Haunted Trail Ideas for Halloween

A haunted house and a corn maze are popular Halloween activities, but they are hardly the only haunted attraction you can create for your next Halloween party or event. An outdoor haunted trail in your back or front yard is a great way to implement your haunted house ideas while keeping your home free for refreshments and conversation.


Many haunted trail ideas are both cheap and effective ways to scare your visitors on Halloween and make them earn their candy. You can use DIY Halloween decor or purchase some premade items and special effects, or it can be used for a party or another special event and tailored to your specific needs.

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Plan the haunted trail basics

You will need to make sure that everyone, visitors and volunteers alike, are going to be safe and have fun without doing any damage to the property. Try to select a location for your trail on level ground.

If there is some rough terrain, make sure this part of the trail can be well lit. Stay well away from any thorny bushes, long grass or undergrowth and low-hanging trees.

A family-friendly trail intended for children and trick-or-treaters should be kept within an area that can be completely supervised by adults. If your trail is going to be set up for a while, make sure that everything is waterproof or can quickly be moved inside in the event of rain.

A haunted trail can be made more memorable with a theme. Your choice of theme might be influenced by access to existing props. The ages of the participants should also be taken into consideration.

  • Children — ​ ghosts and ghouls, witches and wizards ​ or ​ creepy crawlies ​.
  • Teenagers or adults — ​ insane asylum, graveyard, mad scientist ​ or ​ ancient crypt ​.

Mark out your trail

If you only have a small space, you can hang sheets of black plastic, trash bags or tarp to make the walls of a maze. If you have a larger space, you will need to provide obvious markers for your visitors so they don't get lost, such as:

  • LED lights inside jars or lanterns
  • Reflector patches on trees (if your visitors are carrying their own light source, like a flashlight)
  • Fairy lights strung along the path
  • A rope or ribbon that visitors will hold and follow
  • Paint gravel with glow-in-the-dark paint and scatter it along the path. This might need to be refreshed with light if the trail is up for a while.
  • Use red paint to make "bloody" handprints or footprints for visitors to follow.

Address safety concerns

Make sure that there is nothing on your trail that can trip up or harm your visitors. Any potential hazards, like thorny bushes or low-hanging branches, should be clearly marked or removed.

Remember to plan from the perspective of the youngest anticipated visitors. A child will have shorter strides and a lower viewpoint than an adult, so make sure they will be comfortable and safe.

Provide instructions at the beginning of the trail, advising an age limit; whether there are any health concerns, like the potential for a severe shock or strobe lighting that can affect people with seizures; and how visitors should proceed.

Make Halloween props

Many props for a haunted trail can be made cheaply from craft supplies or ordinary objects. Choose props to complement your overall theme, adding to the scary atmosphere. Too many props can overwhelm the visitors and might actually lessen the overall scary vibe.

Usually, the best arrangement is to have one prop to distract attention and another to scare. For example, you might have tombstones or a glowing cauldron near the path, which will draw the eyes of visitors as they approach so they don't see a rubber spider hanging from the spiderwebs over the trail until they crash into it.

  • ​ Boarded windows. ​ Use cardboard and paint to make fake boards and "board up" any windows or doors that are visible from the trail.
  • ​ Tombstones. ​ Use polystyrene or thick cardboard to make gravestones. Place them in long grass so they look very old or at the head of a mound of dirt so they look brand new.
  • ​ Ghosts. ​ Sheets of plastic and bubble wrap can be fashioned into ghostly shapes. They can be lit from within by LED lights.
  • ​ Silhouettes. ​ Use black cardboard to cut out scary silhouettes, like witches or monsters.
  • ​ Masks. ​ If you have a scary mask and no volunteer to wear it, place it in a tree hollow or hide it in bushes so that it is just visible and not immediately obvious that it is empty.
  • ​ Dolls. ​ If you have large dolls or mannequins, wrap them with clingfilm or gauze to blur their shape in the dark.
  • ​ Classic props. ​ Rubber bats and spiders are classic props that can still be very scary if used carefully.
  • ​ Obstacles. ​ Give your visitors something to walk through by hanging strips of black crepe paper or wads of white cotton over the trail.

Remember to stay aware of fire hazards. Don't use candles or any kind of real flame to create props and try to keep electric wires to a minimum. Only use power wires, lights and props intended for outdoor use. Remember that people may be stumbling or jumping in fright, so props will probably be knocked over at some point.

Create a spooky atmosphere

Light and sound effects can add an incredible dimension to your haunted trail.

  • ​ Spooky sounds ​. Scary sounds, like heartbeats, loud thuds, growls and howls, can be found online and transferred to an MP3 player attached to speakers.
  • ​ Flashing lights. ​ Strobe lighting can add to a scary atmosphere.
  • ​ Mirrors. ​ Placed in strategic positions, mirrors can help create the illusion that something is moving in the distance.
  • ​ Angles. ​ Lights placed below a prop can turn it from an ordinary object into something spooky.

Enlist volunteers to monitor the trail

If you have volunteers, you can take your trail to the next level. Even without a costume, volunteers can hide off the trail and make spooky noises, like rustling or growling. They can throw harmless objects at visitors, like rubber spiders or cotton balls, or brush them with feathers when they pass by in the dark.

In costume or with makeup, they can interact with visitors in a number of different ways. One example is to pretend to be a prop as visitors approach and then spring to life and scare them.

If you are using volunteers, make sure you instruct visitors to refrain from touching them. Your volunteers should be told to use their best judgement when attempting to scare someone. A small scare is fun, but taking it too far will ruin the event.

  • The Haunted Trail: Frequently Asked Questions
  • BlissLights: Halloween Lighting Ideas That Create a Spooky Atmosphere
  • National Fire Protection Association: Halloween

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DIY Danielle®

DIY Haunted Trail for Halloween

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Last year we put together a Haunted Trail for Halloween for the kids This year we’re going bigger than ever. Here are the details.

Last year was our first annual haunted trail. It’s a fun event for us to host because we have a large property with a decent area that is wooded. It makes for a great Haunted Trail!

Trail Planning

We walked the woods several times and marked out the entrance and exit first. We worked around areas that made sense: for example, my son built a couple of sketchy looking structures in the woods that made perfect “witch huts.”

Once we decided on where the path would be, I marked out the area with red ground paint. I didn’t add too much paint because I wasn’t sure if it would wash/be cut away before the day of the trail. We marked each zone.

This year, four of us met weekly to plan the trail for about 6 weeks. We had 2-hr meetings once a week from September through the week of the trail. The week of the trail, we met twice during the day, the evening prior for a run through (this allowed us to check to make sure we had enough lighting where we wanted it), then about 2-3 hrs before the event for final touches.

This post may contain affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. As an affiliate for Amazon, Cricut, xTool, Home Depot, and other sites, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please DIY carefully. View  my full legal disclosures here .

Please read the whole post so you don’t miss any important information!

Trail Supplies

Here is a list of the supplies that we used for our Halloween trail, not including the DIY decorations (see next section). I’ll add the supply list for each project to their individual blog post because it’s just too much to list here.

These are simple items you can purchase.

  • Fishing line/monofilament (this is great because it’s clear)
  • Baling twine
  • Small LED ball lights : These things are AMAZING and my friend brought a huge bag. They fit nicely in skull eye sockets.
  • Battery operated fairy lights (red, orange, warm white are all good colors)
  • Strobe lights
  • Something to cut away dead wood, branches etc.
  • Red Inverted Spray Paint for Ground
  • Work Gloves

I recommend mapping out the trail in advance to help you plan out the spaces. We used Red Inverted Spray Paint to mark the trail, then used rakes/work gloves/etc to clear debris from the trail. Fallen trees were pushed to line the trail. They were turned into tea light holders to light the path .

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Here are the decorations we bought and made for the trail. The products are links to the Amazon store, but I’m going to link all of the DIY projects to their respective tutorials. Some of the DIYs will be shown in the photo section (if you keep scrolling), but not all will so make sure to not scroll past this part. I’ve got a ton of photos and video on here, but I don’t want this page to be unable to load because it’s too photo heavy.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations for a Haunted Trail

Some of the DIY projects we've completed for our Haunted Halloween Trail. This is a compilation of ideas that you can make yourself to decorate outdoors.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Skeleton in Chains: Outdoor Halloween Decoration

This came out so great, despite being a very last minute project. Putting a speaker right behind the pallet was a great hiding spot and added to the spooky ambience.

halloween haunted trail ideas

DIY Guillotine from Cardboard for a Halloween Trail

This was a guillotine made of cardboard, duct tape, and PVC. It was cheap and easy to put together.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Skeletal Unicorns for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We painted these Dollar Tree unicorns and put them along the haunted trail for the kids to find, Scavenger Hunt style!

halloween haunted trail ideas

DIY Halloween Pathway Lights: Creepy Doll Faces

I made some pathway lights using creepy doll faces. These were an AMAZING addition!

halloween haunted trail ideas

JOYIN Halloween Decorations 5 FT Back from The Grave Dead Body Halloween Prop, Scary Halloween Decorations Outdoor Haunted House Yard Garden Decor

This guy was an item I was sent to review. He worked great, although he's foam so prone to getting eaten/broken a bit. I added fairy lights under the white sheet.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Premium Yellow Caution Tape 3 inch x 1000 feet, Halloween Decoration Party Tape, 3" Wide for Maximum Readability, Strongest & Thickest Tape for Danger/Hazardous Areas

This MUST HAVE item allowed us to mark the trail easily and keep kids from wandering off it.

halloween haunted trail ideas

JOYIN Halloween Decoration Outdoor Life Size Light-Up Skeleton Groundbreaker Stakes Lights, Lawn Yard Stake with Lighted Skull for Halloween Outdoor Lawn Garden Holiday Decorations

I LOVE this guy! His eyes light up and the stakes are perfect to hold him in place. He was perfect for our graveyard.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Smoke Machine, AGPTEK Fog Machine with 13 Colorful LED Lights Effect, 500W and 2000CFM Fog with 1 Wired Receiver and 2 Wireless Remote Controls, Perfect for Wedding, Halloween, Party and Stage Effect

We have a different brand fog machine, but any of them should work great. This is a great way to add an extra spooky feel to the trail. I set this up at the beginning of the trail, next to our huge animatronics River Styxx guy.

halloween haunted trail ideas

DIY Halloween Decor: Witch Totems from Sticks

Easy witch totems, inspired by the Blair Witch Project. We used these as a scavenger hunt along the trail, giving the kids something to look for while they were walking through.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Joyin Halloween Outdoor Decorations, 3 Pack Lighted White Ghost Stakes, Light Up Multicolored Lights Cloth Ghost Yard Stakes for Halloween Decor, Lawn, Yard, Patio, Haunted House Decorations

These are cute pathway markers for the trail.

halloween haunted trail ideas

JOYIN 28'' Halloween Animated Ghost Decoration with Pumpkin Bag, LED Light-up Dancing Ghost with Funny Music for Halloween Party Indoor and Outdoor Decoration,Yard, Porch, or Patio Decoration

This guy is super cute- almost too cute- for the trail. He's motion activated so we put him behind a bowl of candy for trick or treat so kids would set him off when they reached for candy.

halloween haunted trail ideas

DIY Cages for Halloween Decor

LOVE how these cages come out and we used supplies we already had on hand for them.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Pathway Lighting on an Old Log

This was a cheap and easy way to light the path using tea lights and downed logs.

halloween haunted trail ideas

Fake Axe DIY for Halloween Decorations

This fake axe swung from the trees as a jump scare, but it's cardboard and pool noodles so it wouldn't hurt anyone.

2022 Haunted Trail

So this is just the final run through but you can also see a quick early tour of some of our outdoor Halloween decorations . We did a LOT more afterwards, but you can see the early stages of the process.

This is the final tour. I’m going to walk through during the day first, then I’ll follow-up with a night time tour at the end of the video.

2021 Haunted Trail

This is a tour of our 2021 Haunted Trail and Trunk or Treat. We decided to skip Trunk or Treat in future years because the haunted trail is quite a bit of work, and instead we’ll have people setup “trick or treating” areas along the trail.

Haunted Trail Photos from 2022

We live in a moderately rural/suburban area so most of our friends don’t get trick or treats at their house. Usually we’d go to trunk or treat events or to a neighborhood to trick or treat on Halloween. As we end up missing out on some of that fun, we used the trail as a Trick or Treat trail. We setup bins of candy and non candy treats along the trail for the kids to find. This pushed them into spooky areas and their proximity would set off motion sensors.

Bins of treats for Halloween. I added fairy lights in the bin with bouncy balls to make them sparkle in the night.

One of my favorite touches was taking a witches cauldron, adding Playdoh “treats” and making the kids put their hands into the cauldron full of water beads to get their treat. It was fairly chilly that night so the water beads were cooooold and slimy. It was perfect. We dropped in a few of those ball lights (make sure there’s no water in the bin- the water beads were ‘full’, no water was inside this bin) inside to make it all glow. There were also fairy lights on the ground around the cauldron.

Cauldron full of water beads, some spooky lights, and playdoh for 'treats'

Another touch for path lighting was adding balloons with a LED ball light inside it. We shoved clear balloon sticks (not the exact brand- not sure where my friend got hers) into the ground along the path, slid a thin glow stick necklace inside, then tied the balloon on top. I think they may sell special balloon sticks that light up though- we may check those out next year.

Balloon lighting path

Lighting is KEY. Some small details aren’t easy to see at night in the dark. We added cheap little Dollar Tree lights everywhere that made since. The night prior to the trail we did a walkthrough together to see what spots needed light. Then we added the lighting that evening and the next day, right before the trail opened. The tricky part was getting everything turned on in time for the trail to start while kids waited impatiently to run through!

Spot lighting over a witch that's hanging from the tree

Sometimes we just grabbed random stuff from our homes. These shelves were actually supposed to go into my pantry- but we used them for the trail. They’ll make it into the pantry eventually! This was the setup for the Mad Lab.

Lab shelving made from stuff I had sitting in my garage

This was the whole Mad Lab. At night it was ON POINT, but you can tell it’s a bunch of normal household items for the most part… and Dollar Tree stuff. The masks on the fence have glowing eyes because we fed glow sticks through them. The skeleton’s “electric chair” is a normal chair with arms + pvc, attached to my colander.

The folding table is covered with a plastic black tablecloth… underneath we have some empty boxes to raise up certain areas.

The Mad Lab in the daylight, including a skeleton sitting in the electric chair (colander on his head)

Weeks before the trail, we all brought out all of our Halloween stuff and had a show and tell. Many items were just randomly dispersed along the trail, although we tried to stick with themes.

Spooky decorations on the Halloween trail

This part of the trail was a bit too dark prior so we used Dollar Tree hooks in the ground to hold string lights and lanterns.

Lighting on Halloween trail- warm white Christmas lights and Halloween lanterns

This was a last minute project to fill an empty zone- we had pallets, lights, and the skeleton dog. Max ran out to hunt down a 5′ skeleton for me because Amazon didn’t deliver ours in time.

Skeleton chained up to pallet with a skeletal dog.

This was the witches area… the hats are hung on monofilament. They look AMAZING at night. My pictures don’t really do this justice.

Witches hats hanging from monofilament from the trees

The zombie pit! Again- super easy. We added red fairy lights and a strobe light. Zombie arms and a zombie who had motion-activated lights/sounds. She was holding the bag of candy.

Zombie pit with zombie holding a bin of Halloween candy

I bought this guy last year at Home Depot… I don’t think he’s sold anymore, but he’s a motion activated “boat guy”… he’s supposed to be Charon, taking souls down the River Styxx to the afterlife. LOVE HIM so much. The skull at the front and the lantern at the back both light up (batteries). He is plugged in and rows the boat. He’s on a motion sensor and TALKS SO MUCH. I put my fog machine behind him so it looks extra spooky. He’s amazing.

Boatman from the River Styxx. Animatronics for Halloween.

Someone local was selling this guy for $40 used. He’s blow up, VERY TALL, and requires electric. He was worth running the extension cords for! He was perfect in an area with a clearing and you could see him lit up through the trees in the dark.

Very tall pumpkin ball that's a blow up decoration for our Halloween trail.

The spider lair was awesome, but I didn’t get any good photos! I’m so mad because I didn’t photograph all of the areas really well. When we moved into our house, there was random posts in the ground in the woods. Right before the pandemic hit, my husband decided to turn this into a fort for the kids and he build the stairs and flooring. Then prices of wood skyrockets and we never finished. But it makes a GREAT spider lair!

Spiders were hung using monofilament, there were strobe lights and fairy lights inside, and SO MANY SPIDERS. We also stapled cheap plastic tablecloths to close off the area so the kids had to walk through the zone (unable to see outside). It’s shown MUCH better in the video… I wish I’d taken better photos, but we were rushing around a lot.

Spider Lair outdoor Halloween decorations. Spiders hanging from above with monofilament, hanging black tablecloths to close off the lair.

And that’s it! What should we add next year?

Please share and pin this post! If you make this project, share it in our Stuff Mama Makes Facebook Group . We have regular giveaways for gift cards to craft stores. You can also tag me on Instagram @doityourselfdaniell e; I love seeing everything you make!

DIY Halloween Trail setup with trick or treating for the kids along the trail.

KÜHL Born In The Mountains

Celebrating Halloween in the Outdoors: Haunted Trails, Spooky Towns & More

  • Location Guides

Table of Contents [Show]

  • 1. Hike the Haunted Trails
  •    1.1. Transept Trail, Arizona
  •    1.2. Bloody Lane Trail, Maryland
  •    1.3. Norton Creek Trail, North Carolina
  •    1.4. Ghost House Trail, Tennessee
  •    1.5. Metacomet Trail, Connecticut
  • 2. Camp Near a Ghost Town
  •    2.1. St. Elmo, Colorado
  •    2.2. Calico, California
  •    2.3. Terlingua, Texas
  • 3. Explore a Halloween Town
  •    3.1. St. Helens, Oregon
  •    3.2. Croton-on-Hudson, New York
  •    3.3. Salem, Massachusetts
  •    3.4. Anoka, Minnesota
  • 4. Observe Bats & Tarantulas
  •    4.1. Bat Watching
  •    4.2. Tarantula Trekking
  • 5. Decorate your RV & Go Trick-or-Treating
  •    5.1. Lake Rudolph Campground, Santa Claus, Indiana
  •    5.2. Fort Boonesborough, Richmond, Kentucky
  •    5.3. Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky
  •    5.4. Midway Campground, Statesville North Carolina
  •    5.5. Hagerstown KOA, Williamsport, Maryland
  • 6. Visit a Haunted Manor
  •    6.1. The Stanley Hotel
  •    6.2. Washington Irving’s Sunnyside
  •    6.3. The Lizzie Borden House
  • 7. Graveyards, Corn Mazes & Zombie Walks
  •    7.1. Graveyards
  •    7.2. Corn Mazes 
  •    7.3. Zombie Walks
  • 8. Get Out and Get Spooky

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are changing; the crops are ready to harvest; and the pumpkins are ready to be transformed into jack-o-lanterns. It’s the spooky season! Halloween is a time to be creative and have fun, a time for trick or treaters to devour their well-deserved earnings, and a time for ghost stories around a comforting campfire. 

Halloween is also a great time for some unique outdoor adventures. With many cities around the country hosting Halloween-themed spaces like haunted mansions, creepy trails, eerie carriage rides, and much more, the opportunities are endless. Here are some hair-raising adventures to have this season for a spooky-good time!

Hike the Haunted Trails

A perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit is to hike a trail with a scary story or some creepy folklore attached to it. Many towns in the U.S. create haunted trails infested with creepy costumed monsters and demon-like characters ready to frighten you at night. So, grab your scary costume and join the spooky fun.

But the true haunting happens when you hike a trail and see something you can’t explain or hear something that sends chills up your spine. Here’s just a sampling of some of the Halloween-worthy hikes you might want to attempt if you dare!

Transept Trail, Arizona

One of the best-known haunted hikes, the 3-mile Transept Trail is in the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. Often seen at night, the Wailing Woman is said to haunt the area with her awful moaning and flowing white gown. According to local lore, her husband and son died in a hiking accident.

white stones on the ground

Bloody Lane Trail, Maryland

The name alone is creepy, but this 1.5-mile Bloody Lane Trail in Antietam National Battlefield is the site of one of the deadliest Civil War battles. Ghostly soldiers have been seen, as well as drumming, gunfire, and battlefield songs have been heard.

Norton Creek Trail, North Carolina

Cherokee legend tells the story of a witch spirit named Spearfinger who lures children into the woods along the trail and eats their livers with her razor-like fingers. If that’s not bad enough, there are many cemeteries that dot the area along Norton Creek Trail.

Ghost House Trail, Tennessee

The 1.2-mile Ghost House Trail is home to the Hutchinson house where a child died of tuberculosis in the 1800s. Crying can be heard coming from the house and the child’s phantom dog has been reported running in the area.

grave with letters on an old cemetery

Metacomet Trail, Connecticut

Part of the New England National Scenic Trail, the Metacomet Trail is part of the Hanging Hills in the Connecticut River Valley. The Black Dog of the Hanging Hills is the ghostly legend that haunts this area. See it once and it’s good luck, twice and it’s a warning, but three times and it's certain death. Enjoy your hike!

Camp Near a Ghost Town

What better way to spend Halloween night than camping near an abandoned ghost town. This is a great opportunity to set up a cozy camping location where you can tell scary stories around the campfire while cooking a delicious pumpkin stew or other Halloween-themed meal. Here are some popular ghost towns to visit for a thrilling night or two:

St. Elmo, Colorado

St. Elmo was a bustling mining town in the heart of the Sawatch Range of Colorado. Once a town of over 2,000, it now has a population of just seven people. Many have claimed this to be an area with paranormal activity. If you’re looking for a spooky place to explore this Halloween, St. Elmo is the spot.

Calico, California

Calico was once a popular silver-mining town near the west coast of California. These days it’s now a tourist attraction where you’re able to take tours of the area's former mines and even participate in a special ghost tour for those who are brave enough.

white building in the dessert

Terlingua, Texas

Many residents of Terlingua abandoned this Texas town once the market for mercury crashed. Surprisingly, this ghost-town still has an internationally-acclaimed restaurant where you can grab a drink and enjoy some Texas chili. You can also explore the ruins of the area and be transported back to the wild west.

Explore a Halloween Town

Just as Christmas is celebrated with over-the-top lights and decorations, Halloween is also a revered holiday in towns throughout the United States. An exhilarating way to experience all of the spooktacular fun is by visiting one of these towns and joining the celebration. Here are some well-known Halloween Towns:

St. Helens, Oregon

St. Helens is well-known for being part of the iconic Disney film Halloweentown, as many scenes were filmed there. You’ll find the annual giant pumpkin lighting and parades full of ghouls and witches, or you can attend many of the Spirit of Halloweentown festival events.

Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Croton-on-Hudson is home to the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, considered to be the biggest Halloween festival in the area. Take a spectacular walk through the rows of over 7,000 hand-carved pumpkins and bright lights.

yellow spider decors during nighttime

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is infamously known for the 1692 Salem witch trials. Because of this, the New England town draws in many visitors around Halloween. With tours, grand balls, and costume parades, Salem is the perfect location for anyone looking for a traditional Halloween experience.

Anoka, Minnesota

Known as the “Halloween Capital of the World,” Anoka , a town near Minneapolis, has been celebrating Halloween since the 1920s. Expect to find grand parades, parties, scavenger hunts, scarecrow contests, haunted hay-rides, and much more.

Observe Bats & Tarantulas

Bat watching.

If Halloween had a mascot, it just might be the bat. So, why not go in search of these creepy critters this time of year. Bats live almost everywhere in the world, enjoying dark close-quartered spaces. Some popular places you’ll find bats are under bridges, in cracks of buildings, in caves, in trees, and even inside attics. You’ll have to wait until the sun goes down to observe these creatures fly, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a whole colony flying together.

Check out some of the biggest bat colonies in the U.S.:

Bracken Cave, San Antonio, Texas

Bracken Cave houses more than 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats. When they leave the cave to fly around at night, it’s like being on the set of a horror movie.

mexican free tailed bats flying during nighttime

Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin Texas

The Congress Avenue Bridge has one of the largest bat colonies in America. Over one and a half million bats congregate under the Congress, making it a spectacular (or should we say spooktacular) sight to behold when they all emerge at dusk.

Millie Mine Bat Cave, Iron Mountain, Michigan

This abandoned vertical iron mine is home to around 1 million bats. It’s one of the largest hibernating/breeding colonies in North America.

Tarantula Trekking

Another creepy, yet incredibly interesting, animal to observe during Halloween time is the tarantula. Tarantula-trekking is an interesting way to gain knowledge of these harmless eight-legged creatures. Most tarantulas are found in the southwest desert regions of the United States. One popular site to view tarantulas in their natural habitat is along the north face of Mount Diablo in Clayton, California. Hike with an experienced naturalist and learn about these scary-looking but docile critters.

black tarantula during nighttime

Decorate your RV & Go Trick-or-Treating

Just because you're on the road doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home on wheels for Halloween. There are many ways you can creatively transform your RV for the season. String spooky lights and sticky fake cobwebs, place skeletons around your campfire, hang bats and ghosts or create a harvest scene with pumpkins and hay bales.

Don’t let all the decorating go to waste! Find a campground (like the one below) that celebrates Halloween and share in the fun.

three masked scary dummies in an rv

Lake Rudolph Campground, Santa Claus, Indiana

Even though it’s dubbed America’s Christmas Hometown, there’s plenty of Halloween fun to be had at Lake Rudolph . For seven weekends, the campground is all about the season with campfire ghost stories, haunted hayrides, costume contests, and trick-or-treating.

Fort Boonesborough, Richmond, Kentucky

For 13 days in October, Fort Boonesborough lets campers enjoy nightly ghost walks, Halloween parades, hayrides, and more. The campground also hosts a Halloween Lights Drive Through with over 1.5 miles of Halloween decorations and lights for campers to view.

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

The Kentucky Horse Park hosts their annual Halloween Campout with trick-or-treating, a golf cart parade, live entertainment, and spooky decorations throughout the park. They also offer a haunted trail for nighttime haunting.

horse sculpture made of branches

Midway Campground, Statesville North Carolina

For the month of October, Midway Campground hosts Wicked Woods , one of the spookiest haunted walks in the area. The woods are filled with a haunted graveyard, a spinning tunnel of terror, and a 3D clown room, as well as other terrifying sites. Get ready to be scared silly!

Hagerstown KOA, Williamsport, Maryland

For the entire month of October, campers at Hagerstown KOA can enjoy Halloween-themed crafts, games, and activities. There are also pumpkin carving contests and a trick-or-treat parade. The best part is the Creekside Manor Haunted House that serious Halloween enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

Visit a Haunted Manor

One classic way to get into the spirit of Halloween is by walking through a haunted house. Literally, a REAL haunted house. Or manor. Or hotel. Dwellings that have a rich history of paranormal activity or sordid past are even more intriguing this time of year.

Sure, you can get your fright on in a commercialized haunted house with masked and costumed creatures, but there’s something even more chilling about visiting somewhere truly haunted. Some creepy locations you should check out are:

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel , in Estes Park, Colorado and is most famously known as the hotel that inspired the movie “The Shining.” Stay a night or two at this historical, picturesque hotel and register for the Spirited Night Tour where you will learn about the 100-year-old hotel, its sordid past, and ghostly hauntings. They also put on a formal Halloween Ball each year.

big white building under blue sky

Washington Irving’s Sunnyside

Washington Irving’s Sunnyside estate is located in Tarrytown, New York. This was home to the famous author of “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” During Halloween, storytellers bring you back in time with tales of the chilling encounter of the headless horseman.

The Lizzie Borden House

As the location of one of the most well-known unsolved murder mysteries in America, the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts is now a museum and inn. They offer ghost tours and ghost hunts to anyone wanting a hauntingly good time.

Graveyards, Corn Mazes & Zombie Walks

This time of year is perfect for outdoor activities. The air is crisp and cool, and the atmosphere is ripe with spooky things happening everywhere. There are many Halloween-themed outdoor activities you can participate in and outdoor places you can visit to get you into the spirit of the season. Here are a few to get you started:

For most people, graveyards are the definition of spooky. A graveyard is not only an eerie place to explore, but it can also be an interesting history lesson, especially if it is an older cemetery. In fact, some of the most interesting, and oddly stunning, graveyards are those with a long history. Many of these cemeteries offer guided tours.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana

As the oldest existing cemetery in New Orleans, St. Louis No. 1 is packed with above-ground vaults and tombs that date back to 1789. You can only explore this cemetery by booking a guided tour, but it is worth every penny.

silver grave with letters on a white wall

Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

The 19th-century tombstones in this beautifully forested cemetery can be viewed at any time, but during Halloween season you can take a guided historical or epitaph tour to learn more about the graveyard's early beginnings.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mount Auburn , founded in 1831, is the burial site of almost 100,000 souls, including many Civil War veterans. You can take a self-guided tour or book a group tour of this stunningly serene and park-like cemetery.

Corn Mazes 

Get lost in a safe and fun way by exploring a corn maze. Corn mazes are a classic family-fun adventure to celebrate the season. Many mazes now are multi-acre labyrinths carved through a cornfield, usually hiding a themed image (only visible from an aerial view). The intricate designs will get your blood pumping as you try to find and wind your way out.

a path between the corn plants

Some of the best corn mazes in the country are below:

Exploration Acres, Lafayette, Indiana

You will have not just one, but four, mazes to explore at Exploration Acres . They also offer hayrides, farm games, and a pumpkin patch to round out the fun.

Great Vermont Corn Maze, Danville, Vermont

Considered the largest maze in New England, the Great Vermont Corn Maze is a 24-acre, 40-minute scenic tour. For more adult Halloween fun, the Dead North Farmland of Terror is a not-for-the-faint-of-heart experience.

Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, California

Pick out a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and take the kids to the mini hay maze before exploring the wonders of the “World Record Corn Maze” at Cool Patch Pumpkins.

Happy Day Farm, Manalapan, New Jersey

Enjoy pumpkin bowling, tractor pulls, bee barn visits, and more at this family-friendly farm. But the must-visit attraction is their 10-acre Maize-O-Poly , a corn maze and game board combined to make one big adventure.

Zombie Walks

Nothing says Halloween like a group of zombies crawling and dragging their way down some city street in America! Grab your shabbiest clothes, put on your deadliest-looking make-up and grab an axe for some ghoulish fun. Many cities are offering organized zombie walks or crawls as part of their Halloween festivities.

group of people masked in zombies attack man in army uniform

Check out what your town has to offer, or claw your way to one of the events below:

Louisville, Kentucky

The streets of downtown Louisville transform into a zombie zone of more than 35,000 corpses. The event offers a costume contest and a Halloween party after all zombies drag their bodies to their final destination.

Lansing, Michigan

It’s a ghoulish good time for the whole family at the downtown Lansing Zombie Walk. 

San Diego, California

The San Diego Zombie Crawl is considered one of the top 3 Halloween events in Southern California. The 3-day event is filled with costume parties, live music, and, of course, a creepy, crawly Zombie walk.

Get Out and Get Spooky

Whether you want to explore haunted trails and creepy ghost towns or you prefer the family-fun activities of RV trick-or-treating and corn mazes, this season offers so many things to do and discover. While the air cools down and the leaves turn color, get out and take advantage of the amazing amount of ghoulish fun and Halloween haunts to be had.

And don't forget to grab some comfortable and warm outdoor apparel from our shop !

Featured Image - Jack-O-Lanterns at Claytor Lake State Park by Virginia State Parks .

Emily Leikam

Emily is an avid traveler and has been all around the world from Alaska and Iceland to Peru and Bali. Her home base is Nashville, TN and when not traveling you can find her hiking, practicing yoga or cooking/baking!


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KÜHL’s Guide to Pine Needle Tea - Benefits And Nutrition

In the vast world of herbal teas, there's a unique, forest-derived variety that might not be on your radar yet – Pine Needle…


Karen Henderson standing in Apples and Apples in KUHL Clothing

Mountain Gown. Independently Owned.®

Karen Henderson is the effervescent personality and entrepreneur behind many food-based businesses and endeavors. She now lives…

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4 Spooky Trails for Your Next Socially Distanced Halloween Hike

In a year that may go down in the history books as one of the most frightful to date ( global pandemic , anyone?), the promise of Halloween’s kitschy haunts feels almost comforting. But even Halloween will look differently this year as we avoid crowded costume parties and other festive gatherings. However, never fear! Hiking is an excellent way to practice social distancing while simultaneously getting your Halloween thrills traversing a spooky trail.

Celebrate a Socially Distanced Halloween With a Local Haunted Hike 

So, what actually makes a trail worthy of Halloween thrills? Some trails are spooky simply given their features. For example, stretches of the Florida Trail that involve wading through dark, swampy waters. Others give a fright through the historical remnants left behind and the way the earth comes to reclaim them, such as the structures along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail. Then there are those trails filled with lore — nearby murders, hikers lost and never found, ghosts seen in the woods.

All to say, a haunted hike is what you make it, and while we’ve shared four well-documented spooky trails below, there’s likely one a lot closer to where you live than you might realize! Use these examples as inspiration to research where in your backyard you’ll hike this Halloween.

1. Bloody Lane Trail in Antietam National Battlefield

This trail is called Bloody Lane Trail. If that isn’t enough to qualify as spooky hiking, what is? This short 1.5-mile hike is located in Maryland’s Antietam National Battlefield, the site of one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles. Visitors claim to have seen the ghosts of soldiers roaming the land, presumably one of the many buried near Burnside’s Bridge. Allegedly, you may also hear military drums or smell gunpowder. A place with such intense, tragic history is bound to leave behind some haunts.

2. Noland Creek Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to over 200 cemeteries. Located near the north shore of Lake Fontana on the North Carolina side of the Smokies, the Noland Creek Trail traverses a region of the park with the highest concentration of cemeteries. Rumor has it that backpackers have seen a glowing orb at night when camping out at backcountry sites 61 through 65 along the trail. If you head out on this 10.3-mile trail for Halloween, just hope for happy spirits.

3. Transept Trail in Grand Canyon National Park

The Transept Trail runs for three miles in the North Rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Hikers on this trail tell stories of seeing a “Wailing Woman” appear in a white dress holding flowers. It is said that she is crying at the place where her husband and son lost their lives in a hiking accident. Please do everyone a favor while hiking this haunted trail and make sure to watch your footing, pack properly, and be safe .

4. Greenleaf Hut in the White Mountains

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this lodging for hikers is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a past hutmaster, Ben Campbell. Campbell died while away hiking in Scotland, unable to return for his next season. Hikers who have spent the night here since say they have seen a male figure rummaging through boxes and heard the heavy footsteps of hiking boots. Campbell’s boots, which were left at the hut as a memorial by his family, have also been known to move locations throughout the night. This hike may be spooky, but you will at least be in the presence of a fellow hiking spirit.

Maintain Your Halloween Thrills This Year With Spooky Hiking

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25 Gruesome DIY Haunted House Props For The Scariest Halloween

Modified: Dec 30, 2022 by Vanessa Beaty · This post may contain affiliate links · 2 Comments

halloween haunted trail ideas

It’s nearly Halloween!

Do you know where your DIY projects are?

Well, if you’re looking to add some really gruesome and gory projects to your list, I’ve got just the thing for you.

I’ve always loved hosting haunted houses and lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to up my scare factor.

halloween haunted trail ideas

I started looking around and found these 25 amazingly gruesome haunted house props that you can easily DIY!

From bloody corpses to frightening monsters in breakaway cages, you’re sure to emit some screams of terror from your haunted house guests with these DIY haunted house props.

1. Gruesome Bathroom Murder Scene

2. frightening bendable cage, 3. bloody votive jars, 4. diy bloody skull lamp, 5. easy diy halloween bubbling blood bath, 6. dead bodies – diy budget style, 7. cheap and easy burning coals prop, 8. upcycled empty cardboard box decorations, 9. grotesque charred corpse, 10. diy chicken wire ghosts, 11. creepy doll mobile, 12. diy crystal ball candlesticks, 13. scary glowing evil eyes, 14. faux breakable chains, 15. harry potter inspired floating candles, 16. diy hanging spider balloons, 17. gruesome garage door victim, 18. haunted mirrors, 19. diy haunted reaper, 20. creepy head in a jar, 21. fanged mini vampire pumpkins, 22. diy moaning myrtle toilet, 23. acid bath monster, 24. diy monster porch, 25. the ring inspired well.

Gruesome Bathroom Murder Scene

If you are planning an entire house full of scary scenes, this bathroom murder scene is a must addition to your haunted house.

It’s pretty easy to do and looks for all the world like something you would see in a crime series.

You just mix up fake blood, which is really easy by the way, and then splatter it on towels and your shower curtain – outside so that you don’t really make a mess in the house.

Add some bloody handprints and you’re all set to scare your guests.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

Frightening Bendable Cage

This cage’s bars are made with rubber hosing so they’re easy to move, although your guests won’t know that.

You simply build the cage and then put someone or something scary inside.

When people pass by, the insider can “bend” the bars and get out! Your guests will think that they are perfectly safe until they see what’s really happening.

This is definitely a scream-worthy DIY project.

Tutorial/Source: halloweenforum

Bloody Votive Jars

These votive jars are perfect for decorating tables and scaring your guests. They’re really easy to make, too.

Just use red acrylic paint to “bloody” up some gauze and then when the paint dries, wrap the gauze around small mason jars or jelly jars.

Add your candles and these are by far the spookiest votive holders that your guests have ever seen.

Tutorial/Source: brit

DIY Bloody Skull Lamp

These bloody skull lamps take a bit of work but they’re definitely worth it. If you plan on hosting a haunted house, these are a must.

They’re creepy with blood splatters that will add so much scary to your fright house.

Plus, this is actually a lamp so it lights up which makes it even creepier.

Put it on the porch to welcome guests into the haunted house or on an entry table to offer an even bigger creepy factor.

Tutorial/Source: skeletonfoundry

Easy DIY Halloween Bubbling Blood Bath

This bubbling blood bath is sure to emit a few screams from your haunted house goers. It’s pretty cheap to make considering the scope of the project and doesn’t take nearly as long as you might expect.

The bubbling effect is done with a fountain pump and it’s really scary. Add in the tombstone shape and the skeleton and other scary creatures and you’ve got yourself a nice little fright for guests.

Dead Bodies – DIY Budget Style

You don’t have to spend a fortune on mannequins or other similar items to get dead bodies in your yard.

You can make these budget bodies from packing foam and plastic trash bags. You fill clothing with packing foam and then place them in clear bags.

They look like real bodies in those bags. Then, just blood splatter white bags with red paint and leave the bodies all over your yard.

Tutorial/Source: hauntforum

Cheap And Easy Burning Coals Prop

Burning coals are certain to give your haunted house an eerie look and you can create them really easily.

This is a great upcycle project. You use cardboard, two liter soda bottles, orange or red bulb lights and spray foam along with spray paint. It’s a really simple project but one that gives you a really intense aura.

You can actually have this done in about an hour and if you have any recycling available, it will only cost you the spray paint and lights.

Upcycled Empty Cardboard Box Decorations

Set the mood from the minute your guests enter your yard with these easy window decorations that you make from upcycled cardboard boxes.

Curtains hide these monsters from view inside the house but outside…they’re there to scare your guests as they arrive.

You can make them in any shape or form that you want and they are perfect for setting that creepy mood that you want for a haunted house.

Tutorial/Source: reddit

Grotesque Charred Corpse

This charred corpse is probably the most grotesque Halloween decoration that I have ever seen and it’s absolutely perfect for a haunted house.

You’ll need a standard skeleton decoration to make this, along with foam insulation, paint and a few other craft supplies.

This is seriously a creepy decoration so if you’re going for the real scare, this is perfect.

Tutorial/Source: imakeprojects

DIY Chicken Wire Ghosts

These ghosts in your yard or hanging from your trees are sure to terrify your haunted house guests.

You make them with chicken wire that you can mold around a mannequin or other similarly shaped object.

If you want them to grab attention after dark, try placing lanterns or candles close to them – not close enough to show what they really are but just close enough to create an eerie glow around them.

Creepy Doll Mobile

There are so many ways that you can use dolls in your haunted house decorating. You can simply spray paint a large doll white and have her peeking out from a corner, or try this creepy doll mobile.

Dolls with porcelain heads tend to be much scarier so if you can find those – check your local thrift store – then you’re golden.

Add them to a makeshift mobile that you can create from a cheap grapevine wreath and hang on the porch or in the entryway.

Tutorial/Source: epbot

DIY Crystal Ball Candlesticks

While these crystal ball candlesticks aren’t likely to scare someone silly, they do add a nice Halloween ambiance to your haunted house and they are super easy to make.

These glowing crystal balls contain images that you can print off yourself so you get whatever picture you want on your ball. A candle gives them a nice creepy glow.

Tutorial/Source: flamingotoes

Scary Glowing Evil Eyes

These scary evil eyes are so easy to make and they’re really cheap. You need empty toilet paper rolls – can you say upcycle? – and some of those glow stick bracelets that you can get at the Dollar Store for a dollar per pack.

Cut eye shapes into the empty toilet paper rolls and then insert a glow stick. Tape it all up so that the stick stays in place and put these around your yard, in bushes and even in trees to give your entire outdoors a creepy Halloween vibe.

Tutorial/Source: kellyelko

Faux Breakable Chains

One of the scariest Halloween pranks I’ve ever seen was someone dressed as a zombie who was chained up to a wall.

The chains, unbeknownst to the guests, were fake and just as people got close to the zombie, he snapped the chains and ran after them.

It was hilariously fun and you can create the same scenario with these faux breakable chains that you can make from pipe insulation and a bit of paint.

Tutorial/Source: ribbonsandglue

Harry Potter Inspired Floating Candles

These floating candles are sure to give your guests a fright. These are inspired by the Great Hall candles from Harry Potter and are so simple to make. This is also an upcycle project because you use empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make the candles.

Just paint the rolls white and then string them from the ceiling with LED lights. You’ll love how authentic these look and your guests will appreciate that extra ick factor.

Tutorial/Source: eatingbender

DIY Hanging Spider Balloons

While these hanging spider balloons aren’t likely to scare anyone witless, they are sure to add that extra bit of creepy to your decorations.

They’re really easy, too. You just fill balloons with helium and then attach plastic or rubber spiders to string or fishing line. Rubber spiders will seem much more realistic if you really want some extra fright in your haunted house decor.

Tutorial/Source: studiodiy

Gruesome Garage Door Victim

I love this scary garage door victim. It really looks like something evil has forced the garage door down on a man and it’s really easy to set up. Just stuff old clothing or foam into pants and a shirt and add shoes.

Then position your victim so that his “neck” is under the garage door and add splatters of blood around the area. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart so if your haunted house is just for kids, I would use this one carefully.

Tutorial/Source: homedit

Haunted Mirrors

These haunted mirrors are very reminiscent of the haunted house at Disney World.

If you’ve never seen those, then you are seriously missing out on a good scare. You can easily make these with some old mirrors, images that you want to appear and some silver mirror like paint. They don’t take long to finish and they’re sure to be one of the scariest aspects of your haunted house décor.

DIY Haunted Reaper

If this haunted reaper doesn’t scare your guests then they have nerves of steel.

I got scared just looking at the picture! It takes a bit of work but it will quickly become your favorite Halloween decoration, especially if you are setting up a haunted house.

And, once you build him, you can use him year after year to continue scaring your guests.

Creepy Head In A Jar

This head in a jar is probably one of the creepiest things that I have ever seen and it’s wonderful! If you’re looking to create a really scare ambiance for your haunted house, this is definitely a prop that you need to make.

The best part is, it’s super easy to put together and doesn’t cost much if anything at all. You just put a mask or even a printout of a scary face into a jar and then maybe add some hair.

Tutorial/Source: madhauscreative

Fanged Mini Vampire Pumpkins

These little fanged vampire pumpkins probably won’t scare anyone silly but they will certainly add to your haunted house décor. These are so simple to make and they’re a great project for the kids.

You just add plastic vampire fangs to little pumpkins and you’re done. How easy was that? You could even paint the pumpkins blood red or black if you want them to be a bit creepier.

Tutorial/Source: marthastewart

DIY Moaning Myrtle Toilet

Harry Potter is a great place to look for frightening haunted house décor. Take this Moaning Myrtle toilet for example. It’s scary and your guests are going to really get a kick out of it.

While the toilet doesn’t really moan, you can put a picture of Myrtle under the seat, which will shock anyone who needs to use the bathroom.

I would also do a hidden recording of her moaning and talking and maybe even a little fog machine for added effect.

Tutorial/Source: pinningwithpurpose

Acid Bath Monster

This one is super scary and super easy to make. You need an old oil drum as well as a scary mask and some clothing and maybe a skeleton for the hands.

Just add them all together and paint where needed to create the illusion of acid and blood.

This would be great around a corner or near the exit, somewhere guests would never expect to see something like this.

Tutorial/Source: fulcrumsites

DIY Monster Porch

Before your guests even enter your haunted house, give them a fright with this monster front porch.

It looks as if your house is the actual monster and the porch is his mouth. It’s really easy to put together and would be great if you painted it with glow in the dark paint so that it would really show up after dark.

This one only takes about an hour or so to build and is definitely going to up your scare factor.

Tutorial/Source: craftibilities

The Ring Inspired Well

You can really scare your guests when you add this DIY version of the well from the Ring. It’s complete with the little girl climbing out of it!

This one is not at all difficult to build and would look great in the front yard or a side yard if you’re having an outdoor haunted house.

Even better, have this portion of the actual movie playing as your guests enter and then have the well sitting just outside the exit door.

Tutorial/Source: lotharslair

Haunted house projects for Halloween.

You can do so many wonderful DIY Halloween projects to scare your neighbors, trick-or-treaters and even haunted house guests.

Take this DIY monster Halloween house décor for instance.

It turns your entire house into a monster!

The great thing about these DIY haunted house props is you don’t even need to be terribly artistic or crafty to do them.

They are all relatively easy and many of them don’t even require that many supplies. In fact, some of them are upcycles and you know how much I love to upcycle.

If you love decorating for Halloween as much as I do and you love creating scare-worthy decorations that will instantly turn your home into a haunted house, this is definitely the collection of ideas for you.

From a quick and easy bathroom murder scene to a gruesome garage door victim complete with fake blood, you’re going to love all the different scare tactics in here.

Plus, you should check out these great pumpkin hacks to make your jack-o-lanterns super scary.

So, if you are planning to host a haunted house this year or you just really want the neighborhood kids to be terrified of your house when they visit for trick-or-treat night, you really need to check these haunted house prop ideas out.

They’re easy, cheap and will definitely increase your home’s scare potential.

4 DIY Peel and Stick Backsplash Ideas

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October 06, 2018 at 7:59 pm

where is the link to the tutorial for the haunted mirrors?

October 15, 2019 at 6:36 pm

I am also wondering about a tutorial for the haunted mirrors. Thanks.

12 Things To Do In Moscow: Complete Guide To A Unique Idaho City

Learn about Moscow, Idaho's history, and all the things to do in this picturesque city.

Read update

There Are More Things To Do While In Moscow, Idaho!

Moscow, Idaho, is a small city with plenty to offer lovers of the outdoors and culture aficionados. Moscow is the county seat of Latah County in the panhandle region of Idaho. It’s known as the home of the University of Idaho, which is a great campus with galleries and gardens for visitors to explore.

Moscow’s landscape is particularly unique as it is set in the Palouse region , an area between Idaho, southeastern Washington, and even Oregon, known for its peculiar rolling green hills, which make it one of the most beautiful vistas in the state . d.

UPDATE: 2023/08/22 16:57 EST BY NOAH STAATS

This article has been refreshed with new stops in Moscow, Idaho, as well as tips, tricks, and things to experience in town. From fun waterslides to nature preserves to beer, here are all the reasons Moscow should be on the itinerary this fall and beyond!

Things To Do

Here is everything travelers need to know about planning a great trip to Moscow, Idaho, including the best time of year to visit, where to eat and drink, and the best activities.

1 Check Out The Historic McConnell Mansion

One thing to do while in Moscow, Idaho, is to go see the McConnel Mansion , located in Moscow's historic neighborhood. Here is where a home built by the former governor sits, now working as a place to learn more about Moscow, as well as see how life and architecture looked back then.

Constructed in 1886, this museum also features period rooms and decor, so it's certainly worth seeing for people in the area.

  • Address: 110 S Adams St, Moscow, ID 83843
  • Hours: Dependent on season/tour

2 Soak Up The Sun At Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center

The next thing to do in Moscow, Idaho, is to check out the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center . Here is where families or groups can enjoy the outdoor seasonal water park with a lazy river, large pool, waterslides & interactive play area.

This aquatic center boasts a great summer itinerary, making it perfect for travelers with children.

  • Address: 830 N Mountain View Rd, Moscow, ID 83843
  • Hours: Open daily from 12 PM to 7:30 PM (Open at 11 AM on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Tickets: Children 3 and under FREE, Children 4-17 $5.75 including tax, Adults 18-64 $7.75 including tax, Seniors 65+ $5.75 including tax

3 Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute

Another idea while in town would be to visit the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute. Here is where people visiting Moscow can explore a 26.2-acre nature preserve in the city, as well as walk around and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Address: 1040 Rodeo Dr, Moscow, ID 83843
  • Hours: Open Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM

4 See A Show At The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre

The next idea for a Moscow, Idaho, visitor is to catch a performance at the city's Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre . Here lies a restored historic theater that offers classic films, community events, and a variety of stage performances.

  • Address: 508 S Main St, Moscow, ID 83843

5 Cycle Some Of The Palouse Bike Trails

A very popular tourist activity in Moscow is to rent a bike and cycle through some of the Palouse bike trails. A popular trail is the 7-mile Bill Chipman Palouse Trail between Pullman in Washington and Moscow.

  • Admission: Bike rental costs will vary; check out Paradise Bike Rentals
  • Address: The trail end points are SE Bishop Blvd. (Pullman, WA) and Farm Rd. (Moscow, ID)

6 View The University Of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Spend an afternoon checking out the countless plants from across the world in the University’s Arboretum & Botanical Garden . The garden is open every day, from dawn to dusk.

  • Admission: Free
  • Address: 875 Perimeter Drive MS 2281, Moscow, Idaho

7 Head To The Moscow Farmer’s Market

Visiting the Farmer’s Market is the big thing to do in Moscow and is incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike. It’s held from May to October from 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. Check out the fresh produce and enjoy some local performers entertaining the crowds.

  • Address: 101-155 W 4th St, Moscow, ID 83843

8 Camp Out In Robinson County Park

This campsite is great for those who would like to immerse themselves in nature but also want to be close to town, and the campsite in Robinson is just a ten-minute drive from downtown Moscow. This park has plenty of trails and picnic spots to enjoy.

  • Admission: $20 a night to camp
  • Address: 5168 Robinson Park Rd, Moscow ID 83843

Related: 8 Idaho State Parks To Add To Your Scenic Bucket List

9 Check Out The Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center

For those wanting to learn about the history of the beautiful Appaloosa horse breed, native to the Palouse region, the Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center is a perfect place to spend the afternoon.

Here is where guests can tour the Davis-Gillman Activity Center, Gift Shop, and Picnic Area, all while learning more about this area's rich culture.

  • Address: 2720 Pullman Rd, Moscow, ID 83843, USA
  • 1912 Center: Check out some local art and learn about cultural initiatives in Moscow
  • Address: 412 E. Third St. Moscow, ID 83843

10 Tour The Third Street Gallery

Next up, guests of the city of Moscow, Idaho, can check out the Third Street Gallery. The Third Street Gallery is located on the second and third floors of Moscow's beautifully renovated and historic City Hall, making that another nice thing to see while here.

  • Address: 206 W 3rd St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA
  • Hours: Seasonally/dependent on art and creators

11 Skate At The Palouse Ice Rink

Another fun stop in the Moscow area is the Palouse Ice Rink , a fun place to visit for all the family for some ice skating and hockey in the winter and rollerblading during the summer.

This could be a nice location to bring the family, especially for people with young kids.

  • Admission: Adults - $10, Children 6-17 - $8.00, 5 and under free
  • Family Admission (up to 5 members) - $35.00
  • Address: 1021 Harold St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA

12 Taste Local Moscow Craft Beers

Moscow has a pretty extensive craft beer culture, and it's well worth making a day of visiting some of the local breweries. Here are several great breweries to check out.

Moscow Brewing Company : Be sure to visit Moscow’s first brewhouse for some great history and even better beer

  • Address: 630 N Almon St #130, Moscow, ID

Hunga Dunga Brewing Company - Offering unique IPAs, Stouts, and so much more.

  • Address: 333 N Jackson St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA

Rants & Rave Brewery - A brewery and a grill, what’s not to love?

  • Address: 308 N Jackson St, Moscow, ID, USA

13 Best Time To Go To Moscow, Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, has a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. During the summer months, the temperature can reach into the 90s and can be quite dry. The winters are cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing and the area receiving some snowfall. Spring and fall are mild, with temperatures ranging from the 40s to 60s.

The best time of year depends on what visitors have planned for the trip. The months of June, July, and August are great for outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Related: Drive Mesa Falls Scenic Byway & See Idaho's Most Stunning Views

However, in the winter months, there are local mountains and resorts suitable for snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing for those interested in winter sports. The Palouse Ice Rink is a popular spot for locals and visitors during the winter, too, and also offers some family-friendly activities the whole year round. Even a scenic road trip can be enjoyable during Idaho's winter .

The city tends to be a bustling hub of activity during its festivals, like the Rendezvous in the Park music festival, which usually takes place on the third weekend in July, or the Moscow Winter Carnival, which takes place in early December.

14 Best Ways To Get Around Moscow Idaho

Moscow is a very walkable city, and most of the main destinations for tourists can be accessed on foot, especially during the summer. Getting around on a bike is a great option; Moscow has 36 miles of paved trails, so renting a bicycle in town could be a good choice for visitors.

  • Paradise Bike Rentals is a convenient bike rental shop on Main Street.

Moscow also has a public bus system called the Sustainable Moscow Area Regional Transportation or SMART transit that covers two loops, one in the west and one in the east of the town, and the fixed routes are free.

There are multiple taxi and rideshare companies in Moscow, and Uber and Lyft are also available. Here are some local Taxi company options:

  • Moscow Taxi
  • Pegasus Taxi

It’s possible to rent a car coming from the regional Pullman Moscow airport from companies Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and Budget.

15 Where To Eat In Moscow, Idaho

Moscow, Idaho, has some great spots for food, drinks, and coffee if visitors know where to look. The food options in Idaho tend to pleasantly surprise visitors. As it's a student town, there are more than a few fun bars too.

Best Breakfast in Moscow, Idaho

One World Café, Breakfast Club, Varsity Diner

Delicious Lunches in Moscow, Idaho:

Shari’s Café and Pies, Einstein Bros Bagels, Stax

Fantastic Dinners in Moscow, Idaho:

Nectar, Tapped - Taphouse & Kitchen, Lodgepole

Great Coffee Shops in Moscow, Idaho:

Café Artista, Bucer's Coffee House Pub, Steam Coffee

Fun Bars in Moscow, Idaho:

John’s Alley Tavern, Mingles Bar & Grill, Neat Whiskey Bar

16 Where To Stay In Moscow, Idaho

There are a number of hotels and rentals in the city, although some travelers also opt to stay in the nearby Washington state town of Pullman. Here are a few options in Moscow itself:

Highly rated hotels in Moscow Idaho

Best Western Plus University Inn : Room rates at the Best Western Plus University Inn start from $120 per night

  • Amenities: Swimming pool, fitness center, on-site restaurant, and bar
  • Address: 1516 Pullman Road, Moscow, Idaho 83843

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Moscow : Room rates at the Fairfield Inn & Suites start from $140 per night

  • Amenities: Free breakfast, indoor pool, and fitness center
  • Address: 1000 West Pullman Road, Moscow, Idaho 83843, United States

Mid-Tier hotels in Moscow

The Monarch Motel Room rates at the Monarch Hotel start from $100 per night

  • Amenities: garden/chill-out area
  • Address: 120 W 6th St, Moscow, ID 83843, United States

Hotel Mccoy Pullman Room rates at this property start from $140 per night

  • Amenities: Fitness center, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free Wi-Fi, Free parking
  • Address: 455 Southeast Paradise Street, Pullman, WA 99163

Related: Idaho The Potato State: Why Not Sleep In A Hotel Shaped Like One?

Budget hotels in Moscow Idaho

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Moscow Pullman : Room rates at La Quinta Inn & Suites start from $130 per night

  • Amenities: Free breakfast, airport shuttle, shuttle to local attractions
  • Address: 185 Warbonnet Dr, Moscow, ID 83843, United States

Super 8 by Wyndham Moscow / Pullman: Room rates at Super 8 by Wyndham Moscow start from $80 per night

  • Amenities: Mobile check-in, Wi-Fi, free coffee & breakfast Item
  • Address: 175 Peterson Drive Pullman Hwy and 175 Peterson Dr, Moscow, ID 83843

17 Tips For Visiting Moscow, Idaho

Moscow is a University city in north central Idaho and has a population of just over 25,000. It’s about 8 miles east of the Washington State border. It’s been home to the University of Idaho since 1889.

Moscow is served by a regional airport, The Pullman Moscow Airport is four miles west of the city, and the closest major airport is Spokane International Airport in Washington, located within 90 miles east of the city.

From here, visitors can rent a car or arrange a shuffle to get to Moscow; it will take about an hour and 40 minutes.

Related: Explore Idaho's Capital City: The Ultimate Travel Guide To Boise & Things To Do

Moscow is located along Highway 95, which runs north and south through the city. It’s also possible to travel to Moscow by bus from Spokane and Seattle. It’s good to know a little bit about the unique landscape travelers will get to explore when visiting Moscow. It’s part of the Palouse region, which encompasses parts of north central Idaho, southeastern Washington, and a little bit of Oregon.

Its distinctive and peculiar rolling green hills are made of a material called loess, which is mainly dust and silt blown in over thousands of years from the southwest.

After periods of deposition and erosion in harsh weather, unique dune-like shapes formed in the landscape. The Palouse region is a major agriculture zone, mainly for grain production, and it's also a stunning place to experience as a tourist.

18 How To Spend The Perfect Day In Moscow, Idaho

A perfect day in Moscow will start with a great breakfast, so head to the popular One World Café for a delicious bite to eat and then get ready to take on some of the incredible Palouse biking trails. Rent a bike for the afternoon and take the Bill Chipman Palouse trail nearby by Pullman and back.

Don’t forget to bring a camera. Head for lunch at Stax for some soup and sandwiches, and then visit the University of Idaho campus for a stroll through the arboretum and Botanical Garden. While on campus, check out some of the famous landmarks, like the Kibbie Dome or the Prichard Art Gallery.

In the evening, enjoy a fancy dinner at Lodgepole and polish the evening off with a drink at John’s Alley Tavern.

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  • Russian Kitchen

Moscow’s urban legends: Ghosts, mutant rats under the Metro

Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow

Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow

Among the world's most famous urban legends is about alligators allegedly living in New York City's sewer system. The Russians do not lag behind the Americans in terms of the popular imagination. Some see giant rats in the metro, while others talk about ghosts and the "mutagenic radiation" of the Ostankino television tower.

The mysteries of the metro

When it comes to rumours about the Moscow subway , truth is closely intertwined with fiction. Even officials do not deny that there are classified military and government lines under the capital – the so-called "Metro-2.”

That there are classified military and government lines under the capital – the so-called "Metro-2” – is not denied even by some officials. Photo: Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow. Source: Vitaliy Belousov/RIA Novosti

Enthusiasts have, however, been unsuccessfully trying to find more accurate information for years. Is there one line there or an entire system? Or is there an underground city for 15,000 people? Typical for an urban legend, there are a thousand versions of this story. They are united by an aura of secrecy and danger.

"It was really scary to hear the sound of tarpaulin boots near the alleged entrance to Metro-2," said Konstantin, one of Moscow’s community of “diggers,” or enthusiasts who explore subterranean bunkers, wells, tunnels and other facilities. "Is it still guarded by the KGB men, or something?"

Another Moscow resident claims her digger friend was allegedly shot at by special services while searching for Metro-2. The difficult-to-verify stories by the diggers about their adventures at the closed facility add to people's curiosity.

"My grandmother told me about Metro-2 in my childhood, and then about mutant rats," recalls Moscow resident Valeria. In the 1990s, tabloids publicized stories about giant rats living in the tunnels.

So could Splinter from " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles " find company in the Moscow catacombs? "It's all science: Radiation from rocks must cause mutations in rats," says Pavel, also from Moscow. "But they live in technical rooms, so you can't see them."

Skeptics say that the crying comes from late-working employees of the Tunisian embassy: the commissar's house is now occupied by a diplomatic mission. Source: Lori/Legion-Media

On the surface

Not only are the underground bunkers of the Soviet elite shrouded in legend, but also fairly earthly structures, such as the home of Lavrenty Beria, the USSR People's Commissar for State Security and Stalin's right-hand man.

During interrogation in 1953, Beria confessed to abducting and raping dozens of women, but the authenticity of these papers is still being debated (Beria was removed by Khrushchev in a power struggle, and the documents could have been falsified after the execution of this dangerous rival).

But the image of the sadistic Beria was firmly imprinted on the popular mind, and his house in Moscow is surrounded by dark rumours. Allegedly, an invisible car rolls on Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa at midnight, with its old motor rumbling. Footsteps are heard, and Beria's ghost comes to his house for violent pleasures: curious pedestrians will soon even hear a woman crying from behind the walls.

Skeptics will say that the crying comes from late-working employees of the Tunisian embassy (the commissar's house is now occupied by a diplomatic mission), but this version is much more boring, even though probably the truth.

Napoleonic soldiers and a 500-year-old witch

It is not only the city centre where legends abound.

Many people believe that hundreds of soldiers from Napoleon’s army were buried in the hills of Peredelkino, a holiday village in the outskirts of Moscow, in 1812. Paranormal enthusiasts imbue the mounds with mystical qualities, believing that electronics go haywire and travellers disappear there.

The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the high-profile murder of well-known TV journalist Vlad Listyev and a fire at Ostankino in 2000. Photo: A lightning over the Ostankino TV tower in Moscow. Source: Denis Murin/RIA Novosti

In reality, however, it is likely that there are no mass graves there.

"After the difficult war with Napoleon, peasants saw its echoes everywhere, so this is an old myth," researchers of the Museum of Moscow told RIR. "In the 19th century, archaeologists excavated Slavic mounds from the 10 th and 11 th centuries. But the inhabitants of the surrounding villages still considered them to be the graves of French soldiers."

The Ostankino neighbourhood, where Europe's highest TV tower is located, is also mythologized. It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who was murdered in the 16 th century. Now she walks around and predicts disasters.

The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the high-profile murder of well-known TV journalist Vlad Listyev and a fire at Ostankino in 2000. Sometimes these stories are complemented by vivid details – for example, the furniture in Listyev's office was allegedly gnawed after his death by animals, mutated by the tower's radiation.

Then there are less bloody rumours: for example, one about a bulldozer embedded by builders in the TV centre's building by mistake. Yana Sidorova, the author of a study about the legends of Ostankino, says the TV centre's staff do not really believe in these sorts of stories, but are quite happy to spread them.

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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From filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos and producer Emma Stone comes the incredible tale and fantastical evolution of Bella Baxter (Stone), a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe). Hungry for the worldliness she is lacking, Bella runs off with Duncan Wedderburn...

KPAC presents FACE/OFF as part of our Science on Screen® series, showcasing films with introductions by notable figures from the world of science, technology, and medicine. To foil a terrorist plot, FBI agent Sean Archer assumes the identity of the criminal Castor Troy who murdered his son through facial transplant...

Jeffrey Gibson: They Teach Love Exhibition

DATES: August 22, 2023 – March 9, 2024 TIMES: Tue. –Sat., 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Starting 8/22, join us for the exhibition, Jeffrey Gibson: They Teach Love, devoted to one of today’s foremost artists, whose vibrant interdisciplinary practice combines sculpture and painting, beadwork and video, words and images, incorporating rawhide, tipi...

Here in a Homemade Forest: Common Reading Connections Exhibition

Inspired by Washington State University’s 2023-24 Common Reading Book, Braiding Sweetgrass, this exhibition highlights crucial themes from Braiding Sweetgrass through the lens of art, inviting visitors from all walks of life to engage in an ongoing conversation about how to prioritize a reciprocal relationship with the land, with each other, and with other living beings.

Idaho Foodbank Mobile Pantry

The Idaho Foodbank is committed to ensuring all Idahoans have access to nutritious food, regardless of their situation and background. The Moscow distribution will be held on Monday, January 22, 2024 at the Latah County Fairgrounds starting at 10am until the last box is handed out. The distributions provide a...

Animal Dances: Creative Movement Classes

These classes bring physical education, imagination and technical skill together in a class designed for kids who love to MOVE. Wild, strong, beautiful, ferocious, delicate, swift, we’ll move as noisy packs, solitary creatures and dynamic murmurations. We’ll look to animals’ bodies to understand how our own muscles and bones work,...

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

KPAC presents COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE as part of our Absolute Anime series. A terrorist explosion releases a deadly virus on the masses, and it’s up to the bounty-hunting Bebop crew to catch the cold-blooded culprit. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie captivates audiences with its seamless blend of stylish animation, compelling storytelling, and an enthralling jazz-infused soundtrack,...

Library Hour with Miss Katie

Every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 at the Moscow Public Library, children ages 8+ are invited to join us for Library Hour with Miss Katie! Youth Librarian, Katie Bouchard, will host different fun activities each week. What will we do this week?   Dates we will not have Library Hour: January...

Thursday Night Hangouts

This is for all veterans, active duty, Guard, Reserve, ROTC Cadets/Midshipmen, and their families to join us for activities and camaraderie.

Valley Girl

Moscow Film Society presents VALLEY GIRL as part of their Her Lens series featuring female directors! Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy, shallow friends. With engaging performances from...

Kenworthy Silent Film Festival

Join us at 7 PM each Thursday in May for films featuring original live music from local artists. Tickets $15 GA, $10 Students, or $50 for a Series Pass. With the support of the Idaho Commission on the Arts, Idaho Humanities Council, and private sponsors, KPAC has commissioned local composers...

Children’s Rug Concert with the Jupiter String Quartet

Join the University of Idaho's Auditorium Chamber Music Series in their concert for children! Put on with the Jupiter String Quartet, your 3-5 year old children will have an opportunity to actively engage with the music and musicians. Come and enjoy!  

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