1. GALLANT LADY Yacht • Jim Moran $25M Superyacht

    jim moran yacht gallant lady

  2. Inside GALLANT LADY Yacht • Feadship • 2007 • Value $40M • Owner Jim Moran

    jim moran yacht gallant lady

  3. Jim Moran’s Gallant Lady’s

    jim moran yacht gallant lady

  4. Jim Moran’s Gallant Lady’s

    jim moran yacht gallant lady

  5. GALLANT LADY Yacht • Jim Moran $25M Superyacht

    jim moran yacht gallant lady

  6. Jim Moran’s Gallant Lady’s

    jim moran yacht gallant lady


  1. Yacht Gallant Lady Dover Delawere USA

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  1. GALLANT LADY Yacht • Jim Moran $25M Superyacht

    The yacht was built for automotive entrepreneur Jim Moran (1918-2007). Jim Moran built an automobile empire that ranks as the 30th largest privately held company by Forbes magazine. JM Family's Southeast Toyota is the world's largest independent distributor of Toyotas. He has built a total of 8 Feadship yachts, all named Gallant Lady. His ...

  2. Gallant Lady (yacht)

    Gallant Lady - three quarter view. Gallant Lady is a super yacht, designed by De Voogt Naval Architects and built by Feadship for Jim Moran in 2007, shortly before his death. [1] It measures 51.21 metres (168.0 ft) in length and has a crew of twelve and can accommodate ten guests. The yacht is registered in Dover, Delaware .

  3. JIM MORAN (1918-2007) • Net Worth $2 billion • Yacht Gallant Lady

    JIM MORAN (1918-2007) - Net Worth $ 2 billion - Owner of the yacht Gallant Lady. Jim Moran Yacht. Name: James Martin Moran: Born: August 8, 1918: Death: April 24, 2007: Net Worth: $ 2 billion: Source of Wealth: JM Family Corporation: Country: USA: ... Yacht Gallant Lady at Jim Moran residence. Private Jet. N350JM (photo of similar jet)

  4. Jim Moran (businessman)

    Over the next 20+ years, Moran commissioned seven more vessels from the company, culminating in the 168' Gallant Lady in 2002. [18] His modus operandi was to commission a yacht, take delivery (boats usually took 18-24 months to build), use it for a couple of years, then commission a new yacht with improvements.

  5. Remembering Jim Moran

    The new Gallant Lady, 168 feet LOA, looks like the 172-footer but is technologically more advanced. No matter which of these megayachts was on the water and where she was built, each Gallant Lady was a familiar sight in South Florida and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. While the Morans took personal cruises, they derived more enjoyment from entertaining friends, family, and business ...

  6. 51.2m Gallant Lady Superyacht

    Motor yacht Gallant Lady is owned by Jim and Jan Moran who have commissioned a number of other projects over the last 50 years including a total of seven Feadships. The super yacht follows in the footsteps of a number of other Gallant Ladys, each of which has carried its own signature style with exterior design ideas from Jim Moran and his wife ...

  7. ACTA Yacht • Alan Jay Wildstein $25M Superyacht

    The ACTA Yacht, originally known as Gallant Lady, is an epitome of luxury and elegance in the world of motor yachts. ... The superyacht was commissioned by automotive entrepreneur Jim Moran and remained under the Moran family's ownership for a significant period. In December 2022, ACTA was sold to Alan Jay Wildstein for an asking price of $25 ...

  8. Explore the Gallant Lady Yacht With Our Insider's Look

    The Gallant Lady dates back to 2007 when it was designed by De Voogt Naval Architects and built by Feadship Shipyard. The yacht was originally built for billionaire Jim Moran however Moran did only a short time after the yacht was finished, in April 2007 so he was never able to personally take ownership and use the yacht.


    The Gallant Lady, Toyota magnate Jim Moran's lavish motor yacht, has a new owner and a new name. Moran has sold his 167-foot yacht to a Canadian businessman who plans to charter it through the ...

  10. Jim Moran's Gallant Lady's

    Gallant Lady - 1995 - 52m The design of blending the hull and superstructure in one smooth continuation was taken a stage further in 1992 with the sixth Gallant Lady, the largest yacht ever commissioned by the Moran's. With a beam of 9.91 metres, she is luxuriously spacious.

  11. #ThrowbackThursday: Gallant Lady, by Feadship

    The year was 1985. While many Americans were obsessing over names like Muffy and Biff, Jim Moran, an automotive retailer and avid yachtsman in Florida, was focused on the name Gallant Lady. In fact, 1985 was the year he took delivery of his third Gallant Lady from Feadship. The 131-foot (40-meter) megayacht was also his […]

  12. This Iconic Feadship Sportfishing Yacht Just Received a Huge Makeover

    After purchasing the yacht in 2005 from its original buyer, South Florida mega-auto dealer Jim Moran, who originally named it Gallant Lady, the new owner immediately sent the yacht to refit ...

  13. A Thousand Feet of Feadships

    No again. In fact, the 160-foot, four-year-old Delta and the 172-foot, nine-year-old Feadship that he most often used for entertaining the people he worked with at JM Family Enterprises, the Deerfield Beach, Florida, automotive company he owned, did the trick quite nicely. Jim and Jan Moran styled this Gallant Lady much like their 172, but with ...

  14. Gallant Lady Goes Home After Feadship Refit: Sunday Superyacht Video

    Although she's been in other hands over the years, this 172-foot (52.46-meter) Gallant Lady specifically was the seventh Feadship for the late Jim Moran. Moran earned renown as having established the first Toyota dealerships in the United States. He further earned renown in yachting for having a true passion for yacht building.

  15. GALLANT LADY Yacht

    Special Features: The 52.42m/172' motor yacht 'Gallant Lady' was built by Feadship in the Netherlands at their Aalsmeer shipyard. Her interior is styled by design house Paola D. Smith & Associates and she was completed in 1996. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Richard Jorden and she was last refitted in 2022.

  16. 52M Gallant Lady Is Sea-Ready After Extensive Re-Fit at Netherland

    The yacht is still owned by the Moran family, but is thought to be for sale. Mr. Moran was instrumental in the design of the interior and exterior Gallant Lady along with designers John Munford ...

  17. Yacht GALLANT LADY, Feadship

    The substantial superyacht GALLANT LADY is a motor yacht. This 51 metre (168 foot) luxury yacht was crafted by The Feadship De Vries Shipyard in 2006. GALLANT LADY was previously registered as 672. Superyacht GALLANT LADY is a beautiful yacht that is able to sleep as many as 10 guests on board and has approximately 12 crew.

  18. On board the refitted 27m Feadship sportfisher yacht Catch

    BOAT steps on board the refitted 27m Feadship sportfisher yacht Catch, fresh out of a sensitive refit with a refreshed Adam Vorhees-designed interior. ... The late Jim Moran, founder of Florida-based JM Family Enterprises, was the original client for the boat, ... 1988 - Gallant Lady, 36m. Moran soon wanted a larger boat for entertaining ...

  19. Greeting Gallant Lady

    And a yacht where the T-shirts, hats, and other goodies with the "Gallant Lady" logo are sold to benefit the Youth Automotive Training Center, founded by Moran to teach at-risk kids valuable skills and get their lives back on track. The next time someone wrings his or her hands about yachts being conspicuous consumption, relate this story.

  20. Yacht Gallant Lady • Feadship • 2007 • Photos & Video

    Yacht Gallant Lady Photos & Video. Yacht Owner Photos Location For Sale & Charter News. Name: Gallant Lady: Length: 51 m (168 ft) Builder: Feadship: Year: 2007: Owner: Jim Moran: Our Amazing Photo Gallery. Load more. SuperYachtFan. What began as a pastime for yacht spotting has evolved into a leading online destination for yachting enthusiasts ...

  21. Gallant Lady Yacht: Everything You Need To Know

    Who Owns The Gallant Lady Yacht. When asked who owns Gallant Lady Yacht know that you are referring to more than one vessel sharing the same name. The late Mr. Jim Moran, a businessman from Chicago, established JM Family Enterprises in Deerfield Beach. Since Mr. Moran's passing, the Gallant Lady yacht owner 2021 is JM Family Enterprises.

  22. First Feadship Superyacht to Feature Lightweight ...

    It would be the final project of Jim Moran, who only got to enjoy it for a short while, because he passed away soon after the Gallant Lady hit the waves. As an experienced and knowledgeable yacht ...

  23. Gallant Lady is a super yacht, designed by De Voogt Naval ...

    Gallant Lady is a super yacht, designed by De Voogt Naval Architects and built by Feadship for Jim Moran in 2007.