Published on: Jun 15, 2020

Student and Fashion stylist/entrepreneur

The Creative Industry is considered very risky, why did you chose it?

I’ve always been obsessed with editorial fashion. Like crazily obsessed! For some reason that I still don’t know. I didn’t consciously choose to be in the creative industry, I just fell into it. I remember the first time I offered to style a friend’s project (he thought I was joking) and once the pictures came out I was like “wow I could do this forever”. Fashion is therapy to me. Its risky but if you love something you’ll do all it takes to make it work.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m not working on anything at the moment. I’m going through a creative block. They’re the worst! but I’m learning resistance only leads to persistence therefore I’m trying not to fight it. I’m trying to ‘chill’, self-care etc until I get my creative juices back.

How do you find inspires the love for your craft?

Inspiration is everywhere. From relationships to mental health, architecture, current affairs you name it. Fashion is a manifestation of human art and communication so anything to do with humans and our surroundings inspires me.

What is your process from conception to finished product?

Usually, I’ll text the photographer about the concept and if its interesting enough, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss how to go about it. Once that’s done we look around for locations would work. As he works on the kind of shots he’d like to take there, I start to plan the outfits – the colours and how they’d compliment the colours of the location. I get the models measurements and begin to shop meanwhile contact the makeup artist to let her know the colour palette as well as consult on what kind of looks would best suite the outfit/model/concept.  The preparation process takes about a week. We then set a day to shoot.

How have things changed for you since COVID-19

Difficult. I sell second hand clothes on the side #sustainablefashion (@_sabba7 on Instagram) and things haven’t been on the positive side since COVID-19 but we pray for better days.

 How do you think Creatives, especially freelancers can survive COVID-19?

Create not just to relieve the anxiety that’s come with COVID-19 but also to improve on your craft.


The end of a good friendship

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The connection: do we really need each other? Why do we get along better with some more than others? What makes the ultimate connection? We have so many people to spend time with yet still feel so alone. We realise how much we value and crave deeper connections so we begin to choose how we spend our time – and with whom we can share intimate