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    gunboat catamaran review

  3. Gunboat 68

    gunboat catamaran review

  4. Gunboat 68

    gunboat catamaran review

  5. GUNBOAT 68 Catamaran

    gunboat catamaran review

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    gunboat catamaran review


  1. 2015 Gunboat 55 catamaran sailboat review

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  4. GUNBOAT 66

  5. Watching the Ft. Lauderdale Air Show from a Gunboat 57

  6. GUNBOAT 72


  1. Gunboat 48 Catamaran Sailboat Review

    via Gunboat. The first, most critical thing to know about boatbuilder Peter Johnstone-who's now twice entrusted his vision of the ideal offshore cruising catamaran to the highly capable design team of Gino Morrelli and Pete Melvin-is that he absolutely loves to sail. We're not talking mere infatuation.

  2. Gunboat 48 Review

    What they came up with was a powerful, no nonsense catamaran built of the latest, lightest materials, with ample room to sleep and relax that was easy to sail with a short-handed crew. The 48 was the second design off the blocks after the 62 (including Tribe, the original Gunboat). They later extended the 62 into the 66.

  3. Gunboat 68 Review

    The Gunboat 68 is the first model to launch from Grand Large Yachting- the new owners of the famous ... then I recommend you check out our Ocean Explorer OE60 review which is produced in ... the Black Pepper Code C69 or take a look at some of the HH Catamarans (like the HH66). Gunboat 68s. 68.01 - Highland Fling (ex Condor) - Jan 17 2019 ...

  4. Boat Review: Gunboat 66

    UNDER SAIL. Unlike many other big cruising cats that feel more like trawlers than sailboats, the Gunboat 66 is a sailor's catamaran, offering the kind of performance that will make monohullers envious. In flat water, the boat tacks effortlessly through 95 degrees. Even more impressive is its ability to comfortably sail 300 miles or more in a ...

  5. First look: Gunboat's GB80 and GB70

    GB70. The GB68, the first new VPLP designed model under Grand Large Yachting's ownership, has already proved a success. Gunboat has delivered five 68s and has two in build. But this is a six ...

  6. Best bluewater multihulls: Gunboat 48

    Gunboat is the forerunner of the ongoing current trend for fast composite carbon catamarans. The Gunboat 48 is a very popular model, despite only a handful being made - though huge numbers of ...

  7. Boat Review: Gunboat 55

    The flowing lines and no-nonsense mien of the Gunboat 60, introduced at the U.S. Sailboat show in Annapolis two years ago, are replicated in the Gunboat 55, a slightly smaller package that makes an equally bold styling statement. Gunboats are luxury cats in the sense that their construction is top of the line and they are equipped with the best ...

  8. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Catamaran Gunboat 72

    In truth, a Gunboat is a true semi-custom cruiser-racer catamaran, in the elitist sense of the term. Since its takeover by the Grand Large Yachting Group and its installation at their shipyard, no less than seven Gunboat 68s have left the hangars, with an 80 was launched at the beginning of the year, followed by the 72 we're interested in.

  9. Gunboat 55 boat test

    But the 55 provides easy rewards. Yes, we hit speeds over 20 knots, but it's not the top speed that impressed so much as the consistency. Past Gunboat models such as the 62 and 66 have a defined ...

  10. Gunboat catamarans reviews and opinions

    Gunboat catamarans: reviews and opinions. Gunboat catamarans have quite peculiar features. They have been established as a high-tech, cutting edge fleet of catamarans. Two of the most popular Gunboat catamarans are listed below: Gunboat 68. The Gunboat 68 catamaran has solar panels supported on the fixed cockpit. It is designed to participate ...

  11. Gun Boat 48

    By BWS Staff While most cruising cats are conceived to maintain a fairly even balance between performance and comfort, the Gunboat 48, like the 62 before it, was designed from the keel up to be a screaming high-tech performance boat that also has a fine and comfortable interior. Designed by Melvin & Morrelli, the 48 is more a Lamborghini than a minivan.

  12. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Catamaran Gunboat 62

    The GUNBOAT 62, Peter Johnstone's synthesis of racing catamaran and blue water cruiser, has been sailing the world's oceans since he launched Tribe, his personal prototype of the design a couple of years ago. Since that time, 3 more 62s and a 48 have been built, a remarkable accomplishment considering the world's economy, and the state of ...

  13. Gunboat 66 Review

    Even with all of your kit on, you will be sailing faster than the wind in single digit wind speeds and when the breeze fill in, the Gunboat 66 takes off onto a mid teen to 20 knot gallop. This is a boat that has inspired a number of newer designs such as the O-Yachts Class 6 catamaran and the HH66. Signature Gunboat.

  14. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Catamaran Gunboat 68

    The Morelli-Melvin signature was a guarantee of notoriety and the first video of a G62 literally pulverizing a fleet of racing monohulls on their startline caused a sensation! These transgressive Nomex carbon catamarans, dressed in flashy colors and christened with evocative names, wreaked havoc in the upscale yacht clubs on the US east coast.

  15. The Getaway

    Performance you could only dream of on a luxury, world cruising catamaran! Check out the Gunboat 68 at

  16. Gunboat 70

    The Gunboat 70 also features dedicated machinery spaces - two aft engine rooms and a forward port tech space - maximizing access and the separation of work and leisure. Working closely with our design team, each Gunboat 70 will reflect the lifestyle of the owners. Inquire with Gunboat to preview layouts and discuss your preferences.

  17. Gunboat 62 Review- Katamarans

    Description. The Gunboat 62 is the original performance cruiser from this iconic catamaran brand. This boat is well and truly cemented in our Classic Catamarans section. Let´s face it, this is the boat that has inspired a whole range of fast yachts from Hudson Yacht's HH66 catamaran (designed by the same naval architects) to the Black Pepper Code C.69 and the Balance 526.

  18. Gunboat 72

    The first catamaran with Gunboat performance and a flybridge, the 72 design begins squarely with the cruising aficionado in mind, when nothing other than a Gunboat will do. Since the first Gunboats over 20 years ago, the vast popularity of multihull cruising continues to rise. Families come in droves to boat shows, searching for the perfect ...

  19. Gunboat 80

    The Gunboat 80 ignites the deepest desire to cast off the dock lines, take the helm, trim the sails. The attraction is as dynamic as the sailing itself. Any one of the compelling characteristics will lure you to the rest - Sensational helm feel, aero design, Grand Prix construction, and the finest sailing gear and instruments to name a few.

  20. Gunboat 55 Review

    She´s light, stiff and fast. You should be sailing close to wind speed on most points of sail. The Gunboat 55 is the only model that was designed and built in the US. Now that´s not to say that the production quality was inferior elsewhere, but quality control had to be easier when the factory was on the doorstep.

  21. Gunboat 60 Review

    Description. Following a range of successful models that were designed by Morrelli & Melvin (the original 62, then the 48 and the Gunboat 66), Peter Johnstone, the original Gunboat founder before Grand Large Yachting days, turned to British record breaking yacht Designer Nigel Irens for the next cat to come out of the GB bag: the Gunboat 60.. This design was quite an evolutionary step for the ...

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    Gunboat 72 Caribbean Cruising. The Gunboat team, from its shipyard in La Grande Motte (France), build high-performance and elegant yachts made for cruising and regattas.

  23. Catamarans

    Multihull reviews of performance, cruising & luxury catamarans, Brands include Gunboat, Outremer, HH, Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon and Catana. ... Gunboat is surely the biggest catamaran brand out there and a Gunboat 68 is on many people's wish lists while they are filling out their lotto numbers. With Grand Large, they are going large with the ...