Haunted Places in Newport Beach, California

haunted newport beach

John Wayne’s "Wild Goose" Yacht

Newport beach, california.

John Wayne's very own ghost has been reported on his former yacht. He can be heard laughing, walking around, and sometimes he plays with the lights or locks on doors. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington beach, california.

Psychics report activity from people who used to love the area when they were alive returning for permanent stay. It also said that victims of suicide, murders, and accidents roam around here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Anaheim Performing Arts Center

Santa ana, california.

People feel like they are being followed on the second floor, as well as feel cold spots. Footsteps and whistling have also been heard here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Yost Theater

Opened since 1913, a presence is sensed here. Singer Ernest Ball died here in 1927 and is believed to remain here since. Another ghost named Molly has been seen here by stagehands and security. The Green Room is said to have much activity as well. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The Frida Cinema

I used to volunteer here and all of the experience I had involved theater 2, on the right. Even when the lights are on, the room feels unpleasant and you get the sensation that you're being watched or followed. Occasionally, I'd peripherally see a shadow walk into the theater, or ...

Midnight Adult Book and Video

Garden grove, california.

Rumor has it that back when this property used to be a night club, a man was stabbed to death here in a drug deal gone wrong. Employees have reported seeing the ghost of a man in a cowboy hat, hearing unexplained noises, and noticing things fall off shelves for ...

Irvine Katie Wheeler Library

Irvine, california.

A "lady in blue" is seen here. It is believed to be the daughter of the former property owner; she died while giving birth. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Stanley Ranch Museum

The 1891 Stanley House at Stanley Ranch Museum in Heritage Park is said to be haunted. A former live-in caretaker woke up to a frank-speaking apparition of an older man next to his bed, who advised him "Don't take any bullsh--!" The caretaker also saw the ghost of an older ...

Best Western - Quality Inn

Lake forest, california.

Employees claim to feel "a presence" and cold spots.

The Victorian Manor Tea House

Orange, california.

This building is now closed, but once was said to house many ghosts. Psychics, mediums, and sensitives reported felt that there were numerous children here, a Confederate soldier who moved out to California after falling in love with a local, a man who died after falling down the stairs, and ...

haunted newport beach

Anaheim, California

A girl named Isabella is thought to be responsible for objects flying off of shelves. Some workers have even claimed to see her. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

The original owners as well as two children are thought to be here. Employees have reported objects falling off of the walls, electronic objects malfunctioning, and doors slamming shut. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

Seal beach, california.

At the U.S. Naval Weapons Station on Seal Beach, rumored to have been built atop ancient Native American burial grounds and historical seaport Anaheim Landing, strange shadows appear at night, apparitions of Native Americans have been seen, and footsteps have followed security guards at night. Witnesses also have described whispering ...

House of Blues

Legend has it that a spirit resides in the area behind the mosh pit. Witnesses say something unseen has brushed against, touched or pushed them.

haunted newport beach

Walt Disney's first park is said to be haunted by the man himself, seen in or near his old apartment near the Main Street fire station. It is also said that the park is haunted by the spirits of park guests who have died on the Anaheim theme park's premises. ...

haunted newport beach

Fairfield Inn Anaheim

"They" say that this hotel is haunted by the ghost of a couple who died on the nearby highway. Because, really, who wants to die and haunt a freeway? Much better to haunt the nearby place with television.

SpringHill Suites Anaheim Maingate

This area used to be the site of the Paris Restaurant, since replaced by a hotel. Two people have died in this spot; the first being a woman who had a heart attack, the second being a man who choked to death. A chandelier was known to swing around by ...

Anaheim White House Restaurant

The ghosts of several children are reported here. They are heard running around down empty halls. An older woman is also believed to be here, as well as a mother and her daughter who occupy the Blue Room. One incident here involved a waiter who attempted to enter a room, ...

Liberty Theater - Joint Forces Training Base

Los alamitos, california.

Former head nurse Edna Alcorn was jilted by her lover for a woman with red hair; long after her death, she is known to be feisty with anyone with the same hair color (usually shutting off lights and locking doors). The other ghost seen here is that of a sailor ...

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is in a building that has been a biker bar, a club, and a Mexican restaurant. Reports say a homeless person was found dead in the back alley, and disembodied talking and laughing has been heard there at night and in the bathrooms.

haunted newport beach

Jack's Corner

Cypress, california.

Jack (one of the few nicknames he could have) is an apparition that stands in the middle of the road; some cars swerve to avoid him, others drive right through him. He has been seen up and down Walker St. by a few blocks. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Red Cross House - The Stoffel House

The 1894 Red Cross House, aka the Stoffel House or the Woelke-Stoffel House, was built by John Woelke and purchased by the Stoffel Family in 1907. The house was moved to Founder's Park and is now on display. It is rumored to be haunted by the original caretaker, whose eyes ...

Cypress College Photography Department

A ghost nicknamed Photy is said to reside in the main darkroom of the Cypress College Photography Department. Photy most often appears by the northwesternmost enlarger. He is said to be a friendly ghost, giving students a feeling of calm. The stories were said to have begun when one student ...

Cemetery of the Holy Sepulcher

A woman in white is seen wandering the grounds at night. No one knows who she is or why she is still here. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Knott's Berry Farm

Buena park, california.

At Knott's Berry Farm, many places are rumored to be haunted. At Camp Snoopy, Peanuts Playhouse is rumored to be haunted. Employees have reported chills, voices, lights that go on and off when the power is off, and the felling of someone following them. Also, the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs ...

Forest Lawn Memorial

One story from this cemetery involved a group a teenagers using a ouija board in the 1980's; at midnight, they jokingly tried to summon a ghost, but instead brought something onto them much more sinister. They said they were surrounded by fog, but an invisible force manifested and charged after ...

Villa Park Dam

A headless man is said to wander around here. One person said that, when he encountered the spirit, he heard footsteps and moaning. The ghost is said to be around six feet tall and apprehensive towards everyone. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

Montanez Abode

San juan capistrano, california.

This 1794 abode, built for artisans and soldiers, is reputedly haunted by the original deed holder. Visitors have apparently been chased out of the building by a hovering white light, while others claim to have heard chanting coming from the building late at night. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

The Continental Room

Fullerton, california.

Scenes from the Prohibition Era are said to have been imprinted here. Other than cold spots and unexplained sounds, two bodygaurds from the 1930's have been felt here as well as two women from around the same time. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

haunted newport beach

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Visitors here may catch a glimpse of any of three ghosts: a Native American girl, a bellringer, and a Spanish soldier who is missing his head.

haunted newport beach

Spadra Ristorante

While it was open, guests and employees would here muffled conversations coming from empty rooms. Some people have also seen a man in period clothing walking around in front, but would vanish when people did a double-take. Faucets would also turn on, lights would flicker, and glasses were broken. (Submitted by ...

Although the inn burned down in 1989, there is still a ghost who frequents the corner where it once stood. Folks say here, on the southeast corner of Harbor and Commonwealth, the apparition of Mr. Melody, the former owner’s father, appears holding a box of matches. The ghost has even ...

haunted newport beach

El Adobe de Capistrano

This restaurant is set in a building that was once the 1797 home of Miguel Yorba as well as the town's court and jail, built in 1812. The former jail, in which currently stands the restaurant's wine cellar, is said to be haunted by a ghost. The apparition of a ...

The Schumacher Building

Peter Schumacher was one of the main pioneers to the city of Fullerton; he was a real estate genius as well as having made a fortune in citrus and nuts. However, at the end of his life, he was gravely and decided to hang himself at the age of 90. ...

Stadium Tavern

The main ghost here is referred to as Chuck. He has been seen as a mist or fog that moves around by itself. Many people have also encountered the apparition of a man in overalls who appears by the basement; other people commonly report misplacing items which oddly return where ...

The Cellar - Villa del Sol

A paranormal investigation at the Villa del Sol building's The Cellar, a fine-dining spot rumored to be haunted, turned up some mysterious findings. According to the investigators, one of them was touched by hand that came out of a wall, electronic voice phenomena were recorded in the men's restroom, and ...

The Brownstone Cafe

An elderly man (named Neri Sipe) leapt to his death in the nearby building is thought to be here. People associate his presence with a cold gust, pans and pots flying around, and some people hear a voice humming if tunes from the 1930's or 1940's are playing. Other ghosts ...

Cafe Hidalgo

A murder victim from the 1930's is believed to be responsible for flickering lights, strange noises, and throwing objects around. People have even seen shadows darting down the hallways. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

haunted newport beach

RMS Queen Mary

Long beach, california.

This retired ocean liner that once sailed for the Cunard Line is now a permanently docked museum ship. Inside are a hotel, several restaurants, and the ship museum. Her maiden voyage was in 1936, and she sailed until 1967. The historic attraction has hosted haunted houses for Halloween, complete with ...

Fox Theatre

The ghost seen here is said to be Michael O'Donnell, once the troubled son of travel agency founded Dorothy O'Donnell. In life, Michael had substance-abuse problems although he was known to be a kind soul, and his spirit is still known for his kindness. Seen in the theater lobby, sometimes ...

haunted newport beach

Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante

People will often catch the glimpse of an elderly man in the corner of their eyes. Psychics report that he is friendly, though not alone. The other spirits include two women (one elderly and the other young), a farmer type, and various people in period outfits. The basement is said ...

haunted newport beach

Black Star Canyon

Silverado, california.

There are reports of paranormal activity stemming from an Indian massacre that occurred here in 1831. There are also many other urban legends surrounding this canyon. Some are not paranormal but involve things such as a homeless man who will chase you away with a gun, and cults that perform ...

The original owner died in this building. During ghost tours, people will often pick up photos, videos, or EVPs. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

haunted newport beach

Long Beach Marriott

Only a single report of this spot being haunted can be found on the internet so it's best to treat it as dubious, at best. Supposedly however room 217 is haunted with a ghost that prefers the television on and its guests not be bed hogs as it's prone ...

Cal State Fullerton

In 1976, a gunman opened fire on the campus library killing seven people; then, between 1977 and 1982, multiple suicide jumpers off of the Humanities Building prompted the school to make a surrounding to ensure no other people would kill themselves. Some of the bathrooms experience sensor activated paper towel ...

Cerritos Crash Site

Cerritos, california.

In 1986, two airplanes collided, one of which crashed into a neighborhood killing 82 altogether. At night and early in the morning, apparitions can be seen walking around and there's an overall eerie feeling as if you aren't alone. (Submitted by Chris)

Skyline Drive

On Skyline Dr., between where it forks from Raymond Ave. to N Acacia Ave., numerous fatal accidents have occurred here. In 1991, a girl named Megan was killed after the car she was in lost control and crashed into a house. Another story tells of a man who crashed into ...

Yorba Cemetery - Pink Lady

Yorba linda, california.

The Pink Lady at Yorba Family Cemetery is a ghost who is believed to appear at night on June 15 every other year. Legend has it that on her prom night, she and her boyfriend were killed nearby by a train. She is said to have been wearing a pink ...

Sunnyside Cemetery

Signal hill, california.

A woman named Bessie M. Baxter was struck by an oncoming car and thought to be laid to rest here (though it was discovered that she was buried at an adjacent Sunnyside Cemetery). Still, people claim to have seen her in a white wedding dress wandering among the graves. (Submitted by ...

Yorba Linda Tunnels

The sewer system here has a reputation for its eerie vibe. People who wander in it will see shadows, see faces, or hear odd voices. Enter this place at your own risk because if caught, you will be fined for trespassing. (Submitted by Chris Berglund)

haunted newport beach

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Community Corner

Newport beach & corona del mar halloween event guide 2021, fall events, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, hayrides, festivals, day of dead extravaganzas & more in newport beach, corona del mar & o.c..

Susan C. Schena's profile picture

Susan C. Schena , Patch Staff

Halloween, Día de los Muertos, fall festivals and more seasonal fun are planned for autumn 2021 throughout cities in Orange County, CA

NEWPORT BEACH-CORONA DEL MAR, CA — Fall is in the air, bringing with it Halloween haunts, pumpkin patches, tricks and treats, Día de los Muertos, community festivals and harvest/holiday boutiques.

Peruse our annual, city-by-city guide, and find the fun going on near you in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar and throughout Orange County.

Bookmark this page: As more events are announced, we will add them. And if we missed your town or organization's Halloween or autumn festivities, email details and online links to [email protected].

Find out what's happening in Newport Beach-Corona Del Mar with free, real-time updates from Patch.

NOTE: Events are subject to last-minute change or cancellation, so always confirm with organizers that activities are proceeding as planned.

Enjoy the season, and Happy Halloween from Patch!


SEPT. 26 : End-Of-Summer BBQ: Gold Coast Farm . Welcome the fall season!

OCT. 23: Fall Harvest Festival & Canned Food Drive . With costume parade & pony rides, too.


SEPT. 9-OCT. 31: Disney 'Oogie Boogie Bash' Halloween Party . Ticket availability is limited, so don't delay.

OCT. 1-29: Boo-tastic Halloween Party: Adventure City . Six nights with rides, trick-or-treating, dance party & more. Last year sold out, so don't delay.

OCT. 1-31: Pumpkin City's Pumpkin Farm, Rides & Games . Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, plus amusement rides, game booths & more.

OCT. 23: Boys & Girls Clubs Anaheim-Cypress 'Masquerade Gala' - Glam fundraiser at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel .

NOV. 2: Dia de los Muertos 'To Go': OC Cemeteries . Free, craft goody bags will be given away, while supplies last.


SEPT. 16-OCT. 31: Knott’s Scary Farm: Knott's Berry Far m . Confront your fears: This year offers 15 haunted attractions, sinister scare zones & mesmerizing mazes.

SEPT. 25: Autumn Movie Night: Dinner & Film . Outdoor event & tickets on sale.

SEPT. 25-OCT. 31: Knott’s Spooky Farm: Knott's Berry Farm . Geared for the younger set!

OCT. 29: 'Cops N Goblins' Trick-or-Treat Spooktacular . Plans are in the works.


NOV. 1: Día de los Muertos Family Festival: Avalon . With dancing, music & more.


OCT. 2: Annual Corona del Mar Scenic 5K, 2-Miler & Kids' Dolphin Dash . A fall tradition for all ages.

OCT. 29-30: Creatures of the Night: Sherman Library & Gardens . Family-friendly event & chance to explore the Gardens after dark.


OCT. 8-31: Pumpkin Patch, Inflatables & Petting Zoo 2021: OC Fairgrounds . Rides, games, obstacle course, plus thousands of pumpkins of all shapes & sizes.

OCT. 29-30: Boo Ha Ha – Haunted Oktobeerfest: OC Fair . For the 21-and-up set, and don't forget your costume!

NOV. 16: Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra's Free Fall Concert . Save your seats.

OCT. 8-9: Annual Community Festival - Petting Zoo & Kids' Fun . Rock wall, laser tag, corn maze & reptile exhibit just part of the plans.


SEPT. 24-26: Ohana Festival & Encore Weekend: Doheny State Beach . "Tickets are going fast – hurry & secure your spot on the beach to join Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Maggie Rogers, Brandi Carlile, Black Pumas & many more!"

OCT. 17: Classic Car & Motorcycle Show: Del Prado Avenue . Could make for a perfect, fall afternoon.

OCT. 23: Halloween Spooktacular & Trunk-or-Treat . Halloween movie, too, planned at the ballfield.

OCT. 29-30: Spooky Seas Evening Adventure: Ocean Institute . With Spooky Seas, Mad Scientist Lab, Candy Lab & FINtastic mermaid.

OCT. 30: Spooky Treat Trolley . With stops at four local parks.


OCT. 23: Free Halloween Movie In The Park . "Come dressed in a Halloween costume to receive some fun treats!"

SEPT. 17-OCT. 31: The 17th Door Haunted House . Return once more to Perpetuum Penitentiary, if you dare.


OCT. 10: 21st Annual Elvis Festiva l. Have an Elvis costume?


OCT. 1-3: Pacific Airshow . A three-day, fall spectacle!

OCT. 16: Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley Annual Benefit . In-person at Hyatt or from at-home.


SEPT. 18-OCT. 31: Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch & Wagon Rides . "Lots of activities, from wagon rides to arts and crafts!"

OCT. 31: Trick-or-Treat Through Pretend City Children's Museum . "Our Pretendgineers give away some neat surprises! This party is bound to be a scream!"


SEPT. 26: 17th Annual Classic Car Show/ Rotary Club of Laguna Beach . With food truck, beer, wine & music.

OCT. 14: Taste of Laguna Food & Music Festival . Add this to your autumn calendar! At Festival of Arts Grounds.


Laguna niguel:.

OCT. 2: Fall Boutique & Crafts Faire . "Start your holiday shopping early this year, or treat yourself to a special gift!"

OCT. 16: Halloween Snap & Treat . Photo ops, scarecrow crafts & RSVPS required.

OCT. 22-24: Haunted Trails: Crown Valley Park . Tickets likely will go fast, so don't delay.

OCT. 28-31: Wraith House - Halloween Haunt . An annual community endeavor! Traverse the zombie-encrusted front grounds on way to back entrance.


OCT. 16: Monster Mash Halloween Dance: Rec Center . With music, games, snacks & a photo booth.


OCT. 1 & 15: Drive-Up Film & Food Fest Series . "Monsters, Inc." and "Hotel Transylvania" to be screened.

OCT. 23: Halloween Trunk-Or-Treat: Little Cottonwood Park . Free, family event.


OCT. 1-31: Prism Haunted House . "High-tech horror at its finest!" Plus one afternoon with lights on for the younger set.

SEPT. 30-OCT. 31: 'Haunt Of Halloween' Haunted Maze: Kaleidoscope Mall . "Where adrenaline and fear for survival becomes a reality. "

OCT. 2-31: 'Haunt Of Halloween' Trick-Or-Treat For Kids: Kaleidoscope Mall . Trick-or-treat through the maze ... just without the fright!


SEPT. 23 & 30: LIVE STREAM: Our Favorite Things from the Halloween Boutique . From Roger's Gardens.

OCT. 1-30: Halloween Movies On the Beach: Newport Dunes . Spooky fave flicks planned for screening at the resort.

OCT. 30: Annual Halloween Spooktacular: Mariners Park . With trunk-or-treating, haunted maze & food trucks.

OCT. 30: Children's Halloween Extravaganza: Central Library . Crafts, too, while supplies last.

OCT. 30-31: Halloween at Balboa Bay Resort . Weekend of spooky food & drink specials, plus music.

SEPT. 18- OCT. 31: Irvine Park Railroad Halloween Pumpkin Patch . Fun includes train & hay rides, bounce house, carnival games, face-painting & more.

OCT. 16-31: Pirate's Cave Haunt . This "labor of love headed up by the father and son" is back with family-friendly scares. ----------


OCT. 7-31: Tunnel Of Terror: Haunted OC Car Wash . Check in for info on this one, as location not yet announced.


SEPT. 24: Fall Carnival . At Guidepost Montessori School at Las Flores.

OCT. 16: Harvest Boutique: Community Lutheran Church . Artisans, crafters & food trucks, too!

OCT. 23: RSM Arts & Crafts Fair . Featuring local artists, musicians & a food truck.

OCT. 30: 1313 El Potro Cemetery, Graveyard Tour & Organ Concert . With ghost stories & perfect for families, too.

OCT. 31: Halloween Night at 1313 El Potro Cemetery . A mix of music & mayhem, that won 2020 SAMLARC First Place Winner for best Halloween Decorations.

OCT. 31: Halloween Family Festival: Central Park . Fun includes bounces houses, inflatables & costume contest.



SEPT. 24-OCT. 31: ABC Pumpkin Patch & Inflatables: Outlets . Giant slides, obstacle courses & more.

SEPT. 25: Big Jack's Fall Festival, Pumpkins & Kids' Fun: Outlets . With pumpkin patch, kids' activities & live music.

OCT. 5: Casa Cinema 'Young Frankenstein': Casa Romantica . Screening in Main Salon.

OCT. 9: Garden Club Fall Plant Sale and Flea Market Treasures . A once-a-year opportunity.

OCT. 14-17: Carnival Colossal: Vista Hermosa Sports Park . Fall's "colossal" event!

OCT. 23: Treat Street on Avenida Del Mar . "Festive trick-or-treating at shops and businesses along Avenida Del Mar."

OCT. 23: Halloween 'Spooky San Clemente' - Returning to community center with tricks, treats & games.

OCT. 29-31: Haunted House San Clemente : Family-Run & Charity Drive . Canned goods are your entry donation for this home haunt.

OCT. 30: 'Pumpkin Splash': Aquatics Center . Enjoy spooky music, Halloween-themed fun & inflatable obstacle course while floating around with pumpkins!


SEPT.-OCT.: San Juan Capistrano Ghost Walk . "Tales of headless spirits, bandits and even a pirate attack will be shared."

SEPT. 25-26: SJC Greek Festival - Music, Food & Dancing . "Experience a glimpse of Greece without leaving Southern California."

SEPT. 27-OCT. 31: Zoomars Pumpkin Patch, Petting Zoo & Kids' Fun . With pony rides, mini tractors, t4ain rides, mining & more.

OCT. 28-31: Halloween Haunt Catered Camping Trip: Caspers Wilderness Park . Spaces limited, so book soon.

OCT. 30: Halloween Tribute To THE WHO & LED ZEPPELIN . At Coach House Concert Hall.

OCT. 23: 'Hocus Pocus' Halloween Movie & Costume Contest: OC Heritage Museum . "Dress up as your favorite 'Hocus Pocus' character!"

OCT. 23: Trunk & Treat . "Collect treats & enjoy array of beautiful cars, from classic to current."

OCT. 23-24 & 29-30: Boo At The Zoo: O.C. Zoo . Featuring fun trail with "merry not scary" decorations.

OCT. 24: Dia de los Muertos Festival: Bowers Museum . With dance, art, food & ofrendas.


OCT. 12: Pumpkin Decoupage: Crafts Class For Adults . Create a take-home masterpiece!

OCT. 31: Trick-Or-Treat On Main Street . Sweet event for the little ones, courtesy of Chamber of Commerce & merchants.


OCT. 16: Fall Fireside Fundraiser . Tickets on sale.


OCT. 1-3: Oktoberfest - Rides, Food & Fun: St. Martin de Porres . The fall tradition returns for 2021.


Oktoberfest 2021: guide to the best in orange county, halloween haunted houses: orange county 2021 guide.

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Woman Attacked Co-Workers With Knife At South OC Eatery, Police Say

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12-Foot Waves Possible In Newport Beach: Surf Advisory

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Scary HQ

Research Haunted Places

The Haunted Wild Goose in Newport Beach, California

A haunted location: Wild Goose in Newport Beach, California.

Details: John Wayne’s boat docked in Newport Harbor is said to be haunted by the Duke himself.

Several maintenance workers, passers by, and Mrs.

Wayne have seen the spirit if the actor walking the decks of his beloved yacht, or waving from the top deck.

Photo of author

Written by: Jane Louis

Published on: October 3, 2022

haunted newport beach

Customer Testimonial

Our customers love our haunted tale, " The Yearbook "!

haunted newport beach

Wow, I just finished  "The Yearbook" . It's super scary, yet so easy to read! It'll give you the creeps! I just sent the link to all my friends. - Beth P .

haunted newport beach

Table of Contents

Do You Know The Haunted History Of The Wild Goose?

It has been rumoured that the Wild Goose in Newport Beach, California is a haunted location. We’ll explain why people think this below. Do you think the rumors are true?

Why Is The Wild Goose Haunted?

John Wayne’s boat docked in Newport Harbor is said to be haunted by the Duke himself.

Do you love haunted spots? Check out other haunted places in California below

Haunted Places In California

Know Of A Haunted Place? Submit A Place Below

We’re working on building the largest haunted database in the world. So we need people like you to help us document them.

Will you help us?

Submit A Place

View On Google Maps

What do you think about the haunted history of Wild Goose in Newport Beach, California?

Do you believe it’s true?

We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t advocate that anyone goes here, this post is for informational purposes only.

Jane Louis

Meet Jane Louis, the lead content creator at Scary HQ, a haunted places blog that delves into the eerie and unexplained. Jane is a true crime enthusiast and an avid lover of all things spooky. She has a keen interest in the macabre and an unquenchable thirst for uncovering the secrets of the haunted world around us. But don't let her dark interests fool you, Jane is a sweet and empathetic individual with a heart of gold. She's a natural storyteller, who uses her platform to share her passion for true crime and the paranormal with her audience. In her free time, Jane can be found exploring abandoned buildings, investigating local ghost stories and watching her favorite horror movies. She's also a member of a ghost hunting group and has a particular interest in researching the history and folklore of haunted places. Her love for the eerie and unknown is matched only by her love for her audience, and she pours her heart and soul into every post on Scary HQ. Join Jane on her journey as she uncovers the secrets of the haunted world around us and shares with you the stories that will make your hair stand on end.

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The Haunted Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach, California

The haunted maple hill cemetery in madison, alabama.

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Haunted Houses, Surfing Nuns and even some last minute Oktoberfestivities – Halloween Weekend Round-up in Newport Beach

There is plenty to get frightened about this weekend in newport beach, starting with the haunted house at newport dunes….

haunted newport beach

kicking off tonight thru Halloween.  Opens at 5pm. Everyone loves a good old fashioned haunted house especially one that little monsters can enjoy!

haunted newport beach

For surfers who make a habit of riding the waves in costume, don’t miss Blackie’s Classic Longboard Association’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest ! Saturday, October 29 at 7am at the Newport Beach Pier.

haunted newport beach


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Newport is famous for miles of enchanting coastline, awe-inspiring Gilded Age architecture , an eclectic shopping scene and dynamic culinary marvels , not to mention our fair share of history (384 years to be exact). But truth be told, you don't get to be this old without a few skeletons in your closet. These 6 spooky spots in and around Newport are said to have a haunted past—read on to decide for yourself.

White Horse Tavern

Purgatory chasm, belcourt of newport, carey mansion / seaview terrace, colt state park, artillery company of newport.

The oldest, and supposedly most haunted tavern in America,  White Horse Tavern  opened in 1673 at which point it served as a courthouse; a meeting place for Colonists, British soldiers, pirates, sailors and founding fathers; and lastly, a private residence. According to legend, and some eye-witness tavern employees, several ghosts still occupy the tavern, with accounts of being tapped on the shoulder and footsteps overheard from nearby empty rooms reported often. Spirits are said to include an elderly man in Colonial garb, a seamen who previously died on the premises, and a female reported floating above one of the dining tables. 

White Horse Tavern

The 160-foot long cliff overlooking Second Beach in Middetown is rumored to be haunted dating back to the 1600s. Legend believes there once was a Native American man chasing a young woman supposed to be the object of his affection. As they reached Purgatory Chasm, she leapt across to the other side while he unfortunately fell to his death. Legend believes his ghost is still trapped there searching for the woman.

The sixty-room, Louis XIII style estate on Bellevue Avenue has a long reputation of being haunted. It was purchased by the Tinney Family in 1956, who used the estate to showcase their expansive art and antiques collection. On July 28, 1957, Belcourt opened its doors to the public for guided tours of the museum. One night, Harle Tinney awoke to find a man standing beside the bed wearing a long brown robe and a hat that covered his face. Moments later, the figure walked through the wall and disappeared. Years later, when the family was remodeling that same room, they discovered there used to be a doorway where the robed figured previously exited. 

Harle also recounts another haunted encounter in Haunted Newport :

"No one was home so I thought it was strange that the lights were on in the ballroom. Being naturally conservative and not wanting to burn the electricity unnecessarily, I went through the ballroom to turn out the lights. After I had turned off the switch, there was a very little light left. As I passed the front of the armor, something screamed at me. It was a horrible and loud, roaring sound. Then the lights went back on and I turned them off again and the armor screamed. When it screamed a third time, I ran as fast as I could from the room. The scream was terrifying. It sounded like someone was being killed."

Belcourt is now owned and operated by Carolyn Rafaelian, who's other ventures include two Newport County classics  Bar and Board Bistro  and  Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard . You can visit Belcourt for a guided 50-minute tour on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. More info here . 


Fans of the 1960's television series "Dark Shadows" would most likely recognize this French renaissance chateau located on Newport's Ruggles Avenue. Used for all of the external shots of the television series' Collins mansion, Carey Mansion has a bit of haunted history of its own. Edson Bradley built the mansion, originally known as Seaview Terrace, in 1907 in Washington DC. In the 1920s, Bradley relocated himself and his family to Rhode Island, and along with them came Seaview Terrace, dismantled into pieces and then rebuilt on Ruggles Avenue. In 1929, Julia Bradley, Edson Bradley's wife, died. Bradley held her funeral the chapel located within the mansion. Five years later, Edson himself passed away. One year later, the mansion became an exclusive all-girl summer boarding school, renamed Burnham-by-the-Sea where incidences of smoke detectors going off for no reason, bottles flying off desks and radios turning on and off by themselves were often reported. It's believed that Bradley's late wife Julia felt such a great attachment to the house that she refused to leave even after her death.

Fun-fact : This mansion was also used in Netflix's sci-fi dark love story,  The Discovery (2017), a film about a world where the afterlife is scientifically proven—seems fitting given its history. 

Seaview Mansion

Colt State Park  in Bristol originally operated as a farm until it was sold to the state. Prior to being sold, it is believed that a stable hand died in the barn. To this day, staff of the park shut off lights and close doors only to find them on or open when they return a few hours later. One visitor reported walking to his car in an area referred to as Suicide Hill when he saw two little girls walking up the path towards him who vanished as he got closer. A staff worker similarly confirmed that he has seen and heard the same girls giggling in the woods near that area. According to many, two young sister drowned in the waters in the 1970s.

With rumored hauntings for over 100 years, the Artillery Company of Newport is a well known spooky spot by paranormal investigators and local ghost tour guides alike. But of course the Nation's oldest continuously operating militia (since the original charter of 1741) has an interesting and deep history to explore.

In the past paranormal investigators, in collaboration with the Artillery company, opened the building for an exclusive tour with series of guest ghost hunts. After finding over 150 voice phenomena and various orbs, this building is still believed to be an active environment filled with unexplained energy. 

Newport artillery

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Discover Newport

Discover Newport is the non-profit organization dedicated to promoting of the City of Newport and its eight surrounding coastal communities. We speak in seasides and sunsets. 

Book your tour for 2024 now!

Newport, R.I. Haunted Ghost Tours

Newport's haunted history comes alive.

Do you believe in ghosts? Join our Olde Town ghost walks in Newport, Rhode Island’s most popular walking tour. Your lantern-led walking tour takes you to Newport’s oldest and most haunted locations.


Take a lantern-led evening stroll down historic Newport, Rhode Island’s shadowy lanes, and discover the ghosts, ghouls, and legends of our haunted city by the sea. Our professional guides light your way.

  • Hour Glass 1.5 hours
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a group of people in a dark room


Today’s Newport attracts countless visitors from around the world; its streets are alive with art, culture, wealth, and beauty. Yet the city harbors echoes of a dark and turbulent past, including a variety of haunted sites: the Jailhouse Inn, we walk through Newport’s colonial district which dates back to the 1630s. You can reference the historic district or Washington square as a place where we walk. The White Horse Tavern―America’s oldest tavern―and many more.

These tours show a side of Newport that history books alone could never tell and help you peer past the city’s gilded façade to discover dark secrets sure to spook and surprise!

Come discover Newport’s haunted past!


A fun way to see another side of newport.

a close up of a knife

"Bryan J was fantastic and we had fun learning about the history and ghost stories of Newport!! 2 hours went by quickly and he captivated every moment!! Highly recommended!!! Even captured a mist!"

"Our tour guide Holly was awesome! She started the tour with a story about her background. She showed us her ghost hunting tools. So much fun and will spread the word out to go on her tour. I think Holly has connected to all of the ghosts and they feel comfortable around her."

"One of the best ways to learn the history of and Area is to take a Ghost Tour. Our tour guide John was Extremely informative and Entertaining. Wherever we went the lights would go out, including his lantern."

"Wonderful tour guide who was lively, funny and incorporated a tremendous amount of historical facts into the script. The walk itself is manageable for children (may be tough for strollers but doable)."

"We met inside the Marriott, so you don’t get burnt out by the weather before the evening begins. John was our guide and he is such a masterful storyteller that orb chasing should be left for another evening. Loved the stories, not the weather."

Haunted Rooms America

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Most Haunted Hotels in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state that is drenched in American history. It is no wonder it is filled with haunted attractions of all shapes and sizes. That includes a number of allegedly haunted hotels.

Join us as we explore the most haunted hotels in Rhode Island.

9 – Castle Hill Inn, Newport Stay Here

Castle Hill Inn, Newport

Built in 1875 the Castle Hill Inn has seen a lot in its time.  The original building was commissioned by Alexander Agassiz and has been used during world war 2 as an impromptu naval base.  As with all buildings of this age it is said to have a darker side and staff have reported seeing a female ghost walking through the hotel. The ghost is thought to be a relative of Mr agassiz and has also been accused of throwing china around the hotel.

8 – Harborside Inn, Block Island BOOK NOW

Harborside Inn, Block Island

Home to travelers for more than a century the harborside inn is a big part of the block island landscape. The hotel itself is said to be haunted by a woman in a black dress that has been seen entering room 302.  Staff at the hotel have also mentioned that they have been grabbed around the waist while working at the reception desk.

7 – La Quinta, Warwick Book a Room

La Quinta, Warwick

Formerly the fairfield inn and now renamed the La Quinta inn this hotel has two ghosts that have been scaring guests and staff for years now the first one is a ghost of the woman who appears in room 316 after appearing to commit suicide in the hotel.  The other is of an elderly farmer who appears to people and tries to speak but he can’t.  The farmer is thought to have died in room 506.

6 – General Stanton Inn, Charlestown

General Stanton Inn, Charlestown

The General Stanton Inn is one of the oldest inns in the United States of America.  The Inn was originally built as a schoolhouse in 1655.  The Washington room of this hotel is said to be haunted by a male ghost.  This ghost also likes to tap people on the shoulder to get there attention and if you are thinking I’ll just ignore him then be careful because he has been known to throw things at people that do that.

Learn more about the haunted General Stanton Inn in Charlestown RI

5 – Hotel Viking, Newport Spend the Night

Hotel Viking, Newport

Built in 1926 the Hotel Viking was the place to be when it was first built and now after a multimillion dollar refurbishment it is now the place to be again.  Some of the old things haven’t left though and guest have heard noises from a loud party happening in an old ballroom that is no longer in use.  Along with footsteps, cold spots, flickering lights and moving objects it is safe to say this is a haunted hotel that would be great to visit.

4 – Villa One Twenty, Middletown

Villa One Twenty, Middletown

Built originally in 1856 this historically registered hotel is as beautiful as it is historic.  The Villa One Twenty is also said to be haunted by the previous owner and there have been reports of her being seen throughout the hotel.  Staff and guests have also her a woman’s voice when no one is around.

3 – Pilgrim House Inn, Newport BOOK NOW

Pilgrim House Inn, Newport

The Pilgrim House Inn was built in the late eighteenth century and has been an inn since the early 19th century.  Guests and staff have reported laughter and music late at night.  There has also been reports of the ghost of a young girl seen staring down from the windows at the street in rooms that have no one in them.

2 – Newport Beach Hotel & Suites, Newport Book Now

Newport Beach Hotel & Suites, Newport

The Newport Beach Hotel has quite a few ghosts which have been seen over the years.  As usual a little ghost girl can been seen running and laughing in the hallways, a dark skinned male ghost frequents the bar, the ballroom and can also be found crying alone in a room.

There is the kitchen poltergeist that throws plates and bangs pots and pans together.  The prostitute ghost in the annex can be heard banging on the shutters trying to get out and finally the maintenance shop ghost hides tools for days at a time and then returns them to really annoy you.  Wow thats a lot of ghosts for one building.

1 – Graduate Providence, Formerly Providence Biltmore Book Here

The Biltmore Hotel, Providence

Finished in 1918 and financed by proud satanist Johan Lessie Weisskopf is not surprisingly the inspiration for Stephen King’s overlook hotel and Robert Bloch’s Bates Motel. The hotel was also named most haunted in 2000.

The ghosts in this hotel are thought to be the victims of the numerous murders that happened during the prohibition era.  There has also been some disappearances of guests they just seem to vanish without a trace in 2008 6 people disappeared without ever being found.

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    A haunted location: Wild Goose in Newport Beach, California. Details: John Wayne's boat docked in Newport Harbor is said to be haunted by the Duke himself. Several maintenance workers, passers by, and Mrs. Wayne have seen the spirit if the actor walking the decks of his beloved yacht, or waving from the top deck.

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  15. Black Hope Cemetery

    A pool carelessly dug. A coffin, cautiously uncovered. The 1982 film Poltergeist brought this horrifying scenario to the public's eye for the first time. The film plays off events from 1958 that occurred in a home in Long Island, NY. A man named James Hermann and his family heard popping sounds and found uncapped bottles of various substances ...

  16. Haunted Newport, RI

    The 160-foot long cliff overlooking Second Beach in Middetown is rumored to be haunted dating back to the 1600s. Legend believes there once was a Native American man chasing a young woman supposed to be the object of his affection. As they reached Purgatory Chasm, she leapt across to the other side while he unfortunately fell to his death.

  17. Newport Ghosts: Seaside Hauntings and Hags Tour

    The seaside community dates back to 1663 and is regarded as one of America's most haunted towns. Newport is teeming with spirits, from Carey Mansion to the White Horse Tavern. Book your trip with us today and stroll the ghostly streets of this coastal town. The spirits of Newport are waiting for you! from. $30.00.

  18. Ghosts of Newport

    From $20 Take a lantern-led evening stroll down historic Newport, Rhode Island's shadowy lanes, and discover the ghosts, ghouls, and legends of our haunted city by the sea. Our professional guides light your way. Book Now Learn More 1.5 hours All Ages DISCOVER NEWPORT'S HAUNTED PAST

  19. Most Haunted Hotels in Rhode Island

    The hotel itself is said to be haunted by a woman in a black dress that has been seen entering room 302. Staff at the hotel have also mentioned that they have been grabbed around the waist while working at the reception desk. 7 - La Quinta, Warwick Book a Room

  20. White Horse Tavern

    Newport, Rhode Island, is home to America's oldest haunted bar, The White Horse Tavern. The old bar, built in 1652, has served adult beverages to the people of "America's First Resort" since 1672. The White Horse Tavern is the 10th oldest bar in the world and has been run by pirates and patriots alike! Unsurprisingly, this has led to ...

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