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Jason Schwartzman’s Height, Net Worth, and Career Details Revealed

Published on June 21, 2021 by TMM Staff · Men of Modest Height May contain affiliate links ( what's this? )

Curious about Jason Schwartzman’s height, career and net worth? Read on to learn everything you want to know!

Table of Contents

Jason Schwartzman

Los Angeles native Jason Schwartzman has been in the limelight since he was 17 years old.

But because the privacy-loving actor and musician doesn’t have any social media accounts, you may not know much about him outside of his roles. So today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the life, career and accomplishments of this man of modest height. 

Who Is Jason Schwartzman?

Born June 26, 1980 as Jason Francesco Schwartzman, he is son to actress Talia Shire and film producer Jack Schwartzman. From an early age, he showed a talent for music and acting — a trait that runs in the family, as his brother Robert is also an actor and musician.

Jason Schwartzman Family

Jason is perhaps best known for his breakout role in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore . But prior to the growth of his acting career, Jason was also the drummer and songwriter for the band Phantom Planet.

Jason Schwartzman Actor

Though he stopped playing with the band in 2003, Schwartzman would go on to write, compose, and perform music for film and television.

How Tall Is Jason Schwartzman?

Jason Schwartzman is just 5 feet 6 inches tall — 3 inches short of the average American man’s height.

Jason Schwatzman Height - 5'6''

His brother is also of below average height, measuring in at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

What Is Jason Schwartzman’s Net Worth?

Owing to a combination of his work in film, television, and music, Jason Schwartzman is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million. 

What Instruments Does Jason Schwartzman Play?

Schwartzman is quite the talented musician, and has recorded tracks on vocals, guitar, keyboard, and drums.

Jason Schwartzman Music

Additionally, he has written and composed many songs, most notably “ California ”, the theme song for The O.C.

Who Is Jason Schwartzman’s Wife?

Jason married longtime girlfriend Brady Cunningham on July 11, 2009. They are currently raising two daughters, Marlowe Rivers and Una. 

Wrapping Up: What’s Next for Jason Schwartzman

Schwartzman has, without a doubt, made a big name for himself in Hollywood. Now that he’s raising two daughters, the longtime actor and musician seems to be slowing down his work.

Jason Schwartzman Projects

Even so, he continues work on a solo musical project known as Coconut Records — be sure to check it out! You can also catch his most recent acting work in the FX anthology series Fargo.

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phantom planet net worth

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What Is 'Captain Marvel' Brie Larson's Net Worth?

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What is Brie Larson's Net Worth?

What are brie larson's sources of income, brie larson's total assets, brie larson's net worth over the years  , brie larson's social media following, personal life and awards.

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Brie Larson, the multi-talented American actress, screenwriter, director, poet, singer-songwriter, and musician has had an impressive career in Hollywood, amassing a substantial net worth of $25 million, per Celebrity Net Worth . Her journey from teenage supporting roles to becoming a prominent leading lady is a testament to her dedication and talent in the entertainment industry. She won the Academy Award for her powerful performance as a young woman who has been kidnapped and held prisoner by a sexual predator in "Room" (2015). 

Brie Larson has earned significant income through acting, writing, directing, and various endorsements. Her diverse skill set has allowed her to thrive in various creative pursuits.

Brie Larson attends the

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One of Brie Larson's most notable roles was as Captain Marvel in the 2019 eponymous film. For her performance in this Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, she earned a remarkable $5 million. Although her salary for "Avengers: Endgame" was not publicly disclosed, it's common for MCU actors to receive increased compensation for reprising their roles.

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Larson's rising fame has led to several high-profile endorsement deals. In 2020, she became the face of Nissan's Refuse to Compromise campaign, promoting the Nissan Sentra. This empowering campaign encouraged individuals to pursue what they truly deserve, both in life and in their purchasing choices. Besides Nissan, she has also appeared in commercials for various other brands, showcasing her versatility and marketability.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Brie Larson (@brielarson)

While primarily known for her acting, Brie Larson has also ventured into real estate. In 2019, she invested in properties in Malibu and the Woodland Hills neighborhood. She bought the Malibu home for $3.4 million, which offers breathtaking ocean views and luxurious amenities. She also acquired a spacious property in Woodland Hills for $1.6 million, featuring extensive renovations and a lavish backyard with a pool, spa, and more. Furthermore, Larson sold a property in Laurel Canyon for $2.17 million, despite a slight loss on her initial investment.

Larson keeps her private life under wraps. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining her privacy. Her romantic relationships include an engagement with Alex Greenwald, lead singer of Phantom Planet, and a subsequent relationship with actor-filmmaker Elijah Allan-Blitz.

Brie Larson has an impressive collection of awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award. Her influence in the industry was further solidified when Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019.

 Member of the Jury Brie Larson attends the 2023

How did Brie Larson amass her wealth?

Brie Larson's wealth comes from her diverse career in acting, writing, directing, and endorsements. Her role as Captain Marvel and various endorsement deals significantly contributed to her net worth.

What are Brie Larson's notable real estate investments?

In 2019, Larson purchased properties in Malibu and Woodland Hills, while also selling a property in Laurel Canyon. She made a profit on the sale of her Studio City home in 2020.

Is Brie Larson still with MCU?

Oscar winner Brie Larson will return to MCU as she reprises her role as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.


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Phantom Planet

Image may contain Game Jigsaw Puzzle Drawing Art and Doodle

Electronic / Rock

January 27, 2004

Okay, I get it: I have to write about the music now. Yep, Jason Schwartzman is gone (though he did participate in much of the recording process), and Phantom Planet have recorded a square-one, hear-us-again-for-the-first-time, career-redefining rock album in his wake. This, their self-titled stab at garage-rock celebrity, has forced me to shelve my arsenal of diversionary Slackers 2 , "California" on Leno, O.C. soundtrack-ready, pop-by-the-numbers japes in favor of-- what a concept-- actually telling you something you didn't already know about the record. But first, let's get through the basics: legendary indie producer Dave Fridmann was enlisted for the project in a counterintuitive push to navigate the turbulent asteroid-fields of distortion, drive, and relentless energy Phantom Planet storm through here. The guys do ease up somewhat in the second half, but the net result is a record of overwhelming deconstruction and newly explored territorial demarcation.

On their new self-titled LP, Phantom Planet are unapologetically retrofitted (current trends withstanding), distortion laced, galvanic, garage-rock "with an edge." In fact, the lead single "Big Brat" is decidedly less instantly infectious than anything the band has recorded to date. Driven by pummeling drum work and a distorted bassline, the track's linear progress is impeded only by a moment of tainted, chaotic reprieve before it summarily reemerges for a propulsive flourishing squalor. Alex Greenwald's vocals have taken on an insouciant sneer, and for the most part (as on this track), his choruses rarely articulate any newfound sense of melody, but rather serve as a breaking point for his bleary-eyed, slurred and spat verses. He sings with enough jaded conviction to convince you he's in no way affiliated-- nor even so much as interested in-- Oscar after-parties and Paper -sponsored celebrity get-togethers.

Songs such as the opener "Happy Ending" and the second half's obligatory pace setter "Jabberjaw" offer a churlish delivery of heavily front-mixed, unflaggingly bushwhacked drum and bass leads, behind which Greenwald's verses and subtle guitar melodies take temporary shelter from all the clutter, shifting only enough to flag down an austere rhythmic verse to chorus handoff. "Happy Ending" is an example of the formula at its most virile, boasting a catchy guitar rhythmic breakdown, and "Badd Business" finds similar success through a ska-tinged (well, it's the "tinged" that saves it) bass beat and a quick lived group-shouted choral explosion.

The breaking point of the album is the slackened-guitar-strap, hair-in-eyes eruptive shoegaze toss-off "You're Not Welcome Here", where all strengths past and present fail to carry the track as a purebred rocker. Like it or not, some off The Guest 's finest moments were a result of Phantom Planet's willingness to deliver unabashed pop melodicism, and while the scraps of this feast remain scattered about and buried within this new album, there are none on this track.

The second half of the album, then, showcases the worth of enlisting Fridmann. Both "By the Bed" and "After Hours" retain the simple delicacy of Phantom Planet's earlier work, and though newly framed as subdued rockers, they deliver fine moments of relative retrospection and tepid seduction. Greenwald's vocal delivery takes back the frontline on "After Hours", as he coolly chastises L.A.'s pretentious nightlife, smugly singing, "You dress so nice/ You dress to kill/ They drop like flies, but/ Who's the funeral for?" So, too, does the opening half of "Knowitall" ride this wave of retro-pulsed, softly spun revelation, before succumbing to an unfortunately predictable cathartic chase and burn flourish. Thus, it unfolds; a band eschewing its strengths can both find success and disenfranchisement. Fortunately for Phantom Planet, this album offers a good deal more of the former, but even if it represents method-acting at its finest, I'm willing to suspend disbelief long enough to let the curtains fold.

The Guest

  • Phantom Planet

Alex Greenwald Talks Phantom Planet Reuniting, New Album ‘Devastator’

by Nicole Pajer May 18, 2020, 7:56 am

When fans hear “hiatus,” they often assume the worst. But Phantom Planet frontman, Alex Greenwald, says it was always in the cards for the band to reunite. 

Videos by American Songwriter

“The 2008 break happened naturally,” he tells American Songwriter. Sam Farrar and Jeff Conrad got married and had babies on the way. Thus, the members decided it was the perfect time to embark upon individual journeys for a change. 

“We started this when we were 14, 15 and 16. Then the band started gaining momentum and it didn’t stop until our mid to late 20’s,” Greenwald recalls. While growing up on the road was “magical,” at some point, the alt rockers realized they didn’t have “the full spectrum of what it was like to be experienced human beings.” 

Throughout the years, the four-piece remained friends. And Greenwald jokes that during their get-togethers, “When are we getting Phantom Planet back up and running” was always brought up, especially when there was alcohol involved. So it was always in the cards. It was just a matter of when would the stars would align?

In 2012, the guys played several shows at LA’s Troubadour. But in 2019, it was time to do things again for real, to not only reunite to perform but to also work on their first new musical project in 12 years. The result was Phantom Planet’s fifth studio album, Devastator , which drops June 19 th . 

Greenwald reveals that getting back in the studio with his bandmates “felt like no time had passed” and says the only thing strange about it was the feeling of “whoa this is happening again and it feels so normal.” The band immediately fell into its routine of making records but also capitalized on the separate experiences they each had throughout the years. “Incredibly, I think this record really sounds like a bunch of people who have had lives and experiences and things that when combined, make this a multi faceted, meaningful, artistic record for me,” Greenway explains.

For his part, Greenwald did something that he’s never done before with songwriting. In addition to crafting new tunes, he went back to some old demos he hadn’t finished and polished them up for this record. Some of the songs, he says, are as much as 12 years old.

“I just didn’t finish them. I didn’t know how to,” he explains. But there was something about these tunes, he admits, that kept poking at him. “And I think based on the experiences I’ve had since then, slowly but surely, how to finish them emerged.” 

Greenwald says, “in the not so subtlest of ways,” Devastaor is Phantom Planet’s first breakup album. And while none of the songs directly address a breakup, there is a definite underlying theme.

“As Time Goes by” was inspired by Greenwald and Brie Larson calling off their engagement in 2019 and is one of the more recent songs that he wrote for the record. “I didn’t feel like there was as much closure as I would have needed to heal,” he reveals. At the time, Greenwald was living at Mark Ronson’s home and had his house and piano to himself one day. 

“I really wasn’t having a good understanding of where my head was at. I wasn’t eating very much. I wasn’t sleeping at all. And I just started writing this song,” he says. “Time Moves On,” to Greenwald, is a deeper part of himself trying to comfort a part of him that was stuck in fight or flight. “It just came out of like, ‘Hey, buddy who’s in so much pain, you’ll get over this. We will get through it and here’s a reminder,’” he explains.

And though his relationship ending may have inspired the tune, Greenwald says one of his goals is to always make his songs as universal as possible so that those that listen can find their own ways to relate. “I tried to not make it so personal that I’m complaining about my life. I think ambiguity is a huge tool for a songwriter in that it allows for multitudes of interpretation,” he adds. And it brings him great joy as an artist to create music that others can find solace in.

He describes “Dear Dead End” on the album as a goodbye letter to an unproductive path. “It’s a path you took and it’s not taking you anywhere. So it’s time to turn around and take another route,” he says.

And “Only One,” was a track that Greenwald started writing in 2016 and another example of one that went previously unfinished. He had the bones of a melody and a baseline that repeats throughout but was waiting for the inspiration to finish up the chorus, which came during the most recent Phantom Planet writing sessions. “Without getting into too many specifics, that song was about a feeling that you’ve found the best thing in your life – and it could be a girl, a car, whatever. But wondering through the narrative of the song whether it is the only one for you,” he says. At the time that he finished it, Greenwald was reading a lot of Rumi and searching for a deeper meaning in some of his more recent life happenings. And this sparked the creativity he needed to bring the tune home. 

The band recently released a video to accompany the track, which Greenwald shot on his iPhone while quarantined in his Los Angeles home. “I learned how to use a rudimentary green screen and to edit,” he reveals. And though he jokes it was a “really low budget first time director/editorship,” he enjoyed the experience and plans to create more videos for the album this way.

It’s obviously a strange time to release new music but Phantom Planet is making the best of it. Greenwald and his bandmates are Zoom brainstorming and idea transferring via Dropbox. They’ve also been entertaining fans with quarantine videos recorded from their own homes and edited together. And on his end, Greenwald is teaching himself to make pizza from scratch and yes, he admits, he’s jumped on the bandwagon – “I just started learning how to bake bread.”

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phantom planet net worth

Brontë Fall Avoids Traditional Avenues In Search Of That “Freeway High”

phantom planet net worth

Songwriter U: Is Songwriting a Racket?

© 2024 American Songwriter

phantom planet net worth

Phantom Planet Net Worth

' src=

Phantom Planet Net Worth is $17 Million

Phantom planet bio/wiki, net worth, married 2018.

  • Structural Info
  • Filmography

Music Department

Archive footage, known for movies.


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) as Soundtrack


Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1998) as Themselves

Music Department

The O.C. (2003-2007) as Music Department


Not Another Teen Movie (2001) as Soundtrack

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phantom planet net worth

Brie Larson Bio (2023): Boyfriend, Height, Age, Zodiac Sign, Net Worth & Kids

By Disheeta Maheshwari

Brie Larson is a popular American actress, most notable for her roles in blockbuster movies and series, including Short Term 12 (2013), The Spectacular Now (2013), Trainwreck (2015), Kong: Skull Island (2017), and Captain Marvel (2019). She started her acting career with a comedy sketch on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1998. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award. 

Here’s all you need to know about Brie Larson, including whether or not she is married, her height, age, Zodiac sign, whether or not she has kids, and her net worth in 2023.

What is Brie Larson’s relationship status and is she married?

Brie Larson is single. Her last relationship was reportedly with Elijah Allan-Blitz.

Larson sparked dating rumors with musician and director Elijah Allan-Blitz in July 2019. The duo made their relationship official at the 2020 Oscars and even took to social media to share pictures with each other. In Harper’s Bazaar’s 2023 April issue, the actress confirmed her split with Allan-Blitz.

Who is Brie Larson’s boyfriend?

Brie Larson is not married. She does not have a husband.

Brie Larson previously started dating Alex Greenwald, lead singer of the band Phantom Planet, in 2013. The duo was engaged from 2016 to 2019 and lived together in the Hollywood Hills. However, in January 2019, they decided to part ways with each other. Prior to that, Larson dated John Patrick Amedori from 2008 to 2012.

Does Brie Larson have kids?

Brie Larson does not have any children.

Brie Larson or Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers was born on October 1, 1989, in Sacramento, California, to Heather and Sylvain Desaulniers. At the age of seven, her parents divorced causing her to have a dysfunctional relationship with her father. Then, Larson relocated to Los Angeles with her mother and sister.

What is Brie Larson’s height and how tall is she?

Brie Larson is reportedly 5’7″.

This is considered tall for someone of her gender and age in the U.S., where the average height for males is 5’8″ and the average height for females is 5’3″.

What is Brie Larson’s age and how old is she?

Brie Larson is 34 years old. Her birthday is October 1, 1989.

On this day, Miss You Much by Janet Jackson was the number-one single on the U.S. music charts.

What is Brie Larson’s Zodiac sign?

Brie Larson’s Zodiac sign is Libra.

This sign is for birthdays that fall between September 23–October 22. Those who have the Libra zodiac sign are said to be intelligent and honest people who believe in the importance of social connections. They are known for their charm, beauty, and well-balanced personalities.

What is Brie Larson’s net worth?

Brie Larson’s net worth is reportedly around $25 million.

This net worth includes Larson’s earnings from her acting projects, the biggest role being that of Captain Marvel in MCU projects. The actress also has several partnerships with high-profile brands and has also appeared in numerous commercials. It is predicted that she will engage in more endorsement deals and commercial partnerships, as her career graph continues to rise.   

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Disheeta Maheshwari

Disheeta is an SEO Contributing Writer for ComingSoon, addicted to movies, coffee, traveling, and making the internet a more entertaining place.

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phantom planet net worth

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Zoë Kravitz (2023): Boyfriend, Height, Age, Zodiac Sign, Net Worth & Kids

Tim Matheson Bio (2023)

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Robert Downey Jr. Bio (2023): Wife, Height, Age, Zodiac Sign, Net Worth & Kids

Brendan Fraser Bio (2023)

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phantom planet net worth

Phantom Planet Net Worth

Phantom planet net worth 2024, age, height, relationships, married, dating, family, wiki biography.

' src=

Phantom Planet net worth is $17 Million

Phantom planet wiki: salary, married, wedding, spouse, family.

  • Structural Info
  • Filmography

Music Department

Archive footage, known for movies.


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) as Soundtrack


Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1998) as Themselves

Music Department

The O.C. (2003-2007) as Music Department


Not Another Teen Movie (2001) as Soundtrack

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Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet net worth Jan, 2024

Phantom planet net worth.

Disclamer: Phantom Planet net worth displayed here are calculated based on a combination social factors. Please only use it for a guidance and Phantom Planet's actual income may vary a lot from the dollar amount shown above.

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Phantom Planet FAQs

Phantom Planet Origin : Los Angeles, CA

Phantom Planet Skos genre : Alternative/Indie

Phantom Planet Record label : Fueled by Ramen, Universal Music Group, MORE

Phantom Planet facts

Phantom planet twitter net worth, phantom planet instagram net worth, how much money is phantom planet making on instagram.

Many people ask about the amount of money Phantom Planet makes from Instagram. Normally the ad cost for an Instagram ad post is based on the number of followers on the account.

  • • $50 per post at $10/CPM
  • • $100 per post at $10/CPM
  • • $200 per post at $10/CPM

Phantom Planet Facebook net worth

How much money is phantom planet making on facebook.

Many people ask this question about the money Phantom Planet makes from Facebook. It's actually a myth about how to make money on Facebook ...

Phantom Planet net worth chart

Phantom planet trending net worth, phantom planet live net worth, phantom planet new net worth, phantom planet new episodes.

© 2024 People Ai

phantom planet net worth

  • The Hard Times

Hard Drive Magazine

Every Phantom Planet Album Ranked Worst To Best

phantom planet net worth

By Scott Waldman | November 1, 2023

This album ranking piece may cause you to disappear, devastate the ozone, murder someone to see if you can resurrect ‘em, rebrand your persona, and invite everyone you know to a party that doesn’t exist. Yes, Phantom Planet has more than one song, in fact they have many, and no, “The Guest” isn’t their only album, and “California” isn’t their only song. And yes, well-known nepo baby Jason Schwartzman was their drummer for nearly a decade in their early years, but we aren’t going to focus on that. People in and outside Orange County love the eff this creative and oft-slept upon group to everyone but you; something is wrong here, but it’s nobody’s fault but YOUR own.

5. Phantom Planet Is Missing (1998)

phantom planet net worth

Play it again: “The Local Black And Red” Skip it: About ⅓ of this LP

4. Devastator (2020)

phantom planet net worth

Play it again: “Balisong” Skip it: “Gold Body Spray”

3. Raise the Dead (2008)

phantom planet net worth

Play it again: “Leader” Skip it: “Confess”

2. Self-Titled (2004)

phantom planet net worth

Play it again: “Badd Business” Skip it: “You’re Not Welcome Here” purely because it isn’t welcome on Spotify or Apple Music for some reason

1. The Guest (2002)

phantom planet net worth

Play it again: Fox television programming in it’s prime Skip it: Fox News always

Brady Cunningham with her husband Jason Schwartzman.

Brady Cunningham [Jason Schwartzman Wife] Age, Family, Net Worth

Brady Cunningham is an American fashion designer with her own fruitful venture called TENOVERSIX.

However, she is best known as the spouse of actor and producer Jason Schwartzman.

Even though the fashion designer has an effective career of her own, she is often referred to as Jason’s wife.

Know more interesting details about Brody Cunningham below.

Brady Cunningham Quick Facts

Birthday : 1985

Birthplace : Daphne, Alabama

Age : 36 years old

Zodiac Sign : Unknown

Height : 5 feet 7 inches

Relationship Status : Married

Husband : Jason Schwartzman

Children : Marlowe Rivers and Una Schwartzman (Daughters)

Weight : 60 kg                       

Net Worth : $2 Million

Brady Cunningham Background

Brady was born and raised in Daphne, Alabama.

Her birth date remains unknown as of today.

However, many claims that Brady is 36 years old.

While this age number remains unconfirmed as of today, we believe she was born in 1985.

A few years back, during an interview, she revealed how her name came to be Brady.

Brady’s parents, whose identities remain unknown, wanted her to have a strong/independent personality.

Hence, they gave her a masculine name.

Moving on, after completing her basic education, Brady moved to New York City all alone, away from her comfort zone to chase her passion.

Furthermore, she attended Parsons School of design.

Suggested Read: Talia Shire Age, Husbands, Children, Net Worth

Who Is Brady Cunningham’s Husband?

Brady is married to her husband, Jason Schwartzman.

Brady Cunningham with her husband Jason Schwartzman

Many of you might already know him as the son of famous actress Talia Shire .

Moving ahead, let’s learn more about their marriage.

The pair initially started dating back in 2006 and went strong for three years.

One of the first things that the couple bought together was a Blueberry pancake. Cute, right?

On July 11, 2009, the gorgeous made it forever and married right in the backyard of their San Fernando Valley home in the presence of their entire family.

A year later, Brady and Jason welcomed their first child, a daughter, and named her Marlowe Rivers.

Similarly, in 2013 Brady announced her second pregnancy and surprised her fans with the news.

They welcomed their second daughter Una Schwartzman in the year 2014.

The pair is going strong even after a decade of their marriage and resides in California along with their daughters, enjoying a low-key life.

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Who Is Husband Jason Schwartzman?

Born on June 26, 1980, Jason Schwartzman is an American actor, producer, and musician.

He made his big-screen movie debut back in 1998 from the film ‘Rushmore.’

Some of his other movies include ‘Isle of Dogs,’ ‘Spun,’ and many more, along with cameo in numerous series and films.

Prior to acting and movies, Jason was involved with a band called ‘Phantom Planet’ as a drummer.

He has released multiple albums through his solo project, ‘Coconut Records.’

This first album named ‘Night Timing’ was released on I tunes which received an overwhelming response.

He is still actively involved in production as well as acting and flourishing in his career.

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Secret To Her Marriage

When it comes to married life, Brady gives some insight into how she makes things work.

With the busy life of both Brady and her husband Jason, things can get serious sometimes.

However, Brady’s trick through such times is to laugh. It helps her lighten up and deal with the situation more efficiently.

“Laugh when things get too serious.”

Moreover, occasional walks with Jason also help the couple to keep things straight and in a line.

Lastly, when asked how Brady manages and balances work, motherhood, and marriage, she said,

“I Micromanage.”

And there you have it—the secret behind Brady and Jason’s healthy relationship.

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Brady Cunningham Net Worth

Brady is an American style creator/ fashion designer with impeccably unique designs.

Back in 2008, the fashion designer launched her very own venture called TENOVERSIX.

She is the co-founder along with the art and design director of the boutique with exceptionally stylish Designs both for men and females.

Therefore, her Net Worth at present is $2 million.

Nevertheless, she has a progressively rising career and modest lifestyle along with her family.

Brady lives in a very beautiful mid-century home with her husband and two daughters.

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Brady Cunningham Trivia

  • Brady’s go-to wear is Jeans + Button Down + and flat shoes.
  • She likes to cook for her daughters; always.
  • Her secret to a fit life is playing with her daughters as much as possible and taking long walks.
  • Also, eating a plant-based diet.
  • Mostly, Brady sleeps in her husband’s boxers.

Brady Cunningham Age

Brady Cunningham is 36 years old. She was born and raised in Daphne, Alabama.

Brady Cunningham Husband

Brady Cunningham is married to Jason Schwartzman. The couple married on July 11, 2009.

Brady Cunningham Children

Brady Cunningham and her husband Jason Schwartzman have two daughters. Marlowe Rivers and Una Schwartzman.

Brady Cunningham has a net worth of $2 million as of 2021.



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Phoebe Tonkin Bio, Age, Family, Relationship, Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

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Phoebe Tonkin Biography

Phoebe Tonkin is a model and actress from Australia who is best known for her roles in H2O: Just Add Water, in Tomorrow, When the War Began, in The Secret Circle, and in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals on The CW.

How old is Phoebe Tonkin? – Age

Phoebe is 31 years old as of 12 July 2020. She was born Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin in 1989 in Sydney, Australia.

Phoebe Tonkin Family

She is the daughter of Jannyfer Tonkin and Nicholas Tonkin. She has a young sister named Abby Tonkin.

Is Phoebe Tonkin in a Relationship? – Husband

She is in a relationship with Alex Greenwald, the lead singer of the band Phantom Planet. She dated actor Paul Wesley for four years and separated.

Phoebe Tonkin Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

Phoebe Tonkin H2O: Just Add Water

She was cast as Cleo, who at first is shy and a little awkward and does not like water, but eventually becomes outgoing and personable in the Australian dramatic fantasy television series H2O: Just Add Water.

She has the ability to manipulate and shape water, as well as increase or decrease the amount of water present. She eventually gains control of the wind. Tonkin appears in every season of the show. Three adolescent Australian girls have been stranded on Mako Island. They transform into mermaids ten seconds after coming into contact with water. They also discover they have supernatural water-control abilities. Using their abilities, the girls prevent a comet from colliding with Earth. The series is divided into three sections: one for each of the three main female characters and one for each of the male and female lead characters.

Phoebe Tonkin Photo

Phoebe Tonkin The Secret Circle

She was cast as Faye Chamberlain, an eccentric and free-spirited witch who uses her powers recklessly and selfishly in the American supernatural fantasy teen drama television series The Secret Circle.

Faye, who is frequently brash and irresponsible, frequently challenges authority. Melissa Glaser is her best friend. She does not believe Diana Meade is deserving of the Circle’s leadership and is irritated that Diana has discovered her family’s Book of Shadows while she has not. Cassie Blake, an orphaned high schooler, relocates to Chance Harbor, Washington, to live with her grandmother following the death of her mother. Cassie learns from five of her classmates that she comes from a long line of witches and is the final member of their coven. They are able to unleash the full extent of their abilities thanks to her. Their abilities attract dark and dangerous forces, putting them in constant danger.

Phoebe Tonkin The Originals

She was cast as Hayley Marshall: Originally a werewolf, later hybrid, who conceived a daughter with Klaus named Hope in the American fantasy supernatural drama television series The Originals.

She reveals herself to be the long-lost Alpha of her werewolf bloodline. Later, when the Alphas of all the other bloodlines bow down before her, she rises to become the Alpha of the entire Crescent pack. She is initially hesitant to become involved with the Mikaelsons, but she is eventually accepted into the family and accepts them back. She reciprocates Elijah’s romantic feelings but marries Jackson Kenner to bring their packs together.

Phoebe Tonkin Movies

♦ 2010 – Tomorrow, When the War Began ♦ 2012 – Bait 3D ♦ 2014 – The Ever After ♦ 2016 – Billionaire Ransom ♦ 2016 – Cul-de-Sac ♦ 2018 – Final Stop ♦ 2019 – The Place of No Words ♦ 2020 – Furlough

Phoebe Tonkin TV Shows

♦ 2006–2010 – H2O: Just Add Water ♦ 2009–2010 – Packed to the Rafters ♦ 2010 – Home and Away ♦ 2011–2012 – The Secret Circle ♦ 2012–2013 – The Vampire Diaries ♦ 2013–2018 – The Originals ♦ 2015 – Stalker ♦ 2017 – Pillow Talk ♦ 2018 – Safe Harbour ♦ 2018 – These New South Whales ♦ 2018 – The Affair ♦ 2019–2020 – Bloom ♦ 2020 – Westworld

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Celebrity Age Wiki

Dean Fredericks

Age, biography and wiki.

Dean Fredericks (Frederick Joseph Foote) was born on 21 January, 1924 in Los Angeles, California, USA, is an Actor. Discover Dean Fredericks's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. Learn How rich is He in this year and how He spends money? Also learn how He earned most of Dean Fredericks networth?

We recommend you to check the complete list of Famous People born on 21 January. He is a member of famous Actor with the age 75 years old group.

Dean Fredericks Height, Weight & Measurements

At 75 years old, Dean Fredericks height is 6' 2" (1.88 m) .

Who Is Dean Fredericks's Wife?

His wife is Myda (1957 - ?) ( 1 child), ? (? - ?) ( divorced)

Dean Fredericks Net Worth

His net worth has been growing significantly in 2022-2023. So, how much is Dean Fredericks worth at the age of 75 years old? Dean Fredericks’s income source is mostly from being a successful Actor. He is from USA. We have estimated Dean Fredericks's net worth , money, salary, income, and assets.

Dean Fredericks Social Network

He was an actor, known for The Phantom Planet (1961), Jungle Jim (1955) and Steve Canyon (1958). He was married to Myda.

Enlisted as a private in the U.S. Army Cavalry on 31 October 1942 during World War II.

Dean Fredericks was born on January 21, 1924 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Frederick Joseph Foote.

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Danny Phantom Wiki

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Vlad Masters || Vlad Plasmius

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This is a Featured Article: a character, object, episode or place of relevance

Vlad Masters , alias Vlad Plasmius , is a billionaire industrialist, the original founder and CEO of VladCo . An old college friend of both Jack and Maddie Fenton , Vlad is secretly a human/ghost hybrid (the first to come into existence), following an accidental college experiment he worked on with Jack and Maddie in which Vlad gained his powers. Having been such for about the last 20 years, he serves as the main antagonist of the series, acting as the archenemy to fellow hybrid Danny Fenton .

  • 1.2 Mysterious occurrence
  • 1.3 Archenemy
  • 1.4 Desperation
  • 1.5 Politics and new grounds
  • 1.6 Final Fall
  • 2.1 Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Personality
  • 5.1 Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom
  • 5.2 Dani Phantom
  • 5.3 Jazz Fenton
  • 5.4 Maddie Fenton
  • 5.5 Jack Fenton
  • 5.6 Valerie Gray
  • 5.7 Sam Manson and Tucker Foley
  • 5.8 Ghost allies
  • 5.9 Dark Danny
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  • 8.1 Season 1
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  • 9 10 Years Later
  • 13 References

History [ ]

S01e07 proto portal turns on

Vlad just moments before he would receive his ghost powers.

Sometime in the early 1980's, Vlad attended the University of Wisconsin -Madison [6] alongside his roommate and best friend Jack Fenton and love interest Maddie . Vlad's friendship with Jack ended when a prototype ghost portal they had built overloaded and blasted Vlad in the face with ectoplasmic energy, resulting in him being hospitalized with ecto-acne and his DNA being infused with ectoplasm, causing him to become a half-ghost .

(The exact date of this accident is unknown, however, it's confirmed that in June 1983, Vlad already had his ghost powers and used them to secretly rob a bank. [7] Assuming that it was his very first robbery and knowing that before, he'd been hospitalized with ecto-acne for at least two years, the latest possible date of his accident would be June 1981.)

Rather than stay in contact with Maddie to continue to win her or use his ghost powers to persuade her, he allowed arrogance, pride and self-pity to ensue which for the moment ruined his social life, and his spirit. Vlad also believed the accident ruined his chances of winning Maddie over but this was never the case as he only temporarily won her hand in deception as seen in " Masters of All Time ".

After he recovered, he spent the next bitter 20 years honing and taking advantage of his newfound powers in order to become rich and famous, all in the hopes of eventually getting Maddie back. [1] [8] He possessed wealthy business tycoons to make them hand their companies over to him, took part in invisible insider stock market trading, and committed many invisible burglaries in order to amass his vast fortune. [9]

He founded and currently owns VladCo (which would buy out Axion Labs later on) [10] and has been featured in a number of magazines ( Fortunate Magazine named him "Man of the Year" in 1997). [11]

Mysterious occurrence [ ]

S01e07 introducing Vlad

Vlad Masters as he currently appears.

Despite the fact that Vlad made his first appearance in " Bitter Reunions ," he reveals to Danny that he had sent the ectopuses in the first episode to test Jack, as well as other ghosts. Also in "Bitter Reunions," Vlad sends three of his ghost vulture henchmen to kill Jack, only to be thwarted by Danny after discovering their plan, but not their motive.

Despite their failure, Vlad invites the Fentons to a college reunion at his mansion in Wisconsin. However, it was really just part of a plot to humiliate Jack and to get his wife Maddie, the woman of his dreams, to leave him. Danny (as well as his sister Jazz) are dragged along, and the boy immediately has decidedly mixed feelings about the well-off man.

That night, Danny's ghost sense alerts him to the presence of a ghost who introduces himself as "Vlad Plasmius." They end up fighting, but Danny is easily outmatched by the stronger, more powerful ghost. Vlad knocks him unconscious, and he unwillingly transforms back to Danny Fenton in front of him, making Vlad realize that his soon-to-be archenemy/rival is Jack's son. This amused him and he starts planning to take advantage of this.

Vlad as a ghost in "Bitter Reunions"

He remains tight-lipped about the fact until the day of the actual reunion. On the night of the reunion, Vlad casually asks Danny to go down to the lab to get a present for Jack, but when Danny does so, Skulker captures him with the spectral energy neutralizer .

Vlad enters and reveals to Danny who he is, ultimately offering Danny the chance to join up with him and help him further train and hone his powers in exchange for renouncing his father. Danny angrily declines, leaving Vlad to put the next phase of his plan into action.

He possesses Jack, makes him cause chaos during the reunion to ruin his reputation, then captures Maddie Fenton. Danny (eventually freed by the Dairy King ) uses the Fenton RV to stop him. Danny ironically blackmails Vlad by threatening to expose the both of them to his parents unless they call a truce, to which Vlad agrees, though he vowed to return. [1]

Archenemy [ ]

Unknown to Danny , Vlad gives Valerie Gray ghost-hunting equipment in order to cause trouble for Danny while getting access to Danny's DNA for a secret project. Vlad appears later as the mysterious provider of Valerie's infamous ghost hunting suit and weapons, although she’s unaware of his true intentions behind it. [12] Vlad made a full return when he staged a plan that involved the inconspicuous "DALV" group ("Vlad" backwards) inviting Maddie and Danny to a mother/son science convention in Florida. [13]

When Maddie takes a reluctant Danny along as an attempt to bond with him, the two are both tricked into parachuting out of their plane, conveniently finding themselves at Vlad's Rocky Mountain retreat. There, Vlad attempts to convince them both to stay with him by confessing his undying love for Maddie. They refuse and storm off into the woods.

Vlad attempts to chase them both back by means of sending his mutated ghost animals after them - the bodies of which can be seen mounted in his hunting-lodge style living room.

Vlad short-circuits Danny's powers with the Plasmius Maximus.

While Maddie is sleeping in her tent, Danny is captured and confronted by Vlad, who shorts out Danny's powers for a set period of time with a device he invented, the Plasmius Maximus , and leaves him at the mercy of his ghost animals.

However, Danny is saved by his mother and, with little choice, is forced to return to Vlad's home to find a means to get back to Amity Park. Maddie uses her charm on Vlad to find a phone, which makes Danny sick. She goes off to make the call while Danny, left alone with Vlad, falsely declares him as his "new dad" to let his guard down.

Successfully tricking Vlad by setting back his clock to make him think the Plasmius Maximus had not yet worn off (when in fact, it had), he wraps the Specter Deflector around Vlad, which weakens him considerably for a fairer fight. Danny ultimately defeats Vlad by convincing the ghosts of the animals that Vlad had killed to turn against him, as well as disabling his powers with the Plasmius Maximus. [13]

Vlad's next plan has him traveling into the Ghost Zone in search of the Skeleton Key, an item that enables him to open "any door, travel to any realm, and free any prisoner." When Behemoth, the guardian of the key, appears, Vlad easily overpowers him, but this is only an initial success and Vlad is soon defeated as Behemoth throws him out of the Ghost Zone back through his portal, and back into his manor without the key. [14]

However, he realizes that he had forgotten to change the "Ecto-Filtrator" on his ghost portal, and it explodes, destroying his castle mansion. Due to this, Vlad plans to steal the Fentons' ghost portal. Needing to distract Danny so he can have the time to dismantle it, he offers a million dollar bounty on the ghost boy to distract him. Ghost hunters from all over gather to capture him, which does not bother Danny due to the incompetence of most of them.

However, when Danny spots the ghost vultures making off with Sam and Tucker, he races after them, only to be brutally beaten by Plasmius, who appears and reveals his intention to humiliate Jack as well, before leaving. Danny feels pity for his father and his ineptitude, so he allows himself to be caught to boost his terrible reputation as a ghost hunter. But when Jack leaves to claim his reward, the two are both captured by Vlad who then proceeds to steal their ghost portal. Working together, Jack and Danny escape and head for the Portal, where Vlad brutally insults Jack.

In a moment of rarity, Jack successfully uses the Fenton Ghost Gloves to beat Vlad and throws him into the Ghost Zone. A humiliated Vlad soon turns gleeful when he obtains the Key shortly afterwards. [14] The Skeleton Key was put to use later when Vlad winds up releasing the ghost king Pariah Dark when he tries to steal the king's treasures: the " Crown of Fire " and the " Ring of Rage ." [15]

To combat the king, Vlad and Danny call a temporary truce and fight off Pariah's forces. Vlad also reveals to Valerie that he was the one who gave her the equipment to fight ghosts. Vlad ultimately locks Pariah Dark back into his sarcophagus prison just as Danny, armed with the Ecto-Skeleton , passes out from the exertion of using it to force Pariah back inside of it. Taking advantage of the situation, Vlad steals the Ecto-Skeleton, and claims to Maddie and Jack that he rescued Danny to worm his way back into their good graces. [15]

In an alternate future, Danny, orphaned upon the death of his family and friends, moves in with Vlad, seeing as he was "the only person left on the planet who could possibly hope to understand his situation." Vlad takes him in with open arms and honors his wishes when a seriously depressed and desperate Danny begs Vlad to remove his ghost half from him, claiming that the memory of it causes him too much pain. [16]

During the process, Danny's ghost half becomes enraged, and turns on Vlad, tearing Vlad's ghost half away from his human half and inadvertently merging him with it as he goes to attack the other ghost. With evil having completely consumed him, Danny/Vlad's ghost then proceeds to kill the human Danny, destroy Vlad's mansion, and begin a 10 year-long rampage of world destruction while the human Vlad just barely escaped.

S02M02 old Vlad looking at picture

Danny meets the now-repentant Vlad of the future.

When the present-day Danny, trapped in the future due to the future evil Dan fusing a Time Medallion within him, arrives in what is left of Vlad's mansion, he finds Vlad, now reduced to a miserable old hermit. The only good that came out of this, he says, is that ten years without ghost powers has given him time to realize what a fool he had been.

In a rare moment for both characters, Vlad shows repentance for his misdeeds while Danny, in a way, forgives him. Vlad ultimately played a part in returning present-day Danny back to the past to correct his mistake by removing the medallion from within him. [16]

However this future is erased and Vlad's next big plan has him hiring Skulker to steal various materials to improve the stolen Ecto-Skeleton's power. When Danny's sister, Jazz, arrives with the intent to move in with him, because her father's "an idiot," Vlad wastes no time in convincing Jack and Maddie to let her stay a while. However, he does not realize that Jazz's true motive is to investigate him and his possible connection to Skulker's thefts in secret. [17]

Vlad starts getting suspicious when Jazz is found sneaking around in his lab, and orders Jazz to prove her loyalty by putting her in the ecto-skeleton and ordering her to destroy her brother, unless she wanted to get destroyed herself. Danny and Jazz, however, get the last laugh by outsmarting Vlad by means of staging a mock battle, escaping while he is confused, and setting the Ecto-Skeleton to self-destruct.

At one point, Vlad comes down with another outbreak of lethal ecto-acne. Infecting Sam and Tucker with the same disease, he blackmails Danny into helping him. Taking a different route, Danny convinced Clockwork to send him to the past to save Vlad from getting hit by the Porto-Portal blast, this change of events ensuring a future without Vlad Plasmius. However, due to Danny's interference with the past, Jack accidentally got caught in the blast and Jack becomes infected with the ecto-acne and ultimately becomes an angry, bitter "Jack Plasmius." [8]

In this "alternate present," Vlad is married to Maddie, has become the new Wisconsin Dairy King, and supposedly lives as a simple dairy farmer. Just like in the original present, though, he is still a very controlling individual, as he forbids his wife Maddie from continuing her ghost research. He also lies to her by telling her that Jack had blamed her for the accident and never wants to see her again.

Danny tells her the truth in that it was not true and that Jack still loves her, making her enraged that Vlad had lied to her. When Vlad eventually discovers Maddie's secret basement lab, he’s shocked to see Jack still alive and crazy in love with Maddie. He blasts at him out of jealousy, possibly killing him.

Angry, Maddie quickly throws him into the Ghost Zone. Danny returns to Clockwork's lair afterwards where he changes the past back to the way it originally was. Gaining knowledge of a cure from the past, Danny tells his parents, who are able to cure Vlad, Tucker and Sam afterwards. [8]

Desperation [ ]

S02e17 Vlad and Danny face off

Vlad eventually takes drastic and desperate measures when he tries to create a clone of Danny (getting various samples of Danny's DNA secretly from their battles, in addition to his battles with Valerie). [11]

He managed to spawn a few imperfect versions (due to the lack of a mid-morph sample from Danny), including Dani Phantom , a slightly younger, female version of Danny. He eventually uses her in helping to capture Danny himself.

However, Danielle betrays Vlad after seeing who her "father" truly was, a man who didn’t care at all about her and saw her as nothing more than a tool. Siding with her "cousin" Danny, the two attack Vlad, causing him to actually collide with the main, "primary" clone, destroying him. Gravely upset over the loss of his most stable creation, Vlad was seconds away from killing Danielle if not for Danny's ghostly wail, Sam and Tucker's timely rescue, and Danielle's own insertion. [11]

Politics and new grounds [ ]

S03e01 bound to be a rematch

"Whenever there's a draw, there's bound to be a rematch..."

After a series of immature pranks between Vlad and Danny, the former runs for mayor of Amity Park, winning by overshadowing the voters and making them choose him. He then makes life miserable for Danny by banning technology and Danny Phantom, installing school uniforms, and tearing down the Nasty Burger to make way for a new restaurant, "McMasters," from which teenagers are banned. [2]

Danny eventually apologizes for his pranks, but Vlad refuses to stop ruining his life, leading Danny to try and announce to the public that Masters and Plasmius are the same.

This fails when a Plasmius double appears in front of Danny, the public and a human Vlad Masters. While the duplicate and Danny fight, Vlad, trying to make himself look good in public, attempts to kill his Plasmius double until Danny overshadows it and flies him to Vlad's limo just as the mayor opens fire. Pulled from the wreckage is an injured Danny Fenton, and an angry public blames Vlad for hurting an innocent child. As a result, he goes into damage-control mode and turns everything back to normal, his battle with Danny far from over. [2]

Vlad later steals the famed "Infi-Map" from Danny and his friends, who had gotten the map earlier from Frostbite . This powerful ghostly map takes the user to any part of the Ghost Zone that they want to go to instantly, and Vlad feels that he can use it to take over the realm. Danny and his friends get involved in a wild goose chase through various portals opening all over the world and throughout various time periods to bring the map back. [3]

They eventually succeed when the map leads Vlad to the realm of the "Far Frozen," where Frostbite, along with his people, freeze him. It is also revealed in this episode that Vlad owns a cat fittingly named Maddie, a suggestion Danny made in an earlier episode to spite his loneliness. [3]

To further his appeal as mayor, Vlad disguises a barometer that controls the weather ghost Vortex as his "rain machine" to bring rain upon Amity Park's recent drought. The plan later backfires when Vortex rebels and the barometer breaks, causing him to go on a rampage on Earth and accidentally transfers his own set of weather powers to Danny, which are triggered by his emotions. [18]

Vlad tries to keep Danny calm and happy at all times so that it remains sunny, while Sam and Tucker scope Vortex out and bring him back to Amity Park, where he is defeated by Danny. Vlad blames the whole mess on Danny Phantom in public. [18] Vlad made a cameo [19] on a bolitan board before Undergrowth attacked. He also made a cameo when the Fentons moved next door to him when they briefly became extremely wealthy, and as one of the ghostly villain Nocturn's sleeping victims. [20]

Final Fall [ ]

Upon Danielle's return, Vlad hires Valerie to capture her for him. With her under his possession once again, he planned to dissolve her entire body to study her remains in order to create a better, more functional clone. Danny, managing to gain help from a hesitant Valerie, stops him in time, saves Dani's life and warns Vlad to leave her be. [21]

Planning to destroy Danny Phantom once and for all, Vlad hires a new team of ghost hunters, the "Masters' Blasters," to replace and humiliate Danny, in what he hopes will cause the boy to stop his ghost hunting once and for all. When an asteroid gets knocked towards Earth, it is caused by Vlad's satellite having an accidental explosion. [22]

Vlad Plasmius reveals himself.

He reveals his dual identity to the world and promises to stop the asteroid from destroying Earth by making the asteroid intangible, in exchange for over 500-billion dollars and complete control over the entire world. However, he later finds out that the asteroid was composed of an anti-ghost element called Ecto-ranium , making it so all ghosts, including him, could not touch it, and therefore could not make it intangible.

Unable to save the planet and return home, due to the fact that he would be forever hunted now that he had revealed his secret identity and threatened the whole planet, realizing that now more than ever he needed Jack's help, Vlad begged him to let him aboard the Fenton Rocket, but now knowing of Vlad's true nature and irrevocably seeing that the Vlad Masters he knew was gone, Jack shunned his former friend by abandoning Vlad in space, dooming him to eternally roam the universe alone. Due to him not having the desire to see the planet's destruction at the hand of his actions, Vlad guiltily saw the Earth one last time before flying away, showing that deep down he did have a heart. But it was too little, too late. His action had forever earned him eternal hatred from the world.

S03M04 space nomad

Vlad finally accepts his loneliness.

After the Earth is saved by Danny, Vlad is shown sitting alone on a small asteroid, finally coming to terms with his eternal solitude as a "free-roaming space nomad" before being struck by the Disasteroid, after which his fate remains unknown. However, Butch Hartman may have implied he survived as he drew a 10 years later version of Vlad.

Graphic novel [ ]

Danny phantom: a glitch in time [ ].

As a result of his actions during the events of the series finale, Vlad unsurprisingly became the most hated man on the planet. Vlad eventually made his way to the Ghost Zone to meet Clockwork in the hopes that he would be allowed to travel back in time and undo his mistakes, thus preventing his exile. However, despite going as far as to beg, Clockwork refused to help him, calling him out for having had many chances to correct his behavior in the past. In desperation, Vlad attacks Clockwork only to accidentally push over and shatter the Fenton Thermos containing Dark Danny , freeing him. Dark Danny then subdued Clockwork and merged with him to gain his powers while Vlad just fled from the powerful new ghost.

As Dark Danny began using his new powers to cause all of time and space to begin collapsing, Vlad had no choice but to seek out Danny Phantom for help to stop him.

Appearance [ ]

As a human, Vlad has white hair that according to Bitter Reunions , turned white as the result of his DNA being infused with ectoplasm. However, in Masters of All Time , it's shown that even without the accident he'd end up having a white hair in the current time. It's possible that while currently his hair color is caused by his half-ghost DNA, he himself may suffer from Canities Subita (also known as Thomas More/Marie Antoinette Syndrome ), which would result in his hair turning white without half-ghost DNA.

His hair is tied into a ponytail and he has a matching goatee. However, he has black eyebrows and a pointed nose. He has midnight blue eyes and his eyes are heavily outlined in black, showing his dark nature and implying that he maybe wears eyeliner. He typically wears a black suit with a red handkerchief in his left breast pocket and a matching red bolo tie. The suit has three rows of white buttons, a total of six. He also wears a white undershirt and black pointed shoes.

In his alter-ego of Vlad Plasmius, he retains little resemblance to his human form, although some features remain the same. Plasmius is more vampiric than Masters, as this was the producer's original intention, although it was rebuked by Nickelodeon, who considered it too "occult." He is more muscular in this form and has sky-blue skin and fangs. His hair is black and styled in a horn-like U-shape, and he has a black goatee. He wears a mostly white outfit consisting of white trousers and a white long-sleeved shirt with black gloves and boots. His shirt is connected via a black belt and stems up to his neck. There is a black collar on his shirt like Danny's, although it does not extend up the neck. Finally, he accessorizes with a high collar cape connected around his neck that has a white exterior and a red interior lining.

Personality [ ]

Vlad petting his cat Maddie .

Vlad's general outer appearance showcases him as a well to-do man: rich, suave, clever, intelligent and mysterious. He’s very methodical in getting what he wants whenever he wants it, showcasing patience as well as cunning. Deceitful and cruel, Vlad is perfectly willing to use any underhanded method to obtain his desires and he possesses no qualms about resorting to such things as kidnapping and attempted murder.

He is not above using others as his pawns in achieving his goals, as was shown when he infected Sam and Tucker with ecto-acne to get Danny to help him with his own case. Never giving up when he is down, to compensate for his losses, Vlad savors small, personal victories, such as in " Bitter Reunions " where he lost the battle, but proudly pointed out Danny's blackmailing being similar to his before leaving.

He usually works alone, but has required help from Skulker several times, as well as the vulture ghosts, ectopuses, and the failed clones. In " Reign Storm ," while gloating to Danny, he said he "...used two 14-year-old pawns to turn a knight and topple a king," implying that he may have struck a deal with the Fright Knight . However, the show never showed it come to play.

Vlad is also known to hold a grudge for years. Part of the reason he hates Jack so much is due to all the humiliation and personal injury Jack has caused him over the years, blaming Jack for having caused the accident which saw Vlad become infected with ectoplasm and saw Vlad lose the opportunity to confess to and make Maddie his. (Indeed, Maddie and Jack were most likely prohibited from visiting Vlad as the doctors were unsure as to the exact nature of his condition and couldn't risk anyone seeing him lest it proved to be contagious.) When under stress, he frequently shouts out snack names ("Oh, butter biscuits," "Oh, sugar cookies," etc.) and is known for losing his temper quite easily.

S01e19 Vlad smoldering

Vlad enraged.

While Vlad is, at heart, cruel, sadistic, malicious, greedy, self-serving, petty, vindictive, obsessive, and power-hungry, he is also a complicated soul. Often a double-edged sword, he uses the wrong methods (killing, stealing, etc.) to gain what he thinks is right, namely in order to fill his painful loneliness.

This includes getting love that he is never allowed himself to have blaming his life-altering incident rather than his own personal faults: Maddie, who he believes should have been his and the fact he wanted no else, and Danny, a potential son who also struggles with ghost powers. [23] Unfortunately, this longing is also used against him when his emotions leave him vulnerable, Danny, Maddie, and Jazz having tricked him with it.

However, the fact that he retains such emotions shows that he is not above redemption. His arrogance has also proven to be a significant disadvantage; on one occasion when he fought Jack as Plasmius—Jack, naturally, being unaware of his identity as Vlad Masters—part of the reason for his defeat was the fact that he underestimated Jack's ability to successfully battle him and launch effective attacks.

Additionally, he can become too overconfident about his plans, only to ruin them because of his own short temper and inability to think some aspects of his plan through. By the time of his downfall at the end of the series, Vlad has come to realize the foolishness of his actions, contemplating his lonely future away from Earth.

Relationships [ ]

Danny fenton/danny phantom [ ].

Quite possibly the one whom he desires the most (perhaps more so than even Maddie), Vlad's first meeting with Danny was nothing special, up until he discovered that the boy was a half-ghost, just like him. With that knowledge, Vlad has since pursued Danny, trying to convince him to renounce his father, and become his adopted son/successor. Later in the series, he becomes so desperate and angry that he attempts to clone Danny, which does not quite work out.

Danny has nothing but disdain/unfriendliness towards Vlad mostly because he recognizes Vlad as a hopelessly deluded, cruel, arrogant, manipulative, and genuine sleaze. However, often he tries to use Danny in order to get another phase of his plan(s) moving and is not above being manipulative towards him.

Yet, the other side of his personality shows an antagonistic paternal bond towards the boy, giving him advice and indicating that the two of them are a lot more alike than Danny cares to admit. By the time of " Eye for an Eye ," after losing his possibly only chance to have Danny when Danny's clone is destroyed, Vlad sees Danny as a full-time rival rather out of frustration. Additionally, once in a while at least, Vlad will ally himself with Danny whenever the situation requires it; such as seen in " Reign Storm " when Pariah Dark sent his minions to attack Amity Park, Danny and Vlad (along with Valerie ) fought against them.

Dani Phantom [ ]

Created as one of Vlad's many failed attempts to clone Danny, Danielle "Dani" Phantom was the only one of his clones blessed with a mind of her own, the ability to think for herself, an individual personality, the closest he came to successfully cloning Danny. Dani genuinely loved Vlad as her father.

However, Vlad still saw her as a failed experiment that he would later dispose of, and his paternal behavior was feigned for the time being until he finished the primary clone. Vlad convinces her that if she captured Danny Phantom, he could use his "mid-morph" DNA to help stabilize her, and she agrees. However, Dani discovers the primary clone and what her "father" intended to do with her afterwards. She was heartbroken, grew to hate Vlad, and sided with Danny against him. They destroy all of Vlad's clones and leave him. Some time later, Vlad discovers Dani had returned and has Valerie capture her.

Vlad intended to resume his cloning experiments by melting Danielle down and study her ectoplasmic remains in order to see how she survived for so long. Valerie and Danny arrived just in time to save her, and Dani promptly beat down Vlad.

Ironically, if Vlad had treated Dani as he would have with Danny or the primary clone, he would have succeeded in creating the loving family he wanted.

Jazz Fenton [ ]

At first, Vlad often overlooks Jazz as he’s aware that she knows nothing about Danny's–and by extension, his own–half-ghost status, and therefore is hardly an immediate threat to his plans. However, as he wishes to take Maddie from Jack and replace him as Danny and Jazz's father, he still treats Jazz with a certain degree of affection.

This changes in "Secret Weapons" when Jazz tricks him by using his emotions against him and revealing that she knows about his secret identity. After that, Jazz becomes another young rival to him.

Maddie Fenton [ ]

The woman whom he desires, Vlad has repeatedly declared that he’s in love with her and will do anything to get her, meaning having to kill Jack, who serves as an obstacle. Obsessed with her, his alternate self owned and controlled her like an object rather than a person. [8]

Vlad also owns a Maddie hologram to compliment him on his work (though one version falls in love with a Jack hologram). Maddie is indifferent to Vlad after his confession about his love for her and continues to harbor mixed feelings towards him, even after he apparently rescued Danny in " Reign Storm ."

By the last episode, she considers him deplorable when he reveals his true nature and blackmails the nations of the world. Ultimately by doing this, Vlad loses any ounce of respect Maddie barely still had for him.

Jack Fenton [ ]

S01e07 yearbook flashback

Vlad and Jack in a yearbook flashback.

Jack was once Vlad's best friend in college, but his accidental ghost portal mistake and marriage to Maddie has left Vlad bitter. His hate for Jack is ironic, as Jack's accident was the catalyst for Vlad's success and wealth, but it is likely the great humiliation and personal injury Jack caused that makes Vlad continuously hold enmity to him.

While Jack is oblivious to Vlad's hatred, Vlad has taken it upon himself to try to humiliate and kill Jack whenever the opportunity arises, only to typically be thwarted by Danny. Eventually, Vlad reveals himself as a half-ghost to the world and blackmails all the nations for money and power in return for saving the earth from an approaching asteroid—shocking and overwhelming Jack.

Despite Jack's constant apologizing and trying to understand Vlad's contempt, Vlad denied his pleas even stating he will make Maddie his queen, as he coldly flies off while in space. This despicable statement infuriates Jack. However, when Vlad realizes that he would be unable to stop the asteroid from colliding with Earth, Vlad begs Jack to let him aboard the spaceship he is in, to which he is coldly denied by the latter who sees his real colors and left him stranded in space.

Afterward, Vlad realized that his actions had destroyed his last friendship and connection to Earth, which showed he finally understood that he had taken Jack's friendship for granted and express remorse on his treatment. This is best exemplified in their final interaction in " Phantom Planet ": Vlad : "You wouldn't turn your back on an old friend, would you?" Jack : "An old friend, no. You? Yes."

Valerie Gray [ ]

She was given her ghost-hunting gear by Vlad and has since used it to her fullest ability until " Flirting With Disaster ," in which the suit was destroyed and replaced by Technus . Unbeknownst to her, Valerie's suit served to spy on Danny and his ghost powers, which Vlad would then use to create the perfect clone. It seems Valerie is impressed and respectful towards Vlad, obviously not knowing of his true intentions.

She eventually finds out he is half-ghost; angry by his deception she vows to hunt him down. [21] He referred to Valerie's ghost hunter persona as a "crack-pot" on a news broadcast in the last episode, hinting that Valerie may have already made moves against him.

Sam Manson and Tucker Foley [ ]

Although Vlad's relationship with Danny's best friends Sam and Tucker isn't explored as much as his relationship with Danny it's clear neither Sam or Tucker are friends with nor trust Vlad, being Danny's arch nemesis and it's also clear Vlad sees them as another one of his enemies and young rivals.

Ghost allies [ ]

One of the ghosts he primarily employs to do various odds and ends for him (stealing, kidnapping, etc.) is Skulker , which he does willingly in exchange for better equipment. The vulture ghosts also frequent as Vlad's hench-ghosts, weak, but usually reliable. It may be possible that there are other ghosts that work for Vlad. Vlad has apparently hired the Fright Knight to serve him and at one point, obtained the services of a weather-controlling ghost named Vortex briefly.

Dark Danny [ ]

Vlad accidentally helped in the birth of Danny's alternate evil incarnation, which ultimately led to him living as a recluse hermit, powerless when Dark Danny stripped him of his ghost powers and assimilated them. Dark Danny ultimately seeks Vlad's ghost portal in order to destroy it and presumably him as well. In the game , Dark Danny comes to Vlad in the present to assure that the accident happens when he is defeated, while in the graphic novel “A Glitch In Time” Vlad was horrified to learn that he is responsible for his creation in an alternative timeline.

Powers and abilities [ ]

Ghost powers [ ].

  • Intangibility & Invisibility : Standard ghost power. Vlad can phase through solid objects and turn invisible to be seen by others. He has used this often to steal money before the start of the series. As with other ghosts, however, he can still get hurt when intangible when other ghosts are so as well, and Anti-ghost gadgets that can get past it.
  • Flight : Standard ghost power. Vlad can fly, float, and hover, presumably at the same speed as Danny. This is never noticeably seen before or again as Vlad does not use flying as an advantage as much as Danny does. He can even fly in his human form. Vlad’s lower half became a wispy tail as he quickly tries to escape Pariah Dark. As well as Duplication and Teleportation this is one of Vlad most often used abilities.
  • Overshadowing : Standard ghost power. Vlad can overshadow other people to control their actions. He has used this ability to increase his wealth by possessing rich tycoons to make them give their companies to him. He also used this in Eye for an Eye on multiple people to vote for him for mayor.
  • Superhuman Strength : He was much stronger than Danny during their first several encounters. In " The Million Dollar Ghost ," he punched away the Behemoth with ease, though he didn't hurt him and he used an Energy Strike. However, we can assume that his strength is about 40 to 50 tons. Even after been weakened by having duplicated himself in hundreds of duplicates, he was still strong enough to punch Danny hard enough to pierce through a brick wall.
  • Healing Factor : Vlad can be able to regenerate quickly like Danny. When Pariah Dark effortlessly knocked out both Vlad and Danny, who both healed very quickly in a small period of time.
  • Superhuman Stamina : He can exert himself at peak capacity for hours before fatigue begins to impair him.
  • Superhuman Endurance : Vlad can endure attacks much more than a ordinary human. A great example is Vlad briefly (for only a second) held against Danny's Ghostly Wail before being blown back and forced to revert to human form.
  • Superhuman Agility : In his ghost form, Vlad's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond those of a normal human being.
  • Supernatural Reflexes : Vlad has dramatically enhanced reflexes, being able to dodge attacks with ease. His reflexes are heightened in a similar manner and are, likewise, are superior to those of the finest human athlete. Given that he also outclassed Danny in this regard, one could argue that he is faster than most ghosts as well.
  • Teleportation : Vlad vanishes/disappear from one location and reappears elsewhere by wrapping his cape around him and vanishing into a cloud of green or pink mist.
  • Spectral Body Manipulation : Vlad is able to contort his ghost body into any position he desires. Vlad’s lower half became a wispy tail as he quickly tries to escape Pariah Dark.
  • Duplication : Vlad can split his body into duplicates that share all of his ghost powers. This is his most often-used and most advantageous technique. He manages to create over a hundred shadows of him that possessed many people to make them vote for him in the city mayor elections. Creating that many duplicates still weakened Vlad to the point where Danny could easily defeat him in combat and seem to indicate that there might not be a limit to the number of duplicates that he or possibly Danny would be able to create. It's been shown that when Vlad creates a duplicate, he can make them invisible in the process. He can also transform back to his human form while forming a ghost duplicate of himself, which explains how he's been able to get away with some events that may link directly to his footsteps.
  • Energy Strike : Vlad can channel ecto-energy through his fists to enhance the strength of his physical attacks. With this power, Vlad can punch the Behemoth away which fighting him or punch through a solid concrete on a street and break it.
  • Ghost Shield : His shield consists of pink or green ectoplasm. His shields can block or even reflect enemy attacks. He has been shown to shape his shield in the form of a wall, a barrier, or a mirror shield/reflecting shield that can reflect any attack, including physical attacks. He can create a ghost shield shaped like a dome to protect himself from explosions.
  • Power Augmentation : He can temporarily increase his physical strength. He once used this to become strong enough to break out of the Fenton Ghost Fisher. [14] He also used this power to escape Danny's snowball in " Phantom Planet ".
  • Ghost Stinger : Vlad sends out ecto-energy in the form of electricity. Vlad used this attack against Danny to drain his energy to the point where he almost changed back to human form. It is unknown if it will have similar if any, effects on full ghosts.
  • Ghost Tornado/Ecto-Twister : By waving his cape around and spinning at high speeds, Vlad can create his own ectoplasmic energy tornado that is similar to a real one. It is capable of cause mass destruction, deflecting any incoming ectoplasmic energy attacks, and causing huge wind gusts that can suck his enemies in and throw them to other places. This is arguably Vlad's most powerful technique and he only used it once in Eye for an Eye.
  • Self-Sustenance : Despite first entering the voids of space with a helmet and oxygen tank, Vlad was seen sitting on the Disasteroid without said equipment. This indicates that Vlad either: doesn't require oxygen to survive while in his ghost form, or that he can utilize a form of self-sustenance while in his ghost form; either way, Vlad has shown to be capable of surviving in low-pressure, low-temperature environments.
  • Paranormal Immunity : As Half-Ghost Vlad is immune or resistant to several effects that can hurt a ghost or a human. Like Danny, he's is immune to some Fenton Ghost Weaponry like the ghost shield when he is in his human form and it's possible that he is immune to some powers meant to affect humans like Ember's music.

Eye Transformation

Abilities [ ]

  • Insanely Rich / Wealth : One of Vlad's greatest gifts was his wealth. According to his words he " overshadowed enough millionaires to become the richest man on the planet" . While this boast might be overstated, he once destroyed his entire castle home, along with everything in it, and casually said, "I can always buy another one," indicating that even spending likely millions of dollars is no issue for him. Prior to the events of "Phantom Planet", Vlad was one of the richest men on the planet but after holding the Earth hostage, it's more than likely that everything he once owned was confiscated, sold, or destroyed.
  • Master Strategist : Vlad has a cunning mind and, over the series, has developed complicated plans in order to get what he wants such as power or vengeance. However, most of them have been spoiled by Danny's interference and for underestimating his abilities and intelligence or even an unexpected problem. Furthermore, Vlad sometimes lets his ego get in the way resulting in him losing even when Danny was less experienced.
  • Swordsmanship : Vlad demonstrates some ability with the sword when fighting Danny in "Infinite Realms."

Equipment [ ]

  • Ghost Gauntlets : This device with claws to allows its user to separate a ghost from a human, or separate a ghostly object trapped inside somebody. It appeared in " The Ultimate Enemy ". Vlad uses these to separate Danny's ghost and human halves. Then, Danny's ghost half steals them, tears out Vlad's ghost half, and fuses with it, becoming Dark Danny . Vlad later uses them to remove a time medallion from Danny's body that Dark Danny had made permanently intangible.
  • Plasmius Maximus : The device nullifies spectral energies, completely cancelling a ghost's powers. Its effects only last for three hours. It only appeared in " Maternal Instinct " Vlad uses it on Danny in his Colorado chalet, effectively taking away his ghost powers for three hours until midnight. Vlad then sends his experimental "pets" to chase a human Danny through the woods. At the end of the episode, Danny uses the device on Vlad after he claims that he is still more powerful than his pets even with the Specter Deflector on. This takes away Vlad's ghost powers, and Danny sends his pets after him much like he did earlier to Danny.
  • Spectral Energy Neutralizer : This box like device nullifies spectral energies, trapping any ghost it captures. It was designed by Skulker and paid by Vlad. It drains Danny’s powers while he is trapped within it. It appears as a black cube with glowing green circuit patterns all over it. When not in use, it is a small cube. When activated, it enlarges and encases the target, leaving a hole at the top for the target's head, which is left vulnerable. On the side, there is a button that says "open" with a picture of a skull on it. Pushing this button deactivates the cube, returning it to its inert state and freeing the target.

Sightings [ ]

  • 107. " Bitter Reunions "
  • 110. " Shades of Gray " (no lines)
  • 117. " Maternal Instinct "
  • 119. " The Million Dollar Ghost "
  • 201. " Memory Blank " (flashback, no lines)
  • 204. " Reign Storm "
  • 208. " The Ultimate Enemy "
  • 211. " Secret Weapons "
  • 212. " Flirting With Disaster " (pictured)
  • 216. " Masters of All Time "
  • 217. " Kindred Spirits "
  • 301. " Eye for an Eye "
  • 302. " Infinite Realms "
  • 303. " Girls' Night Out " (pictured)
  • 304. " Torrent of Terror "
  • 306. " Urban Jungle " (mentioned)
  • 307. " Livin' Large "
  • 309. " Frightmare " (no lines)
  • 311. " D-Stabilized "
  • 312. " Phantom Planet "

10 Years Later [ ]

Vlad 10 years later version 1

Version 1 - Warming up sketch

Version 1 This version is similar to Vlad's design seen in the series, but aged up 10 years. His defining features remain the same: pointed ears, pointed hair, fangs, his cloak, and his gloves. The main difference is that his face is drawn to be more realistic than that seen in the original series.

Vlad 10 years later version 2

In this version, Vlad has successfully created a clone of Danny. Although Vlad has aged 10 years, the Danny clone is 14 years old. The clone is almost identical to Danny except his hair has some white in it because he is a combination of Vlad and the original Danny. Maddie the cat has been replaced by a giant white tiger, since Vlad loves cats but he wanted something larger than a small house cat.

Vlad 10 years later version 3

In this third version, Vlad's design is similar to that seen at a Renaissance Fair. Possibly as a result of his many interactions with the Ghost King , he has changed it outfit to reflect his desire to be a king. This version is a kingly, medieval-ewe version of Vlad.

Version 4 This fourth and final version has a darker background to the story. At the end of Phantom Planet we saw Vlad adrift in space (possibly as a full ghost since he did not have a helmet while in the vacuum of space). However, this version of Vlad was captured by a race of aliens who enslave other alien species, such as using them to mine for various minerals. Even though he is enslaved, Vlad would probably be their most powerful slave, and so his captors would use him for work and sport, in which he would be pitted against other aliens. This image depicts Vlad having escaped his captors, still wearing the clothes from his time in captivity. The icon on his suit is a barcode that was used to identify him. Even if he changes clothes, he does not remove the shackles. He leaves them on to remind him where he's come from. This Vlad is an even greater threat both in his increased hatred and desire for revenge against Danny, as well as having learned from the aliens. He now possesses new skills and possibly technology from his time held captive by the aliens.

Vlad Plasmius 10 years later

  • Vlad was created to be the " Lex Luthor " of the Danny Phantom series. [24] He serves as a contrast to Danny where he has the same powers but is older, more experienced, and richer, purposely meant to give Danny a formidable opponent. A running gag planned during development was that Vlad would lose his manor due to unfortunate luck every other episode. [24]
  • Creator Butch Hartman originally conceived of Vlad as a vampire. Vlad's appearance, including his outfit, hairstyle and fangs, greatly resembles popular depictions of Count Dracula. His first name is a reference to " Vlad the Impaler ", while his ghost surname, "Plasmius" is doubly a reference to blood plasma and ectoplasm - underlining both the former vampire element and the current ghost connection. Hartman got rid of the vampire idea because he and Nickelodeon thought it was "too occult. [25]
  • Vlad's love for the Green Bay Packers was added due to series writer Steve Marmel being a fan of them. Their team color in the show is a reverse gold-and-green to avoid copyright infringement with the actual team.
  • Vlad is the main antagonist of the show, which is understandably why he makes the most major appearances (14-15). However, the only exception is Skulker, who actually managed to tie with Vlad in having the most episodes.
  • One of Vlad's obsessions outside of Maddie was to acquire the Green Bay Packers. Despite using his ghost powers to bamboozle the world's wealthiest people into signing over their assets to him, it had never occurred to Vlad to attempt this with the rightful owner of the franchise. It could be that Vlad sees acquiring the team through honest means a personal challenge for him that is yet unfulfilled.
  • Vlad was Fortunate Magazine's 1997 Man of the Year. [11]
  • Vlad was a member of the Skunk Punks alongside Jack in college. [26]
  • Vlad lived in Madison, Wisconsin [ citation needed ] for the first two seasons. He moved to Amity Park during the third season when he abused his ghost powers to cheat in a plebiste to be "elected" mayor.
  • Vlad using food names as exclimations is very similar to Mr. Lancer using book titles as exclimations.
  • The library in his Colorado chalet has books on knitting, ghosts, and paranormal science. [27]
  • In the same episode, he tells his cat that "If anyone asks, you're my sister's cat" implying he has one, but it's unknown if she's real or if he just made her up in order to not admit that Maddie is his cat.
  • Even though Vlad was never captured in the TV series, he was captured in a video game once. At the end of the video game Nicktoons Unite for the Playstation 2 and Gamecube, Danny reveals that he imprisoned Vlad inside a Fenton Thermo. Though that was done off-screen.
  • In a comic, Danny and Vlad swap bodies after Vlad steals an amulet from a dark knight . [28]
  • In a video of future concepts for characters, Hartman depicts Plasmius as possibly having been found and enslaved by aliens after the events of "Phantom Planet." He speculates that after ten years of being prisoner, Vlad escaped, yet still wears a broken chain on his wrist and is more driven than ever to get Danny. [29]
  • He appears in the mobile game Nickelodeon Pixel Town (only available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines), you can get him if you merge Tommy from Rugrats and Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys in the memory center.

Gallery [ ]

  • 1 Danny Phantom (character)
  • 2 Ember McLain
  • 3 Vlad Plasmius
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The Phantom Planet

The Phantom Planet (1961)

After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere. After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere. After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere.

  • William Marshall
  • William Telaak
  • Fred De Gorter
  • Fred Gebhardt
  • Dean Fredericks
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Coleen Gray

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Did you know

  • Trivia Film debut of Richard Kiel .
  • Goofs When Capt. Chapman first enters the scene in the beginning of the movie, he looks at his wrist to check the time - but he is not wearing a watch.

Lt. Ray Makonnen : You know, Captain, every year of my life I grow more and more convinced that the wisest and best is to fix our attention on the good and the beautiful. If you just take the time to look at it.

  • Crazy credits Instead of "The End," the end title reads "The Beginning."
  • Alternate versions Also available in a colorized version.
  • Connections Edited into Spacemen, Go-go Girls and the True Meaning of Christmas (2004)
  • Soundtracks Caliban and Ariel (uncredited) Music by Desmond Leslie [Plays repeatedly in the score.]

User reviews 92

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  • December 13, 1961 (United States)
  • United States
  • El planeta fantasma
  • Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • Four Crown Productions Inc.
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Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 22 minutes
  • Black and White
  • 1.37 : 1 (original ratio)

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The Phantom Planet (1961)

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  22. Vlad Masters || Vlad Plasmius

    40s Hair color Gray ( Human, Formerly) White ( Human, Currently) Black ( Ghost) Eye color Blue ( Human) Red ( Ghost) Personal Information Occupation CEO of VladCo (formerly) Mayor of Amity Park (formerly)

  23. The Phantom Planet (1961)

    The Phantom Planet: Directed by William Marshall. With Dean Fredericks, Coleen Gray, Anthony Dexter, Francis X. Bushman. After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet's exotic atmosphere.

  24. The Top 10 Richest People In The World (January 2024)

    As of January 1, the 10 wealthiest people on the planet are worth nearly $1.47 trillion—$30 billion more than a month earlier. And Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken Bill Gates to ...