Hivos’ Audio & Visual Content Production Grants

Published on: Jun 18, 2020


Hivos East Africa has announced a new call for proposals for our audio visual content production grants. Targeting a myriad of artists only in Uganda and Tanzania, the second phase of the Resource Of Open Minds (R.O.O.M) program, will continue to support a new generation of makers from the creative and cultural sector to produce alternative content that champions open societies and pushes back on the shrinking civic space.

Hivos East Africa is offering a limited number of creative and cultural content production grants of up to Euro 15,000 each, for artists in Uganda and Tanzania working in the production of audio-visual content that sheds light on socio-political issues often ignored by society. The grants are divided in the below categories:

  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Creative design
  • Music Production
  • Online content creation
  • Photography
  • Virtual reality
  • Gaming
  • Media

Grantees will receive training and expert advice on business management, content monetization and content creation. In addition to this, Hivos East Africa will organize various linking and learning sessions where grantees will interact and share experiences, challenges and lessons with their peers and experts from around Africa.

All applications should be submitted to with the subject line: ‘Application for Production Grant – ‘Name of Entity/Organisation’. The deadline for submission is 3 July 2020.

Click here to learn more about the Eligibility criteria, nature of the grant and review process.



Published on: Jun 15, 2020

Sony/ATV Music Publishing South Africa announced it has named Munyaradzi Chanetsa (Munya) A&R Manager, Africa.

In this role, Munyaradzi will be responsible for finding new talent throughout the continent, promoting songwriters’ copyright and careers, and connecting them to larger opportunities around the world. He will also work closely with colleagues to pitch new and existing repertoire into the marketplace.

Munyaradzi is a prominent music executive in South Africa and throughout the continent. With his A&R and licensing experience spanning over ten years, he has engaged mobile and online platforms, independent record labels, artists and music publishers. He has also been a featured presenter on music copyright at leading forums in South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Rowlin Naicker, Managing Director of Sony/ATV South Africa said, “I have worked with Munya previously and I have no doubt we have a person here who brings with him dedication, passion and experience, which is key as we expand our publishing business across the continent. We are excited to work with him to achieve our goals.”

“Munya is a creative talent with vast experience and a perfect fit for our company and its creative ambitions. With Munya’s position in the creative community both in South Africa and across the African continent he will be a great addition to our global team.”

said Guy Henderson, Sony/ATV President, International.

Munyaradzi said, “I am joining a great team of talented people who share my passion, and I just cannot wait to see what we can all achieve together.”

He joins Sony/ATV SA from CAPASSO (Composers, Authors, Publishers Association of SA) where he served as Head of Licensing. Prior to that, Munyaradzi was Head of Operations at Content Connect Africa whilst also assuming the role of Managing Director of Content Connect Ghana and Content Connect International. Earlier in his career, he was Head of Marketing & Promotions for Putumayo World Music in South Africa, which is based in New York.



Published on: Jun 15, 2020

The Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage, Ambassador Amina Mohammed has called upon all artists, actors and musicians represented across the country to submit their works for the “Work for Pay” Kshs. 100 million stimuli package provided by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta to cushion the creative industry during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.  These were her sentiments during the burial of renowned Legend John Nzenze’s burial over the weekend read by former MCSK Chairman Bernard Mukaisi Iganga.

In her tribute to the fallen maestro, The CS said, “John Nzenze will be remembered as the musician who pioneered African twist with among others, the single ‘Angelike Twist‘. His recordings will forever be an inspiration to all his peers and should inspire young and upcoming musicians and artists.” “We will miss his great performances but all those he motivated will keep his vision alive through each small action we take towards enabling a better music and cultural industry.” She added.

The CS has also encouraged artistes to put in submissions in support of John Nzenze’s legacy which will stand as a resounding example to all the musicians,  who revered Nzenze  as an inspiration.

The Ministry has engaged the private sector, artists and the entire industry in discussions to review and enhance the effectiveness and commercial value of music production.

To this end, we have designated the Permanent Presidential Music Commission as a key resource in this endeavor. Our goal is to expand their studios to accommodate many more artists in affordable high quality vocal, instrumental training and production. So far, PPMC has mentored more than 10,000 musicians since August last year and will continue to do more to spread creation resources to all 47 Counties, particularly those with a critical mass of legendary composers and vocalists.

In order to streamline operations within the industry, we have waived the fees required by the Department of Culture to register cultural artists, including herbalists, with the Ministry. This will ensure that no one is locked out of this process on account of lack of financial resources. I therefore urge and encourage artists and musicians to register with the Department of Culture to provide us a platform to communicate and work together to build the sector.

The Ministry will soon roll out a non-internet based USSD code to allow more people from the counties to enroll as well as commence production road shows to evaluate and package entries from across the country.

More on this;



Published on: Jun 15, 2020

Student and Fashion stylist/entrepreneur

The Creative Industry is considered very risky, why did you chose it?

I’ve always been obsessed with editorial fashion. Like crazily obsessed! For some reason that I still don’t know. I didn’t consciously choose to be in the creative industry, I just fell into it. I remember the first time I offered to style a friend’s project (he thought I was joking) and once the pictures came out I was like “wow I could do this forever”. Fashion is therapy to me. Its risky but if you love something you’ll do all it takes to make it work.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m not working on anything at the moment. I’m going through a creative block. They’re the worst! but I’m learning resistance only leads to persistence therefore I’m trying not to fight it. I’m trying to ‘chill’, self-care etc until I get my creative juices back.

How do you find inspires the love for your craft?

Inspiration is everywhere. From relationships to mental health, architecture, current affairs you name it. Fashion is a manifestation of human art and communication so anything to do with humans and our surroundings inspires me.

What is your process from conception to finished product?

Usually, I’ll text the photographer about the concept and if its interesting enough, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss how to go about it. Once that’s done we look around for locations would work. As he works on the kind of shots he’d like to take there, I start to plan the outfits – the colours and how they’d compliment the colours of the location. I get the models measurements and begin to shop meanwhile contact the makeup artist to let her know the colour palette as well as consult on what kind of looks would best suite the outfit/model/concept.  The preparation process takes about a week. We then set a day to shoot.

How have things changed for you since COVID-19

Difficult. I sell second hand clothes on the side #sustainablefashion (@_sabba7 on Instagram) and things haven’t been on the positive side since COVID-19 but we pray for better days.

 How do you think Creatives, especially freelancers can survive COVID-19?

Create not just to relieve the anxiety that’s come with COVID-19 but also to improve on your craft.


The end of a good friendship

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The connection: do we really need each other? Why do we get along better with some more than others? What makes the ultimate connection? We have so many people to spend time with yet still feel so alone. We realise how much we value and crave deeper connections so we begin to choose how we spend our time – and with whom we can share intimate


Open Call! The Digital Earth Fellowship 2020-2021

Published on: Jun 09, 2020



In collaboration with ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Hivos has opened a call for creatives and artists working across a variety of media to join a 9 month fellowship centered around investigating The Palanetary Sensorium and how we can imagine a humane digital earth to come.


  • A Fellowship spanning 9 months (September 2020 – May 2021).

  • Monthly Stipend, a total of €13.500 per fellow for the entire fellowship.

  • Consultations with acclaimed artists, curators, and scholars.

  • Online research groups with other fellows.

  • Online sessions with our faculty.

  • Presentation during partner events, symposia and exhibitions (online and in real life, when possible).



The Digital Earth Fellowship welcomes 8 artists and/or duos from different practices who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits, and are committed to ideas of resilient futures, equitable societies, and critical diversity, showing a marked capacity for self-direction.



  • 5 years of work experience.

  • Fluency in English.

  • Age: 25 and older.

  • Minimum 24 hours per week availability from September 1st 2020 until May 31st 2021.

This is a great opportunity for artists engaged with the growing presence of the digital arena. Read more on the program on the website and more on how to apply!

Application Deadline 17th July 2020.