City Of Ghosts Season 2 - What We Know So Far

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Originally released in March 2021, the Netflix series "City of Ghosts" uses animation and the supernatural to teach children, as well as willing adults, about the history of Los Angeles. Combining background photos of the city with CGI characters, the look of "Ghosts" is really unlike anything on television ( Cartoon Brew ).

This is also a surprisingly warm, comfortable series about complex subjects. The combination of education and animation earned some critical acclaim , with Rob Thomas of The Capital Times praising  the show as "a rich portrait of a changing city with its many enclaves and subcultures, and a reminder that every city has layers of history that shouldn't be forgotten."

Fans may be curious as to whether the six-episode first season will receive a sequel, especially considering Netflix's habit of quickly culling their series roster . Here's everything we currently know about "City of Ghosts" Season 2, including the release date, cast, and what the new season would likely cover.

What's the release date of City of Ghosts Season 2?

So far, there's been no word from the streaming service as to whether Netflix will renew "City of Ghosts" for a second season. There's no real word out about the show's streaming numbers, and it's hard to say if Netflix will axe the fledgling series, or roll the dice and greenlight another season.

If the show did return for Season 2, it may take a little time to return, especially with the pandemic still causing production delays . The original first season took about two years to create after being greenlit in 2019, and it's possible that Season 2 could take just as much time to write, produce, animate, and edit into six episodes ( PopSugar ).

Therefore, eager audiences may have to wait until 2023 for "City of Ghosts" Season 2. Hopefully, the second season will take much less time to produce than the first season, but the complex animation scheme and gathering of material required for production means fans may simply have to be patient.

Who's in the cast of City of Ghosts Season 2?

Presumably, the central voice cast of "City of Ghosts" would return for a second season of the show.

This would include Zelda (August Nunez), the lead detective of the Ghost Club; Thomas (Blue Chapman), a seven-year-old non-binary child and the second member of the club; Eva (Kirikou S'hai Muldrow), the five-year-old third member; and Peter (Michael Ren) the final member of the small Ghost Club.

Some supporting cast members may return as well, including Zelda's mom (Sandra Equihua), Filipino chef and café owner Chef Jo (Isa Fabro), and Zelda's brother Jordan, voiced by Angel Chipagua, who helps the Club record their adventures ( IMDb ).

Many of the ghosts and other characters are real Los Angeles residents being interviewed by the production, so it's likely that the same would be the case in Season 2 as well. Audiences just won't get to know who else will be featured on "City of Ghosts" until the second season.

What's the plot of City of Ghosts Season 2?

The show follows the Ghost Club, a small group of resident Los Angeles kids who discover the stories of their city by communicating with various (usually friendly) ghosts inhabiting different locations and neighborhoods. Ghosts and other LA inhabitants on the show are played by real longtime residents of the city, who are interviewed and then animated into characters, similar to fellow Netflix series Midnight Gospel .

The result is a fictionalized but accurate depiction of different aspects of LA history, including gentrification, the indigenous peoples who lived on the land prior to settlers, and various communities around the area. It's likely that "City of Ghosts" Season 2 would feature more of the same, interviewing different residents and trying to tackle even more of the same complex issues but in a format accessible to children.

Until Season 2 is announced, you can still catch up on all six episodes of "City of Ghosts" on Netflix.


City of Ghosts

59 pages • 1 hour read

V. E. Schwab

A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality Study Guides with detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, and more.

  • Part 1, Chapters 1-5
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Summary and Study Guide

City of Ghosts, published in 2018, is Victoria Schwab’s first middle-grade novel and the first in her Cassidy Blake trilogy, which follows the series’s namesake as she travels with her parents to the most haunted cities in the world. City of Ghosts is set in Edinburgh , Scotland, and takes its title from the city’s nickname. Schwab, who resides part-time in Edinburgh, includes a map in the front matter of the book that outlines the haunted locations in the city. All the ghost stories told in the novel except the account of the Raven in Red are based on known tales. Book Two, Tunnel of Bones , is set in Paris, France, and shows Cassidy exploring the city’s legendary catacombs, which hold more than 6 million skeletons. The trilogy concludes with Bridge of Souls , set in the iconic city of New Orleans. Through Cassidy’s adventures in the world’s most haunted cities, Schwab creates a horror-edged fantasy that includes spine-tingling details but is accessible to a younger audience . Schwab is the author of over 20 novels, including her Shades of Magic series and the best-selling adult fiction novel The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue .

Plot Summary

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Ever since Cassidy Blake crashed her bicycle into the icy waters of the river near her home and a blond-haired boy pulled her from the depths, she can see ghosts . Her rescuer, Jacob , himself a ghost, became her best friend and accompanies her on her occasional journeys into the ghostly realm, which Cassidy calls “the Veil.” On the last day of school before summer break, Cassidy is anxiously awaiting leaving with her family for their beach vacation when a familiar sensation interrupts her. The Veil calls to her in the form of a tapping sensation, one that Cassidy finds hard to ignore. This day, the pull of the Veil leads her to the school auditorium, which is notoriously haunted by a young boy who died tragically in a fire many years before.

Despite Jacob’s protests—he is a nervous ghost—Cassidy parts the web-like curtain of the Veil and enters another world, one of pale shadows and strange sensations. The only light comes from the pale blue glow shining inside her chest. She watches the last moments of the boy’s life as a fire breaks out on the set, and he is pinned under the stage’s trap door. Using her beloved vintage camera, Cassidy snaps photos behind the Veil, knowing they will reveal only smudges and shadows, but still hoping the developed photographs can help her understand this mysterious dimension to which she is strangely drawn.

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Cassidy’s parents, famous ghost hunters nicknamed the “Inspecters,” call a family meeting to announce that they are under contract to film a documentary exploring some of the most haunted cities in the world. Their first destination is Edinburgh, Scotland, famously called “The City of Ghosts.” Cassidy is not sure what upsets her more, the fact that they must postpone their beach vacation or that they are traveling to a city filled with ghosts that will haunt her incessantly. Though Cassidy’s parents know she has an invisible friend, they are unaware of her ability to cross the Veil. They may be famous ghost hunters, but they are still her parents, and she worries they might exploit her strange ability. She is not even certain her father believes in ghosts. The family packs up their luggage and the family cat, Grim, and travels to Scotland. Cassidy worries she left Jacob behind, but when the plane lands, she is happy to see him playfully riding her suitcase through baggage claim .

The Blake family settles in a lodging house called The Lane’s End, run by Mrs. Weathershire. Their lodgings are near the famous Royal Mile, the road that connects the Old Town of Edinburgh from one end to the other. Almost as soon as the Blakes set foot in the country, they are inundated with the ghostly lore of Edinburgh; Cassidy notices immediately that the pull of the Veil is much stronger than ever before. Her parents, however, are giddy with excitement over the rich, haunted history of the city and are more than ready to absorb it all. As she and her mother set out for a walking tour, Cassidy notices a strange girl sitting on the stairs staring right at her. She feels inexplicably drawn to the girl, but she is not sure why. On their tour, Cassidy and her mom visit Greyfriars Kirk, a famously haunted cemetery in Edinburgh.

Cassidy immediately registers eerie, malevolent energy in the kirk but humors her mother’s curiosity. When the pull of the Veil becomes impossible to resist, Cassidy finds herself yanked into the netherworld and—for the first time—not by her own will. Behind the Veil, the graveyard is full of ghostly presences, but she sees only one that captures her attention: a black-haired woman dressed in a red cloak. When the woman begins to sing, Cassidy feels hypnotized by her song and drawn into her grasp. Jacob shows up just in time to snatch her from the hands of the enchanted woman. Later, the family’s tour guide, Findley Stewart, explains the tale of the Raven in Red, a distraught mother who lost her child and now haunts the streets of Edinburgh looking for children to steal. Cassidy shudders to think that the ghost woman almost captured her and now understands that the spirit world of this old city is far more dangerous than those she previously explored.

When she returns to The Lane’s End after the startling encounter, Cassidy meets the mysterious girl from the stairs. Lara Jean Chowdhury is a curious girl, with her neat clothing and mirror pendant necklace, but Cassidy feels an unexplainable connection to her. However, when Lara asks her if she believes in ghosts, Cassidy cannot find the words to answer. The next day, the camera crew arrives along with Findley, and the entire group travels to Mary King’s Close, a series of subterranean passageways rumored to be haunted by ghosts from the plague years. Cassidy is once again forcibly pulled through the Veil, where hordes of ghosts chase her, and she must use her camera’s flash to distract them while she and Jacob run to safety. As they catch their breath, they see Lara slip into the Veil, and Cassidy rushes to follow her. Lara uses her mirror pendant and a spell-like chant to hypnotize the ghost and reduce him to ashes, an act she calls “reaping.” As her light glows red in her chest, Lara explains to Cassidy that for people who can cross the Veil, ghost hunting is their purpose. Despite Jacob’s distrust, Cassidy decides to meet with Lara the following day, elated she has found someone just like herself.

Lara explains their job is to help ghosts who are trapped in the Veil by revealing to them what they are. She takes Cassidy into the city and beyond the Veil, where Cassidy reaps her first ghost and feels, for the first time, that there is a purpose to her gift. However, Lara explains that Cassidy should also release Jacob, because he is not meant to be here. Cassidy tries to explain their connection, but Lara insists his presence is a bad idea. When Cassidy tells Lara about the Raven in Red, Lara warns her to stay away from the malevolent spirit. Cassidy has something the Raven wants, a life force, which she roams the streets collecting from children in hopes of bringing her dead body back to life. Jacob reappears and follows Cassidy to find her parents, who are touring the prisons of Edinburgh Castle. Almost as soon as she enters the castle, she feels the pull of the Veil and hears the siren song of the Raven. As Jacob’s frantic cries pull her to the other side, she finds him held captive by hordes of children. Just as she reaches to help him, the Raven in Red appears and transforms into a fearsome black bird, clutching Cassidy’s wrist. Before Cassidy can grab her camera, the Raven reaches inside her chest and yanks away her cord (her life force). Jacob and Cassidy are trapped in the Veil as the raven races away with the cord.

They run back to The Lane’s End to enlist Lara’s help, and Cassidy sends Lara to reassure her parents she is safe while Jacob and Cassidy run to Greyfriars Kirk, where the Raven is buried. Fighting off the Raven’s stolen children, Cassidy jumps into the Raven’s grave and takes her by surprise, grabbing her blue cord and ripping it in half. Sadly, her precious camera is smashed in the scuffle. Lara arrives with Findley on the other side of the Veil, but the Raven knocks him to the ground. Passing back into the Veil, the Raven calls her zombie-like children to attack, but Cassidy grabs a broken shard of the camera lens just in time to freeze the Raven long enough to grab her own cord. Cassidy yanks the Raven’s thick rope-like cord, which is made of all the children’s lives, and the evil crone dissolves along with her rope. Finding the other half of her cord, Cassidy watches the two halves rejoin with a small crack in the center.

Cassidy survives the experience with only a minor charge for grave vandalism and a cut on her palm. Her parents ground her indefinitely but are happy she is safe. Lara gives her the mirror pendant, and Findley warns her she is marked now and will need to be careful. When she takes her camera to Bellamy’s Photo Shop to have the film developed, the shop worker offers to fix her camera lens. There is one photo left on the roll, and Cassidy poses next to the window with Jacob by her side. Before they leave the city, she collects the developed photos from all the ghost sites in Edinburgh. Most are just smudgy shadows, but the last photo unmistakably shows the outline of a young boy. As they drive out of the famed City of Ghosts, Jacob’s ghost fives Cassidy, and she swears she can almost feel his palm touch hers. 

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Elizabeth Ito, creator of City of Ghosts

city of ghosts

A scene from the Netflix series City of Ghosts Courtesy of Netflix hide caption

A scene from the Netflix series City of Ghosts

The Netflix series City of Ghost is a little tricky to explain.

For starters, it is an animated children's show. The characters are three dimensional, mostly children that could be described as more thoughtfully designed Wii avatars. The series is set in Los Angeles, and the backgrounds are real places that thousands of people walk through every day.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. It is framed like a documentary, and your hosts are a group of kids who are all members of the Ghost Club. The Ghost Club, as the name implies, gets reports of ghosts in the city, goes to find them and, once they do, sits down to interview them.

City of Ghosts takes the sometimes scary and alienating real world we live in, and combines with a plot device that can be even more scary: ghosts.

With that being the case, City of Ghosts is not scary or alienating. In fact, it is the opposite. The show is warm, inviting and illuminating. It gives the viewer – both kids and adults – a better idea of the world around us without sacrificing our capacity for imagination.

It is a really hard thing to do, but Elizabeth Ito, the show's creator, managed to pull it off. Elizabeth is a writer and animator who has worked on Adventure Time , SpongeBob SquarePants and more. City of Ghosts just nabbed a Peabody award for its brilliant first season. To celebrate, we are revisiting our conversation with Elizabeth from last year.

Elizabeth's latest project is a new animated short film called Mall Stories . There will be a free screening of the film on Thursday, July 7th at the Burbank Town Center in Burbank, California.

Elizabeth joins Bullseye to talk about making children's TV that adults can enjoy, capturing the feeling of her hometown of Los Angeles and the time she saw a ghost.

This interview originally aired in June of 2021.

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City of Ghosts

2017, Documentary/War, 1h 32m

What to know

Critics Consensus

City of Ghosts takes a hard-hitting, ground-level look at atrocities in a part of the world that may seem foreign to many viewers, but whose impact will be no less devastating. Read critic reviews

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City of ghosts videos, city of ghosts   photos.

Syrian rebels who call themselves Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently risk their lives to document the atrocities committed by ISIS in their homeland.

Rating: R (Some Language|Disturbing Violent Content)

Genre: Documentary, War

Original Language: English

Director: Matthew Heineman

Producer: Matthew Heineman

Release Date (Theaters): Jul 7, 2017  limited

Release Date (Streaming): Sep 26, 2017

Box Office (Gross USA): $124.5K

Runtime: 1h 32m

Distributor: Amazon Studios, IFC Films

Production Co: Our Time Projects, Jigsaw Prods.

Cast & Crew

Mohamad Almusari

Hamoud Almousa

Matthew Heineman

Maiken Baird

Executive Producer

Alex Gibney

Molly Thompson

David Fialkow

Elaine Frontain Bryant

Stacey Offman

Robert Sharenow


Matthew Hamachek

Film Editing

Pax Wassermann

H. Scott Salinas

Original Music

Jackson Greenberg

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DGA 2018 Film and Television Nominations Announced

Critic Reviews for City of Ghosts

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There are no featured audience reviews for City of Ghosts at this time.

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When a hurricane wipes out large parts of the East Coast, many homeowners are understandably alarmed to learn that their insurer, the Capable Trust Co., is incapable of paying its claims because it has no money in the bank. Jimmy Cremming is also upset, or so he tells the cops. Played by Matt Dillon , he runs the U.S. office of the company, which is owned by a shady figure named Marvin, who when last heard from was in Cambodia. When federal agents start asking difficult questions, Jimmy leaves for Phnom Penh to find Marvin.

This is, you will agree, a preposterous setup for a movie. And the rest of the plot of "City of Ghosts" is no more believable. But believability is not everything, as I have to keep reminding myself in these days before the premiere of " The Matrix Reloaded ." Character and mood also count for something--and so does location, since Matt Dillon shot his movie mostly on location in Cambodia; it's the first picture primarily filmed there since "Lord Jim" in 1965.

Dillon and his cinematographer, Jim Denault, find locations that don't look like locations; they have the untidiness and random details of real places, as indeed they are, and I particularly liked the hotel and bar run by Gerard Depardieu , who shambles around with a big shirt hanging over his belly and breaks up fights while casually holding a baby in his arms. Although such bars, and such exiles as proprietors, are standard in all films noir set in exotic locations, this one had a funky reality that made me muse about a sequel in which we'd find out more about Depardieu, the baby, and a monkey he seems to have trained as a pickpocket.

In such movies, all visitors to Asia from the West quickly find a local helper who is instantly ready to risk his life to help the foreigner. Mel Gibson's character found Billy Kwan in " The Year of Living Dangerously ," and Dillon's character finds Sok (Kem Sereyvuth), a pedicab driver who serves as chauffeur, spy and adviser to the outsider. Also hanging around the bar is Casper ( Stellan Skarsgard ), who says he works with the mysterious Marvin and conveys enigmatic messages. The one character who seems unlikely, although obligatory, is the beautiful woman Sophie ( Natascha McElhone ), who is an art historian but finds time to get tender with Jimmy. (I wonder if movie Americans who land in Asia are supplied with a list, so they can check off Friendly Bartender, Local Helper, Sinister Insider, Beautiful Girl, Monkey...) Marvin is kept offscreen so long that he begins to take on the psychic heft of Harry Lime in " The Third Man ." Such a concealed character needs to have presence when he is revealed, and James Caan rises to the occasion as a financial hustler who not only stiffed the policy holders of Capable Trust but now seems to be in bed with the Russian Mafia in a scheme to build a luxury hotel and casino.

When and how Jimmy finds Marvin, and what happens then, are surprises for the plot to reveal. What can be said is that the details of Marvin's scheme, and the plans of his enemies, seem more than a little muddled, and yet Dillon, as director, handles them in a way that make the moments convincing, even if they don't add up.

"City of Ghosts" reminded me of " The Quiet American ," which likewise has visiting Westerners, beautiful women, sinister local figures, etc. It lacks a monkey, but had a more sharply-told story, one with a message. "The Quiet American" was based on Graham Greene's novel about America's illegal activities, circa the mid-'50s, in Vietnam. The screenplay for "City of Ghosts," by Dillon and sometime David Lynch collaborator Barry Gifford , avoids a rich vein of true Cambodian stories and recycles the kind of generic financial crimes that Hollywood perfected in the 1940s.

Still, sometimes the very texture of the film, and the information that surrounds the characters on the screen, make it worth seeing. I didn't believe in James Caan's cons, but I believed him, and at times like that it's helpful to stop keeping score and live in the moment. Between the Caan and Dillon characters there are atmosphere, desperation and romance, and, at the end, something approaching true pathos. Enough.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

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city of ghosts

The Zone of Interest

Robert daniels.

city of ghosts

Brian Tallerico

city of ghosts

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Matt zoller seitz.

city of ghosts

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Marya e. gates.

city of ghosts

The Teachers’ Lounge

city of ghosts

Film Credits

City Of Ghosts movie poster

City Of Ghosts (2003)

Rated R For Language and Some Violence

116 minutes

Sereyvuth as Sok Kem

Rose Byrne as Sabrina

Stellan Skarsgard as Casper

Natascha McElhone as Sophie

James Caan as Marvin

Gerard Depardieu as Emile

Matt Dillon as Jimmy Cremming

  • Barry Gifford

Directed by

  • Matt Dillon

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Bright Wall/Dark Room January 2024: Making Peace With Our Distractions: On Kelly Reichardt's Showing Up

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Sundance 2024: Sebastian, Girls Will Be Girls, Brief History of a Family

The Most Anticipated Books of 2024

Cassidy Blake #1

City of ghosts, victoria schwab.

272 pages, ebook

First published August 28, 2018

About the author

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Ratings & Reviews

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“People think that ghosts only come out at night, or on Halloween, when the world is dark and the walls are thin. But the truth is, ghosts are everywhere.”
“Once there was a woman, a beauty with fair skin and black hair, and a little boy who loved to wander.”
“Embrace your strange, dear daughter. Where’s the fun in being normal?”

Profile Image for Kai Spellmeier.

ETA: Queen Schwab has now joined the small, elite group of authors who has hit bestsellers lists in Adult, YA, and Children's releases, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. 💖
Some people call it intuition, others second sight. That tickle at the edge of your senses, telling you there’s something more.
Crossing the Veil is like opening the closet door. Of course, the difference is, monsters aren’t real. The closet was always empty. The Veil… not so much.
The living may take strength from love and hope, but the dead grow strong on darker things. On pain and anger and regret.
But we both know Jacob’s not a normal ghost, just like I’m not a normal girl. Not anymore. There was an accident. A bike. A frozen river.
I wish I could slip my hand into his. Give him some of my warmth. But all I can do is promise that I won’t let him freeze. That I’ll never leave him behind. Where you go, I go.
If we were in a comic book, this would be our origin story. Some people get a spider bite, or a vat of acid. We got a river.

Profile Image for megs_bookrack.

:: rep :: Indian side character :: content warnings :: death (mostly of children), abduction (mostly of children) // buddy read with banshee #1 and banshee #2 Thank you to Scholastic for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review! This did not affect my opinion in any way.

Profile Image for Caz (littlebookowl).

"Every time I get nervous or scared, I remind myself that every good story needs twists and turns. Every heroine needs an adventure. "
""Stories have power," she says. "So long as you believe them.""
"So we pile into the cab, two parents, one kid, a ghost, and a ticked-off cat, and we head for the airport."

Profile Image for emi.

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