This Old Hotel In Maryland Is One Of The Most Haunted Places You’ll Ever Sleep

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

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Would you ever stay the night at an allegedly haunted hotel? The following Maryland inn has been around for decades, greetings guests — and a ghost or two. Read on for the haunting history…

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

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admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

888 S Broadway

Baltimore, MD 21231

Visit the website here .

Have you experienced spooky happenings at Admiral Fell Inn? Share your story with us!

For more haunted spots in the Baltimore area, click here !

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What’s Lurking in the Halls of Admiral Fell Inn?

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Whether you want to stay at a very haunted boutique inn in a quaint neighborhood in Baltimore, or you’re simply interested in joining in a paranormal investigation, such as the well organized and fun events run by professional ghost hunting outfit Ghosts N’at out of Pittsburgh, a stay at the Admiral Fell Inn, in the heart of Fells Point, is for you!

Even if you don’t like haunted places, consider staying — I get the sense these ghosts are pretty polite.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

The Admiral Fell Inn is a 80-room hotel created out of seven historic buildings, several of which date back to the 1800s. With an excellent location next to Fells Point Harbor, many of the rooms overlook the square and cobblestone streets, a scene that could come out of almost any old city in Europe.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

The Admiral Fell Inn is well recognized as a very haunted location. Even Forbes Magazine listed it in its list of top 25 haunted hotels in the United States. (Also worth noting that another Baltimore boutique hotel, Lord Baltimore Hotel, also made the list.)

Why is this historic inn so haunted?

It is the scene of a sensational murder that occurred in room 413 in 1999. Gary Mick, a homophobe and, apparently, also a murderer — a terrible combination — stalked Christopher Jones, an out-of-town guest attending a pharamaceutical convention in Baltimore, and bashed his head in with a hammer claw. Mick struck Jones nine times; Mick then walked away. The crime might never have been solved, but Mick soon began hunting another gay man and tried to kill him. This time, Mick was unsuccessful and his victim got away, called the police and provided enough details to identify his assailant. Mick’s finger prints were identified at the murder scene in room 413 and he was sentenced to two life sentences and as of the date of this writing, is still being held in a maxiumum security facility in western Maryland.

But before that, at least one of the buildings now comprising the building served as a boarding house, called “The Anchorage,” for sailors, from the 1790s to just a few decades ago. Originally run by the Christian Port Mission (alternately known as the Port Mission Women’s Auxilary), it was here that a sailor just arrived from distant ports could find a clean(ish) room and safe harbor for a few nights. Church services were held on Sundays for those interested; neighbors often brought the sailors holiday treats.

Eventually, The Anchorage was taken over by the Young Men’s Christian Association in the late 1920s and operated into the 1970s, when it became a cider and vinegar bottling plant. Over the almost 200 years it operated, The Anchorage and then the YMCA sheltered tens of thousands of men in its rooms.

Only, some of them never left. With them, they brought their diseases acquired overseas, their hardships and heartaches, and life pain. The Sun (now the Baltimore Sun ) reported that one young sailor shot himself on the premises. Others suffered from various causes and passed away, in this last safe anchorage.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

After serving as a bed and breakfast for 11 years, the Admiral Fell Inn became a boutique hotel in 1996, offering comfortable, well-maintained rooms in a tradional decor. You’ll find the usual flat-screen TVs and coffeemakers and free wifi. You won’t find either a fitness center or pool or even room service, but this is a small, historic property with lots of personality (no two rooms are alike) — you can go to one of the huge personality-less hotel chains if that’s what you’re looking for.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

And of course, the Admiral Fell Hotel has ghosts. Lots of them! Previous guests have reported tales of floating sailors going up and down the (now removed) fire escape stairs and roaming the halls, invisible entities knocking at doors, and a ghost dog playing in the halls.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Maybe you’ll see the old lady who invites herself into your room, and sits on your bed staring at you until you wake up. When you do, she shushes you, and tells you to go back to sleep! (As if that would be possible!) Or perhaps you might be awakened by a rowdy party going on in the room next to yours. Don’t bother calling the front desk to complain, because inevitably, the room that’s the scene of this party is completely empty, the sounds of evil laughter, glasses clinking, and gunshots echoing through the halls.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Fells Point’s own history lends itself to hauntings and it is believed that some of this history may have contributed to the inn’s hauntings. Once a bustling deep water port with an active ship building industry, the conversion to steam ships, which began during the Civil War, soon spelled the demise of the ship building industry in Fells Point. Various factories, including the vinegar bottling plant, replaced the ship building industry, but the neighborhood fell on hard times. By the early 1900s, Fells Point was a violent neighborhood more known for shady bars and speakeasies, illegal gambling halls, and brothels, run by mobsters and shady criminal figures, than for Christian virtue.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

We recently joined Ghosts N’at for what turned out to be a fantastic ghost hunt, that formally ran from 7 to 11:30 p.m. The ghosts did not disappoint!

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Ghosts N’at runs a well-organized paranormal investigation. The evening started with hotel historian Steven Foote describing the hotel’s hauntings. Then the group divided into six groups of eight to ten individuals (wrist bands handed out as we checked in earlier in the afternoon identified our groups) and dispersed to different hotspots around the hotel: the Murder Room (Room 413), the Ballroom, the Stone Room (in the basement), rooms 236 and 238, a hallway on the third floor, and rooms 485 and 487. At each location, a team had already set up various ghost hunting equipment — movement detectors, EMF readers, voice recorders, flashlights and even cat toys.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Usually in other articles about paranormal investigations, I have to explain that ghosts are not performing seals and there’s a lot of boredom involved. Not this time! Whether the spirit world is extremely active because of the ongoing pandemic or because this was the first organized ghost hunt  onsite, the energies in the inn were frenetic.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

There were a lot of evps: “my whole life” in the Stone Room in the basement, in response to, “Do you like to play cards?”

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

In one of the bedrooms, “My name is Emma” in response to our asking, “Are there any ladies of the night here?” Then a strong but ghostly/creepy male voice offered: “That whore!!”

In the Murder Room, when asked “Is Chris Jones here?” the response was “MURDER!” Then, “head,” less emphatically, corresponding to the events documented to have occurred in that space.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Throughout the evening, flashlights turned off and on, in response to questions and often on cue. The cat balls I brought lit up several times spontaneously (although not in response to a question). Our EMF reader also frequently responded, unprompted but also sometimes in response to a specific question.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

After the formal ghost hunt was over, participants were allowed to continue their own investigations at the various locations or in the hotel’s other public spaces (we were the only guests there during this COVID-19 weekend) or in their own rooms through the night. We decided to visit each of the locations, snap some photos and then try to do some EVPs and such in our own room. To both my relief and brief disappointment, we encountered no paranormal activity in our room.

We slept soundly that night — no old ladies waking us. Not even errant alarm clocks (apparently ghostly hands often set these to go off at odd times). The ghosts were very polite, and let us sleep. We hope they can find peace as well.

Website: Admiral Fell Inn — ; Ghosts N’at —

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

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admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

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A lovely haunted hotel! - Admiral Fell Inn Baltimore Harbor, Ascend Hotel Collection

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  • Admiral Fell Inn Baltimore Harbor, Ascend Hotel Collection

A lovely haunted hotel!

The staff was extremely helpful with anything we needed. The room we stayed in originally was a little noisy, so we asked to move. We were moved to a much quieter room which was very nice! The hotel is right in the middle of Fells Point, where there is plenty of good food, and within walking distance or water taxi to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I didn't see any ghosts, but my son thinks he did see one come in the room for a brief moment! More

  • Cleanliness

Dear Tami S, Thank you for taking the time and leaving such a fantastic review on TripAdvisor in regards to your most recent stay. On behalf of the entire staff, the pleasure was all ours! We strive to offer a superior guest experience and we are glad that you took the time to visit us. We pride ourselves on being "your key to the best in Baltimore!" We are glad to hear you had such a great stay! Once again thank you for sharing your experience; if there's ever anything we can do to accommodate you during your next visit, please don't hesitate to reach out. Mario Corrado Jr. General Manager [email protected]

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

  • Visit hotel website

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

  • Room service

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

  • Fitness center

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

The Admiral Fell was recommended to me by a member of Kennedy Krieger. On many of the major hotel websites, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and, the hotel received many impressive five star reviews and certificates of excellence. Furthermore, two of my standard travel websites; TripAdvisor and indicated that the hotel offered free wi-fi and breakfast. In selecting a hotel, amongst many factors, free wi-fi and a free breakfast are uppermost in my planning. So I was initially excited to select this hotel as part of my three day trip to Baltimore. When I arrived at the hotel on Wednesday afternoon, I checked in and was immediately told that my hotel visit included incidental charges including $9.99 for wi-fi and breakfast around the same price. I also noticed that they placed a $49 pending fee on my credit card. When I asked about this the following day I was told that this was a standard practice. As I had several important meetings to attend and because the room was nonrefundable I choose to stay. So I went up to the room on the second floor that was assigned to me. I was not happy that this hotel was nickel and diming me for these type of incidental charges, so the first night I tethered my computer to my smartphone. The following morning I went down to have breakfast. It was not free, and I was asked for my room #. Breakfast is over $9.00, and you either pay cash or charge to the room number. I was even further disappointed that except for hot beverages and waffles, there were no hot breakfast items liked scrambled eggs and bacon. Everything offered including bagels, cereal, orange juice, fruit and even eggs were all cold!!! For such offerings, at a minimum, at other hotels which offer similar fare, you would expect a free breakfast. This left a bad taste in my mouth, pun intended. On heading back I stopped at the front desk and showed the receptionist the amnesties that were listed as free, reported in TripAdvisor and (see below). On TA - see amenities - Free Wifi. On HC -see main ammenities Free WiFi I asked the receptionist to talk to the manager, as to why these free amenities had not been correctly listed on both sites? To document this I brought my IPAD downstairs as a form of evidence. I then went off to my appointments. When I returned back to the hotel that evening I showed the receptionist the TA and HC listings of their amenities. I was then told that the descriptions on both sites were inaccurate and needed to be changed. Nevertheless, I was reluctantly given an adjustment on my bill. Given this hotel had so many wonderful reviews, I am very disappointed in guest services, and had it not been for the adjustment to my bill, I would most likely have given it two stars, instead of three. To very briefly summarize my experience over two nights, I will simply list the pros and cons of this hotel PROS: Well located near the water taxis and restaurants in Fells Point Free shuttle service -for getting to other parts of town Comfortable spacious rooms and beds, though I recommend not taking a second-floor room facing the waterfront, as it is very noisy at night Tea and Coffee maker handy for hot drinks CONS: Wi-fi and breakfast are considered incidentals and are NOT free The hotel is an old building and is not suitable for those who are infirm or need assistance walking or climbing steps. The front entrance has several large steps and their restaurants and bar are below the main street level Overall it was not a particularly satisfying stay. My ratings are generous at best. For a three star rated hotel which charges over $130 a night for a basic room, and offers a cold breakfast you would expect a few complimentary amenities. What a shame. This could have been a four-star experience. I hope management reviews my observations constructively, but in any event, I do not plan to return when I am back in Baltimore.

  • Sleep Quality

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Dear Neil102, Thank you for taking the time to fill out a review regarding your recent stay at our hotel. On behalf of our entire team, I would like to apologize for failing to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will be using the feedback you provided to make improvements to ensure we offer an exceptional experience for our guests in the future. I hope that you will consider staying with us again so that we can have another chance to provide you with a superior experience. Mario Corrado Jr. General Manager [email protected]

We stayed on a Friday night. The location is perfect for walking to bars and restaurants in Fells Point. The staff was very courteous and friendly. The room was small, but charming. We'd definitely return.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Sarah J, Thank you for leaving a review on TripAdvisor, our staff is always thrilled to see such positive reviews. On behalf of our entire Harbor Magic Family, thank you for staying with us. We strive to offer an exceptional experience and we are thrilled to see you enjoyed your stay. We hope to see you again soon. If there's ever anything we can do to accommodate you during a future visit, please don't hesitate to reach out. Mario Corrado Jr. General Manager [email protected]

FYI- I have never posted a bad reveiw about a hotel. I have stayed at this hotel and loved it. Stayed this past weekend for a trip to Baltimore and although the hotel is nice, clean and perfectly located my recent experience was ruined by lack of air conditioning and management's response. After waking up in the middle of my first night sweating, I called down to the front desk and was told the room was as cold as it can get n there was nothing they could do n was kind of hung up on. I was barely able to sleep because of how hot and muggy the room was. (85-90 degrees and humid) The next day I had figured out that there is actually a motion detector in the room that controls the ac. If it doesn't detect movement the air shuts off therefore if ur not in the room the ac wont stay as cool as u would prefer and the same goes for when ur sleeping. After noticing this I told the front desk on my way out at 9am and they said it would be taken care of. I also asked for a fan that I never received. After returning to the room after 6pm I was surprised that the room was just as hot and no one had come to the room to fix the problem. Called the front desk and someone was sent up about a half hr later and the gentleman said he deactivated the sensor. Went to dinner and got back around 10 and again the room was hot and muggy. So long story short was I was barely able to sleep my second night as well. So my last day we got up and left immediately because the room was so unbearable. Considering the price of the hotel u should be able to freely set ur temperature in ur room and keep it that way.Trip was ruined!

Dear Dan H, Thank you for sharing your recent experience at here at The Admiral Fell Inn. I would like to take the time to apologize on behalf of our entire team for failing to meet your expectations. It is always our intention to exceed the expectations of all of our guests and I am very sorry to hear that your return trip was less than satisfactory. As a historic hotel, we are sometimes met with challenges, but there are no challenges that we aren't willing to work hard to overcome. It is sad to hear that you were not met with an outstanding welcome and that the issues with your air conditioning. We will use your feedback to ensure that this does not happen again. We certainly hope that you will visit us in the future so that we can provide you with a superior experience. Thank you and have a great day. Sincerely, Mario Corrado General Manager Harbor Magic Hotels [email protected]

My stay at Admiral Fell Inn this past weekend was so lovely. The staff is accommodating, they let us check in early with no hassle. The hotel has lots of character and they really focus on the history of the area which is cool. We attended a wedding in Fells Point and the location could not have been better. The rooms are comfortable and the whole atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. And the coffee is delicious! That was my favorite part. Great hotel coffee is hard to come by so I was pleased to have a delicious cup of free coffee in the morning.

Dear charibelli, Thank you for this fabulous review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed your visit to The Admiral Fell. On behalf of our entire Harbor Magic Family, thank you for staying with us. We strive to offer an exceptional experience and we are thrilled to see you enjoyed your stay and coffee. :) We hope to see you again soon. If there's ever anything we can do to accommodate you during a future visit, please don't hesitate to reach out. Mario Corrado Jr. General Manager [email protected]

My husband and I celebrated our 35th anniversary this weekend and I surprised him with an overnight stay at the Admiral Fell Inn. We arrived very early but was able to have our car parked by the valet and our overnight bag was held until check in. That's when the incredible stay began. We went to our room and when we opened the door the floor was covered with FRESH red rose pedals which lead to a king sized bed with even more rose pedals placed all over the bed. What other hotel does this??? We had a wonderful time and the entire staff was the best!! Will definitely go back!

Dear mkschmitty, Thank you for this fabulous review and taking the time to describe your experience in such lovely detail! I'm so pleased you enjoyed your visit to The Admiral Fell. It is the mission of every staff member to provide the gracious hospitality that makes our guests feel so comfortable. We strive to offer an exceptional experience and we are thrilled to see you enjoyed your anniversary. We hope to see you again soon. If there's ever anything we can do to accommodate you during a future visit, please don't hesitate to reach out. Mario Corrado Jr. General Manager [email protected]

Admiral Fell Inn makes TripAdvisor’s list of…

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Maryland weather: some schools will start late wednesday, harford closed after tuesday storms cause flooding, things to do travel, admiral fell inn makes tripadvisor’s list of top 10 haunted hotels.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

TripAdvisor has named Admiral Fell Inn , a lovely historic hotel in Fells Point, one of the Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America .

Admiral Fell Inn was the only Maryland hotel to make the list of “rooms with a Boo!” TripAdvisor came up with the list by seeing which hotels had the greatest number of traveler comments referencing “ghosts” or “haunted” on

That makes sense. Admiral Fell Inn is a Historic Hotel of America and dates to the 1700s. Plus, it’s in Fells Point, which certainly has more than a few ghosts – enough for a cottage industry of sorts. Baltimore Ghost Tours , formerly Fells Point Ghost Tours, offers haunted walking tours and pub crawls in October and November.

Admiral Fell Inn offers its own historic ghost tours of the seven buildings that make up the hotel. Throughout its past, the inn has served as a ship chandlery, a theater and a boarding house for sailors. And the company that owns it is Harbor Magic Hotels. Hmmm. Magic – as in the dark arts?

Not exactly, says Larry Noto, director of marketing for Harbor Magic. He says the hotel’s spooky reputation is more about where it’s located.

“It’s all in the context of Fells Point and things that have happened in the neighborhood,” Noto says about the hotel and its ghostly tours. “We really try to tell the story of Baltimore, and not just the hotel itself.”

The tours, he says, are “all very innocent – it’s not like Amityville Horror. People aren’t running out of the hotel petrified.”

On, the hotel is ranked no. 3 of 73 hotels in the Baltimore area . Although there are some complaints, most of the comments are positive and I couldn’t find anyone who had a truly horrifying stay.

Noto says part of the haunted feeling comes from the fact that the hotel is made up of seven buildings that are connected. “The hallways are narrow and winding. There are lots of nooks and crannies. And the second floor splits into two – you can go up or down,” he says.

Noto says a few guests or staff members do occasionally hear noises.

“When [tropical storm] Isabel happened a few years ago, the hotel’s [former] general manager would tell stories about hearing noises on the second floor, even though the hotel was empty. He said it almost sounded lilke a party was going on.”

But let’s not scare off the guests, he says, adding that if there are ghosts, they are friendly and accommodating. If you hear a noise, all you need to do is pick up the phone. “They respond to requests and calls to the front desk.”

Each of the hotel’s 80 rooms is named for a historic figure and as far as Noto knows, there are no rooms where anything particularly scary or gruesome has happened.

Well, not recently, anyway. About a decade ago, The Sun’s Peter Hermann reported on the murder of a conventioneer, who was beaten to death at the inn. A hotel manager found the New Jersey man’s body in his room – and there were no signs of forced entry. Police later arrested a Baltimore man who admitted to attacking and killing the guest because he thought gay men were “evil.”

Now, that’s scary.

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Admiral Fell Inn

This known-to-be-haunted inn dating back to the 1700s is a spot where ghosts may have a party the living can hear; noises are heard coming from empty floors.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

Want to Spend the Night Here?

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

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admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

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admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

10 Top Haunted Places in Baltimore

Rich with haunted history, here are the 10 Top Haunted places in Baltimore.  From people to buildings, from land and sea vessels, Baltimore haunts are aplenty. Deciding which are the most haunted is a toss-up. Read about them all here and if you dare, see for yourself first hand and visit some or all of Baltimore’s haunted sites.

10. USS Constellation

The USS Constellation old-time vessel is docked in Baltimore’s Inner Bay and has plenty of haunted history and ghost stories.

Built in 1855, this Civil Warship and the haunted military history behind this vessel leave no wonder that spirits and hauntings stem from the tragedy of war.

From sickness to accidents and injury to war casualties, there are reports that come from the ship that include deceased crew members seen wandering around the decks, horrific screams, and conversations when no one is present. The bottom tier was once a prison and a sick bay where most of the hauntings take place.

9. The Admiral Fell Inn

The Admiral Fell Inn has seen so much death over the years that the ghost stories started to overflow. The Inn consists of 8 buildings, all dating back to the late 1700s. Before it became the Admiral Fell Inn, the buildings were various businesses up to c1900 when life was tough in Fells Point.

Mobsters, brothels, saloons, illegal gambling halls, you can imagine the lives lost within the walls of each of those buildings, not to mention those dusty streets and pitch-black alleys.

Undoubtedly, the mob caused many casualties in their power play wars. Nuns took care of the injured sailors in the complex’s main building during the war, and many didn’t make it. The illnesses in that time were life-threatening and incurable at best.

The Admiral Fell Inn is genuinely one of Baltimore’s most haunted places! Sailors floating across the room and knocks at the door by disappearing butlers. Loud parties were even heard when the hotel was completely empty, evacuated for a hurricane.

8. Edgar Allan Poe House

Of course, the dark writer Edgar Allan Poe would come back to haunt in his afterlife. There are several locations where his presence is felt, from his family home where he lived for a short time, his favorite tavern, the last place he was seen alive, to the Westminister Church Cemetery where he’s buried.

Some don’t believe that it is Poe who haunts the family house. Some think they have seen his ghost walking outside, and others claim he is inside the house. The manifestation most seen is a portly older woman with grey hair. Many, however, report sounds of knocking, windows and doors opening and closing, and thumps in the night.

Whether or not it is Poe or some other resident of the house, there are more than enough claims to make the Edgar Allan Poe house one of the most haunted places in Baltimore!

7. The Horse You Came in on Saloon

The Horse You Came in on Saloon was Maryland’s only existing bar before, during, and after the prohibition. It is also one of the only continuous operating bars that have remained open since its existence began. For more than one patron, The Horse (as called by locals) was a favorite watering hole, most notably Edgar Allan Poe.

Stories say that Poe not only frequented the bar, it was also the last place he was on the night he died. Poe left the bar and was found later in the street feverish and delirious. Taken to the hospital, Poe died four days later. There are many speculations as to how Poe died. However, alcohol or rabies are two of the most likely causes.

Staff at The Horse have put up with the odd occurrences throughout the bar. The chandelier swings on its own, the cash register drawer opens on its own repeatedly, mysterious orbs are seen as well as Poe himself walking down the street towards the bar. Other reports tell of beer mugs shattering for no reason in the same spot on the bar.

If you dare to stop by for a drink at The Horse You Came in on Saloon, be prepared to be subject to some of Poe’s pranks, such as your bar stool being pulled right out from under you!

6. The Baltimore County Almshouse

The Baltimore County Almshouse was opened in 1874 when it became necessary for Baltimore to house children who could not be cared for by their parents, the elderly, the ill, and the clinically insane.

Overcrowding and poor living conditions plagued the Almshouse as well as reports of untimely deaths. One, in particular, is a 75-year-old man Anthony Rose who fell to his death down an elevator shaft in 1909. Many claims tell that his spirit remains in the house.

People hear the ghosts of small children playing and throwing things, and women are heard chatting on the third floor. Many passersby have reported seeing faces in the windows, peering down to the street below.

Behind the Almshouse, there is a cemetery where the dead were buried – alone and forgotten as they were in true life. Perhaps their unsettled lives keep them lingering at the house in the afterlife.

5. Fort McHenry

Home of our country’s national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, Fort McHenry is also home to many of its casualties of war as well as the deadly flu epidemic in 1919. Spectral soldiers are reportedly marching on guard, on the lookout for enemy invasion. Many of them may not realize they are dead.

During the War of 1812, not many men died. However, hundreds of British soldiers outside the fort lost their lives. Many were held as prisoners and executed in the dungeons.

Common occurrences at Fort Henry are apparitions of soldiers marching in military formation and screams from the dungeon where prisoners were executed. One soldier who committed suicide in the dungeon is seen regularly. Sounds of footsteps are heard daily, lights turn off and on by an unseen hand, and the apparition of a woman standing in a window is commonplace as well.

If a paranormal investigator wants to document activity at the fort, they need to go through some red tape. It is required to apply for a “special use permit.” It seems management wants the fort regarded as a history lesson, not a paranormal playground!

4. Governor Calvert House

The Governor Calvert House is one of the most haunted Inns in the state of Maryland.  The original house dates back to 1695 and has been expanded four times throughout the years.  However, this has only given its ghosts more room to play.

Paranormal sightings of this historic property include a woman who committed suicide in the house in the 1940s and a man garbed in 1700s clothing who roams around the first floor. Could this be Governor Benedict Calvert who lived in the house in the 1720s?

The most interesting but disturbing ghost is that of “Dominic,” who used to work at and died in the house. He hangs around to peer at female guests, although he once told a medium that he promises not to touch them. Dominic is also well aware of the fact that he is dead.

In the 1980s, the hotel owners called in Paranormal Investigators due to the extreme activity experienced during the renovation. When you stir the pot, the spirits come out to play!

3. Middleton Tavern

Middleton Tavern was built in the 1700s as a private residence until ferry operator Horatio Middleton purchased it in 1750. By law, a ferry operator had to provide lodging for its customers, and Middleton converted the home into the Middleton Tavern.

It is hard to say who stayed behind to haunt the facility, a favorite watering hole for many over the years, although it could be Horatio himself.

One famed spirit, whom the staff named Roland, appears in revolutionary style clothing and stands looking out the window towards the water as if he is watching for the ferry to come in. Roland announces his presence with the distinct smell of cigar smoke, although no smoking is allowed in the tavern for the living.

Other accounts include glasses flying off the shelf and shattering one by one on the ground, tables holding dirty plates knocked over, shadowy figures, and wall lanterns turned upside down.

You may not get to witness any of the paranormal if you visit, but the haunted history of the establishment will surely be felt!

2. Lord Baltimore Hotel

Built during the Great Depression, the Lord Baltimore Hotel has a history of paranormal tied to the deadly desperation of many in that era. People killed themselves at the hotel in despair over the stock market crash, and the Lord Baltimore Hotel was just one of the many sites to carry out this horrific task.

With a haunted history such as this, it’s no wonder that the hotel became and has remained one of the most haunted places in Baltimore. More than 20 records documenting deaths of those who jumped from the rooftop have been recorded. Their ghosts are often seen and felt by many around the hotel.

Lord Baltimore’s most famous residents ghosts are those of a young couple who jumped to their deaths, tragically dragging their 7-year-old daughter with them. The parents are seen dancing in the ballroom. Their daughter is seen on the 19th floor with a red ball. She is known to chase staff members, even causing one to quit because of it.

Don’t be surprised if the elevator randomly stops on the 19th floor and the doors open to no one waiting to board if you visit the hotel—a phenomenon experienced by many.

1. Westminster Burial Ground

One of the most common and probably the creepiest places for paranormal hauntings are cemeteries- and Westminster Burial Ground is no exception.

The burial ground was built in 1797, and notable people such as Edgar Allan Poe, General Samuel Smith, and Colonel James McHenry are all buried in the cemetery.

Poe died in 1849, and strangely, in the 1920s, the figure of a gentleman clad all in black with his face obscured began to appear in the wee hours of the morning at Poe’s grave. He left roses and a bottle of Poe’s signature drink, cognac, every year on the anniversary of Poe’s death until 2009. Poe himself stands before his grave with an expression of sadness as if he is still longing for something unknown, even in his afterlife.

The screaming skull ghost is the terrifying report of the cemetery’s hauntings. Rumors are that a minister who brutally murdered had a screaming noise coming from his body, so somehow his skull was packed with cement and buried at Westminster. Visitors claim a high-pitched scream comes from the area near his grave.

A young girl who died at 16 named Lucia Watson Taylor kneels at her own grave praying. She has long hair and a flowing white gown.

Don’t think about causing any havoc in the burial ground, however. The spirit of the 19th-century groundskeeper is said to chase anyone making too much noise!

Check out our ghost tours across the country, or take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home.  We guarantee a hauntingly good time!

Read Our Blog For More Haunted History!

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Let's Roam Explorer

The Most Haunted Places in Maryland

Guess what? It’s Halloween season! If you’re looking for something freaky to do, check out these haunted places in Maryland.

admiral fell inn baltimore haunted

Officially joining the Union in 1788, Maryland is blessed with an abundance of historic and military sites as well as a rich culture full of art, sports legends, and culinary masterpieces. While that long history has produced legends like Francis Scott Key, Babe Ruth, and Harriet Tubman, it’s also produced unsettled Civil War soldiers, enslaved people who were wronged, and a few other specters who still have a bone to pick. From military cemeteries to sinister state houses, the haunted places in Maryland offer a smorgasbord of spooks to ensure a spine-tingling getaway in the Old Line State!

Exploring the Other Side of Baltimore With Let’s Roam

Our list of haunted places in Maryland is just the beginning. Dive into the murder and mayhem of the Old Line State’s largest city on our Baltimore’s Best Haunts Ghost Tour ! We’ll escort you to all the spooky spots around the city, delving into the sinister histories and sporty spirits that still roam some of the city’s most famous public venues. From Westminster Church Cemetery to Camden Yards, this fun-filled ghost hunt introduces you to a whole new side of Baltimore!

We’ve compiled a list of the most haunted places in Maryland, each with its own unique history and paranormal activity. Whether you’re looking for a dark tourism destination or just want something fun to do this Halloween, add a few of these paranormal pins to your trip map!

1. Antietam Battlefield

  • Location: Sharpsburg, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The Antietam National Battlefield is part of the National Park Service and is open to the public year-round. You can take self-guided tours to learn more about its history and hauntings.

The Antietam Battlefield witnessed the brutal Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War in 1862. It was a battle that left behind more than 23,000 casualties and injuries. It is thought to be the bloodiest battle of the war. It’s no wonder that this historic site is believed to be haunted. Visitors have reported hearing phantom gunfire, seeing apparitions of Civil War soldiers in tattered uniforms, and even feeling sudden drops in temperature. The Dunker Church, a focal point of the battlefield, is a hotspot for paranormal activity, with tales of ghostly figures seen in and around the church.

2. Point Lookout Lighthouse

  • Location: Scotland, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The lighthouse is part of Point Lookout State Park and is accessible to the public during park hours.

Point Lookout Lighthouse, situated at the confluence of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, has a history riddled with tragedy, making it a very likely place to encounter ghosts. It reportedly served as a POW camp, a lookout during the Revolutionary War, and a hospital during the Civil War. Legend has it that the spirit of a Confederate soldier, known as “The Keeper,” roams the lighthouse. Visitors have reported mysterious footsteps echoing through empty corridors, unexplained noises that send chills down your spine, and even sightings of the ghostly keeper himself. People say he smells of mildew and gunpowder and is quite mangled from a battle injury. Aside from the Confederate soldier, other visitors have reported an elderly woman searching for her grave and a singing lighthouse keeper.

3. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House

  • Location: Waldorf, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: Also known as St. Catharine’s, this haunted house offers guided tours, but they aren’t technically ghost tours. They generally focus on the history of Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth, but docents are willing to answer any questions on the paranormal aspects of the home, as well.

Dr. Samuel Mudd is infamous for his involvement in treating John Wilkes Booth’s broken leg after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The Mudd House , with its connection to this dark chapter of American history, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Booth himself, who reportedly appears in various forms, including coming back to sleep on the bed where he once convalesced. Visitors have heard whispers in empty rooms, seen apparitions lurking in the shadows, and even experienced objects moving, seemingly on their own.

4. Maryland State House

  • Location: Annapolis, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The Maryland State House is open to the public and offers guided tours.

The Maryland State House, the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use, holds a rich history within its walls. Urban legend states that it’s home to the spirit of Thomas Dence, a plaster worker who tragically fell to his death during the construction of the dome in the 18th century. Witnesses have reported hearing unexplained footsteps echoing in the empty chambers and hallways, and some have claimed to see shadowy figures moving through the historic halls. It’s as if Dence’s spirit still lingers, overseeing the state’s affairs from beyond the grave. Aside from Dence, an unknown spirit haunts the Senate chamber where George Washington resigned his office of the presidency, and some visitors have reported seeing a Revolutionary Soldier in full attire on the grounds, as well.

5. Fletchertown Road

  • Location: Bowie, Maryland

This historic road has a reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity, including one of Maryland’s favorite ghost stories—the legend of the goat man! This strange satyr-like creature reportedly escaped from the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Some say he was a sort of mad scientist who performed experiments on himself, resulting in his half-beast transformation. In the 1950s and 1960s, several murders were pinned on the goat-man, who apparently chose an axe as his mode of destruction. It’s said that he viciously murdered travelers on the Fletchertown Road before devouring their corpses. Creepy urban legend or true story? Guess you’ll have to wander down Fletchertown Road for yourself to find out!

6. Jericho Covered Bridge

  • Location: Kingsville, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The bridge is accessible year-round and is a popular spot for photography and ghost enthusiasts.

The Jericho Covered Bridge, spanning over the Little Gunpowder Falls, is a picturesque wooden bridge that dates back to 1865. While on the National Register of Historic Places, it is also known for its eerie reputation. The ghost stories surrounding this bridge are varied and numerous! Some see a woman in 19th-century dress wandering the bridge. Others state that it’s guarded by a monkey-like creature or a red-eyed demon. Some say they see the bodies of enslaved people or soldiers hanging from the bridge’s rafters. Apparently, if you’re of the poltergeist variety, Jericho Bridge is the place to be!

7. St. Paul’s Cemetery

  • Location: Chestertown, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The cemetery is located outside of St. Paul’s Kent Church and is open to visitors.

St. Paul’s Cemetery is a well-kept graveyard dating back to the 1700s. It lies on the grounds of one of the oldest churches on the East Coast and is reportedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in North America. Visitors have reported encountering the apparition of a sorrowful woman in Victorian-era clothing, wandering through the old tombstones, seemingly in search of a lost loved one. Others have witnessed flickering lights, shadowy figures, and inexplicable cold spots. Most visitors report feeling as if someone was stalking them through the cemetery on their visit.

The most spine-chilling account involves a ghostly figure resembling a Civil War soldier, seen standing near the graves of other fallen soldiers, eternally guarding their resting place. Many of the fallen from the Battle of Caulk’s Field, during the War of 1812, are buried there, along with both Union and Confederate Civil War soldiers. Tench Tilghman, a Revolutionary War Officer, is said to patrol the cemetery by lantern light, and if you lie down on the grave of actress Tallulah Bankhead, you can reportedly hear her raspy voice calling out from beyond the grave. Creepy!

8. Hell House

  • Location: Patapsco Valley State Park
  • Visiting Information: The park is open for hiking, picnicking, and exploring.

Patapsco Valley State Park, with its beautiful landscapes and hiking trails, is also home to ghostly tales. The ruins of the old Ilchester Paper Mill and nearby structures have become hotspots for paranormal activity. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, seeing shadowy figures, and feeling a sense of unease as they explore the abandoned buildings. The tragic history of the mill workers and accidents in the area have contributed to the park’s haunted reputation.

One of the most haunted locations in the park is lovingly referred to as Hell House. It was once St. Mary’s College, but the ruins have been taken over by graffiti artists and sinister spirits. Local legends claim that the remnants of the old altar are now used for evil rituals, such as animal sacrifice. A fire set by vandals resulted in the remaining structures being torn down a few years ago, so all that remains now is a haunted pile of rubble.

9. The Admiral Fell Inn

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The Admiral Fell Inn operates as a hotel, offering guests a chance to stay in a haunted room.

The Admiral Fell Inn, located in the historic Fell’s Point neighborhood of Baltimore, has gained a reputation as one of Maryland’s most haunted hotels. In the late 1800s, the area was known for being a little rowdy, full of drunk sailors and lively brothels. The Port Mission was opened as a safe haven for fishermen and others seeking a safer night’s rest. It became popular and expanded over the years, taking over neighboring boarding houses. It’s still a popular hotel for the living, but some of the former guests never left.

Current guests claim to have seen floating soldiers in the hallways, a ghostly butler, and apparitions who knock on the doors before disappearing. One hotel manager even claimed she heard strange noises in the hotel, as if there was a massive party raging, but the hotel had been completely evacuated for days due to a hurricane.

10. Baltimore County Almshouse

  • Location: Cockeysville, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The museum is open to the public for visits.

The Baltimore County Almshouse , once a place of refuge for the poor and destitute in the 19th century, also held prisoners for a stint, which has given rise to some awful tales. The almshouse cared for neglected children, the mentally ill, and the elderly, but some of them never left. Ghostly reports from this site include disembodied voices, eerie apparitions, and unexplained footsteps.

A group of women are often heard talking on the third floor. The sound of children playing is often heard in the halls and on the grounds. Children’s faces are also seen in the upper-story windows. Some believe that the restless souls of those who suffered in the almshouse continue to linger, seeking acknowledgment for their pain. The historic place now serves as the home of the Historical Society of Baltimore County. They operate a small museum that displays the history of Baltimore County for all Marylanders to enjoy.

11. Fort McHenry

  • Visiting Information: Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is open to the public for tours.

Fort McHenry, famous for defending Baltimore Harbor from the British in the War of 1812 and inspiring the National Anthem, has plenty of spooky spots to allure ghost hunters. Visitors and park rangers have reported unusual occurrences, including spectral sightings of soldiers in period uniforms. The ghostly apparitions are believed to be the spirits of soldiers who bravely defended the fort. Perhaps these spirits still stand guard over this historic landmark, forever protecting it from unseen threats.

12. Jonathan Hager House

  • Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The museum is typically open from April to October and offers guided tours on the hour.

The Jonathan Hager House Museum dates back to 1740 and was home to the founder of the towner. The Hagers hailed from Germany, and their home served as a frontier fort and trading post in the mid-18th century. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and operates as a museum, but that doesn’t stop the poltergeists from hanging around.

The historic home is said to be haunted by two families: The Hammonds lived in the home in the 1840s, and so did the Downins, who resided there during the Civil War. The Downin children like to move a doll around the house. The cameras in the house never seem to work properly. Visitors often hear phantom footsteps, children playing upstairs, and heavy objects being moved about in the cellar. The nursery is a hot spot, and the rocking chair and cradle are often seen rocking on their own. The house may include as many as 13 specters, including a lady in green, a man in black, and a little girl who may be looking for her mom, as she is known to follow and tug at women who visit the museum.

13. Lord Baltimore Hotel

  • Visiting Information: The Lord Baltimore Hotel is a functioning hotel, and guests can stay in rooms with a haunted reputation.

The Lord Baltimore Hotel, an elegant and historic accommodation, is not only known for its luxurious ambiance but also for its ghostly residents. Guests staying in the hotel have reported strange occurrences, including flickering lights, unexplained noises, and encounters with a ghostly figure. The hotel elevator seems to have its own agenda. A young girl with a red ball often calls it to the 19th floor. Guests report a presence watching them as they sleep and even tugging at their bedsheets. Hotel staff report encountering the ghosts of a couple who committed suicide in the hotel in 1929 after the stock market crash. They are thought to be the parents of the crying girl with the red ball.

14. Clara Barton House

  • Location: Glen Echo, Maryland
  • Visiting Information: The Clara Barton House is part of Glen Echo Park and can be visited during scheduled tours.

The Clara Barton National Historic Site, once the home of the renowned humanitarian and founder of the American Red Cross, has a storied past and is believed to be haunted by its former resident. Clara Barton’s dedication to helping others in times of crisis is well-documented. Perhaps she just couldn’t let go of her passion for the people of Earth. Visitors and staff at the house have reported hearing unexplained footsteps, the rustling of papers, and even the faint sound of a woman’s voice, continuing her work from beyond the grave. Clara spent the last 15 years of her life in the gigantic home, and she doesn’t appear to vacating any time soon!

Closing Thoughts

In the Northeast, history and hauntings often go hand in hand, creating an atmosphere ripe for ghostly encounters. Whether you’re a paranormal enthusiast or simply seeking a spooky adventure this Halloween season, these haunted places in Maryland are sure to tickle your paranormal fancy!

For more excellent adventures in the Old Line State, check out our full list of Maryland scavenger hunts !

If you need to de-stimulate after your hair-raising ghost tour, drop your stress on the trails of Maryland. Here are the “ Best Hiking Trails in Maryland ” to round out your vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Maryland does have a couple of historic haunted houses. If you want to get spooked, check out the Clara Barton House or the Jonathan Hager House for real-life paranormal parties!

As one of the oldest states in the Union, Maryland has a long and war-ridden history, which makes for great hauntings. Check out St. Paul’s Cemetery , Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House , or Antietam Battlefield .

If you’re looking for a haunted spot in Maryland , check out the Lord Baltimore Hotel or Fletchertown Road . If you’re brave, you can also take a ghost hunt in Baltimore !

Maryland is a fun place to vacation. It’s full of Chesapeake Bay beaches, historic sites, and beautiful hiking trails . Take a city scavenger hunt , or visit one of Maryland’s dark tourism spots !

Some of the most haunted places in Maryland are the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House , the Antietam Battlefield , and the Point Lookout Lighthouse . Are you brave enough to see what’s lurking there?

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Most Haunted Places in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, Maryland is a city filled with history. In some cases that history comes to life in the form of ghosts or other paranormal activity. Ghost hunters from around the globe visit the popular city in hope of finding some truth to the many ghost rumors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most haunted places in Baltimore, MD:

11 - Westminster Church Cemetery

Westminster Church Cemetery

The Westminster Church Cemetery is a favorite destination for fans of famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Although so people may visit the cemetery to pay their respects to the famous writer, others come in hopes of seeing his ghost.

Stories stating he wanders the grounds as well as the church are not uncommon. People who have been to the cemetery also state that the spirits of people who were buried alive at the location can be seen around the area.

If you venture to the cemetery do not be surprised if you smell a horrid odor as it is said it accompanies one spirit as well as muffled screams.

Ghost hunters who have visited the location claim that one ghost tries to scare them off the premises; the ghost died in 1816 at the age of 16, her name was Lucia Watson Taylor.

There is also a very dark and eerie feeling when walking around the Westminster Church Cemetery.

10 - USS Constellation

USS Constellation

When in search of haunted places in Baltimore one place to be visited is the USS Constellation. This amazing vessel has been in service since 1854 and is not lacking in the paranormal activity category.

In use for more than 100 years, including serving in both the Civil War and World War II it is not unusual that people visiting the now restored ship, encounter the ghosts of seamen that once served on the ship.

Seeing former crew members wandering about the ship is not the only activity people encounter. One ghost that wanders the ship wears an old-fashioned Navy uniform and has been identified as Captain Thomas Truxton.

Another ghost likes to give tours and play cards with people visiting the vessel. Near the gun and forecastle decks are the ghosts of a sailor who committed suicide and a surgeon’s assistant who was eleven.

People have also had problems with electronics malfunctioning upon boarding the ship.

Cell phones that suddenly stop working properly are one of the most common issues people experience.

People interested in seeing if there are ghosts still living on the USS Constellation can stay overnight and do a bit of their own ghost hunting.

9 - The Horse You Came In On Saloon

The Horse You Came In On Saloon

The Horse You Came in on Saloon was built more than 200 years ago in 1775. Many people have passed through the doors in all that time. One of the most famous people to visit the saloon was Edgar Allan Poe.

One of the key reason some people may visit the Horse You Came in on Saloon is to catch a glimpse of the famous writer. It is said his ghost visits the saloon and partakes in the glass of cognac left out for him by the bartenders.

If you are outside the saloon you may have the opportunity to see Poe’s ghost walking in the direction of the saloon.

Seeing light orbs is another activity people witness when this location is on their list of haunted places in Baltimore to visit.

8 - The Admiral Fell Inn STAY HERE

Admiral Fell Inn in Baltimore, Maryland

The Admiral Fell Inn has all the makings of being one of the most haunted places in Baltimore. With a history that dates back to the 1700s it has seen many people call the place either a short term or a long term home.

The location has also been used for many things, including a boarding house for seamen, a theater, and a sometime brothel. That extensive history has left the ghosts of former seamen and prostitutes in the inn.

Following an evacuation due to a hurricane witnesses once heard what sounded like a wild party coming from the interior of the inn but everyone knew it was empty.

The ghosts of butlers appearing to knock on doors and then disappear are another common occurrence.

The Hauntings of the Admiral Fell Inn

7 - Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry

Back in 1814 Fort McHenry was the site of the brutal Battle of Baltimore. Hundreds of people, both British and American died at the location.

Further people died at the location during the Civil War and a deadly flu epidemic in 1919. Many of the soldiers, nurses, and patients that died at Fort McHenry have never left according to reports.

It is quite common to feel a strange or odd sensation when walking around the property. Seeing the ghosts of soldiers who still appear to be marching, just as they did in life, is another common sight.

To further add to the reasons Fort McHenry is among the most haunted locations in Baltimore, are the reports that people feel they are being watched as well as unusual and sometimes frightening noises coming from the spirits of prisoners once held in the dungeons!

6 - USCGC Taney


The USCGC Taney was once the target of kamikaze pilots when in combat during Pearl Harbor. Despite 119 strikes it survived. What also survived are numerous ghosts that continue to live on the vessel.

People have made claims that this deserves to be among the haunted places in Baltimore because of the sounds of footsteps and voices heard around the ship as well as the ghosts of former crew members in their World War II/Pearl Harbor era clothing.

One visitor that took a tour of the USCGC with her kids and parents claims she capture the voices of ghosts on her video recording. Only after she was home were the voices clear.

One of her sons also stated he saw a man in white and his young son on the ship waving to them, and they were only seen by the young boy.

5 - Improved Order of Heptasophs

Long ago, around the 1880s, the members of the Improved Order of Heptasophs had a building constructed for their various purposes.

At one point, instead of serving as a place of meetings it became a dancehall where people gathered. To this day the structure remains haunted.

The most commonly seen ghost enjoys playing the piano and wears a suit from that era. He is said to be a friendly ghost and does not bother anyone.

4 - Edgar Allan Poe Residence

Edgar Allan Poe Residence

It is almost expected that the home of the famous dark writer, Edgar Allan Poe would be haunted on some level. Due to a number of factors, the home that was built somewhere in the 1800s, is among the most haunted locations in Baltimore where Poe resided.

For more than a century, people have made claims that a female ghost haunts the home.

The woman is on the heavier side and has grey hair. Some believe she is Poe’s wife, others believe there is no connection to Poe, only to the house.

Other experiences have included the sound of footsteps, thumps around the house, along with windows and doors opening and closing.  Some people even claim to have seen Poe’s ghost wandering outside the home and inside.

3 - Middleton Tavern

Middleton Tavern is not just your ordinary destination if you want to enjoy a cocktail. Middleton Tavern is considered one of the haunted places in Baltimore because of the ghosts that still remain.

Some of the ghosts that hang out in the tavern that was first opened back in 1750 are rather destructive.  Some of the ghosts like to send plates and glasses flying across the room crashing to the floor shattering them.

For the lucky ones hoping to see a ghost you might get to see the ghost of a man in revolutionary-era clothing named Roland. He enjoys looking out at the harbor.

The wall-mounted lanterns are sometimes turned by additional ghosts that haunt the tavern.

2 - Baltimore County Almshouse

Baltimore County Almshouse

Back in the 1870s in the city of Baltimore, it became necessary for Baltimore County to build a place to house the elderly, children who were not properly cared for, and the unwell. That building is the Baltimore County Almshouse.

With so many adults and children in and out of the home, some only after death, spirits remain.

There are people that say if you are on the third floor it is possible to hear children playing or hear women’s voices.

It’s been known for faces to appear in different places in the house as well.

Read more on the haunted Baltimore County Almshouse, Maryland

1 - Lord Baltimore Hotel STAY HERE

Aerial view of The Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, MD

Ghost hunters know that when you come across a hotel as old as the Lord Baltimore Hotel, it is bound to be one of the most haunted places in the area. Currently, the almost 90 year old hotel is believed to be haunted by multiple apparitions.

Dressed in formal attire, a couple is seen wandering through the hotel. On the 19 th floor of the hotel resides the ghost of a little girl according to multiple reports.

Learn more on the haunted Lord Baltimore Hotel, Maryland

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A Haunted Place

Admiral Fell Inn in Haunted Maryland

Haunted Admiral Fell Inn

The Haunted Admiral Fell Inn in Maryland

Located in the haunted state of Maryland , the Admiral Fell Inn is renowned for its rich history and haunting tales. With a legacy dating back to the early 18th century, this iconic inn has witnessed centuries of change, transitions, and paranormal encounters. Let’s delve into the captivating world of the Admiral Fell Inn, where the past and present intertwine in chilling harmony.

The History of the Admiral Fell Inn

The Admiral Fell Inn holds a significant place in Maryland’s history, bearing witness to the passage of time and the evolution of the city of Baltimore. Its story begins with its early beginnings and continues with its transformation into a haunted landmark. But let’s dive deeper into the fascinating history of this iconic inn and explore the rich details that make it such a unique destination.

Early Beginnings of the Inn

Originally constructed in 1770 as a private residence for Fell family members, the building served as a prominent gathering place for Baltimore’s elite. The Fells, a prominent family in Maryland, were known for their contributions to the maritime industry and their influence in the development of Baltimore.

Over the years, the Fell residence underwent various renovations to accommodate guests, transforming it into an inn that would welcome travelers from near and far. The inn quickly gained a reputation for its warm hospitality, luxurious accommodations, and exquisite dining experiences.

Stepping inside the Admiral Fell Inn is like stepping back in time. The inn emanates an old-world charm, with its unique blend of Georgian and Federal architectural styles and a distinct maritime ambiance. The grandeur of the inn’s design reflects the elegance and sophistication of the era it represents.

Guests are greeted by the sight of rich wooden furnishings, intricate detailing, and nautical artifacts that adorn the inn’s public spaces and guest rooms. The walls are adorned with historical paintings and photographs, telling the stories of the inn’s past and the people who have graced its halls.

Transition into a Haunted Landmark

As the years passed, stories of supernatural occurrences began to abound, and the Admiral Fell Inn became synonymous with paranormal activity. Tales of ghostly apparitions, strange sounds, and inexplicable events captivated the imagination of both locals and visitors.

Paranormal investigators have delved deep into the inn’s history to understand the source of its hauntings. They have uncovered tales of tragic love stories, unsolved mysteries, and untimely deaths that have left their mark on the inn’s spiritual energy.

From mysterious footsteps echoing through the halls to ghostly figures lurking in the shadows, the inn’s reputation as a haunted establishment continues to grow. Guests who are brave enough to stay overnight often report strange occurrences, such as flickering lights, doors opening and closing on their own, and a feeling of being watched by unseen eyes.

Despite its haunted reputation, the Admiral Fell Inn remains a beloved destination for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you are drawn to its historical significance, its architectural beauty, or its paranormal allure, a visit to this iconic inn is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, the next time you find yourself in Baltimore, take a step into the past and immerse yourself in the captivating history of the Admiral Fell Inn. Who knows, you might even encounter a ghostly presence or two along the way.

Ghostly Tales and Paranormal Encounters

The Admiral Fell Inn is synonymous with ghostly tales, each one more captivating than the last. Countless stories of paranormal encounters have been shared throughout the years, leaving guests and staff alike in awe and intrigue.

As the sun sets over the historic city of Baltimore, the Admiral Fell Inn takes on an eerie ambiance. The creaking floorboards and flickering candlelight set the stage for the spectral events that are said to unfold within its walls. Step inside and prepare to be transported to a world where the line between the living and the dead blurs.

Famous Ghost Stories of the Inn

One of the most famous ghost stories revolves around the spirit of a former sailor named Edgar. Legend has it that Edgar perished in a shipwreck and has since chosen to haunt the inn , forever longing for the sea. Guests have reported hearing the faint sound of sea shanties echoing through the hallways, as if Edgar’s restless spirit is reliving the days of his seafaring adventures.

Another chilling tale tells of the Lady in Black, a ghostly apparition seen wandering the inn’s hallways. Many believe she is the ghost of a former housekeeper who tragically lost her life while working at the inn, forever bound to her place of employment. Witnesses have described seeing a figure draped in black, gliding silently through the corridors, her mournful eyes filled with sorrow.

Personal Experiences from Guests and Staff

Over the years, numerous guests and staff members have had their own personal encounters with the supernatural at the Admiral Fell Inn. From unexplained noises and objects moving on their own to ghostly apparitions appearing before their eyes, these firsthand experiences only serve to solidify the inn’s haunted reputation.

One guest, who had checked in for a relaxing weekend getaway, found herself in the midst of a bone-chilling encounter. As she lay in bed, she suddenly felt an icy presence beside her. She turned to see a translucent figure hovering above, its ethereal form illuminated by the moonlight streaming through the window. Frozen with fear, she watched as the ghostly apparition slowly faded away, leaving her trembling in disbelief.

A staff member, tasked with the nightly rounds of the inn, encountered a series of inexplicable events that left him questioning his sanity. As he walked down a dimly lit hallway, he heard the sound of children’s laughter echoing in the distance. Confused, he followed the sound, only to find an empty room. The laughter continued, growing louder and more mischievous, as if a group of invisible children were playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the stories shared by those who have experienced these encounters are difficult to dismiss. The Admiral Fell Inn has become a haven for those seeking a brush with the unknown, offering an unforgettable and spine-tingling experience.

As you step out of the inn, the night air feels charged with a sense of mystery and wonder. The stories you’ve heard and the experiences shared have left an indelible mark on your psyche. You can’t help but wonder what other secrets lie hidden within the walls of this historic establishment, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to seek them out.

The Admiral Fell Inn Today

Despite its aura of mystery and intrigue, the Admiral Fell Inn remains a functioning hotel, inviting guests from near and far to experience its unique charm and haunted history. Nestled in the heart of historic Fells Point, Baltimore, the Admiral Fell Inn stands as a testament to the rich maritime heritage of the area. Originally built in the late 18th century as a boarding house for sailors, the inn has witnessed centuries of history unfold within its walls.

Stepping into the inn, one is immediately transported back in time. The creaking wooden floors, antique furnishings, and dimly lit corridors create an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and eerie. It is no wonder that the Admiral Fell Inn has become a magnet for those seeking a taste of the supernatural.

Modern Day Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal investigators continue to flock to the inn, armed with high-tech equipment and a burning desire to unravel its secrets. Through the use of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings, infrared cameras, and other scientific methods, these investigators aim to capture concrete evidence of the inn’s spectral inhabitants.

As the sun sets and darkness envelops the inn, a hushed excitement fills the air. Investigators set up their equipment in various rooms, hoping to catch a glimpse of the otherworldly. The flickering lights and unexplained footsteps only add to the suspense, as the Admiral Fell Inn reveals its hidden secrets.

Such investigations not only contribute to the ongoing study of paranormal phenomena but also provide guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the supernatural. Witnessing firsthand the painstaking work of those dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the Admiral Fell Inn adds an extra layer of intrigue to any stay.

Staying at the Haunted Inn: What to Expect

If you dare to embrace the unknown, a stay at the Admiral Fell Inn promises an unforgettable experience. From the moment you step through its historic doors, you will be transported to a realm where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. As you settle into your room, you may notice a subtle chill in the air or the faint sound of whispers carried by the wind. These are the signs that the inn’s spectral inhabitants are present, observing your every move with curiosity and perhaps a hint of mischief.

While the potential for paranormal encounters exists, it is essential to approach your visit with an open mind and respect for the spirits that may inhabit the inn. Conducted tours, led by knowledgeable guides well-versed in the inn’s haunted history, allow guests to explore the hidden nooks and crannies where ghostly apparitions have been sighted.

Sharing ghost stories in the cozy lounge, sipping on a drink at the haunted bar, or hearing firsthand accounts from fellow visitors and staff enhance the haunted atmosphere, ensuring an immersive and spine-tingling stay. The Admiral Fell Inn offers more than just a place to rest your head; it offers an opportunity to delve into the unknown and experience the supernatural.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

While the Admiral Fell Inn offers a unique and captivating experience, the surrounding area of Maryland has much more to offer, including other haunted locations and a plethora of local activities and attractions.

Other Haunted Locations in Maryland

If you find yourself intrigued by the paranormal, Maryland is home to several other haunted locations worth exploring. From the eerie halls of Point Lookout Lighthouse to the historic tales of Antietam Battlefield, the state is teeming with ghostly hotspots waiting to be discovered.

Local Attractions and Activities

For those seeking a break from the supernatural, Maryland offers a wide range of local attractions and activities. From exploring the vibrant streets of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to indulging in a crab feast by the Chesapeake Bay, there is something for everyone in this diverse and fascinating region.

The Admiral Fell Inn: Fact or Fiction?

As with any haunted location, skepticism and doubt persist, leading some to question the authenticity of the Admiral Fell Inn’s hauntings.

Skeptic Views on the Inn’s Hauntings

Skeptics argue that the inn’s reputation as a haunted establishment is nothing more than sensationalism and folklore. They believe that the power of storytelling and local lore has contributed to the inn’s haunted image, perpetuating its ghostly tales throughout the years.

The Power of Storytelling and Local Lore

While skeptics may dismiss the paranormal encounters at the Admiral Fell Inn, it is undeniable that the power of storytelling and local lore has played a significant role in shaping its haunted reputation. These tales, passed down through generations, add a touch of mystery and intrigue to the inn’s already captivating history, forever enshrining it in the realm of the supernatural.

In conclusion, the Admiral Fell Inn in Maryland continues to enchant visitors with its haunted past. Whether you believe in its ghostly inhabitants or not, there is no denying the allure and intrigue that surround this historic landmark. So, if you’re ever seeking a unique and spine-tingling experience, venture into the haunted halls of the Admiral Fell Inn and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of legends that have made it a true icon in the world of the paranormal.

Stay curious, but always stay within the bounds of the law and show consideration for the spiritual and historical significance of haunted places.

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