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Recap / Bob's Burgers S6E2 "The Land Ship"

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"No, Jordan, I'm not gonna turn you in. I'm going to turn myself in...to something else." — Tina

The Land Tropes:

  • All for Nothing : Played with. Despite their best attempts, Bob and Linda can't get rid of the port-a-potties before the parade. Fortunately, rather than ruin their business, it actually made them very successful as people who waited in line to use them would become customers.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys : Tina starts going out with Jordan when she learns he's the mysterious "Ghost Boy".
  • Awkward Kiss : Jordan has no idea how kissing is supposed to work, and instead just awkwardly shoves his whole mouth onto Tina's face.
  • Tina asks her siblings if they think people think of her as bland. Louise remarks that people don't think of her period .
  • Even someone as lovesick as Tina admits that Jordan is an awful kisser.
  • Tina flat-out tells Tammy she has no respect for her.
  • Cassandra Truth : While he's saying it solely to deprive Jimmy of new customers, Bob is right when he tells the porta-potty lifters that Jimmy Pesto's food is awful .
  • Cringe Comedy : Jordan "kissing" Tina.
  • Dawson Casting : Parodied in-universe where Patience Headbottom, the 13 year old girl who came up with the idea of the "Land Ship," is portrayed by a grown man.
  • Depth Deception : The "Land Ship" incident refers to a moment in the town's history during the War of 1812. On discovering a fleet of British soldiers was coming, the townsfolk brought their sole ship onto land. When the British arrived that night, it looks like the shore was further than it was and their ships ran aground, making them easy pickings for the American militia-men.
  • Didn't See That Coming : Louise quickly figures out that Tina has been sneaking out at night to hang out with Jordan, but Jordan being "Ghost Boy" and Tina being his accomplice completely throws her for a loop. Louise: Wow, I was way off. I thought it was the bland leading the bland.
  • The Ditz : Jordan is not that bright. Tina catches him because he tagged a book he borrowed and wrote his name in , and had it been anyone but Tina who borrowed the book after him his days of graffiti would've been over. He then proclaims that he's shaped like the letter "J" and thinks Tina's a genius when she points out that what he meant to say was it's the first letter of his name. He also has no idea how kissing works, and is so bad at it that even inexperience is no excuse.
  • "Eureka!" Moment : Jimmy Pesto mocks Bob for having to deal with porta-potties in front of his restaurant, pointing out on the day of the parade that Bob doesn't usually have a line in front of his restaurant. This gives Bob the idea to sell refreshments to the people waiting in line to use the porta-potties, which makes him a ton of money during the parade.
  • Everyone Has Standards : Tina is all for helping Jordan with his late-night graffiti art, but has second thoughts about tagging the sail on the float for the Land Ship parade and later goes to undo it.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory : In-universe; Tina assumes Jordan uses a ghost as his tag because it represents how he feels invisible because he has no friends . Jordan says it's just because he feels like drawing it .
  • Faceplanting into Food : Tina is so exhausted from her nightly graffiti excursions with Jordan that she keeps falling asleep at random times. After she falls asleep in her cereal, a suspicious Louise points out that's the fourth time she's fallen asleep in her food that week. Bob ends up holding her head up to keep her from doing it again (he initially meant to check Tina's temperature to see if her drowsiness is a result of illness, but Tina fell asleep as he was doing so).
  • First Kiss : Tina ends up being Jordan's. It is super obvious .
  • From Bad to Worse : When Bob tries to complain to a city representative about the four porta-potties blocking his restaurant, the representative realizes there should be a fifth porta-potty and has it added as well.
  • Good Is Boring : Tina is accused of being a "goody two-boobs" who blindly obeys authority by her classmates. This is why she decides to help out Jordan when she discovers he's "Ghost Boy".
  • Karma Houdini : Jordan doesn't get punished for vandalizing random spots, and he ends up hooking up with a random girl who learned about his identity right after Tina gave him a speech that it'll probably take a long while for him to get another girl.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler : In-universe; Jordan tells Tina not to spoil the story when she points out how Bonnie and Clyde died at the end, even though the story is decades old (and Based on a True Story , so even if it was newly released the ending would've been obvious, anyway). Later, we find out that Gene was also unaware of this plot point.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain : Jimmy Pesto taunting Bob about the porta-potties allows Bob to find a way to exploit the situation to his benefit.
  • Only One Finds It Fun : Tina is the only student in a packed auditorium that finds the story of the Land Ship fun.
  • Sarcasm Mode : When Jordan remarks that his kiss with Tina was his first, Tina remarks that it wasn't obvious at all .
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! : Tina sends a text that reads "See you soon, bitch" for the sole purpose of spicing up her texts.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone : Bob can't get rid of the porta-potties, but this benefits him more than anything by allowing him to sell food to people in line. The last scene of the episode shows him getting to rub it in Jimmy Pesto's face.
  • "Walk on the Wild Side" Episode : Tina's second outing like this, in fact.

Alternative Title(s): Bobs Burger S 6 E 2 The Land Ship

  • Bob's Burgers S6E1 "Sliding Bobs"
  • Recap/Bob's Burgers
  • Bob's Burgers S6E3 "The Hauntening"

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ghostboy bobs burgers

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Tina and the Real Ghost

  • Episode aired Nov 2, 2014

Dan Mintz in Bob's Burgers (2011)

Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher's basement. Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher's basement. Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher's basement.

  • Boo Hwan Lim
  • Kyoung Hee Lim
  • Bernard Derriman
  • Loren Bouchard
  • Jim Dauterive
  • Steven Davis
  • H. Jon Benjamin
  • Eugene Mirman
  • 2 User reviews
  • 1 Critic review

Bob's Burgers: There's An Other-Worldly Presence In The Basement

  • Bob Belcher

Dan Mintz

  • Tina Belcher

Eugene Mirman

  • Gene Belcher

Larry Murphy

  • Linda Belcher

Kristen Schaal

  • Louise Belcher

Andre Royo

  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

Did you know

  • Trivia Burger(s) of the Day: 1. Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd (Comes with cheese curds) 2. Human Polenta-pede Burger 3. Kales from the Crypt Burger 4. Paranormal Pepper-jack-tivity Burger (Comes with Pepper Jack cheese)

Gene Belcher : [after Gene comes out of the stall in the girls' restroom] The girl's bathroom is nice! Each stall has a tiny metal mailbox. I'm glad I was carrying around that postcard for Ken.

  • Connections References Turner & Hooch (1989)
  • Soundtracks Jeff (Il Est Mort) (uncredited) Written by Loren Bouchard , Rachel Hastings , and Elegant Too Performed by Loren Bouchard

User reviews 2

  • Dec 5, 2021
  • November 2, 2014 (United States)
  • Buck & Millie Productions
  • Fox Television Animation
  • Wilo Productions
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 22 minutes

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Bob’s Burgers Recap: Ghost Boyfriend

Bob’s burgers.

ghostboy bobs burgers

Last night, Bob’s Burgers came back for “Tina and the Real Ghost.” The episode begins with the Belcher kids discussing their Halloween plans. Oh, right! Halloween. For some reason, there was a month between the season premiere and the second episode, and now it’s Halloween. They made us wait and I’m not upset about it at all! Anyway, this incredibly late second episode begins with the Belcher kids discussing their Halloween plans. Louise and Gene will be trick-or-treating, but Tina will be at the cemetery because breaking into the mausoleum on Halloween night is a rite of passage for the local schoolkids — a sign that one has transitioned from candy-eating child to unafraid adolescent. From Hocus Pocus to Candyman . Or maybe just Hocus Pocus to The Craft . (No one’s ever old enough for Candyman. )

Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Linda (some call her Manon) is putting up Halloween decorations, including some smiling bats she bought over regular bats because they’re “more realistic.” Bob’s dealing with a bug problem and informs a nervous exterminator that there are flying bugs in the basement that need to go. The man stops halfway down the staircase. “There’s a ghost in this basement,” he tells Bob as the kids arrive. “You need to catch it and get rid of it.”

“Like salmon!” Gene replies.

  • Make contact with the ghost.
  • Put the ghost into a vessel.
  • Throw the box into the trash.

Linda believes him and runs for the Ouija board. While setting up the s é ance, Bob heads into the storage room and gets attacked by the flying bugs the exterminator was too scared to exterminate. While bugs swarm around his face, Linda brings out the vessel for the ghost: an Easy Breezy shoebox. “It used to hold the world’s most comfortable heels. Soon it will hold a ghost.”

Now the seance begins. “What’s your name?” “J … E … F … F.” “How old are you?” “1 … 3.”

So Linda and her children capture the 13-year-old ghost named Jeff and throw him into a shoe box. The next day, the kids take him to school, where they must prove to Zeke, Jimmy Jr., Tammy, and Jocelyn that he’s the real deal with yet another seance.

“What do ghosts eat?” “S … O … U … P.” “Were you cool when you were alive?” “V … E … R … Y.” “I don’t think Jeff is real. Something smells fishy.” “U.”

Jeff’s sick burn convinces them, and Tina asks a question of her own.

“Want to walk me to class?” “YES.”

Back at the restaurant, two paranormal investigators show up to rid the building of its ghost. Though initially annoyed by their presence, Bob lets them hang around after realizing people love eating burgers around ghosts. Tommy sums it up nicely: “People like your burgers more when there’s a dead person in the restaurant.”

And while business is booming, love is blooming. Tina decides to spend the afternoon alone with Jeff. They watch the butterflies at the botanical gardens, visit a playground, and hit up the carnival. It’s, well, yeah, it’s kind of a date. She goes on a date with a box. Bob, of course, is horrified. Linda is a little more supportive and tells Tina, “You’re gonna have to get some clanky chains for prom!”

But, as Tina is painfully aware, true love doesn’t always last. The next day at school, Tammy steams up the girls bathroom and writes a fake message from Jeff on the mirror.

Tina and I are taking a break. Tammy u r hot. Be my GF.

“I guess now I have a hottie without a body!” she screams before swiping the box and running off with her new ghost boyfriend.

Back home, Linda and Bob hear the news.

“He dumped you? I’m gonna kill him! Again!” “I knew this would happen, sort of.”

When Tina heads to her room to sulk, Louise reveals to the rest of the family that she’s been controlling the Ouija from the beginning, but that she didn’t expect Tina to fall in love with someone with a name as bad as Jeff. They decide not to tell her, as the revelation would probably turn her heartbreak into feelings of stupidity. That night, the kids prepare for their Halloween nights. Gene comes out as both Turner and Hooch, with the left half of his body dressed up as Tom Hanks and the right half dressed up as a dog. It’s a perfect costume, and one that I’m angry at myself for not thinking of earlier. Louise enters the kitchen dressed as Ryan Gosling from Drive , a costume that would not have been funny had it not been described as “Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive .” As Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive flips a toothpick around his mouth, Tina mopes into the room wearing her normal clothes (which Linda interprets as a “Pretty Glasses Girl” costume) and announces that she will not be leaving the house that evening. Feeling guilty for bringing Jeff into her life, Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive hatches a plan to make Tina feel better.

Selflessly turning down an evening of trick-or-treating, Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive and Turner & Hooch head to the cemetery to punish Tammy for stealing Jeff. As the kids work up their courage to go into the mausoleum, Tina arrives unexpectedly and follows them inside. After Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive sneaks the bugs into the box, they discover a sinister message written in blood, telling them that Jeff has doomed them to “eternal damnation.” Terrified, Tammy throws the box down and gets attacked by the swarm, screaming, “I knew I shouldn’t have taken Tina’s spooky seconds!”

Tina then reveals that she wrote the message (in ketchup) after overhearing Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive in the house earlier that night and discovering the truth about Jeff. She proudly exits the mausoleum, not a girl, not yet a woman, and way more of a Robin Tunney than she’s ever been before.

Linda Belcher on Drive : “So violent! So well-reviewed!”

  • bob's burgers

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Bob's Burgers recap: "Tina and the Real Ghost"

Halloween came a little late in the Belcher household.

It’s a couple days late—thanks a lot, baseball—but Bob’s Burgers keeps the Halloween spirit alive, pun not intended, with a sweet little story about a ghost. There are some other holiday references, like an Amityville Horror insect infestation at Bob’s, but for the most part, “Tina and the Real Ghost” is as spooky as Linda’s smiley face bat decorations. Rather, this is a funny, sweet story about growing up.

It takes a little while to heat up. The jokes are a little subdued in the first act, where Marcus the exterminator ( The Wire ‘s Andre Royo) determines with his wannabe Ghostbusters set-up that there’s a ghost in the Belchers’ basement. Bob’s insects? “Phantasmal bugs.” Everyone but Bob gets excited about the paranormal possibilities, and they set up a Ouija board along with, per Marcus’ instructions, an empty vessel to trap the ghost in. Even the Ouija board scene is mild. The ghost’s a 13-year-old boy named Jeff, and he politely volunteers to climb inside Linda’s Easy Breezy shoebox.

The first real laugh of the episode is elsewhere. A close-up from the shelf shows the phantasmal bugs buzzing around Bob’s canned goods while his face fills the background. “Hey, guess what,” he says. “You’re not phantasmal. You’re phan-dumb.” Cut to a wide view as a swarm of them goes right for Bob’s face.

Bob may never win his war with the bugs, partly because he gets sidetracked and partly because all the exterminators are so whimsical. “Beetle Knievel? What is wrong with the exterminators in our town?” But he does have rare financial success. When word spreads that Bob’s is haunted, the restaurant gets a good Halloween crowd. Marcus even drops off some ghost hunter friends, Phil (Brian Huskey) and Don (Jordan Peele), who stir up excitement. At the end they try to get out without paying by claiming they’re ghosts, too, but Bob presses them until he gets a credit card. It’s just one night of good business, but that’s a victory for one of the last working class shows on network TV.

The main story has to do with Tina taking her mom’s shoebox to school because she thinks she’s dating Jeff. You might expect everyone to make fun of her, but that’s not what happens. Jimmy Jr. and his friends are a little skeptical at first, but the Ouija board tells them Jeff eats soup, and that’s good enough for them. Zeke gives the shoebox a playful noogie, Jocelyn’s excited, Jimmy Jr.’s upset for obvious reasons but for equally obvious reasons keeps it to himself. Only Tammy resents Tina for becoming the new center of attention, but that’s just Tammy.

It’s significant that all the kids believe there’s a ghost in the box. However much they try to act above childish things, they still embrace the idea of Jeff. Naturally Tina ditches her siblings to take Jeff on a date to the butterfly exhibit. Set to the sounds of an Andrew Bird knockoff punctuated with whispered bursts of “Jeff!” Tina quickly realizes she’s on a date with herself, but a butterfly lands on her nose in her moment of doubt, and she’s back in. In a joke that captures the general tenor of the episode, she tries to make out with it, but gets interrupted by a security guard. However, once he determines there’s no food in the box, he leaves her to her butterfly make-out session. It’s otherworldly weird, it’s non-judgmentally goofy, and it’s adulthood and real life momentarily intruding on childhood fantasy.

“Tina and the Real Girl” keeps reinforcing the idea that these are tweens. Their perspective is narrow and their coolness is a front. These kids jockey for popularity—”Tina’s hanging out with the most popular box in the school”—but that popularity is so limited. Tammy’s ruse to steal Jeff couldn’t be more transparent. She takes up to the bathroom, fogs up the mirror, and writes, “Tina and I are taking a break. Tammy, UR hot! Be My GF!” Meanwhile, Jimmy Jr. gets all annoyed with Tina when she tries to firm up a time to meet at the graveyard to participate in the annual Halloween ritual of breaking into the mausoleum. At first it seems like he’s just irritated with her pestering him, but really he’s nervous about it. When the older kids do arrive at the cemetery, Zeke has to pick up each leg with his hands in order to get himself to walk toward the mausoleum.

That’s where Louise and Tina’s separate plans to scare everyone go off, starting with the gang getting locked inside the crypt. Louise packed the shoebox with Bob’s phan-dumb bugs, and Tina wrote a message from Jeff in ketchup on the wall of the mausoleum condemning them to hell for all eternity. Note that Louise also talks a big game about a plan to help her sister, and that swarm of insects was it. Again and again, the episode plays off of how young they are. But in true Tina fashion, her plan actually involves some sweet life lessons. She confesses that Jeff isn’t real. “Part of me always kind of thought Jeff was fake. But then last night, when I heard my family talking about how fake he was, I realized that he definitely was fake. Also it’s crazy. It’s a box.”

The empty vessel was an object for their projections. Zeke wanted to believe in the beyond, Gene wanted someone to watch Kitchen Nightmares with, Tina wanted a boy to like her. Jocelyn says, “And I just liked him ’cause everyone else liked him. I need to start thinking for myself. Unless you guys don’t think that’s cool. Then I won’t.” Jimmy Jr. is conspicuously quiet about his reaction to Tina having a boyfriend. But Tina tells them they don’t need the box to do these things. Tina can love herself, and Gene can watch his show alone. Even if the episode starts off slowly, it builds to this perfect heartwarming finale where the kids learn lessons many adults have trouble with.

“And it’s okay that I’m jealous and terrible,” says Tammy.

“No, no,” Tina says.

“Fix yourself,” Zeke agrees.

Tricks and Treats:

–Dom introduces himself, a representative of the local chapter of paranormal investigators. “This is Phil. He’s president. Voted in by a landslide. One vote. It was me.”

–Dom and Phil: “This booth is covered in some serious spectral traces. My meter’s going crazy.” “Mine too. Course it could be cell phone interference, or an AM radio, or a microwave, but I bet it’s a ghost.”

–Tina flirts with Jeff. “The butterflies are beautiful this time of year. The rest of the time they’re gutter-punks.”

–Tammy: “Jeff asked me out! And of course I said no, because that’s not cool to Tina. JUST KIDDING: I said yes!”

–Costume contest: Tina is just Tina. Gene is half Turner and half Hooch. And Louise shows up in a scorpion jacket and black driving gloves. “I’m Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive .”

–Tammy: “Where’s Tina, crying into her butt?” Tina: “No, my butt is dry. And strong.”

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Tina and the Real Ghost

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" Tina and the Real Ghost " is the second episode in Season 5 , being the sixty-ninth episode overall. It is the show's third Halloween-themed episode.

  • 4 External links

The basement storage space of the restaurant has a bug infestation and Bob has an exterminator called Marcus come to check it out. However, Marcus claims the basement is haunted and refuses to treat the infestation, claiming they need to make contact with the spirit to get rid of it. Linda and the kids decide to use an Ouija board to communicate with the ghost and trap it in a shoebox to get rid of it. Using the board, they learn that the ghost is a 13-year-old boy named Jeff , which piques Tina 's interest. After "trapping" Jeff in the box, Tina refuses to throw "him" out and brings him with her to school. Tammy , Jocelyn , Zeke , and Jimmy, Jr. taunt Tina about the box, until Louise has them all use the Ouija board to communicate with Jeff. They become convinced Jeff is real, and through the board, learn that Jeff is cool and that he has a crush on Tina. Meanwhile, word of the ghost sends two "ghost hunters", Phil and Don to the restaurant, who take up shop investigating paranormal activity around the premises. With Halloween fast approaching, their presence and the rumors of a ghost bring increased business to the restaurant.

Tina and Jeff begin going out, earning her attention from her friends, though she has some doubts about whether Jeff is real. However, Tammy takes the box and claims that Jeff left a message written in steam on the girl's bathroom mirror that says he's breaking up with Tina and is now dating Tammy. Tina is heartbroken. The family tries to decide how to cheer Tina up and Louise reveals to the rest of the family that she controlled the Ouija board and made Jeff up, but did not anticipate that Tina would fall in love with him or that Tammy would one-up her by stealing Tina's popularity with a similar ruse. Louise and Gene resolve to get back at Tammy by scaring her on Halloween night when the older kids plan to enter a mausoleum in the nearby cemetery. Tina surprises them by joining the group and they head into the mausoleum, which immediately shuts and traps them inside in complete darkness. Louise takes this opportunity to steal the box and fill it with bugs from the restaurant and gives it back to Tammy to open. The kids light a candle and are frightened to find a message written in blood on the mausoleum walls, allegedly from Jeff, condemning them all to Hell.

Scared, Tammy confesses that she wrote the fake breakup message and throws the box away, causing the bugs to swarm them all. Tina calms everyone down by revealing that she pretended the mausoleum door was locked and wrote the message before they arrived in ketchup to scare them, having realized long ago that Jeff was not real. She explains that they all believed in Jeff because he was able to give them something they wanted: Tina wanted a boyfriend, Zeke wanted to believe in the afterlife, Jocelyn wanted another way to conform, and Tammy wanted Jeff as a status symbol. Tina states that they can get these things from themselves, though they all agree that Tammy is terrible. Louise is impressed that Tina pulled such a great Halloween prank on all of them. Meanwhile, wrapping up their investigation, the ghost hunters leave, claiming that their paranormal services balance out their tab at the restaurant. When Bob and Linda refuse, they try to claim that they too are ghosts, but Bob forces them to pay their tab.

Sneak Peek Season 5 Ep

External links [ ]

  • "Tina and the Real Ghost" on IMDb
  • "Tina and the Real Ghost" press release via The Futon Critic
  • "Tina and the Real Ghost" script via Springfield! Springfield!
  • "Tina and the Real Ghost" review at The A.V. Club
  • 1 Season 14
  • 2 Louise Belcher
  • 3 Bob Belcher



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3 Smolenskaya square, 16th floor

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Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment, 20/1, BC "Central City Tower"

Buono restaurant is located on the 29th and 30th floors of the renovated Ukraina Hotel, the new Radisson Royal, which is located in one of Moscow’s seven famous skyscrapers. Most of the seats are lined along panoramic windows on a covered terrace, providing a breathtaking view of the city. Another thing that attracts guests' attention is the wooden pizza oven. As you might have already guessed, Buono’s chef, Christian Lorenzini, specializes in classic Italian cuisine. Try the scallops with fresh spinach, green asparagus, morels and truffle sauce.

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You might also want to visit one more restaurant in the same building—the rather more brutal Mercedes Bar, situated on the 31st floor. In Mercedes Bar, Christian Lorenzini prepares dishes based on the top hits of modern European cuisine.

2/1 Kutuzovsky Ave., Bld. 1, Hotel Radisson Royal

Seventh Heaven Restaurant

This restaurant is located around 330 meters above ground in the Ostankino TV Tower. It was opened in 1967 but closed for reconstruction following a fire in 2000. It finally reopened in 2016.

The restaurant complex covers three floors. In order to get there, you need to buy a ticket to the observation point. Then choose where to eat: in a bistro, cafe or restaurant. The tables stand on a platform that rotates in 40-minute intervals, showing you Moscow from a bird’s-eye view. The different dining options vary in terms of menu, price and interior decoration. Chef Andrey Gurko is guaranteed to complement the views with equally impressive gastronomic adventures.

Ul. Academician Korolev, 15, building 2.

If you want to know more about restaurants in the Russian capital, read our guide "20 restaurants where American expats are happy to dine in Moscow".

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Best Restaurants in Moscow City (Business District), Central Russia

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ghostboy bobs burgers


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    Bob's Burgers Character Jordan Cagan Gender Male Hair Brown Occupation (s) Student at Wagstaff School Family Behind the Scenes First The Land Ship Voiced by Nathan Fielder Jordan Cagan is a student at Wagstaff School. He appears in "The Land Ship" where he is shown to be a graffiti artist who goes by the name of " Ghost Boy ."

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    " The Land Ship " is the 2nd episode of the sixth season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers and the overall 90th episode, and is written by Holly Schlesinger and H. Jon Benjamin and directed by Jennifer Coyle. It aired on Fox in the United States on October 11, 2015.

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    The day of the parade, the line for the port-potties is long while Bob's Burgers is empty. After taunting by Jimmy Pesto, Bob hatches a plan, and soon begins taking orders for people standing in line, making a killing. ... The Identity Of The Ghost Boy Is Revealed Season 6 Ep. 2 BOB'S BURGERS. Tina Becomes Too Spicy Season 6 Ep. 2 BOB'S BURGERS ...

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    Cringe Comedy: Jordan "kissing" Tina. Dawson Casting: Parodied in-universe where Patience Headbottom, the 13 year old girl who came up with the idea of the "Land Ship," is portrayed by a grown man. Depth Deception: The "Land Ship" incident refers to a moment in the town's history during the War of 1812.

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    Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company.It is centered on the Belcher family—parents Bob and Linda and their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise—who run a burger restaurant and often go on adventures of many kinds. The show premiered on January 9, 2011. The series was conceived by Bouchard after he developed Home Movies.

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    " Tina and the Real Ghost " is the second episode of the fifth season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers and the overall 69th episode, and is written by Steven Davis and Kelvin Yu and directed by Boohwan Lim and Kyounghee Lim. It aired on Fox in the United States on November 2, 2014. [1] Plot

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    Jeff was a box that Tina thought a ghost lived in. Jeff appeared in "Tina and the Real Ghost" and has a cameo in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now". Jeff was an Easy Breezy brand shoe box with the name "Jeff" written on it. Tina thought Jeff was a ghost who lived inside the box, but it turned out that Louise Belcher tricked her in to thinking he was a 13-year-old boy, after an exterminator ...

  16. Tina and the Real Ghost

    Using the board, they learn that the ghost is a 13-year-old boy named Jeff, which piques Tina 's interest. After "trapping" Jeff in the box, Tina refuses to throw "him" out and brings him with her to school. Tammy, Jocelyn, Zeke, and Jimmy, Jr. taunt Tina about the box, until Louise has them all use the Ouija board to communicate with Jeff.

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    Bob's Burgers is a production by Bento Box Entertainment and 20th Television Animation. The show is said to fill the void created by the conclusion of King of the Hill, which executive producer Jim Dauterive worked on for nearly its entire run. A total of 270 episodes have been broadcast. All episodes are approximately 22 minutes without ...

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    Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs Bob's Burgers with his loving wife and their three children. Bob believes his burgers speak for themselves and isn't afraid to...

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  21. THE 10 BEST Burgers in Moscow (Updated January 2024)

    This place has fantastic food and everything except steak and burgers is top... 3. Ugolek. to drink we were recommended a berry lemonade. so in the end, the slogan for... 4. Hishnik Steaks & Burgers. Good food, quality ingredients, friendly helpful staff and good house beer... 5. Ryby Net.

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    The restaurant Sixty is located on the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower, one of Moscow's tallest skyscrapers. At 225 meters above the ground, its height is no joke. You can almost touch the ...

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    By 2015, you could find proper burgers in almost any restaurant, from Georgian to Italian. In 2016, we started eating pastrami and then slurping Vietnamese pho just about everywhere, from any one of dozens of new ethnic and pseudo-ethnic outlets that flooded the market in just a few months. 2017 was the year of poke bowls, here as elsewhere in ...

  24. Moscow City (Business District) Restaurants

    A good soup. 9. Bamboo Bar (Moscow-City) 170 reviews Open Now. Japanese, Bar $$$$ Menu. As it was explained, its specialization is a "Pan-Asian" food, however, you can... Prices are stiff but you get the moscow river views and full house of nice-looking people. 10. Shvili.