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“A Flair for the Scare”: Inside Ohio’s Nationally Ranked Haunted Hoochie

By Russell Brickey

Waiting for the Hoochie

Sometime around 9 p.m., a hollow-eyed corpse in coveralls will appear on the balcony overlooking a 1,000-odd patrons dancing in place in the 40-degree Ohio evening. The corpse will take his time looking down in disgust at the mere mortals crammed into a sprawling queue alongside the ramshackle farmyard castle that is Paskatala’s Haunted Hoochie , and then he will fire a rifle into the blank sky.

Then, the wild night will get started.

fire cs

Credit: Russell Brickey

As we mortals wait in line, thrash metal blares and a squatting demon belches fire over the heads of the crowd. This haunted acre is gloomily lit by a crown of lights on the tops of various buildings — two simulated blazes erupt like god-sized candles from nearby silos, while the luminous face of an ogre stares down from a barn loft — and the world on the ground is lost in constantly shifting darkness as the crowd stirs, restless as spooked cattle. Occasionally a glowing jetliner booms overhead, en route to touchdown at the nearby Columbus airport, giving the impression of massive mechanical overseers — monster demons, no doubt — coming home to roost. And always there are the chainsaws.

Repeatedly voted one of America’s best Halloween attractions for more than a decade, the Haunted Hoochie will swallow an estimated 5,000 people this night, as it breaks the country quiet until the wee hours of the morning. Garishly painted and shabbily dressed haunters will scream, push, pull, blast, blind, deafen, insult, and assault their patrons until these dedicated scaremongers finally haul their exhausted (and quite possibly) drunken bodies to the nearby “village” of trailers hidden back behind the trees to sleep it off and start the whole fantastic ride over again three nights a week.

The dead boy in the tower is one of these select fright masters, as are the scantily clad women in greasepaint who step out onto a small lighted stage, gaze creepily at the waiting crowd, and then vanish again. A lit cage suspended two stories up the side of the building is supposed to enclose, I’ve been told, a dancing girl (probably also scantily clad) — but the cage is empty for now. Perhaps this particular zombie refused to rise from the dead in such cold weather? But never mind, the Hoochie must go on. The zombie in the balcony is uplit by harsh arc lamps, which makes him appear even more cadaverous as he raises a rifle and fires several loud reports into the air.

We are now all just meat for the Hoochie.

A Brief Hoochie History

The Haunted Hoochie is located about 12 miles outside of Columbus — close enough to grab a crowd, far enough out of town to get really loud. The “Welcome to Pataskala” sign claims a population of 14,962 but, at least from the road I came in on, one would guess about 12,000 less than that. The Hoochie (Southern slang for “shack” – among other things) is not listed on the town’s Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau sites, which strikes me as an oversight on someone’s part, as it must bring a good deal of business into these lonely precincts. Pataskala’s only other dubious claim to fame is as the teenage home of John Holmes, the late, great ‘80s porn legend known for his natural endowment, his acquittal on murder charges, and his early death from AIDS.

Haunted Hoochie 3

Courtesy of Tim May/Haunted Hoochie

Pataskala’s seasonal carnival of fear all started with a Halloween hayride in 1954. Back then, Tim May’s great-grandfather sponsored an annual haunted ride around the family farm for friends and farmhands. Costumes were elaborate, considering the players were amateurs — wolfmen, wicked witches, a guillotine, voodoo priests, and even a headless horseman astride a real live horse. The scary ride became a generational tradition, and as a child May himself donned masks and crashed around in the foliage as part of the performance. Obviously there is some gene in the family line that has, in the words of the Hoochie’s own online history, “a flair for the scare.”

[blocktext align=”right”]The story of the Hoochie is three generations in the making. But it is, in the end, a family story about a man carrying on a tradition and making it big.[/blocktext]In 1991, May decided to take the family tradition pro. It was, according to the Hoochie’s webpage, quite an undertaking, given May’s own disdain for “cheap PG-rated scares.” So May, under his own steam, began uprooting, digging out, cementing, and refiguring the property. After another multiyear jump forward — past chainsaw-wielding mutants whizzing down ziplines, giant animatronic monsters ripping off rooftops, and a licensed pyrotechnics technician — and the Hoochie sits like a gigantic black crown of fungal growth among the sparse trees of the old family farm. Around its base, strange creatures cavort, hang out, and, often, make contact.

Headhunting the Head Haunt

The story of the Hoochie is three generations in the making. But it is, in the end, a family story about a man carrying on a tradition and making it big. So, obviously, I’d like to talk to the mysterious force behind the attraction, May himself. I get a promising response to an initial query on Facebook: “Sure send me some questions.”

zombiedog s

Seems simple enough, right? But, it turns out that May is not the easiest guy to find. The “contact” link on the Hoochie homepage is dead. The voicemail at Mega Entertainment Production Company, the Hoochie’s corporate eggshell, is full and not accepting messages. Google Whitepages list six additional numbers, all with Pataskala prefixes and area codes, all of which ring endlessly into nothingness. Followup Facebook messages go unanswered. It is the season, and the guy must be busy after all, but frustration mounts.

And May is clearly out there, somewhere, like a friendly phantom in the matrix. Word-prints of his gratitude are all over Facebook. “i cant think of a better way to live my life …” the Hoochie posts above a Facebook picture of two giddy young woman en media res —dashing, clutching each other, smiling and bright-eyed, clearly thrilled — “thank u all for making it possible” On another post the phantom writes, “ignoring ur passion is suicide……ahhhh yes…” For a man who makes his living by inventing grotesque tableaux of death, May seems disarmingly genuine. Now if he will only talk.

But no messages. No notes. No returns. No Tim. In desperation, I visit every website that mentions the Haunted Hoochie until I find an email address and a name of sorts. Summoning up the spirits, I attempt to make contact with the other side.

And then, finally, a sign: my email gets a response from someone or something named “Woods Walker.” I’ve found Tim May … at least I think I have.

I tell him I am really looking forward to my visit to the Hoochie.

“This is not a normal haunted house ..sir .. Have u been here before ?”

I have not. And I admit, mostly in an attempt to be solicitous, that I am a little apprehensive.

The response is a non sequitur: “Have u read my bid for president rant ?”

Yes, I write back, I did. Said “bid” is posted on the Hoochie Facebook page. In it, May expresses a number of concerns about the state of the union and his philosophy on how to fix it.

Mostly truthful, I tell Woods Walker that yes, I loved reading his bid.

“Excellent ..” he responds. “Then we will git along ..”

So, I ask, anyone ever die while going through the Hoochie?

“Wtf let’s hope nothing like that happens” — Woods Walker seems honestly alarmed — “or if it does let it be me.” Then, apparently taking me at my word, the Walker adds, “U r apprehensive.”

My masculinity pinging, I quickly type that I’m really looking forward to my visit.

But he’s gone. The phantom Woods Walker has vanished back into the forest.

The How of the Hoochie

Unlike at other professionally run haunted houses, Hoochie actors actually touch patrons. Bodies lurch out of the darkness or drop from the walls, suddenly shoving, poking, and grabbing to increase the fright factor — although rules meant to keep things as family friendly (and litigation free) as possible are followed: Hoochie performers are instructed to only touch patrons above the shoulders and below the knees. Chainsaws — chains removed and the bars wrapped with foam—are a favorite scare tactic. As patrons wait outside for the nightly rush of fight-or-flight adrenaline, various rubber-masked ghouls gently swipe at their legs, motors roaring. The sudden shock of noise, the looming (often snarling) fright mask, and the knowledge that a chainsaw is coming at their legs causes many patrons to scream and do little happy dances in the dirt. For the most part, everybody smiles.


They also practice something I would deem ”the insect touch,” in which actors sneak up to touch patrons on the back of the neck without warning, a la Howard Wolowitz punking Rajesh Koothrappoli while visiting Dr. Crawley, the creepy entomologist in his crepuscular office on The Big Bang Theory .

To be fair, the Hoochie is up-front about its obnoxious tactics.

Signs near the front of the structure read “WARNING!! Could Result in PHYSICAL or EMOTIONAL INJURY!”

And, “If you Don’t Want to SEE IT Don’t Buy A TICKET!”

Also, “RATED NR Not Recommended For Anyone.”

And, perhaps most appropriately, “HELL Never Looked This GOOD.”

Online reviews note the aggression of the Hoochie actors, and this aesthetic of in-you-face-for-your-own-fucking-good-time becomes apparent almost as soon as the sun goes down, when a hulking and very dirty young man with a machete (hopefully honed down to a dull edge) materializes amidst the crowd of early-arrivals hanging-out in the barren lot beside the Hoochie. He pulls a young visitor’s ponytail back, exposing her throat, and places the blade in a friendly manner across her skin (shoulders up) and then swats her on the back of the calves (knees down) as she runs away, giggling. His next target is a reedy teenager in a hoodie and baseball cap, probably thirty pounds lighter than his assailant. At first the boy laughs, but he then becomes clearly freaked out when the zombie with the machete will not leave him alone (much to the amusement of his friends). “Dude,” the young man says, trying to keep his cool, “you best step off and leave me the fuck alone!”

[blocktext align=”right”]“It’s fun to see people literally on the ground, scared to death.” – Giggles the Clown[/blocktext]The actors are justly proud of their reputation for hands-on frights. “It’s fun to see people literally on the ground, scared to death,” a slender young man in greasepaint with the stage name “Giggles the Clown” says, as a group of Hoochie actors regale each other with last night’s triumphs: — “three craps and three pees.”

The Hoochie is also somewhat pornographic. YouTube videos show comely young women wearing slightly more than swimsuit models plead for mercy or gyrate like undead go-go dancers on various giggling apparatuses. The garish Hoochie website sports several bright yellow “parental advisory” warnings, and children are not allowed (although sometimes parents bring them in). Sometimes the action works too well and adults respond in kind, shoving and grabbing actors, not always in a family-friendly manner, so the Hoochie employs armed security officers who occasionally eject unruly, often drunk patrons. And yes, virtually everyone drinks — staff, actors, patrons, owners, everyone. Pataskala police have taken a dim view of these three-day challenges to sobriety, and actors know that a “Haunted Hoochie” bumper sticker might mean being pulled over, fake blood and all, and made to walk the line.

Home is the Hoochie: The Haunts in the Flesh

Incongruously, given all the above, the performers are also extraordinarily nice people. There are about 200 of them, mostly locals, but some who drive from as far away as Akron for the chance to menace the living for fairly low wages (an average Hoochie worker makes around $600 for a season). They were probably the good-natured wild bunch in high school — the kids who skipped the basketball game to go raise a little hell.

old trucks

While waiting for the evening to begin, a chipper young man with a professional wrestler’s torso — who calls himself simply “Coffin Guy” because, well, he sits up from a coffin — thuds a stump-sized chunk of wood into a gasoline-and-cardboard fire shooting out of a metal barrel in the alleyway beside the Hoochie; he’s a firefighter when not playing a corpse, so I figure he must know what he’s doing. Last year Coffin Guy terrified patrons by wearing a tiara and a prom dress — and the image this conjures is pretty incongruous, if not outright alarming. Giggles and his partner clown, “Bubbles,” also lurk around the flames, both with Dadaesque angles of grease paint disfiguring their young faces; in their daylit hours they are local contractors. Looming out of the dark is “Beaver,” who looks like a jolly 300-pound Viking fresh from a swamp crawl. He perches a warm, friendly arm on my shoulder so the light on his keychain illuminates my memo book while I take notes. I am talking to a sweetly smiling middle-aged woman who simply describes herself as a “house mother” to the Hoochie. She’s an alumna whose husband is wielding a chainsaw this evening. They were married in the Hoochie. “An ordained minister works here,” she says.

Many of these actors have been doing this for a long time. Beaver, for instance, has worked the Hoochie for 15 years. But he’s a relative kid compared to the fellow who will swallow a shotgun barrel in a simulated zombie suicide later in the evening; Eric Ballinger has been a part of the Hoochie from its days as a haunted woodland trail, as has Christie, the ticket girl with a 25-year tenure. The lifers love to talk about the thrill of the scare and the camaraderie of working for America’s best haunted house. “Some of these people are closer than your own family,” Coffin Guy says, then corrects himself. “We’re actually a cult.” Then he laughs, I hope, because he is joking.

Acceptance as an actor or worker in the Hoochie is like a union membership: first a potential psycho/zombie/mutant killer must get an introduction from somebody on the inside, or be a minor-league celebrity in the world of soft-core splatter porn. The latter include The Necro Girls , publishers with a similar spatter aesthetic, and Gina Heartless , a professional model with a punk rock persona who plays a shadowy, barely glimpsed Playboy-ish rabbit in the Hoochie. There’s also Only Flesh , a performance group that utilizes body suspension (the practice of hanging from sharp metal hooks through the skin) for a show at midnight. There is something to freak out everyone. Almost.

John, who collects the tinted glasses on the Hoochie’s 3-D maze, joined the Hoochie entirely because, he says, he fell “madly in love with Gina [Heartless]” the first time he went through the Hoochie as a guest.

But did the Hoochie scare him?

“Nah,” John says with a shrug. A veteran of Desert Storm (“while the college kids sat there doing nothing”), he “saw dead bodies hanging out of tanks.” No way are actors in rubber masks going to scare this stocky, middle-aged man in a woolly ski cap. What the Hoochie offers a guy like John is the rare shot at cool, menacing, unattainable adoration. Beauty and beastliness. How is this world anything but the poles of human experience?

Haunted Hoochie thrilled girls

These people are not afraid of blood (sometimes literally thanks to the dangerous set pieces) and dirt. In fact, May often has his actors roll in the forest muck if they appear too “clean.” But despite the leader’s ability to order his followers to actually cover themselves with dirt, the Hoochie is a communal effort. Actors are the primary creators of their characters and tableaux. An actor comes up with an idea, pitches it to May, and then, in the words of several performers I spoke with, they “don’t ask or say anything else — just turn around and walk away.” If May likes the idea, he will greenlight it. Actors with enough gruesome imagination then work with May, each other, and whatever mechanical props (some quite sophisticated) they can find to develop a scene that will (hopefully) make patrons scream. A trip to the Hoochie reminds me of the Stephen King credo: terrify; if one can’t terrify, horrify; if one can’t horrify, then gross out.

All this leads to a huge bonfire and bacchanalia at the end of the season at which, if the actors are to be believed, they really let go. These people have a long haul on the weekends, five to eight hours in the cold, sometimes till dawn. Clearly this level of frightening people is hard work.

Have of them been attacked by an alarmed patron?

“Hey Bubbles,” Giggles says, “show’im your tooth.”

Bubbles uses his index finger to stretch back the corner of his mouth and reveal the gap where the first premolar should be — the victim of a punch. “If you don’t get hit,” Bubbles says with a shrug, “you’re not doing your job.”

 The Head Haunt Himself

On the other side of the flaming barrel, a man in gray materializes.

Everyone snaps to attention.

And then he is off, clearly very busy.

Ambushed. I’ve finally caught the spook master.

May has the strong tree-trunk torso of a construction worker, a ghostly fuzz of beard-shadow, and the calm, hooded eyes of either a lizard or a Zen master. I can see right away why he inspires a cultlike following. His affect is distant and a dumb question (“How long did it take you to build all this?”) is met with flicker of exasperation and an almost inaudible snort. But he greets a former actor with a warm hug and gets a cheery “G’mornin’” (it’s around 7:30 pm) from a Hoochie organizer. Warm and unavailable — of course he’s a cult leader. He’s not the easiest interview, however, and he refused to let me quote from our conversation. But, strictly speaking, we never discussed paraphrasing his many thoughts on life, politics, terror, and passion, all of which are available on the Haunted Hoochie Facebook page , and which run together something like this: The haunted house reflects society, in which we all live in a box created by our perceptions, thus nothing is good or evil except losing your passion, everything is important, and everyone should live for that passion, so I piss people off but I don’t care because I love what I does and so should you.

Haunted Hoochie flaming gargoyle cs

Or something to that effect. He may or may not know it, but he is a good existentialist, a natural follower of the complicated philosophy of a universe with no guiding principle except the pursuit of an authentic life. And, even more so, May embodies the American Dream. With between 3,000 and 5,000 guests a night, three nights a week from September 24 through October 31 (18 performances total), at a minimum $25 a pop (priority entry tickets are twice that), you can do the math. He pays for no advertising. His actors adore him. Haunted-house impresarios from all over the world seek his advice. May needs no one, and it doesn’t matter if all these sissy outsiders are cheesed off; bad publicity (such as the recent controversy over an upside-down American flag painted in black on the side of a silo) is great for a Halloween attraction predicated upon shock value — what doesn’t kill the Hoochie only makes it stronger.

As he talks, May steps closer and closer until we are virtually shoulder to shoulder. He wants to know what I think of people’s limitations. Why are they there? When I admit that I have no real idea, his eyes drop for the first time. I have failed. So I give it my best shot, “Five thousand years of cultural constraint?” This is it, and May is back on his trip. As he continues to expound on the “psychic cages” we create, his thumb does a little dance across his iPhone: he is calling, waiting two rings, hanging up; calling, waiting, hanging up; repeat, repeat, repeat in his impatience to get ahold of a dancer, he mutters, who is not dancing very well.

I would like to dig deeper into the tribulations of being a nationally recognized shock-jock, but the Hoochie will wait no longer. A quick handshake and May flicks off into a darkened orifice. The Hoochie has called him home.

Nothing left but to make my own descent.

I only have enough warning to shout, “Oh man!” before a large machete-wielding zombie walks right into me.

In the Belly of the Hoochie

Black Sabbath, Nirvana, thrash metal, and Pink Floyd (“We don’t need no education”) blare over the darkened crowd scene. A monitor shows music videos from high up on one outside wall of the Hoochie; these are occasionally interrupted by clips propagating 9/11 conspiracy theories and various sound bites from the Bush administration. The fact that the Hoochie is also (somewhat disjointed) political theater seems to bother no one — or perhaps the paranoia adds to the energy, ties the simulated violence inside the walls to the very real geopolitical violence outside them. Right on cue, an airliner, its creamy underbelly outlined by red and blue lights, exhales a monster sigh as it glides gigantically overhead.

[blocktext align=”left”]Part of the experience is this waiting in the crowd. The long line, the hyperadrenalized music, the ever-shifting darkness, the proximity of so many others with the ever-present danger of chainsaw-wielding monsters makes for a thrilling gestalt.[/blocktext]The crowd skews young but virtually all ages are represented, except perhaps the very old. Visitors are African-American, Mexican-American, Euro-American, and Asian-American, all jostling each other in a rowdy but peaceful mass of humanity impatient for the abuse we paid good money for to begin. All scare the same in the Hoochie, and this idea is strangely affirming.

Part of the experience is this waiting in the crowd. The long line, the hyperadrenalized music, the ever-shifting darkness, the proximity of so many others with the ever-present danger of chainsaw-wielding monsters makes for a thrilling gestalt. Overhead the lighted cage is still empty — was this meant for the dancer May was trying so desperately to call? Scientists believe that some brains are programmed to enjoy dopamine uptake after they are startled. Those of us having fun are experiencing a natural chemical high. Not everyone experiences this, however. Chainsaws roar. Patrons scuttle under the maze of ropes, and one young woman simply crumples and rolls across the ground at my feet. “Are you OK?” her friend asks her. She rises slowly, silently, and nods in the dark: She’s OK — for now.

And then the corpse rifleman appears in the tower. He fires one-handed into the black night sky.

The line lurches forward.

Inside, the mechanisms of the Hoochie strobe and howl. Around the corner of a wall, something makes a great deal of noise, then a loud report. I see a young man turn to his girlfriend and smile, perhaps too broadly. This thunder and lightning is the first scene of the Hoochie, the controversial “zombiecide.” From a raised cubby resembling a dilapidated living room, a zombie leers down at the crowd, shouts incomprehensibly, plops down in his moldering easy chair, shoves a rifle barrel in his mouth, and blows his brains out, gore splatter and all. It’s an impressive special effect.

Haunted Hoochie sparkgirl

In 2009, several news outlets including the Columbus Dispatch and local NBC and ABC affiliates ran stories about the skit after the adult child of a suicide victim complained. The Dispatch story garnered 91 online comments, with much divided opinion. “I say shut it down,” wrote one reader. “Suicide is no laughing matter and anyone who knows anything about mental health issues knows attempted suicide is a desperate cry for help.” Representing the opposition, another articulated his position as, “The wussification of America continues!” The controversy did make May more cautious about his approach — he changed online references to the scene from “suicide” to “zombicide” — but it also garnered the Hoochie a good deal of publicity and, most likely, a bigger audience. Before we have time to be offended, however, chainsaws roar once again and two black-clad harpies shove us through the next door.

You move through the Hoochie fast, almost at a trot, constantly urged forward by the rough handling of the actors. If you are secure about being touched, this is fun. However, not everyone appreciates the playground-style bullying, and one 2013 review on the Midwest Haunter’s Association website complained that “some of the actors [got] out of control. Members in our group were grabbed and pushed by actors harder than we liked. The women in our group had their hair repeatedly pulled and one was tripped and pushed to the ground by an actor. Expect to leave this haunt with bruises.”

All are fair statements. Everyone inside the Hoochie is assaulted by a full range of overblown special effects. The constant strobe lighting and smoky atmosphere occludes the maze until disorientation is complete, and losing one’s cohort means being lost in a constantly shattered darkness of vague angles and lurching humanoids. Repeatedly I run into the woman in front of me who, in turn, repeatedly rams into the woman in front of her, whose hoodie she never lets go of. We are like stunned mice in a sadistic scientist’s maze. At one point I run smack into a wall (I understand that there are video cameras stationed around the hallways to catch true evil-doers … and I just hope I don’t end up on a YouTube fail blog somewhere). Another time I miss an animatronic T-Rex head by inches as it tries to eat my face. At one point it is simply so dark that we must make our way entirely by touch. The walls feel like … well, I don’t know what they feel like, except that I want to wash my hands.

Parental Advisory: The Following May Not Be Suitable for All Readers

But what’s most striking about the Hoochie is the obscene richness and grotesquerie of the various performances. The main Hoochie buildings create a large and tightly interwoven maze, sometimes interior, sometimes exterior, and each stage of the maze has its own nightmarish theme. There’s the Vietnam scene reminiscent of Oliver Stone’s Platoon , replete with machine-gun fire and shafts of fire-lit smoke drifting through the bamboo; a florescent-paint-splattered totem leaps to its feet and sends a couple of patrons squealing down the hallway. There’s also an outdoor graveyard where, like the Poe poem, death looks gigantically down. Actually death is a huge puppet with glowing eyes on a waving lever, but the effect is terrific.

rusty bike s

Then there are the actors performing what can only be called torture-porn tableaux, usually involving a scantily clad woman being victimized by a wild-eyed man. There’s a grinning, satanic dentist operating sans anesthesia on a woman chained to a chair. Then there’s the woman in a skimpy dress strapped to a table with what appears to be a giant wheel-valve screwed into her head; she begs for mercy and her tormentor, a filthy, muscular man with a full beard, gives the wheel a twist and she goes limp. “You’re next, bitch!” the man yowls, pointing a dirty finger at a small female patron cringing against the far wall.

All of us are menaced, shouted at, pointed at, manhandled and woman-handled, although in general it is impossible to hear what terrible things are shouted through the cacophony except for the occasional obscenity. Somewhere along the line a very large bearded man (it may have been “Beaver”) takes my arm in a solicitous manner, says something with a toothy smile (it may have been “I’ll see you at the mall”), and then gives my rump a friendly swat. Onward, I guess.

The most infamous tableau is probably “The Demon Birth.” Here a pregnant woman lies on a blood-splattered table, her feet in stirrups and her knees draped with a sheet. “Get it out of me!” she screams, to which her “doctor” responds, “Shut up, bitch!” and slaps her. Even if they are amateurs, the Hoochie crew are great actors. The slap is timed perfectly and looks frighteningly real. Eyes blaze. Lips curl. Teeth are bared like Giger’s Alien. And when the doctor hits his pregnant patient in the stomach with a mallet, the special effects are Hollywood-worthy as the life-sized, rubber demon baby explodes in a blood gout as big as a watermelon and hits the far wall. If one is possessed of the right (or wrong) sense of humor, this is one of the most hilarious gags one will ever see (use key words “demon baby birth at Haunted Hoochie” to watch it on YouTube).

[blocktext align=”right”]All of us are menaced, shouted at, pointed at, manhandled and woman-handled, although in general it is impossible to hear what terrible things are shouted through the cacophony except for the occasional obscenity.[/blocktext]My personal favorite, however, is the rather unorthodox church toward the end of the tour. The Hoochie brackets its maze with its most shocking, most repellent, and most controversial tableaux, starting with the “zombiecide” and concluding with a man — half animatronic, half human — being cut in half with a chainsaw. Before exiting, you travel through an outdoor church brightly lit in flaring light by a blazing pentagram. Under this fiery offense, a bespectacled priest in a white robe and miter does something unholy to a squirming, squealing woman in a filthy housedress. On the floor beneath their high black altar another young woman in a short black dress grovels on the floor (how did she not hurt her knees doing that?) as nuns clad in black lingerie kick her into submission. The scene is positively oneiric, and actually quite beautiful in its attention to detail. Melted candles sit unlit and undead in a votive tray. Shadows flicker from the burning pentagram. Crooked keys on the battered pipe organ seem to smile through the dry leaves that litter it. I only have a moment to admire the aesthetic, however, before one of the nuns bares her clenched teeth and snags the brim of my baseball cap. She snarls something terrible, that much is clear, but discernment is impossible in the reverberating heavy metal, and this makes the scene even more surreal, especially as I happen to know, because the boyfriend of the woman groveling on the church floor told me, that behind the altar these satanic devotees have a slow cooker full of queso cheese for making nachos.

And then, somehow, mercifully, I find myself outside again, ears ringing and brain dazed. Nearby somebody whoops as if we have just finished a rock concert. Obscenity, sexism, torture, gun-violence, suicide, war, and, um, religious intolerance. Passion, individualism, tradition, and authenticity. Add to this fire, money, politics, a loud obsession with chainsaws, and the possibility that I just survived a monomythic quest and in some way Pataskala’s Haunted Hoochie represents America. Hell, it represents humanity — at both its best and most terrible. Or I am reaching way too far and the Hoochie illustrates nothing but a good time while being naughty? Whatever the conclusion, I hope to be back next year to see what May and his crew have conjured for their legions.

The two women who were in front of me the entire time are nowhere to be found. I just hope they made it out alive.

___ Russell Brickey’s books of poetry can be found at Wild Leaf Press, Spuyten Duyvil Press, and Kelsay Books.

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I loved this article. Humerous, insightful, and well thought out. I loved the historical bent as well. I live across the country on the West Coast but now i want to experience the Hootchie! Will definately look for more from this author and check out his poetry books at the press houses listed!

awesome article and awesome haunted house.. everyone in the haunt industry knows the Hoochie is the best haunt in America. its what we all inspire to be when we grow up

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  • Sep 17, 2022

Haunted Hoochie - 2022 Review

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Location of Attraction: Pataskala Ohio

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Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 9.5/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 8.5/10

Atmosphere Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 10/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Feedback: Our 6th and final stop on our 2022 Ohio Haunt Tour brought us to one of our favorite haunts from our 2020 Haunt Tour, the infamous Haunted Hoochie! We were thoroughly impressed by Haunted Hoochie back in 2020 and knew if we ever ventured near Columbus Ohio again it was a must that we revisit! Haunted Hoochie, notoriously known for being an over the top, offensive, and “extreme” haunted attraction, is certainly not for the faint of heart! There’s not many haunts in existence that push the limits to the extreme like Haunted Hoochie does. If you’re easily offended by controversial topics or don’t want to be subjected to graphic & violent horror, then this isn’t the haunt for you!

We rolled into the parking lot shortly after 11pm on just their 3rd night of operation for the 2022 season. Even at the late hour there was still a solid amount of fellow haunt goers trickling into the parking lot. As we exited our cars we could hear all sorts of commotion off in the distance, which could only be the chaos of the Haunted Hoochie. The ominous glow of “The Hoochie” certainly sets an intimidating and nerve-wracking vibe within moments of being on the property. You can’t help but think, “what am I getting myself into”, as you try to mentally prepare for the experience that lies ahead.

Haunted Hoochie features two haunted attractions; Bad Trip in 3D and the main attraction here, The World Famous Haunted Hoochie! General admission tickets run for a mere $30 and VIP passes go for $50. Even though the wait was nearly 90 minutes for general admission, we elected to wait it out, which gave us ample time to take in the ambiance of Haunted Hoochie! The midway area featured several photo-op areas, with our favorite being the carnival scene featuring a full sized ferris wheel and a mini roller coaster. The antique carousel in the ticket booth area was also a creepy touch. A small merchandise booth and snack shack were also available for guests to enjoy. Various types of music ranging from heavy metal to teen pop were being blasted into the queue line area, with corresponding music videos playing on a projector screen. To top it off, go-go dancers were doing their thing while suspended in a jail cell just below a massive demon animatronic that would send-off periodic blasts of flames spewing from its nostrils. Definitely lots to take in while passing time in the queue line.

Guests will first experience The World Famous Haunted Hoochie, and then proceed forth into Bad Trip in 3D. The first scene at Haunted Hoochie certainly sets the tone for the offensive and non-pc attitude that Haunted Hoochie possesses. A military fellow came launching out of a window to provide a startle and then proceeded to blow his brains out (simulated suicide). A bloody and gory mess then appeared behind him, leaving the impression that he literally just blew his brains out. From there we set forth into the madness of Haunted Hoochie for what would end up being 20 minutes of non-stop, heart-pounding, spooky fun!

The World Famous Haunted Hoochie featured action packed scenes, loaded with handcrafted props and massive animatronics! It was simply overwhelming to take in and had us oohing and aahing frequently! We were moving at a snail's pace to ensure we had ample time to gaze aimlessly at the sets. Some of these sets were several stories high, giving off a monstrous and menacing vibe! The attention to detail noted throughout was second to none, as we were continually amazed during our journey. Bountiful top of the line special effects were utilized throughout. Ear-piercing and heart-pounding audio effects were also utilized to further immerse the guests into each scene. They’ve become masterful at disorienting guests & utilizing distraction techniques to ease the ability of providing a scare. It would take us quite some time to list everything we encountered throughout The World Famous Haunted Hoochie, so we’ll list some of our favorite scenes/sections below.

Screaming ape animatronics with an actor in an ape costume meandering about was certainly a unique & startling surprise.

An outdoor set featuring a military vibe with a full sized helicopter (with functioning propeller blades), crashed jeep, and sounds of gunshots and cannons firing away, echoing throughout.

Castle-esque set featuring dragons, demons, and skeleton creatures towering above the castle-like walls.

Demonic church scene with a full size church facade, featuring pyrotechnics and special effects galore! Crazed nuns were frantically roaming about, harassing patrons with unholy insults.

Crashed airplane of “Flight 666” featuring a destroyed cabin loaded with dismembered actors crawling amongst the cabin, audio effects, and flickering lights to simulate the aftermath of a plane crash.

Cemetery scene featuring a demonic reaper animatronic hovering far above the guests created an aesthetically pleasing but horrifying visual.

Several risque scenes featuring Phillip the chicken man, child labor gone wrong, and a live castration of a captive man!

Several large vehicles were utilized throughout to startle guests featuring a massive truck and a farming combine. A motorcycle was also cleverly utilized to terrorize guests as it came what felt like inches away from running you over.

An unnerving venture through a fogged out strobe lit maze through towering stacks of coffins certainly made for a thrilling & disorienting experience.

Can’t forget to mention the Scooby Doo themed “Misery Machine”!

When we last visited in 2020 the cast & crew were handicapped a bit with having to follow covid protocols. Well there was certainly no limitations this go around. Haunted Hoochie is overloaded with scare actors, leaving not a second of dead space throughout our journey. There’s truly not a single wasted second at Haunted Hoochie, as they keep the adrenaline pumping & the scares flowing at a rapid rate. We lost track of how many times scare actors would appear practically out of thin air to scare the crap out of our squad. They were rather sneaky and tenacious in their attacks. Not to mention their unique skits and pure perfection at utilizing improv to personalize the experience for each individual haunt goer! They were certainly hands on & rather intense which added another layer of thrill to the experience. We can’t say enough about these menacing and sinister scare actors! The high quality and realistic costuming and makeup that the scare actors possessed only helped to further immerse the audience into each and every scene!

After nearly 20 minutes of non-stop blood-curdling terror, we finally escaped from The World Famous Haunted Hoochie, but not before a few chainsaw wielding maniacs delivered one final fright! As we caught our breath and tried to regain our bearings from the extreme sensory overload of The World Famous Haunted Hoochie, we were directed towards and sent into Bad Trip in 3D! Bad Trip in 3D is a 5 minute 3D spectacular experience. This was by far the most action packed 3D fun house we’ve ever experienced. Nearly every square inch of this attraction, from floor to ceiling, was covered with 3D props and animatronics. Surprises and scares of all sorts came from every which direction, leaving us vulnerable to actor driven pop scares. We began having troubles deciphering what was real and what wasn’t, as the scare actors were cleverly hidden and disguised throughout the attraction. We truly felt immersed into a whole new horrifying dimension. We would’ve loved to see more scare actors sprinkled throughout Bad Trip in 3D, but the actors the attraction did possess were top notch, providing an interactive, startling, and spooky fun experience!

As we exited Bad Trip in 3D our squad congregated back in the midway to converse about our experience. The unanimous consensus was that Haunted Hoochie had certainly lived up to its expectation of providing a larger than life, complete sensory overload, and in your face experience! For $30 we certainly got our money's worth of spine-tingling scares and bloody-terrific entertainment! Haunted Hoochie continues to find innovative ways to push the envelope and deliver a nerve-wracking, offensive, and terrifyingly mind-boggling experience! We’ll certainly be back to visit The Hoochie again in a future Haunt Tour. If you’re looking for a haunted attraction that will push you to the limit, then Haunted Hoochie is just the right place for you. Make sure to leave the kids and you're easily offended friends at home for this one, as things probably won’t pan out well for them. If you think you have what it takes to survive “The Hoochie”, then go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

Individual Attraction Ratings:

Attraction Name: The World Famous Haunted Hoochie

Overall Attraction Rating: 10/10

Cast & Crew Rating: 10/10

Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 10/10

Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 10/10

Attraction Name: Bad Trip in 3D

Overall Attraction Rating: 8.5/10

Cast & Crew Rating: 8.5/10

Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 9/10

Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 8/10

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haunted hoochie in ohio

Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie

Own this Attraction?

“Not Recommended for Anyone!”

Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie is a Haunted Attraction located in Pataskala, OH.

haunted hoochie in ohio

Rated 8.81 /10 by Team Teachers of Terror

Haunted House Review

13861 E. Broad Street, Pataskala, OH 43062

( Click for Fullscreen Map )

About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:

Multiple Haunts

# of Attractions: 2

Min. Recommended Age: 18

America’s MOST EXTREME haunted house. Haunted Hoochie is always working hard to make you sick.

haunted hoochie in ohio

Paid Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, “Hi-Tech” Attraction, “Extreme” Attraction, You may be touched, Original Characters, Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

haunted hoochie in ohio

Payment Methods:

Cash Icon

Promo Pics:

haunted hoochie in ohio

Guest Reviews Guest Average: 8.44 out of 10

Michelle – 10 / 10 – October 29, 2020 This was so awesome. I am friends with some actors and my 9 year old son begged all summer to go and …show more I finally decided to take him, he did get scared after seeing the first scene in the main house but it was nice the actors helped us out and that there were still other things we were able to do! He absolutely loved the 3d clown house maze! And he love the interaction with the actors. I was so happy that even though he got scared there was still something for him to do and we had such a blast!!

Cody Bodnar – 10 / 10 – September 19, 2020 The Best haunted house I have been to

Adam – 9.5 / 10 – October 5, 2019 It was a great time,the Haunted Hoochie will have you looking over your shoulder the whole time.

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Most Outrageous Haunt (Given by: Team Teachers of Terror )

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haunted hoochie in ohio

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Haunted Hoochie

Photo of Haunted Hoochie - West Pataskala, OH, US. The entrence

Review Highlights

Team Z.

“ We always purchase VIP admission when we go which helps a lot and still gets you access to two attractions. ” in 16 reviews

Dianna B.

“ I absolutely LOVED the queue line performers: The fire eater, Jethro, the gun turret .. ” in 2 reviews

Rachel R.

“ They also have scenes set up that adds to the gore and the scare and the craziness. ” in 5 reviews

Location & Hours

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13861 Broad St SW

West Pataskala, OH 43062

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Americas favorite haunted house …

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Photo of Simone M.

Such a great place! Although we waited in line for over 2 hours and had built up some pretty steep expectations... it is easy to say that our expectations were certainly not just met but exceeded! Cannot fault a single thing- the costumes, the venue, the energy, the make up, the soundtrack... brilliant! Worth every cent and loved every chilling moment of it! Safe to say I have a sore throats this morning from screaming and my fiancé a sore hand from me holding it so tight! Haha

Photo of Valerie B.

We went last night (Saturday night), got there at opening time (8:30) and there was already a line. I was prepared for this, as every other review mentions the long wait. It got longer as the night went on. I could have done without the 9-11 videos on the screen while we waited - just inappropriate. Once we got inside, the fun went on and on - there are so many different areas. The actors do grab you and touch your hair or your leg, but not anywhere private. I had heard bad things about this, but apparently they have resolved the issues, as the actors were great. My 13-year old son came with us and at one point his glasses got knocked - the actor made sure he had them on again before sending us along. Really fun and I loved all of it! Totally was worth the wait. The 3-D funhouse was kind of lame, if you aren't afraid of clowns... we saw just one actor in there. The one at the Scare-atorium is way better, but since this one was included with admission, it was OK. I felt I got my money's worth and will go back again next year.

Photo of Holly R.

I love haunted houses & looking at all the reviews and ratings I thought the hoochie ranch would be amazing!... But it did not meet my expectations... One of the attractions was longer than many I have been to but when we bought vip tickets we were assured we would be treated like vip which was not the case. You are ushered in with about 20 other people so the experience is not that great... You see things before they happen or miss the whole scene entirely... Overall I would not waste my money again on this attraction.

Photo of Ashley S.

I love it. People go into haunted hoochie thinking it's just a haunted house, but it's so much more. It's an expression of freedom, a place where they CAN have politically incorrect videos and they CAN and WILL touch you. They'll say whatever they want and that goes for cursing. This place is a beautiful vision, everything hand made, truly a sight to see

Business owner information

Photo of Tim M.

Business Owner

Oct 11, 2018

the last thing this world needs is another walmart ..thank u so is a beautiful vision ..

Photo of Jenny L.

My bf and I just did a small haunted house road trip from NY to Missouri and Haunted Hoochies was our favorite. Having done quite a few haunted houses, we're kinda jaded and don't scare much anymore but this place got us quite a few times. The sets and skits are fantastic! LOVE that it's adults only, there's physical contact from the actors without going overboard and doesn't rely on big animatronics. The ambiance and entertainment while waiting is really great too. If it weren't for Haunted Hoochies, our haunted house expedition would've been a failure so thank you Hoochies!!

Photo of Rebecca A.

All the years i've been (20ish) it only gets better and better. Worth every penny and even the wait in line!!

Photo of Chad C.

First time visit, pretty awesome experience. Maybe a bit too much strobe lighting. Otherwise, all the actors were complete professionals. Had a great time.

Photo of Adam H.

I rarely make it to haunted houses anymore, but this place is the real deal. There were some technical issues tonight, which caused the groups to be rushed. They change it up every year so it's never stale & has something for everyone. Be warned this is an extreme haunted house meaning you may get touched or grabbed. Get here as fast as you can.

Photo of Amber R.

I thought this place was AWESOME! I had a great time! It has changed over the years & it gets better year after year! But be prepared especially females to be touched & grabbed at! One of the actors grabbed my ponytail & took my hair tie with him! Lol I think he thought he had my jacket & not my hair! Lol can't wait to go back next year! & I thought the VIP tickets were worth it if you don't want to stand in line for hours!!!

Photo of Team Z.

The Haunted Hoochie is a very diverse attraction from most others but it's also a really good attraction for the right crowd. If you are easily offended, you may want to skip this one. Be prepared to get mildly touched, to see some gore and hear cursing. Everyone always talks about how this haunt is so extreme on the touching but we have been to haunts that touch way more. Every time we've been here they will touch our hair or maybe hold onto our arm and kind of push us out of a room but really not more than that. This is a 360 attraction where there is basically something going on in all directions and it's hard to catch everything the first time through. In the queue line you will see flags, their version of some political footage on their screen and many signs. We suggest reading the signs, they are entertaining! For those complaining about the "anit-American footage," one of a haunted house's main goals should be to get into your mind and take you out of reality. Just because they are playing something on a screen or even showing crosses upside down does not mean that's what this attraction believes. It's a haunted house, not the News channel. This place does attract a massive crowd so keep that in mind. We always purchase VIP admission when we go which helps a lot and still gets you access to two attractions. Yea that white barn you passed to get in the Hoochie's line? That's a 3D haunt so be sure to check it out too. To read our full review feel free to visit

This is an extremely busy haunt, so be prepared to pay for VIP and skip quite a bit of the wait, or hope you are lucky enough to show up before the lines get long. We went on a Thursday around 8 and there wasn't but maybe 100 folks in line. We have waited in up to 4 hours to get in this haunt before! Also, they do touch, may cuss, and have (what may be gruesome to some) scenes, so just be prepared. If you are easily offended, this may not be the haunted house for you. Tickets include admission to TWO haunts, the Hoochie and Bad Trip 3D. Bad Trip in 3D is cool to walk through but there usually aren't many actors in there. Since this haunt is so busy group sizes get rather large and sometimes even become a conga line. To read a full review please visit The Scare Factor haunted house review site!

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Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

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haunted hoochie in ohio

A Haunted Hoochie History


Nate, an 13-year actor at The Haunted Hoochie and current actor at Dead Acres shares his experiences and his take on the history of The Haunted Hoochie.

My name is Nate. I started working at Haunted Hoochie when I was sixteen. Back then I couldn’t believe I was going to get paid to scare people. That concept was unreal to me, and still is. It has always been a dream job that I feel lucky to have. October has always put a fire in my veins that I can’t explain. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. It must be something in the air because I don’t know.

I will start off by giving a history of The Hoochie. The Hoochie was around for about twelve years (I think), but its roots traveled even further back. The Hoochie and Dead Acres are owned and operated by Tim May. The hardest working guy I know. Tim and close friends created everything in the Hoochie and Dead Acres except for the high-end animatronics in Dead acres. But mostly Tim, he is an animal.

The first ghouls to haunt Fran Bar Park (where the Hoochie and DA is located) were done by Tim and his friends when they were kids, in a haunted hayride put on by his grandfather. That is where it all started. Then when Tim grew up and acquired the property, he opened a haunted forest. Which included a small trail with two small shacks. Then a few years later The Haunted Hoochie was released on an unsuspecting public.


Over the years new buildings were added, and a non-stop supply of amazing skits and effects erupting with intensity. The Hoochie always pushed the boundaries of violence and gore, reinventing what is was to be a haunt, and coining the phrase extreme haunt. What does Hoochie mean? That was the question everyone came to find out. But most left with only more questions, primal fear, and wet pants.

I first went through the Hoochie when I was twelve and I was BLOWN AWAY, literally. The first building I watched a man blow his head off with a shotgun, brains splattering on a window behind. The best way I can explain it is I felt like my eyes had been raped. I had never seen anything like it before. I honestly thought I had just witnessed a suicide. I didn’t know if I should cheer, scream, or run for my life! What had I got myself into I thought?


After that it was non-stop insanity. Real flames so close you had to back away from the heat, a devil throwing fireballs at you. How was this stuff legal? The best chainsaw room I had ever seen, a maze of exit doors and signs, six guys with saws, tearing at you. Then you were back into the quiet dark woods. Think you’re safe? NO! A guy with a chainsaw came flying over my head. Get me out of here! All I can say from my first experience at the Hoochie was, I was inspired.

Even before I started working at the Hoochie I was all about haunting. From when I was eleven years old I would enclose my porch at home with black plastic and make my own haunted house (porch). I would use money made from delivering the papers to buy strobe and backlights, cheap little props, and dry ice for fog. I wanted to use my dad’s chainsaw, but He didn’t think that would go over to well. So I made a fake one out of cardboard, wood, a bent pipe, and a bicycle chain. I know it sounds cheesy, but it looked real. I recorded a real chainsaw, setup speakers and blasted it at trick or treaters with me jumping out with my phony saw. It worked all to well. The police came thinking there was someone with a real saw.

My first year at the Hoochie was 96. I saw someone with a Hoochie shirt and practically begged for a job. Just so happened he was a chainsaw guy. Yes, Now I had to find my character. I didn’t want a store bought mask that everyone could get and would see seven of them on trick or treaters on Halloween. Although, I always liked the blank evil stare of the Michael Myers mask, but that was too commercial, not original enough. So I made a wig of dreadlocks out of fake hair, glue, and a modified ball cap. I thought dreadlocks would look crazy flying around in a strobe light. Then I bought a plain two-dollar white mask and drew a tribal tattoo on the one side of the face. Yes, It was awesome, creepy, wicked, and evil. I had found my character, which over the years would become known as Dread.


Nate as “Dread

I’ve really enjoyed getting recognized from year to year. I love it when I hear, “That guy is my favorite!” or “I come here just to see him” or even “That’s that F*#KING CRAZY GUY!” It’s cool I get remembered and that means I made an impression and an impact. It means I did my job.

My first year was just chasing people down the trail, and what a time it was. People would run into trees in fear, trying to get away from you. Unfortunately, there were a few injuries. I was in your face, but never trying to hurt anyone. People cowering in corners peeing themselves, screaming in terror at the sight of you was quite an empowering sensation for a sixteen year old. More fun than should be legal, and I was getting paid. I would have done it for free, but the paycheck is always nice.

Chainsaw guys always get a bad rap like they aren’t really actors. Anyone can scare with a chainsaw, which I can agree with, but to be good it takes more than just pulling a string. Believe me I have seen some horrible chainsaw maniacs, more like stationary chainsaw operators. It takes a lot of energy, movements, technique, and attitude to truly frighten someone to their core with a chainsaw. You have to catch them off guard, make them question what’s real. I take pride in my character. I want you to feel the vibration, smell the fuel, and truly think I’m about to cut through you as I charge, and don’t let up till I have pulled enough screams out of you. If your heart isn’t racing I haven’t done my job.Everyone always goes for the screaming girls, which is great, nothing like that high pitch scream cutting through the night. Some of the girls want to scream and others just want to grope you. Women, I’m a monster, stop molesting me! So distracting.

But the best is getting a dude to scream like a girl. There is nothing like making a grown man cry. It is unbelievable how many men I have seen revert to the emotions of a four year old. It never ceases to amaze me. I’ve even pulled screams out of policemen patrolling the haunt; one even went for his gun! That got my heart racing.

I’ve had whole groups lost in the woods. I would fire up my saw and thirty people would scatter in every direction off the trail into the blackness of the woods, leaving the guide standing there like what do I do now? We found some of them hiding in the woods hours later still cowering. The human mind is a fragile thing, so easily cracked.

My second year my talents and appeal of my character were recognized and I was put in the spotlight, I got my own skit. I cut off a guy’s head as he was tied down in a chair, blood flying off the blade onto the window. Great effect! Spectacular in its vulgar ness and gore, I loved it. Now I got to be on stage violating someone in a bloody mess, then jump off stage (people should have to pay to see peoples reactions when I jumped off stage at them) and chase them out onto the trail. Such Horror. Their hell was my heaven.

My next skit for the next few years I cut a man in half at the waist as he hung from the rafters, legs cut off guts and blood streaming out in waves. Again, awesome effect! One of my leaps of faith from the stage resulted in me falling on my head on my saw blade. I still have a scar on my face from that tumble and the blood wasn’t fake that time. One time a group was hugged together in a tight huddle running away. The leader fell, and like dominoes they all toppled. I had never seen thirty people fall at the same time. No one got hurt so I had a good laugh.

But my favorite skit I did at the Hoochie was the one I did the last year of the Hoochie. It was one I came up with. It was with a kicking guy hung by meat hooks through his back. I cut him from his head along his side down to his waist. The front part of him would fall revealing all of his guts, lungs, heart, brain, eye sockets, everything. It was greatly detailed gore. It was a truly masterful effect. I only wish I could have done it one more year.

The Hoochie was legendary. It raised the bar of what a haunt should be and paved the way for haunts of the future. I was sorry to see it go, but it too must evolve with the industry or be left in the dust. So I was glad it ended in its prime, making way for Dead Acres, the new high tech extreme haunt that still holds the intensity and excitement of the Hoochie, who with bad intentions carries the flame of the legacy of the Hoochie into the nightmares of another generation

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haunted hoochie in ohio

Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres VIDEOS

Haunted hoochie at dead acres photos.

Haunted Hoochie at Dead acres

13861 East Broad St, Columbus, Ohio, 43062

haunted hoochie in ohio

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Fear Columbus took over the space of a previous attraction last year, and this year has completely renovated the space. “The Summoning” now escorts visitors through a house occupied by a demonic cult, and “Aftermath Anarchy” imagines a post-apocalyptic city with plenty of fearsome action. After the usual September and October season, Fear Columbus will continue into the first weekend of November, where guests will be allowed into the attraction with no lights, no guides and one glowstick. 

  • Fear Columbus is located at 2605 Northland Plaza Drive
  • Admission varies by date, from $19.99 to $29.99. See website for details. Tickets are timed, and must be purchased online
  • Fear Columbus will adhere to all local and state guidelines
  • For more information, call 614-344-4484 or visit .

Carnage Haunted House

Carnage Haunted House has taken over a new location, with 60,000 square feet of scares. Make your way through two zones, “The Bayou” and “The Entity.”

  • Carnage Haunted House,  3770 Refugee Road, opens on Sept. 17 and runs through Nov. 6. See website for dates and times
  • Tickets cost $25, and parking is free.
  • Those younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, visit .

Pataskala Haunted Forest

Pataskala Haunted Forest has a motto: “Scaring is caring.” The forest has been creeping out families and raising money for service projects and community events, sponsored by the Pataskala Lions Club for 32 years now. “Grave digger” escorts keep groups socially distant. The trek through the woods takes 30 to 45 minutes, and is not recommended for small children.

  • Pataskala Haunted Forest,  8838 Refugee Road, Pataskala, will be open on Friday and Saturday nights in October, and tickets will be released a week ahead of time.
  • Tickets are $15 and must be bought online.
  • Masks are optional.
  • For more information, call 740-755-9775 or visit .

Haunted Hoochie and Dead Acres

Haunted Hoochie and Dead Acres are not for the faint of heart or the easily grossed-out. The indoor and outdoor attractions promise explicit content, graphic violence and “full sensory assault.” Unlike the other local haunted attractions, these do not have a “no touch” policy.

  • Haunted Hoochie and Dead Acres,  13861 Broad St. SW, Pataskala, are open Thursdays through Saturdays starting Sept. 16 and run through the end of October.
  • Tickets cost $30.
  • Masks are encouraged.
  • For more information, visit .

The Haunted Farm

The Haunted Farm is celebrating 25 years of scares this year. The family-friendly Pleasantville attraction offers a spooky hayride, a haunted barn maze, a bonfire and free entertainment.

  • The Haunted Farm,  5450 Old Millersport Road NE, Pleasantville, will be open from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays starting on Oct. 1 and running through Nov. 6.
  • Tickets and ticket prices will be available on the website before the attraction opens.
  • For more information, visit

Zombiezi Bay

ZOMBIEzi Bay is located at 4850 Powell Rd., Delaware County. The attraction is open Fridays through Sundays in September, beginning on Sept. 17.

September hours are 6 p.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, and 6 to 10 p.m. on Sundays. The attraction is designed for those 13 and over. September admission is $28.99. 

In October, the park will be open from 6 to 10 p.m. Sundays and Thursdays (starting Oct. 14) and 6 p.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Admission on Sundays and Thursdays in October will be $28.99, and admission on Fridays and Saturdays in October will be $32.99. Parking is $10.

Masks are recommended indoors, and the park will adhere to all local and state mandates. For more information, call 614-724-3600 or visit


haunted hoochie in ohio

Ohio 2024 Halloween Events Calendar

Attention Ohio Haunt Owners

Looking to plan a day of haunt-filled fun this fall? Make sure to check out's Calendar of Halloween Events to find the best Fall Festivities and terrifying Haunts each and every day this September through November. Whether you're planning a last minute outing with friends, or you are putting together a day filled with family fun, make sure to utilize's Halloween Events Calendar to get the most out of the season this autumn! Click on a day to see all events for that day.

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haunted hoochie in ohio

Cleveland, OH 844-757-5657

Cleveland Ghosts: Rock n' Roll with the Restless Spirits Cleveland, renowned as the home of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the birthplace of Superman, holds an even more haunting claim to fame – a history steeped in chilling ghostly tales and... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Cincinnati, OH 844-757-5657

Cincinnati Ghosts: Chilling Chronicles of a City Cincinnati Ghosts beckons you to unearth sinister secrets hidden beneath the beauty of the "Paris of America." Roam through Cincinnati's historic streets, where the echoes of calamities, disease,... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Holly, MI 248-930-2835

Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction is a highly detailed and immersive haunted attraction that includes, The Manor and The Rotten Forest/Aslyum, & The Rotten Theatre. The Manor & The Forest/Asylum are approximately 35-45 minutes long. The Rotten... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Painesville, OH (440) 358-7275

Family-friendly chills and thrills! Travel Farmpark's trails and roadways after dark in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle and experience many playfully frightful sites throughout the park--some that you have come to love and some new... Read More

Utica, OH 740-892-3989

Branstool Orchards is set in the scenic countryside of Utica, Ohio. We are best known for our sweet and juicy peaches, but our crisp apples and savory pears are increasingly popular year after year. Our picturesque orchard sprawls across 75 acres of... Read More

Amherst, OH 440-988-8405

Miller Orchards is a family-owned fruit farm, in business for more than 4 generations. Miller Orchards is primarily in the business of providing fresh, home-grown fruit, but we also carry other items in our farm store according to the season. We... Read More

Sandusky, OH 419-626-4467

The Ghostly Manor Haunted House is one of the top rated haunts in the United States and is now better than ever! Ghosts lurk in every corner as you wander through this “old mansion.” See if you can make it all the way through as Ghostly Manor comes... Read More

Marion, OH 740-389-3019

This year we are inviting you to Harvest Saturdays with pick your own apples, food trucks, and fun orchard activities. Plan to spend a few hours in the orchard picking apples. Take a stroll though our Story Stroll- take a walk and read the book... Read More

Monroe, OH 513-539-6366

Garver Family Farm Market takes pride in serving customers by providing a fresh quality product in the most efficient manner possible. We provide a wholesome product to consumers which often involves great care and attention. Pick your own... Read More

Huntsville, OH 937-686-4463

Hurley Farms is dedicated to providing you with the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. While most of the vegetables are grown on our farm, we also carry fruits and vegetables that are available from other quality growers. Pumpkin Fest is... Read More

Perry, OH 440-259-3192

West Orchards is a small family owned business farm that offers locally grown produce to pick pumpkins and have pictures taken with your family, children and dogs too! You can even dress up your pup! The farm has also lots of small veggies, herbs, &... Read More

Lancaster, OH 740-654-2689

Ochs Fruit Farm a family run farm and enterprise since 1872. The farm features more than 90 varieties of apples, 25 varieties of peaches along with a number of other fruits and vegetables. Large varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash during... Read More

Fairfield, OH 513 957-5310

... Read More

Troy, OH 937-339-9731

CORN MAZE CLOSED 2023 IHR Mini Corn Maze for Kids Join us with the little ones for games in the Mini Maze, a giant slide, pumpkins, corn cobb swing, straw jump, duck races, shelled corn box, bucket ball game, toy car raceway, hill billy golf,... Read More

Kent, OH 330-673-5957

Corn Maze, and Haunted Bus for our Fall Pumpkin Festival. The festival is open from late September through October. There are many entertaining displays in our outdoor sales area including a "Haunted Bus" and a free tent-maze for children. On... Read More

Wooster, OH 330-264-0264

Come on down to the farm and enjoy the day exploring, racing, sliding, jumping, playing, and making memories with over 45 family fun activities. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make Ramseyer Farms your new favorite fall tradition! There is... Read More

Springboro, OH 937-748-9826

Kleather's Pumpkin Patch is a family run business and has been up and growing for 35 years now! We sell an assortment of fall items including pumpkins, gourds, squash, straw bales, fresh apple cider, apples, snacks and many other fall... Read More

Amherst, OH 440-965-8884

Join us for an adventure! Our maze is sure to corn-fuse you this year with it's twists and turns! It's a explorer's dream adventure through our jungle themed labyrinth. We're sure you can find your way in, but can you find your way out? Be sure... Read More

Oregon, OH 419-836-7613

Savor the season at Fleitz Pumpkin Farm! Enjoy a delightful, affordable day at our family farm with all kinds of mazes, a straw bale play tower, goat and chicken feeding, the crafts barn, and more! 1-Acre Corn Maze: Our 1-Acre Maze is perfect... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Middletown, OH 513-423-9960

Tired of the same old haunted house? At The Land of Illusion – Haunted Scream Park, we know how to dial up the dread. Come scream through this sprawling haunted theme park of delightful autumn fright… and bring your friends. We’re always looking for... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Dayton, OH 937-397-2273

Dayton, Ohio's premiere scream park with four attractions! Come check out our New Compound! Trail trail sits on over 22 horror filled acres with over 25 scenes an more than 60 monsters waiting to see you as you take a half hour plus walk thru the... Read More

Paris, OH (330) 862-2733

Visit Arrowhead Orchard and enjoy lots of fall fun activities Corn Maze - Hay Rides - Pumpkin Patch - Hamster Run - and much more! What better family outing is there than coming to the farm, having a fun-filled experience and ending up with a... Read More

Germantown, OH (937) 866-2777

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter corn MAZE that only looks good from the air but leaves little to the imagination on the ground. Tom's Maze is grown from the ground up. 8 fun-filled acres of corn on the cob. It's more than just a regular Corn... Read More

New Paris, OH 937-877-6030

In addition to the 18 Checkpoint Corn & Bean Maze we offer a wide variety of awesome and family friendly attractions built into our admission. 2 Look-Out Bridges Cow Pattie Toss Corn Hole Putt - Golf Life Size Checkers Rope Maze Duck... Read More

Pataskala, OH 740-927-1333

Fall family fun begins when u-pick pumpkins, apples, peaches, and more at Lynd Fruit Farm! Maze: The Maze is an 8-acre scavenger hunt for clue stations. Most participants accept the challenge of finding each information post and gathering... Read More

Coldwater, OH

Menchhofer Farms has apples, cider, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, maple syrup, honey, baking mixes and spices for sale. We also offer horse-drawn wagon rides, a u-pick pumpkin patch, and barn animals to view and feed. We offer fun filled... Read More

Anderson, IN (317) 218-9515

Indy Scream Park Haunted House - Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid - Serving the Indianapolis, Indiana Metro - Indy Scream Park is Indianapolis, Indiana's SCARIEST haunted house! Located just minutes northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana - Indy Scream Park... Read More

Oak Harbor, OH (419) 898-3215

Jason's Pumpkin Patch features over 100 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash. We have a giant pumpkin tree, Amish mums, hay rides, pedal go karts, pony cart rides, kids zone, tower of slides, a corn maze and much more! Don't forget to bring... Read More

Plain City, OH 614-873-0510

Return to nature this fall at The Orchard and Company. We provide a variety of exciting things for the entire family. We pride ourselves with our unique tractor drawn wagon rides, large corn pit to excavate in, and hay barn. Come make new farm... Read More

Hicksville, OH (419) 542-8925

In the fall, a huge variety of pumpkins sprawl out on the front yard of the Dave Brown Designs Country Store. Corn shocks, colorful mums, Indian corn and assorted gourds and tiny pumpkins are displayed among the many yard ornaments and garden... Read More

Newton Falls, OH 330-984-4525

Kuchta Farms Pumpkin Patch offers a full variety of products! We have a large selection of pumpkins, from the small gourds of every shape and size, to the large carving pumpkins that are customary to fall and Halloween spectacles every year! We also... Read More

Berlin Heights, OH 419-588-2138

Burnham Orchards is a family owned and operated farm, providing great tasting fruits along with our fun filled activities in fall. From pick your own pumpkins to orchard hayrides, we provide a taste of the farm that you just can’t get anywhere else!... Read More

Dayton, OH

Brand new haunt in Dayton Ohio. We are an 100% indoor haunt. From the deep backwoods, to the abandoned halls of an archaic medical facility, and to the glitz and glamour of a traveling carnival.... We have such sights to show you. 3 Unsettling... Read More

Arcanum, OH (937) 692-8084

Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm designed a "mini maze" for those little ones (and some adults who cannot manage the 5-acre corn maze). Children will work their way through the paths by identifying colors, adding and subtracting, and counting. Take a hayride... Read More

Sandusky, OH (419) 627-2350

Haunt at HalloWeekends - Fear is Waiting for You! Survive immersive mazes, spine-tingling scare zones, thrilling shows and more. Enveloped in darkness, every path seems like a blind alley. Pulse-pounding claustrophobia takes hold as you... Read More

Pataskala, OH

Dead Acres and Haunted Hoochie are a two-for-one haunted house set that promises an extremely scary experience.... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Columbus, OH 614-535-8516

Welcome to Columbus Ohio's newest and most entertaining Haunted Attraction. Our indoor Haunt features innovative, scary and exciting new ideas that have been brought to life! We utilize a combination of realistically details sets, lighting and... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Wilmington, OH 513-409-0644

Four great scares for the family and the brave! Brimstone Haunted Hayride: Brimstone Kingdom was once a beautiful and prosperous place but that was before the Curse of Brimstone Road fell upon these lands. Now monsters, evil spirits, and various... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Marion, OH 567-233-2905

Haunted Hoorah is a 15,000 square foot, ten acre facility located in Marion, Ohio. You become part of the story, in this unique, interactive, Military/Sci-fi themed haunted attraction! Attacking your senses and fears with every twist and turn. The... Read More

Calcutta, OH 330-386-9177

In the fall, Randy's Raisings opens their Annual Corn Maze and Hayrides to their pumpkin patch at the farm market. This is a great time you don't want to miss! The whole family will have a great time trying to navigate the maze. The farm has huge... Read More

New Springfield, OH (330) 549-9000

Get Lost at Maze Craze....The best corn maze in Ohio & Pennsylvania transformed over 21 amazing acres of corn into a life-size maze. There is a total of 8.6 miles of trails that twist, turn and sometimes come to a dead end. There is fun for the... Read More

New Springfield, OH 330-549-9000

Get Lost at Maze Craze! We have transformed over 21 amazing acres of corn into a life-size maze. There is a total of 8.6 miles of trails that twist, turn and sometimes come to a dead end. Our maze was professionally designed and cut by Shawn... Read More

Ottawa, OH 419-538-6333

Putnam County's Haunted Cornfield was one of the first cornfields in Northwest Ohio to be taken over by Ghouls and Goblins. The haunting began almost 13 years ago under the name Schmitz's Haunted Cornfield. In 2004 a new crew of haunters took over... Read More

Brunswick, OH 330-225-5577

If you love to have fun with your family and friends, then experiencing Mapleside Farms in the fall is a must. Pumpkin Village is when Mapleside Farms morphs into the finest fall family experience in the country with dozens of special... Read More

Mantua, OH 330-414-1180

Derthick's Corn Maze and Farm Experience brings weekend fall fun toe everyone! Enjoy 17 acres of fun, including three mazes, Farmer Joe's Clue Game, the Farm Tracks kids' maze game, a treasure hunt, maze game, and much more!... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Cleveland, OH (216) 377-2377

Cleveland's Premiere Haunted House! From the creators of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse, Nightmare Cleveland features High quality sets, immersive audio and horrifying characters that puts this show right on par with Universal Studios Hollywood Horror... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Lafayette, OH 567-204-7695

2 story haunted attraction in the original Town Hall building built in 1899. Many of the scenes depict different uses of the building over the last 100+ years... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Waynesville, OH 937-790-0036

If you’re looking for a new family tradition, Waynesville Fall Fest has you covered! We offer exciting and unique attractions that everyone in the family will enjoy. Our attractions: Wildwater Mining Co. Mega Play set S.L. Expeditions - take a... Read More

Swanton, OH (419) 826-1453

Pumpkins! U-Pick or We Pick... we also have pie pumpkins, Mini pumpkins, and decorative squash for all your fall wishes. Guess the weight of the "Great Pumpkin" and win a free bushel of Honeycrisp! Apple Pickin'.. It's always a day of food,... Read More

Chesterland, OH 440-478-3427

We are a family owned business and are dedicated to our customers. We are your one stop shopping for all your fall needs! Enjoy a day in the country. Pack a basket or a snack. Let the kids pet the goats, play on the giant hay stack, and go through... Read More

Pandora, OH 419-384-3331

Enjoy a day of family fun at Suter's! Take a stroll through the corn maze, go on a hayride, pick your own pumpkins, shoot the corn cannons, roll around in giant human hamster wheels, and take part in many more fun activities! Hayrides to the... Read More

Vincent, OH 740-678-7447

Stroll through the maze and make a 'baa baa here' and a 'moo moo there' to the other friends you make along your journey! How close have you ever been to a real cow? Time for a Hayride! The hayride lasts 30 minutes and takes guests up the hill to... Read More

Loveland, OH 513-697-9173

Traverse our 7-acre corn maze to solve The Migration Mystery. Get lost in this fun story as you track down the items lost by Monica the Monarch and solve this a-MAIZE-ing puzzle! PLUS – little tikes can enjoy our mini kids’ maze and play a game made... Read More

Findlay, OH 419-423-2995

Take a whimsical ride on a classic locomotive to the pumpkin patch for a day of family fun! New this year: Visit the Non Haunted CORN MAZE! Kids and adults can walk through the Maze and receive candy from various stations. Pumpkin... Read More

Zanesville, OH 740-452-4858

If you are looking for a great place to bring the family for a wonderful fall experience, you've come to the right place! Our Corn Maze and Fall Farm Fun includes a giant sand box, petting zoo, pumpkin painting and carving, corn maze, hay wagon... Read More

West Salem, OH 330-461-1178

We offer a variety of activities for wholesome, affordable family fun. Stoney Creek Farm literally has thousands of pumpkins to choose from. We grow a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins. The giant pumpkins surpass 100 pounds, and have... Read More

Hebron, OH (740) 928-4925

Pigeon Roost Farm has a huge assortment of pumpkins! What's your favorite? Do you like the big, round orange ones? Or tall, and skinny and warty? Straight stems, or with that special twist? We have them all. From dainty little mini pumpkins, up to... Read More

Sidney, OH 937-498-9528

Welcome to The Sidney Haunted Woods! Come out and visit the fire before you are taken back to our 1/2 mile track of relentless terror in which you will enjoy thrill and excitement were you will see your favorite Halloween characters such as the evil... Read More

Minford, OH 740-280-2676

Enjoy making memories with your family this fall at Noble Family Farms! Pumpkin patch, mazes, corn pit & more. Spend the day exploring our Mega Maze or our smaller Mini Maze. Pick your favorite pumpkin from our large pumpkin patch. Race your family... Read More

Beavercreek, OH 937-217-7656

Katie’s Pumpkin Barn started 22 years ago at the end of our driveway selling pumpkins. We are a mother daughter family team. We love the community and enjoy seeing many of the same faces year after year. You folks are what keep us open year in and... Read More

Richfield, OH 330-659-2526

Enjoy a day on the farm taking a hayride through the field, navigating your way in our corn maze and petting our beloved animals. We also have a wide range of children’s activities including face painting, hay maze, corn pool, games, and crafts.... Read More

Miamisburg, OH 937-847-2760

Sizemore Farm is all about family fun. Come and pick your pumpkin in our pumpkin patch...pack your own bag of fresh apples with several varieties to choose from.... let the kiddos take a Dragon Wagon Ride around the yard...sample our freshly... Read More

North Lawrence, OH 330-323-9714

The countdown is on! We love fall festival and cannot wait to share with you the celebration of the harvest! The Fall Festival includes a petting zoo, pick your own pumpkins, hayrides, tractor train rides, discovery barn, midway games, concessions,... Read More

Hamilton, OH 513-738-0404

Our market takes on a festive appearance in the fall with all of the fall decorations and color. Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and bales of straw, added to the beautiful mums, enhance the beauty of the season. All are bundled and ready to decorate... Read More

Wilmington, OH 937-383-2133

Bergefurd's Farm Market and Greenhouses is a small family owned and operated produce farm in Wilmington, Ohio centrally located between Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Attractions: Pumpkin Patch Hayrides Pumpkin Sling Shot ... Read More

Chesterland, OH 440-729-9809

Bring the family, pack a lunch (or visit our concession, available on weekends only) and relax in our outdoor farm fun area – designed for families with preschool and elementary age children to choose the pace and activities you most enjoy... Read More

Galena, OH 740-548-7866

Freeman's Farm awakens to a fall filled with great festivities for its guests. Visitors arriving at the farm will find a world of activities and will smell the aroma of apple butter a stirrin' and kettle corn a poppin' Freeman's Farm offers its... Read More

Peninsula, OH 330-657-2727

The Szalay family invites you, your family and friends to experience the farm in the fall. We have a decorated three acre corn maze that is a bit challenging. Find all seven wooden pumpkins and your way out of the maze where there will be a treat... Read More

Wellington, OH 440-647-6749

Brasee's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is family owned and operated. We start working on our Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in May to open mid September. New for 2023 - Haunted Walk We have a 8 acre corn maze. Through our maze we have stamps that... Read More

Monclova, OH 567-402-0900

The Most Terrifying Haunted Corn Maze in Ohio Join us on a dark and twisted journey of terror that will test even the bravest of souls. From ghoulish zombies and psychotic doctors, to vengeful spirits and ax-wielding murderers, the Field of Fear... Read More

Valley City, OH 330-350-2486

Beriswill Farms has been located in Valley City since 1955. The family is growing and raising a wide range of agriculture products: corn, soybeans, berries, vegetables, pumpkins and beef cattle. Corn Maze: Discover a maze in a cornfield of great... Read More

Hartville, OH 330-877-6241

Kingsway Farm prides itself in offering a family oriented, cheerful atmosphere, free from the dark side of Halloween. Creative, artistic photo ops are displayed throughout the farm. Children can crawl through a long indoor straw tunnel, play in a... Read More

Ostrander, OH 740-666-2020

We feature fall family fun on the farm. Spend the day getting plenty of fresh air and having fun as a family in our many barnyard and outdoor activities for the young and young at heart. Select the perfect pumpkin from the thousands we grow right... Read More

Fostoria, OH 419-619-0031

Welcome to Conine’s Country Market, a family owned business for over 30 years delivering outstanding product value and customer service. Our farm market offers something for everyone. Visit us at our Country Market for your Fall decorating... Read More

Barnesville, OH 740-425-2593

The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival includes four days of fun-filled contests, entertainment, tastes, sights and sounds. Both adults and children will enjoy harvest-inspired arts and crafts, home-style foods, entertainment on two stages, a giant... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Lordstown, OH 330-824-3141

Take a ride through 68 acres of the area's most terrifying hayride and then get dropped off at the InsaneAtarium, the area's most intense haunted house in Youngstown Ohio. The Insane Atarium is a mental institution where the patients here experience... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Columbia Station, OH 440-236-5454

Spooky Ranch- Cleveland’s Premier Haunted Event! Nationally ranked as one of the top haunted attraction in the country. You will scream, laugh, and be amazed! It began over 30 years ago with The "Famous Haunted Hayride", taking customers on a... Read More

Riverside, OH 937-254-2576

We have been scaring the yell out of you since 1986 one of the longest running haunt in the area! Haunted Castle in 3D Trail of Terror 6,000 sq ft Maze... Read More

Springfield, OH 937-215-2905

You will see ghastly scenes of Murder and Mayhem including Dental Death, the Blood bed and The Chain Saw Death Box. You will be shocked and terrified. Your trip through the Terror Maze will take approximately 30 minutes. The Terror Maze is open even... Read More

Madison, OH 440-812-4936

The Haunted Winery & Haunted Corn Maze: Spend an evening at Grand River Cellars and enjoy dinner with a tasting our our Blood Red and Fright White wines followed by experiencing the Haunted Winery at Regal Vineyards The Haunted Winery: You... Read More

Liberty Township, OH 513-779-3228

Make family memories at Niederman Family Farm! The fall activities at Niederman Family Farm have become a yearly tradition for making memories. Our 14 Acre Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is fun for all age and don't forget to try our fall treats.... Read More

Bowling Green, OH 419-409-0252

The fall season just isn’t complete without a hayride to a pumpkin patch, and we at The Pumpkin Peddler offer a memorable ride through our tree farm for you and your family to enjoy. There are thousands to choose from and your children can pick... Read More

Kings Mills, OH 513-754-5700

With 20 thrill rides, nearly a dozen spooky mazes, scare zones, and much more, Fright Fest will give you the scare of a lifetime!... Read More

Laurelville, OH (740) 601-8574

2023 focuses more on Hollywood Horror. Come see some of your favorite horror movie killers!... Read More

Napoleon, OH 419-599-1570

Leaders Farms, located in Napoleon, Ohio, is home to Ohio's first corn maze! Over the past 16 years the farm has grown into Northwest Ohio's premier fall destination. Get back to the basics and pick out a pumpkin, take a scenic hayride, and crawl... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Shelby, OH 419-566-3955

J&J Field of Screams! North Central Ohio’s newest haunted attraction takes you on a ¼ mile hayride to the doorstep of our cemetery. Here you must exit the wagon to begin your nightmarish trek to find your way back to safety. Most of our visitors do... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Hudson, OH 330-697-1279

Deep in the woods of Hudson, terrifying screams can be heard. The Hudson Jaycees are proud to present the annual Hudson Haunted House. Room after room of monsters and horrors that will shock and surprise. Winding corridors lead you down a maze of... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Akron, OH (330) 285-7000

For more than four decades, Akron’s autumn air has been swarmed with screams gushing from millions of souls brave enough to explore our seven floors of combined terror. The Haunted Schoolhouse takes you on a three-floor journey through the... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Canton, OH (330) 455-3327

The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio has won the Guinness World Record 3 times as the Longest Indoor Haunted Attraction in the world. The Factory is located inside an abandoned 160,000 sq. ft. aluminum foundry and features 5 full-length... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Columbia Station, OH 440-236-5454

More than just a pumpkin patch, pumpkins & hayrides. We offer, Fall fun for everyone. All day long unlimited activities for one low price. Unlimited hayrides, pony rides, live costume character show, "Monster Vision in 3-D", Children's Haunted House... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Perrysville, OH 419-565-5947

Opening officially in 2016 (originally as Lessons in Fear), Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse has evolved into one of the top haunted house attractions in Northeast Ohio. We strive to provide a haunted schoolhouse experience near the Mansfield, Ashland,... Read More

Radnor, OH (740) 361-0055

Lehner’s Pumpkin Farm is family owned and operated. We have the best prices on pumpkins, gourds, corn shocks, straw, and Indian Corn. Come spend a day on the farm and enjoy some good, old fashioned, country fun for very reasonable prices! We have... Read More

Hartville, OH 330-877-8344

With activities for all ages, Maize Valley is the perfect destination for fun fall family outings. Plan to spend several hours here to experience the FUN family entertainment we offer. Enjoy an 8 acre corn maze, wagon rides, pumpkin patch, animal... Read More

Convoy, OH 419-749-4224

Join us at Lincoln Ridge Farms as we celebrate our 30th season of farm fresh produce, u-pick pumpkins, apples and strawberries, exciting festival activities and festive fall color! Our farm is the perfect outing for friends and family to come... Read More

Springboro, OH 937-885-3965

Windmill Farm Market is the home of Ohio’s favorite fall festival and features our famous adventure hayride which takes you over the hills and through the mud! SPOOKTACULAR Fall Hayride: Enjoy the best of Windmill Farm Market’s SPOOKTACULAR... Read More

New Paris, OH (937) 437-8921

The farm offers a 20-minute hayride to enjoy a scenic drive to Wesler Orchards. Buy pumpkins and 25 varieties of apples to meet that certain crunch you desire, along with top quality peaches, apple cider and farm fresh produce that can't be outdone.... Read More

Mantua, OH 330-562-5234

Guyette Farms is committed to providing unique family fun activities. While visiting our maze, we want our guests to have the opportunity to spend quality time together while enjoying all the fun. Maze: Our maze is designed and cut by hand. We... Read More

Logan, OH 740-385-6758

Walker Farm is located at Logan in Ohio. Pick your own pumpkins in the field on all days from mid-September to the end of October. Come and enjoy a wagon ride and corn maze with your family and friends also. ... Read More

West Alexandria, OH 937-687-3848

Tuken's specializes in a wide variety of seasonal, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. U-pick destination for pumpkins, apples, strawberries, and assorted gourds to decor in fall season. The orchard is open to families, children are welcome. We... Read More

Rittman, OH 330-925-6861

Spend a fun filled day at our family-owned and operated fruit orchard and retail farm market. Ride a hay wagon through the orchard to pick your own apples and pumpkins. Enjoy a petting zoo and many other relaxing family activities. Discover what a... Read More

Caledonia, OH

Come out and "play" with us! See if you can make it out alive or if you'll be stuck in our woods forever!!! Welcome to The Dead Woods haunted trails, established publicly in 2017! This is a walk through experience with live actors and other... Read More

Kenton, OH 419-673-0637

Althausers' Pumpkin Patch's goal is to provide an educational and entertaining opportunity for folks to select fall decorations at a reasonable price while reminding everyone that food does in fact come from a farm. Attractions: U-pick... Read More

Albany, OH 740-590-9788

Looking for a U-Pick pumpkin patch in southeast Ohio? Libby's Pumpkin Patch specializes in large carving pumpkins, pie pumpkins, decorative pumpkins, and outdoor fall decorations. Come and check us out! We have a variety of family-friendly... Read More

Hilliard, OH 614-876-2833

Kuhlwein's is a local business farm market and deli located in Hilliard, Ohio. We would love to have you come visit. Kuhlwein's offer Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Popcorn and Gourds when in season. During the month of October we are open to the... Read More

Columbiana, OH 330-482-2276

Come out to Detwiler Farm for pick-your-own pumpkins, hayrides, and our cornfield maze! Admission includes a 15-minute hayride to the 10-acre pumpkin patch, an indoor straw maze, a 4-acre cornfield maze and petting zoo. Hayrides leave about every... Read More

Kirtland, OH 440-478-9861

Welcome to Pumpkinville, located in Kirtland, Ohio. You will be amazed at what you'll find at Pumpkinville. We have Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, beautiful Mums, Apples, Fresh Cider and Corn Stalks too. ... Read More

Mansfield, OH 419-884-1500

A family owned operated orchard offering u-pick your own pumpkins in fall season. Home grown apples, pears, plums, etc. are also available on a pick-your-own basis. Not only just a pumpkin, our friendly resident goat, sheep and chickens are more... Read More

Mansfield, OH 419-834-7770

Our patch is a self-serve, pick-your-own-pumpkin-patch. You can start your adventure in the gazebo, where directions will be posted on signs. The patch is located directly across the street. All items can be picked from the field by the customer... Read More

Mogadore, OH 330-628-1082

The Fall Harvest: A great time of the year for festivities! Check out our eight acre corn maze! We supply a map to ease the navigation. Junior maze available for easier experience. Take a fun relaxing hayride on a tour of the farm to the pumpkin... Read More

Trenton, OH (513) 988-9211

Come out to the farm for lots of family fun, activities, entertainment, food, pumpkins, etc. in the fall. Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market Fall Festival also include hayrides, entertainment, games, and more. Take some time to come out to the farm, enjoy a... Read More

Wellington, OH 440-647-5480

Visit the farm to decorate your own pumpkins every fall season and getting together the most out of our favorite fall flower -- the Mums. We grow a large variety of pesticide free produce from tomatoes, peppers, onions; squash and sweet potatoes.... Read More

Chillicothe, OH 740-649-1690

The Chillicothe Halloween Festival is a three-day family-friendly festival that features celebrity guests, haunted attractions, mechanical rides, inflatables, Halloween-themed merchandise vendors, concessions/food vendors, contests, live bands,... Read More

Ross, OH 513-738-1145

Burwinkel Farms is a small, family-owned farm located in Southwest Ohio and has been in operation since 1918. Our third-generation farm strives to provide the best produce on the market. During the month of September, our farm in Ross... Read More

Peninsula, OH 330-657-2330

Fall is a special time at Heritage Farms. Pumpkins, hay rides, falling leaves and the laughter of children! All of your favorite memories and traditions associated with this season are alive and well at Heritage Farms during our annual... Read More

Ashland, OH 419-289-3384

Honey Haven Farm is a great place to visit in fall! Enjoy a leisurely afternoon with family and friends at our fall festival Take a Belgian horse-drawn wagon ride to the field to pick pumpkins, then test your strength and accuracy at one of our 4... Read More

Sunbury, OH 740-815-9371

“Fall is for Fun” at our farm during our Annual Fall Festival. Come and enjoy our Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch, Great Pumpkin Slide, Kids Play Barn with Corn pit and Slide, and more games! Visit our Farm Animals -- Also, we sell fresh eggs from our... Read More

Plain City, OH (614) 873-5725

Jacquemin Farms along with many other central Ohio produce farms is in the midst of their busy harvest season. The farm offers fall family fun with a host of activities including picking your own pumpkins, carmel apple making, straw maze. The farm... Read More

Tiffin, OH 419-992-4392

Barnyard Fun Weekends: Come on down to the farm and enjoy the day exploring, racing, sliding, jumping, and making memories with over 20 fun activities for all ages. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make coming to the farm your new favorite... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Miamisburg, OH 937-671-2989

Come visit out our working farm and enjoy a nice hayride. Our farm features the cow encounter hayrides where we feed the cows right from the wagon! Hayrides take about a half hour to run and wait times vary depending on crowds. We also feature a... Read More

Doylestown, OH 330-658-6125

Walsh Farms is a family owned farm located at Doylestown, Ohio. We offer many fun filled activities for all ages. Come out and enjoy a day in the farm and make memories with us. Attractions: Pumpkins Hay Rides Pumpkin Train Petting... Read More

Medina, OH 330-725-3509

Welcome to Boyert’s, we are a family owned full-service greenhouse and nursery located just 4 miles south of the Square in Medina, OH. Enjoy a visit to our farm with your family and friends. Take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and find your perfect... Read More

Milford Center, OH 937-349-4781

The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek is entering its exciting fall season and summer u-pick berry season. The MAiZE is becoming a tradition for fall family fun on the farm in the Central Ohio area and beyond. This summer and fall the Rauschs invite you... Read More

Lowellville, OH 330-536-2178

Countryside Farm is a family owned farm Located between Poland, Struthers and Lowelville. Once the leaves begin to turn orange and red, it is time for our harvest of pumpkins and apples. Stop by for some hot cider or to pick up your fall... Read More

Grove City, OH 614-878-7980

Circle S Farms would like to invite your school, church, company, organization, scout troop or family to the farm for a celebration of fall fun days and enjoy a beautiful day in the country. Circle S Farms is family owned and operated and we look... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Chippewa Lake, OH 440-623-3334

THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A TERRIFYING HAUNTED HOUSE EXPERIENCE IN A REAL SLAUGHTER HOUSE! This Halloween season prepare yourself for a terrifying haunted house experience in a real slaughter house! Hollywood quality sets and... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Mansfield, OH 419-522-2644

The United States prison system is in disarray…The worst inmates all over the United States have escaped their respective institutions looking for a new place to call home. After numerous murder sprees and in some cases “Clown Sightings” across the... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Chardon, OH 440-285-0910

Don't miss our Nightmare @ Pioneer!! No age restriction but use discretion for children under 12 in the haunted houses. Attractions: Undead Mini Golf Freak Show Addition, Deads End Haunt Go Karts, Zombie Shooting Range and Zombie Town USA... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Canton, OH 330-576-6501

Voted TOP Haunted House in the Midwest and TOP 5 in the WORLD. "Scariest Haunted House in ALL of OHIO" - Channel 5 News What are YOU afraid of?? We dare you to experience the SCARIEST, MOST HORRIFYING, UNIQUE and UTTERLY INSANE HAUNTED HOUSE... Read More

Cincinnati, OH 513-729-1974

The Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall got its start in 1990 with only the main building featuring scenes. Since then the Haunted Hall has expanded to include not only the house but also five tents, backyard areas, and one giant vortex! The Haunted Hall... Read More

Jewett, OH 740-491-7807

Harco House Of Horrors - You'll have 3.5 stories of terror to walk through, but are you really brave enough to go all the way? So far this season we've had multiple groups who couldn't make it all the way through, because it's too terrifying, are... Read More

New Castle, PA 724-657-6934

Scare Manor is open from late September through the end of October. The event consists of a Haunted House and grass maze field behind our main building. There are also guided tours of Hill View Manor during the evening. The Haunted House utilizes... Read More

Roseville, OH 740-621-3039

We moved and have a great place same awesome frights and scares around every corner just awaiting for your screams. Just gotta come out and see. ... Read More

Cincinnati, OH (513) 445-9767

The Dent Schoolhouse is a house haunted by Charlie, the school's janitor, who allegedly murdered numerous children. Come experience the house in the dark or with lights on. Queens City Slaughteryard is also part of the schoolhouse, but it will... Read More

Nashport, OH

The Nightmare in Nashport "Trail of Terror" is not your typical Haunted House. Our night of Evil is staged along a one half mile trail through an actual woods, not a zig-zag through a field with scares over lapping or stuffed into an over crowded... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Alliance, OH 330-823-3933

DON'T GO ALONE...Fortress of Fear is a Haunted Scream Park and Ohio's top rated haunted house and best haunted attraction located in the dead center of Akron, Canton and Youngstown. 2X Award Winner by Ohio Haunted Houses. Featuring 5 FREAKING... Read More

Poland, OH 330-757-3142

For four generations Molnar Farms family has been proudly growing the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables. We are open seasonly June through November. Fall Attractions: Pumpkin Patch - Find the perfect pumpkin on our Pumpkin... Read More

Newtown, OH 513-561-8634

Burger Farm is a family owned and operated garden center since 1904. Burger Farm & Garden Center hosts one of the largest fall festivals on weekends in October with pumpkins, corn stalks, mums, gourds, apple cider, animated pumpkin land characters,... Read More

Lebanon, OH 513-932-2853

Hayrides for pumpkins on fall. Our side-railed, tractor-driven wagons take you to our pumpkin patch where you can pick the perfect pumpkin. Then just board the next wagon that comes in (usually every 15 minutes) and bring your pumpkin back to be... Read More

Troy, OH 937-335-6983

Come to Fulton Farms for the freshest, locally-grown produce around. The Farm Market houses the retail side of Fulton Farms. Located in a barn over 100 years old that is an excellent example of constructions techniques from the 19th century, the... Read More

DELAWARE, OH 740-363-5021

Fall season brings in the pumpkins. Whether you need pumpkins for making pumpkin pies, decorations or for Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween, be sure to come to our farm to select your pumpkin. You can either pick one out of our huge pumpkin pile, or you... Read More

Burton, OH (440) 548-5521

Nothing says fall better than a horse drawn hay ride through the woods with the leaves crunching beneath the feet of a team of percheron horses, a glass of Ma & Pa's cider in your hand and a maple cookie! Come experience the fall harvest this... Read More

West Salem, OH 419-846-3818

Badger Pumpkin Patch is pick your own pumpkin farm located at West Salem, Ohio. In fall, Badger Pumpkin Patch offers hayrides, pumpkins, a petting zoo, and a straw maze. ... Read More

Columbiana, OH 330-482-4064

Catalpa Grove Farm is a family run garden center/produce farm. We raise annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, succulents, herbs and so much more, right here at the farm. In the fall, we have fall activities. We offer hayrides to the pumpkin... Read More

Columbia Station, OH 440-236-3007

Come out and enjoy a great family day out at the farm! Enjoy a wagon ride through our New & Improved scarecrow village, visit our 5 acre corn maze; younger visitors can climb and play in our corn kernel sandbox in our kid’s play area. Then move... Read More

Hiram, OH 330-569-7464

We have PYO pumpkins from our patch or from the many bins of pre-picked. Take advise from the handsome young men on this page, Monroe's Orchard is a fun place to be. Whether you are interested in purchasing fresh fruit, picking your own, or viewing... Read More

Mount Sterling, OH 740-869-4208

Lohstroh Family Farms is a fall farm market & pumpkin patch located in Mount Sterling, Ohio. Our diverse farm includes a retail fall farm market and activities including pumpkin picking wagon rides and a corn maze. With the help of family, and good... Read More

Yellow Springs, OH 937-767-2208

Fall at the orchard is a fantastic family destination; pumpkin picking, and more. Peifer's has the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the beautiful season. The farm market has a variety of crisp apples, juicy peaches, farm fresh vegetables, jams, local... Read More

Middletown, OH (937) 672-8248

Fall is approaching quickly and we have the perfect place for some family fun. McMonigle Farms Pumpkin Fest offers the most affordable and unique pumpkin patch in Middletown, Ohio. New large play area with slides, tunnels and corn boxes. New cow... Read More

Medina, OH (330) 239-1480

Pick n' Save Orchard offers Hayrides in fall or take a nice leisurely Horse Drawn carriage ride through our scenic acreage will sooth any stresses and cares. The U-pick pumpkins and variety of apples are ready to harvest. Come and see the... Read More

Milford, OH (513) 575-2022

Fall Festival at Shaw Farms provides an exciting opportunity for terrific family memories, photo ops, and, of course, some awesome, farm-grade adventures. Take the family on a ride around our scenic farm property in one of our traditional tractor... Read More

Mansfield, OH 419-884-1993

Wayne’s Country Market is a family owned and operated established in 1993 as a small produce and landscaping store. Join us throughout the month of October to enjoy local fall fun! At Wayne’s we offer a variety of activities for children... Read More

Hinckley, OH 330-225-4748

Hillside hosts our Annual Harvest Festival. We invite you to come out and enjoy a horse drawn hayride, BearCubs Playground, and our exciting and challenging Pumpkin Maze. You make your way to the maze by taking a hayride. Once you find your way... Read More

Burton, OH 440-834-1298

We host our Fall Festival where you can enjoy freshly made hot apple fritters, caramel apples and pure apple cider from our farm kitchen. Select from over ten varieties of crisp fall apples in our farm store. Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins right from the... Read More

Lancaster, OH 740-653-1089

Neeley Farms is a family farm located at Lancaster, Ohio. With over 60 different varieties of Pumpkins, Squash, and Gourds, there is something for everyone at Neeley Farms. Come see for yourself! ... Read More

Zanesfield, OH 937-593-8000

Round up the family for a Sunday in October to make memories during the Harvest Round-Up Days at Marmon Valley Farm! The kids will enjoy Pony Rides. The entire family will have fun on a Hayride and picking out a Pumpkin from our stock. Enjoy... Read More

Kenton, OH 419-788-8236

Every October Friday and Saturday our Spooky Halloween House comes alive and puts on a free show. You can catch our FREE Digital Projection and Music Light Show, Family Friendly Walk-Through, and enter your Nightmares with our Scary Haunted... Read More

Columbus, OH 614-491-0812

Hann Farms Market is the place to get your own pumpkins during fall season. The farm always has pumpkins of all sizes ready to pick you up! They have also a wide selection of products including jellies, jams and butters - some of which are... Read More

Richfield, OH 330-212-9934

Pumpkins for sale, honey & maple syrup, cornstalks, locally made crafts, mums and more. Museum and farm tours are always free, so bring the family, have a look at our newest buildings, then grab a red wagon and pick out your favorite pumpkins. Pies... Read More

Medina, OH 330-722-4029

Richardson Farms offers a 45-minute Fall Hayrides and a large Pumpkin Patch as well. It is a fully-working farm that raises crop including: corn (both sweet and Indian), pumpkins, soybeans and gourds. Our greenhouse is stocked with locally-grown... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Montville, OH

Forget what you think you know about run-of-the-mill "walk through" haunted houses! This is a live action dungeon adventure experience. You solve the puzzles. You defeat the enemies. You open the secret doors. It is a mix of escape room mechanics,... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Sandusky, OH 419-626-4467

Experience the #1 Haunted House in Ohio Looking for the best haunted house in Ohio?! Lake EERIE Fearfest @ Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is the one haunted house in Ohio you don’t want to miss this haunted house season! Find out why Haunted... Read More

Saint Clairsville, OH 740-720-0830

A SCARY, GUT-WRENCHING, HEART-POUNDING experience is waiting for you this September and October in the woods. The Story / The Legend: In a small town just minutes from the city folk lived a group of people in the woods. They lived in ran down... Read More

Millersburg, OH 330-674-6096

Hershberger's Farm & Bakery is a one-of-a-kind destination in Ohio's Amish Country featuring an Amish bakery, store, produce market, food trailer, and a farm animal petting area. Each season offers a different unique experience with different... Read More

Yellow Springs, OH 937- 325-0629

Haunted Wagon Rides: Things are going to get a little scary around Young’s this fall! Our Haunted Wagon Ride and Scary Stories are designed for families with children. It will be scary! We have designed this ride for families with children. We... Read More

Milford Center, OH 937-349-4781

The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek is entering its 13th exciting fall season and 9th summer u-pick berry season. The MAiZE is becoming a tradition for fun on the farm for families and friends in the Central Ohio area and beyond. This summer and fall... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Genoa, OH 419-461-1298

Panic in the Pines 2023 Panic in the Pines is a yearly Halloween haunt at Country Lane Tree Farm. There are 3 haunts which are all included in the price of your admission ticket. First board a wagon on the longest running, most interactive... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

Genoa, OH 419-461-1298

Fall Festival Farm Weekend Admission includes: Milking a real cow, not a Replica! Feeding Large Farm Animals (animal food is included in the cost) Feeding Goats, Llamas, Alpacas, Donkeys, Sheep. Feeding our Fallow Deer Families and our pig... Read More

Wauseon, OH 5674543363

This is a home haunt that was constructed inside of a barn and is a maze style haunt. The haunt is approx 1,000 sq ft in size and changes every year including the theme. ... Read More

Lebanon, OH 513-932-1869

For over sixty years Hidden Valley Orchards has offered homegrown fruits, vegetables, seasonal U-Pick crops and fun activities at the farm in Lebanon, Ohio. Pumpkin Season has officially begun here at HVO! Come on out to the farm and celebrate... Read More

Sycamore, OH 419-208-5502

Fall fun on the farm. Hands-on lessons Animal stations Wagon rides... Read More

Circleville, OH 740-474-7000

The Circleville Pumpkin Show is not only the "Greatest Free Show on Earth", but it is the largest festival in Ohio and one of the largest in nation. Hundreds of thousands of pumpkin fans crowd the streets of Downtown Circleville Ohio for just about... Read More

Wilmington, OH 937-382-3643

In this cult classic, sweethearts Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and... Read More

Mentor, OH 440-364-7222

Garage complete with multiple themed haunted rooms, props, jump scares and fun!... Read More

haunted hoochie in ohio

haunted hoochie in ohio

February 16-18

Get early access now, "ohio's ultimate halloween event", -, watch trailer, what is fear columbus, largest and scariest haunted house in columbus.

Fear Columbus is one of the largest and most elaborate haunted house productions in Ohio.  Featuring multiple immersive attractions under one roof, photo ops, a retail store, endless scares, dozens of highly trained actors, elaborate costumes and makeup, a state of the art sound system, professionally designed lighting, movie quality set design and the best customer service possible!  Fear Columbus is locally owned and operated. Come experience Columbus Ohio’s premier Halloween destination.

Featured On

haunted hoochie in ohio

Columbus Haunted House ATTRACTIONS

All new 2023 attractions.

haunted hoochie in ohio

New for 2023: ‘Devil’s Night’ takes you to Fearwood High School, overtaken by students who unwittingly unleash an unspeakable force on the eve of Halloween. Navigate unknown parts of Fearwood town, now under the control of a dark entity. Experience our biggest upgrades ever, with next-level sets, lighting, and scares. Who will survive ‘Devil’s Night’? Step in and find out.”

haunted hoochie in ohio

In 2023, brace yourself for ‘The Summoning: Darkest Depths’. Traverse the shadowy passageways where the cult’s dark ambitions intensify, beckoning mysterious entities from the void. Stand face-to-face with the zealous cult members and the enigmatic forces they’ve conjured. Delve deeper into unknown realms, reaching the very heart of the abyss. This year reveals masterfully crafted sets, more scares than ever before, and an ensemble of chillingly enigmatic characters.

More Than Just a Haunted House

The most exciting way to celebrate halloween.

haunted hoochie in ohio

Horror Retail Store

  • Horror Themed Items
  • Fear Columbus Merch
  • Drinks and Snacks

The Fear Gear Store is our full retail area at our facility featuring not only Fear Columbus merchandise but also plenty of snacks, drinks, and Halloween themed items from several partnered vendors. We also offer printed souvenir group photos that you will take when you enter the first attraction!

Halloween Souvenir Photo

  • Halloween Themed Photo Op
  • Printed Photo Option
  • Digital Copies Available
  • Selfie Stations

Your group will get a professional group photo in our themed photo op before entering the haunted house! You will have the option to purchase a printed souvenir photo or digital download at the Fear Gear Store! In addition, we have a few selfie stations around the facility where you can take your own photos.

Fright bites

Food, drinks and desserts.

  • Halloween Themed Menu
  • Custom Desserts
  • Hot & Cold Cider
  • Food Vendor
  • Drinks & Snacks

Enjoy several different seasonal food and drink options. We have a dedicated food vendor on site featuring Halloween-themed menu items and even hot and cold apple cider. Looking for something sweet? Enjoy one of our custom Fear Columbus cheesecake desserts in the Fear Gear store. 

Ticketing Information

Tickets must be purchased online.

Tickets can not be purchased at the door. We have removed our box office and transitioned completely to online timed ticketing only.


We control ticket capacity to ensure the best experience possible with the shortest possible wait times. Because of this tickets sell out in advance. Don’t wait to buy!

Prices are dynamic and vary based on the date and demand. Check the calendar for current pricing and availability.

Scream Past the Line

View our premium ticket options to reduce or eliminate your wait.

5 Star Google Reviews

Check out what customers and media outlets are saying about Fear Columbus Haunted House at the link below!

Fear Columbus Haunted house

2605 northland plaza drive, columbus, ohio 43231, free parking.

We have plenty of FREE parking in front of our building in our well-lit paved parking lot.


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    Haunted Hoochie 3.2 (61 reviews) Claimed Haunted Houses Closed 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Next day) See hours See all 87 photos Write a review Add photo admission when we go which helps a lot and still gets you access to two attractions. " I absolutely LOVED the performers: The fire eater, Jethro, the gun turret .. "

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    Columbus, Ohio is home to Dead Acres aka Haunted Hoochie and this Halloween attraction is not only one of the scariest and best ultimate haunted houses in Ohio, and or Columbus Ohio but maybe all of America.

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    The Haunted Hoochie is located about 12 miles outside of Columbus — close enough to grab a crowd, far enough out of town to get really loud. The "Welcome to Pataskala" sign claims a population of 14,962 but, at least from the road I came in on, one would guess about 12,000 less than that.

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    13861 E. Broad Street, Pataskala, OH 43062 View All Details Haunt Type (s): Links: Contact: Features: Paid Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, "Hi-Tech" Attraction, "Extreme" Attraction, You may be touched, Original Characters, Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

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    Location of Attraction: Pataskala Ohio Date of Review: 9/17/2022 Total Number of Attractions Available: 2 Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 9.5/10 Entertainment & Food Rating: 8.5/10 Atmosphere Rating: 9.5/10 Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 9.5/10 Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 10/10 Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 9.5/10

  8. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie

    We are not liable for any mistakenly inaccurate information that you may find on our website. We appreciate your understanding and, as always, stay scary! ~ The Scare Factor. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie is an extreme, full touch haunt house attraction in Pataskala, Ohio near Columbus. This scary event offers Halloween fright and.


    64 reviews of Haunted Hoochie "This is by far one of thee best haunted houses in the Midwest. It is not for the easily scared and faint of heart... at all!! They pride themselves on a full sensory experience, and they deliver! They've recently added Bad Trip, which is a 3-D maze based off of a circus. Clowns and props are all around you in the rafters.


    61 reviews of Haunted Hoochie "This is by far one of thee best haunted houses in the Midwest. It is not for the easily scared and faint of heart... at all!! They pride themselves on a full sensory experience, and they deliver! They've recently added Bad Trip, which is a 3-D maze based off of a circus. Clowns and props are all around you in the rafters.

  11. Ohio haunted house guide: 22 scary things to do this Halloween

    Haunted Hoochie and Dead Acres, 13861 Broad St. SW, Pataskala, are open Thursdays through Saturdays starting Sept. 16 and run through the end of October. Tickets cost $30. For more information ...

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    The Haunted Hoochie is a haunted house located in Pataskala, Ohio. This is a very unique haunt that offers a ton of shock value to its guests. This is not fo...

  13. A Haunted Hoochie History

    The Hoochie and Dead Acres are owned and operated by Tim May. The hardest working guy I know. Tim and close friends created everything in the Hoochie and Dead Acres except for the high-end animatronics in Dead acres. But mostly Tim, he is an animal. The first ghouls to haunt Fran Bar Park (where the Hoochie and DA is located) were done by Tim ...

  14. Haunted House in Columbus, Ohio, OH Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres

    Haunted House in Columbus Ohio Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres SPECIAL EVENTS & UPDATES: The only place thats in your face... always working hard to make you SICK! Check website regularly for updates and specials. DATE & TIME SCHEDULE Every thurs fri sat/sept thru oct - dusk til dawn PHOTOS & VIDEOS

  15. Haunted houses in Columbus area to check out this Halloween

    Haunted Hoochie and Dead Acres, 13861 Broad St. SW, Pataskala, are open Thursdays through Saturdays starting Sept. 16 and run through the end of October. Tickets cost $30. Masks are encouraged.

  16. What are the best haunted houses in Ohio? Halloween 2022 guide

    Ohio is filled with haunted houses for the Halloween season, including Blood Prison at the Mansfield Reformatory, the Akron Haunted Schoolhouse, Bloodview and more! 00:00 00:00 Author: Ryan...

  17. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres in Ohio

    The Haunted Hotel in Beaumont, TX. (409) 729-3300. 447 Orleans St, Beaumont, TX 77701, United States. Add to favorites.

  18. The Haunted Hoochie

    On 10/20/2022 I ventured up near Columbus, Ohio (Pataskala) to visit the infamous Haunted Hoochie. The Hoochie is an extreme haunted house (with 2 attractio...

  19. Haunted Houses in Central Ohio and surrounding areas

    Described as the world's most extreme haunted attraction! A "touch" haunt where they are allowed to touch, push, etc (must sign a waiver) Open Thursday through Saturday starting September 14, 2023- October 28, 2023. Parking opens at 6:00 p.m., tickets open at 7:00 p.m., and haunt opens around 8:30 p.m. Pataskala, Ohio.

  20. Ohio Haunted House and Halloween Attraction Event Calendar

    Dead Acres and Haunted Hoochie are a two-for-one haunted house set that promises an extremely scary experience.... Read More. SEP 15 FRI DAY...and 13 more dates +13 more. Haunted Hoorah. Marion, OH ... 2X Award Winner by Ohio Haunted Houses. Featuring 5 FREAKING... Read More. SEP 30 SAT URDAY...and 9 more dates +9 more. Fulton Farms. Troy, OH ...

  21. Ohio Valley Haunts

    Ohio Valley Haunts Top 13: Final Rankings as of Halloween Night, October 31, 2023: 1: Haunted Hoochie (Dead Acres) 2: Blood Prison: 3: Land of Illusion

  22. Haunted House in Columbus, Ohio Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres

    It's time to slice off your eyelids and get ready to gaze into the unflinching world of the infamous Haunted Hoochie near Columbus, Ohio in a town called Pataskala, Ohio. The Haunted Hoochie has been fracturing young hearts and minds for 20 years. Its origins are rooted fifty years into the past as one of the first haunted hayrides.

  23. Fear Columbus Haunted House

    Fear Columbus is one of the largest and most elaborate haunted house productions in Ohio. Featuring multiple immersive attractions under one roof, photo ops, a retail store, endless scares, dozens of highly trained actors, elaborate costumes and makeup, a state of the art sound system, professionally designed lighting, movie quality set design and the best customer service possible!