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30 Best Ghost Adventures Episodes Ranked

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans, host and lead investigator on Travel Channel's deathless series "Ghost Adventures," is a great big scaredy cat. Which isn't a knock on Bagans or a criticism of the show, but rather a cornerstone of its appeal. 

For nearly 14 years and 300 episodes, Bagans and his team of paranormal researchers (known simply enough as the Ghost Adventures Crew, or GAC) have traveled to remote, possibly haunted locations around the country, learned a little local history, then locked themselves in overnight to get scared silly by every cold spot and bump in the dark they encounter. It's a tried-and-true formula, as reliably entertaining as trying to conjure Bloody Mary at a sleepover; whether there is anything spooking them — other than their own imaginations — is beside the point.

But that's not to say that every episode can be so easily explained away; the series has had its share of genuinely eerie moments. Even when a spectral encounter is less than convincing, an episode can be buoyed by a compelling history, colorful locals, or the frat house camaraderie between Bagans and his bro-ish co-stars. Whether you're a longtime fan up for a debate or a newbie wondering where to jump in, here are the top 30 episodes of "Ghost Adventures," counted down.

Goodwin Home Invasion (Season 20 Episode 5)

The spirits hit close to home in this Season 20 episode, as the GAC investigates a haunting in the Las Vegas home of crew member Aaron Goodwin's father Don. 

Aaron calls out to the presences — the apparition of a little girl, and a "witch" with no eyes or mouth — and asks probing questions such as, "What's with the no eyes or mouth?" Zak, meanwhile, grows unexpectedly (perhaps supernaturally) lethargic, collapsing first on the stairs and later on a bed, as their motion sensors and EMFs (electromagnetic field meters) go haywire elsewhere in the house. The family connection between GAC and the haunted party makes up for the fact that the location is a somewhat boring suburban house.

Painted Lady Brothel (Season 21 Episode 3)

When a New Mexico man purchases a former saloon and brothel to make into his new home, a former client makes his displeasure known.

Owner Jesse Herron feels a dark presence pressing down on him as he sleeps, and later his dog is left with a bloody wound on his neck. At first, he suspects it might be the ghostly remnants of a woman who was murdered within the brothel by a jealous husband, but a neighbor (who also claims to be a psychic medium) informs him that it is an angry, male energy that haunts the property. When the GAC gets pushed around by this angry frontier spirit (whom the episode would love us to believe is Billy the Kid), they enlist this psychic neighbor to enter the house and protect its owner from further harm.

Lost Souls of the Berkeley (Season 21 Episode 12)

The Berkeley, a restored ferry from the 1800s, was already thought to be haunted. But after months without visitors, thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns, its employees believe the hauntings have intensified in isolation. 

Zak and the GAC investigate the mysterious sound of footsteps on metal and cold spots, and record two notable instances of EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, where a recording picks up voices and sounds that can't be otherwise heard. In the first, GAC's digital recorder picks up a high pitched scream that no one had heard in the moment. Next, in response to Zak's question of what the spirits might want, a voice is heard saying, "Cake." Same, friend, same.

Twin Bridges Orphanage (Season 13 Episode 8)

This episode benefits from a genuinely upsetting location, an abandoned state-run children's home in Montana. 

Its crumbling walls and exposed hallways would be spooky enough, without knowing that the facility has a disturbing history of abuse. The GAC, along with psychic Deanna Jaxine Stinson, hole up on a particularly cold night, armed with motion detectors and a device called an Ovilus, which allows spirits to communicate via a word database (sort of like an electronic Ouija board). 

When Deanna's Ovilus spits out two women's names — Harriet and Ann — it begs the question whether these were workers at the orphanage, or students.

McPike Mansion (Season 17 Episode 11)

Alton, IL, just across the river from St. Louis, has a reputation as one of the most haunted towns in the world . That reputation is largely built on McPike Mansion, a Victorian-style mansion with a checkered past that Zak Bagans describes as "a house of chaos." 

After a preliminary visit sends every GAC member scrambling to get out of the house, and suffering from bad dreams all night, Bagans and company regroup to enter the house again the next evening. The discovery of a broken-apart crypt on the property blows the investigation wide open; could this disturbed burial plot be the cause of all this spiritual turbulence?

St Ignatius Hospital (Season 18 Episode 8)

St. Ignatius Hospital in Washington state has been abandoned since the year 2000, and the local chamber of commerce hosted guided tours through its famously haunted walls until 2018, when they suddenly stopped. Was it because the hospital ghosts had become too aggressive? 

The GAC certainly thinks so, as they initially stick together while inside, rather than splitting up to explore, for safety reasons. After Bagans records an EVP seemingly calling him by name, the crew is beset upon by a "demonic" presence that wraps itself around Bagans and GAC member Billy Tolley with cold, ghostly tentacles.

Union Hotel (Season 18 Episode 11)

The Union Hotel near San Francisco has been open for 170 years — through earthquakes, epidemics, two world wars, and various eras when its clientele was not the most savory (or legal), so any number of entities could be haunting its halls. 

The GAC is called in by two long-time employees who have felt attacked and even stalked outside of the hotel by a presence in one of the rooms. Can Zak and company uncover what's disturbing these spirits before more employees suffer scratches and nosebleeds?

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town (Season 19 Episode 6)

A visit to a famous California ghost town gives Zak Bagans the opportunity to cowboy up in flannel and a wide-brimmed hat as he scours the ground with a metal detector looking for old weapons; he finds a nail. 

Many miners lost their lives down Cerro Gordo's nearly 1,200 foot-deep mine shaft; as the GAC lowers a camera and tape recorder down the shaft to try to coax any restless spirits into identifying themselves, an unseen force pulls at the camera, thoroughly freaking out Billy and the entire crew.

Pasadena Ritual House (Season 19 Episode 7)

The GAC heads to the Victorian-style Pasadena home of occultist Richard Lael Lillard to participate in a seance at the start of their lockdown. Lillard is upfront about his beliefs as a Satanist, and that the rituals he performs can lead down some dark, dangerous paths. 

As worries mount about the sinister, possibly satanic force they could be unleashing, a presence seems to attach itself to Aaron Goodwin, trying to communicate. A turn at the Ouija board confirms that Aaron is indeed the target of the spirit's intentions. Even for "Ghost Adventures," there are perhaps some forces that should not be tested.

The Comedy Store (Season 21 Episode 4)

Los Angeles' famed comedy club The Comedy Store gets the GAC treatment, as rumors have persisted for years that the building hosted illegal abortions, torture, and murder before it hosted stand-up comics. 

A journey down to the basement, where the bodies of victims may have been once buried, uncovers voices speaking Zak's name, a mysterious white mist that appears in a picture but not on camera, and nothing less than a portal to the other side. The episode is most notable for capturing the series' first ever murder — as Zak is roasted alive by comedian Jeff Ross.

Old Lincoln County Hospital (Season 11 Episode 4)

This abandoned facility in Fayetteville, TN has become a mecca for ghost hunters and fans of the paranormal, with its history as a hospital for the mentally ill giving it an enhanced aura of pain and malevolence. Nearly everyone in Fayetteville has a connection to the hospital, as it was a main employer in town for almost 70 years. 

The GAC encounters what they believe to be the spirit of a young girl in the hallways. Trying to communicate with the spirit, Aaron turns to perhaps the most tried and true way of getting kids to follow directions: Bribe them with candy.

Haunted Harvey House (Season 11 Episode 5)

The Castaneda Hotel in Las Vegas was originally opened in the 1890s by southwestern hotel magnate Fred Harvey. In the decades since its closing in the 1940s, the building has fallen into disrepair, occupied only by the disenchanted spirits of its former residents and workers, the famous "Harvey Girls." 

Zak and the GAC lock themselves in to see if they can make contact with anyone still occupying the space. In the still-operating Plaza Hotel down the street, the GAC stops by to follow the trail of a spectral child looking for her grandmother; Zak attempts to bribe her with a teddy bear.

Upper Fruitland Curse (Season 14 Episode 8)

The apparition of a young boy with no face haunts a Navajo family living on a New Mexico reservation. The members of the Harris family have each had an eerie, invasive encounter, and when the GAC set up surveillance cameras around the house, they pick up what certainly looks like a four-legged shadow appearing from the ground and disappearing into the night. It is one of the most compelling pieces of video evidence the show has ever produced, even if Zak tries a little too hard to make a connection to Navajo cultural beliefs.

The Washoe Club: Final Chapter (Season 16 Episode 7)

Zak Bagans returns to the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV — the site of the 2004 "Ghost Adventures" documentary that inspired the series — for the third and final time. Bagans claims that he has not come back just for fun, but that he has been receiving visions and dreams compelling him to return for some unknown purpose. 

Along with the requisite strange bumps and voices, the episode serves as a fitting tribute to late paranormal investigators Debby and Mark Constantino, who appeared in those first two visits to the haunted hotel.

Lewis Flats School (Season 16 Episode 8)

There are many spirits in this episode, and many sources. Despite its title, the epicenter of the hauntings is the many, many macabre tchotchkes on display at the Adobe Deli Steakhouse, located where the rebuilt Lewis Flats School once stood (the original school burned down in the 1940s). The steakhouse employees have reported many strange experiences revolving around the animal heads mounted on the restaurant walls, its collection of Native American pottery, and the owner's collectibles from nearby notable crimes. On top of all that, the land was the site of many violent skirmishes between white colonizers and Apache war parties during the years before New Mexico was part of the Union. How could a place like this not be haunted?

Crescent Hotel (Season 18 Episode 7)

The waters of Eureka Springs, AR were rumored to have healing properties, and people flocked there throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries to be cured of their ailments. The Crescent Hotel is a monument to this era in Ozark history, and known as one of the most haunted hotels in America. 

There's an unexpected poignancy to the episode, courtesy of Zak Bagans, surprisingly, whose father died of cancer shortly before filming. In between staged moments like asking random passersby in the middle of town where the hotel is, and tracking down "Michael," the hotel's most famous haunting, he wonders aloud that his father wasn't so different from those people who came to Eureka Springs a century before, hoping for a miracle. The search for healing and the search for the dead, it seems, are in many ways the same impulse.

Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital (Season 18 Episode 12)

A family of 12 has rehabbed the former Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital into an inn, but now they and their staff are being terrorized by an angry male presence seemingly left over from the site's more gruesome days. 

The GAC interviews a housekeeper who came face to face with this spectral man, and the memory of his violent energy brings her to tears. As with their other former and/or abandoned hospital episode, there is also an element of child spirits in the mix, alongside some surprisingly legible (and unsettling) EVP recordings of the male presence they seek. Plus, an ill-timed sneeze from Billy sends Zak out of his skin.

Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse (Season 19 Halloween Special)

This two-hour Halloween special takes a look inside the farmhouse that inspired James Wan's "The Conjuring." 

The 300-year-old farmhouse has been the (alleged) site of murders and suicides, and many ghost hunters have investigated the house over the last 50 years, including the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren. As for the GAC, Zak Bagans hypes up the episode as containing the most compelling evidence of ghostly activity that they had ever found, and while that reveal is a perfectly predictable bust, the episode does score a coup by bringing in Keith and Karl Johnson, paranormal investigators who (while not as famous as the Warrens) were actually the first team to investigate the Harrisville Farmhouse.

Ghost Train of Ely (Season 21 Episode 1)

It's a lockdown on wheels as Zak and the GAC investigate reports of terrifying visions involving a 100-year-old steam train traveling the historic Nevada Northern Railway. 

While walking through the railway depot, Zak and Aaron are scared breathless, first by a cat that ran past, and then by literally their own shadows — which seems appropriately childlike, given their excitement to jump on a steam train and ride the rails. But when the current railway foreman informs them that eighteen people have died on the train over the last century, their anxiety begins to make sense, and as their investigation takes them out to literal frontier ghost towns, there is soon more than shadows and cats to frighten them.

Mayhem in Millville (Season 21 Episode 10)

This home in Utah once housed a polygamist sect, but now its tenants report ghostly activity centered around the basement. 

Notably, Zak elects not to go into the house with the rest of GAC, citing an upper respiratory infection. He stays behind in the production van, AKA the "nerve center," communicating via walkie-talkie and watching the action on monitors. But just because he is not in the house doesn't mean that he is free from demonic intimidation. As the GAC prepares to enter, Bagan's Ovilus spits out the words EVIL, CENT, and TABLE (just like the one Bagan is sitting on), and later on, the more alarming ABORT, UNHOLY, and CHILLS.

Bensin Grist Mill (Season 21 Episode 11)

A 19th-century Utah grist mill has been inoperative since the 1940s, but the spirits inside are very busy, and of such variety that there is something for everyone. 

Echoes of the West's genocidal past can be found in a Native American shadow figure seen on the grounds, while a ghostly couple in white tours the main building. Poltergeist activity in the old school building is thought to be brought on by a young girl's death in the nearby pond. While Zak's crew strains to attribute every creak and groan inside a 150-year old wood mill to supernatural sources, a sudden moan captured via EVP literally knocks Jay off his seat.

Hell Hole Prison (Season 12 Episode 8)

Yuma Territorial Prison in California earned the nickname "Hell Hole" due to its extreme temperatures and the even more extreme punishments visited upon its prisoners. Conditions are perfect for a run of the mill investigation for the GAC, and for most of the episode that's what it is, but toward the end of the episode Zak and crew become interested in the history of the Yuma prison band. 

The faint sound of music compels them towards a stage, where their heat sensitive equipment captures several prison band-shaped anomalies, seemingly performing for their guests. It's one of the show's most memorable moments, a perfect coming together of the show's one-ghost-fits-all methodology and a site's specific history.

Industrial District of the Damned (Season 20 Episode 9)

Salt Lake City's industrial district would not seem a likely hotbed of ghostly activity, but when a recent break-in to a century-old building reveals the evidence of a possible dark ritual having been performed in its basement, who you gonna call? 

Zak Bagans, of course — and soon enough the GAC is down in the basement, tempting a female spirit known as the Old Hag. A disembodied voice laughs at Billy as the crew picks up something passing through an old mirror and bouncing around the room. If the evidence presented is perhaps a little dubious, in comparison to the outsized reaction of the investigators? Well, otherwise it wouldn't be an episode of "Ghost Adventures."

Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo (Season 21 Special)

This Halloween special rides the coattails of the 2020 Netflix hit documentary "Tiger King," following the GAC's investigation of the animal park formerly owned by incarcerated big game collector Joe Exotic. 

While they are nominally on hand to investigate a purported haunting by Travis Maldonado (whose off-screen death by accidental gunshot was a key sequence in "Tiger King"), the crew doesn't capture much more than the incredible bad vibes of the filthy, overrun compound. At a certain point Joe Exotic's former zookeeper Erik Cowie, who has been guiding Bagans and crew around the area, can't take it much more and excuses himself from the room; Cowie would be found dead less than a year after this special aired.

Stone Lion Inn (Season 14 Episode 1)

A polite poltergeist in a Satanist's haunted hotel is a rare thing indeed, but that's just what the GAC uncovers at the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Current owner Becky Luker operates the inn as a bed and breakfast, performing a regular murder mystery show at a local cemetery, where some believe that the rituals she performs as part of the show are in fact actual wiccan and/or satanic rites. As the GAC investigates the Inn, a door mysteriously opens on its own. 

For most episodes of "Ghost Adventures," that would be enough meat for a month, but then Zak asks if whatever force opened the door could please close it. Amazingly, the force complies and the door slams shut — throwing the entire crew into a justified frenzy.

Disturbed in Wickenburg (Season 21 Episode 8)

The GAC had previously visited Vulture City, Arizona for an episode in 2010. At the time, the town's mining operations had not been operational for years. But now it is 2021, things are back up and running, and the local spirits do not seem pleased. 

When the attendees of a local paranormal convention suffer from mysterious ailments, some requiring hospitalization, Zak Bagans investigates the cause. Dark energy is felt around a tree that had been used for lynchings at one point, and it is presumed that much of the ghostly activity has its roots in the frontier violence between white miners and Native American tribes. These conflicts are often the historical subtexts of "Ghost Adventures" episodes taking place out west, but rarely is it so explicit or central to the investigation as it is here.

Ireland's Celtic Demons (Season 10 Halloween Special)

The GAC travels across the pond in this two-hour Halloween special, headed to Ireland to investigate the country's rich supernatural folklore, tour haunted castles, and squeeze in a quick portal to hell if time allows. 

The true appeal of this special is the gorgeous footage of the Irish landscape, which even the show's notoriously fuzzy nighttime photography can't fully diminish. The Irish locale allows Zak and company to practice their schtick with a different set of paranormal tropes, and there's the feeling here — as when they consult a "pagan witch" to cast a welcoming spell to explore Krohne Cave (the aforementioned portal to hell) — that they are merely tourists getting taken for a ride.

Curse of Ranch Island (Season 21 Episode 7)

Ranch Island is a commune outside of Las Vegas, where the spirit of a man who hanged himself may be trapped. As the GAC investigates, Zak is overcome with dark energy and believes himself to be in contact, if not outright possessed, by this shackled spirit. 

Jay Wasley rigs up an experimental energy circle with a Tesla coil, as the spirit presses down on his shoulders and envelops the crew in cold spots. "We're here to help you!" Aaron exclaims into the darkness. "We don't want anything else!" While that last part isn't necessarily true, the first part is surprisingly sincere. It's a rare thing when the GAC is here to help the living, more so than the dead.

Route 666 (Season 13 Halloween Special)

This two-hour Halloween special from 2016 is "Ghost Adventures" at its finest, showcasing the ultimate expression of the show's rustic Americana aesthetic, Route 66 — renamed Route 666 here for maximum cheese — in another example of the show firing on all cylinders. 

Traveling across Texas to investigate a trio of haunted sites — the De Soto Hotel, Concordia Cemetery, and Goatman's Bridge — the GAC confront spirits and each other, as supernatural bad vibes (or perhaps just the bad vibes that can creep up during a long car trip) threaten to tip over into violence. On Goatman's Bridge, Aaron Goodwin males the ill-advised move of breaking away from the group, only to be thrown to the ground by an invisible force. 

"I'm bleeding everywhere, dude," he says as he examines a wound on his arm, despite no evidence of any blood anywhere — perhaps the most "Ghost Adventures" moment of them all.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Ghost Adventures, Ranked

Ghost Adventures is one of the longest-running paranormal investigation shows to date. Here are the 10 best episodes of Ghost Adventures, ranked.

With the surge of paranormal investigation shows in the early 2000s, it's no wonder Ghost Adventures became a household name when it comes to ghost-hunting series. The show stars Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley as the main investigative team, though Nick Groff was also a main cast member for ten seasons through 2014.

Each episode has two portions: an investigation, where the location's backstory is covered, and the lockdown, where the team spends a night documenting their experience in the space. They have traveled across the US and internationally to determine whether these locations are actually haunted.

Ghost Adventures premiered in 2008 and now has over 250 episodes, including Halloween specials, unique spin-offs, and celebrity guest stars. While some question the validity of the evidence or of the supernatural altogether, the show has an excellent balance of humor, paranormal evidence, and a consistent cast viewers can connect with. Here are the top 10 episodes of Ghost Adventures , ranked.

10 Upper Fruitland Curse (Season 14, Episode 8)

Season 14 of Ghost Adventures brought us Episode 8, titled "Upper Fruitland Curse." This investigation takes place in Upper Fruitland, New Mexico, where the Harris family is experiencing paranormal activity from the ghost of a faceless young boy. The lockdown location is in the Navajo Nation, where the team captured an impressive amount of evidence during their investigation. One piece of evidence viewers found terrifying was from the Harris family, who captured a black mass on their home footage.

During the investigation, Zak learns how animals have been attacked on the property and how crops struggle to grow. He experiences an intense amount of energy while examining the family's trailer and banging on the side of the van. The lockdown proves to be just as extreme, as the team catches a chair moving on its own and a strange EVP.

9 Return to Bobby Mackey’s (Season 4, Episode 3)

"Return to Bobby Mackey's" from Season 4 of Ghost Adventures is one of the most iconic episodes of the show. The location in Kentucky is a repeat visit for the crew and is referred to as a "gateway to hell." Bobby Mackey's Music World is a former slaughterhouse turned country nightclub that is believed to have had satanic rituals performed on the land. Their first visit to Bobby Mackey's was the Season 1 series premiere, where they encountered physical scratches and spirits that followed them home.

In the Ghost Adventures return to the honky-tonk nightclub, there are numerous instances of evidence and unsettling activity. There are apparitions, spirits communicating messages through EVPs, and a possession that causes Zak to seek an exorcism after the visit. With how deeply each of the crew was affected, "Return to Bobby Mackey's" remains one of the scariest episodes so far.

8 Fear in Flagstaff (Season 24, Episode 4)

One of the show's newer episodes that ranks best among the series is Season 24, Episode 4, "Fear in Flagstaff." It first debuted in June 2023 and follows as the Ghost Adventures crew visit the Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The historic hotel dates back to the late 1800s, though today, it has most of the staff and guests dealing with terrifying paranormal experiences. The hotel staff share their decade-long experiences during the investigation, which adds another layer of mystery to this location.

There is a good amount of evidence collected during this episode, but the best part is the game the crew plays to determine who will investigate the basement alone. Viewers see Aaron and Zak too scared to go into the basement, along with their fluctuating emotions during this lockdown. It's not the scariest episode of the show, but it brings back a classic, authentic feel from the early seasons.

7 Hell Hole Prison (Season 12, Episode 8)

Season 12, Episode 8 of Ghost Adventures is "Hell Hole Prison," an investigation that takes Zak, Aaron, Billy, and Jay to Yuma, Arizona. Here, they visit the Yuma Territorial Prison, which dates back to 1876 and is known for being a historic park and graveyard where over 100 prisoners are laid to rest. The prison gained the nickname "hell hole" due to the terrible treatment many inmates received and the extreme heat that plagues the Arizona desert.

Scariest Episodes of Ghost Adventures, Ranked

What makes this one of the best Ghost Adventures episodes is the unique evidence captured at the prison. While these types of locations are known to be paranormal hot spots, this lockdown had the team interacting with some friendly spirits. The most impressive evidence captured is with their SLS camera, which shows several figures on the stage who appear to be putting on a musical performance for the team.

6 Panic on Pine Street (Season 25, Episode 11)

Season 25's "Panic on Pine Street" takes the crew to Paso Robles, California, where the team visits a historic saloon that is said to be haunted by a spirit known as "The Old Hag." Zak and the team learn during their investigation that many of the saloon's staff members are uncomfortable being in the building alone, and the tension throughout the episode is easy to pick up on. The owner's security footage is particularly creepy, as well as the audio evidence captured in their lockdown.

"Panic on Pine Street" is a very active location that provides a great deal of evidence for the Ghost Adventures team. The polterpod device picks up several clear voices that say hello and clearly state the name "Lincoln." There wasn't much evidence of "The Old Hag" entity specifically, but the team seems certain her spirit is not at rest and determines she is still a threat to those in the saloon.

5 Island of the Dolls (Season 10, Episode 4)

"Island of the Dolls" is from season ten of Ghost Adventures and takes place in Mexico at a tourist attraction known as the 'Island of Dolls.' This location is desolate and weaves through the canals where hundreds of decrepit baby dolls are hung from the trees.

The site is not only creepy from its appearance, but it was also the site where a little girl is rumored to have drowned sometime around the 1950s. A recluse man named Don Juan lived on the tiny island and felt he was being haunted by the little girl's spirit. He began hanging dolls around the canals as an offering to her but ended up becoming obsessed with the shrine.

This episode is not only creepy because of the dolls but also because viewers get to watch as Zak tries to overcome his fear of dolls. However, this proves to be difficult when dolls start laughing on their own, and a fire ignites with no one around. There's also evidence of a figure walking across the bridge captured, voices on the spirit box, and thermal apparitions in one of the haunted dolls, making this an episode to remember.

4 Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse (Season 22, Episode 1)

In the Season 22 Halloween special, "Curse of Harrisville Farmhouse," the Ghost Adventures crew travels to Burriville, Rhode Island, to investigate the infamous house that inspired The Conjuring franchise . The colonial farmhouse is over 250 years old and sits on a secluded road in the Ocean State, with a history rich in supernatural activity and unfortunate events. Most of the evidence and attention over the years was garnered from the Perron family, who lived in the home during the 1970s and eventually sought help from Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The 10 Most Convincing Paranormal TV Show Episodes

It's clear from the beginning of this episode that the Harrisville farmhouse has a dark energy that immediately starts to affect the crew. Both Aaron and Zak experience physical symptoms ranging from chest pain and dizziness to extreme emotional distress, which is terrifying for viewers to watch them go through.

They also capture a dark apparition in a window while working with demonologists Carl and Keith Johnson, two brothers who investigated the property even before the Warrens' involvement . One of the Perron children who grew up in the house, Andrea, is also a part of the episode.

3 Ireland’s Celtic Demons (Season 10 Halloween Special)

The Season 10 Halloween special "Ireland's Celtic Demons" is a two-hour episode that takes the team on an international investigation to Leap Castle, one of the most haunted castles in the country. Zak and the team dive into the history of Halloween and learn about the legends surrounding an ancient Celtic goddess before diving into a lockdown, where the team splits up and gains a wealth of paranormal evidence. They get to visit several different locations, but their time at Loftus Hall proves to be one of the most active.

During their time in the 1300s home in Wexford, Ireland, rumored to be haunted by the devil, the Ghost Adventures crew does capture a few different strange occurrences. These include a floating white mist, a voice saying "Help me" through the spirit box, and a figure messing with Aaron. Things only intensify during this episode when Aaron becomes violently ill after his encounter with the spirit.

2 Route 666 (Season 13 Halloween Special)

Another Ghost Adventures Halloween special that ranks as one of the best episodes is "Route 666." This two-part episode follows the team as they travel on their own route 666 across Texas. They stop at three different haunted locations: the De Soto Hotel, the Concordia Cemetery, and Goatman's Bridge.

Each of these spots is believed to be riddled with demonic activity and proves to be one of the most intense investigations the crew has had to date. The Concordia Cemetery is filled with apparitions and leads Billy to encounter three dark figures walking in the area. The figures are so realistic Billy ends up calling the police to check the grounds for intruders.

While the De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery had numerous pieces of unsettling evidence, the most terrifying was, without a doubt, at Goatman's Bridge. Nearly every person on this investigation had a violent, overpowering experience, especially Jay Wasley's wife, Ashley. The demonic presence at the bridge seemed to take over Ashley, and ultimately, the experience caused her to quit the show altogether. The sheer amount of evidence combined with how intense this episode is makes it one of the series' best.

1 Poveglia Island (Season 3, Episode 3)

One of the best Ghost Adventures episodes is Season 3, Episode 3, "Poveglia Island." Poveglia Island is located off the coast of Venice, Italy, and is believed to be a prime spot for paranormal activity.

The site has a rich history filled with death and despair, as it's where many criminals and those suffering from the plague were sent to live their final days. This episode is filled with not only a mountain of evidence, but also Zak becomes possessed by an entity that makes him turn on Aaron and Nick. He has little control over his emotions and continues to get more and more aggressive as the episode goes on.

It's disturbing to see Zak in the plague doctor mask trying to entice the spirits only to be overtaken by an unseen force so quickly. In addition to the possession, the Ghost Adventures crew captures EVPs of a girl's voice that causes their equipment to malfunction and a creepy figure that knocks over one of their cameras. The raw emotions, along with the different types of evidence captured on Poveglia Island, make it the best Ghost Adventures episode to date.

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Ghost Adventures

Episode list

Ghost adventures.

Ghost Adventures (2008)

S17.E11 ∙ McPike Mansion

Ghost Adventures (2008)

S17.E12 ∙ Mineral Springs Hotel

Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, and Dakota Laden in Ghost Adventures (2008)

S18.E1 ∙ Gates of Hell House

Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, and Billy Tolley in Ghost Adventures (2008)

S18.E2 ∙ Palomino Club

Ghost Adventures (2008)

S18.E3 ∙ Lutes Casino

Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, and Dakota Laden in Ghost Adventures (2008)

S18.E4 ∙ Melrose Hotel

Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, and Billy Tolley in Ghost Adventures (2008)

S18.E5 ∙ Binion's Hotel and Casino

Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans in The Woodbury: Home Of American Horror Story (2019)

S18.E6 ∙ The Woodbury: Home Of American Horror Story

Crescent Hotel (2019)

S18.E7 ∙ Crescent Hotel

Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, and Billy Tolley in St. Ignatius Hospital (2019)

S18.E8 ∙ St. Ignatius Hospital

Mount Wilson Ranch (2019)

S18.E9 ∙ Mount Wilson Ranch

Panic In Amarillo (2019)

S18.E10 ∙ Panic In Amarillo

Union Hotel (2019)

S18.E11 ∙ Union Hotel

Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital (2019)

S18.E12 ∙ Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital

A Haunting in Scottsdale (2019)

S18.E13 ∙ A Haunting in Scottsdale

Halloween Special: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse (2019)

S19.E0 ∙ Halloween Special: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse

Russel Hulsey in Serial Killer Spirits: H.H. Holmes Murder House (2019)

S19.E1 ∙ Serial Killer Spirits: H.H. Holmes Murder House

Serial Killer Spirits: John Gacy Prison (2019)

S19.E2 ∙ Serial Killer Spirits: John Gacy Prison

Serial Killer Spirits: Axe Killer Jail (2019)

S19.E3 ∙ Serial Killer Spirits: Axe Killer Jail

Jay Wasley and Zak Bagans in Serial Killer Spirits: Ted Bundy Ritual House (2019)

S19.E4 ∙ Serial Killer Spirits: Ted Bundy Ritual House

Zak Bagans in Albion Castle (2019)

S19.E5 ∙ Albion Castle

Zak Bagans in Cerro Gordo Ghost Town (2019)

S19.E6 ∙ Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, and Richard-Lael Lillard in Pasadena Ritual House (2019)

S19.E7 ∙ Pasadena Ritual House

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Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, and Billy Tolley in Ghost Adventures (2008)

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ghost adventures hag episode

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  1. List of Ghost Adventures episodes

    Season 1 (2008)[ Location (s) Original air date Prod. "Bobby Mackey's Music World" Wilder, Kentucky, US October 17, 2008 [1] In the series premiere, the crew conducts a paranormal investigation at Bobby Mackey's Music World which is reported to be home to past murder, suicide, and satanic cult activity.

  2. Did Ghost Adventures really see the Old Hag in the mirror?

    If you have watched last weeks episode of Ghost Adventures 'Industrial District of the Damned' where the GA team investigate an old building in Utah that is supposed to be haunted by an entity which the building owners call the 'Old Hag', you will have seen Zak take a photo of a mirror and capture what they claim to be the face of the Old Hag.

  3. "Ghost Adventures" Panic on Pine Street (TV Episode 2022)

    Panic on Pine Street: With Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley. The team investigates poltergeist activity at a historic saloon in Paso Roble, California. The activity is so relentless that staff and guests don't feel safe on the premises. Zak Bagans suspects it may be the sole work of an entity called "The Old Hag."

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    95K views, 3.5K likes, 714 loves, 456 comments, 665 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Ghost Adventures: Spirit attachment is no joke — and neither is the Old Hag. #GhostAdventures is all new...

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    TV-14 42m IMDb RATING 8.7 /10 66 YOUR RATING Rate Documentary History Reality-TV Zak and the crew investigate a 120-year-old building in Salt Lake City's industrial district. Local business owners claim paranormal activity has recently ramped up after a break-in revealed remnants of a dark ritual in the basement. Writers Zak Bagans Jeff Belanger

  6. Hag Photo Debunked : r/GhostAdventures

    Latest episode of Ghost Adventures featured a Hag Photo that was taken on Zak's polaroid camera. Below I have included images from the episode that clearly show that the Hag Photo is a matrix of a lamp socket attached to the second lamp to the right of the lamp with the red hair clip.

  7. Exploring The Industrial District of the Damned

    Exploring The Industrial District of the Damned | Ghost Adventures | Travel Channel Travel Channel 563K subscribers Subscribe 1.6K Share 117K views 2 years ago #ZakBagans #GhostAdventures...

  8. Ghost Adventures: Industrial District of the Damned

    In this episode, Zak Bagans and the team spend several nights in a 120-year-old, industrial warehouse in Salt Lake City, where the current business owners discovered the remains of a satanic ritual performed in the basement, and the consequences are terrifying.

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    "The Old Hag… whose face needs to be covered with a bag." Stream #GhostAdventures' "Panic on Pine Street" now on #discoveryplus:...

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    43min TV-14 Zak and the crew investigate the Hollywood Hills home of model and television personality Holly Madison. She is experiencing disturbing paranormal activity, including demonic growls, and suspects that whatever haunts the property is preying on her fear. Subscribe to discovery+ or Max S25 E4 - Territorial Enterprise August 11, 2021

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    Watch Ghost Adventures and more new shows on Max. Plans start at $9.99/month. Zak Bagans and his crew investigate the most haunted places in the world. ... Zak suspects it may be the sole work of an entity called "The Old Hag." LA Police Station Invasion. ... Episodes. 26 Seasons Available (283 Episodes) Release Year. 2008. Rating Information ...

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    The spirits hit close to home in this Season 20 episode, as the GAC investigates a haunting in the Las Vegas home of crew member Aaron Goodwin's father Don. Aaron calls out to the presences — the...

  13. "Ghost Adventures" Gates of Hell House (TV Episode 2019)

    Gates of Hell House: With Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley. The crew are in Las Vegas, NV, to investigate intense paranormal activity at The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror, an infamous haunted attraction where employees have reported brushes with a terrifying shadow figure and violent demonic entities.

  14. Fueled by Darkness

    Season 17, Episode 6 Fueled by Darkness Zak and the crew investigate a century-old olive farm ripe with paranormal activity in Ontario, California. They then explore a former factory in Salt Lake City, Utah, where supernatural disturbances have ramped up after a break-in. See Tune-In Times Previous Episode Ghosts of Tragedy Next Episode

  15. Interesting photo of the "hag" from Ghost adventures. Edited photo for

    It's from the show Ghost adventures. In this particular episode they are investigating a location said to he haunted by a hag. This photo came from a series of Polaroids Zak took of a mirror. He damn near lost his mind when he looked at this one proclaiming he had captured an image of the hag in the mirror.

  16. Hag Photo from Ghost Adventures Debunked : r/Ghosts

    Latest episode of Ghost Adventures featured a Hag Photo that was taken on Zak's polaroid camera. Below I have included images from the episode that clearly show that the Hag Photo is a matrix of a lamp socket attached to the second lamp to the right of the lamp with the red hair clip. Notice in the first photo that the socket matches the ...

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    Published Oct 12, 2023 Ghost Adventures is one of the longest-running paranormal investigation shows to date. Here are the 10 best episodes of Ghost Adventures, ranked. Discovery Channel...

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    Nightmare in Northridge Zak Bagans and his crew investigate the most haunted places in the world. During the dusk-to-dawn lockdown, key evidence is documented to uncover the truth behind paranormal activity. Watch Ghost Adventures Wednesdays at 10p ET on Discovery.

  19. Ghost Adventures (TV Series 2008- )

    S18.E5 ∙ Binion's Hotel and Casino. Sat, Mar 23, 2019. Zak and crew investigate two historic hotels inside an infamous Las Vegas casino with a dark and violent history. The long-abandoned hotels, sealed off and left frozen in time, have created a paranormal pressure cooker just waiting to explode.

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    Relive your favorite GA moments as Zak and the rest of the Ghost Adventures crew explore the ominous Clown Motel, the underground Edinburgh Vaults, and more infamous locations. At every turn,...

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    The crew pulls back the curtain on iconic episodes of Ghost Adventures. 2 Seasons. TV-14. The Haunted Museum. The Haunted Museum. Zak Bagans and Eli Roth join forces for a terrifying horror film anthology. 2 Seasons. ... Zak Bagans counts down fans' favorite moments from Ghost Adventures. 1 Season. TV-14. Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits.

  23. Brick episode : r/GhostAdventures

    Brick episode. The best evidence they ever caught I think is when they visited the hotel where the brick was thrown. It was thrown with such force it curved in the air and slammed into the wall all the way across the room. It caused Zak to panic, curse, and scream with fear yelling STOOOOOOPPPPP multiple times and run outside.