Ghost Doctor

Sensing that Ko Seung-tak, a resident at Eunsang University Medical Center, will not get along with him, Cha Young-min, the top cardiothoracic surgeon, plans to get rid of him.

Young-min finds his body in a critical condition and soon discovers he can possess Seung-tak. Later, a man named Tes calls him a coma ghost.

Young-min suspects Seung-tak is one of the people responsible for his accident and Chairman Jang's condition. However, Seung-tak's sacrifice touches him greatly and he reconsiders his opinions.

Seung-tak struggles with an emergency patient. On the other hand, Young-min risks fading away as he takes his time investigating Chairman Jang's case.

Seung-tak has to ask for Young-min's help to save an emergency patient. Meanwhile, Young-min is surprised that Seung-tak can see him.

Young-min finds out the accident he was in was deliberate. Seung-jo asks Seung-tak to save him, but the only doctor who can help him is Young-min.

Cast & Crew

Cha Young-min

Ko Seung-tak

Jang Se-jin

Sung Dong-il


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Ghost Doctor

Original title: 고스트 닥터.

Ghost Doctor

Streaming in:

Rakuten Viki

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Ghost Doctor - watch online: streaming, buy or rent

Currently you are able to watch "Ghost Doctor" streaming on Rakuten Viki or for free with ads on Rakuten Viki.

Newest Episodes

S1 e16 - life and death, s1 e15 - a difficult decision, s1 e14 - thank you tes.

A skilled surgeon becomes a coma patient and possesses a first-year resident who is the polar opposite of him in expertise and personality.

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Ghost Doctor (2022– )

Full cast & crew.

ghost doctor series

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ghost doctor series

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Series / Ghost Doctor

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Ghost Doctor (Korean: 고스트 닥터) Is a 2022 fantasy K-Drama starring Rain, Kim Bum, Uee and Son Na-eun.

Dr. Cha Young-min is a brilliant but abrasive heart surgeon who shows little concern towards his colleagues and patients. After agreeing to perform a particularly risky surgery on a high-profile patient, he is involved in a suspicious traffic accident and falls into a coma. In this state, he finds that he has become an invisible, intangible “coma ghost”, haunting the hospital where he used to work, with only the ghosts of some of his comatose patients for company.

Enter Koh Seung-tak, a first-year intern who also happens to be the grandson and heir apparent of the head of the hospital board. Upon their first meeting, Young-min develops an intense dislike towards Seung-tak, who appears to be a spoiled, lazy brat who got ahead in life thanks to his connections. Post-coma, however, Young-min finds out that he can possess Seung-tak’s body and use it to continue performing operations. Together, they go on to untangle the conspiracy that led to Young-min’s accident, as well as his falling out with the love of his life years earlier.

The series provides examples of:

  • Almighty Janitor : Played with. Tess likes to assume this role while possessing the body of the janitor Ms. Kim, but he is really a senior doctor and one of the hospital’s founders.
  • Ambition Is Evil : Ahn Tae-hyun comes from a humble background and is willing to commit serious crimes and betray his oath as a doctor to advance his career, especially since he feels his mentor Cha Young-min looks down on him. This turns out to have been All for Nothing , since he loses his position anyway when the scheme goes awry, and it turns out Dr. Cha was secretly trying to help him receive his promotion from the start.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him : Why Se-jin left Young-min and ran off to America without a word: her evil brother threatened to have him crippled to get to her, and she decided that it was better that he hates her than lose his ability to practice medicine.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy : Seung-tak was considered one by his classmates, since he excelled in all theoretical parts of his studies but more or less refused to do any practical work. The real reason for this was not laziness, though.
  • Bromantic Comedy : Two handsome guys who can’t stand each other are forced to share a body and learn to understand and (platonically) love each other.
  • Half-siblings Jang Min-ho and Jang Se-jin, respectively.
  • Han Seung-won and Koh Seung-tak display this dynamic, even though they are cousins and not brothers. There is a lot of family squabbling involved about who gets to inherit their grandfather's position in the hospital, and Seung-won is more than willing to have people murdered for this.
  • The Dandy : Dr. Cha is very into fancy suits, not to mention the gold-rimmed glasses he apparently dons only as a fashion accessory.
  • Death Amnesia : A variation. Former coma ghosts who wake up usually don’t remember anything of their time outside their body. Except Cha Young-min; this is not really explained beyond “Heaven’s will” .
  • Dr. Jerk : Cha Young-min, big time (until Character Development sets in). Flashbacks show that he is a bit of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who really does care about his patients.
  • Education Mama : Bo-mi’s mother, who pressured her so hard into getting her PhD that Bo-mi ended up collapsing from overexertion. After waking up from her coma, Bo-mi finally finds the willpower to stand up to her.
  • Gold Digger : Male version with Bo-mi’s fiancé, who cheats on her and is only interested in her family’s money.
  • Go Out with a Smile : CEO Jang departs this world laughing like a child while playing board games with Tess.
  • Grandma's Recipe : Kook-chan has Seung-tak deliver to his wife the recipe for his celebrated walnut snacks. This helps her save their business, which was in decline since Kook-chan went into coma.
  • Gratuitous English : Crops up here and there, especially with Tess’ insistence on using the English term “Ghost” instead of the Korean “Gwisin” to describe coma ghosts.
  • Greek Chorus : The three coma ghosts initially serve as this before getting their own sub-plots.
  • Hate Sink : While Ahn Tae-hyun is a conflicted Anti-Villain and Han Seung-won displays at least some intelligence and complexity, Jang Min-ho is dumb, spoiled, rude, violent, lacks any capacity for remorse or empathy and acts on petty and selfish reasons only. He also has an absolutely terrible taste in clothes .
  • Heroic BSoD : Seung-tak suffers one after witnessing up close a patient die on the table (and his spirit fading). It sends him into a 10-Minute Retirement .
  • Hopeless Suitor : Seung-won apparently harbors a minor crush on Jang Se-jin, but nothing comes of it (especially after she discovers his involvement in her father’s death).
  • Insufferable Genius : Cha Young-min knows that he’s a genius surgeon, and never lets anyone forget it.
  • I See Dead People : Koh Seung-tak, since a Near-Death Experience he had as a child.
  • Like Father, Like Son : In this case, “Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter”. Soo-jung is determined to follow in her late grandfather’s footsteps and become a great heart surgeon, despite her mother’s objections.
  • Littlest Cancer Patient : Seung-jo. He survives.
  • Medical Drama : Naturally.
  • Mentor in Sour Armor : Young-min eventually becomes one for Seung-tak.
  • Note to Self : Young-min leaves one on Seung-tak’s phone right before his surgery, fearing that his living self will forget everything that happened and revert to his Dr. Jerk ways. This turns out to be unnecessary.
  • The Only One : Apparently, about half the heart surgeries in the hospital can only be handled by Cha Young-min. One wonders what happens if he ever goes on vacation.
  • Open-Minded Parent : Seung-tak’s mother ends up telling him that she cares more about his happiness and personal fulfilment than about his medical career.
  • Patricide : When Jang Min-ho discovers his father has only one year left to live , he decides to speed things up a bit in order to get his hands on the inheritance faster.
  • Spoiled Sweet : Seung-tak is a rich, spoiled kid with a tendency to throw money around to make people like him. He is also kind and good-natured, and truly cares about the happiness of people around him.
  • Taken Off Life Support : Se-jin has to do this to her father, much to her heartbreak.
  • Flashbacks show that Young-min used to be a lot nicer as a medical student, before Se-jin’s seeming abandonment embittered him.
  • Seung-tak says in the finale that this was the case for Seung-won, and expresses hope that his cousin could become this person again after paying his debt to society.
  • Waiting for a Break : Coma ghost Choi Hoon-gil was working as a deliveryman while trying for acting jobs, despite coming from a wealthy family.
  • Willing Channeler : Seung-tak, after reaching an understanding with Young-min, comes to largely rely on him in everyday medical work.
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  • General Hospital
  • Medical Drama
  • A Gifted Man

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ghost doctor series


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Posted: December 31, 2023 | Last updated: January 1, 2024

As 2024 begins, the new on Disney Plus list is led by the return to a signature franchise with the latest release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both MCU series Echo and the behind-the-scenes documentary Assembled: The Making of Echo premiere on Disney Plus this month, but there’s more to focus on than just Marvel. January 2024 also brings new episodes of music docuseries BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star, featuring the K-pop megastars, and fantasy series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which wraps up its first season.

Other January premieres on Disney Plus include Choir, a documentary series about the Detroit Youth Choir preparing for a major performance; Nat Geo’s The Incredible Pol Farm, featuring popular reality-TV veterinarian Dr. Pol starting up a working farm with his family; and the second season of Colombian mystery drama Siempre Fui Yo. Check out everything that's new on Disney Plus in January 2024.

New on Disney Plus in January 2024: Top Picks

Marvel is slowing the pace of its TV releases, so this may be one of the only additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus in 2024. Echo also marks the launch of the Marvel Spotlight banner, indicating more grounded series that are not as intricately connected to the ongoing MCU narrative. That’s helpful for casual viewers who don’t want to feel obligated to catch up on every past MCU release.

Echo promises to tell a relatively self-contained story about the Native American title character, played by Alaqua Cox and introduced in 2021’s Hawkeye. The show follows her back to her Oklahoma hometown, where she flees after being pursued by crime boss Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio). Charlie Cox is also set to appear as Marvel superhero Daredevil, but the focus remains on Echo and her confrontation with her past.

Premieres January 9 on Disney Plus

Bluey season 3

For a show aimed at preschoolers, Australian animated series Bluey has become a surprisingly widespread cultural phenomenon, among parents, older kids, and even TV critics. The colorful, upbeat show about a family of Heeler dogs is known for its positive approach to children’s playtime, as a way for kids to better understand both themselves and the world around them. It’s just as positive in its depiction of parenthood, from both of the title character’s sensitive, involved parents. 

The most recent 10 episodes of Bluey’s third season, which first aired in Australia in spring 2023, are new on Disney Plus this month, including stories about Bluey and her family taking a trip to the beach, playing cricket, and having fun with drawings and exercise.

Premieres January 12 on Disney Plus

A Real Bug’s Life

There are no adorable Pixar characters in this new Nat Geo nature series, which takes its inspiration from Pixar animated classic A Bug’s Life but showcases very real insects and their incredible actual activities. There’s still plenty of humor involved, with Awkwafina serving as narrator for the 10-episode first season, which is designed to appeal to viewers of all ages. 

Framing nature stories via the cute, character-driven approach of Disney animated movies harks back to the studio’s True-Life Adventures documentaries from the 1950s, when Walt Disney himself spearheaded efforts to teach Disney audiences about the natural world. Thanks to the latest camera technology, the creators of A Real Bug’s Life can get even closer to the tiniest insects, taking viewers into areas that they’ve never seen before.

Premieres January 24 on Disney Plus

Everything new on Disney Plus in January 2024

- Alice's Wonderland Bakery (S2, 6 episodes)

- Ax Men (S10, 10 episodes)

- Forged in Fire (S7, 37 episodes and S8, 45 episodes)

- History's Greatest Mysteries (S3, 13 episodes)

- Modern Marvels (S20, 2 episodes and S21, 12 episodes)

- Storage Wars (S12, 16 episodes and S13, 36 episodes)

BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star - Episodes 5 and 6

21st century pop icons BTS are returning to the home of award-winning Korean content with "BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" – a new eight-part docuseries coming December 20, exclusively to Disney+. Featuring never-before-seen interviews, performances and behind-the-scenes moments with RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook, "BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star" will take audiences on an in-depth journey across the band’s 10-year career, highlighting their highs and lows for the first time ever in a captivating docuseries format.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Episode 4 - “I Plunge to My Death”

- X-Men (2000)

- The Incredible Pol Farm (S1, 14 episodes)

Marvel Studios' "Echo" - Premiere at 6:00pm PT - All Episodes Streaming

- Hamster & Gretel (S1, 3 episodes)

- Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes (S1, 12 episodes)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Episode 5 - “A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers"

BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star - Episodes 7 and 8

Bluey (Season 3) - New Episodes

- America's Funniest Home Videos: Global (S24 22 episodes, S25 23 episodes and S26 22 episodes)

- The Ghost and Molly McGee (S2, 2 episodes)

- Minnie's Bow-Toons: Camp Minnie (S1, 5 episodes)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Episode 6 - “We Take a Zebra to Vegas"

Siempre Fui Yo (Season 2) - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming

- The Last Repair Shop

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Episode 7 - “We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of"

A Real Bug’s Life - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming

- Me & Mickey shorts (S2, 17 episodes)

- Mickey Mouse Funhouse (S2, 4 episodes)

Choir - Premiere - All Episodes Streaming

Assembled: The Making of Echo - Premiere

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Finale (Episode 8) - “The Prophecy Comes True"

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‘Doctor Who’ Welcomed Its 15th Doctor. Here’s How He Stacks Up.

As Ncuti Gatwa makes his proper debut, we take a look back at the recent history of those to inhabit the TARDIS.

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A woman in a leather jacket and read sweater has her back to a wooden pole and looks to her left at a smiling man in a maroon jacket also with his back to the pole.

By Maya Phillips

With most TV shows, a major casting change is a dreaded event. But for fans of the long-running British series “Doctor Who,” big casting changes are expected, even anticipated. With the show’s latest Christmas episode, which premiered Monday on Disney+ , we got acquainted with the newest Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa (“Sex Education”) — the 15th Doctor and the first Black, openly queer one in series history.

The arrival of a new Doctor, the show’s titular time-traveling, space-wandering alien, is always a buzzy occasion. But although the Doctor typically dies and is regenerated in the final minutes of some climactic episode, it is the one immediately following that truly establishes the new incarnation and what kind of flavor he or she will offer. These first full episodes with a new Doctor, including this year’s Christmas special, “The Church on Ruby Road,” can reveal a lot about how that Doctor’s tenure will go.

Here’s a look back at the first post-regeneration episodes of every Doctor since the show’s 2005 revival.

10th Doctor

Actor: David Tennant

First Full Episode: “The Christmas Invasion”

Writer: Russell T. Davies

First Words: “Hello. OK. New teeth, that’s weird. So, where was I? Oh, that’s right! Barcelona.”

After a successful revival in 2005 — with one tight season of Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as the Doctor’s plucky shopgirl companion, Rose Tyler — the series hit its stride with the next three seasons, starting with what is perhaps the best reincarnation episode since the series’s return, “The Christmas Invasion.” The episode was an auspicious start to the show’s new Golden Age, led by the showrunner and writer Russell T. Davies, with David Tennant as the Doctor.

The 10th Doctor delivers a rambling monologue full of queries about what kind of man he is, like Shakespeare refracted through some prism of intergalactic and temporal mysteries; but Tennant’s performance never allows any doubt that he knows who his Doctor is. In a scene near the end of the episode, Tennant’s Doctor firmly declares, “No second chances; I’m that kind of man,” while sending an enemy to his doom. The scene offered a preview of how perfectly Tennant’s Doctor would embody the duality of this hero through his three-plus seasons in the TARDIS — a masterly balance of stillness and chatter, heft and levity.

11th Doctor

Actor: Matt Smith

First Full Episode: “The Eleventh Hour”

Writer: Steven Moffat

First Words: “Legs! I’ve still got legs!”

It’s fitting that Matt Smith’s playful young Doctor (the youngest, in fact; Smith was just 26 when cast for the role) begins his tenure in a state of chaos, hanging out of a spinning TARDIS. Known for his fast talking, ebullient charm, the 11th Doctor is manic and wide-eyed in the manner of a precocious kid on a sugar high.

Crashing into the yard of a young Amelia Pond (Caitlin Blackwood), who is independent and fearless but for the menacing crack in her bedroom wall, the Doctor arrives ready to step into the role of savior, though he is frazzled dealing with a resetting TARDIS and the aftereffects of his regeneration. Popping back into his TARDIS and promising Amelia he’ll be back in five minutes, the Doctor returns to find that little Amelia has grown up into Amy (Karen Gillan), who spent years waiting for a man everyone doubted was real.

Amy’s life is shaped around the absence of a magical man whom she clings to with a strangely unflappable faith. Her emotional arc with the Doctor is her learning to become independent from the Doctor. But the 11th’s moments of tenderness — as when he grabs the young Amelia’s hand, anticipating the danger — presage the familial relationship that the Doctor will develop with the older Amy and her boyfriend and future centurion husband, Rory (Arthur Darvill).

12th Doctor

Actor: Peter Capaldi

First Full Episode: “Deep Breath”

First words: “Kidneys! I’ve got new kidneys! I don’t like the color.”

In Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald, Moffat created another cute, flirtatious pairing for the TARDIS. The rapid-fire repartee and seamless synergy between the two got a harsh shake-up in the form of the Doctor’s regeneration into the 12th, played by Peter Capaldi.

This post-regeneration episode — which starts in Victorian London, where a dinosaur spontaneously combusts in the Thames, and ends as an organ-stealing cyborg tries to escape in a hot-air balloon made of human skin — was a brooding start for the 12th, whose tenure signaled a sharp tonal shift from the 11th’s. Capaldi’s Doctor is rude and pretentious, quick to condescend those around him and snap a quick “shut up.” He is more reminiscent of the Ninth in temperament: He shows more disgust and self-hate, and he is more haunted by his past actions. The 12th appears harsh on the surface but is no less dedicated than previous doctors to keeping everyone safe and alive at the end of the day.

Capaldi was 55 when cast in the role, nearly 30 years older than his predecessor, and the show appeared to spend the whole first episode trying to appease fans who might have opposed the big change. In fact, the episode baldly uses the out-of-place dinosaur as a symbol of this much older, out-of-place Doctor. It’s not the most elegant or subtle move, but Capaldi still manages to wring honest emotion from the symbol — something he would continue to do throughout his tenure as Doctor, especially in his later episodes. The 12th never showed the same humanity as the 10th and 11th did, but he had a streak of wisdom that neither could match.

13th Doctor

Actor: Jodie Whittaker

First Full Episode: “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

Writer: Chris Chibnall

First Words: “Oh, brilliant!”

“Doctor Who” writers are all guilty, at one time or another, of throwing too much at the wall. But usually a fair percentage sticks. That was not at all true of Chris Chibnall’s writing during Whittaker’s disastrous run as the Doctor.

Usually the Doctor’s first episodes are more pared down; there’s no need to get over the top with a Predator-type alien who cheats at his human-hunting exam by using biotech to tag his human — and in the process installs DNA bombs in the collarbones of the Doctor and her new friends.

And speaking of friends, the episode is chock-full of them, overcrowding Whittaker’s performance, which remains at a steady level of earnestness and enthusiasm but fails to give nuance or variety. The first episode in a season-long attempt to replicate the more syrupy, wholesome quality of the old “Who” episodes, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” can’t pull off any sense of menace or stakes, even when some characters begin dying.

14th Doctor

First Full Episode: “The Star Beast”

First Words: “I know these teeth. … What? What? What?!”

In many ways, the return of Davies and Tennant after the exploding TARDIS disaster that was Seasons 11 through 13 felt like an emergency rescue maneuver. With a few keystrokes, Davies could have undermined or overwritten the 30-plus episodes of the previous Doctor’s arc, but the episode graciously makes a few nods — both comedic and sentimental — to the show’s attempt at telling more progressive and diverse stories during Chibnall’s run, joking at one point that the Doctor’s reversion to cis-male form was clearly a downgrade.

“The Star Beast” which begins the abbreviated three-episode return of Tennant’s 10th Doctor, now considered the 14th, is a refreshing return for the show. But even Davies’s captivating dialogue and engaging plots can’t make up for the tissue-thin logic behind this repeat Doctor regeneration.

That said, the performances, the reunion of these old faves, the digestible story and the addition of an absurd new alien to the Whoniverse in the form of the Meep (a Furby-type creature that speaks like Yoda), all make “The Star Beast” a solid entry in the “Doctor Who” catalog.

15th Doctor

Actor: Ncuti Gatwa

First Full Episode: “The Church on Ruby Road”

First Words: “No way.” “You’re me!” “No, I’m me. I think I’m really, really me!”

Another Christmas premiere, “The Church on Ruby Road” is the first full outing for Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor. The plot — involving mischievous, baby-thieving goblins — gets too cutesy at times (a goblin musical number takes things too far), but it tidily connects the Doctor’s complex origin story with that of Ruby, a lively young woman and adoptee who is searching for information on her birth family.

Gatwa’s Doctor truly feels like a Doctor Who for the 21st century and a fitting follow-up to Tennant’s Doctor. The 15th is stylish and liberated, with a vibe that is sensual and unbuttoned; he’s a Doctor who seems much more at home than the others in his body. He is chipper but not frivolous, and he is capable of depth that isn’t limited to darkness. At one point in the episode, the 15th Doctor cries — full, drip-down-the-face tears — over the abduction of someone he just met and how that abduction has hardened those implicated in the loss. Gatwa’s Doctor shows a great deal of humanity, which isn’t always a given for the character, who often understands humans intellectually but closes himself off to a more comprehensive human experience.

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misidentified the actor who plays the young version of the character Amelia Pond. She is Caitlin Blackwood, not Karen Gillan, who plays the grown-up version.

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How ncuti gatwa made his true debut in ‘doctor who’ christmas special.

With "The Church on Ruby Road," all we want for Christmas is Who!

By Cameron K McEwan

Cameron K McEwan

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Doctor Who

[This story contains spoilers from the Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Church on Ruby Road.”]

For the first time since 2017, The Doctor and his TARDIS land on Christmas Day. It’s an important date in the Time Lord’s calendar, racking up 14 special-length episodes for Doctor Who since its 2005 revival.

And this time, there’s time-riding, baby-eating Goblins to deal with.

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After a six-year break, Davies has brought the much-loved event back. Fans around the world enjoyed “The Church on Ruby Road” on Christmas Day, which saw the full-episode debut for the Fifteenth Doctor , Ncuti Gatwa , and introduced new companion Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson).

The story centers around Ruby, who was abandoned as a baby on Christmas Eve and adopted by Carla Sunday (Michelle Greenidge). Jump forward to the present day where Ruby is featured on a genealogy television show that wants to track down her parents. She then begins to run into a heap of bad luck and meets a handsome new stranger, The Doctor.

After their initial dalliance in a club, the two meet up again in hot pursuit of a baby-stealing Goblin (a baby that Ruby was looking after). This leads the pair to the Goblin Ship (a rather impressive CG affair) and the Goblin King, who is about to eat said baby. Unsurprisingly, and perhaps thankfully, Christmas does not result in the horrific death of a baby on Disney+. The Doctor swashbuckles in and brings home the baby.

However, this leads to further problems as he discovers these Goblins can ride time, and they do just that resulting in the change of the present — with Ruby removed from the established timeline and her family with no memory of her.

It’s a terrific performance from Greenidge (Ricky Gervais’ Netflix comedy After Life and Russell T Davies’ It’s a Sin ), who handles both versions of her character so well that her dramatic volte-face is shocking and deeply affecting. Her return to form in the denouement was heartening and a relief.

Similarly, Gatwa’s debut is one to remember . The Rwandan-Scot brings an urgency and sexiness to the role, handling the lighter moments (such as the line, “I am learning the vocabulary of rope!”) just as stoutly as the action scenes. His joy at meeting the Goblins, who most assuredly want to eat him, and simply beaming with a gorgeous smile, “Hiya!”, is a very Doctory thing to do. The knowing arrogance when he proclaims, “Time travelers are great!” is also very Doctorish.

Anyway, it’s Christmas and we know The Doctor will save the day and, of course, he does. Popping back in time, he thwarts the Goblins’ plans and offs them in an unexpected style.

Now, we have some questions…

* Is there a musical episode to come? Music has been such an integral part of Doctor Who and here we have the ultimate moment: The Doctor himself actually singing in an all-out showstopper.

Yes, we’ve had characters dance and mime along to pop hits (usually, The Master) and we’ve even witnessed original songs performed by characters, such as: “The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon” in the First Doctor serial, The Gunfighters (1966); “My Angel Put the Devil in Me” in Tenth Doctor outing Daleks In Manhattan ( 2007); and “Long Song” in The Rings of Akhaten (2013) featuring Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.

But, here we have The Doctor and Ruby both joining in with Janis Goblin (no, really) in the original composition, “The Goblin Song.” Composed by the show’s maestro Murray Gold with lyrics by Davies, it’s a stand-out moment and can’t help but evoke memories of another fantasy classic, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (1986). It’s already gone down well with fandom so, could this encourage the production team to embark on a musical episode?

Curiously, Davies revealed in Doctor Who Magazine that the second episode in the new season will be titled, “The Devil’s Chord” (which is a bona fide musical term — if you’ve heard the opening bars of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” you’ll be familiar with the discordant sound). Perhaps this could be it? We do also know that The Beatles and their recording studio Abbey Road will be making an appearance in 2024. A Whosical featuring The Beatles? Sounds like the fans would come together for that one.

* Who is Mrs. Flood?

Initially, Mrs. Flood would appear to be just a normal neighbor. Nothing unusual about her, until we see her sitting down to enjoy the TARDIS dematerializing. Something that most humans would balk at.

However, not for Mrs. Flood. In fact, at the end of the episode, she says to her understandably shocked neighbor (who also witnessed The Doctor’s ship disappearing), “Never seen a TARDIS before?”

And, if this wasn’t enough, she looks directly down the camera and winks. Mrs. Flood is clearly someone to be reckoned with, and undoubtedly will make a return. But is she a familiar character in the Whoniverse? (Time Lords change their appearance quite regularly.) Or, is this a new friend/foe for The Doctor? Names have often hinted at deeper connections and meanings in Doctor Who (see Melody Pond and River Song, for example) — is there a clue here?

* Can we see more of the “Disco” Doctor, please? More of a request than a query to be honest, but the vest and kilt combo is a fashion choice that Barbie would approve of.

For The Fans : • This episode opens with narration from The Doctor himself. Very unusual but not unheard of: see 1976’s The Deadly Assassin (starring Tom Baker in the lead role) and the 1996 TV movie co-produced with Universal Studios (with Paul McGann behind the dials of the TARDIS).

• Davina McCall previously lent her voice to Doctor Who in “Bad Wolf,” the penultimate episode of the 2005 season. She played a deadly robot version of herself far in Earth’s future (the year 200,100 to be precise) though still presenting reality show Big Brother. Davina uttered the immortal line, “The Doctor, please leave the Big Brother house,” to Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor.

• The Psychic Paper is back! First introduced in the 2005 episode “The End of the World” (though, was referred to as just “slightly psychic” back then), this handy bit of paraphernalia acts, usually, as an ID and lets whoever sees it see what its owner wants them to see.

• While The Doctor was dealing with a deadly, falling snowman, eagle-eyed Whovians will have noticed a store named “Howell’s” in the background. It was first seen in the introductory episode of the 2005 revival, also written by current showrunne Davies. Ninth Doctor companion Rose was employed in the store.

• Mavity returns. In the second of the 60th anniversary specials , “Wild Blue Yonder,” we saw history changed when the Doctor and Donna inadvertently caused Isaac Newton to discover “mavity” instead of “gravity.” While introducing the concept of his Super Gloves to new companion Ruby, the Doctor states they contain all the, “mass and density and mavity.”

• The Goblin King is killed in a similar fashion to the Great One / King Vampire in the Fourth Doctor adventure, State Of Decay (1980). The former is pierced through his chest by a church spire, whereas the latter is pierced in the heart by a spaceship, which isn’t dissimilar in appearance to a church spire.

• The Doctor tells Ruby he recently found out that, just like her, he was adopted. In the 12th season finale, “The Timeless Children,” viewers discovered that the Doctor was abandoned on a remote planet and adopted by a Gallifreyan scientist. However, Whovians will remember two things:

2. Doctor Who is notable for the numerous times the show has disregarded its own history and contradicted itself, so let’s just see how this flies for the time being.

Doctor Who is produced by Bad Wolf with BBC Studios, for BBC and Disney Branded Television. Executive producers include Davies (writer and showrunner), Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner, Joel Collins and Phil Collinson.

“The Church on Ruby Road” is currently available to stream on Disney+ (excluding U.K. and Ireland). New episodes of Doctor Who will be available in the spring of 2024 and will stream globally on Disney+.

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