Published on: Jul 17, 2019

In 2016, FilmAid and Kevin Waire (Wyre), a renowned music artist in Kenya, collaborated on the promotion of The World Food Programme Bamba Chakula in Kakuma Refugee Camp. General observations were noted on the level of interests, talent and opportunities in music as an industry for youths in Turkana. Soon after discussions followed
as to how a music project pilot could feed into FilmAid’s new livelihoods programmes in 2017 and thus “Finding Stars” was born. A Market analysis was conducted in 2017 by FilmAid where the findings demonstrated existing
market opportunities for entrepreneurs in photography, film and audio-visual production, digital media and journalism. It presents opportunities in the current resident country, country of origin on voluntary repatriation and third country on resettlement. The findings showcased that majority of youth in Kakuma expressed interest and
appreciation on the potential in sustaining regular income and earnings from undertakings in audio-visual and film production, journalism and photography.

FilmAid in collaboration with Kevin Waire (Wyre) piloted a music project engaging two young and talented artists and FilmAid’s Media students under the Filmmaking, Journalism, photography and entrepreneurship training program. This project promotes youth economic empowerment through music audio (music composition, song arrangement, and recording techniques e.t.c), video production, music journalism and industry driven promotion that focuses on uplifting livelihoods, skills development and entrepreneurship for refugee and host community. It is expected that the project will encourage and engage the talented young musicians to create an opportunity.

In addition to training tangible skills and providing psychosocial relief, any music productions created would raise the profile of the artists’ and students’ talents’, skills and abilities so that they can earn income, secure industry
driven employment and or become business entrepreneurs as well as promote FilmAid’s work in the media and development sector.

About FilmAid:
FilmAid is an international development and humanitarian communications organization that harnesses the power and influence of media and the arts to respond to emergencies as well as promote social change through dialogue in order to protect the wellbeing of displaced and vulnerable populations by building stronger, healthier, and more informed communities around the world.

FilmAid is guided by the following Core Principles:
• A participatory, culturally respectful and inclusive approach, engaging beneficiaries in needs assessment, management and implementation of the programs
• Investment in capacity building and local sustainability
• Working with and supporting the work of local NGOs and beneficiaries
• Avoidance of political and religious bias while creating lasting benefits for beneficiaries that extends beyond the scope of The Client’s immediate programs.