all kinds of palm trees, exotic flowers in dazzling colors, giant bamboo and Zen ponds delicately covered with water lilies.

Certainly one of the highlights here is a treetop trail made up of hanging bridges attached to giant mahogany trees. At heights of nearly 15 m and complete with safety nets, this attraction offers a beautiful view of the whole botanical garden.

Jardin de Balata

Rum Distilleries

Just like in Martinique’s neighboring islands, rum is the agricultural lifeblood of the island. There are many rum distilleries operating on the island, which you can visit as part of your day trip.

Martinique is mostly known for its agricultural rum made directly from cane, not molasses, which makes it unique around the world.

For rum lovers, there’s even a rum tour guide available as well as a special Route de Rhums , which directs visitors from one distillery to the next throughout the whole island.

Located between Anse d’Arlet and Trois Îlets, Anse Noire is a tranquil, little beach . With its black volcanic sand, it is a real hidden gem among the bays in Martinique.

However, this beach not only is a peaceful beach for an after-lunch nap underneath the coconut trees, but it also offers an incredible flora and fauna , both above the water and below. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel and fins!

If you don’t feel like relaxing at the beach all day, I highly recommend renting a kayak with the local kayak operator at the beach. Paddle along the cliffs on the right. Sea kayaking can be pretty tough, but your efforts will soon be rewarded when exploring caves and finding hidden bays and secret beaches that you’ll have all to yourself. In fact, kayaking near Anse Noire was one of my ultimate top 5 travel experiences in Martinique.

Mind you, the currents can get pretty intense, so a little kayaking experience does no harm.

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Anse Noire

Anse D’Arlet

On the south Caribbean coast of Martinique lies Anse D’Arlet , which stretches over three large main bays: the large bay to the north, the bay in the center and the small bay to the south.

Anse d’Arlet is an ideal place for a relaxing day in the sun . Its long, white sandy beach with a seafront promenade is visited by many people on the weekend, though only a few tourists come here during the week.

It is also a perfect spot to watch the sky turn from blue to pink to red in the most beautiful setting.

⭐ TopTip: Ti Sable is an excellent place to watch the sunset and enjoy a few drinks – they have beach access, great food and open-air live music every week.

Sunset Beach

Cap 110 Memorial & Diamond Rock

At Cafard Cove , not too far from Anse d’Arlet, you’ll find the fascinating Cap 110 Memorial . With its group of white statues, it commemorates a tragic incident that took place in 1830. These fifteen imposing sculptures were created in memory of the 300 shipwrecked slaves, of whom only 86 survived. A place that’s both moving and stunningly beautiful. Also, it offers a lovely view of Le Diamant Bay and Diamond Rock .

Anse Cafard Slave Memoria

Les Salines

Situated around four kilometers south of Sainte-Anne, Les Salines beach looks like something from a picture postcard.

Les Salines Beach is often considered the most beautiful beach on the island and is probably one the most photographed and instagrammed places in Martinique. In this beautiful place, you’ll find everything you could wish for in a beach: coconut trees, fine sand and turquoise water.


Didier Waterfall

If you’re into jungle-trekking and exploring places off the beaten path, Didier Waterfall is a nature gem worth checking out.

While it is quite tricky to actually get there, your efforts will be rewarded once you get there. The waterfall is stunning, and you can take a dip in the refreshing natural pool of the fall.

My Martiniquais host family recommended to explore this waterfall, and it seems to be a little hidden gem mostly locals know about.

If you’re considering to hike there, take a look at this super helpful hiking guide I found online.

Saint Pierre

Founded in 1635 as one of the first permanent colonies in Martinique, Saint-Pierre is located around thirty kilometers north of Fort-de-France on the magnificent Caribbean coast, at the foot of the famous volcano Mount Pelée .

Saint Pierre used to be Martinique’s capital city, yet it has become most famous for its painful destruction as a result of Mount Pelée’s volcanic eruption in 1902, killing nearly 30,000. The town rose from its ashes in the 1920s.

While the charming town of Saint-Pierre with its harbor is a gorgeous place to visit for a day or just a few hours after climbing Mount Pelée, it is also particularly interesting for divers as there are numerous shipwrecks worth exploring.

St Pierre

Mount Pelée

At 1,395 meters above sea level,  Mount Pelée is the highest point on the island of Martinique and a favorite among hikers from all over the world. In fact, it was one of my personal highlights during my 6-week stay in Martinique.

Mount Pelée is actually an active volcano, whose seismologic activities are closely monitored. Its last eruption was in 1929, though.

The mountain offers magnificent hiking trails with exceptional views . A climb up the mountain is a must for any nature lover, and there are several routes of varying difficulty. Be sure to climb the volcano on a clear day and don’t forget to bring water, a hat, decent footwear, and a jumper as it can get quite chilly at the top of Mount Pelée.

Mount Pelee View

Scuba Diving

Diving is a huge part of Martinique’s tourist attractions.

The dive sites are scattered along the coasts and are very diverse. You’ll have the chance to explore wrecks , underwater canyons , drop-offs , coral gardens and colorful reefs . It is rarely necessary to descend below 20 m, which allows dive times of around 40 to 50 minutes. Also, the diving conditions are absolutely great with water temperatures averaging around 27° C and a visibility of 15 – 40 m.

Over the years, many dive centers have been established in Saint-Pierre, Trois-Îlets, Diamant, Sainte-Luce and Sainte-Anne. One of my favorite areas for diving is Anse à L’Ane , which is home to stunning reefs and canyons just a few minutes by boat.

Scuba Diving Martinique

Catamaran Excursion

Catamaran cruises are a popular activity among travelers in Martinique. And there’s a good reason why:

If you have limited time on the island, this full-day, all-inclusive boat trip has the full package of sun, fun, culture, snorkeling, paradise beaches and blue lagoons.

A catamaran cruise is certainly not the cheapest day trip you can take, yet it offers good value for money .

I recommend booking a trip that also stops over at Ilet Chancel , which is famous for its iguanas , an incredible flora , and history. On top of that, you’ll be served a Creole lunch on board of the catamaran, cold drinks and rum cocktails, you’ll get to swim in a turquoise water lagoon, and you’ll be able to snorkel or free dive in a stunning reef off the coast of a tiny island.

Catamaran Cruise

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching tours have become increasingly popular on the island of Martinique, and operators have multiplied in Trois-Ilets , even in Anse d’Arlet . However, it is in the northern part of the island, especially in the waters off Bellefontaine (on the island’s northeast coast, south of St. Pierre), where you have excellent chances of encountering these playful creatures.

If you’re based in Trois-Islets, you can join Dauphins Martinique on a half-day trip to watch dolphins in an ethical way.

For trips near Bellefontaine, try Patrick Ledoux catamaran cruise or Miss Ness , which also organizes full-day trips to explore a few other places after seeing the dolphins.

Picture of Lena

Hi, I'm Lena. I've been on the move traveling the world, diving oceans and climbing mountains for almost 10 years. On the blog, I share with you my favorite once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences, places off the beaten path and tips on how you can travel and dive the world without spending a fortune. Also, say hi and join my journey on Instagram - see you there!

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Vous souhaitez réserver un catamaran et ne savez pas à qui vous adresser ? La location de bateaux via Click&Boat vous permet d'organiser la croisière de vos rêves à moindres frais, en toute tranquillité et de passer des moments inoubliables.

Voguez à bord de catamarans performants construits par des spécialistes, aussi bien sur la gamme plaisance que celle du luxe. Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon, Bali, Leopard, Sunreef : un océan de possibilités s'offre à vous. Que vous louiez pour la première fois un catamaran en Méditerranée ou que vous organisiez une croisière aux Caraïbes ou en Croatie, elle sera forcément une grande réussite. Et si vous avez besoin d'aide pour organiser votre séjour, demandez un devis , et nos conseillers croisière vous recontacteront rapidement.

Pour une croisière en famille ou entre amis , le catamaran est une solution conviviale qui séduit de nombreux plaisanciers. Son faible tirant d'eau permet de mouiller en eau peu profonde et de profiter d'une grande stabilité, pendant la navigation et à l'arrêt. Il vous permet de naviguer dans des endroits peu explorés, tels que des calanques, des criques ou encore des lagons paradisiaques possédant des fonds marins aux eaux turquoise à découvrir en plongée sous-marine.

Combien coûte la location d'un catamaran ?

Avec Click&Boat, le prix pour louer un catamaran est à partir de 120 € par jour.

Ce tarif dépend naturellement de la localisation du bateau, du modèle, de l'année de construction, du nombre de cabines ou des équipements spéciaux proposés par le propriétaire.

Et quels sont les prix d’un catamaran dans les destinations les plus populaires ?

• En France, le coût à la journée commence à environ 150 € .

• Les prix de location en Croatie commencent à partir d'environ 140 € par jour , sans compter le coût du skipper, du carburant et des extras.

• Une journée à bord en Grèce peut coûter à partir de 1 50 € par jour.

• En Italie , le prix d'une journée à bord d'un catamaran commence à environ 2 30 € par jour .

• Et si vous prévoyez un voyage en catamaran aux Seychelles , comptez un budget commençant à 450 € la journée.

Gardez à l'esprit que le coût de la location d'un skipper professionnel est généralement en sus, et qu'il vaut donc la peine de s'adresser directement au propriétaire pour le confirmer. Il convient également de noter que ces types de bateaux sont généralement loués à la semaine et que les prix peuvent également varier en fonction de la saison.

Pourquoi naviguer avec Click&Boat ?

Trouvez le bateau idéal pour votre croisière parmi la large sélection de multicoques disponibles sur Click&Boat . Que vous connaissiez déjà le support ou que vous choisissiez de vous faire accompagner d'un skipper, vous apprécierez la facilité de prise en main du bateau.

Click&Boat dispose de nombreux avantages destinés à faciliter votre location de catamaran entre particuliers ou avec un professionnel et à rendre votre expérience la plus agréable possible. Les prix des catamarans à louer sont disponibles immédiatement depuis le site internet. Les utilisateurs ont la possibilité d’entrer directement en contact avec les propriétaires des bateaux et d’échanger avec eux avant une éventuelle location. Quant à la réservation, elle se fait en quelques clics, directement sur Internet, et tous les documents liés à la location sont édités automatiquement.

Louer, avec ou sans skipper ?

Si vous souhaitez profiter davantage de vos vacances ou si vous n'êtes pas un grand féru de nautisme, faites-vous accompagner d'un skipper. En plus de ses capacités à mener le bateau, il vous fera part de ses connaissances sur la destination et vous fera découvrir des coins magiques. 

Le catamaran, un multicoque taillé pour la famille

Vous hésitez entre un voilier monocoque et un catamaran pour votre projet de croisière en famille dans les Antilles ? Les Maldives ou les Bahamas vous font rêver ?

Pouvant accueillir jusqu'à 12 personnes à bord en moyenne, le catamaran offre un confort accru. La place disponible à bord est plus importante que sur un voilier monocoque, aussi bien à l’extérieur du bateau qu’à l’intérieur (cabines et carré central spacieux). Conçus pour vivre à l'extérieur, ces embarcations possèdent surtout de nombreux coins détentes sur le pont, notamment le trampoline. Choisissez le nombre de cabines et le nombre de couchages et embarquez pour une croisière en multicoque avec toute votre famille et vos amis.

Le confort est le maître-mot à bord d’un catamaran. Disposant de 2 coques, le catamaran est un bateau spacieux et très stable. Son faible tirant d’eau lui permet de naviguer plus près des côtes et surtout d'accéder à des mouillages peu profonds. Il est également plus rapide qu’un voilier monocoque et est plus adapté pour des familles ayant un projet de croisière tout confort.

Si vous souhaitez aller plus loin, après avoir mouillé dans un lieu paradisiaque, vous pourrez parcourir des endroits exceptionnels à l'aide d'une planche à voile ou d'un paddle .

Où louer un catamaran ?

en Corse, à Marseille, à La Rochelle, en Croatie, en Grèce, en Bretagne, en Guadeloupe ou bien en Martinique , la démarche reste la même : seuls quelques clics sont nécessaires pour effectuer une réservation. Aucune autre formalité administrative n’est nécessaire.

Louez un catamaran dans l'une de nos destinations favorites, que vous organisiez une croisière en février, août ou octobre : aux  Antilles ( Martinique , Guadeloupe ), à  Arcachon , à  Bastia , à  Cannes , en  Corse , en Croatie , à  Dubrovnik , en  Espagne , à  Fort-de-France , à  Fréjus , à  Hyères , à  Ibiza , en Italie , à  La Rochelle , à  Majorque , à  Malte , à  Marseille , à  Pointe-à-Pitre , à  Saint-Malo , à  Saint-Martin , en  Sardaigne , aux Seychelles , ou en   Sicile .

Les principaux constructeurs de catamarans :

Pour une location de catamaran en famille pour une semaine, les catamarans Lagoon, Bavaria et Fountaine Pajot sont les plus adaptés. Bains de soleil nombreux et espaces de vie agréables, tout y est pour passer une semaine en mer d’exception. Pour une croisière plus luxueuse, comme si vous étiez dans un véritable appartement sur l’eau, choisissez un des catamarans Bali . A date de fin avril 2024, Click&Boat propose plus de 12 000 catamarans !

Articles en lien avec la plaisance à bord d'un catamaran 

  • Voyage en catamaran en famille : nos conseils
  • Jeu-concours Sunbrella ® : le refit d’un catamaran en images

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  • Bali 4.8 (Caribbean)
  • Privilege 510S (Florida)
  • Lagoon 440 Owner’s Version (Georgia)
  • Catana 44 (Bahamas)
  • Lagoon 500 (New England)
  • Manta 46 Custom (California)
  • Lagoon 52F (Caribbean)
  • Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 Oceanic (Mexico Pacific)
  • Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 (Florida)
  • Catana 471 (Florida)
  • Privilege 495 Owners Version (Georgia)
  • Dolphin 460 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 410 S2 (Caribbean)
  • Catana Ocean Class 50 (Florida)
  • Leopard 45 (Caribbean)
  • Nautitech 46 Open (Caribbean)
  • Fountaine Pajot 46 Bahia (Florida)
  • Lagoon 400 S2 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 42 Owner Version (Florida)
  • Custom Roake 50 (Guatemala)
  • Bali 4.2 Owner Version (Florida)
  • Stealth 11.8 (California)
  • Leopard 44 (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Leopard 40 (Puerto Rico)
  • Leopard 44 (Georgia)
  • Dean 440 (Georgia)
  • Lagoon 42 (Florida)
  • Bali 4.0 Open Space (Caribbean)
  • Fountaine Pajot 48 Custom (Florida)
  • Leopard 45/47 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 440 Owner Version (Florida)
  • Lagoon 450 F (Florida)
  • Lagoon 42 (Mexico Pacific)
  • Lagoon 40 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 400 Owner Version (Atlantic)
  • Aquila 44 (Caribbean)
  • Catana Bali 4.3 (Guatemala)
  • Bali 4.5 (Belize)
  • Dean 440 Espace (Caribbean)

Pocket Catamarans

  • Lagoon 37 TPI (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot 35 Tobago (Bahamas)
  • Aventura 37 (Europe)
  • Catalac 9m (Greece)
  • Gemini 105MC (Greece)
  • Endeavour Victory 35 (Mexico Pacific)
  • Gemini Freestyle 37 (New England)
  • Gemini Legacy 35 (Florida)
  • Gemini Legacy 35 (Caribbean)
  • Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 (Florida)
  • Gemini 105M (Florida)
  • Gemini 105MC (Florida)

Power Catamarans

  • Lagoon 43 Power (Florida)
  • Endeavour 44 TrawlerCat (Florida)
  • Aquila 44 (Florida)
  • Endeavour 50 Pilothouse Trawler (Florida)
  • Lagoon Seventy 8 (Asia)
  • Endeavour Trawlercat 44 (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Aquila 44 (Asia)
  • Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40 (Atlantic)
  • Gemini Freestyle 399 Power (Chesapeake Bay)

Sale Pending

  • Leopard 46 Owners Version (Florida)
  • Lagoon 450F (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot Tobago 35 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 42 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 450 S (Florida)
  • Privilege 42 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 50 (New England)
  • Lagoon 450F (Antigua)

Catamaran Inactive -- Outremer 5X (Caribbean)

location catamaran fort de france

OUTREMER 5X owner’s version, a powerful off-grid bluewater multihull that is fast, safe, and delivers on extreme sensations.   “Wildling” is truly sublime and has been continuously maintained and upgraded to stay in top shape, with 7 sails, rotating carbon mast, electric winches, many high tech features, Lithium batteries and a/c that can run off solar, hydro gen, watermaker, full suite of electronics, low engine hours, etc this Outremer 5X will not lack arguments in its favor. It guarantees almost complete autonomy and exceptional comfort in all types of seas.   This superb and stylish performance catamaran for sale is the desirable 3 cabins owner’s layout, fully equipped for long-distance off-grid cruising.   Autonomy: 1500w solar panels, racing hydro-generator, 100 l/h watermaker, 360A Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteries Sail set: North 3DI Endurance: 3DI 124m2 square top mainsail, 3DI genoa + 3DI staysail, new condition, + Solent Hydranet, code D Delta […]

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Des moments inoubliables

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Le plus bel endroit sur terre, c'est en mer.


SORTIES EN maxi-catamarans

Au départ de Saint-Raphaël et de Hyères

Au départ des ports de Saint-Raphaël et de Hyères, évadez-vous le temps d’une sortie en mer  à bord d'un de nos  maxi-catamarans et prenez le large avec nous vers les plus beaux  endroits de la région Sud  !

AMC Cape Grace  vous propose des sorties en mer en catamaran collectives en saison, d'avril  à fin septembre, ainsi que des sorties en mer privatisées pour tous vos événements privés ou professionnels entre Marseille et Monaco.

Des moments d'exception à vivre en solo, en famille, entre amis ou entre collaborateurs !


ANCRE NOIRE_Plan de travail 1.png

SORTIE   JOURNéE lève tard

Destination :

Esterel, Cap Roux, Ile d'Or

11H00 - 17H00 

Inclus dans le tarif :

6 heures de balade en mer, 2 ou 3 pauses baignade, apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 

130 € / pers

(tarifs réduits

pour les enfants)

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sORTIE        new   au gré du ve nt

Là où le vent nous mène

9H30 - 17H30 

8 heures de balade en mer, 2 ou 3 pauses baignade, apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 

140 € / pers

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SORTIE          new brunch en mer

Calanques de l'Esterel

6 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif et brunch servis à bord, open bar softs. 

110 € / pers



Baie de Saint-Raphaël


1 heure de balade en mer, apéritif servi à bord,  vue du feu d'artifice, open bar softs. 

30 € / pers



Esterel & Iles de Lérins de Cannes

AMC - Felicita_-5.jpg


Les plus beaux sites du littoral 

9H30 - 12H30 

3h de balade en mer, visite guidée du littoral Raphaëlois, 1 pause baignade, apéritif servi à bord, open bar softs.

59 € / pers

po ur les enfants)



Ile d'Or

19H30 - 21H30 

2 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, vue du coucher de soleil, apéritif servi à bord, open bar softs. 



Ile d'Or ou Baie d'Agay  

19H30 - 23H00 

3h30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif, repas servis à bord, vue du  feu d'artifice, open bar softs. 

99 € / pers

FELICITA INTERIEUR By Polissons Prod_-4.jpg


​ Destination :

Les 3 Caps (Camarat, Taillat, Lardier)



Dramont, Ile d'Or, Baie d'Agay , Anthéor

14H00 - 18H00 

4 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif servi à bord, open bar softs. 

69 € / pers



19H30 - 23H00

3h30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade,  coucher de soleil,   apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 

95 € / pers

p our les enfants)


Catamaran Iladora - AMC CAPE GRACE avec voiles.jpg


Fort de Brégançon &  Porquerolles

9H00 - 17H00 



Littoral  Hyérois au gré du vent

3 heures 30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif et brunch servi à bord, open bar softs. 



Fort de  Brégançon ou Porquerolles

3h30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 



Les plus beaux sites du littoral hyérois

9H00 - 12H00 

3   heures de balade en mer, visite guidée du littoral hyérois,  pause baignade, apéritif, open bar softs.


SORTIE          new   Apéro EN MER

Littoral hyérois

17H30 - 19H00 

1 heure 30 de balade en mer

avec apéritif servi à bord et open bar softs. 

35 € / pers

Soirée dîner feu d'artifice en mer


Presqu'île de Giens

20H00 - 23H30 

3h30 de balade en mer, pause baignade, apéritif, repas servis à bord, feu d'artifice, open bar softs. 


Fort de Brégançon ou Porquerolles

4 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif servi à bord,

open bar softs. 



Donnez de l’ampleur à vos évènements privés et professionnels en privatisant nos maxi-catamarans le temps d’une journée, d’une demi-journée ou d’une soirée en mer à destination des plus beaux endroits du littoral méditerranéen. de marseille à monaco, embarquez vos convives dans l'expérience unique amc cape grace .


A QUAI OU EN CROISIERE Vivez une expérience unique dans un cadre d’exception : la mer …  de quoi créer des souvenirs inoubliables !

ICONE BATEAU NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

DES NAVIRES PREMIUM 4 maxi-catamarans premium et “Made in France” équipés pour une organisation optimale de tous vos événements privés ou professionnels.

MER NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

AGENCEMENT MODULABLE DES NAVIRES Choisissiez l’agencement de chaque bateau en fonction de vos besoins.

BOUTEILLE NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

TRAITEUR DE QUALITE Nous possédons notre propre traiteur qui nous permet de vous proposer des menus adaptés à tous vos événements et de veiller à la qualité des services de A à Z.

BOUEE NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

CAPACITE D'ACCUEIL Jusqu’à 600 passagers tous bateaux confondus.

CAPITAINE NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

UNE EQUIPE  PROFESSIONNELLE 20 personnels navigants qualifiés sous pavillon français.


ANIMATIONS A BORD Sur demande, une large proposition de prestataires (activités, animations) et équipements (vidéoprojecteur, micro, écran TV … ).

Faites sensation en offrant  à vos convives un cadre original et une expérience insolite qu’ils ne seront pas prêts d’oublier .


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    AMC Cape Grace vous propose des croisières en mer d'exception en maxi-catamaran vers les plus beaux endroits de la région PACA : les îles de Lérins de Cannes, l'île d'Or, les 3 Caps, les îles d'Hyères, Port-Cros, Porquerolles... ! Sorties en mer journée, demi-journée, visite guidée, coucher de soleil, soirée dîner, feu d'artifice et plus encore.