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On board the 95m Lürssen superyacht Kismet

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"My goal was to create a yacht that many years from now will be timeless and yet still be ahead of its time. I wanted to balance awesome with welcoming,” says Shahid Khan, owner of the stunning 95m Lürssen superyacht Kismet...

A new superyacht project presents its designers with the most desirable of blank canvases.

When you get up to the 90-metre-plus mark, it’s more than a mere canvas, it’s a landscape – as empty landscapes go, this is Kentucky in the late 1600s.

But it’s not just a matter of filling the acres of virgin territory with novelties: there’s sometimes a backstory, too, which brings its own constraints.


Kismet has been cruising almost non-stop since launch. All photos: Guillaume Plisson

“The stakes were high,” as exterior designer Espen Øino puts it bluntly about the initial design phase of the Lürssen Kismet .

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He was also the designer of the owner’s previous Kismet (a 68-metre built at Lürssen in 2007, sold by Moran Yacht & Ship in 2013, and now named Global ).

A year after launch the owner realised he wanted something bigger. “The brief was clear: the new yacht had to be superior in all respects,” says Espen.

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Screens can shelter this part of the sundeck. The spiral staircase leads to the observation deck

One’s initial impression is that there are some similarities in the look of the two Kismets – the groupings of vertical windows on the lower deck, and the rising kink from main deck level.

But the size and scale of the latest Kismet draws attention to the differences. There’s the sharper-nose and the distinctive bowsprit, as well as prominent overhangs over the wheelhouse and owner’s deck.

The dark windows stand out, too, and at a distance it is hard to define where the deck supports are, making it appear as if the decks are floating. She is a bigger beast, of course, but she actually looks more of an athlete than her sister.


A sea terrace opens up the lobby and gym spaces

“The client was very much involved in the external design of the yacht.

“The external design appearance as she appears today was penned in Chicago, in his half-finished penthouse near the top of a skyscraper,” says Espen.

“Some elements of the exterior were inspired by the Chicago skyline, such as the stainless steel air inlets aft of the funnels.”


An excellent evening retreat – the main deck cinema room

A particular emphasis from the owner’s side was on Kismet’s potential not just as a family cruising yacht but as a charter yacht and as somewhere that could be used for corporate entertaining.

These aren’t necessarily incompatible drives, but it does sharpen the design focus, and it means that the outside spaces and the inside guest areas have to brook no compromise, with relaxed and sociable areas alongside more intimate and curated spaces – what’s required is nothing less than the best of all possible worlds.

“The floorplan was very carefully laid out,” says Espen. There was, he says, “very valuable input” not only from the owner himself but also his captain Kyle Fultz and purser Geraldine Fultz, and project manager Rob Moran of Moran Yacht & Ship, who have been working for the owner for a long time. The interior design team at Reymond Langton also worked on the previous Kismet .

The first step was something of a back-to-basics approach: we know that guests on charter will favour external areas, but in what ways do they really use them?

“During the design phase of Kismet , considerable time was spent analysing the way guests would want to spend time on deck during a typical week’s cruise,” says Espen. What this research produced was an emphasis on “a number of entertainment and hang-out areas”, he adds.

who owns the kismet yacht

This part of the sundeck, which can be screened, leads to the pool, with a run-off area if there is resonance

Since launch, the yacht has had a busy couple of years, cruising with her owner and his family, chartering for ten weeks last year, and hosting a number of large-scale parties in Florida and London.

She’s made four crossings of the Atlantic, a run to the Pacific and back, and cruised 40,000 cruising miles. There are 27 crew in all, and Kismet feels like a very happy ship.

The entertainment and hangout areas reach their exemplification in the top decks of the yacht. Espen calls the sundeck Kismet’s pièce-de-résistance, as it demonstrates the overriding theme of guest choice.

There’s an informalish dining table, close to the barbecue, with comfortable bar chairs that make it possible to linger for a meal rather than just pick at finger food. Protective screens make it possible to protect this high-up area vulnerable to sea breezes as the heat of the sun wears off.


A superbly detailed spa area

Forward of this is the huge elliptical pool with a cosier hot-tub forward further still. What you might miss at first glance is that at the after end of the pool is a cascading ‘rock garden’ feature that serves as an overflow from the pool, and integrates with the skylight of the elevator.

It’s an inspired touch that keys the whole of the sundeck’s exterior design together nicely.

who owns the kismet yacht

AV equipment in the dining area means it can be used for business meetings

The helideck on the bridge deck below transforms into another great guest area, with occasional furniture and sunshades that allow a large group of people to gather, and it can be set up as an outdoor cinema.

There’s a shaded bar area, which transforms in the evening to a disco. The wheelhouse is forward, and in front of this there is a seating area. The whole deck exemplifies the many faces of Kismet – you can gather with a group of friends on the aft deck, or inside around the bar, while if you want to escape with a book, the hanging seats provide some shade and seclusion.

who owns the kismet yacht

Up top, the observation deck has the best views in the house

Back on the sundeck, the spiral staircase provides an elegant intro to what Espen calls “possibly my favourite spot on the yacht” – a private observation deck and sunbathing area. You can lock yourself away in silent contemplation as you relax on the sunpad.

It’s a remarkable spot that also provides a DJ station during parties. The corporate entertaining face of the yacht is shown with the comprehensive RGB lighting system that can generate sponsor’s colours. Taken together, these three upper decks are a good example of how that “balance between awesome and welcoming” has been achieved.

A deck below on the owner’s deck, full use has been made of Kismet’s vastness, with the outside spaces offering something that continues the option-heavy choices of the decks above. There’s a formal dining table shaded by the overhang from the deck above and more glass screens, and served by a bar and buffet to port and starboard.

On sunny days the screens keep the wind off, but they extend right round the space. Once enclosed, guests can be suitably air-conditioned in what had been dubbed the yacht’s ‘winter garden’, and there’s certainly a relaxed, end-of-day and out-of-office feel to the place. There’s more seating aft.

who owns the kismet yacht

The bridge deck helipad transforms into a magical hangout space

Forward, the owner has access to a private deck area that offers a hot-tub and sunpads. The owner gets a great view from this private space over the clean expanse of foredeck. With the mooring gear fully enclosed on the main deck below, there was an opportunity to utilise this space in as many ways possible.

It can serve as a demi-basketball court once a hoop is erected (there are court markings on deck) and nets go up to keep the ball inboard. And it also serves as a second touch-and-go helipad. Finally, it can be shaded and tented to create an informal evening dining area.

Right forward at the stainless steel bowsprit there’s a base for the imposing 6ft tall and 15ft long removable sculpture of a jaguar – a reference to one of the owner’s sporting interests, the Jacksonville Jaguars (there are jaguar motifs everywhere on board).

This beast was created on the world’s largest 3D printer in Belgium, and is mostly deployed on match days. The eyes of the jaguar can be lit, which is presumably a feature employed on winning match days. The cat lives alongside the rescue tender when not in use.

who owns the kismet yacht

The main deck seating aft – a ‘firepit’ feature

The main deck has its own space aft, which serves as a spacious welcoming area with bars either side of a dining table. But the real attraction is aft, often a main deck area that becomes lined with seating inside the guardrails. On Kismet , there are semi-circles of seating either side of a firepit that converts to a coffee table. Once again, Kismet has myriad options for guests.

For the yacht’s interior, Reymond Langton Design’s brief was to answer two needs – to create something that gave a sense of perspective on the new 95-metre vessel, and (as with the exterior spaces) to let the yacht function as a family retreat and an entertainment hub for larger groups.

Once again, the demands aren’t necessarily conflicting, but they need to be managed if they are to be fulfilled successfully. It’s the set-piece spaces of Kismet’s interior that really impress – particularly the architectural drama of the double-height spaces on the main and owner’s deck entertainment spaces.

who owns the kismet yacht

The bar on the main deck leads to a piano bar

Pascale Reymond calls the overall design philosophy “a rich contemporary interpretation of Art Deco themes”. The bold geometric shapes and vivid contrasts of Art Deco have been successfully used for a generation of modern superyacht interiors.

It’s a flexible form, capable of reinterpretation in a contemporary style, with a modern art vibe that never tends towards abstraction. It works for the small stuff, and the big stuff, too – and it doesn’t get much bigger than the sweeping staircase between the salons on the main and owner’s decks.

If it weren’t for the monster video walls either side, you might have been whisked back for a moment to the first-class lounge of a 1930s liner. The ornately decorated glass walkway with a view down to the main deck is an inspired touch.

who owns the kismet yacht

Decoish styling and video walls around the main deck piano lounge

There is another staircase too (opposite which is a lift to take you from the main deck to the sundeck), which frames the elegant lobby areas on the main and owner’s decks, but it’s the main staircase that serves as not only a visual feast but as a division point of the different areas.

The staircase rises over a piano bar, with a more formal lounge and bar, and a welcoming lobby, aft of that. Between the main deck foyer and the piano lounge there is a cinema room with overhead projector and semi-circle of seating. The space also doubles as a cigar room and sports bar – a further example of Kismet’s Protean charms.

who owns the kismet yacht

An owner’s suite inspired by Chanel

Immediately above this space on the owner’s deck is the formal dining area. It makes grand use of the full beam of the yacht, and there is a further lounge aft. The owner benefits from a superbly appointed office to starboard off a centreline corridor.

There is plenty of space to play with and it has been put to good use, with a separate boudoir. Styling in the bedroom is inspired by Coco Chanel, which fits the Decoish vibe nicely, while the centreline gas fireplace adds a reassuringly homely vibe. Pascale Reymond calls the suite a “self-contained retreat at the heart of the yacht”.

who owns the kismet yacht

Guest cabins on the main deck continue the styling theme

The main-deck guest suites are divided into three twins (that convert to doubles) and two VIPs forward, with the VIPs having more of an Art Nouveau styling theme. On the lower deck, there is an occasional guest cabin, as well as a gym and superb wellness areas for guests, including an ice fountain.

Mosaics and styling details add a touch of Zen and of the mystical east to the yacht, while a sea terrace to starboard opens up the guest space. The spa is one of Kismet’s standout areas, and is proving particularly popular with charter guests.

There are so many places for guests to lose themselves here. Among Kismet’s crew is a masseuse and beautician, a hair stylist (there’s a hair and beauty parlour), and a yoga teacher.

who owns the kismet yacht

Guests have so many great places to choose from aboard Kismet

“Walt Disney once famously said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. When you experience Kismet , you know this to be true. And for that, Lürssen should be extremely proud,” owner Shahid Khan says.

The latest instalment of Kismet’s story with an Atlantic crossing after a summer in Europe that has included a cruise of Norway. Another season of dreaming and doing awaits.

• A version of this story appeared in SuperYacht World Issue 50, July/August 2016

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who owns the kismet yacht

Shahid Khan’s Yacht: The Story Behind the Jaguars Owner’s $200 Million Superyacht

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan left no expense unspent on his superyacht, which is one of the most luxurious yachts available.

The custom-built boat is worth an estimated $200 million and allows extravagant travel and extreme comfort on the open waters.

Inside Shahid Khan’s Yacht

With an estimated net worth of $11.6 billion, Khan is living a life of luxury with no expense spared on his superyacht.

The yacht is called “ Kismet ,” and its name derives from the Urdu word for destiny.

And, if you want to rent out Kismet, it will cost $1.2 million a week and has seen many celebrities occupy its luxurious lifestyle.

MORE: PFN Life — Off-the-Field Content

Guests have included Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Kismet was also used in “6 Underground,” a 2019 Netflix film that stars Ryan Reynolds.

Designed by Raymond Langton and Espen Oino, the vessel is 312 feet long, has five decks and eight state bedrooms, and is one of the most stylish yachts at sea.

Inside the boat are Khan’s lavish personal suites. They take up the front of the boat. His personal space contains an office, master bedroom, en suite rooms, and a jacuzzi.

The entertaining areas offer two video wall displays and a spa area. The spa is on the bottom deck and has a steam room, massage room, spa bath, and steam bath. Khan even hires a therapist to occupy the spa. On the same deck, there is a salon and a gym.

The yacht also has both an indoor and outdoor cinema.

For those guests lucky enough to stay on board, there are another seven bedrooms. There is even room for 26 crew members on board.

Outside, the boat has two helipads, a basketball court, and three pools. The yacht also comes with its very own firepit.

On the top deck, there is a pool, an outdoor dining area, and a large lounge. There is also a sports bar onboard that has everything you would expect, as well as barbeque facilities and a disco area.

The boat even comes with lots of goodies, with its garage offering jet skis, diving gear, and other toys to use out on the water.

Khan left the imprint of his Jaguars team on the boat when, on game day, a 13-foot statue of a Jaguar was on its helm.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan (Shahid Khan) attends an NFL International Series game against the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium.

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PHOTOS: The Kismet, a look inside Shad Khan's almost $200M yacht

who owns the kismet yacht

On the Kismet On Dec. 13, 2021, the eve of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan's 10-year anniversary of owning the team, he reflected on the last decade in Jacksonville. Khan met with a group of local media aboard his almost $200 million yacht, The Kismet, in an informal question and answer session. These photos show an inside look of the yacht located in downtown Jacksonville.

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Shahid Khan’s Yacht Kismet: An Insider’s Look

Ian Fortey

Kismet is a superyacht built by the shipyard Lurssen back in 2014. For years, Lurssen has been behind the largest and most luxurious yachts on the water. It is managed by Moran Yacht Ship Chartering on behalf of owner Shahid Khan. He had a previous yacht named Kismet, so this is technically the Kismet II, but it didn’t get the number as part of the name.

How Much Did the Motor Yacht Kismet Cost

who owns the kismet yacht

It’s believed that Khan spent about $200 million on Kismet in 2014. The boat has been up for sale a few times since then. In 2020 Moran had it listed for a price of €169,000,000, which is about $182.5 million today. It’s for sale again in 2023. The price for the 2023 sale has not been publicly disclosed. That said, the 2020 price came about after a $16 million drop midway through the year, which may have been further reduced.

How Big is the Kismet Superyacht?

who owns the kismet yacht

Though not the largest yacht in the world by any stretch, the superyacht Kismet is still incredibly large by most people’s standards. It measures an impressive 312 feet long and features a 45-foot beam. It has a gross tonnage of 2,928 and has space for 12  guests in 7 guest cabins.

In addition to the guests, there is room on board for 28 crew members to keep the vessel running and see to the guests’ needs. 

Can You Charter the Yacht Kismet?

who owns the kismet yacht

Unlike some yachts owned by billionaires that like to remain private and stay under wraps, Shahid Khan has opened up Kismet for charter. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s affordable to most people or anything like that. During the summer, chartering the Kismet costs about $1,294,000 per week. In the off-season, you get a deal of only $1,200,000. This doesn’t include the price of fuel, food, or dockage fees.

Design and Features

who owns the kismet yacht

With teak decks, a steel hull, and an aluminum superstructure, the Kismet is built similarly to other superyachts of recent history, at least in technical terms. The exterior design features a mosaic tile swimming pool resembling a clear water lagoon. When sunlight fills the space, it’s pretty breathtaking.

The pool features an inset jacuzzi and is located on the upper deck. It’s positioned such that guests in the water still have a perfect view of the surrounding sea. There’s also a nearby observation deck that allows guests to have a better look around.

The Kismet certainly lives up to the idea of a luxury yacht in numerous ways. The interior was designed by Reymond Langton Design, and Espen Oeino styled the exterior. The yacht has also had more than its fair share of brushes with fame. For instance, if you have seen the Netflix movie 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds, you’ve seen the yacht as it was featured in the film.

who owns the kismet yacht

Off-screen, the yacht was also chartered by Jay-Z and Beyonce when they went on vacation to Italy back in 2018.

The owner’s suite on its private deck is decorated in gold, black, and marble. It features his and her bathrooms with a private jacuzzi, large wardrobes, private helipad access, and office space. The staterooms for guests are all uniquely designed, some inspired by a Japanese aesthetic and others doing Art Deco. 

who owns the kismet yacht

Some billionaires are pretty tight-lipped about what goes on inside their yachts. Still, because Kismet is available for charter, there’s a lot of information about what you can expect to find on board what is arguably one of the most spectacular luxury yachts on the water today. And since it’s all laid out, you can see the incredible features and amenities waiting on board. Given the cost to charter the boat for just a week, it ensures you’re getting your money’s worth. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A winter garden deck
  • A retractable outdoor fireplace for those chilly nights or roasting marshmallows any time
  • Video walls in the main salon area
  • Speaking of, the main salon is a double-height space spanning the main and upper aft deck
  • A multi-level swimming pool and a full sun deck
  • A luxurious bridge deck lounge
  • Three different areas where guests can lounge or dine in
  • A sports bar
  • Grand piano in the main lounge area
  • A full-size disco/nightclub
  • A dedicated club room that converts to a movie theater
  • There’s also an outdoor cinema for when the weather makes it more hospitable to watch a film under the night sky
  • A closed-loop system that warms the waters in the pool, Jacuzzi, and elsewhere with heat from the engines so that it runs greener than other yachts
  • A dedicated spa area
  • A total gym with extensive workout gear and equipment
  • A beauty salon
  • A large beach club
  • An elevator to help navigate across the multiple decks or a winding staircase if you prefer the old-fashioned way

who owns the kismet yacht

Because there’s so much going on with the Kismet, we will separate the toys from the rest of the amenities even though they all fit together. The tender garage of the Kismet has a lot in store for people who like to have fun on the water. 

  • A pair of jet skis
  • Tow toys such as skis and tubes
  • Scuba diving equipment and snorkeling gear
  •  A 31’11 Hinckley Talaria Runabout 29 Limo Tender
  • A Yamaha AR192 sports tender
  • Another 29-foot tender
  • A Fassmer rescue boat
  • Fishing gear

How Fast is the Kismet Yacht?

who owns the kismet yacht

Twin Caterpillar 3516-C diesel engines power the yacht. Together they can get it up to a top speed of 17 knots. Cruising speed is about 14 knots, however.

Who is Shahid Khan?

The billionaire owner of the Kismet yacht is Shahid Khan, arguably most well-known for owning the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL, the All Elite Wrestling League (or AEW), and the Fulham FC football club. He joins Jerry Jones and Tom Brady in owning a remarkable yacht.

His net worth has been estimated to be just over $12 billion. Originally from Pakistan, he has American citizenship and owns the auto parts manufacturing company Flex-N-Gate Corporation.

The Bottom Line

The superyacht known as Kismet is owned by billionaire Shahid Khan. It was built in 2014 for an initial cost of approximately $200 million. The yacht is currently for sale, and the price is down to about $169 million, though it may be lower.

The yacht measures an impressive 312 feet and can reach a top speed of 17 knots. It’s been host to several celebrities over the years and even featured in a Ryan Reynolds movie once.

Kismet is available for charter at around $1.2 million per week or a little more if you want to charter during the summer. There are numerous features and amenities for guests, including a swimming pool, a retractable fireplace, and plenty of toys that can be used in the water.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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Superyacht Kismet sold with yacht brokerage Cecil Wright as central agent

The story of how Cecil Wright sold 95m Kismet in just three months

Fewer clients, serviced better: Such is the promise of boutique yacht brokerage company Cecil Wright . But founder Chris Cecil-Wright doesn’t pay significant mind to labels. For him and his team, the London-based firm is, put simply, a place where clients can be assured that their needs will be expertly taken care of, whether that concerns the sale, purchase, charter or management of larger superyachts.

Being more selective in its business also means that Cecil Wright can devote more time to nurturing its relationship with owners, which Chris says is a critical first step in being awarded not only their trust, but also their confidence in seeing the job through.

A major win for Cecil Wright has been the recent sale of the 95-metre Lürssen superyacht Kismet - the largest yacht the firm has sold and represented as central agent. Following the purchase, Chris reflects on the success of the sale and how the brokerage’s expertise sold the vessel in just three months.

Why do you think Kismet sold so quickly?

We are delighted to have been able to secure the sale of Kismet for our client in a relatively short amount of time. Kismet represented a huge opportunity for any buyer to purchase one of the most recognisable and highly regarded yachts available on the market. As the global sales central agent for Kismet , we created a tailored marketing campaign, ensuring no stone was left unturned as we searched for the perfect buyer for our client.

The sale comes in our 10th year and really helps to solidify our belief that we have carved out a position for ourselves in the big boat market. Between the large brokerages and the smaller brokerages, we are in a position for both to feel confident coming to us and working with us.

What kind of support are you providing the new owner of Kismet in the after-sales period?

As with all our clients, we created a strong working and personal relationship with the owner and are looking forward to continuing to be part of his yachting journey for many years to come.

Representing the leading Lürssens of the fleet

Following the sale of Kismet, Cecil Wright will now bring the 90-metre Lürssen Phoenix 2 to the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show . Chris explains what this means for the firm and prospective yacht buyers.

What makes Phoenix 2 unique on the market?

Phoenix 2 is arguably the best big yacht on the sales market at the moment. She offers her prospective new owner an incredible platform to enjoy many happy years of cruising while also coming with a strong and established charter pedigree and income.

Is there a lot of interest in Phoenix 2 ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show?

We have received some fantastic lines of enquiries already for her since we announced our position as joint central agent on Friday. On top of this, with Kismet being sold so quickly and before the Monaco Yacht Show, we have a large number of clients and contacts who never had the opportunity to view her and are still in the market for a 90-metre yacht.

Phoenix 2 is asking €124,950,000 with VAT paid. For more information, contact the team at Cecil Wright today .

Sponsored content created for Cecil Wright

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The Stunning Ritz Carlton EVRIMA Yacht

zipper boat

Gliding Across Tokyo’s Sumida River: The Mesmerizing Zipper Boat


CROCUS Yacht: An 48 Meter Beauty by Admiral

phi yacht 3

PHI Yacht – Royal Huisman’s $45 Million Superyacht

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  • Zuretti Interior
  • Zuccon International Project
  • Ziyad al Manaseer
  • Zaniz Interiors. Kutayba Alghanim
  • Yuriy Kosiuk
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kismet yacht 1

  • Superyachts

KISMET Yacht – Extraordinaire $200M Superyacht

With a value of approximately $200 million dollars, the weekly charter rate costs the incredible US $1.2 Million per week.

She was bought in 2014 after she was launched by Luerssen from Hamburg, Germany.

She has won several awards for her unique design including The World Superyacht Awards in 2015 and she was finalized for the ShowBoats Design Awards in 2016.

The name KISMET stands for the word for “destiny” or “fate” in Urdu which is the owner’s native language.

kismet behind

KISMET yacht interior

Inside the KISMET yacht is just as luxurious as you might expect. The interior was designed by Reymond Langton , an award-winning design company that specializes in luxury yachts.

The owners Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton have completed a wide range of significant projects since they founded their company in 2001.

Some of the yachts they worked on include AVIVA, TITAN, SERENE, and KAOS. 

Based in Bath in the United Kingdom Reymond Langton says of themselves that they prioritize balance, proportion, and emphasis in all of their designs.

KISMET is a prime example of their high-quality work that is tailor-made to every project they uptake.

KISMET yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art luxury amenities such as a spa, movie theatre, a grand piano, large pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and barbecue area.

She was designed in the style of a luxury five-star hotel with a “champagne and caviar theme” including a black marble deck, a full gym, helipads, and an elevator. 

Of course, there is high-speed internet available on board allowing guests to be connected wherever they go.

One of the bathtubs is made of solid onyx and there is even a retractable fireplace with an integrated waterfall and a winter garden deck.

The main saloon is constructed at double height and features full-length video walls allowing for incredible movie nights. 

This yacht can welcome up to 12 guests in 7 cabins. There is a lavish owner’s suite, a master bedroom, two VIP suites, two standard double rooms as well as two twins.

28 crew members find space in below-deck cabins. The owner’s suite includes walk-in wardrobes, a private jacuzzi, and his and her bathrooms. This yacht is designed for entertaining and events. With several salons and a lot of deck space, she is ideal for hosting lavish parties and celebrations.

The aft deck is directly connected to a sports bar which can even be transformed into a dance floor reminiscent of a luxurious nightclub in the evenings.

High-quality wood, leather, and marble decorate the interior of the vessel with influences of Art Deco design.

This yacht truly achieves its design goal and lets guests feel as though they were staying in a luxurious hotel.

Intricate wall designs and custom-made marble flooring take this yacht to the next level and provide true luxury.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DJI_0573-4-1024x683.jpg


KISMET yacht measures a length of 95 meters (311 ft) with a 13.8 meter (45.3 ft) beam and a 3.75 meter (12.4 ft) draft.

Since she barely lies under the 100-meter mark, she is currently considered the 63rd largest motor yacht in the world. Manufactured from steel and aluminum, this yacht is durable and versatile. 

Her two propellers are diesel-type 3516C-HD engines with an impressive 5438 horsepower. At a weight of 2928 tons, she can reach cruising speeds of 12 knots and maximum speeds of 17 knots under ideal conditions.

Her fuel tanks allow her to have a range of up to 6000 nautical miles, which is considerable for her size.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DJI_0570-1-1024x683.jpg

The beautiful exterior of KISMET was designed by Espen Oeino, a renowned name in the world of superyachts.

Forbes has described him as the “superhero of superyacht design” in the past. His studio is based in Monaco, although he is originally from Norway.

She is one of his most famous projects and played a significant role in his career as a naval architect and designer. She features a large pool with mosaic tiles and an adjacent jacuzzi on the upper foredeck.

This area of the vessel provides breathtaking views over the ocean and nearby scenery. Even further up, there is a separate observation deck perfect for taking photos or watching the sunset. The large helipad on the bow can also be used as a small basketball court allowing for an unforgettable match. There is a secondary helipad on the bridge deck that can be used for sun lounging.

Underwater lighting and modern stabilizers are additional features that the KISMET yacht provides. This vessel was designed with eco-friendliness in mind despite its high energy usage.

KISMET features a so-called “closed-loop system” that heats the pool and jacuzzi using energy from the engines. This system is incredibly efficient and sets her apart from other vessels in her size range. 

The bowsprit is decorated with a four-foot jaguar statue that ties the exceptionally luxurious and unique design together.

It symbolizes the NFL team Jackson Jaguars which belongs to the current owner of KISMET.

Toys and equipment

As a charter yacht, the KISMET yacht is equipped with an array of toys to entertain those onboard.

Several jet skis, scuba diving, and snorkeling equipment, as well as four tenders, are always at disposal of the guests.

She also provides towable water toys, which are consistently among her most popular during the charter.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 89161380-1024x682.jpg

KISMET is far from a standard yacht. She has actually been featured in the Netflix film 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds.

On past charters, the yacht has welcomed A-list celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay-Z making her one of the most popular charter yachts in the world. 

Of course, this popularity isn’t unwarranted. The KISMET yacht provides her guests with incredible luxuries and leaves nothing to be desired.

This comes at the steep price of US $1.2 Million per week for charters, which doesn’t include provisions and docking fees.

Do you have anything to add to this listing?

  • Espen Oeino
  • Reymond Langton Design

Love Yachts? Join us.

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Boat of the Week: How an NFL Owner Turned His Bonkers 312-Foot Superyacht Into a ‘Champagne-and-Caviar Palace’

Jacksonville jaguars owner shahid khan's massive vessel is a post-modern masterpiece of superyacht design., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
  • These 3 Miniature Explorer Yachts Are Ready to Take You Off-Grid
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The 312-foot 'Kismet' is a showman's palace designed with a far-out luxe look that includes gold, black, glass and full walls of video screens.

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This new 80-foot explorer catamaran has a roof that doubles as a helipad.

  • Jaguar’s Next Wave of EVs Will Launch With a 575 HP Grand Tourer
  • Ferrari’s Signature Naturally Aspirated V-12 Engine Isn’t Going Anywhere—for Now

The 312-foot 'Kismet' is a showman's palace designed with a far-out luxe look that includes gold, black, glass and full walls of video screens.

“The original intention was to make Kismet the most luxurious charter boat on the water,” Captain Dave Andrews told Robb Report . Nearly 10 years since the yacht was launched, Khan is ready to go bigger. His third custom-built Lürssen weighs 5,500 tons—almost double Kismet ’s weight—and is scheduled to be delivered in November. Kismet is listed for sale with Cecil Wright for a cool $160 million and is currently the largest yacht for sale on the market.

A Champagne-colored chandelier by Crystal Caviar is the most obvious feature of his brief to the designers. The statement light hangs in the central lobby next to a sweeping black-and-gold Art Deco staircase, suspended, of course, over a grand piano. There is a glass elevator in the lobby with access to all decks. The overall feel of the yacht is an ornate gentleman’s club with lavish marble, etched glass flooring, gold-leaf finishes, and backlit onyx.

The 312-foot 'Kismet' is a showman's palace designed with a far-out luxe look that includes gold, black, glass and full walls of video screens.

“We either anchor in Canary Wharf or go to the warship mooring downstream of Tower Bridge as the boss likes the view of the bridge,” says Andrews.

The 312-foot 'Kismet' is a showman's palace designed with a far-out luxe look that includes gold, black, glass and full walls of video screens.

The sports theme continues with two full-height video walls—used to display images of Khan’s football players when hosting business events—that flank the central staircase leading into the double-height main salon and continue across the floor, walls, and ceiling. In the sky lounge, a large sports bar opens out across the bridge deck aft for hosting large groups of people. When the party keeps going, it converts into a disco with a built-in sound system.

On the foredeck is a touch-and-go helipad, though it’s never used. Instead, regular games of basketball are played with temporary netting erected to catch any balls that bounce out of court. “We always have a deckhand standing by on a Waverunner,” says Andrews.

The foredeck serves as the owner’s private deck with a Jacuzzi and is also used for yoga. It leads directly into the master suite with twin en suites, a private office, oval skylight, and one of three bioethanol fireplaces. The other two are in the main salon. When lit, they carry a cooler flame than a naked fire. There is also a foredeck fire pit for keeping guests warm on colder nights, which converts into a cocktail table.

Kismet has seven additional guest suites, sleeping 16 guests in total. This includes two VIPs and a sea cabin on the lower deck amidships for guests who suffer from seasickness. There are also crew quarters for 26.

The 312-foot 'Kismet' is a showman's palace designed with a far-out luxe look that includes gold, black, glass and full walls of video screens.

“The spa was mandated by the owners to be a place they can just chill out in,” says Andrews. It has a hammam, a spa bath, a cold plunge pool, a steam shower and a massage room with an onboard spa therapist. Opening shell doors in the gym allow for workouts by the water’s edge. There is also a separate hair and beauty salon, with a dedicated onboard hairdresser.

In the garage is a full chest of water toys and four tenders. Up top, the sun deck is built for lounging, with a pool and hot tub, sofas, sunpads, and outdoor dining under the hard top.

A crow’s nest platform is dedicated to viewing the ocean or sunning in privacy. It just goes to show that even on a vast, 312-foot yacht, cozy, intimate spaces rule the roost.

Click here to see more images of the mighty Kismet.

The 312-foot 'Kismet' is a showman's palace designed with a far-out luxe look that includes gold, black, glass and full walls of video screens.

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Have $200 million? You can buy Jaguars owner Shad Khan's superyacht, Kismet

Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s yacht Kismet is docked in the St. Johns River in front of Jacksonville-based CSX Transportation headquarters in downtown on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Ever wonder what it costs to live the luxurious life of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan ? Well for starters, you could buy his yacht for a whopping $200 million.

You know the one — It's called the KISMET and it usually frequents Downtown Jacksonville, most times docking in front of the CSX building.

Built in 2014 and measuring about 300-feet long, the KISMET can accommodate 16 guests in eight staterooms. It also has a helipad, sundeck, swimming pool, a full-service spa and a one-of-a-kind outdoor fireplace.

Photos: Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s superyacht Kismet

It's being sold for exactly $199,039,663 by Moran Yacht & Ship .

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Photos: A look at Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s yacht Kismet through the years

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It’s a big week for Shad Khan’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

The team has the top pick in the NFL Draft once again, giving them a chance to get some help for Trevor Lawrence , who was picked No. 1 overall by the Jags last year.

RELATED: Jacksonville Jaguars fielding no offers for top pick, narrow choice to 4

In honor of the Jags’ upcoming moment in the spotlight, let’s take a trip down memory lane with another one of Khan’s assets: The Kismet, his nearly $200M yacht.


Action Sports Jax’s Brent Martineau first gave you a look at the mega yacht when it was brand-new and anchored in the Thames River ahead of the Jags’ London game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014.

Khan sold his previous yacht in 2013, replacing it with the 300-foot Kismet, which took two years to build. Back then, the Kismet had a statue of a Jaguar on the front.

One of the Kismet’s onlookers in London declared “I want to live on it!”


The yacht made it to the River City in 2015, docking in the St. Johns River next to the CSX building.

Deborah Kaczorowski of Jacksonville told Action News Jax then she was impressed with the Kismet.

“My feet would never touch land — maybe once a week —- if I had something like that,” Kaczorowski said. “I’d enjoy that bad boy.”


In October 2020, the Kismet was listed for sale .

At that time, the asking price was $199,039,663. Now, the Kismet’s listing says “POA” under the asking price.

“POA” means “price on application” or “price on asking,” which means the seller must be contacted to get the price.


In December 2021, the Kismet was the site of an informal question-and-answer session with the media as Khan reflected on his 10-year anniversary as the owner of the Jaguars.

He reiterated his hope to help elevate the city to new heights and bring a Super Bowl to Jags fans.

“There’s a vacuum here, there’s a football team here and as an owner I can move the needle,” Khan said. “How many times do you get a chance to move a needle in a good way in a great American city, very rarely. That’s the power here.”

PHOTOS: The Kismet, a look inside Shad Khan’s almost $200M yacht

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Eric Schmidt was supposed to buy a yacht once owned by a Russian oligarch. Here's the one he bought instead.

  • Eric Schmidt backed out of buying the Alfa Nero megayacht last year.
  • He instead purchased the Kismet, formerly owned by Shahid Khan, and renamed her Whisper.
  • The ship — one of the biggest yachts owned by a tech billionaire —was listed for about $161 million.

Insider Today

Last year, Eric Schmidt made waves in the yachting community when news came out that he was the soon-to-be owner of the Alfa Nero, an 81-meter megayacht that belonged to a sanctioned Russian oligarch .

The former Google CEO, who is worth $32.1 billion, per Bloomberg, was to pay $67.6 million for the yacht, which was being auctioned off by the government of Antigua and Barbuda , where the ship had been moored since February 2022, the month Russia invaded Ukraine. The small Caribbean nation had been spending $28,000 a week simply to maintain the mammoth boat.

But as the sale proceedings went on, legal challenges piled up as people laid claim to Alfa Nero, and Schmidt backed out of the deal.

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It didn't take long for him to rebound, though. In September 2023, just three months after he won the Alfa Nero auction, the billionaire purchased Kismet, renaming her Whisper, Business Insider has learned.

A spokesperson for Schmidt declined to comment to Business Insider.

The 95-meter-long yacht, built by the renowned German shipyard Lürssen and delivered in 2014, was formerly owned by the Jacksonville Jaguar's billionaire owner, Shahid Khan — hence images of the cat featured on her figurehead and throughout her decor.

Whisper, which can fit at least a dozen guests and a crew of 28 features a master deck with a private jacuzzi, as well as a full-service spa, lap pool, hammam, and outdoor fireplace. Made for entertaining, the megayacht has a cinema, a grand piano, and two helipads — one of which doubles as a basketball court and the other than transforms into a disco.

Her interior was designed to "create a feeling of relaxed opulence, based on a 'Champagne & Caviar' theme," according to the brokerage that sold the ship.

While the yacht's final sale price was not public, she was listed for 149 million euros (about $161 million at current exchange rates).

At a charity auction in January, one week aboard the ship went for $2.4 million, according to industry outlet Yacht Charter Fleet — a steal, considering she typically goes for $3 million a week.

Watch: How Elon Musk makes and spends his billions

who owns the kismet yacht

  • Main content

Luxurylaunches -

Shahid Khan’s $200 million megayacht Kismet is a sight to behold – Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C the billionaire once washed dishes at YMCA for $1.20 an hr. The 312 feet vessel has a massive Jaguar statue and enough space for his team to practice on.

who owns the kismet yacht

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who owns the kismet yacht

Longer than three Olympic-sized swimming pools – This megayacht concept is more like a floating city in itself – It has two movable helipads, a large garden, and a garage that can store 6 supercars.

who owns the kismet yacht

Will American billionaire Warren Halle back out from buying the Alfa Nero superyacht just like Eric Schmidt? Yulia Guryeva, the daughter of the sanctioned oligarch who allegedly owns the 269-foot-long vessel, has vowed to relentlessly pursue a legal battle until it is returned to her.

who owns the kismet yacht

The $225 million superyacht of Dallas Cowboys’ controversial owner Jerry Jones is as luxurious as it is stylish – The 357ft stunner has Swarovski studded furniture, two helipads and even a Teppanyaki bar.

who owns the kismet yacht

Not a surveillance drone or a satellite, but a tourist on a sea-plane spotted sanctioned Russian oligarch’s $500 million megayacht in the Maldives. The 9,500-ton vessel was to go to Cape Town and had turned off its location transponders for 21 days.

who owns the kismet yacht

Impounded last year, the sanctioned Russian billionaire’s $580 million megayacht has become a big headache for the Italian government. 470 feet long and the world’s largest sailing yacht, it requires special care and is costing the authorities $900,000 a month in upkeep alone.

who owns the kismet yacht

Wally’s new Wallycento superyacht promises 100-feet cruising brilliance

who owns the kismet yacht

Not a glass slipper but the aptly named 164-foot long Cinderella Noel IV superyacht has a glass bottomed swimming pool.

who owns the kismet yacht

BMW DreamworksUSA stuns with Intermarine 55 luxury yacht

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RV Pegaso is the perfect superyacht for scientists


  1. Kismet: the ultimate entertaining yacht transformed by Lürssen

    who owns the kismet yacht

  2. Shahid Khan's $200 million megayacht Kismet is a sight to behold

    who owns the kismet yacht

  3. Kismet The shining superyacht of billionaire Shahid Khan

    who owns the kismet yacht

  4. Kismet The shining superyacht of billionaire Shahid Khan

    who owns the kismet yacht

  5. Superyacht Kismet docks at Palm Beach International Boat Show

    who owns the kismet yacht

  6. Sports billionaire Shad Khan is all set to get a brand new 400 feet

    who owns the kismet yacht


  1. KISMET Yacht • Shahid Khan $360M Superyacht

    The Cost and Value of the Kismet Yacht. Estimated at an astounding $360 million value, the Kismet yacht represents an epitome of luxury, with its annual running costs circling around $30 million. Ownership and Awards of the Kismet Yacht. US billionaire Shahid Khan, the yacht's owner, is known for his collection of luxurious yachts. His 122 ...

  2. Kismet (yacht)

    Kismet moored at Sète, France. Kismet is a 95.2-metre (312 ft 4 in)-long superyacht which was built by Lürssen in 2014. It was managed by the Moran Yacht & Ship chartering business, and was owned by Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan. In September 2023, the vessel was sold to an unnamed buyer.

  3. The story of Shahid Khan's 95m superyacht Kismet

    There are obvious advantages when the team responsible for a successful superyacht project is reassembled for an encore and, indeed, the owner brought all the original Kismet players back together: Moran Yacht & Ship, to develop the specification package and oversee the build, which again was at Lürssen; Espen Øino, for the exterior design; and Reymond Langton for the interior.

  4. On board the 95m Lürssen superyacht Kismet

    Paul Ashton October 17, 2023. "My goal was to create a yacht that many years from now will be timeless and yet still be ahead of its time. I wanted to balance awesome with welcoming," says Shahid Khan, owner of the stunning 95m Lürssen superyacht Kismet... A new superyacht project presents its designers with the most desirable of blank ...

  5. Shahid Khan's Yacht: The Story Behind the Jaguars Owner's ...

    Inside Shahid Khan's Yacht. With an estimated net worth of $11.6 billion, Khan is living a life of luxury with no expense spared on his superyacht. The yacht is called " Kismet ," and its ...

  6. PHOTOS: The Kismet, a look inside Shad Khan's almost $200M yacht

    Autoplay. 1 of 25. On the Kismet On Dec. 13, 2021, the eve of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan's 10-year anniversary of owning the team, he reflected on the last decade in Jacksonville. Khan ...

  7. Inside A $200 Million Entertainment Superyacht: The Tycoon ...

    This Kismet superyacht measuring 95.2 meters was built by Lurssen in 2014 and is owned by Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-American billionaire and business tycoon who also owns the Fulham Football Club and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Shahid Khan is one of those billionaires whose life story has the potential to become a successful film. Khan's rags-to-riches story began in Pakistan, where he was born ...

  8. Inside Billionaire Shahid 'Shad' Khan's Superyacht Kismet

    So it comes as no great surprise that Khan's superyacht, the 312-foot Kismet, built by Lurssen in 2014, is as spectacular an example of state-of-the-art shipbuilding as can be had. Last week, the ...

  9. Shahid Khan's Yacht Kismet: An Insider's Look

    The billionaire owner of the Kismet yacht is Shahid Khan, arguably most well-known for owning the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL, the All Elite Wrestling League (or AEW), and the Fulham FC football club. He joins Jerry Jones and Tom Brady in owning a remarkable yacht. His net worth has been estimated to be just over $12 billion.

  10. The story of how Cecil Wright sold 95m Kismet in just three months

    A major win for Cecil Wright has been the recent sale of the 95-metre Lürssen superyacht Kismet - the largest yacht the firm has sold and represented as central agent. Following the purchase, Chris reflects on the success of the sale and how the brokerage's expertise sold the vessel in just three months. Chris Cecil-Wright, founder of Cecil ...

  11. KISMET Yacht

    KISMET yacht measures a length of 95 meters (311 ft) with a 13.8 meter (45.3 ft) beam and a 3.75 meter (12.4 ft) draft. Since she barely lies under the 100-meter mark, she is currently considered the 63rd largest motor yacht in the world. Manufactured from steel and aluminum, this yacht is durable and versatile.

  12. Boat of the Week: How an NFL Owner Turned His Bonkers 312-Foot

    Kismet is listed for sale with Cecil Wright for a cool $160 million and is currently the largest yacht for sale on the market. A Champagne-colored chandelier by Crystal Caviar is the most obvious ...

  13. Jaguars owner Shad Khan's superyacht Kismet for sale for $199 million

    It's being sold for exactly $199,039,663 by Moran Yacht & Ship. Kismet, the superyacht owned by Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, is for sale for a whopping $199 million.

  14. See Inside the Yacht Kismet Ahead of Booking Her for Charters

    The 400-foot (122-meter) Kismet, which went by the name Project Jag during construction, is the successor to a same-name Lürssen that launched in 2014 and measured 315 feet (96 meters). The brokerage and charter company Cecil Wright sold that yacht on behalf of the owner last September and has the new yacht in its central charter agency.

  15. Yacht Kismet Delivered, Marks Threepeat With Lürssen

    May 7, 2024By: Diane M. Byrne. Coming in at 400 feet (122 meters) long, including her bowsprit, and 58 feet (about 18 meters) wide, the yacht Kismet, saw delivery today from Lürssen. She is the third to bear this name for the same owner. Although neither Lürssen nor other involved parties have disclosed the owner's identity, he's Shad Khan.

  16. Google Billionaire Revealed as the New Owner of the Kismet Megayacht

    Kismet is a 2014 delivery that set several records for the industry and a most impressive megayacht that stands out for both size and amenities even years after its delivery. The original owner ...

  17. Eric Schmidt has renamed the Kismet superyacht to 'Whisper' after

    The lounge of the Kismet. Via Lurssen If the tech billionaire had waited for the ill-fated Alfa Nero, he would still be entangled in controversy and an endless wait as vast as the deep blue sea.Eric Schmidt, a seasoned superyacht connoisseur, has previously owned several ships, including the Lurssen Oasis superyacht, which he sold in 2017; the 254-foot Legend Yacht, the Feadship masterpiece ...

  18. Photos: A look at Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan's yacht Kismet

    PHOTOS: The Kismet, a look inside Shad Khan's almost $200M yacht. On Dec. 13, 2021, the eve of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan's 10-year anniversary of owning the team, he reflected on the ...

  19. Eric Schmidt was supposed to buy a yacht once owned by a Russian

    Eric Schmidt backed out of buying the Alfa Nero megayacht last year. He instead purchased the Kismet, formerly owned by Shahid Khan, and renamed her Whisper. The ship — one of the biggest yachts ...

  20. Shahid Khan's $200 million megayacht Kismet is a sight to behold

    The Jaguar on Kismet. Via Charterworld As per reports, Khan reportedly makes $250 million yearly from his NFL rev share. Khan lives in a large penthouse in Naples, Florida, bought in 2014 for $11.5 million. The Khan family also owns a large house in Champaign, Illinois, in addition to an $8 million penthouse in Park Tower, Chicago. Call it Kismet!

  21. On Board Tycoon Shahid Khan's Kismet, the $200 ...

    The owner deck features a formal dining area and a private area with a jacuzzi and sunpads. ... onboard this versatile yacht. Khan's Kismet was famously chartered by Beyonce and Jay-Z during the ...

  22. Kismet Yacht

    Kismet has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. In the world rankings for largest yachts, the superyacht, Kismet, is listed at number 40. She is the 20th-largest yacht built by Lürssen Yachts. Kismet's owner is shown in SYT iQ and is exclusively available to subscribers.

  23. WHISPER Yacht • Eric Schmidt $160M Superyacht

    Lürssen Yachts is a luxury yacht builder based in Bremen, Germany. The company was founded in 1875 and is known for building custom-made motor yachts, with sizes ranging from 50 to 180 meters in length. Lurssen yachts are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of advanced technology.