26 ft tanzer sailboat

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    26 ft tanzer sailboat

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    26 ft tanzer sailboat

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    26 ft tanzer sailboat

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    26 ft tanzer sailboat

  6. Tanzer 26

    26 ft tanzer sailboat


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  1. TANZER 26

    Tanzer 26: Download Boat Record: Notes. Most 26s were outboard-powered, though an inboard Yanmar diesel was an option. Sailboat Forum. View All Topics: ... CSF = Beam/Disp (cubic ft)^.333. The displacement in cubic feet can be found by dividing the displacement in pounds by 64. S#:

  2. Tanzer sailboats for sale by owner.

    Tanzer preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Tanzer used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. ... Tanzer 26 Sailboat: Length: 26' Beam: 8.2' Draft: 3' Year: 1978: Type: daysailer: Hull: fiberglass monohull: ... 32' Bayfield 32C 32 ft Cutter Costa Del Sol El Salvador Asking $8,000. 44' Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Marco Island ...

  3. Tanzer 26

    Tanzer 26: Boat; Draft: 3.83 ft (1.17 m) Hull; Type: Masthead sloop: Construction: Fibreglass: LOA: 26.33 ft (8.03 m) LWL: 22.50 ft (6.86 m) Beam: ... The Tanzer 26 is a Canadian sailboat, intended for racing, day sailing and cruising. It was designed by Johann Tanzer and first built in 1974. The design is out of production.

  4. Tanzer 26

    Tanzer 26. 2019 January 1. By David Liscio. This pocket cruiser and popular club racer is built for speed and comfort. Opinions vary widely when talk turns to the Tanzer 26, the Canadian-built masthead sloop that was popular in 1970s and 1980s. Some sailors contend the recreational sailboat offers just about everything you might want in a small ...

  5. Tanzer 26

    A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize. Formula. 44.86. <40: less stiff, less powerful.

  6. Boat Tour! Inside my 1978 Tanzer 26

    Welcome aboard Somerset! My 1978 Tanzer 26. I do a walk through tour, showing the inside and outside components of my sailboat. I purchased this sailboat in ...

  7. PDF Standard equipment and specifications

    26'4" 22'6" 8'8" ... 1,950 Ibs 33 ft 11! L.O.A L.W.L. Beam. Draft. Displacement. ... Ballast. Vertical clearance Sail Areas 143 sq.ft 117 sq.ft 127 sq.ft 265 sq.ft 195 sq.ft ... Jib. 30.15 ft 10.58 ft 25.25 ft 10.25 ft J p E DesiQner: Johann Tanzer TANZER INDUSTRIES LTD.ccc-- : P.O. Box 67, Dorion, Quebec, Canada, J7V 5V8 TANZER YACHTS :-"c ...

  8. Tanzer 26

    The Tanzer 26 is a 26.33ft masthead sloop designed by Johann Tanzer and built in fiberglass by Tanzer Industries Ltd. between 1974 and 1985. 960 units have been built. The Tanzer 26 is a light sailboat which is a reasonably good performer. It is very stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a day-boat.

  9. Taz26

    The Tanzer 26 (T-26) is a mast head sloop designed in 1974. They were mainly built in Canada at the Vaudreuil plant of Tanzer Industries. After more then 40 years, all of the above is still very true as these overbuilt boat have aged extremely well, some even with little maintenance. On the 2015 market the ship is a tremendous value with some ...

  10. Information about Tanzer 26

    About Tanzer 26 Specifications & drawings of the different T-26 models. History of the Tanzer 26 Several informative articles about the Tanzer 26. The demize of Tanzer industrie An article about the final days of Tanzer Industries Ltd. Tanzer_26_Brochure.pdf Download the Tanzer 26 Brochure. T22Manual.pdf While this is the T22 owner and ...

  11. Specifications TANZER 26

    TANZER 26 Sailboat Data Hull Type: Fin w/transom hung rudder Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop LOA: 26.33 ft / 8.03 m LWL: 22.50 ft / 6.86 m S.A. (reported): 282.00 ft² / 26.20 m² Beam: 8.67 ft / 2.64 m Displacement: 4,350.00 lb / 1,973 kg Ballast: 1,950.00 lb / 885 kg Max Draft: 3.83 ft / 1.17 m Construction: FG First Built: 1974 Last Built: 1985 ...

  12. Tanzer 26 sailboats for sale by owner.

    Tanzer 26 preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Tanzer 26 used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... 32' Bayfield 32C 32 ft Cutter Costa Del Sol El Salvador Asking $8,000. 44' Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Marco Island, Florida Asking $499,000. 22' Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 22

  13. Tanzer 26

    Website for Tanzer 26 owners. ... 1 Sailboats / Per Page: 25 / Page: 1. 0 CLICK to COMPARE . MODEL LOA FIRST BUILT FAVORITE COMPARE; TANZER 26: 26.33 ft / 8.03 m: 1974: ShipCanvas. KiwiGrip. Bruntons. Rudder Craft. EWOL. SBD App Non-BR. bottom ads1 row1. bottom ads2 row1. bottom ads3 row2 ...

  14. Welcome to the Tanzer 26 website Bienvenue sur la page Tanzer 26

    Bienvenue sur la page Tanzer 26 visitors "Puissance" Adam Howie's T26 sailing on Grand Lake, Fredricton, New Brunswick. Photo by Jamie Howie. Last Update: 5 avril 2021.

  15. Review of tanzer 26

    The DL-ratio for tanzer 26 is 170 which categorizes this boat among 'light racers'. Heavy Light 79% 0 50 100. 79% of all similar sailboat designs are categorized as heavier. A light displacement requires less sailarea and has higher accellerations.

  16. TANZER 26: Reviews, Specifications, Built, Engine

    TANZER 26 Detailed Review. If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of TANZER 26. Built by Tanzer Industries Ltd. and designed by undefined, the boat was first built in 1974. It has a hull type of Fin w/transom hung rudder and LOA is 8.03.

  17. Tanzer Industries Ltd.

    Overview. Founded by Johann Tanzer, Tanzer Industries Ltd. was one of the largest sailboat manufacturer in Canada for more than 20 years. The Tanzer line ranged from 16 to 35 feet. The most successful model was the TANZER 22 with more than 2200 built. But other models including the 26 were also built in large numbers.

  18. Sailing Tanzer 26, Lake Ontario 2021 4K

    a short sailing video taken with a DJI mini 2 drone, sailing close to shore on Lake Ontario, Canada. August 14, 2021.

  19. Tanzer 26 Sails for Sale

    The Tanzer 26 is a keelboat that's built with a fiberglass hull and wood trim. The design features a masthead sloop rig, transom-hung rudder, and a fixed fin keel to provide stability. The sailboat balances weight and performance with 4,350 lb (1,973 kg) of displacement and 1,950 lb (885 kg) of ballast.

  20. Tanzer boats for sale

    Tanzer boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a swath of prices from $6,900 on the relatively lower-priced models, with costs up to $25,423 for the more sophisticated, luxurious yachts. What Tanzer model is the best? Some of the most popular Tanzer models presently listed include: 22 Sloop, Pilothouse Center Cockpit fixed keel and 31.

  21. tanzer 26 in Sailboats in Canada

    26 foot Tanzer Sailboat for sale -Killbear. Parry Sound. Sailbaot currently stored at Killbear Marina. 26ft, comes with two sets of sails and everything needed to sail. Includes 9.9 hr. Mercury long shaft outboard. Boat is easy to sail and great starter ... $7,500.00. 1981 Tanzer 26 Sailboat.