1. Best 2 Person Sailboats

    The RS200, Hunter 15, and Hobie 16 are a few of the best 2-person sailboats. Other sailboats meant for two people include the Norseboat 17.5, Sunfish, and even a Laser SB3. These small sailboats are best geared as a beginner sailboat that compliments having two people on board. In my experience, there are plenty of small sailboat brands that ...

  2. How to Sail

    Jump to chaptersGetting going 0:00Turn around 4:15Heaving to 7:02Reefing 8:39Key learning points 9:34This video shows you what to aim for on your first saili...

  3. Best Small Sailboats, Beginner and Trailerable Sailboats

    Both carry NorseBoat's distinctive looking carbon fiber gaff-rigged mast with main and jib (a sprit-set drifter is optional), and come with a ballasted stub keel and centerboard. Because of its lightweight design, the boat can be rowed and is easily trailered. $36,000 (starting), 902-659-2790,

  4. 17 Sailboat Types Explained: How To Recognize Them

    Any sailboat with one mast and two sails could still be a sloop. Even if the sails are another shape or rigged in another way. For example, here's a gaff-rigged sloop (more on the gaff rig later): Gaff Rigged Sloop - CC BY-SA 2.0. If you want to learn all about sail rigs, check out my full Guide to Understanding Sail Rig Types here. It has good ...

  5. The Ultimate Guide to Sail Types and Rigs (with Pictures)

    The 5 most common two-masted rigs are: Lugger - two masts (mizzen), with lugsail (cross between gaff rig and lateen rig) on both masts. Yawl - two masts (mizzen), fore-and-aft rigged on both masts. Main mast much taller than mizzen. Mizzen without mainsail. Ketch - two masts (mizzen), fore-and-aft rigged on both masts.

  6. Sail Selina II

    With freshly varnished mahogany, brightly polished brass, and comfortable seating, let Sail Selina II, the premier sailboat in St Michaels, MD, be your sightseeing charter boat. Hop aboard and experience another time and place. Come join us outdoors on the water for a relaxing 2-hour sailing trip on this nostalgic river boat cruise.

  7. Best Sailboats With 2 Cabins

    The galley of Catalina 30 has large counter space and two private double cabins, one forward (V-berth) and one aft. The forward cabin is a V-berth formation. Also, the sofa converts and forms two more berths on the starboard side. It is possible to find a good and properly maintained Catalina 30 with the price of $15,000.

  8. 2 Person Catamaran Sailboat: The Ultimate Guide for Sailing Enthusiasts

    Short answer: 2 person catamaran sailboat A 2 person catamaran sailboat is a type of watercraft designed to be piloted by two individuals. Featuring two parallel hulls connected by a deck, these sailboats offer increased stability, speed, and maneuverability. Commonly used for recreational purposes or racing, they provide an exhilarating sailing experience for both beginners

  9. Sailboat

    A sailboat or sailing boat is a boat propelled partly or entirely by sails and is smaller than a sailing ship. Distinctions in what constitutes a sailing boat and ship vary by region and maritime culture. ... ISBN 1-888671-09-2. External links. SailboatData Sailboat database; SailingtheWeb Sailboat database; John's International Boats ...

  10. Learn How to Sail: A Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

    Join me on a comprehensive sailing lesson. I teach you the basics you need to know to begin sailing, from vocabulary and parts of the boat to getting underwa...

  11. The 5 Best Sailboats For Beginners

    2) Gaff-Rigged Catboat. The gaff-rigged catboat isn't a brand of boat—it's a style of a sailboat that was once a popular workboat on the New England coast. This boat, which has only one mainsail and no headsails, is available in a wide range of designs. Catboats are famous for their handling and power and make a great sailboat for beginners.

  12. 10 Best Sailboats To Live In

    With plenty of places to sleep, there's no need to fold away the galley table to get some rest. The Catalina 38 is another fantastic mid-sized sailboat for living aboard, especially if you aren't quite comfortable inside a Catalina 30. 10. Hunter 33. nortonyachts.

  13. Sail boats for sale

    A sailboat refers to any class and subclass of boat that is designed with one or more masts and rigging system as the main source of propulsion. Sailboats are available in a variety of models and rigs, including racing boats, sloops, schooners, catamarans, trimarans, sailing cruisers, and others. Some of the first sailboats on record date back ...

  14. Full SAILBOAT TOUR [Affordable 38ft, Self Sufficient ...

    WELCOME!!! To this full in-depth tour of my beautiful 1984 Beneteau Idylle 11.5m or 38' long sloop rigged monohull sailboat. My humble home upon the sea.Thre...

  15. Sailing Terms: Sailboat Types, Rigs, Uses, and Definitions

    Sailboats are powered by sails using the force of the wind. They are also referred to as sailing dinghies, boats, and yachts, depending on their size. Sailboats range in size, from lightweight dinghies like the Optimist dinghy (7'9") all the way up to mega yachts over 200 feet long. The length is often abbreviated as LOA (length overall), which ...

  16. Sunset Sail aboard Schooner America 2.0

    Schooner America 2.0. Call to order 212-627-1825. Offering our most premium sailing experience in NY Harbor, Schooner America 2.0 is the newest, largest, most elegant sailing boat designed for Classic Harbor Line. Join us aboard and enjoy a NYC sightseeing tour out to the Statue of Liberty and view the NYC skyline by an elegant sail boat.

  17. An Easy Guide to the 8 Best (And Funnest) Small Sailboats

    Its enduring popularity, strong class association, and supportive community make it a beloved classic in the world of small sailboats, embodying a perfect blend of performance, comfort, and inclusivity for sailors of all levels. 8. Hobie Cat. Start a fun hobby with the Hobbie Cat. Length: 16.7ft / 5.04 m.

  18. Learn How to Sail a Sailboat: Essential Tips and Techniques

    Sail trim: It is important to adjust the angle, tension, and shape of the sails to effectively capture the wind. Maintaining balance between the main sail and the jib or genoa is essential for achieving optimal speed and control. 2. Wind direction: Adjusting the sails according to the wind direction is necessary.

  19. S2 9.2

    The Boat and Builder. As its nomenclature suggests, S2 Yachts was one of those few American companies willing to commit to the metric system when the government said it would be a good thing to do. The 9.2 stands for 9.2 meters, as with the company's other boats (7.3, 7.9, 10.3, etc.). S2 stuck with the classification for a long time, only ...

  20. Schooner America 2.0

    Call to order 305-293-7245. Schooner America 2.0 sailing offers our most premium sailing experience in Key West Florida. America 2.0 is the newest, largest, most elegant yacht designed for Classic Harbor Line. Added to the fleet in 2011, America 2.0 offers the most exceptional Key West day sailing and sunset sailing one can find.


    Designed to determine if a boat has blue water capability. The CSF compares beam with displacement since excess beam contributes to capsize and heavy displacement reduces capsize vulnerability. The boat is better suited for ocean passages (vs coastal cruising) if the result of the calculation is 2.0 or less. The lower the better.

  22. Tiwal 2 Sailing Dinghy: boost your pleasure at anchor

    The Tiwal 2 is a small sailboat that has all the features of a big one, with reactive and playful behavior on the water. Play Video about Tiwal 2 sailing dinghy video poster. Assembly. Assemble as quick as a flash. Assembling a Tiwal 2 is child's play. There are very few parts to assemble. Inflate the hull, clip on the structural sections ...

  23. 2 Yacht Passengers Rescued After Whales Sink Their Boat

    At around 9 a.m. local time on Sunday, May 12, a pair of crew members aboard the vessel, Alboran Cognac, reported that orcas damaged their yacht, which had been about 14 miles from Cape Spartel in ...

  24. Search continues for boater who killed teenage girl off Key Biscayne

    MIAMI - A family was grieving on Mother's Day Sunday after a 15-year-old girl died during a boat collision on Saturday off Key Biscayne. The boater never even stopped. The Florida Fish and ...

  25. How Sails Really Work Video 2

    Part 2 focuses on how the jib and mainsail work together to drive the boat forward. Learn how the sails affect the air all around the boat, including upwind ...

  26. Man strikes back against city order with boat mural

    A Seaside man responded to a city letter ordering him to build a fence in front of his boat by painting a mural of the boat on the fence. Etienne Constable said he received the letter in July 2023 ...

  27. Boat that fatally struck a 15-year-old girl in Florida has been found

    MIAMI — Investigators believe they've found the boat that fatally struck a 15-year-old girl off a South Florida beach, officials said Tuesday. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and ...

  28. Man jumps off boat to get hat and vanishes. Body found 2 days later

    "A day on the boat can change in an instant." Body of 22-year-old Florida boater recovered nearly 2 days after the man jumped off boat into Lake Jackson to get a hat, officials say.

  29. Filipino activists and fishermen sail in 100-boat flotilla to disputed

    A flotilla of about 100 fishing boats led by Filipino activists has sailed to a disputed shoal in the South China Sea, where Beijing's coast guard and suspected militia ships have used powerful ...

  30. Boat found in connection with hit-and-run that killed teen girl

    Tuesday, May 14, 2024 9:30PM. Authorities in Florida said they have found a boat believed to be connected to a hit-and-run that killed a teenager wakeboarding in the Miami area over the weekend ...