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Bob Velseb is the secondary antagonist of the Spooky Month series by Sr. Pelo.

He is a cannibalistic serial killer who claims many lives every Halloween. After escaping prison, he targets Skid and Pump the next Halloween as payback against the former's mother for getting him arrested. He is also the archenemy of Lila, Skid, Pump, and Jaune.

He was originally voiced by the series creator, Sr Pelo, in the first episode. In Tender Treats he was voiced by Corey LeVier.

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Personality [ ]

Bob is an extremely psychotic and insane serial killer. He enjoys maiming people and eating them. He is also vengeful and sadistic, choosing to get revenge on Lila by killing her young son and then her, as well as choosing to educate his victims about cannibalism before attacking. He is so dangerous, that if he escapes, the mayor and police grow nervous. He is also shown to be quite confident, laughing at Lila when she uses a lemon to defend herself as well as frequently. pausing to eat candy while pursuing his victims, showing he's certain he'll catch up later. This does lead to some of his downfalls as when he crosses the road without looking both ways in pursuit of Skid and Pump, he doesn't spot Jack and John's police car and is run over.

He also appears to love candy more than murder, never resisting an opportunity to snatch up candy. He also seems to be capable of acting decently, walking through the haunted house calmly without attacking anyone despite attacking Streber the vampire guy earlier.

Appearance [ ]

Bob is a tall, heavyset man with a crazed grin at all times. He has short black hair combed up and wears a red turtleneck and black pants, below which he wears his cultist necklace and a utility belt. He also wields a filleting knife and sharpener.

In his devil outfit, Bob's head and hands are now red, with him now having horns and no external ears. His fingers are also sharper and claw-like. He also sports black pants and shoes. In Tender Treats, it is revealed that he has a belt which holds a smaller knife, a carving fork, his knife sharpener and a salt shaker, underneath his sweater. In It's Spooky Month, Bob had pointed red ears instead of horns.

Biography [ ]

Not much is known about Bob's life before the events of Spooky Month, but it's implied he has a connection to Lila and her family, appearing in the background of one of her childhood photos. This could explain his connection the mystery cult that Lila and her husband are implied to have been members of, which may explain him targeting her as she defected. He also ran the butchery Boys and Grills, which he used as a front to store bodies or sell them to unwitting customers, which was closed down after his arrest, with ownership transferred to somebody else.

Bob Velseb is first seen in the first Spooky Month video, in which he is about to murder Lila. Skid arrives on the scene and as his mom beckons him to call the police, he reminds her that it's "Spooky Month", to which Lila gives him a piece of candy. Satisfied, Bob lets go of her and dances as Skid leaves. It's later revealed in a flashback that Lila called 911 and Bob was promptly arrested by officers John and Jack.

Bob briefly appears at the end of Spooky Month: Deadly Smiles , where the news reveals that he had escaped prison and is now on the loose.

In Spooky Month: Tender Treats , there is a warrant for his arrest, due to Mayor Evermore being impatient with Jack and John's slow progress on apprehending him. He is described as being able to appear anywhere.

He is first seen watching Lila in her house from across the street. She remembers him from 3 years ago and calls her friend Jaune for help, but drops the phone when she realizes he broke in. Backed up into the corner, Lila offers Bob a piece of candy like she did in the first episode, but runs away as he closes in, with Bob picking up the candy and eating it.

He corners Lila in the kitchen, where she attempts to distract him by telling him it's "Spooky Month" and does the dance. However, he only dances briefly and whips out a knife. Panicked, Lila grabs a lemon from a cutting board, prompting Bob to mockingly ask if she's trying to season him. To his surprise, she squirts lemon juice in his eye, causing him extreme pain while sprinkling pepper onto his nose, making him sneeze, before finally frying some bacon, slapping it onto his belly and scalding him before knocking him over the head with a pan, escaping while he's distracted.

Bob stalks Lila up to the attic, where he is distracted by a falling mannequin, allowing her to escape and call the police.

The police show up and Bob is nowhere to be found. He is seen stalking Skid and Pump as they trick or treat, and attacks Streber, the worker in the vampire costume at a haunted house, eating his forearm as he walks through the attraction, with Skid and Pump mistaking Streber for a prop as they leave.

He tracks the kids to a candy shop, where he is accidentally pointed out by the clerk Kevin as he scolds the kids for their trouble. Entering the store, he scares away Kevin's coworker, with Kevin attempting to trip Bob by spilling gumballs, only to have the gumballs kicked away by the killer and slipping on the gumballs himself. Escaping to the backroom with the kids, Kevin leaves and just as Bob attempts to chase him, he decides to try some of the candy, giving him a bad stomachache, forcing him to rush off and find a toilet. He kills someone in a stall (presumably his creator Sr. Pelo due to the character's hairstyle and voice) to take it.

On the trail of the kids, he encounters the Hatzgang and after scaring them, steals candy from all of them, showing his fondness for sweets. He eventually catches up to Skid and Pump where he offers to play a game of hide and seek after Skid misinterprets his threats as a game. He stalks them as they hide in his butcher shop, slashing the carcasses he strung up, as well as replicas they made of themselves. Lila, accompanied with Jaune, eventually finds them when they sneak out, but Bob attempts to kill them all, as he was still following them. He gets hit by a police car, and the officers offer to take Skid, Pump, and Lila back home. Bob gets up and breaks into the car, but is shot an excessive amount of times by the officers. He still manages to get back up and crawl onto the hood of the car, mockingly asking if they know how to tenderize meat, only to then be repeatedly run over by Jack until he finally drops dead.

In the Newgrounds ending, after taking his corpse to Patty for examination, she shows his necklace that she found to John and Jack. John then examines a picture showing a cultist in a red cloak wearing the same thing, causing him to realize that they were working together. All of a sudden, Bob's body leans forward, to which John responds by shooting him repeatedly. However, it's revealed that Jack simply positioned him that way to scare them, much to Patty and John's ire.

  • It's possible that Bob might have some sort of personal vendetta against Lila, as evidenced by her frightful reaction to seeing him in a picture with her and Jaune when they were kids.
  • Chronologically, Bob is the first villain in the show, appearing in the first seconds of the first video.
  • It's possible that Bob has Mad Cow Disease, since he is a cannibal and he mentions MCD.
  • According to a tweet by Sr. Pelo, Bob's weapon of choice is a filleting knife as he frequently removes the skin of his victims before eating them.
  • Another gag in the episode is that a kid in a devil costume will always show up in the vicinity after Bob leaves, leaving him to be scapegoated for his crimes. Notably when Lila yells at him for trying to kill her, and Kevin mistakes him for Bob and throws hard candy at him. This in turn has caused the kid to be quite paranoid, as when he witnesses Jack and John shooting at his corpse, he runs off in fear, believing that he would be shot for being mistaken for Bob again.
  • That said, he is not without comedic moments. Most notably where he partakes in doing the "Spooky Month Dance" once Lila does it as an attempt to distract him, as well as when she "seasons" him.
  • This also makes him the second antagonist in the series to actually scare Skid & Pump, after Roy's Uncle .
  • This is a possible reference to his affinity for candy, so much so he chooses it over his main hobby, murder and often eats on the job.
  • For some reason when Bob is initially run over by Jack and John, he turns into a badly rendered 3D model and ragdolls to the floor. Likewise when he is shot, his body is rendered as a clay model.
  • His Design in "Tender Treats" changed slightly from how he looked in "It's Spooky Month", as he used to have smaller pointed ears as opposed to horns, had a darker red turtleneck, and had a significantly different body structure.
  • A popular meme in the Spooky Month community was the comparison of Bob's design to the avatar of animator SomethingElseYT, prompting the series creator Sr. Pelo to draw the two dancing together.
  • It was revealed that he has a belt where he keeps his other tools, including a smaller knife, a carving fork, his knife sharpener and a salt shaker. It can be shown when he plays "Hide and Seek" with Skid and Pump while he grabs his knife and shapener as he he comes looking to have the kids killed and eaten.

External Links [ ]

  • Bob Velseb on the Spooky Month Wiki

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Spooky Month

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The Spooky Month series is about two kids, Skid and Pump , who are obsessed with Halloween, which they refer to as the "Spooky Month". No matter the time of year, they always celebrate with their infamous Spooky Dance, even if the world around them is twisted and desolate; demons in the attic, killer dolls roaming the streets, and a mysterious cult sneaking around the town.

Episodes [ ]

  • It's spooky month : Skid and Pump have an adventure the entire Spooky Month.
  • The Stars : Skid and Pump enjoy Spooky Month against all the weird things in the world.
  • Unwanted Guest : Someone got tired and wants to go outside, but it's not the kids...
  • Deadly Smiles : The kids are happy to play games, but some fellows are not as happy as them.
  • Tender Treats : The kids celebrate Halloween like no one! They trick or treat in every single house in the town, sadly, this year someone escaped from prison, Bob Velseb , and he is hungry to feast, for the town is his buffet.
  • Spooky Month 6-10

Promotional Shorts [ ]

  • Spooky Month Merch : A promotional short advertising Skid and Pump plushies and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Spooky Month Merch! : A promotional short announcing the new t-shirts and key chains.
  • Spooky Month Plushies! : A promotional short announcing the new Skid and Pump plushies.

Miscellaneous [ ]

  • Friday Night Funkin' : A rhythm game that had an official collaboration with Spooky Month, having the kids as one of the main opponents.
  • Merchandise : Official Spooky Month merchandise such as plushies, shirts and keychains, all being sold through the online store Ownja .
  • Spooky Month ARG : An ARG that started with the third episode and has continued with each one released, each part of the ARG contains pieces of lore. Špöøkÿ mõńth

References [ ]

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Web Animation / Spooky Month

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It is the 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓎 tropes! Ayyy!:

  • 20 Minutes into the Past : "Unwanted Guest" was released on November 25, 2020, but according to Lila's phone, takes place the night of June 17, 2012, so each episode takes place approximately eight years (give or take) before its release. Going off this, the first episode "It's spooky month" (released on October 30, 2018) is set in October 2010; while the fifth episode "Tender Treats" (released on November 5, 2022), which is explicitly stated to be set three years after the first episode, takes place on the night of Halloween 2013.
  • Abuse Discretion Shot : In a series that doesn't shy away from slapstick and characters getting hurt, Roy's uncle abusing him is only briefly implied by Roy himself, and his uncle's one scene of him predatorily creeping on Skid and Pump is stopped before he's able to actually do anything to the two.
  • All There in the Script : A lot of the characters' names aren't spoken aloud, instead being revealed by the credits or character sheets.
  • Alternate Reality Game : Starting with "Unwanted Guest", each episode has a hidden QR Code that leads to images related to the series' lore. While the QR code in "Unwanted Guest" was just a picture of the listings in the phone book, following episodes expanded on the concept, with an initial image that contains multiple links and codes to other images, sometimes even videos, that must be deciphered.
  • Anachronism Stew : The show takes place around the early to mid 2010s, but there are several Shout Outs to media that wouldn't yet exist around that time — in particular, "Tender Treats" takes place in 2013, and has Roy steal costume parts from kids dressed as Sans from Undertale , which released in 2015, and Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin' , which released in 2020.
  • In "Deadly Smiles", as Kevin hears Skid explaining his and Pump's lost doll, Kevin quickly pieces together that the same doll was the one that attacked him earlier, letting out a low, notably lupine growl as his face increases to that of bestial rage.
  • In "Tender Treats", after Bob Velseb has been distracted, Kevin quickly has Skid and Pump escape into the back, where he growls like an angry dog before giving the two a box of candy and telling them to scram.
  • Arc Words : "Everything". The concept of "everything" seems to carry negative connotations behind it, as not only do damaged pictures of Skid's father come with the phrase "You are everything", but Mr. Clown implies to John and Jack in the Newgrounds ending of "Unwanted Guest" that he and the cult plan on seizing this supposed "everything". The word even comes up in unrelated contexts, such as Dexter's slogan and the name of town's newspaper. Mr. Clown: We will take all and get everything! Everything will give us MORE THAT IS ALL!
  • Artifact Title : The only times when it's actually Spooky Month are "It's spooky month", "The Stars", and "Tender Treats". In "Unwanted Guest", Skid and Pump believe it to be Spooky Month despite it actually being June , while in "Deadly Smiles", there's no mention of it being Spooky Month at all, not even by Skid and Pump, since it's January.
  • Patty's freakout about the corpses in the morgue, and Kevin's internal freakouts regarding the Candy Dealer's package of sugar, are drawn in a much looser, sketchier style with incomplete coloring.
  • The credits panoramic for this episode is drawn in a lineless, shaded, and more detailed style than the rest of the episode.
  • The credits panoramic for "Deadly Smiles" is in CGI, depicting everyone as 3D toys.
  • When Jack and John accidentally run over Bob, the event is abruptly depicted in CGI, with Bob as a 3D model ragdolling. Bob's body is subsequently shown as a clay model, while Jack and John are still animated in 2D.
  • The credits panoramic for this episode is drawn in a lineless, shaded, and more detailed style than the rest of the short.
  • "Streber's Rehearsal" is animated lineless, compared to the purple outlines of the series proper.
  • Author Appeal : Sr. Pelo loves the Touhou Project , and based the mall and most of its customers in "Unwanted Guest" off the franchise to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Various pictures around Skid's and Pump's houses also show their respective families dressed as Touhou characters for Halloween, Nitori and Hina make a short cameo at the Candy Club in "Deadly Smiles", and four little girls dressed as Reisen, Marisa, Alice, and Nazrin are seen repeatedly applauding John and Jack for brutalizing Bob at the end of "Tender Treats".
  • While the series is in English, many background gags and props are written in Spanish, as that is Sr. Pelo's native language.
  • One of the movies in "Deadly Smiles" is in German.
  • A poster in Susie's room during "Deadly Smiles" has a young boy with smoke coming out of his mouth and empty eyesockets. The text above the boy is Japanese hiragana spelling out "Utsuwa", or "Vessel" in English.
  • Various texts and scriptures related to the cult are in Latin, which offer lore about them and their ultimate goal.
  • Black Comedy : While this show's sense of humor isn't too overly sadistic most of the time, morbid jokes still pop up on a regular basis due to being a Horror Comedy cartoon, especially with most of the villains being Laughably Evil .
  • Moloch is still stuck in the attic since he was summoned in the first episode.
  • Roy's uncle (the stranger that locked Skid and Pump inside the house on the hill) books it when one of Eyes' tentacles bursts out of the floor and grabs the two. When Eyes and the Spooky Kids leave the house to engage in Spooky Month shenanigans, Eyes accidentally tramples Roy's uncle (who was still fleeing from the house), leaving a small blood splatter on the ground.
  • Come "Unwanted Guest", Moloch is still trapped in the attic (two years have since passed in-universe), and he becomes so pissed off that he causes this episode's main conflict.
  • At the beginning, Lila talks to Jaune on the phone, complaining that Skid and Pump spend all their time sharing the Happy Fella. At the end of the short, Jaune arrives at the house with a new Happy Fella for Pump, having misunderstood Lila's complaints.
  • After John sneezes on the Happy Fella, Jack simply says " told you ". In the Newgrounds ending of the short ( which is set before the short itself ), Jack notices how dirty John's coffee mug is and remarks that drinking out of it will get him sick, which John brushes off.
  • Cerebus Syndrome : The first three shorts were primarily comedy-driven, with "Unwanted Guest" having more worldbuilding to its name beyond just Skid's and Pump's random antics. Although comedy wasn't lost on the series after the fact, "Deadly Smiles" is the first episode to take itself seriously and focus on telling an engaging story, which would carry on into "Tender Treats".
  • In the attic scenes in both "It's spooky month" and "Unwanted Guest", a dusty mannequin in the background slides across the floor. In "Deadly Smiles", the mannequin conveniently tips over onto Dexter right when he's about to attack Lila and the boys, giving them time to escape and form a plan.
  • At the first house they trick or treat at, Skid and Pump bust down the guy's door with a hammer to get his attention. Later when they begin playing "hide and seek" with Bob, the two use the hammer to bust open a restaurant's back door so they can hide in there.
  • The boys are seen looking both ways before crossing the street early in the episode. Later when the protagonists are accosted by Bob, they quickly look both ways before crossing the street. Bob does not and is immediately run over by John and Jack.
  • Comic-Book Time : Despite the series taking place in the span of 3 years (as of "Tender Treats"), none of the characters seem to visibly age at all. Skid and Pump were stated by Sr. Pelo to be 8 and 7 invoked before the release of "Unwanted Guest", but their ages have never been stated in the series itself, and everyone else has a Vague Age .
  • The male actor in the horror movie is the same actor that gets spooked by Ooga Booga in the movie the boys were watching in the first short, just with a different outfit.
  • In the attic scene, Lila hides behind the portrait of her and Skid's dad that was hung up on the wall in "It's spooky month", now with Skid's dad's face torn out.
  • While Jaune is flicking through channels on the TV in "Tender Treats", she comes across a horror movie with the same brunette actress from the horror movie playing at the theater in "Deadly Smiles".
  • The thumbnail for "Deadly Smiles" has Skid and Pump looking uneasy, presumably because of the Happy Fella. In the episode itself, the two not only don't take him seriously as a threat, but actually get mad at him for his mistreatment of them and Lila.
  • The thumbnail for "Streber's Rehearsal" shows Streber as Bob looms over him, implying it takes place during "Tender Treats". Bob doesn't make an appearance, and the short is set while Streber and his friends are getting ready for the haunted house.
  • Crapsack World : Aside from Skid's and Pump's unnamed hometown being ridden with neighborhood bullies and violent criminals, there's a festering supernatural influence that's attracted various monsters and an evil secret cult to the town, and numerous missing persons posters are strewn about every wall. However, Skid and Pump themselves aren't aware of any of this, simply just having fun around town regardless while keeping an optimistic attitude.
  • Sr. Pelo himself appears down the street in "It's spooky month", screaming as he gets abducted by Frank.
  • One of the various ice creams advertised on Frank's van in "The Stars" is based on Sr. Pelo 's Author Avatar .
  • Two of the haunted house workers in "Tender Treats" are loosely based off animators for the episode, Fangz and MrBlaz.
  • Sr. Pelo makes another in-person appearance in "Tender Treats", only to be immediately killed by Bob so he could use the bathroom stall he was in.
  • Credits Running Sequence : The credits for "The Stars" have Skid and Pump running on a hill as the credits scroll beside them.
  • The Candy Dealer starts to say "What the fu—" in response to Skid and Pump playing dead after saying they want to go to the hospital, only for a hysterical woman to start screaming that he killed the kids.
  • In the ending, one of the Wheel of the Worst hosts somehow hears Skid and Pump say that "it's Spooky Month" through the TV, causing him to start dancing. His baffled co-host replies "What?! What the fu—", with the episode cutting to the credits before he's able to finish.
  • Subverted in the Newgrounds ending; when John and Jack bust into the house on the hill and find a group of robed cultists looking into the hole in the floor, John utters an uncensored and uninterrupted "What the fuck are you?".
  • Dexter almost calls Lila a "dumb bitch", but he gets interrupted by Skid and Pump shoving him into the oven.
  • Confused at Lila's hysterical panicking over the new Happy Fella doll she brought over, Jaune starts to mutter "What the fu—", but Dexter's yelling startles her before she's able to finish.
  • When Lila calls Jaune to tell her about Bob stalking her, Jaune thinks Lila has a new boyfriend and congratulates her, saying that, "You've gone so long without di -", but the scene cuts back to Lila before Jaune finishes saying "dick".
  • When the teen dressed as Bob tells Kevin that kids are stealing from the currently-unattended candy store, he runs towards the door with an "Ah, shi-" before the Smash Cut to the next scene interrupts him.
  • Subverted by John in the Newgrounds ending, where after realizing Jack propped up Bob's corpse to scare him, he says, "Jesus fucking Christ , Jack!"
  • "It's spooky month" has no actual antagonist for the most part, and is just about Skid and Pump wandering around town to spread Spooky Month cheer. The worst that happens is a brief scene in which Lila is being threatened by a then-unnamed murderer (Bob Velseb), which is then immediately played for laughs as she easily pacifies him.
  • "The Stars" has the two boys encounter a real monster, albeit one that's benevolent to the two. The closest thing to an antagonist in this short, Roy's creepy pervert of an uncle, only gets to menace Skid and Pump very briefly before he cowers away from that aforementioned monster, later getting killed by it in the most anticlimactic way possible.
  • "Unwanted Guest" has the episode's main antagonist, a demonic monster possessing a hapless ( though unsympathetic ) man, directly chase after Lila, and later prepares to attack Skid and Pump, with every intent of inflicting serious harm on the protagonists. However, he ultimately fails because of a humorous mistake he made.
  • "Deadly Smiles" has the main antagonist constantly follow Skid and Pump around, trying (but still failing every time) to kill them or other people, eventually culminating in Lila expressing true fear when running away with Skid and Pump.
  • "Tender Treats" expands on the same serial killer from the first short (Bob), who, unlike Dexter, successfully kills at least one or two people while chasing Skid and Pump, all the while talking about his creepy hobby of cannibalism. He's relatively more of a serious threat compared to previous antagonists, and he tries to kill most of the protagonists and their allies at one point or another.
  • Dramatic Irony : Near the end of "Streber's Rehearsal", Streber complains about how sore his arm is because he's been working on props all morning, and remarks that he "doesn't want it to fall off on him". His friends then joke about him dropping dead because of him overworking; lighthearted banter for them, a reminder of Streber's unfortunate fate in "Tender Treats" for the audience.
  • Everybody Do the Endless Loop : The series' signature "Spooky Dance" is a simple three-frame animation of the character rapidly shifting from left to center to right. Even as the episodes increase in animation quality, the animation for the Spooky Dance continues to just be three frames, because it's funny .
  • "The Stars": After sending Skid and Pump off to the house on the hill, Roy mentions it's the place where his uncle takes him. When Skid and Pump burst into the manor in the next scene, a creepy stranger locks them inside and references Roy tricking them into coming, revealing him to be Roy's uncle.
  • "Deadly Smiles": When Jaune presents the Happy Fella doll she bought for Pump, it has Dexter's white eye, indicating he's already possessing it. Lila understandably begins to panic, and Dexter tries to break out of the doll's box shortly after.
  • After John and Jack accidentally run Bob over, Pump gains his blue eyes again as he pokes Bob's body. Sure enough, Bob isn't dead, and tries to attack them again while the cops are distracted.
  • In The Stinger , when Patty calls the two cops to give John the amulet she found on Bob , Jack sees something offscreen and gets a devious smile as he walks towards it. Shortly after, John sees Bob seemingly still alive and shoots at him again, before Jack reveals he propped up Bob's body to scare them.
  • In "The Stars", Susie's room, which the kids broke into earlier, has a poster of a large monster with two kid-sized characters standing before it. By the end of the short, pretty much the exact same scenario is playing out for the boys with The Eyes of the Universe.
  • While walking out of the mall in "Unwanted Guest", Pump remarks that they should burn the Happy Fella doll they just bought to see if it screams. This ends up coming to pass in "Deadly Smiles", where they force the doll into the oven and Lila sets it to burn, the doll screaming as it melts from the heat.
  • In "It's spooky month", when Skid and Pump are running down the stairs, you can see within the walls a skeleton wearing a wedding ring on one finger. The immediate next shot has a picture of Lila and Skid's father, with the wedding ring on the same finger as the skeleton.
  • In "Unwanted Guest", the quick shot of Lila slamming the phonebook on the table reveals a QR code on the cover, which leads to a post on Imgur showing off multiple ads from the phonebook.
  • In "Deadly Smiles", the various papers in Pump's toy chest seen for a brief moment have the pieces of a QR code on them, which when put together lead to an Imgur post showing a picture of notes Dexter wrote while he was possessing the Happy Fella.
  • When Jaune changes channels in "Tender Treats", the short frame of static has a QR code hidden in it, which when color corrected leads to a base picture with other links.
  • "Tender Treats": as the Hatzgang are talking about their lack of candy, Jaune and Lila can be seen in the background searching for Skid and Pump, mimicking the two's goofy faces as they talk to someone.
  • As Streber is talking, the guy in the werewolf costume tries to drink a soda, but misses his mouth and pours it on the floor. He then walks away dejectedly.
  • Still behind Streber, Leon sneaks up on Ethan and Aria to scare them.
  • Fun with Subtitles : There are multiple official subtitles on the YouTube versions of the videos; while most of them are standard and straight forward, there's at least one set per episode that have a lot more fun with it, spelling letters incorrectly , adding in its own gags and commentary (such as every instance of the word spooky being typed as 𝒮𝓅𝑜𝑜𝓀𝓎), or even something completely different from what the characters actually say. Be prepared to either watch one frame at a time or at half speed while constantly pausing . Pump: Let's go to the graveyard! His subtitles: Fellow comrade, I bear the unrelenting desire for you and myself to heed our X, Y and Z coordination upon the premises of our local death keep- *I MEAN* Les go to de graveyard!
  • Skid's father has thus far only been seen through pictures, and not even entirely, as they're all either torn or have his face scribbled out .
  • Starting with "Unwanted Guest", Robert mentions his thus far unseen little sister at least once per episode; she actually factors into the Hatzgang's subplot in "Tender Treats", as they're trying to get candy for her because she was too sick to go trick-or-treating herself.
  • In the Newgrounds ending for "Deadly Smiles", John's daughter is seen in the background in family photos, and again in a photo in John's wallet in the Newgrounds ending for "Tender Treats"; she doesn't appear in the series otherwise, and her fate is left ambiguous since John's house burns down in the fourth episode.
  • Ross' dad has currently only appeared in some family photos in Jaune's house during "Tender Treats". Word of God invoked states that he's still married to Jaune, however, and is not a Disappeared Dad like Skid's father.
  • When Skid and Pump visit the graveyard in "It's spooky month", all of the tombstones say various funny things, such as "Here lies my boner", "I am fine", and " t You later".
  • When Skid and Pump visit the haunted house in "Tender Treats", two of the tombstones in the front yard say "LET IT RIP" and "RIP UR ASS ".
  • The series' outlines are in dark purple rather than black, meaning every black-haired character is visually purple (the exception being Lila, whose hair actually is purple, and is a much lighter shade to distinguish it as such).
  • As Ross' hair is already black — er, purple — the highlights in his hair are instead drawn in a light blue.
  • Halloweentown : Skid and Pump are always celebrating Halloween around town and wearing their costumes even when the holiday is still a long way's off, believing it to be Spooky Month; even when others tell them to snap out of it because it's not October, Lila still reaffirms that it's indeed a Spooky Month so as not to disappoint them.
  • Heinousness Retcon : When introduced in the first episode, the then-unnamed Bob Velseb was little more than a gag, holding Lila at knifepoint but then happily letting go once Skid reminds them both that it's Spooky Month and Lila offers him some candy. When he appears again in "Tender Treats", he's revealed to be a serial killer with an incredibly high body count and taste for human flesh, and a flashback to the first episode shows that Lila called the cops on him moments after Skid left the house.
  • Pictures of Skid without his mask show he has the same bob-like haircut as his mom, with hers going down the shoulder and his stopping at the neck. Lila purposefully styles her hair like Skid's because them having the same haircut makes him happy.
  • Photos of Pump's dad and one of his grandfather when his dad graduated college show them both with the same poofy hairstyle, complete with the same swoop in the back and a stray pointy tuft on the left side. Other photos of Pump without his costume show he also has the same hairstyle, including the tuft.
  • Ross' hair points out to the sides in a very similar way to his mother Jaune's hair.
  • As part of their plan, Lila comes up behind the Happy Fella and stabs him in the head with a knife while Skid and Pump are distracting him. It doesn't do anything because, as he himself points out, he's a doll and therefore doesn't have a brain. Happy Fella: [ Evil Laugh ] I'm a doll ! You DUMB BI- [Skid and Pump shove him into the oven]
  • As Bob attempts to get into the police car to attack the boys, Lila and Jaune, John and Jack come up behind him and shoot him in the back, making him fall to the ground. The two then decide to unload the rest of their bullets into his chest just to make sure.
  • Inconsistent Episode Lengths : As the series goes on, the shorts increase in runtime: the original "It's spooky month" was around a minute forty in length, "The Stars" is six minutes, and "Unwanted Guest" ten, with "Deadly Smiles" and "Tender Treats" clocking in past twenty minutes.
  • In "The Stars", right before Skid and Pump enter the Candy Club, Kevin checks the time on his watch. The watch disappears after he puts his arm down, and it's the only time in the series that he's drawn with one.
  • In "Unwanted Guest", Lila stares at her watch after realizing how long Dexter has been in the attic. It stays on her wrist as she walks out of frame, but disappears after this scene.
  • Overused excessively by Ooga Booga in "It's spooky month", who somehow always appears either in person, on the phone, in a film, and in a video game to scream OOGA BOOGA! .
  • Ooga Booga returns in the Newgrounds post-credits ending scene , trying to scare the cops in a police car as they're barreling right towards her , with predictable results.
  • Mr. Clown instead appears in the Youtube ending credits to give the camera a wallop with his mallet and try to steal the viewer away, Laughing Mad all the while.
  • Ooga Booga returns in HD glory for the Youtube ending of "Unwanted Guest", jumpscaring after the credits are done rolling.
  • Ooga Booga appears again for the Youtube ending of "Deadly Smiles", trying to jumpscare the viewer with a Happy Fella doll, but gets freaked out when it talks, only to then use that as an opportunity to give a real jumpscare.
  • Ooga Booga makes another return after the credits for the YouTube version of "Tender Treats" end, asking the viewer "OOGA or sugar ", then jumpscaring the viewer when she pulls out an apple on a stick.
  • Laughably Evil : Many of the bad guys' deeds are offset by just how comical they are: from Frank who's just as excited to do the Spooky Dance as he is to abduct children, the Monster Clown who lets out a really goofy Evil Laugh while bludgeoning kids with a mallet, Moloch the demon complaining about being stuck in the attic until he has a Villainous Breakdown , to Dexter the cat-killing creep suffering all kinds of slapstick abuse (especially after being turned into a Creepy Doll ). Even Bob, despite being treated more seriously as a villain , is not immune to suffering some goofy slapstick at his expense.
  • Long Pants : Characters wearing both black pants and shoes are drawn as if they're wearing black stockings, with no lines of separation between the two. Characters with pants and shoes of different colors have a much clearer distinction between where the pants end and the shoes begin.
  • Lighter and Softer : Though not entirely without darker themes, Spooky Month is by far less deranged and less loony compared to most other works of Pelo, bordering on kid-friendly at times.
  • Mature Work, Child Protagonists : Downplayed . The shorts are rated "Teen" on Newgrounds and contain dark humor and horror, while the protagonists are a pair of young children.
  • Lila is an architect working from home, as seen with her schematics and work laptop. This is never addressed in person.
  • Skid's Disappeared Dad is implied with the torn-up pictures of where he should be in the family pictures, on top with some of his shelves having cultist attire and gear implying his family's ties to the occult. In those same pictures, you get to see Skid without his costume on.
  • We get to see how Pump's and Susie's parents gradually went from loving and attentive to being too busy for their children in the photos throughout their house.
  • Ooga Booga can be seen staring at the viewer behind windows or standing around somewhere hidden in "It's spooky month".
  • Mr. Clown stalks the boys in a few scenes after his initial appearance in "The Stars".
  • In the night sky of "Unwanted Guest", two larger than average stars tend to follow Skid and Pump around, implied to be their new friend the Eyes of the Universe, whom they befriended in the previous episode. Made more obvious in the credit reel of this short, with Eyes being one of the few characters physically missing from the artwork — except for Skid and Pump being illuminated by his two stars in the sky.
  • Among the various missing person posters in the background of "Deadly Smiles" is one of Dexter, confirming that no one outside of Lila, Skid and Pump even know he's dead. This poster along with a photo of him on the police station's corkboard also shows what he looks like without his gas mask on.
  • In "Deadly Smiles", while the cops are handing the Happy Fella off to Kevin, a fire truck passes by. The prequel stinger for this episode revealed that one of the cultists broke into John's house and set it alight to destroy all the intel they've gathered about the cult .
  • In the Newgrounds stinger of "Deadly Smiles", a photo next to John's String Theory board is of him and a little girl, with a mug on his desk and a drawing behind him further clarifying that she's his daughter.
  • In the "Tender Treats" scene where the Hatzgang discuss Roy's lack of a costume, Lila and Jaune can be seen in the background asking trick-or-treaters if they've seen Skid and Pump. Surprisingly, none of the Hatzgang boys seem to notice or care that Ross' mom is standing just across the street from them.
  • In the advertisement for the second edition of the Skid and Pump plushies, the dolls are real-life photos that were turned transparent and pasted into the short, which then provides a very stark contrast when Lila picks up the Skid doll and starts pleading with it.
  • In "Tender Treats", Bob turns into a 3D model when he first gets run over by the cops, and then becomes a clay model as the still 2D Jack and John check on his body. The clay model is still visible as Jack puts the boys' candy into the trunk of the police car.
  • In "Tender Treats", Lila has a flashback to the scene in "It's spooky month" when she was attacked by Bob Velseb. For this brief moment she is voiced by Sr. Pelo himself, like she was in that video. At the end of the flashback, Lila, once again voiced by Elsie Lovelock , says "Huh. My voice was so different back then."
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot : One of the haunted house workers in "Tender Treats" is dressed as a zombie pirate, and another is dressed as a werewolf with a bomb fuse on his head.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business : In the ad for the physical versions of the Volume 1 soundtrack, John is noticeably more panicked at the thought of the Piper's return compared to everything else he and Jack deal with, making the Piper seem like that much more of a threat in comparison.
  • Downplayed Trope . The cannibalistic serial killer in "Tender Treats" is called Bob, which is a diminutive form of the name Robert. One of the Hatzgang is also named Robert.
  • Downplayed: the series has two Richards: Rick, the depressed jobhopper (introduced first), and Richard, Roy's father. Rick is only ever referred to as Rick, and it being short for Richard is only known through a picture Sr. Pelo posted to Twitter.
  • Pictorial Letter Substitution : In the title logo, the holes of the two Os in "Spooky" are pointed stars, the symbol of The Eyes of the Universe, while the hole of the O in "Month" is a diamond, resembling the amulets the cultists wear.
  • Pint-Sized Kid : Young kids in the series are always drawn as very short, barely reaching knee-height to most adults. This is exaggerated by Skid and Pump, who are both about elementary school age, but are shorter than the Happy Fella, a doll made for children .
  • Possession Levitation : After possessing Dexter, the demon Moloch floats off the ground in Dexter's body as he chases Lila.
  • Precision F-Strike : The series generally tends to avoid swearing that's any worse than a "hell" or "damn", and cuts them off whenever a character tries to say worse, so John directing an uninterrupted "What the fuck are you?" to the cultists is very noticeable.
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy : Befitting Sr. Pelo 's style, there's rarely a moment in the shorts without some joke being attempted in either the foreground or background.
  • Retraux : The ads for the second edition of the Skid and Pump plushies and the Volume 1 soundtrack have heavy film grain and noise, meant to imitate old VHS recordings. The videos even have an aspect ratio of 4:3 instead of the usual 16:9, to further the effect of it being recorded off an old TV.
  • Three characters attempt to say "what the fuck" over the course of "Unwanted Guest"; the first two were interrupted, while the third gets it out.
  • Shortly into "Tender Treats", Skid and Pump look both ways before crossing the street. Near the episode's end, they, Lila and Jaune again look both ways before crossing the street as they're being chased by Bob. Bob crosses the street without looking and instantly gets hit by a car.
  • Over the course of "Tender Treats", Lila gets asked by three different characters about why she's not wearing a costume: first "Costume Bob", then Jaune, and finally Skid.
  • Nearly everyone without fail won't resist performing the Spooky Dance when they find out it's Spooky Month; taken to its extremes when even monsters, dead people, an old man almost dying of heart failure, and a cop who is still driving a car can't help but cheerily dance.
  • When a character has an Oh, Crap! moment, they'll quietly look at the camera with Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises , all while a chicken echoes in the background . This is seen with Lila at the end of "Deadly Smiles", and Kevin halfway through "Tender Treats".
  • Pump tends to appear out of nowhere whenever Skid summons him, first nonchalantly standing outside of Skid's house in seconds of being called, then hurling himself across the sky and landing in front of Skid after a phone call, and then rising from a grave planted in the yard in the third short.
  • Ooga Booga, who spends the whole first short delivering an absurd amount of jump scares and showing up in the background, including appearing after the credits to try one last scare. In the second episode's Newgrounds ending, she tried to do her scaring routine while standing in the middle of a road in the path of a police car , leaving her temporarily hospitalized during the third episode. Afterward, she reappears in the YouTube credits of each episode to do more of her classic jump scares.
  • In "Deadly Smiles", many characters remark that the Happy Fella doll looks ugly, with Dexter being personally offended by these comments.
  • In "Tender Treats", there is an unnamed guy wearing a devil costume who is repeatedly mistaken for Bob Velseb, and getting attacked for that at least twice. When the cops repeatedly shoot Bob in the climax, the same guy with the devil costume flees in terror before he can end up as the victim again.
  • In "The Stars", one of the trending tags on Divver is "Pelodidn'tdoitontime", a reference to how the short came out in November rather than October.
  • In "Unwanted Guest", one of the sticky notes on Lila's corkboard is "Tell creator to finish the damn animation on TIME!!", a reference to how the short came out towards the end of November rather than October.
  • One of the ads in the "Unwanted Guest" phonebook is a ad deriding Sr. Pelo for the delay of the episode, and a call to action for the readers to kick his ass for it. The ad right below it echos the sentiment, and there are two additional phone numbers that agree with it.
  • Short Teens, Tall Adults : Early teenagers like the Hatzgang and Susie are around half the usual height of adult characters, with younger kids being even shorter .
  • In "It's spooky month", Skid and Pump watch a horror movie titled Really Spooky - The Ooga Booga , featuring Ooga Booga scaring the bejeesus out of some poor sap.
  • At the beginning of "Deadly Smiles", Skid can be seen watching a Happy Fella cartoon, which consists of a Happy Fella trying to make a sad guy happy. The ending shows the end of the Happy Fella episode, with the sad guy now much happier and friends with the Happy Fella.
  • Later in "Deadly Smiles", Skid and Pump watch a horror movie titled Dioboloma , with a scene of a man becoming possessed and undergoing a horrific transformation while trying to reassure his female companion.
  • In "Tender Treats", Jaune is seen watching an untitled horror movie on TV, starring the same actress from Dioboloma being menaced by a man invading her house (coincidentally when she gets a phone call from Lila, about how Bob was standing outside Lila's house ).
  • Special Occasions Are Magic : Played for Laughs . In "Unwanted Guest", Skid and Pump visit the hospital's morgue and cheerfully inform the worker there that it is Spooky Month. The corpses in the morgue then inexplicably rise and begin to dance, only for the morgue worker to inform them that it is actually June, not Spooky Month. They all die (again) on the spot .
  • "It's Spooky Month": The YouTube version features Ooga Booga jumpscaring the audience. While the Newgrounds version has Moloch realize it's now November, stops doing the Spooky Dance, and then he gets slapped silly by Santa Claus .
  • "The Stars": The YouTube version has Mr. Clown (instead of Ooga Booga) attacking and kidnapping the viewer. In the Newgrounds version, John and Jack notice that something strange is happening with the spooky old house on the hill, and then they accidentally run over Ooga Booga.
  • "Unwanted Guest": The YouTube version gives us the return of Ooga Booga after she had been seen wearing a full-body cast in the hospital earlier in the episode. The Newgrounds version shows John and Jack interrupting a cult meeting in the spooky house that's seemingly led by Mr. Clown , with Jack shooting the Clown to death in a panic.
  • "Deadly Smiles": On YouTube, Ooga Booga scares us with (and then gets scared by) her own Happy Fella doll. On Newgrounds, John contemplates a String Theory board in his house before he and Jack go to get donuts ; while they're gone, a cultist sets it on fire to destroy all the gathered evidence. The cultist subsequently catches fire before running offscreen .
  • "Tender Treats": On YouTube, Ooga Booga scares us and opens a bag with candy (or an apple). On Newgrounds, John and Jack visit Patty in the morgue, who had found a cult necklace in Bob Velseb's chest, which causes John to realize the cult and Bob were working together, and that they had been the ones to free him in the first place ; after which Jack props up Bob's corpse to pull a prank, which angers John and Patty.
  • Supernatural Hotspot Town : The unnamed town the series takes places in is home to a variety of ghosts and ghouls, such as actual ghosts, a supernaturally powered Serial Killer , zombies that rise from the dead at the mere mention of Spooky Month only to die when told it's not, a Magical Flutist that leads people to their deaths, an Eldritch Abomination whose eyes are the stars that dot the night sky, and a cult that worships said eldritch being. "Unwanted Guest" also introduces the Happy Fella toys, dolls that are specifically made as ghost trappers first and children's toys second.
  • Town with a Dark Secret : Skid's and Pump's unnamed hometown isn't a normal or pleasant place to live in. In addition to the surprisingly high level of crime (for such a small town) with robbers, kidnappers, and murderers running around at night, it's also a Weirdness Magnet for occult and supernatural activity; with various monsters suddenly appearing with little or no explanation (like the dancing zombies in the hospital morgue), along with being the home base of a mysterious evil cult that worships an Eldritch Abomination lurking under the town's surface, plotting sinister schemes for their unknown agenda in the background.
  • Toy Transmutation : The advertisement for the second edition of the Skid and Pump plushies features a witch turning Skid and Pump into stuffed toys, with Lila implied to suffer the same fate.
  • Trapped in the Host : To escape imprisonment in the attic, Moloch possesses the body of a human exterminator named Dexter, and makes his way free... only to foolishly get Dexter paralyzed while trying to prove that Moloch really was possessing him, and winds up stuck inside Dexter's body.
  • "Deadly Smiles" concludes with a short animation of the Hatzgang running away from Skid and Pump driving a tank, which turns into the Newgrounds logo when the tank is fully in frame.
  • "Tender Treats" has Skid and Pump now accompanied by Lila and Jaune in the tank. The four cheerfully shout the site's name and its slogan ("Newgrounds: Everything by everyone!"), before Bob appears behind them and makes them run away from the tank, with Skid almost leaving the logo's frame before Lila pulls him back.
  • Whenever Skid and Pump run together, it's almost always accompanied by the harsh sound of metal crashing violently against metal, but the ground is no worse for wear.
  • "Deadly Smiles" includes many more sound effects than previous episodes — while most are simple sounds of characters walking or things being moved around, there are also plenty of silly ones, such as Kevin's building anger and subsequent resignation being accompanied by a tea kettle whistling and a slide whistle.
  • Played for Horror : to further illustrate how imposing Bob is, his footsteps are accompanied by a distinct thud sound effect, much louder than the footsteps of other characters.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield? : The series is set in an unnamed small town, and its exact location is unknown. It seems to be a generic North American suburb, and everyone speaks English, so it's probably somewhere around the United States or Canada. The phonebook from "Unwanted Guest" implies that the series takes place somewhere in Arizona, as all the phone numbers have Arizona area codes (928). However, there are nearby forests and there is some snow on the ground in winter, so if the town really is in Arizona, it would have to be located up in some of the state's high-altitude mountains.
  • Whole-Plot Reference : While the episodes are shock-full of references to horror movies, "Deadly Smiles" as a whole is a direct homage to Child's Play (1988) , with the possessed "Happy Fella" doll being an expy of the possessed "Good Guy" doll on the movie, and the episode recreating a few of the movie's scenes, like when the doll is burned by the protagonists on their house (an oven in here and a fireplace in the movie).
  • Workplace Horror : Kevin's subplots revolve around him working at the Candy Club and being forced to deal with dangerous and/or supernatural events that Skid and Pump, either directly or indirectly, bring along with them; such as an Eldritch Abomination that momentarily breaks Kevin's mind , a bag of sugar that looks like cocaine right as two cops enter the store, and being attacked by both a killer doll and a cannibal on two separate occasions. He also mentions an offscreen Noodle Incident in which he had to clean up fake blood off the floor.
  • Your Size May Vary : Character heights tend to fluctuate depending on what's needed for a scene, with characters being shorter or taller than they actually are. Best exemplified with Susie and the Hatzgang, where they're drawn smaller when in frame with Skid and Pump to better scene composition.

Video Example(s):

Dexter the exterminator.

Dexter introduces himself to Lila by letting slip he hunts cats alongside actual vermin. Concerningly, later episodes reveal he had a pet cat.

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    Bob Velseb is the secondary antagonist of the Spooky Month series by Sr. Pelo. He is a cannibalistic serial killer who claims many lives every Halloween. After escaping prison, he targets Skid and Pump the next Halloween as payback against the former's mother for getting him arrested. He is also the archenemy of Lila, Skid, Pump, and Jaune.

  5. Bob Velseb

    Appearance []. Bob was a tall, overweight adult man with black hair and a wide, toothy grin. In Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles, he appeared on TV for a short while in his inmate outfit.In the first scene of Spooky Month 5 - Tender Treats, he wore a red shirt with a black collar and sleeves along with black pants, and shoes.When murdering people, he would wear his usual attire plus a dark red ...

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    Spooky Month is a Newgrounds and YouTube animated series made by Sr Pelo. The Spooky Month series is about two kids, Skid and Pump, who are obsessed with Halloween, which they refer to as the "Spooky Month". No matter the time of year, they always celebrate with their infamous Spooky Dance, even if the world around them is twisted and desolate; demons in the attic, killer dolls roaming the ...

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  15. Spooky Month (Web Animation)

    Spooky Month is an annual Halloween Horror Comedy cartoon series made by Sr. Pelo for Newgrounds and YouTube. The series follows the misadventures of Skid and Pump, two hyperactive and Halloween-obsessed children who regularly venture out into the night to enjoy the titular Spooky Month — even if it isn't October.

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