Published on: Oct 30, 2019


 Kate Wambui left her corporate job to follow her passion in Makeup Artistry and never looked back. She tells us more about her journey in makeup, including her best and worst experiences.

  1. creative skill/line of work: makeup artist
  2. how long has the business been up: 3 years
  3. description of business: makeup artistry
  4. my background – I started my business as a side hustle as I used to work in corporate, I finally got to do it full time in 2016 and never looked back. I have undergone training with multiple well established beauty training schools.
  5. idea – it came about while I was still employed, I was trying to look for a side hustle that could earn me extra income, and since I loved doing makeup, I decided to go to beauty school and give it a try.
  6. what are your biggest challenges :clients who don’t appreciate your art and are always money focused instead of value focused.
  7. how do clients find you: I get clients mostly through referrals and from my social media platform
  8. what do you take into consideration when billing: my skills, time, logistics clients experience during the process
  9. share your best and worst experiences: best experiences is when clients respect you and your time. worst experience is when working with celebrities who feel their time and comfort is more important that yours.
  10. do you see a need for a platform like CreativeList? why? yes I believe there is a need, where clients can get access to us and are able to reach out to us directly. also the platform will help in collaborating/partnering with different artists
  11. rates: all rates are different depending of km’s outside Nairobi
  12. average number of clients per month;10-15
  13. type of clients i work with both individual and brands
  14. website: kanaibeauties.com
  15. social media:
    1. instagram: kanai_beauties
    2. twitter: beautieskanai
    3. facebook: kanai beauties


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